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Woodruff County, Arkansas
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Part 10

Adkins, Mrs. Bettie (Garrison), of Patterson, AR, wife of S. B., (Obit.)

Airheart, Miss Elizabeth, Daughter of Clyde S. "Engagement Announced", (Picture-Article)

Airheart, Miss Elizabeth, "Airheart Wedding Plans Are Announced", (Article)

Anderson, Leonard Lee, killed " Driver Of Truck Found Not Guilty Of Manslaughter", (Article)

Angus, Katherine "Katie" Manda (Best) " Early Morning Fire Destroys Angus Home", (Article)

Angus, W. B., "Surprise Supper", (Article)

Armstrong---Margaret, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. W., (Wedding)

Authors, Miss Geraldine, dau. of W. A. "In L. S. U. Violin Recital", (Picture-Article)

Bailey, Fay " Driver Of Truck Found Not Guilty Of Manslaughter", (Article)

Baker, Erasmus, "Golden Wedding Anniversary Observed By Patterson Couple", (Article)

Ball, Miss Lettie, daughter of Arnie Ball, (Wedding)

Barringer, Joseph E., Sr., husband of Nina, (Obit.)

Barron, John W. Rev., (Ex-Slave) of McCrory, (Obit.)

Beard, Mary S., mother of Mrs. Mary Love, stepmother of J. W., C. L., & Mrs. Maud Barnes, (Obit.)

Berkshire, Mrs Cora "Augusta Mother Told Where Missing Son Is", (Article)

Bice, Mr. A. E., husband of Mary (Johnson), (Obit.)

Biles, Dr. Lee Edwin, husband of Mary Emma (Owens), (Obit.)

Blevins, R. L., of Beedeville, AR, (Wedding)

Boone, Margy, dau. of J. E., great- granddaughter of Mrs. Fannie (Baxter) Echols of Cotton Plant who is

the mother of David H. Echols & Mrs. J. R. Boone "Four Generations", (Article)

Breedlove, Joe H., of Desha Co., bro. of Mrs. B. Brewster "Killed In Search For County Fugitive", (Obit.)

Brinneman, Mrs Nana (Mitchell), of Hunter, AR, wife of Charles R., (Obit.)

Brock, Dave of Pumpkin Bend, (Obit.)

Bullard, Franklin, son of Grover, of near McCrory, AR, (Married)

Bunch, Chester, son of Samuel & Ricie (Simmons) Bunch, (Wedding)

Bunch, Simmons, "One Killed, Two Seriously Injured In Auto-Train Accident", (Obit.)

Burton, George, father of Mrs. T. N. Sanders of McCrory, AR & others, (Obit.)

Calvert, Daisy, daugher of Mr. & Mrs. M. G. Calvert, (Wedding)

Campbell, Frances, age 7, dau. of Mr. Herbert Campbell of McCrory, AR, (Obit.)

Carrell, J. S. A., of Cedar Hill, TX, husband of Alice (Dabbs), (Obit.)

Carroll, Burma Joan, baby daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Archie of McCrory, AR, (Obit.)

Carter, Mrs. Barbara Allen (Ladd), wife of John W. Carter, (Obit.)

Caudle, E. C. "Babe", hus, of Jimmie (Barton) & Ida Lee, (Obit.)

Chandler, Mrs. Mildred (Jaggers), daughter of W. L. Jaggers of McCrory, (Picture-Article)

Chaney, Miss Frances, dau. of Horace R., "Receives Honors", (Picture-Article)

Clifton, Mildred, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Claude, (Married)

Creasey, Eircelle, daughter of Claude of Wivelle, (Wedding)

Creasey, Neva, daughter of Claud Creasey, (Married)

Crossett, C. L. "Uncle Lum", (Obit.)

Crossett, James Robert, "Fifty-Third Wedding Anniversary Honored At DeView Sunday", (Article)

Crotzer, Horace G., age 68, of Grays, father of Mrs. W. E. Holder, Jr., (Obit.)

Daniel, Hester Ann, widow of T. W. of McCrory, died in Memphis at home of daughter, (Obit.)

Davis, Court, Jr., age six, son of Court, Sr. "School Child Injured In Highway Accident", (Article)

Davis, Emmitt, son of Mr. & Mrs. George Davis, (Married)

Davis, Mrs. Jimmie, wife of M. L., (Obit.)

Davis, Rubye, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Davis, (Wedding)

Deland, Charles W., hus. of Mae (Parker) & Susan A. (Henderson), (Obit.)

Dewitt, J. R. of Macon, MS formally of Woodruff Co., AR, (Obit.)

Drexler, Mitchell, son of Mrs. Drexler, (Wedding)

Echols, Mrs. Fannie (Baxter) Echols of Cotton Plant who is the mother of David H. Echols & Mrs. J. R.

Boone "Four Generations", (Article)

Elam, Mrs Ella, wife of W. A., sister of Mrs. Andy Henard & Mrs. Wm. Wilson, (Obit.)

Elam, William A. "Dad", husband of Ella, (Obit.)

Finney, Bert B., son of Ben & Sallie D. (Chaney), husband of Augusta "Gusta", (Renick), (Obit.)

Flannery, Myrt, age 18, son of A. A. "Young Couple Clubbed; Girl Is Fatally Hurt", (Article)

Fletcher, Virginia L., Dau. of Tom, "Selected As Page To D. A. R. Meeting" (Picture-Article)

Fowler, Mrs. Robert "Mrs. Robert Fowler, 90. Is Feted At Family Dinner At Blytheville, AR", (Article)

Fowler, Teddy Morris, son of Mr. &. Mrs. Lester Fowler, (Obit.)

Fraser, Leon G., son of W. T. of McCrory "Promoted", (Picture-Article)

Fraser, Miss Altha, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. W. T., (Wedding)

Fraser, Miss Ruby Mae, daughter of Otis O. Fraser, (Wedding)

Fraser, Thurman, son of Mr. & Mrs. W. T. "Promoted", (Picture-Article)

Fraser, Truman, son of W. T. "Sgt. Truman Fraser Killed In Crash Of U. S. Bomber, (Picture-Article)

Freeman, Minnie, dau. of Fleming F. & Amelia (Hill), wife of J. W. Underhill & J. W. Robins, (Obit.)

Gaddis, Mrs. Opal, age 28 years, wife of Harrison Gaddis, (Obit.)

Garton, Dorothy Sue, daughter of Mrs. George "Receives Honors", (Picture-Article)

Gatten, John Asbury of Forrest City, AR, Union Civil War Vet., (Obit.)

Gossage, Ezra, of Hunter, AR, charged with the kidnapping of Ezra Lichty, "Accuser Of Arkansan Kills

Himself ", (Article)

Green, Miss Gladys, dau. of Mrs. J. B. "Former Resident Has August Marriage", , (Article)

Grissom, John Franklin, of four miles northwest of Tupelo, (Obit.)

Hall, Russell, son of John M. "Hunter Resident Dies From Meningitis", (Obit.)

Hall, Thomas Felix, husband of Ava (Harper), (Obit.)

Hatchell, Rosie (colored) " Celebrates Birthday", (Article)

Haynes, Betty Dora, dau. of W. C., "Wins Popularity Contest", , (Picture-Article)

Hixon, Charles A. of north McCrory, (Obit.)

Horner, Mrs. Fannie, wife of W. F. Horner, (Obit.)

Hougelin, Willie Vivian, daughter of W. N., (Wedding)

Huenefeld, Mr. & Mrs. Carl "Woodruff County Couple Will Observe 60th Anniversary", (Article)

Huenefeld, Carl Frederick, husband of Anna Elizabeth (Bald), (Obit.)

Huff, Miss Otie, daughter of James Louis Huff, (Picture-Article)

Huie, Miss Opal, daughter of J. M. "Bud" Huie of Fitzhugh, (Married)

Hunnicutt, Mr. C. C. of Cotton Plant "Hunnicutt Re-elected", (Article)

Hunter, Miss Mabel, dau. of William R. of Augusta "Recent Bride", (Picture-Article)

Irby, Lee, age 63, of Fairoaks, Woodruff Co., AR, husband of Venia (Robinson), (Obit.)

Jaggers, Miss Mildred, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Jaggers of McCrory, AR, (Wedding)

Jaggers, Miss Mildred (Jaggers) Chandler, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Jaggers, (Picture-Article)

James, Mrs. Ellen (James), daughter of George, wife of J. B. James, (Obit.)

Jeffries, Mrs. Gussie (Dilliard), wife of Thomas A. Jeffries, (Obit.)

Jeffries, Ross Octavus, son of Octavus & Sarah (Ross), (Obit.)

Jennings, T. J., husband of Mary (Hackett) & Nannie (Barber), (Obit.)

Johnson, Robert L., husband of Ada Lewis (Atkinson), (Obit.)

Jones, Edgar, "Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Jones To Celebrate Their 55th Anniversary Saturday", (Article)

Jones, Hailey, Jr., son of Hailey, Sr. "Boy's Kind Act May Cost Life", (Article)

Jones, Miss Opal, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. E. G. Jones, (Obit.)

Keating, Mrs. R. B. "McCrory Woman Entertained At White House Party", (Article)

Kelsey, Louis E., "Heart Attack Fatal To Brother In Fight", (Obit.)

Kerr, Mr. A. G., husband of Annie Lee (Boyd), (Obit.)

Lemay, Billy Arthur, killed " Driver Of Truck Found Not Guilty Of Manslaughter", (Article)

Lemay, Arthur " In Memory", (Article)

Lewis, Miss Janet, dau. of John "Bride Of Recent Months", (Picture-Article)

Lewis, Miss Sammie, dau. of John E. "Bride Of Recent Months", (Picture-Article)

Lichty, Ezra, "Accuser Of Arkansan Kills Himself ", (Article)

Lily, "Aunt Mec" Former Slave of Elias Huff Of Woodruff County, Dies", (Obit.)

Littleton, E. L. " Quadruplets Born Near McClelland, But Soon Die, (Obit)

Lockridge, Minnie, wife of B. W., mother of Miss Jean Purette & Mrs. Wm. Curbo, (Obit.)

Long, Anna Lee, daughter of Dallas & Mary Agnes (Fletcher), (Picture-Wedding)

Lovell, David O. of Little Rock, AR, (Wedding)

Mann, Claud, injured, "One Killed, Two Seriously Injured In Auto-Train Accident", (Obit.)

Mann, Mr. Joe, of McCrory, (Married)

Maxfield, Mary C., daughter of George & Sarah (Ridgway), wife of William E., (Obit.)

Massey, Joe, injured, "One Killed, Two Seriously Injured In Auto-Train Accident", (Obit.)

Massey, Miss Marie, daughter of D. V., "McCrory Girl Selected Queen", (Picture-Article)

Martin, S. P. "Pete", son of Mrs. Cora Pennington of Augusta, (Wedding)

Mathis, Dr. William J. "Early Experiences Recalled By Veteran Arkansas Doctor", (Article)

Mayo, Miss Gretchen Jelks, dau. of Ida T. "Wins Rotary Award", (Picture-Article)

McClain, Pauline, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. P. M., , (Wedding)

McClendon, June, niece of R. F. Shue "Bride Of Recent Months", (Picture-Article)

McCommons, Julius Robert, husband of Retha (Rayner), (Obit.)

McCrory Fire Department "They Have Enviable Record", picture of fireman & truck (Picture-Article)

McDonald, Dorothy Jane, infant dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Walter V., (Obit.)

McElroy, Miss Hazel, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Floyd, (Married)

McElroy, Miss Tolberta, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Tolbert, (Wedding Announcement)

McElroy, Robert of Morris Grove, (Wedding)

McGill, Edward Marion of Augusta, AR, (Wedding Announcement)

Melton, Dempsey, son of Mr. & Mrs. Will Melton, (Wedding)

Miller, Mrs. Naomi of Minneapolis, Minn., sister of Mrs. Sam Bunch of McCrory, AR, (Obit.)

Miller, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth (Smith), wife of Joe Miller, (Obit.)

Miller, Teddy, son of Mrs. Mollie Miller of McCrory, AR, (Wedding)

Miller, William J. of Augusta, (Wedding)

Mills, Bruce, son of W. T. Mills of Augusta, AR "Accident Victim", (Picture-Obit.)

Mitchell, Wayne L., son of W. J. & Lula "Former Resident Has August Marriage", (Article)

Moffet, Mrs. Finchie, of Tupelo, AR, wife of Tom, (Obit.)

Montgomery, Miss Ruby, dau. of George "Young Couple Clubbed; Girl Is Fatally Hurt", (Article)

Montgomery, Miss Ruby, age 17, "Suspect In Murder Of Girl Released", (Article)

Montgomery, Miss Ruby, age 17, "$400.00 Reward", (Article)

Montgomery, Miss Ruby, age 17, "Negro Slayer Of Girl Shot By Officers", (Article)

Montgomery, Miss Ruby, age 17, "Negro Said To Confess Murder Of Farm Girl", (Article)

Montgomery, Miss Ruby, "Charged Murderer Not To Stand Trial In This Term Of Court", (Article)

Montgomery, Miss Ruby, "Negro Slayer's Captors", John Mooney sentenced to electrocution (first

Woodruff County slayer to be sentenced to the chair), Sherrif E. T. Ramsey, Deputy Charley

Brooks & Deputy Ollie Eskew, (Picture-Article)

Montgomery, Thomas of McCrory, (Wedding)

Mooney, John (Black) sentenced to electrocution for the murder & rape of Ruby Montgomery (first

Woodruff County slayer to be sentenced to the chair), (Article)

Mooreman, Will, former judge and county clerk of Woodruff Co., AR, (Short-Obit.)

Neal, Mrs. Lula (Davis), daughter of Thomas Jefferson, (Obit.)

Nelson, Margaret Louise, daughter of Mr. &. Mrs. Edwin Leonard Nelson, (Wedding)

O' Bryant, Mamie Louise (Byrd), wife of E. B. O'Bryant, (Obit.)

Odom, Mr. J. A., of Emporia, MS, formally of McCrory, AR, (Obit.)

Parish, Mildred, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Lee Parish, (Obit.)

Parks, William H., of Greenbrier, father of Mrs. Lewis Taylor of McCrory, AR, (Obit.)

Pollett, Mrs. Emma Cecilia, grandmother of Mrs. Helen B. Fowlkes of McCrory, (Obit.)

Prather, Randal of Texarkana, (Married)

Price, Blanche, daughter of M. J. Price, (Wedding)

Proctor, Mr. James Henry, of near McCrory, (Obit.)

Pulley, Mr. J. G., formerly of McCrory, AR, brother of Henry, (Obit.)

Quick, James W., (Spanish Amer. War Vet.), husband of Mary (Akin), (Obit.)

Quick, Miss Gladys, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. W., (Wedding)

Rady, Mr. Robert "Thornton", son of Mrs. Ben Bratcher of McCrory, (Obit.)

Ramer, Robert F., son of Mr. & Mrs. P. M. of Cotton Plant, (Wedding)

Raymond, Harry, son of Mrs. Minnie Raymond, (Wedding)

Reynolds, Miss Pauline, dau. of W. O. of McCrory, (Picture-Wedding)

Robertson, Mr. Carlie, husband of Gertie (Baty), (Obit.)

Robins, Minnie F. (Freeman), daug. of Capt. Fleming F. & Amelia (Hill), wife of J. W., (Obit.)

Robinson, Miss Mildred of Yuma, AZ, (Wedding)

Rushing, Mrs. Isabella A., mother of L. N. Rushing, (Obit.)

Rushing, Katherine Frances, wife of Thomas A., (Obit.)

Rushing, Russell, son of W. L. & Emma, (Wedding Announcement)

Scales, Walter O., " Former Resident Of McCrory Dies At His Home In Parkdale", (Obit.)

Shaw, M. L., "M. L. Shaw Is New Manager For Cafe", (Article)

Shue, Johnny "Johnny Shue Drowns When Truck Turns Over Near McCrory", (Obit.)

Simmons, Ben, leaves wife, 8 sons, two daughters and a brother, (Obit.)

Smith, Miss Virginia, daughter of Mr. Robert Smith of Augusta, (Wedding)

Smith, Dr. Roland Noah "Augusta Couple Wedded 50 Tears" Part of, (Article)

Snapp, J. H., "J. H. Snapp Is Made Vice President Of Farm Federation", (Article)

Snyder, Eugene Joseph of Wynne and Pondesa, CA, (Wedding)

Stevens, Miss Lois, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. H. of Grays, (Wedding)

Stewart, Thomas Henry, husband of Hettie Mae (Heaton), (In Memory-Article)

Stoker, June (McClendon), niece of R. F. Shue "Bride Of Recent Months", (Picture-Article)

Stout, Little Dora Frances, "In Memory Of Dora Frances Stout, (Obit)

Sturdivant, Miss Helen "Helen Sturdivant To Represent McCrory At EAYMC Rodeo", (Picture-Article)

Sturdivant, Leslie, Jr. "McCrory Boy Gets High Praise", (Article)

Sturdivant, Leslie, Jr. "School Child Injured In Highway Accident", (Article)

Taylor, Dixie Lee, husband of Ona J., former old time resident of McCrory, AR, (Obit.)

Taylor, Katherene, daughter of Mr. &. Mrs. Ben Taylor of DeView, (Wedding)

Trent, Albert, father of Bess & Mrs. Harry Thayer, stepdaughter Mrs. Carson, (Obit.)

Tyer, Doyle, (Wedding)

Tyson, Louis Claude, father of Mrs. Leo Diedrick of Little Rock, AR, (Obit.)

Underhill, Minnie F. (Freeman), daug. of Capt. Fleming F. & Amelia (Hill), wife J. W., (Obit.)

Vincent, Alfred, "Former Resident Of Woodruff County Is Killed By Foster Son", (Article-Obit.)

Vincent, Anderson N., "Former Resident Of Woodruff County Is Killed By Foster Son", (Obit.)

Wallis, John R. of Dixie, husband of Mrs. Hanart Wallis, (Obit.)

Ward, Leon, son of Mrs. E. L. Ward, (Wedding)

Welch, Mrs. Mollie Frances of McCrory, (Obit.)

Weld, Miss Thelma, "Stewardess Weld Honored On Sixth Year Of Service" (Article)

Weld, Thelma, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. E. M. Weld of McCrory, AR, (Wedding)

Williams, Richard, son of Mr. & Mrs. Cleve Williams "Receives Promotion", (Picture-Article)

Wilson, Juanita, (Wedding)

Wilson, Maynard of Grays, (Married)

Winfree, Miss Margaret, (Obit.)

Worthen, Miss Helen "Death Takes Woman On Fishing Party At Horseshoe Lake", (Obit.)

Wunnerberg, Mrs. Pearl (Cramer), wife of Edgar C., (Obit.)

End Part 10

For more information, contact Gary Telford at wgt@centurytel.net, or write to: Gary Telford, Family Roots, PO Box 282, Bald Knob, AR 72010.

June 2005