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The Rush Creek Bugle
Reveille Number Volume 1, Number 1
Page 6, Column 1
10 Sep 1916
Blown Every Once in a While in the Interest of Rush and Ten Other Creeks on Buffalo River

Transcribed by: Linda Haas Davenport

Transcribing old records represents many hours of hard work. Please respect the work of the transcriber. Feel free to use this information in your personal research records. Do not copy the content for any other use or place this content on any webpage/website. If you want to use this information please link to this page.

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This is an old yellowed brittle copy of a newspaper from the Mining era of Marion Co. It was sent to me by John Headrick. He tells me that he found it in his father's old papers. Many thanks to John for sharing this with us. I knew that some of the mining towns published newspapers but this is the first copy I've ever seen.

The photos in this newspaper are very dim. I've done the best I can with them.

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Page 6 - Column 1

Satire and Otherwise:

Dr. Gray reports Oscar McCarty suffering from the hookworm disease. Oscar finds himself in physical condition which will not permit him to put in more than 19 hours a day. He is much worried over his ill health.

Public Sentiment seems to demand that the new town make proper provision for the purchase of a suitable park for the women and children. The space opposite the Silver Hollow office is unoccupied and the many loafers who sit like McCawber, "waiting for something to turn up," favor the acquisition of the ground. Indications point to this being turned down, however, for the reason that these gentlemen see no reason for the children being there.

Wanted, correspondence with young lady. Object, matrimony. Good looks not absolutely essential, but positively must have a good disposition and culinary accomplishments, with thorough knowledge of concocting and cooking tortillas, frijoles, tameles, chili, perritos and gatitous. Our advertiser is a young man 30 years old; rich, of striking appearance, and speaks through an almost imperceptible moustache. He has a good appetite, especially for highly spiced foods and literature. Conduct negotiations through the Bugle.

Special to the Bugle.
      Rush, Ark., Sept. 20 - Hell broke loose on the creek again last night, when the canine population suddenly became inoculated with a concentrated spirit of avariciousness and started a big fight among themselves. The inhabitants of the creek were awakened at an unearthly midnight hour to quell the disturbance. B.S. Hoskins got a shotgun to kill the ringleader. Upon investigation, however, he found that there was no ringleader, but that each dog was fighting for himself to gain possession of Dr. Gray's appendix which was lately removed at a Milwaukee hospital. Doc brought it back with him and was going to pickle it and save it for a souvenir. He had put it in the ice box to keep it from spoiling. Joe, his setter pup, filched it, and started down the creek to find a lonesome, quite spot to devour it, when the rest of the dogs discovered him and his possession. Ten dogs were clubbed to death in quelling the disturbance, and several of our citizens are in quarantine having been exposed to hydrophobia. Doc is organizing a local society for prevention of cruelty to animals.

      J.H. Hand of Yellville, in conjunction with the mine operators of the North Arkansas field, the zinc smelter at Fort Smith, and the state department of mines, is arranging for a mineral exhibit from the North Arkansas field for the Arkansas on Wheels train, which will start out the middle of October for a tour of the east and north, carrying an exhibit of Arkansas products. In an interview with Mr. Hand, he states that he will make an effort to have every camp in the field represented. Each camp will require such recognition as they see fit to arrange for. In conjunction with the exhibit will be ten thousand pieces of literature which will cover the field in detail with numerous illustrations. Each camp in every county is expected to aid the movement it being generally expected that the results of the advertising will be very beneficial to the industry, as the trail will penetrate a large territory that at this time has lots of idle money.

      Ties and Timber WANTED ... I will pay the highest market price for Ties delivered on the White River railroad. I will also buy your standing timber at prices in excess of any other. ...... Ruthven Timber Co, Cotter, Ark

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Linda Haas Davenport