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Mt. Echo Newspaper
November 1921 Issues
Abstracted & Copyrighted
by Lois Sullivan Stradley

Dividing Line

NOV. 3, 1921 Issue

Local & Personal:  

Rev. MCCUISTION of Mountain Home spent a few hours in Yellville, last Saturday.

Mr. Coy ADAY of the, Palace Restaurant, visited Marshall, his old home, the latter part of last week.

J. B. ROWDEN of Summit, Ark., has just received a car of flour and feed. Prices right, Call and see them before buying.

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. JONES went to Batesville last week on business. Mr. JONES returned home Sunday, but Mrs. JONES will probably remain in Batesville for several days.

Mr. and Mrs. J. S. COWDREY returned from Jonesboro last week where they had been visiting their son-in-law and daughter Dr. Ernie HORNER and wife. They report a pleasant visit, and said Dr. HORNER was enjoying a good practice in that city.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. THOMPSON returned Sunday from Batesville where they had been spending several days with their daughters. Mrs Will BRODIE and Mrs. Dale HICKERSON While gone MR. THOMPSON attended the I.O.O.F. grand lodge at Little Rock, as a delegate from the Yellville lodge.  

Charley WARREN of Peel was a Yellville visitor one day last week.

Mr. C. M. WILLIAMS of Maume was looking after business interests in Yellville, last week. He said it was his second trip to Yellville in the past fifteen years.

Mr. J. B. WILLIAMS formerly of Rush, but now of St. Joe was looking after business interests and meeting his many friends in Yellville one day last week.

Judge BERRY has been informed by the State Highway department, that an engineer from that department will confer with the Commissioners of bridge No. 2, Pyatt, on Nov. 14th and with the Commissioners of bridge No. 3, Fernimen's Ford on Nov. 15th

Mr. R. P. KING of Peel, while in Yellville last week, informed us that he was contemplating making the race for assessor next year. Mr. KING is well qualified for the position, and will be a factor in the race if he decides to make it.

Mr. J. B. MELTON of Rush visited his family in Yellville Saturday night and Sunday.

Miss Bernice WILLINGHAM daughter of Sheriff WILLINGAHAM closed a successful term of school at Markle's last Friday, and came home and will enter the High School here.

There is at my place one hog, marked with swallow fork in each ear and underbit in right. Owner please call and pay for feed and this ad and take him. M. C. DOSHIER

Jim SHEW who owns a good farm on White river, near Pell, was in Yellville last Wednesday.

Mrs. W. E. LAYTON left Monday for Memphis, where she will visit friends and relatives for a few weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. Jess HORNER returned Monday from Oklahoma and Texas where they had been visiting relatives for some time, and report a pleasant time.

Clerk Gus BUTLER moved into his new cobble stone residence on Main street last week, which is one of the most attractive residences in the town. He displayed good taste in designing it, and Murph ESTES and Haskell SMITH displayed great art and workmanship by putting into execution his designs.

Mr. J. B. TATUM has had the front of his business house treated to a fresh coat of paint

Mr. T. N. TILLEY of near Buffalo, was transacting business in Yellville a few days ago, and said he was through gathering his crops

Clerk Gus BUTLER and his efficient deputy, Burl RISLEY are busily engaged making the tax books

Mr. B. R. HUDSON of Buffalo, spent a day or so in Yellville the first of the week looking after business interest. He said farmers in his section were about through gathering their crops

Pat MCCORMICK ground superintendent of the Monte Cristo mine on Clabber creek, came up Saturday evening and spent Sunday with his family returning to the mine Monday morning

I will allow no hunting on my farm which is three miles north west of Yellville Fred WILLIAMS

On Wednesday evening of last week at the home of Rev. A. M. REED three miles west of Summit Mr. A. J. WASSELL and Miss Annie FORD of Summit, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony. Rev. REED officiated. Mrs. WASSELL is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam FORD Mr. WASSELL is an experienced miner of Joplin, Mo., who came here several years ago, and has established quite a reputation as a mine developer. The many friends of the happy couple wish them success and happiness on their journey through life.


NOV 10, 1921 Issue (Top)

Claud DOSHIER and wife visited his brothers, Boone and Harve, near Cotter last week.

Mr. George DAVENPORT of near Maumee was transacting business in Yellville the latter part of last week.

Lucian JOHNSON of the Brown Shoe Company spent a few days here the first of the week interviewing the local merchants.

Mrs. Scott RORIE and her sister Miss Luna FLIPPIN of Flippin were having dental work done in Yellville Tuesday.

J. H. THOMPSON had his business house on Main street treated to a coat of paint the first of the week, which added much to its appearance.

Dave PIERCE who returned from the Texas oil fields a few weeks ago on vacation, is putting in his time painting his residence on his farm and otherwise improving his farm.

FOR SALE - A few S. C. R. I. Red cockerels of pure strain, beauties, at $1.00 each. Or will trade for two fat chickens of mongrel breed, or anything else of equal value. Don MATTHEWS Yellville.

Russell STICE of Flippin Motor Company, was a business visitor in Yellville Saturday.

Mr. C. R. STRAUSS the cigar manufacturer of Flippin, was in Yellville Saturday

Mr. and Mrs. George Markle of near Dodd City, were transacting business in Yellville Friday of last week. While in town Mr. MARKLE called at The Echo office and gave us a nice order for job printing. Mr. MARKLE and three of his sons are in the sawmill business, and their products are always of the best.

Miss Lessie WILLIAMS daughter of Hon. Sam WILLIAMS of Harrison, began a winter term of school on last Monday at the Thompson school house in the Cowan barrens.

Mr. Fred SANDERS proprietor of the Hudson hotel, has removed the old board fence in front of the hotel and replaced it with a neat concrete fence. The concrete blocks were placed by Mr. R. O. PIERCE who is an expert in that line.

Mr. E. MCCLAIN makeup man on the Fort Smith Southwest American, will spend the winter with his Uncles, Messrs. Frank and George DAVENPORT near Maumee.

Mr. MCCLAIN was in Yellville Thursday of last week and paid this office a pleasant visit. He is a genteel young man and we hope he will have a pleasant visit with his uncles in the Ozarks this winter.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl PIERCE of Cotter, were visiting Mr. PIERCES parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. O. PIERCE a few miles southwest of Yellville the latter part of last week. Earl is one of the depot agents at Cotter, and is very efficient in his line. He is a graduate of Springfield business college, and in addition to taking the regular business course, he graduated in telegraphy and is an expert operator.

Mr. T. W. M. SMITH of Tomahawk was transacting business in Yellville one day last week. He said the farmers in his section were almost through gathering their crops.

W. E. LAYTON went to Little Rock last Friday to look after business interests.

FOR SALE - Good buggy and single harness and one hack, a fine colt, and one jersey cow. See Mrs. Nellie JONES    

On last Sunday evening Mr. Will FREEMAN of Buford, and Miss Rose FOSTER of Flippin, were married at the court house in this city - Esq. J. D. SUMMERS officiating.

I will allow no hunting on my farm, which is three miles south of Yellville. Fred WILLIAMS

Last Monday as Mr. T. P. GARRETT of Freck, was enroute to Yellville, while passing a gentleman on horseback he was kicked on the leg by the horse, and while the injury was not serious, Mr. GARRETT was quite lame when he reached Yellville.

No hunting will be allowed on my farm, day or night. J. C. FLOYD

Mr. M. F. RICHARDSON of near Pyatt, was in Yellville Friday of last week, the first time in two years. He has been in poor health, but said he was able to be up most of the time. He said that now, having sold his farm he thought he would get him a tin can and a tow sack and try "hoboing" for awhile, as he believed he could get some coin and a "hand- out" once in awhile to keep him from going hungry. Of course, Mr. RICHARDSON was just talking, as he is well fixed financially, besides, he has about a half dozen sons, all of whom are doing well and in whose homes there will ever be a welcome for him, to say nothing of his innumerable friends.

Miss Bertie MCCRACKEN of James Creek township, returned Friday of last week from Baxter Springs Kas., where she visited her brother, Walter. She said she had a pleasant visit and that Walter and his family was well and getting along nicely. Miss Bertie came home in order to get ready to take charge of her school at Hill Top, which will begin next Monday.

On last Sunday Mr. Roscoe HICKS of Rush, and Miss Bernice DUNLAP were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John DUNLAP of Cowan barrens, in the presence of a few relatives and friends. Rev. I. L. CLAUD officiated. After the ceremony a sumptuous dinner was served. Mr. HICKS is a son of Mrs. Lee HICKS of Rush, and is engaged in the mercantile business, and Mrs. HICKS is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John DUNLAP of Cowan barrens, and are among the most popular young people of that section of the county, and have a host of friends who wish them happiness and prosperity through life.

For the lack of public funds with which to defray the expense of a school at Tomahawk, the enterprising citizens have subscribed enough funds to conduct a five month's term and employed Harrison SMITH as teacher, and he began the school last Monday. The citizens of this community have displayed the proper school spirit and their boys and girls will profit thereby.

Mr. James PATTERSON and Miss Ann DOSHIER were married on the 5th, at the home of Esq. Floyd FIRESTONE officiating. Mr. PATTERSON is the youngest son of Uncle Bob PATTERSON and Mrs PATTERSON is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ammon DOSHER The many friends of the happy young couple hope their future may be as pleasant and happy for them as is the present, and that prosperity may ever attend them.

Mr. A. W. MEARS one of the directors of school district NO. 7 was in Yellville Friday buying a stove and some other things for their school building, and said their school would begin Monday and they wanted to get their house in shape so as the children would be comfortable. He said Mr. Abe JAMES would teach their school

With every purchase I will give a numbered ticket, and the lucky number will draw a 25 lb stick of candy. The number will be opened at 3 o'clock p. m. at my store, on Dec. 24th. I have a complete line of fine candies for holiday trade. Also an up to date line of groceries, and a complete line of shoes. My prices are right. Chris MOORE Yellville, Ark.      

E. W. DOZIER arrived in Yellville Tuesday from his home in Madisonville, Ky., and spent a few days with relatives and friends of his boyhood days. He was accompanied by his 4 year old son. Elza, as he is remembered here, was born and reared in this county, and left here some fifteen years ago with his parents, and has been back only one time since.

Mr. R. O. PIERCE the contractor of the stone work on the Hudson building has completed it.

Mr. Wm. LAY having sold his residence property on East Church St. to Mr. J. D. ADDINGTON left Wednesday with his family for Marshall, where he had brought a one half interest in the city light plant.


NOV 17, 1921 Issue (Top)

Roney HAND has sold his residence in north part of town to Mr. Ernest CALLAHAN

Mr. B. F. BURNES merchant at Freck, went to Little Rock last week to buy a bill of goods for his store.

Miss Lena CALLAHAN after spending several days with friends in Springfield, Mo., returned Sunday.

Mr. G. W. FEE of Kingdon was a pleasant visitor to this office Tuesday. He said if it did not rain very soon, the water in section would become very scarce.

I will be in Flippin on Monday Nov. 28th, and in Yellville Tuesday Nov. 19th until 2 o'clock in the afternoon for the purpose of testing eyes and fitting glasses. Remember we grind our own lenses. Dr. C. L. GLINES

Mr. W. H. COCHRAN who is in the employee of the Mo. Pa. R. R. visited home folks in Yellville Sunday. It was the occasion of his little son's birthday and while it necessitated the traveling of several hundred miles he could not pass up the occasion.

Eld. J. E. WOOD the Missionary for the White River Baptist Association, will begin a protracted meeting at Summit, Sunday night to which the public is invited. He and Eld. A. M. REED closed a series of meetings Sunday night at Buffalo City and Mr. REED says that Eld. WOOD is a forceful speaker, and those who heard him were deeply impressed with his sermons.

Mr. John NANNY returned Friday of last week from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he had been spending a few days with his children, Mrs. Bob COWDREY , Miss Ruth, and his son Walter. He said while there he met Mr. John SWARTZ formerly of this county, who put in considerable time showing him over the country. He says Mr. SWARTZ still loves the Ozarks, and especially Marion county.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. HAND accompanied by their son George, went to Little Rock, Monday.

After having spent several days in Batesville, Mrs. W. R. JONES returned home last Saturday.

J. F. CARSON cashier of the Citizens Bank, returned Sunday from a business trip to Little Rock.

Alex JAMES county treasurer left Sunday for Leslie where he will join Harve STOKES and drive to Little Rock to attend the Masonic Grand Lodge.

Mr. H. H. SPENCER of Burkburnett, Texas, accompanied by Rev. J. W. BLACK of Cotter, was looking over some lands near Yellville the first of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. BERRY and little daughter returned Friday from Springfield, Mo., where Mr. BERRY had been looking after business, and where they also visited Mr. BERRY'S sister Mrs. Mary GEAR

Mr. O. C. COPELAND and Miss Nellie PLY of Pyatt were married Friday of last week at the Cobble Stone Hotel in this City, Judge R. L. BERRY officiating. The Echo joins their many friends in extending to the happy young couple congratulations.    

Mr. Richard GOLDSBY has purchased Mrs. J. S. OWENS residence lots on Jewell Street, and will move the residence which he recently bought of Mr. Anthony DOSHIER on them, and remodel it and make of it a nice home.

Lost - One brown silk handbag, on Thursday of last week, between Freck and Yellville containing a Lavaliere set with three small diamonds. Return to John O. WILSON St. Joe, Ark., and get reward.

Mr. J. B. MELTON of Rush came up Saturday night and spent Sunday with his family.

W. E. LAYTON returned Saturday of last week from a business trip to Little Rock.

Mr. J. S. COWDREY has had a new roof put on the building occupied by Mr. MASSEY grocery business.

Mr. Roy ASHMEAD of Keeter township, near Peel, was transacting business in Yellville last week the principal part of which was business with the dentist.

Mr. Coy ADAY has had the front of his Cafe neatly painted, and has also made considerable improvements on the inside, which adds materially to the appearance - in short he has an up-to-date cafe.  

Prof. James SMITH of Kingdon Springs, said Armistice day was observed by his school and the patrons of the school by assembling at the school building the night of the eleventh and singing patriotic songs and by patriotic recitations.

Dick MEARS of Flippin barrens says he and a number of his neighbors are having to drive their stock to the Rock Spring a distance of about one and a half miles, for water, which is a very unusual occurrence for that section. But this is a very unusual dry season in the Ozarks

After two years spent in Texas Mr. Bob PATTERSON and family returned to his farm on Crooked creek just west of Yellville, Wednesday of last week. He came overland, bringing his wagons and teams with him, and was on the road 27 days. He said aside from he fact he was sick a part of the time, they had a very pleasant trip. Mr. PATTERSON was always one of Marion county's best citizens, and his many friends are glad he and his family are back, and hope they are here to stay.  

Jim SHEW of Oakland was having some dental work done in Yellville the latter part of last week.

Clint CATES one of the good farmers of Oakland neighborhood, was transacting business in Yellville Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Lester MIDDLETON of Watonga, Oklahoma, came in Friday of last week, and will make their home with Mrs. MIDDLETON'S parents Mr. and Mrs. O. S. MASSEY near Bruno.

Ebb CARSON left Sunday for Little Rock, where he will represent Yellville Lodge at the convention of the Masonic Grand Lodge. Bruno Lodge is represented by H. C. FIRESTONE Flippin Lodge by J. H. TALBERT and Oakland Lodge by James HOLLINGSWORTH We have not been informed as to who represents the Rush and Peel Lodges.

Mr. C. C. CASEY of near Pyatt was in Yellville a few days ago. and said he believed he grew the champion sweet potato in the county this year - that it weighed 8 3/4 pounds and measured 25 inches in circumference, and was of the Southern Queen variety. He said from about 800 plants he dug 50 bushels of potatoes, and that they were all fine. Mr. CASEY recently bought 120 acres of land know as the Bill BLACK homestead, from Dr. H. L. HENDERSON and it was on this land he grew the "big sweet potato." This tract of land one time sold for $3,000. Mr. CASEY says he hopes to improve it and make a good home out of it.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur PORTER after spending several days visiting Mrs. PORTER'S parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. WICKERSHAM and other relatives and friends, left for their home at Augusta, Woodruff county, Friday of last week. Arthur is in the bakery business in that city, and having no competition, he says he is getting along first rate.

Mr. Charley DAFFRON has traded his restaurant and property in Flippin to Mr. Wm. FERNIMEN for his farm and live stock in Rea Valley, and they made the exchange Monday. Mr. FERNIMEN will continue in the mercantile business at Flippin. We wish both the gentlemen success.

Noah TILLEY on the Black farm has recently lost several head of cattle from some unknown disease, presumably forest poison.

Messrs. MCCARTY and ANGEL will probably feed two or three car loads of cattle on their farms again this winter for the market.

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. MIELLMIER and little daughter of Hartford arrived in Yellville Monday, having made the trip in their car. They will be guests of Mr. and Mrs. Don MATTHEWS for a few days.

Charley DAFFRON said Saturday that he believed he would feel more at home when he got back on the farm than he did in the restaurant and grocery business. Mr. DAFFRON is one of the best farmers in the county.

Miss Mildred PHILLIPS who has been visiting her aunt, Mrs. Roy THOMPSON in Harrison for some time, returned home Saturday. She was accompanied by her little cousin, Dortha THOMPSON who will spend a few days here with her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. J. P. COVINGTON

Mr. J. H. SMITH of Kings prairie was in Yellville last week and said it had been so dry this fall that up to the present the farmers in that section had been unable to sow their usual acreage in wheat.

Wallie PARKER who was in Yellville Saturday said Rev. Willie FLIPPIN of Joplin, Mo., was conducting a protracted meeting at Malida.

Geo. PAYNE a good farmer from North Fork township was in Yellville Monday.      

Messrs. J. M. TREAT Jr., of Rea Valley, Bradford MCBEE of Flippin barrens, and Mr. J. B. GODFREY of Pyatt, happened to call at The Echo about the same time Saturday. and the amount paid by the three on subscription, was even ten dollars. These gentlemen will please accept our thanks.

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. PERKINS removed to Bergaman last week, where, we understand, he has rented land, and will farm next year, and during this winter, he will assist his son-in-law, MR. Ben WILSON as depot agent. We regret to lose Mr. and Mrs. PERKINS from our town, but they yet own their property here, and we have hopes that they will return to it.

Jim JONES of near Peel was looking after business matters in Yellville Tuesday.

Mr. J. H. HAND returned Friday from Batesville and other points down the river, where he had been spending the week in the interest of the Dixie Power Company.

Mr. Horton JONES has purchased a residence in Flippin and will move his family there for the purpose of sending his children to school.

I have a number of cattle out branded with a T on left hip, also dewlapped. Will pay liberal reward for information as to their whereabouts. Notify Bunk MCCRACKEN , Flippin Ark.

Mr. W. H., BRYANT who has been in the oil game in Texas for the past two years spent last week gathering up his cattle in the range near Buffalo. He has a fine bunch of cattle, fat and nice. We are not advised as to Mr. BRYANT plans for the future, but a present he has his children in school at Conway.

Jeff KIRKLAND of Newton Flat was in Yellville Monday, looking after business interests.

J. B. ROWDEN of Summit, has just received a car load of Salt. Also Flour and Feed.

Note the professional card of attorney Merle E. PROUT found in today's Echo. He will appreciate a share of the legal business.

Mr. V. M. PHILLIPS of Flippin, was in Yellville Tuesday and said he loaded out a car load of cedar posts Monday, consisting of 1,917 posts, billed to some point in Kansas.

Dr. MATTHEWS and Joe MCCRACKEN of Flippin were in Yellville, Tuesday. This was doctor MATTHEWS first visit to Yellville in about 18 months, having been confined to his home with a severe attack of rheumatism.

Walter FIRESTONE wife and baby came in from Oklahoma last Friday, and will spend several days here with his father Mr. H. C. FIRESTONE and other relatives and will then go to Mountain Home and visit Mrs. FIRESTONE'S parents Mr. and Mrs. W. M. CLEM Walter says he does not know just when he will return to Oklahoma, that while Oklahoma is a great state, he likes Arkansas best, and may decide to remain here.

J. R. HEASLEY of Calico Rock, salesman for Delco light plants, was severely but not dangerously injured at this place on Thursday of last week, when he fell from the top of a high ladder while fixing a wire on the college campus. The ladder was resting against a tree and he was on the top rung pulling the wire to tighten when it broke suddenly and he was thrown backward to the ground, landing on his back. He was unconscious when picked up and remained so for about an hour.

Mr. J. D. REID of Oklahoma has moved his family to Yellville and will be associated with Mr. J. RUSSELL in the barber business.

We desire to thank our many friends for assistance rendered us, at our husband and father's death and burial. Respectfully Mrs. G. W. YOUNG and family

After a brief illness, Mr. James DUGGINS died Monday at his home in Rea Valley, of pneumonia. His body was laid to rest Tuesday in the Rea Valley cemetery in the presence of many sorrowing relatives and friends. Mr. DUGGINS was a good citizen and had many friends who extend sympathies to the bereaved relatives.    

Mr. J. W. RAGAN representing the Arkansas Dry Goods Company of Batesville, spent a day or two in Yellville last week interviewing our merchants.


NOV 24, 1921 Issue (Top)

A traveling painter passed this way last week and Mr. Isaac EMERY had the stackpipe to his roller mill painted.

FOR SALE - Practically new. 3 in Springfield wagon. Price $110 Set harness (complete) some farming tools. John Q. ADAMS Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert EMERY of Picher, Oklahoma, are visiting relatives here for a short time. Albert has a good position with the Monroe Daily Company, at Picher.

Rev. D. M. CARTER of Calico Rock, who is pastor of the Baptist church at this place, and whose regular appointment here is the first and third Sunday and Saturday night before, filled his appointment here Saturday night and Sunday, and also Sunday night. He left for his home Tuesday.

Homer PIERCE of Aurora, Mo., spent a short time in Yellville one day last week looking after business.

Arvil PYLE one of Marion county's fine young teacher's closed a successful term of school at Vinington, in Boone county last Friday.

Marvin MELTIN went to Peel Sunday where he and Clay BROWN began a winter term of school Monday. They are both good teachers which assures Peel of a good school.

After a six weeks visit with her daughters, Mrs. Marvin WILSON and Mrs. Fred DUGGER in Fort Smith, Mrs. S. P. WEAST returned home Friday of last week. She says she enjoyed her visit very much, and Sterlin says she looks to be ten years younger than when she went away.

Mrs. Dollie FISHER who came here a short time ago from near Peel, left Monday for Welty, Oklahoma to visit her sister Mrs. Deckie YOCHAM She said she would probably return to Yellville next spring.

Mr. George HOGG of Leslie has recently shipped two and a half car loads of cattle and a half load of hogs to market from the station here from his place in Searcy county.

The lightning struck and set on fire a fine barn belonging to E. G. MITCHELL in Harrison one morning last week, and totally destroyed it, together with its contents. There was only $500 insurance on the barn and the contents combined. Mr. MITCHELL was at Russellville at the time looking after legal business.

Mr. A. A. THOMPSON spent a few days at Galena, Kans., on business. He was accompanied by his daughter, Miss La Rue.

G. H. PERRY will pay 60c per bushel for a few loads of good quality corn delivered at his barn.

Bryan JEFFERSON of Springfield, Mo., is spending a few days in Yellville with his parents Mr. and Mrs. R. B. JEFFERSON

If you have cotton to sell write or call me at Flippin R. L. HUDDLESTON

John CAMBELL , Pate WILKERSON and his brother, of Peel, were in Yellville and vicinity Tuesday looking for some cattle they could buy.

Mr. V. C. BARTON who is with the department of Agriculture, was in Yellville one day last week.

J. B. ROWDEN of Summit, has just received a car load of Salt. Also Flour and Feed.

Mr. R. B. JEFFERSON has secured a position with the Commonwealth Hat Company, of St. Louis, Mo., as traveling salesman, Mr. JEFFERSON'S long years of experience as a salesman pre-eminently qualifies him for this position.

LOST - Between the Marvin BROWN home and Mr. I. W. PANGLE one black leather purse, containing a $5.00 bill and a card addressed to Mr. Rosco HALBERT Kansas City, Mo., Return to Mrs. Cam MILUM Pyatt, Ark., and receive reward.    

Joe HAINES and Miss Jossie MCKENNEY rode over to Harrison on horseback Friday of last week and were married. Rev. DEES officiating. May their journey through life be less stormy than was the weather on that day, and may success and happiness attend them.  

There will be no hunting allowed on my farm E. A. ADAMS

Mr. J. G. DILLAHUNTY spent a few days last week with friends in Baxter county, and also looking after business interests

Jim SHEW and R. P. KING of near Peel spent Saturday night in Yellville, and returned home Sunday. They were looking after business interests Saturday.

Jeff KILLGORE of North Fork township who was in Yellville Monday, said that during the electrical storm Thursday, John AKINS barn was struck by lightning but was not set on fire, and was only slightly damaged. He also stated that some time ago George SISNEY had three cows killed by lightning.  

Mr. and Mrs. Virgle BLANKENSHIP of Zinc, came down Saturday and remained until Sunday. Virgle is principal of the school at Zinc, and says he is having a fine school - that the parents and the students in the district are greatly interested in school work.

Estrayed: One two year old red, mottley faced steer, marked swallow fork and underbit in each ear. Branded on left his with "LC" Last seen on Rush creek. Notify, Noah BURROW , Ralph Ark.

During an electrical storm on Wednesday night of last week, a fine hog belonging to John CRAIG on Masonic Hill, in the east part town, was struck by lightning and killed. John said every bone in its body was crushed. Another hog in the pen with the one killed, was badly stunned but will, perhaps recover.            

Jim DAVENPORT postmaster of Mull, was in Yellville Tuesday, and informed us that the post office at Maumee was broken into Saturday night and robbed of $35 in money and about $10.00 worth of stamps. It is said the BEARDEN boys who were passing the post office about midnight saw a man come out with the stamps in one hand and a pistol in the other, but were not close enough to give a description of him. They found where a horse had been hitched near the post office and tracked it to St. Joe but the robber has not been apprehended.

Estrayed: One coming four year old pale red steer, marked crop off left, and underbit in right ear. One ear has been slightly torn by dog. Notify Jeff GRAY at Bruno. for reward.

Theo. CARSON after spending several weeks here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. CARSON recuperating from an operation for appendicitis, left Sunday for Little Rock to resume his duties as chief book-keeper for the American Bank of Commerce & Trust Co. His many friends hope that he has fully recovered from his attack of appendicitis.

Jeff KILLGORE , J. W. and J. N. MOHNEY directors of Hilltop school district were in Yellville to consult the county Health officer in regard to having the school children in the district vaccinated. Mr. KIGORE informed us after having conferred with the county health officer, they decide to order the points and have the children vaccinated.

Mr. J. W. CRAIG of Flippin, and Mrs Margaret SEAY of El Dorado, this state, were married Monday evening at the Methodist parsonage in this city. Rev. I. L. CLAUD officiating. Mr. CRAIG is depot agent at Flippin, and is one of the best known railroad men on the White River division. The Echo joins their many friends in extending congratulations.

Dr. KEETER of Flippin attended the Southern Medical Association at Hot Springs last week.

Dr. Stuart ROBERTS of Atlanta, Ga., in making response to the welcome address by Dr. W. H. MARTIN of Hot Springs, paid a glowing tribute to Arkansas, and in the course of his address he said. "The Southern Medical Association is the second largest organization of physicians and surgeons on the Western Hemisphere and the most independent on earth.

Judge R. L. BERRY , Mr. Gus YOUNG one of bridge Commissioners of bridge No. 2, and Mr. Ebbin WOOD one of the bridge commissioners of bridge No. 3 have decided to pay their own expense and go to Sylamore and inspect a suspension bridge across Sylamore creek which has been in use for ten years or more.

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