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Surnames "N"
Index for Names in
Woodruff County, Arkansas

Compiled by Gary Telford, P. O. Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010
501-724-2490, or email wgt@centurytel.net

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogist. Old pictures are priceless. Gathering this information has involved four years of research through old Woodruff County newspapers, preparing an index and filing all of it. Every effort is being made to preserve this important Woodruff County history.

The four years of research has involved searching through old newspapers of Woodruff County, Arkansas, to find obituaries, articles, weddings and pictures. Most of these have been copied on a commercial digital copier and are very good quality. Quite a bit of money and time was invested in this project, which is still in progress.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be sent by email. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. All are copied on heavyweight, 28 lb., bright white, acid free, archive safe, paper. There is a small fee to cover expenses, mailing, etc.

The papers name and the date it was published will be on each item. Any of these old "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook."

Remember: "A Family Tree can wither if no one tends it's roots." For more info. and a complete index on obituaries, weddings, pictures, and articles, see Parts 1-19 now posted on Woodruff County Website at rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ - Click on (Obits/Weddings)
See also Surname Index.

Woodruff County Cemetery Records have been updated to present 2012 with all old and new burials and are available in a binder. Prices vary depending on size of cemetery. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

For a complete list of the Family History Books now available go to rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ Click on (Family History Books)
New books are being published monthly. Contact me to see if a Family History Book is available for your family.

Many other Woodruff County Obituaries, Articles, Weddings & Pictures, 1930-2012, are available that have not been posted yet. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

(LPR) - Loose Probate Records 1862 1900, transcribed by Marion Stark Craig, MD
(Burial Record) - List birth date, death date, & cemetery
(Obit.) - Obituary Available
(Picture Obit.) - Available
(Article) - Available
(Picture Article) - Available
(Wedding Article) - Available
(Licensed to Wed) Announcement
(Marriage) Announcement
(Marriage Records) List date, name, age, county, book & page number
(Picture Wedding Article) - Available
(Marriage Certificate) - Copy Available
(Biog.) - Biography Available
(Civil War Record) - Available
(Civil War Battles) - by Gary Telford (Story)
(Enlist. Record) - WW I enlistment record available
(Family History) - Available
(Family History Book) - Available
(Grave Marker Photo) - Available
(Story) - Available, most by Gary Telford

The following abbreviations have been used where space requires;
h/o--husband of
w/o--wife of
m/o--mother of
f/o--father of
d/o--daughter of
s/o--son of
b/o--brother of
sis. of--sister of
DS--on double stone (grave marker)
TS--on triple stone (grave marker)

Nabors, (Marriage Records) all female

Naegle, Charles Patrick, of Cotton Plant, h/o Anna Naegle (Obit.)

Nail, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Nail, Nail-Chadwick Family History - 1825 2011 8 Generations (Family History Book)
Nail, Alma Frances, DS with Floyd Nail (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Nail, Beatrice, DS with Millus Elmer Nail (Burial Record)
Nail, Betty Ann, "Senior Of The Week" (Picture Article)
Nail, Betty Ann (Nail) Heath (Obit.)
Nail, Charley Robert, DS with Elmyra L. Nail (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Nail, Elmyra L., DS with Charley R. Nail (Marker Photo) (Burial Record)
Nail, Floyd Fleming, DS with Alma Nail (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Nail, Jerry, s/o Floyd F. Nail, "To Enter Training at Sheppard AFB, Tex." (Picture Article)
Nail, Jerry, s/o Floyd F. Nail, "Completes Training At Sheppard AFB" (Article)
Nail, Jocylen Louise (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Nail, Leo (Burial Record)
Nail, Lily Beatrice, of Biscoe, AR, formerly of Whitehall, w/o Elmer Nail (Marker Photo) (Burial Record)
Nail, Lonnie Wilson (Marker Photo) (Burial Record)
Nail, Millous Elmer, DS Beatrice Nail (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Nail, Millous Leon (Marker Photo) (Burial Record)
Nail, Naymond A., DS with Ora Lucy Nail (Marker Photo) (Burial Record)
Nail, Ora Lucy, of Cotton Plant, w/o Naymond A. Nail (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Nail, Travis, of Brinkley, s/o Jerry Nail & Barbara Nail (Obit.)

Nails, (Marriage Records) all female

Nalley, (Marriage Records) all female

Nally, Ruth, DS with William L. Nally (Burial Record)
Nally, William L., DS with Ruth Nally (Enlist. Record) (Burial Record)

Nalvin, (Marriage Records) all female

Namon, (Marriage Records) all female

Nance, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Nance, Mrs. A. (Obit.)
Nance, Authur Jake, of Michigan, h/o Lula Mae Nance (Article) (Obit.)
Nance, Bobby, h/o Norma Jean Nance (Obit.)
Nance, Bryan (Newton Bryan), of Tupelo, AR, s/o W. N. Nance (Obit.)
Nance, Callie Allene, w/o Leonard Turner Nance (Burial Record) (Picture of couple) (Marker Photo)
Nance, David Joshua (Judge), h/o Maggie Nance (Obit.)
Nance, David Joshua, Jr., s/o David Joshua (Judge) Nance, h/o Fran Nance (Obit.)
Nance, Effie, of Beedeville, m/o L. F. Nance of Beedeville (Obit.)
Nance, Col. Elza Brown, a native of Beedeville, AR, d. Texas (Obit.).
Nance, Frank, (black) (LPR)
Nance, Jenny L. (Marker Photo) (Burial Record)
Nance, Leonard Turner, h/o Callie Allene Nance (Burial Record) (Picture of couple) (Marker Photo)
Nance, Lula Mae, w/o Arthur Jake Nance (Burial Record)
Nance, Maria (Feigl), w/o Wallace Noel Nance (Marker Photo) (Burial Record)
Nance, Mrs. Mary D., formerly of Grubbs, m/o Newt Nance & others (Obit.)
Nance, Mattie, of Beedeville, w/o William Newton Nance (Obit.)
Nance, Paul Newton (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Nance, Phillip, h/o Sheila Nance (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Nance, Sheila, w/o Phillip Nance (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Nance, Wallace Noel, of Beedeville, h/o Maria (Feigl) Nance (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Nance, William Albert, h/o Elizabeth A. Nance (Obit.)
Nance, William Newton, of Beedeville, survived by wife, sons, & daughters (Obit.)

Napper, Dr. George S., "Opens Office In McCrory" (Article)
Napper, Dr. George S. "Called Into Service" (Picture Article)
Napper, Mrs. George S. & two children, "Will Join Dr. Napper in Japan" (Picture Article)

Nans, Bertis Lee (Burial Record)

Nargton, (Marriage Records) all female

Narrow, (Marriage Records) all female

Narrows, (Marriage Records) all female

Nash, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Nash, Alice (Burial Record)
Nash, Alive, (Burial Record)
Nash, Alvin Lee (Burial Record) (Grave Marker Photo)
Nash, Arthur P. (Obit.)
Nash, Eddie (black) (Burial Record)
Nash, Infant (Burial Record)
Nash, James A., of Augusta (Obit.)
Nash, James Ford (Burial Record)
Nash, Jimmie D. (Burial Record)
Nash, John (Burial Record)
Nash, Justin Dwight, s/o Curtis Nash (Obit.)
Nash, Mary E. (Burial Record)
Nash, Maudie Katheren, DS with W. A. Nash (Obit.)
Nash, Minnie D. (Burial Record)
Nash, Thomas "Tom" (Obit.)
Nash, Troy Elmer (Burial Record)
Nash, V. L., h/o Betty Nash (Obit.)
Nash, Vincie Lee, of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Nash, Ms. Vincie Lee (Burial Record)
Nash, Whitney, Tommie, & Willie (black) - No dates (Burial Record)
Nash, Wm. Alvin, h/o Maude Nash (Obit.)

Nathan, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Nathan, Harry, of Miami, FL, formerly of Cotton Plant & Memphis (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Nathan, Sol, of Cotton Plant, h/o Mildred Nathan (Obit.)

Nathaniel, (Marriage Records) all female

Nations, (Marriage Records) all female

Navens, Agatha Frances (Chaney) Navens (Burial Record)
Navens, George F., of Pulaski Co., AR (Burial Record)
Navens, George L., h/o Coseliam Ann "Cordie" Navens (Obit.)
Navens, George S., "Cotton Plant Man Hurt In Accident" (Article)

Naves, (Marriage Records) all female

Naylor, W. M. (Marriage Record)

Neace, Brian, s/o Phillip Neace (Obit.)

Neagle, (Marriage Records) all female
Neagle, Anna Herman, w/o Charles P. Neagle (Obit.)
Neagle, Charles Patrick, h/o Anna Neagle (Obit.)
Neagle, Eula (Burial Record)
Neagle, Ruth, w/o Earl Neagle (Obit.)

Neagles, Laurah (Burial Record)

Neal, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Neal, Alice (Colley), (black), w/o William Neal (Obit.)
Neal, Allen, of Lonoke, formerly of Cotton Plant, Korean War Vet., h/o Bessie Neal (Obit.)
Neal, Anderson, Sr., (black) (Burial Record)
Neal, Bessie Mae, DS with Preston Ray Neal (Obit.)
Neal, Betty Lou (Burial Record)
Neal, Callie L. (Burial Record)
Neal, Charlie C., of Pumpkin Bend, h/o Effie Neal (Obit.)
Neal, Charles A., h/o Electa Neal (Obit.)
Neal, Earnest, (black) (Obit.)
Neal, Edward Aaron "Pete", h/o Lorraine Neal (Obit.)
Neal, Effie Mae (Hand) Taylor (Obit.)
Neal, Emma Ree, (black), DS with Freddie Neal (Obit.)
Neal, Frances Adeline (LPR)
Neal, Freddie, (black), DS with Emma Ree Neal (Burial Record)
Neal, Gertie Lee, (black) (Obit.)
Neal, Gracie S., (black) (Burial Record)
Neal, Gregory Joe, s/o Rev. Joe Neal, Jr. (Obit.), in fold
Neal, Hattie, (black) (Burial Record)
Neal, Dr. J. B., h/o Lillie A. Neal (Burial Record)
Neal, James, (black), DS with Gloria Neal (Obit.)
Neal, James Robert "Bob", of Fair Oaks, h/o Willia Neal (Obit.)
Neal, James Thomas "Tom", h/o Lizzie A. Hutchingson (Article)
Neal, Jesse Burley, (black), s/o Hurie Neal, Sr. (Picture Obit.)
Neal, Jessie, (black) (Burial Record)
Neal, Jimmy D., (black), s/o James Neal & Gloria Neal (Obit.)
Neal, John W., of DeWitt, h/o Florence Neal (Obit.)
Neal, Pfc. Lawrence, "Serving In Honshu Japan" (Article)
Neal, Pfc. Lawrence, s/o Oscar Neal of McCrory, "Serving In Hachinohe, Japan" (Article)
Neal, Pfc. Lawrence F., "Pfc. Lawrence Neal With 7th Infantry Division In Japan" (Article)
Neal, Pfc. Lawrence F., "Serving In Japan" (Article)
Neal, Pfc. Lawrence F., "With Eighth Army In Hachinohe, Japan" (Article)
Neal, Cpl. Lawrence F., "Cpl. Lawrence Neal Is Awarded Combat Infantryman's Badge" (Article)
Neal, Lawrence Franklin, Jr., s/o Lawrence F. Neal, h/o Judy Carol Neal (Obit.)
Neal, Lawrence Franklin Sr., DS with Rachel F. Neal (Obit.)
Neal, Lemains, (black) (Burial Record)
Neal, Lillie A., w/o Dr. J.B. Neal (Burial Record)
Neal, Lorraine, DS with E. A. "Pete" Neal (Burial Record)
Neal, Lucy Ann, widow of Jesse Grodes Neal (Obit.)
Neal, Luther James, "Shot in left leg by wife, Lillie Neal" (Article)
Neal, Manervia, DS with Oscar L. Neal (Burial Record)
Neal, Mary, (black) - April 19, 1887 (Burial Record)
Neal, Oscar, "Community Reporter", for Morton (Picture Biog.)
Neal, Oscar Lewis, h/o Manervia Neal (Picture Article) (Obit.)
Neal, Oscar Lewis, "Morton Cross Tie Buyer" (Family History
Neal, Parthena, (black) (Burial Record)
Neal, Robert, h/o Mary Lou Neal (Obit.)
Neal, Ruby E, of Athens, TX, d/o Preston Ray Neal (Obit.)
Neal, Sharron Kay (Burial Record)
Neal, Thomas S., (Burial Record)
Neal, Tobe, (black) (Burial Record)

Nearn, Karen Ann (Emery), TS with Tammye Jane Ayres & Scarlett Jean Emery (Burial Record)

Neate, (Marriage Records) all female

Neavors, (Marriage Records) all female

Neblett, (Marriage Records) all female

Need, (Marriage Records) all female

Needham, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Needham, Earl Dee, h/o Eleanor Pearl Needham (Obit.)
Needham, Edgar "Chase", s/o Edgar Needham (Picture Obit.)
Needham, Floyd Dewayne, h/o Janie Needham (Obit.)
Needham, Julie Fay, DS with William Delvin Needham (Obit.)
Needham, William Delvin, DS with Julie Fay Needham (Burial Record)

Neel, Mrs. Lula (Davis), d/o Thomas Jefferson Davis (Obit.)

Neeley, (Marriage Records) all female

Neely, (Marriage Records) all male
Neely, Alta Elizabeth, d/o John W. "Bill" Neely "Graduates" (Article)
Neely, Miss Alta, d/o J. W. Neely, married (Article)
Neely, Cassie C., w/o J. W. Neely (Burial Record)
Neely, Mrs. G. W. (Janis M.) (Burial Record) (Article In Memory)
Neely, George W., of Patterson, h/o J. M. Neely (Obit.)
Neely, Joseph B. (LPR)
Neely, J. M., w/o George W. Neely (Burial Record)
Neely, John Wm., h/o Daisy Neely, "Former Woodruff Citizen Died Tuesday" (Obit.)
Neely, Mamey, d/o George W. Neely & J. M. Neely (Burial Record)
Neely, Mollie (Burial Record)
Neely, Nannie (Burial Record)
Neely, Pauline, d/o J.W. Neely (Burial Record)

Neighbors, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Neighbors, Henderson, (black), of Little Rock, a native of Augusta, s/o Minor Neighbors (Obit.)

Neighbours, William J., h/o Jane Neighbours, p/o Fuitta Neighbours & Frances Neighbours (LPR)

Neil, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Neill, (Marriage Records) all female

Neldon, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Neldon, Alexander Ray Smith (Burial Record)
Neldon, Ben Franklin, s/o Herman H. Neldon, h/o Barbara Neldon (Picture Obit.)
Neldon, Bonnie, DS with Carson F. Neldon (Burial Record)
Neldon, Carson F., DS with Bonnie Neldon (Burial Record)
Neldon, Ester Joyce, d/o Herman Neldon & Gladys Ester Neldon (Burial Record)
Neldon, George Harrison, h/o Nellie Neldon, "Gregory Man Killed Friday By Falling Tree" (Obit.)
Neldon, Gladys Ester, DS with Herman H. Neldon (Obit.)
Neldon, Herman H., h/o Minnie Lee Neldon & Gladys Ester Neldon (Burial Record)
Neldon, Herman Loyce (Burial Record)
Neldon, Johnny, s/o Lester Neldon & Ruby Neldon (Obit.)
Neldon, Minnie Lee, w/o Herman Neldon (Obit.)
Neldon, Nellie J., DS with George Neldon (Burial Record)
Neldon, Ray, of McCrory, "Injured In Crash Near Dumas" (Article)
Neldon, Thelma Jean, w/o Aaron Neldon (Obit.)

Nell, Johnnie, a tow boat, purchased by M. L. Lockhart and Ripley Thompson (Article)

Nellums, (Marriage Records) all male

Nelms, Mrs. D. B., "Dies at Arkansas Confederate Home" (Obit.)
Nelms, Thomas P., h/o Julia Nelms (Obit.)

Nelson, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Nelson, Bernice, (black), DS with Isaac Nelson (Obit.)
Nelson, Boyce Wayne (Burial Record)
Nelson, Carl M. (Enlist. Record) (Burial Record)
Nelson, Chris (Burial Record)
Nelson, Chris, of Denmark, h/o Josephine Nelson (Picture of couple & home)
Nelson, Christian, h/o Elizabeth R. Nelson, p/o Jossie, Katie, & Christiana Nelson (LPR)
Nelson, Rev. Edgar J., aged 36, of CA, formerly of McCrory, h/o Dalphea Nelson (Obit.)
Nelson, Edwin Leonard, DS with Lucy R. Nelson (Article) (Obit.)
Nelson, Elizabeth (Burial Record)
Nelson, Ernest (Enlist. Record)
Nelson, Essie M., DS with John H. Nelson (Burial Record)
Nelson, Ethel V., w/o Moody Nelson (Obit.)
Nelson, Ethel, w/o James Nelson (Obit.)
Nelson, Gary Wayne, (black) (Picture Obit.)
Nelson, Miss Helen, of Little Rock, sis. of Mrs. A. J. Hyatt, married (Article)
Nelson, Infant, d/o Hubert Nelson (Obit.)
Nelson, Irene Thelma, w/o Hubert Charles Nelson (Obit.)
Nelson, J. C. (Jess C.) (Obit.)
Nelson, James F. (Burial Record)
Nelson, James Franklin, h/o Winnie Ethel Nelson (Burial Record)
Nelson, Jess C. "J.C." (Obit.)
Nelson, John C. (Burial Record)
Nelson, John D. (Burial Record)
Nelson, John H., DS with Essie M. Nelson (Burial Record)
Nelson, John Henry (Burial Record)
Nelson, Johnnie Ruth, d/o Hubert Charles Nelson & Irene Thelma Nelson (Burial Record)
Nelson, Kevin Lewis, s/o Ralph Cook & Virginia (Nelson) Bush (Burial Record)
Nelson, Leonard, "New Business Firm For McCrory" - Junior File (Article)
Nelson, Lola Lee, d/o Pearl Nelson, married (Article)
Nelson, Miss Lola Lee, d/o Mrs. Pearlie Moore, married (Article)
Nelson, Miss Louise, d/o Mr. Leonard Nelson, "Awarded a Certificate of Honor" (Article)
Nelson, Miss Louise, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Nelson, married (Article)
Nelson, Miss Lucille, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Nelson, married (Article)
Nelson, Lucy R., DS with Edwin Leonard Nelson (Burial Record)
Nelson, Margaret Louise, d/o Mr. &. Mrs. Edwin Leonard Nelson, married (Article)
Nelson, Marvin A. (Enlist. Record)
Nelson, Michael Leonard, of Newport Richey, FL, s/o Gary Nelson (Obit.)
Nelson, Moody, h/o Ethel Virginia Nelson (Obit.)
Nelson, Nora Lou (Burial Record)
Nelson, Peggy, d/o Hubert Nelson of McCrory, married (Picture Article)
Nelson, Robert B., b/o Leonard Nelson of Augusta (Obit.)
Nelson, Robert T. (Burial Record)
Nelson, Robert Terry, DS with Ruby L. Nelson (Obit. in fold)
Nelson, Ruby Lee, DS with Robert T. Nelson (Obit.)
Nelson, Sallie O., widow of Robert T. Nelson (Obit.)
Nelson, Sarah J. (Burial Record)
Nelson, School (Article)
Nelson, Sopheia (Burial Record)
Nelson, W.C. (Burial Record)
Nelson, Winnie Ethel (Payne) Rhyan-Nelson-Maher (Burial Record)

Nenn, (Marriage Records) all male

Nepolian, (Marriage Records) all female

Nesbet, (Marriage Records) all male

Nesbey, (Marriage Records) all female

Nesbit, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Nesbit, H. D. (LPR)
Nesbit, R. H. (LPR)

Nesby, (Marriage Records) all female

Nesler, (Marriage Records) all male

Nesmith, (Marriage Records) all female

Netherland, (Marriage Records) all male

Netidire, (Marriage Records) all female

Neubaum, Ruby Mae, w/o Lawrence "Duck" Boyster & Henry "Hank" Neubaum (Obit.)

Neuhaus, (Marriage Records) all male
Neuhaus, Donald Henry, h/o Inas Neuhaus (Picture Obit.)
Neuhaus, Henry C., DS with Ona E. Neuhaus (Obit.)
Neuhaus, Ona E., DS with Harry C. Neuhaus (Obit.)

Neuman, Clyde B., of DeValls Bluff, s/o Rebecca McFarland of Russell, AR (Obit.)

Nevels, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Nevels, Annie Sue, (black) - d/o Archie Nevels of Augusta (Obit.)
Nevels, Archie, (black) (Burial Record)
Nevels, Charles, Jr., h/o Leatrice Nevels & Daisy Nevels (Obit.)
Nevels, Deborah Ann, (black) (Burial Record)
Nevels, Dorothy Mae (Morris), (black) (Obit.)
Nevels, Hazel Lee, (black), DS with Jessie Nevels (Obit.)
Nevels, J. C. (black), h/o Mary Nevels (Obit.)
Nevels, Jada T., (black), infant d/o Phillip Nevels (Obit.)
Nevels, Jimmy, (black) of Gregory, "Three Killed in Auto Accident Near Augusta" (Obit.)
Nevels, (black) (Enlist. Record)
Nevels,Tina LaFay, (black) (Obit.)

Nevils, (Marriage Records) all male

Nevins, W. M., of Fair Oaks (Obit.)

New, (Marriage Records) all male & female
New, Clara M. (Burial Record)
New, Rosemary, "Beedeville woman hit by car, dies", wife of Danny New (Obit.)
New, Willy Lavada (Wallis), w/o Walter T. New (Obit.)

Newben, (Marriage Records) all male

Newberry, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Newberry, Mrs. Vashti, w/o Mat Campbell & Mr. Newberry (Obit.)

Newborn, (Marriage Records) all male

Newburn, (Marriage Records) all female

Newby, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Newby, Lois Lucille, w/o Thomas Wm. Burnett, & Walter L. Newby (Obit.)
Newby, Pallie (Thompson), of Brinkley, m/o Betty Newby of Brinkley & others (Obit.)
Newby, Walter L. (Obit.)

Newell, (Marriage Records) all female

Newhouse, (Marriage Records) all male & female

NewKir, Orville O., h/o Reba, "McClelland Soldier At Miami Beach, Fla." (Article)

Newkirk, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Newkirk, William Martin, bro. of Ed Newkirk of Augusta, & others (Obit.)

Newlin, (Marriage Records) all female
Newlin, Anna Eliza (Burial Record)
Newlin, Thomas J. (Burial Record)

Newman, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Newman, Blanche E. (LPR)
Newman, Blanche H., married a Andrews (Burial Record)
Newman, Charles E. (LPR)
Newman, Dorcas S. (Obit.)
Newman, Evelina, (black) (Obit.)
Newman, G. E. (Burial Record)
Newman, G. W. (Burial Record)
Newman, Joseph (LPR)
Newman, Josiah (LPR)
Newman, Mary G. (LPR)
Newman, Mary Ollie (LPR)
Newman, Rachel, w/o Richard B. Jones & George W. Maberry (Burial Record)
Newman, Samuel, h/o Mary L. Newman (LPR)

Newmon, (Marriage Records) all female
Newmon, Josiah, d. 4-19-1877, h/o Mary (Bently) Newmon (LPR)
Newmon, Mary (Bently) Newmon later married D. M. Burns (LPR)

Newnum, William, s/o Mrs. Henry McFarlin of Gregory, "Weds" (Article)

Newrum, (Marriage Records) all male

Newsom, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Newsom, Hanna Dorinda, of McFadden, w/o Charlie Newsom (Obit.)

Newtin, (Marriage Records) all male

Newton, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Newton, Elizabeth, death date only listed (Burial Record)
Newton, Ethel Dale (Burial Record)
Newton, Frank, age 25, "Killed when buried beneath grain in grain bin" (Article)
Newton, J. Chesley (LPR)
Newton, Mary Ann (Obit.)
Newton, Mildred, of Pine Bluff, AR, d/o Lee A. Jones, w/o Carl Edward Newton (Obit.)
Newton, Milton Johnson, of Cabot, AR, h/oSusan Frances Newton (Obit.)
Newton, Susan Frances, w/o Milton Johnson Newton (Obit.)
Newton, William L. (Enlist. Record)

Neuhaus, (Marriage Records) all female

Neyman, (Marriage Records) all male
Neyman, Herbert, of Bay, AR, h/o Lynia Neyman (Obit.)

Niblet, John (LPR)

Niblett, (Marriage Records) all female

Nicholas, (Marriage Records) all male
Nicholas, Ira, of Blytheville, AR, h/o Monnie Sue Nicholas (Obit.)
Nicholas, Monnie Sue, w/o Ira Nicholas (Obit.)

Nichols, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Nichols, Bernice, w/o Fred E. Nichols (Obit.)
Nichols, Claud, h/o Mabel Nichols (Obit.)
Nichols, Dood (Enlist. Record)
Nichols, Ester, (black) (Enlist. Record)
Nichols, Frances A. (Burial Record)
Nichols, Fred E., h/o Bernice Nichols (Burial Record)
Nichols, Gladys C., DS with John S. Nichols Sr. (Burial Record)
Nichols, Glynn Herral, WWII, DS with Louise W. Nichols (Article) (Obit.)
Nichols, Harold G., WW II (Article)
Nichols, Herral "Glynn", WW II, h/o Louise Nichols (Burial Record)
Nichols, Hollis Don. WW II Vet. Arkansas (Burial Record)
Nichols, James H. (Enlist. Record)
Nichols, James S. (Burial Record)
Nichols, John S., Jr. (Burial Record)
Nichols, John S., Sr., DS with Gladys C. Nichols (Burial Record)
Nichols, John Smith (Enlist. Record)
Nichols, Leo Rex, of Detroit, Mich., h/o Cornelia Nichols, formerly of McCrory (Obit.)
Nichols, Louise W., DS with Glynn Herral Nichols (Obit.)
Nichols, Lydia Maxine (Hubbard) (Obit.)
Nichols, Shirley Fay, d/o James S. Nichols (Obit.)
Nichols, Solomon, (black) (Enlist. Record)
Nichols, Wallace W., WW I (Obit.)
Nichols, William James (Obit.)
Nichols, Willie O'Neil (Picture Obit.)

Nicholson, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Nicholson, Ernestine Faye, w/o Robert E. Nicholson (Obit.)
Nicholson, L. Velma, DS with P. Mitchell Nicholson (Obit.) (Picture)
Nicholson, Leonard Levie, DS with Lida/Linda Nicholson (Obit.)
Nicholson, Lida/ Linda, DS with Leonard L. Nicholson (Burial Record)
Nicholson, Lloyd E., Sr., WWII - DS with Minnie L. Nicholson (Obit.), in fold
Nicholson, Louetta, DS with R.C. "Tip" Nicholson (Burial Record)
Nicholson, Minnie L., DS with Lloyd E. Nicholson, Sr (Burial Record)
Nicholson, P. Mitchell, DS with L. Velma Nicholson (Burial Record)
Nicholson, Pearl A, w/o Walter Paden Nicholson (Obit.)
Nicholson, Ray B., h/o Elizabeth J. Nicholson, "At Naval Training Station, Norfolk, VA". (Article)
Nicholson, Ray Booker, WW II (Burial Record)
Nicholson, Robert Clifton "Tip", DS with Louetta (Lewetta) Nicholson (Obit.)
Nicholson, Robert E., WW II, DS with E. Faye Nicholson (Burial Record)
Nicholson, Walter Paden (Burial Record)
Nicholson, William Prentiss, Sr., of Cherry Valley, AR, h/o Juanita Nicholson (Obit.)

Nick, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Nickel, Lawrence L., of N. Little Rock, h/o Johnnie (Dodson) Nickel (Obit.)

Nickens, (Marriage Records) all male

Nickerson, (Marriage Records) all female

Nickles, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Nickson, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Niemeyer, Miss Marguerite, married (Wedding Article)

Nier, (Marriage Records) all male

Nigars, (Marriage Records) all female

Nigger Head Corner (Article)

Nimmicht, (Marriage Records) all male

Nimnicht, Frank, of Wyoming, married (Article)

Nims, (Marriage Records) all female

Nitzert, Katie Katherine (Burial Record)

Nix, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Nix, Delta Hall, s/o J. D. Nix & Lonia Nix (Burial Record)
Nix, James David, h/o Lonia Nix, of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Nixon, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Nixon, Alice Lacy (Burial Record)

Noah, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Nober, (Marriage Records) all female

Noble, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Noch, (Marriage Records) all female

Noel, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Noel, Losker, (black) (Enlist. Record)

Nofzinger, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Nofzinger, Dan, DM with Mrs. Dan Nofzinger (Burial Record)
Nofzinger, Mrs. Dan, DM wife of Dan Nofzinger (Obit.)
Nofzinger, Dellie Leo, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Dan Nofzinger, hus. of Edith Delta Nofzinger (Burial Record)
Nofzinger, Gearldine & Katheline Nofzinger, children of Dellie L. & Edith Delta Nofzinger (Burial Record)
Nofzinger, Mrs. Dellie, Juanita, "Five Generations Of Hunter Family" (Picture Article)

Nokes, (Marriage Records) all female

Nolan, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Noland, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Nolen, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Nolen, Israel (LPR)
Nolen, James (LPR)
Nolen, Josephean (LPR)
Nolen, Kerain N. (LPR)
Nolen, Lettie Anne, w/o Stephen A. Nolen (Biog.) (Obit.) (Civil War Pension)
Nolen, Marget (LPR)
Nolen, McNary T. (LPR)
Nolen, P. J. (LPR)
Nolen, Parmeanas J. (LPR)
Nolen, Riley Stone (LPR)
Nolen, Stephen A., CSA, h/o Lettie Anne Nolen, "In memory of" (Article) (Burial Record)
Nolen, Stephen A. (LPR)

Nolon, (Marriage Records) all male

Nonan, (Marriage Records) all female

Noneiter, (Marriage Records) all male

Nord, (Marriage Records) all male

Nordman, Miss Margaret (Gamel), d/o Clyde Gamel, married (Article) Recent Bride (Picture Article)

Norfleet, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Norland, (Marriage Records) all male

Norman, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Norman, Jessie J. (Picture) (Enlist. Record)
Norman, Miss Martha, of Searcy, "Preside At F. H. A. Meeting" (Picture Article)

Norred, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Norred, Owen William, s/o O.W. Norred (Article)

Norris, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Norris, Elsie, married (Article)
Norris, Mrs. G. B., death date only (Burial Record)
Norris, Pearl (Young) Perrin, of McCrory, w/o Oscar Perrin, & Jim Norris (Obit.)

North, (Marriage Records) all male & female
North, Sylvester (Burial Record)

Northcut, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Northcut, Ramona, d/o A. G. Northcut, of Hillemann, married (Article)

Northcutt, (Marriage Records) all female
Northcutt, Charley P. (Burial Record)

Northweather, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Norton, Laura, w/o Perry Norton (Obit.)

Norvell, Emily Athale, formerly of Augusta, AR, s/o Mrs. Virginia Walden of Marianna (Obit.)

Norviel, (Marriage Records) all female
Norviel, Beatrice M., w/o Lewin Estle "L.E." Norviel (Obit.)
Norviel, Carl Chester, WW II, h/o Faye Norviel (Obit.)
Norviel, Dan (Burial Record)
Norviel, Elise P., DS with Willis J. Norviel (Obit.)
Norviel, Lewin Estle "L.E.", h/o Beatrice M. Norviel (Burial Record)

Norwin, (Marriage Records) all male

Norwood, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Norwood, Bobbye Jean (Burial Record)
Norwood, Carol Louise, d/o Sidney B. Norwood (Obit.)
Norwood, Claude (George Claude) (Obit.)
Norwood, Fannie Ora, w/o Jacob Sidney Norwood (Obit.)
Norwood, Mr. Fay, married (Marriage Certificate)
Norwood, Mrs. Fay, "Mother Saved By Small Child" (Article)
Norwood, Fay E., "Norwood Relatives Appear On Television In New York Tuesday" (Article)
Norwood, Ira Quinton, h/o Zona M. Norwood (Burial Record)
Norwood, Mr. J. S. & Brooks Norwood, "Norwood Family Reunion Sunday" (Article)
Norwood, Jacob Sidney, h/o Fannie Norwood (Obit.)
Norwood, Kenneth Dewayne, s/o Albert Norwood (Picture Obit.)
Norwood, Louise (Reeves), "Ask Re-election As Treasurer" (Picture Article)
Norwood, Louise, "Mrs. Brooks Norwood Named President of District 6 Auxiliary" (Picture Article)
Norwood, Louise (Reeves), "Ask Re-Election As Treasurer" (Picture Article)
Norwood, Lucian, "Brother Of J. Sid Norwood Is Dead", h/o Ethel Norwood (Obit.)
Norwood, Sidney B., s/o J. S. Norwood, "Bronze Star Medal Awarded" (Article)
Norwood, Sidney Brooks, s/o J. S. Norwood, married (Marriage Certificate) (Wedding Article)
Norwood, Sidney Brooks, h/o Louise Reeves (Picture Obit.)
Norwood, Vail D. (Burial Record)

Nosler, Robert George & others, "Five killed in accident near Brinkley" (Obit.)

Nott, Patricia Ann (Ashburn), d/o Frank Leroy Ashburn (Obit.)

Novak, Jason P., s/o Margaret Elliot of McCrory, to marry (Picture Article)

Nowlin, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Nowlin, Mrs. Mary, w/o Paul Bates Nowlin (Obit.)
Nowlin, Paul Bates, h/o Mary Nowlin (Obit.)

Nowling, Sam, (black) (Enlist. Record)

Nuckatts, (Marriage Records) all male

Nuckles, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Nuckowls, (Marriage Records) all male

Nuesom, (Marriage Records) all female

Nuin, (Marriage Records) all female

Nunley, Laura Mavis, w/o Walter Nunley (Obit.)

Nunn, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Nunn, Bob, a negro, "Two Gin Employes Of Cotton Plant Severely Burned" (Article)
Nunn, E. J. Pierce, (black) (Enlist. Record)
Nunn, J. C. W., of Bells, TN, grandfather of Dora Ellen Fraser "Funeral Rites Held" (Obit.)
Nunn, Orel (Burial Record)
Nunn, Ossie, Jr., s/o Mrs. Henretta Nunn of Cotton Plant, "Completes Training" (Article)
Nunn, Vernella, d/o Robert Nunn and Lula Nunn (Burial Record)

Nunns, (Marriage Records) all male

Nye, (Marriage Records) all male


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