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Surnames "P"
Index for Names in
Woodruff County, Arkansas

Compiled by Gary Telford, P. O. Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010
501-724-2490, or email wgt@centurytel.net

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogist. Old pictures are priceless. Gathering this information has involved four years of research through old Woodruff County newspapers, preparing an index and filing all of it. Every effort is being made to preserve this important Woodruff County history.

The four years of research has involved searching through old newspapers of Woodruff County, Arkansas, to find obituaries, articles, weddings and pictures. Most of these have been copied on a commercial digital copier and are very good quality. Quite a bit of money and time was invested in this project, which is still in progress.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be sent by email. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. All are copied on heavyweight, 28 lb., bright white, acid free, archive safe, paper. There is a small fee to cover expenses, mailing, etc.

The papers name and the date it was published will be on each item. Any of these old "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook."

Remember: "A Family Tree can wither if no one tends it's roots." For more info. and a complete index on obituaries, weddings, pictures, and articles, see Parts 1-19 now posted on Woodruff County Website at rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ - Click on (Obits/Weddings)
See also Surname Index.

Woodruff County Cemetery Records have been updated to present 2012 with all old and new burials and are available in a binder. Prices vary depending on size of cemetery. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

For a complete list of the Family History Books now available go to rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ Click on (Family History Books)
New books are being published monthly. Contact me to see if a Family History Book is available for your family.

Many other Woodruff County Obituaries, Articles, Weddings & Pictures, 1930 - 2012, are available that have not been posted yet. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

(LPR) - Loose Probate Records - 1862 - 1900, transcribed by Marion Stark Craig, MD
(Burial Record) - List birth date, death date, & cemetery
(Obit.) - Obituary Available
(Picture Obit.) - Available
(Article) - Available
(Picture Article) - Available
(Wedding Article) - Available
(Licensed to Wed) - Announcement
(Marriage) - Announcement
(Marriage Records) - List date, name, age, county, book & page number
(Picture Wedding Article) - Available
(Marriage Certificate) - Copy Available
(Biog.) - Biography Available
(Civil War Record) - Available
(Civil War Battles) - by Gary Telford (Story)
(Enlist. Record) - WW I enlistment record available
(Family History) - Available
(Family History Book) - Available
(Grave Marker Photo) - Available
(Story) - Available, most by Gary Telford

The following abbreviations have been used where space requires;
h/o--husband of
w/o--wife of
m/o--mother of
f/o--father of
d/o--daughter of
s/o--son of
b/o--brother of
sis. of--sister of
DS--on double stone (grave marker)
TS--on triple stone (grave marker)

Pabst, Ruby Mae (George), d/o Walter George, Sr., m/o James Walter Pabst of Augusta (Obit.)

Pace, (Marriage Records) all of female
Pace, Alice (Burial Record)
Pace, Arthur A. (Burial Record)
Pace, J. W. (John William) (Burial Record)
Pace, Linda, "Junior Miss McCrory" (Picture Article)
Pace, Nannie, w/o Don Pace (Obit.)

Packewood, Pace, (Marriage Records) all of female

Padditt, J. R., of Helena, former City Marshal of Cotton Plant, h/o May Padditt (Obit.)

Paden, Alice Dean, w/o Eugene Lindley Paden (Picture Obit.)
Paden, Henry (LPR)

Padgett, (Marriage Records) all of female
Padgett, Jerry Wayne, s/o J. C. Padgett, Jr. (Obit.)
Padgett, Julius Caesar, h/o Willie M. Padgett (Burial Record)
Padgett, Willie M., w/o Julius C. Padgett (Obit.)
Padgett, Mrs. W. G., d/o Mrs. Bigger of Marion, "Four Ladies Hurt In Auto Wreck" (Article)

Padgitt, (Marriage Records) all of female
Padgitt, Alice Reva, d/o Patrick Padgitt (Obit.
Padgitt, Byrd M., DS with Pat C. Padgitt (Burial Record)
Padgitt, Clifton, of Michigan, formerly of McCrory, h/o Freida Padgitt (Obit.)
Padgitt, Ira R., DS with Linnie M. Padgitt (Burial Record)
Padgitt, J. R., Deputy sheriff (Article)
Padgitt, Mrs. Kate, wife of John Wm. Padgitt (Obit.)
Padgitt, Lela Alice, DM with Wm. "Jepp" Padgitt (Obit.)
Padgitt, Linnie Lula Mae, DS with Ira R. Padgitt (Obit.)
Padgitt, Mrs. Mabel, wife of William J. Padgitt (Obit.)
Padgitt, Mildred, of Memphis, TN, d/o Ira A. Padgitt, married (Picture Article)
Padgitt, Miss Mabel, d/o Ira Padgitt, married (Article)
Padgitt, Patrick C., h/o Bird Padgitt (Obit.)
Padgitt, Patricia Ann, d/o John Padgitt, "Engaged To Marry" (Picture Article)
Padgitt, Reva (Burial Record)
Padgitt, W. J., of Patterson, AR, mail carrier (Article)
Padgitt, Willian "Jepp", DS with Lela A. Padgitt (Burial Record)

Page, (Marriage Records) part of male & all of female
Page, Mrs. Annie, wife of Lee Hall & Edgar Page (Obit.)
Page, Arthur A. (Burial Record)
Page, Aubrey Chester, WW II (Biog.) (Obit.)
Page, Bert West, DS with Virginia Louise Page (Burial Record)
Page, Charles A., of Memphis, formerly of Pumpkin Bend, h/o Pearl Page (Obit.)
Page, Charles Edgar & Mrs. Kate Page, "Celebrate 55th Wedding Anniversary" (Picture Article)
Page, Charles E., DS with Katie D. Page (Obit.)
Page, Claud Will, (black) (Obit.)
Page, Edgar, of Cotton Plant, AR (Enlist. Record)
Page, Felix, (black) (Burial Record)
Page, Irene, (black) (Burial Record)
Page, Katie D., DS with Charlie E. Page (Burial Record)
Page, Sallie, (black) (Burial Record)
Page, Ulysses Grant, (black), Pfc. U. S. Army WW II Vet. (Burial Record)
Page, Virgil Lee (Burial Record)
Page, Virginia Louise, DS with Bert West Page (Obit.)

Pages, (Marriage Records) all of male

Pags, (Marriage Records) all of female

Paige, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Paige, Hallie A., (black) dau. of Ben Paige (Burial Record)
Paige, Henrietta (black) (Obit.)
Paige, James L., (black), s/o Sam Paige, ex-h/o Erma Paige (Obit.)
Paige, Mary Elizabeth, (black), w/o Clinton Sidney Paige, Sr. (Obit.)
Paige, Searcy Lee Jones, (black), w/o Earnest R. Paige (Picture Obit.)

Pail, (Marriage Records) all male

Pain, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female

Paindexter, (Marriage Records) all of male

Paine, Mary Agnes (Burial Record)

Pains, (Marriage Records) all of female

Painter, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Painter, Anna E., DS with Clarence Painter (Burial Record)
Painter, Clarence, DS with Anna E. Painter (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Painter, E. L. (Burial Record)
Painter, John Douglas (Burial Record)
Painter, Pauline, d/o O.T. Painter & D.A. Painter (Burial Record)

Pair, (Marriage Records) all of female
Pair, Orlando, bro. of Murriel Pair of Missouri (Obit.)

Pallard, (Marriage Records) all of male

Palmarl, (Marriage Records) all of female

Palmer, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Palmer, Betty F., w/o J. A. Palmer (Burial Record)
Palmer, Charles J., s/o James Asa, "returns for a visit after 40 years" (Article)
Palmer, C. J., formerly of McCrory, s/o James A. Palmer, "Visits Friends Here" (Biog.)
Palmer, E. O., a plumber, of Augusta, AR, born in England (Obit.)
Palmer, James Asa (Burial Record)
Palmer, Troy, of Tupelo, "Crushed By Falling Log", s/o Mildore C. Palmer of Manila (Obit.)

Palton, Alberta Marie "ReeRee", (black) (Picture Obit.)
Palton, Estella Johnson, w/o George Palton (Obit.)

Pamell, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pancake, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female

Pander, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pane, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pankey, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Pankey, Delores (Obit.)
Pankey, Ella Mae (Burial Record)
Pankey, Gertrude, d/o H. V. Pankey of McCrory, married (Article)
Pankey, Harvey Vester, DS with Leone K. Pankey (Obit.)
Pankey, Infant (Burial Record)
Pankey, Ivor P., of Turtletown, TN, formerly of Woodruff Co., AR, h/o Lucille Pankey (Obit.)
Pankey, John W., s/o H. V. Pankey of McCrory, "Winner of Medal" (Article)
Pankey, Leone K. (Mary Leone K.), DS with H. Vester Pankey (Obit.)
Pankey, Mary Leone K., w/o Harvey V. Pankey (Obit.)
Pankey, Mrs Vester, Sr. (Burial Record)
Pankey, William Pinkey, death date only (Burial Record)

Panky, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pannell, Henry P., h/o S. B. Pannell (Burial Record)

Pantel, (Marriage Records) all of male
Pantel, John Lester, s/o Joseph G. Pantel of Fair Oaks (Obit.) (Picture Obit.)
Pantel, Joseph G., "Body of Missing Man Found Fri.", h/o Stella V. Pantel (Obit.)
Pantel, Stella V., w/o Joseph G. Pantel (Burial Record)

Paper, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pappas, (Marriage Records) all of male
Pappas, James, married, "Recent Bride" (Picture of bride)

Parch, (Marriage Records) all of male

Pargo, (Marriage Records) all of male

Parham, Miss Anna Frances, d/o Wm. K. Parham, of New Edinburg, married (Picture Article)
Parham, Wm. Cunningham, of Hot Springs, AR, s/o Edward Parham (Obit.)

Paris, (Marriage Records) all of male

Parish, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Parish, James D., s/o Lee Parish, "Medical Technician Now In Philippines" (Article)
Parish, James Dudley, h/o Fannie Mae Parish (Picture Obit.)
Parish, Lee Andrew, h/o Velma Mae Parish (Obit.)
Parish, Lillian L., d/o Lee Parish, "Weds", married (Article)
Parish, Mamie Lou, d/o Wm. Parish & Eliza Parish (Obit.)
Parish, Marion (Rev.), h/o Joy Parish (Obit.)
Parish, Marvin W. (Obit.)
Parish, Mildred I, d/o Lee Parish (Obit.)
Parish, Velma Mae, w/o Lee Andrew Parish (Obit.)
Parish, William "Bill", h/o Eliza Parish, "Dies At Mariana" (Obit.
Parish, William Newton, s/o Lee Andrew Parish (Picture Obit.)

Park, (Marriage Records) all of male
Park, Geoge E., of McCrory, AR (Enlist. Record)
Park, Louis E., h/o Lucille Park (Obit.)
Park, Lucille, w/o Louis E. Park (Burial Record)
Park, Mattie Lou, w/o Sam F. Park, "Former McCrory Lady, Upset Over Husband's Illness, Slashes Self" (Article)
Park, Mattie, w/o Sam Park (Obit.)
Park, Pinkney E. (Burial Record)

Parker, (Marriage Records) part of male & all of female
Parker, A. L., "Jailer, Beaten And Locked In Augusta Jail" (Article)
Parker, Alfred, (black) (Burial Record)
Parker, Amanda "Mandy" (Walker), w/o Sam A. Parker (Burial Record)
Parker, Arthur H, of Augusta (Enlist. Record)
Parker, Arthur L., DS with Ola Parker (Obit.)
Parker, Benjamin F., of Cotton Plant, AR, h/o Geneivia Parker & Mattie Parker (Obit.)
Parker, Betty L., DS with Lennon C. Parker, Sr. (Burial Record) -
Parker, Brooks (Obit.)
Parker, Carrie (black) (Burial Record)
Parker, Charles, formerly of Cotton Plant, "Aids Rescue of Drowning Woman" in CA (Article)

Parker, Charles Alton, "Cotton Plant Boy At Pearl Harbor Receives Injuries" (Article)

Parker, Charles M. (Burial Record)
Parker, Charlie, d/o Benjamin Franklin Parker (Obit. 12-11-2005)
Parker, Mrs. Charlie, "New Postmaster At Cotton Plant" (Picture Article)
Parker, Charlie Mathis (Obit.)
Parker, Mrs. Charlie Newton, wife of Fred Parker (Obit.) (Picture) (Marker Photo)
Parker, Clarence Leslie, h/o Pearl Lenore Parker (Obit.)
Parker, Miss Dorothy, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Kerr, Sr., married (Article)
Parker, Eva, DS with Henry Clay Parker (Obit.)
Parker, Evelyn, d/o Arthur Parker of Wiville, "Weds" (Article)
Parker, Fred, h/o Charlie (Mathis) Parker (Burial Record)

Parker, George Edward, DS with Laura Parker
Parker, George W., Sr. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Parker, Gerald, Pfc. U.S. Army Korea (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Parker, Gilbert L., s/o Lloyd Parker (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Parker, Henry Clay, DS with Eva N. Parker (Obit.)
Parker, Hershal E., Pfc. U. S. Army WW II (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Parker, Infant, d/o Willie Parker & Rhoda Parker (Burial Record)
Parker, Ira, Sgt. U.S. Air Force (Burial Record)
Parker, James F. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Parker, James M. "Jim" (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Parker, Jennie Margaret,w/o Charles E. Parker, Sr. (Obit.)
Parker, John Lin, Jr. (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Parker, John Linthicum, Sr., h/o Mary Violet "Mamie" Parker (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Parker, John N., WW I (Obit.)
Parker, Josephine (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Parker, Kenneth Charles II, (black), s/o Lola (Johnson) Parker (Obit.)
Parker, Laura, DS with George Edward Parker (Burial Record)
Parker, Lloyd G. (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Parker, Lola, (black) (Burial Record)
Parker, Mabeline, w/o Merl Cleveland Parker (Obit.)
Parker, Mamie (McGregor) (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Parker, Marche Ray, age 2, s/o Rev. & Mrs. C. R. Parker, "Celebrates Birthday" (Article)
Parker, Mary Nancy Ann (Turner) (Burial Record)
Parker, Mattie L., w/o Benjamin Franklin Parker (Obit.), in fold
Parker, Michael Gerald, DS with Michael Ray Parker (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Parker, Michael Ray, DS with Michael Gerald Parker (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Parker, Miss , Aged 15 months (Burial Record)
Parker, Norvell (Tyler), (black), d/o C.W. & Beola Tyler (Obit.)
Parker, Ola, DS with Arthur Parker (Obit.)
Parker, Otis, (black) (Burial Record)
Parker, Pearl (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Parker, Pearl Lenore, widow of Clarence Leslie Parker (Obit.)
Parker, Ransford McGregor (Burial Record)
Parker, Rhonda Bell (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Parker, Richard, Ann J. Parker, Gessette Parker, & Nancy Parker (LPR)
Parker, Samuel A., Civil War Vet.,h/o Amanda Parker (Burial Record)
Parker, Stacey Annetta (Burial Record)
Parker, Thelma R. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Parker, Thelma (Taylor) (Burial Record)
Parker, Tom, WW I, survived by wife, father of Miss Marie Parker, & others (Obit.)
Parker, Thomas Clay (Burial Record)
Parker, Troy Lynn (Burial Record)
Parker, Will Tom (Burial Record)
Parker, William, a minor, age 9 (LPR)
Parker, Willie Andres (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Parker, Willie Juanita (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Parkey, Rhoda (Obit.)

Parkridge, Annie Evelyn, d/o Jacob Clark Jones & Lealer Pearl Jones (Obit.)
Parkridge, Dickie R., s/o Evelyn Parkridge of Augusta, "Serving In Hawaii" (Article)

Parks, (Marriage Records) all of female
Parks, Cordelia Maine (Obit., Typed)
Parks, Ellen, of Greenbrier, m/o Mrs. Willie Taylor of McCrory & others (Obit.)
Parks, Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Parks (Obit., Typed)
Parks, J. Everette, married (Article, Typed)
Parks, Luther Gerald, Jr., of Little Rock, formerly of McCrory (Obit.)
Parks, Phillip, 19, of Delaplaine, AR, "Drowned in Bay Near Cotton Plant" (Obit.)
Parks, William H., of Greenbrier, father of Mrs. Lewis Taylor of McCrory, AR (Obit.)

Parkus, (Marriage Records) all of female

Parlee, (Marriage Records) all of female

Parmenter, Mildred Burford, w/o James K. Parmenter (Obit.)

Parmer, (Marriage Records) all of female

Parn, (Marriage Records) all of female

Parnell, (Marriage Records) all of female
Parnell, Floyd B., WW II (Obit.)
Parnell, Frances Emogene, d/o Roy Parnell, Sr., "Weds" (Picture Article)
Parnell, Harvey Paul, h/o Lillie Parnell (Obit.)
Parnell, Kathryn M. (Obit.)
Parnell, Lena F., of Cotton Plant, w/o Roy Parnell, Sr. (Obit.)
Parnell, Levi B., h/o Margie Parnell (Obit.)
Parnell, Levi B., Jr. (Burial Record)
Parnell, Lillian M. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Parnell, Lillie (White) (Picture)
Parnell, Margie, w/o Levi B. Parnell (Burial Record)
Parnell, Mennyfee (Burial Record)
Parnell, Mrs., belived to be mother of L. B. Parnell (Burial Record)
Parnell, Paul (Burial Record)
Parnell, Roy, "Elected Cotton Plant Mayor" (Article)
Parnell, Roy B., Sr., h/o Lena F. Parnell (Obit.)
Parnell, Roy, Jr., "Elected To Serve 6th Term As President Of County 4-H Clubs" (Picture Article)
Parnell, Roy, s/o Roy Parnell of Cotton Plant, AR, married (Article)
Parnell, Roy B. Jr., WW II (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Parow, (Marriage Records) all of female

Parr, (Marriage Records) all of female

Parreno, (Marriage Records) all of female

Parrett, (Marriage Records) all of female

Parries, (Marriage Records) all of female

Parrigan, (Marriage Records) all of female

Parrigin, (Marriage Records) all of female

Parrish, (Marriage Records) part of male & all female
Parrish, Anthony Charles, of Marked Tree, AR, h/o Peggy Parrish (Obit.)
Parrish, Elmer E. "Dog", DS with Lillie F. Parrish (Burial Record)
Parrish, Emma Nira, w/o William B. Parrish (Burial Record)
Parrish, Jimmy, of McCrory, s/o John Parrish, married (Article)
Parrish, Lillie F. (Froman) Erwin, DS with Elmer E. Parrish (Burial Record)
Parrish, Pearl, of Salem, IL, w/o Ben Parrish of Salem, IL (Obit.)

Parrot, (Marriage Records) all of female

Parrott, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Parrott, Benjamin, & Lillie O. R. Parrott (LPR)

Parsley, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Parsley, Dewayne R.. WW II, h/o Evelyn Parsley (Obit.)
Parsley, Grover W., of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Parson, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Parson, Joe, Harry and one other, Howell School Class Picture of 1915 (Picture)

Parsons, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Parsons, Emma, d/o J. P. Parsons & Fannie Parsons (Burial Record)
Parsons, Essie, w/o Geo., no dates (Burial Record)
Parsons, Essie L. (Burial Record)
Parsons, Fannie (Burial Record)
Parsons, Fannie, d/o S. P. Parsons & Fannie Parsons (Burial Record)
Parsons, Frances Mae, d/o Joseph T. Parsons & Mattie Elizabeth Parsons (Obit.)
Parsons, George M. (Burial Record)
Parsons, George, no dates (Burial Record)
Parsons, Imogene, d/o Mattie Parsons, "Honor Graduate" (Picture Article)
Parsons, Infant, age 7 days (Burial Record)
Parsons, Jim (Burial Record)
Parsons, Joseph (Obit.)
Parsons, Mattie (Rayner) (Burial Record)
Parsons, Miss Maymie Bell, sis. of Mrs. Dora Johnson (Obit.)
Parsons, Minnie, w/o Theo Parsons (Burial Record)
Parsons, Rebecca, w/o Geo. M. Parsons (Burial Record)

Partain, (Marriage Records) all of female
Partain, Larry Joe, h/o Karen Ann Partain (Obit.)
Partain, Mary Magdeline, of Wynne, AR, w/o Herman Partain (Obit.)

Partee, (Marriage Records) all of male & all of female
Partee, Arthur, (black), of Augusta (Enlist. Record)
Partee, Fred, (black), of Augusta (Enlist. Record)
Partee, Raymond, (black) (Burial Record)

Partel, (Marriage Records) all of male

Partell, (Marriage Records) all of male & all of female

Parter, (Marriage Records) all of female

Partie, (Marriage Records) all of female

Partlow, (Marriage Records) all of female
Partlow, Farrar Crossett, s/o John David & Ida Cordelia Partlow (Burial Record)

Parvin, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pascal, (Marriage Records) all of female

Paskey, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pasley, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Pasley, Ethel Lee Elizabeth, DS with Floyd Pasley (Picture Obit.)
Pasley, Floyd (James Floyd), DS with Ethel Pasley (Burial Record)
Pasley, Janice, DS with Tony Pasley (Picture Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Pasley, Tony, DS with Janice Pasley (Burial Record)

Passmore, (Marriage Records) all of female

Paston, (Marriage Records) all of female

Patchell, George Edward, Rev., h/o Venice (Major) Patchell (Obit.)
Patchell, Rose Hoeft, w/o I. A. Patchell (Obit.)
Patchell, Ruth, d/o Rose Patchell of Memphis, TN, married (Article)
Patchell, Thomas Earl, of Cleburne Co., AR, half-bro. of Mrs. James Miller of McCrory (Obit.)
Patchell, Pfc. Wesley A., s/o Mrs. Rose Patchell, "Seriously Wounded" (Picture Article)

Pate, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Pate, Palmer, d/o C. Pate & L. M. Pate (Burial Record)
Pate, Willie L. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Paten, (Marriage Records) all male

Pater, (Marriage Records) all male

Paterno, Anthony Thomas, of Cotton Plant, h/o Ida Mae Paterno (Obit.)

Paterson, (Marriage Records) all of male

Patient, (Marriage Records) all of male
Patient, Benjamin (Burial Record)
Patient, Carrie Venable, DS with William James Patient (Burial Record)
Patient, Mary Olivia (Burial Record)
Patient, Maude Beatrice (Burial Record)
Patient, William James, DS with Carrie Venable Patient (Burial Record)

Partlow, (Marriage Records) all of male

Paston, (Marriage Records) all male

Patrick, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Patrick, Allen J., d/o M.C. Patrick & W.C. Patrick (Burial Record)
Patrick, Blackwell (LPR)
Patrick, Charles A. (Burial Record)
Patrick, E. W., of Wynne, AR, b/o Mrs. Edd Taylor, "Extra Conductor Meets Tragic Death" (Obit.)
Patrick, Edith May, w/o Willie Wenton Patrick (Obit.)
Patrick, Emerson W., nephew of Mrs. Ed Taylor, "Accident Victim Buried In Wynne" (Obit.
Patrick, Frances "Fannie" (Marker Photo)
Patrick, Franklin Charles Family - 1862-2008 - 4 Generations (Family History)
Patrick, Franklin Charles,h/o Friensie (Frances) "Fannie" Patrick (Burial Record)
Patrick, Harry, s/o M.C. Patrick & W.C. Patrick (Burial Record)
Patrick, James A., s/o William "Willie" Wenton Patrick (Obit.)
Patrick, James E., h/o Pearl Patrick (Obit.)
Patrick, James E., h/o Irene Patrick (Obit.)
Patrick, Lonnie F., Cpl. U.S. Army (Burial Record)
Patrick, Miss Mable, d/o James Patrick, of Hunter, married (Article)
Patrick, Pearl (Mattie Pearl), w/o James E. Patrick (Obit.)
Patrick, Samuel V. (Burial Record)
Patrick, Terry Kaye (Burial Record)
Patrick, W. C. (Burial Record)
Patrick, William "Willie" Wenton, DS with Edith M. Patrick (Burial Record)
Patrick, Willie J., s/o Willie W. Patrick, "Hillemann Boy Is Missing In Action" (Article)
Patrick, Cpl. Willie J., "Patrick Family Receives Cablegram From Released Son" (Article)

Pattant, (Marriage Records) all of female

Patten, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Patten, John W. (Rev) (Burial Record)

Patterson, (Marriage Records) part of male & all female
Patterson, David & Nancy A. Patterson - 6 Generations - 1802 - 2007 (Family History Book)
Patterson, Now It Is Patterson, A History Of Patterson, Woodruff Co., AR (Story by G.T.)
Patterson, Bedford H., s/o D. Patterson & N. A. Patterson (Burial Record)
Patterson, Bennett Burr, of Jelks (Enlist. Record)
Patterson, Bill & Betty Patterson of Bald Knob, "Celebrate 50th wedding anniversary" (Picture Article)
Patterson, Billy R., DS with Thelma E. Patterson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Patterson, Carl C., DS with Dallas E. Patterson (Obit.)
Patterson, Carol, w/o Bill Patterson (Obit.)
Patterson, Carol Jean, d/o John Patterson, married (Picture Article)
Patterson, Cleona, w/o Dr. R.G. Patterson (Burial Record)
Patterson, Clifford L., DS with Nova V. Patterson (Burial Record)
Patterson, D. H. (Burial Record)
Patterson, Dallas E., DS with Carl C. Patterson (Burial Record)
Patterson, David, h/o Nancy Amanda Patterson (Burial Record)
Patterson, Dorothy Marie, DS with John Daniel Patterson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Patterson, Ellis "Man Son", (black), h/o Berthola Patterson (Obit.)
Patterson, Eloise, d/o Ethel Patterson, "Former McCrory Girl Enjoys Trip To Bermuda" (Article) Patterson, Elsie (Burial Record)
Patterson, Ethel (Lippman), "New Insurance Agent" (Picture Article)
Patterson, Ethel (Lippman), w/o Marshall H. Patterson (Obit.)
Patterson, Galen E., s/o David & Nancy Amanda Patterson (Burial Record)
Patterson, Garland "Bud", s/o John Samuel Patterson (Obit.)
Patterson, Gary Don, h/o Ruth Ann Patterson (Obit.)
Patterson, Infant, s/oD. Patterson & N. A. Patterson (Burial Record)
Patterson, Henry H., DM with Lora N. Patterson, "Crash Victims Buried" (Obit.)
Patterson, Howard S. "Pat", h/o Otha Patterson, "Wins Safety Honors" (Picture Article)
Patterson, Howard S. "Pat", h/o Otha Patterson (Obit.)
Patterson, Infant (Burial Record)
Patterson, J. H., h/o Mary A. Patterson, no dates (Burial Record)
Patterson, James Harrison, of Tiller, AR, s/o Thomas Harrison Patterson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Patterson, James Madison, brother of Mrs. W. E. Davis of Evart, Mich. (Obit.)
Patterson, Jerry Lee, DS with Janice E. Patterson (Obit.)
Patterson, Jess, h/o Lucy Patterson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Patterson, John Daniel, DS with Dorothy S. Patterson (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Patterson, Jonnie Marshall, DM, with Leonard C. Patterson (Burial Record)
Patterson, Leonard Cephas, DM, with Jonnie M. Patterson (Burial Record)
Patterson, Lora N., DM with Henry H. Patterson, "Crash Victims Buried" (Obit.)
Patterson, Lucy, w/o Jess Patterson (Marker Photo)
Patterson, Mable L., DM with Mary V. Patterson (Obit.)
Patterson, Marshall H., h/o Ethel Patterson (Picture of Home) (Burial Record)
Patterson, The truth about the death of Marshall H. Patterson in Woodruff County, large (Article)
Patterson, Mary A., w/o J. H. Patterson (Burial Record)
Patterson, Mary L., DM with Mablene Patterson, "2 Women die in house fire at Pumpkin Bend" (Obit.)
Patterson, Nancy Amanda, w/o David Patterson (Burial Record)
Patterson, Nova V., DS with Clifford L. Patterson (Burial Record)
Patterson, Olive (Burial Record)
Patterson, Oriel C. (Burial Record)
Patterson, Otha, w/o Howard S. "Pat" Patterson (Obit.)
Patterson, Patricia "Patsy", "Named Head Majorette of McCrory Band" (Lg. Picture Article)
Patterson, Pattie Lerline, d/o Leonard Cephas Patterson (Burial Record)
Patterson, Robert, (black), of McCrory, AR (Enlist. Record)
Patterson, Sam, Sam and log wagon with 6 oxen (Picture)
Patterson, Sandy, (black) (Marker Photo)
Patterson, School (Article)
Patterson, Miss Shirley, d/o John Patterson of McCrory, "Recent Bride" to C. W. "Bob" (Picture Article)
Patterson, Thos. H. (Burial Record)
Patterson, Wilber L., DS with Lavenia Lee Patterson (Burial Record)
Patterson, William G., h/o Carol Patterson (Obit.)
Patterson, William S., of Fitzhugh, AR (Enlist. Record)

Pattie, (Marriage Records) all of female

Patton, (Marriage Records) all of female
Patton, Bonnie Lou, d/o William Clarence Stokes, w/o John W. Patton (Obit.)
Patton, Dee Arthur, h/o Olivia Alona Patton (Obit.) Marker Photo)
Patton, Gerleen (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Patton, John W., s/o John LaVerne Patton, of McCrory, married (Picture of Bride)
Patton, John Laverne, DS with Thelma Jane Patton (Burial Record)
Patton, Johnny, s/o John L. Patton, "Soldier, On Train, Stricken With Polio" (Article)
Patton, Luella Johnson, (black) (Obit.)
Patton, Miss Marian LaVaughn, "Tells Wedding Plans" (Article) (Picture Article)
Patton, Miss Marian LaVaughn, d/o Mrs. J. L. Patton "Bridal Shower" (Article)
Patton, Marion LaVaughn, d/o John Patton (Obit.)
Patton, Suann, to marry (Article)
Patton, Suann, "Bride-elect Honored At Fitzhugh Shower" (Article)
Patton, Suann, "Bridal Tea-Shower Honors Miss Patton, Bride-elect" (Article)
Patton, Thelma Jane, DS with John Laverne Patton (Picture Obit.)

Pattrick, (Marriage Records) all of female

Patty, (Marriage Records) all of female
Patty, Charles Marion (Enlist. Record)
Patty, Charles Marion, WWI, h/o Bessie Patty (Obit.)
Patty, James Lecil, s/o Rev. S. O. Patty, "Young Musician" (Picture Article)
Patty, James Wesley, bro. of Mrs. John Larker of Augusta (Obit.)

Paul, (Marriage Records) all of female
Paul, Herbert Nathan, Spanish American War, DS with Pauline Paul (Obit.)
Paul, James L., WW II (Obit.)
Paul, John D., of Long Beach, CA, formerly of Augusta, h/o Stella Paul (Obit.)
Paul, John W., & Wife, of Malvern, AR, "Former McCrory Couple Killed In Auto Crash" (Obit.)
Paul, Pauline, DS with Herbert Nathan Paul (Burial Record)
Paul, Perry L., of near Barstow, CA, s/o John D. Paul, Sr. (Obit.)
Paul, Woodrow D., s/o John D. Paul, Sr. & Stella Paul, h/o Lonnie Lady Paul (Burial Record)

Paulena, (Marriage Records) all of female

Paulesa, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pauless, (Marriage Records) all of female

Paxton, (Marriage Records) all of female

Payne, (Marriage Records) all of female
Payne, Abraham, (black), of Hunter, AR (Enlist. Record)
Payne, Alma C., w/o Walter G. Payne (Burial Record)
Payne, Aslee, (black, DS with Chester L. Payne (Picture Obit.)
Payne, C. F. & Ed Payne (LPR)
Payne, Claude Everett, of Augusta, AR (Enlist. Record)
Payne, Elizabeth Katherine, d/o Robert Payne Payne (Obit.)
Payne, Rev. J. A., of Roosevelt, White Co., AR (Obit.)
Payne, Jayson "Jay", h/o Pauline Payne (Obit.)
Payne, Juanita (Brown), (black) (Burial Record)
Payne, Kathleen Susie, w/o Joseph Harvey Payne (Picture)
Payne, Marie, (black), widow of Scott Payne (Obit.)
Payne, Paula Donnell, d/o William David Payne (Picture Article) (Obit.)
Payne, Robert W., Sr., of Reed, KY, s/o Oren J. Payne, h/o Mary Lois Payne (Obit.)
Payne, Roberta (Roddy), (black), w/o James H. Payne (Picture Obit.)
Payne, Susan Lynn, DS with Ferrell Andrew Payne (Obit.)
Payne, Walter G,, h/o Alma C. Payne (Burial Record)

Payor, (Marriage Records) all of female

Paysinger, Rev. Vernon H., of Batesville, AR (Obit.)

Payston, (Marriage Records) all of female

Peace, (Marriage Records) all of female

Peacock, (Marriage Records) all of female
Peacock, Ann, w/o Joe Nelson Peacock (Lg. Picture Obit.)
Peacock, Charles Jesse Peacock, of McFadden, h/o Sarah Peacock (Obit.)
Peacock, Charles Jesse, Jr., h/o Mary M. Peacock (Obit.), in fold
Peacock, Charles Jesse Peacock, III (Obit.)
Peacock, E. M. (Dr) (Burial Record)
Peacock, Dr. Erastus M., h/o Callie Peacock (Burial Record)
Peacock, Henry Kenneth "H.K.", h/o Janet Marie Peacock & Shirley Peacock (Obit.)
Peacock, Mary Magdelena, w/o Charles Jesse Peacock, Jr. (Obit.)
Peacock, Roy M., formerly of Cotton Plant, s/o Mrs. Callie Peacock (Obit.)
Peacock, Roy W., of Cotton Plant, s/o Dr. E. M. Peacock, "Awaits English Bride" (Article)
Peacock, Sarah, w/o Charles Jesse Peacock (Obit.)

Peade, Hildred (Foster) (Burial Record)

Peadon, (Marriage Records) all of female

Peak, (Marriage Records) all of female

Peaks, Charlie E., Pvt. 50th Div, death date only (Burial Record)
Peaks, Nancy (Burial Record)

Peal, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pealer, Lige, (black), of Augusta, AR (Enlist. Record)

Pearce, (Marriage Records) all of female
Pearce, Annie C. (LPR)
Pearce, Granville Adolph "Cracker", "Killed Monday In Auto Accident" (Obit.)
Pearce, Hildred F., "Augusta Veteran Killed In Crash Near Bald Knob" (Obit.)
Pearce, Leone C., DS with Rex W. Pearce (Burial Record)
Pearce, Rex Carrick, s/o Rex W., "Honor Students Of Cotton Plant School" (Picture Article)
Pearce, Rex W., DS with Leone C. Pearce (Obit.)

Pearl Harbor (Picture Article)

Pearle, H. B. "Pudge", of Beedeville, h/o Ermyl Elaine Pearle (Picture Obit.)

Pearrold, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pearrow, (Marriage Records) all of female
Pearrow, Carl M., DS with Dessie L. Pearrow (Burial Record)
Pearrow, Cecile (Mrs. Leslie L.), w/o Leslie L. Pearrow (Obit.)
Pearrow, Cherie Lynn, d/o David Young of Weldon (Obit.)
Pearrow, Clyde Washington, of Gregory, WW I (Obit.)
Pearrow, Dessie L., DS with Carl M. Pearrow (Burial Record)
Pearrow, George Soloman, h/o Florence Pearrow (Obit.)
Pearrow, Leslie L. (Burial Record)

Pearson, (Marriage Records) part of male & all female
Pearson, Bertha May (Turner) (Obit.)
Pearson, Henry (Burial Record)
Pearson, Rosie Mae (Burial Record)

Peary, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pece, (Marriage Records) all of male

Pecer, (Marriage Records) all of female

Peck, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female

Peckenpaugh, (Marriage Records) all male
Peckenpaugh, Mrs. Katherin Elizabeth, w/o Robert P. Peckenpaugh (Obit.)
Peckenpaugh, Mrs. R. P., "86th Birthday" (Article)
Peckenpaugh, Robert P., Civil War Vet. (Picture Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Peckenpaugh, Robert P. & John Steele Haggard (Picture)

Peckens, (Marriage Records) all of female

Peckett, (Marriage Records) all of female

Peckins, (Marriage Records) all of male

Peden, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Peden, Josephine (Burial Record)
Peden, Sallie, w/o Henry Peden (Burial Record)

Pederson, (Marriage Records) all of female

Peebles, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Peebles, Andrew Turpey Peebles, Fife Scotland To Woodruff Co., AR (Story), by G. T.
Peebles, Andrew Turpey Peebles- 8 Generations - 1700's - 2010 (Family History Book)
Peebles, Albert Peebles, "Serving With U. S. Forces Somewhere In The Atlantic Ocean" (Picture Article)
Peebles, Albert "Pedro" Peebles, "Writes Letter" (Article)
Peebles, Albert "Pedro" Peebles, "Christmas Letters Appreciated By Our Boys" (Picture Article)
Peebles, Albert "Pedro" Peebles, s/o Albert "Doc" Peebles of Augusta, married (Wedding)
Peebles, Albert Troy "Doc", h/o Minnie Ola Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Annie S., DS with Hugh S. Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Bert (Burial Record)
Peebles, Carl Dean, U.S. Army Veteran (Obit.)
Peebles, Carrie L., w/o L. D. "Buddy" Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Charles Edwin "Boots", DS with Sylvia L. Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Charles W., DS with Willie E. Peebles (Burial Record)
Peebles, Claude Edward, WWII, DS with Marie Peebles (Burial Record)
Peebles, Cleo, DS with Stella Peebles (Burial Record)
Peebles, Davis R. "R. D.", of Wiville, AR, s/o M. B. Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Dollie S. (Bertha May "Dollie", DS with Milo B. Peebles (Burial Record)
Peebles, Edward Eugene "Pete" (Obit.)
Peebles, Elizabeth Marie (Burial Record)
Peebles, Ernest Eugene, DS with Mary Sue Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Ethel (Bates) (Burial Record)
Peebles, Hugh S., DS with Annie S. Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Jean, DS with Albert "Pedro" Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Jeffi Della, DS with Quinton Wellington Peebles, Jr. (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Peebles, Joe Billy, s/o Cleo, "Augusta Boy, Is Critically Hurt" (Article)
Peebles, Joe Billy, h/o Mary Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Joe Harris, TS with Dr. J. J. & Luna A. Danner (Burial Record)
Peebles, John Billy, of Fairfield, Calif., h/o Maxine Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Juanita, d/o Mrs. Mattie Peebles, married (Article)
Peebles, Kenneth Joe, "Dies Suddenly While Playing At His Home", s/o Joe Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, L. D. "Buddy", WW II Vet. (Obit.)
Peebles, Lena C., DS with Quinton W. Peebles (Burial Record)
Peebles, Lillie (Burial Record)
Peebles, Lloyd L., DS with Lois L. Peebles (Burial Record)
Peebles, Lloyd Layton, Jr. (Burial Record)
Peebles, Lois L., DS with Lloyd L. Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, M. B. (Burial Record)
Peebles, Martha "Mattie" Josephine, w/o Thomas Wellington "Will" Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Mary Sue, DS with Ernest E. Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Milo Burdett, DS with Dollie S. Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Minnie Ola (Burial Record)
Peebles, Nellie G., DS with & m/o Phillip Barry Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Norene Ethel (Burial Record)
Peebles, O. L. "Jack", h/o Jonnie Beatrice Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Pedro, "Writes Letter" (Article)
Peebles, Phillip Barry, "Augusta man drowns", DS with Nellie G. Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Quinton Wellington "Jack", h/o Lena Christene Peebles (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Peebles, Quinton Wellington, Jr., DS with Jeffi Della Peebles (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Peebles, Richard Lee, s/o Thomas Wellington "Will" Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Robert H. "Bob" (Burial Record)
Peebles, Ruby Lee, w/o Mr. Smith, & Robert Harrison "Bob" Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Ruth Dale, DS with T. E. "Bert" Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Shawn, "Accidental shooting: Local youth injured", s/o Connie & Dallas Peebles (Article)
Peebles, Stella Irene, DS with Cleo Peebles (Picture Obit.)
Peebles, Sylvia Lois, DS with Charles "Boots" Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, T. E. "Bert" (Burial Record)
Peebles, Thomas W. (Burial Record)
Peebles, Tommy Dale, h/o Phyllis Ann Peebles (Obit.)
Peebles, Will T. (Thomas W.), father of Miss Juanita Peebles & others (Obit.)
Peebles, Willie E., DS with Charles W. Peebles (Obit.)

Peeke, (Marriage Records) all of female

Peel, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Peel, Willie, (black) (Obit.)

Peeler, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female

Peels, (Marriage Records) all of male

Peeny, (Marriage Records) all of female

Peeples, (Marriage Records) all of female

Peerce, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female

Peete, (Marriage Records) all of female
Peete, Orian, & others (LPR)

Peevey, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female

Peevy, Avis Evelyn (Holt), w/o Emanuel Peevy (Obit.)
Peevy, Clettis E., U.S. Army, "Arrives In Japan" - (Article)
Peevy, Eddie Wayne, s/o Emanuel Peevy (Obit.)
Peevy, Emanuel, h/o Avis Evelyn (Holt) Peevy (Obit.)
Peevy, Paul E. of McCrory, "Awarded The Combat Infantryman's Badge" (Article)
Peevy, Paul E., s/o Emanuel Peevy, of McCrory, "Re-enlists In Army" (Article)
Peevy, Robert (Burial Record)

Peevyhouse, Edith M. (Grady), w/o Dale Peevyhouse (Obit.)

Peffley, A. Irvin, "Advocate Publisher Dies In Texas" (Obit.)

Peg, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pegee, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pegg, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Pegg, Annie Luvina, w/o Charley Pegg (Obit.)
Pegg, Miss Beulah Fay, d/o Wm. C. Pegg & Katie Pegg (Obit.)
Pegg, Beverly Ann, d/o Charlie C. Pegg (Burial Record)
Pegg, Carrie, w/o J. D. Pegg (Obit.)
Pegg, Charles Lee, h/o Thelma Pegg, also h/o Fern Pegg (Obit.)
Pegg, Charlie C. (Burial Record)
Pegg, Erman Densy, h/o Viva Dee Pegg (Obit.)
Pegg, Fred L., Sr., of Memphis, TN, h/o Gail Pegg (Obit.)
Pegg, Freddy L., Jr., U.S. Navy Vietnam (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Pegg, Janie I., DS with William Ira Pegg (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Pegg, Janie Inez, DS with Jessie Lee Pegg; also w/o John Vaughn (Obit.)
Pegg, Jessie Lee, DS with Janie Inez Pegg (Burial Record)
Pegg, Juanita LaVerne, w/o John R. Watwood (Picture Obit.)
Pegg, Katie, w/o Wm. Pegg (Obit.)
Pegg, Kitty Ann, "Named Federation President of F.H.A.", d/o Loral L. Pegg (Picture Article)
Pegg, Loral L., DS with Myrtle M. Pegg (Picture Obit.)
Pegg, Myrtle Christine, DS with Loral L. Pegg (Picture Obit.)
Pegg, Mrs. Sammie, d/o Charlie C. Pegg, "Former McCrorian Completes Studies" (Article)
Pegg, Sue, d/o Loral L. Pegg, "Seeking re-election to the office of city clerk/recorder" (Article)
Pegg, Thelma, w/o Charles Lee Pegg (Burial Record)
Pegg, William Clint, h/o last wife Hattie Pegg (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Pegg, William Ira, DS with Janie I. Pegg (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Peggel, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pegren/Pigram--T. W., s/o W. S. Pegren (Burial Record)

Pegram, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female

Pegrams, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pegrem, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pegruin, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pegues, Oliver H. & Nancy A., & minor children (LPR)

Peifer, (Marriage Records) all of female

Peir, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pelham, (Marriage Records) all of male

Pelts, (Marriage Records) all of male

Pemberton, (Marriage Records) all of male

Penburton, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pemlington, (Marriage Records) all of male

Pemucci, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pena, (Marriage Records) all of female

Penaton, (Marriage Records) all of male

Pence, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pendergist, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Pendergist, The Pendergist Family, Ireland to Arkansas Story), by G. T.
Pendergist, Family - 1824 - 2008 - 6 Generations (Family History Book)
Pendergist, Antonette (Burial Record)
Pendergist, Cora Aslee (Burial Record)
Pendergist, Dorothea J., w/o Roy Harold Pendergist, Sr. (Obit.)
Pendergist, Edith Armeade, w/o Jesse Pendergist (Obit.)
Pendergist, Felix R., h/o Mrs. Galloway, & Zora Pendergist (Obit.)
Pendergist, Flodella, d/o Jesse William, Sr. Pendergist, married (Article)
Pendergist, Flora Ann, w/o James Pendergist, Sr. (Obit.)
Pendergist, Gladys Madeline, DS with Jesse Pendergist, Jr. (Obit.)
Pendergist, Ibria Cariker, w/o Jesse W. Pendergist (Burial Record)
Pendergist, James, h/o Syble L. Pendergist (Obit.)
Pendergist, James, Sr., DM with Flora A. Pendergist (Obit.)
Pendergist, Jerry, s/o Mrs. J. H. Pendergist, "Stabbed To Death" (Article) (Obit.).
Pendergist, Jesse, "New City Marshall" of McCrory (Article)
Pendergist, Jesse, "New Deputy Sheriff" (Article)
Pendergist, Jesse, "Ask Re-election as Sheriff, Collector" (Picture Article)
Pendergist, Jesse Pendergist Is Night Marshal At Cotton Plant" (Article)
Pendergist, Jesse William Sr., h/o Ibria Pendergist (Pic. Biog. 1948) (Obit.)
Pendergist, Jesse, Jr., s/o Jesse Pendergist, Sr., "Weds" (Article)
Pendergist, Jesse, Jr., h/o Gladys Pendergist, "Jesse Pendergist Jr. Wounded In France" (Article)
Pendergist, Jesse, Jr., h/o Gladys Pendergist, "Jesse Pendergist, Jr. Slightly Wounded" (Picture Article)
Pendergist, Jesse, Jr. (Obit.)
Pendergist, Jerry C., s/o James H. Pendergist (Obit.)
Pendergist, Jerry C., killed, "Chef Stands Mute In Street Fight Killing" (Article)
Pendergist, Ronald L., Vietnam (Obit.)
Pendergist, Ronald Lynn, Jr., s/o Ronald Lynn Pendergist, Sr., "Birth Announcement" (Article)
Pendergist, Roy Harold, s/o Flora Pendergist, "Reported Missing In Action Over Germany" (Article)
Pendergist, Roy Harold, s/o Flora Pendergist, "Prisoner Of Germans" (Article)
Pendergist, Roy H., s/o Flora Pendergist, "Is Liberated From A German Prison Camp" (Article)
Pendergist, Roy Harold, h/o Dorothy Pendergist, "Home From Germany" (Article)
Pendergist, Syble L., w/o James Pendergist (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Pendergist, Tommy, s/o Jesse William Pendergist, Jr. (Obit.)
Pendergist, Zora Katherine (Burial Record)

Pendergrast, (Marriage Records) all of male

Pendleton, (Marriage Records) all of female

Penican, (Marriage Records) all of female

Penigar, (Marriage Records) all of female

Peniger, (Marriage Records) all of female

Peninger, Ralph, h/o Rowena I. (Hedden) Peninger (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Peninger, Rowena I. (Hedden), w/o Ralph Peninger (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Penkston, (Marriage Records) all of male

Penn, (Marriage Records) part of male & part of female
Penn, Ada (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Penn, Addie , On stone with James P, Lucy, Martha, & Ruth Penn (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Penn, Alex, (black), of Augusta, AR (Enlist. Record)
Penn, Cora L. (Burial Record)
Penn Family (Marker Photo)
Penn, Granvel, (black, of Cotton Plant, AR (Enlist. Record)
Penn, Infant (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Penn, J. W. (Burial Record)
Penn, John P., CSA - On stone with Addie, Lucy, Martha, & Ruth Penn, short (Biog.) (Marker Photo)
Penn, John P., CSA (Enlist. Record) (LPR)
Penn, Louis T. (Burial Record)
Penn, Louisa (Brisco), Mother of James P. Penn (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Penn, Lucy, First wife of J.P. Penn - On stone with James P, Addie, Martha, & Ruth Penn (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Penn, Marie Massey, w/o Joseph Brooks Penn (Picture Obit.)
Penn, Martha "Pattie" (Hall) - Second wife of John P. Penn (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Penn, Ruth, d/o J. P. Penn & L.B. Penn (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Penn, Sue L. (Burial Record)
Penn, Thomas H., & others (LPR)

Penninger, Millard Raymond, "M. R. Penninger Funeral Sunday At Newport" (Obit.)

Pennington, Cora, w/o Dalton Pennington (Obit.)
Pennington, Dalton Wade, h/o Nora Pennington (Obit.)
Pennington, Elsie Reed (Obit.)
Pennington, Lois M., DS with Marvin L. Pennington (Burial Record)
Pennington, Marvin Leon, DS with Lois M. Pennington (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Pennington, Nora Elizabeth (Turner), d/o Daniel & Mattie Turner (Obit.)

Penrod, Iris W. (Burial Record)
Penrod, Ned, WW II (Burial Record)

Penrose, Eliza Jane (Burial Record)
Penrose, Eliza M. Blanche (Burial Record)
Penrose, Ethyl Mae, DM with W. J. Penrose (Obit.)
Penrose, Howell O., h/o Mildred Lucille Penrose (Burial Record)
Penrose, Joseph W. (Burial Record)
Penrose, M. Blanche (Burial Record)
Penrose, Miss Marian Leota, d/o Wm. J. Penrose, "Winner In Contest" (Picture Article)
Penrose, Miss Marion, d/o W. J. Penrose, "Woodruff Lady Is Promoted" (Picture Article)
Penrose School (Article)
Penrose, Thomas F. (Burial Record)
Penrose, William, Union Civil War, h/o Eliza Jane Penrose (Obit.)
Penrose, William & Eliza Jane Penrose, A Union Civil War Veteran (Family History)
Penrose, William Crestus, WW II (Burial Record)
Penrose, W. J., "New Mayor Of Hunter" (Article)
Penrose, William Joseph, h/o Ethyl Mae Penrose (Obit.)
Penrose, William O., "W. O. Penrose Appointed To State Staff Of N. Y. A." (Article)
Penrose, William O., "Promoted To First Lieutenant" (Article)
Penrose, William O., "Wins Promotion At Arkansas University" (Article)
Penrose, Dr. William O., "Hunter Boy Going High In Education" (Picture Article)
Penrose, Dr. William O., "Will Address Rotary" (Picture Article)
Penrose, Dr. William O., of Hunter, "To Leave University" (Picture Article)
Penrose, William Orestus (Burial Record)

Peoples, Andrew T. (Burial Record)
Peoples, Ellen (Pearson), Wife of Andrew T. Peoples (Burial Record)

Pepper, W. O., Mexican War, no dates listed (Burial Record)

Perkins, Audrey Earl (Burial Record) home
Perkins, Charles, of Little Rock, h/o Clara Perkins (Obit.)
Perkins, Daniel C. (Burial Record)
Perkins, Elizabeth M. (Burial Record)
Perkins, Joann (Moore) (Burial Record)
Perkins, Mary M. (Burial Record)
Perkins, Virgil F., Jr., "Distinguished Military Student" (Article)
Perkins, Virgil F., Jr., "Honor Student At University Of Ark." (Picture Article)
Perkins, Virgil Frank, h/o Elizabeth Perkins (Obit.)

Perks, Jeremiah Pete, Jr. (Rev.), (black), WW I, h/o Christine (Obit.)

Perren, (Marriage Records) all of female

Perry, Andrew, WWII (Burial Record)
Perry, Charles James, Sr., DS with Mary (Ellis) Perry (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Perry, Daniel Dee, DS with Willie M. Perry (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Perry, Dorothy, "Weds in Memphis April 15" (Article)
Perry, Eva Irene, DS with Frank Perry (Burial Record)
Perry, Frank, DS with Eva Irene Perry (Burial Record)
Perry, Inez, Infant of L. M. Perry (Burial Record)
Perry, J., s/o J. M. Perry (Burial Record)
Perry, J. A., h/o Nova Ann Perry (Obit.)
Perry, James, of Cotton Plant, AR (Enlist. Record)
Perry, Joe E. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Perry, M. Kenneth, DS with Gladys M. Perry (Burial Record)
Perry, Miss. Lucile, d/o Marvin Perry, married (Article)
Perry, Margaret Josephine, d/o Ira Campbell & Lillian Campbell (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Perry, Mrs. Marvin, of near McCrory, "Dies At Age of 47" (Obit.)
Perry, Marvin P., married (Article)
Perry, Marvin P., DS with Velma D. Perry (Obit.)
Perry, Mary Louise, DS with Charles James Perry, Sr. (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Perry, Nova Ann, of Newport, widow of J. A. Perry (Obit.)
Perry, Pauline, DS with Paul Perry (Burial Record)
Perry, T. G. (Burial Record)
Perry, Velma, DS with Marvin P. Perry (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Perry, William, Jr. (Burial Record)
Perry, Willie Mae, w/o Daniel Dee Perry (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Perryman, Mary L., w/o J. N. Perryman (Burial Record)

Person, Luther, (black) (Obit.)

Peten, Betty Jean (Webb), (black) (Obit.)
Peten, Eliza, (black) (Burial Record)
Peten, Susie Lee, (black), DS with Bertha Campbell (Burial Record)
Peten, Ulysess "Buddy Red", (black), h/o Betty (Webb) (Obit.)
Peten, William, WW II (Burial Record).

Peters, Miss Alma, of Blytheville, AR, sis. of Rev. E. M. Peters of McCrory (Obit.)
Peters, Arizonia "Zonie", wife of Clifford C. Peters (Burial Record)
Peters, Bettye - Born Ky, w/o Ernest M. Peters (Obit.)
Peters, Cecilia B., TS with Elo & Opal L. Peters (Burial Record)
Peters, Clifford C., h/o Arizonia "Zonie" Peters (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Peters, Cloyce E. (Enlist. Record)
Peters, Cloyce E., h/o Bessie Ruth Peters (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Peters, Edward H., s/o Ernest M., "At Santa Ana, Calif." (Article)
Peters, Elizabeth E., of McCrory, "Enters Trade School" (Article)
Peters, Miss Elizabeth Ernestine, d/o Rev. E. M. Peters, of McCrory, married (Article)
Peters, Miss Elizabeth Ernestine, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Peters, Elo, WWII, TS with Cecilia B. & Opal L. Peters (Obit.)
Peters, George Elmer, of Springhill, AR, f/o Rev. O. D. Peters (Obit.)
Peters, Gerald Elmo, h/o Faye Peters of Memphis, TN (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Peters, Martha Vivian, d/o Rev. E. M. Peters, married (Article)
Peters, Mary Sue, d/o E. M. Peters of McCrory, married (Picture Article)
Peters, Milton Clay, III (Burial Record) (Picture Obit.).
Peters, Olin, USN, s/o Clifford Peters, " In Navy Training At Great Lakes, ILL" (Article)
Peters, Olin, h/o Tonya Cha (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Peters, Opal, w/o Elo Peters, TS with Cecilia B. & Elo Peters (Obit.)
Peters, Patricia Ann (Burial Record) (Obit.)
Peters, Zonia (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Pettet, John W., WW I Vet. (Enlist. Record)
Pettet, John W., WW I, DS with Mildred F. Pettet (Burial Record)
Pettet, Mildred F., DS with John W. Pettet (Burial Record)
Pettet, Owen (Burial Record)

Pettiford, Eddie, (black), of Fitzhugh, AR (Enlist. Record)

Pettigrew, Henry, (black), of Augusta, AR (Enlist. Record)

Pettis, Elizabeth A., w/o W. R. Pettis (Burial Record)
Pettis, W.R., h/o Elizabeth A. Pettis (Burial Record)

Pettit House, Old Hotel, "McCrory Landmark Burns To Ground Friday Night" (Article)
Pettit, Charles T., DS with Lemuel Murray (Burial Record)
Pettit, Lemuel Murray, DS with Charles T. Pettit (Burial Record)
Pettit, Little Katie, d/o C.T. Pettit & S.A. Pettit (Burial Record)
Pettit, Murray, C. T. Pettit, & Phillip Pettit (LPR)
Pettit, S. A., Probably second wife of Charles T. Pettit (Burial Record)

Petty, Dora E. (Burial Record)
Petty, John G. (Obit.)
Petty, Robert France, bro. of Leah Washam of Augusta (Obit.)

Pfeffer, Don Edward, h/o Jena Pfeffer (Obit.)
Pfeiffer, Samuel C., s/o W. S. Pfeiffer of Grays, married (Article) (Burial Record)
Pfeiffer, William Samuel, h/o Willie America Pfeiffer (Obit.)
Pfeiffer, Willie, w/o Will S. Pfeiffer (Obit.), in fold

Phariss, Randolph, of Bradford, AR, h/o Sarah Phariss (Obit.)

Phelps, Bill, of Augusta, "Dies Of Burns" (Obit.)
Phelps, Marjorie S. (Burial Record)
Phelps, William, "Quarrel Over Fish" (Article)

Phillips, Alice (Meredith) Carter (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Phillips, Anna Lee, w/o Hershell Phillips - DS with Lawrence D. Phillips (Obit.)
Phillips, Annie F., DS with John W. Phillips (Burial Record)
Phillips, Annie Lee (Simmons) (Burial Record)
Phillips, Miss Bette, d/o Charles M. Phillips, Jr. of Augusta, married (Picture Article)
Phillips, Betty, Joseph Phillips, & S. L. Phillips (LPR)
Phillips, Charles Morris, Jr., s/o Charles Phillips, Sr. (Obit.)
Phillips, Clyde A., of Cotton Plant, AR (Enlist. Record)
Phillips, Daniel R. (Burial Record)
Phillips, Evelyn, w/o James L. Phillips (Obit.), in fold
Phillips, Gary Lee, s/o Virgil Phillips of Chicago Heights, formerly of McCrory, AR (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Phillips, Hershel M., DS with Anna L. Phillips (Burial Record)
Phillips, Homer Hodge, Sr., of Little Rock, h/o Isla Phillips (Obit.)
Phillips, Mrs. Homer Isla, of Little Rock (Obit.)
Phillips, Ida (Burial Record)
Phillips, Ira R. (Burial Record)
Phillips, J. A. (LPR)
Phillips, James Mathews, h/o Mary Phillips (Obit.)
Phillips, John A., b. Wilks Co., NC (Burial Record)
Phillips, John Allen, James S., & Eliza Jane Phillips (LPR)
Phillips, John M., of Hickman, KY, h/o Ruth Phillips (Obit.)
Phillips, John W., DS with Annie F. Phillips (Burial Record)
Phillips, Koele E., WW I (Obit.)
Phillips, Lawrence D. (Burial Record)
Phillips, Lester Harrington, WWII, s/o Rollin Estes Phillips (Picture Obit.)
Phillips, Lizzie, (black), w/o Andrew Phillips (Burial Record)
Phillips, Maneeva (Burial Record)
Phillips, Mary Elizabeth (Martin), of Augusta (Obit.)
Phillips, Mary Elizabeth (Simmons), DS with Rollen C. Phillips (Obit.)
Phillips, Mary Wilroy, w/o Clarles Morris, Jr. Phillips (Obit.)
Phillips, Nathan L., WW II (Obit.)
Phillips, Noel A., s/o Fannie Phillips, "Air Corps Graduate At Chanute Field" (Picture Article)
Phillips, Robert R., WW II, s/o Mrs. R. C. Phillips of Augusta - (Picture Article)
Phillips, Rollen E., h/o Mary Phillips (Obit.)
Phillips, Rollen E., WWI - DS with Mary E. Phillips (Burial Record)
Phillips, Rollin Cecial, died in LaMirada, CA, h/o Mary Louise Phillips (Obit.)
Phillips, Seth Millard, of Augusta, AR (Enlist. Record)
Phillips, Rev. Tommy, of Taft, CA, formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Burdine Phillips (Obit.

Philyaw, Roy W., of Garland, Miller Co., AR, h/o Dixie Philyaw (Obit.)

Phipps, Mrs. Era, of Clarendon, AR, w/o Dr. J. H. Phipps (Obit.)

Picard, Albert S., h/o Mrs. Albert S. Picard (Obit.)
Picard, Mrs. Albert S., "Mother Of Mrs. Nudy Arnof Died Today" (Obit.)
Picard, Miss Lucille, d/o Albert of Memphis, married (2) (Articles)

Pickens, Ace, (black), "Officer Kills Negro" (Obit.)
Pickens, C. P. (Charles Phillip) of Batesville, father of Luther Pickens & others (Obit.)
Pickens, Clara Gray, widow of Municipal Judge Fred M. Pickens (Obit.)
Pickens, Hazel Lee, (black) (Obit.)
Pickens, William A., A. B. Pickens, & others (LPR)

Pickett, Alexander Corbin, C.S.A. (Biog.) (LPR)
Pickett, Betty Sue, d/o Clarence Edward Pickett (Obit.)
Pickett, Claude Elyses, h/o Mary Pickett (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Pickett, Eclista May, w/o Wm. Wylie Pickett (Obit.)
Pickett, Herman Lee, h/o Minnie Pickett (Obit.)
Pickett, Mary (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Pickett, William Wylie, s/o George Pickett (Obit.)

Pickle, Theresa (Taylor) (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Pierce, Bernice (Beverly Bernice), On stone with Edith, Delbert, & William H. Pierce - (Burial Record)
Pierce, Cap - No dates listed (Burial Record)
Pierce, Catherine L. "Cathy" (Brewster), of Cross Co., AR (Obit.)
Pierce, Delbert, On stone with Edith, William H. & Bernice Pierce (Burial Record)
Pierce, Miss Dora, of near McCrory, married (Article)
Pierce, Dovie Josephine (Burial Record)
Pierce, Edith (Pancake), On stone with William H, Delbert, & Bernice Pierce (Burial Record)
Pierce, Ethel Estlee (Seymore), DS with J. William Pierce (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Pierce, Harold Dee, h/o Diane Pierce (Obit.)
Pierce, Rev. Henry Niles Pierce (Picture)
Pierce, Infant (Burial Record)
Pierce, Ira E., (Burial Record) (Marker Photo),
Pierce, James William, DS with Ethel (Seymore) Pierce (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Pierce, Joe - No dates listed - Augusta Cem. (Sect - C)
Pierce, John Henry, h/o Gertie Pierce, "Fatally Shot Near His Home" (Obit.)
Pierce, John Thomas (Burial Record)
Pierce, L. H. (Burial Record)
Pierce, Maggie (Burial Record)
Pierce, Mattie Lee, DS with William H. Pierce (Obit.)
Pierce, Rosa H. (Burial Record)
Pierce, Sarah - No dates listed (Burial Record)
Pierce, Susan Abigail, One date listed (Burial Record)
Pierce, Tom, No dates listed (Burial Record)
Pierce, Dr. W. N., of Tupelo, h/o Nancy M. Pierce (Obit.)
Pierce, William Bailey, No dates listed (Burial Record)
Pierce, William H., On stone with Edith, Delbert, & Bernice Pierce (Burial Record)
Pierce, William H., DS with Mattie Lee Pierce (Burial Record)
Pierce, Willie Josephine, w/o John Pierce (Obit.)

Piercey, Dr. John R., father of Mary Piercey & Ruth Piercey (Obit.)

Piercy, Lynndelle, w/o James R. Piercy (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Piersing, Richard (Burial Record)

Pigg, Mrs. Effie, of Paragould, w/o Harry Pigg (Obit.)

Pigram, Mrs. Annie Scott, w/o Winfield Scott Pigram (Burial Record)
Pigram, Mattie Josephine, d/o Winfield Scott Pigram (Obit.)
Pigram, Mrs. (Martha Ann) Scott (Burial Record)
Pigram, T. W., s/o W. S. Pigram (Burial Record)
Pigram, Winfield Scott, h/o Mary Pigram (Obit.)

Pike, Glenda Muriel, of Russell, KS, d/o Glen Pike & Ruth Pike (Obit.)

Piker, Ruth Pearrow, of Beebe, AR, w/o Luther Edward Piker (Obit.)

Pilcher, Cheryl Jayne Banton, of Wynne, w/o Rickey Pilcher (Obit.)
Pilcher, Doyle, of Wynne (Burial Record)

Pillow, Mable Lee (Pope), (black), of Chicago, w/o Robert Pillow, Sr. (Picture Obit.)

Pimento, Charles L. of Helena, AR, married (Article)

Pinegar, James Monroe, h/o Della Pinegar (Obit.)
Pinegar, Larry Monroe, s/o James Monroe Pinegar (Obit.)

Piper, Naomi L., w/o J.A. Piper (Burial Record)
Piper, Miss Violet, married (Article)

Pipkin, Christina Marie, d/o James Pipkin & Freda Pipkin (Article) (Obit.)

Pipkins, Anna Muriel, w/o Freddy Pipkins (Burial Record)
Pipkins, Freddie Lynn, h/o Anna Muriel Pipkins (Obit.)

Pirkins, B. F. (Burial Record)

Pirtle, Artie Martha, w/o Ishmael Pirtle (Obit.)
Pirtle, Ishamel, married (Article)
Pirtle, John M., hus. of Octor M. Pirtle (Burial Record)
Pirtle, Miss Marie, d/o J. M. Pirtle, of McCrory, AR, married (Article) (Picture Article)
Pirtle, Octor M., w/o John M. Pirtle (Burial Record)
Pittman, Betty Wanda, w/o Ralph W. Pittman (Obit.)
Pittman, Dorr Adren (Burial Record)
Pittman, Fannie E., mother of Mrs. G. H. Kloss of Cotton Plant & others (Obit.)
Pittman, Frances, w/o W. A. Pittman (Burial Record).
Pittman, Fred Marion, of Wynne, h/o Jessie Pittman (Obit.)
Pittman, Herman, DS with Kitty Sue Pittman (Obit.)
Pittman, Mrs. Herman & infant, of McCrory, believed to be Mollie Lou Pittman (Obit.)
Pittman, John, DS with Lavinia Pittman (Obit.)
Pittman, Kitty Sue, DS with Herman Pittman (Obit.)
Pittman, Lavinia, DS with John Pittman (Burial Record)
Pittman, Miss Louie Nelle, d/o Herman Pittman, "Elected Advisor To Rainbow Girls" (Picture Article)
Pittman, Miss Louie Nell, d/o Herman Pittman, married (Article) (Picture Article)
Pittman, Martha Laverne, d/o Howard Pittman, of Wynne (Obit.)
Pittman, Novella Bell, (black), w/o Sam Pittman (Obit.)
Pittman, Pfc. Ralph, "Leaves Front Lines", s/o Herman Pittman (Picture Article)

Pitts, Hosea, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record) (Burial Record)
Pitts, Hosea, Jr., WW II (Burial Record)

Pleasure, Wash (Burial Record)

Pleune, Noreen Ingelse, DS with Russell Edward Pleune (Burial Record)
Pleune, Russell Edward, of Memphis, DS with Noreen Ingelse Pleune (Obit.)

Plumer, (Marriage Records) all of male

Plummer, (Marriage Records) all of male
Plummer, Bobby Dean, DS with Ruby L. Plummer (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Plummer, Dollie Pearl, w/o Merle A. Plummer (Obit.), in fold
Plummer, Dorothy, Died in a Hosp., Memphis, TN, d/o W. M. Luton of Augusta (Obit.)
Plummer, Grover Cleveland (Enlist. Record)
Plummer, Grover Cleveland, WW II, DM with Norma L. Plummer (Obit.)
Plummer, Jessie (Burial Record)
Plummer, Jewell Marie, w/o John Thomas Plummer (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Plummer, John Thomas, DS with Jewell M. Plummer (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Plummer, Julia Dent, d/o Oliver M. Plummer (Obit.)
Plummer, Kenneth, s/o John Plummer, "Wins Promotion" (Picture Article)
Plummer, Leaner Irene, w/o Robert Stevens "Bob" Plummer (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Plummer, Linda L., w/o Robert Stevens "Bob" Plummer (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Plummer, Mary Linda (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Plummer, Merle A., self-inflected gunshot wound, h/o Dollie Pearl Plummer (Obit.)
Plummer, Norma L., DM with Grover C. Plummer (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Plummer, Oliver Manford, h/o Suzalee Plummer (Burial Record)
Plummer, Robert Stevens "Bob" (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Plummer, Suzalee D., w/o Oliver M. Plummer (Obit.)

Plump, (Marriage Records) all of male

Plunk, Otis Olen, "Mother Shocked As Veteran Kills Self", of McCrory, formerly of OK (Obit.)

Plunkett, (Marriage Records) all of male

Plyler, (Marriage Records) all of male

Poal, (Marriage Records) all of male

Poare, (Marriage Records) all of male

Poars, (Marriage Records) all of male

Poe, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Poe, Miss Ada, d/o H. H. Poe, of McCrory, AR, married (Article)
Poe, Miss Agnes Mae, d/o Hershel Hampton Poe, married (Picture Wedding)
Poe, Alvin H., DS with Ethel E. Poe (Burial Record)
Poe, Clara, Only death date listed (Burial Record)
Poe, Clarence H., of Augusta, AR (Enlist. Record)
Poe, Ethel E., DS with Alvin H. Poe (Obit.)
Poe, Gerald E., married (Article)
Poe, Gerald Earskin, h/o Lillie Mae Poe (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Poe, Hattie A. (Burial Record)
Poe, Hershel Hampton, h/o Sarah Ann Poe (Burial Record)
Poe, Hurshell, "Home Destroyed By Fire Monday Morning" (Article)
Poe, J. F. (Burial Record)
Poe, Joseph H., h/o Nancy Poe (Marker Photo) (Obit.) .
Poe, Llara (Burial Record)
Poe, Lillie Mae, w/o Gerald E. Poe (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Poe, Mrs. Mattie Blanche, "Two Young People Of McCrory Lose Life In Car Wreck" (Obit.)
Poe, Mildred, death date only (Burial Record)
Poe, Nancy Jane, w/o Joseph Henry Poe (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Poe, Pearl B., d/o J. H. Poe & N. J. Poe (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Poe, Samuel Leroy, s/o Hershel H. Poe (Burial Record)
Poe, Sarah Ann, w/o Hershel Poe (Obit.)

Poff, Dr. Nathan L., of Heber Springs, h/o Carolyn Poff (Obit.)

Pofley, (Marriage Records) all of male

Pohnka, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Pohnka, Bessie, w/o Fred William Sr. Pohnka (Obit.)
Pohnka, Edward M., of Jacksonville, formerly of McCrory, h/o Thelma Pohnka (Obit.)
Pohnka, Emma Jane, d/o Wm. J. Pohnka, married a Mitchell (Obit.)
Pohnka, Emma Jane, 1st. Lt. Nurse U.S. Army (Article)
Pohnka, Fred William, h/o Bonnie Pohnka (Obit.)
Pohnka, Jane, d/o W. J. Pohnka, of McCrory, "Stationed In India" (Article)
Pohnka, John W., f/o Will J. Pohnka (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Pohnka, Johnny, s/o W. J. Pohnka (Burial Record)
Pohnka, Miss Lucille, d/o W. J. Pohnka, "Weds", married (Article)
Pohnka, Mary L. (Burial Record)
Pohnka, Ruth Inez Rainey Marlor, w/o Lee Marlor, & Bill Pohnka (Obit.)
Pohnka, W. J., "Erects New Cotton Gin" (Article)
Pohnka, William John, h/o Ruth (Marlar) (Obit.)

Poindexter, (Marriage Records) all of male & all female
Poindexter, Crockett Talton, (black), h/o Amyle Poindexter (Obit.)
Poindexter, Rev. James W. (black), h/o Annie Poindexter (Obit.)
Poindexter, Robert, (black) (Obit.)
Poindexter, Roy, "Gregory Man drowns in river", f/o Jimmy Lee Poindexter (Obit.)

Pointer, (Marriage Records) all of female
Pointer, Samuel Robinson (CSA Capt.), h/o Eliza C. Pointer & Susan E. Pointer (Picture) (Burial Record)

Pokejoy, Charles L., "McCrory Man Dies in Flames as Home Burns", b/o Wayne Pokejoy & others (Obit.)
Pokejoy, Edward, of Tyronza, AR, h/o Elsie Pokejoy (Obit.)
Pokejoy, Floudy, of Patterson, h/o Lillian Pokejoy (Obit.)
Pokejoy, Jackson Wayne, "Killed by a train", b/o Roger D. Pokejoy (Obit.)
Pokejoy, Roger Dale, Sr., of McCrory, h/o Glenda J. Pokejoy (Marker Photo) (Obit.)

Polite/Pollitt, William, bro. of Mary Ann (Polite/Pollitt) Shue (Burial Record) (LPR)

Pollard, Allen, s/o Jim Pollard, no dates listed (Burial Record)
Pollard, Arlando, h/o Mattie W. Pollard (Burial Record).
Pollard, Bill E., married (Article)
Pollard, Catherine "Kate", w/o James M. Pollard (Burial Record)
Pollard, Charlie, s/o G. B. Pollard, no dates listed (Burial Record)
Pollard, Eugene (Burial Record)
Pollard, Evelena, married (Picture of family) (Obit.)
Pollard, G. B., h/o Mahulda Pollard (Burial Record)
Pollard, James Angelo, "Killed By Train in CA", f/o James Harold Pollard of CA (Obit.)
Pollard, James M., h/o Catherine "Kate" Pollard (Article) (LPR)
Pollard, James Tillman "Chuck", of LA, formerly of Cotton Plant, s/o William A. Pollard (Obit.)
Pollard, Jim, s/o G.B. Pollard, no dates listed (Burial Record)
Pollard, John C., of Riverside, Woodruff Co., AR (Enlist. Record)
Pollard, John Richard, Pvt. U.S. Army Vietnam (Marker Photo) (Obit.), in fold
Pollard, Kate (Catherine "Kate"), w/o J. M. Pollard (Burial Record)
Pollard, Mahulda, w/o G. B. Pollard, death date listed (Burial Record)
Pollard, Mary E., w/o R. H. Pollard (Burial Record)
Pollard, Mattie, widow of Arlando Pollard (Obit.)
Pollard, Maud (Johnson), sis. of James Johnson, & John R. Meehan (Burial Record)
Pollard, Orlando, Died at birth, No date listed (Burial Record)
Pollard, R. H., h/o Mary E. Pollard (Burial Record)
Pollard, Richard, s/o Mrs. Will Pollard, "Cotton Plant Man Killed By Train at North Little Rock" (Obit.)
Pollard, Will, s/o G.B. Pollard, no dates listed (Burial Record)

Pollett, Mrs. Emma Cecilia, m/o Loman E. Pollett (Obit.)
Pollett, Helen Beatrice, married (Article)
Pollett, Lena B., w/o Loman E. Pollett (Burial Record)
Pollett, Loman E., "Loman Pollett Stabbed" (Article)
Pollett, Loman E., h/o Lena Pollett (Burial Record)
Pollett, Loman Emmett, s/o Loman E. Pollett & Lena B. Pollett, h/o Ethel Pollett (Obit.)
Pollett, Dr. W. E., h/o Emma Cecilia Pollett, f/o Loman Pollett (Obit.)

Polston, Marvin Don, of Beedeville, s/o Chester Hobart Polston (Obit.)

Pomtree, Alvie Lee, DS with Kathryn R. Pomtree (Marker Photo)
Pomtree, James Edward "Skinny", s/o A. L. Pomtree (Obit.)
Pomtree, Kathryn R., DS with Alvie Lee Pomtree (Marker Photo)

Pond, Angie (Lunceford), d/o Frank Lunceford (Obit.)
Pond, Nancy, "Dies at Arkansas Confederate Home" (Obit.)

Ponder, Ruannie (Horton), of Colt, AR (Obit.)

Poole & Pool - Family History - 9 Generations - 1702 - 2009 (Family History Book)
Poole, Burnie, Emma, Justie & Hubert Poole (LPR)
Poole, C. D. (Marker Photo)
Poole, C. D., Killed by unknown person (Burial Record)
Poole, Dessie Olee, DS with Glennie Edgar Poole (Obit.)
Poole, Glennie Edgar, DS with Dessie O. Poole (Burial Record)
Poole, Sug, death date listed (Burial Record)

Pooler, (Marriage Records) all of female

Pope, (Marriage Records) part of male
Pope, Mrs. Alice Elizabeth, widow of Wm. Augustus Pope, "Longtime Resident Dies" (Obit.)
Pope, Emma Lou, d/o Howard "Buddy" Pope (Burial Record)
Pope, Fleming E. (Dr.), (Civil War Vet.), h/o Lucy Jane Pope (Article)
Pope, Howard "Buddy" - August 11, 1940 - July 11, 2010, h/o Sally Pope (Picture) (Obit.)
Pope, Lee Willie, of Chicago, formerly of Gregory, s/o Oscar Pope, h/o Viola Pope (Obit.)
Pope, Malcom D., s/o W. B. Pope (Burial Record)
Pope, Mildred (Burial Record)
Pope, William - Died 1883 (Burial Record)

Popejoy, Charles Lee (Obit.)
Popejoy, Edd, h/o Virgie Popejoy & Elsie Popejoy (Burial Record)
Popejoy, Emmie, 5th w/o Thomas Popejoy (Burial Record)
Popejoy, James Floyd, h/o Thresa Popejoy (Obit.)
Popejoy, Thomas "Tom", h/o Emmie Popejoy (Burial Record)

Pored, (Marriage Records) all of male

Porter, (Marriage Records) all of male
Porter, Andrew Jackson, Rev. (Burial Record)
Porter, Mrs. A. J., w/o Rev. A. J. Porter (Obit.)
Porter, Anne Louise, w/o Jason Jonathan Porter, Sr. (Marker Photo) (Picture Obit.)
Porter, Arthur, Jr., s/o A. G. Porter, "Serving In England" (Picture Article)
Porter, Arthur Granger, Jr., WW II Vet. (Picture Biog.)
Porter, Arthur Granger, Jr. (Picture Obit.)
Porter, Arthur G., Sr., DS with Kitty M. Porter (Burial Record)
Porter, Miss Bessie Hortense, d/o Lee Porter, married (Article)
Porter, Clifford William, h/o Edith Porter (Obit.)
Porter, Ellis, of Morton, AR (Enlist. Record)
Porter, Flora P., w/o Bryan Porter (Obit.)
Porter, Florence Charline (Burial Record)
Porter, Grace B., DM with Melville A. Porter (Obit.)
Porter, Jackson "Jack", h/o Ruth Porter (Obit.)
Porter, Joe Anna J., w/o M. P. Porter (Burial Record)
Porter, Joe L., w/o G. C. Porter (Burial Record)
Porter, Kitty M., DS with Arthur G. Porter, Sr. (Obit.)
Porter, Miss Kitty Juanita, d/o Arthur G. Porter, Sr., of Augusta, married (Article)
Porter, Mary Ella (Harrell) (Obit.)
Porter, Maynard J., s/o J. Porter & E. Porter (Burial Record)
Porter, Melville A., DM, with Grace B. Porter (Obit.)
Porter, Millicent, w/o Arthur Granger Porter, Jr. (Picture Obit.)
Porter, Miss Nannie Pearl, d/o Mrs. Lee Porter, "Birthday Party" (Article)
Porter, Narcissa, & Robert Porter (LPR)
Porter, Nora (Burial Record)
Porter, Oscar K., s/o Andrew Jackson Porter (Burial Record)
Porter, Sarah L. (Burial Record)
Porter, Stevens L., death date only (Burial Record)
Porter, Terry, age 18, d/o A. G. Porter, Jr., "Contestant Miss America Contest" (Picture Article)
Porter, Theda (Porter), w/o Lee Porter (Obit.)
Porter, Wesley, of McCrory, AR (Enlist. Record)

Portrey, Mrs. Lois, m/o James E. Taylor & Beverly Portrey, all died in plane crash (Obit.)

Posey, (Marriage Records) all of male
Posey, Curtis, & wife Rosie Posey (LPR)

Posley, (Marriage Records) all of male

Possum Creek, School (Article)

Postal, (Marriage Records) all of male
Postal, James Reese (LPR)

Poston, (Marriage Records) all of male
Poston, Newton (LPR)

Pott, (Marriage Records) all of male

Potter, (Marriage Records) all of male
Potter, Dale F., of Letona, White Co., AR (Obit.)
Potter, Earl Wayne, Jr., s/o Earl W. Potter, Sr., "Weds" (Picture Article)
Potter, Earl Wayne, Sr., h/o Mary Martha Potter (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Potter, May Jo Ann, d/o Earl Wayne Potter, Sr., "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Potter, Mary Martha, DS with Wayne Potter, Sr. (Marker Photo) (Obit.)

Potts, (Marriage Records) all of male
Potts, Annie Mary, w/o Frank M. Potts (Burial Record)
Potts, Baker M. (LPR)
Potts, Winnie W., formerly of McCrory, w/o Andrew M. "Tad" Stark & Edwin L. Potts (Obit.)

Pounders, W. E., s/o Lillie Pounders, "Five-Year Veteran, On Luzon, Wounded" (Article)

Powell, (Marriage Records) all of male
Powell, Aliene (Bain) (Burial Record)
Powell, Aline (Stevenson) of Brinkley, w/o Raymond Powell (Obit.)
Powell, Amanda M., w/o Frank "B. J." Powell (Obit.)
Powell, Annis (Foster), w/o Mr. Trail, & w/o Carl O. Powell (Obit.)
Powell, B. F., h/o S. F. Powell (LPR)
Powell, Birdie, d/o Harrison Powell, "Child Falls Into Tub of Hot Water" (Article)
Powell, Brown Lee, s/o Jay Homer Powell & Lee (Carnell) Powell (Burial Record)
Powell, C.C., h/o Mary Elizabeth (Cross) Powell (Burial Record)
Powell, C. C. Powell and Mary E. (Cross) Powell (Family History)
Powell, Cecil B., DS wirh Opal E. Powell (Burial Record)
Powell, Clara E., w/o W.L. Powell (Burial Record)
Powell, Clara Mae (Frymire), w/o John Powell (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Powell, Clifton M., h/o Jenice F. Powell, "Appreciated Letter" (Article)
Powell, Mrs. Corine, (black) (Burial Record)
Powell, Donna Jean, d/o William Comer "Bill" Powell (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Powell, Edna Gertrude, w/o William Loren Powell (Obit.)
Powell, Eloyce Elizabeth, w/o Roy S. Powell Sr. (Picture Obit.)
Powell, Floyd A., DS with Willie M. Powell (Burial Record)
Powell, Frank, "New President Of Fakes Mercantile" (Article)
Powell, Frank "B. J.", h/o Amanda M. Powell (Obit.)
Powell, George W., DS with Signa (Hill) Powell (Obit.)
Powell, Gertrude W., w/o William Loren Powell (Obit.)
Powell, Harrison (Victory Harrison), h/o Lula Powell (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Powell, Helen C. (Burial Record)
Powell, Mrs. Isabell, w/o Vick H. Powell (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Powell, J. B. (Burial Record)
Powell, James Farris, DS with Ardis Powell (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Powell, James Welsey, h/o Gracie Lee Powell (Obit.)
Powell, John (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Powell, Katie B., d/o C.C. Powell & Mary Elizabeth Powell (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Powell, Kennith "K.P.", h/o Ashley Powell (Picture Obit.)
Powell, Lehaman Leon, h/o Winnie Powell (Obit.)
Powell, Levernie (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Powell, Lewis F., "Aboard USS Tingey" (Article)
Powell, Mrs. Lillie, w/o Scott Powell (Obit.)
Powell, Lillie B., d/o C.C. Powell & Mary Elizabeth Powell (Burial Record)
Powell, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, w/o C. C. Powell (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Powell, Mattie E., w/o W.A. Powell (Burial Record)
Powell, Onnie, s/o Christopher C. Powell & Mary E. "Molly" Powell (Obit.)
Powell, Phillip Alan, of Call, TX, s/o William Comer Powell & Connie Wilson Powell (Picture Obit.)
Powell, Ray J., s/o W.A. Powell & Mattie E. Powell (Burial Record)
Powell, Raymond P., h/o Aline Lyda Powell (Burial Record)-
Powell, Rebecca Lynn (Burial Record)
Powell, Miss Reba, d/o Raymond Powell, "Miss Reba Powell F. F. A. Sweetheart" (Article)
Powell, Roy S., Jr., of Cotton Plant, s/o Roy S. Powell, Sr. (Picture Obit.)
Powell, Miss Ruth, nominated for State Fair Queen at Hot Springs (Picture)
Powell, Signa (Hill), DS with George W. Powell (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Powell, Victory Harrison, s/o Vic Powell (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Powell, W. P., of Jackson, TN, f/o George Powell of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Powell, Walter Junior "Bigman" (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Powell, William, "Dies at Arkansas Confederate Home" (Obit.)
Powell, William Comer "Bill", DS with Carolyn B. Powell (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Powell, William L., Bro. of C.C. Powell (Burial Record)
Powell, William Loren, h/o Clara Powell; also h/o Edna G. Powell (Marker Photo) (Pictures)
Powell, Williard, s/o Scott Powell & Lillie Powell (Burial Record)
Powell, Willie Mae "Bill", DS with Floyd A. Powell - (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Powers, Jimmy D., and wife, Brenda J. Powers, "Augusta Native Killed Jan. 2" (Obit.)
Powers, Virgil Lee, h/o Minnie Powers (Obit.)
Powers, W.C. or W.D. (Burial Record)

Prapes, (Marriage Records) all of female

Prater, Artimes (Holiday) Clark, w/o Lester Clark, & James Prater (Obit.)
Prater, Fannie Mae (Burial Record)
Prater, James, h/o Artimas (Holliday) Prater (Obit.)
Prater, Jessie Mae (Burial Record)

Prather, Randal of Texarkana, married (Article)

Preller, Studio (Picture)
Preller, Arthur Ivan, Sr., s/o Victor H.Preller & Ollie Preller (Obit.)
Preller, Commodore Dewey, of Stockton, CA, b/o Victor, Max, & Hugh Preller (Obit.)
Preller, Gayne Flotelle, d/o Victor Hugo Preller, Sr., "Gayne Flotelle Preller To Wed" (Picture Article)
Preller, Gayne Laura, DS with Hugo A. Preller (Obit.)
Preller, Hugh Arthur (Obit.)
Preller, Hugo A., DS with Gayne L. Preller (Obit.)
Preller, Loewa Gustave "Max" (Burial Record)
Preller, Ollie, "Preller honored on 90th birthday" (Article)
Preller, Ollie (Miller), w/o Victor Hugo Preller, Sr. (Picture Obit.)
Preller, Victor H., WW I (Obit.)
Preller, Victor Hugo, of Augusta, AR (Enlist. Record)
Preller, Victor Hugo, II, s/o Minert Preller & Frances Preller (Obit.)

Presbyterian Church, Augusta (Article)

Presley, Elvis, "To Star In Show at Augusta Wednesday Night" (Picture Article)

Preston, Franklin (Burial Record)
Preston, John, (black), of McCrory (Enlist. Record)
Preston, Lillie P. (Burial Record)
Preston, Margaret L., DS with Bobby L. Preston (Burial Record)

Pretty, J. L., of Parkin, AR, h/o Virginia Pretty (Obit.)

Prewitt, Alice Jane (Burial Record)
Prewitt, Jack "Jackie" Oliver, h/o Jessie Prewitt (Obit.)
Prewitt, Ladell, h/o Ellen Prewitt (Obit.)
Prewitt, Thelma L., w/o Troy Alvin Prewitt (Obit.)
Prewitt, Twyla Sue (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Pribble, Elvern "Red", h/o Erma Lee Pribble (Obit.)
Pribble, Lester James, h/o Eva Pribble & Maggie B. Pribble (Obit.)

Price, Capt. David Flourney Price & Anna Franklin (Corley) Price (Family History)
Price, Capt. David Flourney Price - 4 Generations - 1800 - 2007 (Family History Book)
Price, Anna Eliza (Pearson) Stewart-Price, w/o W. H. Price (Obit.)
Price, Anna F., DS with David F. Price (Burial Record)
Price, Annie L., & uncle B. F. Price (LPR)
Price, Beadie Louise, w/o Dave Price (Obit.)
Price, Benjamin F., death date only (Burial Record)
Price, Bessie I., DM with Bruce M. Price (Burial Record)
Price, Blanche, d/o M. J. Price, married (Article)
Price, Bruce McKinley, DM with Bessie I. Price (Obit.)
Price, Cecil Alan (Burial Record)
Price, Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Price, & their two children, "Injured as Truck Hits Bridge" (Article)
Price, Cecil C., WW II U. S. Navy (Burial Record)
Price, Corderla America " Cordie" Smith, w/o Melvin Kelsie Price (Obit.)
Price, D. B., "Who's Who" (Picture Article)
Price, Dave, h/o Beadie Price (Obit.)
Price, David F., DS with Anna F. Price (Burial Record)
Price, David F., CSA (Biog.)
Price, E. Elouise, DS with John Marshall Hall (Father) (Burial Record)
Price, Frances E., & others (LPR)
Price, Miss Geraldine, d/o M. K. Price, married (Article)
Price, Harry F., s/o D.F. Price & Anna F. Price, DS with Milton Emmett Price (Burial Record)
Price, Herman Otis, of Augusta, AR (Enlist. Record)
Price, J. B., No dates listed (Burial Record)
Price, James Edward, WW II U. S. Navy (Burial Record)
Price, John Dale, b/o Carley G. Price & Cora Price, "Citation For Admiral Price Of Augusta" (Article)
Price, John Dale, of Augusta, AR, "Wins Promotion" (Article)
Price, Admiral John Dale, s/o David F. Price, h/o Miriam Price (Obit.)
Price, Martha J., w/o Rabon "Dude" Price (Obit.)
Price, Mary (Burial Record)
Price, Melvin Kelsie, h/o Corderla America " Cordie" Price (Obit.)
Price, Milton Emmett, s/o D.F. Price & Anna F. Price, DS with Harry F. Price (Burial Record)
Price, Ruth Patricia (Obit.)
Price, Thelma (Moss) (Burial Record)
Price, Mrs. V. L. (Mays), of Oklahoma City, OK, s/o Rob Mays & Will Mays (Obit.)

Prichard, Eula E. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo).

Pritchett, Emuit (John Emmett), DS with Osa Pritchett (Obit.)

Pridemore, Frances, w/o W. T. Pridemore (Obit.)
Pridemore, W.T. (William Thomas), h/o Frances Pridemore (Obit.)

Priest, Bertha, DS with Dallas Priest, Sr. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Priest, Dallas, Sr., DS with Bertha Priest (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Prince, Alcid (William Alcid), DS with Kathleen Prince (Obit.)
Prince, Billy Ray & Murry Dean, sons of Alcid Prince, "Brothers Win Promotion" (Picture Article)
Prince, Francis Lee, w/o Gene Prince (Obit.)
Prince, Gene Edward, h/o Francis Lee Prince (Burial Record)
Prince, Infant (Burial Record)
Prince, Irving M. (Burial Record)
Prince, Izora, w/o John Otis Prince (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Prince, James Newton "J.N.", DS with Kathryn V. Prince (Obit.)
Prince, John E., DS Maedine Prince (Article)
Prince, John Ottis, DS with Izora Prince (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Prince, Johnny E. - WW II - 1945 - 1946 - Book 3 - Article (Same as John E. above)
Prince, Kathleen, DS with Alcid Prince (Burial Record)
Prince, Kathryn Violet, DS with James N. "J. N." Prince (Obit.)
Prince, Maedine, DS with John E. Prince (Burial Record)
Prince, Maynard Glenn, DS with Patsy A. Prince (Obit.)
Prince, Maynard Alcid, h/o Vera Prince (Obit.)
Prince, Mickey C. (Burial Record)
Prince, Murry Dean, s/o Maynard Prince (Obit.)
Prince, Murry Dean & Billy Ray Prince "Brothers Win Promotion" (Picture Article of Both)
Prince, Murry Dean, "To Return from Vietnam Duty" (Article)
Prince, Ottis Terrell "Ottie" (Burial Record)
Prince, Patricia Lynn, d/o Johnny Prince (Obit.)
Prince, Sandy, "Receives DAR Good Citizen Award", d/o Maynard Prince (Picture Article)
Prince, Vera V., DS with Maynard Alcid Prince (Obit.)
Prince, Verlin R. of McCrory, AR (Enlist. Record)

Pritchett, Annie Sue (Burial Record)
Pritchett, Cecil E. (Burial Record)
Pritchett, Edgar L., DS with Lillian Pritchett (Burial Record)
Pritchett, Lillian, DS with Edgar L. Pritchett (Burial Record)
Pritchett, William Norman (Burial Record)

Proctor, (Marriage Records) all of female
Proctor, Mrs. Adeline of Cotton Plant, married (Article)
Proctor, Bessie Alma, DM with James H. Proctor (Obit.)
Proctor, Cecil S., of Hazen, formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Catherine Proctor (Obit.)
Proctor, George W. (Obit.)
Proctor, Hugh Baty (Obit.)
Proctor, James Henry, h/o Bessie A. Proctor (Obit.)
Proctor, Joe, of Penrose, Woodruff Co., AR (Enlist. Record)
Proctor, Joseph Leonard, h/o Alice Marie Proctor (Obit.)
Proctor, Marshell E. (Burial Record)
Proctor, Mary Elizabeth, m/o Hugh Baty Proctor & others (Obit.)
Proctor, Mary L., m/o David Ellis Proctor, & Harry Proctor (Obit.)
Proctor, Willie A. (Burial Record)

Proeth, Mrs. Ella married (Wedding Article, Typed)

Pronty, (Marriage Records) all of female

Propes, (Marriage Records) all of female

Propst, Nelson (LPR)

Proulx, Family - 1825 - 2007 - 3 Generations - Pictures of their home and lunchroom (Family History)
Proulx, Elizabeth Mina "Minnie", w/o George H. Proulx (Obit.)
Proulx, George H., h/o Elizabeth Mina "Minnie" Obit.)
Proulx, Louis C., s/o G. H. Proulx & Minnie Proulx (Burial Record)

Prouse, (Marriage Records) all of female

Provance, (Marriage Records) all of female
Provance, George L., of Weiner, formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Katherine Provance (Obit.)
Provance, Luther L. (Enlist. Record) (Burial Record)

Provence, (Marriage Records) all of female

Prowledge, Mary A., w/o G. Cecil Prowledge (Obit.)

Pruiett, Willie, (black), of Augusta, AR (Enlist. Record)

Pruitt, Alice, w/o Andrew D. Pruitt (Obit.)
Pruitt, Andrew D., h/o Alice Pruitt (Obit.)
Pruitt, Andy, bro. of Andrew Pruitt of Patterson (Obit.) list Pruett
Pruitt, Barbara Jane (Inman), d/o Noel Inman & Charley Agnes Inman (Obit.)
Pruitt, Bessie E., DS with Raymond A. Pruitt (Obit.)
Pruitt, Don Richard, s/o Barbara Jane Pruitt (Obit.)
Pruitt, George, bro. of Wesley Pruitt & Willie Pruitt of McCrory, & others (Obit.)
Pruitt, Gilbert Edward, h/o Ellen Pruitt (Obit.)
Pruitt, Henry (Obit.)
Pruitt, Henry N., b/o Mrs. R. E. Wilson of McCrory (Obit.)
Pruitt, Herbert Darr, h/o Barbara Jane Pruitt (Obit.)
Pruitt, James Lee (Rev.) (Obit.)
Pruitt, Lena Dell (Rutledge), DS with Willie Pruitt (Obit.)
Pruitt, Mildred, married John Kerr Majors,Sr. (Obit.)
Pruitt, Raymond A., DS with Bessie E. Pruitt (Obit.)
Pruitt, Shirley (Pruitt) Holland-Lewis (Picture Obit.)
Pruitt, Wesley James, f/o Wesley Pruitt, & others (Obit.)
Pruitt, Willie M., DS with Lena Dell Pruitt (Obit.)

Prunty, Edna Dale, (black) (Burial Record)
Prunty, John E., of Jonesboro, formerly of Augusta, h/o Pearl Prunty (Obit.)

Pryer, Sarah, (black), No dates listed (Burial Record)
Pryer, Tom, (black), No dates listed (Burial Record)

Pryor, Cecil, killed, "Father & Son Held For Killing Young Farmer" (Article)
Pryor, Cecil, of Gary, IN, formerly of Gregory, h/o Jinnie Pryor (Obit.)
Pryor, Cecil A., DS with Lena (Pryor) Hicks (Burial Record)
Pryor, Hennon, Jr., (black), s/o Hennon Pryor, Sr. (Obit.)
Pryor, Lenia (Holmes), (black), d/o Rufus Holmes, Sr. (Picture Obit.)

Psalmonds, Carmen, of Kelseyville, CA, formerly of McCrory, w/o Ray Psalmonds (Obit.)
Psalmonds, Ray I., of Federal Way, WA, formerly of Cotton Plant, AR, h/o Carmen Psalmonds (Obit.)
Psalmonds, W. Gordon (Rev. Dr.), h/o Marjorie Psalmonds (Obit.)

Puckett, Christine, d/o Joe M. Puckett (Burial Record)
Puckett, Dora Minnie, w/o Earl Ditzler Puckett (Burial Record)
Puckett, Edward Wilson, s/o D.L. Puckett & Cleve Puckett (Burial Record)
Puckett, Elisheba (male), & Robert H. Puckett (LPR)
Puckett, Infant, Stillborn, Child of Owen C. Puckett (Burial Record)
Puckett, James Hunt, formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
Puckett, Mrs. James Hunt, of Marlow, OK, formerly of Augusta, w/o James Hunt Puckett (Obit.)
Puckett, Lucinda M., & Volney O. Puckett (LPR)
Puckett, Mattie, d/o Joe M. Puckett (Burial Record)
Puckett, Paul Raymond, of Knoxville, TN, s/o Wm. Paul Puckett, h/o Mary Puckett (Obit.)
Puckett, R. H., h/o Elmira Puckett (LPR)
Puckett, Ruth Etta (Lanier), (black), w/o Tillman Puckett (Picture Obit.)
Puckett, Tillman, (black), h/o Ruth Etta Puckett (Picture Obit.)

Pugh, Annie Electa, d/o James Irving Pugh (Marker Photo)
Pugh, Audrey Alice, w/o James Irving Pugh (Marker Photo)
Pugh, Deborah K. (Burial Record)
Pugh, Donald Edwin, s/o James Edwin Pugh, h/o May Pugh (Obit.)
Pugh, Hester Ann, DS with Edwin Pugh (Obit.)
Pugh, Infant (Burial Record)
Pugh, James Edwin, s/o James Irving Pugh, "Weds" (Article)
Pugh, James Edwin, h/o Hester Ann Pugh (Obit.)
Pugh, James Irving, h/o Audrey A. Pugh (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Pugh, Jimmy L., s/o James Edwin Pugh (Picture Obit.)
Pugh, Neva Kay (Burial Record)
Pugh, Rhonda Renee, infant d/o Jimmy Pugh (Obit.)
Pugh, Walter Elmo, s/o Mrs. Irvin Pugh, "Serving For Uncle Sam" (Picture Article)
Pugh, Walter E., s/o Mrs. Audrey A. Pugh, "At Santa Ana, Calif." (Article)
Pugh, Walter E., "S-Sgt. W.E. Pugh At Lowry Air Force Base, Denver, Colo." (Article)

Pullen, Andrew J., of Cotton Plant, AR (Enlist. Record)

Pulley, Miss Blanche, d/o Jack J. Pulley, "Weds" (Article)
Pulley, Miss Clara Lee, "Leader Employee Is Hurt In Fall", out of car (Article)
Pulley, Miss Clara Lee, d/o William Allen Pulley, married (Article)
Pulley, Ellen, d/o Clarence Pulley, "Named McCrory High School Family Leader of Tomorrow" (Picture Article)
Pulley, Evelyn, d/o John Pulley, married (Article)
Pulley, F. E. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Pulley, Mrs. F. E. (Vanlandingham), w/o Lindsey A. "Doby" Pulley (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Pulley, Hazel M., DS with Joseph Clarence Pulley (Burial Record)
Pulley, Mr. J. G., formerly of McCrory, AR, brother of Henry Pulley (Obit.)
Pulley, Jack J. (Josiah Jackson), DM, with Lula May Pulley (Obit.)
Pulley, John A., h/o Lydia Pulley (Obit.)
Pulley, Joseph Clarence, DS with Hazel M. Pulley (Picture Obit.)
Pulley, Joseph G., died 1911 (Burial Record)
Pulley, Katherine, d/o J. A. Pulley, married (Article)
Pulley, L. "Sudie", w/o Cecil Grigsby Pulley (Picture Obit.)
Pulley, Lindsey "Dobey", s/o John Pulley of McCrory, "Engaged" (Article)
Pulley, Lindsey Anderson "Doby", of McCrory, AR, s/o John Anderson Pulley (Obit.)
Pulley, Lucille M., married Charles Whitlock (Obit.)
Pulley, Mrs. Lula May (Jones), w/o Jack J. Pulley (Obit.)
Pulley, Lydia Mae, DS with John A. Pulley (Obit.)
Pulley, Mary F., died 1909 (Burial Record)
Pulley, Mary Lee, d/o William Hubert Pulley (Obit.)
Pulley, Mrs. Mollie M. (Burial Record)
Pulley, Ollie Mary (Nance), w/o Lindsey A. "Doby" Pulley (Obit.)
Pulley, Raymon E., s/o Lindsey Pulley, "Graduates From Aviation School" (Article)
Pulley, Robert Anderson "Andy", s/o Raymond Pulley (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Pulley, Ruth Leauvenia (Rooks), w/o William Hubert Pulley (Obit.)
Pulley, William, died 1923 (Burial Record)
Pulley, William Allen, of Wynne, AR, s/o Henry Pulley (Obit.)
Pulley, William Barner, Sr., s/o William Allen Pulley, h/o Lucille Pulley (Obit.)
Pulley, William Hubert, DS with Ruth Pulley (Obit.), in fold

Pulliam, Aaron M., father of Mrs. Jack Caperton, III & others (Obit.)
Pulliam, Bertha Clay Stokes, w/o Claud M. Pulliam (Burial Record)
Pulliam, Claude M., DS with Bertha C. Pulliam (Burial Record)
Pulliam, Mr. M. C., died 1906 (Burial Record)
Pulliam, Theo W., of Memphis, h/o Edith Pulliam (Obit.)
Pulliam, Virgie (Murtishaw) Cook, of Brinkley, w/o Mr. Cook, also w/o Aaron M. Pulliam (Obit.)

Pully, Robert Anderson "Andy" (Burial Record)

Pumpkin Bend Cemetery Records, updated through present 2012, binder
Pumpkin Bend School (Article)

Purcell, Charlie E., DM, with John H. Purcell (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Purcell, John H., DM with Charlie E. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Purdiman, Earnest (black), of Brinkley, formerly of Cotton Plant (Picture Obit.)

Purifoy, Arlena Jacqueline, DS with Charles Frank Purifoy (Burial Record)
Purifoy, Charles Frank, DS with Arlena Jacqueline Purifoy (Picture Obit.), in fold

Purkis, Myrtle (Killingsworth) (Obit.)

Purple Heart, Established by General George Washington, at Newburgh, NY, August 7, 1782

Pursell, A. G., Marg. V. Pursell (LPR)

Purssell, Ann (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Purssell, Eugenia (Burial Record)
Purssell, Infant, d/o W.G. & M.A. (On stone with Mary A., W.G. & Infant Purssell) (Burial Record)
Purssell, Infant, s/o W.G. & M.A. (On stone with Mary A., W.G. & Infant Purssell) (Burial Record)
Purssell, L. B. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Purssell, Leola (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Purssell, Mary A., w/o W.G. Purssell (On stone with W.G., Infant & Infant Purssell) (Marker Photo)
Purssell, W.G., (On stone with Mary A., Infant & Infant Purssell) (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Putt, Betty Lou, w/o Jimmie Putt (Obit.)
Putt, Buddy, of Aubrey, Lee Co., AR, h/o Fredia Putt (Obit.)
Putt, Hubie B., h/o Lydia Putt (Obit.)
Putt, Mrs. Johnny, of Pine Top, AZ, formerly of Cotton Plant, w/o Johnny Putt (Obit.)
Putt, Luchus Audie, s/o Hubie B. Putt, DS with Marion Marie Putt (Obit.)
Putt, Lydia/ Lycia Lou, DS with Hubie B. Putt (Burial Record)
Putt, Maggie, sis. of Roy, Audie, & others (Obit.)
Putt, Marion Marie, DS with Luchus Audie Putt (Burial Record)
Putt, William Roy, of Heber Springs, h/o Lillie E. Putt (Obit.)

Pyle, Bessie L. (Wilson), DS with Oscar S. Pyle (Obit.)
Pyle, Eugene E., s/o Theron Summer Pyle (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Pyle, Jerry Nathen (Burial Record)
Pyle, John L. (Burial Record)
Pyle, Leon D., DS with Mattie F. Pyle (Burial Record)
Pyle, Mattie F., DS with Leon D. Pyle (Burial Record)
Pyle, Oscar S., DS with Bessie L. Pyle (Burial Record)
Pyle, Quincy, Infant, only death date listed (Burial Record)
Pyle, Mr. Theron Summer, of CA, formerly of Augusta, f/o Oscar Pyle of Augusta & others (Obit.)

Pyles, Earnest Lee, of Cotton Plant, h/o Earnestine Pyles (Obit.)
Pyles, James M., h/o Nancy M. Pyles (Burial Record)
Pyles, Nancy M., w/o James M. Pyles (Burial Record)


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