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Woodruff County, Arkansas
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Part 2

Acton, John Richard, brother of C. A., J. S. and J. B. (Obit.)

Anderson, Miss Amy (Married)

Angus, Dane, "Injured When Hit By Flying Mail Pouch" (Article)

Ankrom, Albert of McCrory, AR (Married)

Arbuckle, Jesse E. (Married)

Armstrong, Thomas (Married)

Ball, Miss Hazel (Wedding)

Ballard, Ola of Jelks, Ar (Married)

Barber, Mrs. George W., "Seriously Hurt In Auto Crash" (Article)

Bass, Mrs. Emily of Augusta, AR (Married)

Battle, Miss Marion of Augusta, AR (Married)

Bellas, Mary (Married)

Berry, Evie May of McCrory, AR (Married)

Best, Mitchell, "Makes Tech. Honor Roll" (Article)

Bookout, Frank (Married)

Boone, Mr. & Mrs. J. E. of Cotton Plant, AR (Article with Pictures)

Bounds, Emily (Married)

Brickell, Miss Dorothy (Wedding)

Burch, Bell of McCrory (Married)

Byrd, Oscar Clyde (Married)

Cain, Loyce (Groom, Married)

Capps, Attie (Married)

Carter, Albert, son of Fannie (Wedding)

Carter, Joe D. of Cotton Plant, AR, "Uses Pistol To Commit Suicide (Obit.)

Chaney, Agatha of Wiville, AR (Married)

Chappell, Richard of McCrory, AR, "Announce Wedding Secret" (Article)

Cheatham, Homer of McCrory, AR (Married)

Chism, Jooquin (Married)

Clark, S. V., of Wiville, AR (Obit.)

Cole, Lester of McCrory, AR (Married)

Cole, Miss Urelee of McCrory (Married)

Creemeen, Mrs. Alice (Married)

Demree, Lynn (Married)

Denby, Miss Evonne & Floy, daughters of F. M., "Sisters Injured in Auto" (Article)

DeWitt, George of McCrory, AR (Married)

Drew, Helen L. of McClelland (Married)

Drew, Miss Jennie of Blytheville, AR (Married)

Dunkan, Earnest of McClelland (Married)

Dunn, Joe (Married)

Fitch, Nelson, (Leading Jelks Merchant), husband of Nannie Bell (Obit.)

Ford, Charles Jefferson, husband of Dovie (Thompson) & Mrs. Nora Baker (Obit.)

Fortune, Sherman, son of P. J., "Wounded When Gun Discharges" (Article)

Foust, Frances C. Faulkner (Obit.)

Fowler, Catherine of McCrory, AR (Married)

Garner, Emmett of Union, AR (Married)

Gaskin, June W. (Groom) of McClelland, AR (Married)

Gipson, Hurbon, son of J. P. (Wedding)

Graves, John, "Truck Kills Man North of McCrory" (Obit.)

Hampton, Orpha (Married)

Henard, Mildred of McCrory, AR (Married)

Hess, Joe (Married)

Hill, Dorothy of Cotton Plant, AR (Married)

Hill, Mollie (Married)

Hoefs, L. E. of Chicago, IL husband of Blanche (Dilliard) of McCrory, AR (Obit.)

Holder, Harold Vance "Bobo", Jr., son of H. V. & Florence (Obit.)

Hollemann, Bessie (Married)

Holt, Sally of Augusta, AR (Married)

Homer, Hollis of Cotton Plant, AR (Married)

Hougelin, Miss Rovana of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Hougelin, W. N., JP, Performed Double Wedding (Article)

Jeffries, Bid, Tech Halfback, Removed From Hospital (Article)

Johnson, Annie Mae of Hillemann, AR (Married)

Jolly, Miss Pauline of McCrory, daughter of Mrs. Lee Porter (Wedding)

Jones, Mary Louise (Married)

Kedd, Cleo, (Bride,Married)

Keton, Wanda Lee (Married)

King, Hampton of Hillemann, AR (Married)

Krockritz, J. Edward of Memphis, TN (Marriage Lic. issued)

Ladd, Mary of Fitzhugh (Married)

Lee, Leonard, "Shot By City of Hunter, Marshall, W. L. Robinson" (Article)

Lee, Robert E. of Hillemann, AR (Married)

Lipford, Rev. H. L. (Wedding)

Looney, Mode of Augusta, AR, Granted Pardon By Governor (Article)

Matheshed, Randel (Article Wedding)

Mathews, R. T. (Married)

Matthews, Evelyn (Murphy), wife of Charles, daughter of E. K. (Obit.)

Maxville, Mrs. Theodore (Allen) of Batesville, AR (Obit.)

McElroy, Arthur Lee of McCrory (Married)

McGlether, J. D. of Morton, AR (Married)

McKnight, C. C. (Married)

Meadows, Velma (Married)

Middlebrooks, Miss Ludie, daughter of Robert (Wedding)

Miller, Henry Terrell, husband of Mollie H. (Davis) (Obit.)

Mitchell, Hubert (Married)

Morris, Howard of Tupelo, AR, son of Ed (Wedding)

Murphy, Oma of Hillemann (Married)

Navens, George Frank of Wiville, AR (Married)

Nelson, Thomas Lee of Wynne, AR (Wedding)

Norwood, Miss Kynes, daughter of J. S. (Wedding)

O'Shields, Josie of Weldon, AR (Married)

Parker, W. M. (Married)

Paul, Miss Freda of Augusta, AR (Marriage Lic. issued)

Peters, Earl of Morton, AR (Married)

Petty, R. L. of McCrory (Married)

Pirtle, Ishmel (Married)

Pitts, Johnie of Fitzhugh (Married)

Pollard, Bill E. of McCrory, AR (Married)

Porter, Miss Bessie Hortense, daughter of Lee Porter (Wedding)

Pugh, Ramsey, son of J. I. (Wedding)

Raney, Hannibal, son of Jim & Amanda, hus. of Ollie Holder, later divorced (Obit.)

Raynolds, William of McCrory (Married)

Reneau, Christine of Howell, AR (Married)

Rever, Helen (Married)

Reynolds, Willie of Fitzhugh (Married)

Robison, Howard M. of Warsaw, MO (Married)

Rodgers, Arden of Cotton Plant, AR (Married)

Rogers, Vernie of Cotton Plant, AR (Married)

Rooks, Daisy of McCrory (Married)

Sale, Warren and daughters, Re-Elected Comm. Second Brigade (Pictures-Article)

Scallion, Miss Velma of Conway, AR, Announce Wedding Secret (Article)

Seay, George (Married)

Shipp, Lois of McClelland (Married)

Simms, Carrie May (Married)

Skelton, Clifford (Married)

Smith, Miss Leota, daughter of Robert (Wedding)

Solomon, Rev. William Clay, husband of Opal Inez (Harris) (Obit.)

Sorel, Otto (Article Wedding)

Stewart, Sarah Dilley (Heath), wife of Will Brewster & Dr. T. A. Stewart (Obit.)

Strickland, Faye E. (Married)

Sullivan, Jessie of Cotton Plant, AR (Married)

Taylor, Audrice (Groom) of Charleston, MO (Married)

Thompson, Mrs Vance M., Governor, Harvey Parnell, Writes To Her (Article)

Trammell, Tom (Married)

Vanlingham, Blanch of McCrory (Married)

Varrow, Miss Helen (Article Wedding)

Varrow, Miss Iva (Article Wedding)

Vaughn, Florine of Cotton Plant (Married)

Veazey, Louise (Married)

Wallin, Miss Mabel (Married)

Weaver, H. L. and son, Luther, Hurt in Crash at Crossing (Article)

Wherry, Noble of McCrory (Wedding)

Whitehead, Clifton of Weldon, AR (Married)

Wilson, Ella (Beard), daughter of Charlie & Winnie & Baby, wife of J. Wilson (Obit.)

Wood, Walter Edward, son of E. B. (Wedding)

Word, Leon of Cotton Plant, AR (Married)

End Part 2

For more information, contact Gary Telford at wgt@centurytel.net, or write to: Gary Telford, Family Roots, PO Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010.

June 2005