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Woodruff County, Arkansas
Obituaries, Weddings
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Part 3

Arnof, Ellis, son of Heyman & Fannie "Accidentally Shot & Killed" (Obit.)

Arthurs, Horace (Married)

Beard, Ernest Lowrance, son of G. T. (Wedding)

Berry, Morgan (Wedding)

Browning, John W. (Article)

Carter, Annie (Long), daughter of John and Fannie Long, wife of J. W. (Obit.)

Chaney, Fannie (Hawkins), wife of John N. (Obit.)

Collier, Ed, husband of Ida (Capshaw) (Obit.)

Creasey, Nellie Mae (Married)

Crittenden, Mrs. Delilah (Lindsey) (Obit.)

Crossett, J. H. (Article)

Davis, Elizabeth "Betty" (Davis), wife of John W. (Obit.)

Dixon, Lula (Thomas), wife of Jack (Obit.)

Figg, Mrs. J. J. of Searcy, White Co., AR (Obit.)

Fortune, Lue Janey (Married)

Froman, Walter, son of John A. and Sarah (Dickens) (Obit.)

Haggard, John Steele (Birthday, Article, Picture)

Hamilton, Thorp (Article)

Hamrick, Ed, son of Joe (Obit.)

Hungate, Hattie (Brown), wife of J. J. "Dick" (Obit.)

James, Miss. Dollie (Suicide) (Obit.)

Jamison, Frances, daughter of George W. (Wedding)

Jeffries, Bid (Article)

Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. G. O. (Anniversary)

Kouster, J. H. (Married)

Kuhn, George W. (Obit.)

Lassiter, Cornelia (Married)

Mackey, Andrew , husband of Dicie (Lindsey) (Obit.)

Massey, Zackarias Sheffield (Obit.)

Mathis, Ross (Picture, Article, awarded the Purple Heart)

Matlock, William Arthur, husband of Ada (Massey) (Obit.)

McBroom, John Hardin, husband of Jewell (Moore) (Obit.)

McFall, Mrs. Lou (Browning)-Hobbs, wife of James McFall (Obit.)

Morris, Gerald (Article)

Patterson, James Charles (Married)

Patterson, James Madison, brother of Mrs. W. E. Davis of Evart, Mich. (Obit.)

Pigram, Winfield Scott (Obit.)

Ridgeway, Billie Wayne, son of Rufus & Maudie (Hale) (Obit.)

Rooks, Joseph Dempsey, son of Dempsey and Martha (Stokes) (Obit.)

Shadwick, Stinson (Wedding)

Slocum, Ida Belle, Mrs. J. D. (Obit.)

Taylor, Marshall "Bud" (Obit.)

Taylor, Thomas Noah, husband of Lucinda (Jones) (Obit.)

Thornton, Miss Hattie (Wedding)

Trice, Miss Grace, daughter of Mittie Trice, (Picture, Article)

Upchurch, Allie (Palmer) (Obit.)

Vickers, Mary E. (Cartwright) Clark, Richmond, wife of Elijah T. Vickers (Obit.)

Walker, Gus, husband of Verna (Tarpley) (Obit.)

Werner, Ardis, daughter of E E (Wedding)

White, Everett, nephew of W. B. White "Shot to death in Texas" (Obit.)

Wilson, Lucile (Erwin), wife of Walter Wilson (Obit.)

Wilson, William C. C. "Killed by Anthrax" of Newport, AR (Obit.)

Young, Viola (Rutledge), dau. of Robert Rutledge, wife of Jim S. Young (Obit.)

End Part 3

For more information, contact Gary Telford at wgt@centurytel.net, or write to: Gary Telford, Family Roots, PO Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010.

June 2005