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Woodruff County, Arkansas
Obituaries, Weddings
Pictures & Articles

Contact: Gary Telford, wgt@centurytel.net

Part 1

Acton, Charles Andrew, "Prominent Citizen of Cross County Dies" (Obit.)

Adams, Miss Ava, daughter of L. D. Adams (Wedding)

Alexander, H. V. (Article)

Allison, Marguarite, daughter of J. H. (Wedding)

Angelo, Charles F., husband of Mary Lou (Craig) (Obit.)

Armstrong, D. M. (Obit.)

Arnof, Heymann, husband of Fannie (Shapiro) (Obit)

Arnof, Nudy, "The Bachlor Pays" (Article)

Arnof, I. N. & Mayor Gerald Morris open miniture golf course (Article)

Augusta Advocate, "sells" (Article)

Augusta, White River Bridge "Center of Elaborate Celebration" (Picture-Article)

Barber, Mr. & Mrs. J. F. "Pete" Barber, Jr., "Seven Hurt In Car Accident" (Article)

Barnes, David Houston "Hugh", husband of Julia (Article-Obit.)

Beede, Mrs. Della Minerva (Huff), wife of Walter W. Beede (Obit.)

Bennett, Mathis "Cotton Plant Homes Burn On Monday" (Article)

Berry, Miss Helen Jackson, dau. of Luther, "Is Named Festival Queen" (Article)

Best, Myrtle Rose (Picture)

Bleakley, F. L. "Child Struck By Auto & Killed (Article)

Blevins, Miss Maudie, daughter of W. H. Blevins (Wedding)

Brinneman, Mary J., wife of Perry (Obit)

Brooks, J. M. "Tobe" " J. M. "Tobe" Brooks For Tax Assessor" (Article)

Bryan, John E., father of John E. of McCrory, AR (Obit.)

Burgess, Mr. Ollie T. "Farmer Is Looser of Two Fingers" (Article)

Cagles, Mrs. Laura (Holt), daughter of Riley & Mattie, wife of David (Obit.)

Caplener, Fred (Wedding)

Capshaw, Gid "Former Woodruff Co. Man Renews Leader" (Article)

Carman, Mrs Emma "Letter To The Leader" (Article)

Caudle, E. C. "Babe" (Article)

Chaney, Alphus "Seven Hurt In Car Accident" (Article)

Charlton, J. R., "Man Is Fatally Hurt When Auto Strikes Tractor" (Article)

Chitty, W. E., husband of Minnie (Wortham) (Obit.)

Clifton, Mrs. Tom, honors son's 5th birthday "Birthday Party" (Article)

Collier, Olivia, daughter of A. J. of Wynne, AR (Wedding)

Cook, Thomas Jeff., son of George & Mary (Graham), hus. of Grace (Porter) (Obit.)

Covey, Bessie (Baker), daughter of W. E. Baker, wife of Eugene Covey

Cowan, John Stephen Randal (Judge), husband of Mary (Murta) (Obit.)

Cox, Jesse "Cotton Plant Homes Burn On Monday" (Article)

Crafford, Lester, "Woodruff County Man Victim of Accident" (Article)

Crissman, James B., of Fair Oaks, husband of Emma M. (Henkel) (Obit.)

Crossett, C. M. "$10, 000 Fire Loss In Two Homes" (Article)

Curtis, Miss Amy of Wynne, AR (Wedding)

Douglas, Frances Rebecca (English), wife of Jepthy E. Douglas (Obit.)

Doyle, Frye, son of H. S., "Woodruff County Man Victim of Accident" (Obit.)

Drake, Susan Irene (Morgan), wife of E. Clay Drake (Obit.)

Duke, Bessie, wife of W. J. (Obit.)

Duncan, Ernest Walter, son of Samuel & Susan, husband of Laura (Porter) (Obit.)

Edmund, Frank (Wedding)

Ellison, Charley O., father of Eldon, Lee Roy, Floyd & Wayne (Obit)

Ervin, Charles C., husband of Lizzie (Honeycutt) (Obit.)

Ethridge, Audrey Etheridge, daughter of Luther H. (Obit.)

Finney, Sallie (Chaney), wife of Ben Finney (Obit)

Fitzhugh, Mrs. Laura & son, Davis (Article)

Freeman, Will, (Black) "Negro Slayer Of Gin Manager Still At Large" (Article)

Gamel, Clyde, "Man Is Fatally Hurt When Auto Strikes Tractor" (Article)

Garrett, Mrs. Newt & Infant, of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)

Gates, John William, son of John Wm. & Estell (Wilbanks) (Obit.)

Givens Ruben R., "Negro Slayer Of Gin Manager Still At Large" (Article-Obit.)

Goodwin, Miss Gertrude, daughter of Herb Goodwin (Wedding)

Grammer, Mrs. Fred and daughter, Eva, and Mrs. Maggie Jackson (Obit.)

Gray, Mrs. Cornelia "Neal" (Lewis), wife of Harvey B. (Obit.)

Grayson, (Ferry) " Old Ferry On White River Discontinued" (Article)

Gregory, Wm. N., "Two Accused Of Kidnaping Plead Guilty Tuesday" (Article)

Hamilton, Wallace M., son of Edward Lee (Wedding)

Haney, Lester, of McCrory, brother of Bernie Haney (Wedding)

Harp, Mrs. Fannie (Dyer), dau. of Enoch & Halley (Mayo) Dyer, wife of J. A. (Obit.)

Harris, Mary Iva, of Paris, TN, daughter of Rev. E. S. (Wedding)

Hays, Miss Nina, daughter of Dr. & Mrs J. F. (Article)

Hildebrandt, Mrs Andy, (Article)

Hodge, William A., son of Rose, enlists in Army, (Article)

Holliman, Miss Lorene, of the Fakes Chapel Community (Married)

Holmes, Stanley "Bud", "Finding OF Body Discloses Brutal Murder" (Article)

Holmes, Stanley "Bud" Holmes, "Four Arrest May Clear Up Murder" (Article)

Hougelin, Miss Muriel, daughter of W. N. (Wedding)

Howard, Oliver, father of Will & Mary (Howard) Hawkins (Obit.)

Huenefeld, Mr. & Mrs. Carl F., "50th Wedding Anniversity" (Picture-Article)

Huff, Mr. & Mrs. D. M. (Article)

Huff, Mrs. Della Minerva (Huff), wife of Walter W. Beede (Obit.)

Hunnicutt, Miss Ora Lee, daughter of Mrs. N. J. Bass (Wedding)

Jackson Co., "Jackson Co., AR Celebrates 100th Birthday in Sept." (Article)

James, Lee, of McCrory, AR, " Morton Man Hurt While Hunting" (Article)

James, Miss Ruth (Wedding)

James, Pete, "Two Accused Of Kidnaping Plead Guilty Tuesday" (Article)

Jeffries, Ed, "Home Destroyed By Fire Monday Morning" (Article)

Jeffries, Hazel Jeanette, daughter of T. A. (Wedding)

Jeffries, Vervian Thaddeus, son of E. E. Jeffries (Wedding)

Jernigan, Mary (Picture)

Jimerson, Fred, son of W. H. (Wedding)

Jimerson, Walter "New Brick Service Station for McCrory" (Article)

Johnson, E. G., of the Fakes Chapel Community (Married)

Johnson, George Volney, "Instantly Killed In Highway Accident" (Obit)

Johnson, S. A., brother of Orville & G. V. (Obit.)

Jolly, Miss Sallie Mildred, daughter of Lee Porter (Wedding)

Jones, Andrew of Tupelo, shot "Man Is Killed On Houseboat" (Article)

Keating, Mrs. R. B., "Reappointed Roll Call Chairman" (Article)

Keith, J. Elmer, son of W. F. Keith (Wedding)

Kelly, Mrs. Margaret, of Wiville, AR, wife of Stephen Kelly (Obit.)

Kidd, Roy & J. O. "Father & Son Held For Killing Young Farmer" (Article)

Kittrell, F. H., husband of Mary Adelaide (Shuh) (Obit.)

Kyser, Mamie Lou, wife of Joseph R. (Obit.)

Lacy, Mrs. W. H. "Treasures Untold" (Article)

Lee, John W., husband of Sallie (Raney), Emma & Beady (Cummins) (Obit.)

Leisinger, Goldie (Cheek), daughter of L. A. Cheek, wife of O. Frank (Obit.)

Lewis, Fletcher E., son of A. C. & Barbara (Edmonds), hus. of Elizabeth (Jones) (Obit)

Lewis, Hicks, son of Martha E. (Jelks) Lewis (Wedding)

Lindsey, O. H., "Two Accused Of Kidnaping Plead Guilty Tuesday" (Article)

Maguire, Frank, son of Dr. F. C., " Woodruff Co. Boy Honored" (Article)

Malin, Mrs. George W., (Obit.)

Malin, W. E. "Bill", County Clerk, "Smiling Bill Is Grateful" (Picture-Article)

Manasco, Miss Nellie, of Gregory, AR (Wedding)

Mann, Claude "Seven Hurt In Car Accident" (Article)

Martin, Coure (Colored), "Shot, Slayer Goes to Jail" (Article)

Martin, Robert Thomas "Col. & General", (Article-Picture) (Picture Obit.)

Mathews, Ed, "McClelland Man Killed As Car Hits Culvert" (Obit.)

Mathis, Mrs. Ross (Article-Picture)

Mathis, Lt. Ross, husband of Mable "Receives Cross Of Service" (Picture-Article)

Matlock, Osal B., son of Luther. (Obit.)

McBurnett, Carrie (McKnight), wife of J. E. B. (Obit.)

McCain, Mrs. Esna "$10, 000 Fire Loss In Two Homes" (Article)

McDonald, Mace (Article)

McGregor, John "Jay" Lawson, son of Ransford P. & Mrs. S. A. (Wedding)

McGregor, Mary Jane, "Girl Killed In Airplane Crash Near Augusta" (Obit.)

McKelvey, Miss Ruth, of DeView, daughter of Rev. Alonzo McKelvey (Wedding)

McLeary, Bluford F., son of A. C. & Bettie, "Man Is Found Dead In Bed" (Obit.)

McMurtry, Galen, son of James B. "Jim" & Margaret "Maggie" (Article)

Melton, Russell, "Man Is Fatally Hurt When Auto Strikes Tractor" (Article)

Miller, Miss Ruth, daughter of Lee and Elizabeth (Obit.-Picture)

Mitchell, Virginia (Picture)

Moore, George Luried, son of G. A. & Minnie (McIntyre) (Obit.)

Mooring, Emma Angela (Johnson), wife of John Blackwell Mooring (Obit.)

Morris, Mayor Gerald & I. N. Arnof open miniture golf course (Article)

Morris, Gerald (Article)

Morris, Mrs. Gerald, "The Bachlor Pays" (Article)

Morris, Gerald "Mayor", performs first wedding (Article)

Mullins, J. W., "Makes Trip from Los Angeles in 4 Days" (Article)

Murphree, M. T. "Cotton Plant Homes Burn On Monday" (Article)

Nelson, Leonard "New Business Firm For McCrory" (Article)

Nimnicht, Frank, of Wyoming (Wedding)

Nisbett, Gemma, daughter of W. S. (Wedding)

Odom, Roy L. (Wedding)

Odom, Sylvie, son of John Odom (Wedding)

Penrose, Miss Marian L., daughter of Wm. J. and Ethyl M. (Article)

Phelps, William (Article)

Pimento, Charles L. of Helena, AR (Wedding)

Place, Russell (Married)

Poe, Hurshell, "Home Destroyed By Fire Monday Morning" (Article)

Powell, Birdie, daughter of Harrison, "Child Falls Into Tub of Hot Water" (Article)

Pruitt, Henry (Obit)

Pryor, Cecil, killed, "Father & Son Held For Killing Young Farmer" (Article)

Quinn, Albert Dolphus, "Former Mail Carrier Suffers Fatal Stroke" (Obit.)

Raney, Walter Wilson, "Raney In Race For Representative" (Article)

Reneau, Martha Emiline (Faulkner), wife of George R. Reneau (Obit.)

Revel, John W. "Former Augusta Man Is Killed in Chicago" (Article-Obit.)

Rieves, Bill, shoots man "Man Is Killed On Houseboat" (Article)

Riggs, H. P. "$10, 000 Fire Loss In Two Homes" (Article)

Riggs, Miss Mona Gray, "McCrory Girl Maid For Woodruff Co. Fair (Article)

Robinson, (Colored), Luvenia & husband, Lawrence (Article)

Rogers, J. A., of McCrory "J. A. Rogers Hurt in Auto Accident" (Article)

Schol, William C., husband of Flora A. (Headen) (Obit.)

Shearer, Harris, son of H. C. Shearer (Wedding)

Shue, Manuel, son of Mrs. W. M. Melton "McCrory Boy Radio Announcer" (Article)

Smith, Clarence Winford, of Little Rock, AR (Wedding)

Smith, Josephine (Dilliard), dau. of V. R. & Belle, wife of W. A. Smith (Obit.)

Spearman, Elbert, (Colored) "Kills Man, Goes to Jail" (Article)

Spencer, Jack, husband of Larria (Powell) Spencer (Obit.)

Stair, John, son of J. S. "New Brick Service Station for McCrory" (Article)

Stoker, J. L. "New Business Firm For McCrory" (Article)

Stokes, Miss Jessie Mae, daughter of Sidney & Eva (Obit.)

Suttles, Bertha (Fowler), daughter of James Z., wife of Clarence R. Suttles (Obit.)

Taylor, Mrs. Emma "Woodruff County Gold Star Mother" (Article)

Todd, Louis, "Pumpkin Bend Man Seriously Injured By Falling Tree" (Article)

Tucker, Rev. O. H., father of J. R. of McCrory (Obit.)

Turnbull, Unk., age 14 "Boy Is Accidentally Killed Last Friday" (Article)

Tyson, L. C. "New Business Firm For McCrory" (Article)

Vance, Robert Campbell, son of Enoch Harvey & Susan (Martin) (Obit.)

Vance, R. C., In Memory, "Card of Thanks" (Article)

Vanlandingham, Miss Bomma, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Newt (Married)

Wafford, George H. "Body of Seaman to Be Brought to McCrory" (Article)

Wafford, George Houston, First Class Seaman, son of Henry M. Wafford (Obit.)

Walker, Hugh Simpson, husband of Lena Frances "Fannie" (Tiller) (Obit.)

Wampler, J. A., "Fisher Man Sells Crop of Rice for $7, 700.00" (Article)

Ware, Julius Perry, son of Allen & Lizzie " Farmer Fall Dead" (Article-Obit.)

Warren, Otto, son of Clyde "Child Struck By Auto & Killed" (Article)

Warring, Gus, "Gus Warring Buys Davis Barber Shop" (Article)

Wilkerson, Milford, of Cotton Plant, AR (Wedding)

Wilson, W. R. "Robert", Wife & Granddaughter Find W. R. Wilson Dead (Obit)

Winston, Kathern (Wedding)

Woodworth, Bert, "Man Is Fatally Hurt When Auto Strikes Tractor" (Obit.)

Wootten, Mrs. Jewell H. (Stell), wife of Robert G. (Obit.)

End Part 1

For more information, contact Gary Telford at wgt@centurytel.net, or write to: Gary Telford, Family Roots, PO Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010.

June 2005

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