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Surnames "R"
Index for Names in
Woodruff County, Arkansas

Compiled by Gary Telford, P. O. Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010
501-724-2490, or email wgt@centurytel.net

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogist. Old pictures are priceless. Gathering this information has involved four years of research through old Woodruff County newspapers, preparing an index and filing all of it. Every effort is being made to preserve this important Woodruff County history.

The four years of research has involved searching through old newspapers of Woodruff County, Arkansas, to find obituaries, articles, weddings and pictures. Most of these have been copied on a commercial digital copier and are very good quality. Quite a bit of money and time was invested in this project, which is still in progress.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be sent by email. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. All are copied on heavyweight, 28 lb., bright white, acid free, archive safe, paper. There is a small fee to cover expenses, mailing, etc.

The papers name and the date it was published will be on each item. Any of these old "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook."

Remember: "A Family Tree can wither if no one tends it's roots." For more info. and a complete index on obituaries, weddings, pictures, and articles, see Parts 1-19 now posted on Woodruff County Website at rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ - Click on (Obits/Weddings). See also Surname Index.

Woodruff County Cemetery Records have been updated to present 2012 with all old and new burials and are available in a binder. Prices vary depending on size of cemetery. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

For a complete list of the Family History Books now available go to rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ Click on (Family History Books) New books are being published monthly. Contact me to see if a Family History Book is available for your family.

Many other Woodruff County Obituaries, Articles, Weddings & Pictures, 1930 - 2012, are available that have not been posted yet. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

(LPR) - Loose Probate Records - 1862 - 1900, transcribed by Marion Stark Craig, MD
(Burial Record) - List birth date, death date, & cemetery
(Obit.) - Obituary Available
(Picture Obit.) - Available
(Article) - Available
(Picture Article) - Available
(Wedding Article) - Available
(Licensed to Wed) - Announcement
(Marriage) - Announcement
(Marriage Records) - List date, name, age, county, book & page number
(Picture Wedding Article) - Available
(Marriage Certificate) - Copy Available
(Biog.) - Biography Available
(Civil War Record) - Available
(Civil War Battles) - by Gary Telford (Story)
(Enlist. Record) - WW I enlistment record available
(Family History) - Available
(Family History Book) - Available
(Grave Marker Photo) - Available
(Story) - Available, most by Gary Telford

The following abbreviations have been used where space requires;
h/o--husband of
w/o--wife of
m/o--mother of
f/o--father of
d/o--daughter of
s/o--son of
b/o--brother of
sis. of--sister of
DS--on double stone (grave marker)
TS--on triple stone (grave marker)

Rabbit Ridge School (Article)

Racer, Lillie (Burial Record)

Rader, Bessie Marie (Burial Record).
Rader, Donald Wayne (Burial Record).
Rader, Jesse C. (Burial Record).
Rader, Joan Carol (Burial Record).

Rady, Mr. Robert "Thornton", s/o Mrs. Ben Bratcher of McCrory, (Burial Record) (Obit.)

Ragland, Hazel King, of Little Rock, w/o Chester H. Ragland (Obit.)

Raglin, Bettie L. (Burial Record)
Raglin, Dora Ella, DS with Finis H. "Bud" Raglin (Burial Record)
Raglin, Finis H., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Raglin, Finis H. "Bud", WW I, DS with Dora Ella Raglin (Burial Record)
Raglin, M. Evans (Burial Record)
Raglin, Martha Jane (Burns) (Burial Record)

Ragsdale, Fred "Freddie", s/o Aaron P. Ragsdale, DS with Jennie Ragsdale (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Ragsdale, Jennie, DS with Fred Ragsdale (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Ragsdale, Sarah A., and all children (LPR)
Ragsdale, Walter Odell, of Merigold, MS, formerly of McCrory, father of Odell Ragsdale & others (Obit.)

Railroad, Augusta Depot (Picture)
Railroad, Cotton Plant Fargo (Article)
Railroad, From Bald Knob to Memphis (Article)
Railroad, When "Old Jude" Road The Rails (Picture Article)
Railroad, Worlds Shortest Railroad (Article)

Raines, Linda Sue (Smith), d/o James Riley Smith (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Raley, Miss Freda, d/o Mrs. B. Raley of Pine Bluff, AR, married (Article)

Ramer, Charles M., s/o S. F. Ramer of Cotton Plant, AR, married (Article)
Ramer, Joseph Howard, of Heber Springs, AR, h/o Mary Ramer (Obit.)
Ramer, Lenna Nored, DS with Stephen Furran Ramer (Burial Record)
Ramer, Mary Bryce, d/o Robert & Pauline Ramer (Burial Record)
Ramer, Pauline (Lela Pauline), DS with Robert F. Ramer (Obit.)
Ramer, Robert F., s/o Mr. & Mrs. P. M. of Cotton Plant, married (Article)
Ramer, Robert F., DS with Pauline M. Ramer (Burial Record)
Ramer, Stephen Furran, DS with Lenna Nored Ramer (Obit.)
Ramer, Stephen H., WW II & Korea, DS with Eunice G. Ramer (Burial Record)

Ramey, Curley, (black) (Burial Record)
Ramey, Eliza, (black) (Burial Record)
Ramey, Freeman, (black) (Burial Record)
Ramey, George C., h/o Regina Ramey (Obit.)
Ramey, William, (black) (Burial Record).,

Ramsaur, James O., Capt. - 1832 - August 9, 1867 - Civil War CSA
Ramsaur, James O., C.S.A., TS with L.M. Ramsaur & W.P. Ramsaur (Burial Record)
Ramsaur, L.M., C.S.A., TS with James O. Ramsaur & W. P. Ramsaur (Burial Record)
Ramsaur, L. W., and heirs (LPR)
Ramsaur, Leonidas "Lee" M., C.S.A. (Burial Record)
Ramsaur, Lucien Shuford, s/o Leonidas "Lee" M. Ramsaur (Obit.) (Biog.)
Ramsaur, P. L. (Burial Record)
Ramsaur, W. P., TS with James O. Ramsaur & L.M. Ramsaur (Burial Record)

Ramsey Family - 1829 - 2012 - 5 generations (Family History Book)
Ramsey, Alberta, w/o Harry E. Ramsey (Obit.)
Ramsey, Alice A., DS with Guy Elmo Ramsey (Burial Record)
Ramsey, Bessie Louise, DS with Walter Ramsey (Obit.)
Ramsey, Billy T., Sr., s/o Guy Ramsey, "Completes Recruit Training" (Picture Article )
Ramsey, Billy T., Sr., s/o Guy Elmo Ramsey,Sr. (Obit.)
Ramsey, Charles "Sonny", "Helps Plan Medical Science Day at University" (Article)
Ramsey, Charles "Sonny", s/o Sidney Ramsey, "Given Award at U. of A." (Article)
Ramsey, Sheriff Edwin T., of Augusta, "Heads Peace Officers" (Article)
Ramsey, Sheriff E. T., of Augusta, "Brings Honors To Home County" (Picture Article)
Ramsey, Sheriff E. T., "Siezes His Fiftieth Illicit Liquor Still" (Picture Article)
Ramsey, Sheriff Edwin T. (Picture Story)
Ramsey, Sheriff E. T., h/o Mary Lou Ramsey (Obit.)
Ramsey, Ellis W., h/o Winnie Ramsey, "Is Beebe Editor" (Picture Article)
Ramsey, Ellis, "Buys Bald Knob Banner" (Article)
Ramsey, Fitzhugh Electra, "Birthday Dinner" (Article)
Ramsey, Fitzhugh Electra, DM with Wm. T. Ramsey (Obit.)
Ramsey, Mrs. Guy and son Billy's, "Birthday Party" (Article)
Ramsey, Guy, "First Cotton Bloom" (Article)
Ramsey, Guy Elmo, h/o Joyce Ramsey (Obit.)
Ramsey, Guy E. Jr. "Rex", so Guy Elmo Ramsey, Sr. (Obit.)
Ramsey, Guy Elmo, Sr., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Ramsey, Guy Elmo, Sr., DS with Alice A. Ramsey (Obit.)
Ramsey, Henretta, (black) (Burial Record)
Ramsey, Jewel L., w/o Oakley D. (Capt.) Ramsey (Burial Record)
Ramsey, Mary Lou, DS with Edwin T. Ramsey (Burial Record)
Ramsey, Maunsal, s/o Mrs. W. T. Ramsey, "Maunsal Ramsey Home On Furlough (Article)
Ramsey, Maunsel, s/o Mrs. Electra Ramsey, married (Article)
Ramsey, Maunsel, WW II, s/o Mrs. Electra Ramsey (Burial Record)
Ramsey, Mrs. Mona, d/o H. P. Riggs of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Ramsey, Capt. Oakley D., of San Antonio, TX, s/o W. T. & Electra Ramsey (Obit.)
Ramsey, R. A., Died Arkansas Confederate Home, near Little Rock (Obit.)
Ramsey, Shirley Ann, d/o Arthur Ramsey, "Tragedy Solved; Playmate Confesses" (Obit.)
Ramsey, Sidney Ann (Burial Record)
Ramsey, Sidney S., s/o W. T. Ramsey, married (Article)
Ramsey, Walter F., WW I, DS with Bessie Ramsey (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Ramsey, William Thomas, DM, with Fitzhugh Electra Ramsey (Burial Record)

Rand, Lester Don, s/o Lester Rand of McCrory, "At Navy Training Center" (Article)

Randall, Homer Edward, former mayor of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Randall, Jerold or Vergle David (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Randall, Karen Elizabeth, formerly of Hillemann (Obit.)
Randall, Nina Ostene, w/o Homer E. Randall (Obit.)
Randall, Nivada, death date missing (Burial Record)
Randall, Oliver Carl (Burial Record)
Randall, Sarah E. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Randall, Terry Dale (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Randall, Vergle David (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Randle, Peter, and heirs of (LPR)

Randolf, Lillie, (black) (Burial Record)

Randolph, Herba, WW I, of Cotton Plant (Enlist. Record)

Raney (Marriage Records) male, H through William M. Raney
Raney Family, Walter Wilson Raney - 9 Generations - 1786 - 2008 (Family History Book)
Raney, Alberta L., DS with Oscar Raney (Burial Record)
Raney, Charles Hartwell, married (Marriage Certificate)
Raney, Clay, Robert & T. J. Raney, sons of T. J. Raney, "Raney Brothers In Service" (Picture Article)
Raney, Clay Hayes, of Little Rock, AR, s/o Thomas J. Raney, Sr. (Burial Record)
Raney, Miss Dorothy, d/o Oscar Raney, married (Article)
Raney, Emma, No dates, d/o P. M. Raney (Burial Record)
Raney, Finettie Ellen, d/o Hartwell Raney (Burial Record)
Raney, H. T. (Article 1913)
Raney, Haley P., d/o P. H. Raney (Burial Record)
Raney, Hannibal, of Greenville, MS, formery of Woodruff Co., AR (Obit.)
Raney, Hartwell T., (Rev) (Burial Record)
Raney, Ida (Tarpley) Mayo (Picture Article 1952) (Picture 1953)
Raney, Infant, dtr of H. T. Raney (Burial Record)
Raney, Infant Daughter, DS with Infant Son Raney, Children of P. H. Raney (Burial Record)
Raney, Infant Son, DS with Infant Daughter Raney, Children of P. H. Raney (Burial Record)
Raney, Joe D., and widow Mollie Raney (LPR)
Raney, John M., s/o P. H. Raney (Burial Record)
Raney, Joseph Millard, s/o Joe D. Raney (LPR)
Raney, Julia Antionette, w/o Hartwell Thomas Raney (Burial Record)
Raney, Mack, s/o Daniel Raney & Cariline Raney, h/o Sara Raney (Obit.)
Raney, Maggie (LPR)
Raney, Mary E., d/o Hartwell Thomas, (Rev.) Raney (Burial Record)
Raney, Millard J., s/o Joe Raney & Mollie Raney (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Raney, Minnie L., infant d/o H. T. Raney (Burial Record)
Raney, Nancy E., d/o P. H. Raney (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Raney, Nettie Frances, w/o Walter W. Raney (Large Picture Obit.)
Raney, Oscar L., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Raney, Oscar Lee, h/o Lillian Alberta Raney (Burial Record)
Raney, P. H. (Burial Record)
Raney, Patrick M., Will of (LPR)
Raney, Thomas, CSA (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Raney, Thomas Jefferson, Jr. (Dr.), s/o T. J. Raney, Sr. h/o Verline Raney (Burial Record)
Raney, Thomas Jefferson, Sr., h/o Inez Raney (Obit.)
Raney, Verline, w/o Thomas J. Raney, Jr. (Burial Record)
Raney, W. G. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Raney, Mrs. Walter Wilson, "Mother And Daughter" (Picture Article)
Raney, Walter Wilson, 1887 - 1966, A man of many accomplishments, by G. T. (Family History)
Raney, Walter Wilson, "Raney In Race For Representative" (Article)
Raney, Walter W., of McCrory, married (Article)
Raney, Walter W. (Picture)
Raney, Walter W., s/o Rev. Hartwell T. Raney (Picture Obit. & Biog.)
Raney, Walter W., "Memorial Park will open to the public Summer of 1968" (Large article)
Raney, William T. (Burial Record)

Rankin, Mrs. Elva. of McCrory, AR, married (Article)
Rankin, Frankie DeLano (Marriage Record)
Rankin, Gustave J., s/o Mrs. J. E. Singleton (Obit.)
Rankin, Milton (Marriage Record)

Rankins, Robert (Marriage Record)
Rankins, Victoria, male (Marriage Record)

Ranser, F. E. (Marriage Record)

Ransey, Hester, male (Marriage Record)

Ranso,J. P. (Marriage Record)

Ransom Family 1793 - 2012 - 6 Generations (Family History Book)
Ransom, (Marriage Records) all male
Ransom, Amos Foster, h/o Irene Ransom (Obit.)
Ransom, Belle, DS with William L. Ransom (Burial Record)
Ransom, Charles "Charlie" Wayne, s/o Amos F. Ransom (Obit.)
Ransom, Irene, DS with Amos F. Ransom (Burial Record)
Ransom, James Barnett, h/o Margaret Ransom (Obit.)
Ransom, James Edward, DS with Jawanda Kay Ransom (Obit.)
Ransom, Jawanda Kay, DS with James E. Ransom (Obit.)
Ransom, Johnnie, injured, and David L. Love, dead, "Youth Killed As Car Crashes" (Article)
Ransom, Lawrence T. "Dude", s/o Margaret Ransom of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Ransom, Lawrence T., "Found dead in a hotel room in Memphis" (Obit.)
Ransom, Leonard Monroe, s/o James B. Ransom, h/o Lucy Ransom (Obit.)
Ransom, Mannie Belle, w/o William "Bill" Ransom (Typed Obit.)
Ransom, Naomi Olivia, m/o Eddie Ransom, & Pamala Holmes of Wynne (Obit.)
Ransom, Mrs. Vernie (Sparks) (Burial Record)
Ransom, William L., DS with Belle Ransom (Burial Record)

Ranson, Williams (Marriage Record)

Ranth, John L. (Marriage Record)

Rany, S. (Marriage Record)

Rasberry, Charlie (Marriage Record)
Rasberry, Fred R. (Marriage Record)
Rasberry, I. J. (Marriage Record)
Rasberry, Oscar (Marriage Record)
Rasberry, Will (Marriage Record)

Rascoe, James (Marriage Record)

Rash, Cinderella, m/o George Rash of Newport (Obit.)
Rash, George (Marriage Record)

Rasley, Willie (Marriage Record)

Raspberry, (Marriage Records) all male
Raspberry, Albert (Marriage Record)
Raspberry, Ethel (Lacy), (black) (Obit.)
Raspberry, Fred (Marriage Record)

Ratcliff, William (Marriage Record)

Ratliff, (Marriage Records) all male
Ratliff, Shelby Elizabeth, d/o John Ratliff of Wynne (Obit.)

Ratliffe, (Marriage Records) all male

Rattler, (Marriage Records) all male
Rattler, Melinda, (black), DS with Willie Rattler (Burial Record)
Rattler, Willie, (black), DS with Melinda Rattler (Obit.)

Ratter, Will (Marriage Record)

Rawls, (Marriage Records) all male
Rawls, Infant (Burial Record)

Ray, (Marriage Records) all male
Ray, Bill (Stephens Walter "Bill" Ray), DS with Dortha Ray (Obit.)
Ray, David Lynn, s/o Thomas M. Ray (Obit.)
Ray, Dortha Lorriane, DS with Stephens Walter "Bill" Ray (Obit.)
Ray, Edward B., DS with Florence J. Ray (Burial Record)
Ray, Ernest W., of Memphis, TN, formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Nell Ray (Obit.)
Ray, Eupha, w/o W. H. Ray (Obit.)
Ray, Josie (Fishel), w/o Eric Lamb Ray (Obit.)
Ray, Lucie M., widow of C. E. Ray (Obit.)
Ray, Mary Isoabell, w/o Thomas Morris Ray (Picture) (Obit.)
Ray, Mary Lou (Ray) Grady, d/o Ernest Ray (Obit.)
Ray, Thomas Morris, h/o Mary Isoabell Ray (Burial Record)
Ray, Zona (Marriage Record)
Ray, William D., of McCrory, "With Fifth Armored Division" (Article)

Rayburn, Cpt. Howell A. "Doc" Rayburn and Limber Jim, Confederate Hero (Story) by G. T.
Rayburn, James Harrison "Harry", of Cotton Plant, AR (Story)
Rayburn, James Harrison "Harry" (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)

Raymant, Nancy (Marriage Record)

Raymond, John Oram, Sr. (CSA) - 1840 - 2012 - 6 Generations (Family History Book)
Raymond, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Raymond, Alice S., w/o George O. Raymond (Burial Record)
Raymond, Alice Meta (Raymond) Kenney-Lawrence (Obit.)
Raymond, A. J. "Jack", "Jack Raymond...and His Mules" (Picture Article)
Raymond, Alice S. (Stack) Mary Alice (Obit.)
Raymond, Andrew Jackson, h/o Ester Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, Anna Murphy, DS with James W. Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, Annie Edna, w/o Otis H. Raymond (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Raymond, Camilla "Mellie", w/o J.M. Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, Miss Dottie (Dottye) Jean, "Fakes Chapel School Pupil Has Perfect Attendance" (Article)
Raymond, Eddie Z. (black), h/o Patsy (Obit.)
Raymond, Elinor Lyda, DS with John O. Raymond (Picture Obit.)
Raymond, Eliza D., d/o John Oram Raymond, Sr. (Burial Record)
Raymond, Emma Frances (Mrs. Doty), w/o Mr. Doty, also w/o Andrew J. "Jack" Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, Esther Lee, DS with A.J. Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, Esther Lee, "In Memoriam" (Article)
Raymond, Florance, DS with Malvern C. Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, Frances Raymond, d/o Jay Raymond, "Weds" (Article)
Raymond, Frazier, s/o W. A. Raymond, married (Article)
Raymond, Frazier Richard, s/o William Armour Raymond (Typed Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Raymond, G. O. (George O.), no dates listed, h/o Alice S. Raymond (Burial Record)
Raymond, Galan L. "Gay", w/o James Malvern Raymond (Picture Obit.)
Raymond, George W., family of (LPR)
Raymond, Gerald M., h/o Louise Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, Harriet Elizabeth, w/o Frazier R. Raymond (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Raymond, Harry B., Sr. of McCrory, married (Article)
Raymond, Harry B., Jr., s/o Mrs. Minnie Raymond, married (Article)
Raymond, Harry B., Sr., h/o Mary Raymond & Minnie Lou Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, Howard C., "Sgt. H. C. Raymond Wounded In Belgium" (Article) (Picture Article)
Raymond, Ida C., w/o Dr. James "Jim" Pearson Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, Dr. James Pearson, h/o Ida C. Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, James W., DS with Annie K. Raymond (Burial Record)
Raymond, Jerriel Lynn, s/o Patsy Raymond, h/o Chryl Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, "Mr. & Mrs. John Oram Raymond, II celebrate fiftieth anniversary" (Picture Article)
Raymond, John M., h/o Camilla "Mellie" Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, John O. "Jay", DS with Maude M. Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, John Oram, II, h/o Elinor Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, John Oram Sr., h/o Sarah Margaret Raymond, & h/o Sarah "Sallie" Raymond (LPR)
Raymond, Johnny Ralton "Anthony", s/o Andrew Jackson Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, Lola, d/o George Killough Lawrence, w/o Billy Jenkins & Junior Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, Miss Lucille, d/o Mr. & Mrs. John O. Raymond, Jr., married (Article)
Raymond, Malvern Columbus, h/o Florence Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, Marcus "Mark", s/o Andrew J. Raymond, "Weds" (Article 1937) (Article 1946)
Raymond, Mark (William Mark "Hannah") (Article) (Obit.)
Raymond, Maude M., DS with John Oram (Jay) Raymond, Jr. (Obit.)
Raymond, Maurine, d/o Alice Raymond, "To Wed In June" (Picture Article)
Raymond, Maurine, d/o Mrs. Alice Raymond of McCrory (Wedding Article)
Raymond, Maurine, d/o Mrs. Alice Raymond (Picture Bride & Groom)
Raymond, Mrs. Mellie, w/o John M. Raymond, "Birthday Dinner" (Article)
Raymond, Mellie, w/o John M. Raymond (Burial Record)
Raymond, Miss Meta, victim, "Series Of Robberies Here Last Night" (Article) (Obit.)
Raymond, Mrs. Mildred M., w/o Frazier Richard Raymond (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Raymond, Miss Mildred, d/o Jack Raymond of McCrory, married (Article)
Raymond, Otis Hubert, h/o Annie Edna Raymond (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Raymond, Otis Lynn, U. S. Navy, father of Randy Raymond (Article) (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Raymond, Pat, d/o Malvern C. Raymond, "Wedding Announced" (Picture Article)
Raymond, Rosa Eleanor, w/o William A. Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, Sarah "Sallie" F., w/o John O. Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, Teresa Ann, w/o Mark Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, Miss Velma Rose, "Installed as president of B. & P. W. Club" (Picture Article)
Raymond, Miss Velma Rose, d/o George Raymond, "Seeks City Office Of Recorder" (Article)
Raymond, Miss Velma Rose, "First Lady Elected To Office In City Of McCrory) (Picture Article)
Raymond, Miss Velma Rose & sister, opens,"New Velma's Dress Shop, Best In County" (Picture Article)
Raymond, Miss Velma Rose "Velma's Dress Shop Sold to Augustians" (Article)
Raymond, Velma Rose (Obit.)
Raymond, William Armour, h/o Rosa Eleanor Raymond (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Raymond, William Marcus, of McCrory, s/o Jack Raymond, married (Article)
Raymond, William Mark, s/o George Raymond, married (Article)
Raymond, William Mark, s/o George Raymond (Obit.)
Raymond, William Marcus, h/o Edath Raymond, & Evelyn Raymond (Burial Record)

Rayner, John Wesley - 6 Generations 1809 - 2011 (Family History Book)
Rayner, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Rayner, Angela Ray (Little), d/o Jimmy Little & Diane Little (Obit.)
Rayner, Elizabeth, of Covington, TN, w/o Rev. Lawrence Rayner (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Rayner, Emma Sue, d/o Mrs. Lillie Rayner of McCrory, AR, married (Article)
Rayner, Emma Sue, d/o Mrs. Lillie Rayner of McCrory, AR, married (Article)
Rayner, George Anderson, s/o John Rayner, "Engaged", to Julia Irene Dye, (Article)
Rayner, George Anderson, h/o Julia Irene Rayner (Obit.)
Rayner, George Dye, "McCrory man injured in accident with train at Patterson on Friday" (Article)
Rayner, George Dye, s/o George Anderson Rayner (Obit.)
Rayner, John Wesley, h/o Lillie May Rayner (Obit.)
Rayner, Julia Irene, "Marriage Solemnized Sunday" (Picture Article)
Rayner, Julia Irene, w/o George Rayner, "Shower Given Recent Bride" (Article)
Rayner, Julia Irene, w/o George Anderson Rayner (Obit.)
Rayner, Rev. Lawrence, of Covington, TN, h/o Elizabeth Rayner (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Rayner, Lillie May, w/o John W. Rayner (Obit.)
Rayner, Mary A., d/o John W. Rayner (Burial Record)

Raywood, Henry (Marriage Record)

Raze, Joke (Marriage Record)

Razer, J. R. (Marriage Record)
Razer, (Marriage Records) all female

Razor, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Razor, Bobbie J., WW I, of Augusta (Enlist. Record)
Razor, Grant, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Razor, Ivory, (black) (Obit.)

Rea, Modena Elizabeth, of Wynne, w/o James Thomas Rea (Obit.)
Rea, (Marriage Records) all female

Read, (Marriage Records) all female
Read, Chas. Edward (Burial Record)
Read, Gordon Wesley (Marriage Record)
Read, Marion S., Jr. (Burial Record)

Readers, F. B. (Marriage Record)

Reagan, (Marriage Records) male, Charles through Roy & all female
Reagan, Bobby C. (Burial Record)
Reagan, Charles Alonzo (Obit.)
Reagan, Charles E., DS with Ethel M. Regan (Obit.)
Reagan, Mrs. Lillie, w/o Jim D. Reagan (Obit.)
Reagan, Ralph, s/o Mrs. W. E. Raegan, "Young Man Loses Arm In Cotton Gin" (Article)
Reagan, Raymond Alfred - 1921, h/o Virginia Reagan (Obit.)
Reagan, Raymond Alfred, DS with Virginia K. Reagan (Obit.)
Reagan, Virginia K., DS with Raymond Alfred Reagan (Obit.)

Reagles, Earl (Marriage Record)

Reagon, Cora (Marriage Record)

Reams, L. J. (Marriage Record)

Reamus, John (Marriage Record)

Reanes, Nora V. (Marriage Record)

Rear, Lucy (Marriage Record)

Rearick, Donald D. (Marriage Record)

Reason, Versie, female (Marriage Record)

Reaves, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Reaves, George, (black) (Burial Record)
Reaves, James Thomas, s/o Lucy Virginia Reaves (Obit.)
Reaves, Jessie L., WW I Vet, of Bradford, AR, father of Miss Janet Reaves (Obit.)
Reaves, Lucy V., w/o James William Reaves (Obit.)
Reaves, Percy, (black),WW I, of McCrory (Enlist. Record)

Rebels' Hell, Little Rock's Yankee Prison (AKA Rebels' Hell) 1863 - 1865 (Story), by G.T.

Rechtin, (Marriage Records) all female

Reckley, Lenord (Marriage Record)

Reckman, Velina (Marriage Record)

Record, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Red School House (Article)

Redcliff, Jessie, female (Marriage Record)

Redd, Claud M., WW I, of Augusta (Enlist. Record) (Marriage Record)
Redd, Done, female (Marriage Record)

Reddell, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Reddell, Anna A. (Ball), w/o Raymond Henry Reddell (Obit.)
Reddell, Fannie, w/o Jeff (Burial Record)
Reddell, Jeff, h/o Fannie (Burial Record)
Reddell, Jimmy Dean, s/o Neal Donald Reddell (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Reddell, Kenneth Howard, h/o Loucilla Reddell (Obit.)
Reddell, Letha M., DS with Thaddys J. Reddell (Burial Record)
Reddell, Neal Donald, h/o Willie Dean Reddell (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Reddell, Peggy Jean, d/o Thaddeus Reddell, "First Place Winner In Demostration" (Picture Article)
Reddell, Thaddys J., DS with Letha M. Reddell (Obit.)
Reddell, Tony Neal, h/o Donna Sue Reddell (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Redden, Lucille (Marriage Record)
Redden, W. R. (Marriage Record)

Reddick, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Reddie, Ben (Marriage Record)

Reddin, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Reddin, A. R. (Marriage Record)
Reddin, John & Fletcher Reddin (LPR)

Redding, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Redding, Fletcher H., "Dies In A Searcy Hospital", f/o Ernest Redding & others (Obit.)

Reddith, J. F. (Marriage Record)

Reddle, (Marriage Records) all female

Reden, George F., s/o Will Reden and Sina Reden (Burial Record)
Reden, John T. (Marriage Record)

Redic, Sarah (Marriage Record)

Redick, Armstead (Marriage Record)
Redick, Virdie (Marriage Record)

Redman, Ella (Marriage Record)
Redman, Evelyn, DS with James Odale Redman (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Redman, James Odale, DS with Evelyn Redman (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Redmond, Lola (Marriage Record)

Redus, Richard Neville, (black) (Burial Record)

Redwine, Bessie, w/o T.G. Redwine (Burial Record)

Reece, (Marriage Records) all female
Reece, Albert Hardgrove (Burial Record)

Reed, William A. Reed & Margaret E. (Land) Reed (Story), by G. T.
Reed, William A. Reed & Margaret E. (Land) Reed - 4 Generations - 1831 - 2007 (Family History)
Reed, (Marriage Records) male, Taggart C. through Zonia & all female
Reed, Annie E., d/o William A. Reed (Burial Record)
Reed, Beatrice Marie, DS with William Reed (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Reed, Douglass H., s/o William A. Reed (Burial Record)
Reed, Edmund, & Mollie Reed (LPR)
Reed, Ella, of Conway, d/o H. H. Allen, Sr. of Cotton Plant, w/o John Reed (Obit.)
Reed, Ellen, w/o William Alexander Reed (Burial Record)
Reed, Elzie, sis. of Mrs. Lilly Powell of McCrory (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Reed, Florence M., d/o William Alexander Reed (Burial Record)
Reed, Florence May, & others (LPR)
Reed, Frank, (black), WW I, of McClelland (Enlist. Record)
Reed, Gladys Elizabeth, DM, with Roy Wayne Reed (Picture Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Reed, Goldman, s/o Elsie Reed-Pennington (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Reed, Howard Eugene, s/o Lewis Reed, "Cotton Plant Child Killed When Struck By Auto" (Obit.)
Reed, Irene (Marriage Record)
Reed, Jefferson Hugo (Burial Record)
Reed, John Stanley, s/o Elsie Reed (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Reed, John W. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Reed, Kathleen, w/o James Dwane Reed of Augusta (Obit.)
Reed, Olive (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Reed, Robert Lee, (black), h/o Ruthie (Obit.)
Reed, Roy Wayne "Red", DM with Gladys Elizabeth Reed (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Reed, Thomas, of Wooster, h/o Audrey (Hankins) Reed (Obit.)
Reed, Walter B., (black), h/o Annie S. Reed (Obit.)
Reed, William, s/o Elsie Reed, DS with Beatrice M. Reed (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Reed, William Alexander, h/o Margaret Ellen (Land) Reed (Burial Record)

Reeden, (Marriage Records) all female

Reedens, Herbert (Marriage Record)

Reeder, (Marriage Records) all male

Reedesel, Gracie (Marriage Record)

Reedick, Burnice (Marriage Record)

Reedis, John (Marriage Record)

Reeds, Irene (Marriage Record)
Reeds, J. T. (Marriage Record)

Reedy, Delia (Marriage Record)
Reedy/Ready, Jeremiah, h/o Mary Reedy/Ready (LPR)

Reenes, Alice (Marriage Record

Reese, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Reets, Laney, female (Marriage Record)

Reeves, Family - 7 Generations - "Collector's Edition" - 1855 - 2009 (Family History Book)
Reeves, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Reeves, Bobby, s/o A. E. Reeves & Elaine Reeves, of CA (Obit.)
Reeves, Bobby Lynn (Obit.)
Reeves, Charles, h/o Joyce, "Seeks 2nd term as JP" (Picture Article)
Reeves, DeVona, of Forrest City, AR, w/o Jerry Reeves (Obit.)
Reeves, Earl, DS with Erlene Reeves (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Reeves, Edward M., h/o Cleo Reeves (Obit.)
Reeves, Ellis Doyle, "Receives Award for Sunday School Attendance" (Article)
Reeves, Elmo, "Candidate for Justice of Peace" (Article)
Reeves, "Elmo Reeves retires" (Picture Article)
Reeves, Elmo H. (Homer Elmo), DS with Minnie Belle Reeves (Picture Obit.)
Reeves, Erlene E., w/o Earl W. Reeves (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Reeves, Ernest, (black), WW I, of Cotton Plant (Enlist. Record)
Reeves, Essie B. (Essie Ester), w/o Jacob "Jake" Walter Reeves (Obit.)
Reeves, Family Reunion, held Sunday, July 3, 1955 at the home of Elmo Reeves (Article)
Reeves, Genora, w/o Tom Reeves (Obit.)
Reeves, Gerald, h/o Frances Reeves (Obit.)
Reeves, Hasteen, (black), w/o Wilson Reeves (Obit.)
Reeves, Helen, d/o Tom Reeves, married (Article)
Reeves, Homer Earl Reeves, s/o Elmo Reeves, engaged (Picture Article)
Reeves, Homer Earl, "Homer Reeves candidate for sheriff's office" (Picture Article)
Reeves, Homer Elmo, "Reeves Family Has Reunion Sunday" (Article)
Reeves, Jake W., "Murder Victim" (Obit.)
Reeves, James David, h/o Norma Jean Reeves (Obit.)
Reeves, James Walter (Burial Record)
Reeves, Jeanie, w/o Luther Reeves, Sr. (Obit.)
Reeves, Jerry, (black), WW I, of Augusta (Enlist. Record) (Burial Record)
Reeves, Jerry L., Infant (Burial Record)
Reeves, Jerry Lewis "Biddy" (Obit.)
Reeves, John W., "Tractor Accident Fatal To Bullville Boy, Funeral Today" (Obit.)
Reeves, Johnnie, Infant (Burial Record)
Reeves, Joyce, d/o Elmo Reeves, to marry (Article) (Article)
Reeves, Larry Don "Pete" (Obit.)
Reeves, Lindsey Dell, Weds" (Picture Article)
Reeves, Lonnie "Red", s/o Luther Reeves (Obit.)
Reeves, Louis, (black), Pvt. U.S. Army WW I (Enlist. Record)
Reeves, Louis, (black), Pvt. U.S. Army WW I (Burial Record)
Reeves, Louise, d/o Tom Reeves of McCrory, married (Article)
Reeves, Luther Coleman, Jr. "Two Children Saved As Home Burns in Beards Community" (Article)
Reeves, Luther Coleman, Jr. (Burial Record)
Reeves, Luther Coleman, Sr., h/o Jeanie Reeves (Obit.)
Reeves, Mainard, (black), Cpl. U. S. Army WW II (Obit.)
Reeves, Mary, (black) (Burial Record)
Reeves, Minnie Belle, DS with Elmo H. (Homer Elmo) (Picture Obit.), in fold
Reeves, Ricky Wayne, s/o Gerald Reeves (Burial Record)
Reeves, Rosetta, (black) (Burial Record)
Reeves, Sarah, (black) (Burial Record)
Reeves, Sol, (black) (Enlist. Record)
Reeves, Sol., (black), WW I Veteran (Burial Record)
Reeves, Teran Nicole, "McCrory High School Senior Class of 2003" (Picture)
Reeves, Tom, "To Serve on Council" (Article)
Reeves, Tom, DS with Genora M. Reeves (Burial Record)
Reeves, Thomas Edward, child (Burial Record)
Reeves, Walter, (black) (Burial Record)
Reeves, William Earl, DS with Erlene Reeves (Obit.)
Reeves, Wilson, (black), DS with Hasteen Reeves (Burial Record)

Regan, Bettie (Marriage Record)
Regan, E. O. (Marriage Record)

Reggans, Eliz (Marriage Record)

Regnold, Ollie, female (Marriage Record)

Reid, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Reid, Allen Hightower, "Heart Attack Is Fatal To A. H. Reid", h/o Ardith Reid (Obit.)
Reid, Laura & Ewing Reid (LPR)
Reid, Luther A., of Conway, AR, WW I Vet., h/o Maud Reid (Obit.)
Reid, Ray, of Tuckerman (Obit.)
Reid, Willie J., (black), WW I, of Cotton Plant (Enlist. Record)

Reiff, J. H. (Marriage Record)

Reigel, Lester R., Jr. (Marriage Record)

Reman, Maxine (Marriage Record)

Rembe, Casie (Marriage Record)

Remington, Maud (Marriage Record)

Remis, George (Marriage Record)

Rendricks, Clarie (Marriage Record)

Reneau, Family - 14 Generations - 1632 - 2007 (Family History Book)
Reneau, (Marriage Records) male, G. W. through Joseph Reneau & female, Christine through Kathryne
Reneau, Christine, of Howell, AR, married (Article)
Reneau, Florence (Burial Record)
Reneau, George R. & wife Martha E. Reneau (LPR)
Reneau, George William, of Amarillo, TX, formerly of Woodruff Co., AR (Obit.)
Reneau, George Riley, h/o Martha Emeline Reneau (Burial Record)
Reneau, George W., of Monroe, LA, b/o Mrs. C. W. Brooks of Howell (Part of Obit.)
Reneau, Rev. Henry, h/o Cora Lee Reneau (Obit)
Reneau, James Henry Reneau & Ollie Larra Reneau, "Family Reunion" (Biog.)
Reneau, James Henry, h/o Ollie Larra Reneau (Burial Record)
Reneau, James "Jimmie" Wesley, Sr., h/o Mary L. Reneau & Sallie (Salley) A. Reneau (Burial Record)
Reneau, J.Y. (Burial Record)
Reneau, Lela, of Howell, AR, married (Marriage Record)
Reneau, Martha E., w/o George R. Reneau (Obit.)
Reneau, Robert Elijah "Bob", h/o Ruby Reneau (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Reneau, Salley, w/o Jimmie Reneau, no dates (Burial Record)
Reneau, Stephen Henry, of Houston, TX, h/o Fannie Reneau (Obit.)
Reneau, Will (Thomas William "Will" Manuel Reneau) (Burial Record)
Reneau, William L., & children (LPR)

Renfro, Mayo, U.S. Air Force, s/o Hazel Renfro (Picture Article)

Renick, Buddy, s/o Walter Edwin Renick, Sr. (Obit.)
Renick, Elreba, d/o W. E. Renick, married (Article)
Renick, Ruth, DS with Walter E. Renick, Jr. (Burial Record)
Renick, Viola, child (Burial Record)
Renick, Walter E., Sr., h/o Isa Carol Renick (Obit.)
Renick, Walter E., Jr., DS with Ruth Renick (Obit.)

Renfro, John M., heirs of (LPR)

Resseguie, Paul Marvin, of Searcy, s/o Paul Marvin Resseguie, Sr. (Obit.)

Revel, Family - 1782 - 2012 - 6 Generations (Family History Book)
Revel, School (Article) (Class Picture), abt. 1910
Revel, ????, s/o J.W. Revel (Burial Record)
Revel, Abbie, w/o J.W. Revel (Burial Record)
Revel, Bobbie Ann, m/o Michael Duke Revel & others (Obit.)
Revel, Catharine, d/o J.W. Revel (Burial Record)
Revel, Duke, h/o Roselyn Revel (Burial Record)
Revel, Duke, s/o John W. Revel, "Weds" (Lg. Picture Article)
Revel, G.W. (Burial Record)
Revel, Infant, s/o John W. Revel (Burial Record)
Revel, John W., Sr., C.S.A., h/o Kate D. Revel (Burial Record)
Revel, John W., Sr., CSA (Biog.)
Revel, John W., Jr., "Former Augusta Man Is Killed in Chicago" (Obit.)
Revel, John William, s/o Duke Revel (Burial Record)
Revel, Mary Elizabeth, d/o J.W. Revel & M.L. Revel (Burial Record)
Revel, Mary L., w/o John W. Revel (Burial Record)
Revel, Micheal Duke, s/o Bobbie Ann (Elam) Revel (Burial Record)
Revel, Roselyn, w/o Duke Revel (Obit.)
Revel, Sophia C., Consort of Duke Revel (Burial Record)
Revel, Thurman M., s/o John W. Revel & Mary L. Revel (Burial Record)

Revelle, Earl, h/o Lois (Tate) Revelle (Obit.)

Revells, Mary Eliza (Marriage Record)

Revolutionary War - 1775 - 1783
Rev. War, Revolutionary War Veterans of Woodruff County (Burial Records)

Reynolds, Family - 1868 - 2011 - 4 Generations (Family History)
Reynolds, Ada F., DS with Forrest B. Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, Alpheus, "100 Attend 59th Wedding Anniversary" (Article 1948)
Reynolds, Alpheus "Alfred" H., DM with Julia Arnette Reynolds (Article 1951)
Reynolds, Alta Mae, w/o Clarence E. Reynolds (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Reynolds, Miss Billie Mae, of Tupelo, AR, d/o Bill Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, Chester, of Beedeville, h/o Mildred Ruth Reynolds (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Reynolds, Clarence E., s/o Forrest B. Reynolds, "Receives Promotion" (Article)
Reynolds, Clarence E., "Local Boy In England With U. S. Eighth Army Air Force" (Article)
Reynolds, Clarence, s/o Forrest Reynolds of Morton, AR, married (Article)
Reynolds, Clarence, h/o Alta Mae Reynolds, 59th Weddding Anniv. (Picture Article)
Reynolds, Clarence Everett, s/o Forrest B. Reynolds, h/o Alta Mae Reynolds (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Reynolds, David Allen, h/o Mary W. Reynolds (Picture Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Reynolds, Elanine, d/o W. O. Reynolds, married (Marriage Record)
Reynolds, Elwood, "Four Hurt In Crash" (Article)
Reynolds, Elwood "Shorty", "Opens New Store" (Picture Article)
Reynolds, Elwood "Shorty", h/o Fannie Fern Reynolds (Picture Article)
Reynolds, Elwood (James Elwood), DS with Fannie Fern H. Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, Ernest, of Wynne, AR (Obit.)
Reynolds, Ernest C. "Rat", DS with Marcia L. Reynolds (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Reynolds, Eva Lena, DS with L.M. Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, Fannie Fern, w/o James Elwood "Shorty" Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, Forrest B., Sr., h/o Ada F. Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, Forrest Byram, Jr., U.S. Navy, "Receives Promotion" (Article)
Reynolds, Forrest Byram, Jr., U.S. Navy, "Receives Discharge" (Picture Article)
Reynolds, Frances, of Tempe, Arizona, w/o Hudson Gillis (Dr.) Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, Guy W., s/o Wm. O. Reynolds, h/o Hazel Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, Helen Marie, w/o James Edgar Reynolds (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Reynolds, J.C. (Burial Record)
Reynolds, James Edgar (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Reynolds, James Elwood "Shorty", h/o Fannie Fern Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, Jeanett Pamela, d/o Clarence Everett Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, Julia Arnette, DM with Alphaeus H. Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, L. M., DS with Eva Lena Reynolds (Burial Record)
Reynolds, Lewis A., s/o Forrest B. Reynolds, Sr. (Obit.)
Reynolds, Louis J., WW I, of Fitzhugh (Enlist. Record)
Reynolds, Marcia L., w/o Ernest C. "Rat" Reynolds (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Reynolds, Marion Campbell, s/o Eva Lena Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, Max Louis, of Tupelo, s/o William Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, Mildred Ruth, w/o Chester Walter Reynolds (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Reynolds, Noel, s/o Forrest B. Reynolds, Sr., married (Marriage Record)
Reynolds, Miss Pauline, d/o Wm. O. Reynolds of McCrory, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Reynolds, Phillip A., s/o Guy W. Reynolds, h/o Marsha Reynolds (Typed Obit.) (Picture)
Reynolds, R. C., s/o Wm. Osborne Reynolds, "Local Boy To Be Reclassified" (Article)
Reynolds, R. C., s/o Wm. O. Reynolds, of McCrory, married (Article)
Reynolds, Roger Dale, s/o Clarence Everett Reynolds (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Reynolds, Mrs. Roger D. (Sharon), "Widow files suit against plane maker", asking $1.8 million (Article)
Reynolds, Rolfe, s/o Wm. O. Reynolds, married (Marriage Record)
Reynolds, Ross R., Sr., of Eudora, MS, formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
Reynolds, Roy, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Reynolds, Roy, WW I (Burial Record)
Reynolds, Sallie A., w/o William O. Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, Velma Lee, w/o Wm. O. Reynolds (Burial Record)
Reynolds, Vivian (Obit.)
Reynolds, Miss Virginia, d/o Will O. Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, Wiley M., heirs of (LPR)
Reynolds, William "Little Willie", of Beedeville, AR, h/o Etta Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, Wm. O., "Family Reunion" (Article)
Reynolds, William Osborne, h/o Velma Lee Reynolds & Sallie Reynolds (Obit.)
Reynolds, Woody, s/o Elwood Reynolds of McCrory, married (Article)

Rhinard, Hazel, "Weds" (Article)

Rhodes, The Magical Touch of Jimmy Rhodes (Story) by G.T.
Rhodes, Carolyn Sue, m/o Jimmy Rhodes of Augusta (Picture Obit.)
Rhodes, Charlene Davis, of St. Charles, IL, formerly of Colt, AR, w/o Arnold Rhodes (Obit.)
Rhodes, Elmo, b/o Arnold Rhodes, "Local Sergeant Gets Honorable Discharge" (Article)
Rhodes, Elmo E., DS with Patsy Rhodes (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Rhodes, Ernest Thomas, h/o Ethel Cordilla Rhodes (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Rhodes, Ethel Cordilla, w/o Ernest Thomas Rhodes (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Rhodes, F. Marion, h/o Virginia L. Rhodes (Obit.)
Rhodes, Hiram H. (Enlist. Record) (Burial Record)
Rhodes, Irene (Burial Record)
Rhodes, James, "James Rhodes Buys Powell Funeral Home" (Article)
Rhodes, James L., DS with Mildred J. Rhodes (Picture Obit.)
Rhodes, Jimmy Lee, Sr., DS with Cindy M. Rhodes (Picture Obit.)
Rhodes, Lenise, (black), d/o Earlie Rhodes of Gregory (Obit.)
Rhodes, M. T. (Melton Tate), of Spiro, OK, h/o Lora Ann Rhodes (Obit.)
Rhodes, Russell B., s/o Mattie Josephine Rhodes (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Rhodes, Susan, mother of Dovie (Rhodes) Colston-Ridge (Burial Record)
Rhodes, Virginia L., w/o F.M. Rhodes (Burial Record)
Rhodes, W. K. (Burial Record)

Rice, David Mitchell - 5 Generations - 1841 - 2012 (Family History)
Rice, Austin Earl, Sr., h/o Clara C. Rice (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Rice, Bess Morris (Lamb), w/o Winston C. Rice (Obit.)
Rice, Clara C., w/o Austin Earl Rice, Sr. (Marker Photo)
Rice, Clayton L., DS with Emma M. Rice (Burial Record)
Rice, David M., h/o Pearl (Rushing) Rice (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Rice, Dealie Flossie, w/o Thomas Jefferson Rice (Obit.)
Rice, Emma M., DS with Clayton L. Rice (Burial Record)
Rice, Mrs. Doyce Eloise, of Greenbrier, s/o Mrs. Lindell (Rice) Morris (Picture Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Rice, Eulah E., DM with Robert H. Rice (Burial Record)
Rice, George (LPR)
Rice, George, (black), WW I, of Cotton Plant (Enlist. Record)
Rice, Gregory, of Chicago (Obit.)
Rice, Laura (Thoma), sis. of Paul Thoma (Obit.)
Rice, Martha Ann, w/o Thomas Rice (Obit.)
Rice, Mollie (Moldan), of N. Little Rock, formerly of Augusta, , d/o Mrs. Etta Moldan (Obit.)
Rice, Pearl (Rushing), w/o David M. Rice (Obit.)
Rice, Robert H., DM, with Eulah Rice (Obit.)
Rice, Ruth, d/o Austin Earl Rice, "Weds" (Article)
Rice, Mrs. Thelma Rosell, w/o Clayton L. Rice of Tupelo, AR (Obit.)
Rice, Tom, h/o Dealie Flossie Rice (Burial Record)
Rice, Thomas, of Cotton Plant, h/o Martha Rice (Obit.)
Rice, Thomas F., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Rice, Winston Curtis, h/o Bess Morris Rice (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Rich, Clarence S., of Stuttgart, h/o Myrtle Rich (Obit.)
Rich, Wray Winston, of Somerville, TN, bro. of Boyd Rich of Judsonia (Obit.)

Richards, Bonnie Conner-Clay-Grove, sis. of Ernestine Quick of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Richards, Clarice, of Bald Knob, AR, w/o Willie Richards (Obit.)
Richards, Othello (LPR)
Richards, Penny D., (black), d.o Harris Richards, Sr. (Obit.)
Richards, Preston, s/o Kenneth Richards, "Infant Dies After Drinking Kerosene" (Obit.)
Richards, Willie, w/o Clarice Richards (Burial Record)

Richardson, No dates listed (He was a preacher) (Burial Record)
Richardson, Alma C. (Burial Record)
Richardson, Benjamin (Burial Record)
Richardson, Carrie (Burial Record)
Richardson, Essie, Arkansas, Pvt., 524 Engineers (Burial Record)
Richardson, George, (black), s/o Johnny Richardson (Obit.)
Richardson, Henry, (black) (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Richardson, John E., s/o John F. Richardson (Burial Record)
Richardson, John F., h/o Mary E. Richardson (LPR)
Richardson, John F. (Burial Record)
Richardson, Justin, of Bald Knob, formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Gladys (Ross) (Obit.)
Richardson, Lillian L., w/o Elbert Richardson (Obit.)
Richardson, Mary E. (LPR)
Richardson, Patricia Ann, (black), DS with C.H. Richardson (Obit.)
Richardson, Pearl, (black) (Burial Record)
Richardson, Robert Price, Jr., married (Article)
Richardson, Susie Alma, d/o John F. Richardson (Burial Record)

Richey, Adelma H., DS with Mittie L. Richey (Burial Record)
Richey, Infant (Burial Record)
Richey, Mittie L., DS with Adelma H. Richey (Burial Record)
Richey, Vernon O., WW I, of Hunter (Enlist. Record) (Burial Record)

Richland Rangers, History--Company D, 13th Arkansas Infantry Regiment, by G. T. (Article)

Richmond, Easter A., DS with George W. Richmond (Burial Record)
Richmond, George W., DS with Easter A. Richmond (Burial Record)
Richmond, Geraldine, widow of Tom Richmond (Obit.)
Richmond, Henry (Burial Record)
Richmond, Infant, d/o 0. W. Richmond (Burial Record)
Richmond, J. F. (Obit.)
Richmond, Kyle (Burial Record)
Richmond, Miss Lillie, sis. of Miss Ila Richmond (Obit.)
Richmond, Louie Meria (Burial Record)
Richmond, Masonic Lodge was organized in 1855

Richy, Mary (Burial Record)

Riddle, Booker T. (black) (Obit.)
Riddle, Chartoce (Burial Record)
Riddle, Lindberg, h/o Lula Mae Riddle (Burial Record)
Riddle, Sarah J. (Marriage Record)
Riddle, Susie A. (Obit.)
Riddle, Patrick (Burial Record)
Riddle, Theodore, female (Marriage Record)

Rideout, (Marriage Records) all female
Rideout, Rilla Delena "R.D." (Roddy), (black), w/o Jim Rideout (Obit.)

Rider, Adam, WW I, race white (Enlist. Record)
Rider, Daisy, of Woodruff Co., married (Marriage Record)
Rider, Edward, h/o of Elizabeth Rider (Burial Record)
Rider, Edwin C., h/o Retha Rider (Picture Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Rider, Richard, h/o Amelia Rider (Burial Record) (LPR)
Rider, Richard, d. 1909 (Burial Record)
Rider, Stephen Paul, s/o Edwin Rider (Obit.)

Ridg, Burnice (Marriage Record)

Ridge, (Marriage Records) all female
Ridge, Berna Dean, w/o Joe Norris Ridge (Obit.)
Ridge, Freeman, s/o Joseph Ridge (Burial Record)
Ridge, Herman Washington, h/o Mrs. Marie Ridge (Obit.)
Ridge, Joe, married (Marriage Announ.)
Ridge, Joe, h/o Ollie Ridge (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Ridge, Joe Norris, h/o Berna Dean Ridge (Obit.)
Ridge, Ollie Jane, w/o Joe Ridge & Emmett H. Taylor (Picture Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Ridge, Robert (Rob), s/o Joe Ridge & Dovie Ridge (Burial Record)

Ridgeway, The Ridgeway/Ridgway Family - 8 Generations - 1820-2011 (Family History Book)
Ridgeway, (Marriage Records) all female
Ridgeway, Billie Wayne, s/o Rufus Ridgeway (Obit.)
Ridgeway, Irene Nell (Burial Record)
Ridgeway, Jesse Lee, "On Duty" (Picture Article)
Ridgeway, Kevin (Burial Record)
Ridgeway, Phillip Wayne, h/o Annie Sue Ridgeway (Picture Obit.)

Ridgway, Andrew Elvis (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Ridgway, Carrie Antonette, w/o of Andrew Elvis Ridgway (Marker Photo)
Ridgway, Dorothea Marie, w/o Elvis Douglas Ridgway (Marker Photo)
Ridgway, Elvis Douglas, h/o Dorothea M. Ridgway (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Ridgway, Mr. Jesse Lee, U. S. Navy WW II (Burial Record)
Ridgway, Kenneth, of CA, s/o David Ridgway (Obit.)
Ridgway, Philip Wainwright, "Another Comrade Answers Call To High Command" (Biog. Obit.)
Ridgway, Wainwight, WW I, of McCrory (Enlist. Record)

Riding, Jeanette (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Riding, Marie (Marriage Record)
Riding, Nancy Dawson Shaner (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Riding, Thomas Clarence, of Brinkley, AR, h/o Nannie Lee Riding (Obit.)

Ridings, Edna (Sanders), of Heber Springs, w/o Grover Ridings (Obit.)
Ridings, Grover, h/o Edna Ridings (Burial Record)
Ridings, Lucy, w/o W. W. Ridings (Obit.)
Ridings, W. W., h/o Lucy (Burial Record)

Ridley, Josie Marie, w/o Bobby Ridley (Obit.)

Ridlidge, Addie (Marriage Record)

Rieff, Martha Jane "Mattie" (Kennedy) (Burial Record)

Rieves, Bill, shoots man, "Man Is Killed On Houseboat" (Article)

Riggers, James (Marriage Record)

Riggins, (Marriage Records) all female
Riggins, Daniel McKelly, WW I, of Augusta (Enlist. Record)
Riggins, Martha, (black) (Burial Record)

Riggs, (Marriage Records) all female
Riggs, Bernie, DS with Hamilton P. Riggs, Jr. (Burial Record)
Riggs, Charles "Charlie" Elmer, s/o Hamilton P. Riggs (Obit.)
Riggs, Cora (McGhee) (Burial Record)
Riggs, H. P., "$10, 000 Fire Loss In Two Homes" (Article)
Riggs, Hamilton Porter, Sr., of McCrory (Obit.)
Riggs, Hamilton P. Jr., DS with Bernie Riggs (Obit.)
Riggs, Mary Hamilton, married (Article)
Riggs, Miss Mona Gray, "McCrory Girl Maid For Woodruff Co. Fair (Article)
Riggs, Miss Mona Gray, married (Article)
Riggs, Miss Mona Gray, d/o Hamilton P. Riggs, "Weds", married (Article)
Riggs, Miss Mona Gray, married (Article)

Right, (Marriage Records) all female

Rightmore, Earnestine (Marriage Record)

Riland, Willie May, female (Marriage Record)

Riley, (Marriage Records) all female
Riley, Ethel May (Harrison), d/o Robert Harrison (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Riley, Eva (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Riley, Minnie E. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Riley, Robert (Burial Record)
Riley, Ruth (LPR)
Riley, Thomas Oscar, of Memphis, TN, formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Willie Eisette Riley (Obit.)
Riley, W. H. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Rimington, Mary (Marriage Record)

Rine, Julia Williams, of Augusta (Obit.)

Rinehart, Melvina Ellen (Burial Record)

Riner, Ann Carol, "To Wed October 21 In Augusta Church" (Picture Article)
Riner, Ann Carol, d/o Emmett O. Riner "Riner Wedding Sunday" (Article)
Riner, Ann Clark (Marriage Record)
Riner, Cora Frances (Ferguson), of Cotton Plant, m/o Mrs. Floyd Powell of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Riner, Emmett Oberion, Sr., h/o Dora Riner (Obit.)
Riner, Emmett Oberion, Jr., s/o Emmett O. Riner, Sr. (Obit.)
Riner, Hugh S., s/o E. O. Riner, "Serving Overseas" (Picture Article)
Riner, Margaret Beatrice (Biog.) (Picture) (Obit.)

Riordan, Leon J., s/o Coley Riordan, of Brady, TX, h/o Gladys Riordan (Obit.)
Riordan, Mary L., w/o S. Riordan (Burial Record)

Ripley, General, Sr., h/o Violet V. Ripley (Obit.)
Ripley, General, Jr. (Obit.)
Ripley, Mr. Jess Ford resignes as manager of the Modern Home Store (Article)
Ripley, Ford, "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture Article)
Ripley, Ford, & Mrs. Ripley, "Receives Injuries By Angry Hog" (Article)
Ripley, Jess Ford "Rip", h/o Mary Esther Ripley (Picture Obit. Biog.)
Ripley, Jessie Marion, h/o Mildred Leota Ripley (Obit.)
Ripley, Mary Ester, w/o Jess Ford "Rip" Ripley & Neal McCue (Picture Obit.)
Ripley, Mildred Leota (Turner) Osier, w/o Billie Osier Jr, & Jesse Marion Ripley (Obit.)
Ripley, Paul, s/o Mrs. J. F. Ripley, "Salutatorian" (Picture Article)
Ripley, Paul Everett, s/o J. F. Ripley, "Weds" (Picture Article)

Ritchey, Infant Child of Ora Richey & Lola Ritchey (Burial Record)

Ritchie, Carrie J. (LPR)

Riverside, The Town of Riverside, Woodruff County (Story) by G. T.
Riverside, School (Article)

Rives, Dillie H. (Burial Record)
Rives, E. S. (Burial Record)
Rives, Eulah H., DS with Richard H. Rives (Burial Record)
Rives, Grace, w/o William A. "Bill" Rives (Obit.) (Picture Obit.)
Rives, Infant (Burial Record)
Rives, Mattie V., w/o Walter Rives (Burial Record)
Rives, Minnie (Rives) Echols, w/o Freeman "Tony" Johnson, & David Henderson Echols (Obit.)
Rives, Pat, "Candidate for county clerk" (Picture Article)
Rives, Richard H., DS with Eulah H. Rives (Burial Record)
Rives, Walter, h/o Mattie V. Rives (Obit.)
Rives, William A., WW I, of Cotton Plant (Enlist. Record)
Rives, William Augustus "Bill", h/o Grace Rives (Obit.)

Roach, Doris, d/o W. F. Roach of Hunter, married (Picture Article)
Roach, Doris, d/o W. F. Roach, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Roach, Emma, m/o Wesley Roach (Burial Record)
Roach, James Lewis, h/o Billie Jean Roach (Obit.)
Roach, Joe Dudley (Pud), b/o Wesley Roach (Burial Record)
Roach, Martha A. (Burial Record)
Roach, Michael (LPR)
Roach, Shelby V., US Navy, s/o Mrs. Martha A. Roach of Hunter (Article)
Roach, Susie (Burial Record)
Roach, Thomas B. (Burial Record)
Roach, Wesley Fletcher, DS with Martha A. Roach (Obit.)

Roadhouse, Triangle Tavern, "Roadhouse Near Augusta Burns" (Article)

Roark, Maude Emily, of Hickory Ridge, AR, w/o B. E. Roark (Obit.)
Robb, Bobby Eugene, "Killed in a one-vehicle accident" (Picture Article) (Picture Obit.)
Robb, Bobby Eugene, Cpl. U.S. Army (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robb, Carrie Beatrice (Taylor) (Obit.)
Robb, Rosie Lee Loretta, m/o Bobby Robb & others (Obit.)
Robb, Thomas (Burial Record)

Robbins, Basil F., DS with Edna A. Robbins (Burial Record)
Robbins, Miss Bertha Marie, d/o Basil Robbins of Gregory, "Engaged" (Picture Article)
Robbins, Edna A., DS with Basil F. Robbins (Burial Record)
Robbins, Fay Emma, DS with Louie J. Robbins (Obit.)
Robbins, Louie J., DS with Fay E. Robbins (Obit.)
Robbins, Nancy, heirs of (LPR)
Robbins, Thelma Slaughter, of Canada (Picture Obit.), in fold

Roberds, Billie Joe, s/o Joseph E. Roberds (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Roberds, Fred Lewis, s/o Mrs. Johnnie Roberds, married (Article)
Roberds, Jimmie, s/o Thomas W. Roberds (Burial Record)
Roberds, Jonnie, w/o Thomas W. Roberds (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Roberds, Joseph E., DS with Susie E. Roberds (Burial Record)
Roberds, Luvenea, d/o Thomas W. Roberds, no dates (Burial Record)
Roberds, Paul Lavon, h/o Jody Roberds (Obit.)
Roberds, Susie Edna, DS with Joseph E. Roberds (Picture Obit.)
Roberds, Thomas W., h/o Jonnie Roberds (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Roberson, Agnes D., w/o Leroy Roberson, Note: cemetery records list Robertson (Obit.)
Roberson, Relia, (black) (Burial Record)

Roberts, (Marriage Records) male, Lee through W. L. Roberts, female, Rosetta through Zettie
Roberts, Adah Bell, w/o J. H. Roberts (Obit.)
Roberts, Andrew, (black), Aged 2 years (Burial Record)
Roberts, B. R. or R. R., of Newport, bro. of Clay Roberts, Jim G. Roberts & others (Obit.)
Roberts, Bobby J., DS with Flora E. Roberts (Burial Record)
Roberts, Bonnie Bell, w/o Charles William Roberts (Obit.)
Roberts, Cecil W., WW I, of McCrory (Enlist. Record)
Roberts, Claud A., WW I, of McCrory (Enlist. Record)
Roberts, David, No dates listed (Burial Record)
Roberts, Debbie Jean (Tucker) Garner, w/o George A. Garner; also w/o Ron Roberts (Picture Obit.)
Roberts, Dorsey (Burial Record)
Roberts, Edward Wesley (Burial Record)
Roberts, Flora Elizabeth, DS with Bobby J. Roberts (Obit.)
Roberts, Fred L., s/o Mrs. Johnnie of McCrory, "In Pacific Area" (Picture Article)
Roberts, Fred L., of McCrory, "Serving On Destroyer" (Article)
Roberts, Harold J., of Judsonia, formerly of Fair Oaks, h/o Bettie Roberts (Obit.)
Roberts, Henry, (black) (Obit.)
Roberts, Hester Jane (Ladd), of Ravenden, AR (Obit.)
Roberts, Ira of Augusta, f/o Mrs. Betty Joe Morgan & others (Picture) (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Roberts, James P., heirs of (LPR)
Roberts, Jewel Kathleen, d/o Finis Harvey Raglin (Obit.)
Roberts, John D., of Newport, h/o Ruby Roberts (Obit.)
Roberts, Laura B., (black), aged 103 (Obit.)
Roberts, Lorine Lucille, of Coloma, Mich., formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
Roberts, Lula (Pittman), of Wynne, m/o Joe Roberts, Leonard Roberts & others (Obit.)
Roberts, Mary (Roberts) Crowe (Burial Record)
Roberts, Mary Belle (Burial Record)
Roberts, Monroe Albert, s/o Tommy Albert Roberts (Obit.)
Roberts, Orville (Burial Record)
Roberts, Richard, (black), WW I, of Cotton Plant (Enlist. Record)
Roberts, Rickey G. (Burial Record)
Roberts, Sallie (Edwards), of Augusta, survived by a nephew J. W. Springer of Augusta (Obit.)
Roberts, Mrs. Sally-Johnson, sis. of Mrs. Mary Jones, w/o W. R. Roberts (Obit.)
Roberts, W. B., of Pine Bluff, AR, Civil War Vet., h/o Mrs. Haley (Keasler) Roberts (Obit.)
Roberts, Will, of the Possum Creek community, f/o Mrs. Joe Ridge & Mrs. Rosie Gray (Obit.)
Roberts, William, bro. of Tom Roberts (Obit.)

Robertson, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Robertson, Ada Belle, w/o R. T. Robertson (Obit.)
Robertson, A. R. "Tootsie", "New Garage And Service Station" (Article)
Robertson, Amber Star (Burial Record)
Robertson, Anna Rebecca, formerly of Beedeville, AR (Obit.)
Robertson, Mrs. Annie, w/o George E. Robertson (Obit.)
Robertson, Barbara, DS with Ottis Robertson (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Robertson, Benjamin Plato (Burial Record)
Robertson, Benjamin Plato Robertson Family - 1466 - 2008 - 19 Generations (Family History Book)
Robertson, Brandon Lee, "Youth dies in accident", s/o Tommy Robertson of Augusta (Obit.)
Robertson, C.W. "Bob", DS with Shirley Robertson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robertson, Carey Abbott, h/o Verlon F. Robertson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robertson, Mr. Carlie D., h/o Gertie Robertson (Obit.)
Robertson, Chester, s/o J E. Robertson (Burial Record)
Robertson, Cindy Lee (Burial Record)
Robertson, Cleatious, DS with Jimmy D. "Rabbit" Robertson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robertson, Cleatious Earl Jr., s/o Cleatious Earl Robertson, Sr. (Obit.)
Robertson, E. D. , heirs of (LPR)
Robertson, Mrs. Earl (Pain), w/o Tony W. Robertson (Obit.)
Robertson, Edmond A. (Red), s/o Thomas Grey "Tom" Robertson (Obit.)
Robertson, Mrs. Ella Augusta (Pickens), w/o Walter J. Robertson (Obit.)
Robertson, George Edmund, of Woodruff Co., AR, h/o the late Annie (Wicker) Robertson (Obit.)
Robertson, George L. (Burial Record)
Robertson, Harrell Lee, h/o Annie Jane Robertson (Obit.)
Robertson, Mrs. Ida (Pegg), s/o Wm. Pegg of Beedeville & Mrs. Pearl Woodson (Obit.)
Robertson, Infant (Marker Photo)
Robertson, Inez A., w/o Rufe Lee Robertson (Obit.)
Robertson, Jimmy David - "Rabbit", s/o Cleatious Robertson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robertson, Lewis Grey "Dickie", of Patterson "Killed in wreck", s/o R. T. Robertson (Obit.)
Robertson, L. J. (Burial Record)
Robertson, Lela, DM, with Thomas G. Robertson (Burial Record)
Robertson, Little Ruth (Burial Record)
Robertson, Mrs. Mahala Jon, of Beedeville, w/o Jefferson W. Robertson (Obit.)
Robertson, Marie, "School Yearbook Dedicated To Marie Robertson" (Picture Article)
Robertson, Martha Marie, w/o Aubrey Raynor Robertson (Obit.)
Robertson, Ottis, DS with Barbara Robertson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robertson, Parish Pickins, son of Walter J. Robertson (Obit.)
Robertson, Rev. R. A., of Deview, "Family Reunion" (Article)
Robertson, R. T., h/o Ada Robertson (Obit.)
Robertson, Rufe Lee, h/o Inez Robertson (Obit.)
Robertson, Rufe Lee, Jr., s/o Rufe Robertson of Howell, "Receives Promotion" (Picture Article)
Robertson, Rufus Lee, s/o Tony W. Robertson (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Robertson, Sally, w/o T. L. Robertson (Burial Record)
Robertson, Shirley, DS with C.W. "Bob" Robertson (Picture Article) (Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Robertson, Tom L., h/o Sally Robertson (Burial Record)
Robertson, Thomas Grey, DM, with Lela Robertson (Obit.)
Robertson, Thurman, d. 1912 (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robertson, Tony W., DM with Mrs. Earl P. Robertson (Burial Record)
Robertson, Verlon F., w/o Cary A. Robertson (Marker Photo)
Robertson, Vernie Bernice (Haney), w/o Wandale Lee "W. L." Robertson (Wedding Article)
Robertson, W. L., s/o Tom Robertson, married (Article)
Robertson, W. L. (Burial Record)
Robertson, Mrs. W. M., m/o Aubrey L. Robertson of McCrory & others (Obit.)
Robertson, Walter J., Sr., h/o of Ella Augusta Robertson (Obit
Robertson, Walter J., Jr., s/o W. J. Robertson, Sr., "Wounded In Knee" (Picture Article)
Robertson, Walter J., Jr., s/o W. J. Robertson, Sr., "Recipient Of Purple Heart" (Article) (Picture Article)

Robinett, (Marriage Records) all male
Robinett, Irena, w/o M.M. Robinett - DS with Jesse L. Robinett (Burial Record)
Robinett, Jesse L., s/o of M.M. Robinett (Burial Record)
Robinett, N. M. - Nov. 26, 1867 - August 31, 1905 (Burial Record)

Robinette, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Robinette, Basil, b/o N. M. Robinette, Jr., "Serving On Foreign Soil" (Picture Article)
Robinette, Nathan M., Jr., s/o N. M. Robinette, "Brothers Serving On Foreign Soil" (Picture Article)
Robinette, Nathan M., s/o N. M. Robinette, "Woodruff Co. Boy Promoted To Sergeant" (Article) (Obit.)
Robinette, Nathan Martin, Jr., h/o Louise Robinette (Obit.)
Robinette, Nathan Martin, Sr., DS with Vesta Mae Robinette (Obit.)
Robinette, Vesta Mae, DS with Nathan Martin Robinette (Burial Record)

Robins, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Robins, Frank E., "Editor of Conway's Log Cabin Democrat", s/o J. W. Robins (Obit.)
Robins, Minnie F. (Freeman), wife of J. W. Robins (Obit.
Robins, Oca, WW I, of Gregory (Enlist. Record)
Robins, Ola Mae (Lewis), w/o S. S. Robins (Obit.)
Robins, S. E., No dates listed (Burial Record)
Robins, Susan, d/o W. L. Robins of McCrory, "Cotton Bowl Queen" (Picture Article)
Robins, Wilbur Lewis, formerly of McCrory, s/o S. S. Robins & Ola Mae Robins (Obit.)

Robinson, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Robinson, Alfred Morris, h/o Elsie Marie Robinson (Burial Record)
Robinson, Alfred Morris (Enlist. Record)
Robinson, Alfred Sullivan, h/o Frances Robinson (Obit.)
Robinson, Alpha B., s/o James Robinson (Burial Record)
Robinson, Anna, w/o R. B. Robinson (Obit.)
Robinson, Arthur T., of Tupelo, AR, "Farmer Dies When Struck By Truck" (Obit.)
Robinson, Arthur L., s/o James Robinson (Burial Record)
Robinson, Arthur L., Korean War Veteran (Burial Record)
Robinson, Arthur Thomas (Obit.)
Robinson, Bartie John, DS with Dorothy Lethel Robinson (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Robinson, Bessie Mae, widow of Samuel L. Robinson (Obit.)
Robinson, Beulah Rebecca (Taylor) Wiggins, DS with Everett L. Robinson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robinson, Bobby Wayne, of Cotton Plant, AR, h/o Carman Ann Robinson (Picture Obit.)
Robinson, Charles, age 81, of near McCrory, "Burned When Canner Explodes" (Article)
Robinson, Charles C., h/o Elizabeth Robinson (Burial Record)
Robinson, Charles J., U.S. Army, WW II (Article)
Robinson, Charlie Jessie, s/o Ace Robinson (Obit.)
Robinson, Chester D., of Newport, AR (Obit.)
Robinson, Cody Lee, of Tilton, s/o Bryan DeLoach Robinson (Obit.)
Robinson, Dave, No dates listed (Burial Record)
Robinson, Dora Duffy, (black), w/o T. R. Robinson (Obit.)
Robinson, Dorothy Lethel, DS with Bartie Robinson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robinson, Ed W. (Burial Record)
Robinson, Edgar, (black) of Jackson Co., AR, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Robinson, Elizabeth, w/o Charles C. Robinson (Burial Record)
Robinson, Elmo C., WW II (Enlist. Record)
Robinson, Elmo Carlie, WWII, h/o Daisy Marie Robinson (Obit.)
Robinson, Mrs. Elsie of Pumphin Bend, "Family Gangs Up On Axis" (Picture Article)
Robinson, Elsie Marie, w/o Alfred Morris Robinson (Obit.)
Robinson, Ethel (Mary Ethel) (Watkins) Burnside (Obit.)
Robinson, Everett Loyd, s/o Alfred Morris Robinson, h/o Beulah Robinson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robinson, Fremont Irey, h/o Mary Jane Robinson (Burial Record)
Robinson, Hadley, (black), WW I of Augusta (Enlist. Record)
Robinson, Henrietta (Jackson), (black), w/o Willie "Bill" Robinson (Obit.)
Robinson, Jack, (black), WW I, of cotton Plant (Enlist. Record)
Robinson, James, d. 1886 (Burial Record)
Robinson, James H., s/o James Robinson & S.E. Robinson (Burial Record)
Robinson, Pvt. James N., s/o Mrs. Ophelia Gause, "Pvt. James N. Robinson In Gifu, Japan" (Article)
Robinson, James Newt (Picture Obit.)
Robinson, Jess, s/o Charlie Jessie Robinson (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Robinson, Jess J., of Searcy, formerly of Augusta, h/o Mrs. Johnnie Robinson (Obit.)
Robinson, John Rudolph, DS with Sarah R. Robinson - Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Robinson, Lemuel M., h/o Luva Robinson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robinson, Lillie Mae "Charlene" (Simon), (black), w/o Roosevelt Robinson (Picture Obit.)
Robinson, Lutie, w/o Thomas A. Robinson (Obit
Robinson, Luva Beatrice, w/o Lemuel Morris Robinson & Maurice Eugene Foster (Picture Obit.) Robinson, Mabel Mae, sis. of Bartie Robinson & others (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robinson, Martin V., WWII (Burial Record)
Robinson, Mary Ann, d. 1928 (Burial Record)
Robinson, Mary Elizabeth, age 3 mos. (Burial Record)
Robinson, Mary Jane, w/o Freemont Irey Robinson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robinson, Mrs. Mary Lee, w/o Landgon Willet Robinson (Obit.)
Robinson, Mary Ruth "Mattie", w/o Ray E. Robinson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robinson, Miss Mildred of Yuma, AZ, married (Article)
Robinson, Morris Dean, s/o Lemuel Morris Robinson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robinson, Nellie Louise, of Cotton Plant, w/o Rube A. Robinson (Obit.)
Robinson, Ralph R., U.S. Navy, WW II (Picture Article)
Robinson, Ray E., WW II (Enlist. Record)
Robinson, Pvt. Ray E., h/o Mary Ruth Robinson, of McCrory, "At Camp Chaffee" (Article)
Robinson, Ray Edward, h/o Mary Ruth Robinson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robinson, Retha Marie (Burial Record)
Robinson, Roy D., h/o Virgie Robinson (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Robinson, Roy Lee, h/o Juanita Robinson (Obit.)
Robinson, Rube A., DS with Nellie Louise Robinson (Burial Record)
Robinson, Samuel M., WW I, of McCrory (Enlist. Record)
Robinson, Sarah Adeline, d/o James Robinson, wife of Ptolemy Eagleton Anderson (Picture Story)
Robinson, Sarah Elizabeth (Obit.)
Robinson, Sarah R., DS with John Rudolph Robinson (Obit.)
Robinson, Sharp, d. 1918 (Burial Record)
Robinson, Susie, (black) (Burial Record)
Robinson, Thomas, (black), WW I, of Gregory (Enlist. Record)
Robinson, Thomas A., h/o Lutie Robinson (Obit.)
Robinson, Troy, formerly of Pumpkin Bend, "Burglaries Solved With Arrest of Five Men" (Article) Robinson, Troy, formerly of Pumpkin Bend, "Four Sentenced For Burglaries" (Article)
Robinson, Verdell Bowden (Burial Record)
Robinson, William, of Penrose, "Negro Man Falls Dead While At Work" (Obit.)
Robinson, William J., & A. C. Robinson (LPR)
Robinson, Willie E., s/o Fremont Irey Robinson (Marker Photo)

Robison, (Marriage Records) all male

Robnett, Danielle Deloris (Taylor), w/o David Robnett (Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Roboe, Cora (Marriage Record)

Roby, A. R. (Marriage Record)

Rocheur, Arthur J. (Marriage Record)

Rock, Lindy, female (Marriage Record)
Rock, Odell, DS with Pearl Rock (Burial Record)
Rock, Pearl, DS with Odell Rock (Burial Record)

Rockefeller, John D., Sr., f/o John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (Obit.)

Rockley, Willie, female (Marriage Record)

Rodden, William (Marriage Record)

Roddy, Alexander & Agnes Roddy - 8 Generations 1680-2007, about 235 pages (Family History Book)
Roddy, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Roddy, A., s/o H.A. Roddy & P. Roddy (Burial Record)
Roddy, Alexander, Revolutionary War Vet. (Burial Record)
Roddy, Alex Love, (black), WW II (Burial Record)
Roddy, Allen Campbell, On stone with Thomas B. Roddy & Ellen E. Roddy (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Roddy, Arnell, (black) (Obit.)
Roddy, Beatrice, w/o Ed Roddy (Burial Record)
Roddy, Burless Eugene, Jr., (black) (Obit.)
Roddy, Burless, Sr. (black), h/o Lulla Spiller (Obit.)
Roddy, Charles "Red", "Makes 26 Points In Basket Ball Game" (Article)
Roddy, Charles Preston, "Pvt. Charles Roddy Wounded In Korea" (Article)
Roddy, Charles Preston, "Woodruff Soldier Wounded In Action In Korea Sept. 8" (Picture Article)
Roddy, Charles P., s/o Preston Roddy, "Home For Christmas" (Picture Article)
Roddy, Ed, "Col. Ed Roddy At Chicago" (Article)
Roddy, Ed (Picture of Home)
Roddy, Edmund "Ed" R. (Burial Record)
Roddy, Ellen E., On stone with Thomas B. Roddy & Allen Campbell Roddy (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Roddy, Elaxter "Cheetah", Jr., (black) (Picture Obit.)
Roddy, Ethel Tripp, of Gary, IN, w/o Elaxter Roddy (Obit.)
Roddy, George Preston, h/o Fannie Lucille (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Roddy, George P., WW I, of DeView (Enlist. Record)
Roddy, Helen Lurline, d/o George Preston Roddy (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Roddy, Infant, d/o L.D. Roddy & H. Roddy (Burial Record)
Roddy, Infant Son, of Augusta (Burial Record)
Roddy, James M., & Sarah F. Roddy (LPR)
Roddy, James Ross, "Augusta Veteran Commits Suicide" (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Roddy, James Ross, s/o Mrs. E. E. Roddy, "Buried With Veteran's Rites" (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Roddy, Jerry, s/o G. P. Roddy, "Receives Coveted Award at Beebe Junior College" (Article)
Roddy, John (LPR)
Roddy, Joseph P., WW I, of McCrory (Enlist. Record)
Roddy, Joseph Preston, h/o Victoria Roddy, "Dies Of A Heart Attack" (Picture Biog. Obit.)
Roddy, Laverne, (black), w/o Lurence Von Roddy (Obit.)
Roddy, Lois Gennell (Burial Record)
Roddy, Louis, (black), WW I, of Augusta (Enlist. Record)
Roddy, Lurence Von, (black), h/o LaVerne Roddy (Obit.)
Roddy, Lucile (Annie Lucile), w/o George Preston Roddy (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Roddy, Lula Spiller (Black), aged 101, w/o Burless Roddy, Sr. (Picture Obit.)
Roddy, Margaret, w/o John Roddy, heirs of (LPR)
Roddy, Marguerite (Burial Record)
Roddy, Morgan A. (Burial Record)
Roddy, Nanie (Burial Record)
Roddy, Nollie R., (black), WW I, of Riverside, Woodruff Co., AR (Enlist. Record)
Roddy, Otis James, s/o Ambrose Roddy (Obit.)
Roddy, Preston, CSA (Burial Record)
Roddy, Robert Louis, s/o Ambrose Roddy (Obit.)
Roddy, Thomas A., heirs of (LPR)
Roddy, Thomas Booker, On stone with Allen Campbell, Ellen E, & James R. Roddy (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Roddy, W. O. "Bill", (Black), b/o Mrs. Lula Brown & Mrs. R. D. Rideout (Obit
Roddy, "Roddy Sisters" (Picture)
Roddy, School (Article)

Rodes, Wm. E. (Marriage Record)

Rodgers, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Rodgers, Anna, (black), DS with Clifford Rodgers (Obit.)
Rodgers, Arden, 19, married (Marriage Record)
Rodgers, Arthur, WW I, of Jelks, Woodruff Co., AR (Enlist. Record)
Rodgers, Charles Michael, s/o Charles Rodgers of Cherokee Village (Obit.)
Rodgers, Enoch A. (Burial Record)
Rodgers, Mr. Lois "Sonny", (black), h/o Ella B. Phillips (Obit.)
Rodgers, Oscar, (black), WW I, of Cotton Plant (Enlist. Record)
Rodgers, Reva Marie (Looney) Meade (Obit.)
Rodgers, Roger Virto, (black) (Burial Record)
Rodgers, Rovern (black) (Picture Obit.)
Rodgers, Sarah (Randolph), (black) (Obit.)
Rodgers, Tommy, of Hamburg, AR, "Killed in a hold-up at Hamburg", s/o Hudson Rodgers (Obit.)
Rodgers, Virgil Lee, h/o Letha Mae Rodgers (Picture Obit.) (Marker Photo)

Rodman, Nu-Ella (Marriage Record)
Rodrigue, Idahlia (Thompson) (Burial Record)

Roe, (Marriage Records) all female
Roe, Charles Elwin "Preacher", s/o "Doc" "Roe, "To Pitch Here This Afternoon" (Article)
Roe, Charles Elwin "Preacher" Roe (Story) by G. T.

Roebuck, Jennee (Marriage Record)

Roecher, (Marriage Records) all female

Roetzel, Freida (Marriage Record)

Rogers, (Marriage Records), male, Thas through William Owen Rogers & all female
Rogers, Miss Annie, of Mason, TN, sis. of B. W. Rogers & others (Obit.)
Rogers, Benjamin Veach, of Cross Co., AR, h/o Polly E. Rogers (Obit. 1936)
Rogers, Bobby Carol (Burial Record)
Rogers, Clarence R., f/o Mrs. Jack Ussery & others (Obit.)
Rogers, Earl Huston, of Gregory, h/o Norma Rogers, "Advanced In Rating" (Article)
Rogers, Earl Huston, child (Burial Record)
Rogers, Elizabeth (Jackson) (Burial Record)
Rogers, George F., s/o G. W. Rogers & E. M Rogers (Burial Record)
Rogers, George R. (black) (Burial Record)
Rogers, George W. (Burial Record)
Rogers, Gracie (Wright) (Conner) (Burial Record)
Rogers, Henry A., s/o G. W. Rogers (Burial Record)
Rogers, J. A., b/o Edward, of McCrory, "J. A. Rogers Hurt in Auto Accident" (Article)
Rogers, Jack E., of Topeka, Kansas, formery Woodruff Co., AR, h/o Lena Rogers (Obit.)
Rogers, James (black) (Obit.)
Rogers, Jessie, DS with Milton V. Rogers (Burial Record)
Rogers, John E., of Fitzhugh, married (Article)
Rogers, Julia Curtis, of Shawnee, KS, d/o Julia Curtis of McCrory, w/o Ralph O. Rogers (Obit.)
Rogers, Lena Belle (Burial Record)
Rogers, Mary Oweta, w/o Everett Rogers (Obit.)
Rogers, Mattie (Burial Record)
Rogers, Milton V., DS with Jessie Rogers (Burial Record)
Rogers, Mary A. "Mollie", w/o Clarence R. Rogers (Burial Record)
Rogers, Vernie, of Cotton Plant, married (Marriage Record))
Rogers, W. H., of near Cotton Plant, "Killed When Train Hits Car" (Obit.)
Rogers, William O. (Burial Record)
Rogers, William R. (Obit.)
Rogers, Mrs. Willie (Randall), of San Antonio, TX, w/o Hubert Rogers (Obit.)

Roggers, (Marriage Records) all female

Roland, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Roland, A. J. S., No dates listed (Burial Record)
Roland, A. M. (Burial Record)
Roland, Betty, DS with Gerald Roland (Burial Record)
Roland, Cevaline "MiMi", w/o Claude Roland (Picture Obit.)
Roland, Gerald, DS with Betty Roland (Burial Record)
Roland, Jack, No dates listed (Burial Record)
Roland, Sallie M. (Burial Record)
Roland, William H. (Burial Record)
Roland, William M. (Burial Record)

Roleson, H. F. (Marriage Record)

Rolett, Wanda Faye (Marriage Record)

Roley, Roy (Marriage Record)

Roll, Lula (Marriage Record)

Rolla, (Marriage Records) all female

Rolland, Daniel (Marriage Record)
Rolland, Hattie M. (Marriage Record)

Rolley, Tom H. (Marriage Record)

Rolls, Ed (Marriage Record)

Rolston, (Marriage Records) all male

Rome, Dock, (black), WW I, of Cotton Plant (Enlist. Record)
Rome, Gabe (Marriage Record)

Rommander, Preston (Marriage Record)

Romons, Vernon (Marriage Record)

Romson, Sam (Marriage Record)

Roney, Albert (Marriage Record)

Rongey, Finley E., h/o Jennie Lee Rongey (Burial Record)
Rongey, Jennie Lee, w/o Finley E. (Burial Record)
Rongey, Joy Virginia, d/o Finley E. Rongey (Burial Record)

Ronssean, Charley (Marriage Record)

Ronzy, Dewy (Marriage Record)

Rook, (Marriage Records) all male

Rooks, Family - 1832 - 2011 - 6 Generations (Family History Book)
Rooks, (Marriage Records) all male
Rooks, Alice (Obit.) (Marker Photo).
Rooks, Bertha Gertie, w/o Lee G. Rooks (Marker Photo)
Rooks, Bessie (Carter) (Burial Record)
Rooks, Bobby Dean, s/o Joseph F. Rooks, "Arm Removed" (Article)
Rooks, Bobby Dean, s/o Joseph F. Rooks (Obit.)
Rooks, Bobby Lynn, of Mart, TX, U. S. Navy Vietnam, s/o Ollie Rooks, h/o Connie Rooks (Obit.)
Rooks, Cora Lee, d/o J. D. Rooks (Burial Record)
Rooks, Daisy, age 21, married (Marriage Record)
Rooks, Dempsie, Civil War Vet., h/o Sarah F. Rooks (Biog.) (Marker Photo)
Rooks, Edith "Ted", DS with Ollie T. Rooks (Obit.)
Rooks, Edward L. & J. D. Rooks, and Otis Jones, "Three Brothers In Service" (Picture Article)
Rooks, Ernest Carroll, WW I, h/o Bessie Rooks (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Rooks, Fred A. Lee, s/o Lee Gordon Rooks (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Rooks, Gertie Bertha, w/o Lee G. Rooks (Obit.)
Rooks, Ina, DS with Joseph Fred Rooks (Burial Record)
Rooks, Inez, d/o Joseph Fred Rooks (Obit.)
Rooks, Infant, d/o J. D. Rooks (Marker Photo)
Rooks, J. D., WW II (Picture Article)
Rooks, James Allen, "Youth dies of accidental rifle blast", s/o John Wayne Rooks (Obit.)
Rooks, John A., WW I, of Augusta (Enlist. Record)
Rooks, John Wayne, "Patterson Man's Body Recovered from Cache River" (Obit.)
Rooks, Joseph Dempsey, h/o Susie Alice Rooks (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Rooks, Joseph Fred, DS with Ina Rooks (Burial Record)
Rooks, Jo Ann, of Joiner, AR, d/o Freda A. Lee Rooks (Obit.)
Rooks, Joseph Dempsey, h/o Susie Alice Rooks (Obit.)
Rooks, Joseph Wayne, h/o Amanda Rooks (Picture Obit.)
Rooks, Josephine (Marker Photo)
Rooks, Lee G., h/o Gertrude "Gertie" Rooks (Picture) (Marker Photo)
Rooks, Lee Gordon, h/o Bertha G. Rooks (Burial Record)
Rooks, Luther (William Luther) (Burial Record)
Rooks, Mrs. Mary Josephine "Josie" Jetta, w/o William H. Rooks (Obit.)
Rooks, Mary Levinia, "Killed in Auto Accident", d/o Ernest Carroll Rooks (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Rooks, Ollie Thomas, s/o Wm. Luther Rooks, DS with Edith Rooks ((Obit.)
Rooks, Robert W. (Burial Record)
Rooks, Sarah F., DS with Dempsie Rooks (Burial Record)
Rooks, Shirley Jean, d/o Ollie Rooks, "Child Injured Monday When Hit By Tractor" (Article)
Rooks, Susie Alice, w/o Joseph Dempsy Rooks (Obit.)
Rooks, William Bud, "Accidentally Shot", s/o Gerald Rooks (Obit.)
Rooks, William H. (Marker Photo)
Rooks, William Luther (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Rooling, Wm. (Marriage Record)

Rooney, Daniel (Marriage Record)

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, "Entire Nation Mourns Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt" (Picture Obit.)

Root, (Marriage Records) all male
Root, Edwin Ernest, h/o Mary F. Root (Burial Record)
Root, Mary Frances, w/o Edwin E. Root (Obit.)

Roper, (Marriage Records) all male

Rosa, J. E. (Marriage Record)

Rose, (Marriage Records) all male
Rose, Evelyn Fern, DS with Harold N. Rose (Burial Record)
Rose, Harold N., DS with Evelyn Fern Rose (Burial Record)
Rose, Ray C. (Burial Record)
Rose, William Lonzo "Bill", "State Trooper" (Obit.)

Rosecraney, O. P. (Marriage Record)

Rosel, Willis (Marriage Record)

Rosell, Edward (Marriage Record)

Rosenbaum, Carl (Marriage Record)
Rosenbaum, Louise, w/o William Henry Rosenbaum (Obit.)
Rosenbaum, William H., DS with Louise Rosenbaum (Obit.)

Rosley, Willis (Burial Record)

Rosman, Lee (Marriage Record)

Ross, (Marriage Records) all male
Ross, Ann T. (Dupree), b. 1808, no death date (Burial Record) (Story)
Ross, Burless William, h/o Syble Ross (Obit.)
Ross, Catherine (Cadrick), b. 1832, no death date (Burial Record)
Ross, Daniel, b. 1839, no death date (Burial Record) (LPR)
Ross, Daniel Mercer, b. 1860, no death date (Burial Record) (LPR)
Ross, Elias, b. 1847, no death date (Burial Record)
Ross, Elizabeth, b. 1844, no death date (Burial Record)
Ross, Elsie, widow of Elmer Ross (Obit.)
Ross, Ezekiel, (black), h/o Hazel Lee Ross (Burial Record)
Ross, George (LPR)
Ross, Hazel Lee, w/o Ezekiel Ross (Obit.)
Ross, Martha, b. 1834, no death date (Burial Record)
Ross, Mary L. (Martin) (Burial Record) (LPR)
Ross, Sarah O. "Sallie" Dupree married Octavius E. Jeffries (Story)
Ross, Syble Edna (Burial Record)
Ross, Thomas, b. 1869, no death date (Burial Record)
Ross, Thomas M. (Burial Record) (LPR)
Ross, Thomas S., b. 1827, no death date (Burial Record)
Ross, W. A., age 56, married (Marriage Record)
Ross, William A. "Bill", f/o Mrs. Ben Brock of Weldon & others (Obit.)
Ross, William F., WW I, of Augusta (Enlist. Record)

Rossell, Elizah (Marriage Record)
Rossell, Hezie, & Willie Rossell (LPR)

Rosselle, Edward (Marriage Record)

Rosser, Edmond Rupert, h/o Sallie May Rosser (Marriage Record) (Obit.)
Rosser, Harry D., WW I (Obit.)
Rosser, Harry Douglas, WW I, of Cotton Plant (Enlist. Record)
Rosser, Harry Douglas (Obit.)
Rosser, Malissa W. (Burial Record)
Rosser, Nicholas O., WW I (Obit.)
Rosser, Ollie O. (Burial Record)
Rosser, Ollie W., s/o Edward R. Rosser, "Infantryman Killed In Battle In France" (Picture Obit.)
Rosser, Pfc. Ollie W., Cotton Plant, "Woodruff County War Dead Returned" (Article)
Rosser, S. H., d. 1898 (Burial Record)
Rosser, Sallie M., DS with Edmond R. Rosser (Burial Record)
Rosser, William B. (Marriage Record) (Burial Record)
Rosser, School (Article)

Rosson, Albert (Marriage Record)

Roten, Miss Tennie, d/o S. D. Roten of Sage, AR, married (Article)

Roth, Junior (Marriage Record)

Rothermel, Robert Carl (Marriage Record)

Rottenberry, W. B. (Marriage Record)

Rotter, (Marriage Records) all male

Rottman, Ignatius, DS with Victor Rottman (Burial Record)
Rottman, Victor, h/o Willie Rottman, & Ignatius Rottman (Marriage Record) (Burial Record)

Roulean, Gerald M. (Marriage Record)

Rouse, (Marriage Records) all male
Rouse, Bobby Dale, s/o W. T. "Shug" Rouse (Obit.)
Rouse, Charles Edward, bro. of James Rouse of OK (Obit.)
Rouse, Charles Odell, h/o Wilma Jean Rouse (Obit.)
Rouse, Clyde E., DS with Norene Ethel Rouse (Obit.)
Rouse, Connie Marie, "Augusta Woman Drowns After Auto Accident" (Obit.)
Rouse, Curtis William, Sr., h/o Carol Rouse (Picture Obit.)
Rouse, Ernest Junior, s/o William "Shug" Rouse (Obit.)
Rouse, Geraldine (Rouse) Richmond, widow of Tom Richmond (Obit.)
Rouse, Herman Vance, DS with Madge L. Rouse (Obit.)
Rouse, John, WW II, death date only (Burial Record)
Rouse, Julia Ann M., m/o Charles Rouse & others (Obit.)
Rouse, Madge L., DS with Herman V. Rouse (Burial Record)
Rouse, Maggie (Burial Record)
Rouse, Murdel L. (Burial Record)
Rouse, Norene Ethel, DS with Clyde E. Rouse (Burial Record)
Rouse, Ricky Joe (Burial Record)
Rouse, Robie A., of Pangburn, AR, s/o Mathew Rouse, "Killed In Maneuvers" (Obit.)
Rouse, Violet M., DS with Wm. T. "Shug" Rouse (Burial Record)
Rouse, William Thelma "Shug", DS with Violet M. Rouse (Obit.)

Rousey, Willie (Marriage Record)

Routh, D. J. "Sonny", DS with Florence Routh (Burial Record)
Routh, Georgia Mae, DS with Jones Henry Routh (Burial Record)
Routh, Jones Henry, DS with Georgia Henry Routh (Burial Record)

Rovaland, Oliver (Marriage Record)

Rowan, James (Marriage Record)

Rowden, Richard H., & Malissa Ellen Rowden (LPR)

Rowe, (Marriage Records) all male
Rowe, Clyde Howard, (black), of Judsonia,formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
Rowe, Eskew, (black) (Burial Record)
Rowe, Fenion (U.L. Fenion), h/o Maudie Rowe (Obit.)
Rowe, Hermon, (black) (Burial Record)
Rowe, Ida, of Diaz, AR (Obit.)
Rowe, I. V. "Thomas", (black) (Obit.)
Rowe, Leophera, (black) (Burial Record)
Rowe, Maudie (Wheeler), of Arbyrd, MO, w/o Fenion Rowe (Obit.)
Rowe, Otha Lee, (black), WW II, h/o I. V. Rowe (Obit.)

Rowland, (Marriage Records) all male
Rowland, Beatrice, with William Rowland (Obit.)
Rowland, Billie June (Holmes), m/o Bill Brinneman of Searcy (Obit.)
Rowland, Emma Wilkerson (Obit.)
Rowland, Fred, of MerRouge, LA, formerly of McClelland, b/o Mrs. Erma Kelsey of McCrory (Obit.).
Rowland, Glenda Fay, Twin d/o Robert Lee Rowland, Sr. (Burial Record)
Rowland, James, father of James Timothy Rowland (Obit.)
Rowland, Jessie J., with Lillie Mae Rowland (Burial Record)
Rowland, John Stephen, bro. of Fred Rowland & others (Obit.)
Rowland, Lillie Mae, wife of Jessie J. Rowland (Obit.)
Rowland, Linda Kay, Twin d/o Robert Lee Rowland, Sr. (Burial Record)
Rowland, Mary (Hollis), w/o J. S. Rowland (Obit.)
Rowland, Maxine, w/o Jack D. Crumley (Marriage Record)
Rowland, Mollie (Marriage Record)
Rowland, Robert Lee, Sr., DS with Dorothy M. Rowland (Obit.)
Rowland, Thelma (Marriage Record)
Rowland, William, h/o Beatrice Rowland (Obit.)
Rowland, William, WW 1 (Obit.)

Rowling, Mandy (Marriage Record)

Rowton, S. D. J., "Dies at Arkansas Confederate Home" (Obit.)

Roy, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Roy, Emily S., TS with James Roy & Ida Roy (Burial Record)
Roy, Ida, w/o James M. Roy, Sr. (Obit.)
Roy, James, TS with Emily S. Roy & Ida Roy (Burial Record)
Roy, James M., Sr., f/o James M. Roy, Jr. (Obit.)
Roy, James Merritt (Burial Record)
Roy, Pearl Moore, m/o James Roy of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Roy, Richard Charlie, of Beedeville, AR, bro. of Mrs. Andrew Thomas of Beedeville & others (Obit.)
Roy, William T., of Brinkley, h/o Louise Roy (Obit.)

Royal Shoe Co., James Daniel, superintendent of Royal Shoe Company in McCrory (Obit.)

Roycraft, Jessie, female (Marriage Record)

Roycroft, John C. (Burial Record)

Royston, Susie A. (Marriage Record)

Rozell, Aggie (Marriage Record)

Rozelle, L. J. (Marriage Record)

Rozzell, Mary C. (Marriage Record)
Rozzell, Susan (Marriage Record)

Rubadou, Wayne Kent (Marriage Record)

Rubel, Susan (Marriage Record)

Rubottom, William Penn - 10 Generations - 1744 - 2012 (Family History Book) abt. 180 pages
Rubottom, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Rubottom, Donald, "Pvt. Donald Rubottom At Ft. Chaffee Hospital" (Picture Article)
Rubottom, Doyne F., h/o Clara Dene Rubottom (Picture Obit.)
Rubottom, Miss Elizabeth, of McCrory, "Wins 4-H Champion Couch Award" (Article)
Rubottom, Elmer, s/o T. W. Rubottom, "Weds" (Article)
Rubottom, Ethel Elizabeth, d/o Wm. Penn Rubottom (Obit.)
Rubottom, Lucy Elizabeth VanLandingham-Cisco, w/o John W. Cisco, & Roy J. Rubottom (Obit.)
Rubottom, Mabel Irene, h/o Samuel Lewis Rubottom (Obit.)
Rubottom, Mable May, w/o T.W. Rubottom (Burial Record)
Rubottom, Mrs. Martha Elizabeth, w/o William Penn Rubottom (Obit.)
Rubottom, Roy, married (Article)
Rubottom, "Roy Rubottom Appointed J. P." (Article)
Rubottom, Roy, "To Seek Mayor's Office" (Article)
Rubottom, Roy, "Roy Rubottom New Commander of Legion Post" (Article)
Rubottom, Roy Joseph, WW I, of McCrory (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Rubottom, Samuel Louis, h/o Mabel Irene Rubottom (Obit.)
Rubottom, Thomas Elmer Rubottom, s/o Thomas W. Rubottom, "Weds" (Article)
Rubottom, Thomas William, h/o Mabel May Rubottom (Obit.)
Rubottom, Verner Sidney, WWI , bro. of Mrs. Oscar Raney of McCrory (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Rubottom, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Penn, "32nd Anniversary Observed March 16" (Article)
Rubottom, William Penn, h/o Martha Elizabeth Rubottom (Picture Article) (Obit.)

Ruby, Wm. P. (Marriage Record)

Rucker, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Ruddell, Essie (Marriage Record)

Rudesell, Oleta, female (Marriage Record)

Rudesill, Festus George (Marriage Record)

Rudick, Anna Bell, w/o Floyd E. Rudick (Obit.)
Rudick, Calvin C., WWII, DS with Mary E. Rudick (Marriage Record) (Picture Obit.)
Rudick, Christopher Noel "Chris", DS with Bethany Rudick (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Rudick, Clarence E., s/o Floyd E., "With Infantry In South Pacific" (Picture Article)
Rudick, Pfc. Clarence, "Hillemann Boy Receives Recognition" (Article)
Rudick, Clarence E., "Woodruff Countian Wins Soldier Medal" (Article)
Rudick, Clarence E., s/o Mrs. Annie R. Rudick, "Awarded Silver Star" (Article)
Rudick, Clarence Eloyd, DS with Bonnie L. Rudick (Marriage Record) (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Rudick, Claude K., f/o Mrs. Wilma Jackson (Obit.)
Rudick, Danny Alan, "Killed In Crash", h/o Samantha Rudick (Article) (Picture Obit.)
Rudick, Floyd E., h/o Anna Bell Rudick (Obit.)
Rudick, John, s/o Floyd Rudick (Burial Record)

Rudis, Jehova, female (Marriage Record)

Rue, J. S., "Father of Mrs. Nora Foltz Celebrates 100th Birthday" (Article)

Ruffin, Alford (Marriage Record)
Ruffin, Mrs. Lucy, wife of Jim Ball & J. E. Ruffin (Obit.)
Ruffin, Ruth (Marriage Record)
Ruffin, Wilma (Marriage Record)

Ruffing, M. G. (Marriage Record)

Ruhl, F. A. (Marriage Record)

Rule, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Rule, Clarinda, w/o Hollis Rule (Obit.)
Rule, W. (William) C. (Burial Record)

Rumage, Alvin (Marriage Record)

Rumback, Margaret (Marriage Record)

Rumsey, J. T., of West Helena, formerly of McCrory, husband of Myrtle Rumsey (Obit.)
Rumsey, John P. (Burial Record)

Rundell, Rev. George Taylor (Obit.)

Runyan, (Marriage Records) all female
Runyan, Bartus of the Duffel community, married (Article) (Marriage Record)
Runyan, John, formerly of Tupelo, h/o Eva L. Runyan (Obit.)
Runyan, S. C. (Marriage Record)

Runyans, Alvin (Marriage Record)

Runyon, (Marriage Records) all male
Runyon, Mary Evelyn, of Tupelo, AR, w/o J. P. Runyon (Obit.)

Rupe, Wayne Ray, "Stricken by Heart Attack" (Article)
Rupe, Wayne, DS with Joy B. Rupe (Obit.)

Ruse, Ida (Marriage Record)
Ruse, Sadie (Marriage Record)

Rush, Christina Eva (Marriage Record)
Rush, Mary Ellen (Marriage Record)

Rusher, Dallas Lori (Cox) (Lockhart) (Burial Record)

Rushing, (Marriage Records) all male
Rushing, Arthur, of Blytheville, AR, formerly of Augusta, f/o Allen Rushing of Blytheville (Obit.)
Rushing, Betty Sue, d/o C. J. Rushing of Jackson Co., AR, "Is Polio Victim" (Article)
Rushing, Elbert & Corrine, "Golden Wedding Anniversary" (Picture Article)
Rushing, Elbert, h/o Corrine B. Rushing (Obit.)
Rushing, Dr. F. E., "Opens Office In Augusta" (Article 3-25-1948)
Rushing, Dr. F. E. of Sinton, TX, formerly of Augusta (Death notice)
Rushing, Fred Sylvester, hus. of Lillian Omaga Rushing (Burial Record)
Rushing, Infant, d/o Jack Rushing (Burial Record)
Rushing, Mrs. Isabella A., mother of Mrs. Pearl Rice Rushing & others (Obit.)
Rushing, John Ewing, s/o F. E. Rushing of Hot Springs, AR (Obit.)
Rushing, Katherine Frances, wife of Thomas A. Rushing (Obit.)
Rushing, Isabella A. (Burial Record)
Rushing, Lawrence M., s/o Fred S. Rushing, "Woodruff County Boy Killed Over Italy" (Picture Obit.)
Rushing, Lillian Omaga, wife of Fred Sylvester Rushing (Obit.)
Rushing, Luther, married (Article 1913) ,
Rushing, Luther Martin, h/o Virginia S. "Virgie" Rushing (Obit.)
Rushing, Luther Murry, h/o Martha Frances "Mattie" Rushing (Obit.)
Rushing, Martha Francis "Mattie", widow of Murry Rushing (Obit.)
Rushing, Mary Emma, DM with Wm. Lee Rushing (Obit.)
Rushing, Mrs. Nancy Ellen, wife of Sam S. Rushing (Obit.)
Rushing, Patsy Jane, d/o Roy L. Rushing of Reydel, married (Picture Article)
Rushing, Mrs. Rachel M., of Memphis, TN, daughter of Mrs. Mattie Dodd of Augusta (Obit.)
Rushing, Roy Lee, DS with Jessie (Angelo) Houston Rushing (Wedding Article) (Obit.)
Rushing, Russell, married (Article) (Obit
Rushing, S.S. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Rushing, Sam, s/o Fred Sylvester Rushing (Obit.)
Rushing, Samuel Sylvester (Burial Record)
Rushing, Stella Ann married Matthew G. Calvert (Obit.)
Rushing, Tolberta Beatrice, w/o Russell Rushing (Obit.)
Rushing, Urban, WW I, of Newport, AR (Enlist. Record) (Burial Record)
Rushing, Virginia S. "Virgie", w/o Luther Martin Rushing (Obit.)
Rushing, Wm. "Bill" Berry, s/o Elbert Rushing, h/o Shirley Marie Rushing (Obit.)
Rushing, William Lee, h/o Montie Rushing & Mary Emma Rushing (Obit.)

Russell, (Marriage Records) all male
Russell, Albert O., custodian of the Baptist Church in Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Russell, Alice Mae, (black), d/o Ed Roy Russell (Obit.)
Russell, Charlie, "Buys Service Station From Edd Taylor" (Article)
Russell, Edith Voight, of Memphis, formerly of Ohio, mother of Charles Russell (Obit.)
Russell, Edroy, Jr., (black), s/o Edroy Russell, Sr. (Obit.)
Russell, Elizabeth Thompson, "Presented at Debut Party in Memphis" (Article) Russell, Elizabeth Thompson, w/o Charles William Russell (Obit.)
Russell, Mrs. Emily Jean, w/o J. W. Russell (Obit.)
Russell, John, f/o Mrs. Jess O'Neal of McCrory & others (Obit.)
Russell. John H., h/o Nancy Russell (LPR)
Russell, Lillian (LPR)
Russell, Lula Ethel (Roddy), (black), w/o Wm. Russell & Jordan Brown (Picture Obit.)
Russell, Nora Lee, d/o Ira Padgitt, "Honored For Service" (Picture Article ) (Obit.)
Russell, Nora Rebecca, w/o Orval Ezra Russell (Obit.)
Russell, Ronald, (black), of Cotton Plant, s/o Colin Russell (Obit.)
Russell, Sarah Denise (Burial Record)

Rustin, Emma Lou, d/o Roscoe Franklin Rustin, "Former Augusta Girl To Wed In Mississippi" (Article)

Rutch, J. W. (Marriage Record)

Rutherford, (Marriage Records) all male
Rutherford, Alpha S., DS with Romer F. Rutherford (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Rutherford, Etta Elizabeth, wife of George "Frank" Rutherford (Obit.)
Rutherford, James Edward, resident of Tupelo, h/o Wilmer K. Rutherford (Obit.)
Rutherford, Romer Franklin (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Rutherford, Theodore Albert, WW II, h/o Cora Lucille Rutherford (Obit.)
Rutherford, Zelma, WW I, of McCrory (Enlist. Record)

Rutledge, (Marriage Records) all male
Rutledge, Clarence Allen, h/o Cora E. Rutledge (Obit.)
Rutledge, E., No dates listed (Burial Record)
Rutledge, Herman Henry, s/o John Rutledge (Obit.)
Rutledge, Imojean, d/o J. L. Rutledge (Obit.)
Rutledge, John, No dates listed (Burial Record)
Rutledge, John Leonard, Sr., of Howell, h/o Lizzie Rutledge (Obit.)
Rutledge, John Leonard, Jr., of Wiville, s/o Mrs. Lizzie Rutledge of McCrory (Obit.)
Rutledge, Leo H., s/o John L. Rutledge of Wiville (Obit.)
Rutledge, M. E., no dates (Burial Record)
Rutledge, M., No dates listed (Burial Record)
Rutledge, Mrs. Pearl, w/o C. A. Rutledge (Obit.)
Rutledge, Sarah Elizabeth (Burial Record)

Ryals, Verna, of Seattle, formerly of Beedeville, w/o Durward Ryals (Obit.)

Ryan, (Marriage Records) all male
Ryan, George R., DS with Ora R. Ryan (Burial Record)
Ryan, Ora, w/o George Raymond Ryan (Obit.)

Ryland, (Marriage Records) all male
Ryland, Cedric Van, s/o Mrs. Arnice Ryland (Obit.)
Ryland, Horace (Burial Record)
Ryland, Jerry Lynne (Burial Record)
Ryland, Minnie Davis (Obit.)
Ryland, Tebitha (Burial Record)

Ryum, Ingwald Benhard, of Gregory, h/o Marie Ryum (Obit.)


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