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Mt. Echo Newspaper
October 1921 Issues
Abstracted & Copyrighted
by Lois Sullivan Stradley

Dividing Line

OCT 6, 1921 Issue missing

OCT 13, 1921 Issue

Local & Personal:

Mrs J. W. BLACK , of Cotter, spent a few days in Yellville the latter part of last week and the first of this visiting her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. BLACK , and her grand son Master Frank.

Mr. R. DAFFREN , formerly of Flippin, but now of Olney Springs Colorado, has returned to Marion county and says he will probably farm next year at Buffalo City, with his brother-in-law, Mr. Escar WATTS .

Willie STANDLEY while working with a Keystone drill last Saturday, was caught in a belt and received painful, but not serious injuries. A considerable gash was cut in his left temple, his left hand was pretty badly lacerated, and a number of injuries inflicted on his body.

Frank CAMPBELL , formerly of this county, but who has been in the oil fields of Texas for the past several years, is now located at Pyatt, and has been working with the construction crew at the Georges creek trestle for the past several years. He says business is very dull and jobs very scarce in the oil field just now.

Rev. JARNIGAN , of Newark, who had been assisting Rev. I. L. CLAUD in a protracted meeting at Wares Chapel, preached at the Methodist church at this place Sunday night to an appreciative audience.

Claude WATTS closed a successful term of school at Oakland Friday of last week. We understand he closed with an exhibition Friday night which was well attended and enjoyed by most every patron of the school. We understand he will teach there this winter.

The petit jurors from this county summoned to serve on the Federal Court Jury which convened in Harrison Monday, are: H. R. PAYNE , Yellville, Roscoe HENSLEY , Pell, B. B. GODFREY , and John MELTON , Pyatt, and R. D. OWENS , Dodd City. Grand jurors: Guy NOE , Peel, H. A. BURNES and John A. SMITH , Yellville.

Joe FEE , of White river township was in Yellville Monday and said from 30 acres of cotton he hoped to gather at least 20 bales-that he had already, from the first picking, gathered and had ginned 16 bales. He says the price is better than he had anticipated, and that while it may go higher, one can afford to raise it at 20 cents per pound. Mr. FEE owns the A. G. Cravens farm which is one of the best farms on White river.

Mr. W. M. CARTER brought to this office last week four peanut vines, all of which were heavily laden with peanuts. Part of them were of the Spanish variety while the others were of the Jumbo variety. Mr. CARTER has about an acre of peanuts growing on Mr. FLOYD 'S farm just west of town and he says they are as fine as he ever saw grow anywhere, and that they are a very profitable crop.

Mr. James HOLLAND one of the oldest citizens of White River township, was in Yellville Saturday morning taking advantage of some of the Sales Day bargains.

Mrs. M. A. DAVIS , of Zinc, spent a few days the latter part of last week and the first of this with her niece, Mrs. Sam WILLIAMS , and her sister, Mrs. J. W. BRADY , in this town.

Sherman OXFORD having sold his farm just west of town to Sheriff WILLINGHAM , vacated it last week and moved into W. J. PATTERSON 'S house northeast of town. Mr. WILLINGHAM moved onto the farm.

Walter MCENTIRE of near Bruno left Thursday of last week for Oklahoma City, where, he said he had a good railroad job. WALTER is one of Marion county's best young men, and his friends wish him success.

The walls of W. C. HUDSON 'S cobble stone business house, under the supervision of Mr. Bob PIERCE , are nearing completion. Mr. HUDSON hopes to have his building completed and his complete stock of jewelry on display in it in time for the Christmas holiday trade.

Oscar MCENTIRE , of Hampton township, who served about two years in the World War, ten months of which was spent in France, was in Yellville Saturday. He said he had an ambition for several years to be assessor of this county, and that if he can make his arrangements, he will be in the race next year.

Mr. J. M. LANCASTER , of Eros, was transacting business in Yellville Monday. In speaking of Mr. J. D. STANLEY , his father-in-law, he said he was 88 years old. and was in pretty good health. Mr. STANLEY has been a constant subscriber of the Echo ever since its first issue, and he sent the money by his son-in-law to renew his subscription for another year. We hope he may live to read it for many, many more years.


OCT 20, 1921 Issue (Top)

Attorney Sam WILLIAMS is attending Chapcery court at Mtn. Home this week.

If you have old or new cotton for sale see Seth HURST or Scott RORIE of Flippin.

Mr. and Mrs. J. S. COWDREY left Wednesday for Jonesboro to spend some time with their son-in-law and daughter, Dr. and Mrs. E. J. HORNER

Mrs. J. H. THOMPSON went to Batesville on Wednesday of this week for a visit with her daughters Mrs. Will BRODY and Mrs. Dale HICKERSON

After a visit with relatives and friends in and near Yellville, Miss Cecil DOSHIER left Monday for Omaha, Nebr., where she has a good position.

As a evidence of the fact that the people of Keesee school district regardless of age, take an interest in everything pertaining to their educational interest, "Grandma" WHITLEY who is 84 years old attended the school fair last Saturday, and took as great interest in the athletic exercises as did the younger people.

On last Tuesday Sheriff WILLINGHAM accompanied Miss Alice STINNETT who was held on a charge of murder for killing Boyd RIDENGER to Harrison, where she was liberated by Circuit Judge SHINN on a writ of habeas corpus. Her bond was fixed at $5,000 which she made, and she returned to her home near Lead Hill with her father Mr. Tom STINNETT

James SANDERS of Fallon Ash spent a few hours in Yellville Monday between trains looking after business.

Jonathan PARKER returned last week from a trip through Okla., where he has been visiting his children.

Mr. O. E. UNDERWOOD left at this office Tuesday evening some fine pumpkins and sweet potatoes which he had grown on his farm just west of town. Mr. UNDERWOOD is one of the many good farmers of the county who is making farming a business.

Mr. J. B. TATUM is having his business house recovered.

Mrs. E. A. STRODE of Eurka Springs is visiting friends in Yellville.

Howell BURNES who has been confined to his home for some time on account of illness, is able to be out again.

Mrs. Fred DUGGER after having spent some time here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. P. WEAST left last week for her home at Fort Smith.

Frank WATTS raises sweet potatoes so large that he does not pretend to sack them, but brings them to market by the arm-full like carrying stove wood.

Marvin MELTON informs us he has accepted the principalship of the Peel school, and Clay BROWN the assistant's place. They are both good teachers which assures Peel of a good school.

Eld. THOMASSON formerly of Wayne county, Ill., but now of West Plains, Mo., preached at the Baptist church in this town on last Sunday and Sunday night to appreciative audiences.

Mrs. F. M. TOLLESON of Batesville District secretary of the Women's Missionary Society, lectured at the Methodist church Sunday night, to a good audience. She is well informed, and her lecture was well received and appreciated by those who heard her.

Mr. J. D. COVEY , Vice President of the American Bank of Commerce and Trust Company of Little Rock, spent a part of Friday and Saturday of last week in Yellville looking after the interest of his bank. Mr. COVEY spent a good portion of his life in Northern Arkansas, and he has many friends throughout this section of the state who are always glad to meet him.

Mr. J. G. SMITH of Greasy Creek was exhibiting some fine samples of sorghum molasses in Yellville last Friday. He said he planted the seed for the cane from which the molasses was made the 21st of June

The C. M. Church held its annual conference in Yellville last Friday, and elected the following delegates to the general conference which convenes in Jackson Ga., Nov. 18th: Rev. Auther HURST and wife of this place, and Dr. J. F. LARR of Pyatt. Mrs. HURST who will visit her parents in Mississippi a few days before attending conference, left Thursday. Her many friends in Yellville and vicinity hope she will have a pleasant time and a safe return to her home.

On Wednesday evening of last week Miss Virg FLIPPIN and Joe PARKER were united in marriage at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cam COWDREY. Rev. I. L. CLAUD of the Methodist church officiating. The wedding came as a surprise to their many friends, only Mr. and Mrs. COWDREY being present. Mrs. PARKER is a daughter of ex-Sheriff FLIPPIN and MR. PARKER is one of the county's best young men. They both have a large circle of friends with whom the Echo joins in extending congratulations and best wishes.

After suffering about two weeks from Diabetes. Dr. B. E. GREENE died on Wednesday night of last week at his home at Bruno. His brother A. T. GREENE came up from Morrillton and accompanied the remains back there for burial Friday. Dr. GREENE came to Bruno from Morrillton about two years ago and actively engaged in the practice of medicine up to the time of his last illness. He is survived by his wife and five children, who have the sympathies of their many friends in their bereavement.

Loie PASCOE who has been in Oklahoma for some time came in Sunday and will spend some time with his parents, MR. and Mrs. Alf. PASCOE at Ralph. Their daughter, Mrs. Roy JENKINS also of Oklahoma is visiting them.

Theo. CARSON who recently underwent an operation in Little Rock for appendicitis, came home last week and will remain here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. CARSON until he recovers sufficiently to resume his duties in the American Bank of Commerce & Trust Co.

In a letter from P. V. BLANKENSHIP principal of the Zinc Public and High school is getting along nicely, having enrolled almost a hundred students, among them are the following boarding students: L. D. MILUM , Eula PIERCE , Opal HILTON and Zelmah RANDALL all of Pyatt, and Troy REA of Rea Valley. Mr. BLANKENSHIP is a good teacher and is backed up by a good faculty. thereby insuring Zinc of a splendid school.

Seth HURST of Flippin left Saturday for Wichita Falls, Texas, to look after his oil interests.

Mr. J. T. KING of Gilbert, was helping to unload a car load of household goods at the station last week, which were hauled by wagons to Gilbert, for parties from Illinois who have recently joined the community at Gilbert. He said 21 people arrived there last Saturday and will make Gilbert their home. These people are all well to do, from a financial standpoint, and are good citizens.

Mr. P. M. OWENS, of near Freck, has advertised his personal property for sale, and will leave about the first of November for Colorado. He says he has a widowed sister there who has about 1700 acres of land, and she is very anxious for him to come and help cultivate it, but that he has not sold his farm near Freck, and that it is not for sale at this time - that he has leased it to Arthur KEETER for five years, and it may be he will return to it by that time, or before.

Esq. H. F. WOODS of White river township was in Yellville Friday of last week. He said he was working at Flippin gin this season.


OCT 27, 1921 Issue (Top)

Clarence HITE of Fayetteville spent a few days last week and this looking after business matters in Yellville.

J. B. ROWDEN of Summit, Ark., has just received a car of flour and feed. Prices right. Call and see them before buying.

Walter WALTON and Fred BERRY returned last week from Houston, Texas, where they have been taking treatment in the U. S. Hospital.

Mr. J. F. CARSON and family and Ebb CARSON drove over to Mountain Home Sunday to visit their "folks" who are attending the Mountain Home College.

Prof. GIBSON requests us to state that owing to the fact that the carpenters have not been able to finish the house, school will not start at Flippin until Monday, Nov. 8th.

Harve KEETER ground foreman at the Sure Pep mine, No. 2, was in Yellville, Sunday. He said the mine was showing up fine, and that they were in good ore and the run was getting stronger every day.

Rev. I. L. CLAUD filled his regular appointment at the Methodist church last Sunday morning and at night. As usual, his sermons were fraught with wisdom and were appreciated by his audience.

Rev. I. l. CLAUD left Monday for Batesville to attend the session of the Sunday School Standard Training School, which is being held in that city this week.

Chancery court convened in Yellville Monday evening with Judge MCMAHAN presiding. The docket was not very heavy, and will probably be cleared by the end of the week.

J. H. CAMPBELL of the Music creek country, was transacting business in Yellville Saturday. He said the farmers in his section were getting along nicely gathering their crops.

Mr. and Mrs. Gaity KEETER are the proud parents of a new 12 lb baby girl which arrived at their home on last Saturday night. All parties are doing well.

Sheriff MCDONALD of Grant county watched Bert MCGARITY set up a still and then went in and told the court how it was done, and the court gave MCGARITY one year in the pen.

ESTRAYED - A small dark bay mare mule, three years old, had wart on left hind ankle. Was last seen in Wickersham lane. Notify Oscar GRAY , Bruno Ark., for reward.

Claude DOSHIER last Thursday, sold his restaurant and grocery business to Mr. Coy ADAY late of Marshall, Searcy county, and he now has charge of the business. Mr. Ada is a son of ex County and Circuit Clerk, John ADAY of Searcy county, and a son-in-law of Dr. DENTON of Flippin. Mr. DOSHIER had built up a good restaurant and grocery business, and we feel confident that under Mr. ADA'S management the business will continue to grow. We wish him well. See his ad in today's Echo.

Mr. J. L. NICHOLS of Trenton, Mo., spent a few days in Marion county the latter part of last week looking after his farming interests in Flippin barrens. He was enroute to Bristow, Okla., where he and Mrs. NICHOLS will spend the winter with their sons and sons-in-law, all of whom are engaged in the printing business.

Mr. Ralph PASCOE and Miss Ethel NANNY of Ralph, were married last Sunday. Esq. Floyd FIRESTONE officiating. Ralph is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Alf PASCOE and Miss Ethel is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will NANNY and are among the best young people of our county. The Echo joins their many friends in extending congratulations.

Mr. Isaac EMERY the Roller mill man, says if his health continues to improve, that some where near the first of next year he hopes to have his ice plant in shape to furnish ice to every one in the county who wants it, and electric lights to every one in Yellville who will use them. He is now figuring on plans which he hopes will produce these results.

On last Sunday afternoon at the Methodist parsonage in this city, Mr. Leland DOSHIER and Miss Fay CARTER were united in marriage, Rev. I. L. CLAUD officiating. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. CARTER and the groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. DOSHIER They are very popular in Yellville, where they have both been reared. The wedding came as a surprise to their many friends, with whom the Echo joins in extending congratulations and best wishes.

C. M. CAMPBELL and T. LAWHOP two prosperous farmers of Sugar Loaf township, were in Yellville Saturday consulting the dentist, and also to see Judge BERRY in regard to the use of the county's big tractor and grader on their road through that township. They as are the other prosperous farmers of that township, are enthusiastic good road boosters, realizing that good roads are the basis of prosperity in every section.

On Tuesday night of last week one of Corb JONES fine mules died, and by its death a span of mules were broken for which he had refused $500.00 The loss falls heavily upon Mr. JONES.

Claude DOSHIER says now that he is out of the grocery business, he does not know just what he will do; but unless he strikes something that suits him better, he will probably farm next year.

Capt. CRANE was in Yellville Friday and said he was feeling fine. For some time past his hearing has been considerably impaired, but he says he has been taking treatment for some time and that his hearing has improved fifty per cent.

Mr. and Mrs. A. MAXWELL of Hill City, Kansas, have located in Yellville, and say they hope they are located permanently. They are photographers and located in the Jenkins studio on Church street. See their ad in today's Echo.

Mr. R. F. RICHARDSON of near Pyatt, was in Yellville Saturday and in speaking of his tomato crop this season he said it was only about a half crop.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed PARNELL and Mr. EVANS manager of the Golden Rule at Flippin, and Mr. EVANS wife, drove up to Yellville in Mr. PARNELL'S Buick Sunday morning and spent an hour or so with their friends.

Player piano in good condition at the residence of R. J. HURST for sale cheap - Address Gus SEAWEL 2026 W. Okmulgee Ave, Muskogee, Okla., Or see Ran HURST at Yellville.

Mr. J. W. BRIGGS who owns a good farm just west of Yellville is one of the few good farmers in this county who has not abandoned the raising of wheat.

Mr. and Mrs. E. E. EAGLE entertained with a dinner, Sunday at their home, 208 Myrtle street, in honor of the 83rd birthday anniversary of Myrtle EAGLE'S mother, Mrs. James OXFORD An elaborate dinner was served and the afternoon was spent in a social way. The guests included Mr. and Mrs. Dave CALTON and Mrs Tom CALTON of Verona, Mr. and Mrs. ELLIS , Mr. and Mrs. Jake OXFORD of Neosho; Mrs. Sarah WRIGHT of Chickasha, Okla., Mr. and Mrs. Ferris OXFORD of Neoseo; Mr. and Mrs. J. A. WEBB of Purdy; Mr. and Mrs. W. L. BOLTON and children, Mr. and Mrs. A. CALTON and children, Oliver CALTON , Mrs. Joe DUMMIT and children, and Miss Ida BROWN - Monett (Mo.) Times. Mrs. EAGLE is a sister of Mr. Sherman OXFORD of this town and Mrs. OXFORD in whose honor the entertainment was given is his mother. Mr. OXFORD said he was the only member of the family who was absent and he regrets very much that he was unable to attend.

Fred WILLIAMS was in town Tuesday and said he was through gathering corn, and that he cribbed 20 wagon loads

Murphy ESTES has just finished a cobblestone fence in front of the residence of R. L. BERRY that is indeed a work of art. Large irregular stones were used with a tracing of black cement which gives it a very attractive appearance.

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