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DOSHIER, MCKNIGHT, MORROW, OTT posted by Hollie Poley on Monday, December 6, 1926

From unknown Newspaper, Mary DOSHIER OTT - dead Daughters of Excellence A sage and seer of Isreal wrote words of wisdom and grace concerning the wife and mother, of her he said: "Many daughters have done worthily, but thou excellest them all." None would detract from the honor and worth of the wife and mother. If the man be the householder, the woman is its true maker and real genius. Because of these virtues and woman's primary importance in the home, there has always been a tendency to think that woman in any other place contravenes the order of her creation. In life Mrs. OTT fulfilled life's mission. Her journey began February 20, 1857 and closed December 6, 1926. She was happily married to John OTT Aug. 20, 1874. Her husband passed to his reward in 1912. To this union ten children were born. All are living save one who passed away in its 12th year. The remaining nine are honorable, christian citizens, walking in the footsteps of their parents which is truly walking in truth, and righteousness. Mrs. Ott was converted at Pleasant Ridge in 1869, and at once united with the church. Her neighbors, her physician, her pastors and all others with whom she has associated say, truly she was a christian. Mr. Jim MORROW assured the writer that the best he could say would not be good enough and sufficient to express the purity of her life. This pastor has served for thirty years in five states of our great country, but in all his associates, none have more favorably impressed him than Good Sister OTT. Her children are the preacher's friends and also the friend of man. Sister OTT assured her pastor one month before her journey closed that her preparation was complete and that she was anxious to go, as soon as God willed. She said she loved her children and had the same feeling for God and all mankind, but to be with Jesus was far better than all the wealth of earth. Thus ends a victorious life on earth and is now renewed in the spirit world. Sister Ott now has a glorified body as it pleaseth God to provide. Funeral services were conducted by the writer and the tired body was laid to rest by the side of her husband in the beautiful Ott Cemetery. The text used by the pastor was, "Let us go even unto Bethlehem." B. A. MCKNIGHT

GOWANS, PETTIT, PETTY, TREAT posted by Gary D Treat on Wednesday, January 12, 1927

Mountain Echo, Yellville, AR Thursday, 13 Jan 1927, pg 3 Mr J W WISE of Flippin was in Yellville Monday and informed us of the death of Mrs Will PETTIT [sic, should say PETTY], which occurred at their home just south of Flippin a few day ago. She was a good woman, an affectionate wife and a loving mother. She leaves her husband and two children to mourn her death, and they have the sympathies of many friends in their sorrow. She was laid to rest in the Flippin cemeter. [Deceased was Spicy Catherine TREAT, daughter of George Washington TREAT and Mary Elizabeth GOWANS.]

BEVINS, DENNISON, KEESEE, YOCHAM posted by Colleen Yocham VanDenBosch on Tuesday, February 15, 1927

Death Certificate Information: Mike YOCHAM. Born March 15, of birth,,Ark. Father's name Asa YOCHAM ...Died Feb.15, 1927 buried in Inola Cemetery at Inola, Oklahoma. Information was given by their youngest son Almos Yocham Mother's maiden name was Eliza (Elizabeth) DENNISON. Death Certificate Information: Nancy Jane BEVINS YOCHAM. Born Dec. 28, of birth..Ark. Mother's maiden name was Zena Viola KEESEE. Father was Sam BEVINS. Died June 13, 1940, at Inola, Oklahoma. Buried in the Inola Cemetary..Inola, Oklahoma. Information given by their youngest son Almos Yocham.

CARSON, COWDREY, HOLT, JEFFERSON, LAYTON, WEAST, WILSON posted by Rhio Reh Gillis on Friday, July 1, 1927

John Allen COWDREY b. May 1, 1865 Green Co., MO. Jul 1, 1927 MO J.A. COWDREY Dies En- Route to Hospital About 6 o'clock Wednesday morning of last week, Mr. J. A. COWDREY of this town died about five miles north of Branson, Mo., while enroute to a hospital at Springfield, Mo. On Friday, May 27th, Mr. COWDREY and several other parties were engaged mowing the weeds and grass off the Layton cemetery, getting it in shape for holding Memorial and Decoration services on Monday May 30th. Late in the afternoon Mr. COWDREY became ill - said he felt like he had an attack of cramp colic, and went home. A few hours later a doctor as called, and next morning he seemed to be better. His condition did not become alarming until Tuesday evening, when peritonitis developed, and it was decided that an operation was imperative. About midnight he was placed in Ebb CARSON'S car, and accompanied Mr. And Mrs. Troy COWDREY, Cam COWDREY, Ebb CARSON, Dr. WEAST, Lucian LAYTON and V.R. HOLT, they started for Springfield going via Harrison they secured an ambulance from the Holt Undertaking Company and the journey was continued. (Dr. WEAST returned home from Harrison.) At Hollister Mr. COWDREY suffered a sinking spell, and a doctor was called, and he revived, after which they started on to Springfield, with the results as stated above. After he had passed away, the party returned with his body to Harrison, where it was taken in charge by the Holt Undertaking Company and prepared for burial, and brought by them to his home in Yellville late Wednesday evening, where it lay in state until 3 o'clock Friday afternoon, when it was conveyed to the Baptist Church where funeral services were conducted by his life-long friend, Rev. J.T. WILSON, of Kansas City. After the funeral services at the church, the body was taken in charge by the Masonic fraternity, of which order he was a member, and conveyed to the Layton cemetery, where it was laid to rest with Masonic honors. The high esteem in which Mr. Cowdrey was held by the people of Yellville and of the county was evidenced by the great throng of people who crowded the church to it utmost capacity, while many were unable to gain entrance. In honor of his memory, and through respect to the bereaved family, every business house in the town was closed from 2 to 4 o'clock, during the time of the funeral services. He was a member of the Christian Church, the Masonic Lodge and the W.O.W. The great floral offering attested to his worth, and the love and esteem in which he was held. Besides his wife, Mr. COWDREY leaves five children, three sons and two daughters, Troy, Cam, Allen and Miss Eva, all of Yellville, and Mrs. Myrtle JEFFERSON of Hot Springs. In his passing, his wife has lost a devoted and affectionate husband, his children a loving father, and the community one of its best citizens. In this sad hour, the Echo joins the hundreds of friends of the family in extending to them heartfelt sympathies.

BUNDY, FORD posted by Gary D Treat on Thursday, August 11, 1927

Mountain Echo, Yellville, AR 11 Aug 1927 "Uncle John" BUNDY Dead. On last Saturday morning about four o'clock, Mr John BUNDY, who had been in poor health for many months, passed away at his home in Rush, at the age of 64 years. His children, who were absent, Luther, Will and Ted, Burkburnett, Texas, and Mrs Lucy FORD of West Texas, were notified, and they arrived Sunday. Monday afternoon the body was laid to rest in the Ott cemetery, with Masonic honors, beside his companion, who preceded him to the grave several years ago. Mr BUNDY was a good man, and had many friends, who, during his late illness, did all for him that could be done, but the hand of death could not be stayed. The Echo joins the friends of the family in extending to them heartfelt sympathies in their bereavement.

TREAT posted by Gary D Treat on Thursday, April 19, 1928

obit Mountain Echo, Yellville, AR, Thursday, 19 Apr 1928, pg 8 [Cowan Barrens column] Uncle Roe TREAT on last Tuesday seemed to be lots better. At about 5 o'clock he walked to the door and asked his wife to hand him a drink of water, then told her he would walk around in the yard. Just then she noticed him start to fall, and she caught him just in time to keep his head from hitting the floor -- he was dead. He was buried Wenesday at the Ott Cemetery.

TREAT, WOOD posted by Gary D Treat on Thursday, April 10, 1930

obit Mountain Echo, Yellville, AR, Thursday, 10 Apr 1930, pg 8 Mr H F WOOD of Flippin barrens, while in Yellville Monday, informed us of the death of Mrs Pearl TREAT, wife of Mr Doll TREAT, formerly of this county, which occurred Saturday evening at their home in Baxter county, near Mountain Home. He said the body would be laid to rest Monday evening in the Flippin cemetery. Mrs TREAT was a good woman and the news of her death will bring sorrow to the hearts of her many friends. She leaves her husband and five children, four boys and one girl, most of whom are grown, to mourn her death. They have the sympathies of a host of friends.

TREAT posted by Gary D Treat on Thursday, May 1, 1930

obit Mountain Echo, Yellville, AR, Thursday, 1 May 1930, pg 6 Mrs Jeff TREAT of Rea Valley died suddenly Saturday night of heart failure, and was buried Sunday evening in the Elbow Hollow cemetery in the presence of a host of sorrowing relatives and friends. We understand Mrs TREAT had been in poor health for several months, and her death was not wholly unexpected. She leaves her husband and five children, several brothers and sisters and other relatives to mourn her untimely death. The bereaved relatives have the sympathies of a host of friends.

CHASE, COWDREY, ESTES, JEFFERSON, JETT, KIRBY, WILSON posted by Rhio Reh Gillis on Friday, May 26, 1933

Bleva Ora [ESTES] Cowdrey d. May 26, 1933, Yellville, AR Mrs. Ora COWDREY, widow of the late J.A. (John Allen) COWDREY, passed away at the home of her son, Troy, on North Broadway in this town about six o'clock Saturday morning. For a number of years, Mrs. COWDREY had been bothered with heart trouble, but, for some time, seemingly, she had been in good health. Friday night, when she retired, she was apparently feeling as well as usual and rested well during the night. Saturday morning Mr. and Mrs. COWDREY arose at the usual hour and Troy's mother also arose and dressed, but in a few minutes she remarked that she was not feeling well and believed she would lie down, and told her daughter-in-law that she need not prepare breakfast for her, and she went into her room and laid down. Troy went out to look about the chores around the place, and when he re-entered the house ten or fifteen minutes later, his wife asked him to step into the room and see about his mother, remarking that she had not heard her move since she (l)aid down. When Troy entered the room he found that she had passed away, seemingly without a struggle. To the immediate family who knew her condition, her sudden going away was not a surprise, but to them, as to her many friends, it was a great shock. Her sons, Cam and Allen, and other relatives in the town were immediately notified as were her two daughters Mrs. John JEFFERSON, who lives in Springfield, Mo., and Mrs. Ed KIRBY, who lived in Decatur, Illinois. An undertaker was called and the body was prepared for burial. Mrs. JEFFERSON and her daughter, Miss Mabel, arrived at the home Saturday night, and Mrs. KIRBY, accompanied by her husband, arrived about five o'clock Sunday morning, having driven all night. Funeral services, conducted by Rev. CHASE, assisted by Rev. H. W. JETT and Rev. T. L. WILSON, were held at the Baptist Church at four o'clock Sunday evening, and interment was in the Layton Cemetery in the presence of a host of sorrowing relatives and friends. Mrs. Ora COWDREY, nee: ESTES, was born near Harrison, Ark., *Oct. 4, 1868. She was married at Harrison on May 4 1887, to John Allen COWDREY, who passed away in this town June 1, 1927. To this union six children were born; Thurman, who died in October, 1925; Troy, Cam and Allen, all of Yellville; and Mrs. Myrtle JEFFERSON, of Springfield, Mo., and Mrs. Eva KIRBY of Decatur, Ill. In early life Mrs. COWDREY professed faith in Christ and united with the Christian Church, in which she maintained her membership until death. Mrs. COWDREY was a devoted Christian woman, a loving and affectionate mother. The beautiful floral offering was mute evidence of the high esteem in which she was held. I addition to her children Mrs. COWDREY is survived by several grandchildren, her aged father, "Uncle" Ben ESTES. of Harrison and several brothers and sisters. The Echo joins the many friends of the family in extending to them heartfelt sympathies in their sorrow. *Correction: Date of birth is incorrect as printed in "The Mountain Echo" Correct date is: Oct. 12, 1868

FOSTER, HARDBERGER, HEFNER, HUDSPETH, LANIER, TEAFF posted by Vernon Teaff on Wednesday, October 11, 1933

This is an obituary of an old Arkansas Confederate soldier. Is there a place on your page to put it on the Marion Co. page. It is a great tribute to him. This appeared in the news Knox County Texas newspaper. I found it in a library in the Knox City Texas high school. Vernon Teaff. He was my great great uncle. John Henry listed below was my great grandfather. Vernon Teaff. On 27 of June 1862 he and two brothers, John Henry Teaff and Oliver Perry Teaff enlisted in Co. K. 27th Arkansas Infantry, Shaler's Regiment. William Jefferson TEAFF 29 September 1841-11 October 1933 Captain W. J. TEAFF was born in Yellville, Marion county Arkansas on September 29, 1841. He lived there until he was grown and married. He was married June 15, 1871 to Miss Martha HEFNER. To this union eight children were born, three boys, five girls. The oldest a daughter, Mrs. J. HUDSPETH, died in 1906 at Munday, Texas. The other children being present to help with the last sad rites, (with exception of one son, A. L. Teaff of Plataka Florida) are as follows. Mr. L.D. TEAFF, Hermeleigh, Mrs. J.H. LANIER, Crowell, Mrs. George FOSTER, O’Donnell, Mrs. J.H. HARDBERGER, Littlefield, Mr. E.E. TEAFF, O’Brien, Texas. W. J. TEAFF went through the Civil War, being a Confederate soldier, full four years receiving scarcely a scar. He had one brother by his side. W. J. was Captain of the 114 Bloody Arkansas Volunteers. (Note. The brother was Oliver Perry TEAFF, another brother John Henry TEAFF was with him until he died while in the war.) Besides their own children, Mr.and Mrs. TEAFF reared three children, 2 boys and 1 girl, of a brother (John Henry TEAFF who enlised with him, but died in 1863 with meazles.) who died in the war. The boys are still living and are daily examples of dear old Captain, who reared them. Both were present for the funeral service, Friday, October 13. They are N.B. TEAFF of Tye Texas and J.W. TEAFF of Merkel, Texas. Captain TEAFF was converted in about the year 1872 and united with the Baptist church. For 40 or more years he has been a Deacon in the church. One of his greatest ambitions in any undertaking was promptness and rarely if ever was he late for anything. Even when he was no longer able to work he always made it a point to be ready for his meals; and in case of a trip planned, he was always ready and anxious to help others. So long as he had his reason of mind, he was cheery and loveable. With his fellowman, with his home, with himself and with his God he was honest. No higher tribute would be given than this fact. His church and his home came first; his Masonic Lodge and other duties next. Captain TEAFF was never too tired or too sick to "thank you" for even the little services rendered him and as one who has been associated almost daily with him for the past 20 years, he was a model man to be held up to the young folks. During the past three years he has grown weaker and weaker. For the last eight months he has suffered untold misery every hour. He was still a brave soldier and so many time he told those around him that he wanted to go to heaven. On October 11, 1933 the Death Angel came and without a word W.J. TEAFF raised his hand and pointed up to Heaven thereby telling his loved ones he was going, so at the age of 92 years and 13 days Captain W. J. TEAFF went to meet the Dear Wife and loved ones who were watching on the other shore. Funeral services were held at the O’Brien Baptist church on Friday afternoon October 13. The six pall bearers were his six grandsons assisted by the members of the Masonic Lodge. (He was buried in the O’Brien, Haskell Co. Texas cemetery.)

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