White County Courthouse in 1903
White County Census

We have done our best to transcribe the following as accurately as possible. We do strongly suggest you also check names that may be a letter or 2 off if you don't find who you're looking for. No spellings of names are corrected so if Loucinda is Loucindy in the census records, that's how it stays. She would be listed this way in the NARA Census Indices this way as well, other researchers would not know how to find her.
This is meant as a GUIDE to help you locate your families, but ONLY a guide! Anyone who's done genealogy for any amount of time will tell you to get copies of the originals!! There are too many problems with transcribed information.

UNTIL 1830 MOST OF WHITE CO. WAS A PART OF PULASKI CO.*** In 1830 the area north of the Little Red River was mostly Independence County, with the exception of a strip along the White River (now the eastern part of the county) that was part of Jackson County.
The area of White County south of the Little Red River was part of Pulaski County.

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