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The Rush Creek Bugle
Reveille Number Volume 1, Number 1
Page 6, Columns 2, 3 & 4
10 Sep 1916
Blown Every Once in a While in the Interest of Rush and Ten Other Creeks on Buffalo River

Transcribed by: Linda Haas Davenport

Transcribing old records represents many hours of hard work. Please respect the work of the transcriber. Feel free to use this information in your personal research records. Do not copy the content for any other use or place this content on any webpage/website. If you want to use this information please link to this page.

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This is an old yellowed brittle copy of a newspaper from the Mining era of Marion Co. It was sent to me by John Headrick. He tells me that he found it in his father's old papers. Many thanks to John for sharing this with us. I knew that some of the mining towns published newspapers but this is the first copy I've ever seen.

The photos in this newspaper are very dim. I've done the best I can with them.

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Page 6 - Columns 2, 3 & 4 - mixture of ads and local news

Columns 2 & 3

Trial of E. Brooks ... A separate Verdict Wanted From Each Juror: .... 1. I find that this store is the Cheapest in town. ... 2. I find that the stock is complete. ... 3. I find that customers are treated well. ... 4. I find that everyone gets his money's worth there. ... 5. I find that the goods are the best. ... 6. I find that the stock is the best in town. ... 7. I find that the goods are bought for cash, thereby getting large discounts. ... 8. I find that everyone goes there for bargains. ... 9. I find that the prices are the lowest. ... 10. I find that the quality of goods is the best. ... 11. I find that the store is the most popular in town. ... 12. I concur with the other jurymen that the whole business is the most complete and cheapest in town. .... Decision of the Judge; ... Upon this Verdict I find .... E. Brooks ... guilty of selling ... Dry Goods / Notions ... Hats, Caps, Shoes .... Hardware and Groceries ... CHEAPER than any OTHER Place in TOWN .... Rush, Ark

Cotter Ice & Bottling Works ... Cotter, Ark. .... Johnson & Fritsch, Props. ... FEED ... Cotton See Hulls and Meal, Cremo, Chops, Mill Run, bran, Shorts, Oats and Hay .... Bloacksmith and Domestic Coal, Flour and Meal, Soda Pop and Ice

Taylor's is the place for fall and winter supplies. W.J. Taylor, Rush, Ark

      Papers for the incorporation of this place have been filed and acted on by the county judge and delivered on to the secretary of state. All that is lacking is the plat of the proposed incorporation which is being drafted now and will be forwarded in a few days. As an incorporation, Rush will be one of the richest in the state for its population as within its limits will be all the rich zinc mines of the Rush creek camp and eight concentration plants, besides other valuable mining land, that will be subject to a city tax, and will produce a large revenue. Within the next few weeks Rush, which has been the largest unincorporated city in the state, will be the largest incorporated in the north central section. As soon as the charter is issued a city election will be held and the city Dads selected. A great deal of interest is being displayed over the coming election several tickets already in the field.

See W.J. Taylor for bargains. P.O. building, Rush, Ark

Mr. Wade Luckett and Mr. Hyder Lassiter of Little Rock are opening up a new property north of Rush.

Will Casteel of Buffalo, who are opening up the Little Captain mine, are getting into fine ore.

In our local column we stated that the White Eagle mine had been purchased by Jim McCarty. Mr. McCarty is the Treasurer and manager of the company, the rest of the comany being J.B. Garrison, President; T.H. Vaugh, Vice President; L.J. Milburn, secretary; Directors: W.J. Milburn, W.S. Wyler, Judge Hutchings and Mr. McKinney. All of the members of the new company hail from Oklahoma City. The company is known as the Arka-Homa.

Con Medley of Pindall, who is superintendent of the Big Hurricane, was over last week, and reports a big strike at the mine.

Buy your fall and winter goods from W.J. Taylor, Rush, Ark

Ed Jarnett, when not buying mines and taking pictures, finds time to cook good things to eat, which he calls by weird Mexican names. The cuisine at the "Casa de Loma" can be vouched for by the members of the "Neverwork Club."

Column 4:

Sinor's Livery Stable .... Rush, Ark ... when you want to go anywhere and go there quick, call up the Sinor stable. .... Drives made to any part of the North Arkansas Zinc and Lead field. ... Good rigs, careful drivers, who know the roads, and good horses. ... Hacks meet all trains at Yellville and Buffalo. ... When coming into camp from either Yellville or Buffalo always call for the .... Sinor Hack .... It will be there waiting for you. Meets all passenger trains at both places. ... Your patronage solicited.

THE NEXT BAXTER COUNTY FIELD ... Just Opening Up ... Shows some of the finest zinc and lead prospects ever developed in the field. .... Over 400 discoveries made in the county to date. .... For further information see or write .... C.C. Feemster, Mountain Home, Ark.

Column 5:

A Square Meal ... Can be eaten more satisfactorily at the .... Kirkland Hotel ... Than at any other establisement of a like nature in the camp. Good home cooking. Biscuits browned to a frazzle. Coffee just right, and meat cooked right to the mark of perfection. Good beds, genial companions. A comfortable place to stop. .... L.M. Lackey, Proprietor

Fall and Winter Goods ... We are showing the nicest assortment of fall and winter goods that you will find in Rush. .... Shoes, Clothing and Dry Goods .... It is time now to begin to think about your winter things. You can't afford not to pay this store a visit before you buy. .... The Old Reliable ... Lawrence Knight Store, Rush, Ark.

W.M. Carter .. W. R. Jones ... W.M. Carter & Company ... Are now the owners of the HOWARD H GALLUP stand at Buffalo, and are putting in a large stock of new goods. They are doing both a .... Wholesale and Retail Business ... They buy in carload lots, Flour, Mill Run, chops, Hay and all kinds of Feed. New stock of Brown's Shoes, Hats, Caps, Dry Goods and Mining supplies of all kinds: In short an all around bran new stock of General Merchandise. ... You business respectfully solicited.

Paper Complete

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Linda Haas Davenport