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Woodruff County, Arkansas
Obituaries, Weddings
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Part 8

Adams, "Aunt Molly", Ex-Slave, wife of Mr. Kendrick, Mr. Carter and Josh Adams (Obit.)

Alford, Mr. & Mrs. James Monroe "Couple At Grays, Wed 54 Years" (Article)

Allison, Clyde C., son of J. B., husband of Ora (Brewer) (Obit.)

Anderson, Charlie E., of Morton, AR, husband of Florence (Wiggins) (Obit.)

Angelo, William J., son of Mr. & Mrs. W. V. Angelo (Wedding)

Angus, W. B. "W. B. Angus Home Completely Destroyed When Stove Explodes" (Article)

Armstrong, John W., of Pumpkin Bend (Obit.)

Baker, Miss Maxine "Miss Maxine Baker Selected By Judges As McCrory's Queen" (Picture-Article)

Barber, Frances Lee, daughter of J. F. Barber (Wedding)

Baty, John, Family Reunion & Birthday (Article)

Beard, George Thomas (Obit.)

Breckenridge, Mrs. Martha (Winton), wife of Mr. Bennett & J. T. Breckenridge (Obit.)

Bright, Whitten, son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bright of Cherry Valley, AR (Wedding)

Brown, Louis Gray, son of Halley E. Brown (Obit.)

Browning, Miss Audrey Ann Lee, daughter of Aud Browning "Accident Victim's Funeral" (Obit.)

Bryan, Mrs. John E., Sr. (Obit.)

Burrow, Mary Agnes, daughter of Harve (Obit.)

Campbell, Herbert, Jr., age 2 yrs., son of Herbert W., "Child Succumbs After Swallowing Bean" (Obit.)

Campbell, T. C., aged eight years, son of Claud, "Son of McCrory Couple Killed" (Obit.)

Cannon, Mrs Sarah Virginia (Obit.)

Carter, Jessie Cleve, son of Cleve (Obit.)

Chalfant, Vernon Tull, son of Rev. and Mrs. Vernon E. Chalfant (Obit.)

Chapman, Lottie (Edwards), widow of Charlie Chapman (Obit.)

Chappell, Mrs. Fannie "Celebrates 82nd Birthday" (Article)

Chappell, Miss Imogene "McCrory Beauties To Be In Peach Festival" (Picture-Article)

Cole, L. L. & Son "Two New Electric Gins Being Erected" (Article)

Comer, Rufus M. Comer, Jr., "Goes To Louisville, KY" new job (Article)

Cook, M. Elizabeth "Liza" (Matlock), wife of James Robert "Bob" Cook (Obit.)

Covington, Seaborn, , husband of Electa (Poe) (Obit.)

Crotzer, Miss Forrest, daughter of Mr. H. G. Crotzer of Grays, AR (Wedding)

Crotzer, Halley H., son of Horace G. & Rose (Taylor), husband of Eddie Lou (Moody) (Obit.)

Daniel, Peyton, son of Mr. & Mrs. Jess Daniel (Wedding)

Dawson, William P., husband of Arminta (Barnhill) Dawson (Obit.)

Dilliard, Edward A., son of Mrs. Mary U. & the late W. G. Dilliard (Wedding Announcement)

Dobbs, Miss Inez "To Receive Degree At State Teachers" (Picture-Article)

Dobbs, Miss Inez, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. G. A. Dobbs of McCrory, AR (Picture-Article)

Dyson, Jonas F. of Cotton Plant (Obit.)

Eaves, Orville V., husband of Ellen (Slayton) (Obit.)

Erwin, Mrs. Eva "Five Generations Of Hunter Family" (Picture-Article)

Eslick, Wesley and Will, brothers of J. M. "Two Brothers Dead Of Cold, Privation" (Obit.)

Farley, Mrs. Margaret (Thompson) (Obit.)

Ferguson, William Emmett, husband of Mary Eldora (Douglas) Ferguson (Obit.)

Fitzhugh, Davis, son of Rufus King & Laura (Davis) (Wedding)

Fitzwater, Wanda Lee, age 3, son of Mr. &. Mrs. Clifton Fitzwater (Obit.)

Fowlkes, Miss Mary Annie "McCrory Beauties To Be In Peach Festival" (Picture-Article)

Fraser, R. Lee, son of Dr. & Mrs. R. L. Fraser (Wedding)

Froman, Virgil Eugene, age 2 years, son of Mr. & Mrs. C. M. Froman (Obit.)

Gaither, Mrs. Harriet Ellen "Five Generations Of Hunter Family" (Picture-Article)

Galloway, W. C. (Colored) "First Bale Cotton Ginned Here Today" (Article)

Gamel, Claude E., brother of Clyde Gamel (Obit.)

Garton, Wade Hampton, husband of Mary (Cranford) (Obit.)

Gipson, Mrs. Lucy Mae (Lacy), wife of Dee Gibson (Obit.)

Guest, Mrs. Martin Luther "Widow Of Old Confederate Veteran Celebrates Birthday" (Article)

Hailey, Perrin, son of Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Hailey (Wedding)

Hames, Wallace N. (Obit.)

Hampton, Willie Oscar, husband of Nora Humphreys (Obit.)

Hill, Franklin Pierce, husband of Ida L. Locke & Orrie Estelle Carr (Habitual Scholar, Article)

Hilliard, Merline, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E. Hilliard (Wedding)

Holder, Miss Louvenia, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Holder (Wedding)

Holder, William Edward, son of W. E. Holder of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Holliman, James E., of Wiville, husband of Bertie (Obit.)

Holt, Doris Kyle, daughter of Wm. B. Kyle (Wedding)

Holt, Mrs. Nora Ellen (Taylor), sister of Charlie B. Taylor, wife of George Walter Holt (Obit.)

Howell, Emmett, son of Sam S. & Martha (Keller) Howell (Obit.)

Hunter, Sam of Tupelo (Wedding)

Isbell, Miss Edith Aline, daughter of Mrs. H. R. Isabell (Obit.)

Jeffries, Mrs. Willie "Mrs. E. E. Jeffries' Funeral Will Be Held Friday At 10:30 A.M." (Obit.)

Jett, Minor, husband of Kathleen (McKnight) (Obit.)

Johnson, Mr. Marion "Local Resident Has 93rd Birthday" (Article)

Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Marion J. " McCrory couple married 69 years, go to Confederate Home" (Article)

Johnson, Robert L., husband of Ada Lewis (Atkinson) " To Celebrate 54th Wedding" (Article)

Jones, Cordelia Elizabeth, wife of Calvin Jones (Obit.)

Jones, Miss Frances, Daughter of Mrs. Ura Jones "Hypsion Club Juniors Win Prizes (Picture Article)

Jones, Mrs. Joe H., (Sarah L. (Dye) Jones), daughter of C. O. Dye (Obit.)

Jones, Mrs. Milas "Birthday Dinner" (Article)

Joyner, Harry Harvey, husband of Lena (Gilliland) (Obit.)

Joyner, Miss Molly Jewel, daughter of E. L. Joyner, Sr. of Wiville, AR (Wedding)

Keating, Buford, son of Minnie Keating Delashmit (Wedding)

Knight, Alyssum, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Knight (Wedding)

Ladd, Mr. John Wesley, husband of Mary (Dutton) (Obit.)

Lawson, Eleanor, of Little Rock, AR (Wedding)

Lindsey, Edward, son of Mr. & Mrs. G. A. Lindsey (Obit.)

Long, Nancy Jane (Walker), wife of Frank Long (Obit.)

Massey, Miss Dorothy, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. D. V. Massey of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Mathews, Mrs. Willie, daughter of Bill and Mattie (Wilhite) Cross, wife of Joe (Obit.)

Mathis, Dr. W. J. "Oldest Resident Of Cotton Plant Celebrates Birthday (Article)

McCain, Mrs. W. H. "New President Of Federated Clubs" (Picture-Article)

McCommons, J. R. (Wedding)

McCurdy, Mrs Camille D. "Patterson Resident Has Serious Accident" (Article)

McDonald, Cora Martha (Conner), wife of William L. McDonald (Obit.)

McGill, Robert "Bob" M. W., husband of Carrie (Simmons) (Obit.)

McGowan, John Meehan of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)

Meyers, Dottie, daughter of Mrs. Arnold E. Meyers "Makes Her Talent Pay Dividends" (Picture-Article)

Miller, Sarah Elizabeth, Mrs J. E., mother of Lottie Cariker (Article 90th Birthday)

Mitchell, Virginia, daughter of Lula (Wells) Mitchell "Virginia Mitchell To Be Wed Sunday" (Article)

Morgan, Douglas C., father of David "Suicide Victim's Body Found Late Friday Evening" (Obit)

Morris, Shelby, son of E. G. Morris of Parkin, AR (Wedding)

Muery, Amanda Ann (Wyatt) Burns "Five Generations Of Hunter Family" (Picture-Article)

Nance, Bryan, age 29, of Tupelo, AR, son of W. N. Nance (Obit.)

Navens, George S., "Cotton Plant Man Hurt In Accident" (Article)

Nelson, Miss Lucille, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Nelson of Augusta, AR (Wedding Announcement)

Nichols, Shirley Fay, daughter of James S. Nichols (Obit.)

Norfzinger, Mrs. Dellie "Five Generations Of Hunter Family" (Picture-Article)

Norfzinger, Juanita "Five Generations Of Hunter Family" (Picture-Article)

Oakley, Harold of McClelland, AR (Wedding Announcement)

Odenbaugh, Mrs Mary Alice (Obit.)

Parnell, Roy, Jr. "Elected To Serve 6th Term As President Of County 4-H Clubs" (Picture-Article)

Penrose, Miss Marion, daughter of W. J. Penrose "Woodruff Lady Is Promoted" (Picture-Article)

Powledge (Prowledge), Mary Ann (McMurtry), daughter of W. H., wife of G. Cecil (Obit.)

Ramsey, Mrs. Guy and son Billy's "Birthday Party" (Article)

Ramsey, Sheriff E. T. "Siezes His Fiftieth Illicit Liquor Still" (Picture Article)

Ramsey, Maunsal, son of Mrs. W. T. Ramsey "Maunsal Ramsey Home On Furlough (Article)

Raymond, Miss Dottie Jean "Fakes Chapel School Pupil Has Perfect Attendance Record" (Article)

Raymond, Miss Lucille, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. O. Raymond (Wedding)

Reagan, Mrs. Lillie (Rushing), wife of Jim D. Reagan (Obit.)

Rice, Mrs. Thelma Rosell (Bullington), wife of Clayton L. Rice of Tupelo, AR (Obit.)

Roe, Edwin "Preacher", son of "Doc" "Roe To Pitch Here This Afternoon (Article)

Shellabarger, Miss Dora Ellen, daughter of Mrs. Kate Shellabarger (Picture-Wedding)

Shue, Harold, son of Mrs. Kathleen Shue (Wedding)

Shue, Mrs. Lula "Mrs. Lula Shue Takes Charge Of Waverly Hotel" (Article)

Shue, Manuel Franklin, son of Lula "Awarded First Prize in Sales Contest" (Article)

Simons, John Monroe, father of Pearl, Norman and Elbert (Obit.)

Smith, Christine (Cain), daughter of William Robert "Will" (Judge) "Little Ellen" (Article)

Tait, Miss Mary (Tait) Wilson, daughter of Tisdale Tait (Picture-Wedding)

Tennes, Mrs. Julie Ann (Mundy), widow of Benjamin Tennes (Obit.)

Trice, William Jackson, son of Tazwell E. & Margaret (Gregory) Trice (Obit.)

Tyson, Myra, daughter of L. C. Tyson of McCrory, AR (Picture-Wedding)

Wiggins, Alvin "Alvin Wiggins Suffers Head Injury" (Article)

Wilkerson, Marian, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Roger "Hypsion Club Juniors Win Prizes (Picture Article)

Wilson, Fanny, daughter of H. B. (Wedding 1938)

Wilson, Mrs. Frazier Earl (Tait) Wilson, daughter of Tisdale Tait (Picture-Article)

Wilson, Lois, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. Granville Wilson (Wedding Announcement)

Wilson, Lois, daughter of Granville Wilson "Will Become Bride This Afternoon" (Picture-Article)

Wilson, Lois, daughter of Granville Wilson "Dilliard-Wilson Wedding Beautiful" (Article)

Wilson, Keith, son of Mrs. J. G., brother of Frazier (Wedding)

Winter, Franklin William, son of Mr. & Mrs. F. L. Winter of Jonesboro, AR (Wedding)

Woody, Franchell, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H. O. (Picture-Wedding)

Wright, Charles E., husband of Rosalie (Lamb), son of Edward B. & Anna Belle Wright (Obit.)

Wright, Doyle Kenerson, son of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Thomas Wright (Obit.)

End Part 8

For more information, contact Gary Telford at wgt@centurytel.net, or write to: Gary Telford, Family Roots, PO Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010.

June 2005