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Woodruff County, Arkansas
Obituaries, Weddings
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Part 4

Acton, Ellen (Hendrix), wife of J. S. (Obit.)

Anderson, Thirel, son of Archie (Obit.)

Armstrong, Christine (Married)

Armstrong, Dorothy May, daughter of Sherman Armstrong (Obit.)

Armstrong, William Letham, husband of Mary (Lowery) & Duffie (Bruce) (Obit.)

Arnof. I. N. "Nudy" (Wedding) (2)

Arnof, I. N. "Nudy" (Elected New President of Bank) (Article)

Arnof, Miss Ruth, daughter of Heyman & Fannie (Wedding)

Augusta Toll Bridge (Round Trip On Toll Bridge) (Article)

Bain, Rosa L. (South), wife of John G. Bain (Obit.)

Baker, Ross Maguire, son of Calvin & Myrtie (White) (Obit.)

Ball, Florellea, daughter of Arthur (Obit.)

Ball, Johnny, son of Jim & Lucy (Wedding)

Bass, Mr. N. J. (Obit.)

Baugh, Roscoe (Married)

Beals, Victor (Hurt in Collision) (Article)

Bean, Ethel (Married)

Berry, Mr. C. W. (Obit.)

Best, Mitchell (Member Of Tech Relay Team) (Obit.)

Best, Mitchell, son of L. H. (Headliner At Tech) (Article)

Best, Mitchell, son of L. H. (Elected President of T Association) (Article)

Best, Mitchell, son of L. H. (Awarded Sweater) (Article)

Best, Mitchell, son of L. H. (Awarded Letters) (Article)

Best, Oble (Groom), (Married)

Bidwell, Georgie (Cole), wife of W. Bidwell (Obit.)

Blackwell, Robert (Wedding)

Bonner, Thomas Edwin, husband of Minnie C. (Conner) (Obit.)

Breedlove, Rev. W. T. "Killed in auto accident", father of Mrs. B. Brewster (Obit.)

Broadwater, Susie (Married)

Bronte, Paul, son of Nettie (Wedding)

Bryant, Miss Ruth (Married)

Bull, Thomas Cheatham, Sr., son of Jerry & Sarah (Robertson) (Obit.)

Bunch, Chester, son of S. C. "Sweater Presented" (Article)

Bunch, Mr. S. C. (Wedding)

Carter, Alfred C. "Opened Woodruff Co. First Store in Cotton Plant" (Article)

Carter, John W., husband of Emma (Coleman) & Mrs. Annie (Long) Johnson (Obit.)

Carter, Tom C. "Sells His Oldest Store in Cotton Plant, AR" (Article)

Carter, Thomas Caldwell (Obit.)

Chaney, Miss Sibyl (Married)

Christmas, Origins of (Article)

Churchville, Beatrice Nash (Married)

Cisco, John William, husband of Elizabeth (Vanlandingham) (Obit.)

Clark, Louise (Married)

Clements, Kenneth (Married)

Coleman, Mary Frances, daughter of Tom Coleman (Obit.)

Coleman, Tom "Tripletts Are Born To Hilleman Parents" (Article)

Coleman, Zacharias, son of Tom (Obit.)

Collier, Albert B., husband of Laura (Stanley) & Lillie (Jaggers) (Obit.)

Condins, Tillar (Married)

Cooke, Eular (Married)

Cotehart, Miss Harriett (Married)

Crafford, Lonnie, son of Oleon L. (Wedding)

Craig, James Edward, son of Leonard, husband of Gertrude (Stokes) (Obit.)

Crossett, Columbus M. "Celebrates Birthday" (Article)

Crossett, Mrs. Joseph, Jr. "Bridge-Luncheon" (Article)

Crotzer, H. N. "Buster", son of H. G. "Shot to death" (Article)

Curbo, John Charles, husband of Sally Rochester Gary (Obit.)

Daniels, W. T., son of Luther "Young Hunter Shoots Self Accidentally" (Article)

Davis, Miss Ruby Jane (Married(

Davis, Walker (Married)

Davis, William Halley, husband of Tinne (Moore) & Maxie (Cole) (Obit.)

Deason, Jefferson (Married)

Dement, Mattie (McClain), wife of Albert Dement (Obit.)

Dixon, Miss Ethel, daughter of Jack (Wedding)

Dougherty, William B. & "Aunt Linnie" "58th Wedding Anniversary" (Article)

Duncan, Miss Bessie M. (Married)

Duncan, Clifford (Married)

Duncan, Miss Virginia (Married)

Early, Rufus (Married)

Ervin, Ruth May (Married)

Evans, Dr. Rowland of McCrory (Wedding)

Fincher, Charles R., husband of Annie (Welch), Divorced (Obit.)

Forth, Charles Hamilton, husband of Louise (Rust) (Obit.)

Fowlkes, Daisye (Married)

Fraser, Eliza (McDougal) (Obit.)

Freeman, Otis (Married)

French, Miss Gladys Celestia, daughter of J. W. (Wedding)

French, Warnie (Married)

Gaches, Robert F., of San Antonio, Texas (Wedding)

Garett, James Arlin (Married)

Glover, Lucille (Married)

Goldstein, Meyer (Wedding)

Gregory, Mary Noel, widow of W. N. "Lawsuit filed against" (2) (Articles)

Halbrook, Grace (Married)

Hamilton, Dorothy Vivian, daughter of E. L. (Wedding)

Hanley, Willie C. (Overley) (Obit.)

Haralson, George "Round Trip On Augusta Toll Bridge" (Article)

Hardy, J., son of A. T. of Dallas, TX (Wedding)

Harrell, W. (Married)

Harris, Hester, daughter of Arthur (Wedding)

Heath, Charles J. (Obit.)

Hendricks, Miss Frances Virginia (Married)

Hedricks, Miss Nora (Married)

Henard, Herbert, son of Stonewall (Wedding)

Herndon, Mrs. Evelyn Zearing, wife of Glenn "Lawsuit filed on Gregory Estate" (2)

Higgs, Miss Gladys (Married)

Hill, Ada (Jackson), wife of Samuel H. Hill (Obit.)

Hill, Frank, husband of Mrs. Clyde Hill (Obit.)

Hill, Mooring (Married)

Holden, Mary (Thackery), daughter of James Thackery (Obit.)

Holland, Helen, daughter of Perry (Wedding)

Holland, Miss Frances Elizabeth (Wedding)

Holmes, R. Elvis, son of Elvis "Struck By Axe, Seriously Injured" (Article)

Horner, Miss Lillie Mae (Wedding)

House, "Dave" David Andrew, son of Memory David & Elizabeth (Wilson) (Obit.)

Hoy, Elizabeth (Wedding)

Hubbard, Grace E. (Married)

Huff, D. M. "Has Old Deeds" (Article)

Huff, Miss Jessamine (Picture, Article)

James, Vance, son of Mrs. Jess Chappell (Wedding)

Jernigan, Miss Mary Rebecca, daughter of H. W. (Wedding)

Johnson, Esther (Married)

Johnson, Julia (Gosa) Barnes-Johnson, wife of Millard Johnson (Obit.)

Johnson, Robert L. & Ida "50th Wedding Anniversary" (Article)

Johnson, Tommye (Married)

Kennedy, Mrs. Sammy W., wife of Frank H. (Article)

Kinder, Miss Esther, daughter of Morris (Wedding)

Kirk, Robbie (Married)

Kitsel, Alberta (Married)

Layton, Joe Farris (Wedding)

Layton, Mrs. Joe "Miscellaneous Shower" (Article)

Lemay, Maggie (Married)

Little, Dr. R. L., hus. of Robbie Bell Rushing & Mrs. Rose M. McCauley (Obit.)

Lockhart, Mary (Married)

Long, Emily Josephine (Burrows), wife of Feldon Long (Obit.)

Loveless, Harry (Married)

Luria, Eunice (Married)

Maas, Milton L. (Married)

Mackey, John, husband of Leora (Lindsey) (Obit.)

Matthews, Nettie (Moore) Stowe-Matthews, wife of William Matthews (Obit.)

Mayo. Mrs. Ida (Article)

McClain, Bryce B. (Married)

McClure, J. P. (Married)

McCrady, John "Charged with killing" (Article)

McCue, Alton (Wedding)

McCue, Mr. & Mrs. Alton "Surprise Shower" (Article)

McCurdy, Blanche (Boyles), wife of Elbert McCurdy (Obit.)

McDonald, Walter (Married)

McGahan, John, of New York, listed as McGhan, husband of Cora (Scott) (Obit.)

McGehee, Marshall Lee (Married)

McPherson, Mrs. Rosella (Smith), Skelton, wife of Joe McPherson (Obit)

Melton, Newt, son of Jot & Martha (Emory) (Obit.)

Melvin, Minnie (Married)

Miller, Frank C. (Married)

Mitchell, Miss Virginia, daughter of Lula "Winner Beauty Contest" (Picture-Article)

Mitchell, Miss Virginia, daughter of Mrs. Lula "Named County Queen" (Article)

Mooneyhan, Ella (Carter), wife of Ben Thrasher & Jim Mooneyhan (Obit.)

Mother's Day "Orgin of" (Article)

Morphew, Eva Ethel (Levacy) Morphew, wife of Henry (Obit.)

Murphy, Mrs. E. K. "Letter to Editor" (Article)

Murphy, Edward K. (Obit.)

Murray, Edgar, brother of Andy Murray (Obit.)

Nathan, Sol (Wedding)

Neldon, Minnie Lee (Fowler), wife of Herman Neldon (Obit.)

Nelson, Aline (Married)

Nelson, Miss Louise, daughter of Leonard "Honored" (Article)

Nelson, Robert (Married)

Neuhaus, Wayne (Married)

Newman, Burl (Married)

O'Hara, Theo. C., son of Charles Martin & Mary (Liggett) O' Hara (Obit.)

Palmer, Charles J., son of James A. "Visits Friends Here" (Article)

Parker, Fred Mathis (Married)

Peckenpaugh, Robert P., Union Civil War Vet., (Picture-Obit)

Pegg, Beulah Fay, daughter of Wm. C. (Obit.)

Pegg, Katie (Cheatum), mot. of George & Price Cheatum, wife of Wm. Pegg (Obit.)

Penrose, Miss Marian, daughter of W. J. (Picture, Article)

Phillips, Rollen E., husband of Mary (Obit.)

Picard, Miss Lucille, daughter of Albert of Memphis (Wedding) (2) (Articles)

Piercey, Dr. John R., father of Mary & Ruth (Obit.)

Poe, Genell "Groom" (Wedding)

Poe, Samuel Leroy, son of Hershel H. & Annie (Shipes) (Obit.)

Powell, Miss Helen, Daughter of Frank (2) (Articles)

Price, Anna Eliza (Pearson) Stewart-Price, wife of W. H. Price (Obit.)

Pugh, Carmen, daughter of J. Pugh (Wedding)

Ramsey, Sidney, son of W. T. (Wedding)

Ransom, James Barnett, husband of Margaret (Obit.)

Reneau, Rev. Henry, husband of Cora Lee (Obit)

Ridgway, Anderson "Andy" Elvis (Obit.)

Riggs, Charles "Charlie" Elmer, son of Hamilton & Cynthia (Pippin) (Obit.)

Riggs, Mary Hamilton, daughter of Hamilton P. (Wedding)

Riggs, Miss Mona Gray, daughter of H. P. (Wedding)

Riner, Willie Mae (Married)

Robinette, Irene, daughter of N. M. (Wedding)

Robinette, June (Married)

Robinson, Dudley (Married)

Rowland, Mary (Hollis), wife of J. S. Rowland (Obit.)

Sale, Warran, Picture with daughters Corrinne & Clara (Picture-Article)

Shaw, M. L. (Wedding)

Shelton, John Thomas, son of Capt. John Shelton, (Found dead) (Obit.)

Shipley, Ethel (Unknown) Coleman, mother of A. Coleman, wife of Joe Shipley (Obit.)

Simmons, Davis Edward, son of Melzie Simmons (Obit.)

Smith, Mr. C. V. (Married)

Smith, James Edwin, husband of Virginia May (Puckett) (Obit.)

Smith, Sallie (Lawson) Smith, Brookhaven, MS, mother of Mrs. R. L. Fraser (Obit.)

Spradlin, Jeff, husband of Annie (Douglas) (Obit.)

Stafford, Aubrey, son of Earl (Obit.)

Stafford, Charles Aubrey (Obit.)

Stewart, Mary Cordelia (Hutchins), wife of John Wilfong& James D. Stewart (Obit.)

Stewman, Thomas Rufus (Married)

Sullivan, George A. (Married)

Sullivan, Liberty (Married)

Sweatt, John, of Newport, Jackson Co., AR, died in Oklahoma (Obit.)

Taylor, Floyd (Married)

Taylor, Hubert (Married)

Taylor, Lola Mae (Wedding)

Taylor, Minnie Lee (Married)

Taylor, Woodrow (Wedding)

Thompson, Marshal Wesley, son of John Milton & Mary C. (Munns) (Obit.)

Thompson, Miss Mildred (Wedding)

Thompson, Vance "Hurt In Collision" (Article)

Trantham, Jimmy, son of Allen (Obit.)

Venable, Mrs. Ella (Wedding)

Watson, Benjamin Younger, husband of Lena (Holland) (Obit.)

Watwood, Maggie (Robertson), mother of S. B. Watwood (Obit.)

Weems, Jett "Celebrates Birthday" (Article)

Werner, Miss Margaret, daughter of E. E. (Wedding)

Westmoreland, Minnie Mae (Unknown) Westmoreland, wife of Elvis (Obit.)

White, Helen, daughter of W. A. (Wedding)

White, Joe (Married)

Wilfong, Will, brother of John (Obit.)

Williams, Cardinal (Married)

Wilson, Mr. E. H. (Wedding)

Winford, Raymond (Married)

Winston, Emma (Unknown) Gunner, wife of James Winston (Obit.)

Wortham, Virginia E. (Married)

Wright, William V. (Married)

Yarbrough, Martha Maurine (Long), wife of M. T. Yarbrough (Obit.)

End Part 4

For more information, contact Gary Telford at wgt@centurytel.net, or write to: Gary Telford, Family Roots, PO Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010.

June 2005