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Surnames "B"
Index for Names in
Woodruff County, Arkansas

Compiled by Gary Telford, P. O. Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010
501-724-2490, or email wgt@centurytel.net

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogist. Old pictures are priceless. Gathering this information has involved four years of research through old Woodruff County newspapers, preparing an index and filing all of it. Every effort is being made to preserve this important Woodruff County history.

The four years of research has involved searching through old newspapers of Woodruff County, Arkansas, to find obituaries, articles, weddings and pictures. Most of these have been copied on a commercial digital copier and are very good quality. Quite a bit of money and time was invested in this project, which is still in progress.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be sent by email. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. All are copied on heavyweight, 28 lb., bright white, acid free, archive safe, paper. There is a small fee to cover expenses, mailing, etc.

The papers name and the date it was published will be on each item. Any of these old "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook."

Remember: "A Family Tree can wither if no one tends it's roots." For more info. and a complete index on obituaries, weddings, pictures, and articles, see Parts 1-19 now posted on Woodruff County Website at rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ - Click on (Obits/Weddings) See also Surname Index.

Woodruff County Cemetery Records have been updated to present 2011 with all old and new burials and are available in a binder. Prices vary depending on size of cemetery. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

For a complete list of the Family History Books now available go to rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ Click on (Family History Books) New books are being published monthly. Contact me to see if a Family History Book is available for your family.

Many other Woodruff County Obituaries, Articles, Weddings & Pictures, 1930-2010, are available that have not been posted yet. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

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The following abbreviations have been used where space requires;
h/o--husband of
w/o--wife of
m/o--mother of
f/o--father of
d/o--daughter of
s/o--son of
b/o--brother of
sis. of--sister of

B & B Railroad, History of (Article)
Babb, Grace Agnes (Obit.)
Babb, Jimmie, s/o John Babb (Obit.)
Babb, John Houston, s/o Jim Babb (Obit.)
Babb, Mary Jane, w/o J. H. Babb (Obit.)
Babbs, Errol Dewayne, s/o J. C. Babbs, Sr, of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.), in fold
Baber, James C., Jr. (Article)
Backus, Lula Luvenia (Obit.)
Bacon, Jessie Lee (Obit.)
Bacon, John Daniel, age 2 months (Obit.)

Bacus, William Jesse, h/o Ella Bacus (Obit.)

Bagby, Etoile (Obit.)
Bagby, Leander M., William, & Ginneth? Bagby - (LPR)

Bagwell, Fannie (O'Shields) (Obit.)
Bagwell, Ollie, of Augusta, "Licensed to Wed" (Announcement)
Bagwell, Pearl (O'Shields) (Obit.)

Bailey, Mrs. Ada, w/o Robert W. Bailey (Obit.)
Bailey, Arie Armenta (Cummings), w/o Rufus W. Bailey (Obit.)
Bailey, Carl Edward, former governer, of Little Rock (Obit.)
Bailey, Charles Ray, s/o Rufus Bailey (Obit.)
Bailey, Charlotte Ann, aged 18 months, d/o Charles Bailey (Obit.)
Bailey, Jackie Conrad, s/o Irvin Bailey (Obit.)
Bailey, James Henry, (black) (Obit.)
Bailey, Jimmy Wayne, of Cotton Plant, AR, "Licensed to Wed" (Article)
Bailey, Katie W., w/o Irvin Bailey (Obit.)
Bailey, Martha "Aunt Mat" (Harper), widow of Jim Bailey (Obit.)
Bailey, Mitchell Lee, s/o Tony Bailey (Obit.)
Bailey, Ora Mae (Foster), w/o Welborn Bailey (Obit.)
Bailey, Rufus Woodrow, h/o Armeta Bailey (Obit.)
Bailey, Walley Joe, s/o Rufus W. Bailey (Obit.)

Bain, Annie, aged 84 (Obit.)

Baker, Erasmus Franklin - 1710 - 2010 - 11 Generations (Family History Book)
Baker, Avanell (Hardcastle), w/o Isaac T. Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Bessie M. (Dunn) Blevins (Obit.)
Baker, Miss Bonnie, age 18, d/o W. E. Baker (Wedding Article)
Baker, Calvin C., of Bald Knob, AR, h/o Alma J. Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Chester C., h/o Ida W. Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Clyde William (Obit.)
Baker, Curtis Owen, h/o Ollie Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Edgar Lee, Sr. (Picture of couple) (Obit.)
Baker, Edgar Lee, Jr. "Aboard USS Cowell" (Article)
Baker, Edra Lee (Ramer) (Obit.)
Baker, Erasmus (William Erasmus "Raz"), "Golden Wedding Anniversary" (Article)
Baker, Erasmus (William Erasmus "Raz") (Obit.)
Baker, Eugene Clarence, h/o Amanda Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Eva (Chaney), w/o Charles J. Baker (Obit.)
Baker, George C., h/o Nannie J. Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Gladys (Holder), w/o Gilbert Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Harold Wayne, h/o Peggy Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Hugh D., h/o Julia Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Issac Talton, h/o Avanell Baker (Obit.)
Baker, James Kenneth, h/o Lucy Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Jennie Elizabeth (Baker), w/o William E. Baker (Article) (Obit.)
Baker, Jessie Virginia (Block), w/o Roy Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Justin Dale, s/o Edgar L. Baker, Jr. (Obit.)
Baker, Daniel Joe, grandson of Joseph "Joe" C. Baker (Picture)
Baker, John "Johnnie" M. (Obit.)
Baker, Joseph "Joe", "Former McCrorian Buys Texaco Co." (Article)
Baker, Joseph "Joe", "Seeks re-election to council" (Picture Article)
Baker, Joseph "Joe", "Catches limit of trout every day" (Picture Article)
Baker, Mrs. Lela Alice, of Patterson, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Baker, Lena V. (Jacobs), w/o Edgar L. Baker (Picture of couple) (Obit.)
Baker, Lloyd Baker, s/o Edgar Baker, married Augie F. (Picture Article)
Baker, Marguitta, of Phoenix, AZ, w/o Orval Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Mary Sue, d/o Isaac T. Baker, "Girls Stater" (Picture Article)
Baker, Mary Sue, d/o Isaac T. Baker, "Wins Third Place" (Picture Article)
Baker, Miss Maxine, d/o Thurman Baker, "Selected as Queen" (Picture-Article)
Baker, Mrs. Nannie Janes, w/o George C. Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Nora Pauline, of Tupelo, w/o Wiley Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Miss Peggy Ruth, formerly of McCrory, d/o Paul Baker (Wedding Announcement)
Baker, Miss Peggy Ruth, formerly of McCrory, d/o Paul Baker (Picture Wedding)
Baker, Ross Maguire, s/o Calvin Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Sarah Grace, d/o David Baker (Picture Obit.)
Baker, Thomas (Obit.)
Baker, Thurman L., of CA, s/o William Erasmus "Raz" Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Mrs. Vernie Bernice (Haney), w/o Roy L. Baker (Obit.)
Baker, Mr. & Mrs. W. E., of Searcy, "Wedded 58 Years" (Article)
Baker, William Erasmus "Raz" (Article)
Baker, William Erasmus "Raz", w/o Jennie E. Baker (Obit.)
Baker, William Hugh "Buster", h/o Roxie Baker (Obit.)

Balch, Stacy Leigh, d/o Kenny Balch (Obit.)

Baldwin, George William, h/o Pansy J. (Slocum) Baldwin (Obit.)
Baldwin, Pansy J. (Slocum), w/o George Baldwin (Obit.)

Bales, John Benjamin F., of Batesville, AR, h/o Margaret M. Bales (Obit.)

Ball, Annie Gertrude (Johnson), w/o Howard Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Miss Annie Ruth, d/o Howard Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Arnie Michael, h/o Donna Sue Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Arthur Carl, son of Arthur & Jennie Ball (Picture Obit.)
Ball, Barbara Ann, d/o Howard Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Cpl. Barney, s/o Neal Ball, "Serving In Italy" (Picture Article)
Ball, Barney Cebern, h/o Eloise W. Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Bonnie Mabel (Estes), w/o Elton E. Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Catherine S. (Grimes), w/o Neuman Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Miss Clonnie, d/o James W. Ball, "Weds" (Article)
Ball, Miss Connie, d/o H. L. Ball, "Now With Leader Force" (Article)
Ball, Miss Connie, d/o H. L. Ball, "Weds" (Article)
Ball, Miss Connie, d/o H. L. Ball, "Shower For Bride" (Article)
Ball, Corbie Eudora, d/o Mrs. Florence Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Miss Corrinne, d/o Lester Ball, "Weds" (Article)
Ball, David Samuel, h/o Lendia Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Elton Ensley "Bud", Jr., U.S. Air Force (Picture Article)
Ball, Elton Ensley "Bud", Jr. (Obit.)
Ball, Florellea, age 2 years, d/o Arthur Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Florence Pairlee, w/o Jess Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Florence Mary (Stader), w/o John W. Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Franklin Newton, h/o Geneva "Gennie" Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Florence Pairlee, w/o Jess Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Miss Hazel, "Weds" (Article)
Ball, Howard Leilon, h/o Annie Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Howard Luther, h/o Mattie Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Miss Iris, d/o H. L. Ball, "Weds" (Article)
Ball, James Edward, h/o Vivian Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Jess Neal, h/o Florence Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Johnny (John Newman), "Weds" (Article)
Ball, John Newman & Margaret, "70th wedding anniversary" (Picture Article)
Ball, John Newman (Picture Obit.)
Ball, John William, h/o Jenette "Jennie" Ball, & Florence Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Katherine (Margaret Katherine (Hester), w/o Marshall Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Leatha, d/o Arnie Ball, "Weds" (Article)
Ball, Miss Lettie, d/o Arnie Ball, "Weds" (Article)
Ball, Lonnie Wilson, h/o Barbara A. Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Louis Dixon, s/o H. L. Ball, "Receives Purple Heart For His Son Missing" (Picture Article)
Ball, Louis Dixon, s/o H. L. Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Lucy (Taylor) Ball-Ruffin (Obit.)
Ball, Margaret Elaine (Werner), w/o John Ball (Picture Obit.)
Ball, Mamie Elizabeth (Holt), w/o Arnie Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Margaret Katherine (Hester), w/o William M. Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Marshall (William Marshall), h/o Margaret Katherine Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Miss Mary Christine, d/o Howard Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Mattie Abi (Wood), w/o Howard Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Mattie, age 50, "Weds" (Article)
Ball, Michael E., s/o Wallace Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Millie Jo, d/o L. D. Ball, "Weds" (Article)
Ball, Neal, h/o Florence Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Newmon L., h/o Cora Ball & Iris Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Odis Finch, h/o Agnes M. Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Orbin, County Judge, "Asks For Re-election as County Judge" (Picture Article)
Ball, Orbin, h/o Ruth Ball (Picture Obit.)
Ball, Ovil Ludy (Ludie Orval) (Obit.)
Ball, Robert Nathan, s/o Howard Ball (Obit.)
Ball, Ruth Pauline Ruffin (Obit.)
Ball, Samantha Joann "Sammy Jo" (Obit.)
Ball, Thomas H. (Picture)
Ball, Thomas H., h/o Joyce R. Ball (Obit.)
Ball, William Barton (Obit.)
Ball, William Marshall, h/o Margeret Katherine Ball (Obit.)
Ball, William S. (Obit.)
Ball, William Stanley Jr. (Obit.)

Ballard, Amey Jane (Dodd), w/o Arlice Ballard (Obit.)
Ballard, Clara (Obit.) (Picture Memorial)
Ballard, G. Elmer, h/o Leora Ballard (Obit.)
Ballard, James Howard, s/o George Elmer Ballard (Obit.)
Ballard, Janet, age 5, of Hickory Ridge, d/o Ray Ballard (Obit.)
Ballard, Jay P., s/o G. E. Ballard, "Seriously Wounded Fighting In France" (Picture-Article)
Ballard, Jimmie, of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Ballard, L. E., s/o G. E. Ballard, "Boy Falls From Wagon, Breaks Leg" (Article)

Ballew, Mary Alice (Sweatt), widow of Joe J. Ballew (Obit.)

Ballowe, Samuel, of Elkhart, IN, formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Elizabeth Ballowe (Obit.)

Banks, Charles, s/o R. A. Banks, "Cotton Plant Man Missing In Korea" (Article)
Banks, Gale, h/o Viola Banks (Obit.)
Banks, George Thomas, h/o Maggie Banks (Obit.)
Banks, Romie Alton "Buck" Jr., h/o Mary K. Banks (Obit.)
Banks, Roy D. (Obit.)
Banks, Timothy Craig, 16,, "Killed in two car crash near Brinkley" (Obit.)
Banks, William Love, h/o Lucy Banks (Obit.)

Bankster, Lewis J., h/o Bessie L. Bankster (Obit.)

Barbee, Emmitt (Walter Emmitt), s/o Luther Barbee (Obit.)

Barber, Family History - 6 Generations - 1857-2009 (Family History Book)
Barber, Blanche (Underhill), w/o George W. Barber (Obit.) (Article)
Barber, Mrs. Emma Frances (Smith), w/o John F. Barber (Obit.)
Barber, Fannie Bowers-Elam (Obit.)
Barber, Frances Lee, d/o J. F. Barber, "Weds" (Article)
Barber, George, "New Officers of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)
Barber, George B., s/o John F. Barber, "Graduates From Gunnery School" (Article)
Barber, George B., "Local Boy Member Of Flying Fortress Crew" (Picture Article)
Barber, George B., "McCrory Gunner Killed Over Denmark" (Picture Article)
Barber, George P., "McCrory Couple Presented Air Medal Of Son" (Article)
Barber, Mrs. George W. (Blanche U.), "Seriously Hurt In Auto Crash" (Article)
Barber, George W., "Moves back to McCrory" (Article)
Barber, George W., Jr., "Weds" (Article)
Barber, George W. Jr. (Obit.)
Barber, George W., Sr., h/o Blanche Barber (Obit.)
Barber, Mr. & Mrs. J. F. "Pete" Barber, Jr., "Seven Hurt In Car Accident" (Article)
Barber, Miss Jean, d/o Pete Barber, "Weds" (Article)
Barber, Mrs. Jennie, w/o John W. Barber (Obit.)
Barber, John F. Jr., U.S. Army WW I, h/o Sallie Barber (Article)
Barber, John Franklin, h/o Henrietta Barber (Obit.)
Barber, Miss Julia R., d/o George W. Sr. Barber, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Barber, Kathleen (Marsh), w/o George Barber (Obit.)
Barber, Sallie, w/o John F. Barber (Obit.)
Barber, Vadie (Obit.)
Barber, Wayne, s/o Jack Barber, "Weds" (Article)
Barber, William Donald, h/o Nancy Barber (Obit.)

Barcus, Roberta, d/o Dr. Edward R. Barcus, "Weds" (Article)

Barker, Jesse, s/o Henry Barker, of Harrisburg, AR (Picture Obit.)
Barker, John Flatus, "Head of McCrory's School System" (Picture Biog. 1943)
Barker, John W., of Independence Co., AR (Obit.)
Barker, Mildred (Crain), of Heber Springs, AR (Obit.)
Barker, Ruthie Renee (Robinson), (black) (Obit.)
Barker, Tasha, w/o Gary L. Barker (Obit.)
Barker, Theodore, Sr., of CA, h/o Ruth Barker (Obit.)

Barkhausen, Lela (Samples) Martin (Obit.)

Barksdale, Rosalie (Polk)-Hardin-Snapp (Obit.)

Barlow, Elijah Anderson, h/o Martha Barlow (Obit.)

Barnard, Claud V. Thornton, h/o Emma Barnard (Obit.)
Barnard, Earl H., of Hunter, AR, "At Pearl Harbor" (Article)
Barnard, Emma, w/o Claud V. Barnard (Obit.)
Barnard, Marvin P., h/o Ruth Barnard (Obit.)

Barnes, Beatrice, (black), w/o Daniel Barnes (Obit.)
Barnes, David - Veteran of WW I (Enlistment record)
Barnes, David Houston "Hugh" (Article) (Obit.)
Barnes, James Leonard (LPR)
Barnes, Julia Ann (Gosa) Johnson (Obit.)
Barnes, Theodocia (Alcorn) (LPR)
Barnes, Walter L., h/o Jessie L. Barnes (Obit.)
Barnes, Wilbur Joseph (Picture Obit.)

Barnett, Ada Mable (Obit.)
Barnett, Anna Belle (Mauldin), w/o Marshall Barnett (Obit.)
Barnett, Billy Doyle, s/o W. H. Barnett, "Enlists In Regular Army" (Article)
Barnett, Cecil A, s/o W. H. Barnett, "Weds" (Article)
Barnett, Cecil A., s/o W. H. Barnett of DeView, "At Camp Chaffee" (Article)
Barnett, Cecil A., s/o W. H. Barnett, "Enjoying Rest At Hot Springs Hotel" (Article)
Barnett, Mrs. Elvie L., w/o Henry Barnett (Obit.)
Barnett, Eulis Herman, h/o Frances Barnett (Obit.)
Barnett, J. W., s/o Wm. H. & Minnie Barnett (Obit.)
Barnett, Jerry Don, of McCrory, "Licensed to Wed" (Announcement)
Barnett, Joseph Lee "Jody" (Enlistment record) (Obit.)
Barnett, Junior Wesley (Obit.)
Barnett, Katie Joe (Hill) (Obit.)
Barnett, Marshall, "First Visit Home In Nearly Three Years" (Article)
Barnett, Marshall N., h/o Anna Barnett (Picture Obit.)
Barnett, Martha Lavina "Vina" (Matlock) (Obit.)
Barnett, Mary Louise (Caskey) (Obit.)
Barnett, Mary Melvina, w/o E. H. Barnett (Obit.)
Barnett, Opal, d/o William Barnett, "Weds" (Article)
Barnett, Phillip Juenton, h/o Mattie Barnett (Obit.)
Barnett, Roverta (Griffin) (Picture Obit.)
Barnett, Roy Earl, h/o Norma L. Barnett (Obit.)
Barnett, Wayne M., "Completing Training At Texas Air Base" (Picture Article)
Barnett, William Hezekiah (Obit.)

Barnette, Allie Mae (Lindsey) (Obit.)
Barnette, Jennifer Dupree (Obit.)
Barnette, Marvin W., s/o W. H. Barnette, "Weds" (Article)
Barnette, Marvin W. (Picture Obit.)

Barrentine, Mrs. John, of San Fernando, CA (Obit.)

Barringer, Joseph E., Sr., h/o Nina P. Barringer (Obit.)
Barringer, Nina P., w/o Joseph E., Sr. Barringer (Obit.)

Barrington, Paul R. (Rev.), of Springdale, AR (Obit.)

Barron, Dorothy (Walters), (black) (Obit.)
Barron, John W. Rev., (Ex-Slave) of McCrory (Obit.)

Bartlett, J. V., of Forrest City, "Licensed to Wed" (Announcement)

Bartley, Alma (Byrd), w/o Bedford C. Bartley (Obit.)
Bartley, Frank L., of Cotton Plant, s/o C. B. Bartley, "Weds" (Article)
Bartley, Mrs. F. L. "Lynn", w/o Jack Bartley (Obit.)

Basinger, Gayle (Hensley), w/o Donald F. Basinger (Obit.)
Basinger, Harvey, of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Bass, Family -Tennessee to Woodruff Co., AR - 4 Generations (Family History)
Bass, Murlean, of Cotton Plant, "Licensed to Wed" (Announcement)
Bass, Nicholas J., h/o Nora Bass (Obit.)
Bass, Nora, w/o Nicholas J. Bass (Obit.)

Bassett, E. O. "Jack", h/o Mildred May Bassett (Obit.)
Bassett, Mildred May, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Bassett, Mildred May, w/o E. O. "Jack" Bassett (Obit.)

Baswell, John Butler, h/o Ella Baswell (Obit.)
Baswell, J. C. (Obit.)
Baswell, Lucille (Redden), w/o Will Baswell, Jr. (Obit.)
Baswell, Marjorie, d/o Ollie L., Baswell Sr., "Killed By Toadstools" (Obit.)
Baswell, Mattie May, w/o Curtis Baswell (Obit.)
Baswell, Miss Ruthie D., d/o Ollie Baswell, "Weds" (Article)

Bates, James Loren, s/o Julius Bates (Obit.)
Bates, Jim L., s/o J. R. Bates, "Writes From Tokyo" (Picture Article)
Bates, John Benson, h/o Mary J. Bates (Obit.)
Bates, Julius R., h/o Evelyn Bates (Obit.)
Bates, Mary Josephine, w/o John Bates (Obit.)
Bates, Ryall, s/o Luther Bates, "Weds" (Article)
Bates, Ryall, s/o Luther Bates (Obit.)
Bates, William Dewey, s/o Dewey Bates (Obit.)

Battle of Cotton Plant - Civil War - by Gary Telford (Story)
Battle, Dora Lee, of Malvern, AR (Obit.)
Battle, James G., h/o Dora W. Battle (Obit.)
Battle, Mrs. Lucy I., of Little Rock, widow of Judge John M. Battle (Obit.)

Battles, Dorothy (McAlexander), d/o William C. Battles (Obit.)

Baty, Mrs. Anderson, "McCrory lady is robbed" (Article)
Baty, John Anderson, h/o Verdi Baty (Obit.)
Baty, John Lorenzo, "Family Reunion" (Article 1938)
Baty, John Lorenzo (Obit.)
Baty, Maggie Lee, w/o Roy Baty (Obit.)
Baty, Mary (Barlow), w/o John Baty (Obit.)
Baty, Ray C., s/o Wm. Samuel Baty (Obit.)
Baty, Miss Velma (Obit.)
Baty, Verdie Mae, "Mrs. Anderson Baty is robbed" (Article)
Baty, Verdie Mae, w/o John Baty (Obit.)

Baugh, Lillian, "18 Students Hurt In Wreck of Cotton Plant School Bus" (Article)
Baugh, Mr. & Mrs. Other, "Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary" (Article)
Baugh, Virginia, w/o Roscoe L. Baugh (Obit.)

Baugus, Mrs. M. M., of Brawley, CA (Obit.)

Baum, Felix R., s/o Clifton Baum, "In The Army Now In Tokyo" (Article)
Baum, Felix R., s/o Clifton Baum, "Receives Promotion In Tokyo" (Article)
Baum, Felix R., "Corp. Felix Baum Now Stationed In Japan" (Article)
Baum, Hugh L., h/o Cephia Baum (Obit.)

Baumgarner, Chester, of Grand Haven, Mich. (Obit.)
Baumgarner, Daisy Mae, w/o Edgar A. Baumgarner (Obit.)
Baumgarner, Ethel, of McFadden, w/o Chester Baumgarner (Obit.)
Baumgarner, Miss Jean Baumgarner, d/o Chester Baumgarner, "Weds" (Article)
Baumgarner, Jerry, "Licensed to Wed" (Announcement)

Bavuma, Debora Ann (Hill), of Searcy, AR (Obit.)

Bawcom, Elizabeth Clair, w/o Dwight Bawcom (Obit.)

Baxter, Bessie (Swann), d/o Edward Swann (Obit.)

Bayliff, George J. "Jake" (Obit.)
Bayliff, Tennie (Frances Tennessee "Tennie") (Obit.)

Bazzill, Clifford Lee (Obit.)

Beal, Delbert C., of McCrory, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Beal, Delbert Clyde, Sr., h/o Georgia L. Beal (Obit.)
Beal, Georgia L., w/o Delbert Clyde Beal, Sr. (Obit.)
Beal, Tamatha "Tammy" Jean, d/o Wallace L. Beal (Picture Obit.)

Beals, Victor, "Hurt in Collision" (Article)

Beard, John B. & Samuel C. Beard - 7 Generations - 1821-2007 (Family History Book)
Beard, Allen Ramsey, s/o S. J. Beard, "Weds" (Picture Article of Bride)
Beard, Allen Ramsey, h/o Armilda Beard (Obit.)
Beard, Billy G., "Weldon Soldier Receives Promotion" (Article)
Beard, Charley (Obit.)
Beard, Claude Reese, h/o Betty Beard (Obit.)
Beard, Edith (Shoffner), w/o George L. Beard (Obit.)
Beard, Ernest Lowrance, s/o G. T. Beard, "Weds" (Article)
Beard, Mrs. Ethel (Robertson), w/o Ola Beard (Obit.)
Beard, Eugenia (Ramsey), w/o Samuel Beard (Obit.)
Beard, George Thomas, h/o Nannie Lou Beard (Obit.)
Beard, George W. (LPR)
Beard, Lt. John Berry, "Flier Takes Part In Raids Over Tunisia" (Article)
Beard, Lt. John Berry, "Two Decorations For Augusta Lieutenant" (Picture Article)
Beard, Lt. John Berry, s/o S. J. Beard, "Promoted To Captain" (Picture Article)
Beard, Capt. John Berry, s/o S. J. Beard, "Reported Missing" (Picture Article)
Beard, Capt. John Berry, "Augusta Man Is Moved To German Prison Camp" (Article)
Beard, John B., "Capt. John B. Beard Writes To Parents From Prison Camp" (Article)
Beard, Capt. John Berry, s/o S. J. Beard, "Again A Free Man" (Picture Article)
Beard, Major John Berry, "Killed in Plane Crash Wednesday" (Obit.)
Beard, Jyles Will (Obit.)
Beard, Laura Gene, "Engaged" (Picture Article)
Beard, Margaret Ann, d/o Wayne Beard (Obit.)
Beard, Miss Mary, d/o S. J. Beard, "Valedictorian Of Augusta High" (Picture Article)
Beard, Miss Mary, d/o S. J. Beard, "Top Ranking At Augusta High School" (Picture Article)
Beard, Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" (Berry), w/o John B. Beard (Obit.)
Beard, Mrs. Mary L. (Rumley), w/o Sam Beard (Obit.)
Beard, Mary Patricia "Trisha", "Killed at train crossing in Brinkley, AR" (Obit.)
Beard, Mary S., w/o Louis Beard (Obit.)
Beard, Nannie Lou (McWhorter), w/o George T. Beard (Obit.)
Beard, Ola, h/o Ethel Beard (Obit.)
Beard, Robert L., h/o Janice Sue Beard (Picture Article)
Beard, Samuel Jerome Sr., h/o Henrietta Beard (Obit.)
Beard, Samuel Jerome, Jr., (Picture Wedding)
Beard, Trisha (Mary Patricia), d/o Robert Beard (Obit.)

Bearden, James A., h/o Sharon Bearden (Article)
Bearden, Silas, aged 67, of Ozark, AR (Obit.)

Beards Cemetery Records updated April 2007 - Available in Binder

Beasley, Orville Thomas, f/o Tom Beasley Beasley (Obit.)
Beasley, Mrs. Ruth (Patchell), d/o Mrs. Rose Patchell, "Weds" (Article)

Beason, Wanda Imogene "Jean", w/o Edward P. Beason (Picture Obit.)

Beaty, Cyrus Newberry, h/o Beulah Beaty (Obit.)

Beaula Grove-School, (black) (Article)

Beavers, Troy C., of Pensacola, FL, "Weds" (Article)
Beavers, Troy C., "Night With Japs" (Article)

Beck, Daisy Iris, w/o Robert "R.W." Beck. Jr. (Obit.)
Beck, Robert "R.W.", Jr., h/o Daisy Iris Beck (Obit.)

Beckett, Sally (Simmons), d/o Ben Beckett (Obit.)

Beckheimer, Eunice Pearl, wife of H. Milze Berkheimer (Obit.)

Becton, Old town, no longer existing (Article)
Becton, John W. (LPR)

Bedford, Sadie (Yarnell), w/o W. C. Bedford (Obit.)

Bedwell, Delsa Dora, w/o Leonard Bedwell (Obit.)

Beede, Mrs. Della Minerva (Huff), w/o Wm. Walter Beede (Obit.)
Beede, Joe, victim, "Series Of Robberies Here Last Night" (Article)
Beede, Joseph, age 79, of Beedeville (Obit.)
Beede, Mary Della "Madge" (Leonard) (Obit.)
Beede, William Walter, h/o Della Minerva (Huff) (Obit.)
Beede, William Walter, "Large Crowd Attends Funeral Services" (Article)

Beeman, Burl Edward, h/o Addie Beeman (Obit.)

Beeson, Jeanne, d/o Jean Beeson (Obit.)
Beeson, Wm. H. "Bill", "New Officials Prince-Rhodes Post No. 112, Amer. Legion" (Picture)

Bell, Alvin E., of Little Rock, h/o Lottie Dale "Polly" Bell (Obit.)
Bell, Aubrey D., s/o G. W. & Minnie Bell (Obit.)
Bell, Mrs. Canna, of Hoxie, AR (Obit.)
Bell, Clara Edna (Gibson), w/o Noah Harold Bell, Sr. (Obit.)
Bell, Dessie M., w/o Elmer Bell (Obit.)
Bell, Elmer A., h/o Dellie Bell (Obit.)
Bell, Elmer Alexander, h/o Dessie M. Bell (Obit.)
Bell, Forrest G. (Obit.)
Bell, Jeffery Lynn, h/o Sabrena Bell (Obit.)
Bell, L. B., (black) (Obit.)
Bell, Louis T., h/o Cora P. Bell (Obit.)
Bell, Minnie Ellen, w/o G. W. Bell (Obit.)
Bell, Noah (Article)
Bell, Noah Harold (Picture Article)
Bell, Odell Roddy, (black) (Obit.)
Bell, Rex, of Moorefield, Independence Co., AR (Obit.)
Bell, Robert (Major), s/o Louis T. Bell, "Lost Plane Piloted By Searcy Man" (Article)

Bell Grove School, (black) (Article)

Bellas, Anna, Lt. Army Nurse WW II (Obit.)
Bellas, John Ed, s/o Norman Bellas (Obit.)
Bellas, Norman, of Augusta, "Licensed to Wed" (Announcement)
Bellas, Norman Anthony, h/o Dorothy Bellas (Picture Obit.)

Belle, Shawn Anthony, (black), s/o Sherman Belle (Picture Article) (Obit.)

Belt, Anette (Rebsamen), w/o W. H. Belt (Obit.)

Benefield, James Woodrow "Chief", h/o Kimberly Benefield (Obit.)

Bengel, Mrs. Vivian (Rucks), w/o W. C. Bengel (Obit.)
Bengel, "Will Bengel, Builder" (Picture Article)

Bennett, Ada Mae, w/o Moses N. Bennett (Obit.)
Bennett, Betty Jean (Willis), , d/o Robert C. Bennett (Obit.)
Bennett, Esther, of Strong, AR (Obit.)
Bennett, Frank, of Judsonia, AR, s/o John Bennett (Obit.)
Bennett, Joseph, f/o Mathis & Chic Bennett of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Bennett, Laura, widow of Alvie Bennett (Obit.)
Bennett, Mathis, "Cotton Plant Homes Burn On Monday" (Article)
Bennett, Phenoris, (black) (Obit.)

Benson, Edith Darlene, w/o Lewis J. Benson (Obit.)
Benson, Frances Marion (LPR)
Benson, Jasper McDonald C., Sr. (LPR)
Benson, Laura Belle (Honey) (Obit.)
Benson, Lenville, h/o Lottie Benson (Obit.)

Benton, Mrs. B. E., w/o Capt. Ben Eustice Benton (Obit.)
Benton, Georgia (Headen), w/o William Earl Benton (Obit.)
Benton, William Earl, h/o Georgia (Headen) Benton (Obit.)

Bergschneider, Anna (Vanzant), w/o Marcus J. Bergschneider (Obit.)
Bergschneider, Charles John, of Jacksonville, h/o Mozelle Bergschneider (Obit.)
Bergschneider, Joseph Lee, s/o M. J. Bergschneider (Picture Article)
Bergschneider, Marcus Christopher (Obit.)
Bergschneider, Marcus John, h/o Anna (Vanzant) Bergschneider (Obit.)

Berkheimer, Eunice Pearl (Gullic) "Augusta's Assitant Postmaster Dies At Post Of Duty" (Obit.)

Berkshire, Mrs Cora, "Augusta Mother Told Where Missing Son Is" (Article)
Berkshire, Cora (Eldridge), w/o Rice Berkshire (Obit.)
Berkshire, John William, s/o Rice Evans Berkshire, Sr. (Obit.)
Berkshire, Rice - (Picture Article with Helen Gregory)
Berkshire, Thomas E., s/o Rice Evans Berkshire, Sr. (Obit.)

Berry, Annie Lee (Simpson) (Obit.)
Berry, Mrs. Ardis (Werner), w/o Morgan Berry (Article) (Obit.)
Berry, Benjamin F. - U.S. Navy WW II (Article)
Berry, Bennett, s/o Charles Berry of McCrory, WW II (Picture Article)
Berry, Burton L. Berry - 1762-2008 - 9 Generations (Family History Book)
Berry, Charles F., W W I Vet., "Dies Of Crash Injuries" (Obit.)
Berry, Charles W. (Obit.)
Berry, Charlie, "Lad Obeys Father, Shoots Johnnie Woods" (Article)
Berry, Clint, age 85, of San Francisco, CA (Obit.)
Berry, Clyde, Franklin, & Bennett, "Three Brothers Doing Their Part To Win The War" (Picture Article)
Berry, Columbus Sydney, of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Berry, Douglas L., s/o William Campbell Berry (Obit.)
Berry, Elzie Galveston, of Little Rock, h/o Opal Berry (Obit.)
Berry, Elzy Luthern, h/o Lillian Berry (Obit.)
Berry, Emiline (Louisa Emiline) (Garrett), w/o Thomas E. Berry (Obit.)
Berry, Emily (Dixon), w/o William C. Berry (Obit.)
Berry, Franklin, s/o Charles Berry, of McCrory WW II (Picture Article)
Berry, Hazel, "Killed in auto accident" (Obit.)
Berry, Miss Helen Jackson, d/o Luther Berry, "Is Named Festival Queen" (Article)
Berry, Helen (Berry) Wilkes, "Weds" (Article)
Berry, Horace Hamilton (Obit.)
Berry, James N. & Sarah E. Berry - 1844-2009 - 4 Generations (Family History)
Berry, Juanita Louise (Brown), w/o Morgan W. Berry (Obit.)
Berry, Laura B. (Jordon), (black) (Obit.)
Berry, Luther C., h/o Mary (Jackson) Berry (Obit.)
Berry, Mary (Jackson), w/o Luther C. Berry (Obit.)
Berry, Mittie Mae (Gay), (black), w/o Robert Lee Berry Sr. (Obit.)
Berry, Morgan, "Weds" (Article)
Berry, Morgan (Obit.)
Berry, Robert Thurlow, of LaMar, formerly of Des Arc (Obit.)
Berry, Thomas Ellis, h/o Emiline Berry (Obit.)
Berry, Viola (Brinker) (Obit.)
Berry, W. V. "Jack", aged 56, of Little Rock (Obit.)
Berry, William Campbell, h/o Permelia Ann Berry (Obit.)
Berry, William Chrisman, h/o Emily D. Berry (Obit.)

Berry's Livery Stable (Picture)

Beshears, Eloise Alice (Curtis), w/o Joe Willard Beshears (Obit.)

Best Family - 11 Generations - 1645-2007 (Family History Book)
Best, Miss Alfred C., d/o J. Calvin Best (Obit.)
Best, Alice May (Gibson), w/o Hubert T. Best (Obit.)
Best, Ardis (Peters), w/o Melton M. Best (Obit.)
Best, Charles Porter (Picture Biog.)
Best, Charles Porter (Obit.)
Best, Charles Porter, "Will Be Honored by State Pharmacy Group" (Picture Article)
Best, Charles Porter "Will Be Honored Sunday" (Article)
Best, Clydia, w/o Nobel Best (Obit.)
Best, Crossett Mitchell, s/o L. H. Best, "Receives LLB Degree" (Article)
Best, Crossett Mitchell, s/o L. H. Best, WW II Vet. (Picture Article)
Best, Derwood, s/o Charles Porter Best (Obit.)
Best, Eunice Feryn, w/o Berry Joseph Best (Picture Obit.)
Best, Fanny Rose Cheney, w/o Charles Porter Best (Obit.)
Best, Hubert Thomas, h/o Alice Mae Best (Obit.)
Best, Irvin Olin, h/o Sandra Best (Obit.)
Best, James Calvin, h/o Jennie Best (Obit.)
Best, Jay James, s/o J. Calvin Best (Obit.)
Best, Mrs. Jennie, widow of Calvin Best (Obit.)
Best, Lilly Myrtle, d/o W. B. & Malinda Best (Obit.)
Best, Louis H., h/o Velma Best (Obit.)
Best, Loyce Dewayne, h/o Lula Alice Best (Obit.)
Best, Margaret, w/o Murry Best (Obit.)
Best, Melton Manuel, h/o Ardis Best (Obit.)
Best, Mitchell, "Makes Tech. Honor Roll" (Article)
Best, Mitchell, "Member Of Tech Relay Team" (Article)
Best, Mitchell, s/o L. H., "Headliner At Tech" (Article)
Best, Mitchell, s/o L. H., "Elected President of T Association" (Article)
Best, Mitchell, s/o L. H., "Awarded Sweater" (Article)
Best, Mitchell, s/o L. H., "Awarded Letters" (Article)
Best, Mitchell, "Receives Degree" (Picture Article)
Best, Mitchell, "Will Be Asssistant Coach Of Blytheville Chicks" (Article)
Best, Mitchell, "Mitchell Best Resigns As Coach At Blytheville, AR" (Article)
Best, Murray, "Special Services In France Attended By Pvt. Murray Best" (Article)
Best, Pvt. Murray, s/o L. H. Best "With 204th M. P. Company In France" (Article)
Best, Pfc. Murray, WW II Vet. (Picture Article)
Best, Murray "Buddy", "Weds" (Article)
Best, Murry "Buddy" (Obit.)
Best, Myrtle Rose, d/o Charles P. Best (Picture Article)
Best, Myrtle Rose, d/o Charles P. Best (Obit.)
Best, Noble A., h/o Clydia Best (Obit.)
Best, Oble Roland, h/o Mary Magaline "Maggie" Best (Obit.)
Best, Pallie, d/o Louis H. Best "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Best, Pershing, "Four Hurt In Crash" (Article)
Best, Mr. & Mrs. Pershing "Shower Given Best Newlyweds" (Article)
Best, Velma (Crossett), w/o Louis H. Best (Obit.)
Best, Wilson Pershing, s/o Louis H. Best (Obit.)

Beswick, Donald William, h/o Irene Beswick (Obit.)
Beswick, Mattie Irene. w/o Donald William Beswick (Obit.)

Bettis, Mrs. Mary Ann (Obit.)
Bettis, William Washington (Obit.)

Betts, Charles Calvin, age 8 mos., s/o W. M. Betts, Sr. (Obit.)
Betts, Sarah Jane, w/o W. M. "Pete" Betts (Obit.)

Bevills, Anna Bell, w/o George W. Bevills (Obit.)
Bevills, Miss Ella Mae, d/o Chester Bevills, "Weds" (Article)
Bevills, Miss Frances, d/o Chester Bevills, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Bevills, George Randall, h/o Nettie Gean Bevills (Obit.)
Bevills, George Washington, h/o Anna B. Bevills (Obit.)
Bevills, Grover Columbus, of McCrory, "Takes Own Life With A Shotgun" (Obit.)
Bevills, Jimmy Donald "Bub", s/o Vester Bevills (Obit.)
Bevills, Nettie G., w/o G. Randall Bevills (Obit.)
Bevills, Wava, d/o George Bevills, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Bevis, Ludie Anne (Wells) Holland, w/o Rev. R. A. Bevis (Obit.)
Bevis, Rev. Richard A., h/o Ludie Anne Bevis (Obit.)

Biaett, D. H., of Phoenix, AZ, h/o Myrtle Biaett (Obit.)

Bice, Mrs. Agnes (Fitch), of Patterson (Obit.)
Bice, Mr. A. E., h/o Mary Bice (Obit.)
Bice, Bobby Lee, h/o Barbara Ann Bice (Obit.)
Bice, Eugene G., s/o Benjamin Bice (Obit.)
Bice, Jessica Nicole, d/o Melissa Bice Coles (Obit.)
Bice, Lillie Mae (Pruitt), w/o Oliver Bice (Obit.), in fold
Bice, Mary Ann, widow of A. Ed Bice (Obit.)
Bice, Oliver L., h/o Lillie Bice (Obit.)
Bice, Shirley Fay, infant d/o Oliver L. Bice (Obit.)

Bickles, Mrs. Marvin, of Heber Springs, AR, sis. of Dr. J. W. Morris (Obit.)

Bidwell, Georgia (Cole), d/o L. D. Cole (Obit.)

Bieber, Jacob, a native of Germany, h/o Ruth Bieber (Obit.)
Bieber, Ruth (Grotefend), w/o Jacob Bieber (Obit.)

Biggers, George Lee, (black), s/o Archester Biggers (Obit.)
Biggers, Maude Dener (Hardy), (black), d/o Albert Biggers (Obit.)
Biggers, Robert Lee, (black), Tec4 U. S. Army WW II (Obit.)

Bigham, Charles Woodrow, h/o Viola Bigham (Obit.)
Bigham, Della Brenda, d/o Charles Bigham (Obit.)
Bigham, Homer J., s/o Charles W. Bigham, "Aboard USS Essex" (Article)
Bigham, Mack, of Newport, h/o Lydia Bigham (Obit.)
Bigham, Neal, s/o Charles Bigham, "Beedeville Boy Is Wounded Critically" (Article)

Biles, Dr. Lee Edwin & Mary Emma (Owens) Biles (Family History)
Biles, Lee E., M.D., of Augusta (Biog.)
Biles, Owen Harris, s/o Dr. Lee Edwin Biles (Obit.)

Billingslea, Eugene L., (Major), WW II Vet., h/o Virginia Billingslea (Obit.)
Billingslea, Miss Eva Lane (Obit.)
Billingslea, Mary Ellen, w/o Eugene Lane Billingslea (Obit.)

Billingsley, Ina, of Jacksonville, FL (Obit.)

Bingham, Loyd, of Wynne, AR, "Arrested As Deserter From U. S. Army" (Article)

Binning, Mabel C. (Obit.)

Bird, Betty, w/o Mace Bird (Obit.)
Bird, Charles C., of Patterson (Obit.)
Bird, Willie Penn (Obit.)

Birdsong, Bill, "Weds" (Article)

Birdwell, Henry, h/o Parilee Birdwell (Obit.)
Birdwell, Parilee, w/o Henry Birdwell (Obit.)

Bishop, Aline Camilla (Raymond), w/o Joseph A. Bishop (Obit.)
Bishop, Ida Bernice T., w/o Oscar L. Bishop (Obit.)
Bishop, Jacob L., age 66, of Augusta (Obit.)
Bishop, Jake L., "Appointed Poor House Caretaker" (Article)
Bishop, John Henry (Obit.)
Bishop, Joseph A., h/o Aline C. Bishop (Obit.)
Bishop, Oscar L., WW I Vet., h/o Ida Bernice T. Bishop (Obit.)
Bishop, William Lee (Obit.)

Bittle, Lola Marie, w/o Thurman Bittle (Obit.)

Black, Pickens, "Wealthy Newport Negro, Founder of Blackville, Dies" (Obit.)
Black, Raymond Calvin, h/o Bessie J. Black (Obit.)

Blackman, Chester Page (Obit.)
Blackman, Daisy Norma, w/o John Nelson Blackman (Obit.)
Blackman, John Nelson Jr. (Obit.)

Blackmon, Ed E., former Mayor, aged 93, of Augusta (Obit.)
Blackmon, Mrs. Eva, w/o Mayor Ed E. Blackmon (Obit.)
Blackmon, Elder Marvin James, Sr. (Obit.)

Blackwell, Annie Elizabeth, w/o Rufus Henry Blackwell (Picture Obit.)
Blackwell, Robert, "Weds" (Article)

Blair, Pearl, d/o Thomas C. Blair, w/o James Bloodworth of Biloxi, MS (Picture-Baby)
Blair, Raymond Eugene (Obit.)

Blalock, Doris (Holler), w/o James E. Blalock (Obit.)
Blalock, Elmer Ellis, "Weds" (Article)
Blalock, Elmer Ellis, h/o Mamie Blalock (Obit.)
Blalock, Grady, of Quitman, GA, h/o Evelyn Blalock (Obit.)
Blalock, Mamie, w/o Elmer Ellis Blalock (Obit.)
Blalock, Mamie Margrete, d/o Elmer Ellis (Obit.)
Blalock, Samuel Roundtree, h/o Virginia H. Blalock (Obit.)
Blalock, Virginia, w/o Samuel Roundtree Blalock (Obit.)

Blanchard, Opal, d/o J. L. Blanchard, "Weds" (Article)

Bland, George Bland - 1735 - 2007 - 8 Generations (Family History Book)

Bleakley, Mrs. Annie A., w/o Forrest L. Bleakley (Obit.)
Bleakley, F. L., driver of auto, "Child Struck By Auto & Killed" (Article)

Bledsoe, Edwin, of West Memphis, h/o Thelma Bledsoe (Obit.)
Bledsoe, Isom, (black), of Gregory (Enlist. Rec.)

Blevins, Barbara, d/o R. L. Blevins, "Weds" (Article)
Blevins, Barthal, s/o Ulysses Grant Blevins (Obit.)
Blevins, Beauford U., h/o Phyllis Ann Blevins (Obit.)
Blevins, Eircell Viola, w/o R. L. Blevins (Obit.)
Blevins, Maudie Velma, "Weds" (Article) (Obit.)
Blevins, R. L., of Beedeville, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Blevins, Ruby Delane, w/o W. H. Blevins (Obit.)
Blevins, V. G., "Celebrates 76th Birthday" (Article)
Blevins, Velter (Wm. R.) "Three Lose Life In Auto Accident Saturday Night" (Obit.)
Blevins, William R. (Obit.)

Blockade Hill And Cemetery (History)

Blondell, Olie Evelyn (Obit.)

Bloodworth, James C., h/o Pearl Bloodworth (Obit.)

Blount, Leonard C., aged 61, of Patterson (Obit.)

Bloyd, James G. (Obit.)

Blue, David Sharrod, (black) (Picture Obit.)
Blue, Mary Jane (Obit.)

Blundell, Luther M., h/o Annie Belle Blundell (Obit.)
Blundell, Ollie Evelyn (Obit.)

Boaz, Buford (Obit.)
Boaz, Ralph Edward Sr., h/o Arnita Boaz (Obit.)

Bobo, Georgia Ann, (black) (Obit.)

Bodie, James L., aged 57, of Little Rock, AR, h/o Frances Bodie (Obit.)

Bodrie, Joe, "Fastest Gun Alive" (Picture Article)

Bodsford, Emolia Thomason, aged 62, of Memphis (Obit.)

Bogard, Joseph Henry (Obit.)

Bogard, Marion C., h/o Emma P. Bogard (Obit.)

Boger, Walter, s/o Sophia Boger, "Killed In Germany" (Picture Obit.)

Boggs, Ernest Eugene, h/o Margaret Ann Boggs (Obit.)
Boggs, Floella, d/o Ernest E. Boggs, "Weds" (Article)
Boggs, J. M., "Celebrates 70th Birthday, Sunday" (Article)
Boggs, J. M., "Home On The Frank Powell Farm Burns From Lightning" (Article)
Boggs, James Monroe, h/o Julia Bertie Boggs (Obit.)
Boggs, James William, s/o Arthur E. Boggs (Obit.)
Boggs, Julia Bertie, w/o J. M. Boggs (Obit.)
Boggs, Margaret Ann "Annie", w/o Ernest E. Boggs (Obit.)
Boggs, Margaret Opal, w/o Arthur Erwin Boggs (Obit.)
Boggs, Roger, s/o J. M., "McCrory Boy Serving In New Guinea" (Picture-Article)
Boggs, Sgt. Roger L., s/o J. M., "Completes Forty-Five Combat Missions" (Article)

Bogle, Rebecca "Becky" Lucille, "Chosen as the queen" (Picture Article)

Bolden, David Wayne, h/o Michelle Bolden (Obit.)
Bolden, Gregory, age 45 (Obit.)
Bolden, James Allen "Jigger", of Newport, h/o Peggy Bolden (Obit.)
Bolden, Lena Mae, w/o Johnny Frank Bolden (Obit.)
Bolden, Newton "Newt" Melvin, h/o Bettie Sue Bolden (Obit.)
Bolden, Peggy Faye, w/o James Bolden (Obit.)

Boling, Hershel P. - WW II (Enlistment Record)

Bollinger, Benjamin F. (Obit.)

Bolton, William Oscar (Obit.)

Bonaparte, Judy Mae (Atkins), (black), w/o Matthew Bonaparte (Obit.)
Bonaparte, Matthew, (black), h/o Judy Mae Bonaparte (Obit.)

Bond, Ed M., of Goodlettsville, TN, h/o Sue Bond (Obit.)
Bond, Mrs. Julia Sterling, w/o Dr. John B. Bond (Obit.)

Bonds, Edith, w/o William Bonds (Obit.)

Bondurant, Jesse, of Union City, TN, h/o Pearl Bondurant (Obit.)

Bone, Betty Rhea (Capshaw), w/o Edward Elmore Bone (Obit.)
Bone, Edgar (Rev.) (Picture Obit.)
Bone, Edward Elmore, h/o Betty Rhea (Capshaw) (Obit.)
Bone, Fern (Edwards), w/o Rev. E. E. Bone (Obit.)
Bone, Ida Mae, w/o Charles E. Bone (Obit.)
Bone, Kenneth E., h/o Mildred Bone (Obit.)
Bone, Maurine (Edwards), w/o Rev. E. E. Bone (Obit.)
Bone, Ricky, s/o Ed Bone, "Named President of Student Council at MHS" (Picture Article)
Bone, Miss Thelma, d/o Charles E. Bone, "Weds" (Article)

Bonham, Robert L., MSgt. U.S. Air Force Korea & Vietnam (Obit.)

Bonner, Thomas Edwin, h/o Minnie Bonner (Obit.)

Booe, Majorie Jane, d/o Wm. Isaac Booe, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Booe, Wm. Isaac Booe, of Little Rock (Obit.)

Booker, Cora Mabel (Cornwall), age 103, of Bradford (Obit.)

Boon, Ann (LPR)

Boone, Audrey Alice, w/o James Wm. Boone (Obit.)
Boone, Charles "Charlie", (black) (Obit.)
Boone, Etta Florence (Lankford) Boyd, w/o Sam Boone (Obit.)
Boone, Mr. & Mrs. J. E., of Cotton Plant, AR (Picture Article)
Boone, James William "Bill", h/o Audrey Alice Boone (Obit.)
Boone, John Robert, "Mason Given Award For 50-Year Service" (Picture Biog.)
Boone, John Robert, h/o Estella Boone (Obit.)
Boone, Margy, d/o J. E. Boone, "Four Generations" (Picture Biog.)
Boone, Sam D., h/o Etta Florence Boone (Obit.)

Boozer, Annie Maxine, w/o John Boozer (Obit.)
Boozer, John Orville, h/o Annie (Obit.)
Boozer, Johnny Mac, h/o Nancy Boozer (Obit.)

Bornhoft, Clementine, of Weiner, w/o Anton Bornhoft (Obit.)

Boshers, Bates, of Clarendon (Obit.)
Boshers, Beatrice, w/o J.P. Boshers (Obit.)
Boshers, Douglas D., h/o Diane Boshers (Obit.)
Boshers, Jennie Beatrice, w/o Jones Phillip Boshers (Obit.)
Boshers, Jones Phillip Boshers, h/o Jennie Beatrice Boshers (Obit.)
Boshers, Jones P., Jr., "Assigned To Hunter AFB, Georgia" (Picture Article)
Boshers, Loyce Glenn, s/o Jones Phillip Boshers (Obit.)

Bosley, Joseph N., h/o Delila Jennie Bosley (LPR)
Bosley, William J., s/o J. N. Bosley (LPR)

Bostick, Tulon Erastus, aged 77, of Iuka, MS (Obit.)

Boswell, Mrs. Eliza Jane, age 91, of Bradford, AR (Obit.)
Boswell, Elvira "Elvie" H. (Carter), (black) (Obit.)

Bottom, Edgar Joe, of Glendale, AZ, h/o Nancy Bottom (Obit.)
Bottom, Forrest Lee, h/o Minnie V. Bottom (Biog.) (Obit.)
Bottom, Fred L., h/o Irine Bottom (Obit.)
Bottom, Fred L., Jr., of Tacoma, Wash., h/o Adeline Bottom (Obit.)
Bottom, Irine (Thelma Irine), w/o Fred L. Bottom (Obit.)
Bottom, Lloyd Franklin (Obit.)
Bottom, Minnie V., w/o Forrest Lee Bottom (Obit.)
Bottom, Owen Biles, s/o Fred L. Bottom (Obit.)
Bottom, Patsy Ann (Browning) McDaniel (Obit.)

Bounds, Bill, of Cotton Plant, h/o Joyce Bounds (Obit.)
Bounds, Reece R., h/o Ima Dean Bounds (Obit.)
Bounds, William E. "Bill", h/o Joyce P. Bounds (Obit.)

Boutwell, Dale O., "Weds" (Picture of Bride)

Bovan, Della, of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Bovim, Jerome Henry, "Train Hits Truck" (Obit.)

Bow, Willie of Cotton Plant, "Wins Honor" (Article)

Bowen, Mrs. Ada F., sister of Joe Thrift, of McCrory (Obit.)
Bowen, Agnes (Gipson) Jimerson, w/o Chester Allen Bowen (Obit.)
Bowen, Chester Allen, h/o Agnes (Gipson) Bowen (Obit.)
Bowen, George Littleberry, h/o Mollie Bowen (Obit.)
Bowen, James E., of Tuckerman, AR, h/o Maggie Bowen (Obit.)
Bowen, Myrtle Becky, of Auvergne, w/o David Bowen (Obit.)
Bowen, Robert E., aged 89 of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)
Bowen, William E., nephew of Charlie Vanderburg, "Visits Naples, Italy" (Article)
Bowen, William E., nephew of Charles Vanderburg, "On Tour In Greece" (Article)

Bowerman, Carroll David, s/o Lee & Mildred Bowerman (Obit.)
Bowerman, Cpl. Ernest L., "Cotton Plant Boy Wounded In Korea" (Article)

Bowers, Charlyne, d/o Roscoe Bowers, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Bowers, Edward, "Found murdered near McClelland on Saturday" (Large Article Obit.)
Bowers, Mary Lou, of Michigan, w/o Roscoe Lee Bowers (Obit.)
Bowers, Roscoe Lee, WW I (Enlistment record)

Bowesman, Frank, a native of Woodruff Co., AR (Obit.)

Bowie, Arthur, "Arthur Bowie Fatally Shot Saturday Night" (Obit.)
Bowie, Arthur, murdered, "Four Men & Two Women Arrested In Killing" (Article)
Bowie, Arthur, "Slayers Convicted Of Murder At Augusta This Week" (Article)
Bowie, Arthur, Ben Adams convicted of murdering Arthur Bowie (Picture of Ben)
Bowie, Arthur, Ben Adams, "Dies in electric chair" (Article)
Bowie, Arthur "Buddy", s/o Arthur Bowie, "Dies In A Plane Crash In Canada" (Obit.)
Bowie, Mrs. Billy Saxon, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Bowie, Billie, "Proposed Fisherman's Paradise At Augusta" (Article)
Bowie, Billy Saxon, h/o Emma (Flynt) Bowie (Picture Obit.)
Bowie, Connie, d/o Billy Bowie, "Elected President of Sigma Alpha Iota" (Picture Article)
Bowie, Connie, d/o Billy S. & Emma Bowie, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Bowie, Emma (Flynt), w/o Billy Saxon Bowie (Picture Obit.)

Bowman, Roger, "Youth, Wreck Victim, Funeral Saturday" (Obit.)

Bowser, Dorothy Ann, (black) (Obit.)
Bowser, Erma Gean, (black) (Obit.)
Bowser, Glodine (Dinwiddie), (black) (Obit.)
Bowser, Lewis Joe, (black), Infant son of Delores Bowser (Obit.)
Bowser, Willie B., (black), h/o Beatrice Bowser (Obit.)

Box Town School, (black) at Augusta (Article)

Boyce, Alice Jean, d/o Rev. Carl L. Boyce, "Weds" (Article)
Boyce, Carl Lee, of Cotton Plant, AR, h/o Ellen Boyce (Obit.)
Boyce, Dallas Jasper, of Bald Knob, h/o Marlene Boyce (Obit.)
Boyce, Ellen M. (Chapman), w/o Carl Lee Boyce (Obit.)
Boyce, Gertie (King) (Obit.)
Boyce, Rev. John Joseph, "Catholic Pastor, Dies at Wynne" (Obit.)
Boyce, Roy B., August 24, 1888, h/o Callie Boyce (Obit.)
Boyd, Lesley Ray, h/o Fran Davis Boyd (Obit.)
Boyd, Wilbur, of Augusta, "Licensed to Wed" (Announcement)

Boyles, Audrey Ruth (Landers), w/o Ura Cullie Boyles (Obit.)
Boyles, Eual Franklin, U.S. Naval Air Corps, WW II (Article)
Boyles, Floyd Franklin, h/o Minnie Boyles (Obit.)
Boyles, Forby Lee, Jr. (Obit.)
Boyles, Jackie "Jack", h/o Brenda Boyles (Obit.)
Boyles, Jon L., h/o Helen Jeanette Boyles (Obit.)
Boyles, Maude Ethel (Sisson), w/o Forby Lee Boyles (Obit.)
Boyles, Mearl E., h/o Dorothy Boyles (Obit.)
Boyles, Raymond, of Augusta, AR, "Weds" (Picture of Bride)
Boyles, Raymond William, h/o Virginia Boyles (Obit.)
Boyles, Rebecca, "Contestant Miss America Contest" (Picture Article)
Boyles, Ura Cullie, h/o Audrey Ruth Boyles (Obit.)
Boyles, Ura C., Jr., "Graduates from recruit training" (Picture Article)
Boyles, Ura Cullie, Jr., h/o Laura Boyles (Obit.)
Boyles, Virginia (Picture Article)

Boyster, Bryant, s/o Lester Boyster, "Weds" (Article)
Boyster, Lester L., aged 57, of Tupelo, AR (Obit.)
Boyster, William F., of Tupelo (Obit.)

Boyt, Albert, "Injured" (Article)

Bozarth, Bobby Franklin, Sr., h/o Mildred D. Bozarth (Obit.)

Bracy, Juanita Sue, w/o Lewis E. Bracy (Obit.)

Bradburn, Frances E., w/o William Bradburn (LPR)
Bradburn, Vallera (LPR)
Bradburn, William (LPR)

Braden, Effie Lee, w/o James Calhoun Braden (Obit.)
Braden, James C. & Effie L. Braden, "To Celebrate Golden Wedding Date" (Picture Article)
Braden, James Calhoun, h/o Effie L. Braden (Obit.)
Braden, Raymond, "Raymond Braden Joins U.S. Navy" (Article)

Bradford, Addie Lee, (black) (Obit.)
Bradford, Charlene, w/o James Bradford (Obit.)

Bradley, Alma Juanita, d/o Clyde Earl Bradley (Obit.)
Bradley, Clyde, "Gregory Man Beaten, Robbed Monday Night" (Article)
Bradley, Clyde Earl, h/o Alma Juanita Bradley (Obit.)
Bradley, Effie Leona, w/o Wm. Lester Bradley (Obit.)
Bradley, Fred Lee, (black), h/o Annie Sue Bradley (Obit.)
Bradley, Kristopher De Vion, (black), infant s/o Ryan & Kim Bradley (Obit.)
Bradley, Lester (Wm. Lester), h/o Effie Leona Bradley (Obit.)
Bradley, Mabel (Peebles) Montague, w/o Clyde E. Bradley (Obit.)
Bradley, Oscar Samuel, s/o Lester W. Bradley (Obit.)

Brady, John Bradley (Obit.)
Brady, John Emmet, h/o Myrtle Brady (Obit.), in fold
Brady, Marner M., w/o John B. Brady (Obit.)
Brady, William B., "Recipient of Service Award" (Article)
Brady, William B. "Bill", s/o John E. Brady "Appointed by Gov. Frank White" (Picture Article)
Brady, William "Bill", "Bill Brady accepts new position" (Picture Article)

Bramel, James, of Brinkley, AR, "Licensed to Wed" (Article)

Branch, Billy Rex, s/o James Monroe Branch (Obit.)
Branch, James Monroe, father of Billy Rex Branch (Obit.)
Branch, Miss Jean, "To Represent Augusta At Beauty Pagent" (Picture Article)
Branch, Kenneth Segrest, of Memphis, TN, "Weds" (Article)
Branch, Robert Eugene (Obit.)
Branch, William Edward (Obit.)
Branch, William Grayson (Obit.)

Brandon, Mrs. Jessie Lee (Wilson), aged 76, of Beaumont, TX (Obit.)
Brandon, J. Lester "Leck", husb. of Elva V. Brandon (Obit.)

Branham, Dolar B., h/o Linnie Mae Branham (Obit.)
Branham, Linnie Mae, w/o Dolar B. Branham (Obit.)

Brannon, Edna Earle (Lockhart), w/o Bobby Earl Brannon (Obit.)
Brannon, Fannie (Gray), of Newport, w/o Mickey Brannon (Obit.)

Brannum, William Lee, h/o Helen Brannum (Obit.)

Branscum, Bryan, "Weds" (Picture Article)

Brasfield, Harold W., Sr., h/o Irene Marie Brasfield (Obit.)
Brasfield, Irene Marie, w/o Harold W. Brasfield, Sr. (Obit.)

Brashears, Hezekiah C., aged 80, of Bald Knob, AR (Obit.)

Brason, Anthony, age 23, of Augusta, "Anthony Brason is stabbed" (Article)
Brason, Elnora, (black), aged 73 (Obit.)

Braswell, Peggy Jane (Zigler), d/o William Franklin Zigler (Obit.)

Bratcher, Gladys Pearl (Huff), w/o Lee Roy Bratcher, Sr. (Obit.)
Bratcher, Lee Roy, Sr., h/o Gladys Pearl Bratcher (Obit.)
Bratcher, Wilmer, aged 47, of McClelland (Obit.)

Bratton, Martha Helen (Parker) (Obit.)
Bratton, Robert L. Jr., h/o Shirley Bratton (Obit.)

Brawley, Betty Rae (Westerman), w/o Mr. Brawley (Obit.)
Brawley, Velma, d/o Lee Brawley, "Weds" (Article)
Brawley, Miss Tredis, of McCrory, enlisted in U.S. Armed Forces (Article)

Brazeale, Amanda M., w/o Frank "B. J." Powell (Obit.)
Brazeale, Billy, U. S. Navy WW II (Picture-Article)
Brazeale, Mrs. Ida (Williams), w/o William A. Brazeale (Obit.)
Brazeale, James Harvey "Cooter", h/o Verdia Mae Brazeale (Obit.)
Brazeale, Jelks M., "Former McCrory Man Now With The British Forces" (Article)
Brazeale, Jelks M. "Red", "Former McCrory Man Writes Of The British Hardships" (Article)
Brazeale, Marcia Ray, d/o T. C. Brazeale, "Weds" (Article)
Brazeale, Mattie Mae (Davis), w/o Winford Ellis Brazeale (Picture Obit.)
Brazeale, Mrs. Nona, aged 82 (Obit.)
Brazeale, Willis "Willie" P., h/o Lucy Mae Brazeale (Obit.)

Breckenridge, Aven L., of Malvern, AR (Obit.)
Breckenridge, B. J. & Bonnie, "52nd Anniversary" (Picture)
Breckenridge, Bonnie Lou (Gaddis), w/o Benny Joe Breckenridge (Picture Obit.)
Breckenridge, Mrs. Della Magdalene (Taylor), of Hickory Ridge, AR (Obit.)
Breckenridge, Erna C., h/o Mabel Breckenridge (Obit.)
Breckenridge, F. Marshall, h/o Stella Breckenridge (Obit.)
Breckenridge, Harvey S., s/o Mrs. Martha, "Enlist In U. S. Army" (Article)
Breckenridge, James F. "Jimmy", "Woodruff Co. Boy Serving In England" (Picture Article)
Breckenridge, James F. "Jimmy", s/o Mrs. Katie, "Awarded Bronze Star" (Article)
Breckenridge, James F., s/o Mrs. Katie Breckenridge, "Weds" (Article)
Breckenridge, James F. "Jimmy" (Obit.)
Breckenridge, James Lawrence, of Malvern, AR, h/o Agnes Breckenridge (Obit.)
Breckenridge, Martha, of Jackson Co., AR, "Surprise 67th Birthday Dinner" (Article)
Breckenridge, Martha, w/o J. T. Breckenridge (Obit.)
Breckenridge, Marvin Eugene "Gene" (Obit.)
Breckenridge, Mary K., Infant, d/o Benny Joe Breckenridge (Obit.)
Breckenridge, Nancy Parzeta (Brazeale), of Hickory Ridge (Obit.)
Breckenridge, Paul M. & V. H., sons of V. H. Breckenridge, "Meet In Hawaii" (Picture Article)
Breckenridge, Virgie Houston, Jr., h/o Sylvia Myrtle Breckenridge (Obit.)

Breedlove, Joe H., of Desha Co., "Killed In Search For County Fugitive" (Obit.)
Breedlove, Rev. W. T., "Killed in auto accident" (Obit.)

Brewer, Dr. Edward Forrest Brewer (Family History)
Brewer, Dr. & Mrs. E. F., "Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary" (Picture-Article)
Brewer, Edward F., M.D. (Biog.)
Brewer, Edward F., h/o Ida Brewer (Obit.)
Brewer, Edward F., "Augusta's Oldest Practicing Physician To Be Honored Sun." (Article)
Brewer, Ida J., "Killed in auto accident", w/o Edward F. Brewer (Obit.)
Brewer, James Allen, h/o Nancy Carolyn Brewer (Obit.)
Brewer, Lon (Rev.), of Paragould, AR, h/o Marie Brewer (Obit.)
Brewer, Robert Lewis, h/o Rhonda Brewer (Obit.)
Brewer, Verna (Peevy), w/o George Brewer (Obit.)

Brewster, Dr. Beaufort Brewster (Family History)
Brewster, Dr. Beaufort Brewster, h/o Nancy Irene Brewster (Obit.)
Brewster, Irene, w/o Dr. Beaufort Brewster, "Celebrates 86th Birthday" (Article)
Brewster, J. Earle of Pine Bluff, bro. of Dr. B. Brewster of McCrory (Obit.)
Brewster, Joseph R., "Weds" (Article)
Brewster, Joseph Russell, s/o Dr. Beaufort Brewster (Obit.)
Brewster, Mrs. Lillie, w/o Jess Brewster (Obit.)
Brewster, Marilyn, d.o Davis Brewster of Tyler, TX, "Weds" (Picture of couple)
Brewster, Nancy Irene, w/o Dr. Beaufort Brewster (Obit.)

Brickell, Miss Dorothy, "Weds" (Article)

Bridenbaugh, Lindal Lou (Benson), w/o Richard B. Bridenbaugh (Obit.)

Bridge, White River (Article)

Bridgeforth, Delores (Weber), w/o H. L. Bridgeforth (Obit.)

Bridges, Elzy A., "E. A. Bridges Killed In Auto Wreck At Tupelo" (Obit.)
Bridges, Vivian (Stone), w/o Dr. Ben L. Bridges (Obit.)

Briggs, John J., of Cotton Plant, AR, "Aerial Bombardier" (Picture Article)
Briggs, Thomas Jefferson, of Memphis, TN (Obit.)

Bright, Billy Raymond, h/o Faye Bright (Obit.)
Bright, Geneice (Brown), (black), d/o Emanuel Brown (Obit.)
Bright, Lucille (Raymond), w/o Henry W. Bright (Obit.)
Bright, Lynda, "Birthday Party For Lynda Bright", d/o Whitten Bright (Article)
Bright, Whitten, s/o Fred Bright, "Weds" (Article)

Brinkley, Freda Leo, h/o Annie E. Marie Brinkley (Obit.)
Brinkley, Sim Edward, s/o Freda Leo Brinkley, h/o Patricia Jo Brinkley (Obit.)

Brinneman - Perry Brinneman - 1832 -2008 - 7 Generations (Family History Book)
Brinneman, Amon Gilman, h/o Mae Brinneman (Obit.)
Brinneman, Charles Randolph, h/o Nona V. Brinneman (Obit.)
Brinneman, Elmer C., h/o Lettie Brinneman (Pictures) (Obit.)
Brinneman, Elmer, Jr., h/o Margaret Jean Brinneman (Pictures) (Obit.)
Brinneman, Gerald, s/o A. G., "Hunter Boy Receives Discharge From Army" (Article)
Brinneman, "Mr. Gerald Quenten Brinneman is leaving for Liberia" (Article)
Brinneman, Howard, s/o Elmer Brinneman (Picture) (Obit.)
Brinneman, Lettie, w/o Elmer C. Brinneman (Picture) (Obit.)
Brinneman, Mary J. (Freel), w/o Perry Brinneman (Obit.)
Brinneman, Margaret Jean, w/o Elmer Brinneman, Jr. (Obit.)
Brinneman, Mrs. Nona V. (Mitchell), w/o Charles R. Brinneman (Obit.)
Brinneman, Perry, h/o Mary J. Brinneman (LPR)

Brisco, Cynthia Lynette Smith, of Augusta, w/o Mark Brisco (Obit.)
Brisco, Tommy, h/o Dorothy Brisco (Obit.)

Briscoe, Ardell (Freeman), (black), d/o Dolphus "Doc" Briscoe (Obit.)
Briscoe, Lee Azel, (black) (Obit.)
Briscoe, Nicholes A., (black) (Obit.)
Briscoe, Robert H. Boy, (black), h/o Ida Briscoe (Obit.) (Picture Obit.)
Briscoe, Robert W., (black), h/o Hazel Briscoe (Picture Obit.)
Briscoe, Thelma Jean, (black), d/o Edward Briscoe (Obit.)
Briscoe, Titania S., "Named Girl of the Month" (Picture Article)
Briscoe, Wilson, (black), h/o Louvenia Briscoe (Obit.)

Brister, Bobby L., Sr., of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Britney, Emma Sue, (black) (Obit.)
Britney, Joseph, (black), bro. of R. L. Britney (Obit.)

Britt, Fieldon, "Weds" (Article)
Britt, J. B., of McCrory, "Injured In Farm Accident North of McCrory" (Article)
Britt, John Henry, "Overcup Man Stabbed Fatally; Suspect Held" (Article)
Britt, Joseph Benjamin, h/o Virginia Britt (Obit.)
Britt, Rachel (Obit.)
Britt, Virginia Ellen, w/o J. B. Britt (Obit.)

Brittain, Ollie Lucille (Martin) King, w/o Ralph Leland Brittain (Obit.)
Brittain, Ralph Owen, s/o Ronald Eugene Brittain (Obit.)
Brittain, Ronald Eugene, h/o Judy Brittain (Obit.)

Broach, Milton Donald, of Camden, AR, h/o Marie Broach (Obit.)

Broadwater, Commie B., h/o Helen Broadwater (Obit.)
Broadwater, Gladys, w/o Lawrence "Bud" Broadwater (Obit.)
Broadwater, Helen, w/o Commie B. Broadwater (Obit.)
Broadwater, Susie, "Weds" (Article)

Brock, David "Dave" Barton (Obit.)
Brock, Easter Mae (Robinson), (black), w/o L. J. Brock (Picture Obit.)
Brock, Infant, d/o Frank Brock (Obit.)
Brock, Janie Elizabeth, d/o Jean Unvervicht of Augusta (Obit.)
Brock, Pvt. LaVerne D., d/o Sanford Brock, "Completes Course" (Article)
Brock, Suzanne, d/o R. C. Brock (Obit.)

Brockwell, S. T., of Tupelo, AR (Obit.)
Brockwell, William Thomas, of Augusta, h/o Johnnie Brockwell (Obit.)

Brogdon, Bobby Joe, step-son of Clarence Davis (Obit.)
Brogdon, Charles Allie (Obit.)
Brogdon, Clevel (Spradlin) Burgess (Obit.)
Brogdon, Dora (Ross) (Obit.)
Brogdon, Elsie Lee, w/o L. Hubert Brogdon (Obit.)
Brogdon, Eulah Catherine, w/o Charles Allie Brogdon (Obit.)
Brogdon, James Aubrey, of McCrory, s/o C. A. & Eula Brogdon (Obit.)
Brogdon, Leon Hubert, h/o Elsie L. Brogdon (Obit.)
Brogdon, Lloyd Carl "Sonny" (Obit.)
Brogdon, Louise Norwood, "Mrs. Brogdon asks re-election as treasurer" (Picture Article)
Brogdon, Louise Norwood (Obit.)
Brogdon, Mona, d/o Sonny Brogdon, "Junior Miss McCrory" (Picture Article)
Brogdon, Ruby Mae "Doll" (Thompson), w/o Lloyd Carl "Sonny" Brogdon (Obit.)
Brogdon, Teresa, d/o J. A. Brogdon, "Candidate For Ark. Junior Miss" (Picture Article)
Brogdon, Wilma I. (Hubbard), w/o Mr. Ruby R. Brodgon (Obit.)

Bromley, Dean Allen, "Washington Kidnap Suspect Captured in McCrory Tavern" (Article)

Bronaugh, Frank Edward, h/o Lelia G. Bronaugh (Obit.)
Bronaugh, Lillian Dean Clark Roddy (Obit.)

Bronte, Diana, d/o Paul Bronte, "McCrory High's Honor Students" (Picture Article)
Bronte, Diana Paul, "Wins In National Merit Scholarship Contest" (Picture Article)
Bronte, Diana Paul, "To Be On Mademoiselle Magazine Staff" (Article)
Bronte, Diana "Lydia" (Dr.), "Will Teach Language in Geo. Washington U." (Picture Article)
Bronte, Diana Paul "Lydia" (Picture Obit.)
Bronte, Gloria, age 7, d/o Paul Bronte, "Citizen Of Tomorrow" (Picture Article)
Bronte, Gloria & Shelley Fraser, "Horse Birthday Party, January 1" (Article)
Bronte, Gloria, "Named Good Citizenship Girl At McCrory School" (Picture Article)
Bronte, Gloria Hamilton, "Licensed to Wed" (Announcement)
Bronte, James "Jim" Willis (Obit.)
Bronte, Jeff L., Jr., "Weds" (Article)
Bronte, Mrs. Nettie, "Buffet Supper In Honor Of Mrs. Bronte" (Article)
Bronte, Paul, s/o Nettie Bronte, "Weds" (Article)
Bronte, Paul, "Named Mail Carrier" (Article)
Bronte, Paul, "Is Seriously Burned" (Article)
Bronte, Paul, s/o Jeff L. & Nettie Bronte, "President B. M. C." (Picture Article)
Bronte, Paul, h/o Dorothy V. (Hamilton) Bronte, "Dies In Amarillo, TX" (Obit.)

Brookfield, Mrs. Nancy E., w/o Maj. Joshua Brookfield of Wynne, AR (Obit.)

Brooks, Mother of W. J. Brooks (Obit.)
Brooks, Belva Joy, infant of D. B. Brooks (Obit.)
Brooks, Charles W., of Howell, AR, h/o Lela Brooks (Obit.)
Brooks, Did, h/o Myrtle Bell Brooks (Obit.)
Brooks, Dwendall, (black) (Obit.)
Brooks, Effie Jean (Owens), d/o Charles Owens (Obit.)
Brooks, Elizabeth J. (Jones) (Obit.)
Brooks, Mrs. Freddie, "Drowned near White River Bridge" (Obit.)
Brooks, Herbert Lucian, of Tupelo, h/o Hallie Brooks (Obit.)
Brooks, Hettie, mother of Mrs. Callie Tyrone (Obit.)
Brooks, "J. M. "Tobe" Brooks For Tax Assessor" (Article)
Brooks, James M. "Tobe", h/o Margaret J. Brooks (Obit.)
Brooks, John Elkie (Obit.)
Brooks, John William, h/o Lotte L. Brooks (Obit.)
Brooks, John William, Jr. (Obit.)
Brooks, Johnie W. Jr., s/o Johnie W. Brooks, Sr., "Weds" (Article)
Brooks, Lottie L., w/o John William Brooks (Obit.)
Brooks, Louise (Parks), of Greenbrier, AR, w/o J. A. Brooks (Obit.)
Brooks, Luther Ray Sr., h/o Ruth Brooks (Obit.)
Brooks, Margaret J. (Sims) (Obit.)
Brooks, Margaret Kay, of Augusta, "Licensed to Wed" (Announcement)
Brooks, Mother of W. J. Brooks (Obit.)
Brooks, Myrtle Bell (Sewell), of Patterson, AR (Obit.)
Brooks, Roy Lee, h/o Helen E. Brooks (Obit.)
Brooks, Miss Virginia, d/o John Brooks, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Broome, Miss Irene, d/o Mrs. John W. Broome, "Weds" (Article)
Brotherton, Jim, of Forrest City, AR, "Licensed to Wed" (Announcement)

Broughton, Brenda Carol, w/o Robert Broughton (Obit.)
Broughton, Casey Beath, d/o Bruce & Karen Broughton (Obit.)
Broughton, John Edgar, "Dies In German Taxi Accident" (Obit.)
Broughton, Meaddie, w/o Jack Perry Broughton (Obit.)
Broughton, Sandra Nicole, d/o Robert Broughton (Picture Article)
Brown, Ada (Robertson), w/o Frank Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Agnes C., w/o B. A. Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Alberta, (black) (Obit.)
Brown, Alma Ruth (Butler) Holleman (Obit.)
Brown, Anna Catherine (Stewart), w/o Alexander Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Archie B., of McCrory, h/o Sula Brown (Obit.
Brown, Arvel, of Michigan, h/o Rosabel "Rose" Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Beodie, (black) (Obit.)
Brown, Bettie Jean, "Burned to death in mother's home" (Picture Article of House) (Obit.)
Brown, Billy Al, (black), h/o Marylin Brown (Picture Obit.)
Brown, Bobby M., h/o Linda K. Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Boyce Cain, s/o B. A. Brown, "Receives Coveted Award of U of A" (Article)
Brown, Brenda, of Augusta, "Licensed to Wed" (Announcement)
Brown, C. A., of Batesville, AR, grandfather of Mrs. Darrell Garner of Augusta (Obit.)
Brown, C. Henry (Colonel Henry), h/o Lillie Pearl Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Charlie B., s/o Sula A. Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Charlotte Randolph, (black), of Patterson, m/o Sidney Randolph (Obit.)
Brown, Christopher Ivann, of Augusta, s/o Bobby Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Christopher Leasborn Davis, (black), aged 12 (Obit.)
Brown, Clara Mae, w/o Delmas J. Brown, of Des Arc, AR (Obit.)
Brown, Dan, aged abt. 60, "Patterson Negro Citizen Drops Dead" (Obit.)
Brown, Dave, WW I (Enlistment record)
Brown, Dave, aged 25, "Brinkley man shot at Hunter" (Article)
Brown, David Joe, s/o Sherman Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Deborah (Buirts), w/o Sylvester Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Della Elnora, (black) (Obit.)
Brown, Della (Word), (black) (Obit.)
Brown, Dennis "Rusty", "To run for Deview constable" (Picture Article)
Brown, "Dink", colored, "Found Dead March 20" (Obit.)
Brown, Dock Felix, Sr., h/o Mary Louise Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Dorothy Mae (black), of Augusta, w/o Nathaniel Brown, Sr. (Obit.)
Brown, E. Gordon, of Sarasota, FL, f/o Mrs. Billye Holder (Obit.)
Brown, E. J. "Buster", s/o Elga E. Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Earlean (Poindexter), (black), w/o John Fred Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Earnie Miller, of Augusta (Obit.)
Brown, Eddie P. (Edward Phillip), h/o Essie M. Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Dr. Edmund Burke, of Cotton Plant, AR, h/o Audrey Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Edwina, d/o Herman E. Brown, "Weds" (Article)
Brown, Elga E., h/o Metta Maxine Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Emery, (black), h/o Gloria Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Ennis James W. (Obit.)
Brown, Ethel Lou (Maddox), (black), w/o J. D. Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Eula Mae, d/o Huston Brown, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Brown, Eva (Templeton), w/o Huston Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Finest Leon, Jr. (Obit.)
Brown, Frank Ezra, h/o Ada Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Franklin Delano, (black), of St. Louis, MO (Obit.)
Brown, Guy Houston, s/o Houston Brown, "engaged" (Picture Article)
Brown, Guy H., "Lightning kills Augusta farmer" (Obit.)
Brown, Mrs. Halley E., "Former Principal Of McCrory Schools Dies In Kentucky" (Picture Obit.)
Brown, Harry Earl, Sr., h/o Vera Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Hurley G., formerly of Cotton Plant, "Dies At Guam" (Obit.)
Brown, Huston, h/o Eva Brown (Obit.)
Brown, James, (black), Pvt. Co C 14th Repl Bn WW I (Enlist. Record)
Brown, James, (black), Pfc. U. S. Army WW II (Obit.)
Brown, James Edward, h/o Patsy Brown (Obit.)
Brown, James Noble, h/o Ruth Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Jessie Maude, of Augusta, formerly of Beaver, OK (Obit.)
Brown, John Cecil, h/o Shirley Brown (Obit.)
Brown, John E., WW I Vet., h/o Artie D. Brown (Enlist. Record)
Brown, John Joseph "Joe", of McCrory (Obit.)
Brown, Mrs. John Joseph, of McCrory (Obit.)
Brown, Mrs. Johnnie Mae, (black), d/o Wynne Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Joseph Willard, bro. of Franklin P. Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Joyce Gean (Lockhart), d/o Eldon Lockhart (Obit.)
Brown, Katherine (Parker), w/o Robert M. Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Lee Colie, (black), U. S. Navy WW II (Obit.)
Brown, Leener L., (black), of Patterson, AR, w/o Elijah Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Lela Edgar (Obit.)
Brown, Lessie, (black), w/o Hugh Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Lillie Pearl, w/o Colonel Henry Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Louis Gray, "Killed In Wreck", s/o Hallie E. (Obit.
Brown, Miss Lurene, d/o T. J. Brown, of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Brown, Margaret Dale "Boe", d/o T. J. & Clotene Brown, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Brown, Mary J., w/o Troy C. Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Metta M., w/o Elga E. Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Nathaniel, (black), h/o Dorothy Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Miss Noreen, "Homecoming Queen Of McCrory High" (Picture Article)
Brown, Ora Belle, w/o Lloyd W. Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Oscar, (black) (Obit.)
Brown, Pauline, (black), d/o John Fred Brown, Sr. (Obit.)
Brown, Rosie Bell (Reed), of Augusta, w/o Arvel Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Russell, "Shot & killed by father, Will Brown" (Obit.)
Brown, Ruth, (black) (Obit.)
Brown, Ruth Bell, w/o James Noble Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Sarah Agnes, w/o B. A. Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Shelby, d/o B. A. Brown (Picture Article)
Brown, Sula Agnes (Pritchard) (Obit.)
Brown, Miss Syble, d/o B. A. Brown "Weds" (Article)
Brown, T. J., s/o Mrs. Ott Lumley (Obit.)
Brown, T. J., bro. of B. A. Brown, h/o Clotene Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Thomas A. (Obit.)
Brown, Troy Chester, U. S. Army, h/o Mary J. Brown (Biog) (Obit.)
Brown, Val Edgar, h/o Helen Maxine Brown (Obit.)
Brown, Virth True Wilson, (black), w/o Genoa Brown (Typed Obit.)
Brown, Wade Jr. (black), "Killed with Ax" (Obit.)
Brown, William C., s/o Ruby Brown (Obit.)
Brown, William Webster (black), s/o William E. Brown (Obit.)

Browner, Wanda Jean, d/o F. T. Browner, "Weds" (Picture)

Brownderville, Herbert Edward, of Cross Co., AR, h/o Belle P. (Obit.)

Brownfield, Doris Christine Allen, "Killed in a motorcycle Accident" (Obit.)
Brownfield, Cpl. J. B., "Hunter Boy Reported Wounded In Korea" (Article)

Browning, Allie (Guinn), w/o Aud Smith Browning (Obit.)
Browning, Miss Anne Loreen, d/o Aud S. Browning, "Weds" (Article)
Browning, Arlie A., s/o Grover Browning, "Receives Many Medals" (Picture Article)
Browning, Arlie A., h/o Clara H. Browning (Obit.), in fold
Browning, Miss Anna Fay, d/o Luke Browning, "Weds" (Article)
Browning, Aud Smith, h/o Allie (Guinn) Browning (Obit.)
Browning, Miss Audrey Ann Lee, d/o Aud Browning, "Accident Victim's Funeral" (Obit.)
Browning, Carroll (Ray Carroll), "Shotgun Blast Kills Teenager Near McCrory" (Picture Obit.)
Browning, Charles Leon, s/o Charles M. Browning (Obit.)
Browning, Charles Madison, h/o Jewell L. Browning (Obit.)
Browning, Clara Hazel, w/o Arlie A. Browning (Obit.)
Browning, Effie Albertie, w/o Grover C. Browning (Obit.)
Browning, Grover Cleveland, h/o Effie Albertie Browning (Obit.)
Browning, Hannah Rebecca, w/o Enoch Miles Browning (Obit.)
Browning, Homer Cloys, h/o Della Mae Browning (Obit.)
Browning, J. E. (Jake E.), h/o LaNelle Browning (Obit.)
Browning, J. L., died 1912, near Dallas, TX (Obit.)
Browning, James Keith, s/o James Browning, "Birth Announcement" (Article)
Browning, Jay (Jerry William Jr.), "Killed in auto accident" (Obit.)
Browning, Jewell L., w/o Charles M. Browning (Obit.)
Browning, John W., "Sheriff Browning Makes First Arrest" (Article)
Browning, John W., "New Manager Of The Modern Home Store" (Article)
Browning, John William, h/o Wester Ruth Browning (Obit.)
Browning, Larry R., h/o Debbie Browning (Obit.)
Browning, Lola, w/o John W. Browning (Obit.)
Browning, Megan Elizabeth, d/o Michael W. Browning (Obit.)
Browning, Mrs. Nina Ray, w/o David F. Browning (Obit.)
Browning, Patsy Ann, d/o Charles M. Browning (Obit.)
Browning, Raney May, w/o R. Luke Browning (Obit.)
Browning, Ray Carrol, s/o Marshall R. Browning (Picture Obit.)
Browning, Rufus Luke, h/o Raney May Browning (Picture Obit.)
Browning, Rufus Madison, h/o Fannie Browning (Obit.)
Browning, William Elmo, h/o Oleta Ruth Browning (Obit.)
Browning, William F., of Haywood, OK, h/o Elma Browning (Obit.)
Browning, Zora Mavis, w/o Grover C. Browning (Obit.)

Bruce, John, "Former Woodruff Co. Man Killed At Texarkana Ice Plant" (Article)

Bruske, Febbie Mae, d/o Franklin P. Wright (Obit.)

Bruster, Lillie, w/o Jess Bruster (Obit.)

Bryan, Mrs. (Henderson) John E. Bryan, Sr., m/o John E. Bryan, Jr. of McCrory (Obit.)
Bryan, John E., f/o Linda Bryan, "Goes To Newport Bank" (Picture Article)
Bryan, John E., father of John E. Bryan of McCrory, AR (Obit.)
Bryan, Josephine "Josie", w/o Melvin C. Bryan (Obit.)
Bryan, Melvin C., h/o Josephine "Josie" Bryan (Obit.)

Bryant, Charles Wesley, h/o Mary Emma Bryant (Obit.)
Bryant, Eldridge A., h/o Elsie B. Bryant (Obit.)
Bryant, Elsie B., of Bremerton, Wash., formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
Bryant, J. S., h/o Ruth Bryant (Obit.)
Bryant, James William, h/o Pearl Bryant (Obit.)
Bryant, James "Jim" W., h/o Odell Bryant (Obit.)
Bryant, Joel, h/o Bettye Bryant (Obit.)
Bryant, Mandy A. (McClendon), (black) (Obit.)
Bryant, Mary Emma, w/o Charles Wesley Bryant (Obit.)
Bryant, Nannie, of Brinkley, AR (Obit.)
Bryant, Nathan Thomas, Sr., of Des Arc, AR, h/o h/o Betty Bryant (Obit.)
Bryant, Nettie, aged 81, of Des Arc, AR (Obit.)
Bryant, William, Veteran of WW I (Enlist. record)
Bryant, Willis Preciley, of Fair Oaks, h/o Margaret Bryant (Obit.)

Buchanan, Anthony Louis (black) (Obit.)
Buchanan, Hattie, of Cotton Plant, AR, w/o Ira L. Buchanan (Obit.)
Buchanan, Larry, s/o Rosie L. Buchanan (Obit.)
Buchanan, Mose, (black), h/o Elteaser Buchanan (Obit.)
Buchanan, Mrs. Vernie Lee, "Killed in auto accident" (Article)
Buchanan, Torie Yvette, (black), d/o Mose Buchanan (Obit.), in fold

Buck, Dora Almalee "Lee", of Roswell, NM (Obit.)
Buck, Pamela Kaye, of Little Rock, "Licensed to Wed" (Announcement)

Buckeye Cemetery, updated to present 2011, available in Binder

Buckley Cemetery, updated to present 2011, available in Binder
Buckley, Oscar Franklin, s/o James Elbert Buckley (Obit.)

Buckllew, Lucy K. "Nancy", w/o Buck Buckllew (Picture Obit.)

Buford, Miss Leona, d/o C. W. Buford of Beedeville, AR, "Weds" (Article)

Buirt, George, (black), h/o Addie Buirt (Obit.)

Buirts, Obie Mae (Hollis), (black) (Obit.)

Bull, Billy Joe, "Crop Insurance Fieldman Here" (Picture Article)
Bull, Billy Joe, s/o Wayne & Margie Bull (Obit.)
Bull, Dempsey R., s/o R. H. Bull, "Promoted to Sergeant" (Picture Article)
Bull, Dempsey Reynolds, "Killed In Car Wreck" (Obit.)
Bull, Ethel, w/o Thomas C., "Mrs. T. C. Bull, Sr. Has 90th Birthday" (Picture Article)
Bull, Ethel, w/o Thomas C. Bull (Obit.)
Bull, Jerry, h/o Sarah Bull (LPR)
Bull, Marie, w/o Wayne Bull (Obit.)
Bull, Nora Lee, w/o Robert H. Bull (Obit.)
Bull, Thomas Cheatham Jr., "Elected Woodruff County Commander" (Picture Article)
Bull, Thomas Cheatham Jr., h/o Ladell Bull (Picture Obit., in fold)
Bull, Thomas Cheatham, Sr., h/o Terry Bull & Ethel Bull (Obit.)
Bull, Thomas H., s/o R. H. Bull of McCrory, h/o Mary Bull (Picture Article)
Bull, T. C., s/o Mrs. Ethel Bull, "Three McCrory Boys Meet In Philippines" (Picture Article)
Bull, T. C., "New Officials Prince-Rhodes Post No. 112, Amer. Legion (Picture)

Bullard, Bessie Jane, w/o John Allen Bullard (Obit.)
Bullard, Charles Leroy, "13,000-Volt Charge Kills Charles Bullard" (Obit.)
Bullard, Doris Ann, d/o Grover C. Bullard, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Bullard, Franklin, s/o Grover Bullard, "Weds" (Article)
Bullard, Grover Clarence, h/o Pearl H. Bullard (Obit.)
Bullard, Grover Franklin, h/o Hazel Bullard (Obit.)
Bullard, Hazel, w/o Grover Franklin Bullard (Obit.)
Bullard, Mrs. J. A. (Bessie M.), of Wynne, w/o John A. Bullard (Obit.)
Bullard, J. D., s/o Grover Bullard, "Weds" (Article)
Bullard, Mr. & Mrs. John A., "Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary" (Picture Article)
Bullard, John W., "Completes Course In Specialized Training" (Article)
Bullard, John W., h/o Letha G. Bullard, "Promoted To Corporal" (Article)
Bullard, Lance, s/o Eddie Bullard (Obit.)
Bullard, Looney Williams, h/o Mary Agnes Bullard (Picture Obit.)
Bullard, Mary Agnes, w/o L. W. Bullard, "Attends National H. D. Club Meeting" (Picture Article)
Bullard, Mary Agnes, w/o L. W. Bullard (Obit.)
Bullard, Mrs. Pearl H., w/o Grover C. Bullard (Obit.)
Bullard, Ruby L. (Obit.)

Bullington, Reita Mae (Obit.)

Bullock, Fannie Sue (Obit.)

Bumpers, C. H. (Rev.), h/o Irene Bumpers (Obit.)

Bumpous, Tommie, w/o Marion C. Bumpous (Obit.)

Bunch, Chester, s/o Samuel Bunch, "Weds" (Article)
Bunch, Chester, s/o S. C. Bunch, "Sweater Presented" (Article)
Bunch, Jennie, m/o Sam Bunch (Obit.)
Bunch, Sam, h/o Savannah Bunch (Obit.)
Bunch, Samuel C., h/o Ricie Bunch & Frances Bunch (Obit.)
Bunch, Simmons, s/o Samuel C. Bunch, "Weds" (Article)
Bunch, Simmons, "Miscellaneous Shower" (Article)
Bunch, Simmons, s/o Samuel C. Bunch (Obit.)

Burford, A. S., of Sullivan, MO, bro. of Mrs. S. T. Walters of Hunter (Obit.)
Burford, Mildred Pauline, w/o Neil Burford (Obit.)

Burgess, Clevel, w/o O. T. Burgess, "Four Men Take Car" (Article)
Burgess, Doyle Benton, s/o O. T. Burgess of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Burgess, Everett (Dizzy), s/o O. T. Burgess "Serving For Uncle Sam" (Picture Article)
Burgess, Fred M., s/o Ollie Terrie Burgess, "Weds" (Article)
Burgess, Judy Marie, d/o Bill Burgess (Obit.)
Burgess, Kathryn, w/o Doyle B. Burgess (Obit.)
Burgess, Maynard, "Four Hurt In Crash" (Article)
Burgess, Maynard A., "McCrory Boy Receives Good Conduct Medal" (Article)
Burgess, Miss Mildred, d/o O. C. Burgess, "Weds" (Article)
Burgess, Mr. Ollie T., "Farmer Is Looser of Two Fingers" (Article)
Burgess, Ollie, "Fire Damages The Home Of Ollie Burgess" (Article)
Burgess, Ollie Terrie, h/o Ida Burgess & Clevel Burgess (Obit.)
Burgess, Cadet Vance L., "Receives Training At Garden City, KS" (Article)
Burgess, Lt. Vance L., s/o O. T. Burgess, "Receives Commission" (Article)
Burgess, Wm. Everett, U. S. Navy, s/o Ollie T. Burgess, "Weds" (Article)
Burgess, Wm. Everett, s/o Ollie T. Burgess, "Lost With Destroyer" (Article)
Burgess, Wm. Everett, "Killed In Action In South Pacific" (Picture Article)

Burke, Lt. Col. Lloyd Leslie Burke, s/o Mrs. Betty Burke, "Weds" (Article)
Burke, Lt. Col. Lloyd Leslie Burke, "Wounded in Vietnam Action" (Article)
Burke, Lt. Col. Lloyd L. Burke, "Congressional Medal of Honor winner Visiting in McCrory" (Article)
Burke, Mrs Virginia, "Given National Honors" (Picture Article)
Burke, Virginia, w/o Col. Lloyd L. Burke (Obit.)

Burkett Family History - 8 Generations - 1805 - 2008 (Family History Book)
Burkett, Billy, L. V., & Roger, "Three Brothers Overseas" (Picture-Article)
Burkett, Billy John, s/o Lionel Victor Burkett Sr., "Weds" (Article)
Burkett, Billy John, s/o Lionel Victor Burkett Sr., h/o Bennie Burkett (Obit.)
Burkett, Miss Frances, d/o L. V. Burkett, "Makes Wedding Plans" (Article)
Burkett, Miss Frances, d/o L. V. Burkett, "Rehearsal Dinner For Wedding Party" (Article)
Burkett, Miss Frances, "Miscellaneous Shower For Miss Burkett" (Article)
Burkett, Miss Frances, "Married Last Week", in Wedding Dress (Picture Article)
Burkett, Frances Louise, w/o Roger Burkett (Picture Obit.)
Burkett, L. V., s/o L. V. Burkett, "Weds" (Article)
Burkett, Lionel Victor, Jr. (Obit.)
Burkett, Lionel Victor, Sr., h/o Lurilla Burkett (Obit.)
Burkett, Lurilla, w/o Lionel Victor Burkett, Sr. (Picture Obit.)
Burkett, Minnie Byrd, w/o John Burkett (Picture)
Burkett, Roger Gray, h/o Frances Louise Burkett (Obit.) (In Memory Article)
Burkett, Miss Tommye Marie, d/o Thomas J. Burkett, "To Wed." (Article)
Burkett, W. A., brother-in-law of Tom Chaney, "Dies in Houston, TX" (Obit.)

Burks, Miss Betty, d/o Paul Burks, "Wins First Honors" (Picture Article)
Burks, Miss Betty, d/o Paul Burks of McCrory, "Honored At ASTC" (Picture Article)
Burks, Calvin (Ulysses Calvin) "Lefty", h/o Frances Louise Burks (Obit.)
Burks, Jerry Eugene, s/o Tommy Burks, "Negro Drowns Monday In Penn's Bay" (Obit.)
Burks, Larry, h/o Sharon Burks (Obit.)
Burks, Paul, of Batesville, AR, h/o Jewell Burks (Obit.)
Burks, Ulysses Calvin "Lefty" Burks, "Weds" (Article)
Burks, Ulysses Calvin "Lefty" Burks, h/o Frances Louise Burks (Obit.)

Burness, Pvt. Russell Hill, "Local Boy To Take Basic Training At Lackland A.F.B." (Article)

Burnett, Avery, Jr., of Brinkley, AR, h/o Anneatt Burnett (Obit.)
Burnett, Buford, "Sgt. Buford Burnett With 43rd Infantry Division In Luzon" (Article)
Burnett, Deloris (Grouch) (Obit.)
Burnett, Gary Dale, h/o Janice Burnett (Obit.)
Burnett, George Wayne, aged 91, Confederate Vet., "Weds" (Lg. Picture Article)
Burnett, Mrs. H. A., of Covington, TN, sis. of Mrs. J. F. James (Obit.)
Burnett, Houston Vernon, s/o Louie Burnett (Obit.)
Burnett, James Elbert, h/o Dovie Burnett (Obit.)
Burnett, Joe Wesley (Obit.)
Burnett, Louie, of Brinkley, AR, h/o Aletha (Obit.)
Burnett, Nettie Dissie (Obit.)
Burnett, Oliver Phascal, h/o Gladys Burnett (Obit.)
Burnett, Stanley, s/o Joe Burnett (Obit.)
Burnett, Troy, "Beedeville Man Killed By Train In McCrory Saturday Night" (Obit.)
Burnett, Vanda Sue, w/o Larry B. Burnett, Sr. (Obit.)

Burnette, James Hershel, of Hickory Ridge, h/o Jewell Burnette (Obit.)
Burnette, Mildred Kathryn "Millie", of Beedeville, w/o B. C. Burnette, Jr. (Obit.)

Burns, Alice Mae, w/o Johnny Harold Burns (Obit.)
Burns, Dick, "Fighting On World Fronts", h/o Eula V. Burns (Picture Article)
Burns, Dick, s/o Jim Burns, "Injured in auto accident", h/o Eula V. Burns (Article)
Burns, Fannie Mae, w/o Mose C. Burns (Obit.)
Burns, Hazel, w/o Ruben F. Burns (Obit.)
Burns, Idella, w/o William H. Burns (Obit.)
Burns, John Wilber (Dr.), h/o Sarah Elvira Burns (Obit.)
Burns, Johnny Harold Edward, h/o Alice Mae Burns (Obit.)
Burns, Sarah Elvira, w/o Dr. John Wilber Burns (Obit.)
Burns, William Henry, h/o Idella Burns (Obit.)

Burrow, Allie Card, w/o Lewis H. Burrow (Obit.)
Burrow, Annelle, w/o Hoyle A. Burrow (Picture of Bride)
Burrow, Ben F., h/o Gussie Burrow (Obit.)
Burrow, Charles C., of Wynne, h/o Mildred Burrow (Obit.)
Burrow, Eva Rose (Kyle), "Eva Burrow named women of the year" (Picture Article)
Burrow, Hance Wesley, Sr., s/o Charles C. Burrow (Obit.)
Burrow, Hoyle A., s/o Ben Burrow, Sr., "Weds" (Picture of Bride Article)
Burrow, Hoyle A., h/o Annelle S. Burrow (Obit.)
Burrow, Jimmie Mack, h/o Janet Burrow (Obit.) (Tribute Article)
Burrow, Lewis Harve, h/o Allie C. Burrow (Obit.)
Burrow, Mary Agnes, age 15, suicide, d/o Harve Burrow (Obit.)
Burrow, Maxine, w/o Bobbie G. Burrow (Obit.)
Burrow, Mildred Catherine, w/o Charles W. Burrow (Obit.)
Burrow, Ora Belle, w/o John E. Burrow (Obit.)
Burrow, Patsy Jane, w/o Tommy Burrow (Obit.)
Burrow, Roxie F., of Jonesboro, AR, m/o Tancel Burrow (Obit.)
Burrow, Tancel D., h/o Geneva Burrow (Obit.)

Burrows, Anna Mary, w/o Fred A. Burrows (Obit.)
Burrows, Fay A., of Forrest City, AR, h/o Evelyn Burrows (Obit.)
Burrows, Frazier, s/o Adolphus Burrows, "Weds" (Article)
Burrows, Frazier A., of Bellflower, Los Angeles, CA, h/o Demetra Burrows (Obit.)
Burrows, Katie Mae, w/o Thomas S. Burrows (Obit.)
Burrows, Roddy, h/o Eula Burrows (Obit.)
Burrows, Sgt. Roland D., b/o Mrs. W. L. Lewellen, "Family Reunion" (Article)

Burson, Mildred Maxine (Obit.)

Burt, James Ralph (Obit.)

Burtcher, Edgar Edward, of Judsonia, h/o Evelyn Burtcher (Obit.)

Burton, Ben F., h/o Florence E. Burton (Obit.)
Burton, David Henry "Bruce", of Newport, AR (Obit.)
Burton, Diann (Ballard) (Obit.)
Burton, Ed, victim, "Series Of Robberies Here Last Night" (Article)
Burton, Edward Thomas, s/o Ben F. Burton (Obit.)
Burton, Florence Ellen, w/o Ben F. Burton (Obit.)
Burton, Frank Andrew, h/o Ruth Ann Burton (Obit.)
Burton, George, h/o Mary E. Burton (Obit.)
Burton, Henry Lester, of Tupelo, AR, h/o Amanda Burton (Obit.)
Burton, Josephine, of Wynne, d/o Noah Burton, "Weds" (Article"
Burton, Miss Leola Belle, d/o Ben F. Burrow (Obit.)
Burton, Malcom D., h/o Louise Burton (Obit.)
Burton, Mary A., m/o P. H. Burton (Obit.)
Burton, Mary Linda, d/o Owen Burton of Newport (Obit.)
Burton, Patrick Henry (Enlist. Record)
Burton, Patrick Henry, h/o Thelma Burton (Obit.)
Burton, Shelly D., h/o Epha Burton (Obit.)
Burton, Thelma, w/o Patrick Henry Burton (Obit.)

Busby, Eugene Adam, s/o Carl Busby (Obit.)

Bush, David D., s/o D. M. Bush, "Weds" (Article)
Bush, David McClure (Enlist. Record)
Bush, David McClure, s/o Sterling M. Bush, h/o Mildred Bush (Obit.)
Bush, Eric Ray Hill, s/o Lester Bush (Article-Obit.) (Obit.)
Bush, Mildred A., w/o David McClure Bush (Obit.)
Bush, Sterling M., of Cotton Plant, "Dies In Kentucky" (Obit.)

Busick, Raymond Charles, h/o Cecil May Busick (Obit.)

Bussell, Flora Bailey, of Merced, CA, w/o Jim Bussell (Obit.)

Buster, The Samuel L. Buster Family - Virginia to Arkansas (Family History)
Buster, John W., Civil War, b/o Thomas M. Buster (Biog.)

Butcher, Clinton Doyle, h/o Mary Jo Butcher (Obit.)
Butcher, Josephine Marie "Jo", w/o Aubrey Butcher (Obit.)
Butcher, Kathryn, d/o Kenneth Butcher, "Is Prom Queen" (Article)
Butcher, Kenneth, h/o Hettie Butcher (Obit.)

Butler, Alfred "Bud", of Cotton Plant, s/o Archie Butler (Obit.)
Butler, Billie Mack, h/o Louise Butler (Obit.)
Butler, Edward Warren, Jr., "E. W. Butler, Jr., Made 2nd Lieut." (Article)
Butler, Edward Warren, Jr., "Named Aide To Colonel" (Picture Article)
Butler, Edward Warren, Jr., "One Of Six Fliers Killed In Texas" (Article-Obit.)
Butler, Emma Dale, w/o Thomas A. Butler (Obit.)
Butler, Frances Alexa "Bab", w/o Edward W. Butler (Obit.)
Butler, Grover J., of Little Rock, AR, s/o Grover T. Butler (Picture Article)
Butler, Hattie Slater, of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)
Butler, Mrs. Jimmie Beurah, w/o Grover T. Butler (Obit.)
Butler, Jimmy Don, age 17 days, s/o Morris Butler (Obit.)
Butler, Kevin Thomas, s/o L. T. Butler (Obit.)
Butler, Laveta J. (Robertson) (Obit.)
Butler, Lewis Gray, s/o Grover T. Butler (Obit.)
Butler, Lila (Magers), w/o Lewis Gray Butler (Obit.)
Butler, Louise, w/o Billie Mack Butler (Obit.)
Butler, Martha Ellen, w/o Jesse L. Butler (Obit.)
Butler, Mary, (black), w/o Benny Butler, Sr. (Obit.)
Butler, Milburn Morris, h/o Geraldine Butler (Obit.)
Butler, Neta Mae, w/o Walter Ray Butler (Obit.)
Butler, Thomas Allen, h/o Mamie L. Butler (Obit.)
Butler, Thomas Andrew, h/o Emma D. Butler (Obit.)
Butler, Walter Ray, s/o Thomas Allen Butler (Obit.)

Butterworth, Dorothy Mae (Obit.)
Butterworth, Tommy, "Youth On Outing At Augusta Drowns" (Obit.)
Butterworth, Thomas Allen (Obit.)

Butts, Irene, of Helena, AR, w/o J. B. Butts (Obit.)

Butzloff, May, of Hammond, IN (Obit.)

Byars, Danny Mack, s/o M. G. Byars, "Attending Youth Workshop at Tech" (Picture Article)
Byars, Danny Mack, h/o Audrey Byars (Obit.)
Byars, Jasper William (Obit.)
Byars, Rex L. (Obit.)

Byerley, Albert Wesley (Obit.)
Byerly, Jennie Aline, d/o T. E. Byerly, "Weds" (Article)

Byers, Andrew Cleveland, of CA, "Killed When Thrown By Horse" (Obit.)
Byers, Donnie Ray, s/o Mrs. Essie Byers (Obit.)
Byers, James Garrett, h/o Mildred Byers (Obit.)
Byers, John Wesley, h/o Maude Byers (Obit.)
Byers, Lois Francis, w/o Jimmy Byers (Obit.)
Byers, Maude, w/o John W. Byers (Obit.)

Byrd, Neopollus D. Byrd - Henry Co., TN - 8 Generations - 1782 - 2007 (Family History Book)
Byrd, Alfred Clark, h/o Willie Mae Byrd (Obit.)
Byrd, Evelyn W., w/o Arthur F. Byrd (Obit.)
Byrd, Henry L., of Memphis, TN (Obit.)
Byrd, Janice, "McCrory Students Win Award" (Picture Article)
Byrd, Oscar Clyde, h/o Faye Byrd (Obit.)
Byrd, Oscar Clyde "Memorial Services To Be Sunday" (Article)
Byrd, Wanda June, "To Wed" (Picture Article)
Byrd, Willie Mae, w/o Alfred C. Byrd (Obit.)


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