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Woodruff County, Arkansas
Obituaries, Weddings
Pictures & Articles

Contact: Gary Telford, wgt@centurytel.net

Part 17

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogist. Old pictures are priceless.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be emailed. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. When requesting information on any of these please indicate if it is an (Obit.) (Article) (Wedding) or (Biog.), what Part it is listed in (Part 1 through Part 18) and the full name as listed.

Any of these "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook."

For more information see Parts 1-18 now posted on Woodruff County Website


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Part 17

The following abbreviations have been used where space requires;

(Biog.) Biography; (Biographies) are large articles with lots of family info.

h/o--husband of

w/o--wife of

m/o--mother of

f/o--father of

d/o--daughter of

s/o--son of

b/o--brother of

sis. of--sister of

g/m--grandmother of

Adams, Miss Betty Jean, d/o Otis "McCrory Bride" (Picture Article)

Anderson, Archie, of Morton, father of Vernon & Marvin (Obit.)

Anderson, Samuel W., city marshal of Augusta (Obit.)

Arkansas Confederate Home, name of residents, co. of residence, date admitted, contact me

Arkansas Confederate Home, deaths, obituaries, from 1930 to 1955, contact me

Arkansas Confederate Pension Applications, veteran and widow, contact me

Armstrong, John W. Jr., s/o J. W. "Wedding Announced" (Picture, of Bride)

Armstrong, Margaret, daughter of Mrs. Ray Armstrong (Wedding)

Arthurs, Miss Jerry, d/o W. A. "Cotton Plant Bride Elect" (Picture Article)

Ashburn, Miss Annie Pauline (Wedding)

Ashburn, Clarence, son of Mr. & Mrs. Ola Ashburn (Wedding)

Aubuchon, Rosetta, d/o Jesse P. "Drowns In Bar Pit At Augusta" (Obit.)

Barber, Wayne, son of Jack Barber (Wedding)

Barnett, Opal, daughter of William Barnett of near McCrory (Wedding)

Baum, Hugh L., formerly of the Tip community (Obit.)

Bell, Forrest G. of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)

Best, Murray "Buddy", son of L. H. Best (Wedding)

Bleakley. Mrs. Annie C., widow of Forrest L. Bleakley (Obit.)

Boswell, Mrs. Eliza Jane of Bradford, AR (Obit.)

Brewster, J. Earle of Pine Bluff, brother of Dr. B. Brewster of McCrory (Obit.)

Brooks, Johnie W. Jr., son of Johnie W. Brooks, Sr. of Augusta (Wedding)

Broome, Miss Irene, daughter of Mrs. John W. Broome (Wedding)

Brown, Miss Noreen "Homecoming Queen Of McCrory High" (Picture Article)

Brown, Syble, Secretary "F. H. A. Officers" (Picture Article)

Browning, Miss Anne Loreen, daughter of Aud S. Browning (Wedding)

Browning, John W. "New Manager Of The Modern Home Store" (Article)

Buford, Miss Leona, daughter of C. W. of Beedeville, AR (Wedding)

Bullard, Charles Leroy "13,000-Volt Charge Kills Charles Bullard) (Obit.)

Burks, Miss Betty, d/o Paul "Wins First Honors" (Picture Article)

Burrow, Hoyle A., s/o Ben Burrow, Sr. of Fitzhugh, AR (Wedding, Picture of bride)

Byerly, Jennie Aline, daughter of T. E. Byerly of McCrory (Wedding)

Cain, Hershel W., son of Roy Cain (Wedding)

Caldwell, Johnnie J., son of John Caldwell of Patterson (Wedding)

Callahan, Elmer, son of E. Callahan of McCrory (Wedding)

Capshaw, Wylie B. (Wedding)

Cariker, Mrs. William Ray "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Cemetery Records, Woodruff County, set of two books, published in 1978, contact me

Chadwick, Louise, daughter of Joe Chadwick of Patterson (Wedding)

Chandler, Mary Nelle, daughter of Jess and Connie of McCrory (Obit.)

Chaney, Horace, Jr. "President Of School Student Council" (Picture Article)

Chaney, Miss Virginia, d/o Horace Chaney "To Teach In Wales" (Picture Article)

Chappell, Kenneth "Students Receive $763.00 From Prizes & Livestock" (Article)

Clark, Mrs. Alice N., wife of James W. Clark (Obit.)

Clayton, Emma (Largent) of Fisher, AR (Obit.)

Clifton, Florence, Reporter "F. H. A. Officers" (Picture Article)

Cole, Richard, son of Mrs. Tillie and the late L. L. Cole of Howell (Wedding)

Colston, Miss Florence, d/o Bryan of the Possum Creek community (Wedding)

Conner, John Louis, son of William E. (Picture of Bride)

Cummings, C. O., son of C. W. Cummings (Wedding)

Cummings, Charles W., of the Tipp community (Obit.)

Curbo, Clyde, son of J. C. Curbo (Wedding)

Dallas, Ted of McCrory "Killed When Plane Crashes" (Obit)

Davis, Miss Frances, d/o Jeff Davis "President Of FHA" (Picture Article)

Davis, Miss Freddie Lee, daughter of Jim Davis of Hillemann (Wedding)

DeBoe, Mrs. Mary Eliza "Veteran Of Hotel Business Dies At Cotton Plant" (Obit.)

Dillard, Mrs. Belle "Although Bedfast She Enjoys Birthday Party" (Article)

Dorothy, Thomas W. Jr., son of T. W. Dorothy, Sr. (Wedding)

Doyle, Micky, granddaughter of H. F. Doyle of Cotton Plant (Picture Wedding)

Drexler, Manuel "New Store To Open In McCrory" (Article)

Drexler, Mike, son of Manuel "King Of Autumn Festival" (Picture Article)

Dunnam, A. J. C., of Texarkana, TX, brother of Wm. L. of McCrory (Obit.)

Edwards, Floyd, son of J. M. Edwards (Wedding)

Family History Books, Families of Woodruff Co., AR, contact me

Files, Miss Betty "Cotton Plant Queen To Attend Livestock Show" (Article)

Files, Miss Betty "Sug" "Cotton Plant Rodeo Queen" (Picture Article)

Fitzhugh, Miss Betty Jean, d/o J. C. "Augusta Bride" (Picture Wedding)

Flannery, Mrs. Elmer "Lightning Hits Matron Near Cotton Plant" (Article)

Fore, Ralph B. "Buys Stroud Drug Store" (Article)

Foster, James Hunt, son of J. H. Foster of Augusta (Picture of Bride)

Foster, Miss Mage Lavern (Wedding)

Foster, Mrs. Sidney E., of Augusta (Obit.)

Freeman, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of James F. Freeman, of Hunter (Obit.)

Gaither, Mrs. Roy A. & son "Augusta Girl Joins Husband In Tokio" (Article)

Gardner, Miss Ruby, daughter of R. E. "Wedding Announced" (Picture Article)

Garner, Helen Marie "Receives B. A. Degree In Dramatic Arts" (Picture Article)

Genealogy Research, contact me

Gibson, Miss Virginia, d/o James Gibson "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Grave marker photos, Digital photos, 4 X 6, of grave markers, contact me

Graves, Miss Eunice Mae, d/o Myrtle Graves (Wedding)

Graves, Miss Eunice Mae, d/o Myrtle Graves "Recent Bride" (Wedding Picture)

Graves, Owen, son of Harrison Graves (Wedding)

Gregory, Mrs. Noel Kennedy "Augusta Boy Claims Marion Bride" (Picture Article)

Grisham, Robert, formerly of Fitzhugh, s/o Charles "Dies In Colorado" (Obit.)

Hagaman, Miss Mildred, d/o Henry "Receives Diploma From Nurses School" (Article)

Hale, Carine, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R. H. Bull of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Hall, Algie & Doyle of Tupelo "Hurt In Collision With Parked Car" (Article)

Harrell, Mrs Harriett of Wynne, AR, g/m of Mrs. Tom McFall of McCrory (Obit.)

Henderson, Miss Ethel June, daughter of W. E. Henderson (Wedding)

Henderson, Miss Johnnie, daughter of Connie Henderson (Wedding)

Higgs, Chester Elmer of McCrory, AR (Wedding 5-29-1947)

Holden, Mary Alice, d/o Robert Gray Holden "Engagement" (Picture Article)

Holder, Bill, son of Thad "To Direct School Paper" (Picture Article)

Holmes, Ernie, of Hunter, son of Mrs. H. E. Gaither of Hunter (Obit.)

Hope, F. P., station agent at Patterson, killed by hit and run driver (Article)

Huff, Vernon "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)

Hutchinson, Lena Mae, daughter of Claud of Patterson (Wedding)

James, Horace J., son of Mrs. Jane James of McCrory (Obit.)

James, John T., of Cotton Plant (Wedding)

Jeffett, Mrs. Nina (Trice) "Dies In Cotton Plant" (Obit.)

Jelks, Miss Lanell, daughter of R. L. Jelks (Wedding)

Johnson, Miss Jo Ann "Cotton Plant Entrant In Beauty Pageant" (Picture Article)

Jones, Mrs. Carl Fitzhugh "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Jones, James "Johnny" of Newport "Killed When Plane Crashes" (Obit.)

Jones, Mary Pauline, d/o Reese "Queen Of Autumn Festival" (Picture Article)

Keltner, Mrs. William "Married At Tupelo" (Picture Wedding)

Killingsworth, Mrs. J. H., Jr. "McCrory Bride" (Picture Article)

Kissinger, Mrs. Christian W., of Augusta, AR (Obit.)

Land and deed records, contact me

Lee, Bobbie, 2nd vice-president of the W. W. C. Federation of the F. H. A. (Picture Article)

Lee, Miss Bonnie Lou, d/o Douglas "To Direct School Paper" (Picture Article)

Lee, Nathan E., son of Clint Lee of McCrory (Wedding)

Loose Probate Records, 1862-1900, contact me

Lovell, George W., of Little Rock, formerly of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Marriage Records "Original Copies" of court house marriage license, contact me

Marsh, Miss Helen Gaye, daughter of Ancel B. Marsh (Wedding)

Marsh, Miss Helen Gaye "Augusta Bride" (Wedding Picture)

Mashburn, Oscar "Resident Of Fair Oaks Injured In Fall" (Article)

Mason, Laura (Conner), daughter of Laura Conner of Augusta (Wedding)

Matthews, Archie Eugene, age 29, formerly of McCrory, AR (Obit.)

Mauldin, E. A., Jr., son of E. A., Sr. Mauldin (Wedding)

Mauldin, Mrs. E. A., Jr. "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

McCauley, Lorin, of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

McCoy, Betty Jo, daughter of T. O. McCoy, wedding (Picture Article)

McLemore, Mrs. Mary "Molly" Theresa, widow of Jarriet B. (Obit.)

Miller, Jim, son of Mrs. H. T. Miller of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Mitchell, Reginald, s/o Loyce "New Drugs Aiding McCrory Youth" (Picture Article)

Moody, John M., son of Mrs. J. S. Rogers of Patterson (Wedding)

Moody, Mrs. John M. "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Moore, Miss Cevaline, daughter of J. B. Moore (Wedding)

Moore, Lt. Ewell S. Moore, Jr. of Cotton Plant "Receives Citation" (Article)

Morgan, Bud, son of O. S. Morgan (Wedding)

Morris, Gerald "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)

Myers, Ralph "Students Receive $763.00 From Prizes & Livestock" (Article)

Nash, James A., of Augusta (Obit.)

Nelson, Miss Lola Lee, daughter of Mrs. Pearlie Moore (Wedding)

Odom, John R. "Dies At Searcy" (Obit.)

Parsons, Imogene, d/o Mattie Parsons "Honor Graduate" (Picture Article)

Peebles, Miss Charlene, d/o C. W. Peebles "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Peebles, Kenneth Joe "Dies Suddenly While Playing At His Home" (Obit.)

Pickens, C. P. (Charles Phillip) of Batesville (Obit.)

Pirtle, Marie, daughter of J. M. Pirtle "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Proctor, Mrs. Adeline of Cotton Plant, daughter of Albert Erwin (Wedding)

Raney, Miss Dorothy, daughter of Oscar Raney (Wedding)

Ripley, Mr. J. Ford resignes as manager of the Modern Home Store (Article)

Ramsey, Guy "First Cotton Bloom" (Article)

Raymond, Maurine, d/o Mrs. Alice Raymond of McCrory (Picture Wedding)

Raymond, Maurine, d/o Mrs. Alice Raymond of McCrory (Wedding Article)

Raymond, Maurine, d/o Mrs. Alice Raymond (Picture Bride & Groom)

Rayner, Emma Sue, d/o Mrs. Lillie Rayner of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Reeves, Florence, First Vice-President "F. H. A. Officers" (Picture Article)

Roach, Doris, daughter of W. F. Roach "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Robinette, Nathan Martin of Augusta, husband of Louise (Obit.)

Russell, Mrs. Emily Jean, wife of J. W. Russell (Obit.)

Rustin, Emma Lou "Former Augusta Girl To Wed In Mississippi" (Article)

Sale, Warren Kennedy, son of Wade M. Sale (Wedding)

Sandage, Johnnie Mae, d/o Rev. J. W. Sandage of McCrory (Wedding)

Sawyer, M. (Marvin) W. "Bo" "Killed In Car In Augusta Saturday" (Obit.)

Simmons, Annelle, daughter of W. B. Simmons (Picture Wedding)

Simmons, James Larry, "McCrory's First British Bride" (Picture Wedding)

Simmons, Mrs. James W. "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Simmons, Jeff "Elected Commander Of American Legion" (Picture Article)

Simmons, J. W. (Judge) "Celebrates 54 Years Of Married Life" (Article)

Sims, George C., "Cotton Plant Man Loses Leg As Result Of Injury" (Article)

Sims, Miss Mary Ellen, daughter of Chris Sims of Cotton Plant, AR (Wedding)

Smith, Bobbie, son of Jim Smith of McCrory (Wedding)

Spanish-American War Vets., name of veteran, rank, county, state of residence, contact me

Stanfill, Dorothy, Second Vice-President "F. H. A. Officers" (Picture Article)

Stephens, Miss Immogene, d/o Ed Stephens of near McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Stokes, Sidney L., of Colona, south of McCrory (Obit.)

Stroud, Mr. & Mrs. Everett "Sells Stroud Drug Store" (Article)

Stout, Dorothy, President "F. H. A. Officers" (Picture Article)

Stuckey, Virgil E. "Dutch" of Route 1, McCrory (Wedding)

Suhr, Mr. & Mrs. Henry F., of Hunter "Observe 65th Anniversary" (Article)

Swaby, John of Hickory Ridge, b/oWalter of Indiana (Obit.)

Swanson, Miss Elaine, d/o J. H. Swanson of McCrory (Wedding)

Swanson, Mrs. Elizabeth "New President of B. & P. W. Club" (Picture Article)

Taggart, James of Augusta, husband of Florence (Obit.)

Taggart, Miss Mary Maxine, d/o James "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Tarkington, J. G., b/o G. R. of Cotton Plant "Dies at Booneville" (Obit.)

Taylor, Ray N. (Wedding)

Thompson, Martha Jane, d/o Harold Thompson, birth of (Article)

Thompson, Miss Ruth "New President Of Junior Red Cross" (Picture Article)

Tiney, Alice, daughter of W. W. Tiney "Honor Graduate" (Picture Article)

Totty, Gwenyth, Treasurer "F. H. A. Officers" (Picture Article)

Tucker, Charles L, s/o Tom & Alice (Moore) Tucker of Hughes, AR (Wedding)

Tucker, Mrs. Charles L. "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Tyer, Arnold, son of John W. Tyer of McCrory (Wedding)

Tyer, Mrs. Arnold "June Bride" (Picture Article)

Tyer, William Donald, s/o John W. Tyer of McCrory, wedding (Picture of Bride)

Uhles, Coy D., of Memphis, husband of Earnestine Uhles (Obit.)

Uhles, Louise, daughter of Cecil Uhles (Wedding)

Vanzant, Bill, of Howell, AR "Held For Circuit Court" (Article)

Veazey, Reynolds, son of John Veazey (Wedding)

Walker, Pvt. Harlan M. of Hunter "With Eighth Army In Tokyo" (Article)

Walker, Miss Nancy, daughter of Carl "Wins First Honors" (Picture Article)

Ward, Mrs. Marie, daughter of Mrs. Rose Patchell of Quitman (Wedding)

War Dead, burial of, announced by Veterans Administration (Article)

Webb, Mrs. Kenneth "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Weems, Jett "Former McCrory Couple To Celebrate Golden Wedding" (Article)

Wiggins, Miss Louise, daughter of Wilburn Wiggins (Wedding)

Willcox, Robert "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)

Williams, Mrs. Aileen H., of Fitzhugh, wife of Roger Williams (Obit.)

Willis, Cleo, Jr., son of Cleo, Sr. "Baby Burns To Death In Wagon" (Obit.)

Wisner, Mrs. Edna and sons, visits friends and relatives in McCrory (Article)

Woodall, Lynn, son of Luther Woodall of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Woods, Miss Carlston, of McCrory (Wedding)

World War 1, service records, name, serial numbers, place and date entered, contact me

World War II, service records, Woodruff County, listing name, rank, birth date and place, places of service, parents, wife, and children, residence, date entered and discharged, awards, some vets. with picture, contact me for your relative.

Wright, Miss Angeline, daughter of Robert D. Wright (Wedding)

End Part 17

For more information, contact Gary Telford at wgt@centurytel.net, or write to: Gary Telford, Family Roots, PO Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010.

August 2006