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Surnames "A"
Index for Names in
Woodruff County, Arkansas

Compiled by Gary Telford, P. O. Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010
501-724-2490, or email wgt@centurytel.net

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogist. Old pictures are priceless. Gathering this information has involved four years of research through old Woodruff County newspapers, preparing an index and filing all of it. Every effort is being made to preserve this important Woodruff County history.

The four years of research has involved searching through old newspapers of Woodruff County, Arkansas, to find obituaries, articles, weddings and pictures. Most of these have been copied on a commercial digital copier and are very good quality. Quite a bit of money and time was invested in this project, which is still in progress.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be sent by email. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. All are copied on heavyweight, 28 lb., bright white, acid free, archive safe, paper. There is a small fee to cover expenses, mailing, etc.

The papers name and the date it was published will be on each item. Any of these old "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook."

Remember: "A Family Tree can wither if no one tends it's roots." For more info. and a complete index on obituaries, weddings, pictures, and articles, see Parts 1-19 now posted on Woodruff County Website at rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ - Click on (Obits/Weddings)

For a complete list of the Family History Books now available go to rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ Click on (Family History Books)

Many other Woodruff County Obituaries, Articles & Weddings & Pictures, 1930-2009, are available that have not been posted yet. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

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(Biog.)----------Biography - Article Available
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(Civil War Battles) - by Gary Telford (Story)
(Enlist. rec.) - WW I enlistment record - Available
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The following abbreviations have been used where space requires;
h/o--husband of
w/o--wife of
m/o--mother of
f/o--father of
d/o--daughter of
s/o--son of
b/o--brother of
sis. of--sister of

Abington - Senator "W. H. "Doc" Abington--He's An Unhappy Warrior" (Picture Article)

Acree - Nema J. (Baucum), of Colt, AR, w/o Reuben Lloyd & Jessie Acree (Obit.)

Acton, Charles Andrew, h/o Annie G. "Prominent Citizen of Cross County Dies" (Obit.)
Acton, Ellen (Hendrix), wife of James S. (Obit.)
Acton - G. W., s/o J. B., of Morton "Struck And Killed By Auto" (Obit.)
Acton, James S., of Paragould, formerly of DeWitt & Hunter, AR (Obit.)
Acton, Mrs. James S. (Ellen (Hendrix), of McCrory (Obit.)
Acton, Jason B., formerly of McCrory, h/o Mary B. (Obit.)
Acton, John Richard, of Cherry Valley (Obit.)

Adair, Marie (Kirby), w/o Charlie Lee Adair (Obit.)

Adams, Amos Albert, s/o Otis Adams of McCrory "Weds" (Article)
Adams, Archie G., of Batesville, h/o Muffett (Martin) (Obit.)
Adams, Miss Ava, d/o L. D. Adams "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Adams, Ben of Tipton Co., TN sentenced to death in electric chair (Picture)
Adams, Ben dies in electric chair, Tucker Prison Farm (Article)
Adams, Miss Betty Jean, d/o Otis "Weds" (Wedding Article) (Picture Article)
Adams, Harry, of Conway, AR, h/o Margaret (Johnson) (Obit.)
Adams, Jimmy D., s/o Otis C. Adams, "At Andrews AFB" (Picture Article)
Adams, John Gus, f/o Trent, & Tim Adams (Obit.)
Adams, Lonnie, Jr. (black), h/o Barbara - Glenwood, IL (Picture Obit.)
Adams, Melaney Ellen, of McCrory, mother of S. W. Anderson (Obit.)
Adams, Mollie, "Ex-Slave" (Age 103) - Morning View Cem. (Obit.)
Adams, Otis Odell, h/o Mildred J. Adams (Obit.)
Adams, Richard Lee, h/o Irene Adams (Obit.)
Adams, Ricky Lynn, s/o R. L. Adams (Obit.)
Adams, Thomas Glenn, h/o Belinda (Picture Obit.)
Adams, Mrs. Viola, of Tupelo (Obit.)
Adams, Willie C., - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)

Adamson, C. L. "Augusta's Court House Tower Clock" (Article)
Adamson, Charles L., jeweler of Augusta (Obit.)
Adamson, Mrs. Fannie (Penn), w/o Charley L. Adamson (Obit.)
Adamson, Inez (Adamson), w/o B. Hodge Wheeler (Obit.)

Adcox, Rupert King "Bud", s/o Mr. &. Mrs. David Adcox (Obit.)

Addington, Milton C., h/o Polly Etta Moore (Obit.)

Adkins, Ann (Smelley), of Clarksville, TN, w/o A. L. "Bill" Adkins (Obit.)
Adkins, Berry, of McCrory (Obit.)
Adkins, Mrs. Bettie (Garrison), of Patterson, AR, w/o S. B. (Obit.)
Adkins, Elbert, s/o Ray Adkins of Gregory (Obit.)

Ahrent, Brian Keith, h/o Christine (Obit.)

Airheart, Clyde S. Airheart Family (Family History)
Airheart, Drug Store (Picture)
Airheart, Mrs. Bessie, widow of Clyde S. (Obit.)
Airheart, Mr. C. S. "Postmaster Airheart To Be Reappointed" (Article)
Airheart, Clyde S., h/o Bessie (Picture of Drug Store) (Obit.)
Airheart, Miss Elizabeth, d/o Clyde S. "Engagement Announced" (Picture-Article)
Airheart, Miss Elizabeth, "Airheart Wedding Plans Are Announced" (Article)

Akins, Derrick C., - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)
Akins, James William, h/o Rosemary Akins - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)
Akins, Larry, s/o George & Alberta - Harris Chapel Cem. (Obit.)
Akins, Mozell, - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)
Akins, Sirberben, w/o Rev. C.C. Akins - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)

Alberson, Melba Jean, w/o Robert E. "Bud" Alberson (Obit.)
Alberson, Myrtle Beatrice, w/o George M. Alberson (Obit.)

Alcorn, George Samuel, Jr., "Newport man drowns in pond near Patterson" (Obit.)

Aldridge, Edgar Louis, of Beedeville, h/o May Aldridge (Obit.)

Alexander, Benjamin Thomas, h/o Georgia G. (Obit.)
Alexander, Georgia G., w/o Benjamin T. Alexander (Obit.)
Alexander, Mrs. Gladys, w/o John (Obit.)
Alexander, Mrs. Laura & son Davis Fitzhugh "Augusta Advocate Is In Able Hands" (Article)
Alexander, Mr. J. W., dies at his home six miles west of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Alexander, Kathlyn, d/o B. T. (Wedding)
Alexander, Lela J. (Reneau) Brooks, w/o Charles W. Brooks, & Samuel R. Alexander (Obit.)
Alexander, O. A., of Hoxie, AR (Obit.)
Alexander, Robert A., Private (Civil War Record)
Alexander, Russell Clyde, s/o Mrs. Benjamin T. Alexander (Obit.)
Alexander, Samuel Reed, of Howell, h/o Lela (Reneau) (Obit.)

Alford, Chester Brewer of Augusta (Wedding Article)
Alford, Chester Brewer, h/o Jessie (Obit.)
Alford, J. M.., born in TN (Obit.)
Alford, J. W. - U. S. Navy - WW II - (Article)
Alford, James Monroe, h/o Matilda "Celebrates Golden Wedding Anniversary" (Article)
Alford, James M., h/o Matilda "Woodruff County Couple Observes 52nd Anniversary" (Article)
Alford, James M., h/o Matilda "Woodruff County Couple Observes 58th Anniversary" (Article)
Alford, James Monroe, h/o Matilda (Obit.)
Alford, Kenneth M., s/o Chester & Rose Alford (Obit.)
Alford, Larry Donnell, (black) Harris Chapel Cem. (Obit.)
Alford, Marilyn Arnice"Charges filed after stabbing", Suuzanne Clark (Article)
Alford, Sonny, negro, found guilty of killing George Thomas Arnett (Article)

Allen, Mrs. A. B. (Herndon) - Buckeye Cem. (Obit.)
Allen, A. M., Born in Kentucky (Obit.)
Allen, Alberta, w/o William C. Allen (Obit.)
Allen, Arthur Lee - Buckeye Cem. (Obit.)
Allen, Buck, "Two Negroes Hurt In Family Scrape Saturday Night" (Article)
Allen, Clarence Willis “Slim”, h/o Mildred Allen (Obit.)
Allen, E. Florence (Martin), w/o Haman H. Allen Sr. (Obit.)
Allen, Eva Lee (York), w/o Rev. Thomas Allen (Obit.) In Memory (Picture Article)
Allen, Herbert, of Palmyra, MO, h/o Carol (Obit.)
Allen, Jimmy Lee, h/o Jenette (Obit.)
Allen, Pvt. John Bill, only son of Will Allen of Patterson (Obit.)
Allen, Miss Lorene, d/o Joe C. Allen "Recent Bride" (Picture-Wedding)
Allen, Lorraine, w/o H. H. Allen Jr. (Obit.)
Allen, Mildred, w/o Clarence W. "Slim" Allen (Obit.)
Allen, Ray D., of Patterson, AR, WW II Vet. (Obit.)
Allen, Mrs. Sarah A., 84, born in Canada (Obit.)
Allen, W. C., of Sheridan, AR, h/o Amanda (Obit.)
Allen, Will, h/o Maude (Obit.)

Allgood, Donald Ray, s/o Golden L. & Iva Allgood (Obit.)
Allgood, Elbert J. (James Elbert), h/o Lottie Allgood (Obit.)
Allgood, Ernest Leon "Pete", h/o Mona (Obit.)
Allgood, Eva Lena Wiggins, w/o W. F. Wiggins & James D. Allgood (Obit.)
Allgood, Golden L., h/o Iva V. Allgood (Obit.)
Allgood, Huldey H., w/o James Monroe Allgood (Obit.)
Allgood, James "Jim", h/o Mattie & Eva (Obit.)
Allgood, James Elbert, h/o Lottie (Obit.)
Allgood, James Monroe, h/o Sarah Jane (Obit.)
Allgood, Otha C., WW II Vet., h/o Ruby A. (Enlistment record) (Obit.)
Allgood, Russell Grant (Obit.)
Allgood, Wayne, s/o Russell "Wins Lions Club Agri Scholarship" (Article)

Allinder, Bailey, of North Little Rock, h/o Dorothy (Obit.)
Allinder, Joe, h/o Unknown, p/o 7 children (Obit.)

Allison, Annie Louise, w/o Waine H. Allison (Obit.)
Allison, Clyde C., h/o Ora (Brewer) (Obit.)
Allison, Clyde C., son of J. B., "In Memorium" (Article)
Allison, Floyd Odell, WW II, bro. of Waine Allison (Obit.)
Allison, Lillie Mae (Chism), w/o Eldon Lee Allison (Obit.)
Allison, Marguarite, d/o J. H. (Wedding)
Allison, Mrs. Sepha B., mother of Floyd & Waine H. Allison (Obit.)
Allison, Waine H., h/o Annie L. Allison (Obit.)

Alliston, Flora Oneal, w/o Walter Alliston (Obit.)
Alliston, Walter Brewer, h/o Flora Oneal Alliston (Obit.)

Almond, George T. "Hunter Navy Man Aboard Pacific Minelayer" (Picture Article)
Almond, James A., son of Minnie "Hunter Boy Serves On New Destroyer" (Article)
Almond, James Arthur, son of R. P. "Commended For Excellent Service" (Article)
Almond, Louis L., son of R. P. "Hunter Boy Aboard Battleship Bombed" (Article)

Alumbaugh, Barry E., s/o Ed, married (Picture Article)
Alumbaugh, Barry E. & Sue opens "New Sears Store in McCrory" (Article)
Alumbaugh, Billy G., h/o Joyce (Largent) (Picture Obit.)
Alumbaugh, Brenda "Honored With Bridal Shower" (Article 1965)
Alumbaugh, Ed "Celebrates 90 birthday", h/o Ella Mae (Group Picture)
Alumbaugh, Edward, h/o Ella Mae Alumbaugh (Picture Article)
Alumbaugh, Peggy Sue (Kyle), w/o Barry E. Alumbaugh (Picture Obit.)

Ancel, Joe, h/o Mary Evelyn (Obit.)
Ancel, Louis "Louie", s/o John & Agnes Ancel (Obit.)
Ancel, Mary Evelyn (Best), w/o Joe Ancel (Obit.)
Ancel, Tommy Joe, s/o Joe Ancel of McCrory "Engaged" (Picture Article)

Anderson, Albert A., h/o Mrs. Etter (Obit.)
Anderson, Pvt. Albert W., son of Sudie R. "Buried With Ten Other Buddies" (Obit.)
Anderson, Alfred, of Watsonville, CA, h/o Ethel (Obit.)
Anderson, Archie R. "At Treasure Island" (Article)
Anderson, Archie R., age 40, of Morton (Obit.)
Anderson, B. M., h/o Cannie Anderson (Article)
Anderson, Billy Joseph, s/o Claud & Bessie (Obit.)
Anderson, Cansadia "Cannie", w/o Benjamin M. (Obit.)
Anderson, Charles Larry, s/o Beryl Anderson (Obit.)
Anderson, Charlie A., h/o Eddie Anderson (Obit.)
Anderson, Charlie E., WW I (Enlistment Record)
Anderson, Charlie E., h/o Florence (Obit.)
Anderson, Clarence Ray, h/o Elsie (Obit.)
Anderson, David, h/o Marguerite Anderson (Obit.)
Anderson, Mrs. Dolo Creola, age 76 (Obit.)
Anderson, Ettar (Joyner) (Obit.)
Anderson, Frances Loretta, w/o Roy Anderson (Obit.)
Anderson, George F. "Wins Sales Award" (Article)
Anderson, Georgetta (Peebles), w/o T. A. (Obit.)
Anderson, Gladys Lila, w/o James C. Anderson (Obit.)
Anderson, Henry - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)
Anderson, Herman Lee "Pete", dies in Kansas, formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
Anderson, Ila, aged 64 - Monroe Co., AR (Obit.)
Anderson, James Calvin, w/o Gladys Lila (Obit.)
Anderson, James David, s/o Charles B. & Dora L. (Obit.)
Anderson, John W., Jr., WW I (Enlistment Record)
Anderson, John W., Jr., hus. of Lula W. (Obit.)
Anderson, Lela A., of Gregory (Obit.)
Anderson, Leonard L. "Rites Held For Accident Victims" (Obit.) (Article)
Anderson, Lula (Watkins), widow of John W. Anderson (Obit.)
Anderson, Marvin, bro. of Vernon, sons of Archie Anderson (Obit.)
Anderson, Pearl Adair, w/o Sherman Anderson (Obit.)
Anderson, Phillip R. "Marine Killed In Vietnam Action", h/o Gladys (Obit.)
Anderson, Robert L. & Christopher, "Brothers die in trailer fire", sons of Milton (Obit.)
Anderson, Roland H. (Wedding Article)
Anderson, Samuel W., h/o Carrie L. (Obit.)
Anderson, Sarah Emma, w/o James Newton Berry (Picture)
Anderson, Sherman, h/o Pearl A. (Obit.)
Anderson, Stonewall W. "Veteran Railroader" (Picture Biog.) (Obit.)
Anderson, Mrs. T. A. (Georgetta (Peebles), w/o Thomas A. (Obit.)
Anderson, Thirel, s/o Archie (Obit.)
Anderson, William E., f/o Mrs. Elva Lee Moon of Gregory & others (Obit.)
Anderson, Rev. William Wesley (Obit)

Andrews, Anagene (Jacobs), w/o C. W. Andrews, Sr. (Obit.)
Andrews, Isham T. Andrews of Cotton Plant, Story by G.T. (Family History)
Andrews, Isham T., s/o Daniel & Mary S. Andrews (Biog.)
Andrews, John L., b. abt. 1899, married (Marriage Record)
Andrews, Lucy (Clark), w/o John I. Andrews (Obit.)
Andrews, Mrs. P. R., widow of Judge P. R. of Helena (Obit.)
Andrews, W. V., d. 1898 (LPR)
Andrews, William L.--Private (Civil War Record)
Andrews, William W., d. 1864 (LPR)

Angel, Mary Ruth (Childress), w/o Johnny Angel of Hot Springs (Obit.)

Angelo, Family History - 1825-2007 - 6 Generations (Family History Book)
Angelo, Alice Cleo, w/o William V. (Obit.)
Angelo, Betty, age 4, d/o Billy Angelo "Birthday Party For Betty Angelo" (Article)
Angelo, Billy J., s/o S. R. Angelo "McCrory Sailor Visits Thailand" (Article)
Angelo, Billy James, s/o Roy Angelo, married (Wedding Article)
Angelo, Charles F., h/o Mary Lou (Obit.)
Angelo, Charles G. "Top Ranking Scout Of Cotton Plant" (Picture-Article)
Angelo, Charles Griffin, h/o Ernestine "Teena" (Obit.)
Angelo, Charles Micheal "Mike" (Picture Article)
Angelo, Charles Wortham "Former County Judge, Dies Saturday of Heart Attack" (Obit.)
Angelo, Chester Ray (Enlistment Record)
Angelo, Chester Ray, h/o Lewis Etta (Obit.)
Angelo, Clifford (Obit.)
Angelo, Clifford Gerald (Wedding Article)
Angelo, Mrs. Cora (Davis), of Augusta, AR "To retire as Circuit Clerk" (Picture Article)
Angelo, Mrs. Cora E. (Davis), w/o John "Jack" Mason Angelo (Picture Obit.)
Angelo, Frank M., s/o Frank Angelo, of Cotton Plant "Promoted To Major" (Article)
Angelo, Franklin M., s/o Frank Sr. & Mary Angelo, h/o Lou (Obit.)
Angelo, Gerald, son of T. C. Angelo (Wedding Article)
Angelo, J. T., h/o Mattie E. Angelo (Obit.)
Angelo, James Franklin "Wedding Announcement" (Article)
Angelo, James Franklin, "Weds" (Article)
Angelo, James Franklin, of Cotton Plant, h/o Mary B. (Obit.)
Angelo, James "Jim" Thomas (Judge), h/o Mattie E. (Obit.)
Angelo, Miss Jessie, d/o L. C. Angelo, married (Wedding)
Angelo, John Arthur, s/o John William & Lena "Letter to Santa Claus" (Article)
Angelo, John "Jack" Mason (Enlistment Record)
Angelo, John "Jack" Mason, h/o Cora E. (Obit.)
Angelo, Lena, w/o John William Angelo (Obit.)
Angelo, Lewis Etta, w/o Chester Ray Angelo (Picture)
Angelo, Lucien C., Jr., s/o Lucien C. Sr. & Mamie E. Angelo (Obit.)
Angelo, Maffie"Maggie" B., w/o Will R. (Obit.)
Angelo, Mamie Margrete, d/o James "Weds Elmer Ellis Blalock" (Wedding Article)
Angelo, Mary Agnes "Mrs. Val Angelo Sworn in as Sheriff And Collector" (Picture Article)
Angelo, Mary Agnes, w/oVal Angelo (Obit.)
Angelo, Mary B., w/o James Franklin Angelo (Obit.)
Angelo, Mike, s/o Charles G. "Chosen Mr. Cotton Plant FBLA" (Picture Article)
Angelo, Nancy Carolyn "Wins Beauty Crown at Woodruff County Fair" (Picture Article)
Angelo, Tillman Clifford, h/o Agnes Imogene (Obit.)
Angelo, Val, son of James T., h/o Mary A. "Announces For County Clerk" (Article)
Angelo, Valerous L. "Sheriff Val Angelo Dies In Little Rock Hospital" (Picture Obit.)
Angelo, Will Roy, h/o Maffie "Maggie" B. (Obit.)
Angelo, William J., s/o Mr. & Mrs. W. V. Angelo (Wedding 1938)
Angelo, William Valerous, h/o Alice Cleo (Wedding Anniversary Article)
Angelo, William Valerous, h/o Alice Cleo (Obit.)
Angelo, Wylie Phillip "Phil" - WW I - (Enlistment record)
Angelo, Wylie Phillip "Phil", h/o Helen B. (Obit.)

Angus, Family History - 11 Generations -1682-2004 (Family History Book)
Angus, "Youth charged in Angus murder" (Article)
Angus, Dane "Injured When Hit By Flying Mail Pouch" (Article)
Angus, Effie, w/o William Boyd Angus (Obit.)
Angus, Henry D. of Fort Worth, TX "Wed In Texas" (Picture of bride Wedding)
Angus, Katherine "Katie" "Early Morning Fire Destroys Angus Home" (Article)
Angus, Katherine "Kate", w/o Henry B. Angus (Obit.)
Angus, Marilyn, d/o Wilson Boyd Jr. Angus, married (Picture of Recent Bride)
Angus, Mildred Beatrice, w/o Wilson Boyd Jr. Angus (Obit.)
Angus, Mrs. Tampa, of Knightstown, IN (Obit.)
Angus, W. B. "Angus Home Completely Destroyed When Stove Explodes" (Article)
Angus, Walter L., son of William A. & Mary E. Angus (Obit.)
Angus, William Boyd, s/o Henry B. & Katie Angus (Obit.)
Angus, Wilson Boyd Jr., married (Article)
Angus, Wilson Boyd, h/o Mildred, "Murdered" (Article) (Obit.)
Angus, Zana (Angus), widow of Avery Middleton (Obit.)

Ankrom, Mrs. Eva Mae, w/o J. A. of Patterson (Obit.)
Ankrom, James Albert "Bo", bro. of J. Q. Whitt of Big Springs, TX (Obit.)

Anthony, Alice (Marriage Certificate)
Anthony, Clayton (Marriage Certificate)
Anthony, George (black) (Marriage Certificate)
Anthony, George (black), b/o John Anthony - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)
Anthony, Henry Louis (Deacon), h/o Emma Jean (Obit.)
Anthony, John (Marriage Certificate)
Anthony, John (black), h/o Alice Anthony - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)
Anthony, Josie (black) (Marriage Certificate)
Anthony, Marie (Rowe), w/o Robert L. Anthony, Sr. - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)
Anthony, Maud Ethel (black) (Marriage Certificate)
Anthony, T. J. (black) (Marriage Certificate)
Anthony, Willie (black) (Marriage Certificate)

Arbaugh, Mrs. Grace Alice, w/o James W. Arbaugh (Obit.)

Arbogast, Mary Etta, w/o Reuben S. Arbogast (Obit.)

Archard, James Anderson Jr. (Obit.)
Archard, James Anderson III “Andy”, s/o James A. Archard, Jr. & Gayne (Obit.)

Arkansas, Abstracts from Masonic Records from the Grand Lodge of Ark. (Free lookup)
Arkansas, Arkansas Death Records, Regional Death Indexes - 1914-1948 (Free lookup)
Arkansas, Arkansas State Donation and Swamp Lands (Free lookup)
Arkansas, Centennial History of Arkansas (Free lookup)
Arkansas, Childrens Home-Little Rock, AR (Article-Picture)
Arkansas, Confederate Home, Sweet Home, AR - 1930-1947 (Obits.)
Arkansas, Arkansas' Damned Yankees: Index to Union Soldiers in Ark. (Free lookup)
Arkansas, Centennial History of Arkansas, The By-Name Index (Free lookup)
Arkansas, First Arkansas Union Cavalry (Free lookup)
Arkansas, Glimpses of Yesterday, Columns from the Arkansas Gazette (Free lookup)
Arkansas, Arkansas Land Patents: Independence County (Free lookup)
Arkansas, Marriage Notices Book-1819-1845 (Free lookup)
Arkansas, Marriage Records Book-1808-1835 (Free lookup)
Arkansas, Masonic Death Records from the Grand Lodge of Ark., 1920-1940 (Free lookup)
Arkansas, Masonic Death Records from the Grand Lodge of Ark., 1941-1990 (Free lookup)
Arkansas, Arkansas' Mexican War Soldiers (Free lookup)
Arkansas, National Cemetery Burial Roster, Little Rock (Free lookup)
Arkansas, Newspaper Abstracts Book-1819-1845 (Free lookup)
Arkansas, Arkansas' Spanish American War Soldiers (Free lookup)
Arkansas, The Grim Reaper's Footsteps Across the Nation (Free lookup)
Arkansas, Arkansas Union Soldiers Pension Application Index (Free lookup)

Armspaugh, Annie, Buckeye Cem., Gregory, AR (Obit.)

Armstrong, Mrs. Alice Alma, w/o Harold (Obit.)
Armstrong, Bryan White, with Curtis Edward Armstrong "Fire Victims" - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)
Armstrong, Clara Velma "McCrory's Top Students" (Picture Article)
Armstrong, Clara Velma, married (Picture Article)
Armstrong, Curtis E., "Fire Victim" - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)
Armstrong, Daniel M. - Born IL, h/o Ellen (Cornwell) (Obit.)
Armstrong, Donald, f/o John W. & Cheryl L. "Citizens of Tomorrow" (Picture Article)
Armstrong, Dorothy May, d/o Sherman Armstrong (Obit.)
Armstrong, Miss Duffie Lee, d/o Richard & Eva L. "Hangs Self" (Obit.)
Armstrong, Eathel (Britt), w/o James Wesley Armstrong (Obit.)
Armstrong, Edwina Jane, d/o James H. of McCrory (Obit.)
Armstrong, Estella - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)
Armstrong, Ethel (Obit.)
Armstrong, Fletcher Lewis, h/o Sylvia (Obit.)
Armstrong, Frankie Ray, widow of John William Armstrong (Obit.)
Armstrong, Gerald William, h/o Mary Lou (Obit.)
Armstrong, Miss Gertrude, d/o Wm. Latham & Duffie Armstrong (Obit.)
Armstrong, Infant son of James W. (Obit.)
Armstrong, James "Ed", h/o Robbie (Pool) (Obit.)
Armstrong, James Henry, s/o Daniel & Ellen Armstrong (Obit.)
Armstrong, James H. (Obit.)
Armstrong, James Wesley, h/o Eathel (Obit.)
Armstrong, John W. (Obit.)
Armstrong, John W., Jr. - (Article)
Armstrong, John W. Jr., s/o John W. "At Training Base At Avon Park, Florida" (Article)
Armstrong, John W., s/o J. W. Armstrong "Wedding Announced" (Picture, Article of Bride)
Armstrong, John W., Jr. (Articles) (Family History) (Picture Obit.)
Armstrong, John Wm. "Well Known Farmer & Prominent Citizen's Rites Tuesday" (Obit.)
Armstrong, Lemuel L. "Buck", "Fall From Window Proves Fatal" (Obit.)
Armstrong, Lewis, s/o S. J. Armstrong (Wedding)
Armstrong, Margaret, d/o J. W. (Wedding)
Armstrong, Margaret, d/o Mrs. Ray Armstrong (Wedding)
Armstrong, Mrs. Mattie, formerly of McCrory (Obit.)
Armstrong, Ruby Ewing Gardner, w/o John W. Armstrong (Obit.)
Armstrong, Ryan C. "Fire Victim" - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)
Armstrong, Tracy M. "Fire Victim" - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)
Armstrong, William Letham, h/o Mary (Obit.)

Arnberg, Robert A., s/o Sidney C., picture of bride (Picture Wedding)

Arnett, Emma L. (Hopkins) Simmons, w/o Chris C. Simmons, & Charles Arnett (Obit.)
Arnett, George Thomas, "Killed Yesterday By Hit-Run Driver" (Obit.)
Arnett, George Thomas, "Hit-and-Run Victim Is Buried Monday" (Article)
Arnett, Larry "Taken into custody" (Article)
Arnett, Myrtle (Obit.)
Arnett, Roy, s/o A. E. Arnett, married, picture of bride (Picture Wedding)
Arnett, Roy Melburn, son of Charles "Receives Training At Great Lakes, IL" (Article)
Arnett, Thomas D., Sr., s/o George T. Arnett (Obit.)

Arnof, Ellis, son of Heyman & Fannie "Accidentally Shot & Killed" (Obit.)
Arnof, Fannie"Funeral Rites For Mrs. Fannie Arnof Held In Memphis" (Obit.)
Arnof, Heyman, h/o Fannie (Obit.)
Arnof, I. N. & Mayor Gerald Morris open miniture golf course (Article)
Arnof, Ian, s/o Nudy Arnof "Wins Another Promotion At Memphis Bank" (Picture Article)
Arnof, Nudy, "The Bachlor Pays" (Article)
Arnof, Ruth - Died in Cordova, TN (Obit.)

Arseneau, Esther Juanita (Arthur) (Obit.)

Arthur, James Lee, bro. of Nathan C. Arthur (Obit.)
Arthur, Joan, d/o N. C. "Sisters To Marry Brothers" (Wedding Article)
Arthur, John B., h/o Esther F. (Biog.)
Arthur, John Monroe, h/o Marion P. Arthur (Obit.)
Arthur, Mary Lou, d/o N. C. "Sisters To Marry Brothers" (Wedding Article)
Arthur, Nathan C., h/o Effie Arthur (Obit.)
Arthur, Nathan, Jr., s/o Nathan "Outstanding Airman In Washington Area", (Article)
Arthur, Shelly Lorece, d/o David Arthur (Obit.)
Arthur, Mrs. Willie (Wright), sis. of Eugene Wright (Obit.)

Arthurs, Miss Jean, d/o Wm. A. "Wedding Bells Ring For Ark. Couple" (Wedding)
Arthurs, Miss Jerry, d/o W. A. Arthurs "Cotton Plant Bride Elect" (Picture Article)
Arthurs, Jim, "Receives Degree from ASC", s/o Horace (Article 1-20-1967)
Arthurs, Roland Horace, h/o Cornella (Obit.)

Arwood, John A., of Forrest City, AR, h/o Mary E. (Obit.)
Arwood, Mary Elizabeth, of Forrest City, AR, w/o John A. Arwood, Sr. (Obit.)

Asbille, Pauline (Faye Pauline), w/o Parker Asbille (Obit.)

Ash, Bertha (Gipson), w/o Arnold A. Ash (Obit.)
Ash, Rufus Fay, s/o Ruth Ash (Obit.)

Ashburn, Miss Annie Pauline (Wedding)
Ashburn, Becky Ann, infant, d/o Roger Dale Ashburn (Obit.)
Ashburn, Bird M., h/o Mary Jane (Obit.)
Ashburn, Cecil Edward, s/o Clarence (Obit.)
Ashburn, Clarence, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Ola Ashburn (Wedding)
Ashburn, David Wayne, s/o Bobby Ashburn (Obit.)
Ashburn, Florence (Colston), w/o Clarence E. (Wedding)
Ashburn, Frank Leroy (Picture Obit.)
Ashburn, Fred William, h/o Velma (Obit.)
Ashburn, Georgia (Little), w/o Jeff F. Ashburn (Obit.)
Ashburn, Geraldine O., d/o Olen H. & Ivey Ashburn, (Obit.)
Ashburn, Harold Gene, h/o Burma J. (Obit.)
Ashburn, Jackson "Jack", s/o Bird M. & Mary J. Ashburn (Obit.)
Ashburn, Jeff Frank, h/o Nellie (Obit.)
Ashburn, Jennie (Anderson) "Killed by Train at McCrory Crossing" (Obit.)
Ashburn, Kenneth Ray, s/o Jeff Frank & Nellie (Obit.)
Ashburn, Madgerine, d/o Ola Ashburn (Wedding)
Ashburn, Mary Jane, widow of Bird Ashburn (Obit.)
Ashburn, Ola, h/o Pearl Ashburn (Obit.)
Ashburn, Pearl (Adkins), w/o Ola Ashburn (Obit.)
Ashburn, Plumer (Obit.)
Ashburn, Preston Eugene, h/o Jenny (Obit.)
Ashburn, Robert Lee, son of Ola Ashburn (Wedding)
Ashburn, Velma (Landon), h/o Fred (Obit.)
Ashburn, Wayne Edward, h/o Helen, & Betty L. (Obit.)

Ashby, The Ashby Family History - 1680--2006 - 11 Generations (Family History Book)
Ashby, Arthur, h/o Shirley Ann Ashby (Obit.)
Ashby, John Ike, s/o Sanford & Elizabeth Ashby (Obit.)
Ashby, Joseph Lee, s/o Richard Dale "Ricky" Ashby (Obit.)
Ashby, Shirley Ann, w/o Arthur Ashby (Obit.)
Ashby, Teah La Trell, d/o Edward L. Ashby (Picture Wedding)

Ashgrove, School (black) (Article)

Ashley, Early Lee (Obit.)
Ashley, Fannie Dean (Burton), w/o Early Burton (Obit.)

Ashworth, Ted, of Tupelo, h/o Dona Ashworth (Obit.)

Asier, John C., son of C. A. Stader "Local Soldier Wins Infantryman's Badge" (Article)

Askew, Russell Alberta, w/o McKinley Askew, Jr. - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)

Askins, Edward L., s/o Isom Askins of Penrose "Enlist In Army" (Article)
Askins, Helen (Irby), w/o E. L. Askins (Obit.)

Assembly of God Church-Hunter (History-Picture)

Atkins, Carl Ellis, h/o Mary E. (Obit.)
Atkins, Mary, of Des Arc, w/o Jim Atkins (Obit.)
Atkins, Mary Ella (Joplin), w/o Carl E. (Obit.)
Atkins, Ray C. "Shot To Death by Patterson Police Officer" (Articles)
Atkins, Ray C. - November 1, 1954 - March 21, 1982, s/o Carl Atkins (Articles) (Obit.)
Atkins, Willie Mae - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)

Atkinson, George Walter, h/o Blanche (Obit.)
Atkinson, Ida James, d/o John E. & Emma Atkinson (Picture Grave Marker) (Obit.)
Atkinson, John Thomas, s/o John E. & Emma Atkinson (Obit.)
Atkinson, Suzanne (Matlock) Hyatt, formerly of Woodruff Co., AR (Picture Obit.)

Aubuchon, Rosetta, daughter of Jesse P. "Drowns In Bar Pit At Augusta" (Obit.)

Augusta, Memorial Park Cemetery Records, updated to present, available, binder or CD
Augusta, Augusta Legion Hutt - Jess Norman Post 166 (Article)
Augusta, White River Bridge "Center of Elaborate Celebration" (Picture-Article)

Austin, Billy Frank, h/o Edna (Picture Obit.)
Austin, James R., s/o John Wesley & Molly Austin (Obit.)
Austin, John Wesley, of Newport, h/o Mollie (Obit.)

Authors, Miss Geraldine, dau. of W. A. "In L. S. U. Violin Recital" (Picture-Article)

Auxiliary, Police - "Unit is Planned In McCrory" (Article)
Auxiliary, Police "Hubert Mann is Named Chief of Auxiliary Police" (Article)

Avery, Mrs. Rivers, of Memphis, TN, formerly of Augusta, (Obit.)

Ayres, Mark, of Cotton Plant (Obit.)


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