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Woodruff County, Arkansas
Obituaries, Weddings
Pictures & Articles

Contact: Gary Telford, wgt@centurytel.net

Part 19

Obituaries, articles and weddings can reveal a wealth of information for people researching their family. It is one of the best sources available to genealogists. Old pictures are priceless.

All of these are copies of the original article, none have been typed and cannot be emailed. They will be sent by U. S. Postal Service. When requesting information on any of these please indicate if it is an Obit., Article, Wedding or Biog., what Part number it is listed in, and the full name as listed.

Any of these old "Original Newspaper Copies" would make a great addition in a "Family History Scrapbook." All have been copied on heavyweight, 28 lb., bright white, acid free, archive safe, paper.

For more information see the Parts now posted here on Woodruff County Website www.rootsweb.com/~arwoodru/ - Click on (Obits/Weddings)

The Family History Books are families of Woodruff County, Arkansas that I have researched and compiled over the last four years. They list the following information on most people; ancestors and descendants, full names, date of birth, place of birth, marriage records, place, and dates, spouses, children, date of death, place of death, name of cemetery and location, some obituaries, all books have spiral binding, title of book on heavy photo paper with plastic cover sheet, table of contents, dedication page, ancestor trees, kinship report, family pages, index, pages for corrections, additions, new births, new deaths, new marriages, new divorces, vinyl back. Most of the books contain articles, stories, pictures, census records, Loose Probate Records, Civil War records and more. All are printed on heavyweight, 28 lb., bright white, acid free, archive safe, paper. All books can be personalized with book number and dedicated to any person of your choice.
Prices vary depending on the number of pages, generations, and color pictures. Contact me.

Included below is a listing of the Family History Books now available, more to come. If your Woodruff County Family History Book is not yet listed, contact me.

The following abbreviations have been used where space requires;
(Biog.) Biography; Biographies are large articles with lots of family information.
h/o--husband of
w/o--wife of
m/o--mother of
f/o--father of
d/o--daughter of
s/o--son of
b/o--brother of
sis. of--sister of

Andrews Family History Book- Isham T. & Martha Andrews- 4 Generations

Angelo, Frank, s/o Frank Angelo, of Cotton Plant "Promoted To Major" (Article)

Arkansas Confederate Home, name of residents, county of residence, date admitted

Arkansas Confederate Home, deaths, obituaries, from 1930 to 1955, contact me

Arkansas Confederate Pension Applications, veteran and widow, contact me

Arkansas' Damned Yankees: An Index to Union Soldiers in Arkansas Regiments

Arkansas Gazette, Index Records, 1895, 1896, Jan.-June-1897, July-Dec.-1897,

Jan.-June 1898, July-Dec. 1898, Jan.-June 1899, July-Dec. 1899, Jan.-June 1900.

Arkansas, Glimpses of Yesterday, Columns from the Ark. Gazette, Family Histories

Arkansas, Little Rock, Arkansas, National Cemetery Burial Roster

Arkansas, Marriage Notices-1819-1845

Arkansas, Marriage Records-1808-1835

Arkansas, Masonic Records, Grand Lodge of Ark., 1862-1869, 1870-1872, 1873-1879

Arkansas, Mexican War Soldiers

Arkansas, Spanish American War Soldiers

Arkansas, Union Soldiers Pension Application

Arnberg, Robert A., s/o Sidney C. Arnberg, picture & article of bride (Picture Wedding)

Arnett, George Thomas, of Augusta, "Killed Yesterday By Hit-Run Driver" (Obit.)

Arnett, George Thomas, of Augusta, "Hit-and-Run Victim Is Buried Monday" (Article)

Arnett, Roy, s/o A. E. Arnett, of Beedeville, picture of bride (Picture Wedding)

Arwood, John A., of Forrest City, AR, h/o Mary Elizabeth (Obit.)

Ashby Family History Book- 11 Generations- 1680--2007

Baker, Miss Peggy Ruth, d/o Paul Baker of CA (Wedding Announcement)

Baker, Miss Peggy Ruth, d/o Paul Baker of CA "Marries In California" (Picture Wedding)

Baker, Mr. & Mrs. W. E., of Searcy, "Wedded 58 Years" (Article)

Baker, William E., h/o Jennie, former postmaster at Patterson (Obit.)

Bales, John Benjamin F., of Batesville, AR (Obit.)

Ball, Miss Clonnie, d/o James W. & Florence Ball, of Pumpkin Bend (Wedding)

Barnett, Billy Doyle, s/o W. H. Barnett, "Enlists In Regular Army" (Article)

Bartley, Mrs. T. L., w/o Jack Bartley, of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)

Beal, Delbert C., of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Beard Family History Book- John B. & Samuel C. Beard- 7 Generations- 1821-2007

Beard, Samuel Jerome, Jr., s/o Samuel J. Beard, Sr., pic. of Bride (Picture Wedding)

Beasley, Orville Thomas, f/o Tom Beasley (Obit.)

Beaty, Cyrus Newberry, h/o Beulah & Edna (Obit.)

Becton Family History Book- John W. Becton- 5 Generations- 1745-2007

Benton, Georgia (Headen), w/o Earl Benton (Obit.)

Berry Family History Book- James N. & Sarah E. (Anderson) Berry- 4 Generations

Berry Family History Book, Major William C. Berry- 11 Generations- 1700-2007

Best Family History Book- 11 Generations- 1645-2007

Bevills, Grover Columbus, of McCrory "Takes Own Life With A Shotgun" (Obit.)

Bevills, Miss Frances, d/o Chester Bevills, of McCrory (Picture Wedding)

Biles Family History Book- Dr. Lee E. & Mary E. Biles- 6 Generations 1800-2004

Bingham, Loyd, of Wynne, AR, "Arrested As Deserter From U. S. Army" (Article)

Bone Family History Book- Henry De Bohon, of Normandy- 37 Generations

Bowen, William E., nephew of Charlie Vanderburg, "Visits Naples, Italy" (Article)

Bowens, William E., nephew of Charles Vanderburg, "On Tour In Greece" (Article)

Bowie, Arthur "Buddy", s/o Mrs. Arthur Bowie, "Dies In A Plane Crash" (Obit.)

Boyles, Raymond, of Augusta, AR, picture of bride (Picture Wedding)

Bronte, Mrs. Nettie "Buffet Supper In Honor Of Mrs. Bronte" (Article)

Bronte, Paul, s/o Jeff L. & Nettie Bronte, "President B. M. C." (Picture Article)

Broughton, John Edward (Edgar), s/o J. E., "Dies In German Taxi Accident" (Obit.)

Broughton, John Edward (Edgar), "Soldier Killed In Germany Buried" (Obit.)

Brewster Family History Book- Dr. Beaufort Brewster- 5 Generations 1767-2007

Brown, Charlotte Randokph, colored, of Patterson, aged 97, (Obit.)

Brown, "Dink", colored, "Found Dead March 20" (Obit.)

Brown, Miss Lurene, d/o T. J. Brown, of McCrory (Wedding)

Brown, Miss Syble, d/o B. A. Brown of McCrory (Wedding)

Browning, Cloyce, of Pumpkin Bend "Home Burned" (Article)

Burgess, Fred M., s/o Ollie T. Burgess, of McCrory (Wedding)

Burkett, Miss Frances, d/o L. V., "Makes Wedding Plans" (Wedding Announcement)

Burkett, Miss Frances, d/o Lionel Victor Burkett (Wedding Announcement)

Burkett, Miss Frances, d/o L. V., "Rehearsal Dinner For Wedding Party" (Article)

Burkett, Miss Frances, d/o L. V., "Miscellaneous Shower For Miss Burkett" (Article)

Burkett, Miss Frances, d/o L. V., long article (Wedding)

Burkett, Miss Frances, "Married Last Week", in Wedding Dress (Picture Wedding)

Burks, Miss Betty, d/o Paul Burks of McCrory, "Honored At ASTC" (Picture Article)

Butler, Martha Ellen, died in Newport, w/o Jesse L. (Obit.)

Byrd Family History Book- N. D. Byrd- Henry Co., TN- 8 Generations- 1782--2007

Campbell Family History Book- James H. & Eliza Campbell- 1810-2007

Campbell, Hubert, of McCrory, "Reunited With Half Sister After 36 Years" (Article)

Campbell, Richard, s/o Herbert Campbell of McCrory (Wedding)

Capshaw Family History Book- Robert D. & Florence- 11 Generations

Cariker Family History Book- Phillip Jackson "Peter Jack"- 8 Generations

Cariker, Marvin Ray, s/o William Maynard Cariker (Wedding)

Cariker, Odell, s/o Maynard Cariker, of McCrory, (Wedding)

Carlock, Miss Gayola, d/o William B. Carlock, of Cotton Plant, (Wedding Announcement)

Carlock, Miss Gayola, d/o William B. Carlock, of Cotton Plant (Picture Wedding)

Carter Family History Book- Alfred C. & Emma Carter- 4 Generations- 1839-2007

Carter, Elmo, s/o Roy E. Carter, formerly of McCrory (Picture Wedding)

Carter, W. E., of Cotton Plant "Kills 225-Pound Deer" (Article)

Cary, Johnny Hubert, s/o Hugh B. Cary, "On Special Duty" (Article)

Cary, Johnny Hubert, s/o Hugh B. Cary, of Hunter (Wedding)

Carter, W. E., of Cotton Plant "Bags 1,500 pound Wyoming Moose" (Picture Article)

Cason, Claude, h/o Juanita (Pugh), p/o 2 children (Obit.)

Caudle, Doyle R., s/o Cecil V. Caudle, "At Camp Chaffee" (Article)

Cemetery Records, Woodruff County, set of two books, published in 1978, contact me

Centennial History of Arkansas, Family Histories

Chadwick, Donald O., s/o Mrs. Viola B. Chadwick "At Fort Lewis, Wash." (Article)

Chadwick, Donald, s/o Viola Chadwick "Receiving Training At Camp Chaffee" (Article)

Chadwick, Leslie N., s/o Viola, "Goes On Maneuvers" (Article)

Chadwick, Leslie N., s/o Viola, "Serving With 31st Infantry In Japan" (Article)

Chambers, Albert Greenberry, of Conway, f/o Ernest & Opie Chambers (Obit.)

Chaney Family History Book- John N. & Frances J.- 5 Generations- 1825-2007

Chaney, Horace, of McCrory, "Assistant To Business Manager" (Article)

Chaney, Virginia Lee, d/o Horace, "To Marry In Texas" (Wedding Announcement)

Chaney, Virginia Lee, d/o Horace Raymond Chaney, Sr. (Picture Wedding)

Chaney, Lt. Winfree, s/o Ernest W. Chaney, h/o Helen, "Dies Suddenly" (Obit.)

Chaney, Lt. Winfree, s/o Ernest W. Chaney, "Interment Held" (Obit.)

Chappell, Fayrene, d/o James "Jim" M. Chappell, "Married In California" (Wedding Article)

Chappell, Fayrene, d/o James "Jim" M. Chappell, "Married In California" (Picture Article)

Charles, Mrs. James, of Augusta, d/o Dave Griffith of TX (Obit.)

Chastine, James Delbert & Joyce Ann, "Tragedy Solved; Playmate Confesses" (Obit.)

Cole Family History Book- Lorenzo Dow & Tollie M.- 5 Generations- 1793-2007

Cole, Miss Lois, d/o R. W. Cole of Hillemann (Wedding)

Cole, Miss Mary Elizabeth, d/o Ernest Cole (Wedding Announcement)

Cole, Richard "Forced With Gun To Walk From Gin To Store" (Article)

Cole, Mrs. Sarah (Totty), of Wiville, AR, w/o Charley Cole (Obit.)

Collier, Milas, age 15, s/o George H. Collier, of Tichnor, AR (Obit.)

Comer, Andy "Barn Burns and Home Damaged" (Article)

Comer, Mrs. A. B., of Tupelo, AR, w/o A. B. Comer (Obit.)

Compton Family History Book- David Reuben Compton- 4 Generations- 1804-2007

Confederate, Reunion in Little Rock, "May Attract 10 Vets" (Article)

Conner Family History Book- Bolivar B. & Eliza L.- 9 Generations- 1715--2007

Conner, Bonnie Elizabeth, d/o Roscoe C. Conner (Wedding)

Conner, Emmerson, Jr., s/o E. C., Sr. of Newport (Wedding Announcement)

Conner, Richard T., s/o Mrs. W. Boliver Conner (Wedding Announcement)

Conner, Roscoe C., of Augusta, h/o Bessie (Obit.)

Cooper, Mr. W. P., formerly of Hunter (Obit.)

Corley-McElwee Family History Book- 10 Generations- 1650-2007

Cotney Family History Book- R. H. Cotney Family- 3 Generations- 1800-2007

Cravens, Elijah B., of Weldon, AR (Obit.)

Creasey, A. D., s/o Mrs. Ethel Ruby Creasey, "Serving In Japan" (Article)

Crittenden Family History Book- Dr. Adolphus L. & Judith L.- 6 Generations

Crittenden, James Carrol "J. C." (Obit.)

Crook, Miss Paula Sue, d/o Leo Crook "Birthday Party" (Article)

Crossett Family History Book- Joseph Kinney Crossett- 8 Generations- 1815-2007

Crossett, Joseph H., s/o J. H., of McCrory, "Attending Military School" (Article)

Crossett, Joseph H., s/o J. H., of McCrory, "On Honor Roll" (Article)

Crossett, Joseph H., s/o J. H., "Awarded Kemper Football Letter" (Article)

Crossett, Mary (Harton), w/o Joseph Henry Crossett (Obit.)

Cummings, Mrs. Cora Lee, of Newport, w/o D. E. Cummings (Obit.)

Dale Family History Book- Dr. Felix D. & Ida A. Dale- 5 Generations- 1811-2007

Daly, Tommy Freeman "Catches 54 Pound King-Sized Salmon" (Picture Article)

Daniels, George, s/o W. T. & Rosa Daniels, "Is Now Fire Chief" (Article)

Daniels, Miss Virginia, d/o G. W. Daniels, of Augusta (Picture Wedding)

Davenport, William D., h/o Margaret (Figg), of Searcy, AR (Obit.)

Dehart, John "76-Year-Old Fiddler, Winner of Contest" (Article)

Dennis-Eaker Family History Book- 5 Generations- 1810-2007

Dent Family History Book- 12 Generations- 1600-2007

Dewitt, Miss Donnie, of near McCrory (Wedding)

Dilliard, Mrs. Isabelle 'Belle" Rebecca, of Vandale, AR, w/o Vernon R. (Obit.)

Dillon Family History Book- Joseph Marion Dillon, Sr.- 6 Generations- 1807-2007

Dodd, James Henry, of Augusta, AR, h/o Martha Jane (Obit.)

Dodson, Miss Pat, d/o Jim Dodson, editor of the McCrory Jaguar (Picture Article)

Dodson, Miss Pat, d/o Jim Dodson, "Recent Bride" (Picture Wedding)

Dorflinger, William M., of Cotton Plant, AR, h/o Maggie (Obit.)

Drewery, Robert Alexander, h/o Bessie (Dilliard) (Obit.)

Drexler, Miss Pat, d/o Manuel, "President Senior Class" (Picture Article)

Dukes, Edward S., of Hunter, h/o Beatrice (Obit.)

Earley, Edgar Hawes, of Enid, OK, bro. of G. T. Earley of McCrory (Obit.)

Eary, Herman, s/o Homer Eary, "Stabbed To Death At Cotton Plant" (Obit.)

Easley Family History Book- Thomas F. K. Easley- 5 Generations- 1800-2007

Ebey, Helen, of Newport, "Body of Woman Drifts 55 Miles In White River" (Obit.)

Echols Family History Book- Isham T. And Fannie A.- 4 Generations- 1851-2007

Eldridge Family History Book- 11 Generations- 1685-2007

Eldridge, Kate "Katie" Martin (Nowlin), w/o John Dupree Eldridge, Sr. (Obit.)

Fakes Family History Book- Dr. Gideon Bransford Fakes- 8 Generations- 1780--2007

Family History Books, Families of Woodruff Co., AR, more to come, contact me

Faust, Walter Julius (Rev.), h/o Lucy C. (Obit.)

Felkner Family History Book- James Felkner- 9 Generations- 1750-2007

Ferguson Family History Book- James P. "Buck" Ferguson- 6 Generations- 1823-2007

First Arkansas Union Cavalry

Fisher, Marshall, of Grays "Birthday Dinner" (Article)

Fitzhugh Family History Book- Rufus King Fitzhugh, Sr.- 12 Generations- 1570-2007

Fletcher Family History Book- Dr. Burrell A. Fletcher- 7 Generations- 1775-2007

Floyd, Sgt. Arneal, of Cotton Plant, AR, s/o Levane Floyd, "In Kyoto, Japan" (Article)

Floyd, Cpl. Arneal, of Cotton Plant, AR, s/o Levane Floyd, "In Kyoto, Japan" (Article)

Folsom Family History Book- Col. William Winslow- 11 Generations- 1615-2007

Fore, James David, s/o Peter J. & Rosa Fore, "Commander V. F. W." (Picture Article)

Fore, Ralph, of McCrory, married, at home of Rosa Fore in McCrory (Wedding)

Fore, Ralph, of McCrory, and wife, "Recently Wed" (Picture Wedding)

Foster, William Benjamin, of Augusta, h/o Louisa (Obit.)

Fowler Family History Book, James Nathaniel Fowler- 8 Generations- 1802-2007

Fowler, Fannie Etta, of Hillemann, w/o James Z. Fowler (Picture Obit.)

Frymier, Mrs. Dove, w/o George Frymier (Obit.)

Galloway, Virginia Anne, d/o Cora Virginia Galloway (Picture Wedding Announcement)

Galloway, Miss Virginia Anne, d/o Cora Virginia (Eldridge) Galloway (Picture Wedding)

Gant, Barbara E. "Lena" (Lewis), of Harrisburg, AR, w/o Joseph G. (Obit.)

Garner Family History Book, Wiley B. Garner- 8 Generations- 1807-2007

Garner, Rev. C. H. "Resigns As Pastor of Riverside Church", by Mrs. W. H. Lacy (Picture Article)

Garrett, James L. "Former Woodruff Sheriff Died" (Obit.)

Genealogy Research for your family, contact me at wgt@centurytel.net

Gibson, Mrs. Clover (Jeffries), w/o James Orville Gibson (Obit.)

Gillum, Walter C., of near Cotton Plant, h/o Alma (Obit.)

Glaser, Imogene (Osier), d/o Milas & Ruth Osier, "Elected New President" (Picture Article)

Glover, Glenn "Picture Of Appears In "On A Fast Train Through Ark." (Article)

Gordon, Clarence S., of Augusta, "Appointed To F. H. A. Group" (Article)

Grave marker photos, Digital photos, 4 X 6, of grave markers, contact me

Grigsby Family History Book- Dr. Edward Olenda Grigsby- 7 Generations- 1781-2007

Gross, Daisy Lenora (Bowers), w/o J. H. Gross (Obit.)

Gross, James Edward, s/o Mrs. J. S. Grafford, of Cotton Plant (Wedding)

Gullic, Nancy Carolyn, d/o Wm. B. Gullic, "Recent Bride" (Picture Wedding)

Hackett, Vella (Spradlin) Henderson, w/o D. R. Henderson, & William B. Hackett (Obit.)

Haggard Family History Book- John Steele Haggard- 2 Generations- 1846-2007

Hagler, Joyce, d/o G. W., "4-H Champions Named For Woodruff County" (Picture Article)

Hagler, Joyce, d/o G. W., "Wins Blue Ribbon At Mid-South Fair" (Article)

Hall, John Clark, of Weldon, h/o Bertha Hall (Obit.)

Hamblet Family History Book- Col. John T. Hamblet- 6 Generations- 1820-2007

Hamilton, Edward L., "Observes 84th Birthday Nov. 13" (Picture Article)

Hancock, J. A., of Augusta, "Probe Made In Auto Mishap At Bald Knob" (Article)

Hardin, Luther, of Tupelo, "Elected Vice-Pres. Of FFA Club" (Article)

Harris, Matha, d/o Eugene Harris, to marry, (Wedding Announcement)

Harris, Miss Matha, d/o Eugene, "Bridal Shower" (Article)

Harris, Miss Matha Julia, d/o Eugene, "To Wed Saturday" (Picture Article)

Harris, Miss Matha Julia, d/o Eugene, "Becomes Bride" (Article)

Harris, Miss Mereleen, of Cotton Plant, d/o McKinley Harris of Des Arc (Wedding)

Henard, Herbert T., s/o Rev. Stonewall Henard, "Wins Apprentice Award" (Article)

Henderson, Bettie Jean, d/o John M. Henderson, of Augusta, AR (Wedding)

Henderson, Mrs. W. U. (Shipman), of Auvergne (Obit.)

Henry, Lloyd Alton, s/o Frank Henry, of Augusta, "Licensed Attorney" (Picture Article)

Hensley, Mrs. R. H. (Rosie Ellis), of Augusta, w/o R. H. Hensley (Obit.)

Hess, Aubrey, s/o James L. Hess, of Newport, AR, "Promoted To Corporal" (Article)

Hess, Mary Elizabeth, d/o Herman Hess (Picture Wedding)

Hill Family History Book- Parley P. Hill- 6 Generations- 1806-2007

Holder Family History Book- William Bedford Holder- 7 Generations- 1831-2007

Holder, W. E. "Sonny, "Advanced To Owner" (Picture Article)

Hollbrook, Mrs. Dora (Skelton), of Forrest City, AR (Obit.)

Holleman, Miss Bonita, d/o H. H. Holleman of Hickory Ridge, AR (Wedding)

Holmes, Mr. & Mrs. James, of Tilton, "50 Attend Fourth Of July Barbecue" (Article)

Hostetler, Mrs. Charles, (Mrs. Polyan), aged 70, of near Augusta (Obit.)

Houchins, Herbert E., "Tupelo Farmer Ends Own Life With Pistol" (Obit.)

House Family History Book- James Polk House- 7 Generations- 1745-2007

House-Veasey Family History Book- Martha House & John Veazey- 7 Generations

Howell, Edgar, hold up of store, "Bloodhounds Taken To Wiville Area" (Article)

Hudson, Ruby, d/o Porter Hudson, of Cotton Plant, AR (Wedding Announcement)

Huenefeld, Mary, d/o Arnold Huenefeld, "DAR Award Candidate" (Picture Article)

Huenefeld, Miss Mary "Preside At F. H. A. Meeting" (Picture Article)

Huff Family History Book- James Elias & Sarah- 5 Generations- 1816-2007

Hunnicutt, Doyne "Appointed Chairman State Police Board", large (Picture Article)

Hunter, Mrs. Stella Ann, of Tupelo, AR (Obit.)

Immel, James Ervin, of Tilton, near Hickory Ridge, h/o Annie (Obit.)

Ingram, Jack "New President Of Augusta B. M. Club" (Picture Article)

Jeffries Family History Book- Ed. & Penelope- 6 Generations- 1816--2007

Jeffries, Alfred Jefferson, of Clarendon, f/o Mrs. Tom Stanley of Augusta (Obit.)

Jeffries, Mrs. Myra "Given Honors" (Article)

Jeffries, Miss Nettie Ann "Annie", d/o Thomas A. Jeffries, (Wedding Announcement)

Jeffries, Miss Nettie Ann "Annie", "Reveals Wedding Plans (Picture Article)

Jeffries, Miss Nettie Ann "Annie", d/o Thomas Anthony Jeffries, Sr. (Picture Wedding)

Jeffries, Oc, "Rotary Club Speaker, Tells of Trip To Louisville, KY" (Article)

Jelks Family History Book-12 Generations-1650 England-2007

Jenkins, Henry Walter, of near McCrory, h/o Mary Catherine (Obit.)

Jennings, Harry Fitzhugh, s/o T. J. Jennings, "Commander V. F. W." (Picture Article)

Jernigan, Mary Roseann "Annie", w/o Henry W. Jernigan (Obit.)

Jett Family History Book- Richard T. Jett- 7 Generations- 1806-2007

Jett, Miss Hutoka "Miss Jett Favored With Dinner-Shower" (Article)

Johnson, Algernon, "Barn & Contents Destroyed By Fire On Johnson Farm" (Article)

Johnson, Oscar E., "Former McFadden Farmer, 82, Dies" (Obit.)

Johnson, Pearl (Duncan), m/o Mrs. Audrey Eskew of McCrory (Obit.)

Jolly, Clarence, of Houston, TX, formerly of McCrory, AR, h/o Laura (Obit.)

Jones Family History Book- Dr. John H. W.- 4 Generations- 1800-2007

Jones, Louise, d/o Lee A. Jones, of McCrory (Wedding)

Jones, Lucille, d/o Lee A. Jones, of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Jones, Mr. & Mrs. W. A. "54th Wedding Day Observed By McCrory Couple" (Article)

Jones, William Norton, s/o Capt. Alex & Julia Jones, h/o Beatrice (Picture Obit.)

Keating, Mrs. Ruth B. "Honored With A Turkey Day Dinner" (Article)

Keith Family History Book- William Franklin Keith- 5 Generations

Kibler, Raleigh J., of Hickory Ridge, AR, h/o Carrie (Obit.)

King, Minnie Lee, w/o Albert, "Wife Found Guilty In Slaying of Husband" (Article)

Koberlin, Michael O., s/o Mrs. William Koberlin, of Pine Bluff, (Wedding Announcement)

Koon, Clyde, "County Director" (Picture Article)

Koon, Clyde, "Appointed To N. E. A. Committee" (Picture Article)

Kuhlman, Maurine (Raymond), sis. of Miss Velma Rose Raymond (Picture Article)

Kunust, Benny, age 42, of Fair Oaks "Hurt In Fair Oaks Wreck" (Article)

Lamberson, Morris "Named Captain Of Football Team" (Article)

Lamberson, R. Lee, s/o R. L. Lamberson of McCrory (Wedding)

Land and deed records, old, "Original Copies", contact me

Lawhon Family History Book- 9 Generations- 1722-2007

Lee, Herschel, s/o Robert Lee, of McCrory (Wedding)

Lee, Mrs. John "Suffers Attack. Is Unconscious" (Article)

Lewis Family History Book, Alexander Curry- 12 Generations- 1660-2007

Lewis, Lula Alberta, of Augusta, AR, w/o Jonas Stephenson Lewis (Obit.)

Lindsey, Walter M., s/o Walter L., married (Wedding)

Lippman, Mrs. Maggie, of Tupelo, "Sustains Fractured Hip" (Article)

Locke Family History Book- Thomas T. Locke- 7 Generations- 1757-2007

Locke, Charles E., bro. of R. H. Locke of Patterson, AR (Obit.)

Lockhart, Mrs. Indiana, w/o G. L. Lockhart, of Gregory (Obit.)

Lockridge, Mrs. Matilda, of Grays, w/o B. W. (Obit.)

Looney, Billie Gene, s/o Tom, of Fitzhugh, married, picture of bride (Picture Wedding)

Loose Probate Records, Woodruff County, 1862-1900, contact me

Lotridge, I. L., of Wynne, "Added To Staff Of The Leader" (Article)

Love, Mrs. Mary Florence, w/o J. D. (Obit.)

Lowe, William Arthur, s/o Edgar Hugh Lowe, of Monroe, GA (Wedding Announcement)

Luder, Billy, of Doniphan, MO, uncle of Chess Williams (Obit.)

Lynch Family History Book- Robert Cherry- 5 Generations- 1777-2007

Malin, Mrs. W. E., and daughter, Marjorie "Attend Movie Parade" (Picture Article)

Malone, Sandy, d/o Emma Jean Malone, of Tupelo, "Shot In Head By Playmate" (Article)

Malott, John W., of Fayetteville, AR, "Last Civil War Veteran In Ark. Dies" (Obit.)

Mann, Irma Shelly (Bailey) Tarpley, of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Marriage Records "Original Copies" of court house marriage license, contact me

Marsh Family History Book- Andrew Jackson- 6 Generations- 1800--2007

Martin Family History Book- Col. Robert Thomas- 7 Generations- 1800-2007

Martin, Charles W., of Beedeville, AR, h/o Minnie (Obit.)

Masonic Records, 1862-1869, 1870-1872, 1873-1879

Massey Family History Book- Silas Newton Massey- 5 Generations- 1848-2007

Massey, Mrs. Ida Jane, of Tupelo (Obit.)

Mathis Family History Book- Dr. William Jesse & Emma Mathis- 7 Generations

Mathis, Miss Marilyn, d/o Horace Wynne Mathis, of Cotton Plant, (Picture Wedding)

Matlock Family History Book- James M. & Mary- 13 Generations- 1635-2007

Matlock, Oscar L. "Visits In France" (Article)

Matlock, Oscar L. "Gets Admiral's Praise" (Article)

Matthews, William M., of Greenville, MS, formerly of Augusta, AR (Obit.)

Mauldin, Bobbie Sue, d/o W. H. Mauldin of McCrory (Wedding)

Mauldin, Mrs. E. A. "Birthday Dinner" (Article)

Mauldin, Mr. & Mrs. E. A. "Family Reunion" (Article)

Mauldin, Willie Stanley, h/o Lillie Mauldin (Obit.)

McCain Family History Book- Dr. William Thomas- 7 Generations- 1759-2007

McCain, Mrs. Esna E. (Angus), w/o Dr. William Thomas McCain (Obit.)

McCrory Family History Book- Cyrus G. McCrory- 8 Generations- 1765-2007

McCuan Family History Book- Isaac Mitchell McCuan- 9 Generations- 1765-2007

McCue Family History Book- Dan M. & Neal McCue- 7 Generations- 1880-2007

McDonald, Alfred, of Gregory, AR (Obit.)

McDonald, Mrs. Patricia Ruth "Valedictorian" (Picture Article)

McElroy, John William, of Wynne, AR, h/o Kate (Obit.)

McElwee, Miss Frances, d/o Mrs. F. S. "Selected Campus Beauty" (Picture Article)

McFarland, Robert B., of Cotton Plant, AR, h/o Maude (Obit.)

McGill, Harold Stanton, of Gregory (Obit.)

McGregor Family History Book- Ransford P. and Sarah- 6 Generations- 1801-2007

McGregor, Capt. Robert S., s/o Kate "Undergoes Appendix Operation At Sea" (Article)

McGregor, Mrs. Roy "Visits College Friend" (Article)

McKenzie, Kenneth, of Wynne, AR "Drowned In Car Accident" (Obit.)

McKenzie, Pfc. Samuel J., Jr., formerly of Wynne, "Remains En Route To U. S." (Article)

McKenzie, Pfc. Samuel J., Jr., "Military Funeral Sunday" (Obit.)

McKenzie, Sybil, of Wynne, AR, w/o Kenneth, "Drowned In Car Accident" (Obit.)

McNees, Thomas R., of Newport, AR (Obit.)

Meehan, Miss Marjorie, d/o Charles M. Meehan, picture of bride (Picture Wedding)

Memphis And Arkansas Bridge, "To Be Opened Saturday" (Article)

Meredith, Mrs. Alice, of Morton (Obit.)

Miller Family History Book- Lee A. & "Lizzie"- 6 Generations- 1850-2007

Miller, Elbert R. "Bing", s/o Charles E. Miller, "Serving Second Term" (Picture Article)

Miller, John Sherman, of Tupelo, AR (Obit.)

Miller, Otto "Promoted To Cashier of Bank" (Article)

Miller, Otto, of McCrory, "President Arkansas Junior Bankers" (Picture Article)

Miller, Miss Wanda Sue, d/o Charles E. Miller, Jr. (Wedding) (Picture Wedding)

Mitchell, Mrs. John Anna "Johnnie" (Eldridge), widow of George W. Mitchell (Obit.)

Mitchell, Mrs. Mary Ellen, of Augusta, w/o F. H. Mitchell (Obit.)

Mitchell, Reginald, s/o Loyce & Mabel Mitchell (Obit.)

Moon, Miss Ray Ellen, d/o Ray Moon, of Augusta (Picture Wedding)

Morris Family History Book- Dr. John W.- 1600--2007--500 pages- 15 Generations

Morrison, Infant daughter of George Morrison, of the Duffel community (Obit.)

Mullikin, Mrs. Mattie, d/o W. A. Jones, of McCrory (Wedding)

Murphy, Mrs. Anna M., of Jackson Co., AR, w/o John H. Murphy (Obit.)

Murphy, Miss Betty Jean, d/o Riley Murphy, of McCrory (Wedding)

Murray Family History Book- James Murray- 8 Generations- 1791-2007

Myer, Mary E., of Kensett, AR, w/o George S. Myer (Obit.)

Nance, Mrs. Mary D., formerly of Grubbs (Obit.)

Neal Family History Book- Oscar Lewis Neal- 8 Generations- 1785-2007

Neal, Pfc. Lawrence "Serving In Honshu Japan" (Article)

Nix, James David, h/o Lonia Nix, of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)

Norman, Miss Martha, of Searcy, "Preside At F. H. A. Meeting" (Picture Article)

Norwood, Carol Louise, d/o Sidney Brooks Norwood (Obit.)

Norwood, Lucian, "Brother Of J. Sid Norwood Is Dead" (Obit.)

Oakes Family History Book- James Morton- 6 Generations- 1822-2007

Odle, Miss Alene, d/o Edward Odle, Sr. of North Little Rock (Wedding)

Odom, Bud (Obit.)

Odom, Julius J., of Newport "Kerosene Fire Fatal To Farmer" (Obit.)

Odom, Mrs. Maudie, of Memphis, TN, formerly of McCrory (Wedding)

Oliver, David Fletcher, s/o Mrs. C. S. Oliver, of Tupelo (Obit.)

O'Shields Family History Book- William J.- 7 Generations- 1810-2007

Parker, A. L., "Jailer, Beaten And Locked In Augusta Jail" (Article)

Parker, Marche Ray, s/o Rev. & Mrs. C. R. Parker "Celebrates Birthday" (Article)

Parrish, Jimmy, s/o John Parrish (Wedding)

Patterson Family History Book- David & Nancy A.- 6 Generations- 1802-2007

Patterson, Ethel L., "New Insurance Agent" (Picture Article)

Patterson, Howard S. "Pat", h/o Otha, "Wins Safety Honors" (Picture Article)

Patterson, Marshall H., h/o Ethel (Lippman) "The truth about his death", large (Article)

Payne, Rev. J. A., of Roosevelt, White Co., AR (Obit.)

Peebles Family History Book- Andrew Turpey- 8 Generations- 1834-2007

Penrose Family History Book- William & Eliza J.- 5 Generations- 1817-2007

Penrose, Dr. William O., "Will Address Rotary" (Picture Article)

Penrose, Dr. William O., of Hunter "To Leave University" (Picture Article)

Perry, Mrs. Marvin, of near McCrory, "Dies At Age of 47" (Obit.)

Phillips, Mrs. W. L. "Birthday Dinner" (Article)

Pierce, John Henry, h/o Gertie, "Fatally Shot Near His Home" (Obit.)

Pierce, Dr. W. N., of Tupelo, h/o Nancy M. Pierce (Obit.)

Plant, Oleta Ruth, d/o Tatum C. & Jessie Maude Plant "Married" (Wedding)

Poe, Miss Agnes Mae, d/o Hershel Hampton Poe (Picture Wedding)

Price Family History Book- Capt. David Flourney- 4 Generations- 1800-2007

Price, John Dale, of Augusta, AR, "Wins Promotion" (Article)

Proulx Family History Book- George H. & Elizabeth- 3 Generations- 1825-2007

Proulx, Elizabeth Mina "Minnie" (Opie), w/o George H. Proulx (Obit.)

Quick, Manuel Houston, s/o George Lewis & Eara Quick (Wedding)

Quiett Family History Book- William Frederick & Eliza- 6 Generations- 1801-2007

Ramsey, Ellis W., h/o Winnie (Dodson), "Is Beebe Editor" (Picture Article)

Ramsey, Shirley Ann, d/o Arthur, "Tragedy Solved; Playmate Confesses" (Obit.)

Raney Family Hisrory Book- Walter Wilson Raney- 6 Generations- 1810-2007

Raney, Thomas Jefferson, Sr., s/o Elisha & Virginia W. (Hulsey) Raney (Obit.)

Rankin, Mrs. Elva. of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Ray, William D., of McCrory, "With Fifth Armored Division" (Article)

Rayburn, Major James Harrison "Harry", of Cotton Plant, AR, b/o C. L., of MS (Obit.)

Raymond, Mrs. Mellie "Birthday Dinner" (Article)

Raymond, Miss Velma Rose, "Velma's Dress Shop, Best In County" (Picture Article)

Reed Family History Book- William A. & Margaret- 4 Generations- 1831-2007

Reeves, Bobby, s/o A. E. & Elaine (Mikles) Reeves, of CA (Obit.)

Reynolds, Elwood "Shorty", "Opens New Store" (Picture Article)

Revel Family History Book- John W. & Duke Revel- 5 Generations- 1782-2007

Ridgway-Ridgeway Family History Book- 8 Generations- 1820-2007

Ripley, Paul, s/o Mrs. Jess Ford Ripley, "Salutatorian" (Picture Article)

Roberds, Fred Lewis, s/o Mrs. Johnnie & the late Tom Roberds (Wedding)

Robins, Frank E., "Editor of Conway's Log Cabin Democrat" (Obit.)

Roddy Family History Book- Alexander & Agnes- 7 Generations- 1680-2007

Roddy, Charles "Red" "Makes 26 Points In Basket Ball Game" (Article)

Rosenbaum, Louise, widow of W. H. Rosenbaum, of Hunter, AR (Obit.)

Rouse, Julia Ann M. (Obit.)

Rubottom Family History Book- William Penn- 5 Generations- 1807-2007

Runyan, John, formerly of Tupelo, h/o Eva L. Runyan (Obit.)

Rushing, Betty Sue, d/o C. J. Rushing of Jackson Co., AR "Is Polio Victim" (Article)

Rutledge, Mrs. Pearl, of near Augusta, w/o C. A. Rutledge (Obit.)

Sanders, Calvin Bruce, of Grays, h/o Maggie (Obit.)

Sanders, Mr. Fay, of Monette, AR, formerly of McCrory, AR, h/o Alma (Obit.)

Scales Family History Book- Dr. James M. Scales- 3 Generations- 1834-2007

Scott, Miss Agnes, d/o Pierce Scott, of McCrory (Wedding)

Shankle, W. C., of McCrory, "Resigns After 20 Years Service" (Picture Article)

Shaw, M. L., of McCrory, "General Contractor", ad, (Article)

Shearer Family History Book- Col. John & Henrietta- 7 Generations- 1815-2007

Shoup Family History Book- Daniel P. & Elva (Gullic) Shoup- 5 Generations

Shue, Irven L., s/o Frank M. Shue, "To Attend Officer Candidate School" (Article)

Sieber Family History Book- Johann (John) & Minna Helena- 1752-2007

Siever, John Charles, s/o James M. & Mary E. (Lewis) Siever, of Texas (Obit.)

Simmons Family History Book- Daniel & Penelope- 9 Generations- 1766-2007

Simmons, Mary Frances, d/o Jeff, of McCrory, "Graduates At Fifteen" (Article)

Simmons, Mary Sue, d/o W. B. Simmons (Wedding Announcement)

Simmons, Mary Sue, d/o W. B. Simmons (Picture Wedding)

Simmons, Miss Sybil, of Tupelo, AR, "Plans June Wedding" (Wedding Announcement)

Simmons, Miss Sybil, d/o Felix Simmons, of Tupelo, AR (Wedding)

Simmons, Miss Sybil, d/o Felix, in wedding gown "Recent Bride" (Picture Wedding)

Simmons, Tom, of Augusta, "Member Mulerider Football Team" (Article)

Sisk-Davis Family History Book- 8 Generations- 1863-2007

Skinner Family History Book- John T. Skinner- 5 Generations- 1881-2007

Smith, James W., Jr., of Beedeville, AR, h/o Laura (Obit.)

Smith, John Calvin, formerly of Jackson Co., AR (Obit.)

Smith, Pfc. Leon, h/o Lucille of Augusta, "Attending Engineer School In Japan" (Article)

Smith, Pfc. Leon, h/o Lucille of Augusta, "Now Taking Machinery Course" (Article)

Smith, Pfc. Leon, h/o Lucille of Augusta, "Promoted to Rank of Corporal" (Article)

Smith, Mrs. Pearl (Kilcrease), "Reunion For Kilcrease Family" (Article)

Snapp Family History Book- 10 Generations- 1695-2007

Sowle Family History Book- Hugh G. Sowle- 13 Generations- 1597-2007

Spanish-American War Vets., name of vet., rank, county, state of residence, contact me

Spradlin Family History Book- David & Sarah Spradlin- 7 Generations- 1783-2007

Stacks, John C. & J. T. Stacks, of Gregory, AR, "Injured In Accident" (Article)

Stacy, Infant d/o W. C. Stacy, of Morton (Obit.)

Stanfill, Miss Dorothy, assitant editor of McCrory Jaguar (Picture Article)

Stanley Family History Book- Maj. Thomas E. & Laura- 8 Generations- 1812-2007

Stark, Selene "Lena" (Brown), w/o Gideon W. Stark (Obit.)

Stephens, Ed, of Wynne, AR, h/o Nora (Obit.)

Stephenson, Joseph Eaton, h/o Una, "Veteran Telegrapher Of Augusta Is Dead" (Obit.)

Stoker Family History Book- Capt. James A.- 11 Generations- 1666-2007

Stokes, Katherine Virginia, d/o Mrs. John Milton Stokes, (Wedding Announcement)

Stokes, Miss Maggie, d/o Will W. Stokes, of Manilla (Wedding)

Stroud, Annie, mother of Frank Stroud of Augusta, AR (Obit.)

Stowe, William Albert Jr., s/o W. A., Sr., of Augusta, AR (Wedding)

Stuckey Family History Book- Lawrence S.- 6 Generations- 1864-2007

Sturdivant Family History Book- Charles W.- 4 Generations- 1861-2007

Sturdivant, Helen, d/o Leslie W. Sturdivant, (Wedding Announcement)

Sturdivant, Helen, d/o Leslie W. Sturdivant, "Miscellaneous Shower" (Article)

Sturdivant, Helen, d/o Leslie W. Sturdivant, "To Wed Sunday" (Picture Article)

Sturdivant, Helen, "Rehearsal Dinner For Sturdivant Wedding Party" (Article)

Sumler, William Doyle, s/o Georgia Sumler "Birthday Dinner" (Article)

Taggart, Miss Ina Gene, d/o Glen Taggart, of Augusta (Picture Article)

Talley, Mrs. Dubb "Shot Accidentally This Thursday, Morning" (Article)

Tarpley Family History Book- Abrahm "Abel" L.- 14 Generations- 1625-2007

Taylor, Coy, of McCrory "Family Reunion And Picnic" (Article)

Taylor, Edd "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)

Taylor, Edith (Jeffries), of McCrory, w/o James W. Taylor (Obit.)

Taylor, John E., of Kensett, h/o Ora (Obit.)

Taylor, Myrtle "Mirtie" Elizabeth, w/o Alex A. Taylor (Obit.)

Thomas Family History Book- Charles King Thomas, Sr.- 3 Generations- 1800-2007

Thomas, Pfc. Alfred, s/o Mrs. Lorine Shephard of Wynne, "In Yokohama, Japan (Article)

Thomas, Van, s/o Harve, "4-H Champions Named For Woodruff County" (Picture Article)

Thompson, Mr. & Mrs. Charlie, of McCrory, "Golden Wedding Is Celebrated" (Article)

Thompson, Herman "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)

Thompson, Ruth, d/o Vance M. Thompson "To Be In Dance Concert" (Picture Article)

Thornton, Mrs. Sallie, lifetime resident of Tupelo (Obit.)

Trice Family History Book- Tazwell William- 6 Generations- 1813-2007

Trice, Mrs. Grace "Visits College Friend" (Article)

Trietsch, Mrs. Angeline (Wright), d/o Robert, "Former McCrory Girl On Honor List" (Article)

Tucker, Lt. Justin D., s/o Justin R. Tucker of Little Rock "Services Friday" (Obit.)

Tyer, Robert Wilbur, s/o John Tyer, of McCrory, (Wedding Announcement)

Vanlandingham, Mrs. J. A. "New President Of County H-D Clubs" (Picture Article)

Vanlandingham, Leon, s/o Arthur, of McCrory (Wedding)

Vaughn-York Family History Book- & the Cemetery- 9 Generations- 1825-2007

Venable, Jodie, f/o "Dub" Venable of McCrory, AR (Obit.)

Wafford Family History Book- Henry Monroe- 7 Generations- 1850-2007

Wafford, Henry M., of Penrose, "Birthday Dinner Given" (Picture Article)

Walker Family History Book- Samuel & Jane- 9 Generations- 1776-2007

Walker, Miss Nancy, d/o C. A. Walker, of Memphis, TN, "Attends Convention" (Article)

Wallis, Wanda, d/o L. E. Wallis of McCrory, to marry, (Announcement)

Wampler, John Arthur, "Funeral Services Held Friday" (Obit.)

Ward Family History Book- Erastus T. & Sally- 6 Generations- 1847-2007

Watson, Jackie Harris, s/o Mrs. Hazel "Graduates From Naval School" (Article)

Welch, Sidney "Former McCrory Boy Making Good As Printer-Editor" (Article)

Werner Family History Book- Emanuel E. & Effie- 7 Generations- 1793-2007

Westmoreland Family History Book- Dr. Jerome W.- 9 Generations- 1767-2007

Whatley, W. C., b/o Pete, of McClelland "Sheriff Pendergist Gets His Man" (Article)

White, Clarence, of Gregory, AR, "Injured In Accident" (Article)

White, Ellen E., of Marionville, MO, mother of Ben C. White of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Wiggins Family History Book- Monroe Joshua "Jack"- 7 Generations- 1812-2007

Wiggs, L. C., of Cotton Plant (Wedding)

Wilkerson, Miss Dorothy Jane, d/o Roger Wilkerson "To Wed" (Picture Announcement)

Wilkes Family History Book- William Norman, Sr.- 6 Generations- 1762-2007

Willcox, Robert "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)

Williams, Gary Wayne, s/o Virgil, of Overcup (Obit.)

Williams, Richard, s/o Cleve Williams, "Re-Enlist In Army" (Picture Article)

Williams, Robert Marshall, s/o Claud Williams, pic. of bride (Picture-Article)

Williamson, James L., s/o L. L. Williamson, "In Osaka, Japan" (Article)

Williamson, James L., s/o L. L. Williamson, "On Duty In Japan" (Article)

Williamson, T. W. "Helps Write Words of Official State Song" (Article)

Wilson, Miss Juanita, d/o Rev. R. E. Wilson, of Newport (Wedding)

Wilson, Robert Burl, Sr., h/o Mary E., "Secretary B. M. C." (Picture Article)

Wilson, Seth B. "Ex-Mayor Dies At Cotton Plant" (Obit.)

Winn, Martha Elizabeth (Fotos), dau. of Tom Fotos, of McCrory, (Wedding)

Winston Family History Book- Franklin Edward- 7 Generations- 1756-2007

Winston, Miss Ernestine, d/o R. E., (Wedding)

Winters, Miss Jewell, d/o Lee Winters, of Wynne, AR, "To Wed" (Wedding Announcement)

Witherspoon Family History Book- Dwight B., Sr.- 4 Generations- 1876-2007

Word, Lilly, w/o Calap Word (Obit.)

Woods Family History Book- Dr. Joseph E. & Clara- 4 Generations- 1830-2007

Woods, Harry M., Jr., "Found Dead In Room At Fayetteville" (Obit.)

World War 1, service records, name, serial numbers, place and date entered, contact me

World War II, service records, Woodruff County, listing name, rank, birth date and place,

places of service, parents, wife, and children, residence, date entered and discharged, awards,

some vets. with picture, contact me for your relative.

Young, George L., s/o G. R. Young, of McCrory, "Serving At Naval Hosp. In Hawaii" (Article)

End Part 19--Posted April 18, 2007

For more information, contact Gary Telford at wgt@centurytel.net, or write to: Gary Telford, Family Roots, PO Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010.

April 2007