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Woodruff County, Arkansas
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Part 14

Airheart, Clyde S., hus. of Bessie "Augusta Postmaster Died Yesterday" (Obit.)

Alford, J. W. "Local Man Writes Of Navy Seabees Third Anniversary" (Article)

Angelo, Charles G. "Top Ranking Scout Of Cotton Plant" (Picture-Article)

Angelo, Judge Charles "Improves Our Streets" (Article)

Angelo, Val, son of James T. "Announces For County Clerk" (Article)

Angus, H. D. of Fort Worth, TX "Wed In Texas" (Picture of bride-Wedding)

Armstrong, Lewis, son of S. J. Armstrong (Wedding)

Arnett, Roy Melburn, son of Charles "Receives Training At Great Lakes, IL" (Article)

Arthurs, Miss Jean, dau. of Wm. A. "Wedding Bells Ring For Ark. Couple" (Wedding)

Arthurs, Miss Jerry, dau. of W. A. "Bring Lilt To Wounded" (Picture-Article)

Baber, James C., Jr. "Receiving Training At Great Lakes, IL (Article)

Ball, Miss Connie, dau. of H. L. Ball "Now With Leader Force" (Article)

Ball, Miss Connie, dau. of H. L. & Mattie Ball (Wedding)

Ball, Louis D., son of H. L. " H. L. Receives Purple Heart For His Son Missing" (Article)

Ball, Louis Dixon, son of Howard L. "Missing In Action, Is Reported Dead" (Obit.)

Ballard, Jay P., son of G. E. "Seriously Wounded Fighting In France" (Picture-Article)

Banks, George Thomas, son of George Thomas & Sallie Banks (Obit.)

Barber, George "New Officers of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)

Barber, George B., son of John F. "Local Boy Member Of Flying Fortress Crew" (Picture-Article)

Barber, George B., son of John F. "McCrory Gunner Killed Over Denmark" (Picture-Article)

Barber, George P., son of John P. "McCrory Couple Presented Air Medal Of Son" (Article)

Barber, Miss Julia, dau. of George Barber (Wedding)

Barber, Miss Julia, dau. of George "Recent Bride" (Picture-Article)

Barker, John W., father of John F., superintendent of McCrory School (Obit.)

Barnett, Cecil A., son of W. H. of DeView "At Camp Chaffee" (Article)

Barnett, Cecil A., son of W. H. "Enjoying Rest At Hot Springs Hotel" (Article)

Barnett, Marshall "First Visit Home In Nearly Three Years" (Article)

Baty, John Lorenzo of McCrory, husband of Mary (Obit.)

Baugh, Lillian "18 Students Hurt In Wreck of Cotton Plant School Bus" (Article)

Beard, John Berry "Capt. John B. Beard Writes To Parents From Prison Camp" (Article)

Beard, Mrs. Mary L. (Rumley), wife of Sam "Funeral Services Conducted Sunday" (Obit.)

Beard, Sammy, son of S. J. "Top Rank At Augusta" (Article)

Beede, Joe, victim "Series Of Robberies Here Last Night" (Article)

Berkheimer, Mrs. Pearl "Augusta's Assitant Postmaster Dies At Post Of Duty" (Obit.)

Best, Murray "Special Services In France Attended By Pvt. Murray Best" (Article)

Bishop, Jacob L., of Augusta "Former Resident Of McCrory, Dies" (Obit.)

Boggs, Roger, son of J. M. "McCrory Boy Serving In New Guinea" (Picture-Article)

Booe, Majorie Jane, dau. of Wm. Isaac Booe "Betrothed" (Picture-Wedding)

Brawley, Velma, dau. of Lee Brawley (Wedding)

Breckenridge, Jimmy, son of Mrs. Katie "Woodruff Co. Boy Serving In England" (Picture-Article)

Brewer, Dr. & Mrs. E. F. "Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniversary" (Picture-Article)

Brown, Anna Catherine (Stewart), wife of Alexander Brown (Obit.)

Brown, Mrs. Ora Belle (Barnard), wife of Unknown & Lloyd Brown (Obit.)

Browning, Miss Anna Fay, dau. of Luke Browning (Married)

Bruce, John of McCrory "Former Woodruff Co. Man Killed At Texarkana Ice Plant" (Obit.)

Bullard, J. D., son of Grover Bullard (Wedding)

Bullard, John W. "Completes Course In Specialized Training" (Article)

Bullard, John W., son of Grover C. "Promoted To Corporal" (Article)

Burgess, Maynard A., son of O. T. "McCrory Boy Receives Good Conduct Medal" (Article)

Burgess, Cadet Vance L., son of O. T. "Receives Training At Garden City, KS (Article)

Burgess, Wm. Everett, son of Ollie, hus. of Bobbie "Lost With Destroyer" (Article)

Burgess, Wm. Everett, son of Ollie, "Killed In Action In South Pacific" (Picture-Obit.)

Burgess, Vance L., son of O. T. "Receives Commission" (Article)

Burkett, Billy, L. V. & Roger "Three Brothers Overseas" (Picture-Article)

Burton, Ed, victim "Series Of Robberies Here Last Night" (Article)

Cain, Mrs. A. J., mother of Jack Cain "Died Sunday" (Obit.)

Cain, Delbert Cleo David "Young Poet" (Picture-Article)

Cain, Hervey C. "McCrory Lieutenant Is Assigned To The Military Police" (Article)

Callahan, Sgt. Roy, son of Euness "McCrory Paratrooper, Missing In Normandy" (Picture-Article)

Callahan, Sgt. Roy, son of Euness "Missing McCrory Paratrooper Killed" (Obit.)

Campbell, Eunice D., son of Leona "Member Of Burma Road Engineers" (Picture-Article)

Campbell, Roy Davis "Director Of Bank Of McCrory, Dies" (Obit.)

Cariker, Miss Louise, dau. of W. R. Cariker "Recent Bride" (Picture-Wedding)

Cariker, Mr. & Mrs. Ray "Anniversary Dinner" (Article)

Carroll, Pvt. Archie, son of Mrs. Archie Carroll "In Italy" (Picture-Article)

Chandler, Jess, son of Asa Andrew & Mary Chandler (Wedding)

Chappell, Pvt. Edgar W. "Local Boy Completes Training Course In Radio Mechanics" (Article)

Chappell, Pvt. E. Wayne, son of Edgar Chappell (Wedding)

Christmas, Miss Lucille "Woodruff Co. Girl Found After Being Lost All Night" (Article)

Clifton, Mr. & Mrs. Claud "Anniversary Dinner" (Article)

Clinkenbeard, Chester Lee & Lester Dee "Two Children Die When Home Burns" (Article)

Coad, C. B., father of Clyde Coad & Mrs. Bert Weems "Found Dead In Hotel Lobby" (Obit.)

Cole, Everett "Tite", son of W. A. Cole (Wedding)

Coley, Garlin of Pumpkin Bend (Married)

Collard, A. L. "Serving With Seabees" (Picture-Article)

Collier, Willie Otha, son of Jack "Missing Sailor Declared Dead" (Picture-Article)

Collins, Arthur "Night Marshall At Augusta Beaten" (Article)

Comer, Andrew "Prominent Men Engage In Fight" (Article)

Cotham, Mrs. Ida Mae, aged 56, of Penrose (Obit.)

Cotham, John Thomas "Aged Augusta Man Funeral Tomorrow" (Obit.)

Crafford, Ernest, son of Cora "Cotton Plant Flier Prisoner Of Germans" (Article)

Crossett, Hansel, Jr. "McCrory Boy Receives Good Conduct Medal" (Article)

Currie, son of Booker "Officers Search For Dynamite Caps After Negro Boy Injuried" (Article)

Daly, Tommie Freeman, son of Mrs. J. N. Stiffes "Returns To Duty" (Picture-Article)

Daniels, L. A., son of Luther T. "Two Boys From Woodruff Co. Wounded In Action" (Article)

Davis, Arie A., son of John F. "With Tank Unit In England" (Picture-Article)

Davis, James W., hus. of Mildred (Conner) "Arkansas Flier Dies In Crash At Louisville" (Obit.)

Diamond, James P., of Marville (Hillemann Boy Receives Recognition) (Article)

Dickerson, Kaylor M., son of Mrs Erna Dickerson of Morton (Wedding)

Dilliard, Edward A. "Receives Promotion With Government" (Article)

Dilliard, Miss Polly, dau. of L. J. (Wedding)

Dix, Walter E. "S-Sgt. Walter E. Dix Awarded Air Medal" (Article)

Dobbs, Jennings, son of G. A. Dobbs "In England" (Picture-Article)

Dodson, G. W. "Prominent Men Engage In Fight" (Article)

Dunbar, Dale M., son of Lura E. "Paratrooper, Prisoner Of Germans, He Writes" (Article)

Duren, Arlif "Two Gin Employes Of Cotton Plant Severely Burned" (Article)

Duren, Betty Jo, dau. of B. Duren of Cotton Plant, AR (Wedding)

Dye, Emory Norris "Local Boy Serving On One Of Navy's Newest Ships" (Article)

Elam, Mrs. Mollie, wife of C. Monroe "Mrs. Mollie Elam Funeral Held Monday" (Obit.)

Eldridge, John Rolfe, son of Rolfe "Top Rank At Augusta" (Article)

Edmund, Mrs. Elva Juanita, wife of George B. Edmund (Obit.)

Edwards, Mrs. Mary Viola "Mrs. Joe M. Edwards Funeral Held Sunday" (Obit.)

Fakes, Roger E., son of W. B. "Receives Promotion With Oil Company" (Picture-Article)

Family History Books, Families of Woodruff Co., AR, contact me

Fields, S-Sgt. Fred, son of Sam "Veteran Of Solomons" (Article)

Fields, S-Sgt. Fred, son of S. J. "Awarded The Combat Infantryman's Badge" (Article)

Fletcher, Robert E., hus. of Odell (Davis) "Dies In Memphis" (Obit.)

Fletcher, Tommie, son Of Thomas M. "McCrory Class Leaders" (Picture-Article)

Fore, Peter J. "McCrory Populance Saddened By News Of P. J. Fore's Death" (Picture-Obit.)

Foster, James E, Jr. and mother, Mrs. James E., Sr. (Picture-Article)

Fowler, Pvt. Edward, son of Alvin "Wounded In Action" (Picture-Article)

Fowlkes, Mrs. Daisy, wife of Robert G. "Funeral Tomorrow" (Obit.)

Fraser, Robert "New Officers of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)

Freeman, Stanley J. "Dies From Wounds Received In Action" (Picture-Obit.)

Gamel, Miss Mary, dau. of Clyde "Girl Injured By Hit & Run Driver" (Article)

Gamel, Miss Mary, dau. of S. C. Gamel of McCrory (Wedding)

Gardner, John F., age 76, merchant of Tupelo "Funeral Held Sunday" (Obit.)

Garrett, Mrs. Etta, formerly of Augusta, wife of Ben Garrett (Obit.)

Garrett, Mrs. Lula Ann of Palestine, St. Francis Co., AR (Obit.)

Gillespie, Joan, dau. of J. T. "Top Rank At Augusta" (Picture-Article)

Gossage, Clyde H., son of E. M. "Hunter Boy Receives Promotion In Italy" (Article)

Green, Eloise of McCrory, AR "Transferred To West Palm Beach, Florida" (Article)

Green, Verlin, son of Mr. & Mrs. John Green, visits parents (Article)

Griffin, Pvt. Oscar, son of Dave, hus. of Alma "In Belgium" (Picture-Article)

Griswood, Mrs. Georgia "Plumerville Woman, 92, Dies, Leaving 235 Descendants" (Obit.)

Guarnette, Myron L., son of Lawrence "Hunter Boy Receives Silver Star Medal" (Article)

Hall, Miss Ruth Frances, dau. of H. T. Hall "Recent Bride" (Picture-Article)

Hall, William A., hus. of Paralee "Funeral Services Held Today For Wm. A. Hall" (Obit.)

Hallman, J. C., of McClelland, son of J. W. Hallman (Obit.)

Hancock, Paul "Dies From Poison" (Obit.)

Haralson, George "Seeks The Office Of Circuit Clerk" (Article)

Hardin, Joe C. "Participated In The Invasion Of France" (Article)

Hardin, Mrs. Permelia, wife of George W. Hardin "Funeral Tomorrow" (Obit.)

Harmon, Cpl. Cortland, son of Will "Decorated For Routing Enemy" (Article)

Harrell, Carl W., of Brinkley, formerly of Hunter (Obit.)

Harrison, Betty Ann, dau. of F. R. Harrison, formerly of Patterson (Wedding)

Harrison, Fred L., of Patterson, AR "Sixty Missions Without A Shot" (Article)

Hart, Grover James, son of Lawrence "Youth Injured When Struck By Car" (Article)

Hartwick, Jacob Lucas, hus. of Rhoda (Pool) (Obit.)

Hartzog, Joshua Byron "Dies At Beebe, White, Co., AR (Obit.)

Heath, Lt. Enoch H., Jr. "Nephew Of Mrs. Paul Myers Reported Killed In Action" (Obit.)

Heath, Mrs. Etta, wife of Joseph Daniel "Mrs. J. D. Heath Funeral Monday" (Obit.)

Henard, Floyd H., son of J. J. Henard of Zent (Wedding)

Hildebrand, Miss Mary (Wedding)

Hill, Otha, son of Charles Hill "Woodruff Marine Killed In Battle" (Obit.)

Hill, Patsy, dau. of Carroll "Honor Students Of Cotton Plant School" (Picture-Article)

Holder, H. B., son of Berry Holder (Article)

Hollingsworth, Quinton "18 Students Hurt In Wreck of Cotton Plant School Bus" (Article)

Hosmer, Marie "18 Students Hurt In Wreck of Cotton Plant School Bus" (Article)

Hubbard, Mr. &. Mrs. J. M., victims "Series Of Robberies Here Last Night" (Article)

Huenefeld, Mrs. C. F., dies at home of dau., Mrs. E. B. Matkin (Obit.)

Huie, Edgar Ray "Woodruff Soldier Writes From Prison Camp In Germany" (Article)

Hunnicutt, Otha Doyne, son of C. C. of Bald Knob "Recent Bride" (Picture of bride-Wedding)

Hunter, Verlin M. "Augusta Flier Killed In Crash Near India" (Obit.)

Hurley, Miss Zeora, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Swanson (Wedding)

Hyatt, James E. "Major James E. Hyatt Awarded Bronze Star" (Picture-Article)

Jackson, Henry Newton, son of Houston & Thursey Jackson (Obit.)

Jaggers, Max, son of W. L. "McCrory Youth To Attend Boy's State" (Article)

Jeffries, Oc "New Officers of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture)

Jernigan, James C., son of James W. "McCrory Boy Receives Promotion In Italy" (Article)

Jernigan, Oliver L., son of J. R., hus. of Dorothy "Wounded In Action" (Article)

Jernigan, Major Otis "Named Base Engineer Succeeds Johnson" (Article)

Jernigan, Lt. Col. Otis, son of H. W., hus. of Roberta "Receives Promotion" (Picture-Article)

Jimerson, Miss Betty Jane, dau. of Walter "Top Rank At Augusta" (Article)

Johnson, Irene, dau. of W. C. Dobbs "With Supply Service Command In England" (Article)

Johnson, Irene, dau. of W. C. Dobbs "In England" (Picture-Article)

Jones, Miss Aubrey Lee, dau. of Lee Jones "Recent Bride" (Picture-Article)

Jones, Charles "Buddy", "Former McCrory Family Hold Reunion" (Article)

Jones, James W., son of Elmer "Injured In Action" (Picture-Article)

Jones, Phillip Sherdan, hus. of Ella (Penninger) Jones (Obit.)

Jones, Mrs. Vera (Wilson) Jones "Charles Jones Family Are All Fighting" (Article)

Kennedy, Frank G., son of F. G. "Cotton Plant Boy Flying Infantryman" (Article)

Kerr, Mr. Glenn of Grays (Married)

Kinder, Earl S., son of Ed & Sarah Kinder, hus. of Ernestine (Odom) (Obit.)

King, Eddie Wayne, age 6 months, son of Ruth Williams King (Obit.)

Kloss, Ray, of Cotton Plant, AR (Wedding)

Knight, Charles A., Jr., son of Charles A., Sr. "Reported Wounded" (Article)

Knight, James Elvis, son of S. W. "With The Marines" (Picture-Article)

Koon, Clyde H. "Of Hughes, AR, New School Head For McCrory" (Article)

Kuhn, Charles "Acquitted Of Murder Charge At Augusta" (Article)

Lacefield, Ralph D., Andy F., James H. "Three Brothers In Service" (Picture-Article)

Ladd, Paul, dead Charles Kuhn "Acquitted Of Murder Charge At Augusta" (Article)

Lail, Theo T. of Newport, AR (Obit.)

Largent, L. T., son of Ella of McCrory "With Military Police Group In England" (Article)

Law, Pfc. Wallace M., son of Wallace, arrived for a visit with parents (Article)

Lee, Mr. Pearl H. "End Comes To Life Of A Good Citizen" (Obit.)

Lewellen, J. E., hus. of Winnie & Julie (Obit.)

Lewis, Sammie, dau. of J. E. Lewis of McCrory (Wedding)

Lindsey, Walter M., son of Walter L. "Awarded Air Medal" (Article)

Lindsey, Walter L. "Third Oak Leaf Cluster Received By Sgt. Walter Lindsey" (Article)

Lindsey, Walter W. "Receives Oak Leaf Cluster In England" (Article)

Linhart, Gerald E., son of Mrs. Charlie Linhart "Brothers Serving" (Picture-Article)

Little, Mrs. Annie (Williams), wife of Lee Little (Obit.)

Loose Probate Records 1862-1900, now available, contact me

Lovell, Mrs. Frances Elizabeth, wife of George W. Lovell (Obit.)

MacFadden Thomas I., son of J. F. MacFadden of McCrory (Wedding)

Macgowan, Mrs. Narcisse "Funeral Rites Held Saturday For Mrs. Thos. J. Macgowan" (Obit.)

Madison, James E., son of Clyde "Visits Historic City Of Rome" (Picture-Article)

Mahan, Maralyn, dau. of R. R. & Marjory P. Mahan (Obit.)

Malin, Marjorie, dau. of Will "Top Rank At Augusta" (Picture-Article)

Malone, Clyde, son of A. L. Malone "With Paratroops" (Picture-Article)

Marriage Records, "Original Copies" of Woodruff Co. court house marriage records, contact me

Marvin, Thomas, hus. of Agnes (Osier), dau. of Mrs. C. A. Stater "Killed in Fall" (Obit.)

Marx, Kenneth A., hus. of Margaret "Killed In Germany" (Obit.)

Massey, Dolph V., Husband of Edith M. (Obit.)

Mathews, Pvt. James E. "McCrory Boy Receives Good Conduct Medal" (Article)

Mauldin, Harold, son of John A. "Mauldin Trio Scattered" (Picture-Article)

Mauldin, Macon, son of John A. "Mauldin Trio Scattered" (Picture-Article)

Mauldin, Smith, son of John A. "Mauldin Trio Scattered" (Picture-Article)

Mayo, Miss Gretchen "Given Dinner Party On Christmas Eve" (Article)

McCain, William Enoch, born in McCrory, of Memphis, TN, son of W. T. McCain (Obit.)

McCain, Mrs. W. H. "Elected Recording Secretary Of U. D. C." (Picture-Article)

McCollum, Crad W., son of Mrs. R. J. "At Miami Beach, Florida" (Article)

McCollum, Crad W., bro. of John J., spending 21 day fullough with mother, Mrs. R. J. (Article)

McCullum, Crad W., son of R. J. "Completes 32 Missions From England" (Article)

McDonald, Pvt. Claude, son of Walter V. "Injured In Action" (Article)

McGregor, Miss Jean, dau. of Mr. A. C. "Alex" McGregor of Augusta (Wedding)

McKnight, Joe, bro. of Mrs. Maynard Wherry "Brothers Seeing Service" (Picture-Article)

McKnight, Tom, bro. of Mrs. Maynard Wherry "Brothers Seeing Service" (Picture-Article)

McKnight, Wilson, bro. of Mrs. Maynard Wherry "Brothers Seeing Service" (Picture-Article)

McKnight, Woodrow, bro. of Mrs. Maynard Wherry "Brothers Seeing Service" (Picture-Article)

McMinn, Miss Kathryn (Wedding)

McNees, Mrs. Mary "Mrs. Mary McNees Dies At Newport" (Obit.)

Melton, S. Sgt. James E. "Killed In Action" (Obit.)

Melton, Mary K. "McCrory Girl In WAC Training As Dental Technician" (Article)

Melton, Mary K. "A WAC Dental Tech. Lends a Helping Hand" (Picture-Article)

Melton, Walter H., bro. of J. M. & Mattie (Obit.)

Mills, George H., father of Charles Mills of Augusta (Obit.)

Mitchell, Mrs. Pearl (Chappell), wife of Arthur A. Mitchell (Obit.)

Moody, Pvt. John M. "Commended" (Article)

Morgan, Kenneth, son of Lura "Purple Heart Sent Home By Pfc. Morgan" (Article)

Morris, Gerald "Morris Gin Has Fire. Is Operating Again Full Time" (Article)

Morris, William D., son of Mabel C. "Honors For Dead Cotton Plant Soldier" (Article)

Moss, Mr. S. D. "S. D. Moss Has Been Promoted" (Article)

Myers, Billie Bryan "Local Mother To Receive Air Metal For Missing Son" (Picture-Article)

Myers, Bille B. "Mrs. W. A. Myers Receives Air Metal For Missing Son" (Article)

Neely, J. W., hus. of Daisy "Former Woodruff Citizen Died Tuesday" (Obit.)

Newkirk, Martin "18 Students Hurt In Wreck of Cotton Plant School Bus" (Article)

Nunn, Bob, a negro, "Two Gin Employes Of Cotton Plant Severely Burned" (Article)

O'Bryant, J. H., hus. of Mildred "Back In United States" (Article)

Padgitt, Mrs. Kate (Clifton), wife of John William (Obit.)

Pappas, James "Recent Bride" (Picture of bride-Wedding)

Parish, William "Bill", hus. of Eliza (Long) "Dies At Mariana" (Obit.)

Patty, Charles Marion, hus. of Bessie (Weems) (Obit.)

Pearce, Rex Carrick, son of Rex W. "Honor Students Of Cotton Plant School" (Picture-Article)

Peebles, Albert "Pedro" Peebles, son of Albert "Doc" Peebles of Augusta (Wedding)

Peebles, Albert "Pedro" Peebles "Christmas Letters Appreciated By Our Boys" (Picture-Article)

Peevy, Paul E. of McCrory "Awarded The Combat Infantryman's Badge" (Article)

Pendergist, Roy Harold, son of Flora "Reported Missing In Action Over Germany" (Picture-Article)

Pendergist, Roy Harold, son of Flora "Prisoner Of Germans" (Article)

Picard, Mrs. Albert S. "Mother Of Mrs. Nudy Arnof Died Today" (Obit.)

Porter, Arthur, Jr., son of A. G., hus. of Kathryn "Serving In England" (Picture-Article)

Price, Miss Geraldine, dau. of M. K. Price (Wedding)

Price, John Dale, bro. of Carley G. "Citation For Admiral Price Of Augusta" (Article)

Pulley, Katherine, dau. of J. A. Pulley (Wedding)

Quinn, Herbert, son of Mrs. Claud "Cotton Plant Boy Wounded In France" (Article)

Quinn, Jeweldean, dau. of Harley Quinn of McCrory (Wedding)

Raymond, Miss Meta, victims "Series Of Robberies Here Last Night" (Article)

Rhodes, Elmo, bro. of Arnold & Mary "Local Sergeant Gets Honorable Discharge" (Article)

Richardson, Betty Jo, dau. of Buster of Blytheville, AR (Wedding)

Roberts, Fred L., son of Mrs. Johnnie of McCrory "In Pacific Area" (Picture-Article)

Robertson, A. R. "Tootsie" "New Garage And Service Station" (Article)

Robinette, Nathan M. "Woodruff Co. Boy Promoted To Sergeant In China" (Article)

Robinson, Mrs. Elsie of Pumphin Bend "Family Gangs Up On Axis" (Picture-Article)

Robinson, Everett "Family Gangs Up On Axis" (Picture-Article)

Robinson, Lemuel "Family Gangs Up On Axis" (Picture-Article)

Robinson, Ralph "Family Gangs Up On Axis" (Picture-Article)

Robinson, Ray "Family Gangs Up On Axis" (Picture-Article)

Robinson, Roy "Family Gangs Up On Axis" (Picture-Article)

Rosser, Ollie W., son of Ed R. Rosser "Infantryman Killed In Battle In France" (Picture-Article)

Rouse, Robie A., brother-in-law of Everett Stroud of McCrory "Killed In Maneuvers" (Obit.)

Rudick, Clarence E., son of Floyd E. "With Infantry In South Pacific" (Picture-Article)

Rudick, Pfc. Clarence "Hillemann Boy Receives Recognition" (Article)

Rudick, Clarence E. "Woodruff Countian Wins Soldier Medal" (Article)

Rushing, Lawrence M. "Woodruff County Boy Killed Over Italy" (Picture-Article)

Sandage, Ina Belle, dau. of Rev. J. W. of DeView (Wedding)

Sangster, Mrs. Jack (Arthurs), dau. of W. A. "Bring Lilt To Wounded" (Picture-Article)

Scarbough, Pvt. John, hus. of Syble of Morton, AR "Killed In France" (Obit.)

Scott, Pvt. Ishmael, son of Pierce Scott of McCrory "Wounded In France" (Picture-Article)

Scruggs, Mrs. S. C. "Sons & Daughters Join Mother On 91st Birthday" (Article)

Sewell, Horace E. "Hunter Boy Removes Gun For Replacement" (Picture-Article)

Shoffner, Homer A. of Little Rock, AR (Obit.)

Sieber, Foster of Hunter "Foster Sieber Dies At Hunter" (Obit.)

Simmons, James W. "Receives Promotion" (Article)

Simmons, Jim, arrives in McCrory for a visit with sisters (Article)

Smith, Mrs. Doyle Jackson "Attractive Officer's Wife And Young Sons" (Picture-Article)

Smith, Ford "For Representative Of Woodruff County" (Picture-Article)

Smith, J. E., son of Dalton Smith of Patterson (Wedding)

Smith, Mr. Roy, driver "Youth Injured When Struck By Car" (Article)

Sorrels, Edna Mae, dau. of H. S. "Former McCrory Girl Weds In Washington" (Wedding)

Spencer, Eugene "Sammy", son of Mrs. Jack Spencer of Fair Oaks (Wedding)

Spicer, Wm. Leach "Bill", "Congressman Hays Praises Ark. Boy" (Article)

Stapp, Sgt. Otto A., son of A. J. Stapp "Wounded In Action In Italy" (Article)

Stapp, Sgt. Otto A. "Injured In Action, Returns To States" (Article)

Stanfill, Donnie, dau. of G. W. "McCrory Class Leaders" (Picture-Article)

Stanfill, George Wilson, hus. of Nova (Edwards) "Funeral Friday, 11:30" (Obit.)

Stanley, Marion, son of T. E. "Augusta Boy Is Promoted To Captain" (Picture-Article)

Stark, Phoebe Jean "Former Teacher Of McCrory Wed" (Wedding)

Stevenson, Charles & Frank N. "Cotton Plant Twin Brothers In Service" (Picture-Article)

Stoker, James Lynn, son of J. I. "Writes From Arabia", a long letter to Mom & Dad (Article)

Stokes, Mrs. Essie, wife of Grady (Obit.)

Sturch, Elja E., Jr."Wounded At Tarawa, Visiting In McCrory" (Picture-Article)

Sturch, LeRoy, son of Elja J. "Wounded In Saipan" (Picture-Article)

Swanson, Fred "First Bale Of Cotton Brought To McCrory" (Article)

Tarpley, L. Bailey, Jr. (Wedding)

Taylor, Mrs. Annie, sister-in-law of Edd Taylor of McCrory (Obit.)

Taylor, Edd "In Race For Representative Of Woodruff County" (Picture-Article)

Taylor, Mrs. Edd "Appointed Chairman For TB Xmas Seals" (Article)

Taylor, Lester D., son of Mrs. Charlie Linhart "Brothers Serving" (Picture-Article)

Taylor, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, wife of Wm. L. "Death Claims One Of Our Best Mothers" (Obit.)

Taylor, William G., son of Edd "Poultry Population Dwindles" (Picture-Article)

Taylor, William G., son of Edd Taylor "Promoted To Rank Of Staff Sergent" (Article)

Tennes, Mrs. Georgia, of Penrose, age 28, wife of Louis (Obit.)

Thompson, Harold James, son of Mrs. Maggie "Awarded Bronze Medal" (Picture-Article)

Thompson, Henry Ripley "Receives Training At St. Petersburg, Florida" (Picture-Article)

Thompson, Mary Lillian "Mrs. Romie Thompson Funeral Held Sunday" (Obit.)

Thompson, Vance M., Jr. "At Athens, Georgia" (Article)

Tucker, Justin D., son of Justin R. "Missing Over China" (Picture-Article)

Tucker, William, a farmer of Hunter (Obit.)

Turner, Daniel Junior, son of John Daniel Turner "Killed In Action" (Obit.)

Vanderburg, Keith E. "Hunter Boy Receives Combat Badge" (Article)

Vanpelt, Miss Dorothy, dau. of Isaac "Graduates From Business College" (Picture-Article)

Walker, Thomas E. "Receives Wings In Army Air Force" (Picture-Article)

Walker, Thomas E., son of E. S. of McCrory "At Randolph Field" (Article)

Walters, John S., son of J. W. "At Redistribution Station, Miami, FL" (Article)

Webb, Kenneth B., son of Andy "Son Fighting Near Where Dad Fought" (Picture-Article)

Weber, Calvin C. "Augusta Soldier Killed On Leyte" (Obit.)

Weems, Caraway, son of Jett "Formerly Of McCrory" (Article)

Weems, James Witcher, son of Jett "Sergeant, Formerly Of McCrory, Wounded" (Article)

Welch, Cpl. Sidney, bro. of L. J. "Receives Silver Wings" (Article)

West, Herbert (Wedding)

West, W. J., H. L., & Dennis, sons of Henry L. "Help Make Nazis "Go South" (Picture-Article)

White, Buddy, son of W. B. "Buddy White, Who Was Wounded, Is Back In France" (Article)

White, Charles A., son of Robert C. "Boys In Service Buying War Bonds" (Article)

White, Clayton A., hus. of Alma L. (Bronte), father of Carol Ann "Gets Promotion" (Article)

White, Mr. Sam A., age 70 yrs., of Hickory Ridge (Obit.)

Wiggins, Mrs. Annie, wife of John Henry Wiggins (Obit.)

Wiley, Alf, belived aged 125 yrs. "Aged Negro Dies At McClelland" (Obit.)

Wilfong, Mrs. Alma of McCrory (Married)

Wilkerson, Berry, charged "Night Marshall At Augusta Beaten" (Article)

Wilkes, Joe H., son of Mildred "Tried Four Times, He's Devildog Now" (Article)

Williams, 1st Sgt. Richard arrives to attend the bedside of his grandmother, Kate Padgitt (Article)

Wilson, Carl C., son of Luther "Brothers Are Serving In England" (Picture-Article)

Wilson, T5 Herman Ralph, son of Oscar & Myrtle "Funeral Held Tuesday" (Obit.)

Wilson, Luther E., son of Luther "Brothers Are Serving In England" (Picture-Article)

Wise, Capt. Jeff of McCrory "In Italy" (Article)

Womack, Carlton, son of K. C. Womack "Recent Bride" (Picture of bride-Wedding)

Womack, Mrs. Carlton "To Join Husband In Newport, RI" (Picture-Article)

Wood, Glenn T. "Glenn Wood Funeral Held At Methodist Church Last Friday" (Obit.)

Wood, Jack H., son of Josephine "Two Boys From Woodruff Co. Wounded In Action" (Article)

Woodall, Geraldine, dau. of Lee "Shot During Play, Child Loses Eye" (Article)

Woodall, Luther P. "Receives Promotion" (Article)

Woodall, Lynn Victor McCrory Boy Serving As Supply Shipping Clerk In England" (Article)

Woodall, Sherman Ray, shoots sister "Shot During Play, Child Loses Eye" (Article)

Woods, Nellie Beatrice (Daniels), wife of Welby E. Woods (Obit.)

Yarbrough, Cleo, of Conway, AR (Wedding)

End Part 14

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