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Surnames "J"
Index for Names in
Woodruff County, Arkansas

Compiled by Gary Telford, P. O. Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010
501-724-2490, or email wgt@centurytel.net

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogist. Old pictures are priceless. Gathering this information has involved four years of research through old Woodruff County newspapers, preparing an index and filing all of it. Every effort is being made to preserve this important Woodruff County history.

The four years of research has involved searching through old newspapers of Woodruff County, Arkansas, to find obituaries, articles, weddings and pictures. Most of these have been copied on a commercial digital copier and are very good quality. Quite a bit of money and time was invested in this project, which is still in progress.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be sent by email. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. All are copied on heavyweight, 28 lb., bright white, acid free, archive safe, paper. There is a small fee to cover expenses, mailing, etc.

The papers name and the date it was published will be on each item. Any of these old "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook."

Remember: "A Family Tree can wither if no one tends it's roots." For more info. and a complete index on obituaries, weddings, pictures, and articles, see Parts 1-19 now posted on Woodruff County Website at rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ - Click on (Obits/Weddings) See also Surname Index.

Woodruff County Cemetery Records have been updated to present 2011 with all old and new burials and are available in a binder. Prices vary depending on size of cemetery. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

For a complete list of the Family History Books now available go to rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ Click on (Family History Books) New books are being published monthly. Contact me to see if a Family History Book is available for your family.

Many other Woodruff County Obituaries, Articles, Weddings & Pictures, 1930-2011, are available that have not been posted yet. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

Jackson, Albertha (Anthony), (black), d/o Robert Anthony (Obit.)
Jackson, Anna C. (Burial Record)
Jackson, Armon O. (Burial Record)
Jackson, Arthur, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jackson, Arthur, (black) (Burial Record)
Jackson, Arthur Jr., (black), h/o Emma Jackson (Obit.)
Jackson, Ashley Nicole, d/o Clayton Jackson (Obit.)
Jackson, Ben G., h/o Floy M. Jackson (Burial Record)
Jackson, Benton Solomon of McCrory, h/o Laura Ella Jackson (Obit.)
Jackson, Beverly Maureen (Coley), d/o Victor Ellis Coley (Obit.)
Jackson, Mrs. Canzada-Hinton, of Brinkley, mother of Mrs. Jodie Ellis of McCrory (Obit.)
Jackson, Mrs. C. L., of near Augusta, "Augusta Home Burns" (Article)
Jackson, Celestine, infant (Burial Record)
Jackson, Charles Lloyd, Sr. (Obit.)
Jackson, Charlie Louis, (black), h/o Geneitha Jackson (Obit.)
Jackson, Charles W., h/o Marette Jackson (Obit.)
Jackson, Chester Lee Chapple, (black), s/o Howard M. Chapple, Sr. (Picture Obit.)
Jackson, D. J., age 48 yrs. (Burial Record)
Jackson, Daniel, (black), h/o Lee Ella Jackson (Obit.)
Jackson, Dona (Burial Record)
Jackson, E. F. (Burial Record)
Jackson, Edna Mae, of Snow Hill, AR, w/o William Terry Jackson (Obit.)
Jackson, Edward Wesley - 1913 - 1918 (Burial Record)
Jackson, Effola Green, (black), w/o James O. Jackson (Picture Obit.)
Jackson, Elizabeth T. (Mrs.) (Burial Record)
Jackson, Ella B. (Paige), (black), w/o James L. Jackson (Obit.)
Jackson, Eva Hensley (Burial Record)
Jackson, Floy M., w/o Ben G, Jackson (Burial Record)
Jackson, Franchelle (Jeffries), w/o Wellington P. "Top" Jackson (Obit.)
Jackson, George W. (LPR)
Jackson, Hannah H. (Burial Record)
Jackson, Henry Newton, s/o Houston Jackson (Obit.)
Jackson, James Armon (Burial Record)
Jackson, James L. (black) (Obit.)
Jackson, John (Burial Record)
Jackson, John G. (Burial Record)
Jackson, Mrs. Johnnie Lee, of Cotton Plant, w/o Joe Lee Jackson (Obit.)
Jackson, Joseph R. (Burial Record)
Jackson, Josie, (black) (Burial Record)
Jackson, Junius, (black) (Burial Record)
Jackson, Katie, w/o J.W. Jackson (Burial Record)
Jackson, Lewis C., (black) (Obit.)
Jackson, Lula H. (Burial Record)
Jackson, Marie, (black) (Burial Record)
Jackson, Mary Kathleen, d/o C.L. Jackson (Burial Record)
Jackson, Mildred Delois, d/o Orbra Jackson of Holly Springs, AR (Obit.)
Jackson, Minnie Lee (Molden), d/o James C. Molden (Burial Record)
Jackson, Odell, h/o Stella Beatrice Jackson (Burial Record)
Jackson, Pearl (Ward), w/o Charles Lloyd Sr. Jackson (Burial Record)
Jackson, Rachel (Burial Record)
Jackson, Reese and Netta (LPR)
Jackson, Stella Beatrice (Whitehead), w/o Odell Jackson (Obit.)
Jackson, Talton, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jackson, Thelma (Hodge), d/o William A. Hodge (Burial Record)
Jackson, Thursae, w/o Henry N. Jackson (Burial Record)
Jackson, Tim, (black) (Obit.)
Jackson, Ulicus, h/o Merline Jackson (Obit.)
Jackson, W. H., of Magazine, AR, formerly of Woodruff Co., h/o Eunice Jackson (Obit.)
Jackson, Wesley (Burial Record)
Jackson, Will, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jackson, William Ardith, h/o Carmen Jackson (Obit.)
Jackson, Willie (Burial Record)
Jackson, Willie Carrie Stitch, (black) (Obit.), in fold

Jacobs, Alfred, h/o Ollie Jacobs (Obit.)
Jacobs, Caroline (Dix), d/o J. D. Jacobs (Obit.), in fold
Jacobs, Clarence, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jacobs, Cora, of Wynne, widow of J. R. Jacobs (Obit.)
Jacobs, Mrs. Gary, of Batesville, AR, daughter-in-law of Mr. & Mrs. Russell Jacobs of Augusta (Obit.)
Jacobs, Gladys Gertrude (Garrett), w/o Percy Jacobs (Obit.)
Jacobs, Hettie, (black) (Burial Record)
Jacobs, Hubbard, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record) (Burial Record)
Jacobs, Ida Lee (Taylor), w/o James Leonard Jacobs (Obit.)
Jacobs, James Leonard, of Newport, h/o Ida Lee Taylor (Obit.)
Jacobs, James Paul, h/o Joan "Jo" Jacobs (Article) (Picture Obit.)
Jacobs, Jason Lynn, s/o Rickey Jacobs of McCrory, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Jacobs, John J., s/o J. R. Jacobs, "Beedeville Boy Killed In Germany" (Article)
Jacobs, Joseph Ridgley, of Newport, AR, h/o Cora Belle Jacobs of Wynne (Obit.)
Jacobs, Larry, (black) (Burial Record)
Jacobs, Lola Mae (Blake), w/o Melvin Jacobs (Obit.)
Jacobs, Lorrine, d/o Homer Jacobs of Hickory Ridge, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Jacobs, Louella Juanita (Henderson), w/o Alva "Bud" Jacobs (Obit.)
Jacobs, Marguerite (Obit.)
Jacobs, Michael Wayne (Burial Record)
Jacobs, Nora Katherine (Payne), d/o James T. Payne (Obit.)
Jacobs, Pheweilks, (black) (Burial Record)
Jacobs, Queen Ester, (black) (Burial Record)
Jacobs, Shirley Ann (McGowan), w/o Bobby Lynn Jacobs (Obit.)
Jacobs, Thelma S. (Tillman), w/o Melvin Jacobs (Obit.)

Jaggers, Miss Louise, d/o W. L. Jaggers, "McCrory's Princess" (Picture Article)
Jaggers, Miss Louise, d/o W. L. Jaggers, "Weds", 1937 (Article)
Jaggers, Louise, d/o W. L. Jaggers, "Weds", 1939 (Article)
Jaggers, Max, s/o W. L. Jaggers, "McCrory Youth To Attend Boy's State" (Article)
Jaggers, Miss Mildred, d/o W. L. Jaggers, "Weds" (Article)
Jaggers, Miss Mildred, d/o W. L. Jaggers, "Weds" (Picture Article)

Jake, Eugene, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Jamerson, Mary Ruth Dora, (black) (Burial Record)

James, Addie Lois (Burial Record)
James, Albert C., bro. of Floyd James of Stuttgart (Obit.)
James, Alvin W., (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
James, Arthur Berry, s/o Jodie James, formerly of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
James, Atta and John (LPR)
James, Beulah G., w/o Iris Corder "Babe" James (Burial Record)
James, C. M., h/o Catherine M. James (Burial Record)
James, Calvin, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
James, Caroline (Lewis), w/o Robert Reese James (Burial Record)
James, Catherine M., w/o C.M. James (Burial Record)
James, Charlie Sue, w/o Jimmie James (Burial Record)
James, Curtis Lee (Obit.)
James, Dickey, of Wynne (Obit.)
James, Miss Dolly (Suicide) (Obit.)
James, Earl, h/o Esther James (Burial Record)
James, Ellen Elizabeth (James) James, d/o George W. James, w/o Jody B. James (Obit.)
James, Elmer Lee, h/o Frances James (Burial Record)
James, Essie (Gamel) (Burial Record)
James, Ethel, d/o R. M. James (Burial Record)
James, Frances (Ancel), w/o Elmer Lee James (Obit.)
James, Freddie Lee, h/o Margie James (Picture Obit.)
James, Henderson (Burial Record)
James, Horace J., h/o Ida James (Obit.)
James, Ida Lee, w/o Wm. R. James (Burial Record)
James, Infant (Burial Record)
James, Iris C. "Babe", h/o Lola S. James (Obit.)
James, Jackson, (black) (LPR)
James, Jane, w/o Samuel James (Burial Record)
James, Jesse C., s/o I. C. James, "S-Sgt. J. C. James Recently Returned From Foreign Tour" (Article)
James, Jesse C., h/o Stella D. James (Burial Record)
James, Jessie, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
James, Jimmie F., s/o Robert M. James, "Weds" (Article)
James, Jimmie F. "Fed", s/o Robert M. James (Obit.)
James, Jody B., f/o Jessie James of Hornersville, MO, & Mrs. Ethel Nash of CA (Obit.)
James, Joe Levi, h/o Pauline James (Obit.)
James, John, Aged 8 months (Burial Record)
James, John Allen, s/o Louis James, "21 Months Old Baby Drinks Paint Thinner" (Article)
James, John Harry, h/o Minnie James (Obit.)
James, John T., of Cotton Plant, theatre owner, "Weds" (Article)
James, Johnnie Mae, (black), w/o D. C. James (Obit.)
James, Julian Mull (Burial Record)
James, Lee, of McCrory, AR, " Morton Man Hurt While Hunting" (Article)
James, Lizzie (Clinton), d/o H.C. James (Burial Record)
James, Lola S., w/o Iris C. James (Burial Record)
James, Louis, "Couple attend tillage meeting" (Article)
James, Louis S., Sr., h/o Nina James (Obit.)
James, Louis Samuel "Sammy", Jr., h/o Carolyn James (Obit.)
James, Lucy J. (Bucey), w/o Robert M. James (Obit.)
James, Marcus (William Marcus), h/o Maude James (Burial Record)
James, Martha, d/o John T. James of Cotton Plant, "To Appear On TV" (Article) (Picture Article)
James, Martha, d/o John T. James of Cotton Plant, "On TV March 24" (Article)
James, Mary Adelaide (Erwin), of Humbolt, TN, w/o John T. James (Obit.)
James, Mary Maxine (Wallace), w/o John "Johnny" Allen James (Obit.)
James, Maude (Wilson) (Burial Record)
James, McKinney, s/o William Marcus James (Burial Record)
James, Minerva (Laseter), widow of Sam James (Obit.)
James, Mollie Susan, w/o Sanford James (Obit.)
James, Motten H., (black) (Obit.)
James, Nancy Ellen (LPR)
James, Nina Lanelle (Pankey), w/o Louis S. James, Sr. (Obit.)
James, Norman L., h/o Rita James (Obit.)
James, Pauline (Mathews), w/o Joe L. James (Obit.)
James, Pete, poolroom operator, "Two Accused Of Kidnaping Plead Guilty Tuesday" (Article)
James, Phyllis, d/o Louis James of McCrory, "Weds" (Picture Article)
James, Robert, Jr., of Newport, AR, h/o Rosetta James (Obit.)
James, Robert McKinney, CSA Vet., h/o Lucy J. James (Burial Record)
James, Miss Ruth, "Weds" (Article)
James, Robert Reese (Dr.), C.S.A., h/o Caroline Lewis James (Biog.) (Burial Record)
James, Sally Leotta "Lola", of McCrory, step-daughter of Mrs. Nellie Linhart (Obit.)
James, Samuel Jackson, h/o Jane James (Obit.)
James, Sanford, h/o Mollie James (Burial Record)
James, Stella D., w/o Jesse C. James (Burial Record)
James, Taja Beren (Cruce), of Mountainberg, formerly of Augusta (Picture Obit.)
James, Vance, of Haletown, Scott Co., AR, formerly of McCrory, h/o Esther James (Obit.)
James, Vannie, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
James, W. H., of Hunter, bro. of Earl & Lewis James (Obit.)
James, W. Oran, bro. of John T. James of Cotton Plant, h/o Della James (Obit.)
James, William Marcus, h/o Maude James (Burial Record)
James, William R., h/o Ida Lee James (Burial Record)

Jamison, Dora Lee, (black) (Burial Record)

Japan, "Attacks U. S. Navel Bases In Pacific; War Declared Monday" (Biog.)

Jarrett, Bobby Wayne, h/o Sandra Kay Jarrett (Obit.), in fold
Jarrett, Edward Elvin (Burial Record)
Jarrett, Frankie W. (Burial Record)
Jarrett, Jewell Evelyn (Stokes), w/o Edward Elvin Jarrett (Obit.)
Jarrett, Jimmy Rodgers, Sr., of Wynne, h/o Geraldine Jarrett (Obit.)
Jarrett, Julia Catherine (Burial Record)
Jarrett, Koren Olisa (Burial Record)
Jarrett, Margaret "Sissy", d/o Edward Jarrett (Picture Obit.)
Jarrett, Williard Clinton (Burial Record)

Jaworski, Peter John, bro. of Joanna (Jaworski) Lawhon (Obit.)

Jayne, Lester M., of Hunter, AR, f/o Clinton Jayne (Obit.)

Jeanette, Penelope (Burial Record)

Jefferson, Shelton, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)

Jeffery, Robert, (black) (Burial Record)

Jeffett, Francis Asburg, h/o Nannie Jeffett (Burial Record)
Jeffett, Nannie (Cook), w/o Francis Asburg Jeffett (Burial Record)
Jeffett, Mrs. Nina (Trice), widow of Sidney J. Jeffett, "Dies In Cotton Plant" (Obit.)
Jeffett, Robert Fletcher , s/o Nina Jeffett (Picture Article 1942) (Picture Article 1943)
Jeffett, Sidney Jelks, h/o Nina (Trice) Jeffett (Burial Record)

Jeffries, Alfred Jefferson, of Clarendon, AR, father of Hallie Lucile (Jefferies) Stanley (Obit.)
Jeffries, Mrs. Amanda (Warren), w/o W. R. Jeffries (Obit.)
Jeffries, Annie, d/o T. A. Jeffries, "Head Central Student Body" (Picture Article)
Jeffries, B. Elrod "Bid", "Tech Halfback, Removed From Hospital" (Article)
Jeffries, B. Elrod "Bid", "McCrory Boy Named on All-State First Team of Democrat" (Article)
Jeffries, Banks, "Four Hurt In Crash" (Article)
Jeffries, Banks Guss, s/o T. A. Jeffries, "Three McCrory Boys Meet In Philippines" (Picture Article)
Jeffries, Banks Guss, s/o Thomas Anthony Jeffries, Sr. (Obit.)
Jeffries, Betty Kelley, "Weds" (Article)
Jeffries, Clint, of East Prairie, MO, formerly of McCrory (Obit.)
Jeffries, Cora J., d/o Octavius Edward Jeffries (Picture Obit.)
Jeffries, Della L., w/o Thomas A. Jeffries (Burial Record)
Jeffries, Ed, "Home Destroyed By Fire Monday Morning" (Article)
Jeffries, Edgar E., "Edgar E. Jeffries Dies in His Sleep Christmas Morning" (Obit.)
Jeffries, Miss Frances, d/o Ed, "Tech's Prettiest Co-Ed" (Picture Article)
Jeffries, Miss Frances, d/o E. E. Jeffries, "Arkansas Tech Beauty Queen" (Picture Article)
Jeffries, Miss Frances, "Frances Jeffries, Formerly of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Jeffries, Miss Frances, "Frances Jeffries, Formerly of McCrory Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Jeffries, Mrs. Gussie (Dilliard), w/o Thomas A. Jeffries (Obit.)
Jeffries, Harris, s/o R.O. Jeffries (Burial Record)
Jeffries, Miss Hazel, d/o T. A. Jeffries, "Weds" (Article)
Jeffries, Hester, d/o R.O. Jeffries (Burial Record)
Jeffries, Miss Hilda Sarah "Nig" (Obit.)
Jeffries, Jerry J. , s/o Bid Jeffries, h/o Peggy Jeffries (Picture Article)
Jeffries, Madolyn Ann (McCurdy)-Bailey-Manning, w/o Thomas A. Jeffries (Obit.)
Jeffries, Mattie (Manning) (Burial Record)
Jeffries, Mrs. Myra, "Given Honors" (Article)
Jeffries, Myra E. (Harris), w/o Ross Octavus Jeffries (Obit.)
Jeffries, Miss Nettie Ann "Annie", d/o Thomas A. Jeffries, (Wedding Announcement)
Jeffries, Miss Nettie Ann "Annie", "Reveals Wedding Plans (Picture Article)
Jeffries, Miss Nettie Ann "Annie", d/o Thomas A. Jeffries, Sr., "Weds" (Picture Article)
Jeffries, Octavius Edward Jeffries, A Pioneer Family (Family History)
Jeffries, Octavius Edward Jeffries (Picture Story)
Jeffries, Octavius "Oc", "New Officers of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)
Jeffries, Oc, "Rotary Club Speaker, Tells of Trip To Louisville, KY" (Article)
Jeffries, Octavius "Oc" Edward, "Weds" (Article) (Picture Obit.)
Jeffries, Pauline (Bull), w/o Octavius "Oc" Ed Jeffries, "Miscellaneous Shower" (Article) (Wedding Article)
Jeffries, Pauline (Bull), w/o Octavius "Oc" Ed. Jeffries (Obit.)
Jeffries, Ross Octavus, h/o Myra E. Jeffries (Obit.)
Jeffries, Sally Sue, d/o T. M. Jeffries, "Birthday Party For Sally Sue Jerrries" (Article)
Jeffries, Sally, "Attending State 4-H Day in Little Rock" (Article)
Jeffries, Sarah O. "Sallie" Dupree (Ross), w/o Octavius Edward Jeffries (Burial Record)
Jeffries, Sarah O. "Sallie" Dupree (Ross) (Picture of home)
Jeffries, Thadeus E., s/o Octavius Edward Jeffries (Burial Record)
Jeffries, Thelma (Stephens), of McCrory, w/o Thomas Mitchell Jeffries, Sr. (Picture Obit.)
Jeffries, Thomas A., Sr., s/o Octavius E. Jeffries, "End Comes To Long And Useful Life" (Obit.)
Jeffries, Thomas A., Jr., h/o Madelyn Jeffries (Burial Record)
Jeffries, Thomas Mitchell, Sr., s/o Edgar Emerson Jeffries, h/o Thelma Jeffries (Obit.)
Jeffries, Thomas Mitchell, Jr., s/o T. M. Jeffries, "Birthday Party For Tommie Jeffries" (Article)
Jeffries, Thomas Mitchell, Jr., "Weds" (Article)
Jeffries, Thomas Wade, s/o Thomas Anthony Jeffries, Sr., h/o Pearl Lois Jeffries (Obit.)
Jeffries, Turner Jeffries "T. J. ", Jr. (Burial Record)
Jeffries, Vervian Thaddeus "Bud", s/o E. E. Jeffries, "Weds" (Article)
Jeffries, Vervian Thaddeus "Bud", h/o Mary Iva Jeffries (Obit.)
Jeffries, Walter Nathan "Red", WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jeffries, Walter Nathan "Red" Jeffries, s/o Thomas A. Jeffries (Obit.)
Jeffries, Will, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jeffries, William "Bill", h/o Shirley Jeffries (Obit.)
Jeffries, William T., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jeffries, Willie (Mitchell), "Mrs. E. E. Jeffries' Funeral Will Be Held Friday At 10:30 A.M." (Obit.)

Jeith, Dora (Burial Record)

Jelks, Family - 12 Generations -1650 England -2007 (Family History Book)
Jelks, Bert D. (Burial Record)
Jelks, Boyd, "Seriously Injured in Hammond, IN" (Article)
Jelks, Boyd Glen, h/o Florence Jelks (Obit.)
Jelks, Charles., step-bro of Mrs. Lee Wright of Jonesboro & others (Obit.)
Jelks, Daisy, d/o Jarrett E. Jelks (Burial Record)
Jelks, Della Leona (Jeffries), w/o Jefferson Rukin Jelks, Sr. (Picture) (Burial Record)
Jelks, Eugene Osborne, WW I (Burial Record)
Jelks, Fannie E., d/o L.O. Jelks (Burial Record)
Jelks, H. C. (LPR)
Jelks, H. C. (Burial Record)
Jelks, Infant, s/o H. C. Jelks (Burial Record)
Jelks, Infant (Burial Record)
Jelks, J. A. (Burial Record)
Jelks, James M., h/o Zelda S. Jelks (Obit.)
Jelks, Jarret E. (Burial Record)
Jelks, Jefferson Rukin, Sr., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jelks, Dr. John Lemuel, of Memphis, TN, h/o Louise (Whitmore) Jelks (Obit.)
Jelks, Jno (John) R. (Burial Record)
Jelks, John R. (LPR)
Jelks, J. R., Jr. (Burial Record)
Jelks, L.O. (Burial Record)
Jelks, Miss Lanell, d/o R. L. Jelks, "Weds" (Article)
Jelks, Miss Lavinia, d/o Dr. Lemuel M. Jelks (Obit.)
Jelks, Dr. L. A. (Picture), of him & his office
Jelks, L. Orb (LPR)
Jelks, Dr. Lemuel Albert, "Weds" (Article 1913)
Jelks, Dr. Lemuel Albert, h/o Theodore "Thea" Adelaide (Jelks) Tarpley, Jelks (Obit.)
Jelks, Lemuel M. (LPR)
Jelks, Levin, s/o W. H. Jelks, "Well-Known Athlete Succumbs In Memphis" (Obit.)
Jelks, Lillie Simmons, w/o W. E. Jelks (Obit.)
Jelks, Lou Ann, d/o Boyd & Florence Jelks, "Not Hurt in Tornado at Children's Colony" (Article)
Jelks, Lu Ann, d/o Boyd & Florence Jelks (Obit.)
Jelks, Loyd Lynn, of Newport, AR, Marine Corp Vet. WW II, h/o Betty Lucille Jelks (Obit.)
Jelks, Louanna, inf. dtr. of J. R. Jelks (Burial Record)
Jelks, Lucy J., dtr. of J. R. Jelks (Burial Record)
Jelks, Margaret Lillian "Lillie" (Simmons), second wife of William Edmonds Jelks (Obit.)
Jelks, Mary C., w/o W.E. Jelks (Burial Record)
Jelks, Mary Elizabeth "Nannie" (Lane), w/o John Rukin Jelks (Picture Obit.)
Jelks, Mary H., w/o J. M. Jelks (Burial Record)
Jelks, Mattie, w/o H. C. Jelks (Burial Record)
Jelks, Millard E. (Burial Record)
Jelks, Mollie B., w/o John A. Jelks (Burial Record)
Jelks, "Old Jelks Home Burns", built in 1895 (Picture Article)
Jelks, Ora Ethel (Ervin), w/o Roger Lynn Jelks (Obit.)
Jelks, Roger Lynn, h/o Ora Ethel (Ervin) Jelks (Obit.)
Jelks, Stattie, d/o Jarrett E. Jelks (Burial Record)
Jelks, Theodore "Thea" A. (Jelks), "Mrs. L. A. Jelks Celebrates 90th Birthday Wednesday" (Article)
Jelks, Thea. (Theodora A.), w/o Dr. Lemuel Albert Jelks (Picture Obit.)
Jelks, Traveline (Burial Record)
Jelks, William E., "Fire Destroys Barn On Jelks Farm Friday" (Article)
Jelks, Mr. & Mrs. William E., "Family Reunion" (Article)
Jelks, William Edmonds, h/o Mary Jelks & Lillie Jelks (Obit.)
Jelks, Willie M., (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jelks, Willie M., s/o H. C. Jelks (Burial Record)

Jenkins, A. H. (Obit.)
Jenkins, Annie Elizabeth (Moon) (Burial Record)
Jenkins, Claude C., h/o Helen L. Jenkins (Obit.)
Jenkins, Elvira Catherine (Burial Record)
Jenkins, Grace, of McCrory, w/o S. H. B. Jenkins (Obit.)
Jenkins, Helen Lorane , w/o Claude C. Jenkins (Obit.)
Jenkins, Henry Walter, h/o Mary Catherine Jenkins (Obit.)
Jenkins, Mary K. (Crouch), w/o Henry W. Jenkins (Obit.)
Jenkins, Michael R., grandson of Charles A. Jenkins, "Assigned to Chanute AFB for Training" (Article)
Jenkins, Michael R. (Obit.)
Jenkins, Mona Ann (Hensley), of Bradford, w/o Leslie Jenkins (Obit.)
Jenkins, P. W. (Burial Record)
Jenkins, S. H. (Burial Record)
Jenkins, Samuel, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jenkins, Wayne Lensey, of Searcy, formerly of Gregory, AR, s/o Charley Jenkins (Obit.)

Jennie's Colony, "Now McCrory, And the McCrory's A Pioneer Family Who Settled Here" (Story)

Jennings, Thomas Jefferson - 1800's - 2009 - 6 Generations, about 250 pages (Family History Book)
Jennings, A.M. (Burial Record)
Jennings, Billy, "State F. F. A President (Picture Article)
Jennings, Boyce Jefferson, h/o Helen L. Jennnings (Obit.)
Jennings, Charles Edward, h/o Mary Sue Jennings (Obit.)
Jennings, Clara, w/o Fred W. Jennings (Burial Record)
Jennings, Debra Lynn, "Engaged" (Picture Article)
Jennings, Dorothy (Smith), w/o Harry Fitzhugh Jennings (Obit.)
Jennings, F.M., h/o Julia S. Jennings (Burial Record)
Jennings, Fred W., h/o Clara Jennings (Obit.)
Jennings, Georgia Mae, w/o Owen Jennings (Obit.)
Jennings, Goldie, "Negro Woman Found Dead In Bottoms Near Cotton Plant Tues." (Obit.)
Jennings, Harold W. (William Harold Jr.), h/o Ruby A. Jennings (Obit.)
Jennings, Harry, h/o Nora Dorothy Jennings (Picture Article) (Obit.)
Jennings, Harry Fitzhugh, s/o T. J. Jennings, "Commander V. F. W." (Picture Article) (Obit.)
Jennings, Helen L., w/o Boyce J. Jennings (Picture Obit.)
Jennings, Infant Son of Harry & Nora Dorothy Jennings (Burial Record)
Jennings, John P., h/o Martha C. Jennings (Burial Record) (LPR)
Jennings, Kenneth Lane, h/o Emily Jennings (Obit.)
Jennings, L'Ellis Shofield, s/o F. M. Jennings & Julia S. Jennings, h/o Margaret Jennings (Obit.)
Jennings, Lucius, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jennings, Mae S. (Winnie Mae Spradlin), w/o William H. Jennings (Obit.)
Jennings, Marshall O. (Burial Record)
Jennings, Mary E., w/o T. J. Jennings (Burial Record)
Jennings, Mary Sue, w/o Charles Edward Jennings (Burial Record)
Jennings, Minnie, w/o Thomas Jefferson Jennings (Obit.)
Jennings, Nicholas Jay "Nick", s/o Marshall Oliver Jennings, Jr., h/o Lee Ann Jennings (Obit.)
Jennings, Nora Dorothy, w/o Harry Jennings (Obit.)
Jennings, Owen, h/o Georgia M. Jennings (Obit.)
Jennings, Pauline, d/o F.M. Jennings & Julia S. Jennings (Burial Record)
Jennings, R. D. (Burial Record)
Jennings, Rubye Austine, w/o William Harold Jennings, Jr. (Obit.)
Jennings, Thomas Jefferson "Jeff", h/o Mary E. Jennings & Minnie Jennings (LPR) (Obit.)
Jennings, W. H. Jennings, Jr., s/o W. H. Jennings of Fitzhugh, "Weds" (Article)
Jennings, William Harold Jennings, Jr., h/o Rubye Austine Jennings (Obit.)
Jennings, William H., h/o Mae S. Jennings (Obit.)

Jernigan, Annie Roseann, w/o Henry Wilson Jernigan (Obit.)
Jernigan, Carrie Lucresie, w/o James Riley Jernigan (Obit.)
Jernigan, Elizabeth "Betty" Ann, d/o Otis McCrory, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Jernigan, Glenn, s/o Dr. & Mrs. R.M. Jernigan (Burial Record)
Jernigan, Henry Wilson, "Trusted and honored Pioneer Banker and Planter" (Picture)
Jernigan, Mrs. J. C., "Finds Diamond", at Murfreesboro (Article)
Jernigan, James C. (Article) & (Biog.) (Burial Record)
Jernigan, James C., s/o James Wright, "McCrory Boy Receives Promotion In Italy" (Article)
Jernigan, James Clifford "Tip", "Retires from Augusta Police Dept." (Article)
Jernigan, James Clifford "Tip", h/o Lois Jernigan (Obit.)
Jernigan, James Riley "J. R.", "Dies In Crossing Accident" (Obit.)
Jernigan, Judy, granddaughter of Roy Fowler, "Birthday Party" (Article)
Jernigan, Miss Lou Alice, "To Receive B. A. Degree at T. C. U." (Picture Article)
Jernigan, Mary A. (Burial Record)
Jernigan, Mary (Picture 1930)
Jernigan, Mary, m/o W. F. Jernigan & Mrs. Minnie Adison (Obit.)
Jernigan, Mary Emma, w/o H. W. Jernigan (Burial Record)
Jernigan, Mary Roseann "Annie", w/o Henry Wilson Jernigan (Obit.)
Jernigan, Oliver L., hus. of Dorothy Jernigan, "Wounded In Action" (Article)
Jernigan, Oliver Lee (Obit.)
Jernigan, Otis McCrory (Lt. Col.), s/o Henry Wilson Jernigan, "Weds" (Article)
Jernigan, Otis M., Jr., s/o Otis Jernigan, "Home from Ethiopia" (Article)
Jernigan, Major Otis, "Named Base Engineer Succeeds Johnson" (Article)
Jernigan, Otis (Lt. Col.), s/o H. W. Jernigan, "Receives Promotion" (Picture Article)
Jernigan, Otis McCrory (Burial Record)
Jernigan, Roberta Barcus, w/o Otis M. Jernigan (Burial Record)
Jernigan, Wilson Wade (Burial Record)

Jett, Family History (Story)
Jett, Family - Richard T. Jett, of Gregory - 7 Generations 1806 - 2007 (Family History Book)
Jett, Bert (Albert "Bert" Calvin), h/o Dora Anna Jett (Burial Record)
Jett, Dick (Richard T. "Dick") (Burial Record)
Jett, Dora Anna, w/o Albert "Bert" Calvin Jett (Obit.)
Jett, Miss Hutoka, "Miss Jett Favored With Dinner-Shower" (Article)
Jett, Kathleen (McKnight) (Burial Record)
Jett, Margaret A., w/o Richard T. "Dick" Jett (Burial Record)
Jett, Minor Calvin, WW I, h/o Kathleen Jett (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Jett, Robert Calvin, h/o Estella "Stella" Mae Jett (Obit.)
Jett, Robert "Bob" Shelton, h/o Diane Jett (Obit.)
Jett, Stella Mae, w/o Robert Calvin Jett (Burial Record)

Jeu, Na-Pan, (Born in Canton China) (Burial Record)

Jewell, Alvin Kenneth (Obit.)
Jewell, Florence Lydia, second wife of Alvin K. Jewell (Obit.)
Jewell, Wayne, of El Dorado, AR, bro. of Alvin Jewell of Augusta (Obit.)

Jimerson, Adrian "Addie" L., w/o William H. Jimmerson (Obit.)
Jimerson, Agnes (Gipson) Bowen, w/o Chester Allen Bowen (Obit.)
Jimerson, Becky, d/o Walter Jimerson, Sr., "Weds" (Article)
Jimerson, Edith Amanda (Burial Record)
Jimerson, Edward, s/o J.A. Jimerson & M.F. Jimerson (Burial Record)
Jimerson, Edwin Brazeale (Picture Obit.)
Jimerson, Edwin Brazeale, "Jimmerson is candidate for re-election" (Picture Article)
Jimerson, "Farm For Sale", 80 acres, known as the Rubottom farm, to settle estate (Article)
Jimerson, Fred Patterson, "Weds" (Article)
Jimerson, Herman Willis (Burial Record)
Jimerson, Jack, "Magnolia Service Station" (Article)
Jimerson, Jack, s/o Mrs. Walter Jimerson, "Weds" (Article)
Jimerson, Mrs. Jack, "Miscellaneous Shower For Recent Bride" (Article)
Jimerson, Joan, "To Wed" (Picture Article)
Jimerson, Lois, w/o Walter W. Jimerson, Jr. (Obit.)
Jimerson, Lynne P., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jimerson, Lynne Paul, s/o William Henry Jimerson (Obit.)
Jimerson, Mentoria (Kendrick), (black), w/o Wesley Jimerson (Obit.)
Jimerson, Nelle (Brazeale), w/o Walter William Jimerson, Sr, (Obit.)
Jimerson, Polly Ann, w/o Robert Jackson "Jack" Jimerson (Obit.)
Jimerson, Robert Jackson "Jack", h/o Polly Ann Jimerson (Obit.)
Jimerson, Robert Thomas (Obit.)
Jimerson, Shirley (Miracle), w/o Edwin B. Jimerson (Obit.)
Jimerson, Sol, (black), h/o Emma Jimerson (Burial Record)
Jimerson, Walter, "New Brick Service Station for McCrory" (Article)
Jimerson, Walter, h/o Nelle (Brazeale) (Obit.)
Jimerson, Walter, "Pfc. Walter Jimerson With Marine Corps On Island of Corsica" (Article)
Jimerson, Walter W., III, s/o Walter W. Jimerson, Jr., "Completes Advanced Marine Training" (Article)
Jimerson, Walter (Obit.)
Jimerson, Wesley, (black), s/o Sol Jimerson, h/o Menjoria Jimerson (Obit.)
Jimerson, William Henry, h/o Adrian Leona "Addie" Jimerson (Obit.)
Jimerson, Walter William, Sr. (Group Picture)
Jimerson, Walter William, III "Bill" (Picture Article)

Jinkins, Kate (Burial Record)
Jinkins, Lucy E. (Burial Record)

Johns, S.D., (Eld) (Burial Record)
Johns, Violet, w/o John S. Johns, "Two Women In County Shot By Small Pistols" (Article)

Johnson, Ada E. (Burial Record)
Johnson, Ada Lewis, w/o Robert Lee "Bob" Johnson (Article 1936) (Article 1938) (Obit.)
Johnson, Algernon, s/o R. L. Johnson, of McCrory, AR, "Weds" (Article)
Johnson, Algernon, "Barn & Contents Destroyed By Fire On Johnson Farm" (Article)
Johnson, Algernon Atkinson, "The Johnson House" (Article)
Johnson, Alice M. (Obit.)
Johnson, Alma Estella (Caudle) Taylor, w/o Robert Taylor, also wife of A. A. Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Alonzo F., h/o Mary (Vandiver) Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Amos (Burial Record)
Johnson, Annie, w/o C.E. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Arizona (Burial Record)
Johnson, Arthur Hurman (Burial Record)
Johnson, Ashley Nicole, (black) (Picture Obit.)
Johnson, Azlee (Burial Record)
Johnson, Beatrice, age 6 Years (Burial Record)
Johnson, B. G. (Burial Record)
Johnson, B. J. (LPR)
Johnson, Calvin C., s/o Henry Johnson & Nina L. Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Carmen, of Cotton Plant, widow of Parham Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Carolyn Jean (Brown), (black), d/o Richard Brown (Obit.)
Johnson, Cemetery Records, Fair Oaks, Cross Co., AR through 2011, binder available
Johnson, Charles Alexander, Jr., (black) (Obit.)
Johnson, Charles Boyd, s/o Hershel Johnson of Hickory Ridge, AR (Obit.)
Johnson, Charles Edward, h/o Floy Mae Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Charles Lewis, h/o Wyona Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Claude, h/o Lena M. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Claude, Jr. (Burial Record)
Johnson, Claudie Lee, h/o Mary Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Clifton, (black) (Obit.)
Johnson, Clyde I., h/o Allie Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Cora Bell, w/o Floyd H. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Cora, w/o Joe D. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Cornelia, w/o O. L. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Cynthia Sue (Burial Record)
Johnson, Dale, s/o Fred Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Dave, (black), married Jane (Montgomery) Wilson (Marriage Certificate)
Johnson, David (LPR)
Johnson, Della (Johnson) Cariker, w/o Henry J. Cariker (Obit.)
Johnson, Delma Troy, s/o Venita Johnson of Newport (Obit.)
Johnson, Dortha Louise, w/o Lonnie Paul Johnson, Sr. (Obit.)
Johnson, E. G., of the Fakes Chapel Community, "Weds" (Article)
Johnson, Earnest (Burial Record)
Johnson, Ector, of Little Rock, formerly of Woodruff Co., AR, "To be married" (Article)
Johnson, Ector Ralph, s/o Olive Lee Johnson & Cornelia Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Ed, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Johnson, Eddie (LPR)
Johnson, Eddie, (black), of Cotton Plant, former mayor of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Johnson, Elizabeth (Burial Record)
Johnson, Ella Mae (Burial Record)
Johnson, Elmer, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Johnson, Elsie "Jeri" (Young), w/o Merlin Loyal Johnson (Picture Obit.)
Johnson, Essie May (Burial Record)
Johnson, Ethel E., d/o Robert Lee "Bob" Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Eva C. (Montgomery) (Burial Record)
Johnson, Mrs. Fannie, age 94, "Fish Dinner Given In Honor Of" (Article)
Johnson, Fannie Preston, w/o Marion J. Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Mr. F. H. (Floyd Homer), "Given A Birthday Dinner" (Article)
Johnson, Fay, s/o O.L. Johnson & Cornelia Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Flora Dean, w/o Glendon Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Floy Mae (Wilson) Thornton, w/o Grafton C. Thornton & Charles Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Floyd B., (black), s/o Roland Johnson & Josie Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Floyd D., h/o Jimmie Lou Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Floyd Homer, h/o Cora Bell Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Frank, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Johnson, Fred L., h/o Geneva L. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Fred Lewis (Burial Record)
Johnson, Freeman "Tony", of Little Rock, native of Cotton Plant, h/o Mrs. Minnie Lee Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Galen (Burial Record)
Johnson, George "Huie", h/o Inez Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, George Thomas, h/o Lular E. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, George T., "McCrory Native Killed Friday In Auto Crash", s/o Mrs. Eloise White of Des Arc (Obit.)
Johnson, George Volney, h/o Emma Johnson, "Instantly Killed In Highway Accident" (Obit.)
Johnson, George Washington (LPR)
Johnson, George W. (Burial Record)
Johnson, Gertie (Burial Record)
Johnson, Gladys (Gullic), d/o Wm. Barnett Gullic (Obit.)
Johnson, Henry (LPR)
Johnson, Homer Lee, h/o Marjorie Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Ida, m/o Mrs. Maynard Cariker (Obit.)
Johnson, Ida, (black) (Burial Record)
Johnson, Ida Mae (Burial Record)
Johnson, Infant, d/o Thomas H. Johnson & A.L. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Ira, "Killed by train", father of Margaret Johnson (Article)
Johnson, Ira Dorsey, s/o J.H. Johnson & K. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Irene, d/o Mrs. W. C. Dobbs, "In England" (Picture Article)
Johnson, Irene U., d/o Mrs. W. C. Dobbs, "Serving In England" (Article)
Johnson, Jack, (black), of Marvel, "Logger Drowns In Bayou DeView" (Obit.)
Johnson, James, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Johnson, James Henry (LPR)
Johnson, James L., Jr., (black) (Obit.)
Johnson, James Lloyd (Burial Record)
Johnson, James William, WW II Vet. (Obit.)
Johnson, Janice (Obit.)
Johnson, Jeannie Lonette, d/o Lonnie Paul, Jr. Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, "Jim" (James A.), s/o Algernon A., "Engaged" (Picture of Bride)
Johnson, Jesse, (black) (Burial Record)
Johnson, Jim, s/o Algernon Atkinson Johnson, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Johnson, Miss Jo Ann, d/o Freeman Johnson, "Cotton Plant Entrant In Beauty Pageant" (Picture Article)
Johnson, Joe D., h/o Cora Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, John A. (Burial Record)
Johnson, John Avery (Burial Record)
Johnson, John C. (LPR)
Johnson, John Henry Jr., (black) (Burial Record)
Johnson, John L., Cpl. U.S. Army WW I (Burial Record)
Johnson, John L., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Johnson, John T., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Johnson, Pfc. Johnny,/ Mrs. Viola B. Vanover of Patterson, "Wounded In Korea" (Article)
Johnson, Joseph (LPR)
Johnson, Joseph D., s/o J. D. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Josephine A. (Burial Record)
Johnson, Judd, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Johnson, Julia Ann (Gosa) Barnes, w/o David H. "Hugh" Barnes, & w/o Millard Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Mr. Kay, h/o Gladys Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Kenneth Alfred, of Judsonia, s/o Homer Johnson, h/o Molly Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Kenneth Edward, former mayor of Hunter, h/o Jeanette Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, L.C. (Obit.)
Johnson, Lander, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Johnson, Lee, d/o J.W. Johnson & Clara Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Lena Mae, wife of Ernest Claude Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Lewis C. (Burial Record)
Johnson, Lillie C. H. (Burial Record)
Johnson, Linda Kay (Wynn), w/o Kenneth Johnson (Obit.), in fold
Johnson, Lonnie Paul, age 27, of McCrory (Article) (Article)
Johnson, Lonnie Paul, Jr., s/o Lonnie Paul Sr. Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Lonnie Paul, Sr., h/o Dortha Louise Johnson (Obit.) (Picture)
Johnson, Loucile (Smith), w/o Algernon Johnson (Picture Obit.)
Johnson, Lucinda, (black) (Obit.)
Johnson, Lular Elizabeth, w/o George Thomas Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Luther (Burial Record)
Johnson, Maple M., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Johnson, Margie Rhea, "Honored by Methodists for 50 Years of Service" (Picture Article)
Johnson, Margie Rhea, d/o Robert Lee "Bob" Johnson (Article) (Obit.)
Johnson, Marion J., Confederate Vet., "Honored at 84th Birthday Dinner" (Article)
Johnson, Marion J., (Article)
Johnson, Mr. Marion J., "Local Resident Has 93rd Birthday" (Article)
Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Marion J., "McCrory Couple, Married 69 Years, Go To Confederate Home" (Article)
Johnson, Marion J., "Rites Held Tuesday For Marion Johnson, Conf. Vet.", h/o Fannie Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Marion Leon, s/o Marion Johnson & Stella Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Marshall E., formerly of Woodruff Co., AR, h/o Josephine Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Mary A. (Obit.)
Johnson, Mary (Vandiver), w/o A. F. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Mary Beatrice, d/o Cora Lee Johnson, "Weds" (Article)
Johnson, Mary Lee, d/o Algernon Atkinson, "Weds" (Article)
Johnson, Mary M., d/o G. Johnson & M. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Mittie Florence, w/o O. K. Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Mortimer, s/o J.H. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Myrtle Olivia, w/o Paul Sidney Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Nelcy Isadora, WW II (Enlist. Record)
Johnson, Nelcy Isadora (Obit.)
Johnson, Norman (Burial Record)
Johnson, O. (LPR)
Johnson, O. L., h/o Cornelia Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Ora Lee (Burial Record)
Johnson, Oscar E., "Former McFadden Farmer, 82, Dies" (Obit.)
Johnson, Palmer L., h/o Vercie N. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Parham S. (Burial Record)
Johnson, Parham Screeton, WW II, U. S. Navy, s/o Mrs. Evelyn Johnson (Picture Article)
Johnson, Patricia Gail (Pond), of Luxora, d/o Horace Edward Pond (Obit.)
Johnson, Paul Sidney, h/o Myrtle Olivia Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Pearl (Duncan), m/o Fred Johnson & others (Obit.)
Johnson, Phebe Ann (White), d/o W. B. White, wife of L. R. Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Retford (Burial Record)
Johnson, Robert Hillton, s/o Pleas E. Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Robert L., (black) (Burial Record)
Johnson, Robert Lee "R.L., "Informs us that his son Judd is progressing nicely" (Article)
Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Robert L., "Observe 53rd Anniversary" (Lg. Picture Article)
Johnson, Robert Lee, h/o Ada Lewis Johnson (Article) (Obit.)
Johnson, Robert M., formerly of McCrory, AR, s/o Robert Lee "Bob" Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Roland Wayne, Cpl. U. S. Marine Corp. (Burial Record)
Johnson, Romie (Burial Record)
Johnson, Ronald Wayne, Cpl. U.S. Marine Corps (Burial Record)
Johnson, Miss Ruby Irene, dau. of Robert Lee Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Ruth, d/o J.D. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Ruth (Robinson), of Centralia, IL, sis. of Rube Robinson of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Johnson, Sammy, Sr., (black), h/o Eva Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Sammy, Jr., "Body found in River" (Article)
Johnson, Samuel (Burial Record)
Johnson, Mr S. A., brother of Orville Johnson & G. V. Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Sarah J. (LPR)
Johnson, Settie, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Johnson, Stella Blanche, d/o J.H. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, Stephanie Michelle, d/o Luther D. Johnson, Jr. (Picture Obit.)
Johnson, Ted (Burial Record)
Johnson, "The Johnson House" (Article)
Johnson, Thelma (Nelson), (black) (Burial Record)
Johnson, Theodore Roosevelt, h/o Bertha Johnson, "Found In Stream Near McClelland" (Obit.)
Johnson, Thomas H. (Burial Record)
Johnson, Tollie L., s/o Mrs. Vera Johnson of Brinkley, AR (Obit.)
Johnson, Tony Jerrod, (black), s/o Eddie A. Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, Ulyses, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Johnson, Vercie N. (Burial Record)
Johnson, Walter (Burial Record)
Johnson, Wayne Francis, s/o Frank William Johnson of Merced, CA (Obit.)
Johnson, William (Burial Record)
Johnson, William H., s/o J.D. Johnson (Burial Record)
Johnson, William H., died 1917 (Burial Record)
Johnson, William Henry, (black), "Killed as auto hits freight train" (Obit.)
Johnson, William Joe, (black), s/o James L. Johnson (Obit.)
Johnson, William P. (LPR)

Johnston, Cora M., w/o J.H. Johnston (Burial Record)
Johnston, Elbert L., of Newport, h/o Johnnie Johnston (Obit.)
Johnston, Erma Lee (Purifoy), of Spring Hill, near Conway, w/o Roy Johnston (Obit.)
Johnston, Gerald Thomas, WWII, h/o Kathleen Johnston (Burial Record)
Johnston, Lunda (Obit.), in fold

Jolly, Marriage Records, All Groom
Jolly, Clarence, of Houston, TX, formerly of McCrory, AR, h/o Laura Bell Jolly (Obit.)
Jolly, Fulton, h/o Virginia Jolly (Burial Record)
Jolly, Miss Sallie Mildred, d/o Lee Porter, "Weds" (Article)
Jolly, Miss Pauline of McCrory, d/o Theda (Porter) Jolly, "Weds" (Article)
Jolly, Mrs. Virginia, wife of Fulton Jolly (Obit.)

Jones, Ada (Skinner) Humphrey, sis. of George Skinner (Obit.)
Jones, Agnes, w/o Elijah Sherman Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Alexander W., C.S.A. Veteran, h/o Julia C. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Allen Lonzo, h/o Kathleen L. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Alma, (black) (Burial Record)
Jones, Alta (James), w/o Wm. G. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Angy Sue (Rosenski), d/o Walter Rosenski, w/o Jerry Jack Jones, Sr. (Picture Obit.)
Jones, Annie B. (Harlston) (Burial Record)
Jones, Andrew, of Tupelo, shot, "Man Is Killed On Houseboat" (Article)
Jones, Andrew J., s/o Bryant W. Jones, h/o Linnie Ida Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Angela, died 2006 (Obit.)
Jones, Anna G., w/o Edgar Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Anna M. "Gube" (Burial Record)
Jones, Annie P., w/o Attawa M. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Armeeker (black) (Obit.)
Jones, Art, s/o Samuel Rufus Jones, h/o Jean Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Attawa M., h/o Annie P. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Aubrey Lee, d/o Lee Jones, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Jones, Augustus Lee, h/o Effie H. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Bascel Preston "B. P.", s/o Jacob Bethel Jones, h/o Reedy Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Beatrice (Burial Record)
Jones, Beatrice (Roddy), w/o William Norton Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Beatrice Wesson, (black) (Obit.)
Jones, Bert, of Augusta, bro. of Walter Jones of Wynne, h/o Florence Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Bessie, Mary V., and Harry M. Jones (LPR)
Jones, Bessie E., w/o William Forrest Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Blanche Camelia, w/o Henry E. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Bryant W., father of Andrew J. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Bulah Frances (Smalley) Griffin, w/o James R. Griffin, & Samuel R. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Callie, on stone with Fannie A. & Infant Son Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Calvin, (black), h/o Katy J. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Calvin Lee, h/o Cordelia A. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Mrs. Carl Fitzhugh, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Jones, Carl F., h/o Mary Maxine Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Carl L., (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jones, Caroline (LPR)
Jones, Carroll Edgar (Burial Record)
Jones, Cecil Edwin, s/o Lena H. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Cecle, w/o Frank Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Charles A. (LPR)
Jones, Charley, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jones, Charley Howard, bro. of Paul Jones of Searcy (Obit.)
Jones, Christopher Allen (Burial Record)
Jones, Clara Agnes, w/o Sherman Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Clara Mae (Ellis), (black), w/o Leslie Ben Jones (Picture Obit.)
Jones, Claudia, w/o F. B. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Cleve, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jones, Cora, of Tupelo, Jackson Co., AR (Obit.)
Jones, Cora Lee, b. 1947 d. 1948 (Burial Record)
Jones, Corbit R., "Rejected For War Services, Ends Life", s/o J. Austin Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Cordelia Elizabeth, w/o Calvin Lee Jones (Obit.)
Jones, David - 1851 - 1890 (Burial Record)
Jones, Della Pauline (Huff), w/o Robert Lee Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Dianne L. 1950 1969 (Burial Record)
Jones, Dorothy Imae (Cullum), wife of Mr. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Miss Dorthel, d/o Presley Jones, "Weds" (Article)
Jones, Dovie Ella, w/o Lee Anthony Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Dovie Sue (Burial Record)
Jones, Doyal (James Doyle), s/o Mr. & Mrs Troy Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Ed, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jones, Eddie H. 1858 1865 (Burial Record)
Jones, Edgar, 1864 1952 (Obit.)
Jones, "Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Jones To Celebrate Their 55th Anniversary Saturday" (Article)
Jones, Edgar, h/o Fannie G. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Edward, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jones, Edward T. (Rev.), Civil War Vet. (Burial Record)
Jones, Effie (Seffio "Effie"), "Hunter Woman Dies From Auto Accident Injuries", w/o John Henry Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Effie H., w/o Augustus Lee Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Elijah, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jones, Mrs. Elizabeth, w/o Rev. C. H. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Ella Bell (Nutt), w/o George T. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Miss Ella Mae, d/o S. R. Jones of Wiville, "Weds" (Article)
Jones, Ellen (Pulley), w/o Guy M. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Elmer Green Jones, h/o Maude Lee Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Emma Dale (Taylor) Jones-Butler, w/o Troy Jones, & Thomas A. Butler (Obit.)
Jones, Emmitt, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jones, Eph (LPR)
Jones, Etta E. (Browning), formerly of McCrory, w/o Mr. Golden & Elmer Green Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Eugenia (Rowland), w/o Johnie F. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Eura, of Fort Worth, TX, formerly of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Jones, Fannie A., w/o R.A. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Fannie G. (Hollis), w/o Edgar Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Florence E., w/o Bert Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Floyd, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jones, Floyd, s/o Tom C. Jones & Gracie P. Jones, h/o Ann Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Miss Frances, d/o Mrs. Ura Jones, "Hypsion Club Juniors Win Prizes" (Picture Article)
Jones, Frances "Fannie" (LPR)
Jones, Frank, h/o Cecle Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Fredinand Boothe (Burial Record)
Jones, G. B. 1927 1979 (Burial Record)
Jones, George T., f/o Mrs. Elzey Walker (Obit.)
Jones, Golden T., of McClellan, h/o Lille Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Gracie Pearl, widow of Tom Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Mrs. Grace (Stewart), of Bradford, AR, w/o Paul Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Grady Melt, of Jonesboro, AR, h/o Mable Louise Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Gwynne (Dilliard), w/o H. Bickley Jones (Obit.)
Jones, H. Bickley, "Weds" (Article)
Jones, Hailey, Jr., s/o Hailey Jones, Sr., "Boy's Kind Act May Cost Life" (Article)
Jones, Harrald L., s/o J.C. Jones & Pearl Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Harry C., s/o R. Jones & L.E. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Harvey E. (Burial Record)
Jones, Hattie G. (Stoker) (Burial Record)
Jones, Mrs. Hattie (Horton), d/o Mrs. Lottie (Holt) Horton-Haggard of McCrory (Obit.)
Jones, Helen, w/o Thomas Morgan Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Henrietta, (black) (Obit.)
Jones, Henry A., U.S. Navy Korea (Burial Record)
Jones, Henry E., h/o Blanche Camelia Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Henry Rollo, s/o Henry E. Jones & Blanche Camelia Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Herbert,"Dies At McCrory After Hunting Accident", of Harrisburg Corner (Obit.)
Jones, Houston Allen, s/o Charlie N. Jones of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Jones, Howard E., of Newport, a native of McCrory (Obit.)
Jones, Ida, (black) - Died at 15 months (Burial Record)
Jones, Infant, s/o Lester Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Infant, s/o R. A. Jones & Fannie A. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Infant, s/o F. B. Jones & C. J. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, J. E., b. 1855, d. 1877 (Burial Record)
Jones, Jackie Dean (Burial Record)
Jones, James, d. April 25, 1913, age 22 (Burial Record)
Jones, James Edward, of Maxwell, IN, a native of Tupelo, h/o Ina Mae Jones (Obit.)
Jones, James Estil, Jr., age 4 years (Obit.)
Jones, James Estil, Sr., h/o Nora Genevieve Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, James Murray, a native of Covington, TN, h/o Donna Jones (Obit.)
Jones, James W., s/o Elmer Jones, h/o Fay Jones, "Injured In Action" (Picture Article)
Jones, James "Johnny" of Newport, "Killed When Plane Crashes" (Obit.)
Jones, Jay Wayne (black), s/o Jim Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Jennie R., w/o William A. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Jewell (Burial Record)
Jones, Jewell Dorothy "Aunt Dot", of Benton, w/o Rufus Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Jim, (black), of Cotton Plant, AR, s/o Johnny B. & Travaline Jones (Picture Obit.)
Jones, Mrs. Joe H., (Sarah L. (Dye), d/o C. O. Dye (Obit.)
Jones, Joe Nathan, (black), Sgt. U. S. Army WW II (Burial Record)
Jones, John, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jones, John Austin, h/o Mary Lucinda Jones (Obit.)
Jones, John Egbert (LPR)
Jones, John Francis, of Weldon, h/o Lula M. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, John H., h/o Effie Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, John H. W. (LPR)
Jones, Dr. John H. W. Jones Family, And The Jones Cemetery (Family History)
Jones, Mr. & Mrs. John H., "Howell Couple Married 50 Years" (Large Picture Article)
Jones, John H. Died 1972 (Burial Record)
Jones, John H., h/o Lena H. Jones (Picture Obit.)
Jones, John "Johnnie" Francis, h/o Eugenia Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Johnny, Died 1885 (Burial Record)
Jones, Joseph David, s/o James A. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Josephine S. (Campbell), "Dies at Arkansas Confederate Home" (Obit.)
Jones, Juanita Carnell, w/o Orville Stader & T. M. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Julia C. (Penn), w/o Alexander W. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Kargest, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jones, Katherine M., w/o Reese R. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Kennith Clinton, h/o Velma L. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, L. J., Died 1903 (Burial Record)
Jones, Laura Beth, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Jones, Lee, of Tupelo, AR, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jones, Lee Anthony, h/o Dovie Ella Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Lemuel H., of McCrory, AR, "Pvt. Lemuel Jones Serving In India" (Article)
Jones, Lemuel Haze, of Schneider, IN, formerly of McCrory, s/o Presley D. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Lena H., w/o John H. Jones, "Howell Couple Married 50 Years" (Large Picture Article)
Jones, Lena H., w/o John H. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Leo, "Weds" (Article 1912)
Jones, Leslie David, s/o Presley David Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Lewis Robert, Jr., of San Pablo, CA, a native of Tupelo, AR, s/o Mrs. Eula Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Lewis Robert, Sr., a native of Tupelo, AR (Obit.)
Jones, Linda L., (black) (Burial Record)
Jones, Linnie Ida (Burial Record)
Jones, Lois Colleen, d/o Troy R. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Lori Nicole (Burial Record)
Jones, Louis Andrew, s/o Tom Jones & Gracie Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Louisa (Akins), (black) (Burial Record)
Jones, Louise, d/o Lee A. Jones, of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Jones, Loyce E. "Jubal", h/o Odena Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Lucille, d/o Lee A. Jones, of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Jones, Lucy (Davis) (Burial Record)
Jones, Lula Mae, w/o John F. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Luther, s/o Seymore E. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Luther G., "Weds" (Article 1913)
Jones, M. L., s/o Lee Anthony Jones (Picture Obit.)
Jones, Mabel, d/o E. G. Jones, "Weds" (Article)
Jones, Mamon, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jones, Marc Wayne (Burial Record)
Jones, Marcus Edwin, h/o Model Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Marlyn Kay, infant d/o Allen Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Martha A., w/o Henry E. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Martin Gene, s/o Martin Henry Jones, h/o Joyce Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Martin Henry, s/o John W. Jones, h/o Mattie Hope Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Mary, (black) (Burial Record)
Jones, Mary, d/o K. C. Jones of Morton, "Morton 4-H Girl Wins REA Prize" (Picture Article)
Jones, Mary, d/o K. C. Jones of Morton, "Receives State FHA Degrees" (Picture Article)
Jones, Mary A. D., d/o R.L. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Mary C., w/o J. H. W. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Mary Fannie (LPR)
Jones, Mary L. (Kendrick), (black), d/o Robert Kendrick (Obit.)
Jones, Mary Lucinda, w/o John Austin Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Mary Maxine, w/o Carl F. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Mary Pauline, d/o Reese Jones, "Queen Of Autumn Festival" (Picture Article)
Jones, Mary Pauline, d/o Reese Jones, "McCrory High's Honor Students" (Picture Article)
Jones, Mrs. Maud Lee, w/o Elmer Green Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Milas Anthony (Burial Record)
Jones, Milas Jones & Mille Jones, "Married 53 Years" (Article)
Jones, Pvt. Milas L., s/o Lee A. Jones, "Completes Training At Ft. Sill. OK" (Article)
Jones, Mrs. Milas, 68th "Birthday Dinner", (Article)
Jones, Minettie, d/o R. L. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Minnie Ora (Burial Record)
Jones, Missouri, w/o W.H. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Model, w/o Marcus Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Mrs. Mollie Mary, widow of Milas A., "Funeral Tuesday" (Obit.)
Jones, Myrtle Erma, w/o Andy Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Myrtle Odessa, d/o Maud Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Mrs. N. Ellen (LPR)
Jones, Nancy Ann, w/o Seymore E. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Nancy (Davis) (Burial Record)
Jones, Nancy Elizabeth, w/o James Ewing Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Nannie, d/o Henry E. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Nannie Pearl, of Newport, AR, w/o Luther G. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Natalie (Williford), d/o Napoleon Williford (Obit.)
Jones, Nella, (black) (Burial Record)
Jones, Nommy J., d/o J.W. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Odena, w/o Loyce Elvis "Jubal" Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Miss Opal, d/o Mr. & Mrs. E. G. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Ora Irene, d/o R. A. Jones, injured, "Train Hits Child" (Article)
Jones, Ora Mae (McCuan), w/o Presley David Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Oscar Hasting, s/o Augustus Lee Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Otis V., h/o Viola V. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Pearlie Mae, (black), d/o Dossie Jones & Pearlitha Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Phillip Sherdan, WW I (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Jones, Presley David, h/o Ora May Jones (Obit.)
Jones, R. A., Died 1897 (Burial Record)
Jones, R. S., Died 1985 (Burial Record)
Jones, Randall (LPR)
Jones, Randle, Died 1879 (LPR) (Burial Record)
Jones, Rebecca A., w/o John H. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Reece Word, h/o Ruby Lee Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Mrs. Reedy, w/o Bascel Preston Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Reese R., h/o Katherine M. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Retherford L., h/o Annie B. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Richard (LPR)
Jones, Richard B., s/o Charles Jones, h/o Rachel Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Richard E., h/o Eloise A. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Richard R., Died 1908 (Burial Record)
Jones, Robert Allen, h/o Essie Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Robert Reese, h/o Katherine Jones & Louise Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Russel R., (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jones, Rutherford Lewis, s/o Richard Jones & Polly Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Ruthie Mae, d/o Jake & Lena Lucas, w/o Willie Johnson, & Joe N. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Sallie and Lucy (LPR)
Jones, Sam J., Died 2001, U.S. Navy Korea (Burial Record)
Jones, Sam R., of Wiville, "Wiville Farmer Best In County" (Article)
Jones, Sam S. (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jones, Samuel and Hana (LPR)
Jones, Samuel Rufus, s/o Fount Patrick Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Sammy Lee, s/o Paulette Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Sarah (LPR)
Jones, Sarah A., Died March 1911 (Burial Record)
Jones, Sarah A., Died May 1911 (Burial Record)
Jones, Sarah Edna, w/o Samuel Rufus Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Sarah L., w/o Joe H. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Savannah F. (LPR)
Jones, Sell, WW I, bro. of Frank Jones of Jonesboro (Obit.)
Jones, Seymore E., h/o Nancy Ann Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Sherman (Elijah Sherman), h/o Agnes Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Solomon (LPR)
Jones, Stanley A., Died 1918 (Burial Record)
Jones, Stith (LPR)
Jones, Cpl. T. M., s/o Mrs. Austin Jones, "Returning To States" (Article)
Jones, Teddy, (black), WW I (Enlist. Record)
Jones, Thomas Morgan, h/o Helen Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Thomas M., h/o Juanita Carnell Surratt Stader Jones (Article) (Obit.)
Jones, Thomas "Tom" C., h/o Gracie Pearl Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Thurman W., s/o Charlie Jones of McCrory (Article) (Picture Article)
Jones, Troy Ruben, s/o Frances Jones-Key (Obit.)
Jones, Velma L., w/o Kennith Clinton Jones (Picture Obit.)
Jones, Mrs. Vera (Wilson) Jones, "Charles Jones Family Are All Fighting" (Article)
Jones, Viola V., w/o Otis V. Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, Vivian A., w/o Paul J. Ladd, & Thurman F. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, W. D., Died 1933 (Burial Record)
Jones, W. E., of Tupelo, "Given 15 Years For Slaying", of Marvin Cossey (Article)
Jones, W. H., h/o Missouri Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, W. T. "Bill", s/o Milas Jones & Mollie Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Whybrew, Died 1889 (Burial Record)
Jones, William, b/o Tom Jones (Obit.)
Jones, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. A., "54th Wedding Day Observed By McCrory Couple" (Article)
Jones, Mr. & Mrs. W. A., "To Observe 56th Wedding Anniversary" (Picture Article)
Jones, Mr. & Mrs. W. A., "To Observe 57th Wedding Anniversary" (Picture Article)
Jones, William Allen, h/o Jennie R. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, William Forrest, h/o Bessie E. Jones (Obit.)
Jones, William G., h/o Alta Jones (Burial Record)
Jones, William Hill "Bill", s/o Lee Anthony Jones, h/o Oneda Jones (Obit.)
Jones, William J., Died 1972 (Burial Record)
Jones, William Norton, s/o Capt. Alex & Julia Jones, h/o Beatrice Jones (Picture Obit.)
Jones, Willie (Boatner) Holcomb, sis. of Mrs. Lucille Froman of Hunter (Obit.)
Jones, Zain Paul (Picture Obit.) & (Obit.)
Jones, Zula, Died 1948 (Burial Record)

Joplin, Jannie, w/o P. H. Joplin (Burial Record)
Joplin, J. P. "Phillip", s/o Phillips Harm Joplin & Mary Jane Joplin (Obit.)
Joplin, John W., Died 1959 (Burial Record)
Joplin, Phillip Harm "P. H.", h/o Jannie Jones (Obit.)

Jordan, Andrew Pierce, died in Des Arc, Prairie County's oldest Conf. Vet. (Obit.)
Jordan, Augustus Garland, Died 1910 (Burial Record)
Jordan, Edgar, Jr. of Cotton Plant, "Severely Bitten On Hand By Dog" (Article)
Jordan, Edgar A., h/o Lillie S. Jordan (Burial Record)
Jordan, Howell Taylor, formerly of Cotton Plant, brother of Edgar Jordan & others (Obit.)
Jordan, James E., "Another Held In Attack On Cotton Plant Marshall" (Article)
Jordan, James E., WW I Vet. (Enlist. Record)
Jordan, James E., WW I, s/o Richard T Jordan & Volney Jordan (Obit.)
Jordan, Lawrence Elmo, Sr., h/o Hazel Jordan (Obit.)
Jordan, Lillie S., w/o Edgar A. Jordan (Burial Record)
Jordan, Noble B., Jr., "McCrory Airman at Sheppard AFB, Tex." (Picture Article)
Jordan, Noble B., Jr., "Completes Training" (Article)
Jordan, Noble Barney "Bud" (Obit.)
Jordan, Richart T., h/o Volney A. Jordan (Burial Record)
Jordan, Rae Eatheleen, w/o Noble Barney "Bud" Jordan (Burial Record)
Jordan, Vickie Diane, of Tuckerman, w/o Noble Boyce Jordan (Obit.)
Jordan, Volney A., w/o R.T. Jordan (Burial Record)

Joslin, Franchelle, w/o Richard Thomas Joslin (Burial Record)
Joslin, Richard "Dick" Thomas, Sr., h/o Franchelle Joslin (Obit.)

Joyce, John Alexander Joyce & Elizabeth L. (Dalton) Joyce - 7 Generations 1800 2011 (Family History Book)

Joyner, Family - 7 Generations- 1808-2008 (Family History Book)
Joyner, Alton H., s/o Ed. L. Joyner & Nancy Joyner (Burial Record)
Joyner, Bobbie Lee, d/o Edward L. Joyner, Jr., "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Joyner, E. L. "Buck", "Asks For Second Term As County Treasurer" (Article)
Joyner, Earl W., s/o Edward Lee "Buck" Joyner (Obit.)
Joyner, Edward Lee "Buck", h/o Nancy Irene Joyner (Obit.)
Joyner, Edward Lee, Jr., s/o Edward Lee "Buck" Joyner (Obit.)
Joyner, Frazier Seymore "Bill", h/o Kathryn T. Joyner (Obit.)
Joyner, Harry Gaston, s/o Harry Harvey Joyner (Burial Record)
Joyner, Harry Harvey, h/o Lena Joyner (Obit.)
Joyner, Harvey H. (Judge), h/o Annie H. Joyner (Burial Record)
Joyner, Judge Harvey H. Joyner - North Carolina to Woodruff Co., AR (Family History)
Joyner, Julia Frances (Joyner) Marsh, last wife of A. J. Marsh (Obit.)
Joyner, Kathryn T., w/o F.S. "Bill" Joyner (Burial Record)
Joyner, Louise S. (Burial Record)
Joyner, Miss Molly Jewel, d/o E. L. Joyner, Sr., "Weds" (Article)
Joyner, Nancy Irene, w/o Edward L. "Buck"Joyner (Obit.)
Joyner, Oswald Cecila, w/o Edward Lee Joyner, Jr. (Obit.)
Joyner, William "Billy" Paul, s/o Edward Lee Joyner, Jr., h/o Freda Joyner (Obit.)

Judsonia, Michael, age 107, ex-slave, his master was Admiral Porter. Civil War Vet. (Article 1931)

Jump, Jeanenne (McDaniel), d/o Nathan McDaniel & Uldine McDaniel of Benton, AR (Obit.)
Jump, John Dobbs, h/o Jeanenne Jump (Burial Record)

Jumper, Hollis Gary, s/o Hollis D. Jumper of Burdette, AR "Named Assistant County Agent" (Article)

Junior, Buster "Eddie", w/o Constance L. Junior (Obit.)
Junior, Constance Lee "Connie", w/o Buster Edward "Eddie" Junior (Obit.)
Junior, Cora (Nelson), w/o John W. Junior (Burial Record)
Junior, J. D. Floyd, s/o John Wade Junior (Burial Record)
Junior, James Woodrow, s/o John Wade Junior (Burial Record)
Junior, John Wade, "John Wade Junior, Of Hunter, Crushed To Death By Falling Ties" (Obit.)
Junior, John Walter, of Hunter, s/o John Wade Junior (Obit.)
Junior, Margaret (Goodrich), w/o Walter Junior (Burial Record)
Junior, Walter, h/o Margaret Junior (Burial Record)
Junior, William David, s/o John Wade Junior (Burial Record)
Junior, William Ray, s/o Wm. David Junior (Burial Record)
Junior, Willie David, U.S. Army WW II (Burial Record)


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