Clay County Photo Album

These are some great old pictures and it's especially great that someone still knows who the people were.  If you would like to have a photograph included on this page, just e-mail it to me and I'll get it posted as soon as I can.  Please send it in .jpg format at 72 dpi.

Most of these pictures are very large files, and may take a while to load, but they are also of great detail.


Herman Potts Dyal

Sylvanus Bishop Family

Wallace Family

Elkins Honeycutt

Braden, Jeffers, Morris and possibly Easton

Baker, Renfro and Elkins

Blake and Nichols

Bart McAbee 1915

Crow Brothers

Thomas, Wiley, & Mary Margaret Smith

Laborn Franklin "Frank" Keller

Edward and Nettie Bradley

William Johnson Family

Eastern Clay County Residents

More Eastern Clay County Residents

Mrs. James Franklin Golden, and Mr. and Mrs. George Mack

William Nelson and Myrtle Nelson

Urch, Sly, Taylor,  Blunk, Dietrich and Barton

Josiah and Amanda Watson

Christman and Barrow


Arnold, Asa & Pitts

Moore Family

Fowler Family

Golden Family

More Golden Family

Watson - Flynn

James Roberts, Eathel Gleghorn, Bertha Holland and others

Southern Cooperage Company

John Henry Lingle and Bula Wallis Jackson Lingle on the Lingle farm


Weindel Children

Whitaker, Vincent, Gunnels, Polsgrove, Warren and Hutcheson

Tornado of 1916 - Knox and Vincent Families

Knox Family

O'Hara & Moore

John Henry Lingle and Virgie Nettles


Enoch Reily McMahan, Arthur Utley, William Scott and other McMahans

Clay County Courier, Clyde C. Estes Editor, 1896

Photos from the Corning Cavalcade, Centennial Edition

Mann Family

Charles Monroe Lingle and wife, Elizabeth Thornton Lingle

Ruff Family

Brown Family

David Mitchell Family

Lewis, James and daughter Chloe, Jeremiah T. Lewis and Wife

Verna Hawkins and Friends (Bessie Campbell and Ola Huggins)

M. Elizabeth Ingram Smith

Anthony and Kathleen Berg



Sorrells, Harris, and Ezell Families

John Freeman and sister, Almy

James Rosson

Warren Dunn and Unknown Relative

Hiram Nelson and Family

Arnold, Blake, & McLeskey



Blake & Mann


Sis Crow, Son Crow, Irene Ingram Crow

James T. Grayson and Family

Eunice Buck Icenogle

Robert Headley Ingram and Rosa Belle Coble Ingram Wedding

Jesse Washington Mann and his wife, Matilda Mahala Burrklow

Franklin Pierce Smith Family

Mose Wilson, Robert Headley Ingram, James Lafayette Ingram

Alta Blanch (Faries) Polk

Fannie (Moore) Wilkerson

Children of Daniel Fletcher and Susie A. Shemwell Moore

Myrtle and Trina Moore 1910

William Bruce (Buck) Snodgress and Julia Elizabeth (Gossett) 1. Wilkerson, 2. Snodgress

Uriah Hicks & Sons

Uriah & Ethel Hicks

Jackson/Hicks Band

Uriah Hicks' Grandchildren Hicks Family Lauretta Jane Keelin Jenkins & Daughters

George William & Sarah Keelin

William & Daisy Goodman

Albert & Lula Goodman Philip & Kessiah Goodman Katheryn Dunn

Historian Jim Oliver, 1973

L. D. Oaks

Sherman Talkington Family Oowala Club Laddy Bucks

W. F. Barnes Family

Corning Orchestra, 1908 Henry Satterfield Family, 1912 Mules and Men Corning Gun Club, 1905

Judge Hopson

E. Foster Brown F. A. Harold Corning Military Band Corning Brass Band

Till Weddle

Harry Vandover, Sara Sprague, Bub Arnold Fred Arnold 1977 Pee Wee Football Team Mary Bishop

Mrs. Annie Harold & O.J. Harold

 Wilson and Parks Families  Otis and Laconia Parks  John and Charles Parks John Parks

Micenhamer Family

John Blair Family 1905 Band Chloe, James, & Henry Wilson Mattie L. Parks

Cannady Boys

Adeline Carlew Dunn Children of James T. Grayson James T. Grayson & Trophy Glen C. Hooper

Woman's Missionary Union

Thomas Family, Corning  Threshing Crew

Band in Corning

Harry Vandover, Sara Sprague, Bub Arnold

Ladies of the Maccabees, Corning

Sam Arnold and Fred Harold Carpenters and Joiners Lodge Workers Rosemary Hoffman

  Jody Gallegly

Lester MacNab, Ben Schoat, & John Park John Hunt Morgan Park & Minnite Alice Amos Duck Hunters Hunters

Pearlers on Black River

Ed Hancock P. L. Oliver

William Simpson

Gay Nineties

Clay County Electric Baseball Team

Little League All-Stars Pony League Baseball Team P. A. Fitzgerald Earl & Lula Fitzgerald

Ousnamer Family

Marylea Vines Bird Vickrey Rhea John O. and Paula Black Rebekah Lodge of Corning


Drag Line

Pleasant Valley Church of Christ pictures

Piggott, before 1920

Rhea Brothers Restaurant, ca 1915

Train Wrecks

State Theatre in Corning

Floating Sawmill

Ferguson & Wheeler Sawmill

Bishop Building

Corning, 1900

West First Street, Corning, 1910 Iron Mountain Depot Hop Alley Corning Lake Front Street, Corning
Christmas Eve on Second Street, Corning, 1947

Oil Well

Ben Franklin Store, 1940s Bridges Drug Store, 1921 Trains in Corning
Corning Courthouses Piggott Courthouses Sixth Street, Corning Arnold and Harold Farm Train Station, Corning
Moore-Barns Block Letbetter's Tourist Camp View from Courthouse Tower Second Street, Corning Little Black River Bridge
Old Lodge Building Clay County Jail Third Street, Corning Street Scene I, Corning  Street Scenes II, Corning
Lillard Field Ferguson-Wheeler Log Pond Corning Lake Trestle Cotton on Joe Herring Farm  Knobel Club House
East Elm Street, Corning Doc Lattimar Building      


Poem "Reminiscing"
Not really a photo, but seems to fit here.  Has many names from the Walnut Grove community on RFD 1 Rector AR.

The Dinkey

Black River Ferry


Corning Hearse

Steamboat Choctaw

Black River Railway Bridge

Dredge Boat

Disking on Don Harold Farm

Bridges near Corning


Road Grader Grain Thresher Cattle Pen Not the Hanging Tree


Corning Butcher Shop, 1905

Oliver & Company

Phipps and Arnold, 1911

Sheeks-Stephens Store

Ireland House

Corning Hospital Bond

Black's Lumber, 1900

Bennett-Sheeks Company

Dudgeon House

Cotton Gin

Feed Store

Roller Mills

Corning Inn Corning Bank

Corning Button Shop

J. M. Campbell Livery Stable

Black and Arnold Lumber Co.

Timber Industry in Success

Hooper Sawmill

Corning Post Office

Dorlene's Beauty Shop

Sunshine Cafe

Thomas Brothers Store Bennett Garage

Butcher Shop, Corning

Fowler's Grocery

Fowler's Restaurant

Rhea Brothers' Restaurant Day's Motel

First National Bank

Clay County Oil Company Certificate

Crystal Drug Company Advertisement

Booser Stave Factory, 1910 McCracken Sawmill

St. James Hotel

Vandoner Livery Stable

Rhea Hardware Store

Toalson's Store Ice Plant

Cochran's Grocery

Travelers Motel, Corning

Parkview Motel, Corning

Angle Station Service Station

Fitzgerald Drug Store

Crystal Drug Store

Harold Implement Company

Clay County Cotton Company Bon-Ton Bakery

Hall Brothers Barber Shop

Phipps Restaurant and Confectionary

Model Hotel

Frisco Stave Company Gage Blacksmith Shop

The Courier

Robinson Livery Stable

Harry Lasater's Delivery Wagon

Hitch Yard Cafe No. 2 Corning Flour Mill

Welch's Bakery, 1904

Corning's First Industry, 1878

Hawks Super Market, 1906

Starlight Movie Theater Nance-Harold Butcher Shop

 H. Goode Store

Woods Department Store        


Beloate House

J. W. Black House Tom Staley Home Brown/Sheeks House Harry W. Lasater House
Laver-Taylor House Hicks House Adams House Parks House Bill Rice House
Arnold House Phipps House Sally Taylor House Fred Harold House Dan Harold House
Fowler House W. D. Polk House G. B. Oliver House Harmon House Sprague House
 Bishop House Brown House Fitzgerald House Wynn House

John Long House

Welch House Ray House      


German Church, Corning

Missionary Baptist Church, Datto

Church of Christ, Palatka

First Baptist Church, Corning

First Baptist Sunday School 1890

Methodist Church, Corning

Christian Church, Corning

Sunday School at Blue, 1914

Hopsonville Sunday School, 1913

New Home Methodist Church


Blue School 1918 Corning High School Corning Class of 1901 Corning Football Team, 1915 Corning Sixth Grade
Corning School 1923 Corning Girls Basketball Teams Corning Bobcats - Corning 3rd Grade Class, 1916-17 Corning 7th Grade Class, 1937-38
Corning 1952 Greenway 1914 Greenway High School Class of 1952 and 1961 Heelstring School, ca. 1916 Knobel School 6th Grade Class Photo 1947-48
Langley School 1915 and 1919 Moark School Shemwell School Patterson School, 1937 Piggott School 5th grade (year not stated), and 8th grade graduation 1921
Rector, 2nd grade, 1935 Corning High School 1945 Corning High School Dedication Booklet Datto ca. 1918 Datto 6th Grade Class, 1946-1947
Corning Students, late 1930s Smithwick School 1940 Datto School, 1948-49 Corning High School, 1923 Mager School

Corning Class

Corning Class of 1924 Corning School, 1901-02 Purchase of Corning High School Property Success School
Corning School Group Corning Freshmen, 1936 Corning Class of 1939 Corning National Honor Society, 1939

Southside School

Corning Class of 1931 Corning School Board 1957 Corning Grade School 1909 Corning High School Band 1918 Corning High School Band 1946
Corning, 5th Grade, 1920s  White School House, 1906  Corning 8th Grade Graduation, 1918 Corning Third Grade, 1916-17 Corning High School, ca. 1925
Clay County High School Yearbook 1936        


Ending of Fun City

High Water Sunday Flood, undated 1915 Flood 1927 Flood
1935 Flood 1937 Flood Photos from the 1935 and 1937 Floods Flood at Corning Roller Mills Labor Day Parade
Corning on the 4th

Hail, July 1927

Keeping the Glow in Old Glory, 1918 Crow Death Mrs. Latimer Entertains
1916 / 1918 Flood Balloon in Corning Cotton in Corning Cotton Picking Ice Scene

Tornado Damage

Beauty Review Ox Power Logging

1907 High Water

Corning Fire, 1909


Corning Street Railway Horses for the Cavalry Cypress Trees Corning 1918 Eight-wheel Log Wagon

Fallen Leaves

Unknown Photo #1

Unknown Photo #2

Unknown Photo from Piggott - Uncle Jim



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