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The Rush Creek Bugle
Reveille Number Volume 1, Number 1
Page 3, Columns 3 & 4
10 Sep 1916
Blown Every Once in a While in the Interest of Rush and Ten Other Creeks on Buffalo River

Transcribed by: Linda Haas Davenport

Transcribing old records represents many hours of hard work. Please respect the work of the transcriber. Feel free to use this information in your personal research records. Do not copy the content for any other use or place this content on any webpage/website. If you want to use this information please link to this page.

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This is an old yellowed brittle copy of a newspaper from the Mining era of Marion Co. It was sent to me by John Headrick. He tells me that he found it in his father's old papers. Many thanks to John for sharing this with us. I knew that some of the mining towns published newspapers but this is the first copy I've ever seen.

The photos in this newspaper are very dim. I've done the best I can with them.

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Page 3 - Columns 3 & 4
Column 4 Ad scanned ad on left - transcribed on right

Commerican Hotel in Rush ad

Rush Arkansas

     If you want a nice, clean, comfortable place to stop while in Rush, do not overlook this place. Splendid table, clean comfortable rooms, pleasant companions and a genial host.

Locals and Items of Interest

Bud Sherrell and wife are conducting one of the classiest little hotels on the White River division at Buffalo.

Wm. Carter and company have purchased the Gallup stock and store at Buffalo, and are getting in a large stock of goods and renovating the building.

Bill Woods has torn down the old store building at Buffalo and is converting it into a barn on the upper end of his farm.

R.P. Sharpe and Barham Bros. of Cotter are putting in a sludge mill at the Bonanza, where they have a lease on the tailing pile.

A good strike of jack has been made at the Chickasaw mine on Cow Creek.

Jim Dow has his machinery set at the Fox Den.

Mine 16 and the Groundhog on Cow creek are showing up nice bodies of ore.

The Bonanza was down a few days last week, but is going again and is turning out some high grade stuff.

Sam Parnell of the O'Meaara came in last week and after a visit to his home in Bronson, Mo.

Bob Reynolds has made a good strike at his Long Hungry mine on Buffalo.

D.O. Kirkland is back at the Bonanza after a trip to Little Rock.

Tom Foster, who has been visiting in Nevada, is on duty at the Bonanza again after a pleasant trip.

Grant Smoot, who spent several weeks this summer up north, arrived in Rush last week and is back at his post at the Edith again.

Ike Schofield made a trip to Van Buren last week.

John Durst, who has been in Commerce, Okla., for the last month, has returned to Rush.

The Rush Promotion Company is starting up a new dig on the Morgan land.

There will be another issue of the Bugle published during the Yuletide, if the editor survives this one and weather permitting.

The White Eagle changed hands last week, the property passing from R.M. Fletcher and associates to Jim McCarty.

Carl Schiller has resigned from the superintendency of the George Washington mine and has returned to his home in St. Louis. The creek hates to lose Schiller, as he is a bright, energetic fellow and made many friends here.

Mr. Coleman, a western mining engineer, is stopping at the Kirkland.

Doc Melton and Bookkeeper Gregg at the Morning Star have been holding things down during the absence of Capt. Chase and Joe Reed.

Lee Hicks has his new store building completed, and the new cobblestone fence around the hotel.

Uncle Wm Fernimen has been under the weather for the last two weeks.

Judge Carroll D. Wood of Little Rock was in Rush on business last week.

Judge Huff of Hot Springs spent several days in Rush this month.

Ben Naylor, who is handling the new townsite at Buffalo, was a business visitor on the creek this week.

Tom Frazier is stopping at the Hicks hotel at this time, looking over the timber resources of the Buffalo river country with a view of erecting one or more stave mills.

Lee Lakey will be in the race for city attorney at the municipal election.

A camp hospital has been erected by the camp physicians and will be open to service as soon as their surgical equipment and other furniture arrives.

D.O. Kirkland came up from Bonanza to see old friends here and reports say while he had a bonanza here; he has a bigger one now.

Neal Gesell of the Morning Star office, returned last week from Little Rock, where he has been visiting his family.

Capt. Chase of the Morning Star returned last week from a visit to Fayetteville.

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Linda Haas Davenport