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Surnames "G"
Index for Names in
Woodruff County, Arkansas

Compiled by Gary Telford, P. O. Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010
501-724-2490, or email wgt@centurytel.net

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogist. Old pictures are priceless. Gathering this information has involved four years of research through old Woodruff County newspapers, preparing an index and filing all of it. Every effort is being made to preserve this important Woodruff County history.

The four years of research has involved searching through old newspapers of Woodruff County, Arkansas, to find obituaries, articles, weddings and pictures. Most of these have been copied on a commercial digital copier and are very good quality. Quite a bit of money and time was invested in this project, which is still in progress.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be sent by email. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. All are copied on heavyweight, 28 lb., bright white, acid free, archive safe, paper. There is a small fee to cover expenses, mailing, etc.

The papers name and the date it was published will be on each item. Any of these old "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook."

Remember: "A Family Tree can wither if no one tends it's roots." For more info. and a complete index on obituaries, weddings, pictures, and articles, see Parts 1-19 now posted on Woodruff County Website at rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ - Click on (Obits/Weddings) See also Surname Index.

Woodruff County Cemetery Records have been updated to present 2011 with all old and new burials and are available in a binder. Prices vary depending on size of cemetery. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

For a complete list of the Family History Books now available go to rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ Click on (Family History Books) New books are being published monthly. Contact me to see if a Family History Book is available for your family.

Many other Woodruff County Obituaries, Articles, Weddings & Pictures, 1930-2011, are available that have not been posted yet. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

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The following abbreviations have been used where space requires;
h/o--husband of
w/o--wife of
m/o--mother of
f/o--father of
d/o--daughter of
s/o--son of
b/o--brother of
sis. of--sister of

Gadberry, Sarah Ellen, of Monette, AR, m/o Hope Gadberry (Obit.)

Gaddis, Bertha, w/o William Gaddis (Obit.)
Gaddis, Billy Maynard, s/o Maynard Cecil Gaddis & Emmer (Green) Gaddis (Obit.)
Gaddis, Clarence E., "Awarded Bronze Star Medal For Heroism" (Article)
Gaddis, Clarence Eugene, (Rev.), h/o Betty Matlock Gaddis (Obit.)
Gaddis, Doyle J., s/o Mr. & Mrs. Dovie Gaddis (Obit.)
Gaddis, Emmer (Green), w/o Maynard Cecil Gaddis (Obit.)
Gaddis, Emsley, h/o Annis Gaddis (Obit.)
Gaddis, John A., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Gaddis, Leonard, s/o T. J. Gaddis (Obit.)
Gaddis, Lige, of Jackson Co., AR, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Gaddis, Mrs. Lige B. (Mollie L.), "Burned To Death In Home Near McFadden" (Obit.)
Gaddis, Mrs. Opal, w/o Harrison Gaddis (Obit.)
Gaddis, Oscar Paul, h/o Bessie B. Gaddis (Obit.)
Gaddis, Tony Cecil, s/o Maynard Cecil Gaddis (Obit.)

Gaddy, Allan Alfred, s/o Beulah Gaddy (Obit.)
Gaddy, Alma Claire, w/o Morgan S. Gaddy (Obit.)
Gaddy, Morgan S., h/o Alma Claire Gaddy (Obit.)

Gaines, Daniel Roy, h/o Sandra (Latham) Gaines (Obit.)
Gaines, Robert, of Cross Co., AR, "Man Doomed To Die Friday Gets Life Term" (Article)
Gaines, Roosevelt, (black), h/o Georgia (Wilson) Gaines (Obit.)

Gaither, Billy Elbert, h/o Carolyn (Patterson) Gaither (Obit.)
Gaither, Mrs. Harriet Ellen, "Five Generations Of Hunter Family" (Picture Article)
Gaither, Leatrice (Hall), died, "Plane Crash in CA", w/o Roy Gaither (Obit.)
Gaither, Mr. & Mrs. Roy, of CA, "Former Augustans die in plane crash" (Obit.)
Gaither, Mrs. Roy A. & son, Roy Allen, "Augusta Girl Joins Husband In Tokio" (Article)
Gaither, Royal Wilson, h/o Kate Adeline (Foster) Gaither (Obit.)

Gale, Eva (Picture)

Galloway, Rev. Albert Taylor (Obit.) (Article) (Short Biog.)
Galloway, Annie Catherine (Laney, w/o Rev. Albert Taylor Galloway (Typed Obit.)
Galloway, Charles Rench, Jr., WW II Navy Pilot (Grave Marker Photo)
Galloway, Cora Virginia (Eldridge) (Grave Marker Photo)
Galloway, Franklin Decatur, h/o Phoebe J. (Atkins) & Joanna Nichols (Picture of Franklin D. & Phoebe)
Galloway, Gladys E. (McKnight ?), of Belleville, w/o Fred E. Galloway (Obit.)
Galloway, Phoebe Jane (Atkins), w/o Franklin Decatur Galloway (Picture of couple)
Galloway, Virginia Anne, d/o Cora Virginia Galloway, "Weds" (Picture Wedding Announcement)
Galloway, W. C., (black), "First Bale Cotton Ginned Here Today" (Article)
Galloway, William Perry, Sr., of Yazoo City, MS, h/o Mary E. (Gregory) Galloway (Large Obit.)

Gamble, Alma Louise (Wood), d/o Cecil B. Wood & James Ambrose Wood (Obit.)

Gamel, Clyde, "Man Is Fatally Hurt When Auto Strikes Tractor" (Article)
Gamel, Clyde E., s/o Samuel C. Gamel & Nannie I. (Ramsey) Gamel (Obit.)
Gamel, Claud E., s/o Charles E. Gamel & May (Lovejoy) Gamel (Obit.)
Gamel, Miss Freda, d/o S. C. Gamel, "Engaged" (Picture Article)
Gamel, Miss Johnnie Mae, d/o Clyde, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Gamel, Margaret, d/o Clyde Gamel, "Margaret Gamel Graduates From Nurses School" (Article)
Gamel, Miss Margaret, d/o Clyde Gamel of McCrory, "Weds" (Wedding Article) (Picture Article)
Gamel, Miss Mary, d/o Clyde Gamel, "Girl Injured By Hit & Run Driver" (Article)
Gamel, Miss Mary, d/o S. C. Gamel of McCrory, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Gamel, Nannie Inez (Ramsey), w/o Samuel C. Gamel (Obit.)

Gann, Arvel D., bro. of Louis Gann of Tupelo, "Wounded In Action" (Article)
Gann, Rachel F. (Morrison), of Bradford, w/o Arvel Douglas Gann Sr. (Obit.)

Gannon, Lena (Miller), w/o Julius Gannon, Sr, (Obit.)

Gant, Dave, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Gant, John Jr., (black), h/o Pauline Gant (Obit.)
Gant, Lena B. (Obit.)
Gant, Paul Edward (black), s/o John Eddy Gant & Pauline (Brisco) Gant (Obit.)
Gant, Theressa (Malone), (black), w/o Floyd Gant (Obit.)

Gardner, Dossie Ruby (Ward), w/o Ralph E. Gardner (Obit.)
Gardner, Ethel (Buntye), of Cotton Plant, widow of George W. Gardner (Obit.)
Gardner, John F., "Family Reunion Held Here Aug. 15", many guest from Tupelo (Article)
Gardner, John F. Sr., merchant of Tupelo "Funeral Held Sunday", bro. of K. P. Gardner (Obit.)
Gardner, John F., Jr., s/o J. F. Gardner, Sr. of Tupelo "Wounded In Germany" (Article)
Gardner, John Nathan, of Tupelo, h/o Bessie Gardner (Obit.)
Gardner, Mrs. Louella Frank, widow of John Felix Gardner (Obit.)
Gardner, Miss Mary, d/o Ralph Gardner of McCrory, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Gardner, Miss Myrtle, d/o J. F. Gardner of Tupelo, "Weds" (Article)
Gardner, Ralph Ewing, h/o Dossie Ruby (Ward) Gardner (Obit.)
Gardner, Raymond, (black), of Pine Bluff, AR, h/o Georgia (McAdoo) Gardner (Picture Obit.)
Gardner, Miss Ruby, d/o R. E Gardner, "Wedding Announced" (Picture Article)
Gardner, Bro. Willie, (black) (Obit.)

Garland, Ida Lee (Shoup), widow of Marvin Holmer Garland (Obit.)

Garlich, John Fred, of Cotton Plant, "Worker Killed When He Falls In Steam Vat" (Obit.)

Garner, The Garner Family Reunion (Story) Garner, Wiley B. Garner- 8 Generations- 1807 - 2004 (Family History Book)
Garner, Anton Keller, Sr., h/o Mary Irene "Tex" (Skinner) Garner (Obit.)
Garner, Anton Keller Jr. (Obit.)
Garner, T-5 Arthur C., (black), of Patterson, "Soldiers Remains Are Enroute Home" (Article)
Garner, Barbara Joe (Grimes), w/o Larry Wayne Garner (Obit.)
Garner, Beulah (Lingo), w/o George Albert Garner (Obit.)
Garner, Brenda, d/o Emmett Garner, "Crowned Miss McCrory" (Picture Article)
Garner, Brenda, d/o Emmett Garner, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Garner, Brenda Alice Garner (Obit.)
Garner, Brenda Alice Garner, "In Memory" (Picture)
Garner, Rev. C. H., "Resigns As Pastor of Riverside Church" (Picture Article)
Garner, Calvin Hoyle Sr. (Lt. Col.), h/o Maxine Marie (Raglin) Garner (Picture Obit.)
Garner, Pvt. Calvin R., s/o Anton Garner, "Completes Training At Camp Pendleton" (Picture Article)
Garner, Pvt. Calvin R., s/o Anton Garner, "Completes Course" (Article)
Garner, Pvt. Calvin Ronald, h/o Ruth Ann (Davis) Garner (Obit.)
Garner, Charlie Wesley (Rev.), h/o Helen (Hunnicutt) Garner (Obit.)
Garner, Christine Olga (Warner), w/o Raymond Elmer Garner (Obit.)
Garner, Claude, "Musicians Reunite", with Wayne Raney (Picture Article)
Garner, Claude Pearson, Sr., h/o Nellie M. Garner (Picture Obit.)
Garner, Darthular (Warren), (black), w/o Whitfield Garner (Picture Article) (Picture Obit.)
Garner, Earl, s/o Anton K. Garner (Obit.)
Garner, Emmett, of Union, "Weds" (Wedding Announcement)
Garner, Emmitt Cecil, h/o Willie Alice (Reynolds) Garner (Obit.)
Garner, Erma L., w/o Billy Garner (Obit.)
Garner, Floyd, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Garner, Frank A., h/o Nettie I. Garner, & Jonnie B. Garner (Obit.)
Garner, George Albert, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Garner, George Albert, h/o Beulah Lingo Garner (Obit.)
Garner, George, & Jimmy Carroll Garner, "Youths Uninjured In Auto Wreck" (Article)
Garner, Guy A., h/o Mae Garner (Obit.)
Garner, Helen Marie, d/o Charles W. Garner, "Receives B. A. Degree In Dramatic Arts" (Picture Article)
Garner, Jimmy Carroll & George Garner, "Youths Uninjured In Auto Wreck" (Article)
Garner, Jimmy Carroll, & Calvin, of Patterson, "Patterson man shot Friday" (Article)
Garner, John Delmus, Sr., h/o Maggie Addline (Westerman) Garner (Picture) (Obit.)
Garner, John Delmus, Jr., "Youth Is Killed Near Marianna" (Obit.)
Garner, John R., of Charolette, NC (Obit.)
Garner, John W. (Obit.)
Garner, Jonnie Beatrice (Gutherie) Peebles (Obit.)
Garner, Mary Irene "Tex" (Skinner), w/o Anton Keller Garner, Sr. (Obit.)
Garner, Patsy Lewis, d/o Emmett Garner, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Garner, Richard Carroll, s/o Emmett W. Garner (Picture Obit.) (Article)
Garner, Ruth Ann (Davis), w/o Calvin Ronald Garner (Picture Obit.)
Garner, Salley Sue (Carlew), w/o Claude Garner (Obit.)
Garner, Sarah Melissa (Harrison) Garner-Lacy (Obit.)
Garner, Willie Alice (Reynolds), w/o Emmitt Cecil Garner (Obit.)

Garrett, Alice (Inman), "Dies Of Gun Wound", w/o Thomas Alfred Garrett (Obit.)
Garrett, Berry Joshua, h/o Louise Taylor Garrett of McCrory (Obit.)
Garrett, Christine (Grigsby), w/o Woodrow Jackson Garrett (Obit.)
Garrett, Eli Jackson, h/o Harriett Elizabeth Garrett (Obit.)
Garrett, Elijah, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Garrett, Mrs. Etta (Simpson), formerly of Augusta, wife of Ben Garrett (Obit.)
Garrett, Glenn A., s/o James Lindsey Garrett (Picture Article)
Garrett, Harriet Elizabeth, w/o Eli Jackson Garrett (Obit.)
Garrett, Mrs. James H. (Lula Wade Garrett) (Obit.)
Garrett, James L. "Jim" (Sheriff), "Accidently Shot" (Article)
Garrett, James L., "Former Woodruff Sheriff Died" (Obit.)
Garrett, James Paul, "Local Boy Awarded Combat Badge For Fighting In Italy" (Article)
Garrett, James Paul, "Remains Of McCrory Soldier Now Enroute Home From Korea" (Obit.)
Garrett, James Paul, "Services For Pfc. James P. Garrett To Be Held Sunday" (Article Obit.)
Garrett, Pvt. J. Paul, "Second Woodruff County Boy Killed In Korean Conflict" (Picture Obit.)
Garrett, Lucille (Miss Ollie Lucille) Garrett (Obit.)
Garrett, Mrs. Lula Ann, of Palestine, St. Francis Co., AR (Obit.)
Garrett, Myrtle, w/o J. A. Garrett (Obit.)
Garrett, N. Alice, "Dies of Gun Wound", w/o T.A. "Alf" Garrett (Obit.)
Garrett, Mrs. Newt & Infant, of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)
Garrett, Roxie Annie (Holt), w/o James O. "Jim" Garrett (Obit.)
Garrett, Sammy Joe, of Paragould, formerly of Augusta, h/o Clara Garrett (Obit.)
Garrett, Thomas Alfred, h/o Alice (Inman) Garrett (Obit.)
Garrett, Thomas F. "Tommy", of Mountain Home, AR, h/o Frances V. (Wilsford) Garrett (Obit.)
Garrett, William Henry, bro. of Woodrow Jackson Garrett (Obit.)
Garrett, Woodrow Jackson, h/o Christine (Grigsby) Garrett (Obit.)

Garriott, Dixie O. (Jett), w/o John Allen Garriott (Obit.)
Garriott, John Allen, h/o Dixie O. (Jett) Garriott (Obit.)

Garrison, Dorothy Wilma (Hendrickson), of Coos Bay, Oregon, w/o Henry Garrison (Obit.)
Garrison, Eddie Lee, Jr., "Garrison in Little Rock for test" (Article)
Garrison, Lottie (Odom) Allgood, w/o James Elbert Allgood (Obit.)
Garrison, Samuel H., (black), s/o Herman Garrison (Obit.)
Garrison, Vada B. (Hughes), "Killed in N. Little Rock, when struck by a car" (Obit.)

Garsoe, Billie Jean (James), of Laconia, TN, formerly of White Co., AR (Obit.)

Garton, Becky (Jimerson), w/o James W. Garton (Picture Obit.)
Garton, Betty Jane, d/o Mrs. Wade Garton, "Honor Graduates Of Augusta High School" (Picture Article)
Garton, Dorothy Sue, d/o Mrs. George, "Receives Honors" (Picture Article)
Garton, Eula Bell, w/o George W. Garton (Obit.)
Garton, Mrs. James W. Garton, "Augusta Bride Honored With Tea-Shower" (Large Picture Article)
Garton, James Whitfield, "Weds" (Wedding Article) (Picture Article of Bride)
Garton, Mary Jane (Cranford), w/o Wade Hampton Garton (Obit.)
Garton, Paul Wade, s/o James Whitfield Garton (Obit.) (Picture Obit.)
Garton, Rosemary (Massey), w/o James W. Garton (Obit.)
Garton, Wade Hampton, h/o Mary Jane (Cranford) Garton (Obit.)

Gaskin, Cleavo James, h/o Margaret (Eskew) Gaskin (Obit.)
Gaskin, David Ripley "Bud", of McCrory, AR, h/o Grace Mae Givens Gaskin (Obit.)
Gaskin, Fletcher Roy, h/o Rosetta (Carlisle) Gaskin (Obit.)
Gaskin, Infant, s/o Chester Gaskin (Obit.)
Gaskin, Larry G., of Quitman, h/o Linda (Sutterfield) Gaskin (Obit.)
Gaskin, Rosie (Carlisle), of Elwood, IN, w/o Fletcher Gaskin (Obit.)

Gaskins, Chester Charles, h/o Mildred N. (Hoots) Gaskins (Obit.)
Gaskins, Mildred Norene (Hoots), of Lake City, AR, w/o Chester C. Gaskins (Obit.)
Gaskins, Richard Allen, h/o Tammy Ruth Gaskins (Picture Obit.)

Gaston, Ethel (Moore), w/o Thomas Franklin Gaston (Obit.)
Gaston, Helen Louise (Moffett), w/o Ruben Gaston (Obit.)
Gaston, Ruben Edward, h/o Helen Louise (Moffett) Gaston (Obit.)
Gaston, Thomas Franklin, w/o Ethel Gaston (Obit.)

Gates, Fred Henderson, s/o John Gates, "Killed" (Obit.)
Gates, Hollis A., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Gates, John William, s/o John William Gates (Obit.)

Gathney, Lina (Swanson) Reeves, w/o Tom Reeves; also w/o Joe Gathney (Obit.)

Gatlin, Stanley, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Gatten, John Asbury of Forrest City, AR, Union Civil War Vet. (Obit.)

Gean, Rev. Robert Vernon, h/o Mary Helen (Duvall) Gean (Obit.), in fold

Gentry, Dewey A., of Marianna, AR, h/o Sue Young Gentry (Obit.)
Gentry, Elizabeth Ann & Son, of Spottsville, KY, "Mother-Son Drowning Victims" (Obit.)
Gentry, Helen Estelle (Churchwell), of Searcy, AR, w/o Uriah E. Gentry (Obit.)

George, Acie Sander, (black), s/o John George & Mary George of Howell, AR (Obit.)
George, Leonard, "Cotton Plant man dies in fire", cousin of Lawrence Carter (Obit.)
George, Lewis John "Jabo" (black), h/o Rosie L. George (Picture Obit.)

Gephart, Dr. Bryce, s/o Dr. R. T., "To Open Offices At Cotton Plant" (Article)
Gephart, Bryce B., h/o Ruth (Gordon) Gephart (Obit.)
Gephart, Jewell (Bond), w/o Dr. R. T. Gephart (Obit.)
Gephart, Meseke Oren, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Gephart, Dr. Roscoe T., h/o Jewell (Bond) (Obit.)

Germany, Jesse, (black), h/o Roda M. Germany (Obit.)
Germany, Jessie Charles "J. C.", (black) (Picture Obit.)
Germany, Roda Mae (Laird), (black) (Obit.)

Gibbons, Mabel, d/o W. H. Gibbons, "Weds" (Article)

Gibbs, Audrey Regina, (black), "Died in house fire" (Article) (Obit.)
Gibbs, Belisha Dana, (black), "Died in house fire" (Article) (Obit.)
Gibbs, Bernice M., (black), "Died in house fire" (Article) (Obit.)
Gibbs, Cortney Cortez, (black), "Died in house fire" (Article) (Obit.)
Gibbs, J. B. Jr., (black), "Died in house fire" (Article) (Obit.)
Gibbs, J. B. Sr., (black), h/o Bernice M. Gibbs (Obit.)
Gibbs, John Ashley, (black), "Died in house fire" (Article) (Obit.)
Gibbs, Kartayla ? Shomone, (black), "Died in house fire" (Article) (Obit.)
Gibbs, Shirley Gale, (black), "Died in house fire" (Article) (Obit.)

Gibson, Mrs. Adler E., of Augusta, w/o Adler E. Gibson (Obit.)
Gibson, Bertha, of Folsom, CA, formerly of Woodruff Co., AR, w/o Howard Gibson Sr. (Obit.)
Gibson, Howard, of Folsom, CA, formerly of Fitzhugh & Wiville (Obit.)
Gibson, Mrs. Iva (Waters), of Paragould, AR, sis. of Mrs. Cleve Yarbrough (Obit.)
Gibson, James Edward, h/o Nancy O. (Fryer) Gibson (Obit.)
Gibson, Jim Felker, h/o Lilly Pauline (Simmons) Gibson (Obit.)
Gibson, Jimmy Harold, h/o Marilyn (Hoots) Gibson (Obit.)
Gibson, John N. S., Civil War CSA (Enlist. Record)
Gibson, Klover/Clover (Jeffries), w/o James Orville H. Gibson (Obit.)
Gibson, Lee A., h/o Nellie (Taylor) Gibson (Obit.)
Gibson, Lilly Pauline, w/o Jim Felker Gibson (Obit.)
Gibson, Margaret, of Memphis, formerly of Riverside, w/o G. W. Gibson (Obit.)
Gibson, Nancy O. (Fryer), w/o James Edward Gibson (Obit.)
Gibson, Ollie M. (Wright) (Obit.)
Gibson, Patricia Ann, d/o Jim F. Gibson (Obit.)
Gibson, Pauline (Lilly Pauline) (Simmons), w/o Jim Felker Gibson (Obit.)
Gibson, Raymond Glen, Jr., h/o Carolyn Gibson (Obit.)
Gibson, Susan, of Jonesboro, a native of Cross Co., AR, m/o Frank Gibson (Obit.)
Gibson, Troy Lee, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Finus Lemay, "Serving in Viet Nam" (Picture Article)
Gibson, Miss Virginia, d/o Jim Gibson of McCrory, "Weds" (Wedding Article) (Picture Article)

Gideon, Ambros Benjamin, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Gideon, Eva Lena (Reynolds), wife of Jay B. Gideon (Obit.)
Gideon, J. C., of Little Rock, h/o Janice (Murdock) Gideon (Obit.)
Gideon, Joe B., h/o Jeanette "Nettie" Gideon (Obit.)
Gideon, Nettie (Hall), w/o Joe B. Gideon (Obit.)
Gideon, Pearl, w/o W. B. Gideon (Obit.)
Gideon, W. B., h/o Pearl Gideon (Obit.)

Gilbert, Bobbie Ann (Prewitt), w/o Billy Gilbert (Obit.)
Gilbert, Will, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Gilchrist, James H. "Jimmie", h/o Vera E. (Merrell) Gilchrist (Obit.)

Gilcrease, Barbara Jean, (black), "Negro Woman Stabs Husband" (Article)

Gill, John H., "Killed in action in Korea" (Obit.)
Gill, Mary Ann "Annie" (Fraze) Heath, w/o Claude Heath, & B. K. Gill (Obit.)

Gillespie, Benjamin, (black), age 35 (Obit.)
Gillespie, Miss Joann, d/o J. T. Gillespie, "Ole Miss Grad." (Picture Article)
Gillespie, J. L., of Cotton Plant, "Old Money" (Article)
Gillespie, Joan, d/o J. T. Gillespie, "Top Rank At Augusta" (Picture Article)
Gillespie, Melville S. (Ward), w/o James T. Gillespie (Obit.)
Gillespie, Virl, Jr., of Newport, h/o Jewel Gillespie (Obit.)
Gillespie, Willie Ruth (Ward), (black) (Obit.)

Gilliam, Jack, of Kensett, AR, "Killed by Cecil Gentry" (Obit.)
Gilliam, Justus "John" Edward, s/o Lee Gilliam (Obit.)
Gilliam, Mrs. Minnie Hawkins (Obit.)
Gilliam, Roy H., WW I (Enlist. Record)

Gilliaum, Alice Ruth, of Newport, "Nation's Highest 4-H Award" (Picture Article)

Gilliland, Johnnie, s/o Ruth Gilliland (LPR)

Gillion, John Franklin, h/o Wanda (Huddleston) Gillion (Obit.)

Gillespie, Ocie L., (black), h/o Willie R. (Obit.)

Gillum, Walter Clay, h/o Alma Gillum (Obit.)

Gilpin, Harry, of Beedeville, AR, h/o Mary Caroline Ellison (Obit.)
Gilpin, Marvin Fredrick, h/o Cora Helton Crouch Gilpin (Obit.), in fold

Gilyard, Asilee Cannon, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Louis Jimmerson of Brinkley, AR (Obit.)

Gingerich, Herman, of Stuttgart, AR, bro. of Henry Gingerich of CA (Obit.)
Gingerich, James Fredrick, s/o Herman G. Gingerich of Cotton Plant, "Engaged" (Article)

Gingles, Mrs. Mary Anna (Kroeger) Peninger, of Morton, w/o James R. Peninger (Obit.)

GinkgoTrees, (Article)

Gipson, Claud, h/o Cleo (Pollard) Gipson (Obit.)
Gipson, Cleo (Pollard), w/o Claud Gipson (Obit.)
Gipson, Dee (Obit.)
Gipson, Mrs. Dona L. (Larker) (Obit.)
Gipson, Donna J. (Obit.)
Gipson, Donna Sue, d/o Hubron Gipson, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Gipson, Gipson-Eddleman, "Families Hold Reunion Sunday, July 29" (Article)
Gipson, Egbert Holden "Pug", h/o Lois Gipson (Obit.)
Gipson, Mr. J. P., Sr., "Family Reunion" (Article)
Gipson, Mr. J. P., of near Union, h/o Donna (Larker) Gipson (Obit.)
Gipson, Jackson Monroe, Sr., of Newark, AR (Obit.)
Gipson, Jewel Dean, w/o Sampson Gipson, "Man charged in death of wife" (Obit.)
Gipson, Kathleen (Obit.)
Gipson, Lucy May, w/o Dee Gipson (Obit.)
Gipson, Ludie Frances (Middlebrooks), w/o Hurbon Gipson (Obit.)
Gipson, Minor Hubert Jr., "Engaged" (Article)
Gipson, Minor Hubert Jr. (Obit.)
Gipson, Minor Hubert, h/o Ocea Pearl Gipson (Obit.)
Gipson, Miss Ollie Faye, d/o Lee A. Gipson, "Weds" (Article)
Gipson, Ocea Pearl (Garner), w/o Minor Hubert Gipson (Obit.)
Gipson, Sampson, h/o Jewel Dean Gipson, "Man charged in death of wife" (Article)
Gipson, Sarah Lacey, aged 11 months, of Ozark, AR, d/o Manuel Gipson (Obit.)
Gipson, Stephen Lavon, "Accepted in St. George's University, School of Medicine" (Picture Article)

Girkin, Alma Marie (Gilliaum), w/o Robert William Girkin, Sr. (Obit.)
Girkin, Loretta Sue, d/o R. W. Girkin of Cotton Plant, "Engaged" (Picture Article)
Girkin, Robert William, Sr., h/o Alma (Gilliaum) Girkin (Obit.)

Gish, Zada (Berry), w/o J. W. Gish (Obit.)

Givens, Charley W., h/o Minnie (Edwards) Givens (Obit.)
Givens, Cornelia (La Fluer), of Augusta, AR, w/o Ruben Randolph Givens (Obit.)
Givens, Edward Kenneth, h/o Minnie Lee (Chaney) Givens (Obit.)
Givens, Halleck (Cummings), w/o Charlie Givens (Obit.)
Givens, Jack Lemuel, h/o Theresa Givens (Obit.)
Givens, Jimmie W., "Former Cotton Plant Man Killed in Helicopter Crash in Little Rock" (Obit.)
Givens, Ruben Randolph, "Negro Slayer Of Gin Manager Still At Large" (Obit.)
Givens, Reuben Randolph, Jr., h/o Hilda Givens (Obit.)
Givens, William Randolph "Randy", h/o Susan Givens (Obit.)

Gladney, Henry, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Gladney, Moses M., (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Glasco, Mr. G. T., of Patterson, "Farmer Loses $1,200.00 In Cash" (Article)

Glaser, Imogene (Osier), d/o Milas Osier, "Elected New President" (Picture Article)
Glaser, Imogene (Osier), w/o Carl Glaser (Picture Obit.)

Glass, Daisy Mae (Green), (black), d/o Willie Mae Green (Obit.)
Glass, Maggie Isabelle, of Hickory Ridge, AR, widow of Charles G. Glass (Obit.)
Glass, Virginia Kathryn "Jean" (Stultz), w/o William Thomas Glass (Obit.)
Glass, William Thomas, h/o Virginia Stultz (Obit.)

Glasscock, Arthur Edward, of Bald Knob, AR, s/o Mrs. Florence Jones of Augusta (Obit.)
Glasscock, Lena (Wiley) Lewis, w/o Mr. Lewis & Aure Glasscock of Bald Knob (Obit.)

Gledhill, E. R., of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Gledhill, Mrs. E. R., "Winner of $1,000" (Article)
Gledhill, Jinnie Lois (Obit.)

Glenn, Osborn, Jr., h/o L. E. Brooks Glenn (Obit.)

Glidewell, Miss Willie, d/o Jerry Tavener Glidewell (Obit.)

Glimpses of Yesterday, By Lucy Marion Reeves (Free Lookup)

Glore, Betty (Allgood), w/o Noel Glore (Obit.)

Glosson, Lonnie, h/o Ruth (Moore) Glosson (Obit.)

Glover, Alma Jean, m/o Glenn & Aubrey Glover of McCrory & others (Obit.)
Glover, Aubrey, h/o Edna Glover (Obit.)
Glover, Betty Lou, d/o Woodrow Glover of McCrory, "Engaged" (Picture Article)
Glover, Miss Frances Louise, d/o Rev. John L. Glover, "Engaged" (Article) (Picture Article)
Glover, Glen, "Editor Of McCrory High School Annual" (Picture Article)
Glover, Glenn, "Picture Of Appears In "On A Fast Train Through Ark." (Article)
Glover, Inez C., w/o Woodrow W. Glover (Obit.)
Glover, J. T., s/o J. L. Glover of Union Comm. (Article)
Glover, John "Teet"- U.S. Army WW II (Picture Biog.)
Glover, John L. (Rev.), h/o Alma Glover (Obit.)
Glover, John Thomas "Teet", h/o Wanda E. Nickerson Glover (Obit.)
Glover, Josephine (Chrisco), of DeView, w/o Glen A. Glover, Sr. (Obit.)
Glover, Mason Duane, infant s/o Dewayne Glover (Obit.)
Glover, Ruth, d/o John L. Glover, of Patterson, "Weds" (Article)
Glover, Wilma Inez (Coles), w/o Woodrow Glover (Obit.)
Glover, Woodrow Wilson, h/o Wilma Inez (Coles) Glover (Picture Obit.)

Godbey, Col. Donald E., "Directs Rescue Of Gemini 8 Astronauts from Ocean" (Picture Article)
Godbey, John Thomas (Obit.)
Godbey, John Wesley, h/o Nancy E. Godbey (Obit.)
Godbey, Wanda Jane, w/o Miller Marion Cariker (Wedding Article) (Obit.)
Godbey, W. N., of Atkins, AR, f/o Wyle Godbey (Obit.)
Godbey, Wyle, of Atkins, h/o Aukey Godbey (Obit.)

Goforth, Billy Wayne, of Austin, AR, bro. of Ronnie Johnson & J. D. Parker (Obit.)

Golden, Mrs. Cecil, w/o Ralph Golden, "Mrs. Cecil Golden Drowns In Fish Lake Wednesday" (Obit.)
Golden, Craig Allen, s.o Rickey Golden of McCrory, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Golden, Vernon L., h/o Ottie Faye (Daniels) Golden (Picture Obit.)

Golightly, Dr. Adolphus L. & Judith L. Golightly (Family History)
Golightly, Bessie M., widow of Luther E. Golightly (Obit.)
Golightly, Hugh & Sarah E. (Wilson) Golightly (Grave Marker Photo)
Golightly, Millie Belle (Ford), (black), w/o Joe Golightly (Obit.)

Goode, Johnny, of El Dorado, AR, h/o Lillian (Taylor) Goode (Obit.)
Gooden, Jimmy, of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Goodman, Jacob "Jake" W. Goodman 1854 - 2007 - 7 Generations (Family History Book) Goodman-Garner - 13 Generations (Family History Book)
Goodman, Arthur M., WW I (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Goodman, Carolyn Jane, d/o Thomas "Tom" William Goodman, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Goodman, Jacob "Jake" Winfield, "Married" (Marriage Certificate)
Goodman, Jennie (Barlow), m/o Tom W. Goodman & Mrs. Lorene Settle (Obit.)
Goodman, Lorene, d/o Mrs. Jennie Goodman of McCrory, "Married" (Marriage Cert.)
Goodman, John Mack, s/o Jennie B. Goodman (Obit.)
Goodman, Loretta P., w/o Tom W. Goodman (Obit.)
Goodman, Robert, (black) (Obit.)
Goodman, Ronnie Joe (Obit.)
Goodman, Slonie Elizabeth (Hall) Holt, w/o John D. Goodman (Obit.)
Goodman, Tom Wm., h/o Loretta Pearl (Garner) Goodman (Marriage Certificate) (Obit.)

Goodrich, G. E. Elbert, Jr., s/o George Elbert Goodrich, Sr. (Obit.)
Goodrich, Robert Dwight (Obit.)
Goodrich, Robert Dewight, s/o Elbert Goodrich (Obit.)

Goodwin, Corra Lynne (McNeill), widow of Will W. Goodwin (Obit.)
Goodwin, Franklin N., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Goodwin, Geneva, of Los Angles, CA, w/o Doc Goodwin (Obit.)
Goodwin, Miss Gertrude, d/o Herb Goodwin, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Goodwin, Robert E., h/o Venie Goodwin (Obit.)
Goodwin, Robert, Jr. - Korean War (Article)

Goodyear, Frances (Massey), of Memphis, TN, w/o Talbert Goodyear (Obit.)

Gordon, George W. Gordon Family, Tennessee to Arkansas (Family History)
Gordon, Clara A. (Obit.)
Gordon, Clarence Shell, h/o Edna Earl (Bragg) Gordon (Obit.)
Gordon, Clarence S. Jr., Ltc. U.S. Army WW II (Article)
Gordon, Dennis G., s/o W. D. Gordon, "On Aircraft Carrier" (Article)
Gordon, Edgar, of Cotton Plant, AR, h/o Willie (Simpson) Gordon (Obit.)
Gordon, Edna Earl, w/o Clarence Gordon (Obit.)
Gordon, Nolon, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Gordon, Virginia (McGill), of Morrilton, AR, w/o former Lt. Governor Nathan Gordon (Obit.)
Gordon, William D., h/o Doris H. Gordon (Obit.)

Gosa, Julia Ann (Gosa) Johnson-Barnes (Obit.)

Gossage, Clyde H., s/o E. M. Gossage, "Hunter Boy Receives Promotion In Italy" (Article)
Gossage, Ezra M., of Hunter, AR, "Accuser Of Arkansan Kills Himself " (Article)
Gossage, Robert, s/o Ezra Gossage of Hunter, "Hunter Sailor Killed In Action" (Obit.)

Gould, Clara Polston, w/o John William Gould (Obit.), in fold

Govan, Henrietta Nunn, (black) (Obit.)

Grady, Hank Rockie, of Bald Knob, AR (Obit.)
Grady, Herman, (black), of Fitzhugh (Obit.)
Grady, John, of Tupelo, sis. of Mrs. Florence Turner of Patterson (Obit.)
Grady, Lee Andrew, Jr., h/o Mrs. Jerri Lee (Townsend) Grady (Obit.)

Graham, Ammon, b. 1852 in Georgia, "Ex-Slave Dies" (Obit.)
Graham, Edward Arthur, h/o Elvie Mae Graham (Obit.)
Graham, Ernest O., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Graham, H. T., age 90, born in Georgia, "Ex-Slave Dies" (Obit)
Graham, James Ray, h/o Mary Nell (Clower) Graham (Obit.)
Graham, Mangle, (black), h/o Eugenia (Williams) Graham (Obit.)
Graham, Walter R., WW I (Enlist. Record)

Grammer, "Two Women, One Child Dies In Fire At McClelland" (Obit.)

Gramsch, Boyd E., of Rockton, IL, h/o Eileen (Hougelin) Gramsch (Obit.)

Grant, Bobbie Turner, 18 month-old s/o Robert Grant, "Killed By Train At Patterson" (Obit.)
Grant, Will, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Gravenmier, Edith Ellen, w/o Melvin Gravenmier (Obit.)
Gravenmier, James E. "Dutch", h/o Helen Gravenmier, & Mary Gravenmier (Obit.)
Gravenmier, Leo, h/o Mary L. Gravenmier (Obit.)
Gravenmier, Maggie (Baker), w/o Andy Alias Gravenmier (Obit.)
Gravenmier, Mary Anne, d/o Melvin Walter Gravenmier, "Weds" (Wedding Article) (Obit.)
Gravenmier, Mary (Cottingham) (Obit.)
Gravenmier, Mary Louise (Richards), w/o Leo Gravenmier (Obit.)
Gravenmier, Melvin Walter, h/o Edith Gravenmier (Obit.)
Gravenmier, Melvin Walter or Roy, h/o Dorothy L. Gravenmier (Obit.)

Graves, Benny, h/o Bobbye Sue Graves (Obit.)
Graves, Betty, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Myrtle Graves, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Graves, Miss Eunice Mae, d/o Myrtle Graves, "Recent Bride" (Wedding Picture)
Graves, Huey A., h/o Laura Graves (Obit.)
Graves, Jessie William & Freda Virginia Graves, "To Celebrate 50th Wedding" (Picture Article)
Graves, Jessie William, h/o Freda Virginia Graves (Picture Obit.)
Graves, John, "Truck Kills Man North of McCrory" (Obit.)
Graves, Johnny Graves, s/o Bill Graves of McCrory, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Graves, Melvin, brother of Myrtle Graves & others (Obit.)
Graves, Mr. & Mrs. Myrtle, "Seventy-Two Attend Birthday Dinner" (Article)
Graves, Owen, s/o Harrison Graves, "Weds" (Article)
Graves, Patricia Ruth, d/o Mrs. Myrtle G. Graves, "Engaged" (Large Picture Article)
Graves, Ruby I. (Peebles), w/o J. H. Graves (Obit.)
Graves, Susan Jean (Hancock), w/o Michael Wade Graves (Obit.)
Graves, Vanda Lee (Fink) Witherspoon, w/o W. R. Graves (Picture Obit.)
Graves, William O., s/o Harrison Graves, "Sgt. Wm. O. Graves Killed In Action" (Obit.)
Graves, William O., "McCrory Soldier Killed In Germany" (Picture Obit.)
Graves, William Riley "Bill", h/o Vanda Lee Fink Graves (Obit.)

Gray, Cornelia "Neal" (Lewis), w/o Harvey B. Gray (Obit.)
Gray, Harvey B., Dr., age 60, "Weds" (Article)
Gray, Mrs. Inez, sister of Mrs. Rosa Baldwin (Obit.)
Gray, James Earl (Obit.)
Gray, Johnnie Mae, d/o Richard Afton Gray, "Weds" (Article)
Gray, Julius C., of Eudora, former Superintendent of McCroy School (Obit.)
Gray, Lynn B., Sr., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Gray, Lynn B., Sr., WW I, s/o Harvey Gray (Obit.)
Gray, Pauline S. (Ramsey), w/o Richard Afton Gray (Picture Obit.)
Gray, Richard Afton, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Gray, Richard Afton, s/o Dr. Harvey B. Gray (Obit.)
Gray, Robert Benjamin, "R. B. Gray Dies At Home In Patterson" (Obit.)
Gray, Ruth, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Ed Harris, "Recent Bride" (Picture-Article)
Gray, Stanley Walker, h/o Lillie E. Gray (Obit.)
Gray, William H. Sr., h/o Mary Elizabeth Gray, p/o Mary Effie (Gray) (LPR)
Gray, Wilson G., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Grays, Grays or Gray's Station (Story by W.G.T.)
Grays, Map of Grays, listing homes, businesses, etc.
Grayson, Ferry, "Old Ferry On White River Discontinued", moved to Georgetown, (Article)
Grayson, Edward (Thomas Edward), bro. of Ernest Grayson of Bald Knob, & others (Obit.)
Grayson, Earnest, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Grayson, J. E., "Wreck Victim Dies In Searcy Hospital", s/o James Grayson (Obit.)
Grayson, R. A., h/o Bonnie Lavada Grayson (Obit.)
Green, Alfred E., grandfather of Glen Allen LaRue & Patty Sue LaRue of Augusta (Obit.)
Green, Ancil W, s/o Thomas Lee Green, h/o Peggy (Huckabee) Green (Obit.)
Green, Annie Mary (Thompson), (black), w/o Cordell Green (Obit.), in fold
Green, Benjamin Franklin, of Cross Co., AR, b. Scott Co., MO, (Obit.)
Green, Birdie C. (Reynolds), of Beedeville, w/o Thomas Green (Obit.)
Green, Clarence Dean, s/o Ella Mae Green (Obit.)
Green, Cordell, (black) (Obit.)
Green, Dovie (Nelson) Huckabee, w/o Orville Huckabee, & Thomas Green (Obit.), in fold
Green, Ella Mae (Long), m/o Clarence Dean Green of Augusta & others (Obit.)
Green, Ellen (Edwards), of Aurora, IL, w/o Arthur Green (Obit.)
Green, Eloise of McCrory, AR, "Transferred To West Palm Beach, Florida" (Article)
Green, Eloise, d/o John G. Green, "Weds" (Article)
Green, Eulin Henderson, h/o Zula Mae Green (Obit.)
Green, Miss Gladys, d/o Mrs. J. B. Green, "Former Resident Has August Marriage" (Article)
Green, Harkless, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Green, Howard Preston, "Augusta Man Killed In 3-Vehicle Wreck Wednesday Afternoon" (Obit.)
Green, James Henry, Jr., of Searcy, AR (Obit.)
Green, Michael Howard, age six months, s/o Mr. & Mrs. J. Patrick Green of KY (Obit.)
Green, Ronald Owen, s/o Owen Green, h/o Lerona Earle Green (Obit.)
Green, Sarah, aged 4 years, of Wheaton, IL, d/o Bob Green of Wheaton, IL (Obit.)
Green, Sylvester, Jr., (black), h/o Addie Green (Obit.)
Green, Thomas Galen, s/o Mrs. Ella Mae (Long) Green (Obit.)
Green, Thomas Lee, of Beedeville, AR, h/o Dovie Green (Obit.)
Green, Verlin, s/o Mr. & Mrs. John Green, visits parents (Article)
Green, Verlin Edward, s/o John J. Green, "Weds" (Article)
Green, Walter Hughes, h/o Ella Green (Obit.)
Green, Walter H., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Green, William Ernest, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Green, William Ernest, WW I Vet. (Obit.)
Green, Willie, (black) (Obit.)
Green, Willie Mae, (black). (Obit.)
Green, Zula Mae, w/o Eulin H. Green (Obit.)

Greene, Miss Heather Leigh, d/o Larry James Greene of Searcy, AR (Obit.)
Greene, Pauline, d/o John J. Greene of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)

Greenlee, Lawrence, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record

Greenwood, Ada, formerly of Cotton Plant, m/o Herman Greenwood & others (Obit.)

Greer, Annie, of Memphis, TN, aunt of Mrs. H. R. Williams of Augusta (Obit.)
Greer, Forrest A., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Greer, Forrest Albert, s/o Tom Greer (Obit.)
Greer, Maude M. (Thompson), w/o Thomas W. Greer (Obit.)
Greer, Thomas W., h/o Maude Greer (Obit.)

Greggs, John Amon Hartgraves, of Sugarland, TX, "Family united after 60 years" (Article)

Gregory, Helen (Picture Article with Rice Berkshire)
Gregory, Iris Limbird, w/o Richard E. "Dick" Gregory (Obit.)
Gregory, John, (black), WW I (Enlst. Record)
Gregory, Mary Noel, w/o William Natham Gregory (Obit.)
Gregory, Minor, of Augusta, Ar (Biog.)
Gregory, Noel K., s/o William N. Gregory, "Augusta Boy Claims Marion Bride" (Picture Article)
Gregory, Noel K., Jr., "Enters U.S. Air Force Pilot Training" (Picture Article)
Gregory, Richard, "Killed Tuesday In Truck Crash" (Obit.)
Gregory, Richard Don (Biog.)
Gregory, Richard Edward "Dick" (Obit.)
Gregory, Richard Thomas, h/o Mary Gregory (Obit.)
Gregory, School, (black) (Article)
Gregory, Stella M. (Miss), sis. of Mrs. Nora Crutchfield of Ruleville, MS (Obit.)
Gregory, Town Map showing buildings & owners
Gregory, Wm. N., "Two Accused Of Kidnaping Plead Guilty Tuesday" (Article)
Gregory, William Nathan Sr., h/o Mary Noel Gregory (Obit.)
Gregory, William Nathan Jr., s/o William N. Gregory (Obit.)
Gregory, Zachery, "Youths arrested" (Article)

Gretz, Tammy Lynn (Eaker), w/o Kevin R. Gretz (Picture Obit.)

Griffin, Bertie, of N. Little Rock, formerly of McCrory, w/o of D. A. Griffin (Obit.)
Griffin, Cecil H., s/o David Griffin, "Fair Oaks Boy Vies For Boxing Honors In Army" (Article)
Griffin, Cecil Herbert, of Austin, AR, bro. of Oscar Griffin of McCrory (Obit.)
Griffin, Cena/ Gena Cordella (Dacus), of Augusta, w/o Glenn S. Griffin (Obit.)
Griffin, Glenn Stanley, h/o Gena C. Griffin (Obit.)
Griffin, James, "McCrory Negro Killed Saturday In Auto Accident" (Obit.)
Griffin, Katherine Vogan, w/o Marvin Luther Griffin (Obit.)
Griffin, Larry Ardolph, h/o Linda Griffin (Picture Obit.)
Griffin, Leona E. (Anderson) Bolton, w/o Thomas J. Bolton; also w/o & S. R. Griffin (Obit.)
Griffin, Lewis & Cora (Picture)
Griffin, Marvin Luther, h/o Katherine Griffin (Obit.)
Griffin, Marvin Thad, h/o Eva Griffin (Picture Obit.)
Griffin, Mavis Cleo, d/o Oscar D. Griffin, "Weds" (Article)
Griffin, Nancy N. "Nannie" (Davis) Griffin-Henson, m/o Ross Griffin (Obit.)
Griffin, Oscar, s/o D. A. Griffin of N. Little Rock, "Missing In Action" (Picture Article)
Griffin, Oscar, "Sgt. Oscar Griffin Pushed Around By Nazis While Prisoner" (Article)
Griffin, Oscar, h/o Alma Griffin, "Sgt. Oscar Griffin Freed In Germany" (Picture Article)
Griffin, Oscar David, hus. of Alma L. Griffin (Obit.)
Griffin, Oscar E., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Griffin, Oscar E. (Biog.) (Obit.)
Griffin, Robert S., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Griffin, Rosco J. (James Rosco), h/o Beulah Frances Griffin (Obit.)
Griffin, Ross Anderson, h/o Virginia Griffin (Obit.)
Griffin, Virginia (Comer), w/o Ross Anderson Griffin (Obit.)
Griffin, William V. (Obit.)
Griffin, Miss Willie Mae, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Bill Griffin, "Weds" (Article)

Griffith, C. J. "Pop", of Little Rock, AR, native of Churchville, NY (Obit.)
Griffith, George C. (Obit.)

Griffiths, David G., Publisher of the Augusta Advocate, h/o Evelyn Griffiths (Obit.)

Griggers, Cyriel Lafayette, h/o Margaret Griggers (Obit.)
Griggers, George Lafayette, h/o Zola Griggers (Obit.)
Griggers, Lenola (King), w/o Loyd Griggers (Obit.)
Griggers, Loyd, h/o Lenola Griggers, p/o Richard Anthony Griggers (Obit.)
Griggers, Margaret Laverne (Harrison), d/o Arbie F. Harrison (Obit.)

Griggs, Clarence, h/o Minnie Griggs (Obit.)

Grigsby, Dr. E. O. Grigsby of Deview; A Civil War Surgeon (Family History)
Grigsby, Ruth Frances, w/o J. Harry Grigsby (Obit.)

Grimes, James M., f/o Atty. Mark Grimes of McCrory (Obit.)

Grisham, Cecil, bro. of Mrs. Ora Cossey of Augusta (Obit.)
Grisham, Charlie, h/o Millie Grisham (Obit.)
Grisham, Dorothy Ann, of Caldwell, St. Francis Co., AR, w/o Cecil Grisham (Obit.)
Grisham, Glen Overton, h/o Polly Faye Grisham (Obit.)
Grisham, Millie (Weaver), w/o Charlie Grisham (Obit.)
Grisham, Robert, s/o Charles Grisham, formerly of Fitzhugh, "Dies In Colorado" (Obit.)

Grissom, John Franklin (Obit.)
Grissom, Miss Mary Ann, d/o Alfred Grissom (Obit.)

Griswood, Mrs. Georgia, "Plumerville Woman, 92, Dies, Leaving 235 Descendants", w/o J. C. (Obit.)

Grogan, Ernest L., WW I (Enlist. Record)

Groom, Earl R. , s/o Rena Groom of Augusta (Obit.)
Groom, Rena I., m/o Mrs. Mildred Henderson of Augusta (Obit.)

Gross, Daisy Lenora (Bowers), w/o J. H. Gross (Obit.)
Gross, James Edward, s/o Mrs. J. S. Grafford, of Cotton Plant, "Weds" (Article)
Gross, James H. "Jim ", h/o Daisy Lenora Gross (Obit.)
Gross, Lola Willie, w/o Booker M. Berry (Picture & Story)
Gross, Ollie L., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Gross, Orville E., WW I (Enlist. Record)

Guarnett, Lawrence M., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Guarnett, Myron L., s/o Lawrence, "Hunter Boy Receives Silver Star Medal" (Article)

Gude, Rosie Virginia (Majors), of Oxford, Kansas, w/o James F. Gude (Obit.)

Guest, Martin Luther, Confederate Veteran (Family History)
Guest, Harry (Gregory school picture)
Guest, Kittie White, w/o Lee Guest (Obit.)
Guest, Martin Luther, (Picture)
Guest, Sarah "Sallie" Helen (Elliott), "Widow Of Old Confed. Vet. Celebrates Birthday" (Long Article)

Guinn, Cordia, w/o Fred J. Guinn (Obit.)
Guinn, Fred J. (James Fred), h/o Cordia Guinn (Obit.)
Guinn, Miss Vada Mae, d/o J. F. Guinn, "Augusta Girl Is July Bride" (Picture Article)

Guise, William Radford, of Parkdale, AR, s/o Henry W. Guise, "Weds" (Article)

Gullett, Augustus A., of Florida, "Cotton Gin Inventor, Dies" (Obit.)

Gullic, William Barnett Gullic, The Son of a Steamboat Captain (Family History)
Gullic, Miss Ada Mae, of Augusta, "Weds" (Article)
Gullic, Fred, h/o Mary Della Gullic (Obit.)
Gullic, Illma B., w/o William B. Gullic (Obit.)
Gullic, Mary Della (Robertson), w/o Fred Gullic (Obit.)
Gullic, Nancy Carolyn, d/o Wm. B. Gullic, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Gullick, Ellie, WW I (Enlist. Record)

Gunlock, Charles, f/o Martha Gunlock & William Gunlock (Obit.)

Gunn, Hyratious, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Gunn, Novella (Crutcher) Raymond, (black), w/o Charles R. Raymond & John H. Gunn (Obit.)

Gunter, Mary Faye Gunter, w/o Pete Imboden & Ralph Gunter, m/o Kitty Ann Eldridge (Obit.)

Guthrie, Mrs. George H., mother of Jenice F. Powell "Appreciated Letter" (Article)
Guthrie, George H., "In Hospital At Yesemite, Calif." (Picture Article)

Gutherie, George H., grandson of Mrs. Belle Woods of Hillemann, "Weds" (Article)

Guthrie, George H., Jr. - U.S. Navy - WW II (Picture Article)
Guthrie, Jonnie Beatrice, w/o O. L. "Jack" Peebles, & Frank A. Garner (Obit.)
Guthrie, Rebecca, d/o George Guthrie (Obit.)
Guthrie, Sharon Lynn, d/o James Guthrie (Picture Obit.)

Guym, William M., WW I (Enlist. Record)

Guyness, Luther Edward WW II, h/o Thelma Katy Guyness (Article)
Guyness, Luther Edward (Obit.)
Guyness, Miss Mable Lee, of Broken Arrow, OK (Obit.)

Gwin, Edward (Obit.)
Gwin, Luther, WW I (Enlist. Record)

Gwinn, Sally Katherine (Curbo) Anderson, w/o Vernon C. Anderson, & Mr. Gwinn (Obit.)


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