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Woodruff County, Arkansas
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Part 12

Alford, James Monroe "Woodruff County Couple Will Observe 58th Anniversary" (Article)

Alford, James Monroe, husband of Matilda (Holt) Alford (Obit.)

Allen, Pvt. John Bill, son of Will Allen "Woodruff County Soldier Killed In Auto Accident" (Obit.)

Angelo, Billy "Billy Angelo Made Local Navy Relief Chairman" (Article)

Angus, H. Dane "Receives Word From Nephew On Duty In Pacific" (Article)

Angus, Mrs. Kate (Best), wife of Henry B. Angus (Obit.)

Angus, William Boyd, husband of Effie (Wilson) Angus (Obit.)

Arnof, Israel Nathan "Nudy" "A Past President Popular-Progressive" (Picture-Article)

Baker, Elfreda Maxine, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Thurman L. Baker (Wedding)

Ball, Louis, son of H. L. Ball "In Battle Area" (Picture-Article)

Ball, Mrs. Luther "Parents Receive Letter From Son In Pearl Harbor" (Article)

Ball, Mrs. Mattie Abi (Wood), wife of H. Luther Ball (Obit.)

Barber, George W. "Present Vice President And Former Secretary" (Picture-Article)

Barber, George W. "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture-Article)

Barringer, Mrs. Nina (Riggs), wife of Joseph E. Barringer (Obit.)

Beard, John Berry, son of S. J. Beard "Air Corps Trainee" (Picture-Article)

Beard, John B., son of S. J. Beard "Receives Wings" (Picture-Article)

Beard, S. Jerome "Augusta Business Man, Father Of Six, Joins Army" (Article)

Bennett, Mr. Joseph of McCrory (Obit.)

Berry, Clyde, son of Charles Berry "In Pacific, On Duty" (Picture-Article)

Berry, Sarah Emma (Anderson), wife of James Newton Berry (Picture-Article)

Best, Louis Morris, son of L. H. "McCrory Boy Is Washington U. Grad) (Article)

Bice, Eugene G., husband of Willie, Minnie, Blanche, & Elsie (Obit.)

Billingsley, Mrs. Mary Ellen (Obit.)

Bishop, Mrs. Ida Bernice, wife of Oscar L. Bishop (Obit.)

Boggs, Roger L., son of Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Boggs (Married)

Boone, Mrs. J. R. "Books Of Other Days Owned By Mrs. Boone Of Cotton Plant" (Article)

Bovim, Jerome Henry "Train Hits Truck At McCrory Crossing, One Life Was Lost" (Obit.)

Bowen, George Littleberry, husband of Mollie (Cogwell) Bowen (Obit.)

Bowers, Charlyne, daughter of Roscow Bowers (Picture-Wedding)

Bowie, Arthur, murdered "Death Penalty For Murderer Ben Adams Affirmed By Court" (Article)

Bowie, Arthur, murdered "Ben Adams, 46, Augusta Murderer, Goes To His Death" (Article)

Boyles, Eual F., son of Floyd Boyles "From Pigs To Planes" (Article)

Brazeale, Billy & Thomas "Serving In The Pacific War Zone" (Picture-Article)

Bronte, Paul "Paule Bronte Is Named Mail Carrier" (Article)

Bronte, Paul "Paul Bronte Named Chairman Of United China Relief Drive" (Article)

Brown, Lee Colie, son of Felix Brown "Negro Sailor Listed As Dead" (Article)

Bryan, John "A Good Rotarian A Better Banker" (Picture-Article)

Bull, Thomas H., son of R. H. Bull "Receives Promotions Rapidly In Army" (Picture-Article)

Bullard, John, son of Grover Bullard (Married)

Burgess, Everett (Dizzy), son of O. T. "Serving For Uncle Sam" (Picture-Article)

Burkett, Billy John, son of Mr. & Mrs. L. V. Burkett (Picture of bride-Wedding)

Butler, Edward Warren "E. W. Butler, Jr., Made 2nd Lieut." (Article)

Butler, Edward Warren "E. W. Butler, Jr. "Aide To Colonel" (Picture-Article)

Campbell, Mrs. Anna, wife of William D. (Obit.)

Campbell, Mrs. Katie (Cate), wife of John D. Campbell (Obit.)

Cariker, Mrs. Eliza Jane of McCrory, AR (Obit.)

Cariker, Miller M., son of Lon Cariker (Wedding)

Carroll, Mr. J. B., Jr. of Cotton Plant (Wedding)

Carter, Miss Cora Elizabeth "Head Senior Class Of McCrory High" (Picture-Article)

Carter, Mrs. Fannie, wife of Hardy Butler Carter (Obit.)

Carter, Miss Mamie, daughter of W. W. Carter (Obit.)

Chandler, Jess "Jess Chandler Loses Eye In An Unusual Accident" (Article)

Chandler, John T. "John T. Chandler Announces Candidacy For County Sheriff" (Article)

Chappell, Mrs. Frances (Euett) (Obit.)

Chappell, Mrs. J. L. "Woodruff County Boy On The Kearny When Torpedoed" (Article)

Cisco, Roger W. "McCrory Boy To Study Arc Welding" (Article)

Clifton, Charles W., son of Tom Clifton "Pvt. Charles Clifton Reported Wounded" (Article)

Clifton, Charles "McCrory Marine Suffers Wound In Pacific Waters" (Article)

Cole, Samuel T., Jr., son of Mr. & Mrs. S. T., Sr. of Shreveport, LA (Article-Wedding)

Cole, Will & Jessie (Stoker) "Double Funeral For Mr. & Mrs. Cole" (Obit.)

Collier, Ida L., sister of Emmett L. Capshaw (Wedding)

Collier, Robert A. "Local Boy Promoted To 1st Class Seaman" (Article)

Crail, Miss Ethel Marie, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ray Crail (Wedding)

Crossett, Joseph H. "Youngest Manager Of Oldest Mercantile Co." (Picture-Article)

Crotzer, H. G., taxes on land owned, listing acres (Article)

Crotzer, Mrs. Eddie Lou, dau. of Mrs. J. E. Rogers of Patterson (Wedding)

Cullom, J. R., manager "Menesha Lumber Mill Suffers Fire Loss Monday" (Article)

Cunningham, J. C. "Army Flier Killed In Crash At Brinkley Tuesday Morning" (Article)

Darling, Robert (Bob) "Robert Darling Killed In Carlisle Christmas Day" (Obit.)

Darling, Robert (Bob) "Bob Darling's Slayer Convicted Of Second Degree Murder" (Article)

Davenport, Ray, son of Morris "Double Wedding For Young Couples of Beards Com." (Article)

Davis, Mrs. Anderson of Patterson "Receives One of The Victory Bulls" (Article)

Davis, Mrs. Mattie Rebecca (Houser), wife of Joe Darden Davis (Obit.)

Deason, Marshall, son of Mr. & Mrs. Cleve Deason "Reported Safe" (Picture-Article)

DeWitt, John L., son of Olney "County's First War Victim From Near McCrory" (Article)

Dickerson, Miss Patsy, dau. of Mrs. Erna Dickerson "December Bride" (Picture-Article)

Diffey, A. C. Carter, husband of Ernestine Diffey (Obit.)

Dix, Lawrence Erwin of Hickory Ridge, AR (Married)

Dunham, Corinne "Junior-Senior Banquet Was Held Friday Night" (Article)

Dunnam, Miss Louise "McCrory Girls To Graduate From The University Of Ark." (Article)

Dunnam, Miss Virginia Louise, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Dunham (Article-Wedding)

Dye, Norris, son of Mr. & Mrs. E. S. Dye (Married)

Elam, Clarence (Article-Married)

Eskew, Miss Poca "Started On Picnic When Bombing Began, Woman Writes Home" (Article)

Everett, Booker, son of Mr. & Mrs. R. H. Everett "Local Boy Promoted To Staff Sergent" (Article)

Everett, John, son Of Simon Everett (Married)

Fakes, Miss Carol "Elected Society Editor Of Jonesboro College Paper" (Picture-Article)

Fakes, Carol, dau. of Turner "Miss Carol Fakes Elected President Of College Sorority" (Article)

Ferguson, Billye Jane, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E. C. Ferguson (Married)

Files, Vernon, son of Mrs. Mary Files (Wedding)

Files, Mrs. Vernon T. "Recent Bride" (Picture-Article)

Fitzhugh, James Baytop, husband of Jessie (Coffin) Fitzhugh (Obit.)

Fletcher, Miss Lucy Allena "Engagement Announced" (Picture-Article)

Ford, Miss Tolise, dau. of John "Double Wedding For Young Couples of Beards Com." (Article)

Fore, Miss Mary Katherine "McCrory Girl Takes Preliminary WAAC Army Tests" (Article)

Fore, P. J., (Picture of bride-Married)

Fore, Ralph & Robert, sons of Mrs. Rosa L. Fore "Brothers Join Navy" (Picture-Article)

Foster, Miss Annis, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. George Guthrie of Hillemann (Wedding)

Fowler, Dorothy, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Roy Fowler (Wedding)

Fowler, Elbert (Married)

Fowler, Mrs. Eula (Wood), wife of Ed Fowler (Obit.)

Fowler, Mrs. Rebecca (Edrington) of Blytheville, AR, mother of Huston, Mark & Lendennie (Obit.)

Fowlkes, Robert "Junior-Senior Banquet Was Held Friday Night" (Article)

Francis, Miss Helen "Woman Burns In House Fire At Hunter, Friday" (Obit.)

Fraser, Leon G., son of W. T. "One Of Many From Woodruff In The Pacific" (Picture-Article)

Frownfelter, Bennie Alene, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Frownfelter (Picture-Wedding)

Garton, Donna Christine, daughter of Wade Hampton Garton (Married)

Gilpin, Harry, uncle of Mrs. D. V. Massey of McCrory, AR (Obit.)

Glover, Ruth "Junior-Senior Banquet Was Held Friday Night" (Article)

Godbey, Miss Wanda Jane, sister of Mrs. Elbert Miller (Wedding)

Gray, James Earl "Youth Drowns In Lake Near Hunter" (Obit.)

Gray, Miss Willie Lee "January Marriage Announced Last Week" (Picture of Bride-Article)

Griffin, Pvt. Cecil H. "Fair Oaks Boy Vies For Boxing Honors In Army" (Article)

Hale, Jerald, son of Mrs. Annie Hale (Obit.)

Haney, John Christopher of Augusta (Obit.)

Harmon, Cortland, son of W. M. Harmon "Brothers In Service" (Picture-Article)

Harmon, Johnny, son of W. M. Harmon "Brothers In Service" (Picture-Article)

Harrison, Mrs. Hattie Locke, mother of R. H. Locke, step-mother of Charlie Locke (Obit.)

Henard, Aubrey "Reported Safe" (Picture-Article)

Henderson, Miss Lucille Annie of Hickory Ridge, AR (Married)

Hensley, Robert Clyde "Augusta Soldier, Wonded, At Home To Recuperate" (Article)

Higgs, Mack Kerr "Augusta Boy Shot While On Duty At Army Air Base" (Article)

Higgs, Pvt. Mack Kerr of Augusta, AR "Arkansan's Death Held Accidental" (Picture-Article)

Hill, Millard Martin, Jr. of Patterson, AR (Wedding)

Hill, Paul Arnett, son of Mrs. Eula "Augusta Sailor Reported Missing" (Article)

Hill, Paul Arnette, son of Mrs. Eula Wilson "Believed to Be Prisoner Of Japanese" (Picture-Article)

Holder, John Baker "Junior-Senior Banquet Was Held Friday Night" (Article)

Holt, Mr. Sullenger Layton, husband of Jennie (Rutherford) Holt (Obit.)

Hope, Betty June, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F. P. Hope (Wedding)

Howard, Marshall H. "McCrory Boy Afloat In Lifeboat 51 Hours, Rescued" (Article)

Howard, Marshall H. "Off Duty For Awhile" (Picture-Article)

Hubbard, Aubert, son of J. M. Hubbard "Elected President" (Picture-Article)

Huff, James Milton, son of Mr. & Mrs. D. M. Huff "McCrory Boy Is Appointed 2nd Lieut." (Article)

Huff, Vernon "Secetary and Ex-Vice President Huff Has Helped Many People" (Picture-Article)

Huff, Vernon E. "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture-Article)

Hyatt, James E., Jr. "Arkansas Weds In East" (Picture of bride-Article)

Hyde, George Washington, son of John & Nancy Hyde (Obit.)

James, McKinney (Bo) "Woodruff County Boy On The Kearny When Torpedoed" (Article)

Jeffett, Robert F., son of Mrs. Nina Jeffett "On Duty With U. S. Forces" (Picture-Article)

Jeffries, Mrs. Amanda (Warren), wife of W. R. Jeffries (Obit.)

Jeffries, Miss Frances "Frances Jeffries, Formerly of McCrory, Marries In Arizona" (Article)

Jeffries, Miss Frances "Frances Jeffries, Formerly of McCrory Recent Bride" (Picture-Article)

Jernigan, Oliver (Wedding)

Jernigan, Otis, son of H. W. "McCrory Boy Is Promoted To Major" (Article)

Johnson, Mrs. Cora, wife of Floyd Johnson (Obit.)

Johnson, Lorene, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Dobbs (Wedding)

Jones, Charles Ray, son of Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Jones (Wedding)

Jones, M. A. "Birthday Dinner For M. A. Jones" (Article)

Jones, Mr. Milas Anthony, husband of Mollie (Kirkland) Jones (Obit.)

Jones, Reese R. "Mayor Resigns To Enter Armed Forces" (Article)

Keating, Lloyd Albert "Lloyd Keating Wed In Brilliant Ceremony In Washington, D. C." (Article)

Keating, R. B. "Maj. R. B. Keating Receives Promotion" (Article)

Kindrick, Charley (Married)

Ladd, Billy Gene "Augusta Child Killed When Struck By An Automobile" (Obit.)

Lawson, Neoma Ilene, dau. of Elmer C. Lawson (Obit.)

Lee, Miss Edith, daughter of Clint Lee (Wedding)

Lenderman, O. H. "Court Cancels Order For Bond" (Article)

Lenderman, O. H. "Sheriff Ramsey Is Sued for $10,000" (Article)

Lewis, Miss Mary Elizabeth, dau. of John E. Lewis "Army Nurse" (Picture-Article)

Long, James "Bob Darling's Slayer Convicted Of Second Degree Murder" (Article)

Madison, James Edward, son of Clyde "Writes Letter Home" (Article)

Malin, Bill "Greets Cowboy Star--Elected New Mayor" (Picture-Article)

Martin, Pete "In England" (Picture-Article)

Massey, Joe Andrew, son of Mr. &. Mrs. Dolph Massey (Article-Wedding)

Mauldin, Wess, Jr., husband of "February Bride" (Picture of bride-Wedding)

Mayo, Miss Gretchen Jelks "To Lead In Senior Play Friday Night" (Picture-Article)

Mayo, Miss Gretchen Jelks "Miss Mayo Presents Certificate Recital At Woman's Club" (Article)

Mayo, Miss Gretchen Jelks "Head Senior Class Of McCrory High" (Picture-Article)

McCoy, Betty Jo "Letter from Pvt. Thomas I. McFadden" (Article)

McCue, Alton, bro. of Milton "McCrory Boy In Hawaii Writes To Folks Back Home" (Article)

McCue, Gerald Woodrow "McCrory Boy Receives Promotion" (Article)

McCue, Milford, son of Neil "Milford McCue Writes Parents" (Article)

McCue, Milford (Coon), son of Neil "Letter From A Soldier In Hawaii" (Article)

McCue, Milford (Cooney) "In Service In The U. S. Army In Hawaii" (Picture-Article)

McFadden, Pvt. Thomas I. "Letter To Betty Jo McCoy (Article)

McLeod, Charles C., son of Dudley "McCrory Man Makes Navy Honor Roll" (Picture-Article)

McLeod, Miss Martha Anne, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John N. McLeod (Obit.)

McMurtry, Galen, brother of Drew McMurtry (Obit.)

McNabb, Mrs. Susie (Barber), wife of Dr. J. F. McNabb (Obit.)

Meehan, Mrs. Rosalee (McHenry), wife of Charles Patrick Meehan & Fred L. Hafner (Obit.)

Menesha, Lumber Company "Menesha Lumber Company Doing Defense Work" (Article)

Menesha, Lumber Mill "Menesha Lumber Mill Suffers Fire Loss Monday" (Article)

Morris, P. E. "Woodruff Farmer Drowns In Cache River, Thursday" (Obit.)

Murray, Miss Cloys (Married)

Mustin, James Monroe, son of T. J. "With U. S. Navy On Plane Carrier" (Picture-Article)

Neldon, Ester Joyce "In Memory" (Article)

Nichols, William J., age 3 1/2 years "Child Drowns In White River At Augusta" (Obit.)

Oakes, Jack, son of J. M. Oakes "Jack Oakes Asks To Be Circuit Clerk" (Article)

O'Neal, Jess "Jess O'Neal Is Appointed Marshal By Town Council" (Article)

Page, Mrs. Lula "Cotton Plant Resident Burned Critically" (Article)

Parish, Ralph of Lonoke, AR (Married)

Parker, Charles Alton "Cotton Plant Boy At Pearl Harbor Receives Injuries" (Article)

Parker, Fred W., son of Mrs. Charles Parker "Winter Bride" (Picture of bride-Article)

Pate, Miss Loretta, dau. of H. G. Pate of Hunter, AR "Recent Bride" (Picture-Article)

Patterson, Howard "Pat" "Valuable Employe With The Ark. Power & Light Co." (Picture-Article)

Patty, James Lecil, son of Rev. S. O. Patty "Young Musician" (Picture-Article)

Peckinpaugh, Mrs. Elizabeth N. (Obit.)

Peebles, Albert "Serving With U. S. Forces Somewhere In The Atlantic Ocean" (Picture-Article)

Peebles, R. D., son of Mr. & Mrs. M. B. Peebles "Wiville Sailor Dies At Sea" (Article)

Pendergist, Jesse "Jesse Pendergist New Town Marshal" (Article)

Pendergist, Jesse, resigned "Jess O'Neal Is Appointed Marshal By Town Council" (Article)

Phillips, Lee Allan "Young Man Drowned In Broom Lake While On A Fishing Trip" (Obit.)

Phillips, Noel A., son of Fannie "Air Corps Graduate At Chanute Field" (Picture-Article)

Phillips, Robert C., son of Mrs. R. E. Phillips "On Duty With U. S. Forces" (Picture-Article)

Phillips, Mrs. R. E. "Gets Word From Son In Australia" (Article)

Pierce, Corinne "Junior-Senior Banquet Was Held Friday Night" (Article)

Pike, Glenda Muriel, age 8 months, daughter of Mr. &. Mrs. G. R. Pike (Obit.)

Pohnka, Miss Lucille, daughter of W. J. Pohnka (Married)

Prince, Emma Imogene, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Otis Prince (Married)

Pugh, Walter Elmo, son of Mrs. Irvin "Serving For Uncle Sam" (Picture-Article)

Pulley, Mr. William Barner, husband of Lucille (Miller) Pulley (Obit.)

Ramer, Stephen Howard "Injured Cotton Plant Sailor Home For Visit" (Article)

Ramsey, E. T. "Sheriff Ramsey Is Sued for $10,000" (Article)

Ramsey, Maunsel Edward, son of Mrs. Electra Ramsey "Wins Distinction" (Picture-Article)

Ramsey, Maunsel Edward "Reported Missing After Sea Battle" (Picture-Article)

Raney, Mr. Mack of McCrory, husband of Sarah (Obit.)

Ransom, Lawrence (Dude), son of Mrs. Annie "Helping Repulse Japs" (Picture-Article)

Rayney, Walter W. "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture-Article)

Raymond, Miss Eloise, daughter of Mrs. Alice Raymond (Picture-Wedding)

Raymond, Miss Eloise, daughter of Mrs. Alice Raymond (Married)

Reeves, Miss Letha (Married)

Reynolds, A. H. "Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds Celebrate Their 53rd Wedding Anniversary" (Article)

Reynolds, Hudson, son of Mrs. Vera Reynolds (Wedding-Article)

Ridgway, Jesse Lee "McCrory Man With U. S. Navy Weds In California" (Article)

Robertson, Mrs. Annie (Wicker), wife of George E. Robertson (Obit.)

Robertson, Walter J., Jr., "In Training At Ft. Lewis, Wash." (Picture-Article)

Roemer, Henry, Jr. of Weonia, MN (Article-Wedding)

Rubottom, Mrs. Martha Elizabeth (Mrs. W. P.), wife of William Penn Rubottom (Obit.)

Shadwick, Urey Coston, son of W. G. & Irene Shadwick (Obit.)

Sherman, Miss Rita, daughter of Leroy "Recently Married To McCrory Boy" (Picture-Article)

Short, Mrs. Alta Haralston, wife of John Short (Short Obit.)

Shoup, Elva (Gullic), wife of D. P. Shoup (Article)

Shue, Manuel F. "Manuel F. Shue Completes U.S. Army Basic Training" (Article)

Shue, Thomas "Thomas Shue Made Gunnery Instructor In U. S. Army" (Article)

Sieber, Rufus F., "Hunter Boy Completes Arc Welding Course" (Article)

Simmons, C. C. "Birthday Dinner" (Article)

Simmons, Clara Evalyn, dau. of Elymas Simmons "Birthday Party" (Article)

Simmons, James Larry "Junior-Senior Banquet Was Held Friday Night" (Article)

Simmons, Jeff "Card Of Thanks" (Article)

Simmons, Jeff "Woodruff Mail Carrier Volunteers" (Picture-Article)

Simmons, Jim, brother of Miss Irene & Glenn Simmons "In The Pacific" (Picture-Article)

Simmons, Mary Frances "Junior-Senior Banquet Was Held Friday Night" (Article)

Simmons, Miss Emily Elizabeth "Plans December Wedding" (Picture-Article)

Simmons, Sterling, son of Lege "Believed To Be Prisoner Of Japs" (Picture-Article)

Sims, Mrs. Charles "Wounded In Inter County Gun Duel" (Article)

Smith, Larry "Council Appoints Larry Smith Chief Of Fire Department" (Article)

Smith, Dr. Roland Noah, husband of Callie (Gray) Smith (Obit.)

Smith, Shed E. "McCrory Man Reported To Be A Prisoner Of Japs" (Article)

Snapp, J. H. "J. H. Snapp Named County Chairman For Paralysis Campaign" (Article)

Sorrels, Miss Eloise, dau. of H. S. "Elected "Prettiest" In School Contest" (Picture-Article)

Sparks, J. R., of Augusta (Wedding)

Speck, Miss Gladys, dau. of C. C. "Arkansas Weds In East" (Picture of bride-Article)

Stanley, Thomas E. & Marion "Stanley Brothers Receive Commissions" (Article)

Stapp, O. A., son of Mrs. Mollie Stapp "Woodruff Soldier Appreciates Leader" (Article)

Stapp, Miss Pauline, daughter of Mr. A. J. Stapp (Married)

Story, Sam Van, father of Mrs. Ed Miller of Chicot (Obit.)

Stuckey, Miss Agnes, dau. of Lawrence Stuckey "February Bride" (Picture-Article)

Sturdivant, Helen "Helen Sturdivant To Graduate From "State" In May" (Picture-Article)

Suhr, Mr. & Mrs., "Wedded 60 Years" (Article)

Sumler, Miss Louise G. "Double Wedding For Young Couples of Beards Com." (Article)

Swanson, Miss Lillian "McCrory Girls To Graduate From The University Of Ark." (Article)

Tagtmeyer, Nora, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Adolph Tagtmeyer (Wedding Announcement)

Taylor, Robert S. "Assistant Cashier Is Good Rotarian" (Picture-Article)

Taylor, Turner Elwood "In Service With United States Army" (Picture-Article)

Taylor, Turner Elwood "Has The Good Wishes Of His Old Home Club" (Picture-Article)

Taylor, William G. "Letter From Soldier Way Down In Texas" (Article)

Tharp, James G. "January Marriage Announced Last Week" (Picture of Bride-Article)

Thomas, Mrs. Harve (Obit.)

Thompson, Mrs. Orlean (Ham), wife of Ben J. Thompson (Obit.)

Thompson, Vance Maynard "Most Outstanding Citizen of McCrory" (Picture-Article)

Thornton, Grafton C., brother of Williard Thornton "Now At Miami, Fla." (Article)

Thornton, Walter "Double Wedding For Young Couples of Beards Com." (Article)

Thornton, Willard "Safe After Sea Battle" (Picture-Article)

Tims, Miss Dorothy (Article-Married)

Trice, William T., husband of Minnie C. (Shelton) Trice (Obit.)

Tyer, Minor, son of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Tyer (Wedding)

Vance, Charles Wilber "Hunter Boy On Duty With Navy Reported Missing" (Article)

Vanderburg, James A. "Hunter Boy In Philippines Has Been Reported Wounded" (Article)

Wallace, Smith "Rider On Fender Of Truck Killed" (Obit.)

Wallin, Mrs. Hettie "Tilton Woman Dies When Hit By Freight" (Obit.)

Ward, Rankin "Brother Of Former McCrory Resident Is Reported Missing" (Article)

Warring, Mrs. Lottie L. (Green), wife of Gus Warring (Obit.)

Watson, Pvt. Benjamin H. "Writes Friends" (Article)

Webb, Florence, daughter of Gerald Webb "Augusta Girl Falls In River, Drowns" (Obit.)

Webb, Kenneth Boyd, son of Mr. & Mrs. Andy Webb (Wedding Announcement)

Werner, Vivian, daughter of E. E. Werner (Wedding)

White, Buddy "Junior-Senior Banquet Was Held Friday Night" (Article)

Wiley, James P. "Fall From Truck Proves Fatal To Augusta Fisherman" (Obit.)

Wilkerson, Mrs. Murial (Houglin) "Prize War Song By Mrs. Wilkerson" (Article)

Wilkes, Billy "Billy Wilkes Is Now A 1st Lieutenant" (Picture-Article)

Wilkes, William "Billy Wilkes Writes To Editor" (Article)

Wilkes, Lt. W. N., Jr. "Receives Word From Nephew On Duty In Pacific" (Article)

Williams, Richard, son of Cleve Williams "Receives Promotion" (Picture-Article)

Wilson, Clayton C. "Clayton Wilson Suffers Injuries In Car Accident" (Article)

Wilson, Don, son of Claude "Cited For Bravery At Pearl Harber" (Picture-Article)

Wilson, Don, son of Claude Wilson "Hero Visiting Parents" (Picture-Article)

Wilson, Owen P., son of Clayton "Fighting Japanese In the Pacific" (Picture-Article)

Wilson, S. B. "S. B. Wilson Is Re-elected Mayor Of Cotton Plant" (Article)

Wise, Jeff, son of W. B. Wise "From Buck Private To First Lieutenant" (Article)

Wise, Jeff, son of W. B. "McCrory Boy In Panama Made First Lieutenant, Recently" (Article)

Woodward, Mrs. H. Annie (Obit.)

Young, George L., son of George R. "Recently Married" (Picture of bride-Article)

End Part 12

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June 2005