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Woodruff County, Arkansas
Obituaries, Weddings
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Part 11

Acton, James W., of Paragould, formerly of DeWitt & Hunter, AR (Obit.)

Adams, Ben "Murder Trial Is Set For Monday In Circuit Court" (Article)

Adams, Ben "Slayers Convicted Of Murder At Augusta This Week" (Article)

Adams, Ben, age 46 of Tipton Co., TN sentenced to death in electric chair (Picture)

Adkins, Malcolm "Slayers Convicted Of Murder At Augusta This Week" (Picture-Article)

Allen, Miss Lorene, dau. of Joe C. Allen "Recent Bride" (Picture-Wedding)

Angelo, Mr. & Mrs. William V. "Couple Celebrate Wedding Anniversary" (Article)

Angus, Dane & Thomas Lowery "Old Landmark Destroyed By Fire" (Article)

Angus, Kate "Mrs. Kate Angus Celebrates Her 83rd Birthday" (Article)

Armstrong, Lemuel L. "Buck", "Fall From Window Proves Fatal" (Obit.)

Baptist Church "Augusta Church Dedicated Sunday" (Picture-Article)

Barber, Mrs. Emma Frances "Well Known DeView Citizen Dies Tuesday" (Obit.)

Barber, Miss Jean, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Pete Barber (Wedding)

Barnette, Cecil, son of W. H. Barnette to Maneedieth Stewart, dau. of Sam (Wedding)

Bates, John B. & Mary J. "Will Observe Golden Wedding Anniversary" (Article)

Beard, Jyles W., son of L. A. & Annie Beard (Obit.)

Beasley, Ruth Patchell, daughter of Mrs. Rose Patchell (Wedding)

Beavers, Troy C., of Pensacola, FL, formerly of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Best, Mitchell "Mitchell Best Resigns As Coach At Blytheville, AR" (Article)

Best, Pallie, dau. of Louis H. Best "Recent Bride" (Picture-Wedding)

Bice, Shirley Fay, infant dau. of Oliver & Lillie (Obit.)

Boggs, James William, 11 months old, son of Ervin Boggs (Obit.)

Boone, Mrs. Sarah Virginia (Roberts), of Wynne, AR, wife of Daniel Boone (Obit.)

Bowie, Arthur "Arthur Bowie Fatally Shot Saturday Night" (Obit.)

Bowie, Arthur, murdered "Four Men & Two Women Arrested In Killing" (Article)

Bowie, Arthur "Slayers Convicted Of Murder At Augusta This Week" (Article)

Boyster, Bryant, son of Lester Boyster of Tupelo, AR (Wedding)

Brazeale, Jelks M. "Former McCrory Man Now With The British Forces" (Article)

Brooks, Belva Joy, infant of D. B. Brooks of Fakes Chapel (Obit.)

Brooks, J. M. "Tobe", husband of Josie (Sims) Brooks (Obit.)

Brown, Mrs. Cliffie (Gray), wife of Halley "Friends Mourn Loss Of Former Principal" (Article-Obit.)

Brown, Mrs. Halley E. "Former Principal Of McCrory Schools Dies In KY" (Picture-Obit.)

Browning, Miss Cynthia Mae, daughter of Aud S. Browning (Picture-Wedding)

Bryant, Willis Preciley, of Fair Oaks, son of Jim Bryant (Obit.)

Burgess, Miss Estell, dau. of Mrs Weston Bostick of Wynne, AR (Married)

Burkett, L. V., Jr., son of Mr. & Mrs. L. V. Burkett (Wedding)

Burkett, Miss Frances "To Manage And Edit School Year Book" (Picture-Article)

Burton, Josephine, of Wynne, dau. of Noah Burton of Wynne (Wedding)

Cable, Miss Martha, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frank "Recent Bride" (Picture-Article)

Calahan, James Lee, son of Houston L. Calahan (Obit.)

Callahan, Cpl. Harold H., son of M. L. of Portia, AR (Picture of bride-Wedding)

Calvert, Mr. M. G. "150 Guest Attend Family Reunion Near McCrory" (Article)

Cannon, Miss Martha "Augusta Queen and Maids" (Picture-Article)

Caplena, Infant of Fred of Hillemann (Obit.)

Capshaw, Otha & Florence "Run Away Team Hits Parked Car" (Article)

Cariker, Miss LaVerne, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Grover Cariker (Wedding)

Cariker, Miss LaVerne "Recent Bride" (Picture-Article)

Carl-Lee, Elmo "Judge E. M. Carl-Lee Dies In Little Rock At Home Of Daughter" (Obit.)

Casbeer, Virgil "Recent Bride" (Picture of bride-Wedding)

Caudle, Miss Bettie "Represent Augusta" (Picture-Article)

Chaney, Miss Frances, dau. of Horace "Latin Prodigy" (Picture-Article)

Chaney, Miss Maxine, dau. of Horace "College Girl Is Bride" (Picture-Wedding)

Chappell, Miss Imogene, dau. of James M. Chappell "Bride-Elect" (Picture-Wedding)

Chappell, Miss Faerene, dau. of Jim "Salutatorian of McCrory Class" (Picture-Article)

Chipley, Charles Aaron, husband of Ruth Bell (Nutter) (Obit.)

Clark, b. Tippah Co., MS "Mrs. Tempie Clark Oldest Mother In Cross Co., AR" (Picture Article)

Conner, Miss Laura (III) "Augusta Queen and Maids" (Picture-Article)

Cook, William "Bill" (Married)

Crail, Marie "Represent Augusta" (Picture-Article)

Crossett, Joe H., Sr. "Tribute To Late J. H. Crossett, Sr., By Rotary Governor" (Article)

Crossett, Joseph Henry, husband of Mary (Harton) Crossett (Obit.)

Crossett, Mrs. Molly E., wife of James R. Crossett (Obit.)

Dallas, Mr. June, father of Mrs. J. R. Taylor (Obit.)

Daniel, Lt. Wm. Corbin, of Wynne, AR "Wynne Flyer Dies In Plane Accident" (Obit.)

Davis, William H., of the Duffell Community, hus. of Alice May (Clark) (Obit.)

Dent, Major S., "Former Woodruff County Resident In City Election" (Article)

Dilliard, Edward "Mayor Dilliard Ask Citizens To Save Waste Paper" (Article)

Dix, Miss Dorris, dau. of Alfred Dix (Wedding)

Dodd, Miss Lula (Married)

Drennan, George T., Jr., son of G. T., Sr. "Railroad Workman Killed In Accident" (Picture-Obit.)

Drum, Miss Elsie Mae of Patterson (Married)

Dugan, W. J. "Prominent Augusta Lawyer Marries In Home Ceremony" (Wedding)

Dumas, Mrs. Wardell D. "Marriage Announced" (Picture-Article)

Elam, Mattie Elizabeth (Reneau) "Octogenarian Dies After Long Illness" (Obit.)

Eldridge, John D., Jr., asking for death penalty for Ben Adams (Picture-Article)

Eldridge, Rolfe "Home Of, Landmark In Gregory" (Picture-Article)

Ferguson, Mrs. Mary Eldora (Douglass), widow of W. E. Ferguson (Obit.)

Files, Carl, son of Pearl "McCrory Educator To Texas A. & M." (Picture-Article)

Files, Carl, son of Mr. &. Mrs. Pearl Files of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Files, Mr. Pearl E., husband of Mary (Myers) Files (Obit.)

Finne, John Harold, son of Robert, picture of bride "To Wed June 7th" (Picture-Article)

Ford, Robert Price, son of C. J. & Dovie (Obit.)

Foster, Elbert, of Augusta, AR, son of Ben "Farmer Dies From Unusual Accident" (Obit.)

Fowler, Donald Leon, infant son of Levi Fowler (Obit.)

Fowlkes, Robert Gabriel, husband of Daisy (Quinn) Fowlkes Two Obits. (Obits.)

Fraser, Vernie "Additional Income For Young Farmer" (Picture-Article)

Freyer, Tom "Old Landmark Destroyed By Fire" (Article)

Galloway, Rev. Albert T., Methodist Minister, of Augusta (Obit.)

Gilliam, Mrs. Minnie (Hawkins) (Obit.)

Givens, Cornelia, of Augusta, AR, wife of Reuben R. Givens (Obit.)

Graves, Mr. Myrtle "Local Farmer Grows Large Sweet Potato" (Article)

Gray, Miss Willie Lee, dau. of Richard "To Represent McCrory Today" (Picture-Article)

Gregory, history of, "Gregory An Attractive Community" (Picture-Article)

Guinn, Miss Vada Mae, dau. of J. F. "Augusta Girl Is July Bride" (Picture-Wedding)

Hagaman, Miss Mildred, dau. of H. A. "Valedictorian Of McCrory Class" (Picture-Article)

Hagler, Miss Helen, dau of G. W. "New Editor Of McCrory "Jaguar" (Picture-Article)

Haisty, Conrad "Cotton Plant Bride" (Picture of bride-Wedding)

Hall, William Alford, Jr., son of William A., Sr. (Obit.)

Hamilton, Edward L. "Incorporated Town Half Century Ago (Picture-Article)

Hamilton, Fred Hadley, Jr. "Recent Bride" (Picture of Bride-Wedding)

Haney, Mrs. Jennie, wife of John C. Haney (Obit.)

Harville, A. W. "Former Augusta Man To Be Little Rock Auditorium Manager" (Article)

Hess, Mrs. Mina, wife of William Riley Hess (Obit.)

Hight, Elmer Richard "Farmer Killed By Hit-And-Run Driver" (Obit.)

Holder, Miss Fannie, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. B. S. Holder (Wedding-Announcement)

Holder, Miss Fannie Fern, dau. of Berry Holder "January Bride" (Picture-Article)

Holder, Harelson H. "Tobe", husband of Anna (Obit.)

Holder, Miss Polly, dau. of Berry Holder "To Represent McCrory Today" (Article)

Holt, Miss Ollie V. (Wedding)

Huff, Mr. & Mrs. D. M. "Huff Reunion" (Article)

Huff, James Milton "To Manage And Edit School Year Book" (Picture-Article)

Hughes, Rev. Robert, of Glenwood, AR (Wedding-Announcement)

Hunnicutt, Miss Donna Sue, dau. of C. C. "Cotton Plant Bride" (Picture-Wedding)

Hyatt, James E., of McCrory, AR "Commissioned" (Picture-Article)

Jackson, Charles L., husband of Pearl (Ward) (Obit.)

Jernigan, Mrs. J. R. "Woman Struck By Automobile Saturday Night" (Article)

Jernigan, Capt. Otis McCrory "Arkansas Has Big Defense Job On" (Picture-Article)

Johnson, Marion J. "Rites Held Tuesday For Marion Johnson, Conf. Vet." (Obit.)

Jones, Edgar & Annie (Hollis) "Tupelo Couple Wed 56 Years" (Article)

Jones, Mrs. M. A. "71st Birthday Dinner" (Article)

Jones, Marlyn Kay, infant dau. of Allen Jones (Obit.)

Jones, Milas "Married 53 Years" (Article)

Jones, Thurman, son of C. N. Jones of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Keating, Miss Gretchen Doris, dau. of James F. Keating (Picture-Wedding)

Kennedy, Jack "Former Resident Of Augusta Dies In Car Accident" (Obit.)

Kilgore, Mrs. Nannie of Detroit, formerly of Augusta, AR (Obit.)

King, Miss Tolise, dau. of John Edgar King of McCrory, AR "Recent Bride" (Picture-Wedding)

Kittrell, Virginia Conner, dau. of Dr. E. L. Kittrell (Wedding)

Lacefield, Judy Ann, infant of A. F. Lacefield, Jr. (Obit.)

Leach, Jasper Neuton (Obit.)

Lewis, Abner, son of Ola Lewis of Batesville, AR (Wedding)

Lewis, Charles Nugent, son of Mr. & Mrs. Lake Lewis (Picture of bride-Wedding)

Liggett, Miss Mary Kathleen of Kensett, AR (Wedding)

Lindsey, Rev. Wesley Andrew, son of W. E. of McCrory (Wedding)

Littleton, Oscar "McClelland Man Killed In Fall Down 50-Foot Bluff" (Obit.)

Long, Fletcher, son of Dallas C. "Augustan's Bride" (Picture of bride-Wedding)

Long, Hazel Josephine, dau. of John E. Long (Obit.)

Looney, Mr. & Mrs. Tom "Fitzhugh Couple Injured In Accident Near Augusta" (Article)

Lotridge, Marie, dau. of I. L. "Announces Marriage" (Picture-Article)

Madison, Edward, of Patterson "Run Away Team Hits Parked Car" (Article)

Mann, Claude, son of Kate "Claude Mann Hurt In Accident" (Article)

Marsh, Andrew Lee "Young Student Wins State F. F. A. Contest" (Picture-Article)

Marsh, Helen Gay "Augusta Queen and Maids" (Picture-Article)

Mason, J. Walter, husband of Laura Shell (Conner) (Obit.)

Mason, R. F. "Augusta Citizen Dies From Injuries Received In Mishap" (Obit.)

Massey, Joe, son of D. V. "Joe Massey Falls And Rebreaks Leg" (Article)

Mathis, Dr. J. W. "91st Birthday Celebrated By Dr. J. W. Mathis" (Article)

Matlock, Sam "79th Birthday Dinner" (Article)

Matthews, C. L. "Brother Of Hugh Matthews Dies At Home In Atkins" (Obit.)

Matthews, J. H., father of J. Hugh "Father Of Local Man Dies At Home" (Obit.)

Mayhaus, Clarence, son of Joseph Mayhaus "Recent Bride" (Picture of bride-Wedding)

Mayo, Mrs. Ida (Tarpley), dau, of Dr. L. A. Jelks (Wedding)

McCarver, Barbara Jean, age about 11 months (Obit.)

McCandless, Leland A. "Announces Marriage" (Picture of bride-Article)

McCuan, Mrs. Sallie (Thompson), wife of I. M. (Obit.)

McCue, Wilson "Bud", son of Mr. &. Mrs. Neal McCue (Wedding)

McCulloch, Miss Peggy, dau. of Richard B. "Augustan's Bride" (Picture-Wedding)

McDonald, Robert Hass, son of R. H. McDonald (Picture of bride-Wedding)

McElroy, Miss Edith Mildred, dau. of Floyd (Wedding)

McGregor, Virginia, dau. of Ransford "Wed Recently" (Picture-Wedding)

McRee, Arthur "Slayers Convicted Of Murder At Augusta This Week" (Picture-Article)

Medlock, Jack, son of Mrs. Elva Medlock (Obit.)

Melton, Jesse T., of Batesville, AR, brother of A. M. Melton (Obit.)

Mitchell, Clyde, son of V. L. Mitchell of Pumpkin Bend (Obit.)

Mooney, John, executed "Negro Slayer Is Electrocuted At Tucker Farm" (Article)

Morgan, Mrs. Alma "Mrs. Alma Morgan Loses Two Relatives Within 36 Hours" (Article)

Neely, Miss Sarah Lou, dau. of Alva Lee Neely "To Wed June 7th" (Picture- Article)

Nelson, Miss Louise, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Nelson (Wedding)

Norwood, Mrs. Fay "Mother Saved By Small Child" (Article)

Odom, Mrs. Ida (Dunn), wife of J. A. Odom (Obit.)

Padgett, Mrs. W. G. "Four Ladies Hurt In Auto Wreck" (Article)

Padgett, Mr. W. J., driver "Woman Struck By Automobile Saturday Night" (Article)

Padgett, Mrs. William J., age 38 of Patterson (Obit.)

Page, Mrs. Annie, wife of Lee Hall & Edgar Page (Obit.)

Parker, Mrs. Charlie "91st Birthday Celebrated By Dr. J. W. Mathis" (Article)

Parker, Gilbert L., son of Lloyd Parker (Obit.)

Peffley, A. Irvin "Advocate Publisher Dies In Texas" (Obit.)

Penrose, Miss Marian Leotah, dau. of Wm. Joseph Penrose (Picture-Wedding)

Penrose, William O. "W. O. Penrose Appointed To State Staff Of N. Y. A." (Article)

Peters, Miss Ernestine "Has Title Role In Senior Play" (Picture-Article)

Phillips, Miss Dorothy Ann "Represent Augusta" (Picture-Article)

Powell, Mrs. Isabell (Taylor), wife of Vick H. Powell (Obit.)

Quick, Dorothy, dau. of G. L. "McCrory Pupil Takes First Prize In Spelling Match" (Article)

Ramsey, Sheriff Ed, with Malcolm Adkins & Arthur McRee (Picture-Article)

Ramsey, Maunsel, son of Mrs. Electra Ramsey (Wedding)

Randall, Ruth Virginia, daughter of Rev. C. L. of Arkadelphia, AR (Wedding)

Raney, Walter W. of McCrory (Wedding)

Raymond, Dr. James Pearson, husband of Ida (Smith) (Obit.)

Raymond, Mark, son of George & Alice Raymond (Wedding)

Rayner, John W., husband of Lillie (Stuart) Rayner (Obit.)

Reid, Allen H., Hus. of Ardith (Blunt) "Heart Attack Is Fatal To A. H. Reid" (Obit.)

Reynolds, Elwood, son of Will Reynolds of McCrory, AR (Wedding-Announcement)

Ridgeway, Jesse Lee "On Duty" (Picture-Article)

Riggs, Miss Mona Gray, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. H. P. Riggs (Wedding)

Riner, Miss Margaret, dau. of E. O. "Popular Student Victim Of Wreck" (Picture-Obit.)

Roberds, Billie Joe, infant son of Joseph E. (Obit.)

Robertson, Mrs. Earl (Pain), wife of Tony W. Robertson (Obit.)

Rubottom, Thomas William., son of W. P. (Obit.)

Ruffin, Mrs. Lucy (Taylor), wife of Jim Ball & J. E. Ruffin (Obit.)

Runyan, Bartus, of the Duffel community (Married)

Sanders, Eli, son of C. B. Sanders (Obit.)

Searcy, Bill, son of W. E. Searcy of Wynne, AR (Married)

Shaner, W. P., age 43, of Hunter, AR (Obit.)

Shue, Pvt. Herman F. "McCrory Boy Graduates From Radio University" (Article)

Simmons, Harry "On Duty" (Picture-Article)

Simmons, Mrs. T. C. "Memorial Services Held For Mrs. T. C. Simmons" (Article)

Sims, Miss Helen Ailine, dau. of James C. of Cotton Plant "July Bride" (Picture-Wedding)

Sims, Rupert B. to Miss Maxine Chaney "College Girl Is Bride" (Picture of bride-Wedding)

Smith, Melba Gean, infant dau. of Jim C. Smith (Obit.)

Smith, Miss LaRue, dau. of George Smith of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Smith, Noble Wilburn, son of Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Smith of Fitzhugh, AR (Obit.)

Smotherman, Robert, of Macks, AR (Wedding)

Sorrels, Sam "Fitzhugh Couple Injured In Accident Near Augusta" (Article)

Sparks, Mrs. Zella Evellyn, wife of J. R. (Obit.)

Stack, Mrs. Eloise (Hinton) Stack, of Brinkley, widow of James Stack (Obit.)

Stader, Miss Mary Lee of the Duffel community (Married)

Stapp, Otto, son of Mollie Stapp "Farwell Party" (Article)

Stewart, Rev. James D., Baptist Pastor, bro. of Rev. Tom A. (Obit.)

Stewart, Miss Maneedieth, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Sam Stewart (Wedding)

Story, Miss Dorothy "Augusta Queen and Maids" (Picture-Article)

Stroud, Miss El Wanda, dau. of Frank "Represent Augusta" (Picture-Article)

Stroud, Miss Richie, dau. of Frank "Augusta Queen and Maids" (Picture-Article)

Stuckey, Clarence Joseph, son of Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Stuckey (Wedding)

Stuckey, Miss Helen, dau. of Lawrence "Recent Bride" (Picture-Wedding)

Sturdivant, Helen "Helen Sturdivant Elected President Of College Seniors" (Picture-Article)

Sturdivant, Miss Helen "Elected To Who's Who" (Picture-Article)

Tarpley, Miss Louise, dau. of Mrs. R. P. Tarpley of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Taylor, Elmo, "Prosecuting Attorney asking for death penalty for Adams" (Picture-Article)

Taylor, Miss Nadine, daughter of John Taylor (Wedding)

Thompson, Gene, son of Mrs. Sidney Thompson "Celebrates 13th Birthday" (Article)

Thompson, Miss Joie "Birthday Party" (Article)

Veazey, Mrs. Alphie Mary, wife of John Veazey of Bulltown (Obit.)

Vinson, Mrs. Frankie "Prominent Augusta Lawyer Marries In Home Ceremony" (Wedding)

Ward, Mrs. Mollie, wife of A. J. Ward (Obit.)

Watson, Mrs. Henrietta Reid (Adams), wife of Samuel (Wm. P.) Watson (Obit.)

Watson, Mary J., mother of Mrs. A. M. Gibbs, of Brinkley, AR (Obit.)

Webb, Samuel Lard "Well-Known Gregory Citizen Dies Saturday" (Obit.)

Weems, Corp. James W. of Patterson, AR (Married)

Wherry, Noble E., hus. of Rovana (Hougelin) "Death Claims Nobel E. Wherry" (Obit.)

White, Howard "Negro Killed By McCrory Marshal", M. L. Shaw (Article)

Whitehead, Moody, of Augusta, AR married "Recent Bride" (Picture of bride-Article)

Whiting, Paul of Memphis, TN "July Bride" (Picture of bride-Wedding)

Whitlow, Eugene Collett, son of Mr. & Mrs. Leo Whitlow (Wedding)

Williams, Miss Louise, daug. of Mr. & Mrs. E. E. Williams of McCrory (Married)

Williams, Ruth, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E. M. Williams (Wedding-Announcement)

Williams, Miss Verna, daug. of W. S. Williams of Stuttgart, AR (Wedding)

Wilson, Norma Lavell, dau. of Forrest Wilson of Patterson, AR (Obit.)

Wright, Miss Annie Lee, dau. of Mrs. Reese Jones "Champion 4-H Girl" (Picture-Article)

Wright, Eugene Benjamin (Wedding)

End Part 11

For more information, contact Gary Telford at wgt@centurytel.net, or write to: Gary Telford, Family Roots, PO Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010.

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