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Mt. Echo Newspaper
Abstracted & Copyrighted
by Lois Sullivan Stradley

Dividing Line

SEPT. 1, 1921 Issue

Local & Personal:

Mrs. G. H. PERRY attended the Dorr Sanitarium at Batesville the first of the week for treatment.

Mrs. Myrtle OWENS and baby of Protem, Mo., are visiting friends and relatives in Yellville this week.

Walter CANTRELL son of Mr. K. F. CANTRELL of Bellefonte, who was with the Harrison ball team at Cotter last week, came over to Yellville Friday to spend a few hours with his uncle, Mr. George CANTRELL

Burton MCCRACKEN informs us that Ebben WOOD writes him from Olney Springs, Colorado, that his son, Lester, who has been quite low with typhoid fever for some time is convalescent and they hope to be home soon.

Attorney Allyn SMITH says he has one of the best libraries in North Arkansas, and that he enjoys a good practice. He owns a good home on Cotter Heights and he and his aged mother live alone, and to her the Colonel is yet her "kid" and they are happy.

Mr. F. E. WILSON and Mr. C. N. RICHEY of Oklahoma City, members of the Silver King Zinc and Lead Company,

Last week Sheriff WILLINGHAM bought the Sherman OXFORD place just west of town and we understand is to have possession October first.

Allen COWDREY arrived in Yellville last week from Burbank, Okla., and has accepted a position with his brother Cam in the Yellville Auto Works.

Brother Rose will begin a protracted meeting at Bruno on Saturday night of this week, which is Saturday night before the first Sunday in, September. W. J. GRAY

Mr. J. H. EZELL one of the good farmers of the Bruno section, was transacting business in Yellville Saturday and was a pleasant caller at this office. He stated that he has the best crop this year he has raised in many years, and that this is the general condition in that section of the county.

Mrs. Thurman COWDREY and children of Burbank, Oklahoma, arrived in Yellville last week for a visit with relatives and friends. Mrs. COWDERY stated that Thurman is getting along nicely in the telephone business in Burbank and is well satisfied, and would probably visit Yellville some time next month.

Mr. W. C. HUDSON says that now, as he has sold his present business house, he will begin the erection of his new cobble stone building adjoining the Weast building at once, and when completed he will carry a better and a more extensive line of jewelry than ever before and increase his facilities for repair work.

For Sale- My residence in Yellville, 5 rooms, 5 lots, barn and garage and garden place. Price &800.00 Gus BUTLER

John MCCRACKEN says he has one of the best crops on his river farm, northeast of Flippin, he ever made in his life.

Mr. CRAIG depot agent at Flippin, is on his vacation in Colorado, and Mr. W. P. HUDDLESTON of Sulphur Rock, is acting as agent at Flippin in his absence.

In the rush last week we forgot to mention the fact that Mr. and Mrs. T. V. RUSSELL were the proud parents of a new girl baby. All parties are getting along nicely.

Walter WALTON left Friday for Houston, Texas, where he will take treatment in the U. S. Hospital for a disabled foot. His many friends hope he will get along nicely.

Rev. and Mrs. John T. WILSON of Springfield, Mo., arrived here Monday, and Mr. WILSON will assist in conducting a meeting at the Tabernacle, which began Tuesday. The public is invited to attend and participate in these services.

Mr. and Mrs. Charley BEAVERS of Guion, on their return trip from Oklahoma a few days ago; stopped off at Flippin and visited Mrs. BEAVERS parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe SANDERS for a few days. Charley is station agent at Guion and had been on his vacation.

Prof. A. M. SHAW who has been spending several weeks here with Mrs. Shaw's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. N. WILSON left Friday for New Madrid, Mo., where he is employed as principal of the school. Mr. SHAW made many friends while here, who hope that he will visit Yellville often. Mrs. SHAW will remain with her parents for some time before joining her husband at New Madrid.

Mr. Alfred WATTS brought a number of cotton bolls to this office Saturday evening, which had been ruined by the army worms which had invaded his cotton field by the millions

After having spent a couple of weeks in Yellville with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. CARSON and other relatives and friends, Theo and Kit CARSON returned Tuesday to Little Rock to resume their work in the American Bank of Commerce and Trust Company, where they both have good positions. Their many friends are always glad to see them when they come home.

A few weeks ago when Felix BAKER of Sand Springs, Okla., was here, he said he did not go to Oklahoma with the intention of making his home there, and that he expected at some time to buy a small farm in Marion county and return to it. The first of the week he closed a deal through the Citizens Bank, for the Gould THOMPSON place on Greasy creek. As to when Mr. BAKER will return to this place we are not informed, but we are glad he has closed the deal and at some time he will again become a citizen of our county.

Mr. and Mrs. Charley BEAVERS of Guion, on their return trip from Oklahoma a few days ago; stopped off at Flippin and visited Mrs. BEAVERS parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe SANDERS for a few days. Charley is station agent at Guion and had been on his vacation.

Mr. N. CARROLL is pushing work on his concrete business house on the Dearl Wood gin located at Flippin. The building is 36x56 feet, and will have a 12 foot ceiling. The walls are of solid concrete and they are going up very rapidly, and Mr. CARROLL hopes to have the building completed and ready for occupancy some time this fall.

Fresh Jersey cow for sale at a bargain. On J. H. HAND pasture. Mrs. Roy HAND

Messrs. RAMBOLT & FORD are in Spring Park this week with their merry-go-round, vaudeville show and many other attractions.

Mr. J. S. COWDREY who has been indisposed for some time, is yet unable to come up town. His friends hope to see him out soon.

Gus YOUNG has had a basement dug under his house, and Bob PIERCE is this week concreting it, preparatory to the installation of a hot air heating system, and perhaps a Delco Lighting system.

Prof. H. H. PATRICK left Wednesday of this week with his family for Blacky, Ky., where he and Mrs. PATRICK have positions in the school. Their many friends wish them success and happiness.

Mr. James MORROW of Cowan barrens was in Yellville a few minutes Tuesday, and said Mrs. MORROW was able to sit up for a few minutes, which will be good news to her many friends throughout the county who hope she will soon wholly recover.

Mr. John NANNY and his son Byron, went to Tulsa, Okla., Wednesday of last week to visit Mr. Nanny's daughters, Mrs. Bob COWDREY and Miss Ruth, and his son, Walter. Byron will spend the winter with his sister, Mrs. COWDREY and go to school. Mr. and Mrs. Ewell FEE had charge of his store in his absence. Mr. NANNY returned Monday.

Mr. J. F. DILLAHUNTY and Mrs. T. G. ANGEL left today, Thursday as delegates to the White River Baptist Association, which convenes at Pilgrim Rest in Baxter county tomorrow.

Thurman CALLAHAM the 15 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. M. W. CALLAHAN who has been quite ill for the past thirty days is now recovering.

Mr. and Mrs. Jewell BRIGGS are the happy parents of a new girl baby which arrived Thursday of last week. All parties doing well.

Jess DOWNUM of Yellville Monumental Works went over to Harrison last week taking with him a fine tombstone which he erected at the grave of Mr. Felix BAKER in Harrison cemetery.

After spending a week with her friend, Miss Alsey HURST, Miss Elizebeth HENNESY returned to her home in Springfield, Mo., last week, where she has a good position in a bank. She said she had a most enjoyable time, and regretted very much that she could not prolong her visit.

After having spent a few days in Yellville with friends Mr. and Mrs. Chas. SIMS and their son Charles, left for their home at Batesville Sunday, Mr. SIMS was reared in Yellville, but in early manhood he, like others, found employment elsewhere, and went away, but he and Mrs. SIMS at one time returned to Yellville and lived here for a few months, and they have a host of friends here who are always glad to have them visit Yellville, and hope they may come often in the future.

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin WATTS of Tulsa, Okla., after spending a week with Mr. WATTS parents Mr. and Mrs. Alfred WATTS have returned to their home, Mr. WATTS has a responsible position with the Natural Gas Company of Tulsa, and his wife has a position as teacher in the public school. Their many friends in Yellville are glad thy are getting along nicely in Oklahoma and are always glad to meet them when they can find time to visit them.


SEPT. 8, 1921 Issue Missing


SEPT 15, 1921 Issue (Top)

Hon. W. H. HUDSON of Aurora, was looking after business in Yellville Monday, He says his only objection to Aurora is that it is not Arkansas.

Mr. and Mrs. W. N. CHRISTIAN and other parties of Flippin motored over to Yellville Sunday morning and spent a few hours with friends.

Jethroe ERWIN brought in the first bale of cotton Monday, and Mr. R. L. HAYES offered him 6 cts in the seed, which he refused. It was grown on R. J. HURST farm and was very fine staple.

Mr. and Mrs. H. R. PAYNE left Sunday for St. Louis, where Mr. PAYNE will spend several days buying holiday goods for the Yellville Drug Company.

C. B. CATES of Oakland, Isaac HUDSON and Willis EVANS of Peel, H. C. and Floyd FIRESTONE and P. R. LOWERY of Bruno, Z. M. and Will SHEPHERD of Rush, and W. R. and Bill TALBURT J. W. and Dave PIERCE , Flem GIBSON , V. M. PHILLIPS , Elbert BUTLER , M. A. and Ambrose MEARS , Tom TREAT and N. CARROLL of Flippin, were among those in attendance at the Masonic School of Instruction here last week.

Mr. S. R. JONES of Hepsey, was in Yellville Tuesday, and while here he ordered a lot of letterheads and envelopes. He is postmaster and general merchant at Hepsey. and also owns and operates a cotton gin there, besides being one of the J. P.'s of Big creek township. Being of an active turn of mind, he puts in his spare time looking after business. In short, Mr. JONES is one of the substantial citizens of the county.

Mr. Fred SANDERS of the Sanders hotel, accompanied by Jess DOWNUM went to Baxter county last week and brought back with them a concrete block machine

Eld. L. H. DAVIS will preach at the Baptist church in Yellville on Saturday night before the Third Sunday in Sept., also at eleven Sunday morning. Everybody invited.

Mr. J. C. PERKINS and Gus YOUNG visited Mr. YOUNG'S farm on the White River, near Peel, the latter part of last week. Jim said he caught a fine lot of fish while there.

Joe BLANKENSHIP has bought a home cannery, and says he is going to can vegetables enough to supply his family this fall and winter, at least. A home cannery on every farm would mean a saving of money to the farmers and lots of good eats during the winter season.

Messrs. H. R. RECORD and Joe GEORGE of Mountain Home were in attendance at the Masonic School of Instruction here last week.

The Ice cream supper given on the school campus by the Flippin school improvement association last Friday night was enjoyed by every one who attended.......Mr. J. H. TALBERT president of the school board......Mr. J. N. GRIFFIN then followed with a splendid talk.........Then came the first game known as "The Dressing Contest" played by three men, Daddy GRIFFIN , Ray MCDONALD and Joe MCCRACKEN - Daddy GRIFFIN winning. Prof. Eugene JOHNSON arrived about the time refreshments were over and made a very interesting talk.

After an illness of fourteen days, with malarial fever, Miss Clebie LAY daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will LAY of this city, died Thursday night. The body, accompanied by a goodly number of relatives and friends was taken to Bruno Friday and laid to rest in the Bruno cemetery, Mr. Jas. ROSE of Eros, conducted services at the grave. Miss Clebie was sixteen years of age - just in the prime of young womanhood, was very popular and had a host of friends who are grieved at her untimely death. Her parents, several brothers and sisters survive her, who have the heartfelt sympathies of their many friends in their bereavement.

Mr. J. R. HEASLEY of Calico Rock, the Delco Light Agent, came to Yellville last week with his demonstrator and he and Mr. Berry FLOYD the local agent, sold a number of Delco plants in Yellville among the number was one to Mr. W. R. JONES

Mrs. J. C. FOSTER mother of Mrs. W. N. CHRISTIAN at Flippin who had been an invalid for many months, died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. N. CHRISTIAN of Flippin, Wednesday evening of last week. The body was taken to Big Flat, her former home, Thursday and laid to rest in the cemetery at that place. Rev. J. W. BLACK of Cotter conducted the funeral service, She is survived by six daughters, Mrs. W. N. CHRISTIAN of Flippin, Mrs. W. C. NORMAN , Mrs. C. E. MARTIN and Mrs. H. E. HIXSON of Mountain View, Mrs. I. W. ROSE of Brent, Okla., and Mrs Willis BALLENTINE of Big Flat, and one son, Claude FOSTER of Melbourne. Mrs. CHRISTIAN and other members of the family have the sympathies of their many friends in their sorrow.

After spending a week with Mr. and Mrs. Crit NOE their parents, Hobart and Elmer NOE left Monday for Mulvane, Kansas where they have good positions in the Helvitia Milk Condensery. In this plant is where the famous "Pet Cream" which is so popular in many homes is condensed and prepared for use.

Mr. J. F. CARSON and son, Leslie, went to Little Rock Sunday to look after business matters.

Misses Obeta and Amber CARSON went to Mountain Home Sunday to enter the Mountain Home College.

Attorney Sam WILLIAMS went to Mountain Home Sunday to look after the interest of his clients in Circuit court which convened there Monday.

Mrs. Ebb CARSON went to Mountain Home Sunday to enter Mountain Home College for the purpose of studying music during the present session. Mrs. CARSON will receive her degree in music this year.

After spending several days with her parents, Mr. and Ms. J. P. COVINGTON , Mrs. R. L. BROOKSHER and her children left Saturday for Turkey to visit Mr. and Mrs. Lee BROOKSHER until Monday, when they returned to their home in Fort Smith.

 Mrs. J. A. SMITH presented the Echo force a few days ago with a number of as fine Sweet potatoes as we have seen this season.

 Judge CAVE of Zinc, was a business visitor in Yellville Friday of last week.

 Eld. A. M. REED filled his regular appointment at Concord in Rea Valley last Sunday.

 Albert RUSSELL went to Mountain Home Sunday and will be a student this year in Mountain Home College.

 Mrs. A. M. REED left Thursday of this week for Elias, Texas, to visit her sister. She will probably be gone several weeks.

 Mr. J. E. HOCOTT deputy sheriff of Big Creek township, came up Tuesday to take the examination for teachers license.

 Rev. and Mrs. John T. WILSON after spending a few days here, left Friday for near St. Louis, where Mr. WILSON will assist in conducting a camp meeting.

FOR SALE - One registered Holstein bull calf, 10 months old; price $100. The mother of this calf produced in a 7 days test 245 pounds of milk that made 12.97 pounds of butter fat when she was 18 months old. W. P. WATERS Pyatt Ark.

Mr. Seth HURST of Flippin, went to Memphis Tuesday to look after the sale of his cotton.

Rev. I. L. CLAUD left Monday for Bellville, this state, to visit relatives. He will return Friday or Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred DUGGER of Fort Smith arrived here last Friday and will spend about two weeks with Mrs. DUGGER'S parents Mr. and Mrs. S. P. WEAST

Mr. H. H. PERKINS who has been at Idabell, Okla., for the past several months assisting his sons, Hose and Ralph, in the feed store, returned home last week. He says they have been doing a good business in the feed line. He informs us that he will not return to Oklahoma for some time.

M. W. FRANKS who owns the John (Foot) WOODS place on Crooked Creek, a few miles east of Yellville, was transacting business here last Saturday. He said a wind storm hit his corn crop some time ago and blew a lot of it down and he will lose a hundred bushels, and perhaps more, on account of it rotting on the ground.

Miss Pearl HAND who has a good position with the Pfeiffer Jewelry Company in Little Rock, came up Thursday to spend a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. HAND She and her sister Miss Aggie, who has been here for several days, and who has a position with the Gug Blass Company, will return to Little Rock the last of the week.

Mrs. Ed. NOWLIN went to Keener, in Boone county last week to take charge of the school and finish the unexpired term which was being taught by Mrs. J. C. GILLISPIE , Mrs. GILLISPIE having accepted a position in the Hamburg school, which began Monday. Mrs. NOWLIN is a good teacher which assures the last half of the Keener school to be a good as the first half.

Eld. Will FLIPPIN of Joplin closed a successful meeting at Flippin last week and returned to his home. The Christian church was greatly revived and a number of new members were added to it. The attendance was large throughout the entire time, and those who heard him said he was a strong, forceful preacher. He is a son of Hon. T. H. FLIPPIN

At a sale of pure-bred, big boned Poland China hogs held in Batesville last week by Mr. BENSON of the Sunkist farm at Newark, there were purchasers from Kansas, Missouri and from various points in this state. Mr. D. O. REEVES from our neighboring town of Cotter, was among the purchasers.

Messrs. C. Z. PRUETT and J. F. DUDLEY who have been with the Wildy and Rager Construction Company at Augusta, Kansas, for the past several months, returned home Sunday, and will spend some time here with their families.

As another evidence of the adaptability of our soil for the growing of vegetables, Fred GARVER brought to this office Monday a 2 months old stalk of okra which he had grown in his garden that was about 7 feet high

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. STACKHOUSE of Zinc were transacting business in Yellville last Saturday. Theo have just recently returned from a three years stay in Hayti, where Mr. STACKHOUSE had been employed by a sugar refining company.

 Mr. G. W. PYLES of Denison, Texas, was looking over the country the first of the week with a view to buying a home and locating in Marion county. he said he had been railroading for the past 15 years and had decided he wanted to buy a farm in a country here there was good open range, and he came here to give this country a look over. We would be glad if he can find something that suits him and that he would locate with us.

 Mrs. J. H. HAND and her son George, returned from Little Rock Thursday of last week.

 Mr. C. D. MCBRIDE of Oakland was in Yellville Monday closing up a deal for the Bill GREGORY place at Oakland.

On Friday of last week, Mr. W. M. CARTER sold his grocery business to Mr. O. M. MASSY who will conduct it in the future. Mr. CARTER says he does not know just when he will leave or where he will locate

On last Sunday morning Mr. Henry STUCK and Miss Ermie WOODS were married at the home of Rev. PARROTT near Flippin. Mr. STUCK is a son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. STUCK and Mrs. STUCK is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. WOODS of White River township. The young couple are at home to their friends on the Trimble farm just east of Flippin. The Echo joins their many friends in extending congratulations and in wishing the happy young couple prosperity and happiness through life.

 Mr. and Mrs. Will WICKERSHAM went to Fort Smith a few days ago, where Mrs. WICKERSHAM underwent an operation. Mr. WICKERSHAM writes friends the operation was successful and they hope to be at home in a few days.

Ambrose DOSHIER the 10 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Duffie DOSHIER died a few days ago of swamp fever, and was buried in the WICKERSHAM graveyard. The bereaved parents have the sympathies of their many friends.

Mr. Hugh COPELIN of the north part of the county, was in Yellville Saturday. He said the cotton crop was fairly good.

Mr. H. F. WOODS of White River township was in Yellville Monday looking after business interests. He is a resident of School District No. 1 and stated that Prof. Eugene JOHNSON and Miss Lottie BARNETT closed their school there last Friday.

Mr. C. C. COLE of Buffalo, who was in Yellville Saturday, in speaking of the cattle market said it had surely reached the bottom.


SEPT 22, 1921 Issue (Top)

Mrs. Ed NOWLIN who is teaching school at Keener, visited homefolks in Yellville Saturday.

Dr. A. M. ELTON of Newport, and Dr. KEETER of Flippin, spent a few hours in Yellville Friday evening.

Mr. J. G. DILLAHUNTY went to Lead Hill Monday to spend a few days with relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. James ADAMS are the proud parents of a new 10 pound boy which arrived early Monday morning. All parties are doing well.

Prof. Will BEARDEN of Rush was transacting business in Yellville Saturday. He said he and Miss Duff COVENTON were getting along very nicely with their school, and that there was a good school interest in the district.

Mr. Williby GAY one of the oldest citizens of James creek township was in Yellville Monday - his first visit to Yellville in about two years. He informed us that he is contemplating a visit with his four sons who live in Oklahoma, in the near future.

Mr. and Mrs. Claud WATTS were in Yellville last week, and Mrs. WATTS was among the number who applied for teacher's license Thursday and Friday. Mr. WATTS is teaching at Oakland and said he had a good school and is getting along nicely.

Chas. KUNZIE is teaching a ten days' singing school at Kingdon Springs, beginning on last Monday.

Mr. W. A. JAMES closed a successful term of school at the Thompson school last Friday.

Jas. ADAMS having sold his residence lot on Estes Avenue to Mack PHILLIPS is moving his house onto his lots on East Church street.

Attorney Sam WILLIAMS and Carroll WOODS left Sunday for Miami, Oklahoma, where Mr. WILLIAMS will assist in the defense of Cam WOODS whose trial was set the 20th inst.  

Miss Pearl and Agness HAND after spending a few days with their parents Mr. and Mrs. J. H. HAND returned to Little Rock Saturday where they have good positions.

Rev. DAVIS of Mountain Home preached at the Baptist church in this town on last Saturday night, Sunday at eleven o'clock and Sunday evening, to appreciative audiences.

Leslie CLEM who had been teaching at Kingdon Springs closed his part of the school Friday last in order to accept a place in the school here which began Monday. James SMITH who is a good instructor, will continue the school at Kingdon Springs. Mr. CLEM has moved into Mrs. Essie HUDSON property.

Mrs. A. M. ELTON and her little son Max, of Newport are spending a few days with relatives and friends in Yellville.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom PHILLIPS are the proud parents of a new boy baby which arrived Saturday morning.

Rev. Lynn WADE , Presiding Elder of the Batesville district will hold his Fourth quarterly conference in Yellville Sept 24th at 3 p. m. This will close his second year's work of this district in Yellville.

To those who so kindly assisted us during the illness and death of our wife and mother, we desire to tender our thanks and appreciations and to assure each and every one that this kindness will ever be remembered by us John THOMPSON and family

Troy COWDREY and family left Saturday for Burbank, Oklahoma, where they expect to make their future home. Troy will engage in the fray business with father, Mr. J. A. COWDREY Their many friends in Yellville and Marion county wish them success.

Mr. Berry FLOYD last week in stalled a Delco lighting system in Mr. W. R. JONES home. He has sixteen lights in his home which lights it as brilliantly as the noon day sun

Miss Rose BENNETT of Oklahoma City, spent a few days in Yellville last week looking after business interests. She will be remembered as a lady who some time ago put over the deal of the Morning Star group of mine to a syndicate of capitalist. As to just what her mission was in this field at this time is not known.

Mr. Chester S. PARKER of Booneville, who has been making a geological survey of the north part of the State for the purpose of locating phosphate beds.

Sheriff WILLINGHAM on last Thursday morning arrested Tom SHIPMAN on Buffalo, on a writ sworn out by Floyd CAMP charging him with having threatened his life if he did not leave the country. He was tried before Judge SUMMERS Saturday who bound him over in a peace bond, fixing the amount of the bond at $1,000 in default of which he was returned to jail.

There are five prospective candidates in the field to fill the vacancy in the sixth congressional district caused by the death of Congressman Sam M. TAYLOR His son, Chester L. TAYLOR who has been his father's private secretary, may enter the contest. In speaking of the matter he said in part: "Who would not cherish the honor of finishing the work his father was selected to perform".

Mrs. Moody BROWN and Mrs. Willey BURNES of Turkey were in Yellville Saturday, and being widows of ex-confederate soldiers they called on clerk Gus BUTLER while here and got their pension checks - $125.00 each. These ladies are living evidence of the healthfulness of the Ozarks. Mrs. BROWN is 78 years old, Mrs. BURNES is 70, both of them are enjoying fine health and are as active as many women at 45. Mrs. BROWN thinks she will accompany her daughter, Mrs. Louis PERRY when she returns to her home at Echo City, Utah, within the next few days. She has lived long in the Ozarks and if she should make this trip her many friends hope she will have a pleasant journey and a safe return to her home when her visit shall have ended.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. B. ADDINGTON on Thursday morning last a boy. All parties are doing well.

Mr. B. L. YOUNG of Bethany, Mo., spent a few days last week with his old time friend and former partner in thee lumber business, Mr. J. P. MOONEY of this town.

Mr. and Mrs. Will WICKERSHAM returned last Friday from Fort Smith where Mrs. WICKERSHAM underwent an operation. She said she stood the trip home O. K. and was feeling fine.

Ewell FEE left Friday of last week for Norman, Oklahoma, where he will enter the State Normal for Vocational training. He was not decided as to what course he would select.

Mr. R. J. PATTERSON who lives a few miles south of town was in Yellville Friday, shaking hands with his many friends who are always glad to see him. Mr. PATTERSON is seventy three years old, and, strange to say, he still reads without his glasses. He says he can read for a half day without feeling any eyestrain at all, and he can take his old shot gun and go into the woods and kill a squirrel in the top of the highest tree. He says that while he is a little feeble, he is thankful for his wonderful eyesight.

Clarence MCCARTY left Friday for Conway to re-enter Hendrix College.

An infant son was born last Monday to Mr. and Mrs. Jim ADAMS

Mrs. Ben WILSON of Bergman came down Friday and spent a few days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. PERKINS  

After a visit of several weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. BERRY Mrs. Thurman COWDREY and children left Saturday for her home at Burbank, Okla.

Mrs. Mary CHAPPELL after having spent some time with her son R. N. at Hutchison, Kansas, returned to Yellville, Monday. She says she likes Kansas, but was glad to get back home - Arkansas

After having spent the summer with homefolks in Yellville, Clyde THOMPSON left Monday for Grace, Idaho where he is a member of the High School faculty. Clyde was at Grace last year and he says it is one of the best high schools he ever saw. The fact that he is returning this year is proof of the fact that his services were appreciated.

Mr. and Mrs. R. V. HONEYCUTT of Pyatt, will please accept the thanks of The Echo force for a nice lot of green beans and turnip greens sent them Monday.

Henry YOUNG left Friday for Jonesboro to enter the State Agricultural College.

After having spent some time with relatives and friends in Yellville, Van JONES left Monday for his home at Catoosa, Oklahoma.

Mr. Earl PIERCE of this county, and Miss Rena MURRY of Cotter, were married at the Parsonage in this town Tuesday by Rev. I. L. CLAUD They left on the noon train for Springfield, Missouri.

On last Saturday evening Miss Hazel SANDERS and Mr. Ralph WEAST were married at the Methodist parsonage, Rev I. L. CLAUD officiating. Miss Hazel is the accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred SANDERS of the Sanders hotel, in this city. Mr. WEAST is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. WEAST of this city. Mr. and Mrs. SANDERS served a six o'clock supper Saturday evening at the hotel in honor of the marriage, to which a few special friends were invited. Mr. and Mrs. WEAST were among the most popular young people of the town, and have a host of friends whom The Echo joins in extending congratulation.

Mr. Will DOSHIER of Cowan barrens was in Yellville Friday, the first time in about a year. He has been confined to his home most of the time on account of sickness, but says he is now feeling considerably better, and hopes to soon recover. He said Mrs. DOSHIER accompanied him as her brothers, "Uncle Alfred COWAN , which was the first time they had both been away from home at the same time in over a year. Mr. DOSHIER'S many friends hope that he may soon wholly recover.

Carroll WOOD has left at this office a sample of long staple cotton and asks that the farmers interested in cotton growing call and see it.

Walter CANTRELL who lives a few miles south of Yellville hauled 1497 pounds of seed cotton.

Jethro ERWIN came into The Echo office Tuesday and said he was a thousand dollars richer than he was the day before. We supposed he had reference to the price of cotton, but he said no. A new girl arrived at our house last night.


SEPT. 29, 1921 Issue Missing

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