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Woodruff County, Arkansas
Obituaries, Weddings
Pictures & Articles

Contact: Gary Telford, wgt@centurytel.net

Part 18

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogists. Old pictures are priceless.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be emailed. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. When requesting information on any of these please indicate if it is an Obit., Article, Wedding or Biog., what Part number it is listed in, and the full name as listed.

Any of these "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook."

For more information see the list of Part numbers, now posted here on Woodruff County Website at http://www.rootsweb.com/~arwoodru/ - Click on (Obits/Weddings)

Part 18

The following abbreviations have been used where space requires;

(Biog.) Biography; (Biographies) are large articles with lots of family information.

h/o--husband of
w/o--wife of
m/o--mother of
f/o--father of
d/o--daughter of
s/o--son of
b/o--brother of
sis. of--sister of

Adams, Mrs. Viola, of Tupelo, AR, m/o Mrs. Colleen Morrison of McCrory (Obit.)

Aldridge, Edgar Louis, f/o Mrs. J. C. Smith of McCrory, & others (Obit.)

Allgood, James Monroe, of Pumpkin Bend, h/o Hulda (Obit.)

Anderson, Pvt. Albert W., s/o Sudie R., "Buried With Ten Other Buddies" (Obit.)

Arkansas Confederate Home, name of residents, county of residence, date admitted

Arkansas Confederate Home, deaths, obituaries, from 1930 to 1955, contact me

Arkansas Confederate Pension Applications, veteran and widow, contact me

Armstrong, Duffie Lee, age 13, d/o Richard & Eva Armstrong, article (Obit.)

Armstrong, Duffie Lee, "Funeral Services Conducted" (Obit.)

Ashburn, Madgerine, d/o Olar Ashburn, of the Duffel community (Wedding)

Ashburn, Robert Lee, s/o Ola Ashburn of McCrory (Wedding)

Atkinson, John Thomas, of McCrory, s/o John E. & Emma (Obit.)

Bailey, Martha "Aunt Mat" (Harper), widow of Jim Bailey (Obit.)

Baker, Mrs. Lela, of Patterson (Married)

Ball, Barbara Ann, d/o Howard Leland Ball (Obit.)

Ball, Mrs. Bonnie Mabel, of McCrory, w/o Elton E. Ball (Obit.)

Ball, Miss Corrinne, d/o Lester Ball (Wedding)

Baum, Felix R., s/o Clifton, of McCrory, "In The Army Now In Tokyo" (Article)

Baum, Felix R., s/o Clifton, of McCrory, "Receives Promotion In Tokyo" (Article)

Beard, Allen Ramsey, s/o S. J. Beard of Augusta (Wedding Picture of Bride)

Beard, Miss Mary, d/o S. J. "Valedictorian Of Augusta High" (Picture Article)

Beard, Miss Mary, d/o S. J., "Top Ranking At Augusta High School" (Picture Article)

Beard, Mary Elizabeth, wife of John B. Beard (Obit.)

Beeson, W. H. "Bill", "New Officials Prince-Rhodes Post No. 112, Amer. Legion (Picture)

Best, Crossett Mitchell, s/o L. H. Best, "Receives LLB Degree" (Article)

Best, Murray "Buddie", "Buys M. & M. Service Station" (Article)

Bevills, Miss Ella Mae, daughter of Chester Bevills (Wedding)

Boggs, J. M. "Home On The Frank Powell Farm Burns From Lightning" (Article)

Bone, Edward, son of Rev. E. E. Bone, of Newport, AR (Wedding)

Bone, Kenneth E., son of Charles E. Bone of McCrory (Obit.)

Boone, John Robert, "Mason Given Award For 50-Year Service" (Picture Biog.)

Boone, John Robert, of Cotton Plant, AR, husband of Della Boone (Obit.)

Boone, Margy, granddaughter of John R. Boone (Picture Biog)

Boshers, Bates, of Clarendon (Obit.)

Bow, Willie, "Willie Bow, Cotton Plant, Wins Honor" (Article)

Brooks, Miss Virginia, d/o John Brooks "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Brown, Archie B., of McCrory, husband of Sula Brown (Obit.)

Brown, Dan, "Patterson Negro Citizen Drops Dead" (Obit.)

Bull, Dempsey Reynolds, s/o R. H. Bull, "Killed In Car Wreck" (Obit.)

Bull, T. C., "New Officials Prince-Rhodes Post No. 112, Amer. Legion (Picture)

Burgess, Ollie, "Fire Damages The Home Of Ollie Burgess" (Article)

Burke, Mrs Virginia (Fletcher), "Given National Honors" (Picture Article)

Burkett, Miss Tommye Marie, d/o Thomas J. Burkett (Wedding Announcement)

Burrow, Hance W., Sr., son of C. C. Burrow of Morrilton (Obit.)

Cain, Donald, son of L. J. "Senior Class President" (Picture Article)

Caldwell, Mrs. Madeline (Caldwell) Hall, d/o Will Caldwell, "Recent Bride" (Picture Wedding)

Calhoun, Miss Dewey Lee, d/o Vance, "Killed In Car Wreck Near Cotton Plant" (Obit.)

Calhoun, Miss Dewey Lee, d/o Vance, "Cotton Plant Brother & Sister Killed" (Picture Article)

Calhoun, James A., s/o Vance Calhoun, "Killed In Car Wreck Near Cotton Plant" (Obit.)

Calhoun, James A., s/o Vance Calhoun, "Cotton Plant Brother & Sister Killed" (Picture Article)

Callahan, Roy M., s/o of Mrs. Euness M., "Body To Be Returned Home" (Article)

Callahan, Roy M., s/o of Mrs. Euness M., "Given Military Funeral" (Picture Obit.)

Camp, Dennis R., brother of Mrs. Eunice Jackson, of Augusta (Obit.)

Campbell, Miss Thelma, daughter of Floyd Campbell of McCrory (Wedding)

Cannon, Miss Martha, d/o Harold D., of Augusta, AR (Picture Wedding Announcement)

Capshaw, Miss Betty Rhea, daughter of G. D. Capshaw (Wedding)

Capshaw, Miss Betty Rhea, daughter of G. D., "Recent Bride" (Picture Wedding)

Cariker, George Cleveland, husband of Annie Cariker (Obit.)

Cariker, Leland Reed "Chicken", s/o Wm. Maynard & Lena Cariker (Obit.)

Carter, Pfc. Marcus D. of Cotton Plant, "Soldiers Remains Are Enroute Home" (Article)

Cary, Jesse Cleveland, s/o James B. Cary "Popular Game Warden" (Picture Biog.)

Caudle, Mrs. Ida, widow of E. C. "Babe" Caudle (Obit.)

Causey, Marvin, "Slain At His Home Near Tupelo" (Obit.)

Cemetery Records, Woodruff County, set of two books, published in 1978, contact me

Chadwick, Mrs. Viola, "Family Reunion" (Article)

Chaney, Miss Virginia "Speaks To Rotary Club In Neath, South Wales" (Picture Article)

Cohoon, Patricia Diane, Infant d/o Mrs. Gilbert Cohoon, formerly of McCrory (Obit.)

Cole, Mrs. L. L., of Howell, "Moves Into Her New $25,000.00 McCrory Home" (Article)

Cole, Mr. Richard L., "Gives Annual Barbecue At Howell Saturday" (Article)

Cole, Udell, and wife, of McCrory, "Crappie Winner Displays Catch" (Picture Article)

Coley, Ellis "Champion 4-H Clubbers Of Woodruff County" (Picture Article)

Collier, Franklin, "4-H Champion Of Woodruff County" (Picture Article)

Cook, Armilda J., daughter of W. W. Cook of Bono, AR (Picture Wedding)

Cook, Priv. Lester C., s/o Mrs. Nora Cook of Patterson "Now In Japan" (Article)

Croney, James M., s/o Hobson Croney of McCrory "Stationed In Japan" (Article)

Crook, Louis "Retiring Officer Of The McCrory Business Men's Club" (Picture)

Crossett, Hal Eugene "Cooter", s/o Hansel, "Drowns In Lake Near His Home" (Obit.)

Crossett, Joe, "Wins Varsity Letter At Military School" (Article)

Crossett, Mary H., mother of Joe "Suffers Broken Hip In Fall Saturday" (Article)

Crotzer, Lena E., wife of Rufus J. Crotzer (Obit.)

Crouch, Miss Louise, d/o John "Killed By Truck Near Hickory Ridge" (Obit.)

Crow, Wayne, age 4 yrs., s/o Thomas L., "Brinkley Child Killed By Truck" (Obit.)

Cullom, William H., age 91, of Texarkana, formerly of Woodruff Co., AR (Obit.)

Davis, Mrs. Elizabeth, of Cotton Plant, "Mother & Children Lose Life When Home Burns" (Obit.)

Davis, Pfc. John C. Davis, Cotton Plant, "Woodruff County War Dead Returned" (Article)

Dillard, Mrs. Mary U., formerly of McCrory, "Hurt Seriously In Accident Monday" (Article)

Dobbs, Jennings "Buys "Tads" Grocery" (Article)

Dobbs, Pete "Retiring Officer Of The McCrory Business Men's Club" (Picture)

Dodson, Pat "Assistant Editor Of McCrory High School Annual" (Picture Article)

Douglas, Louise, d/o Eldridge P. Douglass, of Cotton Plant (Picture Wedding)

Doyle, Maj. Garth E., of Hunter, s/o Mabel, "Killed In Fall Of Bomber" (Obit.)

Drexler, Mrs. Dora "Unveil Memorial Sunday, May 16th" (Article)

Earls, Pfc. Johnny, "Killed In New Guinea, Body Returned To Newport, AR" (Obit.)

Echols, David Henderson, s/o Isham T. & Fannie Echols (Obit.)

Edwards, Rachel Helen, d/o Alfred W. Edwards (Weddding Announcement)

Elam, Charles Monroe, husband of Mollie Matilda (Picture Biog.)

Eldridge, John Rolfe, Jr., son of John Rolfe, Sr. (Wedding, Picture of Bride)

Ellis, Mrs. Violet, of Tupelo, wife of Clifford Ellis (Obit.)

Eskew, James E., father of F. B. "Dock" Eskew (Obit.)

Everett, Sgt. Coleman, "In Hokkaido, Japan" (Article)

Fakes, Miss Carol, d/o Turner "Takes Part In Theatre Production In Tampa" (Article)

Family History Books, Families of Woodruff Co., AR, contact me

Felton, Dan, Jr., nephew of Mrs. Lucile Lewis of McCrory (Picture Article)

Fink, Ira E., fifty relatives attend "Family Reunion" (Article)

Fitzhugh, Davis "First Story Published" (Article)

Fitzhugh, Laura Davis "Noted Business And Civic Leader Dies" (Picture Biog. Obit.)

Ford, William Monroe, of Augusta, AR (Obit.)

Fore, Pfc. Peter Jordan, "Last Rights Held At M. E. Church" (Article)

Fore, P. J., "Remains To Rest In Soil Of Native Country" (Picture Biog. Obit.)

Fotos, Steve A., of Memphis, brother of Tom Fotos, of McCrory (Obit.)

Fowler, Miss Alice M., daughter of Levi Fowler (Wedding)

Fowler, Andrew Franklin, "Fowler Family Reunion" (Article)

Fowler, Austin B., formerly of McCrory (Wedding)

Fowler, Fannie Etta, w/o James "Jim" Zephnal Fowler (Picture Biog.)

Fraser, Warren, of Cotton Plant, husband of Mary Fraser (Obit.)

Freeman, Walter S., Jr., s/o Walter S., Sr., of Augusta, will marry (Picture of Bride)

Fronabarger, Stevie, son of Troy, "Holiday King" (Picture Article)

Gaddis, Mrs. Lige B., "Burned To Death In Home Near McFadden" (Obit.)

Gardner, Miss Mary, daughter of Ralph Gardner of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Garner, T-5 Arthur C., of Patterson, "Soldiers Remains Are Enroute Home" (Article)

Garrett, Mrs. T. A. "Dies Of Gun Wound" (Obit.)

Genealogy Research, contact me

Gilliaum, Alice Ruth, of Newport, "Nation's Highest 4-H Award" (Picture Article)

Gillespie, Miss Joann, d/o J. T. "Ole Miss Grad." (Picture Article)

Gipson, Miss Ollie Faye, d/o Lee A. Gipson (Wedding)

Glover, Glen "Editor Of McCrory High School Annual" (Picture Article)

Gordon, Edgar, of Cotton Plant, AR, husband of Willie Gordon (Obit.)

Graham, H. T., age 90, of Jackson Co., AR "Ex-Slave Dies" (Obit.)

Grave marker photos, Digital photos, 4 X 6, of grave markers, contact me

Graves, Mr. & Mrs. Myrtle, "Seventy-Two Attend Birthday Dinner" (Article)

Gray, Mrs. Inez, sister of Mrs. Rosa Baldwin (Obit.)

Green, Verlin Edward, s/o John J. Green, formerly of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Greer, Forrest A., son of Tom and Maud Greer (Obit.)

Hackett, William Barlow, of Augusta, AR, husband of Vella Hackett (Obit.)

Hagler, Joyce, "Champion 4-H Clubbers Of Woodruff County" (Picture Article)

Hagler, Joyce, "4-H Champion Of Woodruff County" (Picture Article)

Hamilton, Josephine Louise "Lula", "Suffers Attack, Dies Hours Later" (Obit.)

Hamilton, Josephine Louise "Lula", wife of Edward Lee Hamilton (Obit.)

Hampton, Miss Mary Lou, d/o John Lee Hampton of Booneville, AR (Wedding)

Hankins, Norman of McCrory (Wedding)

Hardin, Miss Eleanor, d/o Luther Hardin of Tupelo, AR (Picture Wedding)

Hargrove, Mrs. Anita, d/o W. A. Myers of McCrory (Wedding)

Heckart, Leah, wife of Charles C. Heckart (Obit.)

Henderson, John Everett, of McCrory, AR, husband of Arkie (Obit.)

Hicks or Hix, Grover C., of McClelland, AR, husband of Agnes (Obit.)

Holder, Birdie Chaney, widow of H. H., "Leading Resident Of Patterson Dies" (Obit.)

Holder, J. L. "Leck", "New Officials Prince-Rhodes Post No. 112, Amer. Legion (Picture)

Holder, Miss Polly Ann, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Berry Holder (Wedding)

Hollister, Mrs. Lula Mabel, "Dies At Augusta" (Obit.)

Holmes, Herbert R., son of R. L. Holmes, married (Picture of Bride)

Holmes, Mrs. J. E. "Sells $306.08 Worth Of Butter, Eggs, Etc." (Article)

Holmes, Mr. & Mrs. J. E., "Family Reunion" (Article)

Hopper, John, of McCrory, marries at Bald Knob, AR (Wedding)

House, Mr. & Mrs. Tom, of the Beards community, "Family Reunion" (Article)

Huff, Vernon "New And Retiring Officers McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)

Huie, Miss Helen, daughter of Tommie and Mable (Wedding)

Hunter, Sgt. Verlin, s/o W. R. Hunter "Body Of Augusta Soldier Returned Home" (Article)

Hunter, Sgt. Verlin, son of W. R. Hunter "Funeral Held Sunday" (Article)

Hutto, Mrs. Nancy Ann, mother of Mrs. Paul Thompson of Fitzhugh, AR (Obit.)

Jackson, Mrs. C. L., of near Augusta, "Augusta Home Burns" (Article)

James, Minerva, widow of Sam James (Obit.)

Jelks, Levin, s/o W. H. Jelks, "Well-Known Athlete Succumbs In Memphis" (Obit.)

Jelks, William Edmonds, husband of Mary (Crossett) & Lillie (Simmons) (Obit.)

Jennings, L'Ellis Shofield of Judsonia, AR, formerly of McCrory, AR (Obit.)

Jernigan, Judy, granddaughter of Roy Fowler, "Birthday Party" (Article)

Jernigan, Mary, age 88 of Augusta, AR (Obit.)

Jimerson, Jack "Magnolia Service Station" (Article)

Jimerson, Jack, son of Mrs. Walter Jimerson (Wedding)

Jimerson, Mrs. Jack, "Miscellaneous Shower For Recent Bride" (Article)

Johnson, Mrs. Fannie, age 94, "Fish Dinner Given In Honor Of" (Article)

Johnson, Mr. F. H. (Floyd Homer), "Given A Birthday Dinner" (Article)

Johnson, Theodore Roosevelt, h/o Bertha, "Found In Stream Near McClelland" (Obit.)

Jones, Mr. & Mrs. Allen "Celebrate 52nd Wedding Anniversary" (Picture Article)

Jones, Miss Dorthel, daughter of Presley Jones (Wedding)

Jones, Sam R., of Wiville, "Wiville Farmer Best In County" (Article)

Jones, W. E., of Tupelo, "Given 15 Years For Slaying", of Marvin Cossey (Article)

Joyner, E. L. "Buck", "Asks For Second Term As County Treasurer" (Article)

Keith, John Beard, son of Mrs. Watt Keith, of Howell, AR (Wedding)

Keating, Miss Corinne, d/o James Keating of McCrory (Picture Wedding)

Killingsworth, John W., formerly of Woodruff Co., AR (Obit.)

King, Albert, Jr., of near McCrory, "Killed With Shotgun By Wife" (Obit.)

King, Mrs. Minnie Lee, "Woman, Held For Murder, Takes Poison" (Article)

King, Mary, d/o Mrs. Hamp King, "Thorn Passes Through Child's Foot" (Article)

Kittrell, Betty Ann, d/o J. B., "Top Ranking At Augusta High School" (Picture Article)

Koberlein, Mr. William, of Pine Bluff, f/o Mrs. Robert Fore of McCrory (Obit.)

Kornegay, Mrs. Mary L., of Augusta "Killed In Car Accident in California" (Obit.)

Kuhlman, Joe L., of Detroit, Mich., h/o Maurene, "Dies Of Heart Attack" (Obit.)

Lacefield, Lieut. James Howard, s/o A. F. "Services Held For Cotton Plant Flier" (Obit.)

Land and deed records, old, "Original Copies", contact me

Landrip, Elton, of Tip, "Injured When Log Boom Is Broken" (Article)

Largent, William Owen "Buster", "Killed At Home Of J. B. "Brad" Moore" (Obit.)

Laster, Daniel Franklin, formerly of McCrory, "Dies In Conway" (Obit.)

Lee, Miss Bonnie Lou "Valedictorian Of McCrory High School" (Picture Article)

Lee, Miss Merrill Dawn, d/o Herman Lee "Wins Ad Club Contest" (Picture Article)

Leighton, Eugene F., of Cotton Plant, AR, husband of Ollie Leighton (Obit.)

Lemay, Pfc. Billy, "Home From Japan For Holidays" (Article)

Lewellen, Lula Mae, "McCrory Entrants In White River Event" (Picture Article)

Lewis, Miss Frances M., of Texas, formerly of Beards, d/o C. W. Lewis (Obit.)

Lewis, Jonas Stephes of Augusta, husb. of Luela (Obit.)

Lewis, Matlaco O., "Serving Aboard Aircraft Carrier USS Leyte" (Article)

Lindsey, William Edward of Little Rock, formerly of McCrory (Obit.)

Little, Charles Lee, son of Archie Little (Wedding)

Lockett, M. L. "Bud", age 81, of Patterson, AR, "A Good Colored Citizen Passes" (Obit.)

Long, Miss Emogene, d/o Hershel the of Duffel community (Wedding)

Long, Forrest, "Elected President Of The U. Of A. Student Body" (Article)

Loose Probate Records, 1862-1900, contact me

Lunday, Mrs. J. H., mother of L. C. of McClelland (Obit.)

Mahon, Sgt. Arnold D., s/o Mrs. Bobbie Mahon, "War Dead Being Returned" (Article)

Mahon, Miss Patricia, d/oJ. L. Mahon, "Birthday Party" (Article)

Mahon, Miss Patricia Ann, d/o J. L. Mahon, "Holiday Queen" (Picture Article)

Mallory, James L., formerly a farmer at McCrory, WW I Vet. (Obit.)

Malloy, William John, of Augusta, AR (Obit.)

Manasco, Fred E., Jr., s/o Fred E., Sr. of Hot Springs, AR (Wedding Picture of Bride)

Marlin, Jack Lindy, son of Roy Marlin, of Cave City, AR (Wedding)

Marriage Records "Original Copies" of court house marriage license, contact me

Marsh, Robert Milton, husband of Ruth Wright (Obit.)

Marsh, William Jackson, formerly of Wiville, husband of Ada Marsh (Obit.)

Mathis, Dr. William Jesse, of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Matkin, Wyatt, stockholder, "New Modern Gin To Replace One Burned" (Article)

Mauldin, Sadie (Taylor), of Hillemann, widow of Richard H. Mauldin (Obit.)

McCain, John Allen, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. J. B. McCain (Obit.)

McClain, P. M. of McCrory, AR "Family Reunion", McClain & Trussell (Article)

McClain, Pink Mason of McCrory, AR, h/o Orella (Trussell) McClain (Obit.)

McCollum, Crad W., "Myers & McCollum Buy Hubbard Bros. Store & Station" (Article)

McCollum, Mrs. J. R., mother of Mrs. Ed Madison of Patterson (Obit.)

McCoy, T. O., Jr., of Patterson, "Enrolled For Boys State Meeting" (Article)

McCrory, J. C. "Honored On Birthday" (Picture)

McCue, Alton, "Elected Vice Commander of Prince-Rhodes Post, McCrory" (Picture Article)

McElwee, Miss Marilyn "Elected Miss Augusta High In Who's Who" (Picture Article)

McGill, Miss Virginia, daughter of Mrs. Carrie McGill (Wedding)

McGregor, Miss Barbara, d/o Robert McGregor of Brinkley (Wedding Announcement)

McKnight, William M., s/o Robert B. McKnight of Augusta "Given Reburial" (Obit.)

Meehan, Miss Marjorie J., d/o Charles M. Meehan, (Picture Wedding Announcement)

Melton, James Elmo, son of J. A. & Betty Melton (Obit.)

Miller, Birdie Lee, "Dies At Home Of Daughter, Mrs. Alma Blanton" (Obit.)

Miller, Mrs. Jane, d/o Charles Everett Miller, of Augusta (Picture Wedding)

Miller, Jim, "New Officials Prince-Rhodes Post No. 112, Amer. Legion (Picture)

Miller, John H. of McCrory, AR, "Honored By Teachers" (Picture Article)

Miller, Lee, of Revels, s/o T. A. & Mary Miller (Picture Biog.)

Miller, Lee, of near Augusta, husband of Lizzie Miller (Obit.)

Miller, Otto, "New And Retiring Officers McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)

Miller, Otto, "Elected Vice Pres. Of Ark. Junior Bankers Association" (Picture Article)

Moody, John "New Commander Of V. F. W. Post, McCrory" (Picture Article)

Moore, Mrs. Iowa (Pounders), wife of Walter Moore, of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Morris, Miss Babbie, d/o Gerald L. Morris, "On Program At Searcy" (Picture Article)

Morris, Miss Babbie, d/o Gerald L. Morris "Chosen Miss McCrory" (Article)

Morris, Miss Babbie, "McCrory Entrants In White River Event" (Picture Article)

Morris, Gerald "Babe", "Entertains Senior Basket Ball Squad" (Article)

Morris, Gerald "Will Be Next President Of McCrory Rotary" (Article)

Morris, Gerald "New And Retiring Officers McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)

Morris, William D., son of Mrs. Mabel Clara Morris of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Morris, William Walker, brother of Mrs. J. F. Guinn of Augusta (Obit.)

Munger, Miss Dorothy, d/o DeWitt Munger, of Hickory Ridge (Picture Wedding)

Murphy, Cecil Edwin, son of Mrs. E. K. Murphy of Augusta (Obit.)

Myers, Paul, "Myers and McCollum Buy Hubbard Bros. Store and Station" (Article)

Naegle, Charles Patrick, of Cotton Plant, husband of Anna (Obit.)

Napper, Dr. George S., "Opens Office In McCrory" (Article)

Nelson, Rev. D. E. & J. A. "United after 30 year seperation" (Article)

Nelson, Mrs. Sallie O., widow of Robert Nelson (Obit.)

Norwood, Sidney Brooks, s/o J. S. Norwood (Wedding Article)

Osborne, James Edward "Found In Bar Pit Near Augusta" (Obit.)

Padgett, Jerry Wayne, son of J. C. Padgett, Jr. (Obit.)

Padgitt, Mildred, of Memphis, TN, d/o Ira A. Padgitt, of McCrory (Picture Wedding)

Padgitt, W. J., of Patterson, AR, mail carrier (Married)

Palmer, C. J., formerly of McCrory, s/o James A. Palmer, "Visits Friends Here" (Biog.)

Parham, Miss Anna Frances, d/o Wm. K. Parham (Picture Wedding Announcement)

Parker, Miss Dorothy, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Kerr, Sr., of McCrory (Wedding)

Parnell, Roy "Elected Cotton Plant Mayor" (Article)

Patton, J. W., son of LaVerne Patton, of McCrory, AR, article (Picture of Bride)

Patton, Johnny, son of John L., "Soldier, On Train, Stricken With Polio" (Article)

Pearce, Rex, of Cotton Plant, "Grid Star Married" (Wedding)

Peebles, Joe Billy, son of Cleo "Augusta Boy, Is Critically Hurt" (Article)

Pendergist, Jesse W., "Woodruff County Sheriff Native Of McCrory" (Picture Biog.)

Penrose, William O., "Wins Promotion At Arkansas University" (Article)

Penrose, Dr. William O., "Hunter Boy Going High In Education" (Picture Article)

Perkins, Virgil F., Jr., "Distinguished Military Student" (Article)

Perkins, Virgil F., Jr., "Honor Student At University Of Ark." (Picture Article)

Peters, Miss Elizabeth Ernestine, d/o Rev. E. M. Peters, of McCrory (Wedding)

Peters, Miss Elizabeth Ernestine, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Peters, Gerald, son of C. C. Peters, of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Phillips, Miss Bette, d/o Charles M. Phillips, Jr. of Augusta (Picture Wedding)

Picard, Albert S., age 67, of Memphis, TN, f/o I. N. Arnoff of McCrory, AR (Obit.)

Pollard, James Tillman "Chuck", son of William & Maude Pollard (Obit.)

Porter, Miss Kitty Juanita, daughter of Arthur G. Porter of Augusta (Wedding)

Quick, John A., son of George Quick (Wedding)

Quinn, Mrs. Salina Elizabeth, of McCrory, AR, widow of Albert D. Quinn (Obit.)

Raley, Miss Freda, daughter of Mrs. B. Raley of Pine Bluff, AR (Wedding)

Raymond, Mrs. Frazier, of Brinkley, d/o E. H. Greene of Patterson, AR (Obit.)

Raymond, Miss Velma Rose, "Seeks City Office Of Recorder" (Article)

Raymond, Velma Rose, "First Lady Elected To Office In City Of McCrory) (Picture Article)

Rayner, Miss Sue, daughter of Mrs. J. W. Rayner, of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Redding, Fletcher H., a native of McCrory, AR, "Dies In A Searcy Hospital" (Obit.)

Reeves, Louise, daughter of Tom Reeves of McCrory (Wedding Article)

Reneau, George Walter, s/o George Riley Reneau (Obit.)

Reneau, Stephen Henry, of Houston, TX, husband of Fannie Reneau (Obit.)

Reynolds, Alpheus, "100 Attend 59th Wedding Anniversary" (Article)

Rice, Robert H., of Hunter, husband of Eulah Rice (Obit.)

Ridgway, Philip Wainwright, "Another Comrade Answers Call To High Command" (Biog. Obit.)

Ripley, Jess Ford "Rip", h/o Mary Esther (Thompson) Ripley (Picture Obit.-Biog.)

Roark, Mrs. Maude Emily, mother of Mrs. Ernest Slocum of McCrory, AR (Obit.)

Roberts, Fred L., of McCrory, "Serving On Destroyer" (Article)

Robertson, George Edmund, of Woodruff Co., AR, Annie was wife, deceased (Obit.)

Robinson, Charles, of near McCrory, "Burned When Canner Explodes" (Article)

Robinson, John Rudolph, of Cotton Plant, husband of Sarah (Obit.)

Robinson, Mrs. Mary L., of near Augusta, AR (Obit.)

Robinson, Pvt. Ray E., h/o Mary Ruth, of McCrory "At Camp Chaffee" (Article)

Roddy, Joseph Preston, h/o Victoria "Dies Of A Heart Attack" (Picture Biog. Obit.)

Roddy, Joseph Preston, of North Little Rock, husband of Victoria (Obit.)

Rosser, Pfc. Ollie W., Cotton Plant, "Woodruff County War Dead Returned" (Article)

Rubottom, Roy, "To Seek Mayor's Office" (Article)

Rushing, Dr. F. E., "Opens Office In Augusta" (Article)

Russell, Charlie, "Buys Service Station From Edd Taylor" (Article)

Rutledge, Pvt. Leo H., son of John L. Rutledge, of Wiville, AR (Obit.)

Sawyer, L. J., manager, "New Modern Gin To Replace One Burned" (Article)

Seaborn, J. M., "Merchant Of Fifty Years Ago Visits McCrory" (Article)

Shearer, J. Harris, "Retiring Officer Of The McCrory Business Men's Club" (Picture)

Shue, Mrs. Julia Baker, "Dies At Home Of Granddaughter in Calif." (Obit.)

Shue, Manuel, son of Charlie & Lula Shue (Wedding)

Sieber, Charlie of Cotton Plant, AR, brother of Frank of Hunter (Obit.)

Slane, Hiram Alexander, "Found Dead In Woods", s/o Alex & Mary Slane (Obit.)

Smith, Mrs. Charlie, "B & P. W. President Installed Thursday" (Picture Article)

Smith, Mr. Connie Watson (Wedding)

Smith, John Ford, of Augusta, attorney at law, (Picture Biog.)

Smith, Mrs. Mary Caroline, of Augusta, AR, widow of Dr. Roland N. Smith (Obit.)

Sorrels, Miss Ina Eloise, formerly of McCrory, d/o Hugh Sorrels (Wedding Announcement)

Sorrels, Miss Ina Eloise, formerly of McCrory, "Married In Washington" (Wedding Picture)

Spanish-American War Vets., name of veteran, rank, county, state of residence, contact me

Spencer, William Jesse, s/o Jesse Wm. & Sarah E. (Walden) Spencer (Picture Biog.)

Stanfill, Elbert Felix, s/o Mrs. O. W. Capshaw, "Ozark College Student" (Article)

Stark, Andrew Myric "Tad", of DeView, husband of Winnie (Obit.)

Stephens, Pvt. Charles J. of McCrory, "Soldiers Remains Are Enroute Home" (Article)

Stokes, Miss Bonnie Lou, d/o Clarence Stokes, "June Bride" (Picture Wedding)

Stout, Miss Anne W., daughter of Dan R. Stout of McCrory, AR (Picture Wedding)

Stout, Mrs. Rena Marie, wife of Dan R. Stout of DeView, AR (Obit.)

Stracner, Miss Lois, daughter of Jim Stracner of Pumpkin Bend (Wedding)

Street, W. A., of Swifton, AR, father of Mrs. Mable Walker of McCrory (Obit.)

Sturdivant, Leslie W., son of L. W. "Distinguished Military Student" (Article)

Styles, T. P. Estate, "Fire Razes Styles Apartment House At Cotton Plant" (Article)

Styles, Trench P., of Cotton Plant, husband of Annie Styles (Obit.)

Suhr, Alice May, of Hunter, AR, wife of Henry F. Suhr (Obit.)

Suhr, Henry F. & Alice May, "Elderly Couple Related To Robert E. Lee" (Picture Biog.)

Swan, Mrs. Sarah Jane, mother of Dr. H. L. Swan of Brinkley (Obit.)

Talley or Tally, Pvt. Delmer C., "Remains Of Soldier Will Arrive Tomorrow" (Article)

Taylor, Alex A., of near McCrory, husband of Myrtle (Obit.)

Taylor, Mrs. Bobby Louise, wife of Neal Taylor (Obit.)

Taylor, Turner "Arrives In McCrory For Visit With Parents" (Article)

Thompson-Wilson "Funeral Directors In New Location" (Article)

Thompson, Ruth, d/o Vance, "Will Graduate & Attend National Red Cross" (Picture Article)

Thompson, Sam Hartwell, of Siloam Springs, AR, husband of Lizzie (Corley) (Obit.)

Todd, Miss Lethal Mae (Wedding)

Vanlandingham, James R., s/o J. A., of McCrory, "In Coco Solo, C. Z." (Article)

Vinson, Miss Ruth, formerly of Augusta "Dies In Little Rock" (Picture Obit.)

Vinzant, Rachel, d/o W. B., "Top Ranking At Augusta High School" (Picture Article)

Wade, Mrs. Alice Julietta, wife of Junius P. Wade (Obit.)

Wade, Miss Earline, sister of Mrs. Curtis M. King of Augusta (Wedding)

Wafford, Henry Monroe, s/o George W. & Jettie Wafford (Picture-Biog.)

Walker, Miss Virginia, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Mathis (Wedding)

Walters, Mrs. Alice Jane, of Hunter, AR (Obit.)

Walters, George W., of Hunter (Obit.)

Watwood, Arthur, son of Stewart (Wedding)

Watwood, Mrs. Mary, of McCrory, AR, wife of S. B. Watwood (Obit.)

Weber, Pfc. Calvin C., "Funeral Services Held In Augusta" (Obit.)

Welch, Maynard B., "Letter From Former McCrory Resident" (Article)

Weld, Mr. & Mrs. Ed, "Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary" (Article)

White, Allen C., of Hickory Ridge, AR, husband of Pearl (Obit.)

White, Andy Joseph, of Gregory "Loses Leg At Bald Knob" (Article)

Whitehead, William E., of Augusta, husband of Mary "Mollie" Whitehead (Obit.)

Wiggs, Robert Lee, husband of Louise, "Dies At Hospital In Little Rock" (Obit.)

Wilcox, Robert "New And Retiring Officers McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)

Willis, Miss Martha Sue, daughter of Guy Willis, of Augusta, AR (Wedding)

Willis, Miss Martha Sue, d/o Guy Willis, "Recent Augusta Bride" (Picture Wedding)

Wilson, Mrs. Burl, "Tea Honoring Mrs. Burl Wilson" (Article)

Wilson, Ewell, s/o Luther Wilson (Wedding)

Wilson, Ewell, "President, Woodruff Co. Swine Breeders Association" (Picture Article)

Wilson, Graham, son of Granville (Wedding)

Winston, Franklin E. "Merchant At Grays Has Been Postmaster For 30 Years" (Picture Biog.)

Wise, Thomas Vernon, son of Mrs. Annie Wise (Wedding)

Witherspoon, Dwight B., of Hunter, "Postmaster, WW I Vet., & Merchant" (Picture Biog.)

World War 1, service records, name, serial numbers, place and date entered, contact me

World War II, service records, Woodruff County, listing name, rank, birth date and place, places of

service, parents, wife, and children, residence, date entered and discharged, awards, some vets.

with picture, contact me for your relative.

Wright, Mrs. Callie, sister of Mrs. Ed Weld of McCrory, "Dies At Booneville" (Obit.)

Wright, Lee, husband of Madie (Parsons) "Lost Son In WW II" (Picture Biog.)

Wright, William Edward, of McClelland, h/o Annie (Obit.)

Yarbrough, Cleo C., "Outstanding Student At Hendrix College" (Article)

Young, William Clarence, s/o Mr. & Mrs. Grover G. McCrory (Wedding Picture of Bride)

End Part 18

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