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Surnames "O"
Index for Names in
Woodruff County, Arkansas

Compiled by Gary Telford, P. O. Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010
501-724-2490, or email wgt@centurytel.net

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogist. Old pictures are priceless. Gathering this information has involved four years of research through old Woodruff County newspapers, preparing an index and filing all of it. Every effort is being made to preserve this important Woodruff County history.

The four years of research has involved searching through old newspapers of Woodruff County, Arkansas, to find obituaries, articles, weddings and pictures. Most of these have been copied on a commercial digital copier and are very good quality. Quite a bit of money and time was invested in this project, which is still in progress.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be sent by email. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. All are copied on heavyweight, 28 lb., bright white, acid free, archive safe, paper. There is a small fee to cover expenses, mailing, etc.

The papers name and the date it was published will be on each item. Any of these old "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook."

Remember: "A Family Tree can wither if no one tends it's roots." For more info. and a complete index on obituaries, weddings, pictures, and articles, see Parts 1-19 now posted on Woodruff County Website at rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ - Click on (Obits/Weddings)
See also Surname Index.

Woodruff County Cemetery Records have been updated to present 2012 with all old and new burials and are available in a binder. Prices vary depending on size of cemetery. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

For a complete list of the Family History Books now available go to rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ Click on (Family History Books)
New books are being published monthly. Contact me to see if a Family History Book is available for your family.

Many other Woodruff County Obituaries, Articles, Weddings & Pictures, 1930 - 2012, are available that have not been posted yet. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

(LPR) - Loose Probate Records – 1862 – 1900, transcribed by Marion Stark Craig, MD
(Burial Record) - List birth date, death date, & cemetery
(Obit.) - Obituary Available
(Picture Obit.) - Available
(Article) - Available
(Picture Article) - Available
(Wedding Article) - Available
(Licensed to Wed) – Announcement
(Marriage) – Announcement
(Marriage Records) – List date, name, age, county, book & page number
(Picture Wedding Article) - Available
(Marriage Certificate) - Copy Available
(Biog.) - Biography Available
(Civil War Record) - Available
(Civil War Battles) - by Gary Telford (Story)
(Enlist. Record) - WW I enlistment record available
(Family History) - Available
(Family History Book) - Available
(Grave Marker Photo) - Available
(Story) - Available, most by Gary Telford

The following abbreviations have been used where space requires;
h/o--husband of
w/o--wife of
m/o--mother of
f/o--father of
d/o--daughter of
s/o--son of
b/o--brother of
sis. of--sister of
DS--on double stone (grave marker)
TS--on triple stone (grave marker)

Oakes, James Morton Oakes Family (Family History)
Oakes, James Morton Oakes - 6 Generations- 1822 - 2007 (Family History Book)
Oakes, Anna (Reeves) (Burial Record)
Oakes, Clair Melinda, DS with James Morton Oakes (Obit.)
Oakes, Gwendolyn Claire, d/o Ennis Morton Oakes, married (Picture Article)
Oakes, Jack Shoup (Obit.)
Oakes, James Morton, DS with Clair Melinda Oakes (Obit.)
Oakes,Joseph "Joe" Edwin, s/o James Morton Oakes (Picture Obit.)

Oakley, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Oakley, E. J., w/o William James Oakley (Burial Record)
Oakley, Edna May, d/o William James Oakley & E. J. Oakley (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Oakley, Harold, of McClelland, AR, married (Article)
Oakley, J. F. (Dr) (Burial Record)
Oakley, W. J. (William James), h/o E. J. Oakley (Burial Record)

Oaks, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Oatman, (Marriage Records) all male

Oats, (Marriage Records) all male

Oberliese, Joe (LPR)

Obershaw, (Marriage Records) all male

Oberta, (Marriage Records) all female

Obon, (Marriage Records) all male

Obor, (Marriage Records) all female

O'Brian, (Marriage Records) all male & female
O'Brian, Annie S. (Burial Record)
O'Brian, Robert L. (Obit.)

O'Brien, (Marriage Records) all male & female

O'Briens, (Marriage Records) all female

O'Bryant, (Marriage Records) all male & female
O'Bryant, Alma Jean (Winters), of Conway, formerly of McCrory, d/o Joseph Winters (Obit.)
O'Bryant, Ernest B., DS with Mamie Louise O'Bryant (Obit.)
O'Bryant, J. H., h/o Mildred O'Bryant, "Back In United States" (Article)
O'Bryant, Mamie Louise, DS with Ernest B. O'Bryant (Obit.)

O'Cedar, (Marriage Records) all male

O'Conner, (Marriage Records) all female
O'Conner, John (LPR)

O'Daniel, (Marriage Records) all female

O'Day, (Marriage Records) all male

O'Dell, (Marriage Records) all female

Odem, (Marriage Records) all female

Oden, (Marriage Records) all female

Odenbaugh, (Marriage Records) all female
Odenbaugh, John Franklin, "Killed By Lightning", s/o J. B. Odenbaugh (Obit.)
Odenbaugh, Mary Alice, of DeWitt, AR, m/o John Odenbaugh & others (Obit.)

Odle, (Marriage Records) all male
Odle, Miss Alene, d/o Edward Odle, Sr. of North Little Rock, married (Article)

Odom, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Odom, A. D. (Pvt.), s/o Willie J. Odom, "Completes Training At Fort Gordon, Ga." (Picture Article)
Odom, A. D., of Bald Knob, AR (Obit.)
Odom, Addie James, DS with Dora R. Odom (Obit.)
Odom, Billy Wayne, h/o Virginia Odom (Obit.)
Odom, Bobby Joe, h/o Patsy R. Odom (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Odom, Bradley W., of Utica, Mich., s/o Billy Odom (Obit.)
Odom, Bud (Obit.)
Odom, Dora, of Weldon, w/o W. R. Odom (Obit.)
Odom, Dora Reathy, DS with Addie J. Odom (Obit.)
Odom, Erlene Louise, DM, with John H. Odom (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Odom, Freddy, h/o Betty Odom, "Stationed in Berlin" (Picture Article)
Odom, Freddie Louis, h/o Betty L. Odom (Article) (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Odom, G. P., h/o Pearl Odom (Obit.)
Odom, Harry (Enlist. Record)
Odom, Helen, w/o Louis Fletcher Odom (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Odom, Mrs. Ida, w/o T. H. Jones of Memphis & J. A. Odom (Obit.)
Odom, Mr. J. A., of Emporia, MS, formally of McCrory, AR (Obit.)
Odom, James Leon, Pvt. U.S Army Korea (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Odom, John Henry, DM, with Erlene L. Odom (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Odom, John Henry, of Hickory Ridge, AR, father of Mrs. Rosa Waggoner & others (Obit.)
Odom, John R., "Dies at Searcy", father of Wm. M. Odom & others (Obit.)
Odom, John Wesley, DS with Nora Irene Odom (Obit.)
Odom, Johnie (Master Johnie), s/o John W. Odom, "Birthday Dinner" (Article)
Odom, Johnie, s/o John Odom of McCrory, "Weds Bald Knob Girl" (Article)
Odom, Julius J., "Kerosene Fire Fatal To Farmer", s/o W. R. Odom of Tupelo (Obit.)
Odom, Katherine, of Little Rock, d/o F. D. Winston of Grays (Obit.)
Odom, Larah A., mother of Thomas S. Odom (Burial Record)
Odom, Lillie, DS with William Richard Odom (Obit.)
Odom, Lottie, married James N. Stiffes (Obit.)
Odom, Louis David, DM with Virginia “Tot” Odom (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Odom, Louis Fletcher, h/o Helen Odom (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Odom, Luther (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Odom, Mamie "Virginia", w/o Louis David Odom (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Odom, Mary Sue, d/o Louis David Odom, married (Picture Article)
Odom, Mrs. Maudie, of Memphis, TN, formerly of McCrory, married (Article)
Odom, Mrs. Missie (Burial Record)
Odom, Nancy Maud (Burial Record)
Odom, Nora Irene, DS with John W. Odom (Obit.)
Odom, Robert (John Robert), h/o Pearl Agness Odom (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Odom, Roy, Sr., Roy Jr., James, & Mrs. Odom, "In Uncle Sam's Service" (Article)
Odom, Roy L., of Little Rock, married (Article)
Odom, Roy L., U. S. Navy WW II (Article)
Odom, Sylvie, s/o John Odom, married (Article)
Odom, Silvie, bro. of Mrs. Dovie Burnett of Hunter & others (Obit.)
Odom, Thomas S., s/o Larah Odom (Burial Record)
Odom, Virginia "Tot", DM, with Louis Odom (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Odom, William Richard, h/o Dora Odom (Obit.)

O'Donnel, (Marriage Records) all male

Odum, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Ody, (Marriage Records) all male

Oehlschlager, (Marriage Records) all male
Oehlschlager, Clara D. (Burial Record)

Oehmke, (Marriage Records) all male

Oelenberger, Frederick (Enlist. Record)

O'Fallen, (Marriage Records) all male

O'Fallon, Callie (Burial Record)
O'Fallon, John Thomas (Burial Record)

Offord, (Marriage Records) all male

Ogden, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Ogden, Johnny (Burial Record)
Ogden, Tommy (Burial Record)
Ogden, Wesley (Burial Record)

Ogle, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Ogle, Johnnie W. (Burial Record)
Ogle, Martha Mahulda, DS with William F. Ogle (Burial Record)
Ogle, Ora Belle (Burial Record)
Ogle, William F., DS with Martha M. Ogle (Obit.)

Oglesby, (Marriage Records) all female
Oglesby, Elinor (LPR)
Oglesby, Myrtle B. (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)

Ogletree, Rena Mae, of Toledo, Ohio, formerly of Augusta, w/o Marvin Ogletree (Obit.)

O'Guin, (Marriage Records) all male

O'Guinn, (Marriage Records) all female

O'Hair, (Marriage Records) all female

O'Hara, Theo. Charles, h/o Ellen Sara O'Hara (Obit.)

O'Hare, (Marriage Records) all female

O'Kane, (Marriage Records) all female

Okley, (Marriage Records) all male

Oldest Known Dwelling in Woodruff Co., "Landmark burns October 19, 1982" (Article)

Oldham, (Marriage Records) all female

Oldindys, (Marriage Records) all male

Old Jude, When "Old Jude" Rode the Rails (Picture)

Olds, Willie Stean (Smith) (Burial Record)

Oley, (Marriage Records) all male

Oliphant, (Marriage Records) all female

Oliver, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Oliver, Albert E., U. S. Navy WW II (Burial Record)
Oliver, Charlie C., DS with Clara E. Oliver (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
Oliver, Charles S., DS Nancy C. Oliver (Burial Record)
Oliver, Clara Eunice, DS with Charlie C. Oliver (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
Oliver, Daniel, DS with Pauline Oliver (Burial Record)
Oliver, David Fletcher (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Oliver, Floied O. (Burial Record)
Oliver, Kate, of Tupelo, AR, widow of C. S. Oliver (Obit.)
Oliver, Nancy C., DS with Charles S. Oliver (Obit.)
Oliver, Pauline, DS with Daniel Oliver (Burial Record)
Oliver, R. C., of Las Cruces, NM, s/o Clara Oliver (Obit.)
Oliver, Richard, s/o Charles Oliver of Las Cruces, NM, formerly of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Oliver, Silvanus (Burial Record)

Olley, Ed (LPR)

Ollie, (Marriage Records) all female

Omara, (Marriage Records) all female

O'Mead, (Marriage Records) all female

Omens, (Marriage Records) all female

O'Neal, (Marriage Records) all male & female
O'Neal, Anderson (James Anderson), TS with Mary M. & Nonie O'Neal (Burial Record)
O'Neal, Edward, (black) (LPR)
O'Neal, Ella M., & William A. (LPR)
O'Neal, Infant, Child of A. & Mary M. O'Neal, no dates (Burial Record)
O'Neal, James Frank, h/o Mollie M. O'Neal (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
O'Neal, John, (black) (LPR)
O'Neal, Mary (LPR)
O'Neal, Mary M. (Ferguson), "Former Augustan To Celebrate 102nd Birthday Nov. 19" (Article)
O'Neal, Mary M. (Ferguson), "Former Woodruff Woman Is 103", of Parkdale (Article)
O'Neal, Mary M. (Ferguson) Gregory, w/o Anderson O'Neal (Obit.)
O'Neal, Minor Monroe, h/o Oma Dorris O'Neal (Obit.)
O'Neal, Minor S., Killed in Airplane Crash, s/o Minor M. O'Neal (Obit.)
O'Neal, Mollie M., w/o James Frank O'Neal (Burial Record) (Marker Photo)
O'Neal, Nonie, TS with Mary M. O'Neal & A. O'Neal (Burial Record)
O'Neal, Samuel, h/o Elizabeth M. O'Neal
O'Neal, Mrs. Virgie E., former owner of O'Neal Cafe in McCrory (Obit.)
O'Neal, Mrs. Virginia Tennessee, of Newport, w/o Sherman H. Masters of Bradford (Obit.)
O'Neal, William Anderson, s/o James Anderson O'Neal (Burial Record)
O'Neal, Willie (LPR)

Onque, (Marriage Records) all male

Onsley, (Marriage Records) all male

Oquin, (Marriage Records) all male

Oram, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Orange, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Orenbough, (Marriage Records) all female

Orender, (Marriage Records) all female

Orick, (Marriage Records) all female

Orlander, (Marriage Records) all female

Orman, (Marriage Records) all female

O' Rouke, John (Obit.)
O' Rouke, Albert & Barney, "Here last week attending funeral of their father" (Article)

Orem, (Marriage Records) all male

Oren, Alma (Hammond), d/o Pauline (Trice) Hammond (Burial Record)

Orman, (Marriage Records) all male
Orman, Flodie (Orman) Tucker (Burial Record)
Orman, Ider F. (Swanson), w/o Jesse E. Orman (Burial Record)
Orman, John Wesley, s/o Jessie William Orman (Obit.)
Orman, William R. (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)

Orear, (Marriage Records) all male

Orr, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Orr, John, (black), f/o Lois King, of West Helena, AR (Obit.)

Orrick, (Marriage Records) all female
Orrick, C., DS with C. B. or G.B. Orrick (Burial Record)
Orrick, C.B. or maybe G.B., DS with C. Orrick (Burial Record)
Orrick, C. W. (LPR)

Orris, (Marriage Records) all female

Orte, (Marriage Records) all male

Osborn, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Osborn, Mrs. Glenn, of West Memphis, AR, great-aunt of Mrs. James Milton Huff (Obit.)
Osborn, Ray Cecil, WW II, DS with Ted Osborn (Obit.)
Osborn, Ted, h/o Louise Osborn, DS with Ray Cecil Osborn (Obit.)

Osborne, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Osborne, Grace (Shelton) (Burial Record)
Osborne, James Edward, "Found In Bar Pit Near Augusta", a native of Black Oak, AR (Obit.)
Osborne, John M. (Burial Record)

O'Shields, (Marriage Records) all male & female
O'Shields, William J. O'Shields Family (Family History)
O'Shields, William J. O'Shields - 7 Generations – 1810 - 2007 (Family History Book)
O'Shields, Bert (Burial Record)
O'Shields, Bobby Gene (Burial Record)
O'Shields, Dollie (LPR)
O'Shields, Fannie (LPR)
O'Shields, Forest, DS with Myrtle O'Shields (Burial Record) (LPR)
O'Shields, Gertrude (Burial Record)
O'Shields, Goff (LPR)
O'Shields, James or Jane (Burial Record)
O'Shields, John Billy, DS with Rosa Lee O'Shields, (Obit.)
O'Shields, John Billy II (Burial Record)
O'Shields, John William, h/o Lorene M. O'Shields (Obit.)
O'Shields, Jolly J., DS with Odell A. O'Shields (Burial Record)
O'Shields, Josie, w/o W. J. O'Shields (Burial Record) (LPR)
O'Shields, Josie Forrest, h/o Bertie "Bert" O'Shields & Myrtle O'Shields (Obit.)
O'Shields, Josie, 15, of Weldon, AR, married (Article)
O'Shields, Julia T., DS with Lewis A. O'Shields (Burial Record)
O'Shields, Lewis A., "At Redistribution Station In Hot Springs" (Article)
O'Shields, Lewis A., WWII, DS with Julia T. O'Shields (Burial Record) (Article)
O'Shields, Lewis A., WW II Vet., U. S. Army (Obit.)
O'Shields, Lorine Marie, DS with John W. O'Shields (Obit.)
O'Shields, Myrtle, DS with Forest O'Shields (Obit.)
O'Shields, Odell A., DS with Jolly J. O'Shields (Obit.)
O'Shields, Paralee A., first wife of W.J. O'Shields (Burial Record)
O'Shields, Pearl (LPR)
O'Shields, Robbie Dean, h/o Betty Jean O'Shields (Obit.) (Marker Photo)
O'Shields, T. B. (LPR)
O'Shields, Tommy Lewis, Vietnam (Obit.)
O'Sheilds, William J., Civil War Vet, (Enlist. Record) (Burial Record) (LPR)
O'Shields, Willie (LPR)

Osier, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Osier, Ada Bulah (Burial Record)
Osier, Archie Jack (Burial Record)
Osier, Billy, Jr., Pvc. U. S. Army WW II (Burial Record)
Osier, Carrie Evelyn, w/o John Charles Osier (Obit.)
Osier, Evelyn (Ashburn) (Burial Record)
Osier, Fannie Mae, DS with Willie "Bell" Osier (Obit.)
Osier, Finis Wiley, h/o Ada Osier (Obit.)
Osier, Finis W. "Jack", DS with Geneva Jane Osier (Burial Record)
Osier, Finness Lee (Burial Record)
Osier, John C., h/o Ruth Ellen Osier, "In Infantry Division In The Philippines" (Article)
Osier, John Charles, s/o Milous Eugene Osier (Obit.), in fold
Osier, Mamie Ann (Burial Record)
Osier, Robert Earl, h/o Ruby Osier (Obit.)
Osier, Willie Lee "Bill", DS with Fannie Mae Osier (Obit.)

Osman, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Osteen, (Marriage Records) all female

Osten, (Marriage Records) all female

Ostendorf, (Marriage Records) all female

Oswalt, Mrs. Ether/ Esther, of Ackerman, MS, formerly of McCrory, w/o Martin Oswalt (Obit.)

Otam, (Marriage Records) all female

Otey, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Otey, Kittie Woods, d/o W. B. Otey & Sammie (McCurdy) Otey (Burial Record)
Otey, Sammie M., w/o W. B. Otey (Burial Record)

Otis, (Marriage Records) all female

Otley, (Marriage Records) all male

Otom, (Marriage Records) all male

Otten, (Marriage Records) all female

Ousley, Mildred (Burial Record)
Ousley, William Odell (Infant) (Burial Record)

Outland, (Marriage Records) all male

Outlaw, (Marriage Records) all female

Otten, (Marriage Records) all male

Overcup School (Article)

Overcushu, (Marriage Records) all female

Overholt, Mary Olive, w/o Richard H. Overholt (Obit.)
Overholt, R. H., of Cotton Plant, "Three From State Buy Used Army, Navy Planes" (Article)
Overholt, Richard H., h/o Mary Olive Overholt (Burial Record)

Overman, (Marriage Records) all male

Overstreet, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Overstreet, Nevada Ann, DS with William D. Overstreet (Burial Record)
Overstreet, Wesley (Burial Record)
Overstreet, William D., DS with Nevada Ann Overstreet (Obit.)

Overton, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Overturf, (Marriage Records) all female

Owen, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Owen, H. R. (LPR)

Owens, (Marriage Records) all male & female
Owens, Arthur Glenn, Pfc. U.S. Army WWII (Burial Record)
Owens, Bessie Lee (Hardy), (black), of Gregory (Burial Record)
Owens, Charles Leonard, (black), h/o Josephine Owens (Burial Record)
Owens, Josephine, (black), w/o Charles L. Owens (Picture Obit.)
Owens, Lloyd, (black) (Enlist. Record)
Owens, Ulysses, (black) (Enlist. Record)
Owens, Willeva, (black), w/o Charles (Obit.)
Owens, William H., brother of Mrs. Ada Switzer of McCrory, AR (Obit.)

Owner, (Marriage Records) all female

Oworie, (Marriage Records) all female

Oxner, Lawrence Edward, h/o Nell Oxner (Obit.)

Ozell, (Marriage Records) all female

Ozment, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Ozier, (Marriage Records) all male & female

Oziur, (Marriage Records) all female


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