Old Homes and Places

of Sebastian County

W.R. Alexander Home

W.H. Allen Home

W. Allison Home

D.S. Alstatt Home

J.H. Amos Home, Burnsville

H.L. Anderson Home

J.H. Anderson Home

J.P. Anderson Home

Andrews Field
Submitted by Steve

J.H. Baines Home

H.A. Baur Home - Central P.O.

R. Becker Home

L. Been Home

Otto Beiker Home

Belle Pointe Hospital
later Sparks Hospital

Dr. C.E. Benefield Home - Auburn, Ar

M.C. Bennett

Robt Berchardt Store-Ft. Smith, Ar

Louis Berdelle Home Ft. Smith, Ar

G.F. Bethel Home

Jim Biggins Home

T.B. Binkley Home

Binkley Store - Lavaca

W.A. Black Home

A.C. Bland Home - Ft. Smith, Ar

J.E. Blaylock Home

J.W. Blond Home - Witcherville, Ar

J.M. Blythe Home

Jas. M. Blythe Home

W.R. Booth Home - Bonanza, Ar

Boston Store, Ft Smith, Ar

J.W. Bowen Home

W.W. Brewster Home

G.L. Bright Home

H. Broadway Home

Brown-Rolloson Co.s' Store

E.L. Brown Home - Auburn, Ark

J.J. Bull Home

A.J. Burk Home - Huntington, Ark

A.V. Burchfield Home - Ursula

R.G. Caldwell Home

W.P. Campbell Home - Washburn, Ark

Lu Cannon Home

J.D. Carbough Paving Brick Works -
Ft. Smith, Ark

D. A. Carroll Home

John C. Carroll Home - Ursula, Ark

George Carruth Home - Ursula, Ark

J.P. Carruth Home - Lavaca

Elmo Caruther's- Ft. Smith, Ark.

H.C. Chout Home - Mansfield, Ark

W.M. Claborn Home

W.H. Clark Home

W.C. Clayborn Home

A.J. Clayton Home

W.J. Cliffts Home - Huntington

J.W. Cloud Home

W.W. Clynn - Washburn, Ark

Ernest Coker Home - Lavaca, Ark

Geo. H. Coleman Home

T.J. Coleman Home

Company House at the No. 6 Coal Mine in Huntington

John M. Cornelius Home - Ft. Smith, Ark

G.H. Council Home

B.T. Craig Home

Ben Cravens Home - Ft. Smith, Ark

Mrs. N.E. Crittenden Home

T.F. Crittenden Home

A.C. Cross Home

A.J. Cross Home

L.S. Cross Home

Mrs. M.A. Cross Home

G.P. Crossland Home

B.A. Crow Home

Orchard of R.A. Crump

Nathan Gamble Cumbie Home

R.C. Cumbie

Dr. C.P. Davenport Home

Davis Bros Home

G.P. Davis Home

J.H. Davis Home

W.J. Davis Home - Lavaca, Ar

H. Degin Home

A.J. Denson Home - Witcherville, Ar

D.S. Dewitt Home

G.W. Dodd Home - Gwynn, Ar

J.E. Donehew Home

S.E. Donoghue - Ft. Smith

H.P. Dooly Home - Lavaca, Ar

Wm H. Dooley Store - Ft. Smith, Ar

J.D. Dorsey

A.F. Douglas Home

E.N. Dovenport Home - Witcherville, Ar

J.W. Dugan Home

R.A. Duke Home

Isaac Duncan Home - Mansfield, Ar

W. W. Duncan Home

J.P. Durden Home

Mrs Eliz. T. Echols Home

Sam Edmondson Home

J.A. Edwards Home

John B. Edwards Home

C.O. Efurd Home

Electric Park-Ft. Smith
Pictures and History

Electric Power House & Gas Works of FS&VB Light & Transit Co.

Dr. Ellis Home

J.S. Elmore Home

E. Elsey Home

S. J. Epley Home

William Ermann Home

W. Ermin Home

M.O. Evans Home

H. C. Ewing Home

G.W. Evans Home

N.A. Ewing Home

Dr. Fannin Home

Samuel Fellows Home

Frank Fenolio's Saloon

"Poor Farm" J.N. Fergueson

W.W. Fergueson

Ferguson Lumber Co.

First National Bank-Ft. Smith

W.J. Fleming

Floyd & Williams

Orchard of E.E. Forman

Downtown Ft. Smith, Ark

Downtown Ft. Smith - Arcade Mens Store

Panaramic Shots of 1910 Ft. Smith, Ark

Ft. Smith Natl. Historic Site

Friedman-Mincer Bldg, Ft. Smith, Ar

Old Garrison House, Ft. Smith, Ar

Old Girard Home, Lavaca, Ar

Martin Geren House - Ft. Smith

Old Goldman Hotel

Government Building

R.H. Griffen Home

Hackett City Bank-1930

Oscar Hale Home

Hartford Depot

Vineyard of Wm. Hays

Ingle Wagon Co.

Old U.S. Jail - Ft. Smith

Mrs. Dora Kincannon Home

Sq. Laud Home, Jenny Lind, Ark

Lavaca Train Depot

S.C. Leonard Home

Isaac Vandever Lewis Home

Little Home

M.L. Lockridge Store, Central 1890's

H.L. Lyons Home

Home of Rev. W.A. McAllister

McCombs & Jenkins, Bonanza, Ark.

L.H. McKinney Home

Mansfield Train Depot 1908

J.D. Measles Home

Mehlburger Bros., Foundry

Home of F. Michael

Miners Memorial at Greenwood, Ar

T. Missee Home

Montreal Coal Co. Montreal, Ark.

Walter Moody Home

W. Moody Home

Rev. D.L. Moore Home, Witcherville, Ark.

R.G. Moore Home

J.M. Morris Home

Morris & Son Home, Central, Ark.

Mullen Bros., Bonanza, Ark.

M.L. Mullins Home

M. Munder's Saloon

H. Murphy Home

W. J. Murphy, Ft. Smith, Ark.

W.J. Murphy, Wholesale Saddlery

Negro Boy's Club - Ft. Smith, Ark.

F.G. Nelms, Greenwood, Ark.

L.C. Packard Home, Mansfield, Ark.

W.B. Pape, Ft. Smith, Ark.

R. Parks Home

R.T. Patterson Home

Mrs. Sophonia A. Patterson Home

W.B. Patterson Home

Z.C. Payne Home

B.A. Peck Home

W.M. Peck Home

A.E. Peer Home, Mansfield, Ark.

L.E. Pettigrew Home

J.C. Pettus Home

J.K. Philips Home, Washburn, Ark.

Jerome Pickle Home

T.C. Pinkston Home

J.A. Pitchford Home

G.D. Porta & Bro., Ft. Smith, Ark.

The Old Potato House

Mrs. W.L. Powell Home, Montreal, Ark.

A. Price Home, Bloomer, Ark.

Mrs. L.M. Price Home

J.C. Puckett Home

W.K. Ragle Home

E. Raines Home

W.C. Rayburn Home

Geo. Remley Home, Mansfield, Ark.

T. A. Rippy Home

D.F. Rodgers Home, Huntington, Ark.

H.F. Rodgers Home, Huntington, Ark.

Thos. Rogers Home

C.F. Ross

G.S. Roufe Home

J.D. Roufe Home

Rowton House

St. Edwards Hospital

Home of G.V. Sanders

John Schapp Whsle. Drug House, Ft. Smith, Ar

Home of W.M. Schlueter, Ft. Smith, Ark.

Vineyard of A.J. Scott

Home of M.N. Scott

Home of F. Scruggs

Home of S. J. Settle

Sixth Street, Ft. Smith, Ar

J.S. Spangler Home

Sparks Hospital-Ft. Smith 1930's

J.W. Stanford Home

William Stromberg Home

Texas Corner, Ft. Smith

R. Thompson Home

Roselie Tilles Childrens Home

Virgil Tumblin Home

USO & YWCA Club, So A St.
Ft. Smith

Union Station - Ft. Smith

Vanderburg Grocery - Ft. Smith

Wards Ice Cream - Ft. Smith

National Register of Historic Places in Sebastian County

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