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Woodruff County, Arkansas
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Part 15

Adkins, Berry, of McCrory, father of Robert & others (Obit.)

Almond, George T. "Hunter Navy Man Aboard Pacific Minelayer" (Picture Article)

Almond, James A., son of Minnie "Hunter Boy Serves On New Destroyer" (Article)

Almond, James Arthur, son of R. P. "Commended For Excellent Service" (Article)

Almond, Louis Lonsberry, son of R. P. "Hunter Boy Aboard Battleship Bombed" (Article)

Anderson, Archie R. "At Treasure Island" (Article)

Anderson, Roland H. (Wedding)

Angelo, Miss Dorothy Jean, daughter of Phil Angelo (Picture Wedding)

Angelo, Miss Elizabeth Brown, daughter of William Roy, announce (Wedding)

Armstrong, John W., son of John "At Training Base At Avon Park, Florida" (Article)

Armstrong, John William "Well Known Farmer & Prominent Citizen's Rites Tuesday" (Obit.)

Armstrong, Virginia, daughter of Mattie Armstrong (Wedding)

Ashworth, Ted, of Tupelo, husband of Dona Ashworth (Obit.)

Asier, John C., son of C. A. Stader "Local Soldier Wins Infantryman's Badge" (Article)

Ball, Cpl. Barney, son of Neal Ball "Serving In Italy" (Picture Article)

Ball, C. G. "Arkansas Fliers On Transport" (Picture Article)

Barnard, Earl H., of Hunter, AR "At Pearl Harbor" (Article)

Bates, Jim L., son of J. R. Bates "Writes From Tokyo" (Picture Article)

Bates, Ryall, son of Luther Bates of Cotton Plant (Wedding)

Beavers, Troy C. "Night With Japs" (Article)

Berry, B. F., son of C. F. Berry (Wedding)

Best, Pvt. Murray, son of L. H. "With 204th M. P. Company In France" (Article)

Best, Sgt. Murray "Buddy", son of Louis Best, arrives home Friday (Article)

Biles, Owen H. "Arkansas Fliers On Transport" (Picture Article)

Birdsong, Bill, former employee of Thompson Tractor Shop (Wedding)

Blalock, Sterling "Two Woodruff County Boys Attend Ark. Tech" (Article)

Boger, Walter, hus. of Alice Jean (Myers) Boger "Killed In Germany" (Picture Obit.)

Boggs, Floella, daughter of Ernest E. Boggs, "Announce Engagement" (Wedding)

Boggs, Floella, daughter of Ernest E. Boggs "Bride-Elect Honored" (Article)

Boggs, Sgt. Roger L., son of J. M. "Completes Forty-Five Combat Missions" (Article)

Bowman, Roger, age 15, "Youth, Wreck Victim, Funeral Saturday" (Obit.)

Brazeale, Willis P., WW I Vet., father of Dickey Brazeale (Obit.)

Breckenridge, James F. "Jimmy", son of Mrs. Katie "Receives Promotion" (Picture Article)

Breckenridge, James F. "Jimmy", son of Mrs. Katie "Awarded Bronze Star" (Article)

Breckenridge, Paul M. & V. H., sons of V. H. "Meet In Hawaii) (Picture Article)

Brinkley, Freda Leo, "War One Veteran's Funeral Held Saturday" (Obit.)

Brinneman, Gerald, son of A. G. "Hunter Boy Receives Discharge From Army" (Article)

Bronte, Paul "Is Seriously Burned" (Article)

Brooks, Charles W., of Howell, AR, husband of Lela Brooks (Obit.)

Brooks, Roy L. "McCrory Soldier Readying For Pacific" (Article)

Browning, Arlie A., "Sgt. Arlie A. Browning Receives Many Medals" (Picture Article)

Browning, Arlie A. "Sgt. Arlie Browning At Hospital In Fort Sam Houston, Tex." (Article)

Browning, Aud S., hus. of Allie "Good Citizen Of Woodruff County Goes To Reward" (Obit.)

Bryan, John E., father of Linda "Goes To Newport Bank" (Picture Article)

Bull, T. C. "Three McCrory Boys Meet In Philippines" (Picture Article)

Burgess, Doyle, son of O. T. Burgess, of McCrory (Wedding)

Burgess, Vance L., son of O. T. Burgess, of McCrory (Wedding)

Burkett, W. A., brother-in-law of Tom Chaney, dies in Houston, TX (Obit.)

Burnett, Buford "Sgt. Buford Burnett With 43rd Infantry Division In Luzon" (Article)

Burns, Sarah Elvira "Last Rites For Mrs. J. W. Burns Of Hunter Held Monday" (Obit.)

Bush, David D., son of D. M. Bush of Cotton Plant (Wedding)

Cain, Robert H., son of Roy Cain "McCrory Soldier Wounded On Leyte" (Picture Article)

Cain, R. V., Herby C. & Memory H. "Veterans Of Long Service Visits Here" (Article)

Candlish, Miss Eleanor Ruth, dau. of John M. Candlish "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Capshaw, Stella L. "Funeral Services For Mrs. O. W. Capshaw Held Monday" (Obit.)

Carey, James Bullard, husband of Lilly Carey " J. B. Carey Funeral Tomorrow" (Obit.)

Cariker, Kenneth O., son of Maynard "Has Narrow Escape On Iwo Jima Island" (Article)

Cariker, Miller M. "Local Boy Promoted" (Article)

Carlisle, Pvt. Burnis, son of Mrs. Verna Carlisle, of Augusta (Picture Obit.)

Carroll, Shelby, son of Mr. & Mrs. Carroll of Cotton Plant, AR (Article)

Carter, Marcus Davis, son of Mattie J. "Cotton Plant Soldier Dies Of Wounds" (Article)

Carter, Marcus D. "Memorial Service For Pfc. Marcus D. Carter" (Picture Obit.)

Chadwick, Charles Leslie, 43, "Dies Suddenly At Home, Stockton, MO" (Obit.)

Chalfant, Mrs. Nora Julia, wife of Elmer J. Chalfant (Obit.)

Chaney, Sgt. A. B., son of Tom, arrived in the States Friday (Article)

Chaney, Tom "Tom Chaney Wins Mayor's Election" (Article)

Chappell, Norma Talmadge, daughter of Joseph Rowland Chappell (Wedding)

Chew, Nannie B. (Law) "Card Of Thanks" (Article)

Childress, Edward F., father of Mrs. Katherine Darling & others "Funeral Today" (Obit.)

Chowning, Robert W. "Arkansas Fliers On Transport" (Picture Article)

Cisco, Arthur D. "McCrory Boy Among First Americans To Enter Tokyo Bay" (Article)

Cisco, Mrs. Lucy (Married)

Clark, Will T., husband of Ina Clark (Obit.)

Clayton, Bobbie, son of Mrs. Verna, wounded, not killed "Correction" (Article)

Cole, Richard, son of L. L. "Arkansas Boys In Dutch East Indies" (Picture Article)

Cole, Richard L., son of Mrs. L. L. Cole "Promoted To First Lieutenant" (Article)

Coleman, Hardy R., postmaster at Gregory (Obit.)

Collard, Norman, formerly of McCrory "Killed In Michigan" (Obit.)

Collier, John Wesley "Pioneer Citizen Of Tupelo Passes" (Obit.)

Conley, Kenneth "Two McCrory Boys Serving Aboard USS Battleship Nevada" (Article)

Conner, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. "Wandering Snapshot Is Recognized" (Picture Article)

Cook, Albert Bernace, of Wynne, AR, father of S. E. Cook of Patterson & others (Obit.)

Cooper, Alton Lee, son of Mrs. A. K. "Receives Promotion" (Picture Article)

Cotham, Milburn, son of Arthur & Ida "Funeral Tomorrow For Vet. of WW II" (Obit.)

Cremeen, Thomas Lee, son of Tom "Prisoner Of Germans" (Article)

Cremeen, Thomas Lee, son of Tom "Rescued From Nazis" (Article)

Crook, Mr. H. L. of Searcy, AR "New Store To Be Opened In McCrory" (Article)

Crossett, J. H. "Joe Crossett Makes Good With Pop Corn" (Article)

Cumming, Miss Mary Hammond, dau. of David Robert Cumming (Wedding)

Curtis, Floyd E., son of Sam, hus. of Ruby Lee Curtis "Killed In Germany" (Obit)

Daggett, Mr. Herbert A., Sr., of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)

Daniels, L. A. "Pfc. L. A. Daniels Awarded Combat Infantry Badge" (Article)

Daniels, Pvt. Luther T., Jr., of McCrory "Home From Overseas" (Article)

Darling, Brice, son of Joe B. "Lt. Brice Darling Seriously Wounded" (Article)

Davidson, Mary J. (Allen), wife of Mack "Funeral Held Sunday" (Obit.)

Davis, Garland, son of Lucy Patterson "Three Local Boys At Camp Wolters" (Article)

Davis, John C., son of Rhoda "Reported Killed In German Campaign" (Picture Obit.)

Demaree, Billy Lynn, son of Lynn "Infant Burns To Death In Pumpkin Bend" (Obit.)

Dempsey, Robert M., son of Mr. & Mrs. N. E. McMurtry "Wounded In Action" (Article)

Dewitt, Lawrence, son of Onley Dewitt of Hillemann (Wedding)

Dobbs, Jennings B., son of G. A. Dobbs, "Announce Engagement" (Wedding)

Dorflinger, Miss Dorothy Nell, dau. of W. M. Dorflinger, of Cotton Plant (Wedding)

Dye, James Kenneth, son of Bessie Dye (Wedding)

Dye, Mrs. James Kenneth "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Dye, T. E. "Sells Blacksmith Shop" (Article)

Eaves, A. W., son of Mrs. Ellen Eaves of Searcy (Wedding)

Elam, Miss Dorothy, daughter of Maude Elam (Wedding)

Eldridge, George P., son of John D. "Woodruff Co. Boy Awarded Bronze Star" (Picture Article)

Eldridge, John D., Jr., "On Board Of Directors Bank Of McCrory" (Article)

Eldridge, Rolfe "Augusta Man To Head Drive For Veterans' Aid" (Article)

Elliott, Mrs. Frances, widow of S. M. Elliott (Obit.)

Elliott, Herbert L. "Two McCrory Boys Serving Aboard USS Battleship Nevada" (Article)

Eskew, F. B., of Duffel "Doc" Eskew Victim Of Truck Wreck" (Article)

Everett, Booker, husband of Enid "T-Sgt. Booker Everett Awarded Purple Heart" (Article)

Everett, Maynard Hugh, son of R. H. "Wounded In Germany" (Article)

Fakes, Roger E., son of Walter Fakes "Receives Promotion" (Article)

Files, Miss Ruth, entertained "Bride-Elect Honored" (Article)

Files, Vernon, son of Pearl E. & Mary E. Files "Wounded In France" (Picture Article)

Files, Vernon "Local Boy Awarded Bronze Star Medal (Picture Article)

Fitzhugh, Alexander Stuart, III, son of A. S. (II) & Irma (McMillan) Fitzhugh (Wedding)

Fitzhugh, Maj. Davis, hus. of Dorothy (Wallace) "Retained In Germany" (Article)

Ford, Mrs. Charles "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Fore, Peter J. "Bronze Star Awarded Posthumously To McCrory Soldier" (Article)

Fotos, Martha Elizabeth, daughter of Tom Fotos, of McCrory (Wedding)

Fowler, Mr. Connie V., son of Levi & Lena "Funeral Sunday" (Obit.)

Fowler, Sgt. Edward, son of Alvin Fowler "Wounded Third Time" (Article)

Fraiser, Otis, sells cafe "Troy's Cafe Under New Management" (Article)

Fraze, William, son of Mollie Mae "Hillemann Soldier With 473rd Infantry" (Article)

Frets, Lynn, of McCrory High School "Coach Receives A 20-Inch Knife Wound" (Article)

Fronabarger, Elmer, buys cafe "Troy's Cafe Under New Management" (Article)

Gaddis, Clarence E. "Awarded Bronze Star Medal For Heroism" (Article)

Gaines, Robert, of Cross Co., AR "Man Doomed To Die Friday Gets Life Term" (Article)

Gardner, John F., Jr., son of J. F., Sr. of Tupelo "Wounded In Germany" (Article)

Garrett, James P. "Local Boy Awarded Combat Badge For Fighting In Italy" (Article)

Glover, Ruth, daughter of John L. Glover, of Patterson (Wedding)

Goodman, Lorene, daughter of Mrs. Jennie Goodman of McCrory (Wedding)

Gordon, Mrs. C. S. "Mrs. Gordon Receives Letter Of Appreciation" (Article)

Graves, Melvin, of Weldon (Obit.)

Graves, William O., son of Harrison "Sgt. Wm. O. Graves Killed In Action" (Obit.)

Graves, William O. "McCrory Soldier Killed In Germany" (Picture Obit.)

Gray, Richard Alton, son of Harvey Gray "Funeral Wednesday" (Obit.)

Gray, Robert Benjamin, hus. of Tina "R. B. Gray Dies At Home In Patterson" (Obit.)

Green, Eloise, daughter of John G. Green (Wedding)

Griffin, Oscar, son of D. A. Griffin of N. Little Rock "Missing In Action" (Picture Article)

Griffin, Oscar "Sgt. Oscar Griffin Pushed Around By Nazis While Prisoner" (Article)

Griffin, Oscar, hus. of Alma "Sgt. Oscar Griffin Freed In Germany" (Picture Article)

Guthrie, Mrs. George H. "Appreciated Letter" (Article)

Guthrie, George H. "In Hospital At Yesemite, Calif." (Picture Article)

Hagaman, Mrs. Lillian "Mrs. Henry Hagaman Funeral Saturday" (Obit.)

Hall, James Henry, brother of Bob "Dies in Oregon, Burial To Be Here" (Obit.)

Hamilton, Edward Lee "E. L. Hamilton & Twin Observe Eightieth Birthday" (Article)

Hamilton, Thorpe "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture Article)

Hamilton, Wallace, son of E. L., arrives home (Article)

Hamm, J. D., of Cotton Plant "Dies Near Cotton Plant" (Obit.)

Haney, Miss Verna Bernice, daughter of Henry Haney (Wedding)

Hardin, Miss Eleanor "Augusta Teacher Is Awarded Scholarship" (Article)

Hargis, Amelia, dau. of Dr. Henry Price Hargis "Will Marry In August" (Picture Article)

Hay, Charles F. of Hillemann "C. F. Hay Celebrates 75th Birthday" (Article)

Heath, Billy, son of Joe Heath (Wedding)

Hedden, Ulysses S., brother of Odena Jones "Cpl. U. S. Hedden At Keesler Field" (Article)

Hennessey, Miss June, daughter of John Hennessey, of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)

Hill, Samuel H., hus. of Ada (Jackson) & Alma (Miller) (Obit.)

Hillis, Rev. Ralph "Thanksgiving Services At Baptist Church" (Article)

Hiner, Pfc. Marvin E., word received of death (Obit.)

Holder, Miss Annie V. "Perfect Attendance At Sunday School" (Picture Article)

Holder, Miss Annie V., daughter of Than Holder "Homecoming Queen" (Picture Article)

Holland, Billy J., son of J. H., of Texarkana "Killed In France" (Picture Obit.)

Holt, Elmer B., son of Mrs. W. O. Reynolds "Wounded In Action" (Article)

Holt, Elmer B., hus. of Sylvia "In Naval Hospital In Southwest Pacific" (Article)

Holt, Elmer B. "Receives Purple Heart Medal" (Article)

Holt, Pvt. Lavern, son of Floyd "Receives Expert Rifleman's Medal" (Picture Article)

Hope, F. P. "Station Agent At Patterson Victim Of Highway Accident" (Article)

House, Julia Mae, daughter of Tom House "Rites Solemnized" (Wedding)

Hoyer, Emma Lee (Hamilton) "E. L. Hamilton & Twin Observe Eightieth Birthday" (Article)

Hubbard, Aubert, son of J. M. "Back In Civilian Life" (Picture Article)

Huff, Mr. & Mrs. D. H. "Celebrates Golden Anniversary" (Article)

Huie, Carol Jean, dau. of Frank "School Girl Killed By Bus Near Home" (Obit.)

Huie, Edgar Ray, son of George, "Liberated From German Prison Camp" (Article)

Huie, Mrs. Mabel (Tiner), wife of Thomas Huie (Obit.)

Hunter, Mary Elizabeth, wife of Wm. R., of Augusta (Obit.)

Hurley, Woodrow, son of Mrs. J. H. Swanson "On USS Indianapolis" (Article)

Hurley, Woodrow, son of Mrs. J. H. Swanson "Wounded In Action" (Article)

Hurley, Woodrow "Arrives In San Diego" (Article)

Hyatt, Charles, son of Mrs. Annie Hyatt, of McCrory (Wedding)

Hyatt, Charlie, Robert & Delbert "Brothers Meet In Paris" (Picture Article)

Hyatt, Pfc. Delbert "McCrory Boys In Southwest Pacific" (Picture Article)

Jacobs, John J., son of J. R. "Beedeville Boy Killed In Germany" (Article)

Jaggers, J. F. "Man Loses Arm In Operating Gin" (Article)

James, Hillory, son of Sanford "Meet In England" (Picture Article)

Jeffries, Banks G. "Three McCrory Boys Meet In Philippines" (Picture Article)

Jeffries, OC "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture Article)

Jelks, Dr. John Lemuel, husband of Louise "Funeral Sunday" (Obit.)

Jernigan, J. R. "Dies In Crossing Accident" (Obit.)

Johnson, Irene U., daughter of Mrs. W. C. Dobbs "Serving In England" (Article)

Johnson, Cpl. Irene "First Anniversary Overseas Observed By Cpl. I. Johnson" (Article)

Jones, Miss Ella Mae, dau. of S. R. Jones of Wiville, sister of Mrs. Kenneth Reddell (Wedding)

Jones, Lemuel, of McCrory, AR "Pvt. Lemuel Jones Serving In India" (Article)

Jones, Mrs. Mollie Mary, widow of Milas A. "Funeral Tuesday" (Obit.)

Jones, Robert Sidney, son of Lewis "Released From Jap Prison Camp" (Picture Article)

Jordan, Howell Taylor, formerly of Cotton Plant, AR (Obit.)

Keith, William Earl "Three McCrory Boys Meet In Philippines" (Picture Article)

Keith, W. F., Elmer, Lester, W. E., Mamie "Relatives Get Acquainted" (Picture of all Article)

Keith, William Franklin, of McCrory "Another Good Citizen Passes Suddenly" (Picture Obit.)

Kendrick, Thurman A. "McCrory Soldier Returns By Plane" (Article)

Kidd, Pfc. Doyle, son of J. O. "McClelland Soldier Wounded In Germany" (Picture Article)

King, James Edgar "One Of Best Citizens Funeral Held Sunday" (Obit.)

Kirksey, Lanora Belle, wife of Walter Kirksey (Obit.)

Kurowskey,Tom, of Fair Oaks, AR (Obit.)

Kyle, William "Willie" Bartlett, husband of Cora Lee (Gray) (Obit.)

Largent, L. T. "Two McCrory Boys Congratulated By Lt. Gen. James Doolittle" (Article)

Law, Mrs. G. L. "Card Of Thanks" (Article)

Law, Goldie "Shue and Law Buy Taylor Service Station" (Article)

Lawhon, Jay Noel, husband of Lillian (Swanson) Lawhon (short Article)

Lee, Pfc. Nathan "McCrory Boys In Southwest Pacific" (Picture Article)

Lewis, Miss Mary E., daug. of John E. "Lt. Mary E. Lewis At Miami Beach" (Article)

Lewis, Miss Mary E., daug. of John E. "Served 25 Months In European Theater" (Article)

Lewis, Mary Elizabeth "Women, Too, Can Serve" (Picture Article)

Lewis, Miss Mary Elizabeth, daughter of John E. Lewis (Picture Wedding)

Lindsey, Walter M. "McCrory Boy Receives His Fouth Oak Leaf Cluster" (Article)

Lindsey, Walter M., son of Walter, of Augusta "Receives Discharge" (Article)

Little, Delbert Easter "Two McCrory Boys Receiving Training At Camp Wolters" (Article)

Long, Fletcher, son of Dr. D. C. "Woodruff Co. Boy Cited For Courage" (Picture Article)

Long, John E., son of Otto Long, of McCrory, awarded Certificate of Merit (Article)

Mabry, James H., of Overcup "Last Rites For Jas. H. Mabry Were Held Monday" (Obit.)

Madison, James E. "To Return to U. S." (Picture Article)

Madison, James E., son of Clyde Madison (Wedding)

Madison, Mary Sue, dau. of Clyde Madison, of Patterson (Wedding)

Madison, Randall L., son of Clyde, of Patterson, AR "Is Aircraft Mechanic" (Article)

Manasco, William Lester, of White Co., AR (Obit.)

Martin, James, son of Ben Martin, hus. of Lorene "Serving Overseas" (Picture Article)

Marx, Kenneth A., hus. of Margaret "S. Sgt. Kenneth Marx Killed In Action" (Picture Obit.)

Mason, Everett, son of Nora Stevens "Take A Foot And Hold It" Is Motto" (Article)

Mathis, Miss Marilyn, dau. of Horace Cotton Plant Girl To Be Page At UDC" (Article)

Mauldin, Eugene, son of Sadie "Hillemann Boy Serving Overseas" (Picture Article)

Mauldin, Harold, son of John, of Hillemann "At Camp Arles, France" (Article)

Maxson, James Edward, nine months old son of Mrs. Annie (Obit.)

May, Billie J., bro. of Mrs. Ralph McDonald "Lost When Plane Was Shot Down" (Obit.)

Mayo, Miss Gretchen, dau. of Judge S. T. Mayo "Receives Degree" (Picture Article)

McBroome, Stanley, son of Ethel, of Hillemann "To Return Home" (Article)

McCauley, James Wayne "Arkansan Returns As A Brigadier General" (Picture Article)

McConnell, Shirley Jane "Cotton Plant Girl Is Bride Of Texan" (Picture Wedding)

McCuan, Isaac Mitchell "Mitch", of McCrory "Funeral Sunday" (Obit.)

McCuan, Nina, daughter of Bob McCuan, of McCrory (Wedding)

McCue, Dan "Funeral Services Held Today For Mr. Dan McCue" (Obit.)

McCue, Milford, letter to mother "S-Sgt. Milford McCue Injured In Action" (Article)

McCue, Milford N., son of Neal McCue, of McCrory "To Return To States" (Article)

McCullum, Natlie, dau. of Mrs. R. J. McCullum (Wedding)

McDaniel, Joe H. "McCrory Seaman Present On "Missouri" As Jap Envoys Arrive" (Article)

McDonald, Claude M., son of Walter J. "McCrory Soldier Promoted In Italy" (Article)

McDoniel, Joseph H., of McCrory "Receives Promotion" (Article)

McElroy, J. W., father of J. W., Jr. "Of Wynne, Celebrates 90th Birthday" (Article)

McFadden, Thomas I., hus. of Betty, recently assigned (Article)

McFadden, Thomas I., son of J. F. McFadden "Receives Discharge" (Article)

McGowan, James B., son of C. M. "Cotton Plant Boy Made An Eagle Scout" (Picture Article)

McKnight, Tom E., son of B. A. "Chaplain McKnight Killed In Action" (Obit.)

McNeeley, Woodrow, son of Andrew "Meet In England" (Picture Article)

Medlock, Jeff K. "Two McCrory Boys Congratulated By Lt. Gen. James Doolittle" (Article)

Meehan, Charles "Cotton Plant Man Is State Investigator" (Article)

Melton, Orville, son of Newt, bro. of Mrs. Dorothy Baxter "In Southwest Pacific" (Article)

Melton, Perry C., son of Clyde A., WW II Vet. "Receives Promotion" (Article)

Melton, Terry, age 5 months, 8 days, daughter of Clyde and Inez (Obit.)

Melvin, Mrs. Isabelle "Dies At Hunter" (Obit.)

Miller, Walter B., Jr., son of Walter B., Sr., of Cotton Plant (Wedding)

Morgan, Mary Ethel (Morris), wife of Wheeler "Mrs. C. W. Morgan Funeral Sunday" (Obit.)

Morphew, Joseph "McCrory Boys In Southwest Pacific" (Picture Article)

Murray, Bert, of Little Rock (Married)

Mushrush, Mark "Former Hunter Boy Liberated By Russians" (Article)

Myers, Billie Bryan, son of Louise "Status Unchanged In Missing Sergeant" (Article)

Myers, Billie Bryan "Long Missing Flier Now Reported Killed" (Picture Article)

Myers, Billie Bryan "Memorial Services For S-Sgt. Billy B. Myers" (Obit.)

Nance, William Albert, husband of the late Elizabeth A. (Trice) (Obit.)

Neuman, Clyde B., of DeValls Bluff, brother of Mrs. Nettie Cobb of McCrory, AR (Obit.)

NewKir, Orville O., hus. of Reba "McClelland Soldier At Miami Beach, Fla." (Article)

Nichols, Harold Glynn "Two McCrory Boys Receiving Training At Camp Wolters" (Article)

Nicholson, Ray B., son of Leonard "At Naval Training Station, Norfolk, VA" (Article)

Norwood, Sidney B., son of J. S. "Bronze Star Medal Awarded" (Article)

Oakes, James Morton, of Augusta, AR, husband of Claire Oakes (Obit.)

Oliver, Junior Lee "Cotton Plant Negro Drowns" (Article)

O'Shields, Lewis A. "At Redistribution Station In Hot Springs" (Article)

Osier, John C., husband of Ruth Ellen "In Infantry Division In The Philippines" (Article)

Osier, John C., son of Mrs. Stader "Serving Overseas" (Picture Article)

Overholt, R. H., of Cotton Plant "Three From State Buy Used Army, Navy Planes" (Article)

Padgitt, Miss Mabel, daughter of Ira Padgitt (Wedding)

Parker, Lt. Fred, son of Mrs. Charlie Parker, and infant son, Fred Jr. (short Article)

Parish, James D., son of Lee "Medical Technician Now In Philippines" (Article)

Patchell, Pfc. Wesley A., son of Mrs. Rose "Seriously Wounded" (Picture Article)

Patterson, Mrs. Ethel "In School System For Many Years" (Picture Article)

Patterson, Howard "New Officers Of McCrory Rotary Club" (Picture Article)

Pearrow, George S., husband of Florence (Payne) Pearrow (Obit.)

Peeples, M. B. (Wedding)

Pendergist, Jesse, Jr., hus. of Gladys "Jesse Pendergist Jr. Wounded In France" (Article)

Pendergist, Jesse, Jr., "Jesse Pendergist, Jr. Slightly Wounded" (Picture Article)

Pendergist, Jesse, Sr., visits new grandson and mother, short (Article)

Pendergist, Roy H., son of Flora "Is Liberated From A German Prison Camp" (Article)

Pendergist, Roy Harold, son of Flora "Home From Germany" (Article)

Penninger, Millard Raymond "M. R. Penninger Funeral Sunday At Newport" (Obit.)

Peters, Edward H., son of Ernest M. "At Santa Ana, Calif." (Article)

Pierce, Joe of McCrory (Wedding)

Poe, Miss Ada, daughter of H. H. Poe, of McCrory, AR (Wedding)

Pohnka, Jane, dau. of W. J. Pohnka, of McCrory "Stationed In India" (Article)

Pope, Mrs. Alice Elizabeth of Wynne, AR "Longtime Resident Of Cross Co. Dies" (Obit.)

Pounders, W. E., son of Lillie "Five-Year Veteran, On Luzon, Wounded" (Article)

Powell, Clifton M., hus. of Jenice F. (Guthrie) "Appreciated Letter" (Article)

Prince, Johnnie Euel, hus. of Maedine "Three Local Boys At Camp Wolters" (Article)

Pugh, Walter E., son of Mrs. Audrey A. Pugh "At Santa Ana, Calif." (Article)

Quick, John Arvel, son of George "Witnessed Surrender Of Pagan Island" (Article)

Quinn, Bette, daughter of J. H. Quinn (Wedding)

Quinn, Garland, son of Effie May Quinn "Receives Combat Infantry Badge" (Article)

Ramer, Charles M., son of S. F. Ramer of Cotton Plant, AR (Wedding)

Raymond, Howard C., son of Jack Raymond "Wounded In Belgium" (Picture Article)

Raymond, Johnny R. "Letter To Walter W. Raney, Publisher" (Article)

Raymond, Malvern "First Bale Of Cotton" (Article)

Raney, Clay, Robert & T. J., sons of T. J. "Raney Brothers In Service" (Picture Article)

Raney, Ida M., wife of Walter W. "McCrory Woman Paid $750.00 Compensation" (Article)

Raymond, Fraser, hus. of Mildred "Returns To States" (Article)

Raymond, Howard C. "Sgt. H. C. Raymond Wounded In Belgium" (Article)

Reed, Howard Eugene, son of Lewis "Cotton Plant Child Killed When Struck By Auto" (Obit.)

Reynolds, Clarence E. "Local Boy In England With U. S. Eighth Army Air Force" (Article)

Reynolds, Clarence E., son of F. B. "Receives Promotion" (Article)

Reynolds, Elanine, daughter of W. O. Reynolds (Married)

Reynolds, R. C., son of Wm. O. Reynolds "Local Boy To Be Reclassified" (Article)

Robertson, W. L., son of Tom Robertson (Wedding)

Robinson, C. J. of McCrory "Local Man's Outfit Blasts Way Within Sight Of Po Valley" (Article)

Rogers, Earl Huston, of Gregory, hus. of Norma Rogers "Advanced In Rating" (Article)

Rooks, Edward & J. D., and Otis Jones "Three Brothers In Service" (Picture Article)

Roosevelt, Franklin D. "Entire Nation Mourns Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt" (Picture Obit.)

Rubottom, Roy "Appointed J. P." (Article)

Rubottom, Roy (Married)

Rudick, Clarence E., son of Mrs. Annie R. Rudick "Awarded Silver Star" (Article)

Sandage, Rev. J. W., of McCrory, AR "Attends Pastors School" (Article)

Schwendemann, Henry N., hus. of Emma "51 Combat Missions Completed" (Article)

Scott, Ishmael, son of W. P. Scott, hus. of Margaret L. "Back In Germany" (Picture Article)

Settle, Cpl. Marcus M., formerly of Woodruff County (Wedding)

Settle, Cpl. Marcus M. "At Redistribution Station, Hot Springs" (Article)

Shankle, Mr. & Mrs. William C. "McCrory Couple Married 56 Years" (Article)

Shue, Manuel F., son of Lula "McCrory Soldier Promoted In Italy" (Article)

Shue, R. F. "Shue and Law Buy Taylor Service Station" (Article)

Sieber, Harvel T. of Hunter, AR "With 45th Ordnance Company In France" (Article)

Simmons, Edna Irene (Miss), dau. of Wm. Floyd & Melvina Simmons (Obit.)

Simmons, Jeff "New Mail Carriers For Route One and Two, McCrory" (Article)

Simmons, Harry, half-brother of Shed Smith "Hears From Brother" (Picture Article)

Simmons, Harry, half-brother of Shed Smith, liberated from Japanese prison camp (Article)

Simmons, Paul "Todd" & wife Lida, R. T. & wife Maude Simmons "Drown In River" (Obit.)

Simmons, Sterling, son of C. C., prisoner of the Japanese (Article)

Simmons, Sterling will be home soon (Article)

Sims, Ambrose L., father of Mrs. I. L. Campbell "Peaceful Ending For Life-Long Citizen" (Obit.)

Sims, Elmer, son of Charles W. Sims "Pvt. Elmer Sims Wounded In Belgium" (Article)

Sisney, Don "McCrory Boy With Sixth Army In Japan" (Article)

Sisney, Don, son of James "Awarded The Combat Infantryman Badge" (Article)

Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth "Lizzie", wife of Eligah "Elige" Smith (Obit.)

Smith, Jeff, son of George "Pfc. Jeff Smith Rescued From Camp In Philippines" (Article)

Smith, Jeff, son of George W. Smith "A Survivor Returns" by Dorothy H. Bronte (Article)

Smith, Shed, half-brother of Harry Simmons, received telegram from War Department (Article)

Smith, Shed, half-brother of Harry Simmons "Hears From Brother, Harry" (Picture Article)

Sorrels, J. D. "Letter To Mom And Dad, Mr. & Mrs. H. S. Sorrels" (Article)

Stader, Othel H., son of Cashes A. "Serving Overseas" (Picture Article)

Stanley, Melvin C. "Jury Clears Augusta Man Of Arson Charge" (Article)

Stapp, Otto A., son of A. J. Stapp, of McCrory (Wedding)

Stephens, Sabrina L. (Mullens) "Mrs. S. L. Stephens Funeral Wednesday" (Obit.)

Stewart, Arthur C., son of A. M. "Receives Promotion" (Picture Article)

Stewart, Pfc. John B. "McCrory Boys In Southwest Pacific" (Picture Article)

Stewart, Thomas Aaron "Rev. T. A. Stewart Prominent Citizen Of Patterson Dies" (Obit.)

Stewart, Mrs. William E., formerly of Gregory & Fitzhugh (Obit.)

Stewmon, Robert Thomas, of Cotton Plant, husband of Leander (Obit.)

Stoker, Robert "Two Woodruff County Boys Attend Ark. Tech" (Article)

Stokes, Barbara Jean, daughter of Clarence Stokes (Wedding)

Stokes, Pvt. J. D., of McCrory "Awarded The Combat Infantryman Badge" (Article)

Sturdivant, Leslie W. Jr., son of Leslie W. "Receives Promotion" (Article)

Sturdivant, Miss Louise "Civilian Worker At Pearl Harbor, T. H." (Article)

Summers, Thomas Leland, son of Thomas L., married "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Sutherland, Robert Neal, son of Gus "Jackson County Boy Hurt In Explosion" (Article)

Swayze, Mr. H. D., of Holly Grove, AR, formerly of McCrory, hus of Johnnie (Jelks) (Obit.)

Tally, Pvt. Delma C., bro. of June Tally, of McCrory "Declared Dead" (Obit.)

Taylor, Albert P. "Combat Infantryman Badge Awarded To Pfc. Albert P. Taylor" (Article)

Taylor, Albert P., son of Mrs. Hattie Taylor "Receives Promotion" (Article)

Taylor, Pvt. Beauford A., son of Mrs. Bertie Holloman "Receives Discharge" (Article)

Taylor, Benjamin L., Sr., formerly of McCrory "Funeral Services Held Saturday" (Obit.)

Taylor, Pvt. Burnest, son of George B. "Receives Special Commendation" (Article)

Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. Clayton, father of Charles, arrives in McCrory (Article)

Taylor, Mrs. Emma, widow of John "Of Hunter Passes, Funeral Tomorrow" (Obit.)

Taylor, Fred T., husband of Eunice (Vanderford) "With Jungle Airforce" (Picture Article)

Taylor, Jimmie (Firechief), son of Grady Taylor "Re-enlists In Army" (Article)

Taylor, J. R. "Home On Leave After 53 Engagements In The Pacific" (Picture Article)

Taylor, Lester D., son of Nellie S. Linhart "T-4 Lester Taylor Slightly Wounded" (Article)

Taylor, Ray Nelson, son of James R. "Three Local Boys At Camp Wolters" (Article)

Taylor, Turner, visits parents, Mr. & Mrs. Edd Taylor, of McCrory (Article)

Thomas, William H., son of John "Medal Of Honor Will Reward Valor Of Ark. Farm Boy" (Obit.)

Thompson, John G., son of Vance Thompson "Wounded On Luzon" (Article)

Thompson, Joie, son of Sidney Thompson of Little Rock "Birthday Supper" (Article)

Thompson, Vance Maynard Jr. "Engagement Announced" (Picture of bride Article)

Thompson, Vance M. Jr. "Thompson-Gatwood Vows Are Said At Nashville, Tenn." (Wedding)

Thompson, Vance Maynard "Receives Commission As Ensign In Navy" (Picture Article)

Tims, Virginia Ruth, daughter of R. L. Tims (Wedding)

Tiner, Pvt. E. L., leaves tomorrow for Fort Ord, Calif. (Article)

Torian, David N., of Weldon, AR "Weldon Soldier Killed In Action" (Obit.)

Tucker, Justin D., son of Justin R. "Death Of Missing Officer Confirmed" (Picture Article)

Tucker, Lucille, dau. of Reuben Tucker, of Hickory Ridge (Wedding)

Uhles, Clint W. "Letter To Mother, Mrs Josie McCue" (Article)

Vanderburg, Pvt. Keith "Doughboys' Shower Turns Into Mud Bath" (Article)

Vanlandingham, Mrs. Onie (Miller), wife of Justin Wise & W. J. Vanlandingham (Obit.)

VanPelt, Miss Grace, daughter of Ike VanPelt (Wedding)

Vernon, Fred, of Little Rock, dies in Augusta (Obit.)

Walker, Elois, daughter of Rufe Walker (Wedding)

Walker, Ewin "Red", "New Mail Carriers For Route One and Two, McCrory" (Article)

Walker, Jules H., son of E. S. "Graduates As Warrant Radio Electrician" (Picture Article)

Walker, Ronnie Eugene, son of R. E. & Inez (Pickett) Walker (Obit.)

Ward, Burnest, of Pumpkin Bend, father of Orville Ward, is sick (Article)

Ward, Burnest Lester "Last Rites Held For Lifelong Citizen Of Pumpkin Bend" (Obit.)

Ward, Mrs. E. J., mother of Clarence Ward, short (Obit.)

Ward, Mrs. Robert, mother of Virgil Berry "Receives Injury In Train Wreck" (Article)

Weld, Vernon "Youngest Son of Mr. & Mrs. Roy Weld Passes" (Obit.)

West, Harry L. "Local Boy Member Of 12th Armored Division" (Article)

White, Miss Onia, daughter of Mrs. Hanie & the late W. White (Wedding)

White, Miss Onia, daughter of Mrs. Hanie "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Wiggins, Cecil M. "McCrory Seaman Donates Blood To Ship's Blood Bank" (Article)

Wiggins, James Farrel, son of James F. "Missing In Action" (Article)

Wiggins, James F., son of Jim "Home From Prison Camp In Germany" (Article)

Wiggins, William Frank "Wm. F. Wiggins Dies From Injuries Suffered In Fall" (Obit.)

Wiggs, Franklin L. "Augusta Boy Is Awarded Purple Heart" (Article)

Willcox, R. C., hus. of Dorothy (Caperton) "New Bank Cashier" at McCrory (Article)

Wilfong, William E., step-son of Mrs. Glen Kerr "Aboard USS Hancock" (Article)

Williams, Joe, Jr. "Cotton Plant Boy Receives Commission" (Article)

Williams, Maggie R. "Mrs. Mag Williams, age 94, Funeral Held Last Friday" (Obit.)

Williams, Richard, son of Cleve "Awarded Combat Infantryman Badge" (Picture Article)

Williams, Pvt. Virgil, son of C., letter to mother and dad (Article)

Williams, Virgil, son of C. E., of Hillemann, jumps from the sky to save others (Article)

Willoughby, Joseph E., hus. of Evelyn K. "Lt. J. E. Willoughby Missing In Action" (Article)

Wilson, Clark Donald "Clark D. Wilson At Pearl Harbor" (Article)

Wilson, Pfc. Garland C. "McCrory Boys In Southwest Pacific" (Picture Article)

Wilson, Garland C., son of Clayton "With 31st Infantry Division Battalion" (Article)

Wilson, Mrs. Graham (Olivia Parker) of Cherry Valley, dau. of Walter Parker (Obit.)

Wilson, John Harvey "Bullet In Helmet Liner" (Article)

Wilson, Luther Ewell, son of L. I. "Woodruff County Captain Missing" (Picture Article)

Wilson, Capt. Owen "Rejoined American Forces In Philippines" (Picture Article)

Winkles, Mrs. Ethel, of Patterson, wife of Marion F. "Funeral Tuesday" (Obit.)

Wood, Lt. Jack H., leaving for Temple, Texas (Article)

Wood, Lt. Jack, son of Roy "Augusta Officer Wounded In Germany" (Picture Article)

Wood, Jack H., son of Roy K. Wood, married, "Recent Bride" (Picture Article)

Woodall, Lynn Victor, son of Luther G. "Local Boy Receives Promotion In England" (Article)

Woods, Hazel, daughter of Stanley Woods, announce (Wedding)

Wright, George, of Chappell Grove community "Home Destroyed By Fire" (Article)

Yarbrough, West A., son of I. G. "Promoted In England" (Picture Article)

End Part 15

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