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Vol 1. No. 7

Mt. Echo Newspaper
April 16 1886 Issue
Abstracted & Copyrighted
by Linda Haas Davenport

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When the print is so faded that it cannot be read <.....> will be used . All transcription will be as found in the paper, misspellings and all.

P>Page 1, Column 1

Echo Directory & ads - same as transcribed in Mar 12, 1886 issue

Page 1 - column 2

For Sheriff:
       Fellow Citizens: After the earnest solicitations of many of the good citizens of the county, I hereby announce myself a candidate for re-election to the office of Sheriff and Ex-Officio Collector of Marion county. For the past eight years I have been serving the people in the above capacity, and have ever endeavored to fully and faithfully discharge all my duties. I am a Democrat, and will be subject to the Democratic convention, if one be called. - J J Keeter.

       The County Democratic Central Executive Committee is hereby called to meet at the court house, in the town of Yellville, on Saturday, April 25th, 1886, to set a time for holding a convention to elect delegates to the State convention. Also to attend to any matters concerning the best interests of the party. Every member of the committee is urged to be present. - R J Pierce, Ch'm'n; A W Wickersham, Sec'y

Gov Hughes has announced his candidacy for re-election. He has made a good Governor, and will no doubt be nominated without opposition.

Trains on the Gould system of roads continue to move uninterrupted but the end of the strike is no yet, and no one knows when or how it will end. But one thing is certain: the lawless parties who are causing so much bloodshed and interfering with other men who are at work should be summarily dealt with, be they Knights of Labor or thugs and tramps.

The House committee on public lands have wisely decided to report a bill reducing the residence period of the homestead land law from five years to thirty months, with a requirement that positive proof of residence for that period and the continuous cultivation of not less than ten acres shall be given before a patent can be issued. The preemption and timber culture acts are to be repealed.

Page 1, column 2 & 3 (Top)

articles about national Democrats

article about the Mistakes of Farmers

Page 1, column 4 (Top)

A Desperate Affair: The Iron Mountain Machine Shops At Argenta Attacked By A Lawless Mob. - article of the attack

Page 1, column 5 (Top)


The free coinage was killed in the House by a vote of 126 yeas to 163 nays.

By a vote of 80 to 13 the Senate passed a bill admitting Washington Territory as a State.

The Senate defeated the army bill, which proposed to increase the standing army, by a vote of 31 to 19.

Representative Houk of Tennessee, is a hopeful man. He actually supposes the Republicans may elect a Governor there.

United States export of merchandise for 12 months ended February 1886, were $663,723,574; imports were $607,7117,701.

The Iowa Legislature has passed a bill prohibiting alien non-residents from acquiring title to real estate in that State.

The bill granting the right of way to the Arkansas and Kansas railway through the Indian Territory passed the Senate without amendment.

The bill granting pensions to the surviving soldiers of the Mexican war has passed the lower House of Congress. It will doubtless pass the Senate, receive the President's signature and become law.

The truly astonishing information that Fred Grant has turned out his whiskers is given out by the press. If the young man would only part his hair in the middle the county might yet be saved.

Miss Palm, the Detroit lady whose name has been associated with Senator Jones' admiration, has been in Florada for many weeks past. The Senator remains in Detroit, lacking the moral courage to return to his post and face the banter of the Senators.

It begins to look as though Mr Blaine was going to have a pretty lively time shutting Logan out of the main race, keeping Conkling where he is and defeating Edmunds in his scheme for re-election. The trouble with Blaine always was that he would put too many irons in the fire. - Philadelphia Times.

article - The Men Girls Admire

Page 1, column 6 (Top)


Arkadelphia has been selected as the site of the Baptist College.

The Arkansas Press Association will meet at Pine Bluff May 5th.

Eight prisoners in the US jail at Ft. Smith are sentenced to hang on the 23rd of this month.

A Working Men's Club, with a membership of 100, has been organized at Ft Smith. They have no connection with any other labor organization.

An effort will be made to induce Sam Jones, the revivalist, to hold a series of meetings in Little Rock. No doubt the city of Roses needs a religious revival, but can she stand the Rev Sam and the strike at the same time?

The Batesville Guard of the 9th says an engineering corps arrived there Wednesday, for the purpose of definitely locating the route from Batesville to the manganese mines for the proposed extension of the Batesville branch of the Iron Mountain road. The work is expected to begin at an early day and the road completed by September.

Political Points - listing of people from around AR running for office

ads for patent medicines

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Linda Haas Davenport