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Woodruff County, Arkansas
Obituaries, Weddings
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Part 5

Alford, James Monroe (Wedding Anniversary)

Anderson, Billy Joe, son of Claud (Obit)

Anderson, George F. (Sales Award)

Anderson, Rev. William Wesley (Obit)

Angelo, John Arthur (Letter to Santa Claus)

Armstrong, Gertrude, daughter of Wm. L. (Obit.)

Ball, Elton E., son of H. L. (Wedding)

Barber, Fannie, Bowers-Elam (Obit)

Barber, George, Jr. (Wedding)

Barber, John Franklin, husband of Henrietta (Beard) (Obit)

Bishop, Jake L. "Appointed Poor House Caretaker" (Article)

Bishop, Jake L. "Appointed Poor House Caretaker" (Article)

Bloyd, James G. (Obit.)

Boyd, Alfred V. (Wedding)

Boyt, Albert "Injured" (Article)

Brewster, Mrs. Lillie, wife of Jess (Obit.)

Browning, Rufus Madison (Obit.)

Bullard, Mrs. Pearl (Baxter), wife of Grover (Obit.)

Busby, W. A. "Sentenced to hang" (Article)

Campbell, Nancy Elizabeth (Eddins), wife of M. A. (Obit.)

Cariker, Harold, son of Lon J. (Obit.)

Chalk, Miss Wilma, daughter of Jim (Wedding)

Chaney, Ernest Walls (Obit.)

Coley Jess, son of Will "Struck by auto" (Article)

Coley, J. E., son of Will (Obit.)

Conner, John Clement, son of John L. (Obit.)

Cox, Purl, son of Mrs. Dora Cox (Wedding)

Davis, S. K. (Wedding)

Dickerson, Miss Elouise, daughter of Pitt (Wedding)

Dougherty, William Bethel, husband of Mrs. Linnie (Ralph) (Obit.)

Dunn, Joe "Shot" (Article)

Eden, Miss Bessie (Wedding)

Estes, Bonnye Mabel, daughter of Tom (Wedding)

Fletcher, Lucy (Article)

Gardner, Mrs. G. C., died Jan. 29, 1922 (In Memory)

Gates, Fred Henderson, son of John (Article Killed)

Gibson, Orville,son of Mrs. Ollie (Article Injured)

Godbey, John Wesley, father of Viola Capshaw (Obit.)

Gravenmier, Miss Mary Anne (Wedding)

Griffith, George C. (Obit.)

Hall, Robert "Shoots Mace McDonald" (Article)

Hames, Claude C. (Obit.)

Hardin, J. L., son of Ralph (Obit.)

Hargis, J. W. "Uncle Wesley", brother of Dr. H. P. (Obit.)

Harrell, Mrs. Mary Tennessee, wife of James T. (Article)

Hays, Miss Nina Frances, daughter of Dr. J. F. (Wedding)

Hedden, Mrs. Cordelia, wife of U. S., mother of Mrs. John Sieber (Obit.)

Henard, Richard (Wedding)

Hill, Mr. S. H. (Wedding)

Hixon, Albert (Wedding)

Jelks, Mrs. W. E. "Has 100 year old scales" (Article)

Jimerson, Robert Thomas (Obit.)

Jimerson, Mr. W. H. (Obit.)

Johnson, Robert, husband of Ida (Adkinson) (Article Anniversary)

Kelly, Aunt Elizabeth Shelton, wife of Step (Ex-Slave) (Obit.)

Lawman, Forrest (Wedding)

Lawman, Frank (Wedding)

Lawson, Mrs. June (Talley) (Wedding)

Lewis, Mary Jane, wife of B. F., mother of Rosa L. Fore (Obit.)

Marsh, Miss Kathleen, daughter of Milton (Wedding)

Massey, Miss Otha, daughter of D. V. (Wedding)

McAlexander, Herbert Dodd, husband of Elsie (Larker), son of H. L. (Obit.)

McDonald, Mace "Shot" (Article)

McDonald, Mace (Obit.)

McDonald, Mrs. Mary (Obit.)

McElroy, Rachel (Birthday)

McVay, Mrs. Anna (Obit.)

Milam, John Wesley (Wedding)

Miller, Miss. Alma (Wedding)

Miller, Delmer (Wedding)

Miller, Mrs. Sallie, mother of Mrs. Lon Cariker ( Article Birthday)

Mullins, Fred, son of Jim W. (Obit.)

Neely, Mrs. G. W., died March 10, 1926 (Article In Memory)

Parks, Miss. Willie, daughter of W. H. (Wedding)

Patterson, Howard, son of J. H. (Wedding)

Penrose, William, husband of Eliza Jane (Greenawalt) (Obit.)

Pohuka, Fred (Wedding)

Reeves, Lonnie Eugene, son of Luther (Obit.)

Reynolds, Miss Virginia, daughter of Will O. & Velma (Chappell) (Obit.)

Rooks, Mrs. Josie (Obit.)

Ruffin, Miss Wilma, daughter of J. E. (Wedding)

Sanchez, William, son of James (Wedding)

Scales, Ed, husband of Rebecca (Gray) (Obit.)

Shadwick, Tommy (Wedding)

Skelton, John, husband of Mrs. Mertis (Rowe) (Obit.)

Smith, Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Maurice (Wedding)

Smith, Ollie Lorene (Kilerease) (Obit.)

Steele, Mrs. Esther Elizabeth (Dunlap), wife of Dr. Henry F. (Obit.)

Stephens, Robert, son of Jim & Mattie (Article Drowned)

Stewart, Gregsby (Wedding)

Swan, Mr. & Mrs. W. E. "Injured in auto accident" (Article)

Taylor, Miss Grace, daughter of Ed and Ada (Wedding)

Taylor, Mr. J. P. "Hurt in auto accident" (Article)

Taylor, Louis, son of Mrs. Ada (Wedding)

Taylor, William Clarence, husbasnd of Etta (Sims), son of W. H. (Obit.)

Thompson, Mrs. Nora (Carter), wife of B. T. (Obit.)

Turner, Lois (Wedding)

Veazey, Martha Louise, wife of John C. Sr. (Obit.)

Veniable, Miss Inez (Wedding)

Weber, Cecelia (Clarambeau), wife of Pete Ambros (Obit.)

Weld, George E. (Obit.)

Weston, Mary, daughter of Joe (Wedding)

Weston, Mary (Wedding)

White, William Bradford "Bill" (Obit.)

Wiggins, Woodrow (Wedding)

Wilkerson, Austin C., husband of Norene (Case) (Obit.)

Wilkerson, Mrs. Rosebud (Anderson), daughter of A. A., wife of Yance (Obit.)

Wilkes, Mrs. Helen (Berry), daughter of L. C. Berry (Wedding)

Williamson, Miss Leasin, daughter of Will (Wedding)

Wood, Hubert, son of Herman E. "Stabbed to death" (Article)

Woodruff, Miss Jane Georgina, daughter of Wm. E. (Obit.)

Wright, Clifton, son of Coleman (Wedding)

End Part 5

For more information, contact Gary Telford at wgt@centurytel.net, or write to: Gary Telford, Family Roots, PO Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010.

June 2005