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Surnames "F"
Index for Names in
Woodruff County, Arkansas

Compiled by Gary Telford, P. O. Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010
501-724-2490, or email wgt@centurytel.net

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogist. Old pictures are priceless. Gathering this information has involved four years of research through old Woodruff County newspapers, preparing an index and filing all of it. Every effort is being made to preserve this important Woodruff County history.

The four years of research has involved searching through old newspapers of Woodruff County, Arkansas, to find obituaries, articles, weddings and pictures. Most of these have been copied on a commercial digital copier and are very good quality. Quite a bit of money and time was invested in this project, which is still in progress.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be sent by email. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. All are copied on heavyweight, 28 lb., bright white, acid free, archive safe, paper. There is a small fee to cover expenses, mailing, etc.

The papers name and the date it was published will be on each item. Any of these old "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook."

Remember: "A Family Tree can wither if no one tends it's roots." For more info. and a complete index on obituaries, weddings, pictures, and articles, see Parts 1-19 now posted on Woodruff County Website at rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ - Click on (Obits/Weddings) See also Surname Index.

Woodruff County Cemetery Records have been updated to present 2011 with all old and new burials and are available in a binder. Prices vary depending on size of cemetery. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

For a complete list of the Family History Books now available go to rootsweb.ancestry.com/~arwoodru/ Click on (Family History Books) New books are being published monthly. Contact me to see if a Family History Book is available for your family.

Many other Woodruff County Obituaries, Articles, Weddings & Pictures, 1930-2011, are available that have not been posted yet. Contact Gary Telford for more information.

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The following abbreviations have been used where space requires;
h/o--husband of
w/o--wife of
m/o--mother of
f/o--father of
d/o--daughter of
s/o--son of
b/o--brother of
sis. of--sister of

Fakes Family, Dr. Gideon Bransford Fakes - 8 Generations - 1780--2007 (Family History Book)
Fakes, Miss Carol, d/o Turner Fakes, "Takes Part In Theatre Production In Tampa" (Article)
Fakes, Dr. Gideon Bransford (Biog.)
Fakes, Joseph Walter, h/o Marion L. Fakes (Wedding Article) (Obit.)
Fakes, Margaret Ann, "To Wed", d/o Roger Edmonds Fakes, Sr. (Picture Article)
Fakes, Marion L. Fakes, w/o Joseph Walter Fakes (Bridal Shower, Article) (Wedding Article) (Obit.)
Fakes, Roger Edmonds, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Fakes, Roger E., s/o W. B., "Receives Promotion With Oil Company" (Picture Article)
Fakes, Roger Edmonds, h/o Valerie Fakes (Obit.)
Fakes, T. J., Jr., "T. J. Fakes, Jr., Named To Gen. Staff Of Sons Of Confederate Vets." (Article)
Fakes, T. J., s/o Turner Jeffries Fakes (Picture Obit.)
Fakes, Turner Jeffries, h/o Alma Fakes (Obit.)
Fakes, Walter B., h/o Annie D. Fakes (Obit.)

Farley, Mrs. Margaret M, d/o James J. Thompson (Obit.)

Farmer, Bernice (Barris), (black), w/o Nudy Farmer (Obit.)
Farmer, Charles, (black) (Obit.)
Farmer, Charles Douglas, of Helena, formerly of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)
Farmer, John Henry, Jr., h/o Ethel M. Farmer (Obit.)
Farmer, Kelvin, (black) (Obit.)
Farmer, Leodis, (black) (Obit.)
Farmer, Noddie Berry, (black) (Obit.), in fold
Farmer, Nudy Sr. (black) (Obit.)
Farmer, Orlean Sr., (black), h/o Aleen Farmer (Obit.)
Farmer, Orville, h/o Opal Farmer (Obit.)
Farmer, Orville Stanley, h/o Jestene Farmer (Obit.)

Faughn, Artie Leon, h/o Myrtle Louise Faughn (Obit.)
Faughn, Chester Grant, h/o Elizabeth Jane Faughn (Obit.)
Faughn, Darrell, s/o Artie Leon Faughn, "To Serve in Vietnam" (Picture Article)
Faughn, Elizabeth Jane, w/o Chester Grant Faughn (Obit.)
Faughn, Emily Ina Bell, w/o Grant Faughn (Obit.)
Faughn, Gary DeWayne, age 21, licensed to wed (Announcement)
Faughn. Ina B., w/o Ulleysess G. L. Faughn (Obit.)
Faughn, Jane (Obit.)
Faughn, Jay Ottis, h/o Lucille Faughn (Obit.)
Faughn, Myrtle Louise, w/o Artie Leon Faughn (Obit.)

Faulkner, Della Esther, w/o Rev. John W. Faulkner (Obit.)

Faust, Miss Norma Jean, d/o W. E. Faust of Wynne, "Weds" (Picture of Bride Article)
Faust, Walter Julius, h/o Lucy Cornelia Faust (Obit.)

Fecher, Lottie (Dugger), w/o Mickey Fecher (Obit.)

Felker, James Felker Family - 1822 - 1903 (Family History)

Feltner, Family - 1712-2008 - 9 Generations (Family History Book)

Felton, Dan, Jr., nephew of Mrs. Lucile Lewis of McCrory (Picture Article)

Felts, Callie D., m/o Clyde Felts (Obit.)
Felts, Clyde, h/o Juanita Felts (Obit.)
Felts, Juanita (Lilly Juanita), w/o Clyde Felts (Picture Obit.)

Fenn, Deborah "Debbie" J., d/o Bobby Gene McCabe (Obit.)

Fennell, Roy N. (Obit,)

Ferguson, "Ferguson House in Augusta is historic landmark" (Article)
Ferguson, Alcorn, s/o J. P. & Mary L. (Alcorn) Ferguson (Obit.)
Ferguson, Audrey Elesin (Nance), formerly of Beedeville, w/o Ray E. Ferguson (Obit.)
Ferguson, Cora Fugate, d/o Joseph B. & Sadie Fugate (Picture Obit.)
Ferguson, Miss Donald Louise, of Overcup, "Prize Winner" (Picture Article)
Ferguson, Emmett (Obit.)
Ferguson, James Perry "Buck"- 1823 - 2010 - 7 Generations (Family History Book)
Ferguson, James Perry Ferguson, home built by him (Picture)
Ferguson, Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Ferguson, "Celebrate Fiftieth Wedding Anniversity" (Article)
Ferguson, Jim, "Ferguson murder trial begins today in Circuit Court" (Article)
Ferguson, John James, "The Ferguson Home, Civil War Landmark In Augusta, Burns" (Article)
Ferguson, Lillie Don (Campbell), w/o Walter Henry Ferguson, Sr. (Obit.)
Ferguson, Miss Louise Douglas (Obit.)
Ferguson, Martha F., m/o Mrs. Lila Butler of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Ferguson, Mary Eldora (Douglas), w/o Wm. Emmett Ferguson (Obit.)
Ferguson, Minnie Belle, d/o William E. & Mary E. (Douglas) Ferguson (Obit.)
Ferguson, Priscilla Ann, d/o Otho Ferguson (Picture Article)
Ferguson, Ray Emmett, of Beedeville, AR, h/o Audrey (Nance) Ferguson (Obit.)
Ferguson, Robert H., "Named Officer of Tennessee Jaycees" (Article)
Ferguson, Roy Alfred, of Des Arc, bro. of Bunn Ferguson of McRae (Obit.)
Ferguson, Miss Ruby, "Weds", d/o Roy Alfred Ferguson of Des Arc (Article)
Ferguson, Sam A., s/o Roy Ferguson, "Comdr. Ferguson Awarded Citation" (Article)
Ferguson, Sylvia Nadene (Humphrey), w/o Marvin Ferguson (Obit.)
Ferguson, Walter D, of Kensett, formerly of McCrory, bro. of Morris Ferguson (Obit.)
Ferguson, Walter H., of Grays, "Funeral Wednesday", bro. of J. T. Ferguson (Obit.)
Ferguson, Walter Harry, Jr., s/o Walter H. Ferguson, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Ferguson, Walter Harry, Jr., s/o Walter H., Sr. & Lillie (Campbell) Ferguson (Obit.)
Ferguson, Walter Henry, s/o W. H. Ferguson (Obit.)
Ferguson, William Emmett, h/o Mary Eldora (Douglas) Ferguson (Biog.) (Obit.)

Ferrell, Donnie Lee (Hembree), widow of William Ferrell (Obit.)
Ferrell, Chester W., M/Sgt., WW II, s/o Frank Ferrell (Article)
Ferrell, Frank C. (Obit.)
Ferrell, Pvt. Larry D., s/o Ray Ferrell of Hillemann "At Fort Polk, LA" (Picture Article)
Ferrell, Livvie, w/o Frank C. Ferrell (Obit.)
Ferrell, Mike, s/o Shelby Ray Ferrell, "Freak accident burns boy" (Article)
Ferrell, Ray (Othal Ray), h/o Hazel Ferrell (Obit.)
Ferrell, Rodney, s/o Larry D. Ferrell, "Freak accident burns boy" (Article)
Ferrell, Mrs. Sharon Ann, "Woman killed in bus-car crash Monday" (Obit.)
Ferrell, Pvt. Shelby, s/o Ray Ferrell, "Completes Training" (Picture Article)
Ferrell, Velma Irene (Burns), w/o Roy N. Ferrell (Obit.)
Ferrell, Wesley Franklin, h/o Ruth H. (Taylor) Ferrell (Obit.)
Ferrell, William Jackson, h/o Donnie Lee (Hembree) Ferrell (Obit.)

Ferris, George, s/o John & Anna S. Ferris, h/o Ollie (Browning) Ferris (Picture Article) (Obit.)

Ferrone, Jennie Virginia (Renick), d/o Walter E. & Isa C. Renick (Obit.)

Fesperman, Miss Eva Lee, d/o Frank & Sarah (Parson) Fesperman (Obit.)

Fetzer, Lester W., h/o Kitty H. Fetzer (Obit.)

Fewell, Minerva Ann (Collote) Fewell (Obit.)

Field, Pat O., WW II U. S. Marine (Obit.)

Fielder, Billy Eugene (Obit.)
Fielder, David R., of Springfield, MO, formerly of Little Rock, AR (Obit.)
Fielder, Glenette Irene, w/o Billy Eugene Fielder (Obit.)

Fields, Barney, h/o Pearlene (Cromwell) Fields (Obit.)
Fields, Beatrice (Harris), of Memphis, formerly of Dixie, AR, w/o Walter Fields (Obit.)
Fields, Fannie Mae "Cricket", w/o Thomas Jefferson Fields (Obit.) Fields, S.-Sgt. Fred, s/o Sam Fields, "Veteran Of Solomons" (Article)
Fields, S-Sgt. Fred, s/o S. J. Fields, "Awarded The Combat Infantryman's Badge" (Article)
Fields, Fred Auss Sr. (Picture Obit.)
Fields, George Edward, U.S. Navy Vietnam (Obit.)
Fields, Jennie E., of OK, sis. of Oscar Raney of McCrory (Obit.)
Fields, Michael Deane, s/o J. W. Fields, "Small Boy Electrocuted" (Obit.)
Fields, Paul, bro. of Fred Fields of McCrory & others (Obit.)
Fields, Sarah (Berry), d/o Tom & Leona (Gideon) Berry (Obit.)
Fields, Thomas Jefferson , h/o Fannie Mae (Williamson) Fields (Obit.)
Fields, Walter, h/o Beatrice,Fields (Obit.)

Figg, Mrs. J. J. of Searcy, White Co., AR (Obit.)

Fike, Eva Frances (Pennington), of Lepanto, AR, w/o Charles Fike (Obit.)

Fikes, Alice Marie (Davis), w/o Orville Fikes (Obit.)

Files, William Henry Ancestors & Descendants 1765 2011 8 Generations (Family History Book)
Files, Pearl E. Files, Illinois to Arkansas,Picture of Carl Files (Family History)
Files, Barnard Monroe, s/o James A. & Ruth Files, h/o Mary B. Files, also h/o Nora M. Files (Obit.)
Files, Bessie Lee (Nicholson), w/o William Henry Files (Obit.)
Files, Miss Betty, "Cotton Plant Queen To Attend Livestock Show" (Article)
Files, Miss Betty "Sug", "Cotton Plant Rodeo Queen" (Picture Article)
Files, Carl, s/o Pearl Files, "McCrory Educator To Texas A. & M." (Picture Article)
Files, Carl, s/o Mr. &. Mrs. Pearl Files of McCrory, AR, "Weds" (Wedding Article))
Files, Carl W., s/o Mr. &. Mrs. Pearl Files, h/o Louise Files (Obit.)
Files, Miss Evelyn Ruth, d/o Pearl E. Files & Mary E. Files, "Returned Friday" (Article)
Files, Miss Evelyn Ruth, "Elected Assistant Cashier Of Bank Of McCrory" (Article)
Files, Jack, a native of Hunter, AR, "Jack Files Gets Top Democratic Appointment" (Article)
Files, Jack Dale (Grave Marker Photo)
Files, James Arnett, h/o Ruth Files (Obit.) (Grave Marker Photo)
Files, Lenora Alice, w/o Wm. Montgomery Files (Obit.) (Grave Marker Photo)
Files, Mary Beth (Vanderburg), w/o B. M. Files (Obit.) (Grave Marker Photo)
Files, Mary Elizabeth, "Prominent Lady Dies At Home In McCrory" (Obit)
Files, Nora Marie, w/o Barnard M. Files (Grave Marker Photo)
Files, Mr. Pearl E., s/o Wm. F. Files & Louisa M. Files, h/o Mary Files (Obit.)
Files, Randy M., s/o B. M. Files & Mary B. Files (Grave Marker Photo)
Files, Ruth, w/o James Arnett Files (Obit.) (Grave Marker Photo)
Files, Vernon, "Local Boy Awarded Bronze Star Medal (Picture Article)
Files, Vernon, s/o Pearl E. Files, "Wounded In France" (Picture Article)
Files, Vernon, s/o Pearl E. Files & Mary Files, h/o Katherine "Katie" Files (Obit.)
Files, Wayne of McCrory, s/o Watt Files, "Weds" (Picture Article)
Files, William Henry, Pfc U. S. Army WW I, h/o Bessie Files (Obit.)

Finch, Arthur Franklin (Obit.)
Finch, Nellie (Pickering), w/o Arthur Finch (Obit.)

Fincher, Charles R., h/o Annie Fincher, Divorced (Obit.)

Fink, Ira E., fifty relatives attend "Family Reunion" (Article)
Fink, Ira & George, "Family Reunion" of Jonesboro, formerly of McCrory (Article)
Fink, Stella Mae (Obit.)

Finney, Augusta "Gusta" M. (Renick), w/o Bert B. Finney (Obit.)
Finney, Ben, "Crossing Accident Fatal for Ben Finney", h/o Sallie D. Finney (Obit.)
Finney, Bert B., h/o Augusta "Gusta" (Renick) Finney (Obit.)
Finney, Lewis E. (Obit.)
Finney, Sallie D., w/o Ben Finney - Augusta (Obit.)

Fish, Marjorie L. (Hale), d/o James Audie Hale & Catherine Hale (Obit.)

Fisher, Biddie (Johnson), w/o Marshall J. Fisher (Obit.)
Fisher, Dorris Wesley, of Little Rock, h/o Terry Lee Fisher (Obit.)
Fisher, Grace (Alexander), w/o Forrest S. Fisher (Obit.)
Fisher, John E., WW I, h/o Myrtle (Cannon)-Wilson-Fisher (Obit.)
Fisher, Marshall, of Grays, "Birthday Dinner" (Article)
Fisher, Marshal Jackson, h/o Biddie Fisher (Obit.)
Fisher, Myrtle (Cannon) Wilson (Obit.)
Fisher, Pamela K., d/o Peggie Fisher (Obit.)
Fisher, Sam F., formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Annie Lee Fisher (Obit.)

Fisk, Gerald, h/o Martha Fisk (Obit.)
Fisk, Sampson, of Grays, h/o Grace Fisk (Obit.)

Fitch, Nelson, "Leading Jelks Merchant", h/o Nannie Bell Fitch (Obit.)

Fitts, Freddy P., of Brinkley, "Killed in an auto accident" (Obit.)
Fitts, Opal Lee (Sisney), w/o Charley G. Kendrick; also w/o Lonnie Fitts, Sr. (Obit.)

Fitzgerald, Cleveland Hendrix, Sr., h/o Mary Gertrude "Mollie" Fitzgerald (Obit.)
Fitzgerald, J. B. (Obit.)
Fitzgerald, James Jackson "Jack", s/o Cleveland H. and Mollie Fitzgerald (Obit.)
Fitzgerald, Mary Gertrude "Mollie" (James), w/o Cleveland Hendrix, Sr. (Obit.)
Fitzgerald, Mary Patricia, d/o C. H. Fitzgerald, "Weds" (Wedding Article)

Fitzhugh, Rufus King Fitzhugh, Sr.- 12 Generations 1570 - 2007 (Family History Book)
Fitzhugh, A. Stuart, WWI Veteran, h/o Irma M. Fitzhugh (Obit.) (Large Picture Obit.)
Fitzhugh, Alexander Stuart, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Fitzhugh, Alexander S., h/o Allie (Yarnell) Fitzhugh (Obit.)
Fitzhugh, Alexander Stuart (II), h/o Irma (McMillan) Fitzhugh (Obit.) (Large Picture Obit.)
Fitzhugh, Alexander Stuart Fitzhugh, III, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Fitzhugh, Allie (Yarnell), w/o Alexander S. Fitzhugh (Obit.)
Fitzhugh, Bay Fitzhugh, "Opens Office" (Article)
Fitzhugh, Miss Betty Jean, d/o J. C. Fitzhugh, "Augusta Bride" (Picture Wedding)
Fitzhugh, Davis & mother, Laura, ":Buys Augusta Advocate" (Article)
Fitzhugh, Davis, s/o Rufus King & Laura Fitzhugh, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Fitzhugh, Davis, "First Story Published" (Article)
Fitzhugh, Davis, WWII Veteran, h/o Dorothy (Wallace) Fitzhugh (Obit.)
Fitzhugh, Dorothy (Wallace), w/o Davis Fitzhugh (Obit.)
Fitzhugh, Eugene Carter, s/o Rufus King Sr. & Hettie Ellen (Baytop) Fitzhugh (Obit.)
Fitzhugh, James Baytop "J. B. or Jim", h/o Jessie Coffin Fitzhugh (Biog.)
Fitzhugh, John Conway, WW I (Enlistment Record)
Fitzhugh, John Conway, WW I Veteran, h/o Ruby Fitzhugh (Obit.)
Fitzhugh, Laura (Davis), "Noted Business And Civic Leader Dies" (Picture Biog. Obit.)
Fitzhugh, Lucinda, of Augusta, a native of IN (Obit.)
Fitzhugh, Ruby (Ferguson), w/o John Conway Fitzhugh (Obit.)
Fitzhugh, Rufus (Obit.)
Fitzhugh, Stewart, Born Augusta, AR, WW I Vet. (Enlist. Record)
Fitzhugh, "The Battle of Fitzhugh Woods", Part I & Part 2 (Story by G. T.)
Fitzhugh, Thomas Baytop, h/o Camille (Waldron) Fitzhugh (Obit.)
Fitzhugh, William Francis, of Augusta, h/o Mary (Carville) Fitzhugh (Obit.)

Fitzpatrick, Alvin Eugene, h/o Josie Fitzpatrick (Obit.)
Fitzpatrick, Richard, (black) (Obit.)

Fitzwater, Barbara (Mason), "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)
Fitzwater, Clifton D., "Two McCrory Boys Graduate From Navy School" (Article)
Fitzwater, Clifton W., h/o Emma L. Fitzwater (Obit.)
Fitzwater, Devon, s/o C. W. Fitzwater of McCrory, "Weds" (Article)
Fitzwater, Clifton D., "Two McCrory Boys Complete Recruit Training With Navy" (Article)
Fitzwater, Wanda Lee, s/o Mr. &. Mrs. Clifton Fitzwater (Obit.)

Flags, For Memorial or Burial Purposes (Article)

Flakes, Velma L., (black) (Obit.)

Flanery, Jesse Adam, h/o Mary Beth (Gaunt) Flanery (Obit.)
Flanery, Ora A. (Clem), widow of Elmer Flanery (Obit.)

Flannery, Mrs. Elmer, "Lightning Hits Matron Near Cotton Plant" (Article)
Flannery, Myrt, age 18, s/o A. A. Flannery, "Young Couple Clubbed; Girl Is Fatally Hurt" (Article)

Flannigan, Margie Louise (Miller), "Two die in accident north of McCrory" (Large Article-Obit.)

Flanniken, E. M., of Memphis, formerly of Augusta, s/o John Flanniken (Obit.)

Fleming, Mrs. Lessie (Clark), of Forrest City, AR, d/o Mrs. Willie Keith of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)
Fleming, Rev. Rayfield, h/o Ruby (Shield) Fleming (Obit.)

Flemming, Mrs. J. A., of Montrose, AR (Obit.)

Fleschute, Arthur Levon, of Bradford, AR, s/o Arthur L. & Lucille (Decker) Fleschute (Obit.)

Fletcher, Betty, of Lake Wales, FL (Obit.)
Fletcher, Dr. Burrell A. & Mary A. (Baker) Fletcher (Family History Book)
Fletcher, Burrell A., (M.D.), of Augusta, AR (Biog.)
Fletcher, Mary Ann, "Who's Who At State University", d/o Thomas M. Fletcher (Picture Article)
Fletcher, Mary Ann, d/o Thomas M. Fletcher, "Engaged" (Large Picture Article)
Fletcher, Mary Agnes (Baker), "Celebrates 93rd Birthday May 12" (Picture Article)
Fletcher, Mary Agnes, w/o Dr. Burrell A. Fletcher (Obit.)
Fletcher, Robert E., h/o Odell (Davis) Fletcher, "Dies In Memphis" (Obit.)
Fletcher, Thomas M., Sr., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Fletcher, Thomas M., Sr. (Picture Biog.)
Fletcher, Thomas M., Sr., "McCrory's New Mayor" (Picture Article)
Fletcher, Thomas M., Sr. (Obit.)
Fletcher, Tommie, s/o Thomas M. Fletcher, "McCrory Class Leaders" (Picture Article)
Fletcher, Miss Virginia, d/o Thomas Moore Fletcher, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Fletcher, William Presley, h/o Ella Ann (Beard) Fletcher (Biog.) (Picture)

Flick, Ruby (Stokes), of IN, born at Patterson, w/o Densil Flick (Obit.)

Flickinger, James H., s/o Mrs. Betty Flickinger, "Mother Awarded Bronze Star for Son's Bravery" (Article)

Flippin, Minnie Lou (McKnight), w/o Thomas Olen Flippin (Obit.)
Flippin, Thomas O., WW I Vet. (Enlist. Record)

Flippo, Larry Boyd, s/o Bernell Clifton Flippo, "Murdered by Howard Speaks" (Obit.)

Flood, 1927, pages 2-8, pictures (Story)
Flood, 1927, Notes on the Big Flood

Flowers, Homer, of Moro, AR (Obit.)
Flowers, John, of Brinkley, AR, formerly of McCrory, h/o Lena (Little) Flowers (Obit.)
Flowers, Lena (Little), "Killed in Wreck" (Obit.)

Floyd, Sgt. Arneal, of Cotton Plant, AR, s/o Levane Floyd, "In Kyoto, Japan" (Article)
Floyd, Cpl. Arneal, of Cotton Plant, AR, "In Kyoto, Japan" (Article)
Floyd, Arthur, (black), s/o John Floyd, Sr. & Lillie Collier Floyd (Picture Obit.)
Floyd, Bessie, of Cotton Plant, m/o Mrs. Lucille Knight, & others (Obit.)
Floyd, Beverly Ann (Neal), (black), w/o Stanley Floyd, Sr. (Obit.)
Floyd, Essie L. (Hancock), of Norfolk, VA, formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
Floyd, James Davis/ David, h/o Essie L. (Hancock) Floyd (Obit.)
Floyd, William David, "Drowns in Michigan", s/o Nora Floyd & the late Billy Floyd (Obit.)
Floyd, William O., of Dallas, TX (Obit.)

Flu Epidemic, of 1918 (Article)

Flynt, Mrs. Marian (Dugan), of Camden, AR, w/o Dr. Lloyd Clayton Flynt (Obit.)

Fobbs, Darrick Darnell, (black), s/o Kenneth Fobbs of Little Rock (Obit.)
Fobbs, Dorothy Lee (Roddy) (black), d/o Edmond Roddy & Minnie (Atkins) Roddy (Picture Obit.)
Fobbs, Earnest E., (black) (Obit.)

Folsom, The Folsom Family of Woodruff Co., AR (Family History)
Folsom, Miss Eugenia Henrietta Tucker, d/o Darius & Mary Folsom (Obit.)
Folsom, Maggie R. "Aunt Mag" (Taylor), w/o George Folsom & Mack R. Williams (Obit.)

Ford, Art, WW I Vet. (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Ford, Mrs. Art, "Birthday Dinner" (Article)
Ford, Bessie (Quick), w/o Marshall Ford (Obit.)
Ford, Carl, h/o Martha (Ball) Ford (Obit.)
Ford, Charles Jefferson, h/o Dovie (Thompson) & Mrs. Nora Baker (Obit.)
Ford, Clara, (black) (Obit.)
Ford, Cother N., h/o Myrtle Coehrane Ford (Obit.)
Ford, Mrs. Dora Lee, w/o John A. Ford (Obit.)
Ford, Eileen ( Pickett), w/o John T. Ford (Obit.)
Ford, Grace B. (Callahan), w/o Harry E. Ford (Obit.)
Ford, Harry Franklin (Obit.)
Ford, James Lester, of Brinkley, formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Annie (Davenport) Ford (Obit.)
Ford, John T., WW I (Enlist. Record) (Obit.)
Ford, Lizzie, w/o Columbus Ford, Funeral in Little Rock, AR (Obit.)
Ford, Marshall "Buster", h/o Bessie Ford (Obit.)
Ford, Onia, w/o Charles T. Ford (Obit.)
Ford, Pallie Mae, d/o John Ford & Eileen Ford (Obit.)
Ford, Robert Price, s/o Charles Jefferson Ford & Dovie Ford (Obit.)
Ford, Tennessee Ernie, "Coming to Memphis" (Picture Article)
Ford, William Monroe (Obit.)

Fore, Family 1785 - 2008 - 5 Generations (Family History Book)
Fore, "Four Brothers Line Up Against Axis", Robert, Ralph, Jim, & P. J. Fore (Picture Article)
Fore, Miss Cathy, d/o Robert Fore, "To Get College Diploma" (Article)
Fore, Eloise R. (Raymond), w/o Peter Jordan Fore (Obit.)
Fore, Emma Rose, d/o Rosa Fore, "Weds" (Article) (Lg. Picture Article)
Fore, Jim, "Line Up As Four Against Axis" (Picture Article)
Fore, James David, s/o Peter J. Fore & Rosa Fore, "Commander V. F. W." (Picture Article)
Fore, James D., s/o Peter J. Fore & Rosa Lewis Fore (Picture Obit.)
Fore, Lewis Nathaniel, s/o Peter Jordan Fore,Sr. & Rosa Emma (Lewis) Fore (Obit.)
Fore, Marie Sophia (Koberlein), w/o Robert Lee Fore (Picture Article)
Fore, Mary Kathryn, d/o Peter Jordan Fore,Sr. & Rosa Emma (Lewis) Fore (Obit.)
Fore, Peter J., "Line Up As Four Against Axis" (Picture Article)
Fore, Peter J., "Bronze Star Awarded Posthumously To McCrory Soldier" (Article)
Fore, Peter J., "McCrory Saddened By News Of P. J. Fore's Death" (Picture Obit.) (Picture Article)
Fore, Pfc. Peter Jordan, "Last Rights Held At M. E. Church" (Article)
Fore, P. J., "Remains To Rest In Soil Of Native Country" (Picture Biog. Obit.)
Fore, Peter Jordan, son, Killed in action, WW II (Obit.)
Fore, Ralph B., "Line Up As Four Against Axis" (Picture Article)
Fore, Ralph B., "Buys Stroud Drug Store" (Article)
Fore, Ralph, of McCrory, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Fore, Ralph, of McCrory (Picture Wedding)
Fore, Robert L., Ralph B., Jim, & P. J., "Line Up As Four Against Axis" (Picture Article)
Fore, Robert Lee, s/o Rosa Fore, "Weds" (Article) (Picture Article)
Fore, Robert Lee (Obit.)

Foreman, James Bennett, h/o Johnnie (Travis) Foreman (Obit.)
Foreman, Skye Angel, d/o David & Theresa Osier Foreman (Obit.)

Fortenberry, John R., born York, AL, WW I (Enlist. Record)

Forth, Charles H., h/o Louise (Rust) Forth (Obit.)

Fortune, Betty Jane, d/o Lawrence Fortune of Beedeville, AR (Obit.)
Fortune, Charles Verdell, h/o Lillian Fortune (Obit.)
Fortune, Herman Herbert, of Mountain View, AR, h/o Edyth (Finley) Fortune (Obit.)
Fortune, James, "Shot by Sanford Lyles" (Article)
Fortune, Juanita Fortune, w/o James Fortune of Augusta, AR (Picture Obit.)
Fortune, Norma Lee (Green), w/o Lawrence Parnell Fortune (Obit.)
Fortune, Sadie Belle (Pierce), w/o Luther N. Fortune (Obit.)
Fortune, Sherman, s/o P. J. Fortune, "Wounded When Gun Discharges" (Article)

Foss, Erma (Wright), w/o Clifford Foss (Picture Article)

Foster, A. J., of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Foster, Calvin E., h/o Kitty Foster of Augusta (Picture Article)
Foster, Elbert of Augusta, AR, s/o Ben Foster, "Farmer Dies From Unusual Accident" (Obit.)
Foster, Elsie Naomi (Canard), formerly of Tuckerman, w/o Thomas A. Foster (Obit.)
Foster, Eunice Odessa (McCuan), w/o John Thomas Foster (Obit.)
Foster, Jack C., "Shot by Sheriff Jim Hill" (Obit.)
Foster, James Edward Jr., and mother, Mrs. Bessie (Powell) Foster (Picture Article)
Foster, James "Jimmie" Edward Sr., h/o Bessie (Powell) Foster (Obit.)
Foster, James Hunt, s/o J. H. Foster, "Weds" (Picture of Bride)
Foster, Jefferson David, Sr., h/o Doris Foster (Obit.)
Foster, Jerome, (black), h/o Irene Foster (Obit.)
Foster, John A., Cemetery, Bald Knob, AR (Story by W.G.T.)
Foster, John B., s/o William Benjamin (IV) Foster, h/o Lucille Foster (Obit.)
Foster, Luva B. (Lemay) Robinson, w/o Lemuel Robinson & Maurice "Gene" Foster (Picture Obit.)
Foster, Miss Mage Lavern, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Foster, Mina, (black), w/o Colonel Foster (Obit.)
Foster, Polly Louisa (Hood), w/o W. B. Foster (Obit.)
Foster, Richard Elbert, h/o Joe Ella Foster (Obit.)
Foster, Mrs. Sidney E., of Augusta, sister of John & Bob French (Obit.)
Foster, Thelma Katy (McFarland) Gaynes, w/o Luther Gaynes, & William H. "Buddy" Foster (Obit.).
Foster, Thomas E., s/o John Foster, "Former Augustan Decorated by Army" (Article)
Foster, William Benjamin, of Augusta, h/o Polly Louisa Foster (Obit.)
Foster, William Benjamin (IV), bro. of John Foster of Newport (Obit.)
Foster, William Harold "Buddy", h/o Thelma (McFarland) Foster (Obit.)

Fotos, Mrs. Maggie of Richmond, CA, formerly of McCrory, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Fotos, Martha Elizabeth, d/o Tom Fotos, of McCrory, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Fotos, Martha Elizabeth (Fotos) Winn, d/o Tom Fotos, of McCrory, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Fotos, Steve A., of Memphis, h/o Zula Fotos. (Obit.)
Fotos, Tom, of McCrory, formerly of Blytheville, AR, "First Vacation In Nine Years" (Article)

Fountain, Dorothy, d/o S. E. Fountain, "Highest Average In School" (Picture Article)

Foushee, Brice L., of Tupelo, h/o Sybil Foushee (Obit.)
Foushee, Sybil, of Tupelo, formerly of Wiville, m/o Brice Foushee (Obit.)

Foust, Frances C. (Faulkner), w/o Clinton "Chick" Foust (Obit.)
Foust, Jerry, of Wynne, AR, s/o Mrs. Frances Foust of Wynne (Obit.)

Fowler, James Z. and Fannie Etta Fowler of Tennessee and Mississippi (Family History)
Fowler, James Nathaniel Fowler - 8 Generations - 1802-2007 (Family History Book)
Fowler, Miss Alice M., d/o Levi Fowler, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Fowler, Alvin Nathaniel, h/o Lular Etta (Taylor) Fowler (Obit.)
Fowler, Alvis Ray, h/o Betty Jane (Large) Fowler (Obit.)
Fowler, Andrew F., "Fowler Family Reunion" (Article)
Fowler, Andrew Franklin, h/o Susie Jane (Bullington) Fowler (Obit.)
Fowler, Austin B., formerly of McCrory, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Fowler, Clarence Elmer, h/o Lora Fowler (Obit.)
Fowler, Connie James, h/o Velma Eugenia Thrift (Obit.)
Fowler, Mr. Connie V., s/o Levi Fowler & Lena (Smith) Fowler, "Funeral Sunday" (Obit.) Fowler, Donald Leon, infant s/o Levi Fowler (Obit.)
Fowler, Doyle Wayne & Margaret Ann (Ball) Fowler (Picture Article)
Fowler, Pvt. Edward, s/o Alvin, "Wounded In Action" (Article)
Fowler, Sgt. Edward, s/o Alvin Fowler, WW II, "Wounded Third Time" (Article)
Fowler, Elwanda (Ollie Elwanda), d/o Clarence E. Fowler & Lora O. Fowler, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Fowler, Eulah (Wood), w/o Edward Martin Fowler (Obit.)
Fowler, Fannie Etta (Wafford), w/o James "Jim" Zephnal Fowler (Picture Biog.)
Fowler, Fannie Etta (Wafford), w/o James Z. Fowler (Picture Obit.)
Fowler, Felix V., born Woodruff Co., AR, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Fowler, Gary, U.S. Marines, WW II (Picture Article)
Fowler, George Carlee, h/o Evelyn D. (Gray) Fowler (Obit.)
Fowler, Homer, s/o Alvin Fowler & Lula (Taylor) Fowler (Obit.)
Fowler, James "Jimmie" Edgar, h/o Margarette E. (Johnson) Fowler (Picture Article) (Obit.)
Fowler, James Riley, h/o Jessie G. (Free) Fowler (Obit.)
Fowler, James Zephnal, h/o Fannie E. (Wafford) Fowler (Obit. 1936)
Fowler, Lester Forrest, T/5 WW II (Biog.)
Fowler, Levi H. Jr., h/o Lela Alberta (Free) Fowler (Obit.)
Fowler, Mrs. Levy, "Weds" (Article)
Fowler, Lloyd D. Fowler & Thelma M. (Fraze) Fowler, "60th Anniversary" (Picture Article)
Fowler, Lora Olive (Faughn) Fowler, w/o Clarence Elmer Fowler (Obit.) Fowler, Margaret (Schmitt), w/o Scott Fowler (Obit.)
Fowler, Margaret Ann (Ball) Taylor, w/o Howard H. Taylor (Picture Obit.)
Fowler, Pearl Lee (Pickett) Ford, w/o Roy E. Fowler (Obit.)
Fowler, "Mrs. Robert Fowler, 90. Is Feted At Family Dinner At Blytheville, AR" (Article)
Fowler, Roy Emanuel, h/o Pearl Lee (Pickett) Ford (Obit.)
Fowler, Shelby Jean, child of James E. Fowler (Obit.)
Fowler, Teddy Morris, s/o Lester F. Fowler & Enid M. (Kinder) Fowler (Obit.)
Fowler, Terry Dennis, s/o Billy Terrill Fowler & Shirley Tallie (Robinson) Fowler (Obit.)
Fowler, W. D. "Dub", h/o Ruby Fowler (Obit.)
Fowler, Walter Joseph (Rev.), h/o Betty Margaret (McDonald) Fowler (Picture Obit.)
Fowler, Sgt. William T., h/o Mrs. Eunis M. Fowler, "Killed In Action" Korean War (Article)

Fowlkes, Daisy Florena (Quinn), w/o Robert G. Fowlkes, "Funeral Tomorrow" (Obit.)
Fowlkes, Frank A., h/o Johnnie E. Ramsey (Obit.)
Fowlkes, Helen Beatrice (Pollett), w/o Walter Fowlkes (Obit.)
Fowlkes, Mrs. Johnnie E. ( Ramsey), w/o Frank Fowlkes (Obit.)
Fowlkes, Mary A., d/o Robert G. Fowlkes, "McCrory Beauties To Be In Peach Festival" (Picture Article)
Fowlkes, Robert Gabriel, h/o Daisy (Quinn) Fowlkes (Obit.)
Fowlkes, Walter Fauls, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Fowlkes, Walter Fauls, h/o Helen Beatrice (Pollett) Fowlkes (Obit.)
Fowlkes, William Eugene, h/o Alberta Christine (Gann) Fowlkes (Obit.)

Foxx, Myrtle Cochran, of West Monroe, LA, formerly of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)

Fraley, James Monroe, h/o Betty Fraley (Obit.)
Fraley, Myrtle (Sutherland), w/o T. R. Fraley (Grave Marker Photo) (Obit.)
Fraley, Theodore Roosevelt, h/o Myrtle (Sutherland) Fraley (Grave Marker Photo) (Obit.)

Francis, Albert, of Hunter, AR, f/o Mrs. E. E. Mitchell & others (Obit.)
Francis, Helen M., "Woman Burns In House Fire At Hunter, Friday" (Obit.)
Francis, Ross M., of Hunter, AR, born Forrest, IL, WW I (Enlist. Record)

Franklin, Ruth Julia (Wilson), (black), w/o Augustus N. Franklin (Obit.)

Franks, Lillie Mae, of McCrory, m/o William Franks & others (Obit.)

Fraser, Family 1832 - 2010 - 7 Generations (Family History Book)
Fraser, Miss Altha, d/o Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Fraser, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Fraser, Alvis Duane, h/o Wanda Jane (Logan) Fraser (Obit.) Fraser, Alvis Loren Fraser, h/o Janie Maud (Dobbs) Fraser (Obit.)
Fraser, Betty Jo (Carter) (Obit.)
Fraser, Bonnie Lee (House), w/o Mario L. Fraser (Obit.)
Fraser, Delpha Monroe, h/o Euna Fraser (Obit.)
Fraser, Dora Ellen "Shelly" (Shellabarger), "Weds" (Picture Wedding Announcement) (Picture Obit.)
Fraser, Eliza (McDougal), w/o George W. Fraser (Obit.)
Fraser, Euna (Unknown), w/o Delpha Monroe Fraser (Obit.)
Fraser, Fred, "Fraser will not seek re-election as tax assessor" (Picture Article)
Fraser, Ida Estelle, of Newport, AR, w/o Samuel S. Fraser (Obit.)
Fraser, Janie Maude (Dobbs), w/o Alvis Loren Fraser (Obit.)
Fraser, Leon George, s/o W. T. Fraser of McCrory, "Promoted" (Picture Article)
Fraser, Leon George, h/o Sadie (Woroshilsky) Fraser (Picture Obit.)
Fraser, Lloyd, s/o Mario L. Fraser & Bonnie L. (House) Fraser (Obit.)
Fraser, Mary Elizabeth (Ford) Wright, w/o W. Thomas Ford (Obit.)
Fraser, Meta W. (Smith), w/o Robert Lee Fraser (Obit.)
Fraser, Michael Don, s/o Vernie Fraser & Jewell C. (Vanlandingham) Fraser. (Picture Obit.)
Fraser, Otis O., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Fraser, Otis O., "New Commander Of V.F.W. Post" (Article)
Fraser, Otis Oren, h/o Bessie B. (Dix) Fraser (Obit.)
Fraser, Robert, "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture Article)
Fraser, Robert, "New Officers of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)
Fraser, Dr. Robert Lee, "Helping Folks Get Well Is This Man's Hobby" (Picture Biog.)
Fraser, Dr. Robert Lee, h/o Meta W. (Smith) Fraser (Obit.)
Fraser, Dr. Robert L. & Meta W. Fraser, 18 pages of family history and pictures (Family History)
Fraser, Robert Lee, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Fraser, Robert Lee, s/o Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Fraser, "Weds" (Wedding Article) (Obit.)
Fraser, Miss Ruby M., d/o Otis O. Fraser, "Weds" (Wedding Article)
Fraser, Truman, s/o Mr. & Mrs. W. T. Fraser, "Promoted" (Picture Article)
Fraser, Truman, s/o W. T., "Sgt. Truman Fraser Killed In Crash Of U. S. Bomber (Picture Article)
Fraser, Vernie, "Additional Income For Young Farmer" (Picture Article)
Fraser, Vernie (Obit.) in fold
Fraser, Warren, of Cotton Plant, h/o Mary (Neagle) Fraser (Obit.)
Fraser, William Thomas, h/o Mary Elizabeth (Ford) Fraser (Obit.)

Fraze, Aline (Jewell Aline (Venable), w/o Johnny Fraze (Picture Obit.)
Fraze, Arvin, h/o Audrey Fraze (Grave marker photo)
Fraze, Audrey (Tucker), w/o Arvin Fraze (Grave marker photo)
Fraze, John H. h/o Treasy J. Fraze (Obit.)
Fraze, Johnny, h/o Jewell Aline (Venable) Fraze (Obit.)
Fraze, Joy (Obit.)
Fraze, Mary, d/o Mrs. Wm. Fraze of Hilleman (Obit.)
Fraze, Mary Lora (Parker), w/o Elmer Charles Fraze (Obit.)
Fraze, Mary Myrtle (Sorrells), w/o William Fraze (Obit.)
Fraze, Nollie Mae (Fowler) (Obit.)
Fraze, Ones A., h/o Willie Mae Fraze (Obit.)
Fraze, Oscar, of Hillemann, h/o Nola Mae "Nollie" (Fowler) Fraze (Obit.)
Fraze, Ms. Patsy, d/o Elmer Fraze & Lora (Parker) Fraze (Obit.)
Fraze, Teressie "Trecy" Jane (Clark), w/o John H. Fraze (Obit.)
Fraze, William, s/o Mollie Mae Fraze, "Hillemann Soldier With 473rd Infantry" (Article)
Fraze, William Jacob, h/o Mary Myrtle (Sorrells) Fraze (Obit.)
Fraze, Willie Mae (Tucker), w/o Ones Archie Fraze (Obit.)

Frazer, Mollie, m/o Mrs. Nina Hall of Howell & others (Obit.)

Frazier, Floyd "Lester", of Wynne, h/o Connie Sue Frazier (Obit.)
Frazier, Tom M., of Myrtle, MS, f/o Albert Frazier & others (Obit.)
Frazier, Viola (Donald), w/o Eddie C. Frazier (Obit.)

Free, Clyde Wilson, of Beedeville, h/o Nellie E. (Houchin) Free (Obit.)
Free, Nellie Eleanor (Houchin), w/o Clyde W. Free (Obit.)
Free, Mrs. Willie, of Hunter, m/o Kenneth Free & 3 other children (Obit.)

Freely, Frank, of West Memphis, h/o Flotine Freely (Obit.)

Freeman, Billy Joe, of Prescott, AR, h/o Maxine (Richey) Freeman (Obit.)
Freeman, Bobby Joe, of West Memphis, formerly of McCrory (Obit.)
Freeman, Cora Edna, m/o L. C. Freeman of Augusta (Obit.)
Freeman, Emil Adam "Bud", of Plano, TX, a native of Augusta, AR, h/o Mary L. Freeman (Obit.)
Freeman, Ernest Louis, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Freeman, Pfc. Flemon, (black), "Second McCrory Soldier Killed In Vietnam" (Obit.)
Freeman, George Heber, WW I (Enlist. Record)
Freeman, James Charles, (black) (Obit.)
Freeman, Lee Ella (Davis) Jackson, (black), w/o Daniel Jackson, & L. V. Freeman (Picture Obit.)
Freeman, Martha Catherine, w/o Everette Olious Freeman (Obit.)
Freeman, Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Sieber), w/o James F. Freeman (Obit.)
Freeman, Minnie Agnes (Freeman) Underhill Robins, w/o J. W. Underhill & J. W. Robins (Obit.)
Freeman, Minnie R. (Melvin), w/o Otis Franklin Freeman (Obit.)
Freeman, Oliver, (black), aged 87 (Obit.)
Freeman, Otis Franklin, h/o Minnie R. Freeman (Obit.)
Freeman, Rosie Lee, (black), of Patterson, m/o Robert Johnson of CA (Obit.)
Freeman, Mrs. Ruth Ellen, "Three die as fire destroys rual home" (Obit.)
Freeman, Stanley J., "Dies From Wounds Received In Action", h/o Mildred E. Freeman (Picture Obit.)
Freeman, Theaster, h/o Rose Freeman (Obit.)
Freeman, Tobie, (black), WW I Enlist. Record)
Freeman, Walter, Sr., of Perryville, h/o Ola Freeman (Obit.)
Freeman, Walter S., Jr., s/o Walter S. Freeman, Sr., of Augusta, "Weds" (Picture of Bride)
Freeman, Will, (black), "Negro Slayer Of Gin Manager Still At Large" (Article)

Freese, Marguerite Louise (Fuller), w/o Charles Edward Freese (Obit.)

French, A. H., of Hickory Ridge, AR, f/o Larry French (Obit.)
French, Claude Owen, h/o Nina O. (Jennings) French (Obit.)
French, Docia (Clayton), m/o Ewell French of Augusta & others (Obit.)
French, Edward J, of Tacoma, Wash., b/o Ewell French of Augusta (Obit.)
French, Ewell, h/o Ruby French (Obit.)
French, Mrs. Ewell & son Jimmy, "Two from Augusta Injured in Wreck Tuesday Afternoon" (Article) French, Florence (Howton), w/o John W. French (Obit.)
French, James E., WW I (Enlist. Record)
French, Johnson L., b/o Ewell French & others (Obit.)
French, Ruth (Bryant), of Rolling Bay, Wash., formerly of Augusta (Obit.)
French, Warnie L., b/o Ewell French & others (Obit.)
French, William L., WW I (Enlist. Record)

Frey, George Wesley, h/o Mary Lou (Highsmith) Frey (Obit.)
Frey, Lawrence/ Larry, h/o Linda Marsh Frey (Obit.)
Frey, Mary Lou (Hysmith/ Highsmith), w/o George Wesley Frey (Obit.)
Frey, Thomas Russell, of Stuttgart, formerly of Cotton Plant, h/o Tressie (Boston) Frey (Obit.)

Friar, Robert Louis, (black), s/o L. Z. Friar (Obit.)

Fritz, Wanda Jane, d/o Oscar A. Fritz and Annie Mae Fritz (Obit.)

Froman, Family History - 1827-2008 - 8 Generations (Family History Book)
Froman, Adolphus D., Sr., f/o Walter, A. D. Froman, Jr. & others (Obit.)
Froman, Charles, s/o John A. Froman & Mamie L. (Boatner) Froman (Obit.)
Froman, Charles M., h/o Stella M. Froman (Obit.)
Froman, Elwyn Monroe, h/o Imogene (Jones) Froman (Obit.)
Froman, Imogene (Jones), w/o Elwyn Monroe Froman (Obit.).
Froman, John Ashburn, h/o Mollie Froman & Lucille (Boatner) Froman (Obit.)
Froman, Leroy, h/o Nancy Williams Froman (Obit.)
Froman, Lottie A. (Lacy) Erwin, w/o A. D. Froman, Sr. (Obit.)
Froman, Mamie Lucille (Boatner), w/o John A. Froman (Obit.)
Froman, Mollie (Hardesty), w/o John A. Froman (Obit.)
Froman, Paul, s/o Charles Froman of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Froman, Stanley H., s/o Mr. & Mrs. C. M. Froman of Cotton Plant (Obit.)
Froman, Stella M., w/o Charles M. Froman (Obit.)
Froman, Virgil Eugene, s/o Mr. & Mrs. C. M. Froman (Obit.)
Froman, Walter, h/o Mary (Hughes) Froman (Obit.)

Fronabarger, (Family History with pictures)
Fronabarger, Daniel "Dan" Lee, h/o Betty J. Fronabarger & Maggie E. Fronabarger (Obit.)
Fronabarger, Edna (Bates), w/o Orville D. "Buddy" Fronabarger (Obit.)
Fronabarger, Maggie, w/o Dan Fronabarger (Obit.)
Fronabarger, Maggie (Boyd), of Augusta, w/o C. L. Fronabarger (Obit.)
Fronabarger, Orville D. "Buddy", h/o Edna (Bates) Fronabarger (Obit.)
Fronabarger, Pauline Elizabeth (Isbell), w/o Troy C. Fronabarger (Obit.)
Fronabarger, Stevie, s/o Troy Fronabarger, "Holiday King" (Picture Article)
Fronabarger, Stephen "Steve" Lynn, "Weds" (Article)
Fronabarger, Troy C., s/o Dan L. Fronabarger, "Weds", married, June 20, 1937 in Parkin, AR,
Pauline Elizabeth "Pert" Isbell, d/o Minnie Isabell (Article 6-24-1937)
Fronabarger, Troy Chester, h/o Pauline Elizabeth "Pert" (Isbell) Fronabarger (Obit.)

Fryer, Mr. Felker, h/o Ella (Lindsey) Fryer (Obit.)
Fryer, Felker E., WW I (Enlist. Record)
Fryer, John R., h/o Marguerite (Dye) Fryer (Obit.)
Fryer, John Wendell, "Weds" (Article) (Picture of Bride)
Fryer, John Wendell, h/o Juanita Fryer (Obit.)
Fryer, Marguerite E. "Sugar" (Dye), w/o John R. Fryer (Obit.), in fold

Frymire, Dovie E. (Noel), w/o George Frymire (Obit.)
Frymire, Franklin Eugene, Jr., h/o Darla Frymire (Typed Obit.)
Frymire, LaVerl, h/o Jewell (Smith) Frymire (Obit.)

Fugate, (Picture & Story of home)

Fugatt, Elbert Kirby, of Des Arc, formerly of Augusta, h/o Ava (Evans) Fugatt (Obit.)

Fugett, Patsy (Potter), formerly of Augusta, w/o Marion Fugett (Obit.)

Fulbright, Glena Faye, sis. of J. W. Fulbright of Mount Pleasant (Obit.)
Fulbright, Jack, of Memphis, TN, h/o Alice Deweese Fulbright (Obit.)

Fuller, William Thompson, h/o Mary (Dortch) Fuller (Obit.)

Fulton, Callie, (black), d/o Joe & Mollie (Anthony) Fulton (Obit.)

Funderburg, David Filmore, of McCrory, h/o Wilma (Starkey) Funderburg (Obit.)

Futrell, Mrs. Joan, m/o Mrs. Arene Maxey of Hilleman (Obit.)


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