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1893 Voters List
Page 40 - Sunames Beginning With K, L & M

Dividing Line

We all owe a big "Thank You" to the ladies who volunteered their time to transcribe these voters lists - Charline Rambaud, Wilma (Younger) Norton, Hollie Poley and Kay Smith.

Transcribing old records represents many hours of hard work. Please respect the work of the transcriber. Feel free to use this information in your personal research records. Do not copy the content for any other use or place this content on any webpage/website. If you want to use this information please link to this page.

Arrived here via a search engine? Use the link below to return to the index. Not all information or names are on this page.

Dividing Line

KOpen pdf of Page 40
King, John Luther, J. H.
Kennedy, W. R. Lackey, J. W.
Kyles, J. S. Laffoon, W. P.
L Laffoon, A. J.
Lundy, N. S. Laffoon, T. M.
Lundy, R. S. Laffoon, J. H.
Lundy, H. N. Langston, H. F.
Lawarnce, J. M. Lavarns, N. R.
Leadford, J. W. Lafarlett, J. A. Sr.
Leadford, G.W. Lafalett, Jno.
Lafever, J. A. Lance, J. W.
Lancaster, J. M. Layton, G. W.
Layton, A. S, Lindley, M. C.
Lawson, J. W. Loua, E. L.
Lawson, W. A. Langford, A. J.
Lawson, G. P. Looney, J. S.
Lee, A. J. Lawhorn, C.
Lee, Luke Laffoon, Joe
Lawson, B. F. Latch, W. A.
Lefevirs, R. S. Latch, L. L.
Lefevirs, W. I. Lee, F. A.
Lewin, J. E. Love, B. C.
Layton, A. S. Lowrey, J. W.
Ludlow, Jas. H. Lowrey, F.A.
Lewallen, W. P. Lowrey, E. P.
Lantz, Wm. Lowrey, L. G.
Lantz, G. N. Landcastr, P. W.
Long, R. Lancaster, J. M.
Laffer, Dan Lyow, E. A.
Loffer, H. S. Lay, Shelby
Laster, Wm. Lewis, J. M.
Lowry, C. C. Lewis, W. E.
Lovell, W. F. Letterman, Wm.
Lovell, S. I. M
Lynch, J. F. Moore, F. M.
Lynch, W. H. Mahuey, J. N.
Lewallen, J. G. Mashburn, J. M.
Landers, James Mefford, J. W.
Lovelady, Jesse Mefford, Jno.
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