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Woodruff County, Arkansas
Obituaries, Weddings
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Part 16

Adams, Miss Betty Jean, daughter of Otis Adams of McCrory (Wedding)

Allen, Sarah A., born in Canada, formerly of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)

Anderson, Marvin, age 16, son of Archie Anderson of Morton (Obit.)

Angelo, Gerald, son of T. C. Angelo, of North Little Rock (Wedding)

Ashby, John Ike, formerly of Hunter, AR, husband of Lou Ellen (Obit.)

Bailey, Mrs. Ada, aged 63, of California, formerly of Woodruff Co., AR (Obit.)

Baker, George C., of Cotton Plant, husband of Nannie J. (Obit.)

Baker, Mrs. Nannie Janes, of Cotton Plant, AR, wife of George C. Baker (Obit.)

Ball, Miss Iris, daughter of H. L. Ball of McCrory (Wedding)

Ball, Millie Jo, daughter of L. D. Ball, of Fair Oaks (Wedding)

Ballard, Jimmie, of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Beede, Joseph, age 79, of Beedeville (Obit.)

Breckenridge, James F., son of Mrs. Katie Breckenridge (Wedding)

Brewster, Dr. Beaufort, husband of Nancy Irene, parents of Joseph R. (Obit.)

Browning, William F., of OK, brother of C. M. & Luke Browning of McCrory (Obit.)

Bull, T. C., of McCrory, AR "V. F. W. Leader" (Picture Article)

Burgess, Maynard, son of O. T. Burgess, of McCrory (Wedding)

Capshaw, Emmett Lon, of N. Little Rock, son of Florence Capshaw (Obit.)

Capshaw, Florence "Mrs. Florence Capshaw Observes 95th Birthday" (Article)

Capshaw, Florence "Mrs. Capshaw, 95, Of Confederate Home Pieced 120 Quilts" (Picture Article)

Cariker, Billy Ray, son of Ray Cariker of McCrory (Wedding)

Cariker, Mrs. Della, of McCrory, wife of Henry J. Cariker (Obit.)

Casalman, Albert Monroe, of Beedeville, AR, father of Mrs. Bonnie Currier of McCrory (Obit.)

Chadwick, Rachel, daughter of Mrs. C. L. Chadwick, of Hillemann (Wedding)

Childress, Florence, daughter of Mrs. E. F. Childress (Wedding)

Cole, Udell, of McCrory (Wedding)

Comer, Rufus M., Sr., age 65, "Funeral Held Tuesday" (Obit.)

Conner, Richard Turner, son of Wm. Boliver Conner, of Augusta (Picture of Bride)

Cotham, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, wife of John T. Cotham (Obit.)

Crafford, Olion L., of Cotton Plant, husband of Ida Crafford (Obit.)

Crossett, Joe "Has Copy Of Gazette Vol. 1, No 1", dated Nov. 20, 1819 (Article)

Curbo, Miss Betty Jean, daughter of L. R. Curbo (Wedding)

Curtis, Walter Bennett, of Haynes, Lee Co., AR, husband of Julia (Obit.)

Daniel, Mr. Cletus, aged 42, son of William Foster Daniel (Obit.)

Dickerson, Iva, daughter of Mrs. Erna Dickerson of Morton (Wedding)

Dobbs, Jennings "Pete", son of G. A. Dobbs (Wedding)

Dodson, George William, husband of Cenia Dodson (Obit.)

Dodson, Sgt. Savage, son of the late G. A. Dodson of McCrory (Wedding)

Eaves, Mr. & Mrs. E. E. "Fire Destroys Home Of E. E. Eaves" (Article)

Eldridge, George "For County Judge, Road Commissioner" (Article)

Eldridge, George "County Judge-Elect Is Rotary Speaker" (Article)

Ferguson, Walter H., of Grays, Woodruff Co., AR "Funeral Wednesday" (Obit.)

Files, Mary Elizabeth "Prominent Lady Dies At Home In McCrory" (Obit.)

Fitzhugh, William Francis, aged 70, of Augusta, husband of Mary (Obit.)

Fletcher, Miss Virginia, daughter of Thomas Moore Fletcher (Wedding)

Fore, Ralph B., of McCrory "Legion Commander" (Picture Article 11-21-1946)

Fryer, Mr. Felker, aged 54, husband of Ella Fryer (Obit.)

Garriott, James Allen, of Gregory, husband of Dixie (Obit.)

Garton, Mrs. James W. Garton "Augusta Bride Honored With Tea-Shower" (Large Picture Article)

Gibson, Miss Virginia, daughter of Jim Gibson of McCrory (Wedding)

Glasco, Mr. G. T., of Patterson "Farmer Loses $1,200.00 In Cash" (Article)

Glidewell, Miss Willie, daughter of Jerry & Annie Glidewell (Obit.)

Grant, Bobbie Turner, son of Robert "Killed By Train At Patterson" (Obit.)

Gutherie, George H., grandson of Mrs. Belle Woods of Hillemann (Wedding)

Hamilton, Edward Lee "Twins Mark 81st Birthday Wednesday" (Picture Article)

Hamilton, Thorpe "New Rotary Club Officials" (Picture)

Haralson, Floyd L., son of George W. Haralson (Wedding)

Harris, Carrol Dean, son of Eugene Harris of McCrory (Wedding)

Hay, Mrs. Paul, of Hillemann, AR (Obit.)

Hays, Dr. James Fred "Dies At Augusta" (Obit.)

Hope, Miss Etta Lorraine, daughter of F. P. Hope, of Patterson, AR (Wedding)

Hope, Miss Etta Lorraine, daughter of F. P. Hope "MidSummer Bride" (Picture Article)

Hutchison, Miss Beatrice, daug. of Sam "Girl Believed To Be Victim Of Attack" (Article)

Irwin, Roscoe W., of Augusta, husband of Agnes (Obit.)

Jimerson, Becky, daughter of Walter Jimerson, Sr. (Wedding)

Johnson, Mrs. Ada Louis, of McCrory, AR, widow of Robert Lee Johnson (Obit.)

Jones, Cpl. T. M., son of Mrs. Austin Jones "Returning To States" (Article)

Jones, Mrs. Grace Stewart, of Bradford, AR, wife of Paul Jones (Obit.)

Jones, Mrs. Hattie (Horton), daughter of Mrs. Lottie Haggard of McCrory (Obit.)

Keating, John Bruce, of VA, formerly of McCrory, son of Maj. R. B. (Obit.)

Keith, Everett Watterson, of Howell, AR, husband of Hethie (Obit.)

Kerr, Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Kerr, Sr. "Family Reunion" (Article)

Kerr, Glenn Kerr, Jr., son of Glenn Kerr, Sr. (Wedding)

Killingsworth, J. H., Jr., son of J. H., Sr. of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Knox, Rev. Alfred, Methodist "Promoted To Major" (Article)

Koon, Clyde "New Rotary Club Officials" (Picture)

Leaf, John A., of Augusta "Drowns In White River While Fishing" (Obit.)

Lee, Irene, daughter of Mrs. Robert Lee (Wedding)

Little, Mrs. Helen Louise, wife of Otto Little (Obit.)

Lockhart, George A., of Augusta, AR, son of Gid L. Lockhart (Obit.)

Looney, Miss Dorothy, daughter of Tom "To Wed" (Picture Article)

Marsh, Andrew Lee, son of R. M. Marsh of McCrory, engaged (Article)

Mathis, Ross, of Cotton Plant, son of Dr. W. J. Mathis (Obit.)

Maynard, Pfc. Robert, son of Mrs. Mary of Batesville (Wedding)

Mayo, Miss Gretchen, daughter of Mrs. Walter W. Raney (Picture Wedding)

McBroom, Hubert, son of Mrs. Jewell Kinder, of Cotton Plant (Wedding)

McCain, Mrs. L. B., age 79, of Eupora, MS, mother of W. B. of McCrory (Obit.)

McCoy, Miss Betty Jo "Wins Most Honors In McCrory School" (Picture Article)

McCrory, Jordan C. "Prominent Citizen Is Honored With Birthday Party" (Article)

McElroy, Millicent, daughter of T. J. McElroy of McCrory, AR, engaged (Article)

McElroy, Millicent, daughter of T. J. McElroy of McCrory, AR, married (Wedding)

McElwee, Mrs. Sarah Cordelia, of Ferndale (Obit.)

McFall, Thomas T., son of James & Lou McFall (Wedding)

McKa, M. Will, age 54, of Memphis, TN, formerly of McCrory (Obit.)

Merrill, George Washington, aged 80, of Wiville, dies in Mississippi (Obit.)

Miller, Elbert R. "Bing" "Candidate For County & Probate Clerk" (Article)

Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Lee, of Revels "To Celebrate Golden Anniversary" (Article)

Miller, Sam "As Nightwatchman Sam Miller Has Walked 7,916 Miles" (Article)

Moore, Mrs. Okie, of McCrory, wife of J. B. Moore (Obit.)

Moore, Mrs R. Mintie, wife of George A. Moore (Obit.)

Myers, Mrs. Louise, of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Nelson, Lola Lee, daughter of Pearl Nelson (Wedding)

Northcut, Ramona, daughter of A. G. Northcut, of Hillemann (Wedding)

Odom, Mrs. Katherine, of Little Rock, AR, daughter of F. D. Winston (Obit.)

Patterson, Miss Shirley, daug. of John, of McCrory "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Peacock, Roy W., of Cotton Plant "Awaits English Bride" (Article)

Pearce, Rex, Sr. of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)

Peeples/Peebles, Milo Burdett, of Wiville (Obit.)

Pendergist, Flodella, daughter of Jesse Pendergist, Sr. (Wedding)

Peters, Martha Vivian, daughter of Rev. E. M. Peters (Wedding)

Perry, Miss. Lucile, daughter of Marvin Perry, of McCrory (Wedding)

Pirtle, Miss Marie, daughter of J. M. Pirtle, of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Pittman, Mrs. Herman & infant, of McCrory (Obit.)

Pulley, Miss Clara Lee, daughter of William Allen Pulley (Wedding)

Pulley, Evelyn, daughter of John Pulley (Wedding)

Pulley, Lindsey "Dobey", son of John Pulley of McCrory "Engaged" (Article)

Quick, Mrs. Mary Etta (Bice), widow of James W. Quick (Obit.)

Quinn, Miss Willard, daughter of Elizabeth Quinn, of McCrory, AR (Obit.)

Raymond, Miss Velma Rose "Installed as president of B. & P. W. Club" (Picture Article)

Raymond, William Marcus, of McCrory, son of Jack Raymond (Wedding)

Reynolds, Clarence, son of Forrest Reynolds of Morton, AR (Wedding)

Reynolds, Guy W., of McCrory, husband of Hazel Reynolds (Obit.)

Reynolds, R. C., son of W. O. Reynolds, of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Robertson, Mrs. Ella Augusta, wife of Walter J. Robertson (Obit.)

Robertson, Mrs. Mahala Jon, of Beedeville, wife of Jefferson W. Robertson (Obit.)

Robinson, Arthur, of Tupelo, AR "Farmer Dies When Struck By Truck" (Obit.)

Rumsey, J. T., of West Helena, formerly of McCrory, husband of Myrtle (Obit.)

Rushing, John Ewing, age 17, son of F. E. Rushing of Hot Springs, AR (Obit.)

Rushing, Mrs. Rachel M., aged 52, daughter of Mrs. Mattie Dodd (Obit.)

Sadler, Mrs. Ida, of Jonesboro, AR, sister of Clifford C. Peters of McCrory (Obit.)

Sanders, Roland, of N. Little Rock, husband of Bessie "Dies In McCrory" (Obit.)

Seevers, Miss Elsie, age 14, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Pitts (Obit.)

Shoup, Edmond P., of Augusta, husband of Marjorie "Found Dead" (Obit.)

Shue, Mr. Frank "Purchased garage, service station & grocery store" (Article)

Simmons, Miss Annell, daughter of Buddy "Winner In Beauty Show" (Article)

Simmons, Christopher Columbus "Lum", of Augusta, husband of Ella (Obit.)

Simmons, Mrs. Ella M. (Davis), wife of C. C. Simmons, of Augusta, AR (Obit.)

Skelton, Jesse David, ten month old son of Jack Skelton (Obit.)

Smith, Claud "Woodruff Co. Sisters Reunited With Brother After 23 Years" (Article)

Smith, Doris, wife of Sam Smith, of Little Rock, buried in Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Smith, Pfc. Lavaughn B., son of Jim C. "Graduates From AAF Mechanics" (Article)

Sparks, J. O., husband of Mary Sparks (Obit.)

Stanfill, Donnie, daughter of Mrs. Novia Stanfill, of McCrory (Wedding)

Strange, Andrew Green "Funeral Yesterday For One Of Best Fitzhugh Citizens" (Obit.)

Stewart, Miss Faye, daughter of A. M. Stewart "Betrothed" (Picture Article)

Stewart, Pfc. John B., son of J. S. Stewart "Serving In Phillippines" (Article)

Sturdivant, Louise B., daughter of Leslie W. Sturdivant (Wedding)

Tarpley, Louis Bailey, Sr., of Memphis, formerly of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Taylor, John William, of Beards, husband of Ida Jane Taylor (Obit.)

Taylor, William G., son of Mr. & Mrs. Edd Taylor, of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Thompson, Barbara (Gatwood), wife of Vance M. Thompson (Picture Article)

Thompson, Miss Elizabeth Greer, daug. of Vance M. Thompson, engaged (Picture Article)

Thompson, Miss Elizabeth Greer, daug. of Vance M., married, large group (Picture Article)

Thompson, Mrs. Mary Deland, of Augusta, wife of Ed L. Thompson (Obit.)

Thrasher, Aaron R. "Receives his Navy discharge" (Article)

Tidwell, Minor, aged 78, of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Tiner, Edward L., Sr., son of A. J. "Receives Promotion" (Article)

Tucker, Miss Alta Mae, daughter of Reuben Tucker (Wedding)

Uhles, Coy D., son of Mrs. Josie McCue of MCrory (Wedding, Picture of Bride)

Vaughn, Jennie, daughter of Mrs. Annie Wise, of McCrory (Wedding)

Ward, George E. "Receives Army Citation For Meritorious Service" (Article)

Ward, Velma, daughter of E. W. Ward of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Warr, Mrs. Opan "Hunter Landmark Destroyed By Fire" (Article)

Weatherman, George, of Augusta, AR, brother of Cora (Obit.)

Webb, Kenneth, son of Andy Webb, of McCrory (Wedding)

White, Bill, son of W. A. & Hanie White, of McCrory (Wedding)

Wiggins, Miss Levell of McCrory (Wedding)

Wiggs, Cpl. Franklin L. "Augusta Corporal Japanse Prisoner" (Article)

Wilfong, Alta, daughter of Mrs. Laura Wilfong, of Little Rock (Wedding)

Wilfong, Rev. Meredith, son of Mrs. Johnie Wilfong, of Little Rock (Wedding)

Williams, Virgil, son of C. E. Williams, of the Whitehall community (Wedding)

Willoughby, Lt. Joseph Edgar "Cotton Plant Flier Now Declared Dead" (Obit.)

Wilson, Dial, of Bald Knob, husband of Annie Lee Wilson (Obit.)

Wilson, Ella (Bice) Venable, wife of E. Houston Wilson (Obit.)

Woodruff, Claude R., aged 44, of Beedeville (Obit.)

Yarbrough, Wert Angus, of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

End Part 16

For more information, contact Gary Telford at wgt@centurytel.net, or write to: Gary Telford, Family Roots, PO Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010.

September 2005