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Mt. Echo Newspaper
December 1921 Issues
Abstracted & Copyrighted
by Lois Sullivan Stradley

Dividing Line

DEC 1, 1921 Issue

Local & Personal:

Mrs. W. E. LAYTON has returned from Memphis, where she has been visiting friends and relatives.

Sheriff WILLINGHAM made a trip to Little Rock last week and also this week to take patients to the hospital for nervous diseases.

Mr. James MOREN was in town Saturday and said the most of his family had been sick for sometime with something like the flu. He said it had not been in a severe form and yet it possessed every symptom of the flu.

I have just returned from Memphis, where I sold all the cotton I had. I am in the market now to buy more bales, see me before you sell. Seth HURST Flippin.

W. C. HUDSON is moving his jewelry store into his new building, which has just been completed. When Mr. HUDSON gets his stock arranged as he intends to arrange it, he will have one of the neatest jewelry stores in North Arkansas

After having spent a couple of weeks in Yellville, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. MIELLMIER and daughter, Helen, left Monday for their home at Hartford. They have visited in Yellville several times and have many friends here who are always glad to see them.

John Q. ADAMS Jr. who is teaching at Mountain View informed us Saturday that he closed his first month of school Friday evening - that they gave a little entertainment, and a number of patrons were present and enjoyed it, and that he has a fine school interest.

If you have cotton to sell write or call me at Flippin E. L. HUDDLESTON

Good tenant wanted for two upstairs rooms in Yellville. Also one small three room house. G. H. PERRY

Neil REED of Heber Springs has announced his intention of becoming a candidate for prosecuting attorney of this, the Fourteenth Judicial district, at the coming primary election, He has been deputy prosecuting attorney in his county for the past two years.

The Echo has been informed that on Wednesday evening, Nov. 16, Mr. W. L. WEAST eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. WEAST of this place and Miss Eunice MCKEE OF Phoenix, Ariz., were married in that city.

The O. k. Barber shop has changed hands again. The old reliable barber Ran COKER purchased the Newt GOLDSBY interest and will operate the shop by himself and he invites his many friends to call on him and will be glad to meet all the new ones that will come.

Last week John Q. ADAMS Jr. advertised a Springfield wagon and some Duroc sows for sale or to fatten on the halves. Saturday he came in and said he wanted to pay for the locals that they got results quick. That he had sold his wagon and disposed of his hogs, and had many applications he could not fill.

J. G. MCCARTY and son, Vernon, Arthur HAMLET and Tom SASSER all formerly of this county, but who now live at Luther, Okla., arrived in Yellville Sunday night and will visit relatives and friends for a week or so. They drove through in a car, having made the trip in two days. The boys say they had fine crops the past year and that they are well satisfied.  

Miss Lessie WILLIAMS who is teaching at Pleasant Ridge, was in Yellville Sunday, and said she is getting along nicely with her school, and that the school interest is good.

Mr. O. S. MASSEY proprietor of the Palace Grocery Store, has resigned as deputy sheriff in order that he may devote his entire time to his business. Mr. MASSEY like most of our merchants, is enjoying a good business.

Estrayed: One coming four year old pale red steer, marked crop off left, and underbit in right ear, One ear has been slightly torn by dog. Notify Jeff GRAY at Bruno.

STANLY and JENKINS are drilling a well for Mr. Bob MCCRACKEN at his residence on Masonic hill. This makes the fourth well that has been drilled in the neighborhood within the last few weeks, one for A. G. FLIPPIN one for John CRAIG and one for W. E. NOE

Surveyor Fulton PATTERSON went down to Newark a few days ago to make a survey of some islands in the White River, but owing to so much rain and high water he was unable to do the work at that time

Mr. W. R. JONES returned the first of the week from Little Rock where he had been looking after business for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe PARKER spent Saturday and Sunday night with relatives in Yellville, returning to Mr. PARKER'S school near Peel, on Sunday.

Since about July 15th, Arthur MOORE has drilled in Yellville and vicinity, 23 wells, and one of the last ones drilled was at Paul WOODS on Crooked creek. and it was drilled to a depth of one hundred and forty feet, before water was struck, but Paul now has water and to spare. He said he began to think that he was going to have to go on through to China to get it

Miss Virgie STUBBS and Mr. Oscar DUNLAP were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Johnathan STUBBS in the Cowan barrens on Friday evening of last week. Esq. Ed. JAMES officiating. The Echo joins the many friends of this happy young couple in extending congratulations, and hoping they may live long and prosper.

Seth HURST returned Friday of last week from Memphis, Tenn where he had been to dispose of the remains of his cotton

There is at my place a black male hog that will weigh about 150 pounds, marked swallow fork and underbit in left ear, two splits in right. Owner call and pay for feed and this ad and take him. A. M. WATTS Yellville Ark.  

Francis PANGLE of Flippin was in Yellville Friday of last week and informed us that Mrs. Alex BARNETT who had been quite low with pneumonia fever for some time is convalescent, which will be good new to her many friends. Francis is working for Golden Rule Store, and said they were enjoying a good business.

Mr. Otto GRAY of Stillwater, Oklahoma, who is a stockholder in the Monte Cristo and Sure Pop, No. 2, zinc mines, is spending a few days here looking after his interests

James SMITH of Kingdon is at the Sanders Hotel, suffering with an abscessed tooth, and is in a pretty hard shape.  

Not pretty, but sound and all right. Not very old. Good note for $35 gets him. See A. A. THOMPSON or W. R. JONES Also we have two cows, one giving milk. Forty dollars gets them both. Good note

Attorney Cul L. PIERCE of Bald Knob, spent Sunday evening and night and a few hours Monday morning in Yellville, looking after legal business.

Mr. PIERCE at one time lived in Independence county, and served two terms as clerk of the county and one term as County judge. When he retired from politics he went to Bald Knob and entered the practice of law and is enjoying a lucrative practice.    

MCCARTY and ANGEL last week bought 46 head of White faced cattle of Mr. W. H. BRYANT which averaged 1104 pounds and were five year olds. They bought them off the open range. Mr. ANGEL said it seemed to him they weighed heavier than any bunch of cattle he ever saw weighed. They will feed them for 60 or 90 days on corn and hay and then ship them to market. By the time they have been fed for 60 days they will be as fine a bunch of cattle as ever went on the Kansas City market.

Mr. J. F. GRAY who was in Yellville a few days ago, informed us that he was making his arrangements to leave within the next month for Colorado or California. He has been in poor health for some time, and it is in the hope that his health will be improved that he is contemplating this trip. His many friends throughout the county sincerely hope that in those western countries he will find relief, and that he will return within the next few months strong and well.

Eld. W. H. FLIPPIN of Joplin, of Christian church closed a successful series of meetings at Flippin, Sunday night, and we are requested to state that he will preach at the Methodist church in this town Wednesday night of this week, and perhaps every other night during the week. Mr. FLIPPIN has the reputation of being a strong, forceful speaker, and the public is invited to hear him. He is a son of Hon. T. H. FLIPPIN and a brother of ex-sheriff Garland FLIPPIN and he has a number of friends in Yellville who have known him since his boyhood, and who are anxious to hear him.


DEC 8, 1921 Issue (Top)

Walter WALTON after having been confined to his room for about a week suffering from the effects of a broken rib, is able to be out again.

Rev. Arthur HURST filled his regular appointment at Zinc Saturday night and Sunday. He said that not withstanding the inclemency of the weather he had large congregations.

Miss Agness BURFORD and Mr. Floyd BARHAM were married on last Saturday evening at the home of the bride's parents in Zinc. Rev. Arthur HURST officiating. The friends of the young couple extend congratulations.  

Mr. W. E. LAYTON has had his residence on East Main street remodeled on the inside and has made of it one of the most convenient and attractive homes in the town. Mack PHILLIPS who is an artist in his line, did the paper hanging, painting and hard oil finishing. Mr. LAYTON says as soon as weather conditions will permit, he is going to have his house painted on the outside.

Mr. H. R. RECORD of Mountain Home, spent a day or two with friends in Yellville last week on his return from a trip to Kansas and Oklahoma. He said he visited his brother-in-laws Joe PACE and Ross JENKINS in Okla., and they are getting along nicely and are well satisfied. He said ROSS was teaching a country school on a salary of $150.00 per month. He said the last he saw of Joe PACE he was riding a big Sulky plow. turning ground for next years crop and seemed to be absolutely happy. He says Joe owns a good farm, near a good town.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Rose KEETER a few days ago a boy. All parties doing well.

Eld. W. H. FLIPPIN of Joplin, preached at the Methodist church in this city on Wednesday and Thursday nights of last week, to large and appreciative audiences. he left Friday for his home.

Mrs. Earl CUNNINGHAM of near Turkey, has recently bought a knitting machine with which she can knit twelve pairs of sox a day. This is great improvement over the knitting with which our mothers used to knit our socks long years ago.

Mrs. Arthur HURST returned a few days ago from a visit with her mother and other relatives at Barnesville Ga., She also as a delegate, attended the General Conference of the C. M. church, at Jackson, Ga., She reports a most pleasant visit.

Rev. CARTER of Calico Rock filled his regular appointment at the Baptist church Saturday, and preached to an appreciative audience. He will preach in Yellville every first and third Sunday and on Saturday night before

Eugene JOHNSON of Fallen Ash who is teaching in district No. 1 was in Yellville Saturday and said he was having a fine school, and a fine interest - that he had tolled 46 students in his department, and that forty five of them were present Friday. Miss Lottie BARNETT is assisting him, and he says she is also having a good attendance and a good interest.

Dr. C. L. GLINES the Harrison Optometrist, will be in Pyatt on Monday, Dec. 12th, from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. for the purpose of doing any work in his line.

Dr. E. W. FROST will arrive at Yellville Wednesday and spend two or three days with Co. Supt. BRIGGS visiting schools. Dr. FROST is of Peabody college and a member of Arkansas Educational Survey.

Rev. Arthur HURST says the Sunday school at Zinc is planning a Christmas tree for Christmas eve. and it is planned that every child in town will be remembered with a present. This is the right spirit and should be manifested in every town, There is no greater disappointment for any child than an empty stocking on Christmas morning.

About three years ago Mr. R. L. BERRY and Joe BLANKENSHIP bought 300 acres of land from a Mr. SIMMONS a few miles southwest of Yellville.

Mrs. Flossie MCCASKILL and baby of Summersville, Mo., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex NOWLIN in this city.

ESTRAYED - One red cow with white face marked with swallow fork in each ear. Will pay for information as to location. J. W. PARNELL Rea Valley Ark.

Mr. J. H. TICER one of the good farmers near Peel, was transacting business in Yellville last Saturday. He said Mr. Tom WHITE who sustained a broken leg last July when a wagon loaded with hay overturned with him, had so far recovered that he can get around the place with the aid of a crutch. He says Mr. WHITE contends he will be able to make a crop next year, and what ever Mr. WHITE wills he comes very near doing

Mr. Joe BLANKERSHIP who owns a farm on Greasy creek has been engaged in the dairy business, on a small scale, for the past two or three years, and is pleased with the results. He has quite a lot of meadow on his farm which is essential to successful dairying. Last week he purchased of R. L. BERRY ten heads of fine Jersey cows to add to his already good dairy herd

Mrs. G. W. YOUNG of near Pyatt was visiting her son Gus, in this town this week. She was accompanied by her daughter- in-law Mrs. Ernest YOUNG

For rent, my farm 5 miles south of Yellville (Cash only) for information write G. E. REID 105 Pike Ave North Little Rock, Ark.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl CUNNINGHAM of near Turkey, are the proud parents of a pair of twin boys which arrived a few days ago. All parties are doing well except Earl and it is thought by careful nursing he will pull through.

ESTRAYED - One year old past heifer, line back white belly, red sides, marked crop off the right ear. Will pay for information leading to her recovery. Carl KEETER Yellville, Ark.

Rev. H. L. WADE and Rev. E. L. BEARDEN were two of the six Clerical delegates elected to the General Conference which meets next May at Hot Springs, Ark., This is the fist time Arkansas has entertained this conference.

Mr. Willie ESTES and Miss Delma LEFEVERS of Summit, were married Sunday at the home of groom's mother, Mrs. Lee ESTES Rev. T. J. SEAY officiating. The young couple are among the most popular young people of Summit, and their many friends extend congratulations.

Mr. DYER after a protracted illness, died at the Mossman hotel Tuesday morning. He was buried Wednesday at 2 o'clock in the Layton cemetery. Rev. I. L. CLAUD conducting funeral services. Mr. DYER was an uncle of Mrs. J. D. MCCARGAR who was at his bed side when the end came.


DEC 15, 1921 Issue (Top)

Mr. Fred SANDERS is making the excavation for the foundation of his 40x80 business house. He will put in the foundation this winter and let it thouroughly settle and early next spring he will begin the erection of the building and rush it to completion. As planned, it will be one of the most handsome buildings in the town.

Mr. J. B. MELTON who is with the C. A. Mullholland mercantile company in Rush, and who assisted in promoting a Sales Day in that town tow or three weeks ago, was in Yellville Sunday. He said their Sales Day was a success from every stand point and that he saw men there trading that he never saw there before.

All parties owning me on account come in and settle up before the first of the year. I need my money and can't live on promises any longer, I have carried some of you over from last year, so come and make settlement now. J. D. HARDY Kingdon Springs, Ark.

Joe BURLESON township continues to prosecute its efforts to ward making its roads a credit to North Arkansas

Mr. Tom STOKES last week bought a fine young Jersey male of Judge R. L. BERRY which he will turn with his dairy head of cows.

Mayor C. N. WILSON has been making some valuable improvement on his residence lot, extending his fence back to Church street, having built a cobble stone fence on the east side of this lot to connect with his yard fence on the east side of his residence lot.

In conversation with Jim MELTON at Pyatt last week he informed us that about 80 acres had been pledged to the proposed Strawberry Association.

Mr. John MELTON one of the progressive farmers of Blythe township, near Pyatt was in Yellville Saturday. He said that on Saturday before there were 400 or 500 head of hogs shipped from Pyatt to the Kansas City marker.

Bud HUDSON one of the progressive farmers of Buffalo township was a business visitor in Yellville the latter part of last week. He informed us that he recently bought Walter ISOM farm which adjoins his farm on Buffalo river. This gives Mr. HUDSON 530 acres in a body, and is one of the best tracts of land in the county. Mr. HUDSON says he regards an investment in Marion county real estate one of the best and safest investments one can make.

Long years have past since the Indian said good-by to his familiar haunts in Marion county and turned his face toward the west, yet, many of his relics still remain. On last Saturday Mr. James MORROW of Cowan barrans spent to this office an "Indian spike", six inches long, and about one and one-half inches wide, chipped from stone and perfectly shaped, which he had picked up on his farm. We placed it beside an Indian battleax which was presented to us some time ago by John RICHARDSON of near Ryatt.

Presiding Elder Lynn WADE will hold quarterly conference in Yellville Friday evening at 3 o'clock and preach at the Methodist church Friday night. Hear him

Attorney Merle PROUT has moved his law office into the building recently vacated by the Hudson Jewelry store where he will be glad to meet his friends and all who are seeking legal advice.

All who know themselves to be indebted to me, please call and pay at once, I will not credit any more after this date. O. A. MASSY Yellville Ark.  

Ambrose BRIGGS and Claude DOSHIER went over to Searcy county last week and bought a nice bunch of 21 steers, which they now have on a pasture near Yellville.

Mr. Tucker LINDSEY of Fallen Ash received a telegram Monday stating his brother Andy at McClure, was not expected to live but a short time. Mr. LINDSEY left for his bed side Tuesday. The brothers have met only once in the last thirty five years.

Mrs. J. W. BLACK and daughter, Miss Anna Lee left Tuesday for their new home at Searcy, where brother BLACK has accepted a pastorate for next year - White River (Cotter) Headlight. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. BLACK in Yellville, their old home wish for them a prosperous, happy year in their new home.

I want a good renter to furnish himself and cultivate about 20 acres of good land. For particulars see Corb JONES Yellville.

Rosco HENSLEY and Guy NOE of near Peel, were business visitors in Yellville the latter part of last week.

In a letter from our friend Irvin BAKER who lives in the State of Washington, a few days ago, he said "we have just gotten rid of a 25 inch snow." Irvin also stated he and his family were well and getting along very nicely.

Fred GARVER presented The Echo force a nice mess of turnips a few days ago which was highly appreciated.

Rev. I. L. CLAUD preached his first sermon for present conference year at this place on last Sunday to a large and appreciative audience.

Messrs. George and Floyd RIDENGER of Keesee township were looking after business interests in Yellville the latter part of last week.

Mr. J. F. CARSON has had a neat sigh painted across the Citizens Bank window, which adds much to its apperarance, and shows the capital stock to be $30,000.00 and their surplus $6,000.00

Mr. C. P. TILLEY who is teaching at Sugar Orchard, district No. 25, informs us that he has only one more month of school, "but," he added, "I have had one of the best schools there that I have ever taught, and regret that circumstances are such that I will have to close so early.

Mr. and Mrs. Grady HAND of Mena, have sent their fathers, Mr. J. H. HAND and Mr. Isaac EMERY each a thorough bred Plymoth Rock rooster - they received them Saturday, and are proud of them. Grady and his wife are great chicken fanciers and for the last two years their Plymoth Rock chickens have taken the prize at the county fair at Mena.

Judge BERRY transacted quite a lot of business in probate court last week.

J. F. CARSON will appreciate any information about his dog that has been missing several days. He is a brown collie, long hair, and has white tip on tail.

Mr. C. A. SCHOONOVER representing the E. L. BRUCE Co., of Memphis, spent a few days in this county last week, contracting for hardwood lumber for his company.

Mrs. D. J. MCCARGAR will leave this week for her old home at Providence, Rhode Island. She was married about three years ago to Mr. D. J. MCCARGAR of Rush, who was engaged in the mining business. Shortly after her marriage her aged uncle Mr. John DYER of California, came to live with them. A few months ago her husband died and she then rented rooms at the Mossman house in this town, where she and her uncle lived until last week, when he died and she being left alone, decided to return to her old home. She made many friends while here in Yellville who sympathize with her in her sorrows, and whose best wishes go with her to Providence, Rhode Island.

Mrs. Gus YOUNG went up to Pyatt Friday and spent the week end with relatives and friends.

G. H. PERRY will pay 60c per bushel for a few loads of good quality corn delivered at his barn.

Mr. Carson PRUETT last week finished painting the Baptist church which adds materially to the appearance of this house of worship.

Jim MELTON of Pyatt took about 1,000 pieces of fur to St. Louis market last week. He said that like all markets the fur market is in a very unsettled condition. H. H. CASTLEBURY shipped a car of hogs from Pyatt last Saturday

Raleigh MATTHEWS principal of Pyatt school, informs us that school is getting alone nicely. They have ninety students enrolled, and the attendance is unusually good. He says a great interest has been manifested by the patrons all during the term, all of which is essential to a real successful school.

Notwithstanding it is almost the middle of December, the weather has been so mild that George ROBINSON is yet buying fat cattle off the open range for beef cattle.

Mrs. T. T. MILLER and children of Nashville, Tenn., are spending a few days in Yellville.

Mr. W. N. CHRISTIAN of the W. N. Christian Mercantile Co., of Flippin, was transacting business in Yellville Friday. He said his firm was planning putting on a sale after the holidays, and if they do they will doubtless give their customers some real bargains.

Mr. Wm. LAY who moved to Marshall a few weeks ago to take charge of the electric light plant in that town, returned to Yellville with his family last week. He said after giving the light plant a try out, it did not suit him to operate it, therefore he returned to Yellville. We are not informed as to what his plans for the future are.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Dow WOLF of Greasy creek, on Wednesday night of last week, a fine girl. This was the twelfth child born to this couple, and they are both comparatively young people yet. We understand all twelve of the children are yet living and enjoying good health. We congratulate upon their family, and hope they may live to see every one of their children grown and educated and settled in life.

Mr. John RICHARDSON of near Pyatt was in Yellville one day last week and said he had sold his farm and all of his stock except a span of mules and his dog, and would leave in a few days with his family, overland, for Oklahoma, where he expects to make his future home. We regret that John is leaving Marion county, but if he makes as a good a citizen for Oklahoma as he has for Arkansas, Oklahoma can well be proud of him. He is honest, industrious and progressive, and The Echo joins his friends in wishing him success.


DEC 22, 1921 Issue (Top)

Mr. and Mrs. Frank REED of near Comal, are the proud parents of a new boy baby.

Mr. John RHODES of North Fork township spent one day in Yellville last week, looking after business interests

Burt HAND who has been working in a print shop in St. Louis for some time, came in Friday to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. HAND during the holidays.

Elza BURLESON of Turkey, says he will probably be in the race for Assessor at the coming primary. Mr. BURLESON is a good business man and well qualified to fill this important office.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jim DEEN a girl.

Mrs. Will BRODIE came up from Batesville Sunday and stayed until Monday with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. H. THOMPSON

If the party who borrowed my dehorning clippers from Layton's store will return them, he will be properly rewarded. I need them. F. N. WATTS  

LOST - On December 13th, a pair of big lense spectacles, bound in celluliod. Will pay $1.00 for their return. J. F. DILLARD

Judge and Mrs. J. H. BLACK left Sunday for Apache, Okla., where they will spend a few weeks with Mrs. BLACK'S parents and friends.

Estrayed - One year old past red heifer with some white spots marked smooth crop off each ear, branded "L" on right hip. Notify E. J. LEWIS Turkey for reward.  

Estrayed - One brindle steer year old past - marked with hole in left ear branded G. on left hip. J. W. GLENN Bruno.

ESTRAYED - A number of cattle, branded with mule shoe on left hip and left jaw. Will pay reward for information leading to their recovery. B. V. KEELING Dodd City, Ark.

Estrayed - One year old past, heifer mostly white, some red specks. Marked swallow fork in each ear, has horns. Notify J. C. BRYANT Yellville.

Mr. Andy ROHLEDER and Mrs. Mattie L. LAWMAN were married a few days ago in the County Judge's office in the Court house. Judge R. L. BERRY officiating. They are now at home to their many friends on the Dr. WILSON farm just east of Yellville

W. H. BRYANT of Buffalo, left Wednesday for Conway to send Christmas with his family.  

Read J. B. TATUM ad today He is telling you that he is offering you bargains on all lines.

Clerk BUTTLER on last Saturday issued marriage license to Mr. L. M. DUNLAP and Miss Maggie BURNES and Mr. Dock HALL and Miss Flora MEARS The Echo joins the many friends of these young people in extending congatulations and in hoping that prosperity and happiness may attend them through life.

W. L. GIBSON who has been at Maxwell. Oklahoma, for some time, returned to Marion county Wednesday of last week, and is now at his father's Sam GIBSON who has been in poor health for the past few weeks. We are glad to see Walter back and hope his father will soon recover.  

Rev. CARTER of Calico Rock, filled his regular appointment at the Baptist church Saturday night. His sermons were appreciated by all who heard him as they were filled with spiritual thought, which evidenced the fact that he had given his subject much study. Remember his dates, the first and third Sunday and Saturday night before, and hear him. He will deliver to you a message that will do you good.

Mr. Dick GRAVES of Zinc came down Monday and remained in Yellville until noon Tuesday, looking after business interests.

For Sale. Not large, but well broke and gentle. Five and six Excellent team, and without blemish. Good note for $200 gets them. See W. J. PATTERSON or W. R. JONES

Miss Louise PERRY closed a successful term of school work, consisting of five months, at the Fairview school house, three miles west of Yellville, last Friday evening, rendering a nice program on closing day which showed that the school children had been well trained in their work.

On last Sunday evening at the home of Rev. G. G. PARROTT in Flippin, Mr. Bert HAND of Yellville and Miss Violet FLIPPIN were married, Rev. PARROTT officiating. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. HAND of this place, and the bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walker FLIPPIN The Echo joins the many friends of the happy young couple in extending congratulations.


DEC 29, 1921 Issue (Top)

Mrs. Kate HAMLET is visiting relatives in Oklahoma.

Seth HURST and Vent PHILLIPS were Yellville visitors Monday   Fred BERRY made a business trip to Little Rock the first of the week.

After having spent a few days with friends in Yellville. H. R. RECORD returned Monday to Mountain Home.

Bas DILLARD son of Dock DILLARD of near Maumee, underwent an operation for appendicitis Saturday night and at last reports was in very critical condition.  

LOST - Two young hounds; a small black and white spotted female and a white male, with red ears and black spots on back. Will pay reward for their return. Jim ADAMS Yellville.

George BILLINGS of Flippin was transacting business in Yellville Friday of last week.

Rooms for rent, either furnished or unfurnished. See Mrs. A. J. MOSSMAN at the old Hartford Hotel

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. JONES spent Christmas with their son-in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ben WARD at Russellville.  

Mr. and Mrs. J. R. SCHERER of Gilbert, spent Wednesday night of last week enroute to their old home at Olney, Ill., to spend the holidays with relatives and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Cam COWDREY and Mrs. Ida TOWE drove over to Bruno Saturday and spent Christmas with Mrs. COWDREY'S brother George CAVINESS

Miss Huldah PATTERSON who is attending Ouachita College came home Wednesday of last week to spend the holidays with her parents Mr. and Mrs. W. J. PATTERSON of Summit, and other relatives and friends.

A baby girl was born last Friday to Mr. and Mrs. Alf PYLE of Bruno.

Ras RUSSELL of St. Joe spent a few days here last week visiting his brothers T. V. and Jerome.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse JOHNSON of near Turkey are the proud parents of a new girl baby, which arrived Monday night.

Mr. I. J. WILLIS of Springfield Mo., spent a day or two the first of the week in Yellville.

Mrs. Ida TOWE of West Plains, Mo., is visiting her daughter Mrs. Cam COWDREY in this city.

Ed and Albert WILSON of Oklahoma City, and Alvin WILSON of Kansas City arrived in Yellville Saturday to spend the holidays with homefolks, having driven through in Ed's car. All the boys are with Michelin Tire Company, Ed and Albert having the territory in Oklahoma, and Alvin in eastern Kansas. They are all native sons of Yellville who have made good in the battles of the world. and their friends in Yellville and Marion county are limited only by their acquaintance, all of who are glad to meet them again.

Mrs. A. J. MOSSMAN informs us that her son Edward who was overcome a few days ago by gas while in the bathroom at his home in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, has almost recovered. He had gone into the bathroom and turned on the gas to heat the water, and after an unusual time had elapsed, his sister became alarmed and made an investigation and found him unconscious, and but for the timely investigation he would have been dead in a few minutes. Edward's many friends in Yellville are glad he is recovering.

Mr. J. M. KEETER manager of the Gin Company at Flippin, spent a few hours in Yellville last Wednesday of last week looking after business interests

Mr. and Mrs. John HUDSPETH are the proud parents of a new boy baby.

Mr. William BUTLER and his son of Rea Valley, were in Yellville Friday of last week, having come up to drive home two fine jersey cows which Mr. BUTLER had bought of Lindsey BAKER

Dr. A. V. ADAMS and wife of Wright City, Okla., came in last week to spend Christmas with Dr. ADAMS parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Q. ADAMS and other relatives and friends. While here the doctor bought all that part of MCCARTY & ANGEL farm on the north side of Crooked creek, just west of Yellville. It is a fine tract of land and a good portion of it is in a high state of cultivation., His brother Jim will move on to it about the first of the year, and being a good farmer, the investment will yield a good dividend. Dr. ADAMS is at present and has been for a number of years, company physician for one of the largest lumber companies in Oklahoma, on a good salary.

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