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Woodruff County, Arkansas
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Part 6

Alford, James Monroe & Tilda (Hall), "Married 52 Years" (Article)

Angelo, W. V., "Buys McFall (Waverly) Hotel & Lots" (Article)

Armstrong, Mrs. Alice (Huenefeld, daughter of C. F.), wife of Harold (Obit.)

Augusta Has Shortest American Railway (Picture, Article)

Bailey, Webster, of Brinkley (Wedding)

Ball, John William, husband of Jennie (Wilkins) & Florence (Stader) (Obit.)

Barksdale, Charles of Snow Lake, AR (Wedding)

Barnett, Mrs. Vina (Matlock), wife of John Riley M. Barnett (Obit.)

Baswell, Marjorie, daughter of Ollie L., Sr. "Killed By Toadstools" (Obit.)

Beckett, Miss Tura of Memphis, TN (Wedding)

Bennett, Frank, of Judsonia, AR, son of John & Sarah (McKnight) (Obit.)

Berry, Charlie, "Lad Obeys Father, Shoots Johnnie Woods" (Article)

Berry, Clyde (Article, Lad Obeys Father, Shoots Johnnie Woods)

Best, Miss Myrtle Rose, "Shower For Bride" (Article)

Bird, Charles C., of Patterson, AR (Obit.)

Bogard, Joseph Henry, husband of Ida (Armstrong) (Obit.)

Bond, Mrs. Julia Sterling, wife of Dr. John B. of Little Rock, AR (Obit.)

Branch, Kinneth, of Memphis, TN (Wedding)

Brazeale, Mrs. Ida, mother of Rene & Winford (Obit.)

Briggs, Thomas Jefferson, of Memphis, TN (Obit.)

Brookfield, Mrs. Nancy E., wife of Maj. Joshua of Wynne, Cross Co., AR (Obit.)

Brown, Dr. E. Burke, of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)

Burrows, Fraser, son of Adolphus (Wedding)

Campbell, Christine, daughter of Wm. R. Cain (Wedding)

Carrol, Miss Ratha (Married)

Carson, Mrs. George, "Shower For Bride" (Article)

Chapman, Charles, wife of Lottie (Edwards) (Obit.)

Christmas, Helton, son of Mrs. Ed Smith (Wedding)

Coats, Cleveland (Colored) (Obit.)

Cotton Plant, Battle Of, "Story Of" (Article)

Crossett, Elizabeth Corinne, daughter of Joseph H. (Wedding)

Curry, Anna, (Colored), "Dies At Age Of 111" (Obit.)

Dawson, Walter Earl, son of Roy & Eupha (Capps) (Obit.)

Denney, Mrs. Carmen C. (Dupree), daughter of Jones G. Dupree, wife of Will (Obit.)

Dickerson, William Pitt, wife of Erma (Sparks) (Obit.)

Dorathy, Miss Retha, daughter of T. W. (Wedding)

Edwards, Charles L., son of J. L., brother of Alfred (Obit.)

Earley, Mrs. Annie, of Memphis, TN (Obit.)

Eason, Charles, "McCrory Man Is Robbed After Ride" (Article)

Eason, Charles N. (Wedding)

Edwards, Charley L., son of J. L. (Obit.)

Edwards, J. M., "Family Reunion" (Article)

Eldridge, John D., "Master Farmer" (Article)

Elliott, Albert Lee, son of Henry & Alice (Obit.)

Fitzhugh, Alex S., husband of Allie (Yarnell), father of Stuart (Obit.)

Fowler, Homer, son of Alvin & Lula (Taylor) (Obit.)

Fowler, James Zephnal, husband of Fannie (Wafford) (Obit.)

Fowlkes, Mrs. Helen (Pollett), wife of Walter, "Shower For Bride" (Article)

Fowlkes, Walter, Son of R. G. (Wedding)

Gibson, Orville, son of Mrs. Ollie (Wedding)

Gibson, Mrs Klova (Jeffries), "Shower For Bride" (Article)

Green, Benjamin Franklin, of Cross Co., AR (Obit.)

Guise, William Radford, son of Henry W. (Wedding)

Hanesworth, Beulah Estelle (Staats), wife of Rev. Henry (Obit.)

Hardin, Millard Filmore of Tupelo, AR, husband of Victoria (Britton) (Obit.)

Harris, Mrs. Claude P., "Bride-Elect Honored" (Article)

Harvey, Alice L. (Blackstone), wife of Wm. Henry Elliott & Wm. H. Harvey (Obit.)

House, Normanda Elizabeth (Vandal), wife of J. H. McAlester & T. T. House (Obit.)

Howell, Mattie E., wife of Sam, mother of Clifton, Edgar and Wilbur Howell (Obit.)

Humphrey, Rufus W., husband of Ennie (Hall) & Mrs. Nora Mason (Obit.)

Hunnicutt, Rebecca, daughter of C. C. (Wedding)

Hunter, Forrest, son of Searcy, "School Child Struck By Auto" (Article)

Hunter, Forest Raymond, son of Searcy Hunter (Obit.)

Hunter, Forest Raymond, "In Memory" (Article)

Jaggers, Miss Louise, daughter of W. L., "McCrory's Princess" (Picture-Article)

James, Samuel Jackson, husband of Jane (Laster), father of J. C. "Babe" (Obit.)

Jefferies, Hallie Louise, daughter of Alfred, (Wedding)

Jeffries, Geneva, daughter of Ross (Wedding)

Jeffries, Miss Frances, daughter of Ed, "Tech's Prettiest Co-Ed" (Picture-Article)

Jeffries, Miss Klova, Daughter of Edgar E. (Wedding)

Jeffries, Bid, son of E. E., "Picture To Coach Dermott" (Article)

Johnson, Marion, husband of Fannie (Peterson), "Celebrates Birthday" (Article)

Johnson, Robert L. & Ada (Atkinson), "Married 52 Years" (Article)

Jolly, Mrs. Virginia, wife of Fulton (Obit.)

Jones, Gwynne (Dillard), daughter of Andrew C & Jennie, wife of H. Bickley (Obit.)

Jones, Joseph David, son of James A. (Obit.)

Joyner, Julia Frances (Joyner) Marsh, last wife of A. J. Marsh (Obit.)

Kennedy, George Rutledge, son of Sam R., husband of Lydia (Coleman) (Obit.)

Knight, Charles S., husband Annie (Murphy) (Obit.)

Leach, Mrs. J. N., "In Memory, by Mrs. Calla Strange" (Article)

Lotridge, W. L. (Wedding)

Mahan, Oliver, of Beedeville, AR, husband of Josie (Obit.)

Marsh, Mrs. Julia Frances (Joyner), last wife of Andrew J. (Obit.)

McCurdy, Miss Madeyln, daughter of J. H. (Wedding)

McDaniel, John Willis, husband of Dania (Chesser), father of Robert (Obit.)

McKie, Dr. J. D., of Vanndale, father of Dr. Will McKie, "Killed by Train" (Obit.)

McKie, Ruth (Powell), daughter of C. C. & Mollie Powell, wife of Dr. W. H. (Obit.)

McLemore, James Bedford, husband of Mollie (Comer), father of J. J. (Obit.)

Medlock, Miss Willie Lee, daughter of Eva (Wedding)

Mitchell, Joseph Christopher, husband of Mary Madora (Spence) (Obit.)

Mitchell, Miss Helen, "Shower For Bride" (Article)

Muir, S. W. of Fulton, MO, hus. of Maude (Little), father of Mrs. J. F. Morgan (Obit.)

Musgrove, Miss Christine, "Bride-Elect Honored" (Article)

Neal, Woodson of Bartley, TN (Wedding)

Newberry, Mrs. Vashti, wife of Mat Campbell & Mr. Newberry (Obit.)

Norred, Owen William, son of O. W. (Wedding)

O'Brien, Mrs. Catherine Isabelle, "Sues Mexico For Villa's Damage" (Article)

Parham, Wm. Cunningham, of Hot Springs, AR, son of Edward & Antoinette (Obit.)

Parker, Miss Evelyn, daughter of J. C. (Wedding)

Pendergist, Felix, "Fire Destroys Home" (Article)

Pohnka, W. J., "Erects New Cotton Gin" (Article)

Pollett, Helen Beatrice, daughter of L. E. (Wedding)

Pollett, Dr. W. E., father of Loman & Stella (Obit.)

Porter, Mrs. A. J., wife of Rev. A. J. Porter (Obit.)

Porter, Theda (Porter), dau. of A. J., wife of Stonwall Jackson & Lee Porter (Obit.)

Ramsey, Mrs. Sidney, "Shower For Bride" (Article)

Rogers, Benjamin Veach of Cross Co., AR, husband of Polly E. (Williams) (Obit.)

Simmons, John Wesley (Obit.)

Simmons, Miss Pauline, sister of Mrs. J. D. Smith of Memphis, TN (Wedding)

Simmons, Mary Lela (Coleman), wife of Sidney Smith & Robert J. Simmons (Obit.)

Smith, Dr. Doyle J., son of H. J. of Waldo, AR (Wedding)

Snapp, Mrs. Irma (Jones), wife of Harry, "Victom Of Poison" (Article)

Sorrells, Miss Inez, daughter of J. H. (Wedding)

Stanley, Thomas Edward, son of Thomas E. (Wedding)

Stanley, Thomas E., of Augusta, AR, son of Thomas E. Sr. (Obit.)

Stark, Tad, "Opens Grocery Store In McCrory" (Article)

Stephens, A. J., son of James A.. "Killed By Heavy Iron Wheel" (2) (Obit.)

Stevens, Cleo (Married)

Stewart, Miss Demetra, daughter of Rev. T. A. (Wedding)

Stokes, Miss Helen, daughter of Sid (Wedding)

Strange, Mrs. Calla, "In Memory Of Mrs. J. N. Leach" (Article)

Sullivan, C. C., of Forrest City, St. Francis Co., AR, "Hit & Run" (Article)

Swindle, Mrs. Laura, mother of Mrs. C. M. Miller of near Judsonia, AR (Obit.)

Thompson, Mollie E. (Foote), wife of David M., mother of R. C. of McCrory (Obit.)

Thompson, Sidney, "Former Citizen of McCrory opens Drug Store" (Article)

Trice, Mrs. Grace, "Honored" (Article)

Vanlandingham, W. J., husband of Mrs. Onie Wise (Obit.)

Vann, Mrs. Fannie, of El Paso, AR (Obit.)

Walker, Mrs. Carle, "Shower For Bride" (Article)

Walker, Little Miss Nancy, "For Bride" (Article)

Wardlaw, Thomas W., "Former Citizen of McCrory opens Drug Store" (Article)

Watson, Harold (Wedding)

West, Mary Amelia (Wall), dau. of Clem C. & Amelia H. Wall, wife of Z. T. (Obit.)

White, William A., husband of Bethel (Beard) & Hanie (Barber) (Obit.)

Wilfong, John F., son of John & Deliah (Hutchins), hus. of Laura (Stewart) (Obit.)

Wunnenburg, Robert B. (Wedding)

Woods, Johnnie, "Lad Obeys Father, Shoots Woods" (Article)

End Part 6

For more information, contact Gary Telford at wgt@centurytel.net, or write to: Gary Telford, Family Roots, PO Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010.

June 2005