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Mt. Echo Newspaper
November 1890 Issues
Abstracted & Copyrighted
by Gladys Horn Brown

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November 7, 1890 Issue

[There is only one page for the November 7th. That page happens to be the second page. There are no other issues for the entire month of November.]


Dr. Beebe left for home last Friday.

Wesley Lewallen moved to town this week.

A. J. Noe got back from West Plains last Friday. His health is much improved.

Ida Carter is able to take her place at her case in The Echo office again.

We omitted to say last week that J. W. Harris has moved back to Yellville.

J. F. Hudspeth's mules that was thought to be stolen have been found. Some bad boys had taken them out to ride.

Dr. Dodd is doing his part toward calling attention to this country by sending The Echo to his friends in other states.

Forty five houses at Eureka Springs were destroyed by fire last week.

Mr. and Mrs. B. Allen of Western Grove visited relatives in this county last week.

Mrs. Allen, Mrs. A. J. Cowan and Miss Francis Hudson gave The Echo office a pleasant call last Friday.

Eld. W. B. Flippin was in town last Saturday and as always the case had a crowd around him all the time listening to his pleasant stories of old times in Marion county. He is as hale and hearty as ever.

F. N. Mathews is helping us catch up with our job work this week.

Wesley Lewallen and I will treat you clever and sell you the goods you may need at the lowest figures. H. A. Young.

J. M. Crewse of Peel went to Springfield last week to meet his father who had come out from Indiana on a visit to his son. The old gentleman is 75 years old but is in good health and is so little changed that his son knew him as soon as he saw him, although he had not seen him for 28 years.

For the third time since The Echo came under its present management, we are compelled to get out a half sheet. H. W. Hudson started his team to West Plains last week after a load of freight among which was our ready print. Both his mules died on the trip and of course we failed to get our paper. It will be here next week. The mules died of lockjaw which is becoming alarmingly prevalent. It leaves Mr. Hudson without a team.

Just as we were going to press we learned that Messrs. J. S. Sheneman and G. N. Dumond, of Coldwater, Michigan, are in town ready to invest in mining lands. They will be at the Weast's Hotel for a few days. Parties wishing to dispose of mining property are invited to give them a call.

J. W. Hammond got back last Monday. He brought some men, a good supply of mining material and has gone to work mining in a systematic and scientific manner. He intends to put a large force of men at work just as fast as possible. He begun work on the property leased of W. Q. Seawel near the Robison place on James Creek. We wish him success.


The election passed off quietly in light attendance. Everybody was busy picking cotton and sewing wheat.

If Sam Peel has any favors to grant during the next two years he should give them to Joe Burlison and W. G. Perry. They quit work and rode bare back four miles to the election. You may know they are Democrats of the _____ pure variety.

If Isam P. Langley had been opposing Peel, Blythe would have been out in full force. Nick.


The store of B. A. Patton came near being destroyed by fire one day last week, however, no serious damage was done.

Ward Davis, the five year old son of J. F. Davis, had his hand considerably mashed recently while playing with a corn sheller.

One more of our citizens started to Texas today. Wonder who will be next.

The creek is in fine fix for fishing and I think the good people are enjoying themselves while the season lasts.

If the season holds out like it has been for two or three weeks past the farmers will soon have their crops gathered and wheat sowed.

S. D. Patton, our genial Blacksmith, got his arm badly burned the other day while turning a hot wagon fire. G. W.

W. T. Gooch, Jr. thinks he has found a good prospect for zinc on his farm in Tomahawk township.

Mrs. Olive Carter moved out to her farm just west of town this week. "Uncle Jo" Lewallen, of Flippin, is moving into her town property.

[>There are no December issues on the microfilm]

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