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Surnames "D"
Index for Names in
Woodruff County, Arkansas

Compiled by Gary Telford, P. O. Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010
501-724-2490, or email wgt@centurytel.net

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogist. Old pictures are priceless. Gathering this information has involved four years of research through old Woodruff County newspapers, preparing an index and filing all of it. Every effort is being made to preserve this important Woodruff County history.

The four years of research has involved searching through old newspapers of Woodruff County, Arkansas, to find obituaries, articles, weddings and pictures. Most of these have been copied on a commercial digital copier and are very good quality. Quite a bit of money and time was invested in this project, which is still in progress.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be sent by email. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. All are copied on heavyweight, 28 lb., bright white, acid free, archive safe, paper. There is a small fee to cover expenses, mailing, etc.

The papers name and the date it was published will be on each item. Any of these old "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook."

Remember: "A Family Tree can wither if no one tends it's roots." For more info. and a complete index on obituaries, weddings, pictures, and articles, see Parts 1-19 now posted on Woodruff County Website at rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ - Click on (Obits/Weddings) See also Surname Index.

Woodruff County Cemetery Records have been updated to present 2011 with all old and new burials and are available in a binder. Prices vary depending on size of cemetery. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

For a complete list of the Family History Books now available go to rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ Click on (Family History Books) New books are being published monthly. Contact me to see if a Family History Book is available for your family.

Many other Woodruff County Obituaries, Articles, Weddings & Pictures, 1930-2010, are available that have not been posted yet. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

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The following abbreviations have been used where space requires;
h/o--husband of
w/o--wife of
m/o--mother of
f/o--father of
d/o--daughter of
s/o--son of
b/o--brother of
sis. of--sister of

Dabbs, Maude Alice, w/o William Clinton Dabbs (Obit.)

Daggett, Mr. Herbert A., of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)
Daggett, Herbert, of Memphis, TN (Obit.)
Daggett, Trilby W., w/o H. A. Dagget (Obit.)

Dale, Dr. Felix Delancy & Ida A. (Hamblet) Dale (Family History)
Dale, Mrs. Edmond (Roddy) (Obit.)
Dale, Dr. Felix Delancy (Picture of couple & Biog.)
Dale, Harrison Penn "Pat", h/o Pauline E. Dale (Obit.)
Dale, Ida A. (Picture)

Dallas, Alvin Eugene, h/o Glinda Lou Dallas (Obit.)
Dallas, Charles, Woodruff County Judge, h/o Brenda Dallas (Picture Article)
Dallas, Ernest Howard Sr., h/o Lillie Mae Dallas (Obit.)
Dallas, Ernest, s/o Howard Dallas, "Weds" (Article)
Dallas, Ernest Howard, Jr., s/o Ernest H. Dallas, Sr. of Howell (Obit.)
Dallas, Mr. June, h/o Mollie Dallas & Cora Dallas (Obit.)
Dallas, Lillie Mae, w/o E. H. Dallas (Obit.), in fold
Dallas, Ted of McCrory, h/o Irene, "Killed When Plane Crashes" (Obit.)

Dalton, Jinnie B. (Lewis) Pryor, (black), w/o Cecil Pryor, Sr., & Booker T. Dalton (Obit.)
Dalton, Melvin Leon, of Newport, AR, h/o Erma Dalton (Obit.)
Dalton, T. C., h/o Linda L. Dalton (Obit.)

Daly, Tommie Freeman, s/o Mrs. J. N. Stiffes, "Returns To Duty" (Picture Article)
Daly, Tommy Freeman, "Catches 54 Pound King-Sized Salmon" (Picture Article)

Damaree, C. W., bro. of Mrs. Mary Mason of Jonesboro, AR (Obit.)

Danels, Mrs. Bertha D., w/o Lawrence F. Danels (Obit.)
Danels, Lawrence Franklin "Shorty", h/o Bertha D. Danels (Obit.)

Daniel, Mr. Cletus, s/o William Foster Daniel (Obit.)
Daniel, Fannie (Ball), w/o Jesse R. Daniel (Obit.)
Daniel, Franchelle (Woody), w/o Walter Peyton Daniel (Picture Obit.)
Daniel, Gladys J., (Obit.)
Daniel, Hester Ann, widow of T. W. Daniel of McCrory, died in Memphis (Obit.)
Daniel, James Buford, h/o Liza J. Daniel (Obit.)
Daniel, Jess, "Weds" (Article)
Daniel, Jess, Sr. (Obit.)
Daniel, Jesse R., h/o Fannie (Ball) Daniel (Obit.)
Daniel, Sarah Ruth, w/o William Dallas Daniel (Obit.)
Daniel, Terry McCrory, w/o Jess Daniel and J. C. McCrory (Obit.)
Daniel, Velma, d/o J. R. Daniel, "Weds" (Article)
Daniel, Walter Peyton, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Jess Daniel, "Weds" (Article)
Daniel, Walter Peyton, Sr., h/o Franchelle (Woody) Daniel (Picture Obit.)
Daniel, William Dallas, "Former McCrory High School Principal" (Picture Obit.)

Daniels, George, s/o W. T. & Rosa Daniels, "Is Now Fire Chief" (Article)
Daniels, George W., h/o Pearl Daniels (Obit.)
Daniels, L. A., s/o Luther T., "Two Boys From Woodruff Co. Wounded In Action" (Article)
Daniels, L. A., s/o Luther, "Pfc. L. A. Daniels Awarded Combat Infantry Badge" (Article)
Daniels, L. A., h/o Cloraree Daniels (Obit.)
Daniels, Luther Thomas, h/o Litha Ann Daniels (Obit.)
Daniels, Pvt. Luther T., Jr., WW II, of McCrory, "Home From Overseas" (Article)
Daniels, Luther Thomas, Jr. (Obit.)
Daniels, Nora J. (Jenkins), w/o Lee Daniels (Obit.)
Daniels, Oscar Samuel, of Silver Springs, Maryland, formerly of Augusta, h/o Opherita Daniels (Obit.)
Daniels, Miss Virginia, d/o G. W. Daniels, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Daniels, W. T., s/o Luther Daniels, "Young Hunter Shoots Self Accidentally" (Article)

Danner, Joe Don, h/o Pat Danner (Obit.)
Danner, Lula A., w/o Dr. J. J. Danner & Joe H. Peebles (Obit.)

Dansberry, Mattie Teretha, of St Louis, MO, widow of Nathaniel Dansberry (Obit.)

Darby, Billy John, s/o Mary Darby (Obit.)
Darby, Brenda J. (Obit.)
Darby, Earnest R., h/o Hazel Darby (Obit.)
Darby, Hazel D., w/o Earnest Darby (Obit.)
Darby, John Wayne, s/o Earnest & Hazel Darby, "Killed by Tony Thomas of Connecticut" (Obit.)
Darby, Kirk, s/o Earnest R. & Hazel D. Darby (Obit.)
Darby, Paul N., of Augusta, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Darby, Tabitha , d/o Paul & Sherry Darby of Augusta (Obit.)

Dark, Ethel Faye (Foster), w/o Bert Dark (Obit.)
Dark, Robert T. Sr., bro. of Bert Dark (Obit.)

Darling, Brice, s/o Joe B., "Lt. Brice Darling Seriously Wounded" (Article)
Darling, Cordelia "Cordia" (Headen), w/o Thomas M. Darling (Obit.)
Darling, Kathryn (Mary K.) (Childress), d/o Edward F. Childress (Obit.)
Darling, Mollie Lou (Reeves) Ellis, m/o Claude Ellis (Obit.)
Darling, Perry (Harry) Edward, h/o Norene Darling (Obit.)
Darling, Robert (Bob), "Robert Darling Killed In Carlisle Christmas Day" (Article) (Obit.)

Darmer, Franklin Lee, "Former Tax Assessor Dies", h/o Leona Darmer (Obit.)

Daugett, Fletcher, (black), killed in action WWII, s/o Mable Daugett (Article)

Daugherty, Angela Christine, d/o Paul & Claudia C. Daugherty (Picture Article)
Daugherty, Benjamin F., of Monroe Co., AR, formerly of McCrory (Obit.)
Daugherty, Eugenia (Shoup), w/o James F. Daugherty, Sr. (Obit.)
Daugherty, Genie, d/o Judge & Mrs. J. F. Daugherty, "Newest Entry In Pageant" (Picture Article)
Daugherty, Genie, "Pageant Winner To Compete in Miss Ark. Event" (Picture Article)
Daugherty, Jessie L., s/o Joseph & Laura P. Daugherty (Typed Obit.)
Daugherty, W. B. (Obit.)
Daugherty, William S., "Augusta Native Wins U.S. Air Force Commendation Medal" (Large Picture Article)

Daughety, Dorothy (Arron), w/o Stephen Daughety (Obit.)
Daughety, Stephen Lee, h/o Dorothy (Arron) Daughety (Obit.)

Davenport, Ray, s/o Morris, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Davenport, Roy Morris, "R. M. Davenport Is With 7th Infantry In Hokkaido, Japan" (Article)
Davenport, William D., f/o Joe Davenport, & Mrs. Rosa Hubbard (Obit.)
Davenport, William D., of Searcy, AR, h/o Margaret Elizabeth Davenport (Obit.)

David, Mildred, of Caraway, AR, w/o Amos David (Obit.)

Davidson, Mr. Cary F., of Fitzhugh, survived by wife (Obit.)
Davidson, Franklin "Frank" Marion (Obit.)
Davidson, H.O., h/o Imogene Marie Davidson (Obit.)
Davidson, Imogene Marie, w/o H.O. Davidson (Obit.)
Davidson, Mary Jane, w/o Mack Davidson, "Funeral Held Sunday" (Obit.)
Davidson, Mary Katherine (Huenefeld), w/o Darrell Davidson (Obit.)

Davie, Robert Earl "Buck", h/o Paula Davie (Obit.)

Davis, Robert Milford Davis - 1680-2008 - 13 Generations (Family History Book)
Davis, The Sisk-Davis Family (Family History)
Davis, Alfred, Jr., of St. Joseph, MO, h/o Mildred L. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Annie Ray, w/o Leslie Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Arthur "Shorty", h/o Pauline Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Arthur Lee, h/o Nancy G. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Audrey Pauline, w/o William Chester Davis (Picture Obit.)
Davis, Mrs. Bertha (Cobb), of south McCrory (Obit.)
Davis, Betty Jo, Aged 5 years, d/o Elizabeth Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Billy Wade Conley, of Santa Clara, CA, h/o Colleen Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Bobby, aged 3 years, s/o Elizabeth Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Calvin Percy, h/o Thelma Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Miss Carrie Elizabeth, d/o Willow & Minnie Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Charles Monroe, "Newport Man Takes His Own Life", h/o Sallie Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Charles Pink (Obit.)
Davis, Clarence H., SSgt. U.S. Army WWII (Obit.)
Davis, Cora (Campbell) Morgan, w/o George M. Davis (Obit.), in fold
Davis, Court, Jr., s/o Court, Sr., "School Child Injured In Highway Accident" (Article)
Davis, Curtis S, h/o Alice M. Davis (Obit.), list Sanford Curtis Davis?
Davis, Davidson Henderson, "Killed in Hunting Accident", h/o Louise Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Dean Carlton - Feb. 1, 1930 - Sept. 12, 2008, s/o Harvey Sims Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Donald F., h/o Henrietta "Sisty" Davis, "Airman of Year At McClellan AFB" (Article)
Davis, Earl Edward, h/o Effie Mae Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Earl R., Pvt. U.S. Army, bro. of Mrs. of Letha Singleton of Searcy & others (Obit.)
Davis, Earnesteen Brown, w/o Alfred Davis, Sr. (Obit.)
Davis, Edward L., h/o Hazel Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Effie Mae, w/o Earl Edward Davis (Picture Obit.)
Davis, Elijah Clifton, of Cotton Plant, h/o Thena Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Mrs. Elizabeth, w/o Everett Davis, "Mother & Children Lose Life When Home Burns" (Obit.)
Davis, Elizabeth (Mary Elizabeth) (Cash), w/o Robert Milford Davis (Picture of couple)
Davis, Elizabeth "Betty" (Davis), w/o John W. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Emmett Franklin, Pfc. U.S. Marine Corps WWII, h/o Opal Davis & Loetta Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Enos H., (black) (Obit.)
Davis, Evelyn Cornelia, infant daughter of Steve Davis, Jr., of Hughes, AR (Obit.)
Davis, Fletcher, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Davis, Fletcher, h/o Susie Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Forrest, of Memphis, TN, formerly of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Davis, Miss Frances, d/o Jeff Davis, "President Of FHA" (Picture Article)
Davis, Frankie, "Gus Warring Buys Davis Barber Shop" (Article)
Davis, Fred William, h/o Mary Sue Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Freddie, h/o Mamie Nell Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Miss Freddie Lee, d/o Jim Davis of Hillemann, "Weds" (Article)
Davis, George M., & sons, Clarence & Emmitt, "Three Injured In Crossing Accident" (Article)
Davis, George M., h/o Cora Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Gertrude, "Negro Woman Dies After Being Hit By Truck Near Augusta", w/o Scott Davis (Obit.)
Davis, J. E., h/o Joyce Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Mary Elizabeth (Smith) Fitzjarold, w/o John Edward (Judge) Davis (Obit.)
Davis, George Vernon, h/o Ann Davis (Obit.), in fold
Davis, Gladys Matilda, w/o R. S. Davis, Sr. (Obit.)
Davis, Grover M., born Augusta, AR, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Davis, Hazel E. (Mitchell) (Obit.)
Davis, Helen (Ewell), (black), w/o Johnny London Davis (Large Obit.)
Davis, Henry Mc., born Augusta, AR, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Davis, Howard, "Little and Davis solve break in" (Picture Article)
Davis, Howard R., "Participated in Basic Police Training Class" (Picture Article)
Davis, Hugh Dean, of Brinkley, h/o Edwina Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Ida Marguerite (Jacobs), w/o Milford Anderson "Babe" Davis (Picture Obit.)
Davis, Imogene (Blackburn), w/o Donald H. "Pappy" Davis (Picture Obit.)
Davis, J. D. (Joe Darden), Sr., h/o Mattie Rebecca Davis (Obit.)
Davis, J. E., of Augusta, h/o Joyce Ann Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Jackie Dean, s/o Court P. Davis of Weiner, "Former Wiville Child Dies From Burns" (Obit.)
Davis, James W., h/oMildred Davis, "Arkansas Flier Dies In Crash At Louisville" (Obit.)
Davis, James Watson, h/o Jessie Lea Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Jeanita Ann (Long), d/o Otto Long, Jr. (Obit.)
Davis, Jeff (Senator), former Governor of Arkansas, "Is Dead" (Obit.)
Davis, Jessie Etta, w/o Rheub B. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Jessie Lea (Wyatt) (Obit.)
Davis, Mrs. Jimmie, w/o M. L. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Joe Darden, Sr. - 1883 - Sept. 19, 1955, h/o Mattie Rebecca Davis (Obit.)
Davis, John, s/o Thelma Davis of Garrison, Minn. "Clarendon man dies at motel" (Obit.)
Davis, John C., s/o Rhoda E., "Reported Killed In German Campaign" (Picture Obit.)
Davis, Pfc. John C. Davis, Cotton Plant, "Woodruff County War Dead Returned" (Article)
Davis, John Edward, h/o Mary E. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, John Edward, "John Davis to seek re-election to office of County Judge" (Picture Article)
Davis, John Fredrick, father of Arie Davis & others (Obit.)
Davis, John Lewis, of Colt, Cross Co., AR, h/o Lilly Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Joseph M. "J. M.", h/o Norma Davis (Picture Obit.)
Davis, Keith, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Davis, Kip, "Citizen of the Year" (Article)
Davis, Kody Rick (Picture Obit.)
Davis, Leah G., w/o Swift A. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Miss Lois, d/o J. D. Davis, of near Augusta (Obit.)
Davis, Louis John, s/o Cleat & Beulah Davis (Obit.), in fold
Davis, Lula (Clayton), (black), w/o Harrison Davis (Obit.)
Davis, M. Esther (Obit.)
Davis, Mack A., h/o Lola B. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Maggie Jim (Anderson) (Mrs. Jimmie), w/o M. L. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Mamie Nell (Griggers), w/o Freddie Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Margarite (Jacobs), w/o Anderson "Babe" Davis, "Woman of the Year" (Picture Article)
Davis, Marion Asia, h/o Nancy Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Marion Ray, h/o Katherine Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Martha Elizabeth "Aunt Betty", w/o John W. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Mary Anne (Gravenmier), w/o Sanford Kitle Davis, Jr. (Picture Obit.)
Davis, Mary E., w/o John Edward Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Mary Ellen (Marsh), widow of James Franklin Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Mary Elizabeth, w/o Robert Milford Davis (Picture of couple)
Davis, Mary Elizabeth, w/o John Edward (Judge) Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Mary Evelyn, w/o Robert S. Davis, Jr. (Obit.) A
Davis, Mary Kathleen, d/o John H. & Minnie L. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Matilda, (black), w/o Oscar Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Mrs. Mattie Rebecca (Houser), w/o Joe Darden Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Milford Anderson "Babe" Davis, s/o John & Minnie L. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Minnie Lee A., w/o John H. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Nancy "Nannie", w/o Arthur Lee Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Naomi A. (Franklin), (black), age 102, w/o Forrest Davis, Sr. (Obit.)
Davis, Nellie Leola (Damron), w/o James William "Bill" Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Oweta (Minnie Oweta) (Anderson) (Obit.), in fold
Davis, Peggy Janice (Tucker), w/o Billy Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Peggy Marie, d/o Fred William & Mary Magdalean "Toot" Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Rebecca (Obit.)
Davis, Richard W., of Clarendon, survived by wife, and others (Obit.)
Davis, Robert Milford, h/o Mary Elizabeth Davis (Picture of couple)
Davis, Robert S., Sr., h/o Mary Evelyn Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Robert Stephen "Steve" Jr., s/o Robert Stephen Sr. (Obit.)
Davis, Ronald Laval, of Pine Bluff, AR, h/o Barbara Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Ronald T., s/o Donald & Sisty (Kelley) Davis of Little Rock (Obit.)
Davis, Roscoe, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Davis, Rubye, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Frank Davis, "Weds" (Article)
Davis, Samuel Odell, "Youth Charged In Angus Murder" (Article)
Davis, Sanford "Bubba", of Garden Grove, CA, h/o Peggy Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Sanford Kitle, h/o Vivian D. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Sanford Kitle, Jr., s/o Sanford Kitle Sr., "Weds" (Article)
Davis, Sarah S., of Fair Oaks, w/o Frank W. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Sina B. (Josina "Sina" Bethsheba, w/o Elbert Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Stephen Larry, of Germantown, TN, s/o Milford L. Betty Jean Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Susie Elizabeth, w/o Fletcher Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Tammy Jane, of Winona, MS, d/o Mrs. Tom J. Davis (Picture Obit.)
Davis, Terral Morris, s/o Martin Luther & Maggie J. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, Thomas Lester, h/o Rachel Davis (Obit.)
Davis, William, (black), s/o Leandrew & Rebecca Miller Davis (Obit.)
Davis, William "Bill" Mirrell, of Miami, FL, formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Dora B. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, William Chester, h/o Audrey Pauline Davis (Obit.)
Davis, William Eli, h/o Beatrice M. Davis (Obit.)
Davis, William Fletcher, h/o Susie Davis (Obit.)
Davis, William Halley, h/o Tinne Davis & Maxie Davis (Obit.)
Davis, William Harlan, of the Duffell Community, h/o Alice May Davis (Obit.)

Dawson, Bessie Lee (Conner), w/o Robert Dawson (Obit.)
Dawson, Earnest "Ernie", of Stuttgart, formerly of Hunter (Obit.)
Dawson, Frances Inez, w/o Owen Edward Dawson (Obit.)
Dawson, Frank, of Helena, AR, bro. of Robert Dawson of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Dawson, Infant of Clyde (Obit.)
Dawson, James Walter, s/o Crystal Moon Dawson (Obit.)
Dawson, Lee Roy, of Helena, AR, h/o Sarah Dawson (Obit.)
Dawson, Luther L., h/o Mrs. Crystal (Moon) (Obit.)
Dawson, Martha E., w/o Samuel V. Dawson (Obit.)
Dawson, Mary Elizabeth (Phillips) (Obit.)
Dawson, Mary Kathryn, w/o Larry Dawson (Obit.)
Dawson, Rickey Eugene, s/o Stanley E. Dawson (Obit.)
Dawson, Samuel Vaulter, h/o Martha E. Dawson (Obit.) -
Dawson, Steven Edward, s/o Larry & Janet Dawson (Obit.)
Dawson, Thomas Eldon, "American Greetings manager" (Large Obit.)
Dawson, Walter Earl, s/o Roy (Obit.)
Dawson, William P., h/o Arminta Dawson (Obit.)

Day, Curtis, h/o Effie Day (Obit.)
Day, Effie Mae (Parker) (Obit.)
Day, James (Picture)
Day, James Earl, h/o Marguerite M. Day (Obit.)
Day, Kenneth Roland, Mount George, AR (Obit.)
Day, Marguerite Mae, w/o James E. Day (Obit.)
Day, Robert, s/o James Earl & Marquerite M. Day (Obit.)

Deadman, William C., born Swifton, AR, WW I (Enlistment Record)

Dean, Mary Ann, of Des Arc, w/o Esslie Dean of Des Arc (Obit.)

Deason, Bessie M. (Obit.)
Deason, Enoch V., born Hunter, AR, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Deason, Frances Minerva, w/o Burnis Deason (Obit.)
Deason, Howard, age 20, "Soldier Killed By Train At Wynne", s/o George Deason (Obit.)
Deason, Miss Jewel L., d/o Elbert C. Massey of Wynne (Obit.)
Deason, Joel, born Searcy, AR, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Deason, Lizzie May (Matlock), w/o Thomas C. Deason (Obit.)
Deason, Victor H., born Searcy, AR, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Deason, William P., born Searcy, AR, WW I (Enlistment Record)

Deaton, Marion Lee, of Bald Knob, formerly of Gregory (Obit.)
Deaton, Nettie Ann "Annie", w/o Paul Deaton (Picture Obit.)
Deaton, Paul, h/o Nettie Ann "Annie" (Picture Article of couple)

DeBoe, Edwin, of Memphis, formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Pauline DeBoe (Obit.)
DeBoe, Hugh Joseph, h/o Mary E. DeBoe (Obit.)
DeBoe, Mrs. Mary Eliza, "Veteran Of Hotel Business Dies At Cotton Plant" (Obit.)

Declaration of Independence, "The Price They Paid" (Picture Article)

Dedman, Miles W., h/o Ora Lee Dedman (Obit.)

Dees, John, born Coffeeville, MS, WW I (Enlistment Record)

Defoor, Earl, Jr., of Hoxie, formerly of McCrory, h/o Velma Joan Defoor (Obit.)

Dehart, John, "76-Year-Old Fiddler, Winner of Contest" (Article)
Dehart, John Melton, h/o Susie Dehart & Rebecca Dehart (Obit.)
Dehart, William Monroe "Bud", h/o Goldie Dehart (Obit.)

DeHorn, William M. DeHorn, "A Most Remarkable Man" (Story)

Delancey, Carl W. "Bill", of McCrory, s/o Carl & Opal Delancey (Picture Obit.)

Deland, Charles W., h/o Mae Deland & Susan Annie Deland (Story & Picture of couple) (Obit.)
Deland, Susan Annie, w/o Charles W. Deland (Story & Picture of couple)

Demaree, Amy Lee, w/o Lynn Fred Demaree (Obit.)
Demaree, Billy Lynn, s/o Lynn, "Infant Burns To Death In Pumpkin Bend" (Obit.)
Demaree, Charles Wesley (Obit.)
Demaree, Levoy Patrick, U. S. Army, h/o Reba Demaree (Obit.)
Demaree, Lynn Fred, "Weds" (Marriage Announcement)
Demaree, Lynn Fred, h/o Amy Demaree (Obit.)
Demaree, Tennessee "Tennie" (Obit.)

Dement, Mattie, w/o Albert Dement (Obit.)

Demerjian, Kathryn C. (Elam) (Obit.)

Dempsey, Robert M., h/o Celia Dempsey, "Wounded In Action" (Article)

Denby, Miss Evonne & Floy, d/o F. M., "Sisters Injured in Auto" (Article)
Dendy, Floyd M., h/o Ora Dendy (Obit.)

Denney, Mrs. Carmen C., w/o Will Denney (Obit.)
Denney, Ella Jane, w/o Oakley Alfred Denney (Picture of marker)
Denney, Gladys, w/o Archie Denney (Obit.)

Dennis, Dennis-Eaker Family History Book- 8 Generations 1810 2007 (Family History Book)
Dennis, Dennis Cemetery, updated May 1, 2007 (Binder)
Dennis, Flossie Irene, sis. of Johnnie Dennis of Searcy (Obit.)
Dennis, Gary Raymond, s/o Wilson R. Dennis & Helen Dennis (Obit.)
Dennis, Hazel Alice, w/o Melvin "Dutch" Dennis (Obit.)
Dennis, Iris B. (Eaker), w/o Jessie W. (Pictures) (Obit.)
Dennis, John R., h/o Nannie Dennis (Obit.)
Dennis, Paul Burnnie, s/o Jesse W. Dennis & Iris B. Dennis (Obit.)

Densel, Wes, "Seriously hurt by flying timbers, Cyclone at Hunter" (Article, Typed)

Dent School, Dent School, no longer in existence (Article)
Dent, James B., C.S.A. Veteran (Family History)
Dent, Julia B. Dent, "Weds Ulysses S. Grant" (Story)

DePetris, Robert Duncan Lusher, s/o the former Velma Winfrey of Woodruff Co., AR (Obit.)

DePriest, Margarett M., w/oThomas E. DePriest (Obit.)

Derbes, Christine, w/oVincent J. Derbres, M.D. (Obit.)
Devazier, Evelyn Louise, w/o William Winston DeVazier (Obit.)

DeView, Methodist Church, "Observes 103rd Anniversary Sunday" (Picture Article)
DeView, "School Where Woodruff Countians Learned Their ABC's" (Story & Picture)

Devore, Earl Lovell, of near Cabot, AR, h/o Mary Devore (Obit.)
Devore, Elmer L., of Des Arc, h/o Grace Devore (Obit.)
DeVore, Robert Guy, of Des Arc, AR, h/o Sally DeVore (Obit.)

Dew, Evelyn Hynes, (black) (Obit.)

Dewberry, Julian R., h/o Betty Dewberry (Obit.)

Dewees, Mary Margaret (Obit.)

Dewitt, John J. and Huston M. Dewitt Family - Kentucky to Woodruff Co., AR (Family History)
Dewitt, Annie L., w/o Harvey Homer Dewitt (Obit.)
DeWitt, Barbara "Diann", w/o Harvey "Sonny" Dewitt, Jr. (Obit.)
Dewitt, Billy Hugh, h/o Donna Dewitt (Obit.)
DeWitt, Chester L., h/o Nina Bell DeWitt (Obit.)
DeWitt, Clarence Wayne, h/o Judy Mae DeWitt (Picture Obit.)
DeWitt, Dennis Delbert, h/o Mary DeWitt, & Bonnie Evelyn DeWitt (Obit.)
DeWitt, Miss Donnie, of near McCrory, "Weds" (Marriage Record)
DeWitt, George, 21, of McCrory, "Weds" (Marriage Record)
DeWitt, Goldie Evenlyn, w/o Homer Dewitt (Obit.)
DeWitt, J. R. of Macon, MS formally of Woodruff Co., AR (Obit.)
DeWitt, Jesse F., s/o Huston M. DeWitt & Sarah Catherine Dewitt (Obit.)
DeWitt, John James, s/o Olney DeWitt, "Woodruff's First War Victim Is Honored" (Article)
DeWitt, John James, s/o Ishmael S. DeWitt & Eliza Jane Dewitt (Obit.)
DeWitt, John L., "County's First War Victim From Near McCrory" (Article)
DeWitt, Lawrence, s/o Onley Dewitt of Hillemann, "Weds" (Article)
DeWitt, Lucille Imogene, w/o Gilbert Alvy Dewitt (Obit.)
Dewitt, Mary (O'Hare), w/o Dennis Dewitt (Obit.)
DeWitt, Mary Joyce, w/o Kenneth Lewis Dewitt (Obit.)
DeWitt, Retha, d/o Dennis DeWitt, "Weds" (Picture Article)
DeWitt, Sarah K. "Katie", w/o Huston Mathias DeWitt (Obit.)

Dial, Lambert C., h/o Bertrum Dial (Obit.), in fold

Diamond,Jonker, "124 Caret Beauty", worn by Brenda Frazier of New York (Picture Article)

Dickens, Florence Eva, of Stuttgart, AR (Obit.)
Dickens, Maude (Moon) (Obit.)
Dickens, Maude (Moon), w/o Virgil Dickens (Obit.)

Dickerson, Barbara A., w/o Carl Armour Dickerson (Obit.)
Dickerson, Carl Douglas "Doug", s/o Carl Armour & Barbara A. Dickerson (Obit.)
Dickerson, Dorothy Eleanor, w/o David L. Dickerson (Obit.)
Dickerson, Eastman, of Lubbock, TX, h/o Iva Dickerson (Obit.)
Dickerson, Iva, d/o Mrs. Erna Dickerson of Morton, "Weds" (Article)
Dickerson, Kaylor Monroe, s/o Mrs Erma Dickerson of Morton, "Weds" (Article)
Dickerson, Syble Floello, w/o Jefferson C. Dickerson (Obit.)
Dickerson, Velma Lee, w/o Kaylor Dickerson (Obit.)
Dickerson, William Pitt, h/o Erma Duickerson (Obit.)

Dicus, Josephine, of McCrory (Obit.)

Diebold, Leslie, h/o Phillis Diebold (Obit.)
Diebold, Lloyd Adolph, of Hickory Ridge, h/o Velma Diebold (Obit.)

Diehl, Chris, of Little Rock, brother-in-law of Mrs. Clyde Felts of Augusta (Obit.)

Dietsch, George Mathews, h/o Ruth Dietsch (Obit.)

Diffey, A. C. (Carter) (Obit.)
Diffey, John Alexander, Sr., h/o Margaret Etta Diffey (Obit.)
Diffey, Margaret Etta, widow of John A. Diffey Sr. (Obit.)

Dill, Mrs. Jimmie Lynn, of West Memphis, AR, w/o John Thomas Dill (Obit.)

Dillard, Mrs. Belle, "Although Bedfast She Enjoys Birthday Party" (Article)
Dillard, Marice, (black), d/o Marvin & Mary M. (Hatchett) Brazalle (Picture Obit.)

Dilliard, Family, Of Cross & Woodruff Co., AR (Family History)
Dilliard, "Farm To Sell At Auction Saturday" (Article)
Dilliard, Edward, "Surprise Picnic Supper" (Article)
Dilliard, Edward A., s/o Mrs. Mary U. & the late W. G. Dilliard, "Weds" (Wedding Announcement)
Dilliard, Edward A., "Receives Promotion With Government" (Article)
Dilliard, Edward A., h/o Lois Dilliard (Obit.)
Dilliard, Mr. Francis, "Two Young People Of McCrory Lose Life In Car Wreck" (Obit.)
Dilliard, Mrs. Isabelle "Belle" Rebecca, of Vandale, AR, w/o Vernon R. Dilliard (Obit.)
Dilliard, Lucius James (Obit.)
Dilliard, Mrs. Mary, widow of Willis Gaston Sr. Dilliard, "Hurt Seriously In Accident Monday" (Article)
Dilliard, Mary Katherine, w/o Willis Gaston Sr. Dilliard (Obit.)
Dilliard, Miss Polly, d/o L. J. Dilliard, "Weds" (Article)
Dilliard, Willis G. Jr., h/o Tofy Dilliard (Obit.)
Dilliard, Willis Gaston, h/o Mary Dilliard (Obit.)

Dillon, Joseph Marion, h/o Mary A. Dillon (Obit.)
Dillon, Joseph Marion Dillon, Jr., "Editor Woodruff County Democrat" (Story)
Dillon, Mary A., w/o Joseph Marion Dillon (Obit.)
Dillon, Richard, s/o J. M. Dillon, "Weds" (Article)
Dillon, Richard Rebsamen, h/o Kathleen Dillon (Obit.)
Dillon, Sidney H., s/o J. M. Dillion of Cotton Plant - (Picture Article)
Dillon, Sidney H., "Pacific Reunion For Former Cotton Plantians" (Picture Article)
Dillon, Chief Warrant Officer Sidney H., of Los Angeles, CA, h/o Maybelle Dillon (Obit.)

Dillworth, Mattie, w/o Joe Dillworth (Obit.)

Dilworth, Joann, (black), d/o Sammie Joe Dilworth Jr. & Gertrude Dilworth (Obit.)
Dilworth, Sammie Joe, Sr. (black), h/o Gertrude Dilworth (Picture Obit.)

Dix, Bertha A., m/o Walter Dix of Searcy & others (Obit.)
Dix, Miss Dorris, d/o Alfred Dix, "Weds" (Article)
Dix, Edith Jane, of Bald Knob, AR, w/o Ira Dix (Article) (Obit.)
Dix, Ira, h/o Nora Dix & Edith Jane Dix (Obit.)
Dix, Jennifer Jane, d/o Robert J. "Bob" Dix & Mollie Dix (Obit.)
Dix, Pauline M., d/o Ralph E. Dix & Bertha A. Dix, "Weds" (Article)
Dix, Phoebe (Coffee), w/o Henry Spencer Dix (Obit.)
Dix, Ralph E. Dix, h/o Bertha Dix (Obit.)
Dix, Walter E., "S-Sgt. Walter E. Dix Awarded Air Medal" (Article)

Dixie Grove, School (Black) (Article)

Dixon, Arthur Thomas "Dock", h/o Ola Dixon (Obit.), in fold
Dixon, Bobby D., s/o Earl Dixon of Fair Oaks (Obit.)
Dixon, Bobby Jack, s/o Cecil Jack Dixon & Fannie Dixon (Obit.)
Dixon, Franklin Delano "Sonny", h/o Judy Dixon (Obit.)
Dixon, Jack, of San Antonio, TX, h/o Lula Dixon (Obit.)
Dixon, Joseph Perry, Sr., s/o Mrs. Florence Dixon of Lepanto (Obit.)
Dixon, L. D., s/o Joseph Dixon & Dannie Dixon (Obit.)
Dixon, Lula, w/o Jack Dixon (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Dixon, Mary Jane (Dixon)-Crawford-Jungkind (Obit.)
Dixon, McKinley, of Brinkley (Obit.)
Dixon, William Kenneth, h/o Wanda Mae Dixon (Obit.)

Dixson, Dora (Williamson), of Harrison, w/o Willie Edward Dixson (Obit.)
Dixson, O. E., h/o Artie F. Dixson (Obit.)

Dobbs, Gustavus A., h/o Lela Pearl Dobbs (Obit.)
Dobbs, Miss Inez, d/o Mr. & Mrs. G. A. Dobbs of McCrory, AR (Picture Article)
Dobbs, Jennings, s/o G. A. Dobbs, "In England" (Picture Article)
Dobbs, Jennings B., s/o G. A. Dobbs, "Weds" (Article)
Dobbs, Jennings "Pete", s/o G. A. Dobbs, "Weds" (Article)
Dobbs, Jennings, "Buys "Tads" Grocery" (Article)
Dobbs, Jennings "Pete", "Retiring Officer Of The McCrory Business Men's Club" (Picture)
Dobbs, Jennings "Pete", h/o Floella Dobbs (Picture Article) (Biog.) (Obit.)
Dobbs, Jen, s/o Jennings Dobbs, "Senior National Honor Society Officers" (Picture Article)
Dobbs, Lela Pearl, w/o Gustavus A'dolphus Dobbs (Obit.)
Dobbs, Letty Inez, d/o Mr. & Mrs. G. A. Dobbs, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Dobbs, Sean (Witherington) ?, mother of Gustavus A'dolphus Dobbs (Obit.)

Doby, Robert Theodore, Sr., (black), h/o Maxine Doby (Obit.)

Dodd, Fannie Mae, of Jonesboro, formerly of Woodruff Co., w/o Dr. Perry L. Dodd (Obit.)
Dodd, Mrs. James H. (Obit.)
Dodd, James Henry, h/o Martha Jane Dodd (Obit.)
Dodd, Miss Lula, "Weds" (Marriage Announcement)
Dodd, Dr. Perry L. Dodd (Family History)
Dodd, Perry L., h/o Fannie Mae Dodd (Obit.)
Dodd, William Carroll (MD), h/o Ardelle Dodd (Obit.)
Dodd, William Clarence, h/o Portia Ethel Dodd & Marie Dodd (Obit.)

Dodson, G. W., "Prominent Men Engage In Fight" (Article)
Dodson, George William, of Plumerville, AR, h/o Cenia Dodson (Obit.)
Dodson, James Robert, of McCrory, h/o Lucille Dodson (Obit.)
Dodson, Jasmine Margree, (black) (Obit.)
Dodson, Michael Ray, infant of Miles Russell Dodson of Pine Bluff (Obit.)
Dodson, Pat, "Assistant Editor Of McCrory High School Annual" (Picture Article)
Dodson, Miss Pat, d/o Jim Dodson, "Editor of the McCrory Jaguar" (Picture Article)
Dodson, Miss Pat, d/o Jim Dodson, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Dodson, Rosalind Penn, died in St. Louis, MO, w/o William Howard Dodson (Obit.)
Dodson, S. M., U. S. Army, bro. of Jim Dodson of McCrory (Article)
Dodson, S. M., bro. of Jim Dodson, s/o Cenia Dodson, "Weds" (Article)
Dodson, Sgt. Savage, s/o the late G. A. Dodson of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)

Doggett, Lola Emerson, w/o Clifton Doggett (Obit.)

Dollar, Donald Kerr, h/o Thelma J. Dollar (Obit.)
Dollar, Walter Eugene, h/o Gabriele Dollar (Obit.)

Dorflinger, Miss Dorothy Nell, d/o W. M. Dorflinger, of Cotton Plant, "Weds" (Article)
Dorflinger, William M., h/o Maggie Dorflinger (Obit.)

Dorman, Adrian, of Cotton Plant, h/o Martha Jo Dorman (Obit.)

Dorothy, Miss Creda, d/o T. W. Dorothy, "Weds" (Article)
Dorothy, Thomas W. Jr., b/o Kent Dorothy, "Meet In Hawaiian Islands" (Picture Article)
Dorothy, Thomas W. Jr., s/o T. W. Dorothy, Sr., "Weds" (Article)

Dosenczuk, Mary Agnes (Long) Angelo (Obit.), list Angelo

Doss, Charles Thomas, h/o Lillian L. Doss (Obit.)
Doss, Clarence T., "Pacific Reunion For Former Cotton Plantians" (Picture Article)
Doss, Clara Joann, (black), w/o Robert Doss (Obit.)
Doss, Clarence Thomas Doss, h/o Marion Doss (Picture Article)
Doss, Gus, (black), & brother-in-law Buck Allen, "Two Negroes Hurt In Family Scrape" (Article)
Doss, Johnnie Daniel, of Jacksonville, formerly of Bay Village (Obit.)
Doss, Lillian Locke, w/o Charles Thomas Doss (Obit.)
Doss, Willis C., w/o Roy O. Doss (Obit.)

Doty, Corribel B. (Brady), of Conway, sis. of J. E. Brady of Gregory (Obit.)
Doty, Emma Frances, w/o Mr. Doty, & w/o Andrew Jackson "Jack" Raymond (Obit.)
Doty, Tony A., h/o Effie Doty (Obit.)

Dougherty, William B. & "Aunt Linnie"Dougherty, "58th Wedding Anniversary" (Article)
Dougherty, William Bethel, h/o Mrs. Linnie Dougherty (Obit.)

Douglas, Avis Odessa, w/o William A. Douglas (Obit.)
Douglas, Mr. & Mrs. Drew, "Family Reunion" (Article)
Douglas, Drew, of Augusta, formerly of Patterson, "Appointed New Jailer" (Article)
Douglas, Drew, victim, "Jimmie Hill, Young Bandit & Kidnaper Dies Of Wounds" (Article)
Douglas, Drew, victim "Father Gives Real Name of Bandit " (Article)
Douglas, Edward Lee & Sarah L. Douglas "To Observe 50th Anniversary" (Large Picture Article)
Douglas, Edward Lee, h/o Sarah Lillion Douglas (Obit.)
Douglas, Francis Rebecca, w/o Jepthy E. Douglas (Obit.)
Douglas, Glenn Edward, WW II (Obit.)
Douglas, Helen Evelena, w/o Lester Douglas (Obit.)
Douglas, Rebecca (Obit.)
Douglas, William A., h/o Avis O. Douglas (Obit.)
Douglas, William Lester, h/o Helen Douglas (Obit.)

Douglass, Louise, d/o Eldridge P. Douglass, "Weds" (Picture of Bride)

Dowd, Ida Lee, of Fordyce, formerly of Brinkley, w/o Clarence Dowd (Obit.)

Dowdell, Mrs. Daisie Shearer, w/o John H. Shearer, & W. H. (Dr.) Dowdell (Obit.)
Dowdell, William H., h/o Daisy Dowdell (Obit.)

Dowden, Cora Virginia (Coleman), of Searcy, d/o Wm. & Elizabeth Ann Coleman (Obit.)

Dowell, Mary Lou, d/o Foster B. & Myrtle Dowell of Jackson Co., AR (Obit.)

Doyle, Flossie (Croseland), of Brinkley, AR, w/o Paul Doyle (Obit.)
Doyle, Fryer, s/o H. S. Doyle, "Woodruff County Man Victim of Accident" (Obit.)
Doyle, Maj. Garth E., of Hunter, "Killed In Fall Of Bomber" (Obit.)
Doyle, H. Fryer (Obit.)
Doyle, Hickman F., h/o Mamie Doyle (Obit.)
Doyle, Micky, granddaughter of H. F. Doyle of Cotton Plant, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Doyle, Mike, aged 83, "Grandfather Saves Child; Badly Hurt" (Article)

Dozhier, Henry Hansel, h/o Eythel May Dozhier (Obit.)

Dozier, Alex F., (white), WW I (Enlistment Record)
Dozier, William Jesse, of McClelland, h/o Lillian Dozier (Obit.)

Drake, Ann, aged 94, of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Drake, Susan Irene, w/o E. Clay Drake (Obit.)

Drennan, Bly Euliane (Drennan) McElmurry (Obit.)
Drennan, Carl Edward Sr., h/o Ella Mae Drennan (Obit.)
Drennan, Claude, Jr., of Little Rock, formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
Drennan, Donald Gene (Picture Obit.)
Drennan, Ernest Clyde, Sr. (Obit.)
Drennan, Ernest "Ernie" Clyde, Jr. (Obit.)
Drennan, George Thomas, Jr., "Railroad Workman Killed In Accident" (Picture Obit.) (Obit.)
Drennan, James E., h/o Laura E. Drennan (Obit.)
Drennan, Lillis, "Drennen Family Reunion" (Article)
Drennan, Lillis Eugene, w/o Ernest Clyde Sr. Drennan (Obit.)
Drennan, Loretta E., w/o George T. Drennan (Obit.)
Drennan, Mary Ann, d/o Mrs. Clyde Collier of Augusta, "Engaged" (Picture Article)
Drennan, Pearlie Mae (Obit.)
Drennan, Sammie Jacqueline (Lewis), w/o Charles McCarthy, & Billy H. Drennan (Obit.)
Drennan, Tommy Glenn (Picture Obit.)
Drennan, Walter S., of Memphis, TN (Obit.)
Drennan, Walter Sanclair, WW I (Enlistment Record)

Drew, Emogene, d/o Rufus Drew, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Drew, Jewel Shelby Wayne (Obit.)
Drew, John Allen, s/o Laura Drew of KY (Obit.)
Drew, Laura Emma, w/o Ed Drew (Obit.)
Drew, Lola Adlin, of Richmond, CA, formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
Drew, Rufus John Thomas, h/o Gilbertine Drew (Obit.)

Drewery, Bessie (Dilliard), w/o Robert A. Drewery (Obit.)
Drewery, Etta E. (Sturdivant), of Memphis, TN, widow of Charley Drewery (Obit.)
Drewery, Martha Jane, w/o T. W. Drewery (Obit.)
Drewery, Robert Alexander, h/o Bessie Drewery (Obit.)

Drexler, Mrs. Dora, "Unveil Memorial To Mrs. Dora Drexler Sunday, May 16th" (Article)
Drexler, Mike, s/o Manuel, "King & Queen Of Autumn Festival" (Picture Article)
Drexler, Manuel, "New Store To Open In McCrory" (Article)
Drexler, Manuel J. (Obit.)
Drexler, Mitchell, s/o Mrs. Drexler, "Weds" (Article)
Drexler, Miss Pat, d/o Manuel, "President Senior Class" (Picture Article)
Drexler, Miss Pat, d/o Manuel, enlisted in U.S. Armed Forces (Article)
Drexler, Patricia Lee, d/o Manuel, "McCrory Girl Gets Promotion In Army" (Picture Article)
Drexler, Sgt. Patricia L., d/o Manuel, "Weds" (Picture Article)

Driver, Allena (Mellon), (black), w/o Eddie Driver (Obit.)
Driver, Eddie, Jr., (black) (Obit.)
Driver, Emma Joyce, (black), w/o Odis Driver (Obit.)
Driver, Leola, (black), mother of Eddie Driver, & Mrs. Elvira Fobbs (Obit.)
Driver, Sharon Denise, (black), d/o Odis & Emma Driver (Picture Obit.)

Drown, Ben, WW I (Enlistment Record)

Drum, Miss Elsie Mae of Patterson, "Weds" (Article)

Drummond, Mary Rachel (James) (Obit.)

Duckworth, Thomas Wayne, (black) (Obit.)

Dudley, Betty (Walker), w/o Charles Dudley (Obit.)
Dudley, Robert Gurvase, h/o Cecil Dudley (Obit.)

Due, Evelyn Mae (Davis), of Newport, AR, w/o Gentry Due (Obit.)
Due, Leander, s/o King & Evalee Due, "Three Negro Children Drink Lye, All Die" (Obit.)
Due, Leonard, s/o King & Evalee Due, "Three Negro Children Drink Lye, All Die" (Obit.)
Due, Roosevelt, s/o King & Evalee Due, "Three Negro Children Drink Lye, All Die" (Obit.)

Duff, Charles Thomas, h/o Vircie L. Duff (Obit.)
Duff, Gerald Ray, h/o Linda L. Duff (Obit.)
Duff, Mettie Elizabeth "Lizzie" M., w/o Robert C. Duff (Obit.)
Duff, Robert C., h/o Mettie Elizabeth "Lizzie" M. Duff (Obit.)
Duff, Ulysses Howard, h/o Vircie Duff (Obit.)

Duffel, Grover Lee, "Accidently shot by his brother" (Obit.)
Duffel, Guy, h/o Minnie Duffel, "Man Kills Wife, And Self After Family Argument" (Obit.)
Duffel, Morris, s/o Guy & Minnie Lou Duffel "Weds" (Article)

Duffie, Ishmael, WW I (Enlistment Record)

Dugard, William Theio, "Man Who Said He Saw Custer Killed Dies At Age Of 82" (Obit.)

Duke, Bessie, w/o W. J. (Obit.)

Dukes, Edward S., of Hunter, h/o Beatrice Dukes (Obit.)

Dumas, Joe E., s/o Elmer E. Dumas of El Dorado, AR (Obit.)
Dumas, Mrs. Wardell D., "Marriage Announced" (Picture Article)

Dunbar, Bert, U. S. Navy WW II, s/o Lura E. Dunbar of Cotton Plant (Article)
Dunbar, Brenda, d/o W. K. Dunbar, "Chosen Miss Cotton Plant FBLA" (Picture Article)
Dunbar, Dale M., s/o Lura E. Dunbar of Cotton Plant, "Cotton Plant Boy Missing In Action" (Article)
Dunbar, Dale M., Paratrooper, s/o Lura E. Dunbar, "Cotton Plant Boy Reported Prisoner" (Article)
Dunbar, James A., h/o M. Elaine Dunbar (Obit.)
Dunbar, Lura E., w/o Dale M. Dunbar (Obit.)
Dunbar, Roy Edward, U.S. Army WW II, s/o Lura E. Dunbar of Cotton Plant (Article)
Dunbar, Warren Keith, s/o Lura E. Dunbar of Cotton Plant (Article)
Dunbar, William Thomas, h/o Lena Dunbar (Obit.)

Duncan, Ashley Nicole, d/o Stanley Duncan (Obit.)
Duncan, Delia E., w/o William Thomas Duncan (Obit.)
Duncan, Ebenezer B., h/o Irene Blanche Duncan (Obit.)
Duncan, Earnest, 25, Weds" (Marriage Announcement)
Duncan, Earnest, "Augusta Man Dies After Fight In Jail In White County" (Obit.)
Duncan, Freed Hutto, Sr., h/o Myrl Duncan (Picture Obit.)

Duncan, J. Hammett, s/o Delia E. Duncan (Obit.)
Duncan, James Robert (Obit.)
Duncan, Janis, d/o Freed Duncan, "Named FFA Sweetheart" (Picture Article)
Duncan, Jeff Davis, Sr., s/o Delia E. Duncan (Obit.)
Duncan, Jerry Wayne, h/o Carol Duncan (Obit.)
Duncan, Kimberly Jo (Glass) (Obit.)
Duncan, Leroy, Sr., h/o Hazel Duncan (Obit.)
Duncan, Myrl, w/o Freed H. Duncan (Picture Obit.)
Duncan, Obie Edmond (Obit.)
Duncan, Paul Houston, h/o Betty Duncan (Obit.)
Duncan, Ruth (Duncan), d/o Mrs. Lara Duncan, "Weds" (Article)
Duncan, Vernie W., of Augusta, formerly of Quitman, bro. of Leroy Duncan (Obit.)
Duncan, William Thomas, h/o Delia E. Duncan (Obit.)

Dunehew, William Newton, of Memphis, TN, native of McCrory, h/o Mary E. Dunehew (Obit.)

Dungan, Anna (Cobb), w/o Felix Dungan (Obit.)
Dungan, Calvin Edward (Dr.) & William J., "Hurt In Wreck Near Searcy" (Article)
Dungan, Calvin (Dr.) Edward, bro. of W. J. Dungan, h/o Pearl Dungan (Picture Obit.)
Dungan, Felix, of Augusta, h/o Anna Dungan (Obit.)
Dungan, Felix, Jr., of Russellville, AR, native of Augusta (Obit.)
Dungan, Frances (Gordon) Vinson, w/o William J. Dungan (Obit.)
Dungan, Pearl, w/o Dr. Calvin Edward Dungan (Obit.)
Dungan, William J., h/o Frances "Fannie" (Gordon) Vinson (Obit.)

Dunham, Edath, d/o Tom Dunham, "Weds" (Article)

Dunkin, E. W. (Ernest Walter), h/o Laura Dunkin (Obit.)
Dunkin, John W., s/o Jim H. Dunkin, "USN, In Mediterranean Aboard Saratoga" (Article)
Dunkin, John W., s/o Jim H. Dunkin, "Returns to Florida After Sea Duty" (Article)
Dunkin, Laura (Porter) (Obit.)
Dunkin, Rosie (Obit.)

Dunlap, Miss Jinnie Read, d/o John T. & Mary Dunlap (Obit.)
Dunlap, Mary Jane, w/o John T. Dunlap (Obit.)

Dunn, Amazette, age 16, d/o Rube Dunn (Obit.)
Dunn, Charles Henry, "McCrory Man is killed by shotgun Blast" (Obit.)
Dunn, Ida M., w/o Thomas H. Jones, & J. A. Odom (Obit.)
Dunn, Joe, "Weds" (Marriage Announcement)
Dunn, Joe, "Killed by wife" (Obit.)
Dunn, Joe, "Grand Jury Indicts Nine" (Article)
Dunn, Joe, "Jury Frees Husbands Slayer", Verdict returned in the case (Article)
Dunn, Samuel V., s/o E. S. Dunn of Cotton Plant, "Cotton Plant Boy Killed In Action" (Picture Obit.)
Dunn, Thomas Fredrick, of Bradford, White Co., AR, s/o Fred & Zoula Dunn (Obit.)

Dunnam, A. J. C., of Texarkana, TX, brother of W. L. of McCrory (Obit.)
Dunnam, Ivy L. (Cassidy), w/o William Lykes Dunnam (Obit.)
Dunnam, William Lykes, h/o Ivy L. (Cassidy) (Obit.)

Dunnavant, Minnie Lee, of Norphlet, Union Co., AR, sis. of Mrs. Eva Dunbar (Obit.)

Dupre, Brenda Jean, w/o Ray D. Dupre (Obit.)

Dupree, Benny Don, h/o Velda Dupree (Obit.)
Dupree, Egbert V., WW I (Enlistment Record)
Dupree, Eula Effie (Chappell), w/o Leland L. Dupree (Obit.)
Dupree, Freda E. (Hartsell), w/o William M. Dupree (Obit.)
Dupree, Gerald R., s/o Mrs. W. A. Flanagan, "Hunter Boy Completes Basic Training" (Picture Article)
Dupree, Gerald R., of Bossier City, LA, h/o Wanda Dupree (Obit.)
Dupree, Hailey Gilbert, h/o Velma P. Dupree, "Hilleman Man Kills Wife and Self" (Article-Obit.)
Dupree, Hartsell , s/o William M. Dupree & Freider "Freda" E. Dupree (Obit.)
Dupree, Jones Gus "Pop", h/o Katie L. Dupree (Obit.)
Dupree, Leland L., h/o Eula Dupree (Obit.)
Dupree, Velma P., w/o Hailey Dupree (Article-Obit.)

Duren, Arlie A., h/o Rosie Duren (Obit.)
Duren, Arlif, "Two Gin Employes Of Cotton Plant Severely Burned" (Article)
Duren, Betty Jo, dau. of B. Duren of Cotton Plant, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Duren, Celesta, w/o James "Jim" E. Duren (Obit.)
Duren, Miss Frances, d/o B. Duren of Cotton Plant, "Weds" (Article)
Duren, James "Jim", h/o Celesta Duren (Obit.)

Durham, Lloyd H., (black) (Obit.)
Durham, Robert Lynn DeShawn, Jr., (black) (Obit.)

Dutton, Emma (Ladd), w/o James A. Dutton (Obit.)
Dutton, James A., h/o Emma (Ladd) Dutton (Obit.)
Dutton, Leonard D., age 53 of Augusta (Obit.)

Dye, Barbara G. (Obit.)
Dye, Charles Olen, h/o Barbara Gertrude Dye (Obit.)
Dye, Doyle Eugene, h/o Kitty H. Dye (Obit.)
Dye, Durwood Esbon, of Hickory Ridge, AR, h/o Isabella Dye (Obit.), in fold
Dye, Eleanor Fay, w/o Emory S. Dye (Picture Article) (Obit.)
Dye, Emory Norris, s/o Mr. & Mrs. E. S. Dye (Article) (Obit.)
Dye, Emory Norris, "Local Boy Serving On One Of Navy's Newest Ships" (Article)
Dye, Rev. J. H., Civil War Vet., name on monument Independence Co., AR (Article 1912)
Dye, James Kenneth, s/o Bessie Dye, "Weds" (Article)
Dye, Julia Irene, d/o Thomas E. Dye, "Weds" (Article)
Dye, Lena Leola, of Cherry Valley, AR, w/o John Dye (Obit.)
Dye, Myrtle (Marsh), w/o Thomas E. Dye (Obit.)
Dye, Norris, s/o E. S. Dye, "Weds" (Article)
Dye, Sarah L. (Dye) Jones, w/o Joe H. Jones (Obit.)
Dye, Thomas "Tom" Elsworth, h/o Myrtle Dye (Pictures) (Pictures of Blacksmith Shop) (Obit.)
Dye, Vicki, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Lester Fetzer, "Winner in Band Camp Contest" (Article)

Dyer, Jerry Marcus, h/o Myrna Joan Dyer (Picture Obit.)

Dyson, Jonas F. (Obit.)
Dyson, Vivian, widow of Jonas F. Dyson (Obit.)


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