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Bramble Bush


Vol. 3, No. 1         January 1998         Yellville, Arkansas 72687

Dividing Line

Compiled by Vicki A. Roberts

        The past three issues of Bramble Bush have carried the story, compiled from several sources, of the Tutt, King, and Everett War of Yellville. This story has been written many times over the years by many different authors. In each version something was omitted, forgotten, or just plain left out, while a slightly different twist, different memory train, different approach was used. Just as the last issue of Bramble Bush went to press, I tripped over a source new to me and probably new to many others. I regretted not having this version to include in my compilation, and decided to print it here in its entirety. It's from a series of articles by A. C. Jeffries that were printed in the Melbourne [AR] Clipper in 1877. I hope you have enjoyed reading this series as much as I did researching it. And I truly hope this final article will be of interest and will peak even further your interest in historical events in Marion County.

Chapter XVIII
by A. C. Jeffries, 1877

       At a very early date the Everett brothers came to the valley of White River. They first came to Lawrence County or Black River, however, they moved to White River sometime after and settled in the west part of Izard Co., in that portion which is now included in Marion Co. The families consisted of Old Sim, Old Jess, and Old Bart and their families. A part of them were mechanics, if not all of them, and noted for being men of honesty and uprightness in all activity, great manhood and bravery, and given a great deal to fighting. A few men were able to contend with them or either of them in combat. It was Old Jess who encountered John P. Houston [brother to Sam Houston] at the mouth of Big North Fork.
       After Yellville was laid off as a town and begun to grow, Hansford Tutt, a man of some property and influence, settled in the town. He was, perhaps, a North Carolinian and not generally liked by his neighbors. After a time a difficulty grew up between the Everetts and Tutt. This difficulty continued to grow year after year, and was occasionally rekindled by combats in which the Everetts always came off best. It progressed for ten years or more and resulted in the formation of two parties, known respectively as the Tutt and Everett parties, and there were few citizens who were not in some way or other identified with one or the other of these parties.
       In the meantime, Old Jess, who had gone into merchandising and river trading, sold out and went to Texas. However, the contention did not abate by Old Jess moving away. There were young men who had grown up and had the bitterness of the occasion engrafted in their bosoms.
       In the summer of 1840, Jess Turner Esq., had an appointment to speak at Yellville as a candidate for Presidential elector. This appointment called out quite a number of people, and the Everett and Tutt parties were both well represented. A preliminary combat or two rallied the fighting men of both sides in lines a few paces apart, without outside influence enough to quell it. At this critical moment a terrific dry whirl wind passed over the crowd - scattered their hats and filled the air with dust; this so confused the parties that they got apart and dispersed for the time. However, the Everett party, who lived in the country, mounted late in the evening and rode off, but before they got out of hearing, the noise of a row reached their ears. They wheeled and rushed back, when the fight became general and in a few moments there were four or five men killed and several knocked down and wounded.
       There were four brothers named King, who figured as champions on the Tutt side. Old Sam and Bart seemed to be most dreaded by the Tutt part. They were said to have been held by the arms by some whilst others shot them; they were both killed and young France Everett wounded. All them killed at this time were of the Everett party, the Tutt party having taken the advantage of their charge. Young France Everett immediately left for Texas, for his uncle Jess.
       Old Jess, on receiving young France's report, made his will, armed himself, took young France and a man named Stratton, and came back to Arkansas. They arrested the King brothers over toward the Arkansas River and started toward Yellville with them. They took them a short distance and killed three of them and the fourth one made his escape. Soon after a shot was fired at Hamp Tutt, as he passed the road, without taking effect. He them quartered himself at home and kept a strong guard of armed men about him. A writ was placed in the hands of the sheriff for old Jess Everett and his escort. The sheriff took a posse of about one hundred men and went to where old Jess was know to be, but on finding him, he had more men than the sheriff.
       It was said old Jess run up the red handkerchief and offered battle; the sheriff declined to accept, and returned to town. Application was made to the Governor and about 500 militia ordered out. The militia succeeded in surrounding and capturing Old Jess, Stratton, and young France, and lodged them in the Lawrence County jail. Soon after, a party of about 40 men equipped with implements to work with, went to the jail late in the night and broke down the jail door and mounted Old Jess and his boys and they all rode away in triumph.
       The news of old Jess being at liberty only made old Hamp stick closer to his quarters. Some months after, old Hamp stepped outside his door, just at day, and was washing in a china bowl, a gun fired and the bullet struck the bowl, but old Hamp stepped inside unhurt. After some months of fruitless efforts trying to get old Hamp, old Jess was known to leave the country for Texas, where he died soon after, but it was believed that he left parties not so well known as himself, to watch the movements of old Hamp. There was occasionally a man killed and old Hamp kept close quarters. Thus time moved on, for about twelve months, when old Hamp got to walking around, generally between two men. In this situation he was shot from ambush, at a long range, with a rifle, whilst walking in a retired street. He lived a few days and died.
       It was said he charged his friends to let his death be the end of the affair. This rioting known as the Yellville War, lasted about eighteen or twenty months, in which there was said to have been about fourteen men killed. The parties identified in this war, who escaped generally dispersed to other countries, the county settled with new men. It was thought that the sympathy of the country was largely in favor of the Everetts.

Dividing Line

F R O M   T H E   E D I T O R

       Although it's a bit late - A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL IN BRAMBLE BUSH LAND.
       1997 was a great year for genealogy and a fantastic year for the Bush and for the Society. We acquired lots of new members, published Genealogies of Marion County Families 1811-1900, got some really brain-rattling queries, added many books and microfilm to our Permanent Collection of research materials, enjoyed several most interesting and varied speakers at our meetings, heard some truly phenomenal tales of research successes, and - maybe best of all - sold nearly all copies of our first venture into publishing.
       You've probably noticed the ad for Marion County Families (we hear it's called The Blue Book by several) has been taken out of the Bush. This leaves much more space for stories, genealogies, bits of trivia, maps, lists, and heaven knows what else. We certainly hope you'll send us boxes and boxes of stuff to sift through and to share with everyone out there. We've found that the more we share with others, the more successful and fulfilling are our own travels through time in Marion Co. Come on now, don't be shy. Try it. It could open doors you never dreamed exist.
       The collection of data to be included in the forthcoming Supplement is growing bit by bit. The number of families not found in The Blue Book is growing; often several pages have been added to previously researched families, extending them back in time or off into the future; children and spouses and surnames are popping up like weeds after a spring rain. We greatly appreciate those who helped with our first endeavor and look forward adding your name and family information to our growing family of contributors.
       In winding down the second year of publication and launching off into the wild blue yonder of the third, I'd like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all who have contributed their information and articles and questions for inclusion in the Bush. It's your interest that makes it fun to produce. And I'd like to say a special THANK YOU to a truly great lady who gives above and beyond the call in getting this newsletter in print every quarter. Mysty, without you it would not be possible. Thank you - from the heart.
              Vicki A. Roberts, Editor

Dividing Line

R E C E N T   A C Q U I S I T I O N S

       HARD TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS of an Old Confederate Soldier. J. Troy Massey & Richard L. Norton. 1997. Gift of the authors.
       CONFEDERATE BURIALS IN BOONE, BAXTER, CARROLL, NEWTON, and SEARCY COUNTIES. J. Troy Massey. 1997. Gift of the author.
       NEWTON COUNTY FAMILY HISTORY. Newton Co. Historical Society. 1992. Donated by Mary Birrer.
       GLEANINGS OF PIONEER HISTORY. W. R. Jones. ca 1927. Donated by Vicki Roberts.
       OSAGE COUNTY MO 1880 FEDERAL CENSUS. Microfilm. Purchased by the Society.

Dividing Line


       Contributions are being collected for Supplement to Genealogies of Marion County Families 1811-1900. Family data will be corrected and extended, descendants carried beyond the boundaries of Marion County, short stories included, and new families added. Be sure to get YOUR stories, family genealogies, additions, and corrections to Mysty McPherson or Vicki Roberts, PO Box 554, Yellville AR 72687. They need all the help you can give them.

Dividing Line

N O R T H   A R K A N S A S
A N C E S T O R   F A I R

       The ninth North Arkansas Ancestor Fair will be held at the Leslie Public School in Leslie AR 4-6 June 1998. It's a fantastic research opportunity for north AR researchers. Guest speakers Thursday and Friday will cover Wayne Co. TN research, White-Indian con-tacts, problem-solving in Ozark research, and genealogy on the Internet. Saturday offers opportunities to share family history with hundreds of researchers, and to gather family history data from scores of family historians and county societies. For information and application forms contact James Johnston, 2333 East Oaks Drive, Fayetteville AR 72703 - e-mail; or Vicki Pruetzel, PO Box 1136, Marshall AR 72650.

Dividing Line

Three generations in Arkansas
Compiled by Mysty McPherson, HCR 66 Box 159, Yellville AR 72687

              "Sim," "Fed," and "Wat" Talbert came to Arkansas in the early 1820s with their father and sister Nancy who married John Hargrave of (then) Izard Co. AR. "Fed" settled on the east bank of White River between Cotter and (today) Bull Shoals Dam. They were friends with the Delaware Indians and Chief Johnny Cake. They ran Talbert's Ferry across White River, carrying freight, animals, and people from one side of the river to the other. This later became known as Mooney's Ferry. Charley and "Sim" Talbert had the first mail contract in Baxter Co. ca 1880.
       1 FREDERICK BENTON TALBERT Sr. b Orange CO. VA 24 March 1771 d MCAR 22 Jan 1842 bu Talbert Cemetery m Greenville, Green Co. TN 30 Aug 1790 ELIZABETH WILHOIT (daughter of Conrad Reuben & Elizabeth [Broyles] Wilhoit) b Culpepper Co. VA 1772 d Union Co. IL 26 July 1811.

1 Children of Frederick Benton & Elizabeth (Wilhoit) Talbert Sr.
       2 G. W. TALBERT b TN 1790/1800.
       3 FREDERICK BENTON "Fed" TALBERT Jr b TN 1795 d AR 1883 bu Old Athens Cemetery, Baxter Co. AR m/1 Union Co. IL 1815 SARAH HARGRAVE (daughter of John & Catherine [McNeal] Hargrave Sr.) b NC 1794 d MCAR 1862; m/2 NANCY ELIZABETH WOOD.
       4 NANCY TALBERT b TN 3 July 1797 d Mountain Home, Baxter Co. AR 15 Nov 1879 m Union Co. IL 25 Dec 1817 JOHN HARGRAVE Jr (son of John & Catherine [Broyles] Hargrave Sr.) b NC 6 June 1797 d MCAR 23 Dec 1856 bu MCAR.
       5 SIMEON WILHOIT "Sim" TALBERT b TN 1800 d MCAR 4 Nov 1852 bu Talbert Cemetery m IL(?) ca 1821 MARY FRANCES YOKUM b IL 1802 d Baxter Co. AR 5 Nov 1889 bu Talbert Cemetery, Baxter Co. AR. Removed to Baxter Co. 1873.
       6 WALTER MATTHEW "Wat" TALBERT b TN 11 May 1802 d Baxter Co. AR 1904 m North Fork Township 15 Aug 1824 MARY ANN HIGHTOWER (daughter of Joshua & Mary Ann [Hightower] Hightower) b AR 10 Sep 1810 d Baxter Co. AR 15 Nov 1873. Removed to Baxter Co. 1873.
       7 BASIL TALBERT Sr. b TN 1807 m ca 1828 LOUISA ___ b MO 1813.
3 Children of Frederick Benton "Fed" & Sarah (Hargrave) Talbert Jr.
       8 SAMUEL HARGRAVE TALBERT b IL 1816 m/1 ca 1837 ___ b 1810/20; m/2 MARGARET ___ b IA 1825.
       9 JOHN JACKSON TALBERT b IL 21 June 1818 d 1869 bu Lunenburg AR m/1 ca 1836 ___ b 1810/20 d 1840/50; m/2 ca 1842 SARAH McCURRY b IL 1827 d 1911 bu Athens Cemetery, Baxter Co. AR
       10 NANCY TALBERT b MCAR 1823 d 1851(?) m L. R. WELLS b TN d 1849.
       11 MARY TALBERT b MCAR 1827.
       12 THOMAS SIMEON TALBERT b MCAR Nov 1836 d bef 1920 m ELIZABETH F. HUGHES b TN 1835 d 1875/87.
3 Children of Frederick Benton "Fed" & Nancy Elizabeth (Wood) Talbert Jr.
       15 ANNIE E. TALBERT b MCAR 1872 m Baxter Co. AR 23 Dec 1894 SIDNEY J. STONE.
5 Children of Simeon Wilhoit "Sim" & Mary Frances (Yokum) Talbert
       17 JOHN H. TALBERT b MCAR 10 June 1822 d 12 Sept 1851 m ca 1845 ADELINE ___ b TN ca 1830.
       18 FANNY TALBERT b AR 1825.
       19 WALTER TALBERT b MCAR 17 April 1826 d Baxter Co. AR 18 Jan 1909 bu Talbert Cemetery m CAROLINE MAGNESS (daughter of James W. & Narcissa [Barnett] Magness) b SC 14 April 1827 d 23 Feb 1881 bu Talbert Cemetery, Baxter Co. AR. Removed to Baxter Co. 1873..
       20 SARAH TALBERT (twin) b MCAR 23 Sep 1827 d 9 July 1943. Never married.
       21 ELIZABETH TALBERT (twin) b MCAR 23 Sep 1827 d 9 July 1843. Never married.
       22 SIMEON H. TALBERT b MCAR 20 May 1830 m EMELINE W. GOODALL b TN 1843 d Baxter Co. AR 1877-80. First Baxter Co. AR Coronor 1873-4. In Rapps Barren 1860 and 1870; in Baxter Co. 1880. Removed to Baxter Co. 1873.
       23 (daughter) TALBERT m ___ TONEY. Removed to Baxter Co. AR 1873.
       24 HENRY H. TALBERT b MCAR 22 Sep 1836.
       25 ASA F. TALBERT b MCAR 8 March 1839.
       26 NANCY C. TALBERT b MCAR ca 1841 m ___ HAMMONDS. Removed to Baxter Co. 1873.
       27 WILLIAM JONES TALBERT b MCAR 31 Aug 1845 d Magazine, Logan Co. AR 19 Aug 1936 bu Little Vine Cemetery, Blue Mountain AR m 2 Aug 1866 MARY LUCINDA McCORMACK b TN 1849 d Magazine, Logan Co. AR 9 Jan 1929 bu Little Vine Cemetery, Blue Mountain AR.
       28 THOMAS B. TALBERT b MCAR 1846 m AMANDA ___ b TN 1848. Removed to Baxter Co. AR 1873.
       29 JAMES S. TALBERT b MCAR 27 Oct 1848 d Baxter Co. AR 13 Aug 1881 bu Trimble Flat, Baxter Co. AR m MAHALA ___ b MS 13 Aug 1848 d 10 March 1904. Removed to Baxter Co. AR 1873.

6 Children of Walter Matthew Wat" & Mary Ann (Hightower) Talbert
       30 NANCY TALBERT b North Fork Twp MCAR 1825 d 1825.
       31 SIMEON WILHOIT TALBERT b North Fork Twp MCAR 13 Nov 1826 d Henderson AR 1869 m Henderson AR 20 June 1850 MARTHA RICKETTS (daughter of John & Nancy [___] Ricketts) b TN 1831 d Henderson AR prob bef 1880.
       32 ELIZABETH TALBERT b North Fork Twp MCAR 1829 m JESSE CASEY (son of Ambler & Polly [Ellison] Casey) b TN 1827 d AR prob bef 1880.
       33 LURANA TALBERT b North Fork Twp MCAR 1831.
       34 WALTER MATTHEW TALBERT Jr. b North Fork Twp MCAR 11 Sep 1834 m 11 Sep 1854 DICEY HERRON b AR 1838.
       35 HENRY S. TALBERT b Henderson AR 1837 m Henderson AR 13 Aug 1857 LUCINDA ELIZABETH HERRON.
       36 POLLY JANE TALBERT b Henderson AR 1839 m JOHN ROOKER.
       37 THOMAS HIGHTOWER TALBERT b Henderson AR 1841 d 1863(?) m CHARITY ___.
       38 FREDERICK BENTON TALBERT b Henderson AR 1844 m ca 1868 LUCINDA RICKETTS b AR ca 1849 d 20 April 1870.
       39 JOSEPH RAPP TALBERT b Henderson AR 21 Dec 1846 d Optimus, Stone Co. AR 1932 bu Optimus Cemetery m Baxter Co. AR 8 May 1868 MARTHA ANN HULSEY (daughter of John Elijah & Savilla [Boyd] Hulsey) b AR 15 Jan 1852 d Optimus, Stone Co. AR 13 March 1908 bu Optimus Cemetery.
       40 NOAH BAKER TALBERT b Henderson AR March 1850 d Aurora, Lawrence Co. MO 1905 bu Optimus Cemetery, Stone Co. AR m 11 May 1873 CYNTHIA E. BURNETT.
       41 SUSAN TALBERT b AR 1854.
7 Children of Basil & Louisa (___) Talbert Sr.
       42 HENRY TALBERT b MCAR 1830 m 1850 ___.
       43 FREDERICK TALBERT b MCAR 1832.
       44 BASIL TALBERT Jr b MCAR 1836.
       45 NANCY TALBERT b MCAR 1837.
       46 MALINDA TALBERT b MCAR 1839.
       47 JACKSON TALBERT b MCAR 1841.
       48 WILLIAM TALBERT b MCAR 1843.
       49 MARY TALBERT b MCAR 1846.

"Genealogies of Marion Co. Families 1811-1900", Talbert Family, p 410

Dividing Line

B I T S   A N D   P I E C E S

       CASEBOLT. The CASEBOLT family lived in Ozark, Gasconade, Greene. Christian, and Pulaski Cos. in MO. ROBERT CASEBOLT was born in TN in 1811. He married JEMIMA SIMS, daughter of MATTHEW and LUCINDA SIMS. Their children were CHRISTIANA, LUCINDA, JEMIMA, MARY JANE, ROBERT, SERENA, SARAH, BECCA ANN. and JAMES F. CASEBOLT. JOHN L. CASEBOLT, brother of ROBERT CASEBOLT, lived on Finley Creek in Christian Co. MO. In the Casebolt Cemetery there are found two graves which are probably the parents of ROBERT and JOHN L. CASEBOLT. The inscriptions read as follows: "THOMAS M. CASEBOLT, husband of Christina, died 12 Sept 1839" and "CHRISTINA CASEBOLT, wife of Thos. M., died 26 Apr 1841." Also found in the cemetery are "JOHN L. CASEBOLT, 28 June 1808 - 7 June 1880" and "MARTHA CASEBOLT, wife of John L., 19 Jan 1812 - 1 May 1893." Ozark Quarterly, March 1972.
       CIVILIAN CONSERVATION CORP (CCC). Records of civilian employees of the federal governemnt are stored at the National Personnel Records Center, Civilian Records Facility, 111 Winnebago St., St. Louis MO 63118 phone 314-425-5761. Also try The National Association of CCC Alumni, 16 Hancock Avenue, Box 16429, St. Louis MO 63125.
       COPELAND/COPELIN. 11 April 1867. MARGARET GRAHAM vs NANCY COPLIN et al. Partition. WILLIAM F. GEIGER is appointed Guardian ad litem for NANCY COPLIN, LUCINDA COPLIN, and LUSANA COPLIN minor children and heirs at law of ISAAC COPLIN, deceased. Ozark Co. MO Circuit Court Minute Book p 51.
       October 1867. Decree of partition and sale. On or about 14 Aug 1866 ISAAC COPELIN departed this life. Had lands in Sec 30 and Sec 19 of T23 R14. Left surviving the following heirs: MARGARET GRAHAM wife of JOHN A. GRAHAM; NANCY KEESEE wife of SAMUEL KEESEE; MARY JANE KEESEE wife of ELIAS KEESEE; LISANA FOREST wife of ELI S. FOREST; RACHEL FOREST wife of ROBERT M. FOREST; JOHN R. COPELIN; THOMAS COPELIN; ELVIRA KEESEE; NANCY COPELIN, LUCINDA COPELIN; and LURANA COPELIN and MARGARET COPELIN widow of the deceased. Each entitled to one-ninth part. Ozark Co. MO Circuit Court Minute Book p 80.
       FIRST FAMILIES OF TENNESSEE PROJECT. If you can prove your ancestor resided anywhere in TN before 31 December 1796, contact First Families Program, East TN Historical Society, PO Box 1629, Knoxville TN 37901 phone 423-544-5732. Applications are deposited at McClung Historical Collection, 500 W Church Street, Knoxville TN 37901 phone 423-544-5744. These are both excellent places to visit for research.
       FRIEND - BROWN. ELIJAH FRIEND was first married June 1852 to Miss NANCY BROWN, daughter of GIDEON and SALLIE BROWN, the father being killed before the war in Taney Co. MO, but MRS. FRIEND was called from life in 1862. Reminiscent History of the Ozark Region p 241
       ROCK ISLAND IL CIVIL WAR PRISON. Nearly 2000 captured Confederate soldiers died in the Rock Island rison and are buried in the Confederate Cemetery there, located on Arsenal Island. Bryan England, former Arsenal Historian, wrote a history of the barracks where the soldiers died. He also compiled a computer listing of all the buried men, the day of their capture, and the diseases from which they died. For more information contact Rock Island Arsenal, Historical Office, Rock Island IL 61299.

Dividing Line


       BOONE COUNTY was created out of Carroll Co. 9 April 1869. The line between Boone Co. and Marion Co. was finally defined 9 December 1875.
       BAXTER COUNTY was created out of Marion Co. 24 March 1873. The line between Baxter Co. and Marion Co. was changed 9 March 1881.
       MARION COUNTY was created out of Lawrence Co. 3 November 1835 but was named Searcy Co. The name was changed to Marion Co. 29 September 1836. The western boundary was defined 11 January 1843 and again 20 January 1843, 18 December 1846, and 9 December 1875. Part of Fulton Co. was added to Marion Co. 18 January 1855.
       SEARCY COUNTY was created out of Lawrence Co. 3 November 1835. The name was changed from Searcy Co. to Marion Co. 29 September 1836. It was recreated out of Marion Co. 13 December 1838.
       Generally speaking, for research purposes, Marion Co. was created in 1836, Searcy Co. in 1838, Boone Co. in 1869, and Baxter Co. in 1873. However, researching along the boundaries of these counties may require more precise dates, especially when working with land and tax records. One of the first rules of genealogical research is: the family didn't move, the county line was what moved; the piece of land the family lived on and paid taxes on remained the same, but the name of the county that piece of land was in got changed - the family was "removed" from one set of county records to a new set of county records.

Dividing Line

N I M R O D   T A B O R
Mike M. Tabor, 4800 Renaissance Tower, Dallas TX 75270

       Nimrod Tabor was born 31 January 1834, the eldest son of John H. and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Magness) Tabor. His father and grandparents, Elijah and Sarah (Green) Tabor, came up White River on a keel boat to the mouth of Big North Fork and settled in what was then Izard County, Arkansas.
       Nimrod enlisted in the 14th AR Infantry July 1861. His military records reveal he was a Private in Company C. His regiment was in the fighting near Leetown on the first day of the Battle of Pea Ridge, 7 March 1862. On 26 March 1862 he was "left in hospital."
       On 28 June 1862 Nimrod was mustered in the 27th AR Infantry at Yellville, and was listed in Company K at Camp Bragg AR 31 July 1862. During his enlistment, the 27th AR Infantry defended Van Buren and Fort Smith. The 28 February 1863 muster roll states that he was "absent sick."
       The 17th AR Infantry Cavalry enlisted Nimrod on 16 March 1863. This unit was in Sterling Price's Cavalry Corps and Fagan's Division. Tabor was listed "present" on the 30 June 1863 muster roll with the remark "horse wounded at Jasper 22 June 1863." He was surrendered 11 May 1865 by General M "Jeff" Thompson, paroled at Jacksonport AR 5 June 1865, and described as "age 30; eyes black; hair black; complexion dark; height 5 feet 10 inches."
       At the time of the 1880 census, Nimrod Tabor was living in Coryell Co. TX. He and his wife, Susan Goodall, had the following children:
       1. MILTON BENJAMIN TABOR b AR 19 Nov 1863 d Lubbock Co. TX 18 Nov 1927 m 1887 LELA POOL.
       2. GEORGE W. TABOR.
       3. JOHN R. TABOR.
       4. EMMA V TABOR.
       5. MARION MILLS TABOR b TX 14 Oct 1876 d Newton Co. TX 27 Feb 1956 m 12 Sept 1900 ARTIE TERESA PATTERSON.
       According to family lore, Susan died of tuberculosis. A subsequent marriage may be the reason Nimrod's descendants have no information about his later years.
       NOTES: Turnbo's Tales of the Ozarks Biographical Stories p 46; 1911 Confederate census; Shea Hess, Pea Ridge pp 125-146; S. C. Turnbo, History of the 27th AR Confederate Infantry pp 42-132; Oates, Confederate Cavalry West of the River p 167.

Dividing Line


       HIDDEN TRUTH. Editor Ralph McGill in his left-hand, first-page editorial in The Atlanta Constitution of 24 April 1968 includes a short story that should bring a knowing grin to the face of most any 'hardened' genealogist.
       This story is about a lady who attained financial and social status and who was determined on having a well-known author do a book on her genealogy. The author began research. He soon came to tell her he had discovered one of her grand-fathers had been electrocuted at New York's Sing Sing Prison. He said it would have to go in the book. She pleaded for words that would hide the truth. The author came up with this: "One of her grandfathers occupied the chair of applied electricity at one of America's best known institutions. He was very much attached to his position and literally died in the harness." This satisfied her and the book was done.

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$ $ $   1 9 9 8   M E M B E R S H I P
D U E   N O W   $ $ $


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       Queries is published in Bramble Bush as a service to researchers who may wish to exchange information of mutual historic and/or genealogical interests. The charge per query is $3. Queries from both members and non-members are accepted, and are published in order of receipt, as space permits. If you respond to a query, kindly send a copy of your answer to Bramble Bush. Responsibility for accuracy of data in queries rests with the submitter.

       COKER. Seek ancestors/descendants STRANDER "Dud" COKER b MCAR 1838 d MCAR 1865 killed by Bushwhackers while planting corn m JANE WOOD (daughter of George & Nancy Jane [Coker] Wood) b MCAR 1835. Known children: Charity Josephine Coker b MCAR 1857; William C. Coker b MCAR 1859; Rebecca Coker b MCAR 1862. Mysty McPherson, HCR 66 Box 159, Yellville AR 72687.
       GOODALL. Seek info ancestors/descendants JAMES FLOYD GOODALL b AR ca 1846. Had brother ROBERT GOODALL. OR Mysty McPherson, HCR 66 Box 159, Yellville AR 72687.
       GOODALL - SEAY. Seek info ancestors/descendants CHARLOTTE B. (___) GOODALL b ca 1836, mother of 9, widow in 1910 living with daughter BETTY A. (GOODALL) SEAY b Dec 1858 m Yellville 1880 ERVIN SEAY. Rose Baldridge at OR L. Don Ott, Rt 1 Box 1270, Lakeview AR 72642.
       HOGAN. Seek ancestors/descendants EWING YOUNG HOGAN b MCAR 8 Nov 1856 d Bixby, Tulsa Co. OK m 1893 LAURA BELLE BURRESS (daughter of Jesse Burress), parents of JOE HOGAN b MCAR ca 1899 d OK 1981. Brenda Hogan Foutch, Rt 2 Box 72, Haskell OK 74435 - e-mail
       HURST. Seek parents, birthplace, 1st wife, date of death, burial etc. of JOHN HURST Sr. b KY? ca 1770/80. Emigrated to MCAR ca 1811. James R. Hurst, 302 N 8th, Tecumseh OK 74873.
       LARIMORE. Seek info LARIMORE MINE or CAMP ca 1896 to 1899. Have pix of grandparents honeymooning there and would like more info. Among others in pix are C. W. RUSSEL, Fred McELFRESH, and Will SLOAN. OR Mysty McPherson, HCR 66 Box 159, Yellville AR 72687.

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F A M I L I E S   &   F A I R S

       Families & Fairs is designed to announce dates and places of reunions, ancestor fairs, and historical commemorations wherever they may be held. The information must reach us no later than March 15, June 15, September 15, and/or December 15 to be included in the next issue of Bramble Bush. The name and address of a contact person must be included. This feature is free of charge.
       BURCH FAMILY REUNION, 20th ANNUAL. 25 July 1998 at Simmons Center, Duncan OK. Contact Natalie Leatherman, 5609 NW Wilfred, Lawton OK 73505.
       BURROW FAMILY REUNION, Bi-Annual National. 26-28 June 1998 at Holiday Inn, Oxford MS. Contact W. O. Burrow, PO Box 7, Myrtle MS 38650; e-mail:
       OTT FAMILY REUNION. 23-24 May 1998. Contact L. Don Ott, Rt 1 Box 1270, Lakeview AR 72642 or e-mail

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S E R V I C E   D I R E C T O R Y

       SERVICE DIRECTORY is published in Bramble Bush as a service to those who may wish to advertise some of the many books, products, and services available that relate to historic and/or genealogical research. The charge per ad per year is $12 for 30 words or less, plus 10 cents for each additional word. Please count prices and abbreviations; name and address count as 3 words, phone number as 1 word. Ads from both members and non-members are accepted. The name and address of a contact person must accompany each ad.
       "INDEX TO THE MOUNTAIN ECHO 12 March 1886 thru 26 June 1903." Births, marriages, deaths. $23.50 +$3.50 s/h. Margie Garr, 1505 Mistletoe, Mountain Home AR 72653, (870)-425-0405.
       "MARION COUNTY FAMILIES 1811-1900". Genealogies of 400 families settling in MCAR by 1900. Hardbound. HGSMCA, $60. HGSMCA, PO Box 554, Yellville AR 72687.
       IZARD CO. AR 1830 FEDERAL CENSUS, indexed, $4. Nancy A. Wood, 4643 S 28 W. Avenue, Tulsa OK 74107
       MARION CO. AR 1840 FEDERAL CENSUS, indexed, $4. Nancy A. Wood, 4642 S 28 W Avenue, Tulsa IK 74107.
       MARION CO. AR 1850 FEDERAL CENSUS, indexed, $10. Nancy A. Wood, 4643 S 28 W Avenue, Tulsa OK 74107.
       GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH. Marion Co. AR area. $10 per hour plus copy costs and postage. Experienced researcher. Mysty McPherson, HCR 66 Box 159, Yellville AR 72687; (870) 449-5223. E-mail:
       GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH. Marion Co. AR and surrounding areas. Experienced researcher. $10 per hour plus copy costs and postage. Vicki Roberts, HCR 66 Box 399, Yellville AR 72687; (870)-449-6195 aft 6:00 pm CST.
       "EARLY DAYS OF MARION COUNTY" Lester & Marian Burnes, $25. Marion S. Burnes, PO Box 365, Yellville AR 72687.
       "MARION COUNTY CEMETERIES" Marian S. Burnes. $20. Marion S. Burnes, PO Box 365, Yellville AR 72687.
       "MARION COUNTY MARRIAGES 1887-1896" Marian S. Burnes & Vicki A. Roberts $12. Marian S. Burnes, PO Box 365, Yellville AR 72687.
       "MARION COUNTY MARRIAGES 1896-1905" Marian S. Burnes & Vicki A. Roberts $15. Marian S. Burnes, PO Box 365, Yellville AR 72687.
       "MARION COUNTY MARRIAGES 1905-1915" Marian S. Burnes & Vicki A. Roberts. $15. Marian S. Burnes, PO Box 365, Yellville AR 72687.
       "MARION COUNTY 1890 CENSUS." Reconstructed from 1880 & 1900 census; land, tax records, etc. Hardbound. $40. Helen McMindes, 626 West South Avenue, Harrison AR 72601.

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