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Surnames "H"
Index for Names in
Woodruff County, Arkansas

Compiled by Gary Telford, P. O. Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010
501-724-2490, or email wgt@centurytel.net

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogist. Old pictures are priceless. Gathering this information has involved four years of research through old Woodruff County newspapers, preparing an index and filing all of it. Every effort is being made to preserve this important Woodruff County history.

The four years of research has involved searching through old newspapers of Woodruff County, Arkansas, to find obituaries, articles, weddings and pictures. Most of these have been copied on a commercial digital copier and are very good quality. Quite a bit of money and time was invested in this project, which is still in progress.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be sent by email. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. All are copied on heavyweight, 28 lb., bright white, acid free, archive safe, paper. There is a small fee to cover expenses, mailing, etc.

The papers name and the date it was published will be on each item. Any of these old "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook."

Remember: "A Family Tree can wither if no one tends it's roots." For more info. and a complete index on obituaries, weddings, pictures, and articles, see Parts 1-19 now posted on Woodruff County Website at rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ - Click on (Obits/Weddings) See also Surname Index.

Woodruff County Cemetery Records have been updated to present 2011 with all old and new burials and are available in a binder. Prices vary depending on size of cemetery. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

For a complete list of the Family History Books now available go to rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ Click on (Family History Books) New books are being published monthly. Contact me to see if a Family History Book is available for your family.

Many other Woodruff County Obituaries, Articles, Weddings & Pictures, 1930-2011, are available that have not been posted yet. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

(LPR) - Loose Probate Records - 1862 - 1900, transcribed by Marion Stark Craig, MD
(Burial Record) - List birth date, death date, & cemetery
(Obit.) - Obituary Available
(Picture Obit.) - Available
(Article) - Available
(Picture Article) - Available
(Wedding Article) - Available
(Licensed to Wed) - Announcement
(Marriage) - Announcement
(Picture Wedding Article) - Available
(Marriage Certificate) - Copy Available
(Biog.) - Biography Available
(Civil War Record) - Available
(Civil War Battles) - by Gary Telford (Story)
(Enlist. Record) - WW I enlistment record available
(Family History) - Available
(Family History Book) - Available
(Grave Marker Photo) - Available
(Story) - Available, most by Gary Telford

The following abbreviations have been used where space requires;
h/o--husband of
w/o--wife of
m/o--mother of
f/o--father of
d/o--daughter of
s/o--son of
b/o--brother of
sis. of--sister of

Haase, Mary (Bishop), of Memphis, TN, w/o Andrew Murrell Haase (Obit.)

Hackett, Vella (Spradlin), w/o David R. Henderson & William Barlow Hackett (Obit.)
Hackett, William Barlow, h/o Vella (Spradlin) Hackett (Obit.)

Haddaway, Mildred (Conner) Davis, w/o James W. Davis, & Rochester H. Haddaway (Obit.)

Hadley, William H., Jr., brother-in-law of Mrs. Sue Currier of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Hafley, James M., William L. Hafley & Virginia R. (Holladay) Hafley (LPR)
Hafley, William (LPR)

Hagaman, Henry (Burial Record)
Hagaman, Lillian L. (Fraser), w/o Henry Hagaman (Obit.)
Hagaman, Mildred, d/o Henry Hagaman, "Receives Diploma From Nurses School" (Article)

Hagan, Laura D. (Burial Record)

Hagar, Emley, w/o J. A Hagar (Burial Record)

Haggard, Anna Belle, "Engaged" (Picture Article)
Haggard, Barner (Burial Record)
Haggard, C. H. (Jake), h/o Ida Haggard (Obit.)
Haggard, Florance A., d/o John Steele Haggard (Burial Record)
Haggard, Ida Belle Barrentine, w/o C. H. Haggard (Obit.)
Haggard, Miss Jeanette of DeView, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Haggard, John Lee, h/o Macie Haggard (Obit.)
Haggard, John Steele, A Civil War Veteran, CSA (Family History)
Haggard, John Steele Haggard - 5 Generations - 1846 - 2007 (Family History Book)
Haggard, John Steele (Article, Birthday) (Picture)
Haggard, John Steele (Picture Article)
Haggard, Katy V., d/o John Steele Haggard (Burial Record)
Haggard, Lottie (Holt), w/o Edward Horton, John W. Knight, & John Steele Haggard (Obit.)
Haggard, Macie Mabel (Moore), w/o John Lee Haggard (Burial Record)
Haggard, Manuel Lee, h/o Barbara Haggard (Picture Obit.)
Haggard, Mary A., w/o J. S. Haggard (LPR)
Haggard, Maxine, d/o Mitchell Haggard, "Child Inhales Grain Of Corn" (Article)

Haggins, Earl, (black) (Obit.)
Haggins, Liddie McClue, (black), w/o Earl Haggins (Obit.)

Hagler, Barbara Ann, d/o George W. Hagler, "Engaged" (Picture Article)
Hagler, Mr. & Mrs. G. W. Hagler, "Haglers observe 50th anniversary" (Picture Article)
Hagler, George Wilson "Pat", h/o Olive B. Hagler (Obit.)
Hagler, Gerald W., s/o G. W. Hagler, "Gerald Hagler With Hospital Unit In Yokohoma, Japan" (Article)
Hagler, Gerald Wilson "Pat", s/o George Wilson "Pat" Hagler, h/o Bonnie E. Hagler (Obit.)
Hagler, Miss Helen, d/o G. W. Hagler, "New Editor Of McCrory "Jaguar" (Picture Article)
Hagler, Miss Helen, d/o G. W. Hagler, "Weds" (Article)
Hagler, Joyce, "Champion 4-H Clubbers Of Woodruff County" (Picture Article)
Hagler, Joyce, "4-H Champion Of Woodruff County" (Picture Article)
Hagler, Joyce, d/o G. W., "4-H Champions Named For Woodruff County" (Picture Article)
Hagler, Joyce, d/o G. W., "Wins Blue Ribbon At Mid-South Fair" (Article)
Hagler, Joyce, d/o G. W., "Miss Joyce Hagler Becomes Bride" (Article)
Hagler, Joyce, d/o G. W. Hagler, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Hagler, Luther N., Arkansas Pvt Co K 330 Inf WW I (Obit.)
Hagler, Olive Beatrice (Ross), w/o George Wilson "Pat" Hagler (Obit.)
Hagler, Wilson, WW I (Enlist. Record)

Hailey, Clayton, of Little Rock, bro. of Mrs. George Thompson (Obit.)
Hailey, Mrs. Clayton, of Little Rock, former school teacher at McCrory (Obit.)
Hailey, Lou, w/o Clayton Hailey (Burial Record)
Hailey, Perrin, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Hailey, "Weds" (Article)

Hairlson, Grover, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Halbrooks, Annie Altha (Burial Record)
Halbrooks, Fannie E., w/o E. Halbrooks (Burial Record)
Halbrooks, George Parker, s/o William Ezekiel Halbrooks (Burial Record)
Halbrooks, John Walker (Burial Record)
Halbrooks, Infant, d/o W H. Halbrooks (Burial Record)
Halbrooks, Martin Franklin, s/o William Ezekiel Halbrooks (Burial Record)

Hale, Annie M. (Burial Record)
Hale, Arlie O., h/o Mary Hale (Burial Record)
Hale, Billy Ray, s/o Vaughn "Shorty" Hale (Burial Record)
Hale, Billy Wayne, "At Ft. Jackson, SC", s/o Hercial Hale of McCrory (Picture Article)
Hale, Byrle, s/o Jim B. Hale & Minty Hale (Obit.)
Hale, Carine, d/o Mr. & Mrs. R. H. Bull of McCrory, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Hale, Carmon Nivella (Peebles), w/o Eldridge Eugene Hale (Obit.)
Hale, Catherine, w/o James Audie Hale (Burial Record)
Hale, Delano William, h/o LaVonne Hale (Picture Article "In Memory")
Hale, Eldridge Eugene, h/o Carmon (Peebles) Hale (Obit.)
Hale, Ervin, Died in Glenwood, CA (Obit.)
Hale, Evelyn, d/o Hershel Hale of McCrory, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Hale, Fannie, w/o J. M. Carroll (Burial Record)
Hale, George W. (Burial Record)
Hale, Gerald (Obit.)
Hale, J. S., of Fitzhugh, f/o S. S. Hale, "Dies of self inflicted bullet wound" (Obit.)
Hale, James Audie (Burial Record)
Hale, James R. (Burial Record)
Hale, Jim B., h/o Minty Hale (Obit.)
Hale, John William, h/o Ruth (Files) Hale & Unknown (Obit.)
Hale, Lera Sara Ann (Edwards), w/o Vaughn "Shorty" Hale (Obit.)
Hale, Liz (Burial Record)
Hale, Luther, h/o Minnie Ella Hale (Obit.)
Hale, Mary Ollie (Putt), w/o Arlie O. Hale (Obit.)
Hale, Minnie Ella (Holder), w/o Luther Hale (Obit.)
Hale, Minnie Lee (Burial Record)
Hale, Minty (Perkins), w/o J. B. Hale (Burial Record)
Hale, Molly O'Freida (Burial Record)
Hale, Oscar (Burial Record)
Hale, Otis Maxine (Burial Record)
Hale, Roy Everett, s/o Ed Hale, "Killed by Hit And Run Driver" (Obit.)
Hale, Ruth (Evelyn Ruth (Files), w/o John William Hale (Burial Record)
Hale, Samuel Sylvester, of Tupelo, b/o T. C. Hale of Bradford (Obit.)
Hale, Mrs. T. G., of CA, formerly of Woodruff Co., AR (Obit.)
Hale, Thomas C., of Cotton Plant, AR, bro. of Jim Hale of Augusta & others (Obit.)
Hale, Vaughn "Shorty", of Cotton Plant, AR, h/o Lera Hale (Obit.)

Haley, Mrs. A. C., Died at Blytheville, AR, sis. of Rev. E. M. Peters of McCrory, AR (Obit.)
Haley, Gary Mark, h/o Joyce Haley (Obit.)
Haley, Joyce Maxine (Hollis) Winberry, w/o Gary Haley (Obit.)
Haley, Patrick H. (LPR)
Haley, Welda B., of Piggott, Clay Co., AR (Obit.)

Halk, John W., of Wynne, AR, h/o Jodie Halk (Obit.)

Hall, Algie & Doyle of Tupelo, "Hurt In Collision With Parked Car" (Article)
Hall, Alice Lee (Anderson), m/o Sheriff Edgar E. Hall, Sr. of Augusta (Obit.)
Hall, Ava C., w/o Thomas Felix Hall (Burial Record)
Hall, B. L., s/o M. Hall & M.E. Hall (Burial Record)
Hall, Bertha Lee (Churchill), of Weldon, Jackson Co., AR, w/o J. C. Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Boyd, Aged 1 year (Burial Record)
Hall, C. R. (Burial Record)
Hall, Carl Ray (Burial Record)
Hall, Carrell Jackson, h/o Hattie Hall (Burial Record)
Hall, Chester, (black) - Cook U.S. Army (Burial Record)
Hall, Chester, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hall, Clarence Jackson "Shorty", s/o Carroll Jackson Hall (Grave Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Hall, David, WW I, bro. of Mrs. S. G. Balch of Jackson Co., AR (Obit.)
Hall, Dazola Crump, (black) (Obit.)
Hall, Donald Ray, h/o Joan Hall (Picture Obit.)
Hall, Edgar E., Jr. (Sheriff ), h/o Nancy Hall (Picture Obit.)
Hall, Edna E., w/o George W. Hall (Burial Record)
Hall, Effie Marie (Thompson) (Burial Record)
Hall, Elbert William, Sr., of Wynne, AR, h/o Willie T. Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Elsie (Ray) Gregory (Obit.)
Hall, Evelyn (Parker), w/o Kenneth Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Everlena, (black) (Burial Record)
Hall, George W., h/o Edna E. Hall (Burial Record)
Hall, Harrett, (black) (Burial Record)
Hall, Hattie Ellen, d/o George W. Hall (Burial Record)
Hall, Hattie Estelle, w/o John Marshall Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Hattie (Letchworth), w/o Carrell Jackson Hall (Burial Record) (Grave Marker Photo)
Hall, Helena "Lena" (Gray), w/o John J. Hall (Burial Record)
Hall, Herman C., of Devalls Bluff, AR, formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Mamie Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Infant, (black), Aged 6 months (Burial Record)
Hall, Infant, d/o W.C. Hall & Linnie Hall (Burial Record)
Hall, Infant, s/o W.C. Hall & Linnie Hall (Burial Record)
Hall, James Henry, s/o Thomas Hall, "Dies in Oregon, Burial To Be Here" (Obit.)
Hall, Jane L. (Tucker) (Jackson), w/o Joel H. Hall (Burial Record)
Hall, Jesse, (black) (Burial Record)
Hall, Joan (Folkner), w/o Donald R. Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Joel H., h/o Jane L. Hall (Burial Record)
Hall, John, f/o Clarence Hall of Bald Knob, AR (Obit.)
Hall, John Clark, of Weldon, h/o Bertha Hall (Obit.)
Hall, John J. "Jack", CSA, h/o Helena "Lena" Hall (Civil War Record) (Biog.) (LPR)
Hall, John Marshall, h/o Hattie E. (Burial Record)
Hall, Kermit Ward, s/o Nina Lee Hall, h/o Opal Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Kenneth W., s/o Nina Lee Hall of Wiville, "Weds" (Article)
Hall, Kenneth Wayne, s/o Nina Lee Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Luther, (black) (Enlist. Record)
Hall, Nina Lee, m/o Kermit Ward Hall & others (Obit.)
Hall, Nina Lee, age 1 year, one mo., eight days, d/o H. C. Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Nola D. (Weeks), w/o Robert Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Omar Russell, s/o John M. Hall, "Hunter Resident Dies From Meningitis" (Obit.)
Hall, Opal (Chappell), w/o Kermit Ward Hall (Picture Obit.)
Hall, Oliver Lee, f/o Jerry Hall of Wheatley & others (Obit.)
Hall, Pearl Ernestine, d/o Nina Lee Hall (Obit.)
Hall, R. W., of Harrisburg, AR, h/o Bertha Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Richard, (black), h/o Dazala Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Robert L. "Bob", h/o Nola D. Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Rose Elizabeth (Pantel), of Morton, AR, w/o Tommy L. Hall, Sr. (Obit.)
Hall, Rufus, (black), h/o Charlene Hall (Picture Obit.)
Hall, Miss Ruth Frances, d/o H. T. Hall, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Hall, Sadie Henry, of Millington, TN, w/o Amos T. Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Sylvester, of Patterson, "Two injured in Shooting and Stabbing fracas" (Aricle)
Hall, Mrs. Synthia Catherine, w/o Wade Curtis & Benjamin Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Thomas Felix, h/o Ava C. Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Tommy Lee, h/o Rosie Hall (Obit.)
Hall, Vance Lee, s/o Joe Hall of Morton, "Father shoots and kills son, Vance Hall" (Article)
Hall, Vance Lee, s/o Joe Hall of Morton (Obit.)
Hall, William A., "Funeral Services Held Today For Wm. A. Hall", s/o Will Hall (Obit.)
Hall, William A., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hall, William Alford, Jr., s/o William A. Hall, Sr. (Obit.)
Hall, William C. (LPR)
Hall, William Franklin, Buried in Little Rock, AR (Obit.)
Hall, Willie, (black) (Enlist. Record)

Hallimon, Mister, (black) (Enlist. Record)

Hallman, Clarence Erby, s/o James Walter Hallman (Obit.)
Hallman, Clovis L., "Will Participate in Exercise Flash Burn" (Article)
Hallman, Hazel (Turner), of Cotton Plant, w/o J. C. Hallman (Obit.)
Hallman, J. C., of McClelland, s/o J. W. Hallman (Obit.)

Halpain, Richard, WW I (Enlist. Record)

Ham, John H., (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Hamblet, Dr. Felix Delancy & Ida A. (Hamblet) Dale (Family History)
Hamblet, John T. (Biog.) (Picture) (LPR)
Hamblet, Col John T. - 6 Generations - 1820 - 2007 (Family History Book)

Hames, Claude C., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hames, Emma Elizabeth, m/o Sherman Masters of Bradford (Obit.)
Hames, Wallace N., died at his home on bank of White River, NW of Fitzhugh (Obit.)

Hamilton, Annie Sue (Chappell) Holder, of Tulsa, OK, w/o Dan Holder, & Harry Hamilton (Obit.)
Hamilton, Bill, s/o Charles H. Hamilton, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX (Obit.)
Hamilton, Charles H., h/o Elizabeth E. Hamilton (Obit.)
Hamilton, Dorothy Vivian, d/o E. L. Hamilton, "On U. of A. Honor Roll" (Article)
Hamilton, Dorothy Vivian (Hamilton) Bronte (Picture)
Hamilton, Douglas, of Stephens, AR, h/o Louella Hamilton (Obit.)
Hamilton, E. L., "McCrory Postmaster Attends Convention" (Article)
Hamilton, Edward Lee, "Twins Mark 81st Birthday Wednesday" (Picture Article)
Hamilton, Edward L., "Observes 84th Birthday Nov. 13" (Picture Article)
Hamilton, Edward L., "Early Settler of McCrory To Attend 61st Birthday Of City" (Picture Article) Hamilton, Edward Lee (Picture Obit.)
Hamilton, Edward Lee, "Last Of Incorporators Has 86th Birthday" (Article)
Hamilton, Fannie L. (Carter), w/o O. O. Hamilton (Obit.)
Hamilton, Fred Hadley, s/o F. H. Hamilton of Jonesboro, AR (Picture Article)
Hamilton, George A., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hamilton, Ida Mae, m/o Mable Hamilton, & Homer Hamilton (Obit.)
Hamilton, Jacob N. (LPR)
Hamilton, Josephine L. "Lula", w/o Edward L. Hamilton ,"Suffers Attack, Dies Hours Later" (Obit.)
Hamilton, Miss Mabel G., of McCrory, sis. of O. O. Hamilton of McCrory (Obit.)
Hamilton, Mary Ethel (Jeffries), w/o Thorpe Hamilton, Sr. (Obit.)
Hamilton, Thorpe, s/o E. L., "Making Enviable Record With San Antonio Indians" (Picture Article)
Hamilton, Thorpe S., Sr., "Started As Newspaper Carrier, Now Merchant" (Picture Biog.)
Hamilton, Wallace M. (Obit.)
Hamilton, William E., f/o Josephine (Hamilton) Crafford & others (Obit.)
Hamilton, Ziba Roland, s/o Omar Odes Hamilton, h/o Joyce Hamilton (Picture Obit.)

Hamm, Betty Elizabeth (Smith) Matlock Tucker, w/o William Tucker & Mr. Hamm (Obit.)
Hamm, J. B., of Cotton Plant, h/o Melba Hamm (Obit.)
Hamm, J. D., of Cotton Plant, brother of J. B. Hamm & others (Obit.)
Hamm, Tommy Wayne, s/o J. B. Hamm (Obit.)

Hammer, Ted, "New Modern Theater Opens In Hunter" (Article)

Hammond, Gladys (Holder) McFarland, w/o Mike E. McFarland & R. L. Hammond (Obit.)
Hammond, Virginia Estelle (Mabry), w/o Newton Hammond (Obit.)

Hammons, Carlton Leon, h/o Kay Hammons (Obit.)

Hammontree, Dorris H. (Burial Record)
Hammontree, Keith (Burial Record)

Hamner, Ada Willie Mae (Burial Record)

Hamp, Gleason W. "Buddy" (Burial Record)

Hampton, Alta, of Augusta, "Injured in wreck" (Article)
Hampton, Esther Cordellia (Ellis), w/o Willie "Bill" Allen Hampton (Picture Obit.)
Hampton, Floyd, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hampton, Mary Jane (Hardin), w/o Roy Hampton (Obit.)
Hampton, Miss Mary Lou, d/o John Lee Hampton of Booneville, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Hampton, Willie, (black) , WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hampton, Willie B. Jr., (black), U.S. Army Veteran (Obit.)
Hampton, Willie Oscar, h/o Nora Hampton (Obit.)

Hamrick, Ed, s/o Joe (Obit.)

Hancock, Alice P. (Putt), w/o Leslie T. Hancock (Obit.)
Hancock, Billy Thomas (Burial Record)
Hancock, Gerald David, of Union Co., MS, h/o Nanette Hancock (Obit.)
Hancock, J. A., of Augusta, "Probe Made In Auto Mishap At Bald Knob" (Article)
Hancock, Leslie T., h/o Alice P. Hancock (Obit.)
Hancock, Paul E., "Dies From Poison" (Obit.)
Hancock, Roger A. (Burial Record)

Hand, Austin J., of Washington, f/o Mrs. Jack Riley of Augusta (Obit.)

Handel, Nina E. (Burial Record)

Handley, Elizabeth (Burial Record)

Hanes, Archie Garnett, f/o Mrs. Jewel Cortez of Bakersville, CA (Obit.)
Hanes, Rosa Lee (Burial Record)

Hanesworth, Beulah Estelle (Staats), w/o (Rev.) Henry Hanesworth (Obit.)
Hanesworth, Henry, (Rev), h/o Beulah Estelle Hanesworth (Obit.)

Haney, Bennie Thomas (Burial Record)
Haney, Bryant C. (Burial Record)
Haney, Donna Sue, d/o Jones E. Haney (Obit.)
Haney, Glena Faye (Fulbright), w/o Jones E. Haney (Obit.)
Haney, Goldie, w/o Hubert S. Haney (Burial Record)
Haney, Henry B. (Burial Record)
Haney, Hilda, d/o Hubert S. Haney (Burial Record)

Haney, Hubert S., WW I (Enlist. Record
Haney, Hubert S., h/o Goldie Haney (Burial Record)
Haney, Infant (Burial Record)
Haney, Mrs. Jennie (Patterson), w/o Jim Barber & John C. Haney (Obit.)
Haney, Jimmie Dale, s/o Jones Elton Haney (Obit.)
Haney, John Christopher (Obit.)
Haney, Jones E., h/o Glena Faye Haney (Burial Record)
Haney, Lester (Leslie), of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Haney, L.D., h/o Nellie Haney (Burial Record)
Haney, Maggie M. (Burial Record)
Haney, Maudie (Burial Record)
Haney, Nellie, w/o L.D. Haney (Burial Record)
Haney, Ollie G., S1 U.S. Navy WWII (Burial Record)
Haney, Miss Verna Bernice, d/o Henry Haney, "Weds" (Article)

Hankins, Bonnie Sue, d/o Hugh Darrell Hankins (Burial Record)
Hankins, Dallas Long Angelo (Burial Record)
Hankins, Mrs. Doris Fay (Rutledge), d/o Lizzie Rutledge (Obit.)
Hankins, Henry Bailey, h/o Viola R. Hankins (Obit.)
Hankins, Norman of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Hankins, Norman Warren, of Beebe, formerly of Woodruff Co., AR, s/o Vernon Hankins (Obit.)
Hankins, Roger Dale, s/o Henry B. Hankins (Obit.)
Hankins, Viola Ruth (Lawson), w/o Henry B. Hankins (Burial Record)

Hanks, Wanda Carol (Cannon), w/o Delbert L. Hanks (Obit.)

Hanley, Irene (McFadden), w/o Aubrey Samuel Hanley (Picture Obit.)
Hanley, Raymond Jefferson, h/o Laura Hanley (Picture Obit.)
Hanley, T. J. (LPR)
Hanley, Willie C. (Overley) (Obit.)

Hanna, Robert Lee, Sr., Cpl. U.S. Army WWII (Burial Record)
Hanna, Robert Lee, Jr. - U. S. Navy (Article)

Hannah, Clyde Leonard, h/o Beulah V. Hannah (Obit.)

Hannon, Annia, d/o Dave Hannon (Burial Record)

Hanson, Earl J., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hanson, Ernest Perry, h/o Minnie G. Hanson (Obit.)
Hanson, Minnie (Gossett), widow of Earnest P. Hanson (Obit.)

Haralson, Burrel, John G. Haralson (LPR)
Haralson, James W. Haralson - 1823 - 2007 - 5 Generations (Family History Book)
Haralson, Christine (Berry), w/o Robert J. Haralson (Burial Record)
Haralson, Dana Lee, d/o J.G. Haralson (Burial Record)
Haralson, Eliza Vincent & Thomas Albert Haralson, Vincent P. Haralson (LPR)
Haralson, Elizabeth H., w/o Jonathan Haralson (Burial Record)
Haralson, Fannie Laura (Burial Record)
Haralson, Floyd Lee, s/o George W. Haralson, "Weds" (Article)
Haralson, Floyd Lee, Pfc. U.S. Army WWII, h/o Julia Haralson (Obit.)
Haralson, Frances Higbee (Price) Avery, w/o William T. Avery, & Jonathan "Jont" Haralson (Obit.)
Haralson, Herbert Floyd, s/o J.G. Haralson (Burial Record)
Haralson, G. Ross (Obit.)
Haralson, George, "Seeks The Office Of Circuit Clerk" (Article)
Haralson, George W., h/o Pauline Haralson (Picture Obit.)
Haralson, J. G. (Burial Record)
Haralson, John Penn, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Haralson, John Penn (Obit.)
Haralson, Jonathon, h/o Elizabeth H. Haralson (Burial Record)
Haralson, Julia (Limbird), w/o Floyd Lee Haralson (Picture Obit.)
Haralson, Pauline (Elliott), w/o George W. Haralson (Obit.)
Haralson, Percy, child of J.G. Haralson (Burial Record)
Haralson, Robert J., h/o Christine Haralson (Burial Record)
Haralson, Robert Jonathan, Jr., "Weds" (Picture Article)
Haralson, S. (Burial Record)
Haralson, Susan S. (Burial Record)
Haralson, Susie Belle (Burial Record)
Haralson, Thomas Albert & Eliza Vincent Haralson, Vincent P. Haralson (LPR)
Haralson, Toney (Burial Record)

Harbour, Eliza B. (Burial Record)
Harbour, Horace T., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Harbour, Horace T., of Tuckerman, formerly of Augusta & Little Rock (Obit.)
Harbour, Joseph W., h/o Rosa A. Harbour (Obit.)
Harbour, Rosa A. (Young), w/o Joseph W. Harbour (Burial Record)

Hardaway, Alberta, (black) (Obit.)
Hardaway, Julia (Burial Record)

Hardgrave, Lula (Gillespie), mother of Mrs. Harvey Haley (Obit.)

Harden, Annie (Welch) Fincher, w/o G. W. Harden (Obit.)
Harden, Henry G., (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Hardin, Arthur, s/o Milliard Fillmore Hardin (Burial Record)
Hardin, Billy Joe, s/o B. J. Hardin of Tupelo, "Injured in Mishap" (Article)
Hardin, Billy Joe, Jr. (Burial Record)
Hardin, Billy Joe, Sr., h/o Doris Hardin (Obit.)
Hardin, Doris Eloise (Bankster), w/o Billy Joe Hardin, Sr. (Obit.)
Hardin, Miss Eleanor, d/o Luther Hardin, "Augusta Teacher Is Awarded Scholarship" (Article)
Hardin, Miss Eleanor, d/o Luther Hardin of Tupelo, AR, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Hardin, Georgia Mae (Clark), (black), of McCrory, w/o Rev. Charlie Hardin, Sr. (Obit.)
Hardin, J. L., five month old (twin) son of Ralph Hardin (Obit.)
Hardin, Jack Kennedy, Sr., h/o Mary K. Hardin (Obit.)
Hardin, Joe Cecil, h/o Mildred Hardin (Obit.)
Hardin, Luther, of Tupelo, "Elected Vice-Pres. Of FFA Club" (Article)
Hardin, Mary Alice, Aged 4 years (Burial Record)
Hardin, Mildred Elfrieda (Burial Record)
Hardin, Millard Filmore, h/o Victoria Hardin (Obit.)
Hardin, Millard George, (Circuit Judge), of Newport, AR, h/o Coryth Hardin (Obit.)
Hardin, Minnie (Word), (black), of IL, formerly of Patterson, w/o Jesse Hardin, Sr. (Picture Obit.)
Hardin, Otto Ewing, h/o Rosalie Hardin (Burial Record)
Hardin, Peggy, d/o Chester Hardin of Tupelo, "Injured In Auto Accident" (Article)
Hardin, Mrs. Permelia (Miller), w/o George W. Hardin (Obit.)
Hardin, Raymond Ewing, h/o Ruth Hardin (Burial Record)
Hardin, Ruth (Norwood), w/o Raymond E. Hardin (Burial Record)
Hardin, Victoria (Queen Victoria (Britton), w/o Millard Filmore Hardin (Obit.)

Harding, Annie G., w/o of C. J. Harding (Burial Record)
Harding, Mary Bynum (Burial Record)

Hardison, Dauson, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Hardy, Fred Elmore, of Hunter, "Shot by David Paul Christman" (Article)
Hardy, Gladys L. (Mauldin), d/o E. A. Mauldin (Obit.)
Hardy, Hester (Moore), (black) (Short Obit.)
Hardy, Jerome, (black), "Cotton Plant Negro Dies From Stabbing Saturday" (Obit.)
Hardy, John, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hardy, Mary R. (Jernigan), w/o J. Bennett Hardy (Obit.)
Hardy, Tenard, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Hare, George Dallas (Burial Record)

Hargett, Floyd, of Blytheville, AR, "Killed in Wreck Saturday Night" (Obit.)

Hargis, Amelia Price, d/o Dr. Henry Price Hargis, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Hargis, Goldie Edna (Burial Record)
Hargis, Henry Geraldine (Burial Record)
Hargis, Henry Price, MD, s/o Alex Hargis (Burial Record)
Hargis, J. W. "Uncle Wesley", b/o Dr. H. P. Hargis (Obit.)
Hargis, James Edward - Born in IL, of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Hargis, Wesley Walden, of Little Rock, born in McCrory, AR (Obit.)

Hargrove, Albert Reese, s/o Alva L. Hargrove (Obit.)
Hargrove, Alva Loren, h/o Lucy A. Hargrove (Obit.)
Hargrove, Mrs. Anita, d/o Mrs. W. A. Myers of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Hargrove, Charles, of Wynne, formerly of McCrory, "Weds" (Article
Hargrove, Coy Nathaniel "Bud", s/o Alva Hargrove (Obit.)
Hargrove, Earl Lee, bro. of Alva Loren Hargrove of Hunter (Obit.)
Hargrove, Harold F., s/o Alvie Hargrove (Picture of couple) (Obit.)
Hargrove, Lucy A. (Odenbaugh), w/o Alva L. Hardgrove (Obit.)
Hargrove, Lucy B. Stillborn (Burial Record)
Hargrove, Myrtle L. (Barnard), w/o Harold F. Hargrove (Picture of couple)
Hargrove, Virgie (Harrison), of Hunter (Obit.)

Harlan, Billy Norman, s/o Norman Harlan (Picture Obit.)
Harlan, Billy W. (Burial Record)
Harlan, Norman Sidney, of Bradford, AR, h/o Opal Harlan (Obit.)
Harlan, Norman W., h/o Opal E. Harlan (Obit.)
Harlan, Opal Edna (Fry), w/o Norman W. Harlan (Picture Obit.)
Harlan, Robert Allen (Burial Record)

Harlston, Arnett, h/o Laura Harlston (Burial Record)
Harlston, Arthur, h/o Cora Harlston (Burial Record)
Harlston, Ben (Burial Record)
Harlston, Cora, w/o Arthur Harlston (Burial Record)
Harlston, Elatrice, w/o Redic Harlston (Burial Record)
Harlston, Laura, w/o Arnett Harlston (Burial Record)
Harlston, Monroe, bro. of Robert Harlston of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Harlston, Redic, h/o Elatrice Harlston (Burial Record)
Harlston, Robert, h/o Pearl Harlston (Obit.)

Harmon, Johnny Harmon Celebrates 89th birthday (Story by W.G.T.)
Harmon, Beulah (McGahen), h/o Johnny Alph Harmon (Obit. in Fold)
Harmon, Carl Wesley, h/o Frances Harmon (Obit.)
Harmon, Cpl. Cortland, s/o W. M. Harmon, "Receives Purple Heart" (Article)
Harmon, Cpl. Cortland, s/o W. M. Harmon, "Receives Purple Heart And Silver Star" (Picture Article) Harmon, Cpl. Cortland, s/o Will Harmon, "Decorated For Routing Enemy" (Article)
Harmon, Cortland Floyd, h/o Josephine Harmon (Obit.)
Harmon, Johnny A., SSgt Army WW II (Picture Article) (Biog.) (Picture Obit.)
Harmon, Josephine Margaret (Potts), w/o Cortland Harmon (Picture Obit.)
Harmon, Larry David, of McCrory, s/o Cortland Harmon (Picture Obit.)
Harmon, Maryln Jo, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Harmon, Minnie E., w/o William M. (Burial Record)
Harmon, Nellie, "Celebrates 80th Birthday" (Picture Article)
Harmon, Nellie P. (Picture Obit.)
Harmon, P. Upton (Burial Record)
Harmon, Paula Ann, d/o Upton Harmon, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Harmon, Rita, "Homemaker", d/o Courtland Harmon (Picture Article)
Harmon, Roy, age 5, yrs. (Burial Record)
Harmon, S. W., adult (Burial Record)
Harmon, William Marion, h/o Minnie Elizabeth Harmon (Obit.)

Harp, Mrs. Fannie (Dyer), w/o J. A. Harp (Obit.)
Harp, James Andrew (Burial Record)
Harp, James Oscar "Lee", h/o Inola Harp (Obit.)
Harp, Marie (Burial Record)
Harp, McKinley, s/o J. A. Harp (Obit.)

Harper, Billy Edward, of Wynne, h/o Sharon June Harper (Obit.)
Harper, Flora Mae (Heath)-Travis-Smith, w/o Lawson S. Harper & others (Obit.)
Harper, H. A., (Maybe M. A.) (Burial Record)
Harper, Happy, age 12 mos., child of Henry Harper (Burial Record)
Harper, M. A. (Burial Record)
Harper, Nancy C. (Burial Record)

Harrell, Carl W., of Brinkley, formerly of Hunter, father of Mrs. Jolly Jackson (Obit.)
Harrell, Calvin (Burial Record)
Harrell, Carl, h/o Grace Harrell (Burial Record)
Harrell, Earl D., "Letter of Appreciation" to Walter W. Raney (Article)
Harrell, Edward B., h/o Estelle Harrell (Obit.) (Grave Marker Photo)
Harrell, Elzie Argo, WW I (Enlist. Record) (Burial Record)
Harrell, Estelle J., w/o Edward B. Harrell (Burial Record) (Grave Marker Photo)
Harrell, Eva Lena (Burial Record)
Harrell, Evelyn (Wilson) (Burial Record) (Grave Marker Photo)
Harrell, Finley Watson, h/o Lillie F. Harrell (Obit.)
Harrell, Flossie Belle (Burial Record) (Grave Marker Photo)
Harrell, Grace, of Brinkley, formerly of Hunter, w/o Carl Harrell (Obit.)
Harrell, Mrs Harriett (Bullard) of Wynne, AR, d/o John Bullard (Obit.)
Harrell, James T. Harrell & Mary T. Harrell, "Pioneer Builders of Early Arkansas" (Family History)
Harrell, James Thomas Harrell & Mary Tennessee Harrell (Picture Biog.)
Harrell, Jefferson Davis, s/o James Harrell & Cynthia Ann Harrell (Obit.)
Harrell, John William "Bill", WW I Vet., s/o Harriett (Bullard) Harrell (Obit.)
Harrell, Lillie F., w/o Finley W. Harrell (Burial Record)
Harrell, Mary Elizabeth (Wallis), w/o Jefferson Davis Harrell (Obit.)
Harrell, Mary, age 92, "Wins Mother's Day Prize", m/o Mrs. H. W. Jernigan (Article)
Harrell, Mary Tennessee (Wilkes), age 91, "Recalls Covered Wagon Days" (Biog.)
Harrell, Morris McMclure, h/o Flossie Belle Harrell (Obit.)
Harrell, Ola (Mushrush), w/o Paul Harrell (Obit.) (Grave Marker Photo)
Harrell, Paul, h/o Ola Harrell (Grave Marker Photo)
Harrell, Paul, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Harrell, Ruby Delta (Vanderburg), w/o William Wallace Harrell (Burial Record)
Harrell, Talmage (Walter Talmage), bro. of Elzy & Paul Harrell of Hunter & others (Obit.)
Harrell, Washington Davis (Burial Record)
Harrell, William Wallace, h/o Ruby Delta Harrell (Burial Record)

Harrington, Lee, of Parkin, formerly of Hunter, "Former Hunter Man Crushed By Tree" (Obit.)
Harrington, Luther G., of Fort Worth, TX, h/o Elizabeth Jane Harrington (Obit.)
Harrington, Mary (Darby) (Burial Record)
Harrington, Paul Wayne, "Drowned", s/o R. L. Harrington (Obit.)

Harris, Dr. Claude P. Harris (Family History)
Harris, A.W., h/o M.E. Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, Pvt. Albert, bro. of Harold Harris of Augusta, "Serving in Korea" (Article)
Harris, Anna (Bird), First wife of John H. Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, Annie P., of Ypsilanti, Mich., sis. of Bob Peebles of Augusta (Obit.)
Harris, Arvis Ura (Boggs), w/o Russell S. Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, Benjamin L., s/o James F. Harris & Sallie A. Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, Buford (Burial Record)
Harris, Careline (Lock) (Burial Record)
Harris, Carrol Dean, s/o Eugene Harris of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Harris, Charles Henry, h/o Mary Jane Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, Charles S., grandfather of S. C. Higgs of Gregory (Obit.)
Harris, Cindy (Holt), Cindy & husband John Harris, "Killed in an airplane crash" (Obit.)
Harris, Claude P., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Harris, Claude Prentice, s/o John Dewitt Harris & Dora (Parnell) Harris (Picture Biog.)
Harris, Cornelius, of Augusta, h/o Doris (Kendall) Harris (Obit.)
Harris, Daniel N. (Obit.)
Harris, Ed L., of El Dorado, AR, formerly of McCrory, bro. of Tom Pat Harris of CA (Obit.)
Harris, Ed Harris Home (Picture of home with family members)
Harris, Ethel Mae (Jones) (Obit.)
Harris, Eulah (Burial Record)
Harris, Fletcher F., s/o James F. Harris & Sallie A. Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, Fred E., WW II, "Wounded In Action", s/o Eugene Harris of DeView (Article)
Harris, Fred W., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Harris, Glenn D., s/o John Dewitt Harris & Dora Penelope Harris (Obit.)
Harris, Hazel Louise (Musgrove), widow of Dr. C. P. Harris (Obit.)
Harris, Henry, "Former McCrory Man Killed In Train Crash At Biscoe, Tuesday" (Obit.)
Harris, Infant, s/o J.D. Harris & Dorra Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, Infant, s/o J. H. Harris & Alice Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, J. D. (Burial Record)
Harris, J. H. (Burial Record)
Harris, James F., h/o Sallie A. Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, Jane (Burial Record)
Harris, Jasper, WW I (Burial Record)
Harris, Jesse (LPR)
Harris, Rev. Joe D. Sr., (black), h/o Rosetta (Williams) Harris (Picture Obit.)
Harris, Mary Hamp (King), w/o Joe Ben Harris, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Harris, Joe Ben, U. S. Navy, of Millington, TN, s/o Eugene Harris & Alice Harris (Obit.)
Harris, John A., h/o N. M. Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, John Dewitt, h/o Dora Penelope (Parnell) Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, John Frank (Burial Record)
Harris, John H. (Burial Record)
Harris, Larry Wayne, s/o Wayne Harris of Searcy, formerly of McCrory (Article)
Harris, Lawrence E., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Harris, Lois (Maddox), "Died as a result of a auto accident", w/o William T. "Tal" Harris (Obit.)
Harris, Rev. Lonnie, Sr., s/o Joe Harris & Lillie Harris of Plummerville, AR (Obit.)
Harris, Lula J., d/o A.W. Harris & M.E. Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, M. E., w/o A.W. Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, Maggie V. (Burial Record)
Harris, Martha L., Second wife of John H. Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, Mary A. (LPR)
Harris, Mary Iva, "Weds" (Article)
Harris, Mary Jane, w/o Charles Henry Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, Miss Matha, "Weds" (Wedding Announcement)
Harris, Miss Matha, d/o Eugene Harris, "Bridal Shower" (Article)
Harris, Miss Matha Julia, d/o Eugene Harris, "To Wed Saturday" (Picture Article)
Harris, Miss Matha Julia, d/o Eugene Harris, "Becomes Bride" (Article)
Harris, Mrs. Matthew Cleo "Massie", w/o Lee Andrew Harris (Obit.)
Harris, Maude E., d/o A.W. Harris & M.E. Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, McKinnley, of Texas City, TX, formerly of Cotton Plant, Hunter, Des Arc, & Brinkley (Obit.)
Harris, Miss Mereleen, of Cotton Plant, d/o McKinley Harris of Des Arc, "Weds" (Article)
Harris, Oma E. (Burial Record)
Harris, Paula May Lewis, of Nixa, MO, form. of Wynne, AR, w/o Robert Harris (Obit.)
Harris, Philis (LPR)
Harris, Robert Earl, of Memphis, formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Mildred Harris (Obit.)
Harris, Russell S., h/o Arvis (Boggs) Harris (Obit.)
Harris, Sallie A., w/o James F. Harris (Burial Record)
Harris, Terrel, Died Aged 8 years (Burial Record)
Harris, Tom P., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Harris, Vester Ree (Lewis), (black) of McCrory, d/o Essie Lewis & Mary Lewis (Obit.)
Harris, Viola Mildred Fay, (black) stillborn (Burial Record)
Harris, W. B., Jr., s/o Russell Harris of Augusta, "Weds" (Picture Article of Bride)
Harris, Walter (Burial Record)
Harris, Will (Burial Record)
Harris, William Edward (Burial Record)
Harris, William H. (Burial Record)
Harris, William J., of West Monroe, LA, bro. of Russell Harris of Augusta, AR (Obit.)
Harris, Willie, (black), h/o Parree Harris (Obit.)
Harris, Willie Talmer, h/o Lois Harris (Obit.)
Harris, Mrs. Worth, of Cedar Island, NC, sis. of Mrs. Howard Ramer (Obit.)

Harrison, Albert A. (Burial Record)
Harrison, Albert L. (Burial Record)
Harrison, Betty Ann, d/o F. R. Harrison, "Weds" (Article)
Harrison, Charles Campbell (Burial Record)
Harrison, Charles W., of Hunter, h/o Vergie Harrison (Obit.)
Harrison, Cora Ann (Burial Record)
Harrison, Dora Anne, d/o Pearl Harrison, "Goes to Finals Of Rice Contest" (Picture Article)
Harrison, Dora Anne, d/o Pearl Harrison, "State Winner in Rice Council's Contest" (Picture Article)
Harrison, Elizabeth K., w/o Fred R. (Burial Record)
Harrison, Eoula V. (Burial Record)
Harrison, Fannie L. (Burial Record)
Harrison, Fred L., of Patterson, AR, "Sixty Missions Without A Shot" (Article)
Harrison, Fred R., h/o Elizabeth K. Harrison (Obit.)
Harrison, H. M., s/o J.C. Harrison (Burial Record)
Harrison, Mrs. Hattie ( McGahen) Locke, m/o R. H. Locke (Obit.)
Harrison, Heirs (LPR)
Harrison, J. C., h/o Emma Harrison (Burial Record)
Harrison, M. W. "Bill", h/o Linda Harrison (Picture Obit.)
Harrison, Ninner Grace, d/o J.C. Harrison (Burial Record)
Harrison, Pauline "Polly", Fred "Sonny" Harrison (Burial Record)

Harrold, James F., h/o Myrtle M. Harrold (Obit.)
Harrold, Myrtle M. (Burial Record)

Harry, Georgia (Picture)
Harry, Infant, d/o Milt P. Harry (Burial Record)

Harshaw, James H. (Obit.)
Harshaw, Rose A., w/o J.H. Harshaw (Burial Record)
Harshaw, William S. (LPR)

Hart, Andy, h/o Amanda (LPR)
Hart, Grover C. (Burial Record)
Hart, Grover James, s/o Lawrence, "Youth Injured When Struck By Car" (Article)
Hart, Lawrence Cleon, h/o Nancy Jane Hart (Burial Record)
Hart, Linda Lewis (Obit.)
Hart, Nancy Jane, w/o Lawrence Cleon Hart (Obit.)
Hart, William (Burial Record)

Hartin, Edward Theodore, h/o Nannie Sue (Morris) (Burial Record)
Hartin, Freida, w/o Burrow C. Hartin (Obit.)

Hartin, James B., s/o J.G. Hartin (Burial Record)
Hartin, John Burrow Graves (Obit.)
Hartin, Meta M., d/o John Burrow Graves Hartin (Burial Record)
Hartin, Nannie Sue (Morris), w/o Edward Theodore Hartin (Obit.)
Hartin, Walter G., s/o J.G. Hartin (Burial Record)

Hartley, C. F. (Burial Record)
Hartley, Carland F. (Burial Record)
Hartley, J.T., C.S.A. Veteran, h/o Nancy A. Hartley (Burial Record)
Hartley, Nancy A., w/o J.T. Hartley (Burial Record)

Harton, Major William M., Jr., "Cousin of Local Man Killed in Air Crash in California" (Obit.)

Hartsell, Ada C. (Burial Record)
Hartsell, Alice M., w/o Francis Marion Hartsell (Burial Record)
Hartsell, Ambers (Burial Record)
Hartsell, John A. (LPR)
Hartsell, John W. (Burial Record)
Hartsell, Marion F., s/o Francis Marion Hartsell (Burial Record)
Hartsell, Mary A., d/o Francis Marion Hartsell (Burial Record)
Hartsell, Simon Peter died near Scotland, 40 miles north of Morrilton (Obit.)

Hartwick, Gladys, w/o Raymond R. Hartwick (Burial Record)
Hartwick, Jacob Lucas, h/o Rhoda Hartwick (Obit.)
Hartwick, Raymond Randolph, of Beebe, AR, s/o Jacob Lucas Hartwick (Obit.)

Hartzog, Joshua Byron (Obit.) (Family History)

Harty, S. L., (Rev.), of Newport (Obit.)

Harver, Joe, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Harvey, Family History (White Co., AR) - 1635 - 2010 - 13 Generations (Family History Book)
Harvey, Alice Lorane (Blackstone) Elliott, w/o William H. Elliott, & William H. Harvey (Obit.)
Harvey, Oscar William, of Bradford, AR, h/o Beatrice Harvey (Obit.)
Harvey, William, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Harville, Allena, d/o Lena (Fuller) Harville (Burial Record)
Harville, Archie W., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Harville, Archie Watson, of Little Rock, formerly of Woodruff Co., AR, h/o Mildred Harville (Obit.)
Harville, Lena (Fuller), w/o R.T. Harville (Burial Record)
Harville, Mary Allen (Burial Record)
Harville, Minta (Watkins), widow of Robert T. Harville (Obit.)
Harville, Robert Allen (Burial Record)
Harville, Robert T., h/o Lena (Fuller) Harville (Obit.)
Harville, W. E., s/o R.T. Harville (Burial Record)
Harville, William E., WW (Enlist. Record)

Haskell, Reba Nell (Mauldin), d/o W. H. Mauldin, Sr. (Obit.)

Haskins, Mark Eugene, Air Force Vietnam (Obit.)

Hass, Donald Gerald , s/o Julius Hass & Pearl Hass (Obit.)
Hass, Vernon W., s/o Ferdinand Hass & Torrey Hass, h/o Lydia Erise Hass (Obit.)

Hastings, Olive A., widow of J. E. Hastings, p/o Mrs. Harlan Walker of McCrory (Obit.)

Hatch, Annie (Taylor) (Burial Record)
Hatch, George, "Over In Arkansas" (Article)
Hatch, George E., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hatch, George J. (Burial Record) (LPR)
Hatch, George Washington (Civil War Record) (Biog.) (LPR)
Hatch, Nancy Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Burial Record)

Hatchell, Rosie, (black), " Celebrates Birthday" (Article)

Hatcher, Allie, d/o T. J. Hatcher (Burial Record)
Hatcher, Charles Thomas, s/o T. J. Hatcher (Burial Record)
Hatcher, Colon C. (Burial Record)
Hatcher, Eliza E. (Burial Record)
Hatcher, Emma Ellen (Burial Record)
Hatcher, Eva (Burial Record)
Hatcher, Jessamine (Huff), w/o Wright Hill Hatcher (Obit.)
Hatcher, John Franklin (Burial Record)
Hatcher, Johnnie E., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hatcher, Lester Boyd, h/o Maude E. Hatcher (Obit.)
Hatcher, Lula May, d/o T.J. Hatcher (Burial Record)
Hatcher, Mamie (Perkins) (Burial Record)
Hatcher, Sarah Katherine, widow of Dr. W. W. Hatcher (Obit.)

Hatchett, Wesley, of near Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Hatridge, James F., WW I (Enlist. Record)

Haverstick, Frances (Garner), "Announces Candidacy", for JP (Picture Article)

Hawkins, Bertha Lou (Parker) Kendall, (black) (Obit.)
Hawkins, Claud, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hawkins, Eddie Louis, (black), h/o Helen Hawkins (Obit.)
Hawkins, Eldren, (black) (Obit.)
Hawkins, George, Oliver, & M. H. Hawkins (LPR)
Hawkins, James "Hawk", of Lorain, OH, h/o Drema Hawkins (Picture Obit.)
Hawkins, Jarvis, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hawkins, Leonard E., h/o Nona F. Hawkins (Burial Record)
Hawkins, Lonnie, (black) (Obit.)
Hawkins, M. H., Oliver Hawkins (LPR)
Hawkins, Nona F., w/o Leonard E. Hawkins (Obit.)
Hawkins, Robert (Burial Record)
Hawkins, Theo, formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Mrs. Edna Hawkins (Obit.)
Hawkins, Walter F., "Former McCrory Merchant Dies At Pangburn" (Obit.)

Hawks, Aaron, "Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Hawks Celebrate Anniversary" (Lg. Picture Article)
Hawks, Aaron, h/o Lula Bell Hawks (Obit.)
Hawks, Charlie, h/o Dollie Hawks (Obit.)
Hawks, Charlie (Parker), wife of Miles Hawks (Obit.)
Hawks, Clamon (Burial Record)
Hawks, Dollie (O'Shields), w/o Charlie Hawks (Obit.)
Hawks, Hubert, s/o Aaron Hawks & Lula Bell Hawks (Obit.)
Hawks, Lula Bell, w/o Aaron Hawks (Obit.)
Hawks, Martha E., w/o W. M. Hawks (Obit.)
Hawks, Wesley, WW II Veteran (Burial Record)

Hay, Alice Marie (Fowler), wife of Paul T. Hay (Obit.)
Hay, Carmen Rachel (Fowler), w/o Walter L. Hay (Obit.)
Hay, Charles F. of Hillemann, "C. F. Hay Celebrates 75th Birthday" (Article)
Hay, C. F. of Hillemann, "C. F. Hay Celebrates 81st. Birthday" (Article)
Hay, Charles Franklin (Obit.)
Hay, Daisy (Hay) Chappell (Obit.)
Hay, David S., of Wynne, form. of McCrory, h/o Mary Bob Hay (Picture) (Obit.)
Hay, Geo. T. (Burial Record)
Hay, Herbert Franklin, h/o Mildred A. Hay (Obit.)
Hay, Imogene (Clara Imogene (McRoy), w/o Samuel Hay (Obit.)
Hay, Jean E. (Hamm) (Burial Record)
Hay, Mrs. Katie (Bishop), w/o G. T. Hay (Obit.)
Hay, Lula E. (Burial Record)
Hay, Mildred Aileen (Jelks), w/o Herbert F. Hay (Obit.)
Hay, Paul Thompson, h/o Alice Marie Hay (Obit.)
Hay, Mrs. Paul, (Jean E. (Hamm), of Hillemann, AR, d/o Ethel Hamm of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Hay, Samuel, h/o Imogene Hay (Burial Record)
Hay, Tommy, s/o Paul, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Hay, Walter Lee, h/o Carmen Rachael Hay (Obit.)

Hayden, James A., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hayden, Ural, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Hayes, Alace M., w/o N.J. Hayes (Burial Record)
Hayes, Eddie, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hayes, George D., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hayes, N. J., Jr., Infant son of N. J. Hayes (Burial Record)
Hayes, Paul G., John C. Hayes, & George G. Hayes (LPR)
Hayes, Susie, wife of F.M. Gandy (Burial Record)

Hayfield, Harry Earl (Burial Record)
Hayfield, Winnie L. (Burial Record)

Hayley, Alma, of Memphis, TN, formerly of Cotton Plant & Des Arc (Obit.)
Hayley, John Wesley, h/o Agnes Jewell Hayley (Obit.)

Haynes, Betty Dora, d/o W. C. Haynes, "Wins Popularity Contest" (Picture Article)
Haynes, Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Stroup), w/o Lucian F. Haynes (Obit.)
Haynes, Florence Marie, "Augusta Child Dies After Being Struck By Automobile" (Obit.)
Haynes, Gayola - April ?, 1941 - July 12, 1941 (Burial Record)
Haynes, George, s/o H. J. Haynes (Obit.)
Haynes, George W. (Burial Record)
Haynes, Gladis, wife of George Haynes, Jr. (Burial Record)
Haynes, John H., (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Haynes, Lillie , of Cotton Plant, w/o Luster Haynes (Obit.)
Haynes, Lloyd James, s/o Lucian F. Haynes (Obit.)
Haynes, Lucian F., h/o Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Stroup) Haynes (Obit.)
Haynes, Mrs. Mattie (Burial Record)
Haynes, Mintie (Burial Record)
Haynes, Robert Lee, h/o Lula Mae Haynes (Burial Record)
Haynes, William Cecil, Jr. (Burial Record)
Haynes, William Cecil, of Memphis, TN, h/o Dora Haynes of McCrory (Obit.)

Hays, Anna Lee (Poynter), w/o Dr. J. F. Hays (Obit.)
Hays, E. L., of Hartselle, AL, formerly of McCrory, h/o Mrs. Hays (Obit.)
Hays, Harry F., s/o Dr. James Fred Hays (Burial Record)
Hays, Dr. James Fred, "Dies At Augusta", WW I Vet. (Obit.)
Hays, Miss Nina, d/o Dr. J. F. Hays, "Wins in swimming contest" (Picture Article)
Hays, Orren, s/o Dr. J. F. Hays, "Razorback Star, to Coach Yazoo Hi" (Article)

Haywood, Andrew (LPR)
Haywood, Cheasmon, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Haywood, Fred, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Haywood, Ruby (Davis) (Burial Record)

Hazelbaker, Mary Elsie (Williams), of Eudora, AR, m/o John A. Hazelbaker & others (Obit.)

Hazelhurst, Mrs. Jimmie Lou (Spivey), of Robstown, TX, formerly of McCrory (Obit.)

Hazelwood, Doris M. (Brooks), w/o Harry Wayne Hazelwood (Obit.)
Hazelwood, Mathew, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Hazlewood, Harry Wayne, h/o Doris M. Hazelwood (Obit.)

Head, Edward M., h/o Thelma Head (Burial Record)
Head, Fred A. (Burial Record)
Head, Joe Bell, h/o Opal Mae Head (Obit.)
Head, Katy (James) Fowler, w/o Connie V. Fowler & Fred A. Head (Obit.)
Head, Mayme Sybilla (Witcher), w/o Oliver Head (Burial Record)
Head, Opal A. (Allen), w/o Joe B. Head (Burial Record)
Head, Thelma, w/o Edward M. Head (Burial Record)

Headen, George W., h/o Senia Headen (Obit.)
Headen, Hazel Lela (Carroll), w/o John Patton Headen (Obit.)
Headen, John Patton, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Headen, John Patton, h/o Hazel Lela Headen (Obit.)
Headen, Senia E., w/o George W. Headen (Obit.)

Heap, Pocahontas (Eskew) (Burial Record)

Heard, Alfred, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Heard, Effamer (Burial Record)
Heard, George L., (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Heard, Hays Lee, (black) (Obit.)
Heard, Jimmy Lee, (black), h/o Carol Heard (Obit.)
Heard, Mary E., w/o Thomas Heard (Burial Record)
Heard, Minnie Lee, (black) (Obit.)
Heard, Robert Henry, (black) (Burial Record)
Heard, Stephen Mathews, WW I (Enlist. Record)

Heath, Anna Johanna "Janie" (Hess), w/o Glenn E. Heath (Obit.)
Heath, Annie (Burial Record)
Heath, Betty Ann (Nail), w/o Cecil B. Heath (Obit.)
Heath, Billy, s/o Joe Heath, "Weds" (Article)
Heath, Charlene (Roachell), w/o Huel Heath, Sr. (Obit.)
Heath, Charles J., of Lawrenceville, IL, formerly of Hickory Ridge (Obit.)
Heath, Claude, h/o Mary Ann "Annie" Heath (Obit.)
Heath, Claude Franklin "Frankie", s/o Claude Heath (Obit.)
Heath, Enoch H., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Heath, Enoch H., of Malvern, AR, formerly of Woodruff Co., AR, WW I Vet. (Obit.)
Heath, Lt. Enoch H., Jr., "Nephew of Mrs. Paul Myers Reported Killed In Action" (Obit.)
Heath, Mrs. Etta (Hamrick), "Mrs. J. D. Heath Funeral Monday" (Obit.)
Heath, Evelyn Marie (Sorrells), w/o John Daniel Heath (Picture Obit.)
Heath, Jessie Mae (Burial Record)
Heath, Johnny, h/o Michelle Heath (Picture Obit.)
Heath, Joseph Daniel, h/o Etta (Hamrick) Heath (Obit.)
Heath, Joseph, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Heath, Joseph Edhue, h/o Mamie (Fraze) Heath (Obit.)
Heath, Lillie L. (Heath) Cohoon-Marsh (Obit.)
Heath, Mamie (Fraze), w/o Joseph Edhue Heath (Burial Record)
Heath, Melville M. (Obit.)
Heath, Oscar Dean, h/o Edith Mae Heath (Obit.)
Heath, Robert, s/o Joe D. Heath (Burial Record)
Heath, William H. "Bill" (Obit.)

Heatherly, Richard "Dickie", of Searcy, formerly of Newport, h/o Betty Heatherly of Searcy (Obit.)

Heathley, Elmer Lynn, bro. of Louie Heathley (Obit.)

Heck, Neily J., (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Heckart, Charles Columbus (Burial Record)
Heckart, Leah Campbell, w/o Charles Columbus Heckart (Obit.)

Hedden, Bertha Jane (Langley), w/o Floyd Hedden (Obit.)
Hedden, Mrs. Cordelia "Adelia", w/o U. S. Hedden (Obit.)
Hedden, Darah, w/o John Hedden (Burial Record)
Hedden, Dewey (Burial Record)
Hedden, Floyd, h/o Bertha Jane Hedden (Burial Record)
Hedden, James A., s/o John Hedden (Obit.)
Hedden, John, h/o Darah Hedden (Obit.)
Hedden, Laura Christena, d/o John Hedden (Burial Record)

Hedden, Mary Luculle, d/o Floyd Hedden (Burial Record)
Hedden, Odena, d/o John Hedden (Obit.)
Hedden, Randall (Burial Record)
Hedden, Robin, d/o Floyd Hedden (Burial Record)
Hedden, Rowena I., w/o Ralph Peninger (Obit.)
Hedden, Scott (Burial Record)
Hedden, U. S., h/o Cordelia "Adelia" Hedden (Burial Record)
Hedden, Ulysses S., brother of Odena Jones, "Cpl. U. S. Hedden At Keesler Field" (Article)
Hedden, Ulysses S., of Little Rock, AR (Burial Record)

Hedrick, N. Beatrice, w/o R. Huston Hedrick (Burial Record)
Hedrick, R. Huston, h/o N. Beatrice Hedrick (Burial Record)

Hedricks, Goodlow W. (Burial Record)

Hefner, Carthel, McCrory school superintendent, "On NCA Committee", (Article)
Hefner, Carthel L., h/o Mattie Hefner, U.S. Army WW II (Picture Biog.)
Hefner, Louie Earnest L. E. "Budge", of Beebe, AR, b/o Carthel Hefner (Obit.)

Height, Duncan M., of Georgetown, White Co., AR, bro. of Mrs. Tom Nash of Augusta (Obit.)
Height, Elmer Richard (Burial Record)

Helm, Clingman Barton, h/o Minta Helm (Burial Record)
Helm, Minta Uva (Wilson), w/o C. Barton (Burial Record)
Helm, William A., h/o Julia E. Helm (Burial Record)

Helms, Chesley B., h/o Tommie Helms (Burial Record)
Helms, Eugene, "Cotton Plant Boy Killed When Wagon Is Hit By Auto" (Obit.)
Helms, Jere D., s/o Chesley B. Helms, h/o Mary Florence Helms (Obit.)
Helms, Mary Noel (Kittrell), of Mountain Home, Idaho, w/o Paul Helms (Obit.)
Helms, Mary Florence (Routh), formerly of Cotton Plant, AR, w/o Jere Daniel Sr. Helms (Obit.)
Helms, Teresa Mae (Ashcraft) (Obit.)
Helms, Mrs. Tommie Gray Kirby, w/o C.B. Helms (Obit.)

Hembree, Idella (Wade), w/o Wright Walker Hembree (Obit.)
Hembree, Johnnie William, s/o Wright Walker Hembree, h/o Opal Hembree (Obit.)
Hembree, Opal (Britt), w/o Johnnie W. Hembree (Obit.)
Hembree, Peggy Sue, of Judsonia, AR, "To Join Commercial Faculty at McCrory" (Picture Article)
Hembree, Virgil Frank, h/o Erleen Hembree (Obit.)
Hembree, William Arthur (Burial Record)
Hembree, Wright Walker, h/o Idella Hembree (Obit.)

Henard, Thomas Jordan Henard - 1809 - 2007 - Ancestors & Descendants - 8 Gen. (Family History Book)
Henard, Aaron Andrew, II, "Three Lose Life In Auto Accident Saturday Night" (Obit.)
Henard, Aaron Andrew "Andy", I, h/o Matilda Frances "Fannie" Henard (Obit.)
Henard, Amelia Frances (Clark) Fraze-Matlock (Obit.)
Henard, Aubrey, "Reported Safe" (Picture Article)
Henard, Aubrey Cecil, h/o Esperanza Henard (Obit.)
Henard, Basheba "Bashie" (Burial Record)
Henard, Elmar E., d/o T. J. Henard (Grave Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Henard, Eunice Pearl (Ward), w/o James Jordon Henard (Obit.)
Henard, Floyd H., s/o J. J. Henard of Zent, "Weds" (Article)
Henard, George Stanley, s/o Andrew Henard, h/o Ollie Henard (Grave Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Henard, Herbert, s/o Stonewall Henard, "Weds" (Article)
Henard, Herbert T., s/o Rev. Stonewall Henard, "Wins Apprentice Award" (Article)
Henard, Herman, of Cotton Plant, s/o Mrs. J. J. Henard, Sr. of Brinkley (Obit.)
Henard, James R., "Weds" (Article)
Henard, James David, hus. of Myrtle Henard (Obit.)
Henard, James David, of Stephens, AR, s/o James David Henard (Obit.)
Henard, James Jordan, III, s/o James Jordon Henard, h/o Wilma Henard (Obit.)
Henard, James Jordan, Sr., of Cotton Plant, AR, h/o Eunice Pearl Henard (Obit.)
Henard, Maggie (Hicks), w/o Herman H. Henard (Obit.)
Henard, Matilda Frances "Fannie" (Bounds)-Hartsell-Wyatt (Obit.)
Henard, Mildred of McCrory, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Henard, Myrtle F. ( Hall), w/o James D. Henard (Obit.)
Henard, Ollie A. (Thompson), w/o George Stanley Henard (Burial Record)
Henard, Richard, "Weds" (Article)
Henard, Susie Jane (Sorrels), w/o Thomas Jordan Henard (Obit.)
Henard, Thomas Jordan, h/o Susan Jane (Sorrels) Henard (Obit.)
Henard, William Herman, h/o Maggie Henard (Obit.)

Hench, Norman McPherson, h/o Helen Hench (Obit.)

Henderson, Arkie Dalphia (Young), w/o John Everett Henderson (Burial Record)
Henderson, Austin Italy (Burial Record)
Henderson, Bettie Jean, d/o John M. Henderson, "Weds" (Article)
Henderson, Billie N., h/o M. Louise Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Billy Joe, h/o Verleen Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Cecile Willean (Burial Record)
Henderson, Charley Fredrick, h/o Beulena Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Claude Elmer, h/o Ruby Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Clem W.M. (Burial Record)
Henderson, Connie F., h/o Mary Ellen Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, David Calvin, s/o Johnny Calvin Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, David Richard (Burial Record)
Henderson, Dione K., w/o J.B. Henderson (Burial Record)
Henderson, Dorothy (Smith), of Memphis, TN, w/o Taft Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Effie Naomi (Covey), w/o Frank J. Henderson (Burial Record)
Henderson, Elma Mary (Miesen), w/o Thomas Walker (Dr.) Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Emmett Carlton, of Augusta, h/o Pearl Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Miss Ethel June, d/o W. E. Henderson, "Weds" (Article)
Henderson, Fitzhugh Lee, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Henderson, Fitzhugh Lee, h/o Ruby Marie Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Francis Ragland, of Woodruff Co., AR (Obit.)
Henderson, Franklin Jetson, h/o Effie Naomi Henderson (Burial Record)
Henderson, Fred, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Henderson, George, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Henderson, George, (black) (Burial Record)
Henderson, Geraldine (Obit.)
Henderson, Hence, (black) (Burial Record)
Henderson, Henry (LPR)
Henderson, Herman A., WW II (Picture Article)
Henderson, Homer Edward, s/o John Everett Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, J. B., h/o Dione K. Henderson (Burial Record)
Henderson, James (Burial Record)
Henderson, James R. (Burial Record)
Henderson, Jane S. (Burial Record)
Henderson, John (Burial Record)
Henderson, John Everett, h/o Arkie Dalphia Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, John J., s/o John M. Henderson (Picture Article) (Obit.)
Henderson, John H., of Fitzhugh, h/o Venettia Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, John M., h/o Mary F. Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, John Richard, h/o Shelby (Morgan) Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, John T., (black) (Burial Record)
Henderson, Miss Johnnie, d/o Connie Henderson, "Weds" (Article)
Henderson, Leona (Dobbs), m/o Mrs. Edith Crawford of Memphis, TN (Obit.)
Henderson, Lorene, (black) (Burial Record)
Henderson, Mary E. (Baty), w/o Connie Henderson (Burial Record)
Henderson, Mary F., w/o John M. Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Maxie Dale (Obit.)
Henderson, McKinley, of Cotton Plant, h/o Naomi Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Mildred Gloria (Groom), w/o William Rufus Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Nettie Lee (Gibson), w/o Gabriel A. Henderson (Picture Obit.)
Henderson, Patsy Jane (Bratcher), w/o Maxie Dale Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Rebekah, m/o, Connie Henderson & others (Obit.)
Henderson, Robert J. (LPR)
Henderson, Robert "Bob" Maynard, of Jacksonville, FL, formerly of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Henderson, Robert L., s/o Nettie Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Roxie (Burial Record)
Henderson, Ruby Marie (Springer) Peebles, w/o Fithugh Lee Henderson (Burial Record)
Henderson, Steve Edmund, s/o John M. Henderson (Picture Article) (Obit.)
Henderson, Steve Edgar, s/o Steve Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Thomas E., h/o Ruth Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Dr. Thomas Walker of Augusta, h/o Elma Mary Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Viola (Luker) Tallies, w/o Johnny Calvin Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Wanda K. (Burial Record)
Henderson, William (LPR)
Henderson, William Phillip (Burial Record)
Henderson, William Rufus, h/o Mildred Gloria Henderson (Picture Article) (Obit.)
Henderson, William U., buried at Newark, AR (Obit.)
Henderson, Willie E. (Gillespie), of Little Rock, formerly of Fitzhugh, w/o Belton Henderson (Obit.)
Henderson, Winifred "Winnie", w/o William E. Dillow, & Homer E. Henderson (Picture Obit.)
Henderson, Mrs. W. U. (Shipman), of Auvergne, m/o C. R. Henderson & others (Obit.)

Hendrick, Fred, (black) (Burial Record)

Hendricks, W. H., age 41, of Baytown, TX, "Triple drowning victims" (Obit.)

Hendrickson, Deborah Lynne (Neal) Ferrell, w/o Steve Hendrickson of Floyd (Obit.)

Hendrix, Ellen (Hendrix) Acton, w/o James S. Acton (Obit.)
Hendrix, Ida (Skinner) Cansler, sis. of George Skinner (Obit.)
Hendrix, Joe, (black), h/o Ola Hendrix (Obit.)
Hendrix, John, h/o Ida Hendrix (Obit.)

Henley, Gary Colin (Burial Record)
Henley, Guy, h/o Ida (Burial Record)

Hennessey, Miss June Annette, d/o John Hennessey, of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)

Henri, G. N. (Burial Record)
Henri, G. N., s/o G. N. Henri (Burial Record)

Henry, A. J., h/o Nancy Henry (Burial Record) (LPR)
Henry, John T. (Burial Record)
Henry, Mrs. Lena, of Newport, m/o Marcus Henry (Obit.)
Henry, Lloyd Alton, s/o Frank Henry, of Augusta, "Licensed Attorney" (Picture Article) (Article)
Henry, Louis J. (Burial Record)
Henry, Nancy, w/o A. J. Henry (Burial Record)
Henry, Phyllis (White) (Burial Record)
Henry, S. O. (Burial Record)
Henry, William Andrew (Burial Record)
Henry, William H., s/o A. J. Henry (Burial Record) (LPR)

Hensley, Annie Mae (Reed), w/o William P. Hensley (Obit.)
Hensley, Barney T., h/o Lucille M. Hensley (Burial Record)
Hensley, Christine Laverta (Brownderville) (Obit.)
Hensley, Frank D. (Burial Record)
Hensley, Henry Calvin, s/o Henry H. Hensley (Obit.)
Hensley, Lucille M. (Rutledge), w/o Barney T. Hensley (Obit.)
Hensley, Nina M., w/o Frank D. Hensley (Burial Record)
Hensley, R. H., h/o Rosie Hensley (Burial Record)
Hensley, Mrs. R. H. (Rosie (Ellis), of Augusta, w/o R. H. Hensley (Obit.)
Hensley, Regina Loudean (Burial Record)
Hensley, Robert Clyde, Machine Gunner WW II (Article)
Hensley, Rosie Lee (Obit.)
Hensley, Mrs. Tommy "Dutch" (Calvert), of CA, "Former McCrorian Drowns in CA" (Obit.)
Hensley, William P., b/o Barney Hensley of Gregory & others (Obit.)

Henson, Nancy N. "Nan" (Davis) Griffin, w/o Will Griffin & Mr. Henson (Obit.)
Henson, J. W. (Burial Record)

Herbert, Virginia (Nichols) (Burial Record)

Herdon, Glen Riley, h/o Evelyn Rose Herdon (Burial Record)

Herndon, Glen, of Augusta, "Killed in a plane crash with the Gregory's" (Obit.)
Herndon, Jewell Jackie (Payne), d/o Calvin Payne (Obit.)
Herndon, John C. (Burial Record)
Herndon, John W. (LPR)

Hernton, Annie Lee, (black) (Burial Record)
Hernton, Beverly A. (Gibbs), (black) (Obit.)
Hernton, Maceo Jr., (black) (Burial Record)
Hernton, Mentoria Casey, (black) (Obit.)
Hernton, Robert Lee, (black), s/o Maceo Hernton Jr. (Obit.)

Herron, Mrs. Ida Mae (Montgomery), w/o Arlie Herron (Obit.)

Hess, Adam James (Biog.) (Burial Record)
Hess, Alma M. (Schilly) (Obit.)
Hess, Andrew Timothy, of near Wynne, AR, s/o Otto W. Hess (Obit.)
Hess, Anna (Bieker), h/o Edward Joseph Hess, Sr. (Obit.)
Hess, Aubrey, s/o James L. Hess, of Newport, AR, "Promoted To Corporal" (Article)
Hess, Aubrey James, s/o James Hess (Obit.)
Hess, Ellen (Karnes), w/o Thomas E. Hess (Obit.)
Hess, Helen Marie, "Two Year Old Girl Killed In Fall From Car Near Fair Oaks" (Obit.)
Hess, James L., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hess, Joe Hess & Mary Hess of Fair Oaks (Article) (Picture)
Hess, Joe F. (Obit.)
Hess, Mary Agnes (Ancel), w/o Joseph Michael Hess (Obit.)
Hess, Mary Elizabeth, d/o Herman Hess, of Marcell, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Hess, Mary L. Mina (Rushing), w/o William Riley Hess (Obit.)
Hess, Nellie P., w/o Herman Hess, Sr. (Obit.)
Hess, Otto W., Sr., h/o Nataliee R. Hess (Burial Record)
Hess, Teddy, s/o Henry Hess, "Fair Oaks Couple Given Reception" (Article)
Hess, William Riley, h/o Mary L. Mina (Rushing) Hess (Burial Record)

Hester, Robert (Burial Record)

Hickenson, Larkin, h/o Emily Hickenson (LPR)

Hickman, Clifford Ellsworth, s/o Albert Hickman of Jonesboro (Obit.)
Hickman, Jesse N. (Burial Record)
Hickman, Leona A., w/o Loyd E. Hickman (Obit.)
Hickman, Lillie, of N. Little Rock (Obit.)
Hickman, Loyd E., h/o Leona A. Hickman (Obit.)
Hickman, Robert "Doc" (Burial Record)
Hickman, William E. "Bill", of Brinkley, h/o May Brown Hickman (Obit.)

Hicks, Agnes (Rochelle), w/o Grover C. Hicks (Obit.)
Hicks, Albert, of Brinkley, f/o Miss Josephine Hicks of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Hicks, Clifford (Burial Record)
Hicks, Clifford Dale (Burial Record)
Hicks, Clyde Earl, h/o Aline Hicks (Obit.)
Hicks, Davey, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hicks, Edith N., d/o M.G. Hicks & M.A. Hicks (Burial Record)
Hicks, Elizabeth, (black) (Obit.)
Hicks, Ellen Kathryn, d/o Grover C. Hicks (Burial Record)
Hicks, Genettie L. (LPR)
Hicks, George A., "Cotton Plant man injured" (Article)
Hicks, George Washington, "Honored on 87th Birthday" (Article)
Hicks, George Washington, h/o Bessie M. Hicks & Lucille Hicks (Obit.)
Hicks, Grover C., of McClelland, AR, h/o Agnes R. Hicks (Obit.)
Hicks, Infant, child of M.G. Hicks & M.A. Hicks (Burial Record)
Hicks, Jerry Edward, s/o Walter Hicks (Obit.)
Hicks, Jerry Roy (Burial Record)
Hicks, John (LPR)
Hicks, Joseph Robert "Joe Bob", h/o Carolyn Ann Hicks (Obit.)
Hicks, Leona (Pryor) (Burial Record)
Hicks, Leonard, s/o Grover C. Hicks (Burial Record)
Hicks, Lucy, (negro), "Another Held In Attack On Cotton Plant Marshall" (Article)
Hicks, Lurena, w/o A.C. Hicks (Burial Record)
Hicks, Maggie (Hicks) Henard) (Obit.)
Hicks, Maggie M., d/o A. C. Hicks (Burial Record)
Hicks, Mamie L., w/o George W. Hicks (Burial Record)
Hicks, Ona Mae, wid./of Clifford Hicks (Obit.)
Hicks, R. J., h/o Verna Lee Hicks (Picture Obit.)
Hicks, Sally, d/o R. J. Hicks of Cavell, "Prizes Await Pageant Winner" (Picture Article)
Hicks, Susan Jean (Collins) (Obit.)
Hicks, Verna Lee (Moffett), w/o R. J. Hicks (Obit.)
Hicks, Virgie Opal (Fletcher), w/o Walter Henry Hicks (Obit.)
Hicks, Vonda Lynn (James), d/o Freddie Lee James (Picture Article) (Typed Obit.)
Hicks, Vonda Lynne James, "In Memory" (Picture Article 2006) & (Picture Article 2007)
Hicks, Walter, (black), WW I (Burial Record)
Hicks, Walter Henry, h/o Virgie Hicks (Obit.)
Hicks, William Randolph, s/o John B. Hicks (Obit.in fold)

Higginbotham- Family - 1550 - 2011 - 17 Generations, abt. 185 pages (Family History Book)
Higginbotham, Chester Harold, h/o L. Genova Higginbotham (Obit.), in fold
Higginbotham, Gerald Dee (Burial Record)
Higginbottam, Gladys (Looney) Kyle, w/o Herman Kyle & Woodrow Higginbottam (Obit.)
Higginbotham, J.W. (Burial Record)
Higginbotham, James, of Parkin, AR, s/o J. W. Higginbotham of Parkin (Obit.)
Higginbotham, Jessie Maude (Morris), w/o Rufus Lee Higginbotham (Obit.)
Higginbotham, John Wesley, h/o Leeottie Higginbotham (Obit.)
Higginbotham, Maud (Morris) (Obit.)
Higginbotham, Morner Leeottie, of Parkin, AR, w/o John Wesley Higginbotham (Obit.)
Higginbotham, Rufus Lee, h/o Jessie Maude (Morris) Higginbotham (Burial Record)
Higginbotham, Spencer Leon, h/o Vivian C. Higginbotham (Obit.)
Higginbotham, Thelma A. (Burial Record)
Higginbotham, Tina Marie, d/o Tom Higginbotham, "Weds" (Picture of couple)
Higginbotham, Vera Levenia (Burial Record)
Higginbotham, Vern Dee, WW II (Burial Record)
Higginbotham-Vivian Clytee (Nichols), w/o Spencer L. Higginbotham (Obit.)

Higginbottom, Wyley A., WW I (Enlist. Record)

Higgins, Fostene Lockhart (Burial Record)

Higgs, Annie Bell (Smiley), w/o Shelby C. Higgs (Obit.)
Higgs, B. W., h/o M.A. Higgs (Burial Record)
Higgs, Chester Elmer of McCrory, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Higgs, Chester Elmer, of Ida, Ark., formerly of McCrory, AR (Picture Obit.)
Higgs, Dovie Mae, w/o Jack Higgs (Obit.)
Higgs, George Ed, s/o B.W. Higgs & M.A. Higgs (Burial Record)
Higgs, Jack, h/o Dovie M. Higgs (Obit.)
Higgs, James E. (Burial Record)
Higgs, James H., s/o B.W. Higgs & M.A. Higgs (Burial Record)
Higgs, Mack Kerr, s/o J. E. Higgs (Picture Obit.)
Higgs, Nina Clair (Kerr) Higgs, daughter of Rufus & Sally Kerr, w/o J. E. Higgs (Obit.)
Higgs, Shelby Columbus, h/o Annie Bell Higgs (Obit.)

High, Eunice Louise, d/o James Robert High (Obit.)
High, James Robert, h/o Mary Ellen High (Obit.)
High, Mary Ella (Wilson), w/o James Robert High (Burial Record)

Highland, George Richard, of Hunter (Obit.)

Hight, Elmer Richard, "Farmer Killed By Hit-And-Run Driver" (Obit.)
Hight, Elmore, 8 mos., 14 da. (Obit., Typed)
Hight, Lottie Gene (Burial Record)
Hight, Mrs. Mollie (Burial Record)
Hight, Rosa Emaline, w/o J.R. Hight (Burial Record)

Hightower, Annie (Hartin), of Pine Bluff, w/o J. B. Hightower (Obit.)
Hightower, Pearl M. (Burial Record)
Hightower, Thomas L., formerly of McCrory, s/o Jim Hightower (Obit.)

Hildebrandt, Mrs Andy, "Hurt in accident" (Article)

Hildebrand, Miss Mary, "Weds" (Article)

Hilger, Marie (Taggart) Ragan (Burial Record)

Hill, Parley P. Hill And His Descendants (Family History)
Hill, Ada (Jackson), w/o Daniel Hill (Obit.)
Hill, Adelia (Burial Record)
Hill, Alice M. (LPR)
Hill, Amelia S., wife of P. P., (Parley P. Hill) (Burial Record)
Hill, Andrew, (black) (Burial Record)
Hill, Anna Mae (Burial Record)
Hill, Annie, (black) (Burial Record)
Hill, Arthur (LPR)
Hill, Billy Joe, s/o Merl Hill of Osceola, AR, h/o Sylvia (Burial Record)
Hill, Carl R. (Obit.)
Hill, Carlos Melton, WWII Veteran (Burial Record)
Hill, Carroll R. (Burial Record)
Hill, Claude Emmitt, h/o Mary Aletha Hill (Obit.)
Hill, Dallas P. (LPR)
Hill, Dewey Edward (Burial Record)
Hill, Elizebeth (Obit.)
Hill, Elizabeth, (black), sis. of Mrs. Caldonia Young & Mrs. Maggie Brown (Obit.)
Hill, Eric Ray, s/o Lester Hill (Obit.)
Hill, Frank, h/o Mrs. Clyde Hill (Obit.)
Hill, Franklin Pierce, "Habitual Scholar" (Article)
Hill, Franklin Pierce, s/o Parley P. Hill (Burial Record)
Hill, George Edgar, s/o Claude E. Hill (Obit.)
Hill, Green, h/o Adelia (LPR)
Hill, Horace Granville, h/o Pauline Hill of McCrory (Obit.)
Hill, Hortense (Norwood) (Burial Record)
Hill, Hoyle, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hill, Ida L., w/o Franklin P. Hill (Burial Record)
Hill, Mrs. Iva, of Pontiac, Michigan, w/o Albert Hill (Obit.)
Hill, James (Deputy Sheriff), "Shot and Killed Jack C. Foster" (Article)
Hill, Jeffrey Mark (Obit.)
Hill, Jimmy Joe, s/o Jimmy Hill (Obit.)
Hill, Joel, Served in the Revolutionary War from North Carolina (Burial Record)
Hill, John William, h/o Vashti Beatrice Hill (Obit.)
Hill, Joseph N. (LPR)
Hill, Laura B. (Burial Record)
Hill, Lawrence, of Brinkley, s/o Mose Hill & Virginia (Piggee) Hill (Obit.)
Hill, Mrs. Lula "Lou" Cheatham (Shelton), of Cotton Plant, AR, d/o John Robert Shelton (Obit.)
Hill, Mary Aletha (Gross), w/o Claude E. Hill (Burial Record)
Hill, Mary Jean (Burial Record)
Hill, Millard M., Sr., of Warren, AR, formerly of Patterson, bro. of Mrs. John Taylor (Obit.)
Hill, Otha, s/o Charles Hill, "Woodruff Marine Killed In Battle" (Obit.)
Hill, Parley P., h/o Abbie B. Hill (LPR)
Hill, Parley P. - 6 Generations - 1806 - 2007 (Family History Book)
Hill, Patsy, d/o Carroll Hill, "Honor Students Of Cotton Plant School" (Picture Article)
Hill, Patsy Ruth, d/o J. H. Hill & Annie Hill (Obit.)
Hill, Paul Arnett, s/o Mrs. Eula Wilson of Augusta, U.S. Navy WW II - (Picture Article)
Hill, Richard W., h/o Polina A. Hill (LPR)
Hill, Robert Earl, of Pine Bluff, formerly of McCrory, s/o Charles Hill & Cora Hill (Picture Obit.)
Hill, Robert Signal (Burial Record)
Hill, Samuel H., s/o Brady Hill & Salie (Fitzgerald) Hill (Obit.)
Hill, Samuel Vindex (Burial Record)
Hill, Sybil C., w/o William M. Hill (Burial Record)
Hill, Tanya E. Murdock, of Memphis, formerly of McCrory, w/o Terrance Hill (Obit.)
Hill, Vashti Beatrice (Mooring), w/o John William Hill (Obit.)
Hill, Virginia, of Brinkley, AR (Obit.)
Hill, Wayland, of Searcy, AR, formerly of Prairie Co., AR, s/o Mattie Hill (Picture Obit.)
Hill, William J., s/o Parley P. Hill (LPR)
Hill, Wm. Mooring, "Wins Top Honors at S.E. Arkansas Show" (Article)
Hill, William M., h/o Sybil C. Hill (Burial Record) (Article)
Hill, William R., (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hill, Zero Palestine, w/o Sam Hill (Burial Record)

Hillemann, Plot map with streets (Article)

Hilliard, Merline, d/o Mr. & Mrs. E. Hilliard, "Weds" (Article)

Hillis, Mrs. T. A., mother of Rev. Ralph Hillis of McCrory (Obit.)

Hiner, Pfc. Marvin E., father of Neil, word received of death (Obit.)

Hines, Paul A., of Bartlett, TN, f/o Kasper Hines of Augusta (Obit.)

Hingston, Effie, d/o Julia Hingston (Burial Record)
Hingston, Townsel, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hingston, Willie, WW I (Enlist. Record)

Hinkle, Imogene (Wilson), w/o Melvin Richard "Dick" Hinkle (Obit.)
Hinkle, Melvin Richard "Dick", h/o Imogene (Wilson) Hinkle (Obit.)
Hinkle, Patricia (Woodard) Northcutt, of Marianna, AR, w/o Charles B. Hinkle (Obit.)

Hinsley, Rachel E. (LPR)

Hinton, Dave, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hinton, David (black), of Kansas City, Kansas (Obit.)
Hinton, Delores P., w/o Leonard G. Hinton (Burial Record)
Hinton, George, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hinton, Lee, s/o Thomas Hinton, "Pfc. Lee Hinton Serving In Japan" (Article)
Hinton, Louella (Burial Record)
Hinton, Perry (Burial Record)
Hinton, Rosie (Obit.), in fold
Hinton, William, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Hipolite, Jane Parker (Burial Record)
Hipolite, Susie (Lynch) (Burial Record)

Hipps, Lewis, & William Hipps (LPR)

Hite, Albert Raymond, U.S. Army WWII (Burial Record)
Hite, Gordon G. (Burial Record)
Hite, James R., h/o Louise S. Hite (Burial Record)
Hite, Miss Mable Corine (Obit.)
Hite, Minnie Gertrude (Burial Record)

Hitt, Charles, s/o William D. Hitt of Gregory, "Receives Promotion" (Article)
Hitt, Maggie Grace (Harlan), w/o William F. Hitt (Obit.)
Hitt, Tommy Lynn (Burial Record)

Hix or Hicks, Grover C., h/o Agnes, obit list Hix, cemetery records list Hicks (Obit.)
Hix, H. F. (Burial Record)
Hix, James Marion, Mary A. Hix, Francis M. Hix, Emily D. Hix, & Lula Hix (LPR)
Hix, John A., h/o Nancy A. Hix (LPR)
Hix, M. F. (Burial Record)
Hix, Myrtle Mae (Ladd), w/o William Madison Hix (Obit.)
Hix, Tommy Lynn (Burial Record)
Hix, William Madison, h/o Myrtle Mae (Ladd) (Burial Record)

Hixon, Albert, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Hixon, Charles Albert, s/o Timothy Hixon & Lucinda Hixon (Obit.)
Hixon, Lewis F., s/o C. A. Hixon & Naoma Hixon (Burial Record)
Hixon, Maryln Joe, "Weds" (Article)
Hixon, Naoma (Neomi), w/o Charles A. Hixon (Burial Record)

Hobbs, Bessie , d/o W.T. Hobbs & L.M. Hobbs (Burial Record)
Hobbs, Hugh, s/o W.T. Hobbs & L.M. Hobbs (Burial Record)
Hobbs, Lois (Burial Record)
Hobbs, William Noble, s/o W.T. Hobbs & L.M. Hobbs (Burial Record)

Hobson, Delia L. (Stricklin), w/o Lawrence A. Hobson (Obit.)
Hobson, Lawrence A., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hobson, Lawrence A., h/o Delia L. (Stricklin) Hobson (Burial Record)
Hobson, Rev. Terry "Jack", h/o Verla Hobson (Obit.)

Hocott, Barbara Eugenia (Jelks), w/o Joseph Jefferson Hocott (Obit.)

Hodge, C. (Clark), (Rev), h/o Susan Talitha Hodge (Burial Record)
Hodge, Ernest, WW I (Enlist. Record)

Hodge, Fannie Mae (Gibson), w/o William A. "Bill" Hodge (Obit.)
Hodge, Judson "Rat", h/o Lavenia "Lizzie" (Odom) Hodge (Obit.)
Hodge, Lavenia "Lizzie" (Odom), w/o Judson Hodge (Obit.)
Hodge, Robert E., of Black Rock, AR, h/o Cora M. Hodge (Obit.)
Hodge, Samuel Patterson (Obit.)
Hodge, Thad B., h/o Vassie Hodge (Obit.)
Hodge, William A. "Bill", h/o Fannie Mae (Gipson) Hodge (Obit.)

Hodges, Leona Clark, (black) (Burial Record)

Hoefs, L. E., h/o Blanche Amelia (Dilliard) Hoefs (Obit.)

Hoffman, Billy Kenneth (Obit.)

Hogan, Add (Burial Record)
Hogan, J. D. (Burial Record)
Hogan, Jasper N., of Weldon, AR, h/o Marguerite Hogan (Obit.)
Hogan, Robert Edward, of Wynne, formerly of Bay Village, h/o Ella Mae Hogan (Obit.)
Hogan, Willie Daniel, (black) (Burial Record)

Hogatt, John G. (Burial Record)

Hoggard, Columbus Hurd (Burial Record)

Hogue, Bonnie Alline (Duncan), d/o James Arden Duncan (Obit.)
Hogue, Koger Eleanor (Lewis), w/o Garland Evins Hogue (Obit.)

Holcomb, Helen Mae (Goodrich), w/o Odis "Papaw" Holcomb (Obit.)
Holcomb, Kathryn Janice (Hess), w/o Larry Holcomb (Picture Obit.)
Holcomb, Nathaniel, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Holcomb, Odis "Papaw", h/o Helen "Nanny" Holcomb (Burial Record)
Holcomb, Richard E. (Burial Record)

Holden, Mrs. Carrie (Matthews), w/o Otis Herman Holden (Burial Record)
Holden, Carthel, s/o Otis Holden & Carrie Holden (Burial Record)
Holden, Lelia (Tims), of Newport, AR, w/o Robert Gray Holden (Obit.)
Holden, Mary (Thackery), d/o James Thackery (Obit.)
Holden, Mary Alice, d/o Robert Gray Holden, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Holden, Matilda D. "Tillie" (Burial Record)

Holder, William Bedford Holder - 7 Generations - 1831-2007 - (Family History Book)
Holder, Agnes V., w/o Wm. E. Holder (Burial Record)
Holder, Anna Belle (Burial Record)
Holder, Annie Byrd "Birdie" (Chaney), w/o Haralson Hindman "Tobe" Holder (Obit.)
Holder, Annie Nora (Jelks), w/o Robert E. Lee "Bob" Holder (Obit.)
Holder, Annie V. , d/o Than Holder, "Perfect Attendance At Sunday School" (Picture Article)
Holder, Annie Virginia, d/o Nathaniel Holder, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Holder, Annie Virginia, d/o Nathaniel Holder, married (Wedding Article)
Holder, Berry S., h/o Mamie B. Holder (Obit.)
Holder, Bettye Ruth, d/o W. E. Holder, Jr., "To Enter Christian College" (Picture Article)
Holder, Betty Wade, "Methodist MYF Leaders" (Picture Article)
Holder, Bill, s/o Thad Holder, "To Direct School Paper" (Picture Article)
Holder, Birdie Chaney, widow of H. H. Holder, "Leading Resident Of Patterson Dies" (Obit.)
Holder, Dan, h/o Annie Sue Chappell (Obit.)
Holder, Deborah Faye (Skelton), "Woman drowns as boat capsizes", w/o John B. Holder (Obit.)
Holder, Don, "McCrory Students Win Award" (Picture Article)
Holder, Donald Nathaniel, "Killed in Crossing Crash at Fair Oaks", h/o Myra Jo Holder (Obit.)
Holder, Elmo, "Elected president of the Senior National Honor Society Officers" (Picture Article)
Holder, Evelyn Grey, d/o Harold Vance Holder, Sr. (Burial Record)
Holder, F. A. (Burial Record)
Holder, Miss Fannie Fern, d/o Berry Holder, "January Bride" (Picture Article)
Holder, Florence Arnette (Burial Record)
Holder, Forrest Allie (Crotzer), w/o William Edward "Sonny" Holder, Jr. (Obit.)
Holder, Haralson H. "Tobe, h/o Anna Byrd (Chaney) Holder (Obit.)
Holder, H. B., s/o Berry Holder (Article)
Holder, Harold Vance "Bobo", Jr., s/o Harold V. Holder, Sr. (Obit.)
Holder, Harold V., Sr., WW I (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Holder, Helen Mae, m/o Miss Jean Holder of Augusta (Obit.)
Holder, Herman Berry (Burial Record)
Holder, Homer B., h/o Ruby Holder (Obit.)
Holder, Ida Ozella (Reaves), w/o N. B. "Than" Holder (Obit.)
Holder, Infant, Child of H. H. Holder & Birdie Holder (Burial Record)
Holder, Infant, Child of H. H. Holder & Birdie Holder (Burial Record)
Holder, James Sylvester, h/o Opal Holder (Grave Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Holder, Jerry Dale, s/o Nathanial "Than" Bedford Holder (Article)
Holder, J. L. "Leck", "New Officials Prince-Rhodes Post No. 112, Amer. Legion (Picture)
Holder, John L. "Leck", "Local Chaiman March of Dimes" (Picture Article)
Holder, John Berry, h/o of Annie Sue (Roberds) Holder (Burial Record)
Holder, John H. (Burial Record)
Holder, John Lester, s/o Mrs. Annie Holder, "Weds" (Article)
Holder, John Lester "Leck" (Obit.)
Holder, John Michael (Burial Record)
Holder, Kevin Ridgeway, "Killed in accident", s/o Wayne A. Holder (Obit.)
Holder, Kittie (Burial Record)
Holder, Miss Louvenia, d/o Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Holder, "Weds" (Article)
Holder, Mamie Margaret, w/o Berryman S. Holder "Celebrates 89th Birthday" (Picture Article)
Holder, Mamie B., w/o Berry S. Holder (Obit.)
Holder, Mary Elizabeth (Burial Record)
Holder, Mary Louise (Bates), w/o Robert "Bob" Ray Holder (Picture Obit.)
Holder, Metta O., d/o Berry Holder & Mamie Holder (Burial Record)
Holder, Mickey & wife Billye, "Farm Family 2005" (Picture-Article)
Holder, Myra Jo Drexler, "Weds" (Lg. Picture Article)
Holder, N.B. "Than", h/o Ida O. Holder (Burial Record)
Holder, Opal C. (Burial Record) (Grave Marker Photo)
Holder, Miss Polly Ann, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Berry Holder, "Weds" (Article)
Holder, Reunion (Article)
Holder, R. H. (Burial Record)
Holder, Rick, "Wins rifle match" (Article)
Holder, Pvt. Robert E. (Bob), s/o W. E. Holder, Sr., "Weds" (Picture Article)
Holder, Robert E. (Bob), h/o Cora E. (Carter) Holder (Burial Record)
Holder, Robert E. Lee (Burial Record)
Holder, Robert Elmo, h/o Debbie Holder (Picture Article)
Holder, Robert Ray "Bob", h/o Mary Louise Holder (Obit.)
Holder, Wayne, "Wins Honors At McCrory High School" (Picture Article)
Holder, William Berryman, "Weds" (Article)
Holder, William Edward, s/o W. E. Holder of McCrory, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Holder, W. E. "Sonny, "Advanced To Owner" (Picture Article)
Holder, W. E. (Ed), h/o Agnes V. Holder (Burial Record)
Holder, William Edward, Jr, h/o Forrest Allie Holder (Obit.)
Holder, William L., s/o Nathanial Holder, "Awarded Air Force Medal for Service" (Article)
Holder, William L., s/o Nathanial Holder, "Again Winner of U. S. Air Force Medal" (Picture Article)

Holeman, Rebecca, d/o Clark Holeman of Searcy, "Weds" (Article)

Holiday, Dewayne/ Dewane Lee "Doc", "McCrory man dies in Trauma Center following Accident (Obit.)
Holiday, Magdelean - 1906 - 1979 (Burial Record)

Holk, Thomas Flippin (Burial Record)

Hollan, Ted, of Los Angeles, CA,brother-in-law of Mrs. Rex Pearce of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)

Holland, Billy J., s/o J. H. Holland, of Texarkana, "Killed In France" (Picture Obit.)
Holland, Charles (Burial Record)
Holland, Dal Corbett, Jr., s/o Dal Corbett Holland, Sr. (Obit.)
Holland, Focile (Haney), w/o Wm. Perry Holland, Sr. (Obit.)
Holland, Frances Elizabeth Holland, d/o William Henry Harrison Holland, "Weds" (Article)
Holland, Georgia Ann (Burial Record)
Holland, H. H., h/o Louisa J. Holland (LPR)
Holland, Haskell R. (Burial Record)
Holland, Ora Jane (Colburn), w/o Dal Corbett Holland (Obit.)
Holland, Perry, "Angus Cleaners Sell To Holland" (Article)
Holland, Perry, Jr., "Rhythm Strings Broadcast Over KARK, Little Rock (Article)
Holland, Raymond L. , WW I (Enlist. Record)
Holland, Robert A. , WW I (Enlist. Record)
Holland, Sarah Elizabeth (Wright), w/o William Henry Holland (Obit.)
Holland, William H., C.S.A., h/o Sarah Elizabeth (Wright) Holland (Burial Record) Holland, William Perry Sr., h/o Focile H. Holland (Picture Obit.)
Holland, Wm. Perry, Jr. (Burial Record)

Hollaway, Dora, d/o J.E. Hollaway & Sarah Hollaway (Burial Record)

Hollbrook/Halbrooks, Mrs. Dora (Mary Elizabeth Dora Halbrooks, w/o William E. Halbrooks (Obit.)

Hollemab, Paul H. (Burial Record)

Holleman, Alice, 1st w/o James E. Holleman (Burial Record)
Holleman, Berta (Long), w/o V. H. Holleman (Burial Record)
Holleman, Bertie E. (Jones), 2nd w/o James E. Holleman (Burial Record)
Holleman, Miss Bonita, d/o H. H. Holleman of Hickory Ridge, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Holleman, Fred (Burial Record)
Holleman, Gary, s/o Paul Holleman, "Wins Commission" (Picture Article)
Holleman, Harold, h/o Alma (Butler) Holleman (Burial Record)
Holleman, Inez "Sis" (Burial Record)
Holleman, James E., h/o Alice Holleman, & Bertie Holleman (Obit.)
Holleman, John Frank, h/o Alice Holleman (Obit.)
Holleman, John Loys, h/o Lola Holleman (Obit.)
Holleman, Larry, s/o Jim Holleman, "4-Year-Old Hero Rescues Brother From Fiery Home" (Article)
Holleman, Paul H., h/o Emma Jean Holleman (Burial Record)
Holleman, Shirley, d/o Vern Holleman, "Weds" (Article)
Holleman, Vern Henry, h/o Berta (Long) Holleman (Obit.)

Hollemann, Alice (Burial Record)

Holler, Christen E., born in Baden, Germany (Article)
Holler, Ellen Mae (Davis) (Burial Record)
Holler, George Edward, h/o Ellen Mae (Davis) Holler (Obit.)
Holler, George Edward III (Burial Record)
Holler, Henry, s/o Christian Enable Holler (Burial Record)
Holler, Julius F., h/o Vera Mae (Strickland) Holler (Obit.)
Holler, Linda K. (Burial Record)
Holler, Roy F. (Burial Record)
Holler, Sharon Lavergne (Burial Record)
Holler, Vera S. (Vera Mae (Strickland), w/o Julius F. Holler (Obit.)

Holley, Clyde, Brown, Leonard, & Lester, "Four Brothers, Separated 25 Years, Reunited (Article)

Holliday, Dewane Lee, (black) (Obit.)

Holliman, James E., (should be Holleman) of Wiville, h/o Bertie Holleman (Obit.)
Holliman, Miss Lorene, (should be Holleman), "Weds" (Article)

Hollingsworth, Clinton (Burial Record)
Hollingsworth, Franklin D., h/o Laverne Hollingworth (Obit.)
Hollingsworth, Jearldeen, w/o W. R. Hollingworth (Burial Record)
Hollingsworth, Jewel (Burial Record)
Hollingsworth, Laverne, w/o Franklin D. Hollingworth (Obit.)
Hollingsworth, Loretta Catherine, w/o W.M. Hollingworth (Obit.)
Hollingsworth, Nickodamus McKinley (Burial Record)
Hollingsworth, Nora A. (McCullum), w/o N. M. Hollingsworth (Obit.)
Hollingsworth, Quinton, "18 Students Hurt In Wreck of Cotton Plant School Bus" (Article)
Hollingsworth, William M., h/o Loretta Catherine Hollingsworth (Burial Record)

Hollis, Annie Mae (Burial Record)
Hollis, Annie Mae (Jones), (black) (Burial Record)
Hollis, Billy Joe, h/o Mary Lena (White) Hollis (Burial Record)
Hollis, Carlon George, h/o Brenda Faye Hollis (Obit.)
Hollis, Charles V., s/o John G. Hollis & Victoria A. Hollis of Calhoun, MS (Obit.)
Hollis, Charles V., Jr., h/o Georgia R. Hollis (Obit.)
Hollis, Cleveland, (black), h/o Alice Hollis (Burial Record)
Hollis, Daisy Ruth (Yarber), of Augusta, w/o John Hollis, Sr. (Obit.)
Hollis, Hazel Irene (Henderson), w/o William Edward Hollis (Obit.)
Hollis, James, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hollis, Jerry R. (Burial Record)
Hollis, John C., of McClelland, bro. of Truitt Hollis & others (Obit.)
Hollis, John Gid, h/o Lena (Conner) Hollis (Obit.)
Hollis, Lena Magdalene (Connor) Hollis-Long (Obit.), Lena H. Long
Hollis, Linda Diane, d/o John Chester Hollis (Obit.)
Hollis, Miss Lois Maxine, d/o John Gid Hollis (Obit.)
Hollis, Louise (Helen Louise Collins), w/o Charles Hollis (Obit.)
Hollis, Lucille (Burial Record)
Hollis, Mark Glenn, age 13 (Burial Record)
Hollis, Mary (Hollis) Rowland (Obit.)
Hollis, Ollie Mae, w/o Walter Truitt Hollis (Obit.)
Hollis, Ronald G., s/o Jack Hollis of Augusta, "Completes Basic" (Picture Article)
Hollis, Sue Ann, sis. of Billy Wayne Hollis & others (Obit.)
Hollis, Tillman, (black) , WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hollis, Tommy "Tom", s/o John G. Hollis, h/o Gae Hollis (Obit.)
Hollis, W. Truitt, h/o Ollie Mae Hollis (Burial Record)

Hollister, Edwin Hobert "Buddy", f/o Mrs. Sue Morris of Jonesboro, AR (Obit.)
Hollister, Frank (Burial Record)
Hollister, Frank "Buddy", Jr., (black) (Obit.)
Hollister, G. Lloyd, h/o Willie Mae (Jones) Hollister (Biog.) (Obit.)
Hollister, Harvey W., WWII (Obit.)
Hollister, Iva Mae (Stewart), w/o William August Hollister (Obit.)
Hollister, James Hobart (Burial Record)
Hollister, Leonard, s/o Frank Hollister & Juanita Hollister (Obit.)
Hollister, Lillian (Williams) Clark, w/o Frank Hollister (Obit.)
Hollister, Mrs. Lula Mabel (Andrews), "Dies At Augusta" (Obit.)
Hollister, William August (Burial Record)
Hollister, William Earl, h/o Lula M. Hollister (Burial Record)
Hollister, Willie Mae "Willa" (Jones), w/o G. Lloyd Hollister (Burial Record) (Biog.)

Holliway, Eva C., (black) (Burial Record)
Holliway, ?. Lee, (black) (Burial Record)

Hollon, Blanche Matilda, of DeValls Bluff, AR, sis. of Mrs. Rex Pearce of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Holloway, Annie Elizabeth, Mary Edwina Holloway & J. W. Holloway (LPR)
Holloway, Claud S., s/o J. W. Holloway (Burial Record)
Holloway, Ida (Jelks) (Burial Record)
Holloway, John P., s/o J. W. Holloway (Burial Record)
Holloway, Julia Kay (Luster), d/o George Luster & Lottie Luster (Obit.)
Holloway, M. E. (Margaret E. Buster), w/o R. D. (Rice D.) Holloway (Burial Record)
Holloway, Queen, d/o J. W. Holloway (Burial Record)
Holloway, Rebecca E., w/o J. W. Holloway (Burial Record)
Holloway, Robert E. (Burial Record)

Hollowell, James L., h/o Mary Ellen (Trice) Hollowell (Obit.)
Hollowell, Leo, h/o Louise Hollowell (Obit.)
Hollowell, Louise (Hall), w/o Leo Hollowell (Obit.)
Hollowell, Mary Ellen (Trice) (Burial Record)
Hollowell, Tom, of Forrest City, AR (Obit.)
Hollowell, Tommie Delain, d/o J. L. Hollowell (Burial Record)
Hollowell, Walter, s/o J. L. Hollowell, "Weds" (Article)

Holmes, Family History - 1776-2009 - 8 Generations (Family History Book) - about 225 pages
Holmes, Allen Cruse, h/o Clementine Pauline (McGraugh)-Barton-Holmes (Burial Record)
Holmes, Allen E. (Burial Record)
Holmes, Benjamin Capell, h/o Maude Proctor Holmes (Burial Record)
Holmes, Benny Ray, of Wynne, formerly of Fair Oaks, h/o Geraldine Holmes (Obit.)
Holmes, Beola (Weatherspoon), (black), w/o Eddie Z. Holmes, Sr. (Burial Record)
Holmes, Bertha J., w/o Donald L. Holmes (Burial Record)
Holmes, Billie June, d/o Elmer L. Holmes (Obit.)
Holmes, Billy Wayne, h/o Barbara (Bradley) Holmes (Picture Obit.)
Holmes, C. G. (Gillis), h/o Nancy (Shelton) Holmes (Burial Record)
Holmes, Casper, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Holmes, Cathy Jean (Watkins), w/o Ricky Holmes of McCrory (Obit.)
Holmes, Clementine Pauline (McGraugh), widow of Allen Cruse Holmes (Picture Obit.)
Holmes, Clifton "Kip" Stanley, h/o Mary Grace (Wolfe) Holmes (Burial Record)
Holmes, Donald L., h/o Bertha J. Holmes (Burial Record)
Holmes, Earnest Edgar (Burial Record)
Holmes, Earnie, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Holmes, Earnie (William Earnest), of Hunter, s/o Mrs. H. E. Gaither (Obit.)
Holmes, Edgar Allen, s/o Allen Cruse Holmes (Burial Record)
Holmes, Effie Mary Pearl (Wilson) Smith-Holmes-Brown, (black) (Marriage Certificate) (Burial Record)
Holmes, Elmer L., h/o Mildred (Coleman) Holmes (Burial Record)
Holmes, Estal, d/o Allen Cruse Holmes & Clementine Pauline (McGraugh) Holmes (Burial Record)
Holmes, Eva June (Brown), (black), w/o Rufus Holmes, Sr. (Obit.)
Holmes, Geneva (Ingram), of Des Arc, AR, d. 11-18-1969, sis/of Elmer, & Robert Ingram (Obit.)
Holmes, George, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Holmes, Harold C., s/o Clifton Stanley "Kip" Holmes (Grave Marker Photo) (Burial Record)
Holmes, Harriett Ellen (Burns) Gaither, w/o William "Bill" Ferdinand Holmes (Burial Record)
Holmes, Herbert R., s/o R. L. Holmes, "Weds" (Picture of Bride Article)
Holmes, Hovia Leila "Bessie" (Burial Record)
Holmes, Mrs. J. E., "Sells $306.08 Worth Of Butter, Eggs, Etc." (Article)
Holmes, Mr. & Mrs. J. E., "Family Reunion" (Article)
Holmes, Mr. & Mrs. James, of Tilton, "50 Attend Fourth Of July Barbecue" (Article)
Holmes, John, WW I, s/o Thomas Lawson Holmes & Mattie Holmes (Enlist. Record)
Holmes, John D. (Obit.)
Holmes, Liela, 16, of Penrose (Obit.)
Holmes, Lofton L., s/o Allen Holmes & Clemetine (McGraugh) Holmes (Obit.)
Holmes, Lorean (Askins), w/o Richard Holmes (Burial Record)
Holmes, Mildred (Lucille (Coleman), w/o Elmer Holmes (Burial Record)
Holmes, Myrtle Ann (Farley) Slocum (Obit.)
Holmes, Mrs. Nancy (Shelton), widow of C. G. Holmes of Denmark (Obit.)
Holmes, Nuary, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Holmes, Patricia (Russell), w/o Rufus Holmes (Obit.)
Holmes, Paul, h/o Virginia Holmes (Burial Record)
Holmes, Phyllis Ann (Harp), w/o Rick Holmes (Picture Obit.)
Holmes, R. Elvis, s/o Elvis Holmes, "Struck By Axe, Seriously Injured" (Article)
Holmes, Richard Lynn, h/o Lorean (Askins) Holmes (Burial Record)
Holmes, Rickey Lynn, h/o Nancy Russell Holmes (Obit.)
Holmes, Robert Carl, of Chicago, IL, s/o Eddie Z. Holmes, Sr. (Obit.)
Holmes, Roddy Dewitt, h/o Estelle S. Holmes (Obit.), in fold
Holmes, Rovell, s/o Clifton Stanley "Kip" Holmes (Burial Record) (Grave Marker Photo)
Holmes, Stanley "Bud", "Finding Of Body Discloses Brutal Murder" (Article)
Holmes, Stanley "Bud" Holmes, "Four Arrest May Clear Up Murder" (Article)
Holmes, Theresa Lynn (Burial Record)
Holmes, Webster, s/o Allen Cruse & Clementine Pauline (McGraugh) Holmes (Burial Record)
Holmes, William Ferdinand, h/o Harriet Ellen (Burns) Holmes (Burial Record)

Holt, Family History - 1823 - 2010 - 6 Generations (Family History Book)
Holt, Sullenger Layton Holt, Prominent Arkansas Family (Family History)
Holt, Angie L. (Armstrong), w/o Paul E. Holt (Obit.)
Holt, Avis, age 19, d/o Lester Holt of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Holt, Blanche C., m/o Talmadge W. Holt, & Thomas A. Holt, Jr. (Obit.)
Holt, Dewayne - Died in OR, s/o Paul Holt & Angie Holt, h/o Joyce Holt (Obit.)
Holt, Doris Kyle, d/o Wm. B. Kyle, "Weds" (Article)
Holt, Ed (Burial Record)
Holt, Edward Newton (Burial Record)
Holt, Elmer B., U.S. Navy, WW II, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Holt, Elmer B., s/o Mrs. W. O. Reynolds, "Wounded In Action" (Article)
Holt, Elmer B., h/o Sylvia, "In Naval Hospital In Southwest Pacific" (Article)
Holt, Elmer B., "Receives Purple Heart Medal" (Article)
Holt, Ester Leveta (Jones), w/o Lester James Holt (Obit.)
Holt, Eunice Layton, s/o Sullenger Layton Holt (Article) (Obit.)
Holt, Floyd S., h/oMargie C. Holt (Burial Record)
Holt, George Walter, h/o Nora Ellen Holt (Burial Record)
Holt, Gerald Morris, h/o Cecelia (Haggard) Holt (Obit.)
Holt, Grayson E., h/o Ora Lee Holt (Obit.)
Holt, Grayson Emanuel (Obit.)
Holt, Helen Houston, w/o Floyd Sullenger Holt (Burial Record)
Holt, Howard (Burial Record)
Holt, Infant, s/o G.W. Holt (Burial Record)
Holt, Jack, h/o Grace Holt (Obit.)
Holt, Jennie, "Mrs. Jennie Holt Has Birthday Dinner" (Article)
Holt, Jennie E. (Rutherford), 2nd wife of Sullenger Holt (Article) (Obit.)
Holt, John Sr., f/o John Holt, Jr (Burial Record)
Holt, John Jr., s/o John Holt, Sr (Burial Record)
Holt, Pvt. Lavern, s/o Floyd Holt, "Receives Expert Rifleman's Medal" (Picture Article)
Holt, Lester James, h/o Ester Leveta (Jones) Holt (Obit.)
Holt, Leveta (Jones), w/o Lester J. Holt (Burial Record)
Holt, Lillie Lester (Wiggins) Ward, w/o Burnest L. Ward & Paul E. Holt (Obit.)
Holt, Lowell N., s/o Floyd S. & Margie Clementine (Campbell) Holt (Burial Record)
Holt, Margie Clementine (Campbell), w/o Floyd S. Holt (Obit.)
Holt, Matilda M. (LPR)
Holt, Nola (LPR)
Holt, Mrs. Nora Ellen (Taylor), w/o George Walter Holt (Obit.)
Holt, Ola Lee (Anderson), w/o Grayson Edgar Holt (Obit.)
Holt, Ollie (Taylor), 1st wife of Sullenger Holt (Burial Record)
Holt, Miss Ollie V., "Weds" (Article)
Holt, Paul Eugene, h/o Angie L. (Armstrong) Holt (Burial Record)
Holt, Phillip Allan, s/o Gerald M. Holt & Cecelia (Haggard) Holt (Obit.)
Holt, Sullenger "Sul" Layton, h/o Ollie (Taylor) Holt & Jennie (Rutherford) Holt (Obit.)
Holt, Syntha M., w/o Edd Holt (Burial Record)
Holt, William Tobe, bro. of Mrs. J. H. Harris of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Holtzclaw, Elizabeth "Betty" (Aycock), d/o Jessie Aycock of Mayflower, AR (Obit.)

Holy, Grayson E. Jr. (Burial Record)

Homan, Eleanor (Werner) Stough, w/o Austin R. Stough & Edward L. Homan (Obit.)

Homer, Hollis, age 26, of Cotton Plant, AR (Marriage)

Homes, R. E. (LPR)

Honey, Darren Ray, s/o Marion Ray Honey (Picture Obit.)
Honey, Etta Mae "Meme" (Berry), m/o Eddie Dale Honey of McCrory, & others (Obit.)
Honey, Margaret Frezella Jane (Sweainger), w/o Jesse James Honey (Picture Obit.)

Hood, Billy Wayne, Jr., infant (Burial Record)
Hood, Clyde , h/o Stella Mae Hood (Burial Record)
Hood, James S., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hood, Patricia Ann., d/o Wm. Hood of Newport (Obit.)
Hood, Stella Mae (Tribble), of Beedeville, w/o Clyde Hood (Obit.)
Hood, William, h/o Martha E. Hood (LPR)

Hoof, John W., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hoof, Priestley, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Hooker, C. E. (Burial Record)
Hooker, Denford Argus, s/o Roy Hooker (Obit.)
Hooker, Neil Preston, s/o Roy Hooker, "Preston Hooker Killed In Guam" (Obit.)

Hooks, Arthur, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Hoon, Georgia Ann, w/o Joseph Hoon (Obit.)

Hooper, Henry H., of Augusta, formerly of Batesville, AR, h/o Opal Hooper (Obit.)

Hoots, Floral L. (Burial Record)
Hoots, James Albert, h/o Otha Hoots (Obit.)
Hoots, James "Bill" (Burial Record)
Hoots, Mrs. Otha (Weeks), w/o James Albert Hoots (Obit.)
Hoots, William F. (Burial Record)

Hoover, Mason (Burial Record)

Hope, Miss Etta Lorraine, d/o F. P. Hope, of Patterson, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Hope, Miss Etta Lorraine, d/o F. P. Hope, "MidSummer Bride" (Picture Article)
Hope, F. P., "Killed By Hit-and-Run Driver (Obit.)

Hopgood, Clyde, bro. of John Hopgood of Hunter, Funeral Tyronza, AR (Obit.)
Hopgood, John R. "Johnnie", of Hunter, AR, h/o Ethel Hopgood (Obit.)
Hopgood, Marie E., w/o John R. Hopgood (Obit.)

Hopkins, Miss Anne, d/o John Hopkins, "McCrory Girl Places In Finals At Beauty Revue" (Article)
Hopkins, Annie, w/o Milton Theodore "Mitt" Hopkins (Burial Record)
Hopkins, Betty Jo (Burial Record)
Hopkins, Ellen (Bevis), age 95, w/o James E. Hopkins, Sr. (Obit.)
Hopkins, Eugene Thurman "Gene", h/o Annie Lou Hopkins (dec.) (Obit.)
Hopkins, Fannie L. (LPR)
Hopkins, Francis C. (Burial Record)
Hopkins, Gladys M., of Poplar Bluff, MO, w/o John Elija Hopkins (Obit.)
Hopkins, James Albert, of Little Rock, AR, h/o Dovie Elizabeth Hopkins (Obit.)
Hopkins, James E., Sr., h/o Ellen A. Hopkins (Obit.)
Hopkins, James Edgar, s/o James E. Hopkins, Sr. (Obit.)
Hopkins, John Elija, h/o Gladys Hopkins (Obit.)
Hopkins, James Houston, h/o Rose D. Hopkins (Burial Record)
Hopkins, Lillie M. (Hendricks), of Olice Branch, MS, w/o Lloyd A. Hopkins (Obit.)
Hopkins, Lloyd A., h/o Lillie M. Hopkins (Burial Record)
Hopkins, Louis Clark, h/o Mary Magaline "Maggie" Hopkins (Burial Record)
Hopkins, Marguerite (Biles), w/o Roy Cloud Hopkins (Obit.)
Hopkins, Milton Theodore "Mitt", h/o Annie Hopkins (Obit.)
Hopkins, Opal Inez (Burial Record)
Hopkins, Rose D. (Campbell), w/o James Houston Hopkins (Burial Record)
Hopkins, Roy Cloud, h/o Marguerite (Biles) Hopkins (Obit.)
Hopkins, William M. (Burial Record)

Hopper, Andrew Houston, h/o Ara Nell Hopper (Burial Record)
Hopper, Andrew Houston, Jr. (Burial Record)
Hopper, Ara Nell (Willis), w/o Andrew Houston Hopper (Obit.)
Hopper, Ella Sue, d/o W.A. Hopper (Burial Record)
Hopper, Mr. & Mrs. John, of Arizona, formerly of McCrory, "Family Reunion" (Article)
Hopper, John W. (Burial Record)
Hopper, Mrs. Lee, of McCrory, w/o W. A. Hopper, a CSA Vet. (Obit.)
Hopper, Little Maud, d/o W. A. Hopper (Burial Record)
Hopper, Mrs. M. E. A., w/o W. A. Hopper (Burial Record)
Hopper, Mildred Arene (Witcher), w/o Walter L. Hopper (Burial Record)
Hopper, Pattie A., w/o W.A. Hopper (Burial Record)
Hopper, Sarah Lee, Eliza Jane Hopper, & Susannah W. Hopper (LPR)
Hopper, Susannah W. (LPR)
Hopper, Tulula, d/o W.A. Hopper (Burial Record)
Hopper, W. A., CSA, h/o Pattie Hooper (Burial Record)
Hopper, W. A., CSA, h/o M. E. A. Hopper & Mrs. Lee Hopper (Burial Record)
Hopper, Walter L., h/o Mildred Arene Hooper (Obit.)
Hopper, William R., s/o W.A. Hopper & Pattie Hopper (Burial Record)
Hopper, Willie, a retired Ark. State Police Officer, h/o Neva Hopper (Obit.)

Horn, Elijah, h/o Minerva Horn (LPR)
Horn, Minerva (LPR)
Horn, Zolia Lee (Babbs), of Little Rock, w/o Clarence Horn, Sr. (Obit.)

Hornbeck, Eugene D., h/o June Francis (Woods) Hornbeck (Burial Record)
Hornbeck, George G., U.S. Army Air Force WW II (Burial Record)
Hornbeck, June Francis (Woods), w/o Eugene Hornbeck (Obit.)

Horne, William Jasper, h/o Elizabeth D. Horne (LPR)

Hornegay, Clovis G. (Burial Record)
Hornegay, Mary L. (Burial Record)

Horner, Claud, h/o Vunia Horner (Burial Record)
Horner, Mrs. Fannie, w/o William Frank Horner (Obit.)
Horner, Ida B., w/o R. F. Horner (Obit.)
Horner, Jessie T. (Burial Record)
Horner, Robert F. (Burial Record)
Horner, Roland Claud, "Man is killed by freight train early Sunday" (Obit.)
Horner, Sarah (Burial Record)
Horner, Vunia (Ashley), w/o Claud Horner (Obit.)
Horner, William Frank, h/o Fannie Horner (Obit.)

Horton, Arthur S., Jr., h/o S. Orene Horton (Burial Record)
Horton, Betty Jean (Hensley), w/o Robert "Bobby" Horton (Obit.)
Horton, Bill (Miller), s/o Bill Miller & Mary Allen Miller (Obit.)
Horton, Bryant, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Horton, Heirs, Mrs. M. S. Horton (LPR)
Horton, J. B. (Burial Record)
Horton, John, f/o W.H. Horton (LPR)
Horton, John B. (LPR)
Horton, Laura F., w/o T. S. Horton (Burial Record)
Horton, Margaret, w/o Dennis W. Horton (Obit.)
Horton, Mark, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Horton, S. Orene (Barnett), w/o Arthur S. Horton, Jr. (Burial Record)
Horton, T. (Thomas?) S., per 1870 census (Burial Record)
Horton, Willie A. (Welch), w/o W. W. (Wiley Wayne) Horton (Burial Record)
Horton, W. W. (Burial Record)
Horton, Willis, Mariah A. Horton, Ranson Horton, & Lewis Horton (LPR)
Horton, Zack, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Hoskins, Ola (Picture)

Hosmer, Raymond, Jr., h/o Nina Sue Hosmer (Obit.)

Hosteller, Maggie Ethel, w/o Presley David Hosteller (Obit.)
Hosteller, Presley David, h/o Maggie Ethel Hosteller (Obit.)
Hostetler, Mrs. Charles, (Mrs. Polyan), of near Augusta, sis. of J. A. Garrett (Obit.)

Houchin/Houchins, Amy Grace, of Tupelo, AR (Obit.)

Houchins, Herbert E., "Tupelo Farmer Ends Own Life With Pistol", h/o Lakey Houchins (Obit.)

Hougelin, Bertha, d/o Will N. Hougelin (Burial Record)
Hougelin, Carl Thomas, s/o William N. Hougelin, h/o Celestine Hougelin (Obit.)
Hougelin, Miss Eileen, d/o W. N. Hougelin of Little Rock, "Weds" (Article)
Hougelin, Mattie D., w/o Will N. Hougelin (Obit.)
Hougelin, Miss Muriel, d/o W. N. Hougelin, "Weds" (Article)
Hougelin, Rovana, "Weds" (Weddding Article) (Marriage Certificate)
Hougelin, W. N., JP, "Performed Double Wedding" (Article)
Hougelin, William Newton, h/o Mattie Daphne Hougelin (Obit.)
Hougelin, Willie Vivan, d/o W. N. Hoguelin of McCrory (Wedding Announcement)
Hougelin, Willie Vivian, d/o W. N. Hougelin, "Weds" (Article)

Hough, Cemetery, History of (Article)
Hough, Cemetery (Picture & Story)
Hough, "Hough obelisk back in place" (Story With Picture)
Hough, Will of Thomas Hough (Article)
Hough, Thomas, "Founder of Augusta, AR", h/o Mrs. Fannie Hough-Erwin (Burial Record)
Hough, Thomas, h/o Fannie Hough (LPR)

Houk, Infant, d/o James Houk, of Wynne, AR (Obit.)

House, James Polk House - 7 Generations - 1745 - 2007 (Family History Book)
House, Benjamin "Bennie" Lee, s/o Thomas G. House, Sr., died at Wynne, AR (Obit.)
House, David "Dave" Andrew, h/o Hattie M. House (Obit.)
House, Elizabeth N. (Obit.)
House, Emeline "Emma" (Cain), of Beebe, AR, w/o James R. House (Obit.)
House, Franklin (Burial Record)
House, Fred, h/o Orbie L. House (Burial Record)
House, Gene (Patrick Gene), of Hickory Ridge, AR, h/o Romona House (Obit.)
House, J. P. & John W. (LPR)
House, James Polk House And Louisa (Pursell) House (Family History)
House, James Polk - 7 Generations - 1745 - 2007 (Family History Book)
House, James P., h/o Louisa P. House (Burial Record)
House, John W. (LPR)
House, Julia Mae, d/o Tom House, "Weds" (Article)
House, Louisa P., w/o James P. House (Burial Record)
House, Miss Margurette Canzadie "Peggy", d/o Thomas G. House, Sr., "Weds" (Article)
House, Martha Louise, John C. Veazey (Burial Record)
House, Mary Ann (Burial Record)
House, Myrtle M. (Skelton) (Burial Record)
House, Normanda Elizabeth (Vandal), w/o Timothy T. House (Obit.)
House, Patrick Gene, h/o Mrs. Romona (Sullins) House (Obit.)
House, Robert "Bobby" Mack (Obit.)
House, Mr. & Mrs. Tom, of the Beards community, "Family Reunion" (Article)
House, Thomas Grover, Sr., h/o Myrtle May House (Obit.)
House, Thomas Grover, Jr. (Burial Record)
House-Veasey - Martha House & John Veasey - 7 Generations (Family History Book)

Houston, Curtis A., s/o Henry C. Houston (Picture-Biog.) (Lg. Picture Obit.)
Houston, Dewey (Burial Record)
Houston, Genora (Williams), w/o Curtis Houston (Obit.)
Houston, J. B. (Burial Record)
Houston, James A., (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Houston, Jollie Russell, infant son of Russell Houston (Obit.)
Houston, John H., of Newport, AR, h/o Hattie Houston (Obit.)
Houston, Odious M. "Peck", h/o Irene (Dacus) Houston (Obit.)
Houston, Tanya, "Investigation continues in death of 5-year-old", m/o Megan Browning (Article)
Houston, Tanya, "Misdemeanor charges brought in drowning death" (Article)
Houston, Willie (Burial Record)

Howard, Belva Lucy (Ball), w/o Wm. Webster Howard (Obit.)
Howard, Ben, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Howard, Curtis, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Howard, Ed, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Howard, Edye (Burial Record)
Howard, Gene D., of North Little Rock, h/o Eva Howard (Obit.)
Howard, George W. (Burial Record)
Howard, Helen Marie (Ryland), (black), age 100, widow of Woody Howard (Picture Obit.)
Howard, James M. (Burial Record)
Howard, Jewell (Burial Record)
Howard, Marcus S. (Burial Record)
Howard, Marshall Hamley, s/o Belva Howard (Picture Article)
Howard, Mary E. "Mollie" (Matheny), died at Mountain View, AR, w/o Wesley D. Howard (Obit.)
Howard, Mary Juanita (Hudson), (black) (Picture Obit.)
Howard, Oliver (8-11-1860 KY--5-11-1930), h/o Mattie Frank Howard (Obit.)
Howard, Thomas H., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Howard, W. B., h/o P. Howard (LPR)
Howart, William T., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Howard, William Webster, h/o Belva Lucy Howard (Burial Record)
Howard, William W., "William W. Howard Enters Training At Camp Hood, Tex." (Article)

Howell, Alvin G., b/o Mrs. Earl Wilson of Augusta, "Wounded In Italy" (Article)
Howell, Annie (Burial Record)
Howell, Edgar, hold up of store, "Bloodhounds Taken To Wiville Area" (Article)
Howell, Emmett, s/o Sam S. Howell (Obit.)
Howell, Hugh Samuel, age 48, of McCrory "Licensed to Wed" (Marriage Announ.)
Howell, Hugh Samuel, h/o Jewell C. Howell (Obit.)
Howell, J. Ben, h/o Mary Annie Howell (Obit.)
Howell, James L., h/o Fannie Howell (LPR)
Howell, Joe E. Howell, Large Home (Picture)
Howell, John Clifton, h/o Maggie (Berry) Howell (Burial Record)
Howell, Joseph L., founder of Howell, AR, s/o David Howell, h/o Fannie Butler (Biog.) (LPR)
Howell, Maranda (Odom), w/o Elmer Howell (Obit.)
Howell, Martha "Mattie" E. (Tiller), w/o Samuel S. Howell (Obit.)
Howell, Mary Annie (Williams), w/o J. Ben Howell (Obit.)
Howell, Mrs. Pearl Ernestine (Hall), widow of Samuel Wilbur Howell (Obit.)
Howell, Pearl Pauline (Walker) (Burial Record)
Howell, Robert Edgar, of Howell, h/o Vivia Lee (Festerman) Howell (Obit.)
Howell, Samuel Wilbur, h/o Pearl Ernestine (Hall) Howell (Obit.)
Howell, Stories of Howell, AR (Article)

Howerton, Herbert Cleveland, Jr., h/o Laureen Howerton of Memphis (Obit.)

Howze, Ollie E., w/o Henry A. Howze (Obit.)

Huckabee, O. E. (Obit.)

Huckeby, Ada Lois Ellard, of Bald Knob, w/o Thomas Huckeby (Obit.)

Hubach, Jimmie H., s/o W. F. Hubach & Helen Hubach (Obit.)

Hubbard, Alphaeus, "McCrory Man Killed Tuesday In Auto Wreck" (Obit.)
Hubbard, Aubert, s/o J. M. Hubbard, "Back In Civilian Life" (Picture Article)
Hubbard, David Aubert, s/o J. M. Hubbard, b/o Alphaeus Hubbard (Obit.)
Hubbard, Mr. &. Mrs. J. M., victims, "Series Of Robberies Here Last Night" (Article)
Hubbard, James Willie, of Springdale, AR, "Car overturns,man is killed" (Obit.)
Hubbard, Joseph M., h/o Ollie Mae Hubbard (Obit.)
Hubbard, Lula Bell (Burial Record)
Hubbard, Ollie Mae (Winn), w/o Joseph M. Hubbard (Burial Record)

Huckabee, Gerald Huiston, of Searcy, AR (Obit.)
Huckabee, Thelma Jane (Reynolds), d/o Forrest Byrum Reynolds, Sr. (Picture Obit.)

Huddleston, Bertie Ellen (Taylor), w/o R. Lee Huddleston (Article) (Obit.)
Huddleston, Heirs, Eliza Huddleston, James P. Huddleston & Lou Ella Huddleston (LPR)
Huddleston, Lee W. (Burial Record)
Huddleston, Robert Lee, h/o Bertie E. Huddleston (Burial Record)
Huddleston, Sonya, d/o Robert Wayne Huddleston (Obit.)

Hudgins, Caroline M., w/o T.F. Hudgins (Burial Record)

Hudson, C., (black), h/o Katherine Hudson (Obit.)
Hudson, Ida F. Miller, w/o Wriley P. Hudson (Obit.)
Hudson, James Daniel, superintendent of Royal Shoe Company in McCrory (Obit.)
Hudson, Mary (Burial Record)
Hudson, Raymond Ardell, "Killed As Truck Hits Pole" (Obit.)
Hudson, Ruby, d/o Porter Hudson, of Cotton Plant, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Hudson, William A. (Burial Record)
Hudson, Wriley Porter, h/o Ida F. Hudson (Obit.)

Hudspeth, Coleman "Bud", "Electrocuted At Cotton Plant", h/o Gladys Hudspeth (Obit.)
Hudspeth, Gladys O., w/o Coleman Hudspeth (Burial Record)
Hudspeth, W. A., "Weds" (Article)

Huenefeld, Anna Elizabeth (Obit.)
Huenefeld, Arnold (Infant) (Burial Record)
Huenefeld, Arnold P., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Huenefeld, Arnold Paul (Obit.)
Huenefeld, Mr. & Mrs. Carl F., "Celebrates 50th Wedding Anniversity" (Picture Article)
Huenefeld, Mr. & Mrs. Carl, "Woodruff County Couple Will Observe 60th Anniversary" (Article)
Huenefeld, Mrs. C. F., dies at home of dau., Mrs. E. B. Matkin (Obit.)
Huenefeld, Carl Frederick, h/o Anna Elizabeth Huenefeld (Obit.)
Huenefeld, Donald Flournoy, s/o Arnold Huenefeld, "Weds" (Article)
Huenefeld, Donald F., "Retires After 21 Years of Service" (Picture Article)
Huenefeld, Donald Flournoy (Obit.)
Huenefeld, Donald Francis "Bubba" (Obit.)
Huenefeld, Erna Emilie (Burial Record)
Huenefeld, Florney (Obit.)
Huenefeld, Fred William, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Huenefeld, John Carl, s/o Arnold Paul Huenefeld, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Huenefeld, Kittie Rowland (Sanderson), w/o Arnold Paul Huenefeld (Obit.)
Huenefeld, Mary, d/o Arnold Huenefeld, "DAR Award Candidate" (Picture Article)
Huenefeld, Miss Mary, "Preside At F. H. A. Meeting" (Picture Article)
Huenefeld, Paul R. (Obit.)
Huenefeld, "Windmill" (Story)

Huff, Elias, h/o Sarah J. Huff, p/o Della Huff & Dan Huff (LPR)
Huff, James Elias & Sarah Jane (Couch) Huff (Family History)
Huff, James Elias & Sarah Jane (Couch) Huff - 1816 - 2007 - 5 Generations (Family History Book)
Huff, Mrs. Della Minerva (Huff), w/o Walter W. Beede (Obit.)
Huff, Mr. & Mrs. D. H., of Arlington, TX, "Celebrates Golden Anniversary" (Article)
Huff, D. M., "Mr. D. M. Huff Resigns Position" (Article)
Huff, Daniel Henry, of Arlington, TX, h/o Lillie M. Huff (Obit.)
Huff, Family, "Huff Family Holds Reunion at Petit Jean State Park" (Article)
Huff, Gretchen A. (Tarpley), 1978, w/o Vernon Elias Huff (Obit.)
Huff, James Clyde, s/o Jesse C. Huff (Obit.)
Huff, Dr. James Milton, "Weds" (Picture of Recent Bride)
Huff, Dr. James Milton, h/o Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Huff (Picture Obit.)
Huff, Jessamine, d/o Daniel M. Huff, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Huff, Jessamine, d/o D. M. Huff, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Huff, Jessamine, "Luncheon For Miss Jessamine Huff" (Article)
Huff, John, former caretaker of Eldridge Lodge on the Bay (Obit.)
Huff, Lillian Bernice (Vickers) Jones-Huff (Obit.)
Huff, Mary Elizabeth "Betty" (Kelly) (Burial Record)
Huff, Milton (Picture Article)
Huff, Murphy, (black), h/o Arbree Huff (Obit.)
Huff, Miss Ottie, "Former McCrory Teacher Honored" (Picture Article)
Huff, Miss Ottie Osessa, d/o James Louis Huff (Obit.)
Huff, Rosie C., w/o James C. Huff (Burial Record)
Huff, Vernon, "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)
Huff, Vernon, "New And Retiring Officers McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)
Huff, Vernon E., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Huff, Vernon Elias (Articles) (Obit.)
Huff, Walter B., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Huff, Walter B. (Obit.)
Huff, William Charles (Burial Record)

Huffman, Cleo (Pittman), w/o Herman Glenford Huffman (Obit.)
Huffman, Herman Glenford, h/o Cleo (Pittman) Huff (Obit.)
Huffman, Ree Jeanette (Day) Hicks, w/o Farrell Huffman (Obit.)

Huffstetler, Robert W., WW I (Enlist. Record)

Huffstuttler, Eunice (Bonds), w/o Oliver K. Huffstuttler (Obit.)

Hugg, Anna C. (Burial Record)

Huggins, Darrell, of Cotton Plant, s/o Thomas Huggins, "Loses Life In River" (Obit.)

Hughes, Addie Lue (Burial Record)
Hughes, Arlene, d/o A. H. Hughes, "Personality Award" (Picture Article)
Hughes, B. M. (Burial Record)
Hughes, Benjamin (LPR)
Hughes, Clarissa Jane, m/o William J. Hughes & Mary Jane Hughes (LPR)
Hughes, Edner L., d/o B. H. Hughes (Burial Record)
Hughes, Erin (Conner), d/o John Louis Conner (Obit.)
Hughes, Geraldine Ann (Miller), of Memphis, TN (Obit.)
Hughes, Homer Howard, h/o Erin Conner Hughes (Burial Record)
Hughes, Linda (Burial Record)
Hughes, Mable B., w/o Raymond Thomas Hughes (Obit.)
Hughes, Mollie (LPR)
Hughes, Octavia (Burial Record)
Hughes, Raymond Thomas, h/o Mable B. Hughes (Burial Record)
Hughes, Mrs. S. G., "Missing Augusta Woman's Body Is Found By Farmer" (Obit.)
Hughes, Velma, (black) (Burial Record)
Hughes, William T. (Burial Record)

Hughey, Ray, "McCrory Private Prisoner In Germany" (Article)

Huggins, Aaron, h/o Fostene Huggins (Obit.)
Huggins, Adrain Cleo, h/o Johnnie Mayes Huggins (Obit.)
Huggins, Carolyn (Veazey), w/o Louie Z. Huggins (Obit.)
Huggins, Clara Evelyn (Simmons), w/o Phillip Neill Huggins (Obit.)
Huggins, Darrell, s/o Thomas Huggins, "Loses Life In River" (Obit.)
Huggins, Fostene (Lockhart), w/o Aaron Huggins (Obit.)
Huggins, Joe, of N. Little Rock, b/o Tom Huggins of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Huggins, Johnnie (Mayes), w/o Adrain Cleo Huggins (Obit.)
Huggins, Nancy (Gadberry), w/o Tom Huggins (Obit.)
Huggins, Phillip Neill, h/o Clara E. Huggins (Obit.)
Huggins, Ritchie A. (Burial Record)
Huggins, Ronald G. (Burial Record)
Huggins, Ronald Ray "Rod", of Cotton Plant, s/o Ronnie Huggins (Obit.)
Huggins, Shirley A., w/o Tommy H. Huggins (Burial Record)
Huggins, Tom C., h/o Nancy Huggins (Obit.)
Huggins, Tommy H., h/o Shirley A. Huggins (Obit.)

Hughes, Addie Lue (Burial Record)
Hughes, B. M., h/o Nannie Gross Hughes (Burial Record)
Hughes, Edgar Allen, Jr., of McCrory, owner of Ed Hughes Flying Service (Obit.)
Hughes, Edner L., d/o B. M. Hughes (Burial Record)
Hughes, Erin Conner, w/o Homer Howard Hughes (Obit.)
Hughes, Mrs. Ernie Mae (Davidson), d/o Elber Davidson (Obit.)
Hughes, Homer Howard, h/o Erin Conner Hughes (Burial Record)
Hughes, Miss Ida, retired rural mail carrier of Augusta (Obit.)
Hughes, James Alford, of Augusta (Obit.)
Hughes, Lillie Mae (Burial Record)
Hughes, Linda (Burial Record)
Hughes, Lynn H., Sr., U.S. Navy WWII (Burial Record)
Hughes, Mable B., w/o Raymond Thomas Hughes (Obit.)
Hughes, Octavia (Burial Record)
Hughes, Olivia Janette (Morris) Martin, w/o Vance Martin & Norman Hughes (Obit.)
Hughes, Raymond Thomas, h/o Mable B. Hughes (Burial Record)
Hughes, Mrs. S. G., "Missing Augusta Woman's Body Found" (Obit.)
Hughes, William T. (Burial Record)

Hughey, Pvt. Ray, U. S. Army WW II, "Prisoner In Germany" (Article)

Huie, Carol Jean, d/o Frank Huie,"School Girl Killed By Bus Near Home" (Obit.)
Huie, Edgar, s/o Mary L. Beard, "Has Written Home Twice Since Capture" (Article)
Huie, Edgar Ray, "Woodruff Soldier Writes From Prison Camp In Germany" (Article)
Huie, Edgar Ray, s/o George Huie, "liberated from German prison camp" (Article)
Huie, Frank (Burial Record)
Huie, Gladys M., age 18, d/o Frank Huie, "Weds" (Article)
Huie, Helen, d/o Tommie Huie, "Weds" (Article)
Huie, J. M. "Bud", of Plummerville, formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
Huie, Jewel (Gaddis), formerly of McCrory, w/o Edgar Ray Huie (Picture Obit.)
Huie, Mabel (Tiner), d/o E. C. Tiner of McCrory, w/o Thomas Huie, Sr. (Obit.)
Huie, Miss Opal, d/o J. M. "Bud" Huie of Fitzhugh, "Weds" (Marriage Announ.)
Huie, Thelma I. (Graves) Rainey, w/o George A. "Jack" Rainey & Thomas G. Huie (Obit.)
Huie, Thomas George Sr., h/o Mabel (Tinder) & Thelma I. (Graves) Rainey (Obit.)

Hulen, J. Frank, h/o Willie Clare Hulen (Burial Record)
Hulen, Willie Clare (Collins), w/o J. Frank Hulen (Obit.)

Hull, Ora Mae, widow of Rev. Roy Hull (Obit.)

Hulsey, Patricia "Patty" Lynn, d/o Paul Garlan Hulsey (Obit.)
Hulsey, Paul Garlan, f/o Patricia Lynn Hulsey (Obit.)

Humphrey, Ada (Skinner), sis. of George Skinner, w/o Mr. Humphrey (Obit.)
Humphrey, Dan, bro. of George Humphrey, h/o Mattie Irene Humphrey (Obit.)
Humphrey, George W., h/o Annie Lee Humphrey (Picture Obit.)
Humphrey, Hershell Franklin, s/o J. F. Humphrey (Obit.)
Humphrey, James, Mary H., and daughter Luney Margaret Humphrey (LPR)
Humphrey, Rufus W., h/o Ennie Humphrey & Mrs. Nora Humphrey (Obit.)
Humphrey, Sylvia Nadene-Ferguson (Obit.)

Humphreys, Albert Monroe, "Father of McCrory Resident Dies In Thayer, Missouri" (Obit.)
Humphreys, Dave Kay, s/o Albert Monroe Humphreys, h/o Allie Humphreys (Obit.)
Humphreys, James, s/o D. K. Humphreys, "Killed By Truck" (Obit.)
Humphreys, R.W. (Obit.)

Humphries, Elizabeth (Fesperman) (Burial Record)
Humphries, Mrs. Emma (Burial Record)
Humphrys, Sudie (Ball) (Picture of Sudie, Jennie & Murline Humphrys)

Hundhouser, William, h/o Emela Hundhouser, p/o Minnie Hundhouser (LPR)

Hungate, Hattie (Brown), w/o J. J. "Dick" Hungate (Obit.)

Hunkins, James, WW I (Enlist. Record)

Hunnicutt, Mr. C. C. of Cotton Plant, "Hunnicutt Re-elected" (Article)
Hunnicutt, Charles William (LPR)
Hunnicutt, Mr. Clarence C., h/o Addie Hunnicut (Obit.)
Hunnicutt, Doyne, "Champion Broadjump Athlete of United States" (Picture Article)
Hunnicutt, Doyne, "Appointed Chairman State Police Board", large (Picture Article)
Hunnicutt, Iona Janes (Joyner), w/o R. P. Hunnicutt (Burial Record)
Hunnicutt, Miss Ora Lee, d/o Mrs. N. J. Bass, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Hunnicutt, Otha Doyne, s/o C. C. Hunnicutt, "Recent Bride" (Picture of bride)
Hunnicutt, R. P. (Robert Pinkney), h/o Iona Jane "Jennie" Hunnicutt (Burial Record)
Hunnicutt, Rebecca, d/o C. C. Hunnicutt of Cotton Plant, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Hunnicutt, Samuel N., h/o Mary A. Hunnicutt (LPR)

Hunsucker, Bertha L. (Burial Record)
Hunsucker, Charlie Henry, h/o Jettie Hunsucker (Obit.)
Hunsucker, First Lieutenant Zona M., d/o C. H. Hunsucker, "Wins Decoration" (Article)
Hunsucker, Jettie (Rich), w/o Charlie H. Hunsucker (Burial Record)
Hunsucker, Margie Lou, d/o Charles Henry Hunsucker (Obit.)

Hunt, Arvilla (Ira Arvilla (Caskey), w/o Wm. S. Hunt (Burial Record)
Hunt, Billy Joe , s/o Lester Clyde Hunt (Obit.)
Hunt, Clarence B., s/o Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Hunt (Burial Record)
Hunt, Clem Chester, s/o Sylvester C. "Coot" Hunt, h/o Frances M. "Fannie" Hunt (Burial Record)
Hunt, Clint S., h/o Maude Hunt (Burial Record)
Hunt, Connie (Clark) (Burial Record)
Hunt, David, s/o Maggie Hunt (Obit.)
Hunt, Edward Shannon, Civil War, h/o Elizabeth A. Hunt (Burial Record)
Hunt, Elizabeth Ann (Williams), w/o E. S. Hunt (Burial Record)
Hunt, Eugine (Burial Record)
Hunt, Frances Mae "Fannie" (Hamilton), w/o Clem Chester Hunt (Obit.)
Hunt, Georgia Mae, of Harrison, AR, formerly of Hunter, w/o Earl B. "Benji" Hunt (Obit.)
Hunt, Henry Ernest, Sr., h/o Jennie Lee Hunt (Obit.)
Hunt, Hosea, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hunt, Infant, s/o Pete Hunt & Stella Hunt (Burial Record)
Hunt, Infant, s/o Sylvester C. Hunt & Sallie Hunt (Burial Record)
Hunt, Janice, s/o Maggie Hunt (Obit.)
Hunt, Juanita Ann "Jackie" (Ledbetter), w/o Wayne F. Hunt (Burial Record)
Hunt, Lester Clyde, h/o Lollie Mae "Lottie" Hunt (Obit.)
Hunt, Lollie Mae (Thomas), w/o Lester Clyde Hunt (Burial Record)
Hunt, Magdaline "Maggie", "Four Killed in Train-Truck Crash at Hunter Saturday" (Obit.)
Hunt, Magdaline "Maggie", "Large Suit Filed In Deaths of Four Hunter Residents" (Article)
Hunt, Marty Ray, s/o Henry Ernest Hunt,Sr. (Burial Record)
Hunt, Maude (Coleman), w/o Clint S. Hunt (Burial Record)
Hunt, Ray Carnell, h/o Magdaline "Maggie" Hunt (Obit.)
Hunt, Sallie May (Alexander), w/o Sylvester Hunt (Burial Record)
Hunt, Samuel, Dr., h/o Leveta Hunt of Augusta (Obit.)
Hunt, Sylvester Clyde "Coot", h/o Sallie Hunt (Obit.)
Hunt, Wayne Franklin, s/o Marvin Clinton "Clint" Hunt (Obit.)
Hunt, William Sherman, h/o Ira Arvilla Hunt (Obit.)

Hunter, Cemetery Records, updated 2007, all old & new burials, available in binder
Hunter, Anthony D. "Tony", s/o Hubert Calvin "Ike" Hunter, h/o Susan Hunter (Obit.)
Hunter, Charles E., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hunter, Charles Richard, of Tulsa, OK, formerly of Augusta, h/o Laura Hunter (Obit.)
Hunter, Colleen, d/o W. R. Hunter, "Popular Augusta Girl Is Engaged" (Picture Article)
Hunter, Dan M., of Tupelo, AR, s/o Harem Hunter, h/o Sirilda Jane Hunter (Obit.)
Hunter, Evelyn Irene (Foster), w/o Ike Hunter (Obit.)
Hunter, Forest Raymond, s/o Searcy Hunter (Obit.)
Hunter, Forrest R., In Memory (Article)

Hunter, Hubert Calvin "Ike", h/o Jearlene Hunter (Obit.)
Hunter, Hudie Edward (Burial Record)
Hunter, Lilly (Waynan), of Augusta, w/o William R. Hunter (Obit.)
Hunter, Miss Mabel, d/o William R. of Augusta, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Hunter, Margaret (Cookson), w/o Sanford D. Hunter (Picture Obit.)
Hunter, Mary Elizabeth, w/o Wm. Robert Hunter of Augusta (Obit.)
Hunter, Mrs. Mollie Hunter, "Weds" (Article 1912)
Hunter, "New Modern Theater Opens In Hunter" (Article)
Hunter, Sam of Tupelo, "Weds" (Article)
Hunter, Samuel J., h/o Lorece Hunter (Obit.)
Hunter, Sanford D., "Wounded Tupelo Soldier In Hospital In Tokyo, Japan" (Article)
Hunter, Mrs. Stella Ann, of Tupelo, AR, m/o Dorr Hunter of Tupelo (Obit.)
Hunter, Sterling G., of Newport, h/o Retha Hunter (Obit.)
Hunter, Verlin M., s/o Wm. R. Hunter (Picture Obit.)
Hunter, Verlin M., "Augusta Flier Killed In Crash Near India" (Obit.)
Hunter, Sgt. Verlen, "Body Of Augusta Soldier Being Returned Home" (Article)
Hunter, Sgt. Verlin, s/o W. R. Hunter, "Funeral Held Sunday" (Article)
Hunter, William Robert (Burial Record)

Huph, Panale, (black), age 28, married (Marriage Certificate)

Hupp, Emri J. (Burial Record)

Hurd, Clark Wilson, h/o Marie Josephine Hurd (Obit.) (Picture Obit.)
Hurd, Henry Carter, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Hurford, Ruth Ann (Brown), d/o Dock Felix Brown, Sr. (Burial Record)

Hurley, Allen (Burial Record)
Hurley, Mable Dean (Scarbrough), widow of James Allen Hurley (Obit.)
Hurley, Walter H., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hurley, Woodrow, s/o Mrs. J. H. Swanson, "On USS Indianapolis", U.S. Navy (Article)
Hurley, Miss Zeora Hurley, d/o Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Swanson of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)

Hurst, Clarence B., of Morrilton, h/o Stella Hurst (Obit.)
Hurst, Ethel, & P.G. Hurst (LPR)
Hurst, Mrs. Ethel Rebecca, w/o John L. Hurst (Obit.)
Hurst, Howard Leon, s/o Richard Hurst (Burial Record)
Hurst, Jennie Gertrude, w/o Clyde Hurst (Burial Record)
Hurst, Nellie Sue (Heffington), w/o Richard Lee Hurst (Obit.)

Hurt, Carrie Odessa (Burial Record)
Hurt, Chester, bro. of Frank Hurt of Fitzhugh, & Tom Hurt (Obit.)
Hurt, David Franklin "Frank" (Burial Record)
Hurt, Jno., "Justice of the Peace" (Obit.)
Hurt, John A., f/o Thomas A. Hurt of LA (Obit.)
Hurt, Nancy C. (Burial Record)
Hurt, Ransom T., h/o Nancy Hurt (LPR)
Hurt, Sarah T. (Burial Record)
Hurt, Virginia (Burial Record)
Hurt, Willie May, d/o John A. Hurt (Burial Record)

Huse, Ernie Mae (Burial Record)

Huskey, Opal, d/o James Alexander Huskey (Obit.)

Hussey, Barbara (Conway), (black), w/o Ricky Hussey (Picture Obit.)
Hussey, Joshua, (black), infant son of Rickey Hussey & Barbara Hussey (Obit.)

Hutchens, Sarah Arena, of Tupelo (Obit.)

Hutcherson, Henry Lois, h/o Edna Hutcherson (Obit.)
Hutcherson, Marie (Burial Record)
Hutcherson, Sidney (Burial Record)

Hutchins, Albert H., h/o Uthie M. Hutchins (Burial Record) (Picture)
Hutchins, Annie E. C. (LPR)
Hutchins, Ara (Conner), w/o Robert Morris "Bob" Hutchins (Burial Record)
Hutchins, Baby (Burial Record)
Hutchins, Carrie (Baker), w/o George Wesley Hutchins (Burial Record)
Hutchins, Charles, h/o Mary Hutchins (Burial Record)
Hutchins, Cora B. (Burial Record)
Hutchins, Effie, d/o G.W. Hutchins (Burial Record)
Hutchins, Eugene, h/o Karen Hutchins (Burial Record)
Hutchins, Infant, Child of G.W. Hutchins (Burial Record)
Hutchins, Jesse A., h/o Rena B. Hutchins (Burial Record)
Hutchins, Lena (Cooper) Jones, w/o Fount Patrick Jones & Mr. Hutchins (Obit.)
Hutchins, Minerva Clementine (Breeding), w/o G.W. Hutchins (Burial Record)
Hutchins, Rena B., w/o Jesse A. Hutchins (Burial Record)
Hutchins, Robert M. (Enlist. Record) (Biog.)
Hutchins, Robert Morris, h/o Ara Pat (Conner) Hutchins (Burial Record)
Hutchins, Roger Dale, s/o James Hutchins & Mary Ann "Nan" Hutchins (Burial Record)
Hutchins, Uthie M. (Reeves), w/o Albert H. Hutchins (Picture)
Hutchins, William Burley, US Army WW II (Burial Record)

Hutchison, Miss Beatrice, d/o Sam Hutchison, "Girl Believed To Be Victim Of Attack" (Article)
Hutchison, Claude, h/o Libbie Lorene Hutchison (Burial Record)
Hutchison, Eliza Jane, w/o Joseph A. Hutchison (Burial Record)
Hutchison, Helen Louise, "Weds" (Article)
Hutchison, Joseph A., h/o Eliza Jane Hutchison (Burial Record)
Hutchison, Kenneth, "2 Teen-Agers Killed In Highway Accident" (Large Article Obit.)
Hutchison, Lena Mae, d/o Claud Hutchison of Patterson, "Weds" (Article)
Hutchison, Libbie Lorene (Langston), w/o Claude Hutchison (Obit.)
Hutchison, Manuel, of McCrory, "Arrives in Vietnam" (Article)
Hutchison, Manuel, s/o Claude Hutchison, "Receives Injuries in Vietnam Fighting" (Article)
Hutchison, Manuel, h/o Mary Hutchison (Obit.)

Hutson, Ada White (Obit.)
Hutson, Bert, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Hutson, Henry Allen (Obit.)
Hutson, Henry Allen, Jr. (Burial Record)
Hutson, Spain, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Hutto, Joseph Allen, h/o Martha Marie Hutto (Burial Record)
Hutto, Martha Marie (Langston), w/o Joseph Allen Hutto (Obit.)
Hutto, Mrs. Nancy Ann, widow of Henry Hutto (Obit.)

Hyatt, Annie (Margaret Annie (Wheeler), of Newport, formerly of McCrory, w/o Johnie Hyatt (Obit.)
Hyatt, Annie, Robert, & Delbert, "Three Former McCrory Residents Die in Newport Fire" (Obit.)
Hyatt, Bonnie Bernadeen (Prince), widow of Delbert Hyatt (Obit.)
Hyatt, Charlie, Robert & Delbert, "Brothers Meet In Paris" (Picture Article)
Hyatt, Charles J., s/o Mrs. Annie Hyatt, "Weds" (Article)
Hyatt, Delbert, of Newport, formerly of McCrory, s/o Annie Hyatt (Obit.)
Hyatt, Delbert Dean, of Patterson, s/o Delbert Hyatt & Bonnie B. Hyatt (Picture Obit.) (Obit.)
Hyatt, Gary Lee (Burial Record)
Hyatt, James E., of McCrory, AR, "Commissioned" (Picture Article)
Hyatt, Merle, d/o Johnie Hyatt & Annie Hyatt (Obit.)
Hyatt, Nancy Belle (Fain), w/o William Tom Hyatt (Burial Record)
Hyatt, Nita Jacqueline "Jackie" (Smith), w/o Charlie J. Hyatt (Obit.)
Hyatt, Robert Leon, of Newport, formerly of McCrory, s/o Annie Hyatt (Obit.)

Hyde, Edward, s/o S. V. Hyde, Sr., "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Hyde, Rev. Elmo Udell, (black), h/o Lois Egeston Howard (Obit.)
Hyde, George Washington, s/o John Hyde & Nancy Hyde (Obit.)
Hyde, Grace (Lancaster) (Burial Record)
Hyde, Mary Virginia (Edwards), w/o Sovereign V. Hyde (Obit.)
Hyde, Perry William, h/o Grace (Lancaster) Hyde (Obit.)
Hyde, Sovereign V., h/o Mary V. (Edwards) Hyde (Obit.)
Hyde, Sovereign V., Jr., "Weds" (Article)
Hyde, Sovereign V., Jr., "Augusta Soldier Commended By Comanding Officer" (Article)
Hyde, Tunsel (Burial Record)
Hyde, Will H. (Burial Record)

Hysmith, Beulah A. (Burial Record)
Hysmith, Edward R. (Obit.)
Hysmith, J. Ed, "Weds" (Wedding Article, Typed)
Hysmith, James Edgar (Burial Record)
Hysmith, Mary Lou, w/o George Wesley Frey (Obit.)
Hysmith, Mattie B., d/o E.R. Hysmith (Burial Record)
Hysmith, Nancy James Spence, m/o Mrs. W. G. Frey of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Hysmith, Pearl (Caple), w/o J. Ed Hysmith (Wedding Article, Typed)
Hysmith, William, h/o Jane Hysmith (LPR)


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