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Surnames "M"
Index for Names in
Woodruff County, Arkansas

Compiled by Gary Telford, P. O. Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010
501-724-2490, or email wgt@centurytel.net

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogist. Old pictures are priceless. Gathering this information has involved four years of research through old Woodruff County newspapers, preparing an index and filing all of it. Every effort is being made to preserve this important Woodruff County history.

The four years of research has involved searching through old newspapers of Woodruff County, Arkansas, to find obituaries, articles, weddings and pictures. Most of these have been copied on a commercial digital copier and are very good quality. Quite a bit of money and time was invested in this project, which is still in progress.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be sent by email. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. All are copied on heavyweight, 28 lb., bright white, acid free, archive safe, paper. There is a small fee to cover expenses, mailing, etc.

The papers name and the date it was published will be on each item. Any of these old "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook."

Remember: "A Family Tree can wither if no one tends it's roots." For more info. and a complete index on obituaries, weddings, pictures, and articles, see Parts 1-19 now posted on Woodruff County Website at rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ - Click on (Obits/Weddings) See also Surname Index.

Woodruff County Cemetery Records have been updated to present 2012 with all old and new burials and are available in a binder. Prices vary depending on size of cemetery. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

For a complete list of the Family History Books now available go to rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ Click on (Family History Books) New books are being published monthly. Contact me to see if a Family History Book is available for your family.

Many other Woodruff County Obituaries, Articles, Weddings & Pictures, 1930-2011, are available that have not been posted yet. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

(LPR) - Loose Probate Records 1862 1900, transcribed by Marion Stark Craig, MD
(Burial Record) - List birth date, death date, & cemetery
(Obit.) - Obituary Available
(Picture Obit.) - Available
(Article) - Available
(Picture Article) - Available
(Wedding Article) - Available
(Licensed to Wed) Announcement
(Marriage) Announcement
(Marriage Records) List date, name, age, county, book & page number
(Picture Wedding Article) - Available
(Marriage Certificate) - Copy Available
(Biog.) - Biography Available
(Civil War Record) - Available
(Civil War Battles) - by Gary Telford (Story)
(Enlist. Record) - WW I enlistment record available
(Family History) - Available
(Family History Book) - Available
(Grave Marker Photo) - Available
(Story) - Available, most by Gary Telford

The following abbreviations have been used where space requires;
h/o--husband of
w/o--wife of
m/o--mother of
f/o--father of
d/o--daughter of
s/o--son of
b/o--brother of
sis. of--sister of
DS--on double stone (grave marker)
TS--on triple stone (grave marker)

Maberry, "Vanished Town on the Cache River" (Story by G. T.)
Maberry, A. F. "Free" (Picture Story)
Maberry, A. F., (Albert Freeman "Free") (LPR) (Burial Record)
Maberry, Minnie Andrews, w/o A.F. Maberry (Burial Record)
Maberry, Rachel (Newman) Jones, w/o Richard B. Jones, & George W. Maberry (LPR) (Burial Record)

Mabry, Andrew Lawrence, s/o Walter Mabry, h/o Sarah V. Mabry (Burial Record)
Mabry, Franklin DeLano, s/o R. H. Mabry (Burial Record)
Mabry, James Hutchinson, of Overcup, s/o Walter Mabry, h/o Mrs. Sarah Mabry (Obit.)
Mabry, Jessie J. (Burial Record)
Mabry, Lawrence Steavens "Duck", of Beedeville, AR, h/o Frances Mabry (Obit.)
Mabry, Paton, of Newport, h/o Eliza "Tom" (Vickers) Mabry (Obit.)
Mabry, Rickey Lawrence (Burial Record)
Mabry, Sarah Virginia "Virgie" (Burial Record)
Mabry, Walter Malcolm "Salty" (Burial Record)

MacFadden, Thomas I., s/o J. F. MacFadden of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)

Macgowan, Mrs. Narcisse (Tuck), "Funeral Rites Held Saturday For Mrs. Thos. J. Macgowan" (Obit.)

Machart, Paul Ernest, h/o Gloria Jean Machart (Obit.)

Mack, Frank, (black) (LPR)
Mack, Job, (black) (Burial Record)
Mack, Sim, Jr., of Kansas City, MO, s/o Sim Mack, Sr. (Obit.)
Mack, Sim, (black), s/o Jab Mack, h/o Armentha Mack (Obit.)

Mackey, Andrew, s/o Andy Mackey, h/o Dicie Mackey (Obit.)
Mackey, Daisy Agnes, d/o John Mackey (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Mackey, James M., of Penrose, h/o Laura Mackey of Penrose (Obit.)
Mackey, John, s/o Andy Mackey, h/o Leora Mackey (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Mackey, Mary Ford, w/o Richard C. Mackey (Obit.)
Mackey, Richard Clifford (Obit.)
Mackey, Ruth (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Mackey, Stanley, s/o Andrew Mackey, h/o Nora Bell Mackey (Obit.)

Macon, Floyd Lee, Sr. (black) (Obit.)

Madden, Cora, (black), aged 22 years (Burial Record)
Madden, Howard, (black), s/o Sam Madden (Burial Record)

Maddon, Loyla Iris, of Beedeville, w/o Roy E. Madden (Obit.)

Maddox, Calvin, (black), s/o Rosie Maddox (Obit.)
Maddox, Charles Edward, (black), s/o Sidney Grady Maddox, h/o Carolyn Maddox (Obit.)
Maddox, Ethel (McCoy), (black), d/o Birk McCoy (Obit.)
Maddox, Johnny, (black), s/o Sidney Maddox (Obit.)
Maddox, Rosie, (black), m/o Calvin Maddox (Burial Record)
Maddox, Troy, (black) (Obit.)

Madison, Anita Lorene (Terry) Morgan, w/o Lynwood Morgan, & Wayne Madison of McCrory (Obit.)
Madison, Annie Sue, w/o James Clyde Madison (Obit.)
Madison, Bertha (Retha Bertha), w/o Wayne O. Madison (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Madison, Della Venia, d/o James C. Madison (Burial Record)
Madison, Heather Nicole, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Randy Madison, "Beauty Winner" (Article)
Madison, Infant daughter, d/o James C. Madison (Burial Record)
Madison, James Clyde, h/o Annie Sue Madison (Obit.)
Madison, James Edward, s/o Clyde Madison, "Writes Letter Home" (Article)
Madison, James Edward, s/o Clyde Madison (Picture Article)
Madison, James Edward, b/o Randall Madison, "Visits Historic City Of Rome" (Picture Article)
Madison, James Edward, "To Return to U. S." (Picture Article)
Madison, James E., s/o Clyde Madison, "Weds" (Article)
Madison, Malcolm (Derl Malcolm), h/o Priscilla Madison (Burial Record)
Madison, Mary Sue, d/o Clyde Madison, of Patterson, "Weds" (Article)
Madison, Noel D., Jr. (Burial Record)
Madison, Priscilla Ann, w/o Malcolm Madison (Obit.)
Madison, Randall L., s/o Clyde Madison, "Is Aircraft Mechanic" (Article)
Madison, Randall Lee, s/o Clyde Madison, of Patterson, AR (Picture Article)
Madison, Randy C., "Killed in crash of Air Force Jet in New Mexico" long (Article Obit.) (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Madison, Wayne Osker, h/o Bertha (Retha Bertha) Madison (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Madison, William P. Surratt (Rat) 1855 2012 5 Generations (Family History)

Maggert, Jerry, of Taylor's Bay, s/o Mrs. Helen Thompson, h/o Mary Maggert (Obit.)

Magness, Clemmie, (black) (Burial Record)
Maguire, Doris Evelyn, w/o Dr. Frank Carroll Maguire, Jr. (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Maguire, Frank Carrel, Jr., s/o Dr. F. C. Maguire, " Woodruff Co. Boy Honored" (Article)
Maguire, Frank (Dr.) Carrel, Jr., s/o Dr. F. C. Maguire, h/o Doris Maguire (Picture Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Maguire, Lucie Carrel (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Mahan, Johnnie, Aged 9 years (Burial Record)
Mahan, Maralyn, d/o R. R. Mahan (Obit.)
Mahan, Oliver, of Beedeville, AR, h/o Josie Mahan (Obit.)

Mahon, Sgt. Arnold D., s/o Mrs. Bobbie Mahon, "War Dead Being Returned" (Article)
Mahon, Bobbie (Mrs. James Grey) (Obit.)
Mahon, James "Jim" Grey, h/o Bobbie Mahon (Burial Record)
Mahon, Lottie Belle, w/o Gwynne Lacy Mahon (Obit.)
Mahon, Miss Patricia, d/o J. L. Mahon, "Birthday Party" (Article)
Mahon, Miss Patricia Ann, d/o J. L. Mahon, "Holiday Queen" (Picture Article)
Mahon, Mrs. Roy, of Hickory Ridge, m/o J. L. Mahon of McCrory (Obit.)

Majors, Baby (Burial Record)
Majors, Donald Tecumsen (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Majors, John K., Jr., s/o John Majors, Sr. (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Majors, John Kerr, Sr., h/o Mildred Majors (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Majors, Kenneth Gene (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Majors, Mary (Picture Article)
Majors, Mary Ann (Burial Record)
Majors, Mildred C., w/o John Kerr Majors, Sr., (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Makinson, Miss Edith, of Seminole, OK, formerly of Duffel, "Weds" (Article)
Makinson, Homer B., s/o Mrs. H. K. Little, "Homer B. Makinson Aboard USS Perkins" (Article)
Makinson, Lena May (Burial Record)
Makinson, Leo (Burial Record)

Malden, C.M. (Burial Record)
Malden, Marvin (Burial Record)

Malin, Bernays Berry, Jr., h/o Patsy Ann Malin (Picture Obit.)
Malin, Mary A.S., w/o George J. Malin (Obit.)
Malin, Lura E., w/o William E. Malin (Picture Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Malin, Marjorie, d/o Will Malin, "Top Rank At Augusta" (Picture Article)
Malin, Marjorie C., "Mayor Marjorie Malin dies of heart failure" (Obit.)
Malin, Veeda Irene, w/o Bernays Berry Malin, Sr. (Obit.)
Malin, W. E. "Bill", County Clerk, "Smiling Bill Is Grateful" (Picture Article)
Malin, Bill, "Greets Cowboy Star, Tex Ritter,--Elected New Mayor" (Picture Article)
Malin, Mrs. W. E., and daughter, Marjorie, "Attend Movie Parade" (Picture Article)
Malin, William E., h/o Lura E. Malin (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Malin, W. E. "Billy", Jr., h/o Kathryn Malin (Obit.)

Mallonee, Earnest, "Drowned in Green Tom Slough", h/o Ruby Mallonee (Obit.)
Mallonee, Ruby, w/o Earnest Mallonee (Burial Record)

Mallory, James L. (Burial Record)
Mallory, James L., WW I (Obit.)

Malone, Clyde, s/o A. L. Malone, WW II, "With Paratroops" (Picture Article)
Malone, Sandy, d/o Emma Jean Malone, of Tupelo, "Shot In Head By Playmate" (Article)
Malone, William, (black) (Obit.)

Malloy, William John, of Augusta, h/o Mollie F. Malloy (Obit.)

Malott, John W., of Fayetteville, AR, "Last Civil War Veteran In Ark. Dies" (Obit.)

Malvin, Leroy Sr. (Burial Record)

Manasco, Fred E., Jr., s/o Fred E. Manasco, Sr. of Hot Springs, AR, "Weds" (Picture of Bride)
Manasco, Harry, b/o Mrs. Leslie Haney, "Harry Killed, Sister Is Injured In Wreck" (Obit.)
Manasco, Miss Nellie, of Gregory, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Manasco, William Lester, of White Co., AR (Obit.)

Mandrell, James F., s/o Mrs. Sturch, "Fly Four-Star Flag" (Picture Article 1943)
Mandrell, James F., s/o Mrs. Sturch (Picture Article)

Manes, James Dewey, of Plummerville, s/o J. W. Manes (Obit.)
Manes, Lillian, of Plummerville, AR, widow of J. W. Manes (Obit.)

Manley, Maggie, w/o C.B. Manley (Burial Record)

Mann, Barbara, w/o Claud E. Mann (Burial Record)
Mann, Claud, Died 1870 (Burial Record)
Mann, Claud, s/o Kate Mann, injured, "One Killed, Two Seriously Injured In Auto-Train Accident" (Obit.)
Mann, Claude, s/o Kate Mann, "Claude Mann Hurt In Accident" (Article)
Mann, Claude, s/o Kate Mann, "Gets Ole Miss Post" (Picture Article)
Mann, Claud E., "Two Killed in Plane Crash Last Thursday Afternoon" (Picture Obit.)
Mann, David Glenn, of McCrory, s/o Cecil Mann (Obit.)
Mann, Ethel A., of Bellevue, Nebraska, formerly of Searcy & Augusta, m/o William C. Mann, Jr. (Obit.)
Mann, Hubert, s/o Kate Mann, "Weds" (Article)
Mann, Infant, Died 1876 (Burial Record)
Mann, Irma Shelly (Bailey) Tarpley, w/o Robert "Bob" P. Tarpley, & William H. Mann (Obit.)
Mann, John D., "Tupelo Resident Killed In Wreck Near Shoffner" (Obit.)
Mann, Mr. Joe, of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Mann, Joseph, of McCrory, s/o J. H. Mann, "Named to U-A Dean's List" (Article)
Mann, Joseph Hubert, h/o Sophia Isabelle Mann (Burial Record)
Mann, Joseph L., h/o Katie M. Mann (Grave Marker Photo) (Burial Record)
Mann, Katie M., w/o Joseph L. Mann (Grave Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Mann, Kitty Ann (Burial Record)
Mann, Lester Lee "Joe", h/o Mable Irene Mann (Obit.)
Mann, Lyda (Burial Record)
Mann, Mable Irene, w/o Lester Mann (Obit.)
Mann, Martha Sue, w/o Wayne Mann (Obit.)
Mann, Noel C., s/o Joel C. Mann (Burial Record)
Mann, Sophia Isabelle, w/o Joseph Hubert "Goob" Mann (Obit.)
Mann, William Luther, h/o Minnie Mann (Obit.)

Manning, C. E. (Burial Record)
Manning, Sgt., U. S. Army, "Visits In McCrory" (Article)
Manning, Ethel Pavy (Burial Record)
Manning, James Lester, of Patterson, AR, h/o Madeline Manning (Obit.)
Manning, Marthie E. (Burial Record)
Manning, Mary, Died 1898 (Obit., Typed)

Mantle, Margaret May, w/o William Henry Mantle (Burial Record) (Photo Marker)
Mantle, Mary Lou, Infant d/o William Mantle (Burial Record) (Photo Marker)
Mantle, William Henry, h/o Margaret May Mantle (Obit.)

Mapps, Charlie Edgar, h/o Myrtle Mapps (Obit.) (Photo Marker)
Mapps, Myrtle M., w/o Charles E. Mapps (Obit.) (Photo Marker)

Marberry, Lita Mae, age 15 days (Burial Record)

Marcum, Glendon Lorn, "Wynne man killed in auto crash" (Obit.)

Marcy, Henry A., h/o Laura Jean Marcy (Burial Record)
Marcy, Laura Jean, w/o Henry A. Marcy (Obit.)

Markham, Alma Jane (Prince)-Johnson, of Newport, d/o Ira Prince (Obit.)

Marks, Donald Gene, bro. of Max Marks of Fair Oaks (Obit.)
Marks, Max H., of McCrory (Obit.)

Marlar, Irene, aged 33 years (Burial Record)
Marlar, John, formerly of McCrory; Funeral services Jackson Funeral Home in Newport (Obit.)
Marlar, Lee, WWI (Obit.)
Marlar, Susan Elizabeth, Aged 51 years (Burial Record)
Marlar, Thomas Jefferson, Aged 78 years (Burial Record)

Marlin, Cora Bell (Burial Record)
Marlin, Dorthel (Jones), "Class of 47, Reunion" (Picture Article)
Marlin, Dorthel (Jones), w/o Jack Lindy Marlin (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Marlin, Jack, s/o Roy Marlin, "Weds" (Article)
Marlin, Jack Lindy, h/o Dorthel Marlin (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Marlin, Velva Dorine, "birth of", d/o Lono Marlin of Cave City, AR (Article)
Marlin, Velva Dorine, sis. of R.D. Marlin & Donald Marlin (Obit.)
Marlin, William Draper "Butch", of Wynne, AR, h/o Frances E. Marlin (Obit.)

Marlor, Emma V. (Morris) (Burial Record)

Marlar, Irene, aged 33 years (Burial Record)
Marlar, Lee, WW I (Obit.)
Marlar, Susan Elizabeth, aged 51 years (Burial Record)
Marlar, Thomas Jefferson , Aged 78 years (Burial Record)

Marr, Mrs. Mary, d/o J. L. Edwards of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)

Marrow, Woodrow W., "Body of Drowned Man Found" (Article)

Marsh, Family History 1800 - 2011 - 7 Generations (Family History Book)
Marsh, Ada C., w/o William Jackson Marsh (Obit.)
Marsh, Ancel B., h/o Sylvia Marsh (Obit.)
Marsh, Andrew Jackson (Burial Record)
Marsh, Andrew Lee, "Boy Kicked by Mule Is Seriously Injured" (Article)
Marsh, Andrew Lee, s/o R. M. Marsh of McCrory, "Engaged" (Article)
Marsh, Andrew Lee, of McCrory, h/o Dorothy Marsh (Obit.)
Marsh, Bonnie I., w/o R. M. Marsh, Jr. (Picture Obit.)
Marsh, Christopher C., Civil War Vet., f/o Mrs. Bob Tiller of Wiville, AR (Article 1912)
Marsh, Clyde Eugene, s/o William Jackson Marsh (Marker Photo)
Marsh, Cora Wells, d/o Edgar D. Marsh (Burial Record)
Marsh, Edgar D., s/o Andrew J. Marsh, h/o Emma Marsh (Obit.)
Marsh, Elmo C., WW I Vet., s/o Andrew J. Marsh, h/o May Marsh (Picture Obit.)
Marsh, Emma, w/o Edgar D. Marsh (Obit.)
Marsh, Helen Gay, "Augusta Queen and Maids" (Picture Article)
Marsh, Miss Helen Gaye, d/o Ancel B. Marsh, "Weds" (Article)
Marsh, Miss Helen Gaye, d/o Ancel B. Marsh (Wedding Picture)
Marsh, James Milton, U. S. Navy, "Killed in Auto Crash" (Obit.)
Marsh, Julia F., w/o Andrew J. Marsh (Obit.)
Marsh, Julian Luien, s/o Robert Milton Marsh (Marker Photo)
Marsh, Lillian (Wells) Wilson-Marsh, w/o Max Wilson & Thomas O. Marsh (Burial Record)
Marsh, Milton, s/o Andrew J. Marsh, "Weds" (Article 1912)
Marsh, Prentice Carl, s/o William J. Marsh (Marker Photo)
Marsh, Robert Milton, s/o A. J. Marsh, h/o Ruth Marsh (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Marsh, Robert Milton, s/o R. M. Marsh, h/o Bonnie Marsh & Nova Marsh (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Marsh, Ruth, w/o Robert Milton Marsh (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Marsh, Sylvia, w/o Ancel Marsh (Burial Record)
Marsh, Tillie Ruth (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Marsh, William Jackson, s/o Andrew Jackson Marsh, h/o Ada Marsh (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Marshall, Alfred L. (Burial Record)
Marshall, Angie, age 39 years, d/o Martha Marshall (Burial Record)
Marshall, Endia, (black) (Burial Record)
Marshall, Eugene "Gene", of Wynne, AR, h/o Dovie Marie Marshall (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Marshall, Eva, d/o W.N. Marshall (Burial Record)
Marshall, J. L., of Cotton Plant, "Killed As Car Hits Bridge", s/o J. A. Marshall (Obit.)
Marshall, J. W., s/o John H. Marshall (Burial Record)
Marshall, Ophelia Ann, w/o Raymond Marshall (Obit.)
Marshall, Ora L. (Burial Record)

Martin, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Martin, Col. Robert Thomas Martin 1846-1930 (Family History)
Martin, Family History - Col. Robert Thomas - 7 Generations 1800 - 2007 (Family History Book)
Martin, Allie, d/o R. T. Martin (Burial Record)
Martin, Attis Nadine, w/o Luein Martin (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Martin, Ben, h/o Opal I. Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Bessie Lee, w/o Paul B. Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Bessie Mae, w/o Homer B. Martin (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Martin, Billy C., h/o Mary Louise Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Charles P. "C.P.", h/o Jean L. Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Charles W., of Beedeville, AR, h/o Mrs. Minnie Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Clinton Edward, h/o Jean Martin (Burial Record)
Martin, Coure, (black), "Shot by Elbert Spearman, Slayer Goes to Jail" (Article)
Martin, Duncan L., WWI Veteran (Burial Record)
Martin, Ethel Jane, w/o Marvin E. Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Eva, w/o Osra E. Martin (Marker Photo)
Martin, Geneva (Burial Record)
Martin, George W., h/o Susie J. Martin (Burial Record)
Martin, Glenda Janett, d/o Troy Martin of McCrory, "Engaged" (Picture Article)
Martin, G. W. (Mayor of Augusta), Killed in a plane crash with the Gregory's (Obit.)
Martin, Helen M. (Irwin) Wiley, d/o Roscoe W. Irwin of Gregory, AR (Obit.)
Martin, Homer B, h/o Bessie Martin (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Martin, Ida Mae, Died 1885 (Burial Record)
Martin, Ida Mae, Died 1910 (Burial Record)
Martin, J. T. - Died 1920 (Burial Record)
Martin, Jackie Ruth, w/o Robert T. Martin (Burial Record)
Martin, James F., s/o Ben Martin, "Weds" (Article)
Martin, James, s/o Ben Martin, h/o Lorene Martin, "Serving Overseas" (Picture Article)
Martin, James Forrest "Pepper", h/o Lorrene Florence Martin (Obit.)
Martin, James Otis, of Hickory Ridge, h/o Mary Blanche Martin (Obit.), in fold
Martin, Jean L., w/o Charles P. Martin (Burial Record)
Martin, Jewel, w/o Paul B. Martin, Jr. (Burial Record)
Martin, John Worthy, s/o Thomas Douglas Martin (Picture Obit.)
Martin, Johnny Franklin, Sr., h/o Sue Martin (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Martin, Kathleen (Burial Record)
Martin, Katie L., w/o Troy V. Martin (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Martin, Loudelle Virginia, w/o Veston William "Bill" Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Louisa M., d. 1866, w/o T. J. Martin (LPR)
Martin, Lucile (Burial Record)
Martin, Luein (Rev.), h/o Attis Martin (Marker Photo)
Martin, Marvin Eddie, h/o Ethel J. Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Mattie E., w/o R. T. Martin (Burial Record)
Martin, Monroe Jackson (Obit.)
Martin, Myrtle Edith, w/o William David Martin (Burial Record)
Martin, Nellie E. (McFarland) Crawford, w/o Robert Crawford (Obit.)
Martin, Opal I., w/o Ben Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Osro E., h/o Eva Martin (Marker Photo)
Martin, Paul Brussel, h/o Bessie Lee Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Paul B. Jr., h/o Jewel Martin (Burial Record)
Martin, Pauline Marie, of Memphis, TN, w/o Charles E. Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Pete, of Augusta, U.S. Army WW II, England - (Picture Article)
Martin, Robert Lee, (black) (Obit.)
Martin, Robert T., Vietnam (Picture Obit.)
Martin, Robert Thomas "R. T." (Col.) (Picture Obit.)
Martin, Robert Thomas "Buddy", h/o Jackie Ruth Martin (Burial Record)
Martin, Robert Thomas, Jr., "Memphis Marine Killed in Action" (Picture Obit.)
Martin, Ronald Keith, s/o Vernon J. Martin (Obit.)
Martin, S. P. "Pete", s/o Mrs. Cora Pennington of Augusta, "Weds" (Article)
Martin, Sallie Lou, w/o Vernon J. Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Susie, w/o George W. Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Susie (Edwards) (Obit.)
Martin, Thomas L., s/o Peter Martin, "Enrolled in the Army ROTC" (Picture Article)
Martin, Tina Michelle, w/o Thomas Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Tojja Regina, w/o Gregory S. "Greg" Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Troy Vernon, h/o Katie Lou Ella Martin (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Martin, Vance David, h/o Joyce Martin (Picture Obit.)
Martin, Vernon J., h/o Sallie L. Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Virgil Coy, "Tip Farmer Dies of Gunshot Wound Friday Night", self-inflicted (Obit.)
Martin, William David, h/o Myrtle Edith Martin (Obit.)
Martin, Zane G., "Fighting On World Fronts" (Picture Article)

Marton, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Marton, Lillian (Burial Record)
Marton, Vench (Burial Record)

Marvin, Eulalie (Sappington), of Cotton Plant, formerly of Maplewood, MO (Obit.)
Marvin, Thomas, h/o Agnes Marvin, "Killed in Fall" (Obit.)

Marx, Kenneth A., h/o Nancy M. Marx, "Killed In Germany", (Obit.)

Mashburn, Dorothy Ann, w/o Garland Mashburn (Obit.)
Mashburn, Oscar, "Resident Of Fair Oaks Injured In Fall" (Article)

Mason, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Mason, Amand (Burial Record)
Mason, Mrs. Annie, Died 1923 (Burial Record)
Mason, Annie A.N., d/o N.J. Mason (Burial Record)
Mason, Miss Barbara, d/o Edgar Mason of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Mason, Blanch Vinson, w/o Walter Mason (Obit.)
Mason, Brenton Dale, s/o Rodney Lee Mason (Obit.)
Mason, Danny Robert, s/o Marvin Luther Mason, h/o Sherri V. Mason (Obit.)
Mason, Edgar Bailey (Burial Record)
Mason, Everett, s/o Nora Stevens, "Take A Foot And Hold It" Is Motto" (Article)
Mason, Gary Lee, s/o Marvin Mason of Cavel, AR (Obit.)
Mason, Gene Herbert, s/o Offie Taylor Mason (Obit.)
Mason, Hazel (Ried) (Burial Record)
Mason, Herbert (Burial Record)
Mason, Hubert C. (Grave Marker Photo)
Mason, John Walter, h/o Blanche Mason (LPR) (Burial Record)
Mason, J. Walter, s/o Blanche Mason, h/o Laura Shell (Conner) Mason (LPR) (Obit.)
Mason, Jackie Lynn, s/o Marvin Lee Mason (Obit.)
Mason, James F., "Jackson County Sheriff Dies At Newport", h/o Mabel Mason (Obit.)
Mason, James J., C.S.A. Veteran (Burial Record)
Mason, James R., s/o N.W. Mason (Burial Record)
Mason, Jimmy Ray, U. S. Army Veteran (Burial Record)
Mason, John Bradley, h/o Thelma Mason (Obit.)
Mason, John Dale, s/o Marvin Luther Mason (Obit.)
Mason, Laura (Conner), d/o Laura Conner of Augusta, "Weds" (Article)
Mason, Marvin Lee, h/o Doris Mason of Augusta (Obit.)
Mason, Marvin Luther, h/o Pairlee Mason (Obit.)
Mason, Milton Roy "Bill", s/o Marvin Luther Mason & Pairlee Mason (Obit.)
Mason, Nathan W., h/o Sally J. Mason (Burial Record)
Mason, Oscar (Marker Photo)
Mason, Pairlee, w/o Marvin Luther Mason (Obit.)
Mason, Pauline "Paula" Darlene (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Mason, R. F., "Augusta Citizen Dies From Injuries Received In Mishap" (Obit.)
Mason, Rosie (Swanson) (Burial Record)
Mason, Mrs. Sallie J., w/o Nathan W. Mason (Burial Record)
Mason, Thelma, w/o John Bradley Mason (Obit.)
Mason, Walter J., s/o Blanche Mason (Obit.)

Massey, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Massey, Family - Silas Newton Massey - 5 Generations 1848 - 2007 (Family History Book)
Massey, Carmon (Covington), w/o Elbert Massey (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Massey, Charley W., of Newport, bro. of P. N. Massey of McCrory (Obit.)
Massey, D. L. (Burial Record)
Massey, David Vernon, s/o Joe Massey & Louise Massey (Obit.)
Massey, Dolph V., h/o Edith M. Massey (Obit.)
Massey, Miss Dorothy, d/o Mr. & Mrs. D. V. Massey (Wedding Article)
Massey, Edith Mamie, w/o Dolph V. Massey (Obit.)
Massey, Elbert, h/o Carmon Massey (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Massey, Elbert Cecil, f/o Harold C. Massey (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Massey, Harold C., s/o Elbert Cecil Massey & Carmon Massey (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Massey, Herbert M., "Herbert M. Massey Robbed of $90 and Cut About The Face" (Article)
Massey, Mrs. Ida Jane, of Tupelo (Obit.)
Massey, J. Beal (Burial Record)
Massey, Joe, s/o D. V. Massey, injured, "One Killed, Two Seriously Injured In Auto-Train Accident" (Article)
Massey, Joe Andrew, s/o Dolph V. Massey (Obit.)
Massey, Joe, s/o D. V. Massey, "Joe Massey Falls And Rebreaks Leg" (Article)
Massey, Joe Beal, of Kennett, MO (Obit.)
Massey, Laura (Conner) Mason (Burial Record)
Massey, Lois L., d/o Leroy Massey & Laura B. Massey (Obit.), in fold
Massey, Louise, w/o Joe Andrew Massey (Obit.)
Massey, Mabel Claire (Miller) (Burial Record)
Massey, Miss Marie, d/o D. V. Massey, "McCrory Girl Selected Queen" (Picture Article)
Massey, Miss Marie, d/o D. V. Massey, "Weds" (Wedding Article) (Picture Article)
Massey, Noble Claud, d. in Memphis, TN, s/o Zachariah Sheffield Massey (Obit.), in fold
Massey, Miss Otha, d/o D. V. Massey (Wedding Article)
Massey, Pleasant N., f/o Herman Massey (Obit.)
Massey, Rex, s/o Joe Andrew Massey, married (Picture of bride-Article)
Massey, Rosemary, "Weds" (Wedding Article) (Picture Article "Recent Bride")
Massey, Silas Newton Massey & Sarah F. Massey (Story) by G. T.
Massey, Sylvia (Hunter) (Obit.), in fold
Massey, Vernon N. (Burial Record)
Massey, Vernon Newton "Doc" Massey & Mabel Clarie Massey, with two children; (Pictures & story)
Massey, Virginia Louise, w/o Joe Andrew Massey (Obit.)
Massey, Zackarias Sheffield (Obit.)
Massey, Mrs. Zella (Burial Record)

Masters, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Masters, Clara May, d/o Ulysses G. Masters & Margaret Masters (Burial Record)
Masters, Fleeta, w/o Doy Masters (Obit.)
Masters, Frances, d/o Ulysses G. Masters & Margaret Masters (Burial Record)
Masters, Margaret Jane, w/o Ulysses G. Masters (Burial Record)
Masters, Ulysses G., s/o F.M. Masters (Burial Record)
Masters, Wade Alvie, s/o Ulysses G. Masters & Margaret Masters (Burial Record)
Masters, Wesley, Mrs. Master, & Sherman Masters (LPR)

Materna, Henry C., formerly of McCrory & Morton, h/o Lottie Materna (Obit.)

Matheny, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Matheny, Ethel (Guarnett) (Burial Record)
Matheny, Hosea B. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Matheny, Indiann, wife of Silas Matheny (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Matheny, Silas M. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Mathews, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Mathews, Earl (Burial Record)
Mathews, Ed, "McClelland Man Killed As Car Hits Culvert" (Obit.)
Mathews, Edward Houston, s/o Alexander H. Mathews & Clara Mathews (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Mathews, Erna Faye (Carter) Betts, w/o J. L. Betts & Orville Mathews (Obit.)
Mathews, Pvt. James E., s/o James Mathews, "McCrory Boy Receives Good Conduct Medal" (Article)
Mathews, James Henry (LPR)
Mathews, Joseph "Joe" Carter, no dates, h/o Willie Mathews (Burial Record)
Mathews, Lawrence B., s/o Edward H. Mathews & Ollie L. Mathews (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Mathews, Lenard Houston, s/o Edward H. Mathews & Ollie L. Mathews (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Mathews, Louis Eugene (Burial Record)
Mathews, Ollie L. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Mathews, Sallie, d/o W. M. Mathews & M. C. Mathews (Burial Record)
Mathews, Mrs. Willie, widow of Joseph "Joe" Carter Mathews (Obit.)

Mathis, (Marriage Records), part of female
Mathis, Family History, Dr. William Jesse & Emma Mathis 7 Generations (Family History Book)
Mathis, Annie May & Oma, "Two Children Are Burned To Death On Kirksey Farm" (Obit.)
Mathis, ?ernola (Burial Record)
Mathis, Charlie (Burial Record)
Mathis, Deacon McCoy (Burial Record)
Mathis, Eleanor, w/o Horace Wynn "Nig" Mathis (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Mathis, Emma, w/o Dr. William Jesse Mathis (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Mathis, Harry Poynter, s/o Dr. William Jesse Mathis & Emma W. Wynne Mathis (Obit.)
Mathis, Horace Wynn "Nig" (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Mathis, Ida (Dozier) (Burial Record)
Mathis, Joe Ella (Burial Record)
Mathis, Mable (Lynch) (Burial Record)
Mathis, Miss Marilyn, d/o Horace Wynne Mathis, of Cotton Plant (Picture Wedding)
Mathis, McThomas, Sr. (Obit.)
Mathis, Nell (Hutchins) (Burial Record), no dates
Mathis, Oma & Annie May Mathis, "Two Children Are Burned To Death On Kirksey Farm" (Obit.)
Mathis, Pearl M. (Burial Record)
Mathis, Lt. Ross, h/o Mable Mathis, "Receives Cross Of Service" (Picture Article)
Mathis, Mrs. Ross (Picture Article)
Mathis, Ross, h/o Mable Mathis (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Mathis, Thise (Burial Record), no dates listed
Mathis, Vaughn, w/o William P. "Bill" Mathis (Obit.)
Mathis, Vera, (black) (Obit.)
Mathis, Viola ? (Burial Record)
Mathis, Dr. W. J., Monroe, John, & Lewis, "Ages Of Four Mathis Brothers, Total 356" (Article)
Mathis, Dr. W. J., "Oldest Resident Of Cotton Plant Celebrates Birthday (Article)
Mathis, Wade (Obit.)
Mathis, Dr. William J., "Early Experiences Recalled By Vet. Ark. Doctor" (Article)
Mathis, William Jesse (Dr.) (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Mathis, Dr. William J. Mathis & Emma Mathis, Pioneer Physician of Cotton Plant, AR (Story), by G.T.
Mathis, William P. "Bill", h/o Vaughn Mathis (Marker Photo)

Matkin, Family, Wyatt E. Matkin - 8 Generations 1745 - 2008 (Family History Book)
Matkin, Cora L., w/o Wyatt E. Matkin, children named (LPR)
Matkin, Ernest B. "Bo", h/o Cora E. Matkin (Obit.)
Matkin, Martin Luther, s/o Wyatt Emmet Matkin & Cora L. Matkin (Burial Record)
Matkin, Wyatt E., h/o Cora L. Matkin, children named (LPR)
Matkin, Wyatt, stockholder, "New Modern Gin To Replace One Burned" (Article)
Matkin, Wyatt Emmett (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Matkin, Wyatt Emmett, Jr., h/o Susan F. Matkin (Obit.)

Matlin, Annie, (black) (Burial Record)

Matlock, James M. Matlock & Mary Matlock - 13 Generations 1635 - 2007 (Family History Book)
Matlock, Alva Druscilla (Smith) (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, Arthur Leon (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, Bessie Mary (Obit.)
Matlock, Catherine Anne (Marker Photo)
Matlock, Cleo, w/o Luther B. Matlock (Obit.)
Matlock, Doyle Allen, (Died as a result of robbery at his home) (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, Edward Marvin, DS with Maggie Sue Matlock (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, Elvin J., h/o Mable M. Matlock (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, Emely Alberta "Bertie" (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, Ernest William, h/o Agnes M. Matlock & Cordelia Matlock (Picture Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, Eula E., w/o Louis Matlock (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, Evelyn D., DS with James Lee Matlock (Marker Photo)
Matlock, Floyd W., DS with Ruby Matlock (Burial Record)
Matlock, Garland, s/o Vadie Matlock (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, Infant (Burial Record)
Matlock, Izola (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, James D., of Searcy, b/o John Morris Matlock (Obit.)
Matlock, James Dentley (Burial Record)
Matlock, James Lee, DS with Evelyn D. Matlock (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, James "Jim" Washington, h/o Sally Ann Matlock (Obit.)
Matlock, Jewel (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, John D., s/o Edward Matlock & Maggie S. Matlock (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, John Morris, DS with Bessie Mary Matlock (Obit.)
Matlock, Josie (Burial Record)
Matlock, Lavadie, w/o John Allen Matlock (Obit.)
Matlock, Mable Mageliene, DS with Elvin J. Matlock (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, Maggie Sue, DS with Edward Marvin Matlock (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, Martha (Burial Record)
Matlock, Martha R. (Burial Record)
Matlock, Marvin, age 5 yrs. (Burial Record)
Matlock, Mary Katherine, w/o Johnnie "John" Morris Matlock (Obit.)
Matlock, Ola (DeWitt) (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, Oscar L., "Visits In France" (Article)
Matlock, Oscar L., "Gets Admiral's Praise" (Article)
Matlock, Roy Milburn (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, Ruby Rudick, w/o Floyd William Matlock (Obit.)
Matlock, Sally Ann, wife of James "Jim" W. Matlock (Obit.)
Matlock, Sam, "79th Birthday Dinner" (Article)
Matlock, Samuel J., DM with Emely Alberta "Bertie" Matlock (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, The Matlock Family History (Story), by G. T.
Matlock, William Arthur, h/o Ada Irene Matlock (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Matlock, William Marcus, of Hammond, IN, formerly of McCrory (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Matthews, Archie Eugene, formerly of McCrory, AR, h/o Velva Matthews (Obit.)
Matthews, Betty Jean, DS with Hiram Matthews (Obit.)
Matthews, C. L., "Brother Of Hugh Matthews Dies At Home In Atkins" (Obit.)
Matthews, Daisy J., w/o William E. Matthews, Sr. (Obit.)
Matthews, Elmer W. "Rink", DS with Ruth Matthews (Obit.)
Matthews, Ethel H., (black) (Obit.)
Matthews, Evelyn (Murphy), w/o Charles Matthews (Obit.)
Matthews, Hiram, DS with Betty Matthews (Obit.)
Matthews, Hugh Elmer, of Calif., formerly of McCrory, h/o Dovie Love (Obit.)
Matthews, J. H., of Atkins, AR, h/o Katherine T. Matthews, "Father Of Local Man Dies At Home" (Obit.)
Matthews, James Morris (Burial Record)
Matthews, Jim W., h/o Lee Ella Matthews (Burial Record)
Matthews, Joe, no dates, father of Pauline James (Burial Record)
Matthews, Miss Juanita, d/o Olan Matthews, "June Bride To Be" (Picture Article)
Matthews, Lee Ella, w/o Jim W. Matthews (Burial Record)
Matthews, Lillie, married Mr. Croney, sis. of Ed, Hiram, & others. (Obit.)
Matthews, Michael M., DS with Sandra K. Matthews (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Matthews, Nettie (Moore) Stowe (Obit.)
Matthews, Mrs. R.T., Sr. (Burial Record), no dates listed
Matthews, R. T., Sr. (Burial Record)
Matthews, Richard Thomas, Jr. (Obit.)
Matthews, Ruth, DS with E.W. "Rink" Matthews (Typed Obit.)
Matthews, Sandra K. (Ashburn), DS with Michael M. Matthews (Marker Photo)
Matthews, William E. Matthews, Sr., h/o Daisy J. Matthews (Burial Record)
Matthews, William E. Matthews, Jr., of Memphis, TN (Obit.)
Matthews, William M., of Greenville, MS, formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
Matthews, Willie, mother of Pauline James (Burial Record), no dates

Maulden, James ?urrell (Burial Record), dates not complete (Stone is broken)

Mauldin, Betty (Vanderburg) (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Mauldin, Bobbie Sue, d/o W. H. Mauldin of McCrory (Wedding Article)
Mauldin, E. A., Jr., s/o E. A., Sr. Mauldin (Wedding Article)
Mauldin, Earnest Austin, Jr., s/o Earnest Austin Mauldin, Sr., h/o Eunice Mauldin (Obit.)
Mauldin, Mrs. E. A., Jr., "Recent Bride", formerly Miss Eunice M. Graves (Picture Article)
Mauldin, Mrs. E. A., "Birthday Dinner" (Article)
Mauldin, Mr. & Mrs. E. A., "Family Reunion" (Article)
Mauldin, Emily H., w/o Wesley H. Mauldin (Marker Photo)
Mauldin, Emma Lillie, DS with Willie Stanley Mauldin (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Mauldin, Eugene, s/o Sadie Mauldin, "Hillemann Boy Serving Overseas" (Picture Article)
Mauldin, Eugene, h/o Jewell Mauldin (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Mauldin, Eunice, DS with E. A. Mauldin (Burial Record)
Mauldin, Fern, w/o John B. Mauldin (Obit.)
Mauldin, Florence, w/o John B. Mauldin (Burial Record)
Mauldin, Franklin "Frank" Delano, h/o Vivian Mauldin, "Promoted To Foreman" (Article)
Mauldin, Freeda M., DS with Merdith "Mert" Mauldin (Obit.)
Mauldin, Gladys, d/o E. A. Mauldin, "Weds" (Article)
Mauldin, Harold, Macon & Smith, sons of John A. Mauldin, "Mauldin Trio Scattered" (Picture Article)
Mauldin, Harold, s/o John Mauldin, of Hillmann, "At Camp Arles, France" (Article)
Mauldin, Harold Barry, h/o Mary Elizabeth Mauldin (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Mauldin, Harry (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Mauldin, Helen, d/o E. A. Mauldin, Sr., married (Wedding Article)
Mauldin, Infant, d/o Leland Mauldin & Beatrice Mauldin (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Mauldin, James Howard, s/o E. A. Mauldin, "Now In Air Force" (Picture Article)
Mauldin, Jewell Ines (Obit.)
Mauldin, Joan Marie, d/o Meredith Mauldin, married (Article)
Mauldin, John B., h/o Fern Mauldin (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Mauldin, John Smith, s/o John A. "Mauldin, Trio Scattered" (Picture Article)
Mauldin, John Smith, "Injured in three vehicle wreck" (Article)
Mauldin, John Smith (Burial Record)
Mauldin, John Tom, s/o John B. & Fern Mauldin, h/o Loretta M. (Obit.)
Mauldin, John Tom, (Correction to obit.), was not a Mason and did not belong to Colony Lodge #190 (Article)
Mauldin, John Wesley, s/o Richard H. Mauldin, Sr. (Obit.)
Mauldin, Miss Juanita, d/o Wess Mauldin of McCrory, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Mauldin, Julia Carroll, w/o Earnest Eugene Mauldin (Obit.)
Mauldin, Leland Paul, h/o Beatrice Mauldin (Obit.)
Mauldin, Loyd Hooker, h/o Opal Imogene Mauldin (Obit.)
Mauldin, Macon, s/o John A., "Mauldin Trio Scattered" (Picture Article)
Mauldin, Martha Elender, w/o W. M. Mauldin (Burial Record)
Mauldin, Mary Beatrice, married (Picture Article) (Recent Bride Picture) (Wedding Article)
Mauldin, Mary E. (Marker Photo)
Mauldin, Matty (Matie Elenor (Burrows), 1st w/o Willie Stanley Mauldin (Burial Record)
Mauldin, Maude Glenn (Burial Record) (Grave Marker Photo)
Mauldin, Maurice E. (Burial Record)
Mauldin, Merdith "Mert", DS with Freeda Mauldin (Burial Record)
Mauldin, Neal Burton, married (Wedding Article) (Picture of Recent Bride)
Mauldin, Nora (Mauldin), w/o Samuel Taylor & Andrew J. Collier (Burial Record)
Mauldin, Miss Ona Belle, d/o Mrs. Lillie Mauldin (Obit.)
Mauldin, Olphelia, of Benton, formerly of McCrory, w/o John Wesley Mauldin (Obit.)
Mauldin, Ona Belle, d/o Willie Stanley Mauldin (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Mauldin, Peggy June, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Mauldin, Reba Nell (Burial Record) (Grave Marker Photo)
Mauldin, Richard H., Sr., DS with Sadie Mauldin (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Mauldin, Richard H., Jr. (Picture Article) (Obit.) (Marker Photo).
Mauldin, Sadie, w/o Richard H. Mauldin, Sr. (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Mauldin, Teddy C. (Burial Record)
Mauldin, Wesley Henry, Sr. (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Mauldin, Willie Stanley, h/o Matty Matie Elenor (Burrows) Mauldin (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Maulin, Cecilias (Diamond) (Burial Record)
Maulin, George J. (Burial Record)

Maxfield, Mary Catherine (Case), w/o William Elijah Maxfield (Obit.)
Maxfield, Mrs. Theodore (Sarah A. "Sallie" (Allen) Maxfield, of Batesville, AR (Obit.)
Maxfield, William "Will" Elijah, h/o Mary Catherine (Case) Maxfield (Burial Record)

Maxson, James Edward, s/o Mrs. Annie Maxson (Obit.)

Maxwell, Emma Lois, of Cleveland, AR, w/o William B. Maxwell (Obit.)
Maxwell, Fitz Lee, h/o Neva Alice Maxwell (Obit)
Maxwell, Myrtle Leona, DS with Roy W. Maxwell (Obit.)
Maxwell, Neva (Burial Record)
Maxwell, Roy W., DS with Myrtle Leona Maxwell (Obit.)

May, Billie J., bro. of Mrs. Ralph McDonald, of Weldon, "Lost When Plane Was Shot Down" (Obit.)
May, Bobbie (Burial Record)
May, Charles Lee, Sr., h/o Ruth May of Pine Bluff (Obit.)
May, Craig Wayne Owen (Obit.) (Picture Obit.)
May, Donna Faye, "Woman is killed in Augusta", w/o Lowell May (Obit.)
May, Frances G., DS with Will E. May (Burial Record)
May, Hurbert (Burial Record)
May, Larry Gale, Sr., h/o Kathy May (Picture Obit.)
May, Leo Preston "Bob", h/o Betty May (Obit.), in fold
May, Lloyd "Jiggs", "Augusta man killed in wreck" (Obit.)
May, Lloyd, Jr. (Obit.)
May, Lloyd, Sr. (Burial Record)
May, Marvin George, s/o George May & Trudy May (Obit.)
May, May (Obit.)
May, Mitchell Wayne, s/o Lowell & Donna May (Obit.)
May, Nola Florence (Burial Record)
May, Pauline B., w/o Lloyd "Jiggs" May (Obit.)
May, Vica Viola, w/o Lloyd B. May (Obit.)
May, Will E., DS with Frances G. May (Burial Record)
May, Willo Dean (Burial Record)

Mayberry, Mrs. Cameron, "Hickory Ridge Woman Killed in Automobile Wreck" (Obit.)

Mayes, Adolphus Earl, h/o Ruby Mayes (Obit.)
Mayes, Billie Ray (Burial Record)
Mayes, W. R. (Burial Record)

Mayfield, Harry Earl (Obit.)
Mayfield, Rufus, s/o J.H. Mayfield & Delia Mayfield (Burial Record)
Mayfield, Winnie Louella, w/o Harry Earl Mayfield (Obit.)

Mayflower, (Story) by G. T.

Mayhall, Mary Lee (Higginbotham) & baby, w/o William F. Mayhall (Burial Record)
Mayhall, Mary Lee (Burial Record)

Mayhaus, Clarence, s/o Joseph Mayhaus, "Recent Bride" (Picture of bride Wedding)

Mayher, Randi Sue, d/o Larry Mayher & Faye Mayher (Picture Obit.)

Maynard, Iris Lorene, w/o Robert Maynard (Obit.)
Maynard, Pfc. Robert, s/o Mrs. Mary Maynard of Batesville, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Maynard, Stephen Roark, s/o Steve Maynard & Elaine Maynard of Augusta (Obit.)

Mayo, Addie, (black) (Burial Record)
Mayo, Miss Gretchen, d/o Mrs. Walter W. Raney, "Mother And Daughter" (Picture Article)
Mayo, Miss Gretchen, d/o Mrs. Walter W. Raney, "Given Dinner Party On Christmas Eve" (Article)
Mayo, Miss Gretchen, d/o Mrs. Walter W. Raney, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Mayo, Mrs. Ida (Tarpley), d/o Dr. L. A. Jelks, "Weds" (Article)
Mayo, Maggie (Burial Record)
Mayo, Redmond (LPR)
Mayo, Viola (Burial Record)

Mays, Cooper Woodie P. (Burial Record)

McAdams, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McAdams, William Lloyd, of Augusta, h/o Frances McAdams (Obit.)

McAfee, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McAfee, Andrew J., h/o Ida Mae McAfee (Obit.)
McAfee, Danny L., Jr., DS with Mary E. McAfee (Marker Photo)
McAfee, Ida Mae, w/o Andrew J. McAfee (Burial Record)
McAfee, James C. (LPR)
McAfee, Mary E., DS with Danny L. McAfee, Jr. (Marker Photo)

McAlexander, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McAlexander, Hugh L. McAlexander Family (Story), by G.T.
McAlexander, Addie, DS with William C. McAlexander (Obit.)
McAlexander, Alexander, d. Jan. 1870, h/o Mary E. (LPR)
McAlexander, Billy, s/o Will McAlexander, "Two Augusta Boys Serving Overseas" (Picture Article)
McAlexander, Eugene L. (Obit.)
McAlexander, Herbert Dodd (Obit.)
McAlexander, Hugh L., DS with Vallie McAlexander (Burial Record)
McAlexander, James E., of Memphis, formerly of Woodruff Co., h/o Deborah McAlexander (Obit.)
McAlexander, Marjorie E. (Burial Record)
McAlexander, Mary Ruth (Obit.)
McAlexander, Mildred (Jennings) (Burial Record)
McAlexander, Richard Lindberg "Lindy", h/o Mildred & Pat McAlexander (Obit.)
McAlexander, Vallie, "Revels Lady Wins In State Contest" (Article)
McAlexander, Vallie, DS with Hugh L. McAlexander (Burial Record)
McAlexander, Vernon B. (Obit.)
McAlexander, William C., DS with Addie McAlexander (Burial Record)
McAlexander, William C., Jr., WW II Vet. (Burial Record)

McAlister, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McAlister, Miss Frances Elizabeth, of New Mexico (Obit.)

McAnelly, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McAnelly, Charles L., h/o Claudia Ann McAnelly (Burial Record)
McAnelly, Claudia Ann, w/o Charles L. McAnelly (Burial Record)
McAnelly. James H. (Marker Photo)
McAnelly, Vella Jean (Burial Record)

McArthur, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McArthur, James K. (Burial Record)
McArthur, Mrs. James K. (Burial Record)
McArthur, Judy K. (Burial Record)
McArthur, Mrs. Willie Ann, mother of Kenney McArthur & others (Obit.)

McAulay, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McAulay, Lucinda (Burial Record)

McBroom, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McBroom, John Hardin, h/o Jewell Fern McBroom (Obit.)
McBroom, Hubert, s/o Mrs. Jewell Kinder, of Cotton Plant, "Weds" (Article)

McBroome, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McBroome, Alphas "Al" La Vaughn, s/o Stanley McBroome & Ethel V. McBroome (Obit.)
McBroome, Barbara Jean, w/o Robert "Bob" Hutchinson, & Stanley Jr. "Mac" McBroome (Obit.)
McBroome, Ethel Vivian, w/o Stanley McBroome (Obit.)
McBroome, Harold "Poppie", DS with Jo Anne McBroome (Obit.)
McBroome, Jo Anne, w/o Harold McBroome (Obit.)
McBroome, Laquitta Joy, d/o Stanley McBroome & Ethel V. McBroome (Burial Record)
McBroome, Maryland, m/o Jimmy Beavers of Augusta & others (Obit.)
McBroome, Norman, s/o Stanley McBroome, "Weds" (Picture Article 7-8-1965 & 8-26-1965)
McBroome, Scott, s/o Norman McBroome & Peggy McBroome, "Weds" (Picture Article)
McBroome, Stanley, Jr. (Burial Record)
McBroome, Stanley, Sr., h/o Ethel V. McBroome (Obit.)

McBurnett, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McBurnett, Mrs. Carrie, w/o J. E. B. McBurnett (Obit.)

McCabe, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCabe, Billy "Grizz", s/o Mike McCabe & Edith McCabe, h/o Ola McCabe (Picture Obit.)
McCabe, Bobby Gene, s/o Mike McCabe & Edith McCabe (Obit.)
McCabe, Caldonie "Dona", w/o John McCabe (Article) (Obit.)
McCabe, Eugenia "Jean" Shirley Ann, w/o Bobby Gene McCabe (Picture Obit.)
McCabe, John, h/o Caldonie "Dona" McCabe (Burial Record)
McCabe, Johnnie J., s/o John McCabe & Donna McCabe (Obit.)
McCabe, Mike, h/o Edith McCabe (Obit.)
McCabe, Ruth, w/o Harry McCabe (Obit.)

McCain, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCain, Mrs. Bennie Mae, w/o Orville T. Beasley, & w/o Morris B. McCain, Sr. (Obit.)
McCain, Elsie, w/o William Henry McCain (Picture Article) (Picture Obit.) (Tribute Picture Article)
McCain, Mrs. Esna "$10, 000 Fire Loss In Two Homes" (Article)
McCain, Mrs. Esna Elizabeth, w/o Dr. Wm. Thomas McCain (Obit.)
McCain, J. A., of Memphis, formerly of McCrory, h/o Minnie Lee McCain (Obit.)
McCain, Janice Russell (Burial Record)
McCain, Jennie Thompson, DS with Morris Bryson McCain (Obit.)
McCain, John Allen, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. J. B. McCain (Obit.)
McCain, Mrs. L. B., of Eupora, MS, mother of W. B. McCain of McCrory (Obit.)
McCain, Leonard P., h/o Mary Agnes McCain (Burial Record)
McCain, Mary Agnes, w/o Leonard P. McCain (Obit.)
McCain, Morris Bryson (Obit.)
McCain, Miss Pearle, "Will Leave Sept. 15 To Teach In Japan" (Picture Article)
McCain, Mrs. W. H. (Elsie), "District Federation Leader" (Picture Article)
McCain, Mrs. W. H., "New President Of Federated Clubs" (Picture Article)
McCain, William Enoch, of Memphis, TN, s/o Dr. W. T. McCain (Obit.)
McCain, Mrs. W. H., "Elected Recording Secretary Of U. D. C." (Picture Article)
McCain, Mrs. W. H., Tribute (Picture Article)
McCain, William Henry, h/o Elsie McCain (Obit.)
McCain, William Thomas (Picture Obit.)
McCain, William Thomas, (Story) by G. T.
McCain, Willie B., b. McCain Town, MS, h/o Delia McCain (Obit.)

McCaleb, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCaleb, Miss Lillie, of Batesville, the Aunt of Mrs. Joe Stanley of Augusta (Obit.)

McCall, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCall, Ester A., of Marshall, AR, formerly of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

McCallie, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCallie, James R., h/o Lorine McCallie (Burial Record)
McCallie, Lorine A., w/o James R. McCallie (Burial Record)

McCarroll, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCarroll, Essie Mae, (black) (Burial Record)
McCarroll, James, (black) (Burial Record)
McCarroll, Thomas, (black) (Burial Record)

McCarty, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCarty, Minnie Lee, DS with William Henry McCarty (Burial Record)
McCarty, William Henry (Burial Record)

McCarver, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCarver, Barbara Jean (Obit.)
McCarver, D. P. (Burial Record)
McCarver, Dessie, DS with Joe McCarver (Obit.)
McCarver, Eva B. (Burial Record)
McCarver, Joe, DS with Dessie McCarver (Obit.)
McCarver, Mrs. Nancy (Burial Record)

McCaul, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCaul, Juanita "Nita" Glorine, w/o Robert "Bob" L. McCaul (Obit.)

McCauley, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCauley, Ed, of Leslie, AR, "Contempt of court" (Article)
McCauley, James Wayne, "Arkansan Returns As A Brigadier General" (Picture Article)
McCauley, Lorin of Cotton Plant, a pharmacist (Obit.)

McCay, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCay, Rebecca Lynn (Smith) Ashburn, w/o Roger Dale Ashburn; also w/o Shane R. McCay (Obit.)

McChristian, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McChristian, Bertha Ellen "Doodle", formerly of Beedeville, w/o James M. "Mac" McChristian (Obit.) McChristian, Billy Mac (Obit.), in fold
McChristian, Coleman Robert, h/o Katherine McChristian (Obit.)
McChristian, Diana Lynn, d/o Joseph E. McChristian (Obit.)
McChristian, J. W. (Joseph William), h/o Virginia McChristian (Obit.)
McChristian, James Melvin "Mac", of Beedeville, h/o Bertha Ellen "Doodle" McChristian (Burial Record)

McClain, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McClain, Bryce B., s/o P. M. McClain & Orilla McClain (Obit.)
McClain, Gladys (Maberry) (Burial Record)
McClain, Infant (Burial Record)
McClain, Mary Edith (Burial Record)
McClain, Orilla, DS with Pink M. McClain (Obit.)
McClain, P. M. of McCrory, AR, "Family Reunion", McClain & Trussell (Article)
McClain, Pauline, d/o Mr. & Mrs. P. M. McClain, "Weds" (Article)
McClain, Pink Mason, h/o Orella McClain (Obit.)
McClain, Richard, of Maberry, "Store, Stock, House Burns With Big Loss" (Article)
McClain, Richard (Enlist. Record)
McClain, Richard (Burial Record)
McClain, Steven Glenn (Burial Record)
McClain, W.G. (Burial Record)
McClain, Woodrow Wilson (Burial Record)

McClard, William A., of Kensett, AR (Obit.)

McClellan, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McClellan, Joyce Ann, of Wynne (Obit.)
McClellan, Ronald Gregory (Obit.)

McClelland, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McClelland, James Thomas (Burial Record)
McClelland, Mrs. Maybelle, wife of Tyman McClelland (Burial Record)

McClendon, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McClendon, Arville, (black) (Burial Record)
McClendon, Beatrice Haston, (black) (Obit.)
McClendon, Ed, (black) (Burial Record)
McClendon, Eddie, (black) (Burial Record)
McClendon, Mrs. Horace, of Lewisville, AR, m/o Johnny McClendon (Obit.)
McClendon, John Henry, of Marianna, AR, f/o Robert McClendon & other (Obit.)
McClendon, Lillie, (black) (Burial Record)
McClendon, Millard, s/o Willis & Roda McClendon (Marker Photo)

McClintock, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McClintock, Robert Smith, Sr., of Marianna, h/o Mary Frances McClintock (Obit.)

McClish, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McClish, George A. (Burial Record)

McCollum, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCollum, Crad W., s/o Mrs. R. J. McCollum, "At Miami Beach, Florida" (Article)
McCollum, Crad W., bro. of John J., "Spending 21 day fullough with mother" (Article)
McCollum, Crad W., "Myers & McCollum Buy Hubbard Bros. Store & Station" (Article)
McCollum, Kate, DS with Robert M. McCollum (Obit.)
McCollum, Miss Martha F. "Merth" (Burial Record)
McCollum, Mrs. J. R., m/o Crad W. McCollum & others (Obit.)
McCollum, Robert Murlie (Obit.)

McComb, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McComb, Joel V., U.S. Navy (Obit.)
McComb, Sallie B. (Burial Record)

McCommons, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCommons, "McCommons Family Reunion Held At Jacksonville Sunday" (Article)
McCommons, John Robert, h/o Frances McCommons (Obit.)
McCommons, Julius Robert, h/o Retha McCommons (Obit.)
McCommons, John Robert, Jr., "Weds" (Article)
McCommons, Raymond, s/o J. R. McCommons, of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)

McConnell, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McConnell, Bertha, DS with Layman McConnell (Grave Marker Photo)
McConnell, Golda, DS with Otis Z. McConnell (Burial Record)
McConnell, Hugh H. (Burial Record)
McConnell, Layman D., DS with Bertha McConnell (Grave Marker Photo)
McConnell, Mary M. (Burial Record)
McConnell, Otis Z., Sr., DS with Golda McConnell (Obit.)
McConnell, Shirley Jane, d/o Otis McConnell, "Cotton Plant Girl Is Bride Of Texan" (Picture Article)
McConnell, William R. (Grave Marker Photo)

McCord, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCord, Bab C., DS with Oscar Ullman McCord (Burial Record)
McCord, Oscar Ullman, DS with Bab C. McCord (Obit.)
McCord, W. G. (Marker Photo)

McCorkle, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCorkle, Hershel, of Tilton, AR, h/o Roxie McCorkle (Obit.)
McCorkle, Richard Thomas "Mac", Sr. (Obit.)
McCorkle, William, & Margaret V. McCorkle, & Margaret L. McCorkle (LPR)

McCormick, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCormick, Geraldine M. (Burial Record)
McCormick, Lucy T. (LPR)
McCormick, Thomas C. (LPR)

McCower, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCower, Mack J. "Dump", Jr., h/o Josephine McCower (Obit.)

McCoy, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCoy, Miss Betty Jo, "Wins Most Honors In McCrory School" (Picture Article)
McCoy, Betty Jo, d/o T. O. McCoy, "Weds" (Wedding Picture)
McCoy, Effie Faye (Christian) Jobe (Obit.)
McCoy, Erma L. (Johnson) Frazier, (black) (Obit.)
McCoy, Grover Cleveland, of Campbell, MO, formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
McCoy, Hazel, DS with T.O. McCoy, Sr. (Obit.)
McCoy, J. E., of Booneville, formerly of Fitzhugh, s/o Mrs. Essie McCoy (Obit.)
McCoy, Lycurgus Chesterfield, b/o John McCoy (LPR)
McCoy, Magnolia (LPR)
McCoy, Micajah B., d. 1865, h/o Sarah A. McCoy (LPR)
McCoy, Sarah A., w/o Micajah B. McCoy (LPR)
McCoy, Shirley Ann, of Memphis, formerly Fitzhugh, d/o Thomas E., McCoy, Sr. (Obit.)
McCoy, T. O., Jr., of Patterson, "Enrolled For Boys State Meeting" (Article)
McCoy, Thomas O., Jr., s/o T. O. McCoy & Hazel McCoy (Picture Obit.)
McCoy, Terry, of Hickory Ridge, AR (Obit.)
McCoy, Thomas O., married (Marriage Certificate)
McCoy, Thomas Oscar, Sr., h/o Hazel T. McCoy (Obit.)

McCracklin, Margaret W. (LPR)

McCrady, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCrady, John, "Shot Horace Newton "Buster" Crotzer" (Article)
McCrady, John Lee, f/o Raymond McCrady (Obit.)

McCree, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCree, Opal (Eary), sis. of Mrs. Ida Hopkins of OK & others (Obit.)

McCrocklin, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCrocklin, Elizabeth, w/o James B. McCrocklin (Burial Record)
McCrocklin, Mary Ellen, d/o James B. McCrocklin & Elizabeth McCrocklin (Burial Record)

McCrory, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCrory, Cyrus G. McCrory - 8 Generations - 1765 - 2007 (Family History Book)
McCrory, Cyrus G. (LPR)
McCrory, Cyrus Wade McCrory & Molly McCrory (Picture) & (Story)
McCrory, C.W., h/o Mary Lou McCrory (Burial Record)
McCrory, C.W. (LPR)
McCrory, Fire Department, "They Have Enviable Record" (Picture of fireman & truck (Article 1940)
McCrory, Graduating Class of 1948 (Article 1948)
McCrory, Graduating Class of 1949 (Article 1949)
McCrory, Grover Garland (Burial Record)
McCrory, Main Street 1910 (Pictures)
McCrory, Main Street 1912 - Sam Patterson and his ox team on North Edmonds in McCrory (Picture)
McCrory, Old Hotel, "McCrory Landmark Burns To Ground Friday Night" (Article)
McCrory, Jordan C., "Prominent Citizen Is Honored With Birthday Party" (Article)
McCrory, Jordan C., "Honored On Birthday" (Picture)
McCrory, Jordan Cyrus (Mr. Jurd) (Obit.)
McCrory, Lula, d/o C.W. McCrory & Mary Lou McCrory (Burial Record)
McCrory, Mary Lou, w/o of C.W. McCrory (Burial Record)
McCrory, Mayors of City 1890 - 1913 (Article)
McCrory, Street Lights (Article 1913)
McCrory, Mrs. Terry (Bull) Daniel, w/o Jess Daniel & Jordan "Jurd" Cyrus McCrory (Obit.)
McCrory, "Turn of the Century Picture Street Scene in McCrory" (Picture)
McCrory, William J., d. 1871 (LPR)

McCuan, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCuan, Isaac Mitchell McCuan - 9 Generations 1765 - 2007 (Family History Book)
McCuan, Beulah T., w/o Robert Lee "Bob" McCuan (Obit.)
McCuan, Granville "Jack" (Obit.)
McCuan, Isaac Mitchell "Mitch", of McCrory, "Funeral Sunday" (Obit.)
McCuan, Lorene, w/o Granville "Jack" McCuan (Obit.)
McCuan, Lucille, w/o Oval McCuan (Burial Record)
McCuan, Mattie Lou, w/o Wilmer "Bill" M. McCuan (Obit.)
McCuan, Nina, d/o "Bob" McCuan, of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
McCuan, Oval, h/o Lucille McCuan (Obit.)
McCuan, Robert Lee "Bob", h/o Beulah T. McCuan (Obit.)
McCuan, Mrs. Sallie, w/o Frank Williams McCuan & I. M. McCuan (Obit.)
McCuan, William Gerald "Mac", h/o Nellie H. McCuan (Obit.)
McCuan, Wilmer "Bill" M., h/o Mattie Lou McCuan (Obit.)

McCue, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCue, Dan M. & Neal McCue - 7 Generations 1880 - 2007 (Family History Book)
McCue, Alton, "Rhythm Strings Broadcast Over KARK, Little Rock (Article)
McCue, Alton, "Elected Vice Commander of Prince-Rhodes Post, McCrory" (Picture Article)
McCue, Alton Alvin "Mac", DS with Helen H. McCue (Burial Record)
McCue, Annie Lee, w/o Dan Jr. "Buddy" McCue (Obit.)
McCue, Dan, bro. of Neal McCue, "Funeral Services Held Today For Mr. Dan McCue" (Obit.)
McCue, Dan Jr. "Buddy", s/o Dan McCue, Sr. & Leona McCue (Obit.)
McCue, Euel Wilson "Bud", s/o Mr. &. Mrs. Neal McCue, "Weds" (Article)
McCue, Euel Wilson "Bud", s/o Neal McCue (Obit.)
McCue, Eugenia "Jean", w/o Euell Wilson "Bud" McCue (Obit.)
McCue, Gerald, s/o Neal McCue, "Weds" (Article)
McCue, Gerald Woodrow, "McCrory Boy Receives Promotion" (Article 1942)
McCue, Gerald W., "Pfc. Gerald W. McCue Participates In U.S. Army Exercises" (Article)
McCue, Gerald W. "Pfc. Gerald McCue Receives Promotion" (Article 1950)
McCue, Gerald Woodrow, s/o Neal & Novie McCue (Obit.)
McCue, Helen Anette, DS with Alton Alvin "Mac" McCue (Picture Article) (Obit.), in fold
McCue, Josie Uhles, w/o Dan McCue (Obit.)
McCue, Mary Emma Josephine "Josie" Cain-Uhles (Obit.)
McCue, Mary Ester, w/o Jess Ford "Rip" Ripley & Neal McCue (Picture Obit.)
McCue, Milford N., "McCrory Boy in Hawaii Writes To Folks Back Home" (Article)
McCue, Milford "Cooney", "In Service In The U. S. Army In Hawaii" (Picture Article)
McCue, Milford, letter to mother, "S-Sgt. Milford McCue Injured In Action" (Article)
McCue, Milford Neal, s/o Neal McCue, of McCrory, "To Return To States" (Article)
McCue, Milford Neal, s/o Neal McCue & Novie McCue (Obit.)
McCue, Mollie, 1st wife of Dan McCue (Burial Record)
McCue, Neal, h/o Novie and Mary Esther Thompson-Ripley (Obit.)
McCue, Novie, w/o Neal McCue (Obit.)

McCulloch, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCulloch, Miss Peggy, d/o Richard B. McCulloch, "Augustan's Bride" (Picture Article)
McCulloch, Sara, d/o R. B. McCulloch, "Weds" (Article)

McCullough, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCullough, Mack Franklin, of Wynne, formerly of McCrory, "Drowns" (Obit.)

McCullum, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCullum, Crad W., s/o R. J. McCullum, "Completes 32 Missions From England" (Article)
McCullum, Natlie, d/o Mrs. R. J. McCullum, "Weds" (Article)

McCurdy, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McCurdy, Family History - 1797 - 2009 - 8 Generations (Family History Book)
McCurdy, Ara Bessie, d/o Junius N. McCurdy & Martha Ella McCurdy (Obit.)
McCurdy, Arabella (LPR)
McCurdy, Arnett, s/o John H. McCurdy of Jelks (Obit.)
McCurdy, Blanche, w/o Elbert McCurdy (Obit.)
McCurdy, Mrs. Camille D., "Patterson Resident Has Serious Accident" (Article)
McCurdy, Mrs. Camille D., widow of John H. McCurdy (Obit.)
McCurdy, Clara T., w/o Joseph E. Woods (LPR)
McCurdy, Ella (Burial Record)
McCurdy, Floy (Picture Article) (Obit.)
McCurdy, Freeman E. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
McCurdy, Gertrude (LPR)
McCurdy, Isaac M. (Judge), DS with S.E. McCurdy (LPR) (Burial Record)
McCurdy, John H., h/o Camilla D. McCurdy (Burial Record)
McCurdy, Jonathan (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
McCurdy, Josephine M. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
McCurdy, Junius N., h/o Martha Ella McCurdy (Burial Record)
McCurdy, Mr. & Mrs. Junius McCurdy (Picture) on wedding day
McCurdy, Junius (Family Picture)
McCurdy, Junius, 19th Century Home (Picture Article)
McCurdy, Madelyn, d/o Mrs. Camilla D. McCurdy & J. H. McCurdy, "Weds" (Article)
McCurdy, Martha Ella (Burial Record)
McCurdy, N. O., s/o Camilla D. McCurdy, "Weds" (Article)
McCurdy, Ninian "Mack", s/o John H. McCurdy & Camille McCurdy (Obit.)
McCurdy, Nora, child of Samuel M. McCurdy & Arabella McCurdy (LPR)
McCurdy, Nora Arabella, now w/o Warren Sale (LPR)
McCurdy, S. E., DS with Judge I.M. McCurdy (Burial Record)
McCurdy, Samnella (LPR)
McCurdy, Samuel M. (Burial Record) (LPR)
McCurdy, Talitha (Burial Record)

McDaniel, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McDaniel, Ada (Johnson), d/o Marion J. Johnson & Fannie Johnson (Obit.)
McDaniel, Ailene, of El Dorado, AR, d/o Eva D. Taylor of Augusta (Obit.)
McDaniel, Bobby V. (Obit.), in fold
McDaniel, Dorris, aged 9 mos. (Burial Record)
McDaniel, Girtha, DS with John McDaniel (Obit.)
McDaniel, Ivy, s/o Sallie McDaniel (Obit.)
McDaniel, J. W., DS with Lois V. McDaniel (Burial Record)
McDaniel, James E., (black)., s/o Josie McDaniel (Obit.)
McDaniel, John, DS with Girtha McDaniel (Obit.)
McDaniel, John Willis, h/o Dania McDaniel (Obit.)
McDaniel, Jonathal Thomas (Burial Record)
McDaniel, Little Bro., s/o Robert Josephus McDaniel & Hettie L. McDaniel (Burial Record)
McDaniel, Lois V., DS with J.W. McDaniel (Burial Record)
McDaniel, Maudie Beatrice, d/o Robert Josephus McDaniel & Hettie McDaniel (Burial Record)
McDaniel, Mary Jesamine, d/o Robert Josephus McDaniel & Hettie McDaniel (Burial Record)
McDaniel, Minnie (Obit.)
McDaniel, Ola Mae Stewart, mother of Jack Stewart of Des Arc (Obit.)
McDaniel, Robert Lee, DS with Virgie McDaniel (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
McDaniel, Robert Marion, s/o Robert Josephus McDaniel & Hettie McDaniel (Burial Record)
McDaniel, Sarah L., DS with William R. McDaniel (Biog.)
McDaniel, Virgie, DS with Robert Lee McDaniel (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McDaniel, William R., DS with Sarah L. McDaniel (Burial Record)

McDaniels, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McDaniels, Miss Elizabeth, d/o S. T. McDaniels, of Forrest City, AR, "Weds" (Article)

McDonald, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McDonald, Alfred, aged 59, of Gregory (Obit.)
McDonald, Allen W. (Burial Record)
McDonald, Brenda, d/o W. V. McDonald of McCrory, "Weds" (Picture Article)
McDonald, Miss Chrystine Wilder, d/o Robert H. McDonald, "Engaged" (Lg. Picture Article)
McDonald, Pvt. Claude, s/o Walter V. McDonald, "Injured In Action" (Article)
McDonald, Claude M., s/o Walter J. McDonald, "McCrory Soldier Promoted In Italy" (Article)
McDonald, Claude Maynard, DS with Syble McDonald (Burial Record)
McDonald, Cora Martha, DS with William L. McDonald (Obit.)
McDonald, Dorothy Jane, infant dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Walter V. McDonald (Obit.)
McDonald, Earl, "Former Weldon Man Dies In Little Rock", bro. of Earnest McDonald (Obit.)
McDonald, Ernest George, age 16, of Tupelo, AR, bro. of Cecil Dudley McDonald (Obit.)
McDonald, Eugene F. (LPR)
McDonald, Eva (Wilkes) (Burial Record)
McDonald, Miss Frances Kay, d/o Franklin P. McDonald, "Weds" (Picture Article)
McDonald, Helen Marie (Mellon), (black) (Ex. Large Picture Obit.)
McDonald, J. J. (LPR)
McDonald, James A. (Burial Record)
McDonald, Jesse C., h/o Eva McDonald (Obit.)
McDonald, Jesse C. (Enlist. Record)
McDonald, Jimmy Dale (Burial Record)
McDonald, John J., born 1842, s/o John McDonald & Wealthy (Clifton) McDonald (Biog.)
McDonald, Johnny Wade (Burial Record)
McDonald, Julley, s/o C. A. McDonald & M. A. McDonald (Burial Record)
McDonald, Mace, "Quarrel Over Fish" (Article)
McDonald, Mace "Shot" (Article)
McDonald, Mace (Obit.)
McDonald, Mrs. Mary (Obit.)
McDonald, Mary, d/o W. V. "Trig" McDonald (Article)
McDonald, Maynard E., s/o Claude M. McDonald, "Participates in USN Exercise High Time" (Article)
McDonald, Patricia Ruth (Dodson), d/o Jim Dodson, "Valedictorian" (Picture Article)
McDonald, Rufuse E. (Burial Record)
McDonald, Robert Hass, s/o R. H. McDonald, "Wed Recently" (Picture Article)
McDonald, Robin, w/o Scott McDonald of McCrory (Marker Photo)
McDonald, Susie, DS with W. V. "Trig" McDonald (Obit.)
McDonald, Syble Evelyn, w/o Claude Maynard McDonald (Obit.)
McDonald, Theresa Mae, DS with Walter J. McDonald (Marker Photo)
McDonald, W. J. (Burial Record)
McDonald, Walter V. "Trig", DS with Susie McDonald (Obit.)
McDonald, Walter J., DS with Theresa Mae McDonald (Marker Photo)
McDonald, Walter J. (LPR)
McDonald, W. J. (Burial Record)
McDonald, Walter Ray, s/o Walter Virgil McDonald & Dovie McDonald (Obit.)
McDonald, William H. (LPR)
McDonald, William L., DS with Cora M. McDonald (Burial Record)

McDougal, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McDougal, Dollie Ann, w/o Hiram Alonzo McDougal (Marker Photo)
McDougal, Mrs. J. A., of Malvern, m/o Mrs. Clyde Koon (Obit.)
McDougal, James Bert "Jim", s/o Leo Mason McDougal & Lorene McDougal (Burial Record)
McDougal, Julia Ann, w/o W. C. (Capt.) McDougal (Obit.)
McDougal, Lawrence, of Malvern, AR, bro. of Mrs. Clyde Koon (Obit.)

McDuff, Fannie (LPR)

McDuffie, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McDuffie, Julia (Dumont), d/o Claude & Mollie Drennan, no dates listed (Burial Record)

McElemore, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McElemore, James J., bro. of Mrs. Elizabeth Swanson of McCrory (Obit.)

McElmurry, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McElmurry, Bly Euliane, mother of Tom & Gary McElmurry (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

McElroy, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McElroy, Annie A., of Searcy, AR, m/o J. J. Brown of McCrory, & others (Obit.)
McElroy, Arthur Lee (Marriage Record)
McElroy, Arthur Lee, h/o Laureen McElroy (Obit.)
McElroy, Bertha, w/o James Floyd McElroy (Obit.)
McElroy, Clara M., w/o Nathan Edward Lee (Burial Record)
McElroy, Miss Edith Mildred, d/o Wm. Floyd McElroy, "Weds" (Article)
McElroy, Edna (Raymond), w/o Tolbert J. McElroy (Burial Record)
McElroy, Harold D., s/o T. R. McElroy of Hazen, "Killed in Crash Near Dumas" (Article)
McElroy, Miss Hazel, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Floyd McElroy, "Weds" (Article)
McElroy, J. W., father of J. W. McElroy, Jr., of Wynne, "Celebrates 90th Birthday" (Article)
McElroy, James Floyd, s/o Wm. Floyd McElroy, "Two McCrory Boys At Camp Chaffee" (Article)
McElroy, John William, of Wynne, AR, h/o Kate McElroy (Obit.)
McElroy, Juanita (Wilson), w/o Robert Edward McElroy (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McElroy, Laura Ophelia, w/o Orville McElroy (Obit.)
McElroy, Linda, d/o Robert McElroy, "Weds" (Picture Article)
McElroy, Millicent, d/o T. J. McElroy of McCrory, AR, engaged (Article)
McElroy, Millicent, d/o Tolbert Jackson McElroy (Picture Obit.)
McElroy, Rebecca L., w/o Arthur L. McElroy (Burial Record)
McElroy, Robert Edward, s/o Wm. Floyd McElroy (Picture Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McElroy, Tolbert Jackson, h/o Edna McElroy (Obit.)
McElroy, Miss Tolberta, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Tolbert (Wedding Announcement)
McElroy, VerLu (Massey), d/o Joe Massey and Louise Massey (Obit.)
McElroy, William B., list death date only (Burial Record)
McElroy, William Floyd, h/o Bertha McElroy (Obit.)

McElveen, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McElveen, Louise (Mary Louise Myers), w/o William A. Myers, also w/o Will H. McElveen (Wedding Article)

McElwee, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McElwee, Family History - Corley-McElwee - 13 Generations - 1620-2008 (Family History Book)
McElwee, Billy Milze, h/o Patricia Louise Lamb-Beard, the widow of Capt. John Berry Beard (Obit.)
McElwee, Christine, w/o F. Scarbrough McElwee (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McElwee, Dorothy, w/o Ruben W. McElwee (Obit.)
McElwee, Emma Josephine, w/o Henry Clay McElwee (Picture) (Obit.)
McElwee, Emmet W. (LPR)
McElwee, Ettie F. (LPR)
McElwee, Miss Frances, d/o Mrs. F. S. McElwee, "Selected Campus Beauty" (Picture Article)
McElwee, Miss Frances, d/o Mrs. F. S. McElwee, "Selected Augusta FFA Sweetheart" (Picture Article)
McElwee, Miss Frances, "State F.F.A. Sweetheart (Picture Article)
McElwee, Miss Frances Lucille, "Augusta Girl To Wed in June" (Picture Article)
McElwee, Franklin S. (Enlist. Record)
McElwee, F. Scarbrough, h/o Christine McElwee (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
McElwee, Gabriel A. (LPR)
McElwee, George N., h/o Sarah E. McElwee (LPR)
McElwee, Henry C. (LPR)
McElwee, Henry Clay, h/o Emma Josephine McElwee (Obit.)
McElwee, James H. (LPR)
McElwee, James Walter (LPR)
McElwee, John H., h/o Hattie McElwee (Picture Obit.)
McElwee, John J,, h/o Eliza J. McElwee (LPR)
McElwee, Josephine S., d/o Henry & Emma McElwee (Burial Record)
McElwee, Miss Marilyn, d/o Christine McElwee, "Elected Miss Augusta High In Who's Who" (Picture Article)
McElwee, Family History (Story by G. T.)
McElwee, Milze, "McElwees Celebrate 25th Anniversity" (Lg. Picture Article)
McElwee, Miriam (LPR)
McElwee, Ruben W., h/o Dorothy McElwee (Obit.)
McElwee, Ruben W. (Enlist. Record)
McElwee, Sam (Burial Record)
McElwee, Samuel H. (LPR)
McElwee, Mrs. Sarah Cordelia, of Ferndale, mother of Sam McElwee, & others (Obit.)
McElwee, Scarbrough, s/o Henry Clay McElwee (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
McElwee, Scarbrough (Enlist. Record)

McFadden, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McFadden, Aileen (Mrs. C. Boyce) (Burial Record)
McFadden, Betty Ann (Harrison), "Accident Victim Buried in McCrory Tuesday" (Obit.)
McFadden, Blanche (Pulley), DS with Merida Twitty McFadden (Obit
McFadden, Chester Boyce, of Hickory Ridge, AR, h/o Aileen McFadden (Obit.)
McFadden, Elza Earl, of Beedeville, AR (Obit.)
McFadden, Homer William, of Heber Springs (Typed Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McFadden, Jessie A. (Clifton), DS with Jonas F. McFadden (Burial Record)
McFadden, Jessie (Sims), of McCrory, a native of Zent, AR, sister of Robert E. Clifton & others (Obit.)
McFadden, Jonas Frank, h/o Jessie A. McFadden (Burial Record)
McFadden, Lillie Mae "Curly" (Hodges), of Hickory Ridge, AR (Obit.)
McFadden, Merida Twitty, of Beedeville, AR, "Weds" (Article)
McFadden, Merida Twitty, h/o Blanche McFadden (Obit.)
McFadden, Michael Joe, h/o Angie McFadden (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McFadden, Millie (Martin), w/o K. M. McFadden (Obit.)
McFadden, Myrtle Ann (Obit.)
McFadden, Phil, h/o Dianne McFadden (Obit.)
McFadden, Robert C., s/o Wade C. McFadden (Picture Obit.)
McFadden, Thomas I., s/o J. F. McFadden, "Letter to Betty Jo McCoy" (Article)
McFadden, Thomas I., s/o J. F. McFadden, recently assigned (Article)
McFadden, Thomas I., s/o J. F. McFadden, "Receives Discharge" (Article)

McFall, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McFall, Hattie (Hill), of Beebe, AR, w/o Bill McFall, Sr. (Obit.)
McFall, James, h/o Louise "Lou" (Browning)-Hobbs (Burial Record)
McFall, Leland; Jack Bell, Sr., "Found Guilty of Murder; Sentenced to Life" for killing Leland McFall (Article)
McFall, Mrs. Louise "Lou" (Browning)-Hobbs, w/o William T. Hobbs & James McFall (Obit.)
McFall, Lou (Story) (Picture)
McFall, Robert Lee, s/o J. McFall & L. McFall (Obit.)
McFall, Thomas, WW I, h/o Clara Lee McFall (Obit.)
McFall, Thomas T. (Enlist. Record)
McFall, Thomas T., s/o James McFall & Lou McFall, "Weds" (Article)

McFarland, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McFarland, Andrew L., of Patterson (Obit.)
McFarland, Elizabeth Ann (Burial Record)
McFarland, Ethel - DS with James M. McFarland (Marker Photo)
McFarland, Gladys Odessa McFarland-Hammond, DS with Mike McFarland (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McFarland, James "Jim" M., DS with Ethel McFarland (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McFarland, James Nathan "Buddy", WWII, DS with Mary C. McFarland (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McFarland, Jesse Willard, of Tilton, h/o Mildred Louise McFarland (Obit.)
McFarland, Lillie (Burial Record)
McFarland, Lucy
McFarland, Lula (Burial Record)
McFarland, Mary C., DS with James N. "Buddy" McFarland (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
McFarland, Mrs. Maude (Woods), of Fort Worth, TX, formerly of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)
McFarland, Milus "Mike", DS with Gladys Hammond McFarland (Obit.) (Grave Marker Photo)
McFarland, Robert B., h/o Maude McFarland (Obit.)

McFerrin, (Marriage Records), all male & female

McGahen, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGahan, Cora Scott, w/o John Robert McGahen (Obit.)
McGahan, Hattie May (McGahen) Locke-Harrison (Obit),
McGahan, John, of New York, h/o of Cora McGahan (Obit.)

McGarity, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGarity, Alma E. (Burial Record)
McGarity, William A. "Bill" (Burial Record)

McGarrity, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGarrity, Bobbie Dean, w/o Charlie McGarrity (Picture Obit.)
McGarrity, Luther, h/o Lillie Bell McGarrity (Obit.)

McGaugh, (Marriage Records), all male & female

McGaughey, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGaughey, Jennie, w/o E. W. McGaughey (Obit.)

McGee, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGee, K.C. or G., DS with Mildred McGee (Burial Record)
McGee, Karen (Sieber) Smith, w/o Mr. Smith & Dewey McGee (Obit.)
McGee, Mildred Lovon (McDougal) (Obit.)

McGehee, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGehee, Allie (Beard), w/o J. D. McGehee (Obit.)
McGehee, Thomas, Died in Arkansas while serving in the Union Army (Burial Record)

McGhee, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGhee, Chester Emanuel, s/o John McGhee & Susie McGhee (Burial Record)
McGhee, Charles E.dward "Monk", h/o Frances McGhee (Obit.)
McGhee, Charlene, w/o James Bradford (Obit.)
McGhee, Katherine Elizabeth (Burial Record)
McGhee, Marshall L. (Burial Record)

McGill, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGill, Anna Lee (Long), DS with Edward M. McGill (Wedding Article)
McGill, Carrie (Simmons), DS with Robert "Bob" McGill (Obit.)
McGill, Edward Marion Wesley Sr. - DS with Anna Lee McGill (Article) (Obit.)
McGill, Harold Stanton, of Gregory, b/o Henry V. McGill of Gregory (Obit.)
McGill, Henry Volney, of Augusta, AR, cousin of Ed McGill of Augusta (Obit.)
McGill, Robert "Bob", DS with Carrie (Simmons) McGill (Obit.)
McGill, Miss Virginia, d/o Mrs. Carrie (Simmons) McGill, "Weds" (Article)

McGinness, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGinness, Drew, WW I (Burial Record)
McGinness, Myrtle May, of Patterson, AR (Obit.)

McGinnis, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGinnis, Max R., "Weds" (Large Picture Article of Bride)
McGinnis, Thomas J. (Burial Record)

McGlathery, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGlathery, Lucious Donnell, s/o L.D. McGlathery & M.M. McGlathery (Burial Record)

McGlether, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGlether, J. D., of Morton, "Weds" (Article)

McGlon, Jannis Anna (LPR)
McGlon, Joseph W. (LPR)

McGlothlin, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGlothlin, Daniel Ray (Obit.)
McGlothlin, Donald Howard "Duck" (Marker Photo)
McGlothlin, James D., s/o Richard D. "Spawn" McGlothlin (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McGlothlin, Martha Catherine (Fowler), w/o James McGlothlin (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
McGlothlin, Michelle of North Little Rock, the 1972 Little Miss Arkansas (Picture Article)
McGlothlin, Willie Monroe, h/o Cynitha Pearl McGlothlin (Obit.)

McGowan, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGowan, Annetta "Nettie" (Bagby) Canterberry, w/o Mr. Canterberry & John M. McGowan (Burial Record)
McGowan, Calvin Meehan, h/o Pauline Marie McGowan (Obit.)
McGowan, Miss Dorothea Bagby, d/o John Meehan McGowan & Nettie (Bagby) McGowan (Obit.)
McGowan, James B., s/o C. M. McGowan, "Cotton Plant Boy Made An Eagle Scout" (Picture Article)
McGowan, John Meehan, h/o Nettie (Bagby) McGowan (Obit.)
McGowan, Nelly Kathryn, w/o James B. McGowan (Long Obit.)
McGowan, Pauline, w/o Calvin Meehan McGowan (Obit.)
McGowan, Richard Don (Burial Record)

McGrady, (Marriage Records), all male & female.
McCrady, John Lee, f/o Dr. Raymond McCrady of Perry, MO (Obit.)

McGregor, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGregor, Family History 1801 - 2007 - 6 Generations - 135 pages, with pictures (Family History Book)
McGregor, Family (Story by G. T.)
McGregor, Alex C. (Burial Record)
McGregor, Amy (Curtis), of Hot Springs, formerly of Cotton Plant, w/o Jay McGregor (Obit.)
McGregor, Miss Barbara, d/o Robert McGregor of Brinkley (Wedding Announcement)
McGregor, Mrs. Elma, w/o Joseph "Joe" Dixon McGregor (Obit.)
McGregor, Mrs. Frances Kay (Mrs. John McGregor) (Obit.)
McGregor, Frances, w/o Joseph Dale McGregor (Obit.)
McGregor, Hattye E., Navy Nurse Corps, WW II (Article)
McGregor, Miss Jean, d/o Mr. A. C. "Alex" McGregor of Augusta (Wedding Article)
McGregor, John "Jay" Lawson (Wedding 1930)
McGregor, John "Jay" Lawson (Obit.)
McGregor, John Jay Lawson (Enlist. Record)
McGregor, John Morris, s/o Roy C. McGregor, to marry (Picture of Bride Article)
McGregor, Joseph Dale, h/o Frances McGregor (Obit.)
McGregor, Joseph "Joe" Dixon, h/o Elma McGregor (Obit.)
McGregor, Kate, w/o Ransford Payne McGregor (Obit.)
McGregor, Katherine, wife of Reece Jones (Obit.)
McGregor, Katharine Jane, d/o John & Ann McGregor (Burial Record)
McGregor, Louise M., w/o Ransford P. McGregor (Obit.)
McGregor, Mamie Nelle, w/o A.C. McGregor (Burial Record)
McGregor, Mary Jane, "Girl Killed In Airplane Crash Near Augusta" (Obit.)
McGregor, Mary Odell, w/o Alexander Chunn McGregor (Obit.)
McGregor, Minnie Gray, w/o Roy Cooper McGregor (Obit.)
McGregor, Ransford P., w/o Kate S. McGregor (Burial Record)
McGregor, Ransford P., h/o Louise M. McGregor (Burial Record)
McGregor, Ransford Payne (Burial Record)
McGregor, Capt. Robert S., s/o Kate McGregor, "Undergoes Appendix Operation At Sea" (Article)
McGregor, Robert S. (Judge), h/o Wilma McGregor (Obit.)
McGregor, Roy C., s/o Ransford P. McGregor, "Weds" (Article)
McGregor, Mrs. Roy, "Visits College Friend" (Article)
McGregor, Roy C. (Enlist. Record)
McGregor, Roy Cooper (Burial Record)
McGregor, Ruth (Burial Record)
McGregor, Sallye Ruth, d/o Mrs. Alexander C. McGregor, "To Wed In Washington" (Picture of Bride)
McGregor, Sarah Alice (Cooper) (Burial Record)
McGregor, Sarah Nelle, d/o Alex C. McGregor, "Weds" (Picture Article)
McGregor, Virginia, d/o Ransford McGregor, "Wed Recently" (Picture Article)
McGregor, William Albert (Burial Record)

McGriff, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGriff, Harley, of Ruskin, FL, h/o Polly Mac Churchill of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

McGrow, Wallace E., h/o Martha M. (LPR)

McGuinness, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGuinness, Drew (Burial Record)

McGuire, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McGuire, Johnie (Burial Record)
McGuire, Kenneth Oneal, "Gun Accident Kills Des Arc Farmer Near Cotton Plant" (Obit.)

McHone, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McHone, Roy Festus, of Cabot, WW II (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

McIntosh, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McIntosh, Robert, night marshal at Cotton Plant, "Shot Sunday Morning" (Article)

McIver, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McIver, Joseph M, h/o Mary F. McIver (Obit.)
McIver, Mary Frances, w/o Joseph M. McIver (Burial Record)
Mclver, Robert C. (Burial Record)

McKa, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McKa, M. Will, age 54, of Memphis, TN, formerly of McCrory, bro. of Jeff McKa & others (Obit.)
McKa, Nellie Mae, w/o Cletus McKa (Burial Record)
McKa, Stanley, h/o Nora Belle McKa (Burial Record)

McKay, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McKay, Mrs. Lee Ellis (Seats) McClendon, (black), w/o Emery McClendon, & Willie McKay (Obit.)

McKeller, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McKeller, Myrty Marie Dean (black), of Augusta, w/o William McKeller, Jr. (Burial Record)
McKeller, William, Jr., (black), TS with Myrty & Fannie McKeller (Obit.)

McKelvey, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McKelvey, Miss Ruth, of DeView, d/o Rev. Alonzo McKelvey (Wedding)

McKenzie, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McKenzie, M. D. L., h/o Eliza L. McKenzie, p/o Jesse, Mollie, & Mattie McKenzie (LPR)
McKenzie, Peggy Jeniese, d/o Samuel J. McKenzie (Marker Photo)
McKenzie, Rita Ellen, w/o Samuel J. McKenzie (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McKenzie, Pfc. Samuel J., Jr., (Enlist. Record)
McKenzie, Samuel J., WW I Vet., "Military Funeral Sunday" (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McKenzie, Pfc. Samuel J., Jr., formerly of Wynne, "Remains En Route To U. S." (Article)
McKenzie, Sybil, of Wynne, AR, w/o Kenneth McKenzie, "Drowned In Car Accident" (Obit.)
McKenzie, William Kenneth "Lum", of Wynne, AR, "Drowned In Car Accident" (Obit.)

McKewen, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McKewen, A. G., Child of M. J. &. J. F. McKewen - TS with N. N. & J. E. McKewen (Burial Record)

McKie, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McKie, Cora H. Hare, w/o William Pines McKie (Burial Record)
McKie, "Dr. J. D. McKie Dies Instantly When Hit By Fast Locomotive" (Obit.)
McKie, James McGregor, s/o William "Willie" Hartem (Dr.) & Lena I. "Min" McKie (Obit.)
McKie, Fannie Ruth, w/o Dr. William Hartem McKie (Obit.)
McKie, Sarah L., d/o Dr. William Hartem McKie, married (Picture)
McKie, Dr. William Hartem, s/o Dr. J. D. McKie, h/o Lena McKie (Burial Record)
McKie, William Pines, Confederate Soldier (Burial Record)

McKinley, Ellen (LPR)

McKinney, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McKinney, Annie Dell (Burial Record)
McKinney, Augustus W. (LPR)
McKinney, B. W. (LPR)
McKinney, Edward (Burial Record)
McKinney, Otho F. (Obit.)
McKinney, Otis O., s/o L. McKinney & H. E. McKinney (Burial Record)
McKinney, Simon - TS with Lorine & J.M. Youngman (Burial Record)
McKinney, T. S. (Mrs.), No dates listed (Burial Record)

McKinzie, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McKinzie, Maggie Lee (Burial Record)

McKinzy, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McKinzy, Bertha (Burial Record)
McKinzy, Ethuel V. (Obit.)
McKinzy, Louis (Burial Record)

McKnight, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McKnight, Family History - 1843-2009 - 6 Generations (Family History Book)
McKnight, The John McKnight Family (Story by G. T.)
McKnight, Annie C., DS with Robert B. McKnight (Burial Record)
McKnight, Rev. B. A., "Minister, Wife Mark 51st Anniversary" (Article)
McKnight, Rev. Byron Augustus "B. A.", h/o Violet Lee McKnight (Obit.)
McKnight, Miss Bessie Mae, "Shot to death in a Mississippi hotel" (Obit.)
McKnight, C. C., 21, of Weeton, TX (Married)
McKnight, Mrs. Carrie (McKnight) Burnett, w/o J. E. B. McBurnett (Obit.)
McKnight, Dr. Chester Howard, h/o Dott McKnight (Obit.)
McKnight, Edward Dennis Jr., h/o Doris McKnight (Obit.)
McKnight, Emma Marguerite (Burial Record)
McKnight, Frank, d. abt. October 21, 1893 (LPR)
McKnight, Gus H., h/o Shellie McKnight (Obit.)
McKnight, Joe, b/o Mrs. Maynard Wherry, "Brothers Seeing Service" (Picture Article)
McKnight, John (black), s/o Nellie McKnight (Obit.)
McKnight, John Augustus, Sr., h/o Lydia McKnight (Obit.)
McKnight, Joseph W., s/o of Rev. B. A. McKnight, "Promoted to Captain" (Article)
McKnight, Robert B., DS with Annie C. McKnight (Obit.)
McKnight, Robert Bunyan, s/o R.B. McKnight & A.C. McKnight (Burial Record)
McKnight, Tom, bro. of Mrs. Maynard Wherry, "Brothers Seeing Service" (Picture Article)
McKnight, Tom E., s/o B. A. McKnight, "Chaplain McKnight Killed In Action" (Obit.)
McKnight, William Michael, s/o Robert B. McKnight, "Killed in Plane crash in England" (Picture Obit) McKnight, William M., s/o R. B. McKnight, "Killed In Action" (Picture Article 1943)
McKnight, William M., s/o R. B. McKnight of Augusta, "Given Reburial" (Obit.)
McKnight, Wilson, b/o Mrs. Maynard Wherry, "Brothers Seeing Service" (Picture Article)
McKnight, Wilson, of Lonoke, AR, bro. of Woodrow B. McKnight & others (Obit.)
McKnight, Woodrow, bro. of Mrs. Maynard Wherry, "Brothers Seeing Service" (Picture Article)

McLauren, George (LPR)
McLauren, Mahala (LPR)

McLeary, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McLeary, Bluford F., s/o A. C. McLeary, "Man Is Found Dead In Bed" (Obit.)

McLemore, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McLemore, Albert Sidney, death date only (Burial Record)
McLemore, Jarrett B., s/o Garrett McLemore & Betty McLemore (Obit.)
McLemore, James J., s/o J. B. McLemore, "Weds" (Article)
McLemore, James J., s/o Jarrett B. McLemore (Obit.)
McLemore, Mary "Molly" Theresa, w/o James B. McLemore (Obit.)

McLendon, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McLendon, Harold Lowe, of Little Rock, bro. of Mrs. E. T. King of Augusta & others (Obit.)

McLeod, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McLeod, Charles C., s/o Dudley McLeod, "McCrory Man Makes Navy Honor Roll" (Picture Article)
McLeod, John M., h/o Kathryn McLeod (Obit.)
McLeod, Kathryn Oliphant, w/o John M. Oliphant (Obit.)
McLeod, Martha Anne (Burial Record)

McLucas, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McLucas, Margree, (black), DS with Jasmine Margree Dodson (Obit.)

McLyea, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McLyea, Mrs. Hershel, of Beedeville, AR, w/o Euwal McLyea (Obit.)

McMahan, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McMahan, Elvis Noel, h/o Katherine McMahan (Obit.)

McMahen, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McMahen, Henry P., of Cullen, LA, bro. of A. L. McMahen & others (Burial Record)
McMahen, James Henry "Jim", s/o Elvis McMahen (Obit.)
McMahen, Katherine, of El Dorado, AR, widow of Elvis McMahen (Obit.)

McMaster, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McMaster, Josephine, of Wynne, w/o James Allen McMaster (Obit.)

McMelie, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McMelie, Henrietta (black) (Burial Record)

McMillan, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McMillan, Jo (Metcalf) (Burial Record)

McMillon, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McMillon, James (Burial Record)
McMillon, Lillie (Burial Record)
McMillon, Minnie, DS with Oliver McMillion (Burial Record)
McMillon, Oliver, DS with Minnie McMillon (Burial Record)
McMillon, Roy (Burial Record)

McMinn, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McMinn, Clyde (Wes), h/o Connie Reeves (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

McMullan, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McMullan, Charles T., DS with Glenna S. McMullan (Burial Record).
McMullan, Glenna S., DS with Charles T. McMullan, no dates (Burial Record)
McMullan, Hazel R., DS with John H. McMullan (Burial Record)
McMullan, John H. (Dr.), DS with Hazel R. McMullan (Burial Record)

McMurtry, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McMurtry, Addie, DM with William Harvey McMurtry (Obit.)
McMurtry, Albert (LPR)
McMurtry, Earl Barner, s/o William Harvey McMurtry (Obit.)
McMurtry, Galen, in hospital, (Article)
McMurtry, Galen (Obit.)
McMurtry, Gladys, w/o Lee Roy "Pete" McMurtry (Obit. in fold)
McMurtry, Helen (LPR)
McMurtry, Helen A. J. (Burial Record)
McMurtry, James B. (Burial Record) (LPR)
McMurtry, Lee Roy, WW I (Enlist. Record))
McMurtry, Lee Roy "Pete" (Obit.)
McMurtry, Lemmer, d/o W.H. McMurtry & A. McMurtry (Burial Record)
McMurtry, M.H. (Rev), DS with T.E. McMurtry (Burial Record)
McMurtry, Margaret "Maggie", w/o James B. McMurtry, no dates (Burial Record) (LPR)
McMurtry, Moses H., h/o Parthena E. McMurtry (LPR)
McMurtry, T. E., DS with Rev. M.H. McMurtry (Burial Record)
McMurtry, W. H., DS with Addie McMurtry (Burial Record)

McNabb, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McNabb, Kimberly Leigh (Green), of Jonesboro, AR, w/o Mark McNabb (Picture Obit.)
McNabb, Mrs. Susie (Barber), w/o Dr. J. F. McNabb (Obit.)

McNally, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McNally, Edward Patrick (LPR)
McNally, Gladys H., DS with James E. McNally (Burial Record)
McNally, James C. or E., DS with Gladys H. McNally (Obit.)
McNally, Martha (LPR)
McNally, P. D. (LPR)
McNally, Sarah Jane (LPR)

McNeely, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McNeely, Alice Elizabeth (Mioi) (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McNeely, Andrew Jackson, h/o Zellar McNeely (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McNeely, Andrew J., s/o Andrew J. McNeely, "In Pearl Harbor After Four Months In Korea" (Article)
McNeely, Bedalydia "Beda" Beda Lydia, DS with Woodrow McNeely (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McNeely, Ferrell Leo, DS with Winnie Lee McNeely (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McNeely, Henry, death date only (Burial Record)
McNeely, Joseph B., h/o Mary A. McNeely, p/o Mary Josephine McNeely (LPR)
McNeely, Kevin Ferrell (Burial Record) (Grave Marker Photo)
McNeely, Leo F. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
McNeely, Lillian, death date only (Burial Record)
McNeely, Woodrow Wilson, DS with Beda McNeely (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McNeely, Zella (Burial Record)
McNeely, Zellar Hannah (Reed), w/o Andrew J. McNeely (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

McNees, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McNees, Cornelia B., d/o M.C. McNees & M.L. McNees (Burial Record)
McNees, Marion, DS with Mary (Simmons) McNees, no dates (Burial Record)
McNees, Mary (Simmons), DS with Marion McNees (Obit.)
McNees, Thomas R., of Newport, AR (Obit.)
McNees, William H., s/o M.C. McNees & M.L. McNees (Burial Record)

McNew, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McNew, Billy Ira - DS with O'Dean McNew (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McNew, Jody Lynn (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
McNew, O'Dean, DS with Billy Ira McNew (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
McNew, Stevie L., s/o Billy I. McNew & O'Dean McNew (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

McNutt, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McNutt, James Polk, h/o Sarah Clementine McNutt (Burial Record)

McOther, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McOther, Henry, (black) (Burial Record)

McPherson, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McPherson, Queen, (black), death date only (Burial Record)
McPherson, Mrs. Rosella (Smith), Skelton, w/o Joe McPherson (Obit)

McRay, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McRay, Nevie, WW II (Burial Record)
McRay, Sally H., DS with William H. McRay (Burial Record)
McRay, William H., DS with Sally H. McRay (Burial Record)

McRea, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McRea, Mrs. Edna, of Iuka, MS, s/o Mrs. W. A. Arthurs, "Cotton Plant Womans's Sister Is Gun Victim" (Article)

McRoy, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McRoy, Gladys (Fraser), mother of Mrs. Samuel Hay of McCrory (Obit.)

McSpadden, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McSpadden, Elbert K. (Obit.)
McSpadden, Lena (Sparks) Collier, w/o Clyde W. Collier (Picture Obit.)

McWhirter, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McWhirter, David Garrett, h/o Freddie L. (Davis) Smith-McWhirter of Woodruff Co. (Obit.)

McWilliams, (Marriage Records), all male & female

McWillie, John, h/o Angie McWillie, p/o Mary, Heannie, Nellie, & John McWillie (LPR)

McVay, (Marriage Records), all male & female
McVay, Anna (Obit.)

Mead, Earlene Clayton, (black), w/o Raymond Mead (Obit.)
Mead, Silas Andrew, of McCrory, f/o Jerry Mead of McCrory (Obit.)
Mead, William Jerry, of McCrory, h/o Agnes Marie (Obit.)

Meadows, A. (Amazon) P., h/o Samantha C. Meadows (Obit.)
Meadows, A. (Amazon) P. and Samantha C. Meadows, "McCrory Couple Married 50 Years" (Article)
Meadows, J. E. (Burial Record)
Meadows, Joseph A. (Burial Record)
Meadows, Samantha C., w/o Amazon P. Meadows (Obit.)
Meadows, Velma, of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Meadows, W. Claude, b/o Emmitt of McCrory, "Eldorado Is Scene of Fatal Accident" (Obit.)

Mearweather, Cesci, d/o Wm. Mearweather & Eliza Mearweather (Burial Record)

Medlock, Jack, s/o J. K. Medlock & Mrs. Elva Medlock (Obit.)
Medlock, Jeff K., Jr., married (Picture of Bride)
Medlock, Jeff K., Jr., "Two McCrory Boys Congratulated By Lt. Gen. James Doolittle" (Article)
Medlock, Miss Willie Lee, d/o Eva Medlock of McCrory, AR (Article)

Meehan, Charles, "Fire Destroys Cotton Plant Residence" (Article)
Meehan, Charles, "Cotton Plant Man Is State Investigator" (Article)
Meehan, Charles McHenry, of Little Rock, h/o Marcella Meehan (Obit.)
Meehan, John R., h/o Fannie Meehan of Searcy (Obit.)
Meehan, Miss Marjorie J., d/o Charles M. Meehan, to marry (Picture Wedding Announcement)
Meehan, Miss Marjorie, d/o Charles M. Meehan, picture of bride (Picture Wedding)
Meehan, Martha & Marjorie Meehan (Article)
Meehan, Mrs. Rosalee (McHenry), w/o Charles P. Meehan & Fred L. Hafner (Obit.)

Meelsburg, George V. (Burial Record)

Meinrath, Ida E. (Burial Record)

Meins, Mary Frances, w/o Robert Meins (Obit.)

Mekon, J. Dempsey (Burial Record)
Mekon, Michael D. (Burial Record)

Mellas, Katie Grace (Burial Record)

Mellon, (Marriage Records), all female
Mellon, Catherine, (black), w/o Harris Mellon (Obit.)
Mellon, Freddie Lee, (black), of Jonesboro, AR (Obit.))
Mellon, Harris, (black), no dates (Burial Record)
Mellon, Ira G., h/o Geraldine (Obit.)
Mellon, Jim, (black) (Burial Record)
Mellon, Jimmy D., bro. of Carl Mellon of Augusta & others (Obit.)
Mellon, Pauline Burns, (black), m/o James McCarrol, Jr. of Wynne & others (Obit.)
Mellon, Sheron V., death date only (Burial Record)

Melton, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Melton, Bettie (Angelo), w/o James A. Melton (Burial Record)
Melton, Blanche Judee (Burial Record)
Melton, Clyde A., h/o Mary I. Melton (Obit.)
Melton, Dempsey, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Will Melton married (Wedding Article)
Melton, Florence, d/o James A. Melton (Obit.)
Melton, Pvt. Fred D., s/o C. A. Melton of McCrory, "Graduate From Training School" (Picture Article)
Melton, Sgt. Fred D., s/o C. A. Melton of McCrory, "Completes Non-com Officers Course" (Picture Article)
Melton, Harry L. (Obit.)
Melton, Ineus (Mary Ineus), w/o Clyde A. Melton (Obit.)
Melton, Jack D., bro. of Mrs. Sue Pittman, "Sgt. Jack D. Melton At Brooks Medical Center In Texas" (Article)
Melton, Jack Dempsey, h/o Katherine M. Melton & Sally Melton (Obit.)
Melton, James A., h/o M. Elizabeth "Betty" Melton (Obit.)
Melton, James Elmo, s/o J. A. Melton & Betty Melton (Obit.)
Melton, S. Sgt. James E., Jr., "Killed In Action" (Obit.)
Melton, Jeffrey D., s/o Clyde A. Melton (Obit.)
Melton, Jess W. (Burial Record)
Melton, Jesse T., of Batesville, AR, bro. of A. M. Melton (Obit.)
Melton, Mrs. J. M., aged 67 of Beedeville, AR (Obit.)
Melton, John Morris (Burial Record)
Melton, Miss Kitty Sue, d/o William L. Melton, "Weds" (Article)
Melton, Lora May (Burial Record)
Melton, Maggie Belle, w/o William L. Melton (Obit.)
Melton, Mary Koga,WW II, d/o Clyde Melton, "Mrs. Clyde Melton Visits Daughter" (Article)
Melton, Mary K., "McCrory Girl In WAC Training As Dental Technician" (Article)
Melton, Mary K., "A WAC Dental Tech. Lends a Helping Hand" (Picture Article)
Melton, Mary Lee (Burial Record)
Melton, Michael "Mike", s/o Jack Dempsey Melton (Picture Obit.)
Melton, Newt, s/o Jot Melton & Martha Melton (Obit.)
Melton, Nora Victoria, w/o Russell Melton (Obit.)
Melton, Orville, s/o Newt Melton, "In Southwest Pacific" (Article)
Melton, Perry C., s/o Clyde A. Melton, WW II Vet., "Receives Promotion" (Article)
Melton, Perry Clyde (Burial Record)
Melton, Roscoe L. (Burial Record)
Melton, Russell, "Man Is Fatally Hurt When Auto Strikes Tractor" (Article)
Melton, Russell, WW II Vet. (Obit.)
Melton, Russell Dean (Burial Record)
Melton, Terry, age 5 months, 8 days, d/o Clyde Melton & Ineus Melton (Obit.)
Melton, Miss Verna M., sis. of Miss Florence Melton & others (Obit.)
Melton, Walter H., bro. of J. M. Melton & Mrs. Mattie Brown (Obit.)
Melton, William L., s/o Jot & Martha Melton, h/o Maggie Belle Melton (Obit.)
Melton, Miss Willie Bell, d/o Will L. Melton of DeView (Obit.)

Melvin, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Melvin, Austin J. L. (Burial Record)
Melvin, Austin L., h/o Isabelle B. Melvin (Burial Record)
Melvin, Ben T., Jr., "Memphis man dies in wreck", near Hunter, AR (Obit.)
Melvin, Blanche (Lula Blanche), DS with Garvin (Wm. Garvin) Melvin (Obit.)
Melvin, Chester A. (Burial Record)
Melvin, Daniel Beck (Burial Record)
Melvin, Edward Wayne (Burial Record)
Melvin, Ernestine Faye, w/o Eugene Ray Melvin (Obit.)
Melvin, Eugene Ray (Burial Record)
Melvin, Garvin (Wm. Garvin), DS with Blanche Melvin (Burial Record)
Melvin, Harold E., of Hunter , h/o Gerry Melvin (Obit.)
Melvin, Hazel, w/o William Garvin Melvin, Jr. (Burial Record)
Melvin, Mrs. Isabelle B., "Dies At Hunter" (Obit.)
Melvin, James Chester (Burial Record)
Melvin, James Elgen (Burial Record)
Melvin, James Nathan, DS with Mollie S. Melvin (Burial Record)
Melvin, Joshua Bull "Josh", "Ag pilot killed in crash" (Article) (Obit.)
Melvin, Lula Blanche, w/o W. G. Melvin (Obit.)
Melvin, Mollie S., w/o James Nathan Melvin (Burial Record)
Melvin, Nina Marie (Burial Record)
Melvin, Orven Eugene, s/o James Nathan Melvin & Mollie S. Melvin (Burial Record)
Melvin, William Junior ( William Garvin, Jr.), WW II, h/o Hazel Melvin (Burial Record)

Memphis And Arkansas Bridge, "To Be Opened Saturday" (Article)

Meredith, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Meredith, Ulysses Grant Meredith, Sr. 1861 - 2008 (Family History Book)
Meredith, Mrs. Alice, of Morton, mother of Ulyses Meredith & others (Obit.)
Meredith, Allen Wayne (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Alma Ann "Sissy", DS with Elmer William "Bill" Meredith (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Angie Fay (Little) Cox, w/o Bobby Joe Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Austin U., WWII (Burial Record)
Meredith, Birtie S., w/o William Marvin Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Betty, d/o Ernest Meredith, "Girl Struck By Auto While Playing In McCrory Street" (Article)
Meredith, Bobby Joe, h/o Angie Fay Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Chester E., DM, with Zula Dell Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Christine, DS with Elbert W. Meredith (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Clarence E. (Enlist. Record)
Meredith, Clarence Eugene, h/o Sara Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Daisy Fay "Cricket", DS with Earnest Floyd Meredith (Picture Obit.)
Meredith, Deborah Lynn, d/o Becky Morris, m/o Karen R. Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Earnest Floyd, Sr., DS with Daisy F. Meredith (Obit.)
Meredith, Elbert Wayne, h/o Christine Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Elmer William "Bill", s/o Marvin Meredith & Bert Meredith (Obit.)
Meredith, Hubert Wayne "Goob", DS with Virginia Lee Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Hubert Wayne, h/o Ruby Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, James Edward, h/o Julia Meredith & Kitty Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, James Earl Dewayne (Picture Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Jamie Lauren, "Killed by a train" (Article) (Picture Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Janet Lynn, w/o Marvin D. "Mark" Meredith (Obit.)
Meredith, John Wayne, s/o Clarence E. Meredith (Article)
Meredith, Joyce, age 3 months (Obit.)
Meredith, Miss Judy Dale, d/o Elbert "Boots" Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Lois L. (Burial Record)
Meredith, Marc A. (Dr.), s/o Rev. & Mrs Thomas G. Meredith (Burial Record)
Meredith, Nina Jane, w/o Leno Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Orville Jewel, h/o Carol Jean Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Paul Ray, s/o Hubert "Goob" Meredith & Virginia L. Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Sara Katherine (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Shelia Kay, age 19 months, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Leno Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Susie A. (Burial Record)
Meredith, Ulysses Grant, of Morton, AR (Obit.)
Meredith, Ulysses Grant Meredith, Sr. 1861 - 2008, 7 generations (Family History Book)
Meredith, Virginia Lee, w/o Hubert "Goob" Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, William Marvin, w/o Birtie S. Meredith & Ella Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Meredith, Zula Dell, w/o Chester E. Meredith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Meritt, Susan (Burial Record)

Meroney, Elvie (Graham) (Burial Record)

Merrell, (Marriage Records), part of male & part of female
Merrell, John "Buck", Sr., h/o Doris Merrell (Obit.)
Merrell, Maude, of Augusta, m/o Mrs. Myrtle B. Corbit of Augusta (Obit.)

Merrill, Geoorge Washington, s/o Thomas Jones Merrill (Obit.)
Merrill, Maggie May (Burial Record)
Merrill, Mollie, w/o George Washington Merrill (Obit.)
Merrill, P. H. "Pete", born at Wiville, AR (Obit.)
Merrill, W. P. (William P.) (Burial Record)

Meriweather, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Merriweather, Robert, (black) (Burial Record)
Meriweather, Rosalie (Diffey) (Picture)

Merriweather, William, (black), h/o Nora Merriweather (Burial Record)

Merwether, James Alvie, DS with Carolyn F. Merwether (Obit.)
Merwether, Lena Mae, DS with Louis H. Merwether (Obit.)
Merwether, Louis Henry, WWI - DS with Lena M. Merwether (Burial Record)

Metcalf, (Marriage Records), all female
Metcalf, Bertie, w/o A. K. Metcalf (Burial Record)
Metcalf, Cecil E. (Burial Record)
Metcalf, Edna Viva (Lee) (Obit.)
Metcalf, Eula F. (Burial Record)
Metcalf, Harry B. (Enlist. Record) (Burial Record)
Metcalf, Jerry Jay, of McClelland, AR, h/o Brenda Metcalf (Obit.)
Metcalf, Viola, d/o W.M. & Pearl Metcalf (Burial Record)
Metcalf, William M. (Burial Record)

Meyers, (Marriage Records), all female
Meyers, Alice Jean, d/o W. A. Meyers of McCrory, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Meyers, Dottie, d/o Mrs. Arnold E. Meyers, "Makes Her Talent Pay Dividends" (Picture Article)

Middlebrook, (Marriage Records), part of male & all female
Middlebrook, Agnes, w/o George Earl Middlebrook (Obit.)
Middlebrook, Elmer H. (Burial Record)
Middlebrook, Flossie, w/o Samuel Arthur Middlebrook (Obit.)
Middlebrook, George Earl, h/o Agnes Middlebrook (Burial Record)
Middlebrook, Julia Davis (Burial Record)
Middlebrook, Louis/ Lewis W., formerly of Tupelo, AR, h/o Carrie Middlebrook (Obit.)
Middlebrook, Mary Molly Brown (Burial Record)
Middlebrook, Mollie S. (Burial Record)
Middlebrook, Raymond R. (Burial Record)
Middlebrook, Robert Lewis (Burial Record)
Middlebrook, Robert William (Burial Record)
Middlebrook, Sammy, s/o Sam Middlebrook, "Tupelo Boy Wounded With 22 Rifle" (Article)
Middlebrook, Samuel Arthur, h/o Flossie Middlebrook (Burial Record)
Middlebrook, William E. (Burial Record)
Middlebrook, Willie (Burial Record)

Middlebrooks, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Middlebrooks, Miss Ludie, of Tupelo, d/o Robert Middlebrooks (Article)
Middlebrooks, Mary, of Tupelo, AR (Obit.)

Middleton, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Middleton, Sheila Louise, DS with Billy Don Middleton (Marker Photo)
Middleton, Zana, w/o Avery Middleton (Obit.)

Mid-South Fair -The History of the Mid-South Fair, featuring Gary Telford (Picture Article)

Miers, Edward, s/o W.B. & Nettie Miers (Burial Record)
Miers, Ronald Stuart (Burial Record)

Mikell, Hubert, of Statesboro, GA, f/o Mrs. Roger Burkett of McCrory (Obit.)

Milam, Audrey "Louise", w/o Junior Lee Milam (Obit.)

Miles, (Marriage Records), all male & part of female
Miles, Claude, h/o Emma Catherine Miles (Burial Record)
Miles, Emma Catherine, w/o Claude Miles (Burial Record)
Miles, Frank, s/o Claude and Emma Miles (Burial Record)
Miles, JoAnn, w/o Rev. John Miles (Obit.)
Miles, Lillian Mason (Burial Record)

Miller, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Miller, Lee A. & "Lizzie" Miller - 6 Generations 1850 - 2007 (Family History Book)
Miller, A. R., h/o Elizabeth Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Alberta Lane, w/o Walter F. Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Alex R., DS with Jewell D. Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Alexander, Civil War Vet. (Burial Record) (LPR)
Miller, Alexander Miller family arrived in 1852, builder of house at Colona (Picture of house)
Miller, Alafa Maxine, w/o Franklin Leon Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Alice (LPR)
Miller, Altha Leola, w/o William J. "Bill" Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Amos J.C. (Burial Record)
Miller, Annie Eliga (Walker) (Obit.)
Miller, Autry Elizabeth (LPR)
Miller, Bertie Lee (Obit.)
Miller, Bill Rapier, s/o George R. & Mikki Miller (Picture Article) (Picture Obit.)
Miller, Birdie Lee, "Dies At Home Of Daughter, Mrs. Alma Blanton" (Obit.)
Miller, Bruce (William Bruce), of Glendale, AZ, h/o Patricia Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Carl M., DS with Icemay Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Charles E., Jr., WWI (Obit.)
Miller, Charles Everett, DS with Emma Olivia Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Charlie, h/o Eliza Jane Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Clifton Rufus "Bud", of West Memphis, h/o Victory Ann Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Clyde C., DS with Faye J. Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Clytene, DS with Emmitt H. Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, David R. (LPR)
Miller, Dayton, s/o Joseph & Sarah Miller (Grave Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Miller, Mrs. Dossie, of Shreveport, LA, formerly of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Miller, Edgar (J. Edgar), DS with Lillard Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Edna (Grave Marker Photo)
Miller, Edward, of Patterson, s/o Jim Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Elbert R. "Bing", "Candidate For County & Probate Clerk" (Article)
Miller, Elbert R. "Bing", "Seeks Re-election" (Picture Article)
Miller, Elbert R. "Bing", "Serving Second Term", h/o Martha Ruth Miller (Picture Article)
Miller, Elbert Robbins "Bing", WWII, DS with Martha Ruth Miller (Picture Obit.)
Miller, Elbert Sherman, WW II, DS with Mildred O. Miller (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Miller, Eliza Jane. w/o Charles Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Elizabeth, w/o A.R. Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Mrs. Elizabeth Jane, d/o Charles Everett Miller, of Augusta, married (Picture Wedding)
Miller, Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Miller), w/o Lee Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Elizabeth Selph (Burial Record)
Miller, Eluctra (Burial Record)
Miller, Emerson Edward Sr., (black), h/o Sarah J. E. Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Emma Olivia, DS with Charles Everett Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Emmitt H., DS with Clytene Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Eula F., (black), TS with Abraham J. Miller & Jesse B. Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Euleta, w/o Tommy Lee Miller (Obit.)
Miller, F. M. (LPR)
Miller, Floyd Jackson "Jack", h/o Doris Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Frances E. (Burial Record)
Miller, Franklin Carl, Jr. (Burial Record)
Miller, Franklin W. (LPR)
Miller, Freeda Lucille Henson, of Augusta (Obit.)
Miller, Fritz W., h/o Nora Belle Miller (Obit.)
Miller, George R., WWII Veteran, h/o Rose Matie "Mikki" Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Gladys, (black), Aged 4 months (Burial Record)
Miller, Glen, WW II - DS with Ruth Miller (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Miller, Glenda Sue, DS with Sherman Elbert Miller, Sr. (Marker Photo)
Miller, Harold Eugene, of Memphis, formerly of Fair Oaks (Obit.)
Miller, Harry Raymond, s/o W. F. Miller (Marker Photo)
Miller, Hedwig (Bodmer), DS with Opal Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Henry J., s/o J. F. & Margaret Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Henry Terrell, h/o Mollie H. Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Herbert C., Jr., of Fisher, IL, son-in-law of Nova Capshaw (Obit.)
Miller, Hess Jean, Died at age 2 months and 25 days, no dates (Burial Record)
Miller, Icemay, DS with Carl Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Ida, b. abt. 1862 (LPR)
Miller, Iva (Ambrose), w/o John Henry Morgan Miller (Obit.)
Miller, J. A. (Burial Record)
Miller, J. W. (LPR)
Miller, J. Edgar (Joseph Edgar "Led"), DM with Lillard Miller (Obit.)
Miller, James, b. abt. 1855 (LPR)
Miller, James B., WW II, Born 1899 (Burial Record)
Miller, James B., WW II, Born 1916 (Burial Record)
Miller, James "Jim" Henry, s/o Henry Miller, "Rotarian Jim Miller Is Corporal In Army" (Picture Biog.)
Miller, James Franklin, h/o Lucille Miller (Obit.)
Miller, James Henry (Burial Record)
Miller, James Irby, bro. of Vance Miller of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Miller, James M., h/o Dorothy Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Jason A., of Memphis, TN (Obit.)
Miller, Jewell D. (Brooksie Jewell), DS with Alex R. Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Jim, s/o Mrs. H. T. Miller of McCrory, AR, married (Article)
Miller, Jim, "New Officials Prince-Rhodes Post No. 112, Amer. Legion (Picture)
Miller, John, d. 1870 (LPR)
Miller, John, "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture Article)
Miller, John A. (LPR)
Miller, John B. (Burial Record)
Miller, John Harrison, h/o Mary Elizabeth Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, John H., of McCrory, AR, "Honored By Teachers" (Picture Article)
Miller, John Henry Morgan, "Takes Own Life", h/o Iva Miller (Obit.)
Miller, John Sherman, of Tupelo, AR, h/o Cora Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Joseph E., DM, with Sarah Elizabeth Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Julia, d/o John Miller (LPR)
Miller, Julius W., aged 74, survived by son, Louis Coutwell and 2 grandsons (Obit.)
Miller, Karin, d/o Opal Miller, elected secretary "Senior National Honor Society Officers" (Picture Article)
Miller, Karin L., d/o Opal Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Kathryn C., w/o R. C. Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Larry C., "Fair Oaks Youth Drowns in Pond Saturday Afternoon", s/o Glen Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Laura F. (LPR)
Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Lee Miller, of Revels, "To Celebrate Golden Anniversary" (Article)
Miller, Lee - September 10, 1874 - September 22, 1948 - Augusta Cem. (Sect - H)
Miller, Lee, of Revels, s/o T. A. & Mary Miller (Picture Biog.) (Obit.)
Miller, "Lee A. Miller and Family, Prominent Farmers At Revels" (Story by G.T.)
Miller, Lerline, d/o Sam Miller, married (Article)
Miller, Lillard, DM with J. Edgar Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Lillie Reneau (Burial Record)
Miller, Lizzie, born 1878 (Burial Record)
Miller, Lola, w/o Vance Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Lorene, d/o J. I. Miller of Wiville, AR, married (Article)
Miller, Lucile, born 1908 (Obit.)
Miller, M. A., born 1827 (Burial Record)
Miller, Maggie, b. abt. 1858 (LPR)
Miller, Marianne Miller, d/o Walter Benjamin Miller, Jr., engaged (Picture Article)
Miller, Martha Ruth, DS with Elbert R."Bing" Miller (Obit.), in fold
Miller, Marvin, DS with Faye G. Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Mary E., born 1830 (Burial Record)
Miller, Mary Elizabeth, w/o John Harrison Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Mary Elizabeth, DS with Otto Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Mary Fay (Obit.), in fold
Miller, Mary Jane (LPR)
Miller, Mary Mollie (Davis) (Burial Record)
Miller, Mrs. Mary Naomi (Holland) of Minneapolis, Minn., s/o Mrs. Sam Bunch (Obit.)
Miller, Miss Mary Wynne, married (Article)
Miller, Maude L., DS with Marion W. Miller, Sr. (Obit.)
Miller, Mildred Oleane, DS with Elbert S. Miller (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Miller, Myrtle, DS with Sam Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Nelson (LPR)
Miller, Noel, h/o Ruth Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Nora Belle, DS with Fritz W. Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Old Miller House, built in 1855 by Alexander Miller, burned (Picture Article)
Miller, Ollie Ross, (black), WW II Vet. (Burial Record)
Miller, Opal, DS with Hedwig Miller (Obit.) (Picture Obit.)
Miller, Otto, "Former Banker Is Now Pharmacist Mate" (Picture Biog.)
Miller, Otto, "New And Retiring Officers McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)
Miller, Otto, "Elected Vice Pres. Of Ark. Junior Bankers Association" (Picture Article)
Miller, Otto, "Promoted To Cashier of Bank", s/o Henry T. Miller (Article)
Miller, Otto, of McCrory, "President Arkansas Junior Bankers" (Picture Article)
Miller, Otto, "Heads Local Cancer Drive" (Picture Article)
Miller, Otto, DS with Mary Elizabeth Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Pearl, DS withTom A. Miller (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Miller, Qualie (Wiggs), w/o William Chester "Will" Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, R.C., DS with Kathryn Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Rachel E., DS with Walter B. Miller Sr. (Obit.)
Miller, Robert, born 1864 (Burial Record)
Miller, Robert Lee, of Cotton Plant, h/o Winnie Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Robert Lee, Jr. (Obit.)
Miller, Robert O. (LPR)
Miller, Rollin Edwin (Burial Record)
Miller, Rose Marie, of Heber Springs, w/o Hollis Ward & James H. Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Rose Matie "Mikki", w/o George Miller of Augusta (Obit.)
Miller, Ruby Evelyn (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Miller, Ruth, born 1911 (Obit.)
Miller, Ruth, DS with Glen Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Sallie, b. abt. 1885 (LPR)
Miller, Sallie Mae (Burial Record)
Miller, Mrs. Sally, m/o Mrs. L. Cariker, "McCrory Woman Has Vivid Memories Of Civil War Hardships" (Biog.) Miller, Mrs. Sally, m/o Mrs. L. Cariker (Article, 90th birthday)
Miller, Mrs. Sally, m/o Mrs. L. Cariker (Obit.)
Miller, Sam, "As Nightwatchman Sam Miller Has Walked 7,916 Miles" (Article)
Miller, Samuel U., h/o Myrtle Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Sarah, (black) (Burial Record)
Miller, Sarah Elizabeth, w/o Joseph E. Miller ( 90th Birthday, Article)
Miller, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth, w/o Joseph E. Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Seaman, "Bulltown Negro Killed As Shotgun Discharges", h/o Daisy (Obit.)
Miller, Sherman Elbert, h/o Glinda Sue Miller (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Miller, Sibley Ann, d/o H.T. & M.H.T. Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Susie E. (Burial Record)
Miller, Sylvia Louise (Burial Record)
Miller, Teddy, s/o Mrs. Mollie Miller of McCrory, AR, married (Article)
Miller, Teddy E., former postmaster in McCrory, h/o Virginia Miller (Picture Obit.)
Miller, Thomas "Tom" Abrum, h/o Pearl Miller (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Miller, Thomas R. (LPR)
Miller, Thomas William "Tom", h/o Rhonda Miller (Picture Obit.)
Miller, Tommy Lee , U.S. Army Korea, h/o Euleta Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Van, U.S. Army WW I (Enlist. Record) (Burial Record)
Miller, Vance, U.S. Army WW I, h/o Lola Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Virginia, born 1918 (Obit.)
Miller, Mrs. Virginia, born 1842, w/o Leonidas Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Virginia Lee, born 1918, d/o Lee A. Miller of Revels (Obit.)
Miller, Virginia, w/o Teddy F. Miller (Picture Obit.)
Miller, W. M., born 1859 (Burial Record)
Miller, Walter B., Jr., s/o Walter B., Miller, Sr., of Cotton Plant, married (Article)
Miller, Walter Benjamin, Jr., h/o Dorothy Nell Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Walter B., Sr., DS with Rachel E. Miller (Burial Record)
Miller, Walter F., h/o Alberta Miller (Obit.)
Miller, Miss Wanda Sue, d/o Charles E. Miller, Jr., married (Wedding Article) (Picture Wedding)
Miller, William Bruce, h/o Patricia Miller (Obit.)
Miller, William "Will" Chester, of Steele, MO, formerly of Augusta, h/o Qualie Miller (Obit.)
Miller, William David (Burial Record)
Miller, William Joyce "Bill" (Obit.)
Miller, William P. (Burial Record)
Miller, Willie J., s/o John Miller (LPR)
Miller, Willie (Sullivan) (Obit.)
Miller, Wilson (LPR)
Miller, Winnie Thomas (Burial Record)

Millie, Pollie, Dates are unreadable (Burial Record)

Mills, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Mills, Miss Betty, d/o Wm. Thomas Mills, "Miss Betty Mills Reveals Betrothal" (Picture Article)
Mills, Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. and son, Naylor Mills, "Augusta Couple Win Trip To Mexico City" (Article)
Mills, Charles (Charlie) L., WW I, formerly of White County & Augusta, AR (Obit.)
Mills, Charles Naylor, "Wins Ratings", s/o Charlie Mills, h/o Letha Mills (Article)
Mills, Donna, w/o William T. Mills, Jr. (Obit.)
Mills, Frances Elizabeth, w/o Sloan Eugene Mills, Sr. (Picture Obit.)
Mills, George H., died in Anadarko, OK, father of Charles Mills of Augusta & others (Obit.)
Mills, Miss Georgia Louis, d/o Charles Mills, "Georgia Mills Wed In Augusta Church" (Picture Article)
Mills, Helen Roberta, w/o William Thomas Mills, Sr. (Obit.)
Mills, Jerome Bruce, s/o William Thomas Mills, Sr., "Accident Victim" (Picture Obit.)
Mills, Louise (Talbort) (Obit.)
Mills, Mary Louise (MD), d/o William T. Mills, Jr. (Obit.)
Mills, Sloan Eugene, WWII, h/o Frances Elizabeth Mills (Burial Record)
Mills, Vance Fredrick, WW II, s/o William Thomas Mills, Sr. (Obit.)
Mills, Wilbur (Congressman), "Will Speak In McCrory Tonight, Thursday" (Picture Article)
Mills, William Thomas, Sr., h/o Helen Roberta Mills (Burial Record)
Mills, William Thomas "Bill", Jr., WW II Vet. (Burial Record)

Millwee, Betsy, d/o Dr. Fay B. Millwee, "Elected Governor" at Girls State in Little Rock" (Picture Article)
Millwee, Betsy, d/o Dr. Fay B. Millwee, "Will Compete in Junior Miss Contest Sat." (Picture Article)
Millwee, Betsy, "McCrory Girl Wins Junior Miss Title In Eastern District" (Picture Article)
Millwee, Betsy, d/o Dr. Fay B. Millwee, "Valedictorian" class of 1966 (Picture Article)
Millwee, Dr. Fay Beeson, h/o Marjorie Millwee (Obit.)
Millwee, Fay Bruce, Sr., aged 73, of Little Rock, h/o Blanche Millwee (Obit.)
Millwee, Majorie F., w/o Dr. Fay Beeson Millwee (Obit.)
Millwee, Martha, d/o Dr. Fay B. Millwee of McCrory, married (Picture Article of bride)

Milner, (Marriage Records), all male
Milner, Ruth T. (Burial Record)

Milton, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Milton, Elton Edward "Pete", of Wynne, s/o Curtis & Dolly Milton (Obit.)
Milton, Ernestine Amanda (Leeks), (black), w/o Rubin Birl Milton (Picture Obit.)
Milton, Ethel Lee, (black) (Picture Obit.)
Milton, Hazel G., (black) (Picture Obit.)
Milton, James Terrel, h/o Shirley Ann Milton (Obit.)
Milton, Myan Bush, (black) (Obit.)
Milton, Rubin Birl, (black), h/o Earnestine Milton (Picture Obit.)

Mims, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Mims, Flossie B. (Rowe), (black), w/o Roy Mims, Sr. (Obit.)

Minor, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Minor, Berry (Burial Record)
Minor, Cynthia (Burial Record)

Minson, (Marriage Records), all female
Minson, Mamie Jane, m/o Mrs. Emma Curtis of McCrory & others (Obit.)

Mistletoe, Mistletoe Ancient Mythology Symbol Of Divine Favor (Article)

Mitchel, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Mitchel, Sarah (Obit.)

Mitchell, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Mitchell, Alma O. (Burial Record)
Mitchell, Amy, d/o John E. & Victoria Mitchell, no death date (Burial Record)
Mitchell, Arthur A., h/o Eula Pearl Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, Avery J., s/o J. W. & Syble Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, Bessie Sue Stader, w/o Mack M. Mitchell (Burial Record)
Mitchell, Clara, d/o Arthur A. Mitchell, "Weds" (Article)
Mitchell, Clariebell, d/o John E. & Victoria Mitchell (Burial Record)
Mitchell, Clyde, age 11, s/o V. L. Mitchell of Pumpkin Bend (Obit.)
Mitchell, Edna (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Mitchell, Edward Earl, WWI - DS with Irma Mitchell (Picture of couple)
Mitchell, Emma Jane (Pohnka) Howerton, w/o Loyce Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, Essie (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Mitchell, Eula Pearl, w/o Arthur Alexander Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, Floyd Harvey, of Augusta, formerly of Morrilton, AR (Obit.)
Mitchell, Fred, (black), WWI (Enlist. Record) (Burial Record)
Mitchell, Freeman (LPR)
Mitchell, George W., h/o Martha Jane Mitchell (LPR)
Mitchell, George W., DS with Anna E. Mitchell (Burial Record)
Mitchell, Helen, d/o Lula Mitchell, "Weds", married (Article)
Mitchell, Hubert Earl, Sr., h/o Louise A. Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, Irma Frances, DS with Edward Earl Mitchell (Picture of couple)
Mitchell, Jessamine, d/o Arthur A. Mitchell, "Weds" (Article)
Mitchell, Joe (Enlist. Record)
Mitchell, Joe, U.S. Army Veteran (Burial Record)
Mitchell, Mrs. John Anna "Johnnie", widow of George W. Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, John Edward, died 1913, (Burial Record).
Mitchell, John Stewart, bro. of Harvey & Miss Alma Mitchell of Augusta (Obit.)
Mitchell, Dr. John T., (black) (Burial Record)
Mitchell, John W. (Burial Record)
Mitchell, Mrs. Johnnie (Obit.)
Mitchell, Mrs. Johnnie A. (LPR)
Mitchell, Joseph Christopher, h/o Mary Madora Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, Joseph, Jr., (black), DS with L. Lorine Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, Leonard, DS with Margaret Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, Leslie, born 1886 (Burial Record)
Mitchell, Leslie, DS with Mildred Mitchell (Marker Photo)
Mitchell, L. Lorine, (black), DS with Joseph Mitchell Jr. (Obit.)
Mitchell, Louise A., DS with Hubert E. Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, Loyce Cain, h/o Mable Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, Mrs. Lula (Wells), of Hot Springs, formerly of McCrory, AR (Obit.)
Mitchell, Luther, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Mitchell, Mabel, w/o Loyce Cain Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, Mack McClone, h/o Bessie Sue Mitchell (Burial Record)
Mitchell, Margaret, DS with Leonard Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, Mrs. Mary Ellen, of Augusta, w/o F. H. Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, Mrs. Mary Madora, w/o John Wesley Akin & Joseph C. Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, Mildred, DS with Leslie Mitchell (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Mitchell, Ozella, DS with Vernon L. Mitchell (Burial Record)
Mitchell, Mrs. Pearl, w/o Arthur A. Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, Reginald, s/o Loyce Mitchell, "New Drugs Aiding McCrory Youth" (Picture Article)
Mitchell, Reginald, s/o Loyce C. & Mabel Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell, Rickey Loyce, s/o Loyce C. & Emma Mitchell (Obit.), in fold
Mitchell, Robert E., f/o Robert Eddins Mitchell, (II) (Burial Record)
Mitchell, Robert Eddins (III), s/o Robert Eddins "Bob" Mitchell, II (Obit.)
Mitchell, Rosa (Burial Record)
Mitchell, Roy C., of Little Rock, formerly of Augusta, s/o Joseph Christopher Mitchell (Obit.)
Mitchell Sarah (Arnold), sis. of Mrs. Laura Bennett of McCrory (Obit.)
Mitchell, Sue (Baty) (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Mitchell, Turner Lee (Burial Record)
Mitchell, Vernon Leslie, DS with Ozella Mitchell (Burial Record)
Mitchell, Victoria, w/o John Mitchell, p/o Loyce Cain Mitchell (Burial Record).
Mitchell, Virginia, d/o Mrs. W. J Mitchell, "Chosen Most Beautiful" (Picture Article)
Mitchell, Miss Virginia, d/o Lula Mitchell, "Winner Beauty Contest" (Picture Article)
Mitchell, Miss Virginia, d/o Mrs. Lula Mitchell, "Named County Queen" (Article)
Mitchell, Virginia, d/o Lula Mitchell, "Virginia Mitchell To Be Wed Sunday" (Article)
Mitchell, Virginia (Picture)
Mitchell, W. H., s/o G.W. & L. Mitchell (Burial Record)
Mitchell, W. T. (Burial Record)
Mitchell, Wayne L., s/o W. J. Mitchell of Monette, AR, "Former Resident Has August Marriage" (Article)
Mitchell, Wm. Jefferson (Burial Record) (Grave Marker Photo)
Mitchell, Wright, (black) (Burial Record),
Mitchell, Zack D., of Memphis, TN, h/o Drucilla Mitchell (Obit.)

Mitchner, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Mitchner, Maggie, (black) (Obit.)
Mitchner, Willie, (black), WW I (Burial Record)
Mitchner,Wilmon, (black) (Burial Record)

Mize, (Marriage Records), all female
Mize, James Detroit, of Wynne, AR, s/o Henry & Edna Ann Mize (Obit.)
Mize, James "Don" Sr., of Hardy, s/o James Detroit & Bonnie Sue Mize (Obit.)

Mobley, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Mobley, John H. (Burial Record)

Moeller, Doris Virginia, w/o Gus C. Moeller (Obit.)
Moeller, Gus Charles, h/o Doris Virginia Moeller (Picture Obit.)

Moffett, (Marriage Records), all female
Moffett, Brenda Carroll, d/o John Moffett of Hunter (Obit.)
Moffett, C.C. (Burial Record)
Moffett, Mrs. Finchie/Frenchie, of Tupelo, AR, w/o Tom Moffett (Obit.)
Moffett, Hazel Marie, DS with Paul A. Moffett (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Moffett, L. V. (Burial Record)
Moffett, Paul Alvis, Hazel Marie Moffett (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Moffett, Samantha, d/o Tom & Finchie Moffett of Tupelo, AR (Burial Record)
Moffett, Savanna Rayne, d/o Thomas E. & Patricia Moffett (Obit.)
Moffett, Thomas Eugene "Buck", DS with Dorothy Mae Moffett (Burial Record)
Moffett, Thomas Elmer, s/o Thomas Eugene & Dorothy Mae Moffett (Obit.)

Moldan, Carl, DS with Etta Moldan (Burial Record)
Moldan, Etta (Mary Etta), DS with Carl Moldan (Obit.)
Moldan, Marvin (Burial Record)
Molden, Emogene, of Tupelo, AR, w/o James O. Molden (Obit.)

Molloy, Charles Woodrow, h/o Ruth Molloy of Woodruff Co. (Obit.)

Moncrief, (Marriage Records), all female
Moncrief, Dora, w/o Garland Moncrief (Burial Record)

Monicer, Sammy Van (Obit.)

Monroe, James D. (Burial Record)
Monroe, Stanley, b/o Edna Monroe, "Former Hunter Boy, Wins High Honor" (Article)

Montague, (Marriage Records), all female
Montague, Family History 1728 - 2009 - 8 Generations (Family History Book)
Montague, Bethel Bedford (Enlist. Record)
Montague, Bethel Bedford, WWI (Burial Record)
Montague, Buck M., U.S. Marine Corps Korea (Obit.)
Montague, C. J. (LPR)
Montague, C. Wortley, C.S.A. Veteran, DS with Catesby J. Montague (Burial Record)
Montague, Catesby Jones, Sr., C.S.A. Veteran, DS with C. Wortly Montague (Burial Record)
Montague, Catesby Jones, DS with Sarah E. Montague (Obit.)
Montague, C. Jones, "Augusta's Night Policeman" (Article)
Montague, Catesby Jones, Jr., WW II (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Montague, Charles W., CSA (Burial Record)
Montague, Elsie V. (Burial Record)
Montague, Goldie Mae, TS with Catesby J. & Merle Ray Montague (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Montague, Irma, DS with Jack B. Montague (Burial Record)
Montague, Jack B., DS with Irma Montague (Obit.)
Montague, Jamey W., U.S. Army WWII (Burial Record)
Montague, Merle Ray, TS with Catesby J. & Goldie Mae Montague (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Montague, Sarah Ellen (Sneed) (Obit.)

Montgomery, (Marriage Records), all female
Montgomery, A. (Burial Record)
Montgomery, Brenda Joyce, w/o James Donald Montgomery (Obit.)
Montgomery, Carolyn H. (Burial Record)
Montgomery, Erin (Burial Record)
Montgomery, George Thomas of McCrory, married (Article)
Montgomery, George Thomas, DM with Lettie B. Montgomery (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Montgomery, Lettie Olive, DM, with George T. Montgomery (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Montgomery, Martha, (black) (Burial Record)
Montgomery, Mildred Fay, d/o Smith and Willie Montgomery (Obit.)
Montgomery, Ruby (Burial Record)
Montgomery, Miss Ruby, age 17, "Suspect In Murder Of Girl Released" (Article)
Montgomery, Miss Ruby, age 17, "Negro Slayer Of Girl Shot By Officers" (Article)
Montgomery, Miss Ruby, age 17, "Negro Said To Confess Murder Of Farm Girl" (Article)
Montgomery, Miss Ruby, "Charged Murderer Not To Stand Trial In This Term Of Court" (Article)
Montgomery, Miss Ruby, "Negro Slayer's Captors", sentenced to electrocution (Picture Article)
Montgomery, Sidney Norris, Aged 2 years, s/o Sidney & Gertrude Montgomery (Burial Record)
Montgomery, Smith, "Man Suffers Fall From Top Of Barn" (Article)
Montgomery, Smith, h/o Willie Juanita Montgomery (Obit.)
Montgomery, Steven Hugh, s/o Smith Montgomery (Obit.)
Montgomery, William H., h/o Mary Ann Montgomery (LPR)
Montgomery, Willie Juanita, w/o Smith Montgomery (Obit.)

Moody, (Marriage Records), all female
Moody, Aliee, On Tombstone with Ella Witherspoon (Burial Record)
Moody, Beverly Russell, DS with Debra Blue Moody (Burial Record)
Moody, Fonie, DS with William A. Moody (Burial Record)
Moody, Jerry Sherrill, h/o Sandra Moody (Obit.)
Moody, John M., s/o Mrs. J. S. Rogers of Patterson, married (Article)
Moody, Mrs. John M., "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Moody, John, "New Commander Of V. F. W. Post, McCrory" (Picture Article)
Moody, John M., h/o Anne Loreen Moody (Burial Record)
Moody, Mrs. Lena, of Augusta, married (Article)
Moody, William A. (Rev.), DS with Fonie Moody (Obit.)

Moon, (Marriage Records), all female
Moon, Family - Clarence A. & Laura C. 1863 - 2008 - 4 Generations (Family History)
Moon, Albert - No dates listed (Burial Record)
Moon, Alberta - No dates listed (Burial Record)
Moon, Amanda Louise, d/o Allen Moon, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Moon, Blanch, "Elected Club Woman of the Year" (Picture Article)
Moon, Blanche, w/o Walter Aubrey Moon (Obit.)
Moon, Calvin Patrick, h/o Mary Ann Moon (Obit.)
Moon, Charles Allen, DS with Ruby K. Moon (Burial Record)
Moon, Elva Lee, DS with George Lee Moon (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Moon, George Lee, DS with Elva Lee Moon (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Moon, George Washington, DS with Vada P. Moon (Obit.)
Moon, Infant, s/o Walter & Blanche Moon (Burial Record)
Moon, Laura Catherine, widow of Clarence A. Moon (Obit.)
Moon, Pearl A., DS with Ray W. Moon (Burial Record)
Moon, Ray William, DS with Pearl A. Moon (Obit.)
Moon, Miss Ray Ellen, d/o Ray Moon, of Augusta, married (Picture Wedding)
Moon, Stephen Lynn, infant son of Van Moon (Obit.)
Moon, Vada Priscilla, DS with George W. Moon (Obit.)
Moon, Vance, s/o George & Vada Moon to wed (Picture Article)
Moon, Walter Aubrey (Enlist. Record)

Moon, Walter Aubrey, h/o Blanche Moon (Obit.)

Mooney, (Marriage Records), all female
Mooney, John (Black), sentenced to electrocution (Article)
Mooney, John, executed, "Negro Slayer Is Electrocuted At Tucker Farm" (Article)

Mooneyhan, Ella (Carter), wife of Ben Thrasher & Jim Mooneyhan (Obit.)

Moore, (Marriage Records), all female
Moore, Family History - Willis P. Moore 1827 - 2009 - 5 Generations (Family History Book)
Moore, Abner (LPR)
Moore, Addie (LPR)
Moore, Alice (Twin), d/o Willis P. & Lucy Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Almetta A., DS with Frank G. Moore (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Moore, Alpha J., DS with Andrew J. J., II Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Andrew J., h/o Bedi Ann Moore (LPR)
Moore, Andrew J. J., II, DS with Alpha J. Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Andrew Jackson (LPR)
Moore, Andy, of Cotton Plant, "$5,000 Loss Caused by Fire" (Article)
Moore, Artee, (black) - Aged 13 years (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Moore, Ava, d/o Dr. Lynn Boyd & Ida May Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Barbara Ann Pickens, (black), d/o T. J. & Earlene Kyle Pickens (Picture Obit.)
Moore, Beatrice, d/o Willis P. & Lucy Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Benjamin T., h/o Mary Moore, "Arkansan In Korea" (Picture Article)
Moore, Bessie (Parnell), no death date, w/o Rommie Lee Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Beula (Burial Record).
Moore, Bobbie Ann (Morris), (black) (Obit.)
Moore, Bobby Louis, (black), s/o Samuel & Lucille Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Bradford Junior, DS with Emma Jean Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, C. F. (LPR)
Moore, Carolyn, d/o Harold Moore of CA, formerly of McCrory, married (Picture Article)
Moore, Miss Cevaline, d/o J. B. Moore, married (Wedding Article)
Moore, Charles L., age 7 yrs., s/o Thomas Lee Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Clara Mae (Burial Record)
Moore, Clarence E., bro. of Will & others (Obit.)
Moore, Clarence E., h/o Mamie W. Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Clem, s/o G. A. Moore of Augusta, "Killed in Auto Wreck" (Obit.)
Moore, Cora, w/o William Riley Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Elena, (black) (Burial Record)
Moore, Elizabeth, w/o William Robert Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Ella Mae, (black) (Burial Record)
Moore, Eva (LPR)
Moore, Everett Lawson, DS with Juanita Elizabeth Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Ewell Herbert, formerly of Morton, "Killed in Accident North of Newport" (Obit.)
Moore, Lt. Ewell S. Moore, Jr. of Cotton Plant, "Receives Citation" (Article)
Moore, Franchelle, age 4 years, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Clem Moore, of south McCrory (Obit.)
Moore, Frank G., h/o Almetta A. Moore (Marker Photo)
Moore, George Franklin, DS with Almetta A. Moore (Obit.)
Moore, George Luried, s/o G.A. & Minnie Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Mrs. G. L. (Burial Record)
Moore, George Wilson "Sleepy", "Weds" (Article)
Moore, George Wilson "G. W." "Sleepy", of St. Francis Co., AR, "Farmer Killed In Tractor Plunge" (Obit
Moore, Harvey Eugene (Burial Record)
Moore, Hebert Edward (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Moore, Hugh (LPR)
Moore, Ida May Summers, w/o Dr. Lynn Boyd Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Ila (Burial Record)
Moore, Inez H., DS with Lee Roy Moore, Sr. (Obit.)
Moore, Infant, child of J. C. and Lucy Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Mrs. Iowa (Pounders), w/o Walter Moore, of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Moore, Izeola Tinnie Moore, (black) (Obit.)
Moore, J. B. (Obit.)
Moore, J. D., of Helena, formerly of Woodruff Co., h/o Mamie Moore (Obit.)
Moore, James Thomas, infant son of Jimmy D. Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Jesse Alton, of CA, formerly of Woodruff Co., f/o Jimmy L. Moore of Augusta, & others (Obit.)
Moore, Jimmy L., s/o Jim & Marjorie Moore of Augusta, "Moore joins Arkansas State Police" - (Picture Article)
Moore, Jimmy Lloyd, U.S. Army Pilot (Picture Article)
Moore, Jimmy Lloyd, Sr., h/o Margie Moore (Picture Obit.)
Moore, Joe Knox , s/o Willis P. & Lucy Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, John C., of Jackson Co., AR, father of Thomas T. Moore (LPR)
Moore, John Seaborn "Johnnie", h/o Mary Sue Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Johnnie Thomas, age five months, s/o Thomas Lee Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Jordan Edwina "Ed", (black) - U.S. Army WW II (Obit.)
Moore, Joseph, h/o Annie Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Juanita Elizabeth, DS with Everett Lawson Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, L. B. (Lynn Boyd), (Dr), h/o Ida May Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Lee Roy, Sr., DS with Inez H. Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Lee Ruth (Tabron), of Augusta (Burial Record)
Moore, Mr. Lewell Summers Moore, Jr., of Little Rock, formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Suzanne Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Lilla C., DS with Thomas A. Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Lilly Vela, d/o Willis P. & Lucy Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Lona A., d/o William A. & M. C. Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Louis A., (black), U. S. Army WW II (Burial Record)
Moore, Louis Fred - (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Moore, Lucy, w/o Willis P. Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Lucy A., d/o Willis P. & Lucy Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Luddie M. (Shaw), (black), w/o Charles E. Moore, Sr. (Obit.)
Moore, Dr Lynn Boyd, h/o Ida Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, M. C., w/o Wm. A. Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Major Earl (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Moore, Mamie (LPR)
Moore, Mandy, (black) (LPR)
Moore, Maud Lee (Burial Record)
Moore, Margaret "Sissy" (Jarrett) Little, w/o Carl Moore (Picture Obit.)
Moore, Marjorie, w/o Police Chief Jim Moore (Article)
Moore, Martha W., d/o Willis P. & Lucy Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Mary (Asbille) (Burial Record)
Moore, Mary E. (Gregory), wife of John C. Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Mary Sue, w/o John Seaborn Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Mildred Maxine, DS with Robert Leaman Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Mollie, (black) (LPR)
Moore, Nettie B., b. 1897 (Burial Record)
Moore, Nettie B. (Ward), (black) (Burial Record)
Moore, Novella, (black) (Burial Record)
Moore, Mrs. Okie, w/o J. B. Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Omas Clemons, of Wynne, "Killed In Automobile Wreck", s/o G. A. Moore of Augusta (Obit.)
Moore, Ophelia, (black), age 49 years (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Moore, Patricia Ann, age 11, d/o Mrs. Polly Addington of Augusta (Obit.)
Moore, Paula Anne, d/o Rommie Lee Powell (Burial Record)
Moore, Pearlie (Martin), w/o J. B. Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Phyllis, d/o Albert Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Mrs R. Mintie, w/o George A. Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Richard J., (black) (Obit.)
Moore, Riley (Obit.)
Moore, Robert, s/o former Police Chief Jim Moore, "Seeks City Council Position" (Picture Article)
Moore, Robert Leaman, DS with Mildred Maxine Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Rommie Lee, h/o Bessie Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Rosa A., w/o W. A. Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Ruby A., w/o Jesse A. (Obit.)
Moore, Miss Sallye, sis. of Mrs. Ermon Stokes of KY (Obit.)
Moore, Sandra Kay (Obit.)
Moore, Sarah E., w/o Will Smith, & widow of Jack Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Sarah E., b. 1871 (Burial Record)
Moore, Sienna, w/o George W. Moore, p/o Eveline Moore (LPR)
Moore, Sully (LPR)
Moore, T. E., b. 1884 (Burial Record)
Moore, Thomas A., DS with Lilla C. Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, Thomas Lee, s/o William Riley Moore & Cora Bell Moore (Obit.)
Moore, Timothy W. (Burial Record)
Moore, Tom, b. 1883 (Burial Record)
Moore, W. P. (LPR)
Moore, Mrs. Walter (Obit.)
Moore, William A., s/o W. A. & R. J. Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, William A., Jr., s/o William A. & M.C. Moore (Burial Record)
Moore, William E., Infant b. 1915 (Burial Record)
Moore, William Raleigh, h/o Cora (Obit.)
Moore, William Robert, (black), U. S. Army WW II (Burial Record)
Moore, William Robert, h/o Lucille Moore of McCrory (Obit.)
Moore, Willis P., h/o Lucy Moore, death date only (LPR) (Burial Record)
Moore, Willis T. - No dates listed (Burial Record)

Mooring, (Marriage Records), all female
Mooring, Edgar - No dates listed (Burial Record)
Mooring, Emma Angela, w/o John Blackwell Mooring (Obit.)
Mooring, Emma A., b. 1850 (Burial Record)
Mooring, F. H. (LPR)
Mooring, John B., h/o E. A. Mooring, p/o Maud, Clyde, & Voshiti Mooring (LPR)
Mooring, John Blackwell, h/o Emma Angela Mooring, Civil War Vet. (Burial Record)
Mooring, Maud - No dates listed (Burial Record)

Moorman, (Marriage Records), all female
Moorman, Archibald, h/o Ruama Moorman (Burial Record)
Moorman, Mamie Lee (Burial Record)
Moorman, Ruama, w/o Archibald (Burial Record)
Moorman, Will, s/o Archibald Moorman (Obit.)

Moreland, (Marriage Records), all female
Moreland, Alvator, w/o Dee Moreland (Obit.)
Moreland, Grover T., (black), s/o Fred Moreland (Burial Record)

Morelock, Dale (Obit.)
Morelock, Lillian (Burial Record)

Morgan, (Marriage Records), part of male & all female
Morgan, Family History 1835 - 2009 - 6 Generations (Family History Book)
Morgan, Mrs. Alma, "Mrs. Alma Morgan Loses Two Relatives Within 36 Hours" (Article)
Morgan, Mrs. Alma B. (Muir) Schupp, w/o Francis Albert Schupp, also w/o Jeff F. Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Anita Lorene, m/o Linwood Morgan, Jr. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Morgan, Arthur, Jr., (black) (Obit.), in fold
Morgan, Baby # 1 - No dates listed, s/o Rosebud Morgan (Burial Record)
Morgan, Baby # 2 - No dates listed, s/o Rosebud Morgan (Burial Record)
Morgan, Berta Helen (Jones), d/o Bert & Florence Jones of Augusta (Obit.)
Morgan, Betty Ruth, d/o Ector Benjamin Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Bishop Taylor, infant s/o David Bishop Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Bud, s/o O. S. Morgan, married (Article)
Morgan, Bud, of Velvet Ridge, White Co., AR, "Bud Morgan Shot While Duck Hunting" (Article)
Morgan, Carl - No dates listed (Burial Record)
Morgan, Cissy, d/o Bud Morgan, married (Picture Article)
Morgan, Clark Patrick, WW II, DS with Edith S. Morgan (Biog.) (Picture Obit.)
Morgan, Cora Elmer Campbell (Obit.), in fold
Morgan, Deffie Hester, DS with Ector Benjamin Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Don, DS with Mary E. Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Donald E., h/o Rena Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Douglas C., f/o David, "Suicide Victim's Body Found Late Friday Evening" (Obit.)
Morgan, Ector Benjamin, h/o Deffie Hester Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Edith Inez S., DS with Clark P. Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Eva Leona, DS with Marcus D. Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Fannie Melissa, DS with Wm. Eugene Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Infant, s/o Donald Eugene Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Infant #1, s/o Mr. & Mrs Pat Morgan (Burial Record)
Morgan, Infant #2, s/o Mr. & Mrs Pat Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Jefferson F., of Warsaw, MO, formerly of McCrory, h/o Elma B. Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Jefferson Franklin, bro. of Ector Morgan of Augusta & others (Obit.)
Morgan, J. (Joe) W. (Burial Record)
Morgan, Jerry Lynn, f/o Julie Morgan & others (Obit.)
Morgan, Jess E., U.S. Army Vietnam (Burial Record)
Morgan, Major John "Bud" (Burial Record)
Morgan, Kenneth, s/o Lura Morgan, "Purple Heart Sent Home By Pfc. Morgan" (Article)
Morgan, Leland - No dates listed (Burial Record)
Morgan, Leatha Morgan, of Tupelo, w/o Chester Morgan (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Morgan, Linwood, Jr., s/o Anita Lorene Morgan (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Morgan, Lola Lee, mother of Sherman Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Loyal Gene, s/o Oscar Sherman "Sawmill" Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Lura B., b. 1897 (Burial Record)
Morgan, Lynwood, death date only (Burial Record)
Morgan, Major John "Bud" (Obit.)
Morgan, Marcus David, DS with Eva Leona Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Mary E., DS with Don Morgan (Burial Record)
Morgan, Mary Ethel, w/o C. Wheeler "Judge" Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Minnie A. (McGowan), w/o Ollie Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Ms. Mona Gray, d/o Ector Benjamin & Deffie Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Ollie, DS with Minnie Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Oscar Sherman "Sawmill", h/o Lora Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Oscar Sherman, Jr., of El Paso, TX, s/o Oscar Sherman "Sawmill" Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Phillip, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Donald Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Rena, DS with Donald Eugene Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, Mrs. Rosebud, w/o of Major John "Bud" & Morgan (Burial Record)
Morgan, Susan Irene (Morgan) Drake, w/o E. Clay Drake (Obit.)
Morgan, Virgil Jr. (Burial Record)
Morgan, Wayne Leo, s/o O.S. & Lena Morgan (Burial Record)
Morgan, Wm. Eugene, DS with Fannie Melissa Morgan (Obit.)
Morgan, William H. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Morphew, Eva Ethel (Levacy) (Obit.)

Morrell, Nina Brandon, of Houston, TX, formerly of McCrory, AR, w/o Tony Morrell (Picture Obit.)

Morris, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Morris, Family 1600 2012 15 Generations (Family History Book)
Morris, A. A. Thelma, TS with Thelma L. & Orville W. Morris (Burial Record)
Morris, A. E. (LPR)
Morris, Albert, DS with Dorothy Morris (Burial Record)
Morris, Amma, w/o Dr. John W. Morris (Obit.)
Morris, Andrew Lee, Sr., (black) (Obit.)
Morris, Anne W., DS with H. L. "Rex" Morris (Burial Record)
Morris, Miss Babbie, d/o Gerald L. Morris, "On Program At Searcy" (Picture Article)
Morris, Miss Babbie, d/o Gerald L. Morris, "Chosen Miss McCrory" (Article)
Morris, Miss Babbie, "McCrory Entrants In White River Event" (Picture Article)
Morris, Miss Babbie, "To Wed In June" (Picture Article)
Morris, Ben, of Wynne, AR, b/o Mrs. L. W. Webber of Morton (Obit.)
Morris, Betty, w/o Rueben, no dates (Burial Record)
Morris, Bidalia, (black), w/o Neal Morris (Burial Record)
Morris, Blanche, DS with Thomas Alford Morris (Burial Record)
Morris, Christopher Michael Wayne, s/o Wayne & Patricia Morris of McGehee, AR (Obit.)
Morris, Dorothy Juanita, of Bald Knob, AR, widow of Albert Morris (Obit.)
Morris, Edwin, Jr., Sgt. U. S. Air Force WW II (Burial Record)
Morris, Edwin, Sr., DS with Ida J. Morris (Burial Record)
Morris, Everett R., DS with Martha Lee Morris (Burial Record)
Morris, Laura, (black) (Obit.)
Morris, Minnie, (black), w/o Foster Morris, "Negro Woman Dies In Storm Cellar" (Obit.)
Morris, Gary Don (Burial Record) (Grave Marker Photo)
Morris, George Louis, s/o George Marion (Picture of bride)
Morris, Gerald Louis (Burial Record)
Morris, Mayor Gerald Morris & I. N. Arnof open miniture golf course (Article)
Morris, Mayor Gerald Morris, "Ties First Bridal Knot" (Article)
Morris, Gerald (Article)
Morris, Gerald L. (Picture Biog.)
Morris, Gerald, "Morris Gin Has Fire. Is Operating Again Full Time" (Article)
Morris, Gerald, "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)
Morris, Gerald "Babe", "Entertains Senior Basket Ball Squad" (Article)
Morris, Gerald, "Will Be Next President Of McCrory Rotary" (Article)
Morris, Gerald, "New And Retiring Officers McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)
Morris, Gerald Louis Sr., h/o Cornelia Lee Morris (Obit.)
Morris, Gladys L., w/o Richard Morris (Obit.)
Morris, Glen Edward, h/o Iris Cloree Morris (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Morris, Helen Virginia (Burial Record)
Morris, Hervy Albert, h/o Dorothy Morris (Obit.)
Morris, Howard, of Tupelo, AR, s/o Ed Morris, married (Article)
Morris, Ida J., DS with Edwin Morris, Sr. (Burial Record)
Morris, J. A., s/o Peter and Mary E. Morris (Burial Record)
Morris, Jane E., b. 1885 (Burial Record).
Morris, Jerry, s/o Gerald Morris, "McCrory's Top Students" (Picture Article)
Morris, Jessie T., of Little Rock, s/o James & Renea Morris (Obit.) (Grave Marker Photo)
Morris, Dr. & Mrs. J. W., "Celebrates 38th Wedding Anniversary" (Article)
Morris, Dr. John W., "Newspaper Ad" (Article)
Morris, Dr. & Mrs. J. W., "To Be Honored On Golden Wedding Anniversary" (Article)
Morris, Dr. & Mrs. J. W., "Celebrates Golden Wedding Anniversary" (Picture Article)
Morris, Dr. John W., "Honored on Birthday", 91st. (Article)
Morris, Dr. John W., "The Office" At DeView (Long Article)
Morris, Dr. John W., "A Tribute To John William Morris, M. D." (Pictures, Long Article)
Morris, Dr. John W., "Woodruff County Historical Society" (Long Article)
Morris, Dr. John W., "To have 103 birthday" (Picture Article)
Morris, Dr. John W., s/o George Louis & Sarah Morris (Picture Obit.)
Morris, Josie C., TS with W.P. & Zeala M. Morris (Burial Record)
Morris Lawrence B., DM with Pearl (Obit.)
Morris, Lillie M., b. 1870 (Burial Record)
Morris, Mable A., w/o Everett Morris (Obit.)
Morris, Mable Clara, w/o Peter Edward Morris (Burial Record)
Morris, Marina E., b. 1848 (Burial Record)
Morris, Martha Lee, DS with Everett R. Morris (Burial Record)
Morris, Mary Elizabeth, w/o Peter Morris (Burial Record)
Morris, Miss Minnie Gray, d/o Dr. J. W. Morris, "Weds" (Article)
Morris, Myrtle Catherine, w/o William Andrew Morris (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Morris, N. L., b. 1889 (Burial Record)
Morris, Nancy Henrietta, of Augusta (Obit.)
Morris, Nebuchadnezzar, b. 1841 (Burial Record)
Morris, Oma Beatrice "Bee", w/o George Clois Morris (Obit.)
Morris, Orville W., s/o Lawrence & Pearl Morris, h/o Thelma Morris (Obit.)
Morris, Pearl, DS with Lawrence Morris (Obit.)
Morris, Peter, b. 1848 (Burial Record)
Morris, Peter Edward, "Woodruff Farmer Drowns In Cache River, Thursday" (Obit.)
Morris, Phyllis Ann (Infant), Death date only (Burial Record).
Morris, Ralph, b. 1901 (Burial Record)
Morris, Reuben E., 2nd h/o Mary Elizabeth Morris (Burial Record)
Morris, Rex, b. 1913 (Burial Record)
Morris, Richard Walter (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Morris, Roger, of Hickory Flat, s/o Howard Milton Morris, Sr. & Irene Morris (Obit.)
Morris, Shelby, s/o E. G. Morris of Parkin, AR, married (Article)
Morris, Shirley Wayne Morris, s/o David Wister Morris, h/o Shirley Mae Morris (Obit.)
Morris, Thelma L., TS with A. Thelma & Orville W. Morris (Burial Record)
Morris, Thomas Alford, DS with Blanche Morris (Burial Record)
Morris, Thomas L., b. 1877 (Burial Record)
Morris, Virgil "Bud", h/o Laura Morris (Obit.)
Morris, W. P., TS with Josie C. & Zeala M. Morris (Burial Record)
Morris, Warwick P. (Burial Record)
Morris, William Andrew, of Fresno, CA, h/o Myrtle Catherine Morris (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Morris, William D., s/o Mabel C. Morris, "Honors For Dead Cotton Plant Soldier" (Article)
Morris, William Dixie, WW II, s/o Mrs. Mabel Clara Morris of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Morris, William Walker, brother of Mrs. J. F. Guinn of Augusta (Obit.)
Morris, Zeala M., TS with W.P. & Josie C. Morris (Burial Record)
Morris, Zebbie D., (black), sis. of James Morris of St. Louis, MO (Obit.)

Morrison, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Morrison, Cpl. Buster Earl, s/o John Morrison & Mrs. Marie Morrison of Tupelo, h/o Marie (Obit.)
Morrison, Mrs. Colleen of McCrory (Obit.)
Morrison, George, of Tupelo, AR (Obit.)
Morrison, Mrs. George (Kylene Adams), w/o George Morrison (Obit.)
Morrison, Helen (Bessie Helen Montgomery), DS with Otto Allen Morrison (Burial Record)
Morrison, Infant, d/o George Morrison, of the Duffel community (Obit.)
Morrison, Joe Richard, of Hammond, IN, h/o Edith Morrison (Obit.)
Morrison, Joyce Laverne, DS with Monroe Morrison (Obit.), in fold
Morrison, Richard Lee, s/o George & Kate Morrison (Obit.)

Morrow, (Marriage Records), all male
Morrow, Paula Michelle, "Weds", of Hot Springs, AR, d/o Glen Morrow (Picture of Bride)

Morton, (Marriage Records), all male & part female
Morton, Cemetery Records, updated through present 2012 Available in Binder
Morton, School (Article)
Morton, Edna (Burial Record)
Morton, Jane (LPR)
Morton, Louis, h/o Jane Morton, p/o Roberta, Nellie, & Lula Morton (LPR)

Mosley, (Marriage Records), all male
Mosley, (black), b. abt. 1860 (LPR)
Mosley, Roy E., of Paragould, father of Mrs. Phyllis Stallings (Obit.)

Moss, (Marriage Records), all male
Moss, Rosa, married a Lacy (Burial Record)
Moss, Solomon David, Jr., h/o Wilma Moss & Avis Moss (Obit.)
Moss, Wilma Y., DS with S.D. Moss, Jr. (Burial Record)

Mothershed, (Marriage Records), all male
Mothershed, John W. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Mothershed, Lesel Lindy, son of R. C. & Helen Mothershed (Burial Record)

Motsinger, Shirley, w/o Thomas V. Motsinger (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Motsinger, Thomas V., h/o Shirley (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Mottinger, Alvena Louise, w/o Charles Wesley Mottinger (Obit.)

Mt. Olive Cem., updated through present 2012 - Availabe in Binder

Muery, Mrs. A. A., of Hunter, "Writes Sketch of Childhood" (Picture Biog.)
Muery, Amanda Ann (Wyatt) Burns, "Five Generations Of Hunter Family" (Picture-Article)

Muir, Alma B., w/o Francis Albert Schupp & Jeff F. Morgan (Obit.)
Muir, Eva Clara, w/o Guy Muir (Obit.)
Muir, S. W. of Fulton, MO, h/oMaude Muir (Obit.)

Mulholland, Doris (Bowie), sis. of Billy Bowie of Augusta, w/o John Mulholland (Obit.)

Mullens, Audrey, s/o J. W. Mullens, "Killed" in auto accident in Huntington Beach, CA (Obit.)
Mullens, Ida Lee, w/o John W. Mullens (Burial Record)
Mullens, John Anthony, h/o Nancy Lorene Mullens (Picture) (Burial Record)
Mullens, John W., s/o R. A. and M. A. Mullens (Burial Record)
Mullens, Nancy Lorene, w/o John Anthony Mullens (Burial Record).

Mullikin, Mrs. Mattie, d/o W. A. Jones, of McCrory, married (Article)

Mullins, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Mullins, Fred, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Jim W. Mullins of Huntington Beach, CA (Obit.)
Mullins, J. W., "Makes Trip from Los Angeles in 4 Days" (Article)
Mullins, James L., died in 1861 in St. Francis Co., AR (LPR)
Mullins, Johnny, of Hickory Ridge, AR (Obit.)
Mullins, Roy Lee, of Hickory Ridge, AR, s/o Andy & Wilma Christine Mullins (Obit.)

Mulready, Dan (LPR)

Mums, Julia A. (LPR)
Mums, William (LPR)

Munger, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Munger, Miss Dorothy, d/o DeWitt Munger, of Hickory Ridge, married (Picture Article)

Munns, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Munns, (LPR)
Munns, M. M., may be Mariam (Cosby) Munns, wife of Timothy Munns (Burial Record)
Munns, Thomas Alexander (LPR)
Munns, Timothy (LPR)
Munns, Timothy Richard Jobe (LPR)

Munroe, Annie (LPR)
Munroe, Claude, s/o William Munroe & Dora B. Munroe (LPR)
Munroe, Claude D., DS with Lillian M. Munroe (Burial Record)
Munroe, Dora B., w/o William Munroe, p/o Willie, Claud, & Annie Munroe (LPR)
Munroe, Lillian M., DS with Claude D. Munroe (Burial Record)
Munroe, P. C. (LPR)
Munroe, William, b. 1837 (Burial Record)
Munroe, Willie (LPR)

Munsey, Mary E. (LPR)
Munsey, William D. (LPR)

Murchison, Andrew, father of Cluny Murchison, & Elizabeth Murchison (LPR)

Murdock, (Marriage Records), all female
Murdock, Tanya (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Murphree, M. T., "Cotton Plant Homes Burn On Monday" (Article)

Murphy, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Murphy, (LPR)
Murphy, Angela M., age 4 months, d/o Clifford Murphy (Obit.)
Murphy, Mrs. Anna M., of Jackson Co., AR, w/o John H. Murphy (Obit.)
Murphy, Miss Betty Jean, d/o Riley Murphy, of McCrory, married (Article)
Murphy, Cecil E. (Obit.)
Murphy, Charles Alexander, h/o Rosa Murphy & Lilly Estelle Murphy (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Murphy, Charles Kenneth, DS with Wilma R. Murphy (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Murphy, Edmond K., DS with Hattie F. Murphy (Obit.)
Murphy, Edward M., U.S. Army WW II, s/o Rolly Buck & Johnnie Wessie Murphy (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Murphy, Estelle (Lilly Estelle (Twin) (Holmes) (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Murphy, Evelyn Lorene (Obit.)
Murphy, Hattie F., DS with Edmond K. Murphy (Obit.)
Murphy, Infant, d/o of J.L. & E.J. Murphy (Burial Record)
Murphy, J. C. (Burial Record)
Murphy, James D., s/o V. E. Murphy, h/o Donnie Murphy
Murphy, James F. , Child of J.E. & L.J. Murphy - DS with Martha Murphy (Burial Record)
Murphy, Jesse B., d. 1895, h/o Rosa L. Murphy
Murphy, Jessie J., Child of J.E. & L.J. Murphy (Burial Record)
Murphy, John (LPR)
Murphy, John L. (Capt.), h/o Elizabeth J. Murphy (LPR)
Murphy, John L., b.1825 (Burial Record)
Murphy, John Wallace, s/o Riley Buck & Johnie Wesley Murphy (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Murphy, Johnnie Wesley, w/o Rolly Buck Murphy (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Murphy, Judy Lynn, d/o Edward M. Murphy (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Murphy, Lettie J., w/o J.B. Murphy (Burial Record)
Murphy, Lillie Lucile, age 11 weeks (Burial Record)
Murphy, Lilly Estelle, w/o Charles A. Murphy (Obit.)
Murphy, Luther (LPR)
Murphy, Martha, Child of J.E. & L.J. Murphy, DS with James F. Murphy (Burial Record)
Murphy, R. L. (LPR)
Murphy, R. L., Jr. (LPR)
Murphy, Ralph Lee, of Cabot, AR, s/o Ira Murphy of Little Rock, AR, h/o Arla Murphy (Obit.)
Murphy, Robert L., s/o Robert L. Murphy (LPR)
Murphy, Rolland Thomas, s/o Raley & Wessie Murphy (Obit.)
Murphy, Rolly B. (Enlist. Record)
Murphy, Rolly Buck, h/o Johnnie Wesley Murphy (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Murphy, Rosa (LPR)
Murphy, Rosa, w/o Charles Alexander Murphy (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Murphy, Thomas H. (Burial Record)
Murphy, Violet (Burial Record)
Murphy, W. L. (LPR)
Murphy, William (LPR)
Murphy, Wilma R.DS with Charles K. Murphy (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Murray, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Murray, Andrew "Andy" Jackson (Burial Record)
Murray, Anna E., DS with George W. Mitchell (Burial Record)
Murray, Annie E., w/o W. A. B. Murray (LPR)
Murray, Burke Anderson, (black), h/o Rosie L. Murray (Obit.)
Murray, Edgar,, of Dixie, AR, s/o Joshua Daniel Murray (Obit.)
Murray, Edwin, s/o James Murray (LPR)
Murray, Elaine (Reynolds) (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Murray, Eliza, DS with James Murray (Burial Record)
Murray, Franchie (Burial Record)
Murray, The James Murray Family Of Woodruff Co., AR (Family History)
Murray, James, DS with Eliza (Brazeale) Murray, War of 1812 (Burial Record)
Murray, James A., (black), of Los Angeles, CA, formerly of Fitzhugh, h/o Bernice Murray (Obit.)
Murray, Jessie L., w/o V. S. Murry (Obit.), list Murry
Murray, Jessie Willis, of Augusta, "Driver killed in accident in Wynne", s/o Mrs. Jessie Murray (Obit.)
Murray, Jewell Marie, d/o Andrew Jackson "Andy"& Nellie Leoda Murray (Obit.)
Murray, Margaret, w/o Edgar (Burial Record)
Murray, Mrs. Mary Ann, w/o Christopher Columbus Murray (Obit.)
Murray, Mary M., w/o R.W. Murray (Burial Record)
Murray, Milton M., (black) (Burial Record)
Murray, Narcissa, d/o James Murray (LPR)
Murray, Paralee, d/o James Murray (LPR)
Murray, R. W. (LPR)
Murray, Ruby Jean (Pennington), (black), w/o Booker Murray of Augusta (Obit.)
Murray, Stella (LPR)
Murray, W. A., b. 1854 (Burial Record)
Murray, William Anderson, s/o James Murray (LPR)
Murray, Willis, SP/5 U.S. Army (Burial Record)

Murrow, Ruby Lee (Dewitt), w/o Walter Jim Murrow (Burial Record)

Murry, (Marriage Records), all male & female

Murry/Murray, Woodrow, age 18 mos. (Burial Record)

Murtha, Paul Emmett, of Little Rock, AR, h/o Dorothy K. Murtha (Obit.)

Murtishaw, Bertie R., DS with Willie A. Murtishaw (Obit.)
Murtishaw, Virgie Minnie, d/o James B. Murtishaw, married Aaron Madison Pulliam (Obit.)
Murtishaw, William "Willie" Andrew, DS with Bertie E. Murtishaw (Burial Record)

Muse, Georgeann, age 5, "Observes Birthday" (Article)

Musgrove, Harry L., DM, with Louise F. Musgrove (Burial Record)
Musgrove, Hazel Louise , marrid Dr. C. P. Harris (Obit.)
Musgrove, Infant Daughter, Twin to William Boyd Musgrove (Burial Record)
Musgrove, Louise F., DM, with Harry L. (Burial Record)
Musgrove, Thomas Jefferson (Burial Record)
Musgrove, William Boyd, Twin of Infant Musgrove (Burial Record)
Musgrove, William P. (Burial Record)

Mushrush, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Mushrush, Dolly Ruth (Burial Record)
Mushrush, Doris (Burial Record)
Mushrush, Effie, w/o Mark S. Mushrush (Obit.)
Mushrush, Emma (Burial Record)
Mushrush, Evelyn Maude, w/o Herschel Carl Mushrush (Obit.)
Mushrush, H. C., "Jackie" Jr. (Burial Record)
Mushrush, Herschel C. "Jack", WW II (Burial Record)
Mushrush, Mark, "Former Hunter Boy Liberated By Russians" (Article)
Mushrush, Mark S. (Burial Record).
Mushrush, William Lincoln (Burial Record)
Mushrush, William Lincoln, h/o Emma Mushrush (Burial Record)

Mustin, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Mustin, Henry A. (Burial Record)
Mustin, James Monroe, s/o T. J. Mustin, "With U. S. Navy On Plane Carrier" (Picture Article)
Mustin, Lovis Allison (Burial Record)
Mustin, R. L. (Burial Record)

Myer, Mary E., of Kensett, AR, w/o George S. Myer (Obit.)

Myers, (Marriage Records), all male & female
Myers, A. Bryant, of Memphis, TN, s/o Joe O. & Willie Lee Myers (Obit.)
Myers, Alex (William Alexander), s/o Joe O. & Willie Lee Myers, DS with Jewel Myers (Burial Record)
Myers, Alice Jean, d/o W. A. Meyers of McCrory, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Myers, Alice Jean, married (Wedding Article) (Picture Article)
Myers, Annie Bell, "Woman drowns" - DS with Fred B. Myers (Obit.)
Myers, Barbara Jean, "F. H. A. President" (Picture Article)
Myers, Bessie, w/o Ralph Myers, Sr. (Obit.)
Myers, Billie Bryan, s/o Alex Myers, "Reported Missing In Action Over Norway" (Article) (Picture Article)
Myers, Billie Bryan, s/o Alex Myers, "Writes Leader Editor" (Picture Article)
Myers, Billie Bryan, s/o Louise Myers, "Status Unchanged In Missing Sergeant" (Article)
Myers, Billie Bryan, "Local Mother To Receive Air Metal For Missing Son" (Picture Article)
Myers, Billie B., "Mrs. W. A. Myers Receives Air Metal For Missing Son" (Article)
Myers, Billie Bryan, "Long Missing Flier Now Reported Killed" (Picture Article)
Myers, Billie Bryan, "Memorial Services For S-Sgt. Billie B. Myers" (Obit.) (WW II Vet. Article)
Myers, Bruce (Burial Record)
Myers, Clay M.,DS with Myers Elizabeth Z. (Burial Record)
Myers, Coy Stark, s/o James Madison & Zella Myers (Obit.) (Grave Marker Photo)
Myers, Dewey, of Forrest City, AR (Obit.)
Myers, Elizabeth Zellah "Teddy", w/o Clay M. Myers (Obit.)
Myers, Evelyn Marie, m/o Carrol Mauldin of McCrory & others (Obit.)
Myers, Florence Lucille (Capshaw) Bunch-Woodward (Picture Obit.)
Myers, Fred Bailey, DS with Annie Bell Myers (Obit.)
Myers, Froney Lee, w/o Oscar H. Myers (Obit.)
Myers, James Madison, of Tupelo, AR, h/o Zella Myers (Obit.)
Myers, James Boyd, s/o Ralph Myers, "M-M James B. Myers Receives Discharge" (Picture Article)
Myers, Jewel, DM with Alex Myers (Burial Record)
Myers, Joe O., of Memphis, TN, s/o Alfred Alexander Myers & Sarah E. Myers (Obit.)
Myers, Mrs. Louise, of McCrory, AR, married (Article)
Myers, Oscar H., WWII, h/o Froney Lee Myers (Burial Record)
Myers, Paul Travis, h/o Miss Ella Mae Carter of Augusta (Picture Biog.)
Myers, Mrs. Paul, entertained with a party & "Scavenger Hunt" (Article)
Myers, Paul Travis, "New City Official", appointed marshall of the town (Picture Article)
Myers, Paul "Myers and McCollum Buy Hubbard Bros. Store and Station" (Article)
Myers, Ralph, "Students Receive $763.00 From Prizes & Livestock" (Article)
Myers, Ralph, DS with Bessie Myers (Burial Record)
Myers, Virgil Louis, former service station owner in McCrory (Obit.)
Myers, William Alexander, h/o Jewell Myers & h/o Mary Louise Myers (Obit.)
Myers, William James, bro. of Ralph Myers & others (Obit.)
Myers, Zella, w/o James M. Myers (Burial Record)

Myover, Guy, of Coral Gables, FL, h/o Elsie (Quattlebaum) Myover (Obit.)
Myover, James A., DS with Maizie B. Myover (Obit.)
Myover, Maizie B., DS with James A. Myover (Burial Record)

Myrick, (Marriage Records), all female

Myrtle, Margaret B. "Maggie" (LPR)
Myrtle, W.C., Major C.S.A. (Burial Record)


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