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Surnames "C"
Index for Names in
Woodruff County, Arkansas

Compiled by Gary Telford, P. O. Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010
501-724-2490, or email wgt@centurytel.net

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogist. Old pictures are priceless. Gathering this information has involved four years of research through old Woodruff County newspapers, preparing an index and filing all of it. Every effort is being made to preserve this important Woodruff County history.

The four years of research has involved searching through old newspapers of Woodruff County, Arkansas, to find obituaries, articles, weddings and pictures. Most of these have been copied on a commercial digital copier and are very good quality. Quite a bit of money and time was invested in this project, which is still in progress.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be sent by email. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. All are copied on heavyweight, 28 lb., bright white, acid free, archive safe, paper. There is a small fee to cover expenses, mailing, etc.

The papers name and the date it was published will be on each item. Any of these old "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook."

Remember: "A Family Tree can wither if no one tends it's roots." For more info. and a complete index on obituaries, weddings, pictures, and articles, see Parts 1-19 now posted on Woodruff County Website at rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ - Click on (Obits/Weddings) See also Surname Index.

Woodruff County Cemetery Records have been updated to present 2011 with all old and new burials and are available in a binder. Prices vary depending on size of cemetery. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

For a complete list of the Family History Books now available go to rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ Click on (Family History Books) New books are being published monthly. Contact me to see if a Family History Book is available for your family.

Many other Woodruff County Obituaries, Articles, Weddings & Pictures, 1930-2010, are available that have not been posted yet. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

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The following abbreviations have been used where space requires;
h/o--husband of
w/o--wife of
m/o--mother of
f/o--father of
d/o--daughter of
s/o--son of
b/o--brother of
sis. of--sister of

Cable, Miss Martha, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Frank, "Recent Bride" (Picture-Article)

Cagle, John Henry, h/o Mary Frances (Obit.)
Cagle, John Henry Jr., h/o Nona Mae (Obit.)
Cagle, Roger, age 12, of Augusta, "Shot in firearms accident" (Article)

Cagles, Mrs. Laura (Holt), w/o David Cagles (Obit.)

Cain, Family History – 1842 - 2011 - 7 Generations - (Family History Book)
Cain, Alonzo Jackson "A. J.", h/o Sarah E. (Obit.)
Cain, Mrs. A. J. (Sarah), "Died Sunday", mother of Jack Cain (Obit.)
Cain, Audrey Alice (Cain) (Obit.)
Cain, Bari Don, s/o Donald & Linda Cain (Picture Article)
Cain, Buford V., h/o Lucille (Obit.)
Cain, Cecil Winfred, h/o Johnnie (Obit.)
Cain, Charlotte, d/o Clum Cain, "Weds" (Article)
Cain, Clum, "Clum Cain Home Destroyed By Fire" (Article)
Cain, Columbus Washington, h/o Ora E. (Obit.)
Cain, Delbert Cleo David, "Young Poet" (Picture-Article)
Cain, Donald, s/o L. J., "Senior Class President" (Picture Article)
Cain, Eunice Frances (Price), w/o Virgil Leonard Cain (Obit.)
Cain, Gayle Wright, "Becomes Bride" (Picture of Gayle)
Cain, Harlan, "Killed by train in Morton Ark." (Obit.)
Cain, Hershel W., s/o Roy Cain, "Weds" (Article)
Cain, Hervey C. "McCrory Lieutenant Is Assigned To The Military Police" (Article)
Cain, Hulon A., s/o Jim Cain, "Injured In Tractor Accident" (Article)
Cain, Hulon, "Former president of bank files suit in federal court"(Article)
Cain, Hulon Alfred, h/o Virginia (Large Obit.)
Cain, Ida (Aiken), w/o William Robert "Will" (Judge) Cain (Obit.)
Cain, James Austin "Jim", h/o Hazel Amanda (Obit.)
Cain, James D., s/o Mrs. L. J. Cain, "Two McCrory Boys Complete Recruit Training With Navy" (Article)
Cain, James Donald, s/o James A. Cain "Two McCrory Boys Graduate From
Navy School" (Article)
Cain, James Donald,h/o Linda (Obit.)
Cain, James Joseph., h/o Mary Emma (Obit.)
Cain, Mrs. Johnnie (McCommons), w/o Cecil W. Cain (Obit.)
Cain, Kenneth Lynn, Jr., s/o Kenneth Sr. (Obit.)
Cain, Kim, d/o Donald & Linda (Smith) Cain (Picture Article)
Cain, Leonard Jackson, h/o Pearl E. (Obit.)
Cain, Leroy, s/o Roy, h/o Amma (Obit.)
Cain, Lucille (Baswell), w/o Buford Velma Cain (Obit.)
Cain, Mary Emma (Martin), w/o James Joseph "Joe" Cain (Obit.)
Cain, Mary Louise Cain Teague (Obit.)
Cain, Melvin Odell, h/o Glandene Obit.)
Cain, Mrs. Myrtle (Weems), widow of N. N. Cain (Obit.)
Cain, N. N., "Augusta Welcomes Mr. & Mrs. Cain", formerly of Cotton Plant (Article)
Cain, Nathaniel N., h/o Myrtle (Weems) Cain (Obit.)
Cain, Nora Lee, w/o Roy Cain (Obit.)
Cain, Ora Ellen, w/o Clum (Obit.)
Cain, Pearl E., w/o Leonard J. Cain (Obit.)
Cain, Robert H., s/o Roy Cain "McCrory Soldier Wounded On Leyte" (Picture Article)
Cain, Roxie Lea, w/o Steve (Picture Obit.)
Cain, Roy, h/o Nora Lee Cain (Obit.)
Cain, Sarah E., w/o A. J.Cain (Obit.)
Cain, Virgil Leonard, h/o Eunice Frances & Eudora Cain (Obit.)-
Cain, W. R., delinquent tax collector, "Jury Frees W. R. Cain For Carrying Pistol" (Article)
Cain, William Robert "Will" (Judge), h/o Ida (Aiken) Cain (Biog.-Obit.)

Calahan, James Lee, s/o Houston Lee Calahan (Obit.)

Caldwell, Alice Hubbard-Cossey, w/o Willima M. Caldwell (Obit.)
Caldwell, Bonnie Jean, w/o Ralph Caldwell (Picture Obit.)
Caldwell, Dorothy Sue, w/o William Ralph Caldwell (Picture Obit.)
Caldwell, Johnnie J., s/o John Caldwell, "Weds" (Article)
Caldwell, Johnnie J., "Two Killed in Plane Crash Last Thursday Afternoon" (Obit.)
Caldwell, Mrs. Madeline (Caldwell) Hall, d/o Will Caldwell, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Caldwell, Marvin, h/o Dorothy (Reddell) (Obit.)

Calhoun, Miss Dewey Lee, d/o Vance O., "Killed In Car Wreck Near Cotton Plant" (Obit.)
Calhoun, Miss Dewey Lee, d/o Vance, "Cotton Plant Brother & Sister Killed" (Picture Article)

Calhoun, Effie (Petterson), widow of J. H. Calhoun (Obit.)
Calhoun, Erline Veta (Doyle), of Cotton Plant, sis. of Mrs. Maxine Todd (Obit.)
Calhoun, J. H., h/o Effie (Petterson) (Obit.)
Calhoun, James A., s/o Vance O. Calhoun, "Killed In Car Wreck Near
Cotton Plant" (Obit.)
Calhoun, James A., s/o Vance Calhoun, "Cotton Plant Brother & Sister Killed" (Picture Article)

Callahan, Benjamin "Bemous" Franklin, h/o Unknown & Eula Mae (Obit.)
Callahan, Elmer, s/o E. Callahan of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Callahan, Elmer E., h/o Norma Jean (Picture Obit.)
Callahan, Eula Mae (Walker) Cobb (Obit.)
Callahan, Euness M., h/o Rosie (Obit.)
Callahan, Fred, WW I Vet. (Enlist. Record)
Callahan, Harold H., h/o Cynthia (Picture Article)
Callahan, Houston Lee, s/o Eula Mae (Obit.)
Callahan, James Lee, s/o Houston Lee, of Patterson (Obit.)
Callahan, Nora Mahalie, d/o Euness M. & Rosie M. Callahan (Obit.)
Callahan, Norma Jean (Milner), w/o Elmer E. Callahan (Obit.)
Callahan, Pauline Looney, "Killed in auto crash", w/o John J.
Callahan (Obit.)
Callahan, Rebecca Allie, d/o Harold Callahan, "Weds" (Wedding Article) (Picture Article)
Callahan, Sgt. Roy, son of Euness "McCrory Paratrooper, Missing In Normandy" (Article)
Callahan, Sgt. Roy M., s/o Euness E., "Missing McCrory Paratrooper Killed" (Picture Obit.)
Callahan, Roy M., s/o of Mrs. Euness M., "Body To Be Returned Home" (Article)
Callahan, Roy M., s/o of Mrs. Euness M., "Given Military Funeral" (Picture Obit.)
Callahan, Roy M. , s/o of Mrs. Euness M (Obit.)

Calvert, Daisy, d/o Mr. & Mrs. M. G. Calvert, "Weds" (Article)
Calvert, John Howard, s/o Matthew G. Calvert (Obit.)
Calvert, Matthew G., h/o Stella A. (Obit.)
Calvert, Minnie L., w/o John Calvert (Obit.)
Calvert, Stella Ann, w/o Matthew G. (Obit.)

Cameron, Angela Darlene (Meredith), w/o Peter N. Cameron (Obit.)
Cameron, Sandra Darlene, d/o Cloys & Roberta Cameron (Picture Obit), in fold
Cameron, Peter N., h/o Angela Darlene (Meredith) (Obit.)

Camp, Allie M., w/o Benjamin Walter Camp (Obit.)
Camp, Benjamin Walter, h/o Allie M. Camp (Obit.)
Camp, Carson Levi, Infant son of Dennis D. &Tammie Camp (Obit.)
Camp, Dennis R., brother of Mrs. Eunice Jackson (Obit.)
Camp, Earl Marshall, h/o Eunice Viola Camp (Obit.), in fold
Camp, Logan Eli, s/o Dennis D. & Tammie R. Camp (Obit.)
Camp, Lola Christine, w/o Alvin A. Camp (Obit.)

Campbell, James H. & Eliza Campbell - 4 Generations - 1810 - 2007 (Family History)
Campbell, Alexander Hopkins, h/o Sammie Carter (Kittrell) (Obit.)
Campbell, Mrs. Anna (Laswell), w/o Wm. Denton Campbell (Obit.)
Campbell, Carl E. "Bud", "C. E. Campbell Killed Wednesday In Mill Accident" (Obit.)
Campbell, Charlie, of the Beards community, bro. of Sam & John C.
Campbell (Obit.)
Campbell, Cleveland L., of Jackson Co., AR, h/o Kathryn Campbell (Obit.)
Campbell, Eunice D., h/o Brenda (Picture Article) (Obit.)
Campbell, Frances, age 7, dau. of Mr. Herbert Campbell of McCrory, AR (Obit.)
Campbell, Hubert (Herbert), of McCrory, "Reunited With Half Sister After 36 Years" (Article)
Campbell, Herbert W., Jr., s/o Herbert W., Sr. "Child Succumbs After Swallowing Bean" (Obit.)
Campbell, Ira L., h/o Lillian (Sims) (Obit.)
Campbell, James Herron, CSA Vet. (Biog.) - (Story by G.T.)
Campbell, Judy Lafay, (black), w/o Charles Campbell (Obit.) -
Campbell, Katie C. (Obit.)
Campbell, Laura Ethel, w/o Emmett N. Campbell (Obit.)
Campbell, Lela Francis (Sims), w/o Eunice D. Campbell (Obit.)
Campbell, Lillian (Sims), w/o Ira L. Campbell (Obit.)
Campbell, Maggie Margaret A. (Ball), w/o Floyd T. Campbell (Obit.)
Campbell, Mrs. J. W. (Nancy), widow of J. W. (Obit.)

Campbell, Nancy Elizabeth, w/o M. A. Campbell (Obit.)
Campbell, Nancy P., w/o William H. Campbell (Obit.)
Campbell, Nancy P., "Card of Thanks" (Article)
Campbell, Robert Claude "R. C.", h/o Frances (Obit.)
Campbell, R. J., "Weds" (Article 1913)
Campbell, Rhonda Carol, d/o Robert Claude "R.C." & Frances Campbell (Obit.)
Campbell, Richard, WWI (Enlistment record)
Campbell, Richard C., s/o Herbert Campbell, "Weds" (Article)
Campbell, Roy D., of Cotton Plant, "Attorney is Signally Honored" (Article 1912)
Campbell, Roy Davis, "Director Of Bank Of McCrory, Dies" (Obit.)
Campbell, Sylvia Mae, w/o Harold Dean Campbell (Obit.)
Campbell, T. C., aged eight years, son of Claud, "Son of McCrory Couple Killed" (Obit.)
Campbell, Tennie - 1900 - 1977 - Ebenezer Cem., Cotton Plant, AR
Campbell, Miss Thelma, d/o Floyd Campbell of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Campbell, Valerie, w/o Herbert W. Campbell (Obit.)
Campbell, William A., h/o Harriett Campbell (Obit.)
Campbell, William Eugene, WW I Vet. (Enlistment Record)
Campbell, William H. - Died abt. 1923, a confederate vet., h/o Nancy P. (Hicks)
Campbell, William Peyton (Biog.)
Campbell, William Roy, h/o Linda (Obit.)

Canard, Earl (Floyd Earl), Jr., h/o Ruth Canard (Obit.)
Canard, Nettie I., w/o Floyd Earl Canard (Obit.)
Canard, Rosell "Rosie", d/o Floyd & Nettie Iralla Canard (Obit.)

Candlish, Miss Eleanor Ruth, d/o John M. Candlish, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Candlish, Eleanor A., w/o John M. Candlish (Obit.)
Candlish, Miss Jean Marie, "Good Citizenship Contest Winner" (Picture Article)
Candlish, John Marion, h/o Eleanor A. Candlish (Obit.)
Candlish, Mr. Lewis of Augusta, "Weds" (Article)
Candlish, Lewis E., s/o John M. Candlish of Augusta (Picture Article)
Candlish, Lewis E., WW II (Biog.)

Cane, Jewell Cane, better known as "Baby Cane" (Obit., Typed)

Cannon, Elizabeth Anna , w/o Sam Cannon (Obit.)
Cannon, Forest (Brewer) (Mrs.), w/o Harold D. Cannon (Article)
Cannon, Harold D., h/o Forrest Cannon (Obit.)
Cannon, James Edward, (black), h/o Hallie Q. Cannon (Obit.)
Cannon, Miss Martha, "Augusta Queen and Maids" (Picture-Article)
Cannon, Miss Martha, d/o Harold D. Cannon (Picture Weddding Annoucement)
Cannon, Samuel Ernest, h/o Elizabeth Anna (Obit.)
Cannon, Mrs. Sarah Virginia, w/o Thomas Cannon (Obit.)
Cannon, Miss Wilena, d/o W. O. Cannon of Gilliam, AR, "Weds" (Article)

Cansler, Beulah Daisy, w/o Samuel Andrew Cansler (Obit.)
Cansler, Thelma Florence (Wiggins)-Anderson, w/o Charles "Charley" E. Anderson (Obit.)
Cansler, Wilmer Kathleen (Brymer) Rutherford, w/o James E. Rutherford, & Samuel A. Cansler (Obit.)

Canterberry--Etoile Bagby, d/o Nettie (Bagby) Canterberry-McGowan (Obit.)

Caperton, Family History - 5 Generations - 1870-2008 (Family History)
Caperton, Jack (Picture)
Caperton, Jack Foster Jr., "Jack Caperton’s honored on anniversary" (Article)
Caperton, Jack Foster Jr. (Obit.), in fold
Caperton, Ruth Kyle (Shelton) (Obit.)

Caple, Carl V., h/o Maude (Obit.)

Caplena, Fred L., "Weds" (Article)
Caplena, Fred L., of Brinkley, h/o Ruth (Obit.)
Caplena, Infant, of Fred (Obit.)
Caplena, Polie, of Honolula, Hawaii, formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Mary (Obit.)

Capps, Artie, of McCrory (Marriage announcement)

Capshaw, Alma Willene, h/o Otha W. (Obit.)
Capshaw, Miss Betty Rhea, d/o G. D. Capshaw (Wedding Article)
Capshaw, Miss Betty Rhea, daughter of G. D., "Recent Bride" (Picture Wedding)
Capshaw, Emmett Lon, of N. Little Rock, s/o Florence Capshaw (Obit.)
Capshaw, Florence, d/o O. W. Capshaw, "Weds" (Article)
Capshaw, Florence, d/o O. W. Capshaw, "Miscellaneous Shower" (Article)
Capshaw, Florence "Mrs. Florence Capshaw Observes 95th Birthday" (Article)
Capshaw, Florence "Of Confederate Home Pieced 120 Quilts" (Picture Article)
Capshaw, Florence Smith, "Recalls Adventurous Civil War Life" (Picture Article)
Capshaw, Florence Smith (Picture Obit.)
Capshaw, Gid, "Former Woodruff Co. Man Renews Leader" (Article)
Capshaw, Grace L., "Mrs. Grace Capshaw To Be Honored at O. E. S.
Homecoming" (Picture Article)
Capshaw, Grace L., h/o Victor E. (Obit.)
Capshaw, Granville David, h/o Belena (Obit.)
Capshaw, Lon, may be Emmett Lonnie, WW I Vet. (Enlistment Record)
Capshaw, Mary Elizabeth , w/o G. W. Capshaw (Obit.)
Capshaw, Nova (Edwards) Stanfill, w/o George W. Stanfill & Oscar W.
Capshaw (Obit.)
Capshaw, Oscar W., h/o Stella Lucille & Nova (Edwards) Stanfill (Obit.)
Capshaw, Otho, s/o Oscar Capshaw of Wiville, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Capshaw, Otha W., h/o Alma Willene (Obit.)
Capshaw, Robert Seymore, s/o O. W. & Stella (Obit.)
Capshaw, Sarah Katherine "Kate", w/o Preston D. Capshaw (Obit.)
Capshaw, Stella Lucille, w/o Oscar W. Capshaw (Obit.)
Capshaw, Victor Earl, s/o Oscar Wylie & Stella Lucille (Obit.)
Capshaw, Victor Gerald, s/o Otha Wylie & Alma Willene, h/o Patricia (Obit.)
Capshaw, Wylie B., "Weds" (Wedding Article)

Carey, Leon, "Former Cotton Plant Football Star Died at Monticello" (Obit.)

Cariker, (Loose Probate Records)
Cariker, Phillip J. "Peter Jack"- 1700's - 2011 - 9 Generations, about
235 pages (Family History Book)
Cariker, Alonzo "Lon" J., h/o Lottie (Obit.)
Cariker, Anna Lee, w/o Walter T. "Thad" Cariker (Obit.)
Cariker, Annie Louise, w/o George C. (Obit.)
Cariker, Billy Ray, s/o Ray Cariker, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Cariker, Cleveland (George Cleveland), "Hurt in Accident" (Article)
Cariker, Cleveland, h/o Annie L. Cariker (Article) (Obit.)
Cariker, Della (Johnson), w/o Henry Jackson Cariker (Obit.)
Cariker, Mrs. Eliza Jane, "Applied for Confederate Pension) (Article) (Obit.)
Cariker, Elmo C. (Mike), h/o Phebia Bradford (Obit.)
Cariker, Grover, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Cariker, Grover, h/o Mildred Pauline (Obit.)
Cariker, Harold, s/o Lon J. & Lottie (Obit.)
Cariker, Jimmy, s/o Billy Ray, "Heads Junior Honor Society" (Picture Article)
Cariker, Kenneth O., s/o Maynard, "Has Narrow Escape On Iwo Jima Island" (Article)
Cariker, Miss LaVerne, dau. of Grover Cariker, "Recent Bride" (Picture-Wedding)
Cariker, Leland Reed "Chicken", h/o Edna Faye (Obit.)
Cariker, Leslie C. (Obit.)
Cariker, Mrs. Lottie, dau. of Mrs. Sally Miller (Biog.)
Cariker, Lottie (Miller), w/o Alonzo "Lon" J.--Cariker (Obit.)
Cariker, Miss Louise, d/o Walter Ray Cariker, "Recent Bride" (Picture-Wedding)
Cariker, Marvin Ray, s/o William Maynard Cariker, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Cariker, Mildred Pauline, w/o Grover (Obit.)
Cariker, Miller M., s/o Lon Cariker (Wedding Article)
Cariker, Miller M. (Obit.)-
Cariker, Odell, s/o Maynard Cariker, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Cariker, Mr. & Mrs. Ray, "Anniversary Dinner" (Article)
Cariker, Terral Cariker, 26, s/o Mrs. L. J. Cariker, "Weds" (Article)
Cariker, Terral Edgar, h/o Avis (Obit.)
Cariker, Walter Thad, "Weds" (Article)
Cariker, Walter Ray, h/o Sarah Jane (Obit.)
Cariker, William Maynard, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Cariker, William Maynard, h/o Lena (Obit.)
Cariker, William Maynard, h/o Joyce (Obit.)
Cariker, William "Billy" Ray, h/o Virginia M. (Obit.)

Carlew, Mervin Yvonne, h/o Pauline (Obit.)

Carl-Lee, Elmo M., son of Edward S. & Sue F. CarlLee (War Record)
Carl-Lee, Elmo M., "Judge E. M. Carl-Lee Dies In Little Rock At Home Of Daughter" (Obit.)

Carlisle, Pvt. Burnis, WW II Vet., s/o Mrs. Verna Carlisle (Picture Obit.)
Carlisle, Burnis (3-20-1913--1-18-1945)--Augusta Cem., WW II Vet. (Obit.)
Carlisle, Clara Lee, w/o John G. Carlisle (Obit.)
Carlisle, Earnest Lee, h/o Mary M. (Obit.)
Carlisle, James A., h/o Nettie (Obit.)
Carlisle, James Allen, , h/o Novella (Obit.)
Carlisle, John G., h/o Clara L. (Obit.)
Carlisle, Mrs. Lillian (Knight), d/o James W. & Martha Knight (Obit.)
Carlisle, Mary Mae, w/o Earnest L. Carlisle (Obit.)
Carlisle, Nettie Novella, w/o James Allen Carlisle (Obit.)
Carlisle, Verna (Obit.), not good quality

Carlock, A. B. (Marriage Record)
Carlock, A. R., aged 76, bro. of Jessie, & Ben Carlock & Mrs. Addie Selbey (Obit.)
Carlock, Miss Gayola, d/o William B. Carlock (Wedding Announcement)
Carlock, Miss Gayola, d/o William B. Carlock, "Weds" (Picture Wedding)
Carlock, Marcus, age 39 (Marriage Record
Carlock, Maude M., " Mother Reunited with Daughter Last Week" (Article)
Carlock, Maude, widow of William Ben Carlock (Obit.)
Carlock, Raymond A., age 26 (Married Record)
Carlock, William Ben, h/o Maud M. (Obit.)

Carlson, Roy E., of McCrory (Obit.)

Carman, Mrs. Emma, "Former McCrory Girl Writes To The Leader" (Article)

Carpenter, Alice N. (Ball) (Obit.)
Carpenter, Owens E., h/o Ruby M. (Obit.)
Carpenter, Ruby M., w/o Owens E. (Obit.)

Carr, Ed, WW I Vet., h/o Willie Payne Carr (Obit.)
Carr, Rose Mary, w/o Charles M. Carr (Obit.)

Carrell, J. S. A., of Cedar Hill, TX, h/o Alice (Dabbs) (Obit.)

Carrillo, Leo "Pancho" & horse Loco, "To appear at the 14th Annual Livestock Show in Little Rock (Picture Article)

Carroll, Annie Lee, w/o James Carroll (Obit.)
Carroll, Pvt. Archie, s/o Mrs. Archie Carroll, "In Italy" (Picture-Article)
Carroll, Bob & Laura, with grandson Bobby Earl Carroll (Picture)
Carroll, Burma Joan, baby dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Archie (Obit.)
Carroll, Earl J., h/o F. Elizabeth Carroll (Obit.)
Carroll, Ernest, of Bastrop, LA, h/o Mary Veasey (Obit.)
Carroll, Grace May, w/o Shelby T. Carroll (Picture Obit.)
Carroll, James Clifford, h/o Annie Lee (Stout) (Picture) (Obit.)
Carroll, Shelby T., h/o Grace Carroll (Article) (Obit.)
Carroll, Warren, Sr., h/o Patricia (Harrison) (Obit.)
Carroll, William H., h/o Marilyn (Wedding Article) (Picture of Recent Bride)

Carrothers, Gertrude, w/o Omer L. Carrothers, Sr. of Joplin, MO (Obit.)

Carson, Eilene, "Eight Injured In Auto Crash At Intersection" (Article)
Carson, Eileen C. (Obit.)
Carson, Ella Kate, w/o George L. Carson (Obit.)
Carson, George L., h/o Ella Kate Carson (Obit.)

Carter, Alfred C. & Emma (Gideon) Carter of Cotton Plant (Family History)
Carter, Alfred C. & Emma (Gideon) Carter of Cotton Plant (Pictures Biog)
Carter, Albert, s/o Fannie, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Carter, Alfred C., Civil War, CSA (Lg. Picture Biog.)
Carter, Alfred Caldwell, "Opened Woodruff Co. First Store in Cotton Plant" (Article)
Carter, Amma Inez, w/o Joseph Orville Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Mrs. Annie, w/o J. W. Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Armeade, w/o James Dallas Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Mrs. Barbara Allen, w/o John W. Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Beatrice, "Who's Who" (Picture Article)
Carter, Beatrice, d/o Charles Carter, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Carter, Bessie Mae, w/o Cleo B. "Jack" Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Cecil, Jr., s/o Cecil D. & Carolyn Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Charles U., h/o Linnie Kate (Baty) Marriage Cert.) (Obit.)
Carter, Christine, w/o Arthur J. "Pete" Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Cleo B. "Jack", h/o Bessie Mae Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Cora Elizabeth, d/o Elmo Carter, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Carter, Crit, (Richard C.), of Patterson, AR, son of J. D. & Armead
Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Delmer Hugh, s/o Delmer Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Doris Marie, w/o Doyle L. Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Dorothy Corinne, w/o Harlon Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Elmo, h/o Oma Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Elmo, s/o Roy E. Carter, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Carter, Fannie A., w/o Hardie B. Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Mrs. Fannie A., w/o Hardy Butler Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Howard Wayne "Jack", h/o Shirley (Obit.)
Carter, Howell W., h/o Ola Jane (Obit.)
Carter, James Arthur "Jim", h/o Alma V. Carter (Obit.)
Carter, James Dallas, of Riverside, owner of Carter's Saw Mill (Picture of home)
Carter, James Marvin "Speck" , h/o Louise (Obit.) (Picture Obit.)
Carter, Jessie Cleve, age 8, s/o Cleve (Obit.)
Carter, Joe, s/o Roy Carter, "Former McCrory Boy Now In Korea" (Article)
Carter, Joe D., "Woodruff Man Uses Pistol To Commit Suicide", h/o Effie (Obit.)
Carter, Mrs. John, mother of Nora (Carter) Cook & Myrtle (Carter) Curbo (Picture of all)
Carter, John B., s/o Jack Carter, "Graduates From Army Signal School" (Article)
Carter, John Cleve, s/o John Cleve & Mary C. "Mollie" Carter (Obit.)
Carter, John Wesley, h/o Emma & Mrs. Annie Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Louise, w/o James Marvin "Speck" Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Mamie, d/o W. W. & Mamie A. Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Marcus Davis, s/o Mattie J., "Cotton Plant Soldier Dies Of
Wounds" (Obit.)
Carter, Pfc. Marcus D. of Cotton Plant, "Soldiers Remains Are Enroute < Home" (Article)
Carter, Marcus D., "Memorial Service For Pfc. Marcus D. Carter" (Picture Obit.)
Carter, Miss Margaret E., sis. of Mrs. Marie Cheshire of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Carter, Mark Anthony, s/o J. H. & Esther Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Martha Alice, widow of D. I. Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Mary Beatrice, married (Marriage Cert.)
Carter, Mary Lena, w/o Wesley Carter, II (Obit.)
Carter, Mollie (Mary C. "Mollie), w/o John Cleve Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Ola, "Family Reunion" (Article)
Carter, Ola Jane, w/o Howell W. Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Oma L., w/o Elmo Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Orval J. (Joseph Orval), "Dies Of Heart Attack At Pond While
Fishing" (Obit.)
Carter, Preston Wade, s/o Arthur "Pete" Carter, "Youth Drowns in Cache River" (Obit.)
Carter, Ralph Allen, s/o Howell Washington & Ola Jane Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Richard C. (Obit.)
Carter, Robert Wayne, s/o Wayne & Vicki Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Roy Elwood, h/o Lillie Bell Carter (Obit.)
Carter, Ruth Louise, wife of Benjamin W. Elam (Obit.)
Carter, Scottie, "U.S. Marines Operation Iraqi Freedom" ( Picture
Carter, Tom C., "Sells His Oldest Store in Cotton Plant, AR" (Article)
Carter, Veda S., w/o Sammy Carter (Picture Obit.)
Carter, Victoria Ann, d/o Ralph Allen Carter (Obit.)
Carter, W. E., of Cotton Plant, "Kills 225-Pound Deer" (Article)
Carter, W. E., of Cotton Plant "Bags 1,500 pound Wyoming Moose" (Picture Article)
Carter, Wessie (Wesley) Lee, "Morton Man Dies Of Gunshot Wound" (suicide) (Obit.)
Carter, William W. (Obit.)

Cartwright---Mary Elizabeth "Libby", w/o Philip Cartwright (Obit.)

Cary, The Cary Family of Hunter, AR (Family History)
Cary, Family – 1786 - 2007 - 8 Generations - (Family History Book)
Cary, Edith Elva, w/o Jesse C. Cary (Obit.)
Cary, Hugh Bell, h/o Johnnie Dupree (Obit.)
Cary, James Bullard, h/o Lillie D. Cary (Obit.)
Cary, James C. (Twin), s/o Jesse C. Cary "Cary Twins of Hunter In Air
Corps" (Picture Article)
Cary, James Thomas Jr., h/o Rebecca "Becky" Cary (Picture Obit.)
Cary, Jesse Cleveland (Picture Biog.)
Cary, Jesse Cleveland (Obit.)
Cary, Jesse R. (Twin),"Cary Twins of Hunter In Air Corps" (Picture Article)
Cary, Jesse Ray "Sonny", h/o Mary Maxine Cary (Obit.)
Cary, Johnnie Mildred, w/o Hugh Bell Cary (Obit.)
Cary, Johnny Hubert, s/o Hugh B. Cary, "On Special Duty" (Article)
Cary, Johnny Hubert, s/o Hugh B. Cary, "Weds" (Article)
Cary, Johnny Hubert, h/o Verna (Picture Obit.)

Casalman, Albert Monroe, of Beedeville, AR, s/o George Casalman (Obit.)
Casalman, G. W., of McCrory, formerly of Cross Co., AR (Obit.)
Casalman, Mattie, w/o George Casalman (Obit.)

Case, Willie F. (Obit.)
Case, Mrs. Willie (Ferguson), "Dies In Wreck In IIinois", wife of
Hubert N. Case (Obit)

Casey, Angela Christine, w/o Mack Casey of IN (Obit.)
Casey, School (black), six miles east of Cotton Plant (Article)
Casey, William A. "Bill", US Navy WW II, h/o Fran Casey (Obit.)

Caskey, Family – 1851 - 2008 - 7 Generations - (Family History Book)
Caskey, Bridgett Oneida (Obit.)
Caskey, Burnis Lloyd, Sr., U.S. Army WW II, h/o Emma Nell Caskey (Obit.)
Caskey, Curtis G., h/o Christina Caskey (Obit.)
Caskey, Emma Nell, w/o Burnis L. Caskey (Obit.)
Caskey, Letha A. Ragan, d/o Charles & Phylis Caskey of Tupelo (Obit.)
Caskey, Martin, Jr., s/o Martin Caskey, Sr. "Leave In Japan" (Article)
Caskey, Robert B. "Bob", Pvt U. S. Army WWI (Enlistment Record)
Caskey, Robert B. "Bob", h/o Grace & Zora Caskey (Obit.)
Caskey, Rose Marie, w/o Burnis Caskey, Jr. (Obit.)
Caskey, Zora Edner, w/o Robert Benson Caskey (Obit.)

Cason, Ayden Janus Taylor, child of Anthony & Evelyn Lynn Cason (Obit.)
Cason, Claude, h/o Juanita (Pugh) (Obit.)
Cason, Tony Zavier Raine, child of Anthony & Evelyn Lynn Cason (Obit.)

Castleberry, Alvin E., of Dixie, AR, "Hunter dies from injury suffered in accident" (Obit.)
Castleberry, Mrs. Martha (Hine), age 53, w/o W. L. Castleberry (Obit.)

Castleman, Dayton B. "Deedle" (Rev.), h/o Lucy Allena (Obit.)
Castleman, Lucy, w/o Rev. Dayton Castleman (Obit.)

Catlett, Betty Marie Ann, d/o Cecil R. Catlett (Obit.)

Cato, Harrel Gene (Rev.), h/o Judy (Picture Obit.)

Caudle, Betty Lee, d/o Walter E. Caudle, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Caudle, Cecil Valentine, h/o Ruby Lucille (Obit.)
Caudle, Doyle R., s/o Cecil V. Caudle, "At Camp Chaffee" (Article)
Caudle, Doyle Ray, s/o Cecil Caudle (Obit.) (Picture Obit.)
Caudle, E. C. "Babe", for Tax Assessor, (Article)
Caudle, E. C. "Babe", h/o Jimmie (Barton) Caudle & Ida Lee Caudle (Obit.)
Caudle, Ida Lee, 2nd wife of E. C. Caudle (Obit.)
Caudle, Lee , WW I Vet. (Enlistment Record)
Caudle, Ricky Lynn, s/o Lonnie Caudle (Picture Obit.)
Caudle, Ruby Lucille, w/o Cecil Valentine Caudle (Obit.)
Caudle, Walter Emmett, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Caudle, Walter Emmett (Obit.)

Causbrook, John, h/o Faye (Farmer) (Obit.)

Causey, Marvin, "Slain At His Home Near Tupelo" (Obit.)

Cellars, Josie Mabel, m/o Samuel & Charlie Cellars (Obit.)

Chadwick, Charles Leslie, s/o Newton Andrew & Lillian Chadwick (Obit.)
Chadwick, Donald, s/o Mrs. Viola B. Chadwick, "At Fort Lewis, Wash." (Article)
Chadwick, Donald, s/o Viola Chadwick, "Receiving Training At Camp
Chaffee" (Article)
Chadwick, Leslie N., s/o Viola, "Goes On Maneuvers" (Article)
Chadwick, Leslie N., s/o Viola, "Serving With 31st Infantry In Japan" (Article)
Chadwick, Leslie N., "McCrory Boy Given Honors In Korea For Service Under Fire" (Article)
Chadwick, Louise, d/o Joe Chadwick, "Weds" (Article)
Chadwick, Rachel, d/o Mrs. C. L. Chadwick, "Weds" (Article)
Chadwick, Rupert Newton, h/o Jewell Christine Chadwick (Obit.)
Chadwick, Mrs. Viola Belle (Nail), "Family Reunion" (Article)
Chadwick, Viola Bell (Nail), w/o Charles Leslie (Rev.) Chadwick (Obit.)
Chadwick, W. Joseph, h/o Daisy Ann Chadwick (Obit.)

Chalfant, Beulah, w/o Clarence W. Chalfant, "Named BPW Woman of the Year" (Picture-Article)
Chalfant, Charlie Henry, Sr., h/o Frances Jewel Chalfant (Obit.)
Chalfant, Clarence Elbert, h/o Lavonne Chalfant (Picture Obit.)
Chalfant, Clarence Walter, h/o Beulah Chalfant (Picture Obit.)
Chalfant, Elmer Jesse, h/o Nora Julia Chalfant (Obit.)
Chalfant, Frances Jewell (Dye) Bowie, w/o A. J. Bowie, w/o Charlie H. Sr. Chalfant (Obit.)
Chalfant, Lavonne, w/o Clarence Elbert Chalfant (Obit.)
Chalfant, Mrs. Mae (McElwee), step-mother of Rev. Vernon Chalfant (Obit.)
Chalfant, Mrs. Nora Julia, w/o Elmer J. Chalfant (Obit.)
Chalfant, Vernon Tull, s/o Rev. and Mrs. Vernon Chalfant (Obit.)

Chamberlain, Lee Roy, WW I Vet. (Enlistment Record)

Chamberlin, Clay , WW I Vet. (Enlistment Record)

Chambers, Albert Greenberry, of Conway, AR (Obit.)
Chambers, Charlie Washington, Jr., h/o Ollie Evelyn Chambers (Obit.)
Chambers, J. Ross (Obit.)
Chambers, Leonard Raymond, h/o Vera Rose Chambers (Obit.)
Chambers, Ollie Evelyn, w/o Charlie Washington Chambers (Obit.)
Chambers, Reva Jean, d/o Charlie W. "Pat" & Emma Chambers (Obit.)
Chambers, Vera Rose, of Little Rock, formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
Chambers, Virginia, w/o Lester "Bo" Chambers (Obit.)

Chambless, Tanya Jane, w/o Sam Baker; also w/o Jerry Chambless (Obit.)

Chamblin, Jason Gordon, of Tupelo, MS, s/o Keith D. Chamblin (Obit.)

Champion, Emmett Sid, of Hickory Ridge, AR, h/o Kathleen (Obit.)

Chandler, Allene S., w/o James H. Chandler (Obit.)
Chandler, Anna Mae, w/o Leon Chandler (Obit.)
Chandler, Arthur, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Chandler, Asa Andrew, h/o Mary "Mollie" A. (Obit.)
Chandler, Bonnie Jo, w/o Cecil Chandler (Obit
Chandler, Cecil, h/o Bonnie Chandler (Picture Obit.)
Chandler, Connie LaDelle, w/o Jesse Monroe Chandler (Obit.)
Chandler, Eli Clifton, born MS, h/o Susan Chandler (Obit.)
Chandler, Emmett - February 26, 1892 - July 20, 1971 - Veteran of WW I - Enlistment record
Chandler, Henry, of Jackson, MS, s/o Asa Andrew & Mary "Mollie" A.
Chandler (Obit.)
Chandler, James H., h/o Allene S. Chandler (Obit.)
Chandler, Jasper Lee , h/o Geraldine M. Chandler (Obit.) (Biog.)
Chandler, Jess, s/o Asa Andrew, "Weds" (Article)
Chandler, Jessamine LaDelle, d/o Jess Chandler, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Chandler, Jesse M., s/o Asa A., "Now At Camp Chaffee" (Article)
Chandler, Jesse Monroe, h/o Connie Chandler (Obit.)
Chandler, John Thomas, h/o Rachel Chandler (Obit.)
Chandler, John Walter (1884--1964), h/o Annie Chandler (Obit.)
Chandler, John W., Pfc U.S. Army WWII, bro. of Cecil & Junior Chandler (Obit.)
Chandler, Maggie, (black) - Quiet Cem. (Obit.)
Chandler, Mary A., w/o A. A. Chandler (Obit.)
Chandler, Mary Nelle, d/o Jesse Monroe Chandler (Obit
Chandler, Michael "Mike", of Conway, AR, h/o Pat Chandler of Clinton, AR (Obit.)
Chandler, Michael Paul, s/o Michael "Mike" & Brenda Alice (Garner)
Chandler (Obit.)
Chandler, Mrs. Mildred (Jaggars), d/o W. L. Jaggers of McCrory (Picture Article)
Chandler, Ruby Bernice, w/o John W. Chandler (Obit.)
Chandler, Walter, h/o Annie Chandler (Obit.)
Chandler, Walter J., Jr., of Augusta, f/o Walter Chandler of Augusta (Obit.)
Chandler, Yoland (Deason), w/o John Chandler (Obit.)

Chaney, John N. Chaney - 5 Generations – 1825 - 2007 – (Family
History Book)
Chaney, Joseph E. (Capt.) & Nancy Chaney - 1700's - 2008 - 9
Generations - (Family History Book)
Chaney, Alphus, "Seven Hurt In Car Accident" (Article)
Chaney, Sgt. A. B., son of Tom, "Arrived in the States Friday" (Article)
Chaney, Billy of Wiville, s/o Robert Chaney, "Hangs Himself Accidentally" (Obit.)
Chaney, Blena Mae, w/o Thomas M. Chaney (Obit.)
Chaney, Donald Price, h/o Nellwyn Chaney (Obit.)
Chaney, Ernest W., of McCrory Biog)
Chaney, Ernest Walls, h/o Verna Chaney (Obit.)
Chaney, Ethel R., w/o Homer W. Chaney (Obit.)
Chaney, Fannie (Hawkins), w/o John N. Chaney (Obit.)
Chaney, Miss Frances, d/o Horace R., "Receives Honors" (Picture Article)
Chaney, Miss Frances, d/o Horace, "Latin Prodigy" (Picture Article)
Chaney, Miss Frances, d/o Tom Chaney, "Weds" (Article)
Chaney, Frances "Fan" Etoile (Gilliam), widow of Nathaniel Herbert Chaney (Obit.)
Chaney, Frances E., w/o Horace Chaney Jr. (Obit.)
Chaney, Harville St. Clair, h/o Leana Chaney (Obit.)
Chaney, Herbert N., h/o Frances E. Chaney (Obit.)
Chaney, Homer W., h/o Ethel R. Chaney (Obit.)
Chaney, Horace, Jr., "President Of School Student Council" (Picture Article)
Chaney, Horace, of McCrory, "Assistant To Business Manager" (Article)
Chaney, Horace Jr. (Picture of burned home) (Obit.)
Chaney, Capt. John Chaney - 5 Generations – 1825 – 2007 (Family History Book)
Chaney, Johnie, w/o Horace Chaney (Picture Obit.)
Chaney, Lella, w/o Thomas Martin Chaney (Obit.)
Chaney, Lena (Eleanor Lena Nelson (Shelton) w/o William Russell Chaney (Obit.)
Chaney, Lloyd, s/o H. R. Chaney, nephew of Mrs. Porter Best (Obit.)
Chaney, Miss Maxine, d/o Horace Chaney, "College Girl Is Bride" (Picture Article)
Chaney, Melvin J., s/o I. B. & Mary Chaney, h/o Lura D. Chaney (Obit.)
Chaney, Nita Bob, d/o Robert Chaney, "Weds" (Article)
Chaney, Miss Sibyl, "Weds" (Marriage Announcement)
Chaney, Thomas "Tom" Martin Chaney Wins Mayor's Election" (Article)
Chaney, Thomas "Tom", "Attends Family Reunion" (Article)
Chaney, Thomas Martin, h/o Lella , & Blena Mae (Weld) Capshaw-Chaney (Obit.)
Chaney, Verna A., widow of Earnest Walls Chaney (Obit.)
Chaney, Miss Virginia, daughter of Horace Chaney "To Teach In Wales" (Picture Article)
Chaney, Miss Virginia, d/o Horace R. Chaney Sr., "Speaks To Rotary Club
In Neath, South Wales" (Picture Article 1948)
Chaney, Virginia Lee, d/o Horace, "To Marry In Texas" (Wedding Announcement)
Chaney, Virginia Lee, d/o Horace Raymond Chaney, Sr., "Weds" (Picture Article)
Chaney, Capt. William A. - 1835 - 1913 - 1st Ark. Cav. Fagan's Army, CSA (Biog.) (Family History) Chaney, William Donald , h/o Cora Sue
Chaney (Obit.)
Chaney, Lt. Winfree, "Interment Held", s/o Ernest W. Chaney, h/o Helen
Chaney (Obit.)

Chapman, Charles, h/o Lottie (Edwards) (Obit.)
Chapman, Eddy Arnold "Ed", of Wynne, AR, h/o Freida Chapman (Obit.)
Chapman, Fendol K. "Fen" of Hickory Ridge, AR, h/o Nina C. Chapman (Obit.)
Chapman, Lottie (Edwards), widow of Charlie Chapman (Obit.)
Chapman, Norma Jean, w/o Herschel Chapman (Obit.)

Chappell, Audrey B., d/o Ernest Frank Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Colleen, d/o Don Chappell of Cotton Plant, "Injured In Fall from Tree" (Article)
Chappell, Daisy Hay, w/o Ernest Frank Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Dallis. h/o Betty Wampler Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Dolphus Edgar, h/o Mamie Louise Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Donald Lee, U.S. Army Korea (Article)
Chappell, Pvt. Edgar W., "Local Boy Completes Training Course In Radio Mechanics" (Article)
Chappell, Emmalie, d/o Joe Chappell, "Weds" (Article)
Chappell, Ernest Frank, h/o Daisy Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Pvt. E. Wayne, s/o Edgar Chappell, "Weds" (Article)
Chappell, Mrs. Fannie, b. abt. 1856, "Celebrates 82nd Birthday" (Article)
Chappell, Fayrene, "Crowned Miss 1943 At New Year's Dance" (Article)
Chappell, Fayrene, d/o James "Jim" M. Chappell, "Married In California (Article) (Picture Article)
Chappell, Floyd, h/o Sue Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Miss Imogene, d/o Jim Chappell "McCrory Beauties To Be In Peach Festival" (Picture Article)
Chappell, Miss Imogene, d/o James M. Chappell, "Bride-Elect" (Picture Article)
Chappell, James "Jim" M., h/o Onie Cleo Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, James "Jim" M. Chappell (Enlistment Record)
Chappell, Jesse Lee, h/o Maude Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Jim Ed, h/o Bridget Suzette Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Kenneth, "Students Receive $763.00 From Prizes & Livestock" (Article)
Chappell, Kenneth R., h/o Thelma LaNell Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Louis Earl, WW I Vet. (Enlistment Record)
Chappell, Louis Earl, h/o Ora Mae Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Mamie Louise, w/o Dolphus Edgar Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Mary Francis, w/o Collin "Carl" Pool Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Mary "Mollie" S. (Johnson), "Birthday Dinner Sunday March 14" (Article)
Chappell, Mary "Mollie" S., "Pioneer McCrory Woman Observes 89th Birthday Today" (Picture Biog.)
Chappell, Mary "Mollie" Sophia (Johnson), w/o Sebastain Cabot "Bat"
Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Maude (Taylor) James-Chappell, w/o Jesse Lee Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Melvin, Veteran of WWI (Enlistment Record)
Chappell, Norma Talmadge, d/o Joseph Rowland Chappell, "Weds" (Article)
Chappell, Mrs. Onie Cleo, w/o James M. Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Paul N., h/o Ruby Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Roger Jelks, h/o Veda Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Ruby Allen, w/o Paul A. Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Ruth (Mary Ruth), w/o Willie Clyde Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Veda V., w/o Roger Jelks Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Velma S., w/o Richard C. Chappell (Picture Obit.)
Chappell, Willie Clyde, WW I Vet. (Enlistment Record)
Chappell, Willie Clyde, h/o Ruth Chappell (Obit.)
Chappell, Woodrow (Obit.)
Chappell, Woodrow, "Woman Taken To Asylum After Slaying Child" (Article)

Chapple, Carol, Sr. (black), of Cotton Plant, s/o Dolan Chapple(Picture Obit.)
Chapple, Freddie Lee , (black), "Electrocuted", at Collier Farms Grain Elevator (Obit.)
Chapple, Gloria Dean, (black), w/o Freddie Lee Chapple (Obit.)
Chapple, Kingston Ke'Shun Antwan, (black), Died age 2 months (Obit.)

Charles, Herman (Wm. Herman), "Woodruff Soldier Killed August 15th In Korean Conflict" (Obit.)
Charles, James, bro. of John Charles of Augusta (Obit.)
Charles, Mrs. James, of Augusta, d/o Dave Griffith of TX (Obit.)
Charles, William Herman, "Killed in action", Korea Vet. (Picture Obit.)

Charlton, J. R., "Man Is Fatally Hurt When Auto Strikes Tractor" (Article)

Chase, Eula (Goff), sis. of Mrs. Stuart Fitzhugh of Augusta (Obit.)

Chastine, James Delbert & Joyce Ann,"Tragedy Solved, Playmate Confesses" (Obit.)

Chatman, Lela (Russell), d/o Will & Hestir (Thomas) Russell (Obit.)

Cheatham, Flora (Brock), w/o Joe Cheatham (Obit.)
Cheatham, Homer, age 21, "Weds" (Marriage Announcement)

Cheshire, Marie, w/o Guy W. Cheshire (Obit.)

Chesnut, Irven Y., WW I Vet. (Enlistment Record)

Chestnutt, Edgar F., of Little Rock, AR (Obit.)
Chestnutt, Shade, (black), h/o Elnonia Chestnutt (Obit.)

Chickasaw Crossing, Now Augusta, Arkansas (Story by Gary Telford)

Chidister, Mildred Evelyn King, w/o Herman H. King & Wesley T.
Chidister (Obit.)
Chidister, Wesley Thomas, h/o Mildred E. Chidister (Picture Obit.)

Childers, Doris Fern, w/o George Childers (Obit.)
Childers, Esther L. (Childers), Vanderburg, w/o Doyle Hubert Vanderburg (Obit.)
Childers, Miss Louise, of Hunter, Weds" (Marriage Record)
Childers, Mrs. Lula, age 86, m/o Charles M. Childers & James H.
Childers (Obit.)

Childress, Edward Franklin, "Funeral Today", h/o Sallie Childress (Obit.)
Childress, Edward Franklin, Jr., h/o Arletta D. Childress (Obit.)
Childress, Emily Florence, d/o Edward Franklin & Sallie F. Childress,
"Weds" (Article)
Childress, Sallie F. (Sarah "Sallie" Frances), w/o Edward Franklin
Childress (Obit.)
Childress, T. R., "Notice Of Granting Liquor Permit" (Article)
Childress, Thomas R. "Jack", h/o Wanda Louise Childress (Obit.)
Childress, Wanda Louise, w/o T. R. "Jack" Childress (Obit.)

Chilson, Albert C., Sgt. Co. E. 2nd Regt. Ky. Inf. Spanish American War
(Biog.) (Obit.)

Chipley, Charles Aaron, h/o Ruth Bell Chipley (Obit.)

Chism, Jooquin, age 29, "Weds" (Marriage Announcement)
Chism, W. F., s/o John Chism, "Enlist In U. S. Army" (Article)

Chitty, William Edward, "Weds" (Marriage Announcement)
Chitty, W. E., "The City Livery Barn" W. E. Chitty, Proprietor (Ad-Article)
Chitty, William Edward, h/o Minnie Chitty (Obit.)

Chrisco, Annie Cora (Gilbert), aged 85, sis. of Willie Gilbert, &
Walter Gilbert (Obit.)
Chrisco, Eva Lee, w/o George V. Chrisco (Obit.)
Chrisco, George Vension, h/o Eva Lee Chrisco (Obit.)

Chrisp, George W., of Woodruff Co., AR, WW I Vet. (Enlistment Record)

Christine, Mrs. Della (Hargrove), aged 72, of Gillett (Obit.)

Christmas, Helen (Stokes), w/o James Helton "Son" Christmas (Obit.)
Christmas, James Helton, h/o Helen (Stokes) Christmas (Biog.)
Christmas, Miss Lucille, "Woodruff Co. Girl Found After Being Lost All
Night" (Article)
Christmas, "Origins Of Christmas" (Article)

Chunn, Amanda J., w/o Wm. Alexander Chunn (Obit.)
Chunn, Joshua, of McCrory, WW I Vet. (Enlistment Record)
Chunn, Mrs. Thomas S. (Carrie V.), aunt of Mrs. P. K. Holmes (Obit.)
Chunn, Willie A., age 90, bro. of Georgia Chunn (Obit.)

Church, Frank (Joseph Franklin), h/o Eva Church (Obit.)
Church, History of Augusta First Baptist Church (Article)
Church, History of Cotton Plant Presbyterian Church (Article)
Church, History of Hunter Methodist Church (Article)
Church, History of St Agnes, Cotton Plant (Article)
Church, History of St. Paul's Episcopal Parish, Augusta (Article)
Church, History of Walnut Grove Baptist, Gregory (Article)

Churchill, David, formerly of Augusta, nephew of Mrs. Davis Fitzhugh (Obit.)
Churchill, Leonard M., of Ruskin, FL, h/o Mrs. Sidney Churchill (Obit.)
Churchill, Monroe C., h/o Ruby M. Churchill (Obit.)
Churchill, Ruby Maude, w/o Monroe Columbus "Doc" Churchill (Obit.)

Churchville, Beatrice Nash (Marriage Record)

Churchwell, John R., Died Confederate Home, near Little Rock (Obit.)

Cisco, Arthur D. "McCrory Boy Among First Americans To Enter Tokyo Bay" (Article)
Cisco, Billy Dean, of Glouster, Athens Co., Ohio (Obit.)
Cisco, Donald, s/o Lucy Cisco, "In South Pacific" (Picture Article)
Cisco, James Claude, of Cotton Plant , WW I Vet.) (Enlistment Record)
Cisco, James C., age 29 (Marriage Record)
Cisco, John William, of McCrory (Enlistment Record)
Cisco, John William, of McCrory (Marriage Record)
Cisco, John William, h/o Elizabeth Cisco (Obit.)
Cisco Kid, Duncan Renaldo, "Coming To Memphis For Mid-South Fair" (Article)
Cisco, Retha Marie, w/o Roger Cisco (Obit.)
Cisco, Robert L., of Cotton Plant, WW 1 (Enlistment Record)
Cisco, Robert, age 25, (Marriage Record)
Cisco, William Roger (Obit.)

Civil War, Battle Of Cotton Plant, by Gary Telford (Story)
Civil War, Battle of Fitzhugh's Woods, by Gary Telford (Story)
Civil War, Confederate Pension Applications Index (Free Lookup)
Civil War, Malott, John W., aged 102, of Fayetteville, AR, "Last Civil War Vet. In Ark. Dies" (Obit.)
Civil War, Civil War and Spanish American War Markers (Article)
Civil War, Soldiers Captured in Woodruff County, Arkansas, Confined at Little Rock Yankee Prison (aka "Rebels' Hell") (Free Lookup)
Civil War, The Last Reunion of the Blue and Gray. It lists all of the veterans who attended the last reunion held in 1938, in Pennslyvania. The veterans listed for Arkansas are: (Free Lookup)
Civil War, Veterans Buried In Woodruff County, AR, Union and Confederate--"As foes they fought--as friends they sleep", by Gary Telford (Free Lookup)

Clack, Miss Mary Jane, 18, "Weds" (Article)

Clark, Adam (Obit.)
Clark, Mrs. Alice N., w/o James W. Clark (Obit.)
Clark, Becky (Mitchell), w/o Tommy Clark (Obit.)
Clark, Mrs. Bertie, w/o W. B. Clark (Obit.)
Clark, Beverly, (black) (Obit.)
Clark, Charles Eddie, (black), h/o Carolyn Clark (Picture Obit.)
Clark, Cody Lee, s/o James Lee & Lisa Marie Clark (Obit.)
Clark, Danny Lee, of Judsonia, s/o Leroy and Irene Clark (Obit.)
Clark, Edward Elmo Sr., h/o Connie Jean Clark (Obit.)
Clark, Ernest Lee, h/o Essie Mae Clark (Obit.)
Clark, Frances Lee, w/o Roy Steve Clark (Picture Obit.)
Clark, Gary (Obit.)
Clark, Sgt. Herman P., aged 38, a native of Gregory, stabbed by wife Ruby (Article)
Clark, Ike, of Sand Hill, , f/o Mrs. Ernestine Bradley (Obit.)
Clark, James L., (black), h/o Jewell Clark (Obit.)
Clark, James M. - August 10, 1858 - April 18, 1909 - Augusta Cem. (Sect - D)
Clark, James Thomas, (black), h/o Osceola (King) (Obit.)
Clark, Justin Eugene - August 3, 1988 - July 27, 2010 - Quiet Cem. (Picture Obit.)
Clark, Leona Lee, w/o Stewart Vernon Clark (Obit.)
Clark, Leroy, age 59, of Gregory, AR, h/o Irene Clark (Obit.)
Clark, Lewis S., h/o Gazell Clark (Obit.)
Clark, Louise, age 17, of Hunter, "Weds" (Marriage Record)
Clark, Mabel (Faulkenberry) (Obit.)
Clark, Melvin Jack, "Jack Clark dies in one vehicle accident" (Obit.)
Clark, Minnie, of Newport, m/o Mrs. Clara King of Tupelo (Obit.)
Clark, Osceola (King), (black) (Obit.)
Clark, Nancy Ronea, of Marianna, AR, w/o W. B. Clark (Obit.)
Clark, Nudy (black), of Patterson, s/o Carlee Clark of Patterson (Obit.)
Clark, Sammy, s/o Edward Clark (Obit.)
Clark, Stewart Vernon "S. V.", of Wiville, AR, h/o M. Sally Clark & Leona L. Clark (Obit.)
Clark, Mrs. S. V. (Leona L.), of Wiville, AR, w/o S. V. Clark (Obit.)
Clark, Thelma Marie, (black), w/o Joe Clark (Obit.)
Clark, Travis (Obit.)
Clark, Walter, (black), "Killed in Auto-Bicycle Crash" (Obit.)
Clark, Will T., h/o Ina Clark (Obit.)
Clark, Willis R., h/o Theresa (Modrak) (Obit.)

Claunch, James Monroe, h/o Natalie Claunch (Obit.)
Claunch, Rebecca Ann, of Leawood, Kansas (Obit.)

Clay, Bonnie (Conner) (Obit.)
Clay, Viola (UK) Mayes, m/o Mrs. Ruby (Mayes) Lockhart (Obit.)

Clayton, Bobbie, s/o Mrs. Verna, wounded, not killed "Correction" (Article)
Clayton, Emma (Largent) of Fisher, AR (Obit.)
Clayton, Hailey, aged 94, of Little Rock, formerly of McCrory (Obit.)
Clayton, Mrs. J. H., of Bernie, Mo, 65, formerly of McCrory (Obit.)
Clayton, Opal Mae (Caskey) (Obit.)
Clayton, Robert H., of McCrory, WW I Vet. (Enlistment Record)
Clayton, Sheila Faye, d/o Robert Clayton (Birth Announcement)
Clayton, Verna (Cook), w/o James Herbert "Jim" Clayton (Obit.)

Clements, Kenneth (Marriage Announcement)
Clements, Raymond R. "Pete", of Amagon, h/o Gladys Marie Clements (Obit.)

Clemets, Allen Lee, h/o Mary Jane Clemets (Obit.)

Clemons, Burdett (Peebles), w/o H. H. Clemons (Obit.)
Clemons, Harrison H., h/o Burdett Clemons (Obit.)

Cleveland, Arthur Wayne, of Augusta, WW I Vet. (Enlistment Record)

Clifton, Charles W., s/o Tom Clifton, "Pvt. Charles Clifton Reported Wounded" (Article)
Clifton, Charles, "McCrory Marine Suffers Wound In Pacific Waters" (Article)
Clifton, Mr. & Mrs. Claud, "Anniversary Dinner" (Article)
Clifton, Fannie Louella, widow of T. J. Clifton (Obit.)
Clifton, Jeffery Charles Tremayne (black), s/o Jeffery Leroy Clifton (Obit.)
Clifton, Kerry A., of Stuttgart, bro. of Claude Clifton of McCrory (Obit.)
Clifton, Margaret, "Engagement Announced", d/o Robert P. Clifton (Lg.
Picture Article)
Clifton, Mildred, d/o Claude, "Weds" (Article)
Clifton, Nancy Ann (black), of Cotton Plant, "Aunt Nancy, 110, Recalls Early Days" (Article)
Clifton, Paul H. Sr., s/o Mrs. T. J. Clifton, h/o Coy Clifton (Obit.)
Clifton, Rose Marie, age 4, "Celebrate Birthday" (Article)
Clifton, Thomas W., h/o Rose Clifton (Obit.)
Clifton, William Lewis, s/o Robert Clifton of Grays (Obit.)

Climer, Lois Virginia, w/o Cecil F. Climer (Obit.)

Clinkenbeard, Chester Lee & Lester Dee, "Two Children Die When Home Burns" (Article)

Clutts, C. Rebecca (Obit.)

Coad, C. B. of Los Angeles, CA, father of Clyde Coad (Obit.)

Coates, Donald, s/o Donald Wilson Coates (Picture Obit.)
Coates, Donald Wilson, f/o Donald Coates of IL (Obit.)

Coats, Billy Ray, (black), h/o Mary Coats (Obit.)
Coats, Capitola Buchanan (Shaw), (black), w/o Johnnie Coats, Sr. (Large Picture Article) (Obit.)
Coats, Cleveland (black), WW I (Obit.)

Cobb, Andrew George, h/o Nettie Cobb (Obit.)
Cobb, Caleb, s/o Carl Dean & Lisa (Melvin) Cobb - (Picture Article)
Cobb, Dellcenia, (black), of Los Angeles, formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
Cobb, Hervey L., of Beedeville, h/o Etta Cobb (Obit.)
Cobb, Linda Sue, d/o A. G. Cobb of McCrory, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Cobb, Morris G., h/o Juanita Cobb (Obit.)
Cobb, Nettie Louese, w/o Andrew George "A. G." Cobb (Obit.)
Cobb, Thomas Larry, s/o Andrew George "A. G." Cobb (Article)
Cobb, Vernon Edward, h/o Aileen Cobb (Obit.)

Cochran, James E., h/o Dicie Cochran of Kensett (Obit.)
Cochran,Miss Sarah Josephine, "Aunt Lady Bug", sis. of J. F. Cochran of Kensett (Obit.) ,
Cochran, Thomas P., of Hunter, WW I Vet. (Enlistment Record)

Cochrane, Christopher Joe, s/o Robert Joe & Debra Cochrane (Obit.)

Cockrell, Chester Harold, h/o Helen Cockrell (Obit.)

Cockrill, Maxine A., w/o Ray M. Cockrill of Augusta, AR (Obit.)

Cody, Georgia, age 30, of Woodruff Co., AR (Marriage Record)
Cody, Josephine, age 24, of Woodruff Co., AR (Marriage Record)
Cody, Mary, age 16, of Woodruff Co., AR (Marriage Record)
Cody, R. C., age 45, of Woodruff Co., AR (Marriage Record)
Cody, R. C., age 48, of Woodruff Co., AR (Marriage Record)
Cody, Willie, age 47, of Woodruff Co., AR (Marriage Record)

Coe, Mary Inez, w/o Rev. Wm. C. Coe (Obit.)

Cofield, Kenneth Marion, h/o Mary E. Cofield (Obit.)

Coggins, Clarence Hal, h/o Ferol Coggins (Obit.)
Coggins, Roy L., s/o R. A. Coggins, of Malvern, AR (Obit.)

Cohen, Patricia Ann (may be black), of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Cohoon, Patricia Diane, Infant d/o Mrs. Gilbert (Lillie Heath) Cohoon (Obit.)

Colbert, William Harvey, of El Paso, White Co., AR, h/o Lena Colbert (Obit.)

Cole, Lorenzo Dow & Tollie M. (Clark) Cole, Prominent Family Of Barnes
(Story by Gary Telford)
Cole, Lorenzo Dow & Tollie M. Cole - 7 Generations - 1793-2007 (Family
History Book),
Cole, Elwood (Picture Obit.)
Cole, Eunice Louise, w/o Rowland Cole (Obit.)
Cole, Everett "Tite", s/o W. A. Cole, "Weds" (Article)
Cole, Jessie, w/o W.A. Cole (Obit.)
Cole, L. L. & Son, "Two New Electric Gins Being Erected" (Article)
Cole, Lester, s/o Will Cole of McCrory, "Enlist In U. S. Army" (Article)
Cole, Lester, age 22, (Marriage Record)
Cole, Miss Lois Cole, d/o R. W. Cole of Hillemann, "Weds" (Article)
Cole, Louin L., h/o Tillie Cole (Obit.)
Cole, Miss Mary Elizabeth, d/o Ernest Cole, "Engaged" (Wedding Announcement)
Cole, Mary Elizabeth (Cooke), m/o Jerry Cole of Little Rock (Obit.)
Cole, Mrs. Richard, "Mrs. Richard Cole Hostess At Bridge, In Home At Howell" (Article)
Cole, Richard L., U.S. Army WW II, "Awarded Wings" (Article)
Cole, Richard, s/o L. L. Cole, "Arkansas Boys In Dutch East Indies" (Picture Article)
Cole, Richard L., s/o Mrs. L. L. Cole, "Promoted To First Lieutenant" (Article)
Cole, Richard, "Forced With Gun To Walk From Gin To Store" (Article)
Cole, Richard, s/o Mrs. Tillie Cole, "Weds" (Article)
Cole, Mr. Richard L., "Gives Annual Barbecue At Howell Saturday" (Article)
Cole, Richard L., "Weds" (Article)
Cole, Richard Louin, h/o Kathlene Cole (Obit.)
Cole, Mrs. Sarah E. (Totty), w/o Charley Cole (Obit.)
Cole, Tillie (Creager), w/o Louin L. Cole (Obit.)
Cole, Udell, of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Cole, Udell, and wife, of McCrory, "Crappie Winner Displays Catch" (Picture Article)
Cole, W. A., h/o Jessie Cole (Obit.)

Coleman, Amanda Jane, w/o Zachariah Taylor Coleman (Obit.)
Coleman, Bailey, of Hunter, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Coleman, Dick (Obit.)
Coleman, Edna (Moss), w/o Mr. Coleman (Obit.)
Coleman, Etta Mo, d/o Joe Coleman, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Coleman, Hardy R., postmaster at Gregory, h/o Sarah Imogene Coleman (Obit.)
Coleman, Houston C., h/o Rosa M. Coleman (Obit.)
Coleman, Imogene (Sarah) (West), widow of Hardy R. Coleman (Obit.)
Coleman, J. P., age 32 years, "Kills Self At Home" (Obit. 1912)
Coleman, James Roy, Sr., h/o Helen Amelia Coleman (Obit.)
Coleman, John George, bro. Mrs. Mildred Holmes of Hunter (Obit.)
Coleman, Marguerite S., w/o Ray West Coleman (Picture Obit.)
Coleman, Mary Frances, d/o Tom Coleman (Obit.)
Coleman, Rae West, h/o Marguerite Coleman (Obit.)
Coleman, Tom, "Tripletts Are Born To Hilleman Parents" (Article)
Coleman, Zachariah, s/o Tom (Obit.)
Coleman, Zach T., h/o Edith Coleman (Obit.)

Coles, Elizabeth A., w/o C. M. Coles (Obit.)
Coles, Ernest S., h/o Nola C. Coles (Obit.)
Coles, Ernest S., h/o Nola C. Coles (Obit.)
Coles, Henry, h/o Lula Coles (Obit.)
Coles, James Thomas , h/o Julia Irene Coles (Obit.)
Coles, Julia Irene, w/o James Thomas Coles (Obit.)
Coles, Lula (Terry) McVey, w/o Thomas Henry Coles (Obit.)
Coles, Nola C., w/o Ernest S. Coles (Obit.)
Coles, Thomas Henry, "Mr. & Mrs. Henry Coles Celebrate 61st.
Anniversary" (Picture Article)
Coles, Thomas Henry, h/o Lula (Terry) McVey Coles (Obit.)

Coley, Cary Slane, s/o Grady Joel Coley (Obit.)
Coley, David Ray, h/o Polly Etta Coley (Obit.)
Coley, Ellis, "Champion 4-H Clubbers Of Woodruff County" (Picture Article)
Coley, Garlin of Pumpkin Bend, "Weds" (Article)
Coley, Grady Llewellen, h/o Mary Mable Jasmine Coley (Obit.)
Coley, Hazel (Pitts) Renfro, w/o Toney Coley (Obit.)
Coley, J. E., s/o Will Coley (Obit.)
Coley, Jesse Walter, h/o Marie M. Coley (Obit.)
Coley, Jimmie Lynn, h/o Francis Coley (Obit.)
Coley, Jo Ann, d/o Roosevelt Coley, "Weds" (Article)
Coley, Marie M., w/o Jesse Walter Coley (Obit.)
Coley, Mary Mable Jasmine, w/o Grady Llewellen (Rev.) Coley (Obit.)
Coley, Polly Etta, w/o David R. Coley (Obit.)
Coley, Shirley Janice, w/o Bobby Coley (Obit.)
Coley, Toney E., formerly of Cherry Valley, AR, h/o Hazel Coley (Obit.)
Coley, William Crockett, formerly of Pumpkin Bend, h/o Emma Coley of
Wynne (Obit.)

Collard, A. L., "Serving With Seabees" (Picture Article)
Collard, Mrs. Beryl (Ramer) (Obit.)
Collard, Norman T., "Killed In Michigan" (Obit.)

Colley, L.C. "Bunk", (black), h/o Pennsylvania Colley (Obit.)
Colley, Lewis C., (black), s/o L. C. & Pennsylvania Colley (Obit.)
Colley, Pennsylvania, (black), w/o L. C. Colley (Obit.)
Colley, Roosevelt Nick, (black) (Obit.)
Colley, W. C., (black) (Obit.)

Collier, Albert B., h/o Laura Collier & Lillie Collier (Obit.)
Collier, Alice A., of Cotton Plant, AR, w/o Bill Collier (Obit.)
Collier, Andrew Jackson, h/o Nancy Collier & Nora Collier (Obit.)
Collier, Archie , (black), h/o Searcy Collier (Obit.)
Collier, Billy Wayne, s/o Robert & Nina Collier (Obit.)
Collier, Cleon Wallace, of Gillett, AR, cousin of R. O. Collier of
McCrory (Obit.)
Collier, Clyde Franklin, h/o Mary Linda Collier (Obit.)
Collier, Clyde Winston, h/o Ella Mae Collier (Obit.)
Collier, Mrs. Dovie, widow of Abraham Collier (Obit.)
Collier, Earl David, age 5 years, s/o Jake Collier of McCrory (Obit.)
Collier, Ed, h/o Ida Lou Collier (Obit.)
Collier, Emma, m/o Joseph M. Collier of Tupelo & others (Obit.)
Collier, Franklin, "Involved in big land sale" (Article)
Collier, Franklin, "Home destroyed by fire" (Article)
Collier, George H., of Hunter, AR , WW I (Enlistment Record)
Collier, Gus (Albert Gus), "Accident Fatal to Gus Collier, Gin
Manager, June 17" (Obit.)
Collier, Ida Lou, w/o Eddie "Ed" L. Collier (Obit.)
Collier, Iola Olivia Brumley, w/o Allen C. Collier (Obit.)
Collier, Jake, "Rice Farmer Injured Tightening Tractor" (Article)
Collier, John Wesley, s/o Wm. Wesley & Martha Collier (Biog.) (Obit.)
Collier, Mary Linda, w/o Clyde Franklin Collier (Picture Obit.)
Collier, Milas, age 15, s/o George H. Collier, of Tichnor, AR (Obit.)
Collier, Nina Irene, w/o Robert L. Collier (Obit.)
Collier, Ray Charles, "Augusta youth is caught in Augusta store" (Article 12-22-1983)
Collier, Robert Lee "Bob", h/o Nina Collier (Obit.)
Collier, Ruby "Mabel", w/o Ralph Oliver Collier (Obit.)
Collier, Ruthie, of Cotton Plant, sis. of Oscar Davis of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Collier, Vernon W., h/o Margaret Collier (Picture Obit.)
Collier, William Lee, h/o Elizabeth "Lizzie" Collier (Obit.)
Collier, Willie Otha, s/o Jack Collier, "Missing Sailor Declared Dead" (Picture Obit.)

Collins, Annie Lee, w/o Lloyd James Collins (Picture Obit.)
Collins, Arthur, "Night Marshall At Augusta Beaten" (Article)
Collins, Arthur, "Augustan Held For Murder of Negro Saturday" (Article)
Collins, Burther, of Cotton Plant, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Collins, Charlie Jesse, h/o Lillie Maybelle Collins (Obit.)
Collins, Clarence, bro. of Dexter Collins (Obit.)
Collins, Elsie, w/o James F. Collins (Obit.)
Collins, Ernest Lee, s/o Lloyd James Collins, f/o Mark Collins of
Searcy (Obit.)
Collins, Herbert Max "Buddy", h/o Joan Collins (Obit.)
Collins, James F., h/o Elsie Mae Collins (Obit.)
Collins, John Earl, h/o Rose Mary Collins (Obit.) (Article-Tribute)
Collins, L. J. "Dick", h/o Flo Ella Collins (Obit.)
Collins, Lillie Mae Belle, w/o Charlie Jesse Collins (Obit.)
Collins, Lonnie , h/o G. Alene Collins (Obit.)
Collins, Martin F., (white), of Augusta, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Collins, Ralph Owen, h/o Florence Virgie Collins (Obit.)
Collins, Terry (Marriage Record)
Collins, Terry (Obit.)
Collins, Wilma Tims "Tiny, of Bolivar, TN, w/o Frank Collins (Picture Obit.)

Collums, Jessie Olivia Gregory, w/o Sandiland Gregory (Obit.)

Colona, History of Colona School (Article)

Colston, Alice (Sarah Alice), w/o Wm. Bryant Colston (Picture Obit.)
Colston, Chester C., h/o Mrs. Lafayette Colston (Obit.)
Colston, Miss Florence, d/o Bryant Colston, "Weds" (Article)
Colston, Sarah Alice, of McCrory, w/o Wm. Bryant Colston (Picture Obit.)

Comer, A. B., f/o R. L. Comer of Tupelo (Obit.)
Comer, Mrs. A. B., of Tupelo, AR, w/o A. B. Comer (Obit.)
Comer, Andrew, "Prominent Men Engage In Fight" (Article)
Comer, Andy, "Barn Burns and Home Damaged" (Article)
Comer, Andrew, s/o James W. Comer (Obit.)
Comer, Andrew, "Andrew Comer Funeral Services Held Saturday" (Obit. -Article)
Comer, Andrew, "Comer Estate Is Divided Among Five" (Article)
Comer, Carroll, s/o Bill & Lottie Comer, "Weds" (Article)
Comer, Charlottie Elizabeth, w/o Rufus Madison Comer, Jr. (Picture Article) (Obit.)
Comer, Chester Alford, h/o Pauline Comer (Obit.)
Comer, Clyde, s/o Rufus M. Comer, Jr., "Being Honored at State" (Article)
Comer, James Wilson, Civil War CSA (Biog.)
Comer, Pauline Graves, w/o Chester Alfred Graves (Obit.)
Comer, Rufus Comer, Jr., "Goes To Louisville, KY", new job (Article)
Comer, Rufus, Jr., s/o R. M. Comer, Sr., "McCrory Boy Making Progress" (Article)
Comer, Rufus Madison, Jr., h/o Charlotte E. Comer (Obit.)
Comer, Rufus M., Sr., h/o Eula Comer (Obit.)
Comer, Sallie Jessie, w/o Wilson M. Comer (Obit.)
Comer, Wilson M., h/o Sallie Jessie Comer (Obit.)

Compton, Corena, w/o Reuben H. Compton (Obit.)
Compton, David Reuben (Loose Probate Records)
Compton, David Reuben Compton - 5 Generations – 1804 - 2007 (Family History)
Compton, Elbert B., h/o Myrtle Compton (Obit.)
Compton, Myrtle, w/o Elbert B. Compton (Obit.)
Compton, Reuben H., h/o Corena Compton (Obit.)

Condins, Tillar , of McCrory, "Weds" (Marriage Announcement)

Condra, Frances, w/o Eugene "Gene" Condra (Obit.)

Condry, Melba Jean, w/o Curtis Condry (Obit.)

Confederate, D. M. Cloud says many "Confederate Pensioners Served In
Other States" (Article)
Confederate, Grave markers for war vets., "Now Available" (Article)
Confederate, Reunion, "Confederate Reunion May Attract 10 Vets" (Article)
Confed. Home, Arkansas Confederate Home, Sweet Home, AR, Obits.
1930-1947 (Free Lookup)

Congdon, Anna, w/o George Congdon (Obit.)

Conley, Billy Morris, U. S. Navy Korea, h/o Wanda Conley (Obit.)
Conley, Estella, of Cotton Plant, AR, mother of Emmitt Conley (Obit.)
Conley, Keelon, s/o Erik Conley (Obit.)
Conley, Kenneth, s/o Walter Conley, "Two McCrory Boys Serving Aboard
USS Battleship Nevada" (Article)
Conley, Kenneth "Ken", h/o Bernice Conley (Article) (Obit.)
Conley, Leeartrice, of Cotton Plant, h/o Memory Conley (Obit.)
Conley, Walter T., WW I (Obit. )

Conner, The Conner Family Of Augusta, AR (Family History)
Conner, Bolivar B. & Eliza L. (Hall) Conner- 1715-2007 - (Family History Book)
Conner, Anabel, w/o Edwin Bonner Conner, Sr. (Obit.)
Conner, Ann Mabel, "Child Film Player Native Of Augusta" (Picture Article)
Conner, Bonnie Elizabeth, d/o Roscoe C. Conner, "Weds" (Article)
Conner, Claude Nathan, h/o Wilma N. Conner (Obit.)
Conner, Mrs. Daryl Sinclair, widow of William Bolivar Conner, Sr. (Picture Obit.)
Conner, Emerson Cornelius (Obit.)
Conner, E. Cornelius, 77, of Little Rock, s/o Emerson Hall Conner (Obit.)
Conner, Edwin Bonner, h/o Anabel Conner (Obit.)
Conner, Emmerson, Jr., s/o E. C. Conner, Sr., "Weds" (Wedding
Conner, Emerson Hall (Biog).

Conner, Emerson Hall Conner, "A man of marked capacity and power"
(Family History)
Conner, Emma Louis, w/o John Louis Conner (Obit.)
Conner, E. H. Conner home, good picture (Picture Article)
Conner, Joe L., brother of W. H. Conner, "Enlist In U. S. Army" (Article)
Conner, John Clement, s/o John L. (Obit.)
Conner, John Louis, s/o William E. Conner, "Weds" (Picture of Bride)
Conner, Katherine, w/o William Emerson Conner, Jr. (Obit.)
Conner, Miss Laura (III), "Augusta Queen and Maids" (Picture Article)
Conner, Miss Laura (III), "Honor Graduates Of Augusta High School" (Picture Article)
Conner, Laura (Cornelius), w/o E.H. Conner (Obit.)
Conner, Maggie Jewell, w/o Richard Ruben Conner (Obit.)

Conner, Mamie, (black), w/o Adkin Conner (Obit.)
Conner, Richard Turner, s/o Wm. Boliver Conner, "Weds" (Picture of Bride)
Conner, Richard T., s/o Mrs. W. Boliver Conner, (Wedding Announcement)
Conner, Robert, Pvt. U.S. Army WW I (Enlistment Record)
Conner, Roscoe C., h/o Bessie Conner (Obit.)
Conner, Sidney Lynn, s/o Richard T. Conner, Sr. (Picture Obit.)
Conner, William Bolivar , WW I (Enlistment Record)
Conner, William Bolivar, Pvt. U.S. Army WWI (Picture Article) (Obit.)
Conner, Mr. and Mrs. W. B., "Wandering Snapshot Is Recognized" (Picture Article)
Conner, William Emerson, s/o J.L. & E.L. Conner (Obit.)
Conner, William Harvey, Jr., h/o Agnes B. Conner (Obit.)

Conway, A. M., of McCrory, f/o Ted Conway (Obit.)
Conway, Argentry, (black) (Obit.)
Conway, Bonnie E. (Baker) Holder, w/o John L. "Leck" Holder & Robert
Conway (Obit.)
Conway, Helen Marie, (black), of Cotton Plant, w/o Ollie Conway (Obit.)
Conway, James Ray, (black), s/o Argentry Conway Sr. (Obit.)
Conway, Mrs. Kathleen, of San Antonio, TX, formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
Conway, Shajuana, infant d/o Mark Conway (Obit.)

Cook, Albert Bernace, of Wynne, AR, father of S. E. Cook of Patterson (Obit.)
Cook, Alice - Died 1960, aged 85 (Obit.)
Cook, Armilda J., d/o W. W. Cook of Bono, AR, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Cook, Beatrice (Smiley) , w/o Clarence Cook (Obit.)
Cook, Bertie L. (Obit.)
Cook, Birdie L., "Jailor Woodruff Co. 1950-1962" (Obit.)
Cook, Blanch (Obit.)
Cook, Christinel, w/o John Edmund Cook, Jr. (Obit.)
Cook, Cora Lee, w/o E. S. Cook (Obit.)
Cook, Eleanor Lois, w/o John Edmond Cook Jr. (Obit.)
Cook, Ella (Lee), w/o W. L. Cook (Obit.)
Cook, Ezra Samuel (Koch changed to Cook), Sr., Born Baden, Canada (Obit.)
Cook, Georgia Jean, w/o William Wayne Cook (Obit.)
Cook, Gertrude Alcie (Pankey) - Aug. 15, 1931 - July 2, 2008, d/o
Harvey V. Pankey (Obit.)
Cook, Harry Eugene, of N. Little Rock, AR, s/o Jennie Cook of Little
Rock (Obit.)
Cook, John Edmund, Jr., w/o Christine Cook (Obit.)
Cook, Cpl. John T., KIA, s/o Oral Cook of Caraway, AR (Obit.)
Cook, Joseph Matthew "Matt", of Bakersfield, CA, s/o Joseph F. Cook (Obit.)
Cook, Leonard, s/o Mrs. S.E. Cook, "Weds" (Article)
Cook, Mrs. Leonard "Shower For New Bride" (Article)
Cook, Priv. Lester C., s/o Mrs. Nora Cook of Patterson, "Now In Japan" (Article)
Cook, Mrs. Lonard, "Shower For New Bride" (Article)
Cook, Lovie May, (black) (Marriage Certificate)
Cook, Lula Frances (Clifton), widow of John Cyril Cook Sr. (Obit.)
Cook, M. Elizabeth "Liza", w/o James Robert "Bob" Cook (Obit.)
Cook, Onis Edward, f/o Mrs. Lois Jean Parsons & others (Obit.)
Cook, Pansy Fay, w/o Doyle Cook (Obit.)
Cook, Ralph Edward, "Killed in Auto Crash", s/o Willie Cook (Obit.)
Cook, Sarah Ellen - Died in Confederate Home near Little Rock (Obit.)
Cook, Thomas Jefferson, h/o Grace Cook (Obit.)
Cook, William "Bill" (Marriage Record)

Cooke, Eular (Marriage Announcement)

Cool, Thelma (Weld), w/o Jim Cool (Picture Obit)

Cooper, Alton Lee, s/o Mrs. A. K. Cooper, "Receives Promotion" (Picture Article)
Cooper, Anderson, born Searcy, AR, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Cooper, Bertha, of Brinkley, m/o Harold & Charles Cooper (Obit.)
Cooper, Esther Lorene, w/o Samuel Floyd Cooper (Obit.)
Cooper, Edith Mildred "Dollie" (Anderson) (Picture Obit.)
Cooper, Ira P., "Autopsy Ordered in Death of Former McCrory Resident",
h/o Elizabeth (Obit.)
Cooper, Joseph Raymond, of Newport, AR, f/o Mrs. Ethel Williams of
McCrory (Obit.)
Cooper, Joyce Pauline (Burroughs), of Wynne & Parkin, AR (Obit.)
Cooper, Richard F. "Ricky", of Memphis, grandson of Floyd Cooper of
Augusta (Obit.)
Cooper, Robert T., of McCrory, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Cooper, Samuel F., U.S. Navy WW II (Obit.)
Cooper, Samuel Floyd, h/o E. Lorene (Obit.)
Cooper, Vyvian Marie, "Birthday Party For Vyvian Cooper" (Article)
Cooper, Mr. W. P., age about 65, formerly of Hunter (Obit.)

Copeland, Albert Smith, h/o Affie Copeland (Obit.)

Copeland, David Charles, h/o Wanda Faye Copeland (Obit.)
Copeland, Eli, bro. of Homer Copeland of Paragould (Obit.)
Copeland, Etta Elva, of Wynne, AR, m/o Hamilton Copeland (Obit.)
Copeland, Harold Jean, s/o Eli & Juanita Copeland (Obit.)
Copeland, Troy Eugene, Sr., "Relatives of Augusta couple killed in
crash" (Obit.)
Copeland, Virgil L., h/o Josephine "Rustie" Copeland (Obit.)

Copper, Elizabeth (Peters), of Andalusia, AL, d/o Ernest M. & Betty
Peters (Obit.)

Corley, Corley-McElwee - 1620 -2008 -13 Generations – abt. 265 pages
(Family History Book)
Corley, Capt. David Flourney & Anna Franklin (Corley) Price (Family History)
Corley, Esther, (black) (Obit.)
Corley, Lee B., (black) (Obit.), in fold
Corley, Pearlie (black), d/o Jack Corley (Obit.)

Cornelious, Rosebud W., (black), h/o Priscilla Cornelious (Obit.)

Cornett, Tom, born Hunter, AR, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Cornett, W. Floyd, of Kennett, MO, h/o Bertha Cornett (Obit.)

Cornwell, Cora Mabel, d/o Henry & Martha Elizabeth Cornwell (Obit.)
Cornwell, Martha Elizabeth "Lizzie", w/o Henry Cornwell (Obit.)

Cossey, Edgar Monroe, h/o Ruby Cossey (Obit.)
Cossey, Lonnie Edgar, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Cossey, Lonnie Edgar, h/o Ora B. Cossey (Obit.)
Cossey, M. L., h/o Ella Mae Cossey (Obit.)
Cossey, Marvin, 42, of Tupelo, "W. E. Jones Given 15 Years For Slaying" (Article)
Cossey, Ora B., w/o Lonnie Edgar Cossey (Obit.)
Cossey, Ralph "Jim" W., of Winnie, TX, formerly of Fitzhugh, h/o Lejoy
Cossey (Obit.)

Cotehart, Miss Harriett (Marriage Announcement)
Cotham, Crista R., d/o Angela Cotham of Wynne, AR (Obit.)
Cotham, Mrs. Ida Mae, aged 56, of Penrose, sister of Lee Holder (Obit.)
Cotham, James W., an uncle of Mrs. J. C. Welch of Augusta (Obit.)
Cotham, John Thomas, "Aged Augusta Man Funeral Tomorrow", h/o Mary E.
Cotham (Obit.)
Cotham, Mary Elizabeth, w/o John Thomas Cotham (Obit.)
Cotham, Milburn, "Funeral Tomorrow For Vet. of WW II", s/o Arthur
Andrew Cotham (Obit.)
Cotham, Patricia (Shue), w/o Wendell L. Cotham (Obit.)
Cotham, Rickey Eugene, s/o Wendell & Patricia (Shue) Cotham (Obit.)
Cotham, Wendell L., h/o Patricia (Shue) Cotham (Obit.)
Cotham, William Wayne, h/o Rhonda Cotham (Obit.)

Cotney, R. H. Cotney Family Of Woodruff County (Family History)

Cotton, Mrs. H. W., of Paris, AR, w/o H. W. Cotton (Obit.)

Cotton Picking, Contest, National, Blytheville, AR (Article)
Cotton Plant, Academy School (Black), History of (Article)
Cotton Plant, Cemetery Records, updated through present 2011, (Binder)
Cotton Plant, Civil War Battle Of, by William Gary Telford (Story)
Cotton Plant, Civil War Battle Of , occurred on the morning of July 7,
1862 (Article)
Cotton Plant, School, James Addition (Black) (Article)
Cotton Plan, Town, "Downtown Cotton Plant nominated to National
Register" (Picture Article)
Cotton Plant, Vocational School (Black) (Article)

Couch, Mamie Evans, of Pine Bluff, AR, w/o Thomas G. Couch (Obit.)

Couchman, Addie Mae, w/o Henry B. Couchman (Obit.)
Couchman, Rev. Herchalle J., h/o Imogene Couchman (Obit.- Biog.)
Couchman, Imogene, w/o Rev. Herchalle J. Couchman, Methodist Minister (Obit.)
Coulter, Jerry O'neal, s/o T. N. Coulter (Obit.)
Coulter, Thomas N., survived by a bro., Dwight Coulter of N. Little
Rock (Obot.)

Counts, Tommy Lynn, "McCrory man killed in two-vehicle accident" (Article Obit.)

Cousins Cemetery, Judsonia's 114-Year-Old Mystery Grave (Story)

Cover, Ishmel Earl, h/o Barbara Joyce Cover (Picture Obit.)

Covert, Dora Virginia (Ridgway), w/o Norman Covert (Obit., in fold

Covey, Bessie (Baker), w/o Eugene Covey (Obit.)

Covington, Seaborn C. Covington - Georgia to Woodruff Co., Arkansas
(Family History)
Covington, Lee Ellen (Obit.)
Covington, Rebecca Electa , w/o Seaborn Covington (Obit.)
Covington, Richard C. "Dutch", h/o Louise Covington (Obit.)
Covington, Seaborn C., h/o Rebecca Electa Covington (Obit.)

Cowan, John Stephen Randal, Judge, St. Francis Co., AR, h/o Mary Cowan (Obit.)

Cowlake Twp, School - 1895 (Article)

Cox, Angie, aged 16, of Salina, Kansas (Obit.)
Cox, Anna Myrtle, w/o James Arnold Cox (Obit.)
Cox, Carl "Boogie", s/o Ray & Helen Cox (Obit.)
Cox, Charles, F3 U.S. Navy WW I (Obit.)
Cox, Charles Lee, f/o Floyd D. Cox & others (Obit.)
Cox, Chester William, h/o Ethel N. Cox (Obit.)
Cox, Dellie, "Child Loses Life As Fire Destroys Home in Grays", d/o
Jesse Cox (Obit.)
Cox, Harold Eugene "Sonny", h/o Beatrice May Cox (Obit.)
Cox, Harriet Elouise, w/o Paul D. Cox (Obit.)
Cox, Hilton, (black), h/o Johnnie Cox (Obit.)
Cox, Jesse, "Cotton Plant Homes Burn On Monday" (Article)
Cox, Johnnie Lee (Britney), (black), w/o Hilton Cox (Obit.)
Cox, Joyce, d/o Arnold, "Engaged to Marry" (Picture Article)
Cox, Kenneth William, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Cox of Augusta (Obit.)
Cox, Marion A., h/o Mary Cox (Obit.)
Cox, Mary M., w/o Marion A. Cox (Obit.)
Cox, Michael Vincent, h/o Tina Cox (Obit.)
Cox, Purl Daniel, h/o Elouise Dickerson Cox of McCrory (Obit.)
Cox, Randall Lee, infant s/o Marion Frederick Cox (Obit.)
Cox, Roy Ray (Obit.)
Cox, Teri Coleen, d/o Harold E. "Sonny" Cox of Fair Oaks (Obit.)

Crabtree, John Wesley Jr., h/o Stella Crabtree (Obit.)
Crabtree, Sarah Jane "Janie" (Dehart), w/o Hubert Crabtree (Obit.)

Crafford, Family History - 1813 - 2010 - 7 Generations (Family History Book)
Crafford, Ella (Carroll)-Gross, w/o John Schley "Red" Crafford (Obit.)
Crafford, Ernest, s/o Cora, "Cotton Plant Flier Prisoner Of Germans" (Article)
Crafford, Ida Roberts, 2nd w/o Oleon Lafayette Crafford (Obit.)
Crafford, John Henry, s/o Joe & Letha Crafford (Obit.)
Crafford, John Schley "Red", h/o Ella Carroll (Gross) Crafford (Obit.)
Crafford, Josephine, w/o William Spencer Crafford (Obit.)
Crafford, Lester L., h/o Bonnie Mae Crafford (Obit.)
Crafford, Lonnie L.,h/o Gladys C. Crafford (Obit.)
Crafford, Oleon Lafayette, h/o Pattie L. crafford & Ida Crafford (Obit.)
Crafford, Pattie L., w/o Oleon Lafayette Crafford (Obit.)
Crafford, Robert Louis, h/o Maxine Crafford (Obit.)
Crafford, William Spencer, h/o Josephine Crafford, WW I (Enlistment Record)

Craig, James Edward, h/o Gertrude Craig (Obit.)
Craig, Joyce Blanton, of Augusta (Obit.)

Crail, George, born McCrory, AR, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Crail, Roy Kenneth, born Cameron Mills, WW I (Enlistment Record)

Cranford, Mrs. C. J., Died in Confederate Home, near Little Rock (Obit.)

Cravens, Elijah B., of Weldon, AR (Obit.)

Crawford, Barry James "B. J.", s/o Bill & Darlene Crawford (Obit.)
Crawford, Clancy Millard, born Glennwood, KY, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Crawford, Cora, m/o Horace Crawford of Cotton Plant & others (Obit.)
Crawford, David S., Sr. (Obit.)
Crawford, Ernest, s/o James Ernest & Cora Crawford (Obit.)
Crawford, James Horace, h/o Ozell C. Crawford (Obit.)
Crawford, Nellie E. (McFarland), w/o Robert Crawford (Obit.)
Crawford, Thomas Evan, s/o Horace Crawford of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Creager, Mrs. Bettie, mother of Mrs. Tillie Cole of McCrory & others (Obit.)

Creasey, A. D., s/o Mrs. Ethel Ruby Creasey, "Serving In Japan" (Article)
Creasey, A. D. "Red", h/o Juanita Inez Creasey (Obit.)
Creasey, Betty (Hargrove), w/o Thomas Ray Creasey (Picture)
Creasey, Billy, s/o Mrs. Estella Creasey, "Named Drama Club Prexy" (Picture Article)
Creasey, Carl Lee, h/o Judith Creasey (Obit.)
Creasey, Charles Allen "Buddy", of Cherry Valley, h/o Barbara Creasey (Obit.)
Creasey, Claud Jasper, w/o Ethel R. Creasey (Obit.)
Creasey, Eircelle, d/o Claude Creasey, "Weds" (Article)
Creasey, Eircelle, d/o Claude Jasper Creasey (Obit.)
Creasey, Ernest George, h/o Ethel Ruby Creasey (Obit.)
Creasey, Ethel Ruby, w/o E. G. Creasey (Obit.)
Creasey, J. D. "Pete", s/o Ernest George Creasey (Obit.)
Creasey, Leon, f/o Michael Creasey, age 2, (Picture)
Creasey, Sarah Ruth (Creasey) (Obit.)
Creasey, Shelby Don"Pop", s/o Harry L. T. & Estella Creasey (Obit.)
Creasey, Thomas Ray, h/o Betty Creasey (Picture Obit.)
Creasey, Varnest D., s/o Pleasant Creasey (Obit.)

Creed, Edward Elmer, b/o Fred C. Creed & others (Obit.)

Creel, John Logan, infant son of Bradley & Latonya Creel (Picture Obit.)
Creel, Mrs. Rosa Bell, mother of B. Q. Creel & others (Obit.)

Cremeen, Thomas L., s/o Tom Cremeen, "Prisoner Of Germans" (Article)
Cremeen, Thomas Lee, s/o Tom Cremeen, "Rescued From Nazis" (Article)

Crenshaw, Clarence William, of Bald Knob, "Drowns in Ditch Friday as
Car Overturns" (Obit.)
Crenshaw, John Wesley, Jr. (black), h/o Ora Crenshaw (Picture Obit.)
Crenshaw, Keithron L., s/o Alfred Crenshaw, "Youth killed in tractor
accident" (Obit.)

Criffield, Amanda Lynn, d/o Howard & Elizabeth Criffield (Obit.)

Criner, Commodore C., of Hobbs, NM, h/o Helen Criner (Obit.)

Crippen, Benjamin, "Man Caught In County, Arraigned On Murder Charge" (Article)
Crippen, Henry, of Carlsbad, NM, bro. of William Crippen of McCrory (Obit.)
Crippen, William Murry, h/o Retha Crippen (Picture Obit.)

Criss, Albert Dean (Obit.)

Crissman, Bertha (Holmes), w/o Herman H. Sr. Chrissman (Picture) (Obit.)
Crissman, Gary H., s/o Herman Crissman (Obit.)
Crissman, James Buchanan, h/o Emma M. Crissman (Obit.)

Crittenden, Dr. Adolphus L. & Judith L. Golightly Crittenden (Family History)
Crittenden, Adolphus L., h/o Nettie Crittenden (Obit.)
Crittenden, Mrs. Delilah, w/o James Carrol Crittenden (Obit.)
Crittenden, Hester (James Hester), of McCrory, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Crittenden, J. C. (Article 1936)
Crittenden, James Carrol, s/o Riley & Martha Crittenden (Obit.)
Crittenden, Lee Ella, w/o Hester Crittenden (Obit.)
Crittenden, Miss Lynne, d/o A. L. Crittenden of Cotton Plant, "On
Dean's List" (Article)
Crittenden, Nettie, widow of Adolphus Leon (II) Crittenden (Obit.)
Crittenden, Paul, KIA in Korea, s/o A. D. Crittenden of Lexa, AR (Picture Obit.)
Crittenden, Paul, s/o A. D. Crittenden, "Remains Arrived In States
Tuesday" (Picture Article-Obit.)
Crittenden, Paul, "Military Funeral Held Sunday For Paul Crittenden" (Article-Obit.)

Crocker, Gabriella "Gabie" (Picture)
Crocker, Joseph "Joe" (Oberlivee), adopted son of L. J. Crocker (LPR)
Crocker, L. J., "The Quantrill-Crocker Mystery in Augusta" (Story)
Crocker, Leonard Joshua "L. J." (Picture)

Crockett, Dave & Dorothy, (black), "Home Improvement Winners" (Picture Article)
Crockett, Dave, "Local Negro Leader, Dies", h/o Dorothy Crockett (Picture Obit.)
Crockett, Dave, "Marker at Grave of Dave Crockett Erected", by white
friends (Article)
Crockett, Mabel, (black) (Obit.)

Croney, Hobson , h/o Lillie I. Croney (Obit.)
Croney, James M., s/o Hobson Croney, of McCrory, "Stationed In Japan" (Article)
Croney, James M., s/o Hobson Croney, "Home From Battle Front In Korea" (Article)
Croney, Lillie I., m/o James Croney & others (Obit.)

Crook, Al Jean, w/o William "Bill" Crook, Jr. (Obit.)
Crook, Mr. H. L., bro. of Mrs. Everett Stroud, "New Store To Be Opened
In McCrory" (Article)
Crook, Louis, "Retiring Officer Of The McCrory Business Men's Club" (Picture)
Crook, Louis Martin, Sr., of McCrory, h/o Mildred Crook (Obit.)
Crook, Marga F., widow of Linnie M. Crook (Obit.)
Crook, Mildred, w/o Louis Crook, Sr. (Obit.)
Crook, Miss Paula Sue, age 6, d/o Leo Crook, "Birthday Party" (Article)

Crosland, Carrie Louisa, w/o William A. Crosland of Moro (Obit.)

Cross, Henry - Died 1973 (Obit.)
Cross, Oliver Dean (Rev.), h/o Bonnie Cross (Obit.)

Crossett, Dr. Joseph Kinney Crossett (Family History)
Crossett, Ayane, born Terrace Co., TN, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Crossett, Betty Wanda, "Engagement Of Miss Betty W. Crossett Revealed" (Article) (Picture Article)
Crossett, Cissy, d/o J. H. Crossett, "To Enter Christian College" (Picture Article)
Crossett, Columbus Mitchell, "Pioneer Settler At Deview" (Family History)
Crossett, Columbus M., "Celebrates Birthday" (Article)
Crossett, Columbus Mitchell, (Picture Biog. 1937)
Crossett, Columbus Mitchell, (Biog.-Picture of him & wife 1941)
Crossett, Columbus Mitchell, "Uncle Lum", h/o Nora & Mrs. Jennie
Crossett (Obit.)
Crossett, Mrs. E. M., "$10, 000 Fire Loss In Two Homes" (Article)
Crossett, Elizabeth Corinne, married, William Guise (Wedding Article) (Obit.)
Crossett, Hal Eugene "Cooter", age 14, s/o Hansel, "Drowns In Lake Near
His Home" (Obit.)
Crossett, Hal Eugene, s/o Hansel & Mary Crossett (Obit.)
Crossett, Hansel, Sr. (Obit.)
Crossett, Hansel, Jr., "McCrory Boy Receives Good Conduct Medal" (Article)
Crossett, James Robert, "Fifty-Third Wedding Anniversary Honored
Sunday" (Article)
Crossett, Jo Henri, "Weds" (Picture Article
Crossett, Joe, "Wins Varsity Letter At Military School" (Article)
Crossett, Joseph H., s/o J. H., of McCrory, "Attending Military School" (Article)
Crossett, Joseph H., s/o J. H., of McCrory, "On Honor Roll" (Article)
Crossett, Joseph H., s/o J. H., of McCrory, "Awarded Kemper Football
Letter" (Article)
Crossett, Joseph H., "Local Boy Elected Club Officer At Military
School" (Article)
Crossett, Joseph H., h/o Henri Ellen Crossett (Obit.)
Crossett, Joseph Harton, s/o J. H. Crossett (Picture Obit.)
Crossett, John William (Obit.)
Crossett, Lillie Christine, w/o Romie Crossett (Obit.)
Crossett, Margaret, w/o Joseph Harton Crossett (Obit.)
Crossett, Mary H., mother of Joe, "Suffers Broken Hip In Fall Saturday" (Article)
Crossett, Mary, w/o Joseph Henry Crossett (Obit.)
Crossett, Mary (Cariker), w/o John Wm. Crossett (Obit.)
Crossett, Mrs. Molly E., w/o James R. Crossett (Obit.)
Crossett, Joe, "Has Copy Of Gazette Vol. 1, No 1", dated Nov. 20, 1819 (Article)
Crossett, Joseph Henry, h/o Mary (Obit.)
Crossett, Robert L., s/o Hansel Crossett of McCrory, "At Camp Chaffee" (Article)
Crossett, Robert L., "Pfc. Robert L. Crossett Now In Phillippines" (Article)
Crossett, Romie, h/o Annie Crossett (Obit.)
Crossett, Shirley Ann, d/o Hansel Sr. & Mary L. Crossett (Obit.)

Crossland, William A., f/o Mrs. Audie Putt of Cotton Plant & others (Obit.)

Crotzer, Family History – 1804 - 2010 - 9 Generations (Family
History Book)
Crotzer, Calvin Tunney, h/o Margaret Crotzer (Obit.)
Crotzer, Clara Elise, d/o Mrs. Eddye Lou Crotzer, "Weds" (Picture
Crotzer, Mrs. Eddie Lou (Wedding)
Crotzer, Miss Forrest, d/o Mr. H. G. Crotzer, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Crotzer, Halley Howard, h/o Eddie Lou Crotzer (Obit.)
Crotzer, Horace G., f/o Morris Crotzer & others (Obit.)
Crotzer, Horace N. "Buster", s/o H. G., "Shot to death" (Article-Obit.)
Crotzer, Lena E., w/o Rufus J. Crotzer (Obit.)
Crotzer, Lucille, d/o H. G. Crotzer, "Weds" (Article)
Crotzer, Maynard M., born at Grays, AR, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Crotzer, History of the school (Article)
Crotzer, Maynard Malone, h/o Reatha M. Crotzer (Obit.)
Crotzer, Millard, a class school picture (Picture Article)
Crotzer, Morris Allen (Twin) Crotzer (Obit.)
Crotzer, Rufus J., s/o Horace G. Crotzer (Obit.)
Crotzer, Tunney (Calvin Tunney), of Louisiana ,formerly of Grays, h/o
Margaret Crotzer (Obit.)

Crouch, Cora Elizabeth, d/o John Crouch of Hickory Ridge (Obit.)
Crouch, Elmer Wood, of McCrory, AR, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Crouch, Elmer Wood, h/o Mattie Crouch (Obit.)
Crouch, Infant, s/o John Crouch of Hickory Ridge (Obit.)
Crouch, Miss Louise, d/o John Crouch, "Killed By Truck Near Hickory
Ridge" (Obit.)

Crow, Jackson Lee , h/o Mary B. Crow (Obit.)
Crow, Mrs. Lucy (Robinson), of No. Little Rock, AR (Obit.)
Crow, Mary Bess, widow of Jackson L. Crow, "Killed at train crossing in
Brinkley, AR" (Obit.)
Crow, Pleze Phillips "Jake", h/o Delia Crow (Obit.)
Crow, Thomas W., of Cotton Plant, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Crow, Wayne, age 4 yrs., s/o Thomas L. Crow, "Brinkley Child Killed By
Truck" (Obit.)

Crowder, AKA Morning Star Cemetery, (black) (Article)
Crowder, School, (black) (Article)

Crowe, Louise (Mary Louise), w/o Joe A. Crowe (Obit.)
Crowe, Nell Dean (Obit.)

Croxton, William, of Augusta, AR, WW I (Enlistment Record)

Crumley, George, of Elaine, AR, WW I, h/o Hattie Crumley (Obit.)
Crumley, Lottie, of Hickory Ridge, formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
Crumley, Pauline T., w/o Burnis Crumley (Obit.)
Crumley, Yeuvonnia , w/o James Rufus Crumley (Obit.)

Crutchfield, Irene, w/o Palmer E. Crutchfield (Obit.)
Crutchfield, Nora, of Ruleville, Sunflower Co., MS, m/o Mrs. Ida Jones
of Ruleville, MS (Obit.)

Culbreath, Billy Gene, h/o Mary Alice Culbreath (Obit.)

Cullom, William H., of Texarkana, formerly of Woodruff Co., AR (Obit.)

Cullum, Dorothy Imae (Cullum) Jones, d/o Pernie Lee & Schrildia
Cordelia Cullum (Obit.)
Cullum, Pernie Lee, h/o Schrildia C. Cullum (Obit.)
Cullum, Schrildia C., w/o Pernie L. Cullum (Obit.)

Cumming, Miss Mary Hammond, d/o David Robert Cumming, "Weds"
(Wedding Article)

Cummings, Aaron "Sonny", h/o Helen Dorothy Cummings (Obit.)
Cummings, C. O., s/o C. W. Cummings, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Cummings, Charles W. (Obit.)
Cummings, Mrs. Cora Lee, of Newport, w/o D. E. Cummings (Obit.)
Cummings, Helen Dorothy, w/o Aaron "Sonny" Cummings (Obit.)
Cummings, Helen Dorothy, "Remembering Helen Cummings" (Article)
Cummings, Luther, of Paragould, b/o Mrs. R. W. Bailey of Morton (Obit.)
Cummings, Maymie Lanelle (Jelks) (Wedding Article) (Obit.)

Cunnings, Stan, s/o Aaron Cummings, "Senior National Honor Society
Officers" (Picture Article)

Cunningham, Mrs. A. P., of Obion, TN, w/o Pete Cunningham (Obit.)
Cunningham, Estalee J., of Griffith, IN, w/o George D. Cunningham (Obit.)
Cunningham, J. C. (Lieut.), "Army Flier Killed In Crash At Brinkley
Tuesday Morning" (Obit.)
Cunningham, Lissie, of Cotton Plant, d/o Harvey Cunningham, "Weds" (Article)
Cunningham, Marion Ira, s/o Edward Cunningham (Obit.)
Cunningham, Orean Pearl, (black) (Obit.)
Cunningham, Samuel, of Mccrory, AR, WW 1 (Enlistment Record)

Curbo, Miss Betty Jean, d/o L. R. Curbo, "Weds" (Article)
Curbo, Clyde, s/o J. C. Curbo, "Weds" (Article)
Curbo, Clyde Watkins, h/o Louise Anna Curbo (Obit.)
Curbo, Jackie Dale, s/o Tommy C. & Peggy Curbo (Obit.)
Curbo, James Lynn, h/o Minnie Curbo (Obit.)
Curbo, Jan Watkins, s/o Clyde W. Curbo (Obit.)
Curbo, John Charles, h/o Sally Curbo (Obit.)
Curbo, John Roger, h/o Girtie Frances Curbo (Obit.)
Curbo, Louise Anna , w/o Clyde W. Curbo (Obit.)
Curbo, Margaret Ward Scott, w/o Roberd D. Curbo (Obit.)
Curbo, Robert Donald "Bob", h/o Margaret Ward (Scott) (Obit.)
Curbo, Thomas "Tommy" Charles, of Wynne, h/o Peggy Redell Curbo (Obit.)

Cureton, Elzie D., of Knoxville, TN, formerly of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Cureton, Julia Mary (Mrs. Elizie) (Obit.)

Curlee, Little Rachel Curlee, 7 year old d/o C. W. Curlee (Obit., Typed)

Curnett, Rosie Lee (Morgan), d/o Don & Mary Morgan (Obit.)

Curray, Joe, "Negro Man Killed At Augusta Yesterday", by a train, (Article)

Currie, Ehrma, (black), h/o Willie M. Currie (Obit.)
Currie, Floyd, (black), h/o Willie Mae Currie (Obit.)
Currie, Henretta, "Found dead" (Article)
Currie, Ira L. (black), "Hit by car and killed" (Obit.)
Currie, John Wesley Sr., h/o Janice Currie (Obit.)
Currie, Lucille "Mother Currie", w/o P. W. Currie (Picture Obit.)
Currie, Nathan C., of Houston, TX, h/o Pearl Currie (Obit.)
Currie, Willie Mae, (black), w/o Ehrma Currie (Obit.)

Currier, Jimmy Rondal "Speck", h/o Edna Currier (Obit.), in fold

Curry, Anna, (black), "Dies At Age of 111" (Obit.)
Curry, Julia A., (black), w/o Charlie Curry (Obit.)
Curry, W. H., of Tupelo, AR, "Still Wears 1908 Sunday Suit" (Article)

Curtis, Alice Mae, w/o Reece H. Curtis (Obit.)
Curtis, Miss Amy of Wynne, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Curtis, Aundrae, s/o Robert Curtis, to marry in June 1965 (Article) (Picture of bride)
Curtis, Brian, age 19, of McCrory, "DTF arrest made" (Article)
Curtis, Craig Leon, s/o Henderson Leon & Thelma Curtis (Obit.)
Curtis, Debbie Lynne, d/o Paul E. Curtis, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Curtis, Floyd E., h/o Ruby Lee Curtis, "Killed In Germany" (Obit.)
Curtis, Julia E., m/o W. F. Curtis of Marianna & others (Obit.)
Curtis, Lewis "Lewie" Houston, w/o Robert A. Curtis, & Dock Wiggins (Obit.)
Curtis, Lucille Maxine, d/o W. B. Curtis of Haynes, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Curtis, Mrs. Nora, formerly of McCrory, w/o Sam Curtis, "Dies In
Florida" (Obit.)
Curtis, Paul, s/o Paul & Emma Curtis, "State Police present
commendations" (Picture Article)
Curtis, Reece Henderson Sr., h/o Alice Mae Curtis (Obit.)
Curtis, Reece Henderson, Jr., h/o Thelma Sue Curtis (Obit.)
Curtis, Robert, s/o Robert L. Curtis, "Was Third High Scorer On Evangel
Squad" (Article)
Curtis, Robert A., h/o Lewis "Lewie" (Houston) Curtis (Obit.)
Curtis, Sheila Paulette, w/o Bradley Curtis (Picture Obit.)
Curtis, Walter Bennett, of Haynes, Lee Co., AR, h/o Julia Curtis (Obit.)
Curtis, William B. "Jack" Jr., s/o William B. Curtis, Sr. of Haynes, AR (Obit.)


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