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Surnames "K"
Index for Names in
Woodruff County, Arkansas

Compiled by Gary Telford, P. O. Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010
501-724-2490, or email wgt@centurytel.net

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogist. Old pictures are priceless. Gathering this information has involved four years of research through old Woodruff County newspapers, preparing an index and filing all of it. Every effort is being made to preserve this important Woodruff County history.

The four years of research has involved searching through old newspapers of Woodruff County, Arkansas, to find obituaries, articles, weddings and pictures. Most of these have been copied on a commercial digital copier and are very good quality. Quite a bit of money and time was invested in this project, which is still in progress.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be sent by email. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. All are copied on heavyweight, 28 lb., bright white, acid free, archive safe, paper. There is a small fee to cover expenses, mailing, etc.

The papers name and the date it was published will be on each item. Any of these old "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook."

Remember: "A Family Tree can wither if no one tends it's roots." For more info. and a complete index on obituaries, weddings, pictures, and articles, see Parts 1-19 now posted on Woodruff County Website at rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ - Click on (Obits/Weddings) See also Surname Index.

Woodruff County Cemetery Records have been updated to present 2011 with all old and new burials and are available in a binder. Prices vary depending on size of cemetery. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

For a complete list of the Family History Books now available go to rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ Click on (Family History Books) New books are being published monthly. Contact me to see if a Family History Book is available for your family.

Many other Woodruff County Obituaries, Articles, Weddings & Pictures, 1930-2011, are available that have not been posted yet. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

Kahl, Louisa M. (Burial Record)

Kane, Dennis Francis, "Weds" (Article)

Kannard, Charles Milton, s/o Bertha Kannard, "Weds" (Article)

Kapers, Thomas, (black), U. S. Army WW II (Burial Record)

Kazzior, James, of Fair Oaks, h/o Mattie Kazzior (Obit.)
Kazzior, Mattie, w/o James Kazzior (Obit.)

Kearney, Elmo Wade, h/o Jennette Kearney (Obit.)
Kearney, Horace William, s/o Wade Hampton Kearney (Obit.)
Kearney, James Kimbrew, s/o Wade H. Kearney, h/o Mary Kearney (Obit.)
Kearney, Juanita, w/o Harry Edgar Kearney, Sr. (Obit.)
Kearney, Mary E., (black) (Burial Record)

Keath/Keith, Eva (Settle) (Obit.)
Keath, Everett Watterson "Watt", h/o Hester "Hethie" Keath (Obit.)
Keath, Mrs. Hester "Hethie" (Beard), w/o Everett Watterson "Watt" Keith (Obit.)
Keath, James Michael "Mike" (Burial Record)
Keath, Jeannette, d/o John Beard Keath (Picture Article)
Keath, John Beard, s/o Mrs. Watt Keath, of Howell, AR, "Weds" (Article) & (Picture Article)
Keath, John (Beard) (Obit.)
Keath, John Boling, CSA Vet., h/o Martha Muriel Keath (Burial Record)
Keath, John W., s/o Mrs. Martha S. Keath, "Completes Basic" (Picture Article)
Keath, Martha Muriel, w/o John Boling Keath (Burial Record)
Keath, Oda B. (Burial Record)
Keath, Samuel W. "Sam", s/o Everett Watterson "Watt" Keath (Obit.)
Keath, W. H. (Burial Record)

Keating, Family History - 1846 - 2009 - 5 Generations (Family History Book)
Keating, Alyssum "Sis" (Knight), w/o Buford Keating (Obit)
Keating, Betty, w/o Dr. Emmett Thompson (Obit.)
Keating, Buford (James Buford), "Weds" (Article)
Keating, Buford (James Buford), h/o Alyssum Keating (Burial Record)
Keating, Cary Judson, s/o W. M. Keating (Obit.)
Keating, Miss Corinne, d/o James Keating of McCrory, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Keating, Dorothy F., formerly of McCrory, d/o Robert B. Keating, w/o Mervyn Raymond (Obit.)
Keating, Miss Gretchen Doris, d/o James F. Keating, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Keating. James F., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Keating, James Freeman, formerly of McCrory, h/o Ruth Keating (Obit.)
Keating, James "Jim" W., s/o C. J. Keating (Obit.)
Keating, Jane Patricia, d/o Major Robert B. Keating, "Weds" (Lg. Article)
Keating, Joseph "Joe" T., s/o R. B. Keating, of McCrory, "Member Of Firm" (Article)
Keating, John Bruce, s/o Robert B. Keating, "Weds" (Article)
Keating, John Bruce, of VA, formerly of McCrory, s/o Maj. R. B. Keating (Obit.)
Keating, Joseph T., s/o R. B. Keating of McCrory, "Weds" (Picture of Bride)
Keating, Joyce Lea, w/o William F. Keating (Burial Record)
Keating, Lina Sue, d/o Buford Keating, "FFA Sweetheart" (Picture Article)
Keating, Lina Sue, d/o Buford Keating, "Engagement Announced" (Lg. Picture Article)
Keating, Lina Sue "Bitsy", d/o Buford Keating (Obit.)
Keating, Lloyd A., s/o Robert Bruce Keating, h/o Mary Beth Keating (Obit.)
Keating, Mary E., d/o William M. Keating (Burial Record)
Keating, Minnie (Barber) Thomas, w/o William J. Keating (Obit.)
Keating, Nora Frances, w/o Cary J. Keating (Obit.)
Keating, Peggy, d/o Robert Bruce Keating, "Weds" (Article 1943)
Keating, Peggy Rosemary, d/o Robert Bruce Keating, "Weds" (Article 1951)
Keating, Mrs. R. B., "Reappointed Roll Call Chairman" (Article)
Keating, Mrs. R. B., "McCrory Woman Entertained At White House Party" (Article)
Keating, Robert B., "Maj. R. B. Keating Receives Promotion" (Article)
Keating, Robert Bruce, h/o Ruth Keating (Obit.)
Keating, Romelia K., w/o William Marcellus Keating (Burial Record)
Keating, Mrs. Ruth B., "Honored With A Turkey Day Dinner" (Article)
Keating, Ruth (Proctor) Hagler, w/o James F. Keating (Obit.)
Keating, Ruth, w/o R. B. Keating, "Surprise Luncheon Honors Mrs. Keating" (Article)
Keating, Ruth, w/o Robert Bruce Keating (Obit.)
Keating, Terrance Katheree (Obit.)
Keating, William F., h/o Joyce Keating (Obit.)
Keating, William J., h/o Minnie Keating (Burial Record)
Keating, William Marcellus, s/o Thomas Freeman Keating (Obit.)

Keck, Cora Nell (Obit.)
Keck, Louis Ray, h/o Mary Bell Keck & Cora Keck (Burial Record)
Keck, Mary Bell, 1st. w/o Louis Ray Keck (Obit.)

Kedd, Cleo, "Weds" (Article)

Kee, Jess W., Sr. (Burial Record)

Keel, Mrs. Floyce (Hill), of Pontiac, Mich. (Obit.)

Keen, Jennie Lea (Baty), w/o J. C. Keen (Obit.)
Keen, Wanda Lee (Camp) Ladd, w/o Julius Ladd & Leon Keen of Tupelo (Obit.)

Keene, Aline Cecilia, d/o F.B. Keene (Burial Record)
Keene, E. L., "McCrory's First Editor Shoots Self, Dies" (Obit.)
Keene, Infant, Child of F.B. Keene (Burial Record)

Keeter, Ancel G., h/o Mary L. Keeter (Burial Record)
Keeter, Mary L., w/o Ancel G. Keeter (Burial Record)

Keeton. Edna Dorris, w/o Forrest Autho "Pat" Keeton (Obit.)
Keeton, Forrest Autho (Burial Record)

Keith, Dan (Burial Record)
Keith, Dora Mae, w/o James Elmer Keith (Obit.)
Keith, Earl (William Earl), s/o William F. Keith, "Weds" (Article)
Keith, Earl (William Earl), h/o Jessamine Keith (Obit.)
Keith, Elmer (james Elmer) of the Duffel community, "Weds" (Article)
Keith, Eva (Settle) (Obit.)
Keith, Everett Watterson, of Howell, AR, h/o Mrs. Hethie Keith (Obit.)
Keith, Hester "Hethie", w/o Everett W. Keith (Obit.)
Keith, J. B., Civil War Vet. (Burial Record)
Keith, J. B. Settle, h/o Martha W. Keith (Burial Record)
Keith, J. Elmer, s/o W. F. Keith, "Weds" (Article)
Keith, Jack, h/o Willie (Clark), "Observes Golden Wedding Anniversary" (Picture Article)
Keith, James Elmer, s/o Wm. F. Keith, h/o Dora Keith & Tempie Keith (Obit.)
Keith, Jessamine (Florence Jessamine), w/o Earl Keith (Obit.)
Keith, John Beard, s/o Mrs. Watt Keith, of Howell, "Weds" (Article) (Obit.)
Keith, John Lacey (Burial Record)
Keith, Martha W., w/o J. B. Keith (Burial Record)
Keith, Marvin E., of Hot Springs, AR, h/o Ruby Keith (Obit.)
Keith, Mildred F. (Burial Record)
Keith, Minnie L., w/o Wm. F. Keith (Obit.)
Keith, Wm. Earl, s/o W. F. Keith, "Three McCrory Boys Meet In Philippines" (Picture Article)
Keith, William Earl, s/o William Franklin Keith, h/o Jessamine Mitchell (Obit.)
Keith, W. F., Elmer, Lester, W. E. & Mamie, "Relatives Get Acquainted" (Picture Article)
Keith, William Franklin, s/o James Y. Keith & Mary Jane Keith (Picture Obit.)
Keith, Willie Clark, widow of Jack Keith (Obit.)
Keith, Sheila Joy McCall Keith, "A Lost Family United by Family Roots" (Family History)
Keith, William Franklin Keith Family, "United After 40 Years", Pictures included (Family History)

Kelch, Joyce Marie (Allgood), d/o Russell Allgood (Obit.)

Keley, Jerrry Lerence (Burial Record)

Keller, Clarence, Jr. (Obit.)
Keller, Mr. & Mrs. Elbert R., "Drowned", s/o A. Z. Keller of Newark (Obit.)
Keller, Eunice E. (Obit.)
Keller, Inez (Toby) Keller, w/o Clarence Keller, Sr. (Burial Record)
Keller, Sarah Melitia (Burial Record)

Kelley, Brooxie (McFadden), of Balch, w/o James S. Kelley (Obit.)
Kelley, Bud, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Kelley, James A., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Kelley, James J., h/o Mildred Kelley (Obit.)
Kelley, Maudie Velma (Blevins) (Obit.)
Kelley, Will J., WW I (Enlist. Record)

Kelly, Aunt Elizabeth Shelton, wife of Step (Ex-Slave) (Obit. 1935)
Kelly, John Carroll "Butch" (Burial Record)
Kelly, Larry Franklin, of Cross Co., AR (Obit.)
Kelly, Mrs. Margaret, of Wiville, AR, w/o Stephen Kelly (Obit.)
Kelly, Ruth Pearl (Burial Record)
Kelly, Shirley F. (Burial Record)
Kelly, William Jesse, U. S. Army WW I (Burial Record)

Kelsey, Erma (Rowland) (Obit.)
Kelsey, John Frederick, h/o Mary Charolotte Kelsey (Burial Record)
Kelsey, Louis E., brother of John, "Heart Attack Fatal To Brother In Fight" (Obit.)
Kelsey, Mary Charolotte, w/o John Frederick Kelsey (Obit.)
Kelsey, Nora E., w/o Reuben Elvin Kelsey (Burial Record)
Kelsey, Reuben Elvin, h/o Nora E. Kelsey (Burial Record)
Kelsey, Sammy Joe (Burial Record)

Kelsy, Annie Elizabeth Adams (Obit.)

Keltner, Mrs. William, formerly Kathleen Gardner, d/o Homer C. Gardner, "Married At Tupelo" (Picture Article)

Kendall, Evie Thedo "E. T.", (black), of Jonesboro, formerly of Gregory, h/o Germaine Kendall (Obit.)
Kendall, Naomi (Yancy), (black), w/o Dave Harl Kendall (Obit.)
Kendall, Yolanda Evette, (black), d/o Leroy Kendall, Sr. (Obit.)

Kendrick, Agather, (black) (Burial Record)
Kendrick, Anita (Danley), w/o Charley Mack Kendrick (Obit.)
Kendrick, Bettie E., (black), w/o Robert B. Kendrick (Burial Record)
Kendrick, Charley George, h/o Opal Lee Kendrick (Burial Record)
Kendrick, Iva/ Ida (Brown), (black), w/o Carren Kendrick (Obit.)
Kendrick, Joe, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Kendrick, Opal Lee, w/o Charley George Kendrick (Obit.)
Kendrick, Robert B., (black), h/o Bettie E. Kendrick (Burial Record)
Kendrick, Robert B., Sr. (black), of St. Louis, MO, h/o Lillian S. Kendrick (Picture Obit.)
Kendrick, Tyeressa Alice, (black) (Obit.)
Kendrick, Thurman A., "McCrory Soldier Returns By Plane" (Article)
Kendrick, Vonda Ruth, w/o Charley Mack Kendrick (Obit.)

Kennard, Agnes, aged 11 years (Burial Record)

Kennedy, Amanda, Died 1906 (Burial Record)
Kennedy, Balys Hall, "Mrs. Kennedy is Writers Digest Award Winner" (Article)
Kennedy, Balys Hall (Burial Record)
Kennedy, Clyde Gordon (Burial Record)
Kennedy, Danny B. (Burial Record)
Kennedy, Fletcher Gray, WW I (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Kennedy, Frank H., h/o Sammie Kennedy (Burial Record)
Kennedy, Franklin G., s/o F. G. Kennedy, "Cotton Plant Boy Flying Infantryman" (Article)
Kennedy, Franklin Gray, s/o Fletcher Gray Kennedy, h/o Julie Kennedy (Obit.)
Kennedy, George Reuben, Sr., (Burial Record)
Kennedy, George Rutledge, h/o Lydia Kennedy (Obit.)
Kennedy, Hubert E. (Burial Record)
Kennedy, Jack, "Former Resident Of Augusta Dies In Car Accident" (Obit.)
Kennedy, Joseph David, of Beebe, White Co., AR, (Former Slave Owner), (CSA) (Obit.)
Kennedy, Julie Marie, w/o Franklin Gray Kennedy (Obit.)
Kennedy, M. L., "McClelland man dies in accident", h/o Elaine Kennedy (Obit.)
Kennedy, Maria Lydia Coleman, w/o George R. Kennedy (Burial Record)
Kennedy, Mary, age 90, of Uniontown, near Van Buren, AR (Obit.)
Kennedy, Norman Edward (Burial Record)
Kennedy, Rickey Dale, s/o Reuben Kennedy, Jr. (Obit.)
Kennedy, Sam E., Died 1944 (Burial Record)
Kennedy, Sammie (Westmorland), former postmaster at Cotton Plant, w/o Frank H. Kennedy (Obit.)
Kennedy, Samuel Elliott, II (Burial Record)
Kennedy, Miss Thelma Marie, d/o George Kennedy of Hunter (Obit.)
Kennedy, Thomas, Died 1906 (Burial Record)
Kennedy, Vada, widow of Fletcher Gray "Gray" Kennedy (Obit.)
Kennedy, Mrs. W. B., mother of Mrs. Wade Sale & Mrs. W. N. Gregory (Obit.)
Kennedy, William "Bill" Wesley, of Patterson, AR, formerly of Earle, h/o Frances Kennedy (Obit.)

Kenner, Alma, w/o Turner Jeffries Fakes, Sr. (Obit.)
Kenner, Jerry Allan, h/o Bessie Kenner (Obit.)

Kennett, Ferdinand B., "Dies at Arkansas Confederate Home" (Obit.)

Kennon, Henry Lloyd, Sr., "Fairoaks man killed Monday", h/o Hazel Marie Kennon (Obit.)
Kennon, Henry Lloyd, Jr., s/o Henry L. Kennon, Sr. (Obit.)

Kent, Richard, (black), WW II Vet. (Burial Record)

Kepler, Ralph Irvin, "Weds" (Article)

Kerlee, Charles G., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Kerlee, Charles W., Died 1928, Pvt 1st U.S. Calvary (Burial Record)
Kerlee, Effie Pauline, d/o W. L. Kerlee (Burial Record)
Kerlee, William Lenard (Burial Record)

Kern, Maggie M. (Burial Record)

Kerr, Alma B. (Long), of CA (Obit.)
Kerr, Alma A., w/o William Glenn Kerr, Sr. (Obit.)
Kerr, Alva Glenn, h/o Annie Lee Kerr (Obit.)
Kerr, Annie Lee, w/o Alva G. Kerr (Obit.)
Kerr, Bobby Gene Kerr, Alva Glenn, h/o Annie Lee Kerr (Obit.)
Kerr, Carolyn Ann, d/o Glenn Kerr, "Engaged" (Picture Article)
Kerr, David DeWayne Kerr, Alva Glenn, h/o Annie Lee Kerr (Obit.)
Kerr, Elizabeth Yevonne, w/o Robert Glenn Kerr (Obit.)
Kerr, Mr. Glenn of Grays, "Weds" (Article)
Kerr, Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Kerr, Sr., "Family Reunion" (Article)
Kerr, Glenn Kerr, Jr., s/o Glenn Kerr, Sr. of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Kerr, Robert Howard, s/o Robert Glenn Kerr (Obit.)
Kerr, William Glenn (Burial Record)

Kersey, Dallas Olen, of Newport, AR (Obit.)

Kesinger, Fred, WW I (Enlist. Record)

Keton, Wanda Lee, "Weds" (Article)

Key, Andrew, h/o Daisy Key (Obit.)
Key. Andrew, his sons, Benny & Bobby Gene Key, "Sentenced At Augusta Court" (Article)
Key, Author Loyd, s/o Andrew Key (Burial Record)
Key, Cecile, w/o Clifton Ellis Key (Picture Obit.)
Key, Clifton Ellis, h/o Cecile Key (Obit.)
Key, Infant, Died 1918 (Burial Record)
Key, Infant, Died 1919 (Burial Record)
Key, Nattie Frances, w/o Robert Key (Obit.)
Key, Richard, s/o Clifton E. Key, "Wins Honors at Tech" (Picture Article)
Key, Richard, s/o Clifton E. Key, "Distinguished Military Student" (Picture Article)
Key, Richard Sanders, s/o Clifton Ellis Key (Obit.)
Key, Wm. Andrew, h/o Daisy Key (Obit.)

Kibler, Raleigh J., h/o Carrie Kibler (Obit.)

Kidd, Pfc. Doyle, s/o Joseph O. Kidd, "McClelland Soldier Wounded In Germany" (Picture Article)
Kidd, Fred Howard (Burial Record)
Kidd, Joseph Oscar, h/o Josephine Kidd (Burial Record)
Kidd, Josephine L., w/o Joseph Oscar Kidd (Obit.)
Kidd, Randy Shane, s/o Wayne Kidd (Obit.)
Kidd, Roy & J. O., "Father & Son Held For Killing Young Farmer" (Article)
Kidd, Ruby Mae (Burial Record)
Kidd, Steven Aaron, s/o Richard W. Kidd (Picture Obit.)

Kidwell, Dorothy Arlene, w/o Thurman E. Kidwell (Obit.)
Kidwell, Thurman Eugene, h/o Dorothy A. "Dottie" Kidwell of IL (Picture Obit.)

Kiestler, Ida Mae (Acton) (Obit.)

Kilbreath, Mary Treadwell (Burial Record)

Kilcrease, John C., WW I (Enlist. Record)

Kilgore, Mrs. Nannie of Detroit, formerly of Augusta, AR (Obit.)
Kilgore, William N. (Burial Record)

Killingsworth, Alice (Burial Record)
Killingsworth, Arthur, bro. of Henry Killingsworth & others (Obit.)
Killingsworth, Billy "Receives Promotion" - Matlock File (Article 6-26-1952)
Killingsworth, Billy, s/o J. H. Killingsworth, "To Wed" (Article) (Large Picture Article of couple)
Killingsworth, J. H., Jr., s/o J. H. Killingsworth, Sr. of McCrory, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Killingsworth, Mrs. J. H., Jr. (Betty Jean), "McCrory Bride" (Picture Article)
Killingsworth, John H., of Mountain City, TN, h/o Jean Killingsworth (Obit.)
Killingsworth, John Henry, Jr., "Files Formal Protest to Highway Department" (Article)
Killingsworth, John Henry, Sr., h/o Lula Allie Killingsworth (Obit.)
Killingsworth, John W. (Obit.)
Killingsworth, Lula A., w/o J. Henry Killingsworth (Burial Record)
Killingsworth, Matthew Todd, s/o Ricky Killingsworth (Picture Obit.)
Killingsworth, Nannie, w/o Arthur Killingsworth (Obit.)
Killingsworth, Paul Douglas, h/o Zelma Killingsworth (Obit.)
Killingsworth, Robert Lee, "McCrory Soldier Loses Everything in Korea Fighting" (Article)
Killingsworth, Robert Lee, "Reported Missing IN Korea Since Feb. 12" (Picture Article)
Killingsworth, Robert Lee, "Missing Soldier Reported Dead" (Article) (Obit.)
Killingsworth, Robert Lee, s/o John Henry Killingsworth (Picture Obit.)
Killingsworth, Zelma, w/o Paul D. Killingsworth (Burial Record)

Killman, Edna (Tarkington), of Little Rock (Obit.)

Kilpatrick, V. K., Jr., "Cotton Plant & Brinkley Men To Receive Awards for Heroism" (Article)

Kimbrell, Geraldine "Gerri" B, w/o James "Jim" Marion Kimbrell (Obit.)
Kimbrell, James "Jim" Marion, of Forrest City, h/o Gerri Kimbrell (Obit.)

Kinder, Della (Caldwell) (Obit.)
Kinder, Earl S., s/o Ed Kinder, h/o Ernestine Kinder (Obit.)
Kinder, Jewell Fern, w/o Morris C. Kinder (Obit.)
Kinder, Leland E., h/o Velma Kinder (Burial Record)
Kinder, Loretta, of Tuckerman, AR, w/o Charles Kinder (Obit.)
Kinder, Morris C., h/o Jewell Fern Kinder (Burial Record)
Kinder, Ramona Arline, d/o Othol Carl Kinder (Burial Record)
Kinder, Velma, w/o Leland E. Kinder (Obit.)

Kindlyn, Dave (Burial Record)

Kindrex, Brandy Lynn (Obit.)

King, Albert W., Jr., h/o Minnie Lee King, "Killed With Shotgun By Wife" (Obit.)
King, Alce, s/o John Franklin King, h/o Modine King (Burial Record)
King, Alfred O., s/o Paul David King, h/o Drenda King (Obit.)
King, Arabella (LPR)
King, Arkie, w/o Neal King (Obit.)
King, Bonnie Bell (Givens) Reeves, w/o Luther C. Reeves, Jr, & Paul T. King (Burial Record)
King, Cecil "Sonny", s/o Jake A. King (Burial Record)
King, Cleo T. (Burial Record)
King, Commadore "Kinky", Jr., h/o Dolores King (Obit.)
King, Curt Walker, (Burial Record) (Article, Memorial Service)
King, Curtis M., h/o Nell W. King (Burial Record)
King, Mrs. Dana Corbin, mother of Mrs. Ernest Cole of Gregory & others (Obit.)
King, Dave C. "D. C.", s/o David Crockett King, h/o Helen Evelyn King (Obit.)
King, David (James David), h/o June Ellen King (Obit.)
King, Delourse M., w/o Roger King (Obit.)
King, Derrick L. (Burial Record)
King, Dona (Caldonia "Dona"), w/o of J.F. King (Obit.)
King, Eddie Wayne, s/o Ruth Williams King (Obit.)
King, Elmer B., WW I (Enlist. Record)
King, Ellis Tharp, h/o Leila M. Tharp & Vada Tharp (Obit.)
King, Georgia (Burial Record)
King, Gracie Mae, w/o Julius King (Obit.)
King, Gussie Rosalie, w/o William Luther King (Obit.)
King, Harris Elton, s/o Paul King (Burial Record)
King, Helen Evelyn, w/o Dave C. "D. C." King (Obit.)
King, Helen Frances (Burial Record)
King, Jacob Earl "Jake", (Dr), s/o Curtis King (Picture Obit.)
King, Jake A., h/o Lona Mae King (Burial Record)
King, Jake A., Jr., h/o Martina King (Obit.)
King, James David, s/o Paul King (Obit.)
King, James Edgar, s/o John King, "One Of Best Citizens Funeral Held Sunday" (Obit.)
King, John Franklin, h/o Dona/ Dana King (Burial Record)
King, John Hampton "Hamp", h/o Oma Estell King (Obit.)
King, June Ellen, w/o David King (Burial Record)
King, Kathy/Cathy, d/o Leroy King, "Accidentally Killed Thur. Morning" (Article) & (Obit.)
King, Kathy McChell (Obit.)
King, Lance Elliott, s/o John Franklin King, h/o Mildred Venora "Nora" King (Obit.)
King, Lawrence B., f/o Mrs. Lover Finley of Little Rock, AR (Obit.)
King, Lelia M., w/o Ellis T. King (Obit.)
King, Lennie, w/o W. Luther King (Burial Record)
King, Leonard Bensen, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
King, Leroy, of Cotton Plant, s/o Paul King, h/o Sandra King (Obit.)
King, Leroy Thomas (Obit.)
King, Lillian Ruth (Burial Record)
King, Lona Mae, w/o Jake A. King (Obit.)
King, Mary, d/o Mrs. Hamp King, "Thorn Passes Through Child's Foot" (Article)
King, Mary Frances (Lee) (Burial Record)
King, Mary Hamp, d/o Hamp King of Hillemann, "Weds" (Article)
King, Mary Hamp, d/o Hamp King, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
King, Mary Catherine, of Carlisle, Lonoke Co., AR, w/o Thomas Oscar King (Obit.)
King, Mavis, d/o D. C. King, "Weds" (Article)
King, Mrs. Minnie Lee, w/o Albert King, Jr., "Woman, Held For Murder, Takes Poison" (Article)
King, Minnie Lee, w/o Albert, "Wife Found Guilty In Slaying of Husband" (Article)
King, Nancy, of Cotton Plant, sis. of Mrs. Vadia Barker of Brinkley (Obit.)
King, Neal, h/o Arkie King (Burial Record)
King, Nell W., w/o Curtis M. King (Obit.)
King, Oma Estell, w/o John Hampton King (Obit.)
King, Paul David, s/o Wm. L. King, h/o Mary Elizabeth King (Obit.)
King, Paul Thomas, s/o George W. King, h/o Peggy Lois King, & Bonnie King (Obit.)
King, Peggy Lucille, w/o Robert C. King (Obit.)
King, Robert Franklin, Jr., s/o Robert Franklin King, Sr. (Obit.)
King, Robert F., "Man charged with assault", in alleged shooting of Mrs. Jesse Alford (Article)
King, Robert Franklin, Sr. (Burial Record)
King, Roger Eldon, s/o Roy King, Sr., h/o Marie King (Obit.), in fold
King, Rose Catherine (Burial Record)
King, Sam, Died 1956 (Burial Record)
King, Samuel Jacob, "Dies in house fire", s/o Calvin King (Obit.)
King, Miss Tolise, d/o John E. King, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
King, Tom Franklin, s/o Julius King of Des Arc (Obit.)
King, Thomas Oscar, s/o Charles King, h/o Lenore Virgina King & Mary Catherine King (Obit.)
King, W. Luther, h/o Lennie King (Burial Record)
King, Wilburn Lee, h/o Mary Patricia King (Burial Record)
King, Willard Franklin (Burial Record)
King, William Albert, f/o Willard King & others (Obit.)
King, William H., s/o William H. King, Sr., "Shot by an unknown person through a window" (Burial Record)
King, Wilma Inez, of Boliver, TN, w/o Harvey Clyde King (Picture Obit.)
King, William Luther, h/o Gussie Rosalie King (Obit.)
King, William Luther, Sr., s/o Paul David King, h/o Frances Ruth King (Obit.)
King, Willie, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Kinney, Edgar, WW I (Enlist. Record)

Kinniard, Tom I., h/o Lou Chappell Kinniard, & Nellie (Vaulner) Garner-Kinniard (Obit.)

Kinney, Mrs. William Elbridge (Nannie L. Ward, d/o Shed Smith) "Recent Arkansas Bride" (Picture Article)

Kinsey, Andrew Lee, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Kinsey, Andrew Lee, WW I, h/o Stella Kinsey, & Leila Mae Kinsey (Obit.)
Kinsey, Beatrice (Burial Record)
Kinsey, Herman Edward, s/o A. L. Kinsey, h/o Peggy Kinsey (Obit.)
Kinsey, Lelia Mae, 2nd w/o Andrew Lee Kinsey (Burial Record)
Kinsey, Nellie Belle (Burial Record)
Kinsey, Stella, 1st w/o Andrew Lee Kinsey (Burial Record)
Kinsey, Virginia "Pat", w/o William A. Kinsey (Obit.)
Kinsey, William Andrew "Bill", h/o Beatrice Kinsey & Pat Elam Brown Kinsey (Obit.)

Kirby, Billy Joe, s/o Elmo Kirby of Augusta, "Wounded In Vietnam Action" (Article)
Kirby, Connie Lou (Turner) (Burial Record)
Kirby, Edna (LPR)
Kirby, Elmo T., h/o Ollie Mae Kirby (Picture Obit.)
Kirby, Henry Hudson, s/o Dr. Henry Vance Kirby, h/o Lao Thy Ha Kirby (Obit.)
Kirby, Ollie Mae, w/o Elmo T. Kirby (Picture Obit.)
Kirby, Valaria, of Augusta, m/o Elmo Kirby of Augusta & others (Obit.)

Kirk, Harry (Burial Record)
Kirk, Mrs. Oda (Burial Record)
Kirk, Walter, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Kirk, Walter L. (Burial Record)

Kirkendall, George W., WW I (Enlist. Record)

Kirkland, Boyd O. (Burial Record)

Kirkpatrick, Herbert A., Jr. (Burial Record)

Kirksey, George Ed, formerly of McCrory, h/o Mrs. Ronnie Barnett Kirksey (Obit.)
Kirksey, John F., of Thayer, MO, formerly of McCrory & Little Rock, h/o Ada Kirksey (Obit.)
Kirksey, Lanora Belle, w/o George Butcher & Walter Kirksey (Obit.)
Kirksey, Walter, h/o Lanora Belle Kirksey (Burial Record)

Kiser, Edna C. (Collier), d/o Andrew Jackson "Jack" Collier, w/o Dorsey W. Kiser (Obit.)

Kissinger, Amanda P., w/o Christen W. Kissinger (Obit.)
Kissinger, Arthur M., h/o Lillian M. Kissinger (Obit.)
Kissinger, Aubrey, w/o Odie Kissinger (Burial Record)
Kissinger, Bobby Mac, of Memphis, TN, formerly of Augusta, h/o Nancy A. Kissinger (Obit.)
Kissinger, Christen W., h/o Amanda P. Kissinger (Burial Record)
Kissinger, Clarence (Burial Record)
Kissinger, Erleen (Georgia Erleen), w/o Pernell Kenneth Kissinger (Obit.)
Kissinger, Janice, w/o Rudean Kissinger, "Mrs. Kissinger is county clerk candidate" (Picture)
Kissinger, John Wilburn, WW II (Burial Record)
Kissinger, Johnny Curtis (Burial Record)
Kissinger, Lena (Burial Record)
Kissinger, Lillian "Lou" Margenra, w/o Arthur M. Kissinger (Large Picture Biog.) (Picture Obit.)
Kissinger, Odis, h/o Aubrey Kissinger (Burial Record)
Kissinger, Pernell Kenneth, h/o Erleen Kissinger (Obit.)
Kissinger, Walter Calvin, bro. of Arthur & Pernell Kissinger & others (Obit.)

Kitchens, Coy Garthell "Bud", of West Memphis, formerly of Hunter, h/o Annie Kitchens (Obit.)

Kittler, Kevin Denton, of Carlisle, s/o Kenneth Kittler of Carlisle (Obit.)

Kittrell, Adelia (Huenefeld) (Picture Obit.)
Kittrell, Annie E. (Burial Record)
Kittrell, Bethel, s/o John Kittrell (Burial Record)
Kittrell, Betty Ann, d/o J. B. Kittrell, "Top Ranking At Augusta High School" (Picture Article)
Kittrell, Charles Minor, s/o John B. Kittrell, "Honor Graduates Of Augusta High School" (Article)
Kittrell, Charles Minor, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Kittrell, Charles Minor (Obit.)
Kittrell, Cora Stacy, w/o Dr. Earle Linwood Kittrell (Obit.)
Kittrell, Earle Linwood (Dr.), h/o Cora Kittrell (Burial Record)
Kittrell, F. Hannibal (Obit.)
Kittrell, Francis H., h/o Mary Adelaide Kittrell (Obit.)
Kittrell, Hannibal, s/o John Kittrell (Burial Record)
Kittrell, Harrison C., Sr. (black) (Obit.)
Kittrell, Helen, d/o John Kittrell (Burial Record)
Kittrell, John Benjamin, h/o Mary W. Kittrell (Burial Record)
Kittrell, John Benjamin "Benny" (II), "August's Leaders" (Picture Article)
Kittrell, John Benjamin III (Large Picture Obit.)
Kittrell, John Benjamin Sr., h/o Adelia Clara Kittrell (Obit.)
Kittrell, John OĠDell (Burial Record)
Kittrell, Mary Adelaide (Burial Record)
Kittrell, Mary, w/o J.B. Kittell (Burial Record)
Kittrell, Priscilla, m/o Roland Kittrell & others (Obit.)
Kittrell, Roland, s/o Priscilla Kittrell (Obit.)
Kittrell, Samuel J. (Burial Record)
Kittrell, Sidney Shuh (Burial Record)
Kittrell, Thomas Earl, s/o Priscilla Kittrell, h/o Melba Kittrell (Obit.)
Kittrell, Virginia Conner, d/o Dr. E. L. Conner, Weds" (Article)

Kizzlar, J. D., d/o J. J. Kizzlar (Burial Record)

Klepper, Nancy Ross (Burial Record)

Kloss, Blanche (Burial Record)
Kloss, Grover Henry, f/o W. G. Kloss of Springdale & others (Obit.)
Kloss, Ray, of Cotton Plant, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Kloss, W.G., h/o Willie Mae Kloss (Burial Record)
Kloss, Willie Mae, w/o W.G. Kloss (Burial Record)

Knight, Alyssum, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Knight, "Weds" (Article)
Knight, Annie E., Died 1937 (Burial Record)
Knight, Annie E. (Henderson) (Burial Record)
Knight, Annie E., w/o T.S. Knight (Burial Record)
Knight, Annie M., w/o Charles S. Knight (Burial Record)
Knight, Benny Keith, s/o Willard Warren Knight (Obit.)
Knight, Billy Wayne, S1 U. S. Navy WW II (Biog.)
Knight, Charles Andrew, s/o Charles Stillmann Knight, h/o Jewell Knight (Obit.)
Knight, Charles A., Jr., s/o Charles A. Knight, Sr., "Reported Wounded" (Article)
Knight, Charles Allen, s/o Jewell Knight, h/o Alice Knight (Biog.) (Obit.)
Knight, Charles Stillmann, h/o Annie Knight (Obit.)
Knight, Cora Lee, w/o Samuel Wesley Knight (Burial Record)
Knight, Daniel Ellis, s/o Sam Knight (Obit.)
Knight, Daniel Ellis, s/o Samuel Wesley Knight, h/o Dolly Knight (Obit.)
Knight, Diana (Obit.)
Knight, Elmer, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Knight, Euna Faye, w/oWillard W. Knight (Obit.)
Knight, Miss Fannie, of Hillemann, "Weds" (Article)
Knight, Gladys, w/o C. J. Knight (Obit.)
Knight, Fred Burpee, b/o Mrs. Jim Raymond (Obit.)
Knight, James Elvis, s/o S. W. Knight, "With The Marines" (Picture Article)
Knight, James W. (Burial Record)
Knight, Jewell, w/o Charlie Andrew Knight-- (Picture) (Burial Record)
Knight, Laura Nicole (Burial Record)
Knight, Lewis C. (Burial Record)
Knight, Martha (Burial Record)
Knight, Mary E. (Burial Record)
Knight, Milburn Maxwell "Max", h/o Faye Dell Knight (Biog.) (Picture Obit.)
Knight, Paul M., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Knight, Paul M., of Kensett, White Co., AR, bro. of Mrs. Annie Raymond of McCrory (Obit.)
Knight, Sam Wesley, h/o Cora Lee Knight & Unknown (Obit.)
Knight, Suzanne Marie, w/o Mark Knight (Picture Obit.)
Knight, Thomas S. (Burial Record)
Knight, Willard W., h/o Euna Faye Knight (Burial Record)

Knox, Rev. Alfred, Methodist, "Promoted To Captain" (Picture Article)
Knox, Rev. Alfred, Methodist, "Promoted To Major" (Article)
Knox, W. M., Child of H. Knox & J. Knox (Burial Record)
Knox, Willie (Burial Record)

Knowles, Essie (Burial Record)

Koberlein, Marie Sophie, d/o William Koberlein, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Koberlein, Mrs. Marie, of Pine Bluff, mother of Mrs. Robert William Fore of McCrory & others (Obit.)
Koberlein, Mr. William, of Pine Bluff, father of Mrs. Robert Fore of McCrory (Obit.)
Koberlin, Michael O., s/o Mrs. William Koberlin, of Pine Bluff, "Weds" (Article)

Koch, Emma Christine, w/o Joseph Peter Koch (Obit.)
Koch, W. J. (Burial Record)

Koepp, Mrs. Ella B., of Perryville, MO, "Killed in car accident" (Obit.)

Koon, Clyde, "McCrory School Superintendent Turns Down College Offer" (Article)
Koon, Clyde, "County Director" (Picture Article)
Koon, Clyde, "Appointed To N. E. A. Committee" (Picture Article)
Koon, Clyde Hurlston, of Sheridan, AR, h/o Thelma Koon (Obit.)
Koon, Norman, s/o Clyde H. Koon, "Names 1956 Valedictorian At Harrisburg" (Picture Article)

Koors, Frank B., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Koors, John Robert - Died 1922 (Burial Record)

Kornbaum, Elizabeth T., w/o E. R. Kornbaum (Burial Record)

Kornbloom, Mrs. Harry, of Evansville, IN, w/o Harry Kornbloom (Obit.)

Kornegay, Clovis, w/o James A. Kornegay (Obit.)
Kornegay, James A., h/o Clovis Kornegay (Burial Record)
Kornegay, Mrs. Mary L., of Augusta, "Killed In Car Accident in California" (Obit.)

Kouster, J. H., of McCrory, "Weds" (Short Article)

Kuhlman, Joe L., of Detroit, Mich., h/o Maurene Raymond, "Dies of Heart Attack" (Obit.)
Kuhlman, Maurine (Raymond), sis. of Miss Velma Rose Raymond (Picture Article)

Kuhn, Family History - 1801 - 2009 - 7 Generations - (Family History Book)
Kuhn, George Washington - Pennsylvania to Arkansas - (Family History)
Kuhn, Charles Kuhn, "Acquitted Of Murder Charge At Augusta" (Article)
Kuhn, Charles Edward, Sr., h/o Dorothy Dell Kuhn (Obit.)
Kuhn, Clinton, "Fourth Grade at Laura Conner School" (Group Picture)
Kuhn, Clinton Martin, h/o Winnie Kuhn (Obit.)
Kuhn, Dorothy Dell, w/o Charles Edward Kuhn, Sr. (Burial Record)
Kuhn, Elmer Ray, "Augusta Youth Was Killed by an Auto At Searcy Friday" (Obit.)
Kuhn, Faye, d/o Clinton Martin Kuhn, "Weds" (Article)
Kuhn, George W. (Obit.)
Kuhn, James Robert "Bobby", Sr. (Grave Marker Photo)
Kuhn, James Robert "Bobby", Jr., h/o Clara Frances Kuhn (Burial Record)
Kuhn, Mae E., w/o Melvin Kuhn (Obit.)
Kuhn, Melvin, h/o Mae Eloise Kuhn (Obit.)
Kuhn, Winnie H., w/o Clinton Martin Kuhn (Obit.)

Kunust, Benny, age 42, of Fair Oaks, "Hurt In Fair Oaks Wreck" (Article)

Kurowskey, Tom, of Fair Oaks, AR, siblings lived in St. Louis, MO (Obit.)

Kurowski, Annie Lucy, w/o Bernard Thomas Kurowski of St. Louis, MO (Obit.)
Kurowski, Bernard Thomas, h/o Annie Lucy Kurowski (Obit.)

Kuykendall, Lavada, w/o Allen Kuykendall (Obit.)

Kyle, Kyle Family - 1809 - 2009 - 7 Generations (Family History Book)
Kyle, Arthur (Burial Record)
Kyle, Blanch L. (Burial Record)
Kyle, Cleo Sue (Looney), w/o Lewis Kyle (Obit.)
Kyle, Cora Lee, w/o William Bartlett Kyle (Obit.)
Kyle, Cordie, w/o J. F. Kyle (Obit.)
Kyle, Earleaer (Turner), (black) (Obit.)
Kyle, Elwood, "New ASC Chairman for Woodruff County" (Article)
Kyle, Elwood, h/o Louise Kyle (Picture Obit.)
Kyle, Family Heirlooms (Article)
Kyle, Frances Louise, w/o Herman Kyle (Obit.)
Kyle, Gladys Nadean, w/o Herman Kyle (Burial Record)
Kyle, Herman, h/o Gladys Nadean Kyle & Frances Louise Kyle (Burial Record)
Kyle, J. F., h/o Cordie Kyle (Burial Record)
Kyle, John, h/o Mickey Kathryn Kyle (Obit.)
Kyle, Joey, s/o John Kyle, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Kyle, Lena Louise, w/o Elwood "Slim" Kyle (Picture) (Picture Obit.)
Kyle, Lewis, h/o Cleo Sue Kyle (Obit.)
Kyle, Luna "Lunnie" Blanch, w/o Sam J. Kyle (Obit.) (Picture Obit.)
Kyle, Melonie L., d/o Elwood Kyle (Obit.)
Kyle, Milton "Banty", h/o Thelma M. Kyle (Obit.)
Kyle, Peggy Sue, d/o Elwood Kyle, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Kyle, Sam J., h/o Luna "Lunnie" Blanch Kyle (Obit.)
Kyle, Sammy Edward, "Dies Friday in accident", s/o John Kyle (Obit.)
Kyle, Thelma Mae, w/o Milton Kyle (Obit.)
Kyle, William "Willie" Bartlett, hus. of Cora Lee Kyle (Obit.)
Kyle, Mr. & Mrs. William B., "Kyle Family Heirlooms", (Article)
Kyle, Will H., of McCrory, father of Archie Kyle (Obit.)

Kynion, Joseph, WW I (Enlist. Record)

Kyser, Mamie Lou, w/o Joseph R. Kyser (Obit.)


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