White County Courthouse in 1903

White County Cemeteries List Before 2010

The cemetery lists are maintained by the White County Historical Society.  A long-term project to update all cemetery reports and place them on this Web site has virtually been completed.  The project utilizes Society members and other volunteers who visit the cemeteries and record data from tombstones and make other observations.  Existing older lists are then compared to the new updates, and adjustments made.  Some of this cross-checking is still in progress.  All of the known cemeteries have now been visited and data recorded.  However, reports of many undocumented graveyards persist and the Society is following up on these.  If you know of burials that are not listed, please report it to the Historical Society.  Sometimes tombstones and funeral markers disappear over the years, so it is important that we review the old records, too and compare them with the modern reports.   These old lists may be found in the Arkansas Room of the Searcy Public Library.   If you have old photos of any of these cemeteries, please share them with the Society.  We are pleased to be able to provide the cemetery lists as a free service of the White County Historical Society.  They are not intended for commercial use.  If you have corrections or additions to the updates or would like to make a tax-deductible financial contribution to the Historical Society, contact wchs1962@gmail.com or WCHS, P.O. Box 537, Searcy, AR 72145.

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Adkisson Cemetery (El Paso)
Anthony Smith Cemetery (Clay)
Arnold Cemetery (Holly Springs)
Antioch Cemetery (Antioch)
Antioch Cemetery(Judsonia Colored Cemetery)
Bagler Cemetery (Roosevelt)
Baker Cemetery (Clay)
Beals Cemetery (Plainview)
Beeler Cemetery (Plainview)
Bedford Chapel - African American (Rose Bud)
Beebe Cemetery (Beebe)
Belcher Cemetery (Griffithville)
Belew Cemetery (Rose Bud/Romance)
Bethesda Cemetery (Rose Bud)
Bethlehem Cemetery (Denmark)
Bethlehem Cemetery (Judsonia)
Blasingame Cemetery (El Paso)
Boggs Family Cemetery (Clay)
Booth Family Cemetery (Searcy)
Boston Cemetery (Clay)
Bowlen Cemetery (Bald Knob)
Boyce Cemetery (Bradford)
Bronson Hill (Bald Knob)
Bryles Cemetery (Prairie County)
Buckheiser Cemetery (Denmark)
Bull Creek Cemetery (Antioch)
Burns Cemetery(Wilburn)
Caruthers Cemetery (Clay)
Carter Cemetery (Russell)
Castleberry Cemetery (Albion)
Center Hill Baptist Cemetery (Center Hill)
Center Hill Presbyterian Cemetery (Center Hill)
Chapman Family Cemetery (Griffithville)
Cheek-Vinity Cemetery (Vinity)
Chumbley Cemetery (Gravel HIll)
Cobbite Cemetery (Clay)
Coffey Cemetery (Pangburn)
Coffey Family Cemetery (Pangburn)
Coffeyville Cemetery (Cofeyville)
Cousins Cemetery (Judsonia's Unknown Child) (Judsonia)
Cross Family Cemetery (Denmark)
Cross Harbor Cemetery (Mt. Pisgah)
Crow Cemetery (combined)(Kensett)
Cullum Cemetery (Plainview)

Davis Family Cemetery (Rose Bud)
Dawn Cemetery (Searcy)
Decker Family Cemetery (Wilburn)
Dennis Cemetery (Higginson)
Dogwood Cemetery (Griffithville)
Dupriest Cemetery (Rose Bud/Romance)
Edwards Cemetery (Judsonia)
Egbert Cemetery (Griffithville)
Ellis Chapel Cemetery (Higginson/Walker)
Evergreen Cemetery (Judsonia)
Fairgrounds Cemetery (Searcy)
Faulkner Cemetery (Pangburn)
Floyd Cemetery (Floyd)
Floyd Black Cemetery (Floyd)
Foster's Chapel Cemetery (Searcy)
Fredonia Cemetery (Bald Knob)
Froud Farm Cemetery (Steprock)
Garner Cemetery (Garner)
Georgetown Cemetery (Georgetown)
Gilbert Cemetery (Russell)
Goad Cemetery (Denmark)
Good Springs/Georgia Ridge Cemetery (Georgia Ridge)
Goodwin Cemetery (Higginson/Walker)
Gravel Hill Memorial Gardens
Gray Cemetery (Gravel Hill)
Griffin Cemetery (Griffithville)
Griffin Cemetery (Plainview)
Grissard Cemetery (El Paso)
Gum Springs Cemetery (Searcy)
Hammons Chapel Cemetery (Romance)
Harmony Community Cemetery (Floyd)
Harris Cemetery (Sixteenth Section)
Hart Cemetery (Rose Bud)
Heard Cemetery (Bradford)
Heffington Cemetery(Bradford)
Henderson Cemetery (Pangburn)
Hickmon Cemetery (Bradford)
Hicks Cemetery (Little Red)
Hilger Cemetery (Sunnydale)
Hite Cemetery (Gravel Hill)
Holleman Cemetery (Joy)
Holly Grove Cemetery (Judsonia)
Holly Springs(Albion)
Honey Hill Cemetery (Searcy)
Hopewell Cemetery ( Rose Bud)
Howell Cemetery (Clay)
Hughes Family Cemetery (Pickens Chapel)
Hutchins Cemetery (Griffithville)
John A. Foster Cemetery (Bald Knob)
Judsonia Colored Cemetery (Judsonia)
Judsonia Cemetery (Judsonia)
Kensett Cemetery (Kensett)
Kent Cemetery (Bald Knob)
Key Branch Cemetery (Searcy)
Kinley Cemetery(Beebe)
King Cemetery (Northside)
Knox Cemetery (Searcy)
Lebanon Church Cemetery (McRae)
Leggett Cemetery (Sunnydale)
Lessenberry Family Cemetery (Kensett)
Liberty Cemetery (Walker)
Lindley Cemetery (West Point)
Little Cypress Creek Cemetery (Beebe)
Mardis Family Cemetery (Bradford)
Martin Cemetery (Rose Bud)
Mason Cemetery (Hickory Flat)
Massey Cemetery (Opal/Beebe)
McDearman Family Cemetery (Judsonia)
McKay Cemetery (Bald Knob)
McKnight Cemetery (Bradford)
Meadowbrook Memorial Gardens (Beebe)
Moon Family Cemetery (Rose Bud)
Moore Cemetery (Wilburn)
Moore Family Cemetery (Floyd)
Morris Family Cemetery (Denmark)
Morris School Cemetery (Armstrong Springs)
Moseley Family Cemetery (Bald Knob)
Mossy Point (Searcy)
Mt. Bethel Cemetery (Rose Bud)
Mt.Hebron Cemetery (Joy)
Mt.Olive Cemetery (Floyd)
Mt. Olive African-American Cemetery (Rose Bud)
Mt.Pisgah Cemetery (Mt. Pisgah)
Mt.Zion Cemetery(Heber Spring)
Nelson Cemetery (Georgetown)
New Dogwood Cemetery (Griffithville)
New Floyd Cemetery (Floyd)
New Hope Cemetery (Searcy)
New Hope Cemetery (West Point)
Norman Cemetery (Rose Bud)
Oaklawn Memorial Gardens (Searcy)
Oak Grove Cemetery (Searcy)
Old Clearwater Cemetery (Judsonia)
Old Dogwood Cemetery (Griffithville)
Old Holly Springs Cemetery (Holly Springs)
Old Hiram Cemetery (Hiram)
Old Hopewell Cemetery (Rose Bud)
Old Jeffery Burial Ground (Holly Springs)
Old Kensett Cemetery (Kensett)
Old Slave Cemetery (Bald Knob)
Old Weir Cemetery (Judsonia)
Olive Branch Cemetery (Hickory Flat)
Oliver Cemetery (Mt. Vernon)
Oliver Cemetery (Rose Bud)
O'Neal/Gilbert Cemetery (Russell)
Osborn Family Cemetery (Romance)
Owen-Henson Cemetery (Judsonia)
Patton Hollow Cemetery (Pangburn)
Patterson Family Cemetery(Searcy)
Payton Family Cemetery (Wilburn)
Pence Cemetery (Rose Bud)
Philadelphia Cemetery (Sunnydale)
Pickens Chapel Cemetery (Letona)
Pierce Cemetery (Hickory Flat)
Pine Creek Cemetery (Velvet Ridge)
Plant Family Cemetery (Russell)
Pleasant Grove Cemetery (Harmony/Floyd)
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery (Joy/Georgia Ridge)
Poor House Cemetery (Searcy)
Prince Cemetery (Bald Knob)
Providence Cemetery (Judsonia)
Punkin Town Cemetery (Pangburn/Dewey)
Quattlebaum Cemetery (Gravel Hill)
Riverside Cemetery(West Point)
Robb Cemetery (Bradford)
Roberson/Robinson Cemetery (Harmony/Floyd)
Rogers Family (Searcy)
Romance Cemetery (Romance)
Rose Bud Cemetery (Rose Bud)
Roosevelt Cemetery (Roosevelt)
Russell/Roetzel Cemetery (Russell)
Salem Cemetery (Searcy)
Searcy Faith Cemetery (Searcy)
Scantlin Cemetery(Jackson County)
Shady Grove Cemetery (Bald Knob)
Shiloh Cemetery (Bald Knob)
Sidon Cemetery (Sidon)
Sipes Cemetery (Searcy)
Slave Cemetery (Little Red/Sunnydale)
Smith Cemetery (Bradford)
Smith Cemetery (Kensett)
Smith Cemetery (Russell)
Smyrna Cemetery (Searcy)
Smyrna Cemetery - Black (Searcy)
St. Mary's Cemetery (Rose Bud)
St. Paul's Cemetery (Armstrong Springs)
Stamps Cemetery (El Paso/Floyd)
Starkey-Barger Cemetery
Steed Cemetery (Bradford)
Stevens Creek Cemetery (Judsonia)
Stone Cemetery (Union Hill)
Stoney Point Cemetery (Beebe)
Stroud Property Black Cemetery (Harmony/Floyd)
Sutherlin Cemetery (Pangburn/Dewey)
Taylor Cemetery (Holly Springs)
Tilley Cemetery (Floyd)
Tucker Cemetery (Pangburn)
Union Grove Black Cemetery (Bald Knob)

Union Grove Cemtery (Roosevelt-Independence County)
Union Hill Cemetery (Holly Springs)
Union Hill Cemetery (Union Hill)
Vanmeter Cemetery (Judsonia)
Velvet Ridge Cemetery (Velvet Ridge)
Vinity Cemetery (Vinity)
Vinson-Barnett Cemetery (Hiram)
Walker Cemetery (Walker)
Walnut Grove Cemetery (Pangburn)
Walnut Hill Cemetery (Pangburn)
Welch Cemetery (Rose Bud)
Weir Cemetery (Searcy)
Wells Cemetery (Worden)
West Point Cemetery (West Point)
White County Memorial Gardens (Searcy)
White Family Cemetery (Bald Knob)
White Oak Cemetery (Griffithville)
Whitney-Crow Cemetery (Kensett)
Wilkes Cemetery (Searcy)
Wolf Hollow (Bald Knob)
Wools Cemetery (Judsonia)

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